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Animated videos and audiobooks inspired by animation.

Playmobil The Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Wonder Woman Bloodlines

Along with a score from Grammy Award-winning composer Heitor Pereira, this soundtrack includes Meghan Trainor’s Run Like the River and the Adam Lambert song Give the People What They Want. CD 12452299 $15.99

BLU-RAY+DVD 12430708 $25.49 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12430709 $39.74 2 Discs

The Angry Birds Movie 2 UNK 96 min. (2019) Children’s

Available November 12

Sony Music Entertainment • Soundtracks

DVD 12428611 $28.49 BLU-RAY+DVD 12428601 $35.24 4K+Blu-ray 12449392 $41.99 2 Discs


CD 12452298


Llama Destroys the World Jonathan Stutzman Dreamscape Media, LLC


12310090 $15.99


DVD 12311581

UNK 83 min. (2019) Animated

Available October 22

You Are My Friend

The Story of Mister Rogers and His Neighborhood

Aimee Reid

Dreamscape Media, LLC $38.24


12326153 $15.99


WEEKLYhighlights DVD 12328564


September 16, 2019 1.866.698.2231

CHILDREN’S VIDEO A Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmageddon coming to theatres December 13! Season 2

UNK 440 min. (2015) Children’s DVD 11510768 2 Discs $13.99

Season 1

G 280 min. (2010) Children’s DVD 11461129 2 Discs $13.99

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Ugly Dolls

Sing-Along Edition

UNK 86 min. (2019) $156M Children’s DVD 12386269 $25.49 BLU-RAY+DVD 12386270 $29.99 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12404614 $39.74 2 Discs

G 88 min. (2019) $20M Children’s DVD 12365445 $23.24 BLU-RAY+DVD 12365446 $27.74 2 Discs


Artists: Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas 12332022 $21.99




The Secret Life of Pets

G 87 min. (2016) $368M Children’s DVD 11727320 $16.99 BLU-RAY+DVD 11727319 $19.99 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 11727318 $33.99 2 Discs

Soundtrack 11649151


Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans

Steven Universe

The Movie

PG 77 min. (2019) Children’s

UNK 90 min. (2019) Children’s

Soundtrack Shaun the Sheep Movie

Available October 15

Available November 5 DVD


12444157 $18.74

12430702 $18.74 12430703 $25.49

Guest Artists: Tim Wheeler, Rizzle Kicks 11375350 $22.99

All Things Disney 101 Dalmatians UNK 79 min. (1961) Children’s

Coming Soon DVD

12430716 $31.49

Available September 24

BLU-RAY+DVD 12416878 $35.99 2 Discs


The Lion King

Coming Soon DVD

12415582 $31.49

Available September 10

Special Edition 10143796 $9.99

G 76 min. (1955) Children’s DVD 12007176 $29.99 BLU-RAY+DVD 12007177 $35.99 2 Discs

Soundtrack The Legacy Collection

BLU-RAY+DVD 12408806 $35.99 2 Discs


Lady and the Tramp

G 88 min. (1994) Children’s DVD 11931883 $30.99 BLU-RAY+DVD 11931882 $36.99 The Circle Of Life Edition, 2 Discs

G 90 min. (1992) $217M Children’s

Live-Action Remake Available!

Artist: Elton John 20th Anniversary Collectible Edition, 2 Discs 11091931 $18.99

Sleeping Beauty

Toy Story 4

Available September 24

Available October 8

UNK 75 min. (1959) $52M Children’s

BLU-RAY+DVD 12430719 $35.99 2 Discs

UNK 90 min. (2019) $425M Children’s

DVD 12387811 $29.99 BLU-RAY+DVD 12387812 $37.49 3 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12438110 $44.99 Ultimate Collector’s Edition, 3 Discs

Soundtrack Guest Artist: Chris Stapleton 12369032 $16.99

2 September 16, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231

Live-Action Remake Available!

ADULT VIDEO Highly anticipated season 4 premieres this November!

Rick and Morty Seasons 1-3


UNK 682 min. Animated DVD 12305316 $66.74 6 Discs BLU-RAY 12305315 $77.99 3 Discs

Artists: Mazzy Star, Blonde Redhead 12178747 $20.99

BoJack Horseman


Collector’s Edition

14A (2018) Anime

Seasons 1 & 2

UNK 625 min. Animated DVD 12396706 $31.49 4 Discs BLU-RAY 12396707 $44.24 4 Discs

Season 2

Available November 5 DVD BLU-RAY

12444150 $26.24 12444151 $32.99

Season 1

14A 96 min. (2017) Anime DVD 12228875 $20.24 BLU-RAY 12228876 $29.24

Soundtrack 11912679

Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Arrow of the Orion

UNK 82 min. (2019) Anime



UNK 94 min. (2017) Animated DVD 12305308 $19.49 BLU-RAY+DVD 12305309 $26.24 2 Discs

Available October 22 DVD BLU-RAY

12433581 $38.99 12433580 $44.99


80th Anniversary Collection

PG 1366 min. (2019) Animated DVD 12419965 $103.99 6 Discs BLU-RAY 12419966 $104.24 7 Discs

Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

UNK 87 min. (2019) Animated BLU-RAY+DVD 12367825 $25.49 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12367826 $39.74 2 Discs

Batman Zombillenium

UNK 80 min. (2017) Animated DVD 12399137 $19.49

Ruben Brandt Collector

UNK 94 min. (2018) Animated DVD 12309597 $20.99


UNK 82 min. (2019) Action BLU-RAY+DVD 12392635 $25.49 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12392639 $39.74 2 Discs

The Death and Return of Superman

UNK (2019) Animated

Available October 1 BLU-RAY+DVD 12430684 $25.49 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12430685 $39.74 2 Discs | Weekly September 16, 2019 3


How to Catch a Dinosaur

How to Catch a Unicorn

Dreamscape Media, LLC

Dreamscape Media, LLC

It’s time to set traps and prove that dinosaurs are still around in this witty and wacky installment that’s perfect for dinosaur fans.

Filled with zany traps and lots of rainbow unicorn fun, this chaotic chase centers around one of the most elusive mythical creatures ever!

AUDIOBOOK 1 Disc 12362500 $15.99

AUDIOBOOK 1 Disc 12286477 $15.99



Includes Read-Along Subtitles

Includes Read-Along Subtitles

DVD 12363936 $38.24

DVD 12286276 $38.24

New York Times Bestselling Author The Piñata That the Farm Maiden Hung Samantha R. Vamos

Unicorn Day Diana Murray

Dreamscape Media, LLC

Dreamscape Media, LLC The educational, bilingual story features a young farm maiden and her cadre of animals who come together to craft a festive pinata for a surprise birthday party. AUDIOBOOK 1 Disc

12314157 $15.99

Video Includes Read-Along Subtitles DVD

Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak

12314445 $38.24

It’s Unicorn Day, and all of the unicorns are celebrating! But when an imposter comes to the party, can the unicorns welcome all and continue their fun?

Caldecott Medal Winner

Harper Collins Publishers Max is sent to bed without supper and imagines sailing away to the land of the Wild Things, where the beastly creatures crown him king.

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 1 Disc

12388639 $15.99

10189887 $19.99

Simultaneous Release


Video Includes Read-Along Subtitles Available October 15

Video Includes Read-Along Subtitles



10229123 $9.99

12390561 $38.24

Guardians of the Galaxy

New Avengers Breakout

Rocket Raccoon and Groot Steal the Galaxy!

Alisa Kwitney AUDIOBOOK 5 Discs 12394650 $58.99

Dan Abnett

Available October 29 AUDIOBOOK 6 Discs 12405814 $58.99

Iron Man



The Man Without Fear

Marie Javins

Paul Crilley

Available October 22 AUDIOBOOK 6 Discs 12403793 $58.99

Available October 29

X-Men Days of Future Past Alex Irvine


4 September 16, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231



AUDIOBOOK 5 Discs 12405782 $58.99

Canadian interest VIDEO


Drole De Vie

Wapikoni Mobile is a travelling audiovisual and musical creation studio dedicated to Canada’s Indigenous communities. Over 1,000 shorts directed by talented Indigenous filmmakers from Canada that have won over 150 awards at prestigious festivals. UNK 843 min. Documentary


Starring: Michel Barrette In this new show, Michel transports us to the present and not to the past as in his previous shows. His concerns being the same as those of his audience, it is in a hilarious way that he interprets the news; everyday hot topics will be served with Barrette sauce. G 96 min. Comedy

Available October 1 DVD

Available November 19 DVD

12433585 $38.99 5 Discs

12454766 $20.24

AUDIOBOOKS Coming Through Slaughter Michael Ondaatje

A Fire Sparkling Julianne MacLean

Brilliance Audio, Inc. General In this fictionalized meditation, Bolden, an unrecorded father of jazz, remains throughout a tantalizingly ungraspable phantom, the central mysteries of his life, his art, and his madness remaining felt but never quite pinned down.

AUDIOBOOK 3 Discs 12355220 $32.99

Say You Still Love Me K. A. Tucker

Brilliance Audio, Inc.

Simon & Schuster Audio Women’s Fiction The bestselling author of The Simple Wild and Keep Her Safe delivers a sizzling novel about an ambitious and high-powered executive who reconnects with her first love: the boy who broke her heart.

Historical After a crushing betrayal by the man she loves, Gillian Gibbons flees to her family home for a much-needed escape, but when she finds an old photograph of her grandmother in the arms of a Nazi officer, Gillian’s life gets even more complicated.

AUDIOBOOK 12 Discs 12234525 $77.99 Replacements Available

AUDIOBOOK 10 Discs 12290945 $45.99

MUSIC Neil Young & Crazy Horse Colorado

KILLY Light Path 8

Neil Young and Crazy Horse release their first new album together since 2012’s Psychedelic Pill. It includes many songs that Young has been performing during his recent concerts, including Rainbow of Colors.

After finding success via YouTube, KILLY’s star is quickly on the rise. His debut album features the tracks Destiny; Eye for an Eye; Half a Ticket; and more.

Reprise • Pop/Rock

Available October 25 CD 12459864


Epic • Rap/Hip-Hop

Available September 20 Parental Advisory CD 12447822

September 16, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231


First-rate videos sure to be in high demand. Crawl

$39 million box office

video picks of the week Far from Home

Starring: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross Anderson

Starring: Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Tom Holland

When a hurricane hits her hometown, Haley ignores evacuation orders to search for her missing father. Finding him injured in the crawl space of their family home, the two become trapped by floodwaters. As time runs out to escape the storm, Haley and her father discover that the rising water level is the least of their fears. UNK 87 min. (2019) Action

Our friendly neighborhood superhero decides to join the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent! UNK 129 min. (2019) $386M Action

Available October 1

DVD 12388852 $28.49 BLU-RAY+DVD 12388853 $35.24 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 12428991 $41.99 2 Discs


PG 133 min. (2017) $334M Action DVD 11922937 $20.99 BLU-RAY+DVD 11922938 $28.99 2 Discs 4K+BLU-RAY 11951620 $35.99 2 Discs

Available October 15

DVD 12403021 $27.74 BLU-RAY+DVD 12403022 $32.99 2 Discs

$22 million box office of the best rock docs of all time...

Starring Octavia Spencer from The Help and Hidden Figures!

- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone



David Crosby

When a mild-mannered Uber driver named Stu picks up a passenger who turns out to be a cop hot on the trail of a brutal killer, he’s thrust into a harrowing ordeal where he desperately tries to hold onto his wits, his life, and his fivestar rating. UNK 93 min. (2019) Comedy

Singer-songwriter David Crosby shares his journey. UNK 93 min. (2019) Biographical

Starring: Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani, Karen Gillan

Remember My Name

Starring: Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, Tim Roth A married couple is forced to reckon with their idealized image of their son, adopted from war-torn Eritrea, after an alarming discovery by a devoted high school teacher threatens his status as an all-star student. UNK 110 min. (2019) Drama

Available October 22

DVD 12403655 $20.99

Available October 29

Available October 15 DVD BLU-RAY


12403015 $33.99 12403016 $30.74

12428610 $27.74 12428600 $31.49



The Caddie’s Long Walk

UNK 80 min. (2018) Documentary DVD 12400222 $25.99

Toni Morrison The Pieces I Am UNK 120 min. (2019) Documentary DVD 12387794 $26.99


Dark Phoenix

UNK 114 min. (2019) $66M Sci-Fi DVD 12386263 $25.49 BLU-RAY 12386264 $30.74 4K+BLU-RAY 12409849 $42.74 2 Discs

Country Music

UNK 960 min. (2019) Music DVD 12344208 $97.49 8 Discs BLU-RAY 12345088 $126.74 8 Discs

Bottom of the 9th 14A 111 min. (2019) Drama DVD 12416879 $18.74 | Weekly September 16, 2019 7

audiobook picks of the week Compulsively readable…

Complex, pulse-pounding…

- Publishers Weekly

- Publishers Weekly

NY Times Bestselling Authors This charming, wise canine soul brings joy, laughter, and comfort as he unites a family fractured by life’s inevitable obstacles.

Bloody Genius John Sandford

A Book of Bones John Connolly

A Dog’s Promise W. Bruce Cameron




Penguin Audio

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 8 Discs 12316223


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

The suspense never rests in John Grisham’s pulse-pounding new legal thriller.

Simon & Schuster Audio

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 12 Discs 12338166


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

A shopkeeper discovers that Christmas is the perfect time to warm the coldest of hearts— and maybe find love.

Macmillan Audio

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 6 Discs 12288787


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

...storytelling at its finest, a true masterpiece. - Booklist

The Guardians John Grisham

Let It Snow Nancy Thayer

Look Both Ways Jason Reynolds


Women’s Fiction

Young Adult

Random House, Inc.

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 8 Discs 12305835


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

Deepak Chopra unlocks the secrets to moving beyond our limitations to access a field of infinite possibilities. Metahuman Deepak Chopra, MD Random House, Inc. Self Help

Available October 1 AUDIOBOOK 11 Discs 12306752


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

Stone Barrington is back in action in the next heart-stopping thriller from bestselling author Stuart Woods.

Brilliance Audio, Inc.

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 6 Discs 12334225


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

A thrilling book in every way. - Kirkus Reviews

Olive, Again Elizabeth Strout Random House, Inc. General

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 9 Discs 12313758


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

Simon & Schuster Audio

Available October 8 AUDIOBOOK 4 Discs 12151986


Simultaneous Release

The latest from bestselling children’s author R.L. Stine. Revenge of the Invisible Boy R.L. Stine Scholastic Children’s

Available October 1 AUDIOBOOK 3 Discs 12410474


Simultaneous Release

An unforgettable story of the power of kindness and unrelenting courage in a time of war.

Fresh and horrible and beautiful… - NPR

Stealth Stuart Woods

White Bird R. J. Palacio

Wilder Girls Rory Power


Random House, Inc., Listening Library

Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Penguin Audio

Available October 15 AUDIOBOOK 7 Discs 12313712


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

8 September 16, 2019 | 1.866.698.2231


Available October 1 AUDIOBOOK 2 Discs 12277665


Simultaneous Release

Young Adult

Available October 8 AUDIOBOOK 7 Discs 12278282


Simultaneous Release Replacements Available

After a four-year hiatus, Grace Potter returns to the spotlight. Grace Potter Daylight

music picks of the week

Nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2019 CMA Awards. Miranda Lambert Wildcard

Fantasy • Pop/Rock

Guest Artists: Lucius

Sme Nashville • Country

Available October 25

Grammy, ACM, and CMA Award-winning singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert is back with her highly anticipated seventh album. It includes the new single It All Comes Out in the Wash.

CD 12452297 $19.99

Available November 1 CD 12453160 $11.99

Four new tracks are included in this best-of collection.

Mister Rogers’s songs are reimagined and newly recorded by several artists. Thank You, Mister Rogers

Toby Keith Greatest Hits

Old Crow Medicine Show Live at the Ryman

Music & Memories

The Show Dog Years

BFD • Children’s

Show Dog, LLC Country

Artists: Jon Secada, Kellie Pickler

Available October 25

Self Produced Country

Available October 25

CD 12444409 $16.99

Available October 4

CD 12448757 $18.99

Includes tracks from Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, City Girls, Migos, and more. Quality Control

Soundtrack features music from Thom Yorke, Flea, and Wynton Marsalis. Motherless Brooklyn

Quality Control Music, LLC • Rap/Hip-Hop Artists: 24Heavy, DJ Durel

Water Tower Music Soundtracks

Control the Streets Volume 2

Available September 20

CD 12448787 $18.99

Singer-songwriter’s fifth album includes the singles Tiny Love and Ice Cream. Mika My Name Is Michael Holbrook

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Republic Records Pop/Rock

Available October 4

Artists: Willie Jones III, Phillip Norris

CD 12449885 $18.99

Available October 25

Parental Advisory, 2 Discs CD 12455171 $23.99

Captures the raucous energy of Old Crow Medicine Show’s live performances.

CD 12455176 $18.99

Nominated for Vocal Group of the Year at the 2019 CMA Awards. Old Dominion Old Dominion RCA • Country

Old Dominion’s star continues to rise as they release their third full-length album. Along with the single One Man Band, the group’s latest includes the songs Make It Sweet; My Heart Is a Bar; Some People Do; and Smooth Sailing.

Available October 25 CD



Intellectual development sits right next to emotional development in these interactive songs. The Laurie Berkner Band Waiting for the Elevator

Concord Music Group, Inc. • Children’s

Available October 4

CD 12447826 $15.99 | Weekly September 16, 2019 9


Starring: Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo Rose-Lynn Harlan is bursting with raw talent, charisma, and cheek. Fresh out of jail and with two young kids, all she wants is to get out of Glasgow and make it as a country singer in Nashville. PG 100 min. (2019) $2M Drama

Available October 1 DVD

Post Malone Hollywood’s Bleeding Republic Records • Rap/Hip-Hop Guest Artists: Future, Meek Mill

After contributing to the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, Post Malone returns with his highly awaited fourth album. Along with the single Circles, there are appearances from Travis Scott, Halsey, Ozzy Osbourne, and more. Parental Advisory CD 12454759 $18.99

Buckley’s unusually unguarded expressions give viewers entry into her character’s every thought. - San Francisco Chronicle

Edited Version CD 12454760 $18.99

Starring: Spike Lee, Phil Donahue, Stevie Wonder Academy Award winner Ron Howard puts audiences front row center for an exploration of the Voice. The Man. The Legend. Luciano Pavarotti gave his life to the music and a voice to the world. A riveting film that lifts the curtain on the icon who brought opera to the people. UNK 115 min. (2019) $4M Documentary Available September 24 DVD 12386265 $33.74 BLU-RAY+DVD 12386266 $41.24 2 Discs

Soundtrack Luciano Pavarotti

Guest Artists: John Alldis Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra 12362640 $18.99

Music Pavarotti

The Greatest Hits 12370786


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CVS Midwest Tape Weekly 16, September 2019  

Check out this week's selection of hot and buzzworthy DVDs, Blu-rays, audiobooks, and CDs. See a title that interests you? Click on it to vi...