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The Christian Choice for Excellence in Education Lighthouse Christian College is a co-educational, Christian College catering for students from K-12. Lighthouse provides a rich and exciting teaching and learning environment for your child by offering academic excellence, a wide range of co-curricular activities, facilities and resources.

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Understanding diversity


hen considering Christian Schools and Christian Colleges for your child it is important to understand the diversity. The inclusion, or exclusion, of the word ‘Christian’ in a school’s name, or its relationship to a church does not automatically mean it is more Christian than another. As parents it is important you ask questions rather than making assumptions. Here are some factors for you to consider • Is the school linked to a particular church or denomination?

• How strong is any link to a church or denomination? • Does the school only employ Christian staff? • If the school employs both Christian and non-Christian staff what are the percentages? • What criteria is used to select teachers? • Is the enrolment policy “open” or based on a minimum percentage of families being practising Christians? • What percentage of current families are practising Christians and how has this changed over time?

• What is the vision of the school? Even within an association of similar schools you will find differences of opinions, styles, policies and practices. Like churches we may not all agree on the details but we generally agree on the big picture. Schools change over time. Vision and culture may change - both for good and bad. You may even have gone to a Christian school as a child. You may have liked it. Maybe you didn’t. Regardless it is good to ask questions of whichever school you are considering.

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Do Christian schools remove children from the real world?


ome parents feel Christian schools place children in an artificial hothouse. They claim children are not well prepared to live in a society where most people are non-Christian. The Bible says of Jesus… “For by Him all things were created, things in Heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:16-17 We believe life is not an accident or coincidence. As Christians we understand we are created in God's image. Any education system which ignores God and Jesus also denies the Bible's claims of reality. In its | 5


place another view of reality is presented. Christian parents partnering with Christian teachers can help children discover and understand the truth about the world around them. Rather than removing children from the real world Christian schools help them see it clearly. The very first sentence of the Bible is “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 That God is the Creator is a basic belief for Christians. What we believe about God, Jesus Christ and the origins of life do influence how we act on a daily basis. These beliefs will also have a dramatic impact on how a school conducts itself. The beliefs of school leaders determine what priorities are set, what is important and therefore what should be measured and reported on. Secular education believes history and the world around us can be understood without reference to God or the Bible. By leaving these

out curriculums don't become neutral but essentially anti-God. Families are the first place children learn about the world around them. Schools then help children understand more about the world. In the early years families and schools can be likened to providing a hothouse environment for children. Consider the purpose of a hothouse or glass house. It is to nurture plants while they are young. A hothouse provides an environment where the conditions, watering and nutrition can be better managed. The hothouse is designed to grow healthier plants faster. When removed from the hothouse these plants are better able to thrive in all environments. In the home parents can help control what is taught, how much and by whom. The home and family life gives a child a framework of reality. Parents naturally want to protect, nurture, feed and strengthen their children. Over time parents expose their children to more age

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appropriate ideas and experiences. In the same way Christian schools seek to work with parents as an extension of the family home. Rather than providing a different, or even inconsistent, environment Christian schools aim to reinforce what is taught at home. It is up to parents to decide which hothouse environment they desire for their children outside of the home. Do we believe this is God's world? If so a supportive hothouse environment where God and Jesus Christ are seen as relevant to daily life can help prepare a child for the realities of life “We will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of His body, the church.” Ephesians 4:15 This article was provided by Hear parents and teachers answer common questions about Christian education.

Covenant Christian School Northern Beaches / North Shore Sydney

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help :-)

Check out the website . Lots of photos and videos. Let’s do coffee and chat :-) I heard there is good coff ee at the school cafe True! Let’s meet at Caf é Covie. 9.30? See you there :-)

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Heart education

Heart Education H

ow might we define education? Often we can think that the meaning of purpose of education is to ensure we become employed. At Maranatha Christian School, education means much more than this. At Maranatha, the purpose of education is to produce discerning students who can think Christianly about the world, and use the talents God has given them to the benefit of others. In this way, they become successful and productive members of society. To achieve this we need to work with each family to educate

not just the head, but as importantly, the heart and spirit of each student. True education is firstly about engaging the mind. It is about developing our ability to think, engage and generate ideas, and embed the love of learning. It involves using our minds to analyse, synthesise and apply what we might discover. It is more than training. Training will only limit us to one particular field. Education, especially Christian education, on the other hand opens doors to many fields. Christian education

requires not just a desire or thirst for knowledge, but also the ability to use our minds to understand and apply what we have learnt (on other words, our ability to think) from God’s perspective. Just like an eagle or falcon, true education enables us to see a larger picture in the way God does, rather than adopt a narrow focus, yet maintain an eye for detail so that our world benefits. It is not enough just to condemn others out of our own ignorance, rather the more we can discover and increase our knowledge, the better we will be

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“We can educate the mind all we want but if we have no compassion, integrity or love for others, what good would it do us?” and the more we can contribute to ensuring our world becomes a better place for all. Through our Christcentred curriculum, Maranatha Christian School assist students to acquire and apply knowledge, knowing that with the application of knowledge comes true wisdom. Just as importantly, perhaps even more so, is that we educate the heart and spirit. We can educate the mind all we want but if we have no compassion, integrity or love for others, what good would it do us? At Maranatha, it is often said, ‘the heart of education is education of the heart’. What does this mean? Education of the heart or spirit involves understanding the big picture. We are all different yet loved by God. In a diverse community we need to encourage tolerance of each other

through word and deed for tolerance comes from understanding, understanding comes from knowledge, and knowledge comes from God. After all, we are all different, yet each of us will have gifts and abilities. Educating the heart also means giving students the opportunity to engage in service. At Maranatha Christian School, all students are involved in service. As William Wordsworth stated, The best portion of a good person’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love. It is through these acts of kindness that we make everyone feel safe, secure and loved and we grow as a community. After all, the best way to challenge a wrong is by doing a good. In other words, Christian education will change our inside

rather than just our outside. It will encourage and inspire us, and give us the skills to step outside our comfort zone. At Maranatha Christian School, we believe that a good school should be a place where children have the opportunity to take risks and have a go, ie to try something new, knowing that there is a supportive safety net, both earthly and divine, underneath them. Christian education will give us more than a job, rather it will enable us to make the most of all that life has to offer, and be the best young man or woman that God intended them to be. Dr Roderick Crouch Principal/CEO Maranatha Christian School

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Counting the cost


Counting the cost

This article was provided by Hear parents and teachers answer common questions about Christian education.


ducation for every child is a modern concept. We now think of it as a right. Yet the provision and funding of education is debated around the world. The models of funding have changed many times over the last 150 years. Historically, education for most was provided by parents. At times it has depended more on churches. More recently it has been considered a government responsibility. However God has given to parents the primary responsibility for the nurture and care of their children. This responsibility has not changed over time. It has also not been delegated to government, the church or even teachers. If we do believe parents have responsibilities for raising children then parents also need to have choices. They should have options of where and what their children will be taught. Christian schools give parents a choice. Some Christians question paying school fees when they are paying taxes to fund government schools. Christian schools may even

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be accused of undermining the government education system and duplicating facilities. The Bible takes a different view, Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34 Jesus saw it as a natural response to give to what we believe is important. What we are willing to allocate treasure, or finances, towards demonstrates where our hearts are. If providing an education which reflects a parent’s beliefs and supports their role is considered important then they will work out ways to make it a priority. When questioned about taxes Jesus’ reply was simple… Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. Matthew 22:21 He taught that paying taxes did not stop an individual from doing what God wanted them to do. They were not to be considered mutually exclusive. Parents do need to carefully consider the financial cost of education if they choose a Christian school. It will come down to setting priorities. The apostle Paul taught… Everything is permissible - but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible - but not everything is constructive. 1 Corinthians 10:23 Paul faced choices. He felt some decisions were better than others. As a parent you face the choice of ‘which school should I send my child to?’ In our society children will learn the basics of education whichever school they attend. However not all they learn may be beneficial or constructive. We can be thankful we do have a choice. Like all choices we make, it is one for which we will be accountable to God. Our choices can have short-term, long-term and eternal consequences. Whatever you decide, we hope and pray that this has been helpful in your choosing a school for your child.

Public vs Christian

TOP 10 DIFFERENCES Between Public And Christian Schools


nderstanding differences between secular and Christian education is critical if parents are to make an informed decision in favor of their child. We offer the following comparison so that parents can see that in every area of education there is a significant difference in approach. These two different philosophies reflect who is the ultimate source of truth. Please read and pray through these. PURPOSE OF EDUCATION Public Schools: To prepare citizens for a humanistic society that tolerates all lifestyles Christian Schools: To prepare citizens for the Kingdom of God who are equipped to spread the Gospel CONTENT OF EDUCATION Public Schools: Humanism - no values are absolute and no truth is final Christian Schools: All of life is studied in submission to the Word of God and its precepts CONTROL OF EDUCATION Public Schools: The State determines the content and

methods of education Christian Schools: The school functions in loco parentis, reinforcing and supporting parental values SCIENCE Public Schools: Naturalism - everything comes from matter, time, and chance Christian Schools: God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things; science involves knowing God through knowing His world HISTORY Public Schools: Controlled either by autonomous man or by an impersonal process Christian Schools: Controlled by an omnipotent God who knows the end from the beginning ENGLISH Public Schools: Literature must be representative of all cultures, which are seen as having equal value, and has no inherent meaning Christian Schools: Students are exposed to a variety of quality

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Public vs Christian

literature, which is appreciated as a demonstration of common grace and interpreted in the light of God’s Word TEACHERS Public Schools: Varied backgrounds - Christianity or some other religion, humanism, atheism; may be straight or gay Christian Schools: Born-again, committed believers seeking to model Christ before their students RULES Public Schools: Determined by state and federal laws and guidelines Christian Schools: Determined by God’s Word and its moral standards PEERS Public Schools: Varied religious backgrounds, often receiving little moral instruction or values at home or church Christian Schools: Majority of students from Christian homes who are there because their parents support Christian values Chairo Christian School Chairo is a co-ed, non-denominational Christian school providing quality education from a Christian worldview perspective. With campuses in Victoria at Drouin, Drouin East, Leongatha and Pakenham, Chairo caters for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12 (VCE). Don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a personal tour for your family and to discover more about Chairo. Address: 76 Balfour Road, Drouin, Victoria 3818 Phone: (03) 5625 4600 Email: Website:

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