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Pearl Jam

Lightning Bolt Republic / Universal • Pop/Rock Four years after the release of Backspacer, Pearl Jam returns with their tenth studio album. Among the tracks is the single Mind Your Manners as well as Yellow Moon; Getaway; and Future Days.

Available October 15 CD 11022963.................. $20.99

The Conjuring Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor The true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, world renowned paranormal investigators, who were called to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful demonic entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most horrifying case of their lives. 14A 112 min. (2013) $136M Horror

“This is a horror film where a pair of suddenly clapping hands gives you the heebie-jeebies, and Wan doesn’t cheat with his jump scares.” - Toronto Star

Available October 22 DVD (WS) 11024883............. $23.99 ISBN N/A

Blu-ray (WS) 11024874............. $29.99 ISBN N/A

Traveling Sprinkler

Nicholson Baker Dreamscape Media, LLC

Fiction A feckless but hopeful hero, Paul

Chowder’s struggle to get his life together is reflected in his steadfast desire to write a pop song, or a protest song, or both at once.

Available October 15 Unabridged • 7 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 11013484............ $59.99 ISBN 9781629230917

picks of the week canadian films Rufus

“Canadian writer-director Dave Schultz’s Saskatchewan-set spin on vampire mythos feeds on any number of previous horror flicks for inspiration...” - Globe and Mail Starring: Rory J. Saper, Merritt Patterson, Richard Harmon Rufus is a shy and lonely boy determined to make a new start. When a cunning vampire hunter slips into town searching for the fountain of youth, Rufus fears his darkest secret is about to be revealed. 14A 109 min. (2012) Drama

Available November 26 DVD


11024140............. $22.99

DVD & Blu-ray

canadian TV

Primeval New World The Complete Series “Syfy’s new Saturday summer fare is a positive change from Dinocrocs and Sharktopuses, even though it has a built-in expiration date.” - Hollywood Reporter Starring: Niall Matter, Sara Canning, Danny Rahim Evan Cross, a wealthy and brilliant innovator, leads a diverse team that operates from a secret and cuttingedge headquarters, named the Tank. From this precinct, the team operates a top-secret warning system that allows them to track prehistoric creatures that come through. UNK 585 min. (2013) Action

Available October 22 DVD

(WS) 11023500............. $34.99 (3 Discs)

ISBN 1417240806

Blu-ray (WS) 11023480............. $39.99 (3 Discs) ISBN 1417240814

The 4 Soldiers (French)

CANADIAN KIDS Max & Ruby Max’s Train Trip

“The quiet, introspective picture played here less as a war story than like a dreamy cousin to the fest’s sci-fi apocalypses; it should find admirers in more mainstream quarters of the festival circuit as well.” - Hollywood Reporter Starring: Antoine Bertrand, Christian De La Cortina, Antoine L’Ecuyer During a civil war, four young soldiers aged fifteen to twenty-one meet and bond together. Trapped in an adults’ war that they neither understand nor want any part of, Mateo, Dominique, Big Max, and Kevin save themselves by creating a family bond together. PG 83 min. (2013) War

Max, Ruby, and Grandma are taking a train trip together, and Max can’t wait to get onboard. But Ruby knows you can’t just get on any train, you have to take the right train at the right time. G 55 min. Children’s

Available October 29

Available November 26 DVD


Hot Dog (French) Directed by Quebec-based director Marc-Andre Lavoie Starring: Paul Doucet, Remy Girard, Eric Salvail Mistakenly believing that his associates wish to dismiss him, Philippe decides to sabotage the production of the company. UNK 94 min. (2013) Comedy

Available November 19 DVD


11024138............. $22.99

The Horses of McBride

“The Horses of McBride is good, a better-thanaverage feel-good holiday movie. That’s largely thanks to the raw emotions found in the script and a cast skilled enough to imbue the story with genuine drama as well as warmth.” - Globe and Mail Starring: Aidan Quinn, MacKenzie Porter, Kari Matchett When Nicki discovers two horses stranded deep in the snow, she is determined to get them off the mountain. With no other options, she picks up a shovel and starts to dig out the mile-long path of deep snow, inspiring first her father, Matt, and then the entire community to band together in the spirit of Christmas. UNK 88 min. (2012) Drama

Available October 8 DVD

DVD 11017328............ $11.99


11023601............. $29.99

(WS) 11022888............. $17.99

edmonton international film fest (EIFF 2013) September 26 to october 5


Screened at EIFF 2012 Starring: George Plimpton, Hugh Hefner, Robert Kennedy Jr. In this sensational tale of one of the greatest storytellers in history, George Plimpton’s astounding journalism career is captured in heartwarming footage and intimate personal interviews. UNK 86 min. (2012) Biographical

Available November 5 DVD


11020676............. $17.99

The Story of Luke

“The film serves as a modest reminder that the challenges of autism may sometimes be no more daunting or fearsome than those that face anyone in search of an independent life.” - New York Times Starring: Seth Green, Cary Elwes, Lou Taylor Pucci Luke, an autistic young man, searches for a job and true love. UNK 95 min. (2012) Comedy DVD


(WS) 10986346............. $22.99

ISBN 1417240547

Sarah Prefere La Course (French)

“Setting itself apart from typical stories of big dreams and athletic triumph, Sarah préfère la course is a subtle and stylish exploration of sacrifice and the consequences of chasing one’s desires.” - Starring: Sophie Desmarais, Jean-Sebastien Courchesne, Genevieve Boivin-Roussy A story about a girl who only wants to run and about the anxiety involved in the pursuit of her goal. UNK 97 min. (2013) Drama

Available November 5 DVD


11025913............. $22.99

Blu-ray (WS) 11025963............. $25.99 ISBN N/A

A Late Quartet

“Categorized as a ‘small’ film and it’s a nearly perfect one at that, starting with a lean but weighty script co-written by director Yaron Zilberman and drawing on a talented foursome of actors.” - Toronto Star Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener After 25 years together, the members of a worldrenowned string quartet learn that their beloved cellist may soon be forced to retire. But the news stirs up equally painful challenges when competing egos, harbored resentment, and irrepressible lust threaten to derail the group. 14A 106 min. (2012) $1M Drama DVD


(WS) 10061322............. $26.99

Blu-ray (WS) 10051065............. $29.99 ISBN N/A


Doing Hard Time

Deadly Heat

Read by Tony Roberts

Read by Robert Petkoff

Stuart Woods Penguin Audio

Fiction A case that had seemingly

been resolved has returned in full force with lethal results. And this deadly situation makes for strange bedfellows when Stone finds himself teamed with the least likely ally. From the high-stakes poker tables of Las Vegas to California’s lush beachside resorts, the trail of disguise, subterfuge, and murder leads to a shocking conclusion.


hot new fiction

Richard Castle Hachette Audio

Fiction Determined to find justice

Longlist Selections Hitler’s Furies

Wendy Lower

Blackstone Audio, Inc.

for her mother, top NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat continues to pursue the elusive former CIA station chief who ordered her execution more than a decade ago. For the hunt, Nikki teams once again with her romantic partner, Jameson Rook, and their quest for the old spy and the motive behind the past murder unearths an alarming terror plot, which is anything but ancient history. Unabridged • 10 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 11021370............ $26.99

Non-Fiction Wendy Lower’s account of the role of German women on the Eastern Front—not only as plunderers and witnesses but as actual killers—powerfully revises history. Lower, drawing on twenty years of research and fieldwork, access to post-Soviet documents, and interviews with witnesses, presents compelling evidence that these women took part in the shooting of Jews and uncovers the stories of SS wives— with children of their own—whose brutality is as chilling as any in history.


The Double

Unabridged • 7 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10967168............ $29.99

Read by Tai Sammons

Read by Dion Graham

Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Hachette, Little, Brown and Company


Available October 8

Unabridged • 6 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10880946............ $29.99 ISBN 9781611761962

Chuck Palahniuk Fiction Madison Spencer, the

ISBN 9781401370428

George Pelecanos

liveliest, snarkiest dead girl in the universe, continues the adventures in the afterlife begun in Damned. Having reluctantly escaped from Hell, she now wanders the purgatory that is Earth as a ghostly spirit, seeking her do-gooding celebrity parents, fighting the control of Satan, recounting the funny encounter with her grandfather in a highway rest stop in New York, and climaxing in a rendezvous with destiny on the new, plastic continent in the Pacific called Madlantis.

Fiction The job seems simple

Available October 8

Available October 8

ISBN 9781470879341

Unabridged • 6 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 11010506............ $29.99

Unabridged • 9 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10967191............ $32.99

The Fall of the Governor

Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga Read by Fred Berman

Macmillan Audio

Fiction Uber-villain Philip Blake

journeyed from his humble beginnings directly into the dark heart of the zombie apocalypse and became the self-proclaimed leader of a small town called Woodbury. The violent dictatorship within Woodbury all comes to a head. The third book in the New York Times bestselling series.

Available October 8

enough: retrieve the valuable painting, ‘The Double,’ Grace Kinkaid’s ex-boyfriend stole from her. It’s the sort of thing Spero Lucas specializes in: finding what’s missing, and doing it quietly. But Grace wants more. She wants Lucas to find the man who humiliated her—a violent career criminal with a small gang of brutal thugs at his beck and call. “...jonesing for more.” - Publishers Weekly

ISBN 9781478924760

Inherit the Dead

Lee Child, C.J. Box, Charlaine Harris

Read by Christopher Evan Welch

Simon and Schuster

Fiction Pericles ‘Perry’ Christo is a

P.I. with a past. A one-time NYPD homicide cop, Perry has been struggling since he lost his badge, and his marriage, in a notorious corruption scandal. So when wealthy Upper East Side matron Julia Drusilla calls him one cold February night, he jumps at the chance to work what seems to be a straightforward (and lucrative) case.

Available October 8

Unabridged • 7 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10844408............ $29.99

Unabridged • 8 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10868576............ $29.99

ISBN 9781427229441

ISBN 9781442364349

A Man of His Own

Rasputin’s Shadow

Read by Fred Berman, Christina Delaine, Rick Adamson

Read by Richard Ferrone

Susan Wilson Macmillan Audio

Fiction Rick Stanton was once a promising professional baseball player with a bright future ahead of him. World War II changed everything. Rick returns home with his body permanently broken and his dreams shattered. But it was not just body and spirit he sacrificed for the war. He and his devoted wife Francesca volunteered their beloved dog Pax for the Army’s K9 Corp, not knowing if they’d ever see him again. Unabridged • 8 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 11021358............ $39.99 ISBN 9781427239211

Raymond Khoury Penguin Audio

Fiction A Russian embassy attache

seems to have committed suicide by jumping out of a fourth-floor window in Queens. The apartment’s owners, a retired physics teacher from Russia and his wife, have gone missing, and further investigation reveals that the former may not be who the FBI believe him to be. “...lively, if conventional...” - Publishers Weekly

Available October 8

Unabridged • 10 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10748356............ $39.99 ISBN 9781611762037

Available October 8

Tom Drury AudioGo

Fiction After seven years,

Micah Darling is heading off to Los Angeles in order to reconnect with his mother, who abandoned him as a child. Soon he finds a strange new city that presents many tempting opportunities. Back in Stone City, a young woman has come to town with a plan that threatens to upset the lives of many, including Micah’s half-sister Lyris. Unabridged • 5 Discs AUDIOBOOK 10878122............ $19.99

The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp

Kathi Appelt

Simon and Schuster

AudioFile Earphones Ages 8 & Up Raccoon brothers

Bingo and J’miah are the newest recruits of the Official Sugar Man Swamp Scouts. The opportunity to serve the Sugar Man, the massive creature who delights in delicious sugar cane and magnanimously rules over the swamp, is an honor, and also a big responsibility, since the rest of the swamp critters rely heavily on the intel of these hardworking Scouts. “Starred Review.” - Publishers Weekly Unabridged • 5 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10830183............ $29.99

Two Boys Kissing

David Levithan

Random House, Inc., Listening Library

Ages 12 & Up Based on true

events, the story of Harry and Craig, two 17-year-olds who are about to take part in a 32-hour marathon of kissing to set a new Guinness World Record, all of which is narrated by a Greek Chorus of the generation of gay men lost to AIDS. While the two increasingly dehydrated and sleep-deprived boys are locking lips, they become a focal point in the lives of other teen boys dealing with languishing long-term relationships, coming out, navigating gender identity, all while the kissing former couple tries to figure out their own feelings. Unabridged • 5 Discs Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10039600............ $34.99

Visit for complete list

All audiobooks are repackaged by Midwest Tape, LLC and then shipped in Midwest Tape’s exclusive, shelf-ready SoundSafe™ case. Midwest Tape, LLC is a wholly separate and distinct company from the publisher. The publisher’s original packaging and insert materials (if any) also will be shipped with your order.

Behind the Candelabra Best Miniseries/TV Movie Best Actor Miniseries/TV Movie Michael Douglas Best Directing Miniseries/TV Movie Best Casting Miniseries/TV Movie Best Hairstyling Miniseries/TV Movie Best Makeup Miniseries/TV Movie Best Costumes Miniseries/TV Movie Starring: Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Dan Aykroyd Recreates the glittering private world of Liberace, the flamboyant, phenomenally successful entertainer whose extravagant costumes, trademark candelabra, and elaborate stage shows made him the most bankable entertainer of his time. 14A 120 min. (2013) Drama DVD (WS) 10994659...............$12.99 Blu-ray (WS) 10994614...............$21.99

30 Rock Season 7 Best Casting Comedy Series Best Writing Comedy Series Starring: Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan As Jack schemes to take control of KableTown or sink the whole company trying, Liz strives to balance her uncharacteristically blissful personal life with the constant chaos of her career. PG 280 min. (2012) Comedy DVD

(WS) 10765206...............$39.99 (2 Discs)

Breaking Bad

The Complete Fifth Season Best Drama Series Best Supporting Actress Drama Series Anna Gunn Starring: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul To provide for his family’s future after he is diagnosed with lung cancer, a chemistry genius turned high school teacher teams up with an ex-student to cook and sell the world’s purest crystal meth. PG 375 min. (2012) Drama DVD (WS) 10882713...............$47.99 (3 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 10880132...............$56.99 (2 Discs)

Boardwalk Empire

Complete Third Season Best Supporting Actor Drama Series Bobby Cannavale Best Series Hairstyling Starring: Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Bobby Cannavale Chronicles the life and times of Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson, Atlantic City’s undisputed czar at a time when Prohibition proved to be a major catalyst in the rise of organized crime in America. 18A 720 min. (2012) Drama DVD (WS) 10956467...............$63.99 (5 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 10956456...............$84.99 (5 Discs)

American Horror Story Season 2

The Borgias Season Three

Best Supporting Actor Miniseries/TV Movie James Cromwell

Best Series Costumes

Starring: Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, James Cromwell The sins of the past haunt the present at the notorious Briarcliff home for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude. PG 554 min. (2012) Horror

Available October 8 DVD (WS) 11016294...............$50.99 (4 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 11016357...............$59.99 (3 Discs)

Starring: Jeremy Irons, Francois Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Colm Feore As a ruthless Pope Alexander clings desperately to power, he must rely on Cesare to exact revenge on his enemies and secure the family legacy. But Cesare is hell bent on his own ascension at any cost?leading to an epic father/ son struggle with Lucrezia as the reluctant pawn. 14A 514 min. (2013) Drama DVD

(WS) 11009223...............$50.99 (3 Discs)

Banshee The Complete First Season

The Good Wife The Fourth Season

Best Visual Effects

Best Guest Actress Drama Series Carrie Preston

Starring: Antony Starr, Ivana Milicevic, Frankie R. Faison Follows Lucas Hood, an ex-convict who improbably becomes sheriff of a rural, Amish-area town while searching for a woman he last saw 15 years ago, when he gave himself up to police to let her escape after a jewel heist. 18A 600 min. (2013) Drama DVD (WS) 10880833...............$42.99 (4 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 10880828...............$53.99 (4 Discs)

The Big Bang Theory

Complete Sixth Season

Best Actor Comedy Series Jim Parsons Best Guest Actor Comedy Series Bob Newhart Starring: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco Season six kicks off in space, where Howard is caught in an argument between Bernadette and his mom. Back on Earth, Sheldon decides to hire, Alex, a young female assistant, which makes Amy feel threatened. PG 496 min. (2012) Comedy DVD (WS) 10995523...............$47.99 (3 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 11002234...............$56.99 (2 Discs)

Starring: Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles Alicia Florrick, a wife and mother, reclaims control of her personal and professional lives after her husband, Peter, is embroiled in a sex and political corruption scandal. 14A 956 min. (2012) Drama DVD

(WS) 10986614...............$56.99 (6 Discs)

Homeland Complete Second Season Best Actress Drama Series Claire Danes Best Writing Drama Series Starring: Damian Lewis, Claire Danes, Morena Baccarin Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody is now a U.S. congressman, and former CIA agent Carrie Mathison has returned to civilian life. Again their lives are intertwined and they resume their dance of suspicion, deceit, and desire. 14A 629 min. (2012) Drama DVD (WS) 11005086...............$50.99 (4 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 11005094...............$59.99 (3 Discs)

Breaking Bad wins outstanding drama Modern Family wins outstanding comedy Behind the Candelabra wins for movie, actor, director

The Hour Season 2 Best Writing Miniseries, TV Movie or Dramatic Special Starring: Dominic West, Romola Garai, Ben Whishaw With the advent of the space race and the threat of nuclear war looming, Britain grapples with an era of unprecedented scientific advancement, economic oppurtunity, and cultural change. UNK 360 min. (2012) Drama DVD (WS) 10016292...............$37.99 (2 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 10016258...............$42.99 (2 Discs)

House of Cards

The Complete First Season Best Casting Drama Series Best Directing Drama Series Starring: Kevin Spacey, Kate Mara, Robin Wright Ruthless and cunning, Congressman Francis Underwood and his wife Claire stop at nothing to conquer everything. This wicked political drama penetrates the shadowy world of greed, sex, and corruption in modern D.C. PG 674 min. (2013) Drama

Modern Family Season 4

Best Comedy Series Best Directing Comedy Series Starring: Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways. PG 519 min. (2012) Comedy DVD (WS) 11011665...............$50.99 (3 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 11011607...............$59.99 (3 Discs)

Political Animals Best Supporting Actress Miniseries/TV Movie Ellen Burstyn Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino, James Wolk Elaine Barrish Hammond, a former first lady to the president and current Secretary of State, struggles to keep her family together as she deflects probing questions from journalist Susan Berg. NR 290 min. (2012) Drama DVD

(WS) 10948781...............$21.99 (2 Discs)

DVD (WS) 10878419...............$47.99 (4 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 10880133...............$56.99 (4 Discs)

Mea Maxima Culpa Best Nonfiction Directing Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking Jury Award Investigates the secret crimes of Father Lawrence Murphy, a Milwaukee priest who abused more than 200 deaf children in a school under his control. UNK 107 min. (2012) Documentary

Available October 8


The Complete First Season Best Stunt Coordination Drama Series, Miniseries or TV Movie Starring: Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito In this epic adventure thriller, a family struggles to reunite in a post-apocalyptic American landscape: a world of empty cities, local militias, and heroic freedom fighters. NR 857 min. (2012) Drama

DVD 11024133...............$29.99

DVD (WS) 10994674...............$63.99 (5 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 10994600...............$73.99 (4 Discs)

Mel Brooks


Best Directing Nonfiction Programming

Best Guest Actor Drama Series Dan Bucatinsky

Starring: Mel Brooks, Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane Mel Brooks has agreed to throw himself into a new documentary about his storied career, giving American Masters exclusive interviews and complete access to his film archives. NR 90 min. (2013) Biographical

Starring: Kerry Washington, Guillermo Diaz, Tony Goldwyn Experience every breathless, jaw-dropping moment as Olivia Pope and her team of ‘gladiators in suits’ turn up the heat and raise the stakes. Cleaning up other people’s messes takes a shattering personal toll. 14A 946 min. (2012) Drama

Make a Noise

DVD 10757496...............$22.99

The Newsroom

The Complete First Season Best Actor Drama Series Jeff Daniels Starring: Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston A behind-the-scenes look at a high-rated cable news program, focusing on the on and off camera lives of its acerbic anchor, a new executive producer, and their newsroom staff. 18A 610 min. (2012) Drama DVD (WS) 10748403...............$63.99 (4 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 10748349...............$84.99 (4 Discs)

The Complete Second Season


(WS) 10967250...............$48.99 (5 Discs)

South Park Season 16 Best Animated Program Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone Join Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny as they hunt down the mythical Jewpacabre, sketti wrestle with reality stars, and go jackin’ it in San Diego. 14A 308 min. (2012) Animated DVD (WS) 11005092...............$37.99 (3 Discs) Blu-ray (WS) 11005097...............$43.99 (2 Discs)

CANADian music spotlight Celine Dion

Loved Me Back to Life Columbia Records • Pop/Rock Pop superstar, and five-time Grammy Award winner, Celine Dion returns with her first new studio album in six years. Her latest includes guest appearances from Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder.

Available November 5 CD 11024316......................$14.99

Esmerine Dalmak

Constellation • Pop/Rock On their fourth album, Esmerine expand their horizons with a sound that reflects the time that they spent working on new music in Istanbul, Turkey. Along with a newly solidified lineup, they are accompanied by a number of Turkish musicians. “4 out of 5...a gorgeous and moving album...” - Alternative Press

CD 11010651......................$18.99


Songs of Reflection Centrediscs • Classical Commissioned by the Vancouver Chamber Choir for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, Magnificat is a piece in eight movements. Through a marriage of multilingual texts it expresses hope for universal peace and harmony. CD 11021747......................$19.99

Thousand Foot Krutch

Made in Canada

The 1998-2010 Collection Tooth & Nail Records • Religious Toronto-based Christian alternative rockers, Thousand Foot Krutch, present their first hits collection featuring a selection of tracks from their first five studio albums and two brand new tracks.

Available October 15

CD 11022391......................$14.99

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan UZU

JUST ANNOUNCED CDs The Avett Brothers Magpie and the Dandelion

Republic Records • Pop/Rock The Avett Brothers follow their Grammy-nominated album, The Carpenter, with their eighth studio work. Their fusion of alternative rock, folk, and country comes alive on tracks like Another Is Waiting.

One Direction

Midnight Memories Columbia Records • Pop/Rock One Direction adds to an already exciting 2013 with the release of their highly anticipated third album. Among the tracks is the single Best Song Ever, which was named the Song of the Summer at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Available November 25 CD 11024319......................$14.99

Available October 15 CD 11022967......................$16.99


Andrea Bocelli

Republic Records • Pop/Rock AFI is back with their ninth fulllength album. The first single, I Hope You Suffer, was described by Rolling Stone as ‘epic.’ Another track, 17 Crimes, is featured in the film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Verve • Classical On August 11, 2012, Andrea Bocelli took to the stage in Portofino, Italy, for an intimate performance at sunset. Accompanied by the legendary David Foster and a 40-piece orchestra, this set features highlights from the concert.


Love in Portofino

Available October 22

Available October 22

CD 11023817......................$16.99

Bonus DVD CD 11023816......................$16.99

Panic at the Disco Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

Fueled by Ramen/Atlantic Pop/Rock Panic at the Disco pays homage to their Las Vegas roots via a glittery sonic approach that is inspired by their ever-increasing collection of vintage and modern synthesizers. Includes the single Miss Jackson.

Available October 8

Sleigh Bells Bitter Rivals

Mom & Pop Music • Pop/Rock Indie rock duo Sleigh Bells release the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2012 album, Reign of Terror. Their third studio album includes the tracks Don’t Get Me Twice; Minnie; and the title track.

Available October 8 CD 11023813......................$16.99

CD 11021766......................$11.99

Susan Boyle


Home for Christmas

Spotlight Mary J. Blige

A Mary Christmas

Syco Music/Columbia Records Holiday Singing sensation Susan Boyle returns with an album featuring her favorite classic Christmas songs. Included is a special duet with Elvis Presley on O Come, All Ye Faithful. She also records a track with legendary Johnny Mathis.

Verve • Holiday The multitalented Mary J. Blige delivers soulful interpretations of holiday classics. She also works for the first time with the legendary David Foster. Also included are appearances from Marc Anthony, Barbra Striesand, and Jessie J.

Available October 29

Available October 15

CD 11024307......................$16.99

CD 11022968......................$16.99

The Piano Guys

WOW Christmas

A Family Christmas

Suicide Squeeze Records Pop/Rock With their sophomore effort, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan continues their exploration of cultural dualities. This meeting of East and West is perhaps most visible on the album’s lead single One.

Portrait • Holiday The Piano Guys put a unique twist on two original works and several Christmas classics including Let It Snow; Winter Wonderland; and Silent Night. All four members also play together on a new version of Angels We Have Heard on High.

Available October 29

Available October 22

CD 11025092......................$17.99

CD 11023203......................$16.99

Word Entertainment • Holiday A collection of thirty beloved Christmas songs performed by the biggest names in Christian music. Features eleven brand new recordings from Brandon Heath, Britt Nicole, Building 429, and many more.

Available Now 2 Discs CD 11020824......................$17.99

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