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Adam Group Productions is a full service fashion production company based in New York. Our company offers creative options and technical support to our clients in the fashion and entertainment industries. Production and creative services include, fashion show production, fashion photography, video production, brand management, advertising, marketing, event planning, art direction, venue, location scouting. We have an international client base and have executed

Curtis Davis

productions events in India, Singapore, Beijing, Toronto and Bahamas. B2B Management is a boutique Management firm working with exclusive clients in the fashion and entertainment industries. The fashion production management department works exclusively with high-end fashion designers and design companies for New York Fashion Week. The artist department handles 12 clients including top fashion models and actors. B2B Management’s events and facilities

Susan Liebesman

department handles everything from client transportation and entertainment to full-scale productions for television and stage. The two companies together form a unique and optimal production team. We are able to cover all areas of production from the planning stages, talent and production teams, execution, management and all phases of project development from inception through completion.

Production Adam Group Productions

Creative Director Curtis Davis Producer Susan Liebesman Photographers Lloyd Crawford Boris Shabovta Dennis Madigan Lighting Brian Tovar Sound DJ KayMel Back of House B2B Management Designers DARKOH K.NICOLE Dominic Louis Edwing D'Angelo Diego Binetti Production Assistants Leigh Hubbard, Sharnice Otley Jelani Hyppolite, Amber McKenzie Bree Williams, CJ, M.Spencer Oshaleese Byrd, James Colina Diane Park


While casting for the shows at The Designer’s Loft, I reached out to Major Model Management, one of my long time clients for shows, editorials, campaigns etc. Kristian Lopez was handling my show. I hadn’t worked with Kristian before, my “go-to” was always Christian or Kevin. Nevertheless, Kristian was definitely great and made sure my casting was full. The snowy day that it was, I expected much less of a turnout, but we saw models from every agency, about 130 in total. Around 2pm, in walks this girl who was sort of interesting looking but I couldn’t quite make out what exactly was going on. Is she Asian? Is she Albino? Something’s weird there. I couldn’t focus at that moment with fittings, and styling going on, but I kept staring at this girl. Is she pretty? Finally my assistant calls her to walk for the casting team and her walk was great. Then she came in for a closer look and WOW…. What a beautiful girl. I put her in the closing look that was originally made for one of the bigger models in the show. She put it on and wore it like she’d worn it to the casting. Never in my 15 years of casting shows, styling editorials, ad campaigns or working for magazines, have I picked up the phone with the girl still in my face to get the booker and say “I Need This Girl.” I don’t care what it takes I want to confirm her right now before I get off the phone. After a few minutes back and forth, some numbers, then some additional numbers she was mine. YES.

Not since Linda Evangelista have I seen such a striking beauty as Annie Van Rickley. The 19 year old, Mexican native has only been modeling for 1 year. She's sweet and professional. She was late to her first fitting and made up for it by coming earlier the next day. I smiled a genuine smile when I saw Annie on the second day of our shows. Annie walked for several designers at The Designer’s Loft including Dominic Louis. Check her out at She is definitely one to watch. A HAUTE FACE of the FUTURE.







DARKOH FALL 2014 Launched by German designer Joyce Darkoh in 2013, DARKOH is a young menswear brand that combines impeccable aspects of bespoke tailoring, with advanced elements of retail merchandising. The philosophy behind DARKOH is to make customized suits, (combined with high quality suiting fabric from renowned English and Italian mills) available as ready-to-wear product to the new generation of fashion conscious men. DARKOH strives to cater to the rising diversity of men’s individual style, by combining these different facets into one collection. The label is derived from her made-to-order suiting background. A graduate of Germany’s prestigious Modeschule Schloss Eller, fashion designer Joyce Darkoh has spent over a decade refining the art of the perfect suit, by catering to a large clientele with individual requirements. As a result, she has become one of the very rare females in a male-dominant branch of bespoke tailors and designers, who exclusively focuses on men suiting.

DARKOH Fall 2014 Designer Joyce Darkoh Production - Adam Group Productions Production Manager - Susan Liebesman Creative Director Curtis Davis - Public Relations - Haute House Public Relations - Back of House B2B Management Stylist Harold Jay Melvin - Hair and Make Up - Rodnei Ferbi - Photography Dennis Madigar - Sound DJ KayMel Sponsors: L'Oreal Professionel, Georgi RED, Kagen water, Dugdale, Hayes Hamilton, Jeffery West, Satchel & Page, Tani,




On February 9 the fashion industry had a moment of vintage DeJa Vu. It was merely 5 months ago when two very new and very nervous young ladies walked down the wrong side of the runway to take a bow after showing their debut collection at The Designer’s Loft at Studio 450. Slightly embarrassed and even more overwhelmed, Kera Anderson and Nicole Styer of the K.Nicole brand stood trembling, but happy in front of the media press pit-taking photo after photo. Last September, the girls took a blind stab at what the K.Nicole customer will be wearing for spring 2014. The Collection seemed to pull in a few different directions bringing in inspiration and ideas from all of their influences. The 1970’s era made an appearance on the runway in September with flapper style rompers, as well as the boyfriend fit overalls that were made to look astonishingly sexy on the models as they sashayed down the 160 foot runway, walking in time with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” So for Fall 2014, Kera and Nicole had a little more time to really think about the response from the last show and how they were going to build upon what they’ve already established as a trend throughout there previous collection. I asked the two women who both currently reside south of North Jersey, Kera in South New Jersey and Nicole in Philadelphia. TDL: How does K.Nicole the brand fit into the big scheme of fashion? K.NICOLE: The K.Nicole brand really fits into the large spectrum of the fashion industry. We have taken into consideration every type of woman in the world to create our collections. We really try to remain true to the art of selfexpression in that our collection allows you to mix and match and create your own personal. And that's what fashion is all about, being on trend while staying true to your personal style. TDL: What was the concept behind the development and launch of K.Nicole? K.NICOLE: The brand was formed through a chance meeting between us. Kera walked into a boutique to have Nicole redesign a dress that she had purchased for an event. The response was so great that it sparked the idea for a design partnership between the two. From there on, the relationship was very organic and thus the birth of K.Nicole. TDL: What was different about designing the Fall 2014 collection vs. Spring? K.NICOLE: The spring collection was more of an impulsive collection based upon various inspirations, whereas, the Fall 2014 was more throughout, with a focus on specific fabrics like hounds tooth, mohair and leather; as well as a specific motivation to mix the Victorian time period with modern fashion.

TDL: New York is a tough market for fashion, especially women’s wear. Since you are both from the Philadelphia area do you plan on opening stores locally first? K.NICOLE: The goal at this time is to place the collection in high-end boutiques and retailers like Sacks & Nordstrom. In addition we will be launching a private showroom in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia come Spring/ Summer 2014. TDL: Will this collection be in the high price point or moderately priced? K.NICOLE: The general price range of the collection is $600 to $800 with a few lower end pieces like our pencil skirt and baby doll tops coming in around $150-200

K.Nicole Fall 2014 Designers Kera Anderson, Nicole Styer Production - Adam Group Productions - Production Manager - Susan Liebesman - Creative Director Curtis Davis - Public Relations Omen Public Relations - In House Public Relations Cameron Washington - Back of House B2B Management Stylist Jay Johnson - Hair Mann for Modish Salon Make Up - Roberto Casey - Photography Lloyd Crawford, Dennis Madigar - Sound DJ KayMel Sponsors: L'Oreal Professionel, Georgi RED, LuichiNY,

TDL: Describe the story behind the 2014 Fall looks. Who's wearing this and to where? K.NICOLE: The Fall 2014 collection- "Texture in Elegance” is for the woman who is independent and willing to take risks with her day-to-day wardrobe. The story of this collection plays out in every aspect of the K.Nicole girl’s life. She could be going to the office in our pinstripe pencil skirt and ruffle jacket, or going to dinner in our knee length hounds tooth dress with leather collar and cuffs. She could also be attending a fun party in one of our jumpers, or a formal gathering in our long upholstery- high collar coatdress. TDL: This was your second season at The Designer’s Loft, and your first experience with working with "the Fashion Industry" are you glad you went with a more intimate setting as opposed to jumping right into Lincoln Center? K.NICOLE: The Designers loft was a perfect setting for our show, and we were glad to come back again this season. The space is perfect because it offers enough room to be comfortable, but still feel exclusive and intimate. The fact that after our show we could walk up to the roof and have an amazing after party, all in one space, was such a great additive, and our guests loved it as well.




The Designer's Loft celebrated it's 5th season at Studio 450. great and successful show season.


It has been a long road and we thank

those of you who've made the journey with us.

When we started The Designer's Loft, it was created for those young designer's looking for a quality production at an affordable price.

We love what we do at Adam Group Productions and B2B

Management and we are happy to still be able to offer that service.



Dominic Louis is a women’s clothing and lifestyle brand, domestically produced with a strong menswear influence. The concept has grown from dream to reality in a full collection that will emotionally inspire the client in their everyday life. The idea is to offer a new idea of dressing and instill a common power of confidence, as well as the same passion and determination that went into the collection. Production: Adam Group Productions Public Relations: NOUVEAU PR Hair: Prive Make Up: Sarah Digisco





Edwing D'Angelo Columbian born fashion designer Edwing D'Angelo has made a name for himself in the American market as one of the industry's young, cutting edge designers.

Coming from a modest

background, Edwing's parents had plans for him to become a lawyer but he had other plans. D'Angelo has been building his brand since the early 1990's when he opened his first boutique in Harlem, USA.

His entrepreneural spirit has since

guided him to SoHo, midtown, Tribeca and Chelsea. While staying current with the latest trends, D'Angelo's collection always bosts a hint of his latin heritage.

You will find, color, intriquet

fabrications, updated versions of the tuxedo shirt,

Edwing D'Angelo Fall 2014

stylish slack and custom fit jackets.

Designer, Edwing D'Angelo

His suits are

made for the man (and woman) who know's fashion

Production Adam Group Productions,

and is always a step ahead of the rest.

Public Relations BJ Coleman, Back of House

B2B Management,


Known for his huge celebrity following at his

Softsheen Carson/L'Oreal

fashion shows, Edwing D'Angelo seats over 400

Professionel, Make up MAC

people at each of his runway shows every season.

Cosmetics, Stylist Alonzo Turner,

He has dressed top fashion models like Tyra

Assistan Bree Williams,

Banks and Roshumba, celebrities such as Ashanti, Lil Kim and Paris Hilton.


He also works with

several athletes, actors and politicians.

Georgi RED, Softsheen Carson, Becks, LuichiNY,

The fall 2014 collection was inspired by the Matador.

You will see in this collection his unique

ability to co-create men's and womens pieces that transcend time and fashion. If you are lucky enough to obtain an Edwing D'Angelo original piece, hold onto it because it will remain a staple in your wardrobe for many seasons to come.




The Designer's Loft Fall 2014 Collections  
The Designer's Loft Fall 2014 Collections  

The Designer's Loft is a premium fashion show venue for New York Fashion Week designer's presenting their collections. The venue comes full...