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October is Women’s History Month

Support the women in your community with videos, audiobooks, and music featuring strong women! Booksmart

Late Night

Starring: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams

Starring: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow

UNK 102 min. (2019) $15M Comedy

UNK 102 min. (2019) $23M Comedy

Coming Soon

Available September 3



12366857 $27.74 12366858 $31.49

High School Sara & Tegan Quin Macmillan Audio Biography

Available September 24


Becoming Michelle Obama

Top-Selling Memoir of All Time!

NY Times Bestseller

Random House, Inc. Biography

AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs 12421763 $59.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

Lana Del Rey NFR!

Interscope • Pop/Rock

Lana Del Rey releases her highly anticipated fifth studio album, which includes the alternative radio hit Doin’ Time. Also included are the tracks Love Song; Cinnamon Girl; and California.

Available August 30

Parental Advisory CD 12435701 $18.99

AUDIOBOOK 16 Discs 12059088 $59.99 Replacements Available

The Highwomen The Highwomen New Elektra • Country

Guest Artists: Sheryl Crow, Dave Cobb The Highwomen are a new, highly anticipated, collaborative movement formed by Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires. Their debut album includes the single Redesigning Women.

Available September 6 CD 12430657


WEEKLYhighlights August 19, 2019 1.866.698.2231

Movies and TV shows featuring strong female leads! 7 Teen Choice Awards; 1 Golden Globe Nomination Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson

14A 142 min. (2012) $408M Action DVD 10728312 $12.99 BLU-RAY 10728315 $16.99 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 11710298 $33.99 2 Discs

Fighting with My Family

Starring: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Lena Headey, Florence Pugh

Ocean’s 8

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway

UNK 109 min. (2019) $23M Comedy DVD 12303670 $27.74 BLU-RAY+DVD 12303671 $31.49 Director’s Cut, 2 Discs

PG 110 min. (2018) $139M Comedy DVD 12151396 $17.99 2 Discs BLU-RAY+DVD 12151397 $22.49 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12187332 $29.99 2 Discs

Saint Judy

Wonder Woman

Catching Fire

Golden Globe Nomination Best Original Song

PG 146 min. (2013) $425M Action DVD 11057420 $11.24 BLU-RAY+DVD 11057782 $16.49 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 11710300 $33.99 2 Discs

Starring: Michelle Monaghan, Leem Lubany, Common

UNK 107 min. (2018) Drama DVD 12318646 $18.74

AFI Official Selection, SAG Nomination, 3 Critics’ Choice Nominations Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright

Mockingjay Part 1

PG 141 min. (2017) $413M Action DVD 11899179 $13.99 2 Discs BLU-RAY 11899180 $19.99 4K+BLU-RAY 11944934 $33.99 2 Discs

PG 123 min. (2014) $337M Adventure DVD 11272372 $11.24 BLU-RAY+DVD 11272373 $18.99 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 11710301 $33.99 2 Discs

Mockingjay Part 2

PG 137 min. (2015) $282M Adventure DVD 11551207 $12.99 BLU-RAY+DVD 11551208 $18.99 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 11710299 $44.99 2 Discs

TELEVISION The Good Fight Season 3

2018 Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics Starring: Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo, Rose Leslie UNK 545 min. (2019) Drama

Available September 17 DVD

Killing Eve

2015 Golden Globe Winner and AFI Awards Winner

2019 Golden Globe Winner and BAFTA Award Winner

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Justin Baldoni

UNK 718 min. (2017) Comedy DVD 12283583 $54.99 4 Discs

12412244 $40.49 3 Discs

Madam Secretary

Season 5

Starring: Tea Leoni, Tim Daly, Sebastian Arcelus PG 863 min. (2018) Drama

Available September 24 DVD 5 Discs

Jane the Virgin

Season 4

12424532 $47.99

2 August 19, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231

Supergirl Season 4

Season 2

Starring: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Sean Delaney

UNK 360 min. (2019) Drama DVD 12350656 $24.74 2 Discs BLU-RAY 12350657 $29.24 2 Discs

Veronica Mars

2015 Critics’ Choice Winner

Season 4

PG 931 min. (2018) Action

UNK (2019) Drama

Starring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan

Available September 17 DVD 5 Discs BLU-RAY 4 Discs

12401156 $40.49

Starring: Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring

Available October 22 DVD 3 Discs

12430707 $29.24

12408116 $46.49

Find all available seasons at

AUDIOBOOKS Brave, Not Perfect Reshma Saujani

Code Name Lise Larry Loftis

Business Reshma Saujani inspires women to discover the power of female bravery by sharing an array of powerful insights and practices to make bravery a lifelong habit.

History Odette Sansom decides to follow in her war hero father’s footsteps by becoming an SOE agent to aid Britain and her beloved homeland, France.

AUDIOBOOK 5 Discs 12172037 $53.99 Replacements Available

AUDIOBOOK 8 Discs 12191325 $64.99 Replacements Available

Random House, Inc.

QUEEN VICTORIA Queen Victoria Lucy Worsley Macmillan Audio

History Perhaps one of the best known of the English monarchs, Queen Victoria forever shaped a chapter of English history, bequeathing her name to the Victorian age. AUDIOBOOK 11 Discs 12133579 $75.99 Replacements Available

Also Available


Portrait of a Queen

Catherine Reef

Dreamscape Media, LLC Young Adult

AUDIOBOOK 4 Discs 11931055 $31.99 Replacements Available

Life After Darkness Michelle Knight Hachette Audio

Biography An inspirational book about healing and resilience from Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight. AUDIOBOOK 5 Discs 11970021 $38.99 Replacements Available

Susan B. Anthony Teri Kanefield Dreamscape Media, LLC

Children’s The biography of one of the most notable figures in American history discusses the woman who fought tirelessly to ensure that other women had the right to vote. AUDIOBOOK 3 Discs 12256007 $41.99 Replacements Available

NOTORIOUS RBG Irin Carmon, Shana Knizhnik

Simon & Schuster Audio

NY Times Bestseller Harper Collins Publishers

Biography From her refusal to let sexism stop her to her innovative legal work, from her feminist marriage to her perch on the nation’s highest court, get to know RBG as never before. AUDIOBOOK 5 Discs 11435212 $38.99 Replacements Available

Hidden Figures Margot Lee Shetterly

Also Available (Young Readers Edition)

NY Times Bestseller Harper Collins Publishers

AUDIOBOOK 3 Discs 11952070 $29.99

History The phenomenal true story of the black female mathematicians at NASA whose calculations helped fuel some of America’s greatest achievements in space. AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs 11696971 $51.99 Replacements Available

I Am Malala Malala Yousafzai, Christina Lamb

The Moment of Lift Melinda Gates

NY Times Bestseller Hachette Audio

NY Times Bestseller

Biography When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education.

Macmillan Audio

Biography In this inspiring book, Gates traces her awakening to the link between women’s empowerment and the health of societies.

AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs 11353903 $25.99

AUDIOBOOK 7 Discs 12190855 $38.99 Replacements Available

Reaching for the Moon Katherine Johnson


Simon & Schuster Audio

NY Times Bestseller

Biography The inspiring autobiography of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who helped launch Apollo 11.

Penguin Audio

Biography Kamala Harris offers a master class in problem solving, crisis management, and leadership in challenging times.

AUDIOBOOK 5 Discs 12329968 $38.99 Replacements Available

AUDIOBOOK 8 Discs 12181722 $53.99 Replacements Available

A Well-Read Woman Kate Stewart

Also Available

(Young Readers Edition)

Brilliance Audio, Inc.

Books on Tape, Listening Library AUDIOBOOK 6 Discs 12277618 $65.99 Replacements Available

Biography The inspiring true story of an indomitable librarian’s journey from Nazi Germany to Seattle to Vietnam, all for the love of books. AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs 12211235 $45.99 Replacements Available | Weekly August 19, 2019 3

MUSIC SleaterKinney The Center Won’t Hold

After twenty-five years of legendary collaboration, rock n’ roll giants Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss rise to meet the moment by digging deeper and sounding bigger than ever. $18.99

Tegan & Sara Hey, I’m Just Like You Warner Bros. Pop/Rock

Twenty years into their career, Tegan and Sara have recorded a new album that is based on the first songs they ever wrote. This is a return to Tegan and Sara’s rock and punk roots, with a punch of pop production.

Available September 27 CD 12430662


Cardi B Invasion of Privacy

Guest Artists: Missy Elliott, Gucci Mane Channeling boundless self-confidence through a downright earth-quaking voice, colorful persona, and undeniable star power, Lizzo struts into the spotlight and steps up with a whole lot of sass, spirit, and soul. Parental Advisory, Deluxe Edition

The new album from Tony and Emmy Award winner Kristin Chenoweth is a tribute to women in music. It will feature guests ranging from Dolly Parton to Ariana Grande with a similarly diverse repertoire.

CD 12388676


Brittany Howard Jaime Brittany Howard, lead singer for the Grammy Award-winning group Alabama Shakes, releases her first solo album. It includes the single Stay High as well as the tracks Run to Me; Tomorrow; and History Repeats.

Available September 20 $18.99

Iggy Azalea In My Defense

Guest Artist: Kylie Minogue

In 2018, Tove Lo relocated to Los Angeles and dove headfirst into creating her fourth full-length album. It represented a new season marked by reclamation of confidence, hard-earned wisdom, and more. Includes the single Glad He’s Gone.

Available September 20 CD 12435897


Madonna Madame X

Interscope • Pop/Rock

Guest Artists: Quavo, Maluma

Bad Dreams Records Rap/Hip-Hop

Guest Artists: Lil Yachty, Kash Doll, Stini Five years after releasing her hit debut album, The New Classica, Iggy Azalea is back with the longawaited follow-up. The first single, Sally Walker, racked up over 40 million views on YouTube in less than a month. $18.99

4 August 19, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231

Madonna once again made it to the top of the album charts with her fourteenth album. It includes the tracks Batuka; God Control; Dark Ballet; Crave; and Medellin. CD 12365383

CD 12435896


Taylor Swift opens the door to a colorful new world with the follow-up to 2017’s Reputation. Her new album includes the singles Me with Panic at the Disco’s Brandon Urie and You Need to Calm Down.

Available August 23 CD 12398004


Ariana Grande Thank U, Next

Island • Pop/Rock

Guest Artists: Migos, Chance the Rapper Cardi B’s debut album made history by being the first album by a solo female artist to win the Grammy for Best Rap Album. It also features the hits I Like It and Bodak Yellow. Parental Advisory CD 12299760 $18.99 Edited Version CD 12299759 $18.99

Available September 27

Republic / Universal Pop/Rock

ATO Records Pop/Rock

Parental Advisory CD 12406175

Concord Records Pop/Rock

Taylor Swift Lover

Tove Lo Sunshine Kitty

Atlantic Rap/Hip-Hop

CD 12431403

Kristin Chenoweth For the Girls

Atlantic • R&B

Mom+Pop • Pop/Rock

CD 12403746

Lizzo Cuz I Love You

Republic Records Pop/Rock As summer rolls along, Ariana Grande has been touring all over the world, including a headline set at Lollapalooza. She also made a surprise appearance at a recent Barbra Streisand concert, sharing the stage with the music icon. Parental Advisory CD 12302533 $18.99 Edited Version CD 12302534 $18.99

Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Darkroom Productions LLC Pop/Rock


Billie Eilish’s debut album has barely moved out of the top five since its release in March 2019. She has been featured on several magazines, including cover stories at Billboard and Rolling Stone. CD 12307484


Canadian interest



Akin Emma Donoghue


The Deadliest Film Ever Made

Hachette Audio

Historical A retired New York professor’s life is thrown into chaos when he takes a young great-nephew to the French Riviera, in hopes of uncovering his own mother’s wartime secrets.

Starring: David Amito, Nicole Tompkins, Rowan Smyth Rumored to have been lost, Antrum appears as a cursed film from the 1970s. Viewers are warned to proceed with caution. It’s said to be a story about a young boy and girl who enter the forest to save the soul of their recently deceased pet. They journey to the Antrum, the very spot the devil landed after being cast out of heaven. There, the children begin to dig a hole to hell. UNK 95 min. (2018) Horror

Available September 10 AUDIOBOOK 10 Discs 12297091 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available


Available November 12 DVD

12439178 $25.99

Elevator Pitch Linwood Barclay

The Dwelling

Starring: Colin Price, Alysa King, Gwenlyn Cumyn

Harper Collins Publishers

Four people find themselves stuck on a haunted antique bed where leaving means suffering a gruesome death. Plagued with frightening hallucinations, they must figure out the bed’s secrets before they are ultimately picked off one by one. UNK 84 min. (2016) Horror

Suspense When four people board an elevator in Manhattan, each presses a button for their floor, but the elevator proceeds, non-stop, to the top, then plummets. What appears to be an isolated tragedy is quickly revealed as anything but random.

Available November 26 DVD

Mobina Galore Don’t Worry New Damage Records Pop/Rock

Simultaneous Release Replacements Available


Kobra and the Lotus Evolution Napalm Records Pop/Rock

Mobina Galore, based out of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, is a vocally aggressive power chord punk rock duo. Their new album includes the single Escape Plan.

Available September 6 CD 12439213

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 12 Discs 12329834

12439181 $25.99


After the breakthrough success of twin releases Prevail I + II, the daughter and sons of Calgary live large and reinvent themselves completely. The guitars are shredding even harder and heaviness and melodies have been cranked up.

Available September 20 Parental Advisory CD 12439206



The New Pornographers In the Morse Code of Brake Lights Concord Records Pop/Rock

Indie rock supergroup and critics’ darlings, the New Pornographers return with their eighth studio album and second for Concord Records. The album is full of classic songwriting with twisting lyrical content that touches on the humanistic side of life in current times, craftfully penned by frontman A. C. Newman.

Available September 27 CD 12435898

August 19, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231


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The hoopla collection now features more than 6,500 Kensington eBooks in the most popular genres. Everything from back catalogue titles to the newest releases are now available to patrons without holds or waiting!

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video picks of the week

First-rate videos sure to be in high demand. Starring 2017 BAFTA $79 million box office Award winner for Best Supporting Actor, Dev Patel. Men in Black The Wedding International Guest Starring: Starring: Dev Patel, Radhika Apte, Jim Sarbh


Super 30 (Hindi)

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Tripathi

Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Rebecca Ferguson

Jay is a man with a secret who travels from Britain to Pakistan to attend a wedding, armed with duct tape, a shotgun, and a plan to kidnap the bride-to-be. 14A 97 min. (2018) Suspense

Available October 8

$2 million box office

The team has always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe, but in this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the organization. PG 115 min. (2019) Comedy

Based on the life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar, who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna. UNK 162 min. (2019) Drama

Available September 27

Available September 3

DVD 12387805 $31.49 BLU-RAY+DVD 12387806 $39.74 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12409851 $47.24 2 Discs

12318678 $32.99 12318679 $33.99

Winner of Best Screenplay at the 2018 Chicago International Film Festival. At War


Starring: Vincent Lindon, Melanie Rover, Jacques Borderie Despite record profits, and heavy sacrifices made by their employees, the management of Perrin Industries decides to shut down a factory. The 1,100 employees decide to battle against the brutal decision in an attempt to save their jobs. UNK 115 min. (2019) Drama


Starring stand-up comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan.

Put on your bows and have a dance party with JoJo Siwa!

Being Frank

JoJo Siwa

Starring: Jim Gaffigan, Anna Gunn, Samantha Mathis

Sweet Celebrations

It’s time to celebrate all of life’s sweetest moments with JoJo Siwa! Hang with the pop sensation as she rings in her sixteenth birthday with go-karting, baking, indoor skydiving, and of course, the most magical party ever! UNK 52 min. Children’s

A regular father’s family life is turned upside down when his son learns he has another family. 14A 111 min. (2019) Comedy

Available September 10

DVD 12388858 $27.74

Available September 17

Available October 15 DVD BLU-RAY

12403012 $40.99

12403662 $32.99 12434599 $33.99


12424530 $13.49

The world’s biggest teen idol since Hannah Montana!


The Halloween Family

UNK 66 min. (2019) Children’s

Available September 10

DVD 12390200


Hocus Pocus

G 96 min. (1993) Comedy DVD 12130244 $8.24 BLU-RAY 12130243 $14.99 Anniversary Edition

Lil’ Monsters

UNK 52 min. (2019) Children’s

Available October 8 DVD 12432232


Peppa Pig

Pumpkin Party

UNK 70 min. Children’s

Available September 3

DVD 12417525

The Halloween Tree

UNK 10 min. (2019) Children’s

Available August 20 DVD 12377886


$12.74 | Weekly August 19, 2019 7

audiobook picks of the week A masterpiece of violence and tenderness.

Girl Edna O’Brien

NY Times Bestselling Author

Macmillan Audio General

Available September 10 AUDIOBOOK 7 Discs

12313586 $60.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

The next book in the New York Times bestselling I Survived series. I Survived the Great Molasses Flood, 1919 Lauren Tarshis

NY Times Bestselling Author Scholastic Children’s

Available September 3 AUDIOBOOK 2 Discs

Simultaneous Release

Police Chief Jesse Stone must rush to stop the devastation of the opioid epidemic. Robert B. Parker’s The Bitterest Pill Robert B. Parker, Reed Farrel Coleman

12410467 $18.99

An unforgettable hero and the shadowy world that forged him. Robert Ludlum’s The Treadstone Resurrection Robert Ludlum, Joshua Hood

NY Times Bestselling Author

NY Times Bestselling Author

Available September 10 AUDIOBOOK 10 Discs 12412569 $45.99

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 11 Discs 12334390 $53.99

Random House, Inc. Mystery

Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

The latest in the bestselling Krewe of Hunters series. The Stalking Heather Graham

NY Times Bestselling Author Harper Collins Publishers Romance

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 8 Discs

12349834 $58.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

A rare insider’s look at the life of Donald Trump from Bill O’Reilly. The United States of Trump Bill O’Reilly Macmillan Audio Political Science

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 8 Discs

12345488 $54.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

8 August 19, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231

Penguin Audio Suspense

Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

Unger skillfully peels back the layers in this astute, engrossing thriller. - Kirkus Reviews The Stranger Inside Lisa Unger

NY Times Bestselling Author Harper Collins Publishers Suspense

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 7 Discs

12349817 $51.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

...both moving and painful… - Publishers Weekly

The series that inspired the popular Netflix show Longmire. Land of Wolves Craig Johnson

NY Times Bestselling Author

Recorded Books, LLC Mystery

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs

12407242 $45.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

The story of a woman coming into her own at the dawn of the Second World War. A Single Thread Tracy Chevalier NY Times Bestselling Author

Penguin Audio Historical

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 11 Discs

12334378 $53.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

Margaret Atwood answers the questions that have tantalized readers for decades. The Testaments Margaret Atwood NY Times Bestselling Author Random House, Inc. Dystopian

Available September 10 AUDIOBOOK 7 Discs

12282794 $51.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

A grandmother in her sixties emerges from a mental fog to find she’s trapped in her worst nightmare.

We Are the Weather Jonathan Safran Foer

What Rose Forgot Nevada Barr

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 3 Discs

Available September 17 AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs

Macmillan Audio History



Simultaneous Release

NY Times Bestselling Author

Macmillan Audio Suspense

12288810 $54.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

DJ Snake’s second studio album includes the global number one record Taki Taki. DJ Snake Carte Blanche Geffen • Pop/Rock

Available August 23

Parental Advisory CD 12430668 $15.99

Melanie Martinez creates a melting pot of low-key hip-hop, soulful pop, and indie-leaning electro. Melanie Martinez K-12

Atlantic • Pop/Rock

Available September 6

music picks of the week

Soundtrack to the Showtime documentary film, which highlights the early years of Motown. Hitsville

The Making of Motown Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Motown • Soundtracks Deluxe Edition, 2 Discs CD 12433527 $18.99

Alternative rock pioneers release their eleventh studio album. Wilco Ode to Joy

dBpm Records Pop/Rock

Available October 4

CD 12430659 $16.99

Parental Advisory CD 12430661 $19.99

Left unfinished for 33 years, a lost Miles Davis album has been completed and released. Miles Davis Rubberband

Rhino/Warner Records Jazz

Available September 6

CD 12404443 $22.99

Rend Collective releases their first ever children’s album. Rend Collective Sparkle. Pop. Rampage.

Rend Collective Children’s

Guest Artists: Rend Co. Kids

CD 12433528 $12.99

Tove Lo Sunshine Kitty

Island • Pop/Rock

Guest Artist: Kylie Minogue

Available September 20

CD 12435897 $18.99

Lana Del Rey NFR!

Interscope • Pop/Rock

Available August 30

Parental Advisory CD 12435701 $18.99

Rick Ross is back with a new album that features a roster packed with superstar guests. Rick Ross Port of Miami 2

Epic Records Rap/Hip-Hop Guest Artists: Drake, Nipsey Hussle

Available August 23

Parental Advisory CD 12437937 $12.99

Available August 30

Tove Lo creates a confident new album that features the single Glad He’s Gone.

Lana Del Rey releases her highly anticipated fifth studio album, which includes the hit Doin’ Time.

TobyMac reinvents songs from his smash hit album The Elements. TobyMac The St. Nemele Collab Sessions

Forefront Records Religious

Guest Artists: Ledger, Crowder

Available September 27 CD 12435899 $10.99

Edited Version CD 12437936 $12.99

Blink-182’s new album includes the tracks Darkside and Blame It on My Youth. Blink-182 Nine

Columbia Records Pop/Rock

Available September 20

Parental Advisory CD 12432246 $11.99 Edited Version CD 12433926 $11.99

Previously available at one fashion show, a rare Prince album gets a wide release. Prince The Versace Experience Prelude 2 Gold Legacy Recordings R&B

Available September 13

CD 12437931 $11.99 | Weekly August 19, 2019 9

Hallmark’s First Cozy Mystery!

Out of the Picture

A Shepherd Sisters Mystery

Tracy Gardner

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Tim Blake Nelson

Mystery When sad and strange incidents begin occurring at an old family friend’s mansion, Savanna begins investigating with a little help from Aidan, the intriguing town doctor.

Josephine Chesterfield is a glamorous, seductive Brit who defrauds gullible wealthy men. Penny amasses wads of cash by ripping off her marks in neighborhood bars. Despite their different methods, both are masters of the art of the fleece, so they con the men that have wronged women. Wilson’s talent for physicality and Hathaway’s withering wit are a combustible combination as the pair of scammers pull out all the stops to swindle a naïve tech billionaire in this hilarious comedy. PG 94 min. (2019) $35M Comedy

AUDIOBOOK 8 Discs 12356052 $45.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

DVD 12365915 $27.74 BLU-RAY+DVD 12365916 $31.49 2 Discs

Hallmark Publishing

Available September 3

Available Now!

Elton John

The Biography Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Richard Madden, Taron Egerton An epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John’s breakthrough years. 14A 121 min. (2019) $94M Drama

David Buckley

Dreamscape Media, LLC AUDIOBOOK 13 Discs 12361949 $51.99 Replacements Available

Available August 27

DVD 12366875 $29.99 BLU-RAY+DVD 12366876 $36.74 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12409852 $41.24 2 Discs

Soundtrack Elton John & Taron Egerton

Me Elton John

Universal Music CD 12346242 $24.99

Macmillan Audio

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs 12335113 $54.99 Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

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Profile for CVS Midwest Tape

CVS Midwest Tape Weekly 19, August 2019  

Check out this week's selection of hot and buzzworthy DVDs, Blu-rays, audiobooks, and CDs. See a title that interests you? Click on it to vi...

CVS Midwest Tape Weekly 19, August 2019  

Check out this week's selection of hot and buzzworthy DVDs, Blu-rays, audiobooks, and CDs. See a title that interests you? Click on it to vi...