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Comox Valley Record • Fall 2011

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• Town hopes cycling lanes will lead to safer roads • Green living not a stretch for seniors who are frugal • Avoid disposable school supplies

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City: 5.8 L / 100 Km (49 mpg) g) Hwy: 6.5 L / 100 Km (44 mpg) g)

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 • Comox Valley Record

Versatile window film benefits home in many ways Guaranteed for as long as the customer owns their home

of the sun’s heat from entering your home.” Customers who have had the film installed, says Barlow, have reported energy savings of as much as 20 to 25 per cent. Everyone these days is The film costs as little trying to get more for less, as $6 per square foot fully and home energy costs are installed and is guaranteed certainly no exception. for as long as the customer The truly forward-thinkowns their home, making it ing (and deep-pocketed) one of the most cost-effective are installing rooftop solar “green” upgrades on the panels. Others are market. investing in highIn fact, U.S. In the winter, it increases the efficiency heat Department of pumps. Energy models insulating effect of your glass by as More and more, indicate most much as 35 per cent. In summer it however, are cutwindow film applihas the opposite effect, blocking 83 ting their home cations will pay per cent of the sun’s heat from enterheating costs by for themselves in as much as 25 per just three to five ing your home. cent simply by years. Even home — Dave Barlow comfort professioninstalling a thin layer of invisible als are starting most attention, however, is film to their windows. to tout the economic and one that does it all. Window film, at its most environmental benefits of “I call it Super Solar basic level, consists of a window film. Window Film, and it’s been polyester substrate that’s “When installing our the most popular one for applied to the inside or outequipment in the vicinity more than a year now,” says side of a home’s windows or of large amounts of glass, Dave Barlow, who owns Safe skylights. we always suggest incorand Sound Window Film Today’s consumer can porating thermal window in Comox. “In the winter, choose from a wide variety film,” says Don Gulevich, a it increases the insulatof modern films, each with licensed refrigeration techniing effect of your glass by its own unique properties cian and the owner of Total as much as 35 per cent. In and benefits. Comfort Solutions. summer it has the opposite There are solar films that “It allows our heating and effect, blocking 83 per cent greatly increase the insulatair conditioning equipment ing effect of glass, one-way visibility films that protect your family from nosy neighbours and security films that strengthen glass by 300 per cent while making it completely shatterproof. Most window films today also block 99 per cent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which virtually eliminates the fading of flooring and furniture. The film that’s getting the

INSTALLING WINDOW FILM can cut your home heating costs by as much as 25 per cent. to run so much more efficiently.” “You’re protecting your investment, you’re lowering your energy bill and you’re reducing your environmental footprint,” says Barlow.

“It’s not just a win-win — it’s a win-win-win! In terms of cost-benefit heading into a cold, wet winter, window film is hard to beat.” To learn more about window film, or to schedule a

free consultation and quote, call Safe and Sound Window Film at 250-339-7003 or visit — Safe and Sound Window Film

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Comox Valley Record • Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Town hopes cycling lanes will lead to safer roads Record Staff

the awareness level for both cyclists and drivers, resultHoping for safer, alternaing in improved cycle lane tive modes of transportation, awareness and improved the Comox cycle land project safety for all.” is officially completed. The project received a The Town hopes the $375,000 contribution from 1,800 metres of dedicated the Province’s Towns for cycle lanes along Comox Tomorrow grant program, Avenue and which supComox Road It is wonderful ports the will lead to development to see an immediate increased of local infracyclist increase in the num- structure safety, help related to ber of cyclists using to reduce areas such these new, safer vehicle conas recreation, cycling lanes. The gestion and tourism and decrease coloured conflict zone public trangreenhouse raises the awareness sit. gas emisThe Minislevel for both cyclists try of Transsions. and drivers, resultMayor portation Paul Ives ing in improved cycle and Infrasaid in a structure lane awareness and press release also provided improved safety for that Comox $70,000 was first in all. through the — Paul Ives Heartlands the area to implement program. conflict zones by painting “These new cycling lanes certain sections of the cycle will increase safety and benlanes with a distinctive efit local riders, the environgreen colour. ment and our tourism sector, “It is wonderful to see an which is an important part immediate increase in the of our local economy,” added number of cyclists using MLA Don McRae. these new, safer cycling Segregated bike lanes lanes,” he noted. “The demarcated by a painted coloured conflict zone raises marking are common in

THE COMOX VALLEY Cycling Coalition along with Comox Coun. Patti Fletcher, Mayor Paul Ives and Comox Valley MLA Don McRae officially unveiled the cycle lane project in mid-September. PHOTO BY ERIN HALUSCHAK many European countries such as France, the Netherlands and Germany. In Canada, Ottawa is one of the larger Canadian cities to implement green cycling

lanes on some streets along with concrete barriers. A large study in Copenhagen concluded their construction of segregated cycle lanes resulted in an increase

in cycle traffic of 18 to 20 per cent and a decline in car traffic of nine to 10 per cent. Closer to home in Montreal, a study compared the motor vehicle/bicycle crashes

and injuries on six Montreal cycle tracks. The authors found the relative risk of injury was lower on a cycle track than on the comparable reference road.

Toyota’s Hybrid Family is GROWING Enivronmentally friendly driveway Energy Effiecient Single Family Dwellings Appliance Package Included Until October 31st B U I LT BY K L A S S E N T E R P R I S E S LT D .

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N rth America’s North Am A m i a s most mo t ffuell efficient mo ef i t fleet f ett of of vvehicles! hi l !

Independently Owned and Operated.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 • Comox Valley Record






toll free: 1.855.777.2673 (core) |

RECYCLING AND REUSING items and reducing reliance on fuel are not new concepts for seniors, many of whom grew up during the Great Depression.

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SIMPLE GREEN We take the stress out of

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Green living not a stretch for seniors who are frugal Many green ways of living already part of seniors’ lifestyle (MS) — The senior demographic is quite possibly the best generation to emulate when trying to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. That’s because so many of the guidelines for being green are concepts that have been a part of seniors’ lives for decades. A portion of today’s seniors grew up during the Depression, when recycling and conservation weren’t the trends du jour, but survival strategies. In a time when money was scarce, many people made do with the resources they were dealt. Many of the concepts associated with today’s environmental movement are strikingly similar to the ones employed during the Depression. The behaviours of an elderly parent or grandparent that may have seemed eccentric or odd at one time are now turning out to be what many people are embracing in order to live green. Concepts like relying on reusable handkerchiefs instead of disposable tissues; reusing lightly soiled napkins; collecting discarded items from the curb and repairing them for renewed use; saving cans or food jars and using them to store other items; buying local products from smaller vendors; and similar things are

methods of living ingrained in the persona of many older people. Frugality and awareness of what things cost and what constitutes waste are other concepts seniors know well. Many have never adapted to the notion that products are disposable, preferring instead to hold onto appliances, electronics, clothing, and other items because they still have utility, not because the current season dictates they should be

Many of the â?? concepts associated with today’s environmental movement are strikingly similar to the ones employed during the Depression.


upgraded. In 2008, Harris Interactive polled Baby Boomers ages 45 to 62 about their interest in the environment. Ninety-four per cent of respondents said they took steps in the past six months to do something green. More than 80 per cent were concerned about the environmental legacy that would be left for their grandchildren. While many seniors are going green today for altruistic reasons, it also makes good financial sense. Recycling items, conserving utilities and fuel and making smart choices can stretch a fixed income even further. Choosing to walk or ride a bike instead of getting

behind the wheel may be not only environmentally friendly, but it’s financially savvy as well. Here are some ways of living straight out of the Great Depression that can be put to use today. • Use the milkman. Although it may seem like the milkman is extinct, milk and other dairy products can still be delivered straight to a person’s home from a local dairy or farm. Adding reusable milk bottles reduces the reliance on disposable containers, while buying local cuts down on the fuel costs necessary to transport products. • Pass down clothing. Clothing that is gently worn can be passed down to children or even donated. • Walk. During the Depression, cars were a luxury many people could not afford. Walking or taking a bus or train were some popular modes of transportation, and such options are still available today. • Use cloth diapers and linens. Reusable items, like cloth diapers, handkerchiefs and linens, are more environmentally responsible. • Get outdoors. Instead of relying on television, which had yet to be invented during the Depression, children and adults went outdoors to socialize and have fun. • Open the windows. Instead of relying heavily on air conditioning, try opening the windows on nice days and let some fresh air in. • Use clothes lines. A clothesline can help reduce electric bills and energy consumption.


Comox Valley Record • Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GO GREEN A few simple changes enable parents to raise children in an environmentally friendly way.

Front Load Washers are Energy Star Rated It is estimated that on average the consumer will save approximately $110 per year in total consumption of water and energy, also using upwards of 60% less detergent, softener and bleach.

EASY WAYS TO RAISE A ‘GREEN’ BABY Do you recycle and reuse? Are organic foods your specialty? Is your hybrid car your pride and joy? Chances are if ecofriendly living is a priority to you, then you may want to extend this lifestyle to the way you raise your child. It’s easier than ever to raise a baby by following “green” values. Here are a few ways to do so.

Rely on Gently-Used Clothing. A new baby will grow very quickly. This means that you will be moving up to larger clothing sizes every few months. Not only is purchasing new clothing expensive, it is also wasteful. Stock up on the staples, such as snapclose t-shirts and socks and trade other clothes with family and friends. You can also find baby clothes swaps online. Once the clothes your baby has outgrown pile up, trade them away or find a place where they can be donated, such as a needy women’s shelter.

• 40$ Savings in Water Consumption • 60% Savings in detergent, liquid bleach & fabric softener • 60% Less wear and tear on clothes. • Water extraction during final spin save drying time. The wash action is a gentle reversing tumble, the closest thing to hand washing in any automatic clothes washer.

Use Glass Bottles. If you are breastfeeding and want to supplement with bottle feeding, or you simply prefer baby formula, consider using glass bottles. Glass baby bottles are making a comeback. They’re durable, free of harmful chemicals, and once outgrown, they can be given away or recycled.

Switch to Cloth Diapers. With the innovations in reusable diapers, it’s very easy to make the switch from disposable. Today’s cloth diapers are multilayered, and many feature a fiber strip in the middle for even more absorbancy. They even have easy closures, eliminating the need for diaper pins. Disposable diapers have dyes, bleaching agents and chemical liquid absorbers. All of which have the potential to cause skin irritation. Cloth diapers can be washed by commercial diaper-cleaning services, which efficiently use water and dryers.

Use Green Cleaning Supplies. Exposure to harsh chemicals can be especially dangerous for small children. Therefore, resolve to use environmentally friendly products in and around the home, especially when cleaning items your baby will touch or use.

affinity Choose Organic Foods. Baby foods have evolved, and now you can find several brands of organic foods at your local grocery store. Even better than purchasing commercial food is to make baby food yourself. Just be aware that some produce, such as carrots, can produce nitrates if stored for a long time. So it’s best to make batches of food and use them rather quickly. A food processor makes easy work of grinding food down for baby’s delicate palate. Simply cook down most foods and mix them with a little water, if necessary.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 • Comox Valley Record

Green options exist for driveways, paths, parking Why install a permeable driveway? Our traditional stormwater (SW) management practices significantly reduce groundwater recharge, causing a number of environmental concerns in recent years. Current SW practice: rain • collects pollutants • storm sewer (complete w/ pollutants) • streams (high flows = erosion) • oceans. What we need: rain • picks up pollutants • soil (filters out pollutants) • replace ground water • feeds plants and trees • slow, clean percolation into streams • ocean. As less rain enters the grounds, the water table is lowered and stream flows are reduced. What is considered a porous surface? Porous surfaces are those which allow rain to enter the ground and prevent the overland flows into the storm sewer system. The end result is that the rain seeps directly into the soil and is naturally cleansed before it reaches our streams and oceans. What options are available? There are a number of options available to those of us wishing to install a

PERMEABLE SURFACES such as this driveway allow rain to enter the ground and help to prevent overland flows into the storm sewer system. permeable surface instead of the impermeable concrete or asphalt that we have become accustomed to. Examples include using below-surface grids to strengthen and stabilize permeable material such as

soil, grass and gravel. You can also install a permeable system of individual pavers. These options have the advantage of allowing rainwater to enter the ground, thus helping remove pollutants and reducing the

Making a difference. Help keep your home, family, & planet healthy. Don McRae, MLA (Comox Valley) CONSTITUENCY OFFICE: 437 Fifth St., Courtenay BC V9N 1J7 Phone: (250) 703-2422 Fax: (250) 703-2425 E-mail:

~Lilikoi ~L Lil ilik ikoi ik koi C Clo Clothing loth lo oth t in ing g on only ly available Herb Wear a av aila ai labl abl b e att He H rb bN N’’ We ea arr has never been

Winter ~Made designed Nelson BC Mand ade ad e an and d de desi sign si gned gn ed d iin n Ne els lson on B C so soft~Mad comfy ~All All organic org organ r ani anic an ic fibers ber ers s featuring ffe eat atu urrin ing LADIES CLASSIC HOODLAMB soft bamboo bam mbo mb oo o Jackets are here! Designed in Amsterdam Made for our winters Come by and check them out!



Findd us in Fi in oour ur N ur New ew L ew Location ocatiio oca oc on Center Mall’ in thee ‘‘City Ciity C ty C een nte ter M Ma allll’ building street buil illdi din ngg oon n 5th 55tth sst tre tre reeett

201-307 5 Street • 250-338-0111 th


strain on storm sewers. The grass option has the advantage of reducing the ‘heat island’ effect associated with paved surfaces and offers the “natural” feel and look to your yard. Grass You could, of course, simply remove your existing driveway surface and then plant grass. The obvious downside is that the soil becomes compacted, ruts form and the grass dies. To maintain good drainage, structural gridwork is required beneath the surface — typically this is made of high-density plastic or concrete/stone. There are a number of examples of these plastic grids available including: CORE Grass, Grasspave2 and NidaGrass. Here is a quote from the CORE Grass page webpage: “CORE Grass Turf Stabilizer is a green choice for low-impact paving. A

beautiful, sustainable and economical solution to manage stormwater and reduce heat island effects in public places, parking and traffic areas. Parking lots, access roads, and driveways installed with CORE Grass are stabilized so turf can grow, without forming ruts or sinking, and all the beauty and benefits of natural, eco-friendly surfaces.” If you’re looking for some excellent ‘how to’ info on building your own green driveway, try Googling How to Build a Green Driveway on a Long Weekend. It takes you through one couple’s weekend journey of installing their own grass driveway using a plastic grid system. Very helpful! Price range for these products is from $2.25 to $4.89 per square foot. Gravel If you prefer the look of gravel, but realize the

drawbacks (i.e. weeds, ruts, spilling over of gravel, etc.) of loose gravel are just too much to put up with, then consider using a similar plastic grid system specifically designed for stabilizing gravel. There are a variety of grid choices (including some from the same companies mentioned above) with the end result being a permeable, stable, wheelchairfriendly surface with gravel that actually stays in place. It is recommended to find a grid system with a geotextile cloth attached. This prevents the gravel from moving downward into the sub-base, as well as effectively suppressing weed growth. The price range for these products is about the same as for the grass plastic grid. Permeable pavers Permeable pavers are another option allowing for groundwater recharge through the space created between each brick. Permeable pavers can include standard bricks as well as composite pavers. Composite pavers allow you to use a product that is essentially 100 per cent recycled, much lighter and, therefore, easier to install. These composite pavers are made of recycled rubber tires (some pavers include plastic as well) over a recycled plastic base. The 4x8-inch pavers fit onto 16x16-inch base sections, which fit securely to one another. You can create a variety of patterns using this type of system and your choice of colours is more extensive (i.e. green, blue, slate as well as your tried and true browns and reds) than with standard bricks. Two composite pavers are available in North America: CORE Pavers and VAST Pavers. — CORE Systems

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Comox Valley Record • Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CHANGING A FILTER in your home or vehicle enables systems to operate more efficienly.

Twenty ways to be green Many people think that adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is expensive. Although there are some eco-conscious products and practices that can be pricy, most people will find going green doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Installing extensive solar panels or switching to organically grown food are ways to be green, but such decisions can prove costly. Fortunately, there are many other ways to go green without spending much. 1. Wash laundry in cold water. Use warm water only when washing heavily soiled items. 2. Clean filters in the car and home routinely. Clean filters enable items to operate more efficiently. 3. Turn down the temperature on the water heater.

4. Recycle everything that you can. If your town or city doesn’t collect recyclables, bring them to the transfer or recycling centre. 5. Buy recycled products. 6. Switch to a low-flow toilet or place a water-filled plastic bottle in the toilet tank to cut down on the amount of water used. 7. Remove excess items, including golf clubs or fishing gear, from a car trunk to improve fuel efficiency. 8. Consider using public transportation. Oftentimes it’s less expensive than commuting by car. 9. If possible, walk or bike to work instead of driving. 10. Work more from home if your company allows it. 11. When cooking smaller meals, save energy by using a microwave or toaster oven.

12. Mend clothing before buying new items. 13. See if appliances or other items can be fixed before you shop for new things. 14. Use a water filter on your faucet instead of purchasing bottled water. 15. Compost food scraps for the garden. 16. Donate items that you no longer need or use. 17. Skip takeout food or convenience items, which use a lot of packaging and mass-produced meats. 18. Grow your own food and herbs in a backyard garden. 19. Bathe young children together to reduce water consumption. 20. Put on or remove layers of clothing instead of adjusting the thermostat in the house.

We promise. Benjamin Moore is going green in a big way. That means low odour, low VOC paints that deliver outstanding performance and durability.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 • Comox Valley Record

3FEVDFt3FVTFt3FDZDMF Remember your Re-usable Shopping Bags.

Thank you for thinking of the earth!

Thrifty Thrifty Foods Foods Courtenay, Courtenay, 660 660 England England Ave. Ave. 0QFO%BJMZBNUPQNrrUISJGUZGPPETDPN 0QFO%BJMZBNUPQNrrUISJGUZGPPETDPN

We specialize in Geothermal, Air to Air and Ductless Split Heat Pumps Ductless split heat pumps: s: • 1/3 the cost of operating baseboard heaters • Eligible for energy grants • Ideal retro ďŹ t for existing homes without ductwork • Can use up to 4 indoor heads to efďŹ ciently heat and cool your entire home • Different models and colours available for all budgets & decor • Remote controlled • Stylish • Near silent operation

UP TO $2,100 AVAILABLE in provincial grants for ductless heat pump installation Ask us about the federal government’s efďŹ ciency incentive program running from June 6, 2011, to March 31, 2012.

SCHOOL SUPPLY SAVVY can save money and the planet.

Avoid disposable supplies

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(MS) — The average family with children will spend roughly $570 on school supplies this year. School does require a bevy of supplies, but oftentimes parents and students look to disposable items when shopping for supplies. Millions of disposable pens are thrown away each year? Smart students may want to make eco-friendly changes this school year. Whether school is in full swing and individuals are supplementing their supplies, or it's about to start and they're setting out on back-to-school shopping marathons, there are some strategies to employ to be green. • Reuse. Just because it's the new school year doesn't mean that everything has to be new. Chances are last

year's backpack still has some life left in it. Assess what clothing is still in good condition and simply add a few new pieces to the wardrobe. It's unlikely kids will notice or care if their entire wardrobe isn't brand new. • Shop green. Even clothing can be eco-friendly. Look for organic cotton or bamboo fibers in clothing. Try to buy items that are made in North America to reduce the environmental impact from shipping. Supplement the wardrobe with handmade items, such as knit hats or scarves. • Purchase reusable pens and pencils. Writing implements made from recycled items can be refilled with ink or lead, helping to cut down on the millions of pens discarded each year. • Embrace e-mail. Many

teachers and schools have turned to e-mail correspondence and personal websites to relay information to students. This not only cuts down on the amount of paper used for notes and assignments, but also it enables a one-stop-shopping environment for study aides and homework, and getting in touch with the teacher. • Buy bulk and share. If several classmates or neighbors need the same thing, consider pooling resources and heading to a warehouse store to buy supplies. Not only will it be less expensive, but also parents won't have to make so many trips to the store, saving time and money. Students can be smart about making environmentally sound choices when choosing school supplies.


Comox Valley Record • Wednesday, October 5, 2011



RECHARGEABLE BATTERY TECHNOLOGY has improved in the past five years, making it a viable alternative to replacing standard alkaline counterparts.

The hidden cost of convenience using rechargeables. One example of these batteries is the ‘eneloop,’ a pre-charged rechargeable battery that you can use out of the package and recharge up to 1,500 times, made by SANYO. It also keeps its (MS) — With so many difcharge, up to 85 per cent ferent devices deemed necesafter two years of non-use. sary these days, people often Because the eneloop is are unaware of the amount ready to use and has low of energy used and the costs self-discharge (meaning that associated with keeping it holds its charge for a long these devices running. period of time), they are While there has been a lot more appealing and more of discussion on “vampire” cost-effective than devices, electronever before. ics that continue to If they are able to consume power even We know rechargeable meet the demands of when in the standby batteries are convenient for our our remotes and alarm position, it seems cell phones, music players and clocks, the only thing that many other readers, but we don’t usually that holds us back is everyday hidden either not acknowledgcosts are overlooked. stop to think about them for ing the hidden costs Take a refrigerator other everyday items. associated with our that was purchased portable power needs 10 or more years ago. or our lack of awareness It may still be running today we are powerless to use them — quite literally. of the new technology that just as strong, and appear Standard alkaline battercould save us money in the that is does not need replacies may last a long time, but long run and lower the total ing. we constantly need a supply cost of ownership of our But did you know that of them on hand and they favourite portable devices. refrigerator technology has can be expensive. When you We know rechargeable improved energy efficiency stop to add up how many AA batteries are convenient for features and offers betor AAA batteries a standard our cell phones, music playter performing motors to home uses (all those remote ers and readers, but we don’t help save electricity? Older controls, wireless keyboards, usually stop to think about refrigerators could be costmice and game controllers, them for other everyday ing you up to $280 a year in not to mention the loud toys items. electricity. A newer, morefor the little ones), the hidWhen we become aware of efficient model could pay for den cost of replacement bathidden costs and how they itself in a year or two. teries can surprise you. affect our pocketbooks over Similarly, if you have an Luckily, there’s a solutime, we become smarter older television with the tion that’s more efficient consumers and realize that classic cathode-ray tube in and costs less over time. a little up-front investment it, even if just as a secondRechargeable battery techcan often mean less money ary TV in the bedroom, it paid out over time, saving still may be consuming more nology has improved in the past five years that gets rid us more money to buy the energy than you think. of many of the questions of things we want. A study found that a

Cost to replace alkaline batteries constantly can really add up

similar-size LCD monitor compared to a CRT monitor used nearly 69 per cent less energy (25 watts (LCD) vs. 80 watts (CRT), including 40 per cent less when in standby mode. With the energy difference in mind, it might be the last evidence you need to justify buying a new TV for the bedroom. A more everyday example that might not be considered as often is batteries. Batteries power all of our portable devices, and without them,




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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 • Comox Valley Record

Winterizing your home can save energy, money are aluminum, it is best (MS) — There are numerto use a two-part epoxy to ous, simple projects at homsecure these two different eowners’ fingertips that can materials together. Epoxy conserve energy in a home and keep money in the bank. fills any surface gaps, creating a lasting, water-resistant Although windows, doors bond. and siding are the biggest The pressure and weight opportunities to conserve of the door then helps seal energy and reduce costs, not the garage every projwhen the door ect has to Although is closed. A be a major similar type one. When windows, doors of seal can be it comes to and siding are the made with a improving biggest opportunities rubber gasket energy effion exterior ciency, every to conserve energy little bit and reduce costs, not doors as well. By creating helps. every project has to a tighter seal Using be a major one. on this entry the right door, cold air products is prevented from getting in helps to ensure that projects and the warm air from getare done correctly and withstand the test of time. Below ting out. • Attics, even when insuare a few easy weekend projlated, are a major source of ects to get any house ready lost heat. for the winter: However, most homeown• Garage doors are usuers forget to complete their ally the single largest entry insulation project by insulatpoint into a home and are ing the access door to the rarely insulated, leaving a attic. large area where air can For this project, it is best seep in. Rubber thresholds, found at any hardware store, to use rigid foam insulation with a radiant barrier. can be easily and quickly Cut the insulation board to installed underneath the the door’s dimensions. (It is garage door to help keep the best to cut the piece a tad cold at bay. smaller than the door’s exact Since most garage doors

TWO SIMPLE FIXES to winterize around your house can help to conserve energy and save money. size to ensure that it does not interfere with hinges or where the door seats into place.) Once cut, affix the insulation board using polyurethane glue, which can glue

foam to a wood or metal attic door without melting the foam. Also, remember to wet one surface prior to gluing and clamp the project by weighting it down with some heavy items.

This polyurethane glue expands into the surface of the insulation and creates a tight bond ensuring the insulation will stay in place for the life of the home. Both of these winterizing

projects are easy, quick, and can be completed within a weekend. Armed with a few supplies from the local hardware store, energy and heat savings are just a few moments away.

Climate Action Update

Wondering what your local government is doing to fight climate change and support environmental protection in our community? The City of Courtenay is working on numerous initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower environmental impacts. Here are some recent projects:

In our municipal operations

In the community

• All City facilities have had retrofits, prioritized by how much they’ll reduce emissions and how quickly we can recoup the cost of installation through energy savings. So far, these include door & window seals, low-flow appliances and lighting retrofits.

• Staff are developing a Parks master plan to improve connections between parks and greenways.

• New energy efficient heating systems have been installed at the Public Works Yard and Florence Filberg Centre. • The Courtenay Outdoor Pool was fitted with solar panels and a thermal pool cover, thanks to funding from FortisBC. • New in-ground waste and recycling containers were installed at many City parks, reducing the number of trips required to empty them. • New sport lights at Bill Moore Park and Lewis Park are 50 per cent more efficient than the old lights.

• A cycling implementation plan is being developed to identify and prioritize improvements to cycling routes in Courtenay, including a bike lane on Fitzgerald Avenue. • The Official Community Plan (OCP), the guideline for all future development in the City, has been updated to include greenhouse gas reduction strategies. • Staff have given presentations at local schools and to the general public on climate change and other community environmental issues. • Other initiatives are in the works, such as a public Climate Action Task Force and an updated sustainability checklist for reviewing development applications.

For more information on Courtenay’s climate action and environmental protection initiatives, please contact environmental planner Nancy Hofer at 250-334-4441 or email

City of Courtenay • 250-334-4441 • 830 Cliffe Avenue •


Comox Valley Record • Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Easy ways to save water Reducing the amount of water we waste can really add up Every living thing on the planet requires water to survive. Without water, life as we know it would quickly perish. Despite the importance of water, many do not think ahead to what would happen if water supplies dwindled. To avoid such a fate, it’s best to begin conserving water whenever possible. Though estimates vary, most people use between 80 to 100 gallons of water each day. So many daily necessities require water use. By making a few changes here and there, it’s possible to considerably reduce the amount of water we waste each day. 1. When hand-washing dishes, don’t let the tap run. Fill up the sink and wash them that way then rinse afterward. 2. Wash clothing only when the entire machine is full. 3. Adjust sprinklers so that only the lawn and

shrubbery are watered — not the driveway or sidewalks. Or invest in a drip hose that waters the roots only and saves water. 4. Invest in rain barrels that can collect water from downspouts on the home. 5. Water in early morning and early evening to

So many daily ❝ necessities require water use. By making a few changes here and there, it's possible to considerably reduce the amount of water we waste each day.

avoid evaporation from the hot sun. 6. Spread a layer of mulch in planting beds and around trees to keep roots moist. 7. Check the home indoors and outdoors for any leaks. 8. Shorten showers by a minute or two. This can save up to 150 gallons of water per person, per month. 9. A taller lawn shades

roots and reduces the need to water the grass more frequently. 10. Use one glass or bowl all day for food and drink to reduce the number of items that need to be washed. 11. Use a water-efficient showerhead to reduce water consumption by 75 per cent. 12. If you haven’t already done so, switch all toilets to low-flow models. 13. Don’t wash the car in the driveway. Visit a commercial car wash that uses recycled water. 14. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. 15. Put water-saving aerators on all faucets in the home. 16. Avoid water recreation toys that require a constant flow of water. 17. Use the water conservation cycle on a dishwasher. 18. Bathe young children together. Bathe a small child in the kitchen sink to avoid having to fill up an entire bath tub. 19. Report broken pipes or hydrants quickly. 20. Use leftover water from pet bowls to water plants instead of tossing it down the drain.

YOU CAN HELP to conserve water by using a washing machine only when the machine is full.

Build Green - Silver Level

WAS $419,000

‘Let us build your Dream Home’ For more information, please contact:

NOW $379,000!

• 1800+ sq ft 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Eloquently appointed kitchen with custom maple shaker cabinets, island, large covered deck to enjoy year round barbeques

Tel. 250-898-8824 Fax. 250-898-8854

• 9 ft ceilings & beautiful hardwood on main with slate in entrance & bathrooms • located on 1/4 acre city lot with p g & room mature trees, rv parking f a shop! for

in the Comox Valley

TINA VINCENT Cell: 250-792-2776 • Tel: 250.334.3124 #121-750 Comox Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 3P6



Wednesday, October 5, 2011 • Comox Valley Record




Premium Package! Leather, navigation, back-up camera, panoramic sunroof


$17 ,345 $118 BI-WEEKLY @ 1.9% FOR 72 MONTHS, 0 DOWN



CITY 6.8L/100KM, HIGHWAY 4.9L/100KM In so many ways, the 2011 Elantra offers more than you might expect. At a price lower than you might imagine.


$34 ,593 $199 BI-WEEKLY @ 1.29% FOR 84 MONTHS, 0 DOWN

CITY 5.5 L/100KM, HIGHWAY 4.6L/100KM The first hybrid featuring lithium polymer batteries - the smallest, lightest and most advanced hybrid batteries in the world guaranteeing increased overall performance.


6 speed, leather trim, back-up camera, navigation, panoramic sunroof


$24 ,095 $169 BI-WEEKLY @ 2.9% FOR 72 MONTHS, 0 DOWN

CITY CI C ITY ITY TY 7 7.2L/100KM, .2L/ .2 2L/ L/10 /100K 100KM M, 4.9L/100KM HIG HIGHWAY 4 9L L/10 What sets the Veloster apart is innovation with a third door for easy rear-seat access, standard seven-inch touch-screen display, and a 1.6-litre gasoline directinjection four-cylinder engine mated to Hyundai’s first EcoShift Dual-Clutch Transmission.



$15 ,095 $106 BI-WEEKLY @ 2.9% FOR 72 MONTHS, 0 DOWN

CITY 6.7L/100KM, HIGHWAY 4.9L/100KM With the all-new 2012 Accent you get more space, style, and safety, while still getting best in class fuel-efficiency (gasoline engines only).

*All payments net of taxes

DL: 30993


Best Brand in Overall Fleet Fuel Economy Hyundai Elantra is the Best Selling Car in Canada for 2011

250 Old Island Highway • Courtenay • 250-334-2441 •


Complete October 5, 2011 issue of the Green Living feature supplement as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, see www.comoxv...


Complete October 5, 2011 issue of the Green Living feature supplement as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, see www.comoxv...