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$23 Million Box Office

Harry Connick Jr.

Every Man Should Know Columbia • Jazz Harry Connick, Jr. has built a reputation for musical and emotional honesty. Never one to rest on his ever-growing list of laurels, Connick exposes his feelings as never before on Every Man Should Know. The new CD contains twelve original songs for which Connick wrote music, lyrics, and arrangements.

Available June 11 CD 10881011.............................. $16.99

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Starring: Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde, Jim Carrey, James Gandolfini When a street magician’s stunts begins to make their show look stale, superstar magicians Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton look to salvage on their act-and their friendship-by staging their own daring stunt. PG 100 min. (2013) $23M Comedy

“Welcome back, Hilarious Jim Carrey. We’ve missed you.” - Richard Roeper “’s entertaining stuff, with a scene-stealer from Alan Arkin.” - Guardian (U.K.)

Available June 25

DVD (WS) 10930046............. $23.99 Blu-ray (WS) 10930026............. $29.99

The Last Original Wife

Dorothea Benton Frank Read by Robin Miles

Harper Collins Publishers Fiction Leslie is proud of her status and the longevity

of her marriage. Sure, the spark isn’t quite as bright and sometimes takes a little longer to flame. And it wouldn’t be too much to ask if her husband paid just an itty bit more attention to her desires. But there’s something to be said for a comfortable and deeply familiar relationship. Or at least she thinks, until the day, out golfing with her husband and his friends, she slips into a manhole. And nobody realizes that she’s gone.

Available June 11 Unabridged • 9 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10016771............ $45.99 ISBN 9780062262967

picks of the week CANADIAN films

If I Were You

Starring: Marcia Gay Harden, Aidan Quinn, Valerie Mahaffey After Madelyn and Lucy meet by chance, they make a pact to fix their unhappy lives: they will only do what the other one says and ignore their own instincts. But Madelyn has a secret. She knows her husband is sleeping with Lucy, a much younger and beautiful woman. Madelyn’s plan backfires when Lucy, an aspiring actress, orders her to play King Lear in a very amateur production with Lucy playing the fool. UNK 115 min. (2012) Comedy

“…one fabulously tart female buddy movie.” - Film Journal International DVD

(WS) 10784546.................... $34.99

TIFF: One of Canada’s Top Ten Films of 2012

aboriginal awareness week MAY 21-24

Screened at the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, it garnered a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards.

The Lesser Blessed

Starring: Joel Evans, Benjamin Bratt, Kiowa Gordon An eye-opening account of what it is like to be a vulnerable teenager in the modern world. Through the eyes of Larry Sole, a First Nation teenager filled with bravado and angst, comes the story of three unlikely friends isolated in a small rural town discovering what they can of life and love and racial tensions, in a world torn by a dark mystery from his past. 14A 86 min. (2012) Drama

“...a true masterpiece!” - Film Threat Available June 25 DVD

Stories We Tell

In this inspired, genre-twisting film, Oscar-nominated writer/director Sarah Polley discovers that the truth depends on who’s telling it. Polley is both filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets behind a family of storytellers. PG 108 min. (2012) Documentary

3 Film Awards

Available May 21 DVD

10803511.................... $29.99

Starring: David Tennant, Janet Montgomery, Burn Gorman At the French embassy in Warsaw, Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier is drawn into a world of abduction, betrayal, and intrigue in the diplomatic salons and back alleys of the city. At the same time, he is involved in a passionate love affair with a Parisian woman of Polish heritage. Risking his life, Mercier works in the shadows amid a remarkable cast of characters, some known to him as spies, some never to be revealed. UNK 180 min. (2013) Drama DVD (WS) 10091003.................... $21.99 Blu-ray (WS) 10741209.................$26.99


(WS) 10880522.................... $30.99


Yossi (Hebrew)

Starring: Ohad Knoller, Oz Zehavi, Schlomo Sadan The sequel to Yossi & Jagger finds Dr. Yossi Hoffman reminiscing about his love ten years after his death. However, as he encounters a group of young soldiers, one of them, Tom, reignites his romantic feelings. UNK 85 min. (2012) Drama

“Knoller is wonderful...” - Toronto Star Available May 21 DVD

Spies of Warsaw

DVD & Blu-ray

(WS) 10751789.................... $32.99

Back to 1942 (Chinese) Starring: Adrien Brody, Tim Robbins, Daoming Chen

2 Film Festival Awards In one of the darkest times in Chinese history, a devastating famine during the war ravaged parts of the country. This human tragedy that killed millions must never be forgotten. 14A 151 min. (2012) Drama

“A spectacular epic...” - Hollywood Reporter DVD (WS) 10745000.................... $28.99 Blu-ray (WS) 10744984.................$29.99


The seaside hamlet of Sugartown has been kept afloat for years by the Burr candy factory, but now the company is struggling. This lighthearted comedy pits brother against brother in a battle for a town’s soul and a woman’s heart. UNK 180 min. (2011) Comedy

Starring: Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena A man’s frantic search for his kidnapped dog and the strange characters he encounters along the way. Dolph Springer wakes up one morning to realize he has lost the love of his life, his dog, Paul. During his quest to get Paul back, Dolph radically changes the lives of others. In his journey to find Paul, Dolph may lose something even more vital—his mind. UNK 93 min. (2012) Comedy

“Warm and entertaining.”

Available June 11

Starring: Miranda Raison, Shaun Dooley, Tom Ellis

- The Daily Telegraph (U.K.) DVD

(WS) 10030434.................... $34.99

Women in Love Starring: Rosamund Pike, Rachael Stirling, Rory Kinnear Following the banning of his novel The Rainbow, D.H. Lawrence shocked his audience yet again with Women in Love. Combining elements of both novels, this adaptation focuses on the lives of two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen, as they struggle with their own loves, desires, passions, and relationships with two friends, Rupert Birkin and Gerald Crich. PG 181 min. (2011) Drama

“Intense, beautiful, heartfelt.” - Telegraph (U.K.) DVD

(WS) 10748241.................... $26.99

DVD (WS) 10882836.................... $28.99 Blu-ray (WS) 10882757.................$29.99

Clandestine Childhood (Spanish) Starring: Natalia Oreiro, Ernesto Alterio, Cesar Troncoso Argentina, 1979. After years of exile, Juan and his family come back to Argentina under fake identities. Juan’s parents and his uncle Beto are members of the Montoneros Organization, which is fighting against the Military Junta that rules the country. Because of their political activities they are being tracked down relentlessly, and the threat of capture is constant. UNK 110 min. (2011) Drama

“A sweet tale of first love!” - New York Post DVD

(WS) 10080845.................... $28.99

The STAR TREK FAN COLLECTIVES have the most popular episodes as picked by the fans! Star Trek Fan Collective


Starring: Jonathan Frakes, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan The fans have spoken! Star Trek fans voted online for their favorite Borg episodes! Brace yourself for thrilling action and adventure as the Federation’s best take on their most dangerous and relentless enemy—the Borg! PG 719 min. DVD (W/F) 10109650...............$42.99 (4 Discs) ISBN 1415716714

Star Trek Fan Collective

Captain’s Log

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Scott Bakula, William Shatner The fans and captains have spoken! A compilation of the alltime favorite episodes from not only the fans, but such captains as William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, and Scott Bakula. Bonus features include interviews with the captains. PG 781 min. DVD

10182539...............$42.99 (5 Discs)

ISBN 141573075X

Star Trek Fan Collective


Star Trek fans voted online for their favorite Klingon episodes from the Star Trek television series. Get ready for brilliant battles, thrilling adventure, and pulsepounding action when the Federation encounters its arch nemesis. PG 686 min. DVD (4 Discs)


ISBN 1415722269

Star Trek Fan Collective


Starring: John De Lancie Contains all the episodes with the character Q from Next Generation; Deep Space Nine; and Voyager. PG 636 min. DVD 10120975...............$42.99 (4 Discs) ISBN 1415722242

Star Trek Fan Collective

Time Travel

Starring: Jonathan Frakes, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks This set includes episodes about time travel, to the past or the future, hand-picked by fans of the Star Trek universe of shows. PG 644 min. DVD (4 Discs)

ISBN 1415716730


Star Trek Academy Award Best Makeup 2011 ALA Fabulous Films for Young Adults Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy When the Romulan Nero comes from the future to take revenge on the Federation, the new recruits of the U.S.S. Enterprise will voyage through unimaginable danger to stop him from destroying everything they know. Includes commentary, trailers, gag reel, and featurette. PG 126 min. (2009) $258M

star trek

into darkness

“...pure filmmaking exhilaration that manages to pay homage to the classic 1960s TV series...” - Rolling Stone DVD

in theatres may 17

(WS) 10336126...............$18.99

ISBN 1415750378

Star Trek

Original Motion Picture Collection

Starring: Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, DeForest Kelley Films include; Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; Star Trek V: The Final Frontier; and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Bonus disc of a rare, unprecedented roundtable event with the cast hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. PG 755 min.

Star Trek II

The Wrath of Khan

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Ricardo Montalban The Federation Starship U.S.S. Enterprise is on routine training maneuvers when it comes up against Khan, a renegade of twentieth century Earth. Includes commentary and featurettes. PG 112 min. (1982) DVD (WS) 10333323...............$13.99 BLU-ray (WS) 10333329...............$21.99

DVD (WS) 10333440...............$54.99 (7 Discs) BLU-ray (WS) 10300163...............$84.99 (7 Discs)

Star Trek IV

The Voyage Home Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley A mysterious alien power is threatening Earth in the 23rd century by evaporating oceans and destroying the atmosphere. Kirk and his crew must time-travel back to 1986 San Francisco, where they encounter the alien life of punk, pizza, and exact-change buses while trying to capture two almostextinct humpback whales to take back with them. Includes commentary and featurettes. PG 118 min. (1986)

Star Trek VI

The Undiscovered Country Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan The Enterprise crew is assigned to negotiate a truce with the Klingon leader, only to fall prey to a trap set by one of his renegade cohorts. Includes commentary and featurettes. PG 113 min. (1991) DVD (WS) 10333426...............$13.99 BLU-ray (WS) 10333427...............$21.99

DVD (WS) 10333331...............$13.99 BLU-ray (WS) 10333333...............$21.99

Star Trek VIII First Contact

Starring: Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Levar Burton The Next Generation crew of the Enterprise travels to the past to save mankind and fight the Borg for the last time. Includes commentary and featurettes. PG 110 min. (1996) DVD (WS) 10333431...............$13.99 BLU-ray (WS) 10333432...............$21.99

Star Trek

Next Generation Motion Picture Collection Starring: Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes Set includes: Star Trek Generations (1994, rated PG); Star Trek First Contact (1996, rated PG13); Star Trek Insurrection (1998, rated PG); and Star Trek Nemesis (2002, rated PG13). Bonus disc Star Trek: Evolutions takes a look back on favorite moments of the complete Star Trek theatrical franchise. Includes commentary and featurettes. PG 522 min. DVD (WS) 10333438...............$38.99 (5 Discs) BLU-ray (WS) 10333439 ..............$49.99 (5 Discs)

For more Star Trek DVDs and Blu-rays, please see our website


Toyota Concert Series

on the Today Show jump starts on May 24th with Grammy Award-winning band fun. and continues through the summer months with a sizzling lineup of live performances from popular musicians.

May 24 ���fun. 31 ���98 Degrees /New Kids on the Block/Boyz II Men

98 Degrees 2.0

Entertainment One Music Pop/Rock CD 10856979............ $20.99

June 7 �����Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie Tuskegee

Mercury Nashville Records R&B “3 out of 5...Eighties star rerecords his hits, adds lots of steel guitar.” - Rolling Stone CD 10714048............ $16.99

14 ���Maroon 5 21 ���Hunter Hayes 28 ���Phillip Phillips

JULY 5 �����John Mayer 12 ���Ed Sheeran 19 ���Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy

Save Rock and Roll Island Pop/Rock “3 out of 4 stars.” - USA Today

Big Time Rush 24/Seven

Nickelodeon/Columbia Pop/Rock Guest Artists: Karmin Big Time Rush presents 24/Seven. The album includes brand new music from the fourth season of the hit Nickelodeon show. Features several tracks written by Big Time Rush.

Available June 11 CD 10930057............ $14.99

Chrisette Michele Better

Motown • R&B Chrisette Michele is a singersongwriter from Long Island, New York. She signed with Island Def Jam Recording in 2006 and has released three previous albums that have sold over one million copies. This is her fourth release.

Available June 11 CD 10925680............ $16.99

Kelly Rowland

Talk a Good Game Universal Republic • R&B The Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum diva Kelly Rowland releases her fourth full-length solo album, Talk a Good Game. Includes her recently unleashed seductive and sultry hit Kisses Down Low.

Available June 18 Parental Advisory CD 10935477............ $16.99 Edited CD 10935476............ $16.99


Spotlight Imaginary Cities Fall of Romance

Votive Records • Pop/Rock A CD that’s a commentary on the challenge of finding and recognizing true love in an increasingly robotic and technology-driven world, where affection is monetized and branded, and small gestures of love reduced to status updates.

Available May 28 CD 10879970............ $14.99

City and Colour

The Hurry and the Harm Dine Alone Records • Pop/Rock City and Colour is the moniker of singer-songwriter Dallas Green, and is undeniably one of the biggest groundswell stories in Canadian music. This CD marks his fourth release, the previous three all certified platinum in Canada.

Available June 4 CD 10881182............ $14.99

Headstones Love + Fury

Universal Music • Pop/Rock Emboldened by their fans, singer Hugh Dillon, guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim White, and drummer Dale Harrison started a campaign and fans happily funded the making of Love and Fury, the band’s first album of new material in eleven years.

Available Now

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes Encore Atlantic Nashville • Country As the 2012 CMA and ACM New Artist of the Year nominee, Hunter has been touring and playing to sold-out venues across the U.S. and Canada on his Most Wanted Headline Tour. Hunter Hayes Encore is a new version of his self-titled album.

Available June 18 CD 10935472............ $19.99

CD 10942885............ $14.99

Sigur Ros Kveikur

XI Records • Pop/Rock Sigur Ros’s latest recording Kveikur. The album, which was self-produced by the three members of Sigur Ros, sees the band shifting toward a more direct, aggressive sound.

Available June 18 CD 10919618............ $16.99

Children’s Music Spotlight

CD 10787648............ $16.99

First-time dad Nick Lachey knows all about rocking a baby to sleep. Now he wants to help other kids get their rest.

26 ���Train

AUGUST 2 �����The Band Perry 9 �����Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé To Be Loved

Reprise • Pop/Rock “3 out of 4 stars. His clear, limpid voice is as technically supple as ever...” - USA Today CD 10770575............ $16.99

16 ���Luke Bryan 23 ���One Direction 30 ���Chris Brown

Randy Newman

Nick Lachey

Walt Disney Records • Soundtracks Award-winning singer-songwriter and composer Randy Newman releases the fun-filled score for the Monsters, Inc. prequel. Set about 10 years before the events of Monsters, Inc. when teenaged Mike and Sulley are eager to start college.

Fisher Price • Children’s Celebrate the tender bond between you and your child with this debut lullaby album of classic and original songs, performed by platinum-selling artist Nick Lachey. CD 10930054............ $10.99

Monsters University Score

Available June 18 CD 10935478............ $16.99

A Father’s Lullaby



2013 AGATHA AWARD WINNER BEST NEW FICTION All I Need Is You Julia London The Beautiful Mystery Read by Renee Raudman Louise Penny Brilliance Audio, Inc. Read by Ralph Cosham Macmillan Fiction When the renowned choir

director is murdered, the lock on the monastery’s massive wooden door is drawn back to admit Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir of the Surete du Quebec. There they discover disquiet beneath the silence, discord in the apparent harmony. Before finding the killer, the Chief must first consider the divine, the human, and the cracks in between.

NY Times Bestseller “Starred Review.” - Kirkus Reviews Unabridged • 11 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10715475............ $45.99 ISBN 9781427226099

The Engagements

J. Courtney Sullivan Read by Kimberly Farr Random House, Inc. Fiction It’s been forty years

since he slipped off Evelyn’s first wedding ring and put his own in its place. Delphine has seen both sides of love: the ecstatic, glorious highs of seduction, and the bitter, spiteful fury that descends when it’s over. Kate, partnered with Dan for a decade, has seen every kind of wedding, and vowed never to have her own.

Available June 11 Unabridged • 14 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10013631............ $51.99 ISBN 9780804120562

The King’s Deception

Steve Berry

Read by Scott Brick Random House, Inc. Fiction Cotton Malone and his

son, Gary, are headed to Europe. As a favor to his former boss at the Justice Department, Malone agrees to escort a teenage fugitive back to England. But after he is greeted at gunpoint in London, both the fugitive and Gary disappear, and Malone learns that he’s stumbled into a highstakes diplomatic showdown.

Available June 11 Unabridged • 11 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10005529............ $57.99

Fiction A chatty wedding

planner wants her first gig—the adventurous nuptials of two Hollywood stars—to springboard her into the good life, but her plans may crash and burn when she has to work with a handsome, aloof extreme-sports entrepreneur.

Available June 11 Unabridged • 8 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10787974............ $22.99 ISBN 9781480521674

The Eye of Moloch

Glenn Beck

Read by Jeremy Lowell Simon and Schuster Audio Fiction The battle lines in

this bitter rivalry are as old as civilization itself: On one side, an unlikely band of ordinary Americans ready to make their last stand in defense of self-rule, freedom, and liberty, and on the other, an elite cabal of self-styled tyrants who believe that unlimited power should be wielded only by the chosen few. That group, led by puppet-master named Aaron Doyle, will stop at nothing to destroy the myth that man is capable of ruling himself.

Available June 11 Abridged • 8 Discs • Simultaneous Release AUDIOBOOK 10929895.......... $34.99 ISBN 9781442344204

Earth Afire

Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston

Read by Stefan Rudnicki, Various Readers Macmillan Audio Fiction One hundred years before

Ender’s Game, the aliens arrived on Earth with fire and death. This is the story of the First Formic War. Victor Delgado beat the alien ship to Earth, but just barely. Not soon enough to convince skeptical governments that there was a threat. “Another solidly engrossing installment...” - Kirkus Reviews

Available June 4 Unabridged • 12 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10768312............ $51.99 ISBN 9781427230966

Heart of Obsidian

Nalini Singh

Read by Angela Dawe Tantor Media, Inc. Fiction Throughout the incredible

eleven-book run there has been one question that has tantalized Nalini’s legion of fans. Now, in the eagerly awaited twelfth book in the series, Nalini Singh finally reveals the answer to the biggest Psy/Changeling mystery—an answer that will be so surprising.

Available June 4 Unabridged • 11 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10844685............ $51.99 ISBN 9781452608389

Ladies’ Night

Mary Kay Andrews Read by Kathleen McInerney Macmillan Audio Fiction Grace Stanton’s life as a

rising star and beloved lifestyle blogger takes a surprising turn when she catches her husband cheating. Grace suddenly finds herself locked out of her palatial home, checking account, and even her blog. She starts attending court-mandated weekly ‘divorce recovery’ therapy. Then the ‘divorce coach’ starts to act suspiciously.

Available June 4 Unabridged • 10 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10020725............ $45.99

Limits of Power

Elizabeth Moon Read by Angela Dawe Brilliance Audio, Inc. Fiction The unthinkable has

occurred in the kingdom of Lyonya. The queen of the Elves, known as the Lady, was murdered. Now the Lady’s halfelven grandson must heal the mistrust between elf and human before their enemies strike again. Yet as he struggles to make ready for an attack, an even greater threat looms across the Eight Kingdoms.

Available June 11

ISBN 9780449009000

ISBN 9781427230812

Unabridged • 15 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10014553............ $37.99

Revenge Wears Prada The Devil Returns

The Silver Star

Storm Front

Read by Author Simon and Schuster Audio Fiction Bean’s artistic mother

Read by Robert Petkoff Hachette Audio Fiction Four years after he was

Lauren Weisberger Read by Megan Hilty Simon and Schuster Audio Fiction Eight years after Andrea

‘Andy’ Sachs quit working for devilish boss Miranda Priestly at Runway Magazine, she is on top of the world: running her own magazine, The Plunge, with Miranda’s other ex-assistant and preparing to marry the love of her life. But Andy still finds herself unable to sleep, terrorized by thoughts of coming face-to-face with the wicked Miranda once again.

Available June 4 Unabridged • 11 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10021076............ $45.99 ISBN 9780743583824

Jeannette Walls

Charlotte takes off to find herself. She leaves her girls enough money for food to last a month or two. But when Bean gets home one day and sees a police car outside the house, she and her sister board a bus to Virginia, where their Uncle Tinsley lives in the antebellum mansion that’s been in the family for generations. “Starred Review.” - Kirkus Reviews

Available June 11 Unabridged • 8 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10021069............ $34.99 ISBN 9781442362857

ISBN 9781469263076

Richard Castle

presumed dead, Derrick Storm is back. From Tokyo to London to Johannesburg, high-level bankers are being gruesomely tortured and murdered. The killer, caught in a fleeting glimpse on a surveillance camera, could be Gregor Volkov, Derrick Storm’s old nemesis. Desperate, the CIA calls on the one man who can match Volkov’s strength and cunning—Derrick Storm.

Available May 21 Unabridged • 9 Discs Simultaneous Release • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10935654............ $40.99 ISBN 9781401370374

All audiobooks are repackaged by Midwest Tape, LLC and then shipped in Midwest Tape’s exclusive, shelf-ready SoundSafe™ case. Midwest Tape, LLC is a wholly separate and distinct company from the publisher. The publisher’s original packaging and insert materials (if any) also will be shipped with your order.




Macmillan Audio gives you a challenge: Listen to audiobooks and work out! If your patrons walk or run while they enjoy them, they’ll get healthier. Let’s make sweating more fun.

Don’t Go Lisa Scottoline

Family Pictures Jane Green

Fly Away Kristin Hannah

Macmillan Audio Fiction When Dr. Mike Scanlon

Macmillan Audio Fiction The lives of two women

Macmillan Audio Fiction Three women bond

Read by Jeremy Davidson

is called to serve as an army doctor in Afghanistan, he’s acutely aware of the dangers he’ll face and the hardships it will bring his wife Chloe and newborn baby. And deep inside, he doesn’t think of himself as a hero, but a healer. NY Times Bestseller “...tugs at the emotions...” - Publishers Weekly Unabridged • 9 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10000421............ $45.99 ISBN 9781427228949

Read by Amy Quint

who live on opposite coasts are connected in ways they never could have imagined. When a shocking secret is exposed, their lives are blown apart. As dark secrets from the past reveal themselves, will these two be able to learn to forgive, for the sake of their children, if not for themselves? NY Times Bestseller

“HHH out of 4.” - People Magazine

Read by Susan Ericksen

over the feeling that they have lost their way. They rely on each other—and maybe a miracle—to find their way back to themselves. NY Times Bestseller “...superb...” - Washington Post Unabridged • 13 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10022506............ $45.99 ISBN 9781427212665

Unabridged • 8 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10000487............ $45.99

ISBN 9781427229069

Fox Forever Mary E. Pearson Read by Matthew Brown

Macmillan Audio Young Adult After spending

In the Body of the World Eve Ensler Read by Author

Macmillan Audio Non-Fiction Playwright, author,

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore Robin Sloan Read by Ari Fliakos

260 years as a disembodied mind in a little black box, he has a perfect new body. But before Locke Jenkins can move on with his unexpected new life, he’ll have to return the Favor he accepted from the shadowy resistance group known as the Network. Locke must infiltrate the home of a government official by gaining the trust of his daughter, seventeen-yearold Raine, and he soon finds himself pulled deep into the world of the resistance and into Raine’s life.

and activist Eve Ensler has devoted her life to the female body. While working in the Congo, she is shattered to encounter the horrific rape and violence inflicted on the women there. Soon after, she is diagnosed with uterine cancer, and through months of harrowing treatment, she is forced to become first and foremost a body: pricked, punctured, cut, scanned. She connects her own illness to the devastation of the Earth, her life force to the resilience of humanity.

conspiracy, complex codebreaking, high-tech data visualization, young love, rollicking adventure, and the secret to eternal life—mostly set in a hole-inthe-wall San Francisco bookstore.

Unabridged • 8 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10004216............ $45.99

“Fierce, frank, raw and profoundly moving.” - Kirkus Reviews Unabridged • 4 Discs AUDIOBOOK 10748229............ $28.99

Unabridged • 7 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10029540............ $40.99

ISBN 9781427215178

ISBN 9781427231697

Prophet of Bones Ted Kosmatka Read by Scott Sowers

Macmillan Audio Fiction A relentlessly

suspenseful high-concept thriller set in a world where science has run amok and the key to unlocking a terrifying secret lies in the hands of one man. His name is Paul Carlson, and he is a brilliant young scientist. Paul begins to piece together a puzzle which seems to threaten the very fabric of society, but the status quo, in the form of the world’s governments and Martial Johnston, the eccentric billionaire who finance Paul’s dig, will stop at nothing to silence him. Unabridged • 10 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10004187............ $45.99 ISBN 9781427228864

Secrets from the Past Barbara Taylor Bradford Read by Stina Nielsen

Macmillan Audio Fiction Moving from the hills

above Nice to the canals and romance of Venice and the riot-filled streets of Libya, Secrets from the Past is a moving and emotional story of secrets, survival, and love in its many guises.

NY Times Bestseller Unabridged • 9 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10000439............ $45.99 ISBN 9781427229007

Macmillan Fiction A tale of global

NY Times Bestseller; Alex Award Winner; Listen List Winner “A winning literary adventure...” - Entertainment Weekly ISBN 9781427233745

Z Therese Anne Fowler Read by Jenna Lamia

Macmillan Audio Fiction Seventeen-year-old

Zelda Sayre meets Lieutenant Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald at a country club dance. Fitzgerald isn’t rich or settled, and he wants, of all things, to be a writer in New York. No matter how wildly in love they may be, Zelda’s father firmly opposes the match. But when Scott finally sells his first novel, Zelda defies her parents to board a train to New York and marry him in the vestry of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

NY Times Bestseller

“HHH out of 4.” - USA Today

Unabridged • 10 Discs • Replacements Available AUDIOBOOK 10090920............ $45.99

ISBN 9781427230140

All audiobooks are repackaged by Midwest Tape, LLC and then shipped in Midwest Tape’s exclusive, shelf-ready SoundSafe™ case. Midwest Tape, LLC is a wholly separate and distinct company from the publisher. The publisher’s original packaging and insert materials (if any) also will be shipped with your order.

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