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name is Robin Grigsby, I knew from a very young age that my persistence and drive may have annoyed my family, but it always seemed to get me what I wanted or experience what I wished to. That very behavior may have got me in trouble as a kid but it became my best asset to date! I was born in a small country town in Rio Linda California where graduating High school would make my Grandma proud So I knew that was my first Biggest goal to accomplish. We didn’t have to allot but I had love I wouldn’t change it for the world for it has molded the very person I am today. Success or Wealth was never taught so understanding it or creating it wasn’t in my upbringing but I knew deep down inside my soul that when I grew up I wanted to have a family that can have and experience much more then I did and change the pattern in which I was raised around but how was the question? I met my Husband, Steve Grigsby at a young age of 16 yes my high school sweetheart, we first laid eyes on each other at a wedding he was the Best man and I was the stylist/makeup artist .we were married a few years later and soon after we entered into parenthood. We have 2 amazing children Chase Keller Grigsby and Brittni Faith Grigsby in which it's growing now a daughter in law Julia Grigsby and a Brand new Beautiful Granddaughter Rylan Tyler Grigsby. Over 30 years together I would say we understand commitments.

every step of the way but when money dictates that it simply can be in the way of a mom’s true happiness. Always seeking to get ahead to save money for that vacation that family time to create those family experiences that I missed out on as a child it never was easy we were falling in the trap of working more and never making enough. Then came a Big storm into my life a Bomb was dropped my father came down with prostate cancer then I began to face one of the Biggest struggles an autoimmune disease that rocked my word. This was one of my darkest moments and where I experienced the horrible feeling of hopelessness. My one constant thought the question that played over and over in my head is “ will I be here for my kids will I see them grow up will I be able to enjoy my life with them as I have always dreamed of “ then I would weep with tears as I would hide from letting them see me I did not want them to feel the pain and fear I was feeling.

Then an angel showed up in my life a friend of the family After my children were born this is where I felt so fulfilled Lonna Chacon, she had been involved with wellness for becoming a mom was the most magical time in my life some time and wanted to share a possible solution for me, I there is no better feeling in the world. This was my second was skeptical and didn’t think that this could even fix what biggest goal to be the Best mom a child could ask for and the Dr’s couldn’t even fix but with faith and feeling desperwith much love and dedication, I was on my way! In today's ate I trusted her and went for it. This was the beginning of world, it takes two to create an income to provide for a nor- my new journey, my life changed from that day the most mal average household especially here in California. I had amazing thing happened 3 months later my health returned to work and even though I loved my work as a stylist help- and my hope was restored! ing people to look and feel their best I wanted to have choices and freedom as I wanted to be there for my kids

family while helping others do the same. I get to offer hope for better health and happiness through my home base business and increase the wealth of not only our household but many around us. Growing our household income provided the peace in finance I was looking for, I now have the comfort of knowing I could take those trips with my family, create the life experiences with time freedom to do so and not stress about paying bills.

This leads me to the most amazing business on this planet Network marketing!

My prayers were answered most important is our health without that we can't be here to enjoy this life as we should, The income we receive is the direct reflection of the many lives we help to change for the better. This is the most rewarding business ever! Now one of my goals is

Who would have thought but that through one of the scariI wish to help many live the life they truly deserve before est times in my life It was to lead me down a completely leaving this earth ‌ different path this was my answer this was my solution starting a home base business with helping to offer hope was the beginning of the rainbow after the storm. I learned through this experience that you grow through adversity, the wall is put in front of you not to stop you but to challenge you to get around it. This new journey leads me to the most amazing people who I have had the opportunity to build a life with, learn from, grow with and be spiritually awakened with. I’m most inspired when I can help to inspire others. This profession offers personal development that helps to grow your mindset and belief. This business answered all my concerns. I found a way to do something extra where I could be around my kids to provide a better way for my

Jigsaw puzzles - perfect for 'me' and 'we' time this winter

also not surprisingly, 3 in 4 of those surveyed said that tivity. Lea they puzzle most during the winter months. ing room Here are a few of the benefits of taking a little time in own pace ment to s your day to work on a jigsaw puzzle. "Me" time

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially after the holiday season has (BPT) - During the blustery cold days and cozy nights at wrapped and the coldest winter months set in. This home this winter, there's no better time to rediscover time of year, it's more important than ever to be the simple pleasures and quiet joys of indoor activities checking in on your self-care habits and creating a that help you relax and reconnect with family. Over sense of wellness in your life. Jigsaw puzzles provide a the holidays, through winter break and beyond, famirelaxing, tactile and meditative outlet that is sure to lies everywhere are eager to unplug, get away from keep the winter blues at bay. You can choose a picture screens, and spend quality time together. that is sure to bring you joy once it's completed - from One great activity to help you do that is puzzling, a beautiful piece of art or a cultural icon such as a 3D which you can enjoy alone or with friends and family. replica of a double-decker London bus - puzzling gives Did you know that 1 in 2 Americans puzzle at least you the opportunity to bring your favorite things to once a year? A study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of life in a fun new way. Ravensburger found that American adults puzzle for a The results are all positive - puzzling helps you denumber of different reasons - from millennials looking stress, improves your memory, and boosts your probfor an escape from their digital world to seniors who lem-solving skills. like activities that help them stay mentally fit. Perhaps Puzzling on your own lets you choose how often and for how long you enjoy the ac-

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aving a puzzle in progress on a kitchen or dintable lets you complete your puzzle at your e and reminds you to pause and take a moslow down every so often.


os study, 7 out of 10 (69%) respondents who w it as a family tradition activity, and 59% they like to do puzzles while they're on vacaver holiday break.

uzzles can be a fun and effortless way to rewith family and friends of all ages. When evethers around the table to puzzle together, it portunities for relaxed conversations and on with each other, away from the formality or structured activity. You may learn somecial and new from one of your loved ones casual "side conversation" while working on a uzzle together. From piecing together the ridn "escape the room" puzzle to your own cuspuzzle of a treasured family photo - Ravensffers collaborative puzzles that are perfect for me.

on puzzles allows everyone to unplug from gy, slow down and live in the moment togetht, 84% of those surveyed said that they usuald together with others.

people like to puzzle, whether alone or toThose who regularly puzzle said that their sons are relaxation (59%), fun (57%), stress %), and brain boosting (42%) - all of which are y important to maintain during the short, cold ays.

er your age, you can open up the experience ng to your friends and family this winter and o take a break from your tech-fueled lives y spending time together. teens, parents and ents can all puzzle together - no user manual, or complicated directions required!

tainably harvested fluff pulp and plantderived materials All The Cute, All Night Long Honest babies love to rock our cute prints, so of course we made our overnights with the same adorable style. We think our Sleepy Sheep and Starry Night are perfect for the occasion (aka a dreamy bedtime).

Our Favorite Baby Bedtime Regimen Step 1: Start with a nice bath. Splash around, scrub a dub from head to toe and get in that bonding time For most people, nighttime means their day is wrapping up. Time to get snuggled up in bed and get in those 8 hours. For parents… not so much. We could all talk endlessly sharing tips and tricks on how to get your little one to sleep. Why Use Overnight Diapers Everyone has their own baby sleep routine that works for them (we’ll share our favorite later). But, really your best ally is a dry diaper. If you already have a little one you’re probably thinking, “12 hours with no baby business? Yeah right.” We’re with you on that, that’s why we created an overnight diaper specifically designed with a super-absorbent core to protect from wetness for 12 hours. Because we know when they sleep you sleep. Why We Love Our Night Time Diapers Not to brag, but we think we’ve made the best overnight diapers. Here’s why: Night Absorb Core: Super absorbent to help keep baby dry all night with up to 12 hours of advanced protection. Fast-absorption core features plantbased materials. Gentle Comfort Liner: Ultra soft-touch liner made without fragrances to be gentle on baby's delicate skin Honestly SecureTM Fit: Soft, stretchy side panels, comfy elastic waistband, sure-fit leg cuffs and fastening tabs - sweet dreams! Eco-Friendly Materials: Plant-based core with sus-

Step 2: Towel off baby and lay then down in the center of your bed. Step 3: Right before you put their jammies on. Do our 3-Step Baby Massage using our Truly Calming Lavender Face + Body Lotion until you see baby start to relax and drift off to sleep. Step 4: Put on an Overnight Diaper and get them into their jammies. Step 5: Get to bed! When they sleep you sleep, right? We’re not gonna call this routine foolproof, but it’s worked like a charm for us! Make sure to check out our Overnight Diapers page to learn more about how it’s eco-friendly and designed with sensitive skin in mind. Check out the Honest company blog for more amazing articles and product info. Click here.

No matter your age, gender, skin tone or ethnicity, Rodan + FieldsÂŽ products can help you to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. As an R+F Independent Consultant, I love that I am able to help people live better in their skin and become more empowered in their lives. When my Customers ask me how they can achieve clearer, more radiant-looking skin, I tell them that the R+F secret to great-looking skin is Multi-Med TherapyÂŽ, using the right ingredients in the right formulations and applying them in the right order. From their cleansers to their sunscreens, all R+F products are specially formulated to complement each other. I have seen with my own eyes the powerful effects of these products. And I always look forward to seeing and celebrating their results.

Donna Rokowski is an independent affiliate with Tori Belle Cosmetics. Donna loves helping other women be able to work from home and make a part time or even a full time income. Not only is Donna obsessed with lashes, she loves the beach and spending time with her family. In 2020 she hopes to be able to help change the lives of thousands of women who have a desire to work from home in the cosmetic industry. For more information contact Donna by visiting her website at

Or reach out to her on Facebook Let’s help make your 2020 lashtrific

students with bad home lives, and students with behavior challenges, hoping to find fulfillment and purpose. In addition to teaching Math, I encouraged students in homeroom to go after their dreams and not to let anyone or anything get in their way. I wanted to make an impact on these young students’ lives. However, I never felt complete and every Sunday I would tear up knowing another week lay ahead of tasks and checklists. Each Monday morning I knew it would be days before I would get to spend that desired time with my husband. Soon we both realized we were clocking in and clocking out, building someone else’s dream, trading time for money and not using our gifts and talents. We knew we were meant for so much more. I soon realized the advice I had given to my students about going after their dreams was exactly what I needed to hear. I needed to take my own advice.


y name is Sarah Ramos and I have found my purpose: inspiring others to live their best life. My best life includes being a wife to Victor Ramos and a mom to Indie Mae Ramos, a role I never imagined I could play. In the past, I thought that it wasn’t in the cards for us. It felt like we didn’t have the time or the finances to start a family. We were both working 70 hours a week between multiple jobs and only saw each other in passing. We were overwhelmed, overworked, unfulfilled and knew there had to be more out there for us. We decided to make a change for the better and we never looked back.

The summer of 2015 we decided the 2015-2016 school year would be my last year teaching. I knew people would think I was crazy, leaving my health insurance and my state retirement after only 9 years of teaching. That last school year was freeing and ended as the best school year I ever had. I walked out of that school in June of 2016 with my head held high and felt the stress float away. Only one problem: I didn’t know what I was going to do. I knew I had to follow my heart and find something that ignited my passion. I didn’t want another “job”; I wanted to find my purpose. More importantly, I wanted to pour back into my marriage and see what we could do when our visions were aligned. We shifted our energy and welcomed abundance into our life. This shift transformed our life forever.

I met my husband the summer before high school. Looking back, we were babies that didn’t know that we were developing a sense of love, trust and friendship that many people never find in life. We married in 2013 and continued to fall deeper in love. I was working as a 7th grade Math teacher during the day and Victor was in sales, always working jobs that were evening and weekend hours. Since he worked those hours, I decided to coach middle school sports in the evenings, cater weddings on Saturdays, and waitress on Sundays. I wanted to bring in extra money so we could escape and take vacations, savoring every moment together. For nine long years, I did my best to feel fulfilled. I was excit- In June, I set out to find my purpose. I brainstormed various interests I had such as real estate or wedding ed to wake up in the morning and pursue my day. I worked with advanced students, at risk students, intervention classes,

coordinating. I liked that both contributed to people’s joy. Yet, they both felt like another job that would require working long hours to merely pay the bills. I keep looking. Thankfully, I had the whole summer to figure it out because my teaching salary would continue to pay until September. Little did I know, the solution would present itself the next month and everything would change for the better.

said that he would support me on any path I chose. He knew in his gut that there was something special about this company. When I decide to go for something, I go all in. I don’t like to toe dip; rather, I cannonball in to see where it could go. The next day I hopped onto the website and went for it. Hitting that submit button worried me but I knew I was ready for change and that was going to require taking a risk.

I messaged so many people a “run of the mill” copy and paste message and it wasn’t personable at all. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just wanted everyone to feel as good as I was feeling. Out of hundreds of messages a few people responded. Doubt began to creep in. I started letting myself negative self -talk. I had done two network marketing companies and wasn’t successful. I had always noticed the potential with network marketing but I never thought that I could be extremely successful with it. I would go to events and see those people on stage collecting their checks, talking about time freedom, building their dream home and living life by design. I wanted that so badly. I wondered if this ketone business would end the same way my other network marketing ventures had ended. I convinced myself this would most likely not work but in reality, I was protecting my heart so if it failed then I could act like it was no big deal. I set super low expectations of During Fourth of July weekend in 2016, I was waitressing on things really working out. Sunday like usual. One of my tables handed me a keto business card and said that I should look into ketones. I had never The next day I got on a ZOOM with a few women who heard of ketones, ketosis or the keto diet; however, I was open worked with the company so I could build relationships with to opportunity. I went home and read about all these new unpeople in the community. A woman from Missouri saw somefamiliar terms for hours. After learning about ketosis, I couldthing in me that I didn’t see in myself. She told the CEO that n’t believe that a product could get the body in the state of there was a girl from Idaho who was really going to do someketosis in under an hour. I seemed to good to be true so I thing big. The next day I got a phone call saying that they reached out to try the product After trying it for the first wanted to meet me. I about died. Was this real life? I had so time, I felt good but I always felt good. It was summer time, I many excuses that I could have used to say I could not go but had left my teaching job, I had full freedom, and so I was hesiI knew that change was scary and I had to take that risk. tant to believe that this could have worked. Something inside Within a week of getting handed that Keto card, I was on a pushed me to reach out again and ask about the keto kreme plane to meet the CEO and go to the corporate office. I was that they offered to make healthy coffee. As a teacher, I scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time. would have 2-3 cups of coffee a day. It always made me a little sick and dehydrated but I needed the energy to get through my day. When he handed me the coffee products, he I arrived in Kentucky and was taken to a beautiful bed and mentioned the opportunity to make an income by sharing this breakfast. Immediately, the CEO and his wife wanted to have product. A lightbulb went off in my head. If this product lunch with me. My first thought was that I just flew all the really did what it said it would do, then this could be huge. way across the United States,and was not up to meeting the The wheels started spinning. CEO. In my other companies I was taught that it was all about first impressions in case we got the chance to meet someone big we should be dressed our best. I felt unprepared I went home and told my husband that I was going to sign up but knew I could not pass this up. The CEO and his wife for something called ketones. He said, ‘Is it one of those walked into the restaurant in workout clothes. I love that things again?” I said “Yes, and I’m super excited about it.” He they just came

as is and didn’t have to dress to impress. They sat down and started asking me about my goals and dreams. I couldn’t believe that they wanted to know so much about me. They cast a vision of who the company is and where it was going. They wanted to create a massive movement of helping people and wanted to create a community where there was no line in corporate, top earners and the people just getting started. Everyone had the same opportunity and could collaborate as a whole. I soon saw their hearts of gold and wanted to go where they were going. For the next two days I sat at the corporate office and listened to calls with doctors, scientists, and people from “The Biggest Loser”. I thought to myself that if this product could do a fraction of what they were saying then I had to be a part of this. This was my vehicle to help people at a high level and was the solution I had been searching for. All the things that I thought were fails in my past were stepping stones and chapters to get me to that moment in my life where I had clarity that this is what I was meant to do.

I started reaching out to people from the heart and they could hear the excitement in my voice. Within 5 days I had blown my monthly teaching salary out of the water. I didn’t know how it was working but I knew that if I continued to inspire others, then they would want to experience better in their life and better is exactly what ketones brought to people's lives. That week my husband noticed that I had this bright light about me. I was in a great mood, had shed some pounds, and was happy and excited about life. He saw the magic working in me before I saw the physical results. He started drinking them and soon after, he had his whole work drinking them. After about 6 months, we earned a free car. A few months later, we got a second Jeep with a bonus and then soon after my husband retired from his job to go full-time with me. The pursuit was not the desire for material things. Things didn’t matter to us. We always lived a simple life and money was nothing to us; however, money buys times and that was always missing from our life. We now had time to be together. Soon, stories of the lives forever changed because of ketones and our community flooded our text messages. We couldn’t believe that a powder could do so many positive things for so many people. I would tell my husband that I didn’t know a

happiness and a fulfilment like this existed. We decided to really be a product of the product by taking control of our health and it shined from the inside out. I couldn’t believe the changes we experienced physically and mentally. When we started working on our mindset and personal development, our business soared even more. You have to help yourself before you can go out there and inspire others. Doors started opening up and we started saying yes to more things. Every morning we would express our gratitude, get grounded and then good things would come our way, One morning I woke up to a text message asking if I could be in NYC that day. Again, I had every reason to say no but I said yes and figured things out along the way. We started discovering gifts that we didn’t know that we had. I’ve always hated public speaking, refusing to speak in front of people due to fear. I had to change my mindset and know that the things that we are most afraid to do are the things that we should be doing. After repeatedly being thrown on stage in front of thousands of people, I discovered that when you share your story you are sharing a part of someone else’s story which gives them a glimmer of hope that they can change for the better. They relate to your story and it fills them with inspiration to take action. After traveling all over the world working our business, we decided that it would be unfortunate if we didn’t see if we could start a family. We got pregnant in the fall of 2018. I took my ketones into my doctor and asked if I could continue taking them. He told me that I was one of the healthiest women that had walked through his door and I could continue to drink them. I went on to have a beautiful pregnancy with no nausea, no caffeine and no afternoon naps. It was such a positive experience.

I didn’t even feel pregnant until I looked down and saw that cute little baby bump.

go after what you want in life. Don’t ever let anyone or anything get in your way. Be positive and confident in all you do. If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. In the past when I saw those women on stage describing their life I envisioned myself setting out to find my purpose in life and here I am on my destined path in life.

What I’m most passionate about is inspiring others to get unstuck in life. So many people settle for mediocrity because they get comfortable in life. We all have greatness inside to do big things and have unbelievable gifts; however, most people don’t unwrap those gifts and do what they were put on this Earth to do. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect to get different results. If you keep doing what you are doing then you will always have what you have. You have to take chances, get uncomfortable, see the opportunities in front of you, pursue your passion, and take the steps to make a change for the better.

I can confidently say that I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to start my day. I love what we get to do with our time and are truly living out our purpose. I hope my story inspires you to find your better in life whatever that looks like to you and pursue it with inspiration action on a daily basis. I would love to connect and hear your story. It deserves to be heard.

On May 9th, 2019, our baby girl, Indie Mae Ramos, was born at 9:03 a.m., weighing in at 6 lbs 14.5 ounces and 20 inches long. She was the perfect little healthy keto baby with a full head of hair. Victor and I cried tears of joy as they placed her on my chest for the first time. I can't believe that we almost decided not to have a family. Watching Victor with Indie made me fall even deeper in love with him. Our family was complete and our hearts doubled in size.

Being able to stay home full-time with our daughter is indescribable. We get to watch all of her firsts together and work anywhere that has wifi. I never in a million years would have thought that trying this silly white powder back in 2016 would lead to us living life by design, finding our purpose, becoming the best versions of ourselves and starting a family. I love our life and truly believe that the best is yet to come.

I never thought that I would be a mom and now I can’t imagine not being a mom. My daughter, Indie, is my WHY. Whenever I feel like giving up or not following through, I think of her and know that I’m setting an example of how to

system needed to be successful over the years. Opportunity for stay at home moms who have goals to improve the lifestyle for their family and others is encouraged. I have chosen the single life for now and enjoy the privilege of being the fun and loving Aunt to my 14 year old niece. To see every family member successful in every area of their life is most important to me. After all, when you are experiencing optimal wellness, you see more opportunities to enjoy! You each one have the ability to choose your path each and every day to make a difference in the lives of your family and those around you. You can make a positive impact that others will view as your legacy. My decision to partner with Youngevity International is due to one extraordinary man , Dr. Joel Wallach. Youngevity International offers many top quality products that include, nutriany experiences in my life tion, mineral makeup, skincare, coffee, brought me to my current direct selling spices/rubs, essential oils as well the new opportunity. hempfx line of coffee and skincare. The passion for health usually starts from a personal health challenge which is true for me as well. You may check my website at A car accident in 1993 started a chain of and events for myself and my mom (also my soul sister). Together we sought out ways to help our bodies heal with very little results using mainstream medical guid- With Youngevity Int’l you ance. So our search began. Not until Fall can pick your passion and of 2016 did we find the products that start creating your legacy. made a significant difference in our health and healing.


Direct Sales runs in my family so I have come to value the flexibility and support


am thrilled to be working with Style Dots! I am combining my love for making women feel beautiful with the love for my family and friends and creating a successful home business.

Take a look at the latest that Style Dots has to offer by reviewing the products on my web site. I offer my Boutique Social hostesses free and discounted product for inviting a few friends over to her house or mine for a FUN themed social We can also do an online social for your friends all over the country to have FUN while learning about Style Dots and the new fashion trends. I like to help sports teams earn money by donating a portion of my sales on Style Dots items with school colors and sports dots. Please let me know when your team is doing a fund raiser, and I'll be there! Better yet, why not become a part of the Style Dots family of Boutique Partners yourself? You can work part-time or full-time and create a fun business that fits in your family's schedule. I am still one of the only Style Dots Boutique Partners in the area, so we could build a team together. What fun we can have!

As a client, hostess, or Boutique Partner you can create your story with Style Dots. A place where your story is our story


with my Primary Care doctor’s office, blood test and CT scan showed that I had ello, I am Andrea multiple blood clots in my Brannon from Bossier City, Louisiana. I right lung, I was admitted am blissfully married to a brilliant man to the hospital immediately. with two remarkable grown boys and a While hospitalized, my Hemischievous family is my matologist said to me, reason for everything that I do. “Mrs. Brannon, I don’t see an angel sitting on your shoulder but, you are one lucky lady. God has big plans for you”! I’m turning Throughout my entire life, I’ve always had the those big PLANS into reality. After successful desire to help people, in any (and every) way that I treatment and rehabilitation, it enhanced my drive possibly could. This to reach more people in my quest to help others. It still stands true to date. took me almost dying to realize that I had to The desire includes try- change my perspective of how I could help others. ing to help others through entrepreneurial endeavors however, I never quite accomplished the satisfaction of reaching the vast number of individuals that I knew that I could. While traveling through my journey of helping people via entrepreneurship, little did I know that I would need help myself. My husband and I were out of town at an event designed to help many individuals when suddenly, I was struck with a debilitating pain in the right side of my back. I asked my husband to drive me back home as I knew that no human being could be in this much pain and survive, I wanted to be home where my boys are. My husband put me in the car and in the snow and sleet, he drove me two hours to the Emergency Room in our home town. Following up


A Classic, Slow-Cooked Meal ( Whether you’re looking for a fam-

ily meal or a dish to feed a different type of crowd, taking advantage of kitchen tools like your slow cooker can help take the effort out of preparation. Flavored using cranberries and oranges, this Cranberry-Orange Pork Loin is a classic dish that’s perfect for entertaining any type of group.


strips orange zest salt, to taste pepper, to taste

In skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Sear pork loin on all sides.

Find more recipes at

In slow cooker, stir cranberry sauce, dried cranberries, orange juice, cinnamon and orange zest until combined. Set pork loin in middle of sauce mixture and drizzle sauce over meat.

Cranberry-Orange Pork Loin

Cover and cook on low 4 hours, or until meat reaches 140-145 F.

1 1 vals 14 1 3/4 1/8

tablespoon oil pork loin (4 pounds), tied at 1-inch interounces cranberry sauce cup dried cranberries cup orange juice teaspoon cinnamon

Transfer pork to cutting board. Remove twine. Strain cranberries from slow cooker; set aside. Pour strained liquid into skillet. Add salt and pepper, to taste. Simmer 7-8 minutes. Spoon cranberries and sauce over pork loin.

Tupperware has been around for over 71 years. We are trusted, safe and we stand by our products and our mission. We want to help all families with healthy homes and lifestyles. A little bit about me...I am a mother to 2 ages 8 & 5 I have been happily married to my soul mate and father of my children for 7 years but together since I was 16 years old. I was introduced to Tupperware a few years ago and had a Facebook party Never in a million years did I think my career would be this. I became a Tupperware consultant in 2017 and worked my way up the ladder. I just promoted to Director in October 2019 , Qualified my second month for a FREE all expense paid Chevy Trax and Working also on my all expense paid trip to Hawaii with my Husband! .I have been blessed with this amazing company and opportunity. I am able to live a good life because of this company. I am currently helping other women be able to work from home PT or FT and create a successful career from home. Please join my group below and reach out to me for any help or info.

Maximizing Family Time 5 tips for spending more time with loved ones Building strong connections with trusted adults can give kids a sense of security and a better foundation for achieving their potential. Make spending time together a priority with these engaging activity ideas that allow the whole family to get in on the fun.

Plan a Movie or Game Night

them, similar to a book club, can provide the chance for thoughtful talks about difficult topics. For example, “Regretting You,” from bestselling author Colleen Hoover, explores a tumultuous relationship between a mother and her daughter who must turn to one another when a tragedy shatters their lives. Find more information on the novel at

Cook Meals Together

Eating together is a goal for many families, but preparing meals together takes those benefits even further. Engaging kids in meal preparation creates a sense of cooperation and instills pride for a successful project. It’s also a chance to share family traditions and pass on recipes that have traveled through generations.

Kids thrive on routines and clear expectations, so a regEnjoy a ular special Craft Day event like a Kids need the movie or game chance to let night can give their imagithem somenations soar, thing to anticiand arts and pate each week. crafts proWatching TV jects can proat home may vide the pernot be a novelfect outlet for ty, but you can creative exmake it an ocpression. An casion to celeart session brate by adding may be as special touches simple as enlike dimming listing everythe lights to one’s help to mimic a theamake decorater, pulling out tions for an cozy blankets upcoming and preparing event. Anothpopcorn or other thoughtful er treats. If you opt for game night instead, keep the enthu- way to channel all that creative energy: have little artists siasm strong week after week by creating long-range tour- make cards to deliver to a local senior or retirement comnaments or allowing kids to rotate game selection privileg- munity. es.

Read Together

Sharing books together not only creates an opportunity for bonding, it’s a way to give your child an academic boost outside the classroom. Studies show that daily reading promotes literacy, helps kids build their vocabulary and improves overall academic achievement. Also, the benefits don’t end with elementary-age children. Parents can connect with older kids through books that carry important lessons about life and relationships. Reading books individually then coming together to discuss

Take a Trip

Discovering new places is an exciting way to create shared memories. A trip need not be costly or even far from home. Even a day trip to explore a new community nearby can provide a natural setting for the whole family to connect and form lifelong memories. No matter what activity you choose, investing in time together strengthens relationships so kids can flourish with the confidence of a support system behind them.


Airline resources:

Even if you book your ticket t fit from downloading the app Nearly all airline apps include make changes to your booking pass, check your flight status a will alert you to any changes v

Vacation rental bookings

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Apps You’ll App-reciate on Your Next Trip Before planning your next trip, make sure you visit your preferred app store to download tools like these that can help with everything from planning to staying on track during the trip to looking back on your experiences when you return home.

Many travelers are opting for hotels, in part because of the c ence you can create. For exam ple, the Vrbo app provides eve rything you need to book a va cation rental. As an added bonus, Trip Boards allow you to save, organize and compare your fa vorite properties. You can invite friends and family who will be trav eling with you to discuss the trip u ing the new group chat feature and add and vote on their favorite prop erties to help narrow down the choices.

Unit converters:

Handy for international travel, thes apps make it easy to compute and convert common units of measureMap tools. ment, such as currency and distanc While the most basic function of these apps is obvious, map apps are and many even convert time zones also useful tools to research the area you’re visiting, plan your routes for you. Having a unit converter ap ahead of time and find nearby essentials like gas stations and restau- is especially important if you may rants during your trip. Some apps also allow you to download offline not have reliable access to Wi-Fi o maps so you don’t find yourself stranded if you’re going someplace data during your trip. where you’re likely to encounter poor signal strength.

Budget trackers: Discount rate finders:

Travel expenses can pile up fast, bu you can keep tabs on your expense These apps make it simple to research and compare the best rates and deals for multiple aspects of your trip, often packaged for maxi- along the way with an app that mum cost-savings. For example, the Expedia app can be used to re- tracks the details. Most options alsearch and book everything from airfare and hotels to car rentals and low you to categorize expenses by activities. Once you’ve booked, these app makes it easy to keep track type and date, and some offer additional features such as splitting bal of your reservations and itineraries. ances between friends and families or allowing you to set warning thresholds so you know when you’

getting close to exceeding your budget.

through a third party, you can benefor the airline you’ll be using. e features that make it easier to Payment solutions: g, check in, get a digital boarding and more. Additionally, most apps Fees and structures may vary from one app to the next, but all are designed to make sending and receiving money more convenient. When via push notifications. it comes to travel, you can use an app like Venmo to easily split costs and share payments between family and friends during and after the s: trip. Find more resources for your next getaway at vacation rentals over traditional convenience and personal experimeao a-

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5 Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

Research shows you can lower you with family, friends or co-workers. be the key to your success.

To mark American Heart Month, N tutes of Health, is inviting people a join #OurHearts, a national heart he Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the people to improve heart health toge United States, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). “Studies show that having positive, connected to others benefits overal and more,” said NHLBI’s Dr. Davi

ur risk, particularly if you team up . This kind of social support may

NHLBI, one of the National Instiacross the country to team up and ealth initiative that encourages ether.

Risk: An unhealthy diet Solution: Consider an option like NHLBI’s Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan, which is free and scientifically proven to lower high blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. Stay motivated: Invite friends to cook up heart healthy recipes together. Start a lunch club at work and trade recipe ideas.

, close relationships and feeling Risk: Smoking, even occasionally ll health, blood pressure, weight id Goff, director of cardiovascular Solution: Quitting can be beneficial to your overall health, even if you’ve smoked for years. Set a quit date and let those close to you sciences. know. If you’ve tried quitting in the past, consider what helped and what made it harder. Consider these five Stay motivated: Ask your family and friends for support or join a tips that can help support group. Find resources and connect with a trained counselor lower your risk of at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or heart disease: Risk: Inactivity Solution: Move more throughout your day. Aim for at least 150 minutes each week of physical activity. Build up to activity that gets your heart beating faster and leaves you a little breathless. If you’re busy, try breaking your daily activity into 10minute chunks. Stay motivated: Make walking dates. Join a pickup soccer or basketball game. Join a fitness class with your neighbor. Grab a loved one and dance in your kitchen.

Risk: Inadequate or poor-quality sleep Solution: Sleeping 7-8 hours each night helps improve heart health. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Getting a 30-minute daily dose of sunlight may also improve sleep. Stay motivated: Resist that late afternoon nap. Turn off all screens at a set time nightly. Relax by listening to music, reading or taking a bath. Risk: Uncontrolled stress Solution: To help manage stress, try relaxation therapy and increase physical activity. Talk to a qualified mental health provider or someone you trust. De-stressing may also help improve sleep. Stay motivated: Join a friend or family member in a relaxing activity like walking, yoga or meditation every day.

Learn about heart health and heart healthy activities in your community at Use #OurHearts on social media to share how you and your friends, colleagues or family members are being heart healthy together.

This completely organic diaper balm is not intended to treat moderate or severe cases of diaper rash, instead it is an extremely effective balm for treating and preventing mild diaper rash. We loved that it uses only the best ingredients, is easy to apply, not greasy, smells nice and mild, will not stain cloth diapers, and does an excellent job protecting your baby's skin against diaper rash. We also found that it does a nice job treating mild diaper rash, but if you have moderate diaper rash you'll probably need some zinc oxide.

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My name is Kristin Denmark. I'm a mother of 5. I'm a beauty Influencer for farmasi. My passion is to help others feel the best they can ever be.

My name is DeeDee Burke, I am a single mother of 3 beautiful girls from Ontario Canada. Network marketing came into my life when I was 6 years old. My mom was involved with this amazing company doing home parties and selling make-up that I just couldn't wait to get my hands on. When I was 18, it was the first Network marketing company I joined. I have spent my life in the service industry. Everything from retail to tourism, health care and back. Ten years ago my life was changed. I was working in home care and on my day off was in a car accident. My injuries weren't visible, but they were there. My career was over, my depression hit hard and our income went from 2 to 1. To say it effected my life a bit is the understatement of the year. My marriage didn't survive the turmoil and the other tidal waves that came along and I was left raising our girls on my own. I had to do what was best for us and that to me meant personal growth and development and helping to recover the person that had been laying in wait to come back to the surface. Trying to come back from situations like this is hard, thankfully I have my children. They are my why, my motivation, my reason for surviving. I ended up on disability due to my injuries but knew that no matter how long it took I was not going to let that be my final resolve. I want to be a person that my children look up to and aspire to

5 Tips to Refresh Your Home in the New Year (Family Features) Each new year gives you the chance to reset and start new routines. When you’re considering new approaches to healthy living – whether eliminating or adding habits to improve your daily life – beginning with your home is an optimal choice. Your living environment has a strong influence on your life, and it’s worth evaluating how you can make updates that create a positive space for you and all that the new year will bring. Consider these ideas to refresh your home and simplify your housecleaning routine so you can spend more time focusing on your goals this year. Start by Decluttering It’s practically impossible to get excited about a fresh start when you’re surrounding by last year’s junk. Make decluttering and purging unnecessary items a top priority for your refresh. Clear counters and tables to create more inviting surfaces and force yourself to assess which items are worth keeping. Get rid of items you don’t need by donating, selling or disposing them. Tackle piles of things you’ve carelessly tossed aside and find (or create) purposeful places for them to belong. Simplify Your Laundry Routine Whether it’s the frustration of having no clean laundry or never-ending baskets filled with clothes that need folding, laundry is an area where nearly every home can use a refresh. Start with the basics to make laundry easy and quick. A streamlined laundry system starts with the right tools for the job, such as all Mighty Pacs, which are available in several varieties with different benefits and contain single doses of detergent that release while inside your machine, so you can simply toss one in and start the load. If you have sensitive skin, try all Free Clear, the No. 1 recommended detergent brand by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin. It’s gentle and works through tough stains fast.

Create a Fitness Space One way to stay committed to a new workout regimen is to create a place where you enjoy spending time. Even if you don’t have a room to dedicate to fitness, you can make a fitness corner feel more intentional and less like an afterthought with some simple changes. If possible, locate your fitness area near a window so you can soak up the energy of natural light. Clear away unnecessary items and make room for the equipment or floor space you need. Add inspiring posters or make frames to hold your current workout guide. Add storage for hand weights, resistance bands and other small equipment to create your own home gym. Reconfigure Your Furniture A full-fledged renovation may not be in the cards (or budget), but you can give your living space a quick facelift by simply rearranging the furniture. Beyond simple aesthetic changes, think about how you can make better use of natural light and improve traffic patterns. You might also eliminate extra pieces if the space feels overcrowded or consider borrowing functional items that add storage or seating from other rooms in the house. Add Greenery The middle of winter may not seem like an ideal time to hone your green thumb, but adding a few plants can make your home feel more inviting and chase away the cold weather blues. Plants can also help serve as a natural air purifying system; they absorb carbon dioxide to help stimulate their growth and are believed to absorb a host of other airborne pollutants. For more ideas to simplify your routine this year, visit Content courtesy of ‘all

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4 tips for nutritious meals when you are crunched for time Haylie Duff shares best tips for quick and healthy family meals

Buffalo Deviled Eg 2. Plan a meal-prep day each week

Preparing meals ahead of time to pull from the fridge or freezer and pop into the oven will help save time and reduce stress. Setting aside a couple of hours once a week to plan and prepare meals can make the school week more relaxed. Plus, planning means more time around the table with loved ones during mealtime. 3. Add slow-cooker recipes to your weekly routine

On busier days, let a slow-cooker do all the

6 large eggs

2 tablespoons light mayon

1 tablespoon hot wing sau sodium available) 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper

1 tablespoon finely crumbl blue cheese

1 tablespoon chopped cele


 To hard cook the eggs work. You can make tasty recipes, such as them in a large saucep roast chicken with steamed veggies, a Add cold water to cove quiche or a healthy pasta dish. Simply put 1 and 1/2 inches. Brin the ingredients in the slow cooker and fire it a boil over high heat. W up. In the meantime, you'll have more time ter is boiling, remove t the stove. to spend playing with the kids or helping them with homework.  Let the pan stand, cove

15 minutes. Remove th the pan. Allow them to peeling.

4. Stock up on quality, versatile ingredients

It is so important to nourish children with top quality ingredients such as Eggland's Best eggs, which are packed with superior nutrition compared to ordinary eggs at the grocery store. These eggs contain more than double the vitamin B12 compared to ordiActress, chef and mother of two Haylie Duff nary eggs, which helps transform food to has a few expert tips and tricks for crafting energy to keep the entire family energized throughout the day. They also contain six nutritious meals on a time crunch. times more vitamin D, 25% less saturated 1. Use pre-made ingredients to reduce prep fat, more than double the omega-3s and 10 time. times more vitamin E. Keeping the fridge stocked with pre-made For a make-ahead snack the whole family is ingredients is a simple time saver. Adding sure to enjoy, try these Buffalo Deviled Egg ingredients such as pre-cut vegetables or Bites from the American Heart Association hard-cooked peeled eggs to on-the-go and Eggland's Best. snacks or family meals is an easy way to boost the nutrition of a recipe without all of the prep work. It can be a struggle to prepare a nutritious meal the whole family will enjoy. Finding time to spend around the table during back-to-school season can be particularly challenging, but not impossible. (BPT) -


Carefully cut the eggs in ha Place the egg halves on a w 

Transfer the yolks to a Add the mayonnaise, h sauce, salt and pepper combined. The mixture smooth.

Spoon the yolk mixture able plastic bag. Clip th the bag. Pipe the yolk the egg white halves.

Sprinkle the blue chees on top of the filling and

Eggland's Best is a nationa the American Heart Associa for Good movement and is consumers to try out the re ble at

gg Bites


uce (lowest

led low-fat


s, gently place pan or pot. er the eggs by ng the water to When the wathe pan from

ered, for 12he eggs from o cool before

alf lengthwise. work surface.

medium bowl. hot-wing r. Stir until e should be

e into a resealhe corner of mixture into

se and celery d enjoy!

al supporter of ation's Healthy encouraging ecipes availa-

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Momstanding Winter Edition  

Featured Article Robin Grigsby, making a difference in the lives of others who want to work from home. Recipes, tips, ideas, and more. Read...

Momstanding Winter Edition  

Featured Article Robin Grigsby, making a difference in the lives of others who want to work from home. Recipes, tips, ideas, and more. Read...