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UNIQUE EXPERIENCES BARCELONA Traditions and Activities ! By Cutting Edge Events

Barcelona is an extremely popular destination. Lots of people come to Barcelona many times in their lives and the think they know it well and that there are no other things to see or do. We offer different places and activities that can only be lived in BARCELONA. Our goal is to introduce the oldest traditions in our proposals and make our guests live them as if they were local. The common factor between all those traditions is that they are practiced and lived by the locals, the Catalans as they were practiced and lived by their ancestors centuries ago.

HUMAN TOWERS Workshops & Exhibitions

Castellers is a catalan tradition that consist of building human towers. It is a centuries-old tradition that have been practiced until the present days throughout Catalonia. The meaning of the “Castells” is the strength and the will to built something always trying to do it more complicated, working together: men, women, young people and children for a goal. We organize a workshop to learn and participate in this old tradition. Guests will learn about the technique, dressed n traditional costumes. Guests will be trained in the “Castells” different positions and finally, we will enjoy a final show, where all together “professionals” and guests alike will build a tower. This is an outdoor activity. A wide range of venues can be offered according to our client’s preferences.

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CASTELLER’S PRIVATE SHOW We offer a customized castellers show, before a Gala dinner, or during the welcome cocktail. There’s no better way of impressing your guests. The “colla” are about 70 persons. Most of them are families that come together. They come in the cocktail venue playing life music with the traditional instruments, then they organize the “pinya” and they do 3 different towers. The last one is a pillar in which the enxaneta (the child on the top) shows a customized flag with the company logo, or whatever that the group will prefer. Once the show is finished, they leave the venue along with the music This show can be organized outdoor or in an indoor venue with high ceilings.

BALL DE BASTONS Workshops & Exhibitions This traditional dance emphasize the importance of working together, because if one of them is out of rhythm the whole dance will be ruined. Part of the group are musicians that play different songs to be danced,. Each song has a choreography. The impressive part is that each participant has two sticks and while they are dancing they are hitting their sticks “against” the other participants.

! We organize a workshop to learn and take part in this old tradition, where guests are dressed in a traditional way. Guess will learn the choreography and dance…they will discover how difficult it is to be coordinated and organized, and to make the whole dance work as a team.

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TRENCADIS Workshop Trencadís is a type of mosaic used in Catalan Art-nouveau, created from broken tile shards. The Catalan architects Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol used trencadís in many projects, among which Barcelona's Parc Güell is probably the most famous. Modernist architects made extensive use of ceramics, but Antoni Gaudí in particular proposed a more unconventional method. He covered his three-dimensional architecture with glazed ceramics of different shapes and colours, which created brightly coloured patterns

We organize trencadís workshop in different options and venues (for example Casa Batlló) * As a teambuilding - the whole group works at the same piece of art, and they build a huge one * As a competition - we will split the group in different teams and each one will do a piece of art.* Individually, each participant does his/her own piece to bring it home.


ESPARDENYES Workshop Espardenyes are the most traditional shoe in Catalonia. They are also very fashionable in Eibissa, and people wear them in all shapes and designs.


Guests will visit a tradicional shop with its own “mini factory� where guests will see how espardenyes are made.


After a short briefing,, guests will get their hands on the job.. Guests take ofcourse a pair home.

E-BIKE & WINE Tour+winery visit This is a very nice option to combine a bike tour + a wine tasting and winery visit + traditional CATALAN lunch


The bikes - they will be E-bikes - it means that they are “normal” bikes with an electric engine, that makes riding much easier.


The route - Starting by the Cathedral Square, and biking from downtown to Alella along the sea-front promenade. We will stop at the beach for a drink and guests will then head to Alella Vinícola winery.


The Winery - Alella Vinicola - it is a local non touristy winery where guests will experience how wine is made, they will take a walk through the vineyards, taste 3 different wines and enjoy a traditional catalan tapas menu in their restaurant.


They will come back from Alella Vinicola to the hotel by coach.

GEGANTS Exhibitions

Gegants are giant puppets that in honor of famous local characters. Those puppets are handmade with “papiermache� and they are restored once a year.


Traditionally they participate at the popular festivities, they do a parade where Gegants coming from different villages gather and dance along festive music.

DIABLES Exhibitions Diables consists of a group of people that are dressed like demons, and they bring a trident with firecrackers on their tops. Live drums are played during their dance. They dance around the audience that participate with the “diables”.


The “audience” have to dress with cups or hats, and long sleeves.


Traditionally people throw water from their balconies at the end of the show.


We can organize a Diables’ show. It is perfect for a night show after dinner. It has to be in an outdoor venue. It can be an interactive show or not, depending on the guests.

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We are CUTTING EDGE EVENTS Cutting Edge Events has a creative and fresh approach to Event management services, offering strategic and dynamic programmes tailored to your specific needs. We provide unrivalled creativity, outstanding service and intelligent interpretation of your business!

! Over the years, we have built a wealth of contacts in all aspects of the Meetings & Incentives industry. We are proud to be partners of the MPI, Barcelona Province, Catalunya and Valencia Convention Bureaux, and we exhibit yearly at Barcelona EIBTM , Las Vegas and Frankfurt IMEX. We are SITE members and have two offices in Barcelona and Valencia


! ! For further information please feel free to contact Montse Miranda ! Phone: +34 931514535! Mobile: + 34 647801160

Barcelona unique activities  
Barcelona unique activities  

In this presentation, you will discover unique activities that you can do with groups in Barcelona. Great experiences that guests cannot do...