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Summer Camp

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51 March 1521, 2023 facebook.com/cville.weekly 2023 SUMMER CAMP GUIDE *closed partner session 24/7 Medical Supervision traditional camp activities Lifelong friendships m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a n d a p p l i c a t i o n s a t c a m p h o l i d a y t r a i l s . o r g / c a m p e r s Diabetes Week one week, primary diagnosis of T1D 7/9-7/14 Session One One one week, mixed diagnoses week, 6/18 - 6/23 Camp Youngblood with VHF & HACA 7/16 - 7/21* MS Adventure Camp with National MS Society 8/6- 8/9* Session Two Session Two two weeks, mixed diagnoses diagnoses 6/25-7/7 7/23 - 7/28 Session Three Session Three one to two weeks, mixed diagnoses one to two weeks, mixed diagnoses Burn Camp with VA Firefighters Assoc 6/10-6/17* Camp Corral 7/30-8/4*


What to Bring

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CLASSES June 6-July 6

♦ SUMMER CAMPS: June 12-15,June 19-22,June 26-29

Exciting performances end the camps each week!


NOW MORE THAN EVERit's important for kids to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally. Dance provides that plus social interaction I

Travel Light — Tips on Packing and Gear for Summer Camp

• Plan Ahead — Living Out of a Backpack, Duffel Bag, Suitcase, or Trunk

• Review Camp Packing Lists

• Label Everything — Classic Iron-on/Stick on Clothing Labels, Dishwasher Safe Vinyl Labels, and Laundry Pens - ID Your Camper's Belongings

• Break in Shoes and Boots Before Camp Begins

Packing Partners Buyers Guide

• Find all of your camper gear in one location

Packing From the Top Down


• Scarves

• Bandannas

• Baseball Caps

• Sunhat

• Eyeglasses

• Sunglasses

• Swimming Goggles

• Dress Shoes (check with camp)

• Socks


• Bags/Duffels/Totes

• Books and Magazines

• Compass

• Fan

• Flashlight and Batteries

• Frisbee

• Reusable Water Bottle or Canteen

• Seat

• Sharpie

• Writing Paper, Envelopes, Stamps

Bed and Bath

• Towels — Bath, Hand, and Beach

• Mattress Pad

• Blanket

• Pillow and Pillow Cases

• Sheets

• Sleeping Bag

• Laundry Bag

• Lint Roller

Bathroom Kit

Elsa, Anna, Cinderella & More! Tutus & tiaras, capes & crowns. Kids love music from these popular movies. Creative movement, arts & crafts. New! Divided Ages 3-4, & 5-6

Elsa, Anna, Cinderella & more! Tutus & tiaras, capes & crowns. Kids love music from these popular movies. Creative movement, arts & crafts.

♦ HIP HOP/BROADWAY JAZZ/ LYRICAL/BALLET/TAP Great new dances! Learn how to choreograph! Fun rhythms! Cool current music! Crafts, snacks, stage makeup Ages 6-9, 10-Teens.


Musical Theater * Ballet * Jazz * Hip Hop!

June 20 - 22 (Tue.-Thur.)

Learn techniques to progress faster!

Ages 7-9: Level I, II & III

Ages 9-11

3114 Proffit Rd (Near Baker Butler & Hollymead schools)

• Cville


• T-shirts/tank tops

• Shorts

• Long Pants

• Jeans

• Jacket

• Raincoat

• Sweater

• Sweatshirt/Sweatpants

• Swim Suit

• Dress Clothes (check with camp)

• Pajamas and Robe

• Polos

• Fleece Outwear

• Underwear


• Boots

• Tennis Shoes

• Sandals/Flip-flops

• Shower caddy

• Brush and Comb

• Shampoo

• Soap and Soap Container

• On-the-go hand sanitizer

• Toothbrush and Holder

• Toothpaste

• Deodorant

• Anti-itch Ointment

• Insect Repellent

• Feminine Products

• Sunblock

• Shaving Gear

For The Counselor

• Emergency contact sheet

• Information about your child’s medications, allergies, asthma, or other medical conditions

52 March 15
@cville_weekly 2023 SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

• Disinfecting Wipes

Check with camp on policies for electronics, musical instruments, sports equipment, and special gear.

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The American Camp Association® (ACA) is a national organization serving the more than 15,000 year-round and summer camps in the US who annually serve 26 million campers. ACA is committed to collaborating with those who believe in quality camp and outdoor experiences for children, youth, and adults. ACA provides advocacy, evidence-based education, and professional development, and is the only independent national accrediting body for the organized camp experience. ACA accreditation provides public evidence of a camp's voluntary commitment to the health, safety, risk management, and overall well-being of campers and staff. For more information, visit ACAcamps.org or call 800428-2267.

Ages 5

53 March 1521, 2023 c-ville.com @cville_weekly facebook.com/cville.weekly 2023 SUMMER CAMP GUIDE Register at www.SOCAspot.org or call SOCA 975-5025 • Full Day Camps • Summer Academy • Skills Clinics • World Cup Camp • Year-round League Play • Adults, Youth, Coach Training, Ref Training SUMMER SOCCER CAMPS
& up!
March 1521, 2023 c-ville.com @cville_weekly facebook.com/cville.weekly Summer Camp Sing! Strum! Play! Create! 8:30 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday (and Spring Break Camp too! ) Summer FUN awaits! Saints Summer Camp: June 12 – 16, 19 – 23, 26 – 30 Register at stab.org/summer New Storefront Summer Art Camps & Art Studio S u m m e r c a m p s w i t h d i f f e r e n t t h e m e s e a c h w e e k f o r a g e s 5 - 1 1 M o n - F r i 9 a m - 3 p m J u n e 2 6 - 3 0 J u l y 1 0 - 1 4 J u l y 2 4 - 2 8 J u l y 3 1 - A u g 4 T e e n A r t c a m p f o r r i s i n g 6 t h - r i s i n g 8 t h g r a d e r s J u l y 1 7 - 2 1 M - F 9 a m - 3 p m D a y s i n c l u d e : a r t p r o j e c t s , e x p l o r e / f r e e c h o i c e a r t t i m e , o u t s i d e w a l k s , s n a c k s , r e a d i n g , a r t p u z z l e s a n d g a l l e r y v i e w i n g o n t h e l a s t d a y Saturdays: Open Studio time 10-11 Workshops 11:30-1:00 (see website for dates) Contact: Located off 29N across from Target in the Forest Lakes Shopping Center 434-310-0525 www.fosterartforall.com Fridays: Adult Art Classes 5pm-7pm (see website for dates and details)
55 March 1521, 2023 c-ville.com @cville_weekly facebook.com/cville.weekly 2023 SUMMER CAMP GUIDE