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1959 FC Holden

of Barry Sharpe. This Meet the pride and joy family for 30 years now. beauty has been in his ne extensive repairs The Holden has undergo to its original condition and has been restored occasional road trip. and still goes out on the NRMA car show, It has previously won the Blas. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED Cross Cruisers and Gnoo


Your Wheels has now become a regular feature in Orange City Life and part of the appeal has been the great vehicles we’ve featured on this cover page each week. What I’d like to do now is invite and encourage anyone out there, who has a vehicle that they regard as a pride and joy, to share it with us and our tens of thousands of readers. Of course, we’re looking for vehicles that are real eye-openers or head turners but don’t let that stop you, if you think your vehicle is pretty smart, give us a call on 6361 3575 or email and we’ll go from there. On the subject of ‘vehicles’, if it’s got wheels, and is a car, bike, caravan, big rig or anything else worth looking at, it qualifies. Over to you rev-heads! JUNE 14–20, 2018



JUNE 14–20, 2018

JUNE 14–20, 2018


5 MINUTES WITH.... Robert Nagle Orange City Mechanical and Nagle Transport So, Orange City Mechanical is the service workshop for your transport business? It’s based on Nagle Transport’s work — that’s the footprint of what we do. We have three mechanics there at the moment and we outsource work on top of that. So, when they are not working on our trucks, we have other vehicles being booked in.


JUNE 14–20, 2018

Do you only work on trucks? No, trucks, cars, caravans, boats… we’ve done rebuilds in cars, we’ve done a lot of pink slips in cars and we are endeavouring to do pink slips and blue slips for trucks — we service pretty well everything. Just what kind of work can Orange City Mechanical handle? Everything mechanical we do well, so clutches, brakes, tyres, we have our own tyre fitting machines and we are fairly unique in that we have a 25 tonne drive-on hoist rather than going into pits. Pretty well holus-bolus, other

than auto electrical. Any area of work you specialise in at Orange City Mechanical? Truck wheel alignments. We specialise in truck wheel alignments, that’s something not too many people do around this area. How big is the Nagle Transport fleet you service? We’ve have 25 vehicles — trucks, vans and utes. We take anything from a carton through to a semi-trailer load anywhere and everywhere across Australia.

JUNE 14–20, 2018