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Eight seconds is all that’s between cowboy glory and a mouthful of dirt. It may not seem like long, but by the looks of this picture it’s easier said than done. ‘The East to West Coast Rodeo Championships’ is set to jump on Saturday the 27th of October at the Orange Showground, with organisers promising an awesome night of family fun. Rodeo-goers can expect the thrills and spills of events such the Open bull ride, Open Bronc ride, celebrity ride, junior events, plus much more. PhotoNews have 10 Single passes and 10 Family passes up for grabs; we’ll be giving them away throughout the week on our Bathurst Extra Facebook page (, so get involved and you can catch all the action of this heart-racing event!



OCtOBeR 2012


October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra

BETWEEN FRIENDS WITH ELISABETH CARTER Hi friends What a great start to spring! With the V8s, Bread Week and next week the Inland Sea of Sound Festival and then the Bathurst Spring Spectacular Garden Weekend everyone should be in high spirits! There are some amazing gardens open for the Bathurst Spring Spectacular (27th/28th), many of them with interesting historical backgrounds. Proceeds raised from the tickets go to CanAssist, Bathurst Early Childhood Intervention Service and the Mitchell Conservatorium so it’s well worth a weekend out! But if strolling around beautiful gardens isn’t quite your thing, how’s this; Skydive OZ is in Bathurst on the (27th/28th). Yes!! And if jumping from a plane isn’t your idea of fun either, this same weekend jams the Stamp and Coin Collectors Garage Sale, the Bathurst Farmer’s Markets, Gypsy Favourites Concert and the Wattle Flat Bronze Thong Weekend, Gymkhana and Music Awards all into the one weekend! In other news; we are currently in the process of arranging stands to be placed in various locations throughout Bathurst for those out-of-towners who miss out on receiving their copy of the Bathurst Extra. If you know of someone who doesn’t receive a copy, they are currently being placed in the Bathurst City Centre, Aldi and at Vic’s Pizza House for pick up. Until next week, happy reading! 

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Two Icons—One show Chifley Home Education Centre has unveiled its principle exhibition devoted to Ben Chifley and the creation of the Australian Holden car. MARYANNE TAOUK

FordGenuin Rem e $ otes



The exhibiTion, titled “ben Chifley and the Fx holden; two Australian icons” consists of letters from Prime Minister Chifley, original items from the launch day in november 1948 and sketch works of a car made for Australians by Australians. Curator Greg Absler emphasised the importance of both Chifley and the holden car company in generating industry in a post war Australia. “ben Chifley had the idea of developing secondary industry in Australia. We weren’t really a country known for manufacturing. Chifley was really supportive of holden building a car from scratch in Australia.” With extensive knowledge of the holden

car itself and working within the holden Company for over 30 years, Mr. Absler understands the importance of the Fx car and shows all the pride that Chifley did the day of the cars launch 64 years ago. “Australia as a country was very proud too, it was a defining moment in terms of pride in Australia of being able to do such a thing.” For race fans or history buffs the exhibition is proving to be a critical part in Australian history along with our proud racing tradition. Mr. Absler hopes that the show will allow audiences to discover parts of the Fx holden and our late Prime Minister that they hadn’t known before; as they were more than just the prime minister standing next to the car, that both car and man had actually played a major role in making Australian history.

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Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012


Alicia Horton


The most challenging thing I’ve ever done is...Totalled my first car and still drove 3.5 hours to get home at midnight after a 12 hour shift. Something I’m definitely doing in the next 12 months is... Photography OR buying an investment The best thing about living in Bathurst is... Having the Bathurst 1000 supercar race track here! If I was stuck on a deserted island the 3 items I would take are... Food, a satellite phone and water My favourite 3 movies or books are... McLeod’s Daughters box set & Rachel Treasure Books My favourite technological invention is... internet My most treasured piece of clothing is... cowgirl clothes I love cooking... a big steak and vegetables My first teddy bear’s name was...Timmy My coolest birthday party as a child was...with a jumping castle and a clown What do you miss about your childhood? Not having to pay for everything! My best memory during school is... The formal goodbye out of school! My favourite ice cream flavour is... All of them from Annie’s! I’d be lost without... My Dad The person I admire the most and why is... My sister, she has a lot of guts to do things If I could travel to any place it would be... Around Australia again OR America What’s the funniest word you’ve ever heard? Doovalacky What is the one food you would never give up? Mixed Grill In 5 years time I want to be... Owning my own home or property. My signature/favourite perfume is… Sarah Jessica Parker—Lovely


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What’s in it for me? How often have we heard this term? It seems to me that as a society, we are all starting to take that notion a bit too seriously. More and more I am seeing and hearing people express more about what they want or expect rather than showing any understanding or consideration for the other person’s interests. We see it all around us on almost every front. I personally saw it when we dropped our TV Guide out of the Orange PhotoNews a few weeks back. It wasn’t that people expressed their disappointment that was the problem, but the manner and language most used to convey their feelings. We took over a hundred emails or phone calls and I’d have to say that at least 90% were of a venomous nature. Very few people were cordial or showed any sort of understanding for our position. It was quite an eye-opener. Our news bulletins are filled with workers who for one reason or another face losing their jobs and their complaints and actions show little consideration for the people who have to pay them. It doesn’t seem to matter if the reasons are valid or not, these employees feel it’s all about them and nobody else. People in every community openly complain about their Council and more often than not it’s about some service or facility that’s not up to scratch. It doesn’t seem to matter that the Council may not have the money to meet these expectations yet if they ask the community to cough up to pay for what they want and they won’t have a bar of that either. How can anyone operate with that going on? Then we have road rage, work rage, trolley rage, phone rage and new forms of ‘rage’ entering our society almost on a daily basis. We get angry about telemarketers, automated phone systems, slow check out operators, poor customer service, an ever increasing number of rules and regulations that seem to penalise honest or decent people yet are laughed at by many of the offenders they’re targeted at. More and more people, it seems, are only seeing things from their own personal perspective and therefore are far less tolerant when things don’t go their way. It wasn’t always like this but it does seem to me to becoming more the norm these days and I’m not sure about you but I don’t like it. As a Christian I believe we’re here first and foremost to serve others not ourselves. Speaking for myself I’ve always tried to do this and I can honestly say that I don’t feel I’ve missed out on anything important as a result. Personally I find the notion that it’s better to give than receive very true. I can’t change the world, but I can share my feelings with you in case you’re feeling the same way and want to do something about it. Let’s all try to be a bit more tolerant, patient and understanding when considering the position of others.



Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012

Spring Spectacular set to bloom


Koch is Port’s new AFL president: report ADELAIDE

Spring has sprung, and so have the gardens in this year’s Bathurst Spring Spectacular Garden Weekend. MARYANNE TAOUK With azaleas and roses featuring heavily this year, the tour includes the finest gardens Bathurst has to offer. highlights throughout the tour include Georgian and Victorian homesteads boasting fine post colonial gardens, along with historical areas with mature trees from the 1800s. the spring flowers that are in bloom are sure to be inspiration for those hoping to bring some colour into their own garden’s, with clematis’, roses, annuals and blossoms delighting the senses. anne llewellyn from the Bathurst Gardeners’ club says

this year offers a very diverse range of gardens from formal to large country and it is a perfect way to get some tips from those who are in the know. “this weekend gives people ideas i think, more than anything, as well as being just a beautiful weekend of leisurely wandering.” Gardens open on saturday and sunday the 27th and 28th of October and will feature eleven prize winning landscapes with the owners also present to answer any garden queries. all proceeds from the spring spectacular will go towards the Canassist, Bathurst early Childhood intervention service and Mitchell Conservatorium of Music.

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Lover of all things garden; Anne Llewellyn

Sydney-based Seven Network identity David Koch is reportedly set to be named AFL club Port Adelaide’s new president. Koch, host of Seven’s breakfast program Sunrise and with a background in finance journalism, has been anointed the Power’s next leader by both Fairfax and News Limited websites. Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser’s website says the Power are set to adopt five new board members including Koch. The Age also reported Koch would be named president on Tuesday, but that an announcement on ex-coach Matthew Primus’s replacement was not expected. A Port official said on Monday the club would not comment about the speculation. Power president Brett Duncanson announced in August he would stand down in December. Koch is the Power’s No.1 ticket holder and, if the report is correct, would follow in the footsteps of fellow television personalities and AFL club presidents Eddie McGuire (Collingwood) and James Brayshaw (North Melbourne). While on-field success has been limited in the past few seasons, Koch’s biggest challenge would be turning around the club’s perilous financial state from afar. He would also offer a profile beyond South Australia. The AFL Commission and the SA Football Commission are helping fund the debt-ridden AFL club.

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Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012

Saddle up for the ride of your life... the rodeo is coming to town!

The rodeo is coming to Orange!

CHRIS BENNETTS It wIll be worth the journey to orange on Saturday, october 27 to witness the ‘the east to west Coast rodeo Championships’ at the orange Showground, with organisers promising an awesome night of family fun. rodeo-goers can expect to see lots of thrills and spills in events such the open bull ride, open bronc ride, ladies barrel racing, celebrity ride, junior events... plus much more. as well as the spectacular rodeo line up, the night will feature a mix of different sporting athletes and performing artists from the equine performing arts industries. the popular ‘big al the rodeo Clown’ will be up to his usual mischief, plus the dazzling trick riding champions and a host of live music. For the past ten years the event has been successfully held at wyong on the Central Coast, drawing in crowds of approximately 7000 people, but organisers have decided to expand this year and believe orange is the perfect place to host a rodeo of this calibre! So mark Saturday, October 27 in your diary for a night of family fun. This Rodeo is set to be a highlight on Orange’s social calendar!


British policeman ‘baffled by moon’ LONDON A British policeman put his colleagues on alert as he investigated a “suspicious bright light” – only to find it was the moon, an inhouse magazine for the police has reported. Police magazine reported that the hapless officer only realised his blunder after warning his fellow constables in Worcestershire, central England, that he might require back-up. The magazine’s Dogberry column revealed: “While single-crewed on night duty in Worcestershire a PC called up his sergeant letting him know that he was going up into the Clent Hills to investigate a ‘suspicious bright light’ that he could see shining from the other side of the hills. “The call was for safety reasons as he might need back-up once he found the source. “Twenty minutes later the PC called his sergeant back to reassure him that everything was ok and that he had found the source of the light. “This diligent PC had in fact discovered the moon.” While the gaffe was once known only to the unnamed policeman’s colleagues in the Worcestershire force, it has now been revealed to all 132,000 police rank-and-file officers in England and Wales who receive the magazine.

Peta Johnston, Kirralee Burke, Julie Formosa, Kylie Shead and Ben Morris

Full court!

Kelso has heralded the opening of their Community Centre’s new basketball court. MARYANNE TAOUK aFter yearS of a half court with only one hoop, they finally opened a full court for the use of all community members. the bathurst Council secured a

$15,000 grant as part of the State government Community building Partnership, and contributed the remaining amount required to make the court a reality, much to the delight of community members. the court was opened by newly

elected Mayor Monica Morse, along with fellow councillors jesse jennings and bobby burke, graeme hanger and aboriginal community leader jim beale. the event also saw ‘Smashed art’ performers getting children involved with activities to combat binge drinking in the community during the school holidays. Keeping children entertained and informing them on vital issues are the fundamental principles behind the Kelso community centre where the court has been opened. “this is a great part of the Kelso community,” said Mayor Morse. the multi-purpose court will see netball, basketball along with regular PCyC events.

you first. always.


October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra

That rocks!

What’s hot on the music charts

Gangnam Style heads Down Under South Korean pop sensation Psy continues to take the world by storm with Gangnam Style becoming one of the most-viewed videos on YouTube as well as the No.1 song on the ARIA singles chart for a second week in a row. On the back of more than 400 million YouTube views, Psy will bring his catchy tune and horse dance to Australia this Monday, October 15. Australian singles chart 1 (1) Gangnam Style – Psy 2 (-) Live While We’re Young – One Direction 3 (2) Battle Scars – Guy Sebastian 4 (5) Hall of Fame – The Script feat. 5 (3) Skinny Love – Birdy 6 (4) I Cry – Flo Rida 7 (6) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift 8 (-) Diamonds – Rihanna 9 (11) Try – Pink 10 (10) R.I.P. – Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah Australian albums chart 1 (1) The Truth About Love – Pink 2 (-) The 2nd Law – Muse 3 (2) Babel – Mumford & Sons 4 (4) Birdy – Birdy 5 (-) Leave Your Soul to Science – Something for Kate 6 (3) Uno! – Green Day 7 (5) North – Matchbox 20 8 (-) Black Rabbits – Grinspoon 9 (12) #3 – The Script 10 (13) The Awakening – James Morrison SYDNEY:


Forklift Licence 24th - 26th October 2012

Darryl Merrick

Elevated Work Platform Licence 29th - 31st October 2012

Age 36 Status Married What’s your job? Tool sales assistant What do you like to do when you knock off work? Work on my toys My first car was a... (Model and colour) A multi-colour VW bug What’s your dream job? Retired

Forklift Lic. • Skid Steer (Bobcat) • Elevated Work Platform • Backhoe • Excavator • Front-end Loader • Dogging (Dogman)

Central West Training Centre RTO & Workcover Approved

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Sweet and Sour Meat Balls Recipe

Anything by Metallica Sundays are made for… Kids and family What food would you never eat again? Anything Heath made! The thing I cook best is… A roast dinner Favourite movie... The Simpsons Movie


A great recipe to try

700g mince Juice of 1 lemon 1 granny smith apple, peeled, cored and sliced 200g pineapple pieces 200g corn kernels 100g chopped green beans 1 carrot peeled and sliced 1 onion sliced 3 cups of water 1 cup of brown sugar ½ teaspoon curry powder

What would your best mate describe you as? Reliable What’s your life motto? The boy with the most toys wins The funniest person I know is… My son Logan The best car ever made is… VW Manx What is the best song to drive to?

METHOD 1. Mix mince and 1 beaten egg 2. Make into small meatballs and fry until brown. Keep warm. 3. Fry carrot, onion, apple, pineapple, beans, corn 4. Add curry powder, water and brown sugar. 5. Cook for ½ hour and thicken with corn flour to suit. Serve with rice.





Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012

God and injustices By Melanie Pearce

Exhibition curator Catherine Fox

Socrates, Dickens and Friends visit Bathurst MARYANNE TAOUK SocrateS haS been Spotted at bathurst council building, this philosophical juggernaut is but one of the many religious, historical and musical guests that have been pictured in and around bathurst architecture, that is, in the imagination of renowned artist Greg hyde. the whimsical and colourful artworks are part of hyde’s newest exhibition titled ‘Socrates, dickens and Friends visit bathurst’. With bathurst inspired artwork, hyde’s

work has been exhibited in the Wynne and archibald shows along with being represented in australian and overseas collections. a long history of travel, hyde has settled in bathurst where he draws inspiration from the landscapes, forming texture and colour with what he describes as a “pseudo-intellectual aestheticism” which he hopes is relevant today. catherine Fox, curator of the exhibition and owner of Fox’s Gallery certainly agrees with the description and hopes that the exhibition is embraced by those in bathurst looking for something a little out of the ordinary but still endearingly artistic.

the eight-year-old cried out as the heavy seat of the seesaw at Gosling creek playground slammed down on his leg. Some older boys had apparently deliberately jumped off the other end. they laughed at my friend’s injured son who had a gash to the bone, requiring stitches, and an ankle the size of a softball. one of the older boys said, “Sucked in! he deserved it.” My blood boiled at the injustice. My friend’s son was the victim and was mocked for it! It wasn’t on the scale of genocide or children forcibly taken from their parents, but it was wrong. God also gets angry at injustices, small and great. Many people think their small wrongs such as white lies, isolating others or arrogance don’t matter to God because they have been mostly good. however, if small injustices matter to us, why wouldn’t they matter to our creator?that is why another injustice took place about 2,000 years ago. a man who had done nothing wrong, was mocked, injured and killed in place of all of us. the scales of justice have been unjustly tilted in our favour but it is up to us to accept the pardon.


October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra


CAOS on show The years of experience within the Central Tablelands Woodcraft group are immeasurable, President Michael Nassar, treasurer Allan Rintoul and vice presidents Bob Bennett and John McMahon have had more years involved in the community than many of us have been alive. StOry & PICS By MAryANNE tAOUK There isn’t much that this group of rambunctious gentleman cannot handle, and with Mr. Nassar’s wife Madeleine at the helm of many of their operations it’s no wonder this group is growing and contributing more to the Bathurst community each day. As part of the Woodies group, as they’re affectionately known, these Bathurst retirees are leading the way in volunteering time and hand crafted products to many institutions in and around Bathurst, including rebuilding parts of burnt out Kelso High, building integral parts for the Bathurst Brain Injury Group to use in demonstrations and creating the large chess set at the Bathurst Library. With over 40 members, there are a growing number of people in and around Bathurst who are part of a club that is unlike any other in the region. This year marks the 22nd Craft on Show that is held to celebrate the work of the Woodies, this year will see the inclusion of artistic works from the region, with a definite ‘hand crafted’ theme. The Craft and Art On Show event, dubbed CAOS, will see items made by the Woodies team on sale along with various other artistic works from the community. The event runs for two days on the 3rd and 4th of November at the Bathurst Showground Beau Brown and Trevitt Pavillions. For more information contact Madeleine Nassar on 6332 9080


Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012



Come, stay awhile, eat! With plenty of worldwide drama, Iran has had its fair share of attention from countries like Australia. MARYANNE TAOUK Simin Sadrzade knows firsthand about this, yet maintains this country and the country of her birth have more similarities than people might realise. Simin is a bubbly and polite young girl who recently made the brave 10,000km move across the world and now calls Bathurst home. it’s the extreme hospitality that Simin and her family give that speaks of the culture of their home country. On walking in the door, you are welcomed and offered drinks and food that are unimaginable. “That’s what we do, when we have people over we pressure them (not purposely) to stay longer and have more food” says Simin. This is what Simin and her father refer to as kill you with


Aguilera talks of weight loss pressure Singer Christina Aguilera was urged to lose weight in 2002 because label bosses feared her curvy figure would be bad for business. Aguilera recently opened up about her new fuller shape, insisting she loves her body no matter what critics say. But the Grammy winner has not always been so confident and admits she was pressured into shedding 7kg during the middle of her Stripped tour with pop star Justin Timberlake 10 years ago. “During the promotion of my album Stripped, I got tired of being a skinny, white girl. I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl,” she tells Billboard magazine. “The next time my label saw me, I was heavier, darker and full of piercings! Let me tell you, that wasn’t an easy pill for them to swallow. I had gained about 15 pounds during promo-

feeding, or feed you so much you want to die. “in our culture it’s a nice thing to do, to pressure them to eat more.” Born in Tehran, a city with a population over 7 million, it is refreshing for Simin to be in an area as serene as Bathurst. “There were millions of people everywhere, so busy; it’s really quiet and peaceful here,” although these differences in population and environment don’t stop the Sadrzade family from exercising the hospitality that has become synonymous with the Persian identity. “We really like inviting people over just to spend time together,” Simin says. This generosity extends to all parts of the Persian culture with the welcoming warmth and friendliness that you would expect when walking into a close relatives home.

tion and during my Stripped tour. “They called this serious emergency meeting about how there was a lot of backlash about my weight. Basically, they told me I would affect a lot of people if I gained weight – the production, musical directors. “(They claimed) people I toured with (like Timberlake) would also miss out if I gained weight because I would sell no records or tickets for my shows. I was young, so I lost the weight quickly and was toothpick thin during Back to Basics promos and touring (in 2006).” However, the 31-yearold mum reveals she no longer worries about how her size will impact her brand. “I told them during this Lotus (2012) recording, ‘you are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it’. “They need a reminder sometimes that I don’t belong to them. It’s my body. My body can’t put anyone in jeopardy of not making money anymore – my body is just not on the table that way anymore.”

What’s on this Spring? Computers: Accounting using MYOB Computers Made Easy Word and Excel 2010 Safety First: Construction Induction (White Card) Food Safety Supervisors Course Health and Safety Representative Bridging Course Licence to Operate a Forklift Senior First Aid

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Australia has one of the best recycling rates in the world — Let’s keep up the good work! When you’ve finished reading your Bathurst Extra, Please keep and treasure it, pass it on to a friend, or recycle it.

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October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra


DEBBIE BrIghT Business Choices by Brights What is your official title? Co-owner What is one thing your business is well known for? Good service How long have you been the boss? Twenty one years How many members of staff do you employ? Twelve What is the most popular product or service you sell? A beige-grey plush pile carpet How long have you lived in the Central West? Twenty two years What are your hobbies or interests? Walking, reading and cheering for the Canterbury Bulldogs What do you love most about the Central West? The weather (at times), the blossom trees and the great lifestyle.

in Sandra in Hope

If you had the power, what would you change in the Central West? Improve the roads and resist the spread of multi-national businesses into our city. My sport of choice… (Watching) Hockey and Rugby League What type of future do you see for your business? Perhaps more internet activity.


Business Donna Callista Position Owner What’s your job? Haridresser What do you love most about the Central West? Four distinct seasons One thing that always brightens my day is… Making someone look and feel better. If you were given three wishes what would you ask for? Sunshine every day, Sunshine every day and Sunshine every day. What inspired you to start your own business? My family

Curves Bathurst Ph:63326717 215 Howick St



Our Women in business this month is a lady who loves the sunshine and making her customers feel amazing.


Everything Iris With the striking uniqueness and beauty of a Van Gogh painting, an iris has always been part of history. Representing faith, hope and wisdom the iris has been marvelled by kings and queens, along with gardeners for many years. MARYANNE TAOUK Rainbow Ridge nuRseRy at burnt yards is giving people the opportunity to

visit the nursery for two open weekends. walking through the huge range of irises and being dazzled by the colours and frills, a true spectacle in its own right.

The nursery itself embodies the beauty of a spring day coupled with the Romanticism of a Coleridge poem, now, my friends emerge beneath the wide wide Heaven—and view again the many-steepled tract magnificent of hilly fields and meadows, these hilly fields and meadows are speckled with the many irises, abundant with rich and exotic colours. The nursery will be open on the 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st of october, with plants available for purchasing for anyone wanting to take home a piece of natural beauty. with award winning creations, the nursery is the largest of its kind in australia,

and with international acclaim it is a hidden gem in the orange region. owners scott and sharon drinkwater are continually producing hybrid f lowers with an endless supply of colour combinations. “There’s a colour for everybody” says Mrs d r i n k w a t e r, a n d w i t h o ra n g e ’ s p e r f e c t i r i s environment they are at full bloom during the spring. An 80 page catalogue is available from the nursery during the open weekend and features a large range of irises. For more information contact Sharon on 6366 7210 or visit the nursery at 1260 Burnt Yards Road, Burnt Yards (via Mandurama).

Bathurst Mowerland HEATING


October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra

shoppingGuide DEALs // DisCoUnTs // DisCoVERiEs

ArOund THE TOwn...


gO nATurAL, gO viTA To look good and feel great this Summer how about including a Go Vita membership?

with bob holland

Go Vita’s Good Health Club program is free to join and the benefits are very rewarding! Membership gives you exclusive access to natural health advice, subscription to their magazine and some great offers including their ‘Super Tuesday’ which offers up to 21% off health supplements on the first Tuesday of the month. Becoming a member also allows you to collect points which will give you even further discounts.

EATing OuT? For somewhere different this weekend how about Chai Wallah for dinner? They do an amazing 2 course Friday or Saturday dinner for $40 or $50 for 3 courses including coffee/tea! If curry is more to your liking, try their famous curry night every second Friday.

nEw TO Try Bakers Delight has an amazing new product! Their Chia and Fruit bread is delicious and addictive! It’s available as either a roll or a small loaf ($5.50) and is great toasted.

Go Vita Bathurst stock a great range of natural supplements, fresh herbs, natural sweeteners as well as a new range of NUI coconut products. They also put together fresh Christmas cake packs for a convenient Christmas cooking experience! Whilst you’re in there make sure you check out their freshly ground peanut butter! The peanuts are ground in-store right before your eyes, no added preservatives or chemicals here!

y o j n E d goo th! heal

SAfE driving OffEr

PEAcE Of mind, SEcuriTy And STyLE

Inwood Motors are helping you prepare for your next road trip by offering Safety Checks for just $39. If your vehicle needs some maintenance, book in and get the cost of your Safety Check back (see their ad in this issue for more details).

For peace of mind this summer season why not head in to Smith and Co Locksmiths for advice? Not only does Smith and Co. cut keys, program remotes and install locks they stock a great range of security products including safes, padlocks, timber doors and CCTV packages.

grEEn THumbS It’s that time of the year when keen gardeners put on the hats and sunscreen and head out into their backyard for the Spring spruce up. If that’s you get along to Riverside Nursery for your new plants and shrubs. This is a well maintained and well run nursery and you’ll enjoy a visit there, I guarantee it.

One product that really stood out among the rest was this Abus wireless surveillance system (ABUS TVAC15000). The kit allows you to set up between 1 and 4 security cameras and monitor them wirelessly from a monitor. When the camera’s PIR sensor detects any movement it starts recording to the memory card for you to view later. The system is easy to install and is perfect for your front door, garage or office.

nEEd A PLumbEr?

Smith and Co Locksmiths also offer a 24hr emergency service and security consultations for peace of mind. (Lic No. 409 361 362)

When the drain blocks up, a pipe bursts or something equally as annoying stops you in your tracks and you require a plumber, keep Waddell Plumbing in mind. Check their ad in our classifieds or call them on 0407 467 271 for help.

SummEr TrEAT There are some days when an ice cream is just what the doctor ordered. Next time the urge gets you, get along to Annie’s Ice Cream for s super cool treat. Make sure it’s a waffle cone though.


That beautiful sun comes shining through your Security is on everyone’s mind these days.


What local business would you recommend, and why?

harley Dodd

Jo Bennett

philip Breen

Jess Dunstall

Of what I have seen, I would say Banjos Cafe, the food was good and good value too.

They have loads of gifts and great incense!

I enjoyed Jack Duggans, their meals are good and the place had a great vibe about it.

I like Smiggle and also Ally, Smiggle because it’s just awesome! And Ally because their clothes are really cheap and they have awesome clothes!

Banjo’s Cafe


Jack Duggans



Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012


gardeners—start your engines! Spring is here and I’m guessing your lawnmower and gardening equipment have already been out and in use. But what do you do when you’re halfway through your lawn and your mower stops? Or, maybe it doesn’t even start! Bathurst Mowerland and Heaters offer servicing and repairs of all your gardening equipment including mowers, chainsaws, pressure cleaners, pumps and mulchers. They also offer an online booking service which enables you to book your machine in easily. They service and repair all the major brands including John Deere, Stihl, Honda, Yamaha, Dixon and Toro. As well as offering repairs and services Bathurst Mowerland and Heating offer friendly advice and a great range of new mowers, trimmers, generators, blowers and much more. Why not head on in and check out their great range of John Deere gear?

Brighten up your home! That beautiful sun comes shining through your window; suddenly your curtains appear faded, your lounge looks tacky and your whole room feels desperately drab. If that’s you, head for Quicksew. As soon as you walk through their door you’ll see an amazing range of beautiful household furniture, ornaments, curtains, light fittings and so much more! The showroom is like a designer house, each section using a different colour scheme or pattern. Inspiration, gifts, ideas and fabrics can all be found here. The most amazing thing about this place is that you can turn up with an idea and the friendly team can help you develop it to be just what you’re after. They also do refurbishments of residential homes as well as motels, kitchens, hospitals, offices and schools. And if you’re doing early Christmas shopping , Quicksew stock a great range of ornaments, vases, artworks and other beautiful items; perfect for any homeowner! Quicksew: Open Monday – Friday at 16 Bradwardine Rd Bathurst

unique discovery! If you’re after a unique piece of jewellery that stands out amongst other pieces, I think I have found it for you! W.J. Coote & Sons Jewellers stock a beautiful collection from Najo. The collection incorporates semi-precious stones and detailed patterning within a beautiful sterling silver. This particular Najo collection features beautiful pastel stones (pink chalcedony, aqua chalcedony, freshwater pearl, agate, blue chalcedony) the stones of generosity and harmony. W.J. Coote & Sons also stock a beautiful range of showcase jewellery including engagement rings. Due to the success of their September wedding ring offer they are extending the offer until the end of October. Purchase your engagement ring during October and you will receive $500 towards your wedding rings! But it gets even better! They are also reducing their deposit to 10%! If that’s not incentive….!

! g n i r p S


Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012


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Your Photos, your say



Thumbs up to the ABC for their coverage of the recent Paralympics.



Photo by Wayne haWkless PhotograPhy

Bathurst driver Michael Anderson competes at the Muscle Car Masters at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek on Father’s Day. He is seen here driving his XY GT Falcon in the group NC touring car races.

PIC OF THE WEEK each week we will feature the Central West’s best Instagram shot right here in bathurst extra! Just hashtag #bathextra in your instagram pics and we’ll pick the best shot! get sharing!

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Thumbs up to a very lovely lady from Coles who helped a distressed mother very late at night. You are worth your weight in gold. Thumbs up to the gentleman who helped a girl whose car battery had died during peak traffic. Thumbs up to a very kind lady who returned a reader’s phone after finding it at a playground. Thumbs down to customers who are constantly rude to retail staff. Thumbs down to vehicles who park in a handicap spot when there are plenty of other spaces available. Thumbs up to the Elephant and Castle pub. What a great place to chill out! Thumbs down to a trolley service who blocks the path of other cars and then refuses to move when asked.

Thumbs down to motorists who speed up on an amber light, to avoid stopping at a red light.

rdENS! HaNgINg ga


photo snapped this Bob Holland berra an C ar rm ne at the Tulip Fa secnd. It ’s a little on the weeke um. et -r the Ar-bra tion they call ! Very clever

A Photonews reader brought in this little birds nest into the office recently. The thoughtful reader found the beautiful piece of bird architecture on the ground, and was happy to have picked it up before it got trodden on.

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It really is amazing how birds construct nests, don’t you think?!

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THIS MONTH’S WINNERS! Thanks to all who entered our competitions last month and here are the names of the lucky winners. FIND PANTHER WINNERS The lucky readers who won our last competition are lisa brown and Cheryl mcFarland. Congratulations folks, your prize is a dinner for two at Panthers in Bathurst. There are two more dinners for two to be won this month so check the details and have a go. FACE IN THE CROWD WINENRS Last month’s Face in the Crowd winners are kate nichols and terisa ashworth. Congratulations, your prize is a meat pack from the butcher of your choice worth $75 each. Two more meat packs are up for grabs this month so make sure you put in an entry.



October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra


the Haymarket Hotel Therese Tobin My favourite television series is... X factor Favourite actress/actor... Robert Redford When it rains, I like to... read Children should... be happy If I was famous and rich, I would... help the poor If I could eat anything for dinner tonight, it would be... seafood The thing that annoys me most is... slow drivers Favourite cuisine... traditional Australian dinner My best quality is... I’m a good listener What musical instrument have you always wanted to learn to play? Piano

This phoTograph features The haymarket hotel which stood on the western corner of the William and Durham street intersection in Bathurst. Today this site is occupied by a United petrol station. The far left corner of the balcony of the haymarket hotel was an ideal place to take photographs to get a good view looking up William street.

a number of photographs in Bathurst historical society’s archives have been snapped at this location to record street parades. in later years the haymarket hotel underwent significant alteration and it was renamed the hotel Bathurst. The cast iron pillars and ornamental lacework became a casualty. The hotel Bathurst was demolished in the 1960s to make way for the first service station on this site.

The exact date this photograph was taken is not known, but judging by the clothes of many in the picture, it would have been between 1905 and 1920. The sign advertises an upcoming Bathurst show which was scheduled for april 6, 7 and 8. it would seem the photo was taken to mark the start of a bike race. Cycling is one of the oldest established sports in Bathurst. it arose out of the popularity

of bike riding that follows the invention of the pneumatic tyre by J. Dunlop in 1888. in 1897 the Bathurst Branch of NsW League of Wheelmen was conducting cycle meetings and a Bathurst amateur Cycle Club was formed in the same year. it affiliated with the League in 1914. Bathurst has produced a number of world class cyclists over the years. Best known of the current crop is Tour de France rider Mark renshaw.




Peter Freestone

Owner name Jess May Pet’s breed English Staffordshire Terrier How did you get your name? I’m dark brown like the Chicco lolly To what do you attribute your good looks? My mum is pretty good looking and my healthy diet. To what do you attribute your wonderful nature? Lots of walks with the kids, and a regular exercise circuit.

TaiT, 5 What is your favourite food? Spaghetti on toast What is your favourite movie? Ben 10 What makes a person a good friend? I share my Lego with them Who is your best friend in the whole world? Felicity What is a holiday? Visiting my Grandparents Are brothers or sisters better? I like my sister What is your favourite game to play? Crazy Frog If you were the mummy or daddy, what would you do? Ride motorbikes with my kids Why do we have money? To buy food, toys and motorbikes What do you want to be when you grow up? Fix remote control cars How old is a grown up? 25 What is something your mummy or daddy is really good at? Mum can cook, and Daddy can start the motorbike

Town or Farm? Town What’s your job around the yard? To keep the birds away from the vegetable garden What’s the best thing your owner does? Gives me plenty of love and attention and lots of back scratches. What’s the worst thing your owner does? Feeds me too many treats What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? Pulled the washing off the clothes line What’s the best thing you’ve ever done? Being joyful and playful everyday and with the kids Who is your best friend? Jai What is your favourite treat? Chicken necks What would be your ultimate animal career? A dog- surfer

Why do we have a belly button? So you don’t die What is your favourite TV show and why? Ben 10, The Simpson and The Turtle Man



October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra

MAGNIFICENTwHEELS Words and pictures by Maryanne taouK This 1974 Chrysler Valiant VJ Charger is sure to make even the most hardened car fan swoon, with minor modifications this example of Australian muscle has given owner Paul Basha plenty of memories. Paul purchased the car off eBay two years ago, as a father and son project with the whole family getting involved with car shows and restoration. The Mercury Silver paint gives the look of a serious ride, with original w35 “jelly bean” mag wheels and a full interior refurbishment. The car also has a 265 Hemi engine with extractions for that extra bit of oomph. Paul plans on keeping the car for years to come and one day hand it down through his family, “I hope to add to the collection and make the most of my father’s mechanical knowledge. The car has given me a lot of pleasure whilst being challenging at the same time.” The car is certainly a keeper, with Paul’s family relishing the opportunity to travel through the streets of Bathurst in their very own muscle car. Suspension and a 900 cc engine, it is a true statement of ‘cool’. Custom handle bars and rises give this bike unique touches that others just don’t have.

1974 Chrysler Valiant VJ Charger

on my mind

… Like a Horse and Carriage

The dilemma of sport versus everything else is a huge one in many people’s lives. Is it still as important after 20 years of marriage?

If you aren’t a fanatical supporter of a sporting team, then the next 600-odd words may go over your head. If you were born in your clubs colours, then you’re right there with me. As you read this, the ‘issue’ I am writing about will have happened four days ago, and it’ll all be water under the bridge, so to speak, one way or the other. As I write this column, it’s 20 years to the day that my beautiful wife and I said ‘I do’. The day of our wedding saw my brother-in-law having conniptions, as he was the ‘driver’ of the wedding car—and the radio code in the hire car was ‘locked’, so he couldn’t listen to the AFL broadcast as we dawdled in the stunning Forbes afternoon sun getting photos by the lake. Luckily it was

months ago she had no idea that my beloved bulldogs would be part of the one day in September that everyone waits for. Now, Hayman Island is a very exclusive place, I gather, and we’ve scrimped and saved our pennies to put together this holiday, (no, the kids are NOT with us). There was panic, guilt, and worry at the realisation that the doggies and my wife were on a collision course on this palatial paradise in the Great Barrier Reef. A compromise was reached between the Hatfield’s (me) and the McCoy’s (Cate) on this issue… she is ‘allowed’ to bring her Kindle reader away with her, and I can watch the GF on our 2nd honeymoon without a lifetime of pain and grief following.

only Geelong and West Coast, as we may have been walking if his team, the Hawks, had been playing. As we flew out to Fiji the following afternoon, the League Grand final was on, and it was the first one I’d missed since, well, ever, I think. Again, only the Broncos and the Dragons, so not a thing of total global importance. On the weekend just passed, (remember, I’m writing this before the GF, and you are reading it afterward), my wife and I flew out to Hayman island for four days of relaxation, romance and reflection on twenty wonderful years. When she booked, I’m sure she hadn’t put two-and-two together that again the grand final was clashing with a weddingrelated event. Not only that, I guess four


I remember vividly my sister-in-law organising a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband on World Cup Rugby Final Night back in 2003… and how dirty all of us males were. That one was remedied with a big screen, high volume and a change of ‘theme’ to have everyone in Wallabies gear. Apart from the final result, the night was a perfect blend of rugby and birthday celebration. This year, a move away from the Sunday night prime-time grand final should see me steer clear of a major marital catastrophe, with the kick-off at 5:15, final siren at 7pm and dinner reservations at 7:30 in the most exclusive restaurant on the island hopefully seeing everyone in seventh heaven on the

first day of our second honeymoon. [Yes, I did check that they even HAD television on Hayman Island, and the main bar has a massive screen with the GF to play to a happy crowd]. Whether they won or lost, I wonder if a change of outfit will be necessary for dinner, or if the well-worn doggies jersey my wife bought me three months before we tied the knot in 1992 will get me in? As you read this, the result of the game will be fish and chip wrapping, and life will be back to normal. Maybe I should get the calendar for 2013

and mark on it all the important dates… the Bledisloe Cup, the League Grand Final, the Bathurst 1000, and of course our 21st wedding anniversary.

Paul Tierney is Director of Development and a Maths teacher at a school in Orange. He also hosts a weekly radio program on Tuesday’s at 5pm on 107.5 Orange Community Radio

Central West West Photo Photo News News Bathurst September Extra 20–26, October 2012 2012 Central


Take a nostalgic trip to Turon! It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s extremely interesting none the less. I’m talking about the Turon Technological Museum that’s found on a property between Sofala and Ilford about 45 minutes out of Bathurst. BOB HOLLAND I was part of a group that went there for a day out recently and I took the opportunity to take a few photos so I could tell our readers about the place. Cost is $8 for adults and our group also arranged for lunch to be supplied which was an extra $12. the setting is right out in the scrub and the museum is a collection of sheds full of restored machinery, memorabilia, stories, and more. other pieces are displayed outdoors. Jim and Jenny walker are the hosts and between them they make visitors feel very much at home. Jim is a wealth of knowledge and provides a fascinating and information packed tour of the museum. Jenny looks after the catering and I’d have to say the barbeque lunch was excellent quality and value. the photos give a clear indication of what you’ll discover there and I’d suggest that any group or club that’s looking for a day out will find this museum fits the bill perfectly. Call them on 6358 8434 or check their website www.

19 21



True or false: John Howard was the longest serving prime minister of Australia?

DOWN 1. 2.

The name ‘Viking’, derived from vikingr, means what?

3. 4. 5. 6. 12. 15. 16. 17. 19. 20. 22. 23.

In what year did FILE:10. Sudoku - Level 3 - 1030 Cyclone Tracy © Lovatts Publishing devastate the city of Group 2009 Darwin? See bottom of this page for answers

FILE: Sudoku - Level 3 - 1030 © Lovatts Publishing Group 2009

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Brought to you by HOW TO PLAY To solve a Sudoku puzzle, I was number a film director,from born in1 to 9 every 1899. I studied engineering must appear in: before dabbling in films during War I. I married Alma World Each of the nine Reville. Our only child was born vertical columns in 1928. My second Hollywood Foreignof Correspondent, film, Each the nine was nominated for an Oscar. I horizontal rows made fleeting appearances in of my movies. Thenine many most Each of the movies I directed include The 3 x 3 boxes Birds. I died in 1980. RememberSeeno bottom ofnumber this page for answers can occur more than once Wise in any row, column words... or box.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim; accept no ones definition of your life; define yourself. space] [advertising


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3HOW2TO PLAY 8 To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 5 6 8 2 4 must appear in:  Each of the nine 1 columns 6 3 32 2 vertical  Each of the nine 8 7 82 4 3 4horizontal rows  Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes 1 16 9 Remember no number8 can occur more than once in any row, column 4 5 or box. 6 5 2 8

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7 5 9 4 6 1

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© 364

puzzle quiz364solutions Stepdown & solution

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witches, switch, witch, with, hit, it, t.

quired the dog, she was approached by two men in a parking lot, and heard a clunk. one woman’s foot, the end of his tie day, I decided to stop and watch a Back at the shop, he opened the she watched to see how her canine got caught beneath herRating: heel. local Little League baseball game car’s trunk, and soon discovered the bodyguard would react. Unaware of the salesman’s being played in a park near my 4 8 9 7 1 6 2 3 predicament, 5home. Soon it became clear that the the lady stood up and problem. trainer wasn’t kidding. Promptly he returned the repair started toward the mirror. For a few After settling down behind the 1 the salesman found him- order to the service manager with 9 8 seconds, 2 I asked 5 3 line, 6 on4the first-base 7bench As the men got closer, the dog ran under the nearest car. this notation: “Remove bowling ball self crawling along the floor beside one of the boys what the score was. 8 6he 5 her,7trying to catch her attention. 9 144to nothing,” 3 2“We’re1behind from trunk”. •••• “Look, Martha,” her friend said. answered with a smile on his face. •••• 4 “you5don’t9 look1 7 “he6wants to go home with you!” 8 3“Wow,”2I said. An elephant was drinking out of Mary, a truck driver, recently a pond one day, when he spotted •••• 7 6 8 3 4 2 5 9very1discouraged.” decided to get a dog for protection. a turtle asleep on a log. Without An auto mechanic received a OF USE: As she inspected a likely candi“Discouraged?” the boy said, a CONDITIONS warning, he strolled over and flicked “Check for face. 9 repair 3 order that read,This 1 2across7 his 8 6 written 5 look 4puzzled date the puzzle is provided for trainer single told use her, only.“He doesn’t it clear out of sight with his trunk. clunking sound whenLovatts going logo around “Why should we be discouraged? and copyright like men.”information must “What did you do that for?” 9 6 up 4to bat5yet.” 1 corners.” 3 even8 been 2We7haven’t not be removed, however you’re Mary free thought to edit to her“Perfect,” asked a passing aardvark. other components using the supplied .eps Taking the car outallfor a test •••• self. “I’ll take it.” “Because I recognized it... It’s the 2 he made a rightfile.turn,Forandfurther 7 6 drive, 5 trying 9 were 8 3women 1 4Two elderly information, please contact a One day, soon after she had acsame turtle that took a nip out of Katrina Keppie in our Syndication Department: moment later he heard a clunk. He on shoes in a shoe store. When the CONDITIONS OF USE:

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8 ROOM FOR[advertising FEWspace] LAUGHS. Enjoy! 6 5 2 then made a left turn and again shoe salesman slipped a shoe onto Driving home from work one Rating:



Puzzle number 1.

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Starting with the seven-letter word, drop a letter, rearrange if necessary, and form a six-letter word. Continue in this manner until you reach the lone letter at the bottom. Your solution may differ from ours.

Who Am I?


Consecrates as priest Business books review Coral isle Hiker Vaults Drubbing ... & outs Jet-travel facility Utmost Harbour vessel Scent, ... de toilette Nodes Falls in icy flakes Ticked over

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Which presenter from TV show The Project, started their career as a newsreader on 92.9FM in Perth?

witches, switch, witch, with,


What dance style is shown in the film Dirty Dancing?

hit, it, t.


What cooking method severely reduces the health benefits of broccoli by up to 75 per cent?

Canada’s capital Ears of corn Poke fun at Perished Book page Sticker Infuse Eager Most secure Hand in notice Dry (of champagne) Matched Outlaw, ... Hood Dressing gown Quiet interim Cat cry Eyelid inflammation Moves furtively

Trivia Test Answers


1. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 13. 14. 18. 21. 22. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

1 Die Hard with a Vengeance, 2 True, 3 adult



Which mineral found in the Earth’s continental crust is used to make up silicon compounds?


or imago, 4 quartz, 5 boiling, 6 Mambo,


What is the fourth stage of a fly or mosquitoes life cycle after egg, larva and pupa?

I am Alfred Hitchcock


True or false: Eating more fruit and vegetables makes it easier to quit smoking?

Oct 11: Barry Jones, 80, quiz show legend. Luke Perry, 46, actor, Beverly Hills 90210. Joan Cusack, 50, actress. Dawn French, 55, The Vicar of Dibley (top). Wayne Gardner, 53, motorcycling champ. Beau Brady, 31, Noah Lawson on Home & Away. Neville Wran, 86, former NSW premier. Sir Bobby Charlton, 75, English footballer. Daryl Hall, 63, of Hall & Oates. Michelle Trachtenberg, 27, Georgina in Gossip Girl. Oct 12: Charles Wooley, 64, 60 Minutes reporter. Hugh Jackman, 44, actor. Martie Maguire, 43, a Dixie Chick. Baden Cooke, 34, Australian cyclist. Oct 13: Ian Thorpe, 32, swimmer. Sacha Baron Cohen, 41, aka Borat. Paul Simon, 71, of Simon & Garfunkel. Margaret Thatcher, 87, former British PM. Sammy Hagar, 65, rocker. Marie Osmond, 53, entertainer. Kelly Preston, 50, actor. Oct 14: Laurie Lawrence, 71, swimming coach. Sir Cliff Richard, 72, Bachelor Boy (middle). Roger Moore, 85, Bond, James Bond. Mia Wasikowska, 23, Aussie actress. Ralph Lauren, 73, designer. Usher, 34, singer. Natalie Maines, 38, another Dixie Chick. Oct 15: Steve Bracks, 58, former Victorian Premier. Sarah, Duchess of York, 53, aka Fergie. Penny Marshall, 70, Laverne on TV’s Laverne & Shirley. Peter Doherty, 72, Australian scientist. Paulini Curuenavuli, 30, Australian Idol singer. Richard Carpenter, 66, one half of The Carpenters. Keyshia Cole, 31, singer. Prince Christian of Denmark, 7, son Tasmanian-born Crown Princess Mary. Oct 16: Casey Stoner, 27, motorcycle racer. John Mayer, 35, singer. Angela Lansbury, 87, actress, Murder, She Wrote. Flea, 50, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ryan Fitzgerald, 36, former Big Brother housemate. Timana Tahu, 32, rugby league/union player. Tim Robbins, 54, actor. Pippa Black, 30, Elle Robinson in Neighbours. Oct 17: Eminem, 40, rapper. George Wendt, 64, Norm on Cheers. Russell Gilbert, 53, Hey Hey It’s Saturday comedian (bottom). Les Murray, 74, Australian poet. Ernie Els, 43, South African golfer. Wyclef Jean, 40, rapper.

7 Carrie Bickmore, 8 false, 9 sea-rover or


Which Die Hard film starred Samuel L. Jackson?

pirate, 10 1974


my trunk 53 years ago.” “Wow, what a memory!” exclaimed the aardvark. “Yes,” said the elephant. “Turtle recall.” ••• Snow had been falling for hours onto the university campus when an announcement came over the intercom: “Will the students who are parked on University Drive please move their cars so that we may begin snow plowing.” Twenty minutes later there was another announcement: “Will the twelve hundred students who went to move 26 cars please return to class.”

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Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012


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October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra


What’s been happening around the Central West

Specsavers Alex Perry Summer Range Launch Photos by ElisabEth CartEr Staff and guests all gathered in the Bathurst Specsavers Store for the launch of the new Alex Perry range of summer glasses. Staff enjoyed showing guests what they had to offer and the night was a chance to try on the new range!

Main: Staff; Caitlin Bath, Danielle Booth, Margaret Tobin, Danna Tambasco and Debbie Cormack at the Alex Perry Launch. Inset left: Sandra Hayes (Dispensing Director) and Josephine Smith (Optometry Director) modelling new Alex Perry sunglasses! Inset right: Guests; Judy Toole and Daniele Cox enjoy a wine whilst browsing the new range.

Want to see Your partY or soCial event in photoneWs? give raChael a Call on 6361 3575 Specsavers Alex Perry Summer Range Launch Photos by ElisabEth CartEr The 13th of September was a very important day for All Saints College students with the launching of the much anticipated Pirate Ship! The All Saints P&F raised $5000 dollars for materials and many parents and teachers pitched in with the building of the ship. Both students and teachers got into the spirit of the launch making for a very memorable occasion and a lasting experience for every All Saints College student.

Pirates gather in celebration.

Pirates gather around the ship to watch the launching.


Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012


What’s been happening around the Central West



Autograph day ElisabEth CartEr V8 race fans from far and wide gathered in Bathurst last weekend for an autograph at the Driver Signing Day.


Slimline pets now fighting fit LONDON A group of pets has gone from fat to fit after taking part in an animal slimming competition. The animals were put on tough diets and strict exercise regimes in an attempt to get them to shed the bulk. The competition, organised by veterinary charity PDSA Pet Fit Club, helped 17 obese pets lose a total of 86kg, roughly equivalent to 28 Yorkshire terriers. Jack, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, was crowned the UK’s pet slimming champion for 2012 after shedding nearly one third of his bodyweight – an impressive 6kg – taking him to a healthy 15kg. Owner Rose Welsh, 52, said the seven-year-old was overfed and hardly exercised as his obesity led to deafness, as fat blocked his ear canals, leaving him struggling to walk more than a few steps. “Today he is a different dog and we call him Jumping Jack instead of Jumbo Jack, as he jumps everytime he barks now,” Ms Welsh said. “He is fit, healthy and happy, everything a pet should be, and we are absolutely thrilled.” Fifi Bottomley, a black and white female cat from Bradford, shed 2kg to be a healthier 7kg. The eight-year-old cat was rescued as a starving kitten by her first owner and her greedy nature is thought to be related to this early experience. The cat gorged on extra meals from neighbours and her growing appetite also encouraged her to steal bird food from the garden. Her weight ballooned until she was morbidly obese, but since dieting she is much more active and playful. Six-year-old cocker spaniel Billy’s huge bulk meant he struggled to climb stairs, but he has now shed 7kg to be a trim 17kg. Rabbit Bobby, a four-yearold mini-lop from Middlesbrough, stole her partner’s food rations and eventually the roll of skin under her chin grew so big she had difficulty grooming herself properly. She has gone from 2.4kg to 1.7kg – 29 per cent of her bodyweight. Bobby is now much more active and happier, her owner says.


October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra




Tyson says he wanted fair fight in NZ

Bilby’s Playgroup Open Day


Bathurst Bilby’s Play Group held its annual open day in August at the St Barnabas Church Hall in Bant Street. The Playgroup has been going strong for 30 years and is looking to fill some vacancies. With no shortage of toys, play-things and great company its no wonder generations keep coming back!

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is questioning the justice of his ban from New Zealand, saying he wanted a fair fight. Tyson was due to appear at the Day of the Champions motivational speaking event in Auckland next month but his special visitor’s visa was cancelled only days after being issued because of his rape conviction. In London on a promotional visit this weekend, Tyson said the New Zealand people had wanted him to come. “I just wanted to go down there and just have a show,” Tyson told Associated Press. “Unfortunately that had to happen – it’s one of those things in life that happens. It’s life on life’s terms and everyone has to deal with that and those uncertainties. “If it was a fair organisation, a fair fight I would be there, but I got vetoed by the higher power.” Tyson served three years in prison for the 1991 rape of an 18-year-old woman in an Indianapolis hotel room. He insisted the negative experiences in his life had shaped his character. “Anything that I would have got away from, being in prison, having fights, biting (Evander) Holyfield; (the) lack of that, my life would be miserable,” Tyson said as he launched a new range of boxing gear. The promoter for Tyson’s visit, Max Markson, has said he plans to re-apply for Tyson’s visa. “We are still selling tickets. I still hope to bring him to New Zealand. I sincerely hope the New Zealand government will reconsider and allow him into the country.”

What’s been happening around the Central West

Photos by ElisabEth CartEr

Galatea Dorian plays with some of the toys at playgroup.

Not just for the Kiddies! Lea with Alexander, Kylie with Sybella, Debbie and Eve enjoy socialising and networking with other Mums at the Bilby’s Playgroup open day!


Rihanna has most likes on Facebook The boys on their bikes!

Lea supervises Alexander and her friend in the sandpit.

LOS ANGELES Rihanna has been crowned the most-likeable star on Facebook after overtaking Eminem in the popularity stakes. The rapper became the first person to reach 60 million ‘friends’ on the site in July, but as WENN went to press on Sunday, the Umbrella hitmaker had surpassed his total. The Bajan beauty boasted 61,617,468 likes, while Eminem was a close second with 61,269,210. Shakira is in third place with 54.8 million followers, Lady Gaga bags fourth place with 53.2 million and late singer Michael Jackson rounds out the top five celebrities on the site with 51.9 million fans.

Logan goes down the slippery dip at the Bathurst Bilby’s Playgroup open day!

Playdough was popular at the Bilby’s playgroup!

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October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra


Village Meats

I have a little SatNav A bit more fun from Judy Minall...


I have a little Satnav, it sits there in my car A Satnav is a driver's friend, it tells you where you are I have a little Satnav, I've had it all my life It’s better than the normal ones, my Satnav is my wife

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It gives me full instructions, especially how to drive "It's thirty miles an hour", it says—"You're doing thirty five" It tells me when to stop and start and when to use the brake And tells me that it's never ever Safe to overtake It tells me when a light is red and when it goes to green It seems to know instinctively just when to intervene It lists the vehicles just in front and all those to the rear And taking this into account it specifies my gear. I'm sure no other driver has so helpful a device For when we leave and lock the car, it still gives its advice It fills me up with counselling, each journey's pretty fraught So why don't I exchange it and get a quieter sort? Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, makes sure I'm properly fed, It washes all my shirts and things and — keeps me warm in bed! Despite all these advantages and my tendency to scoff, I do wish that once in a while, I could turn the damned thing off.

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The two photos below contain five subtle differences. Can you find them all?


Each month we’ll hide a small version of the Panthers logo somewhere in the paper. It could be in an ad, among the photos, in a story or anywhere. What you have to do is find it! When you do, write your name, address and contact number on the back of an envelope along with the page number where you found ‘Panther’.


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Answers: 1.Light missing on car 2. Hat colour 3.Extra vents on truck 4. Eyes on car 5. P missing from Piston Cup

The ‘Panther’ you’re looking for looks exactly like this one:


Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra October 2012


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October 2012 Central West Photo News Bathurst Extra


Prize pig: Pot-bellied pig, Iesha, performs a trick at the Piggy Villa display on Main Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, USA. PHoTo: AP/REPUBLIcAn-HERALD, JAcqUELInE DoRMER

ABovE | Portrait photog-

raphy: An Afghan refugee girl stands next to her family’s sheep in a field next to a slum area on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, this week. PHoTo: AP

LEFT | Lego vampire: A

3-metre tall model of Lord Vampyre, the lead character in a new line of construction toys, stands in front of St. Louis Cathedral in the US city of New Orleans on the weekend. PHoTo: AAP/LEGo

RIGHT | That’s a lotta coffee: Students pour coffee into cups at Corvinus University in Budapest. This photo only shows a fraction of the 6400 coffee cups they’re preparing as part of an 8-metre by 8-metre mosaic. To complete the work, 25 students used 1600 litres of coffee. Various amounts of milk were added to the coffee to give the different colours. PHoTo: EPA/IMRE FoLDI

LEFT | The “pink” message

in Libya: Benghazi residents and activists make a human chain in the shape of a “pink ribbon”, lit by a central firework, during a rally to mark International Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the Libyan city.

PHoTo: AFP/ABDULLAH DoMA RIGHT | Dog on a board:

Hanzo, a 4-year-old German boxer, jumps a wave during the annual Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach in California on the weekend. The very talented Hanzo also learned how to skateboard when he was only 10 weeks old.


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