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Tuesday November 15, 2011

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Lose weight and gain a healthier life.

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Day or Night,

the PallaDium is always at the CeNter of the aCtioN. basile gift shop grand opening, november 17-19

shop hours, Monday–saturday, 11 aM– 4 pM ribbon Cutting CereMony, saturday, noveMber 19, 7 pM

no trip to the Center is complete without visiting the new Basile Gift Shop. you’ll find a wide variety of musical gifts, apparel, compact discs and more.

basile café

Café hours, Monday–saturday, 11 aM–2 pM

With a menu this tasty, why wait until the performance? stop by the Basile Café during lunchtime and enjoy a delicious salad, sandwich or wrap.

RPA-290-Current-11.15-FNL.indd 1

palladium tours

noveMber 19 free tours, 11:30 aM & 1 pM

be our guest november 19! take a free tour and see for yourself that there’s always something happening at the Center for the performing arts. the michael feinstein great american songbook archive & gallery

gallery hours, Monday–friday, 11 aM– 4 pM open house hours, saturday, noveMber 19, 11 aM– 4 pM

The Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook Archive & Gallery is one of the greatest collections of music memorabilia ever assembled. the current exhibit, GI JIVE, features photographs and rare footage of the music and entertainers of World War ii.

11/9/11 11:37 AM

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Capacity to lead Founded Jan. 29, 2008, at Westfield, IN Vol. IV, No. 43 Copyright 2011. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 30 South Range Line Road Carmel, IN 46032

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It is our position Hamilton County will be wellserved by the re-election of Mayors Jim Brainard in Carmel, John Distlear in Noblesville and Andy Cook in Westfield. After a robust discussion over the past few months, we voters ultimately made our choice last week stating emphatically existing leadership (at least for the largest majority) was on-target. We concur. Hamilton County continues to be a beacon of economic growth and distinction the categories of quality of life, education and stability. These men can take their share of the credit. All have made bold steps to position our communities to take advantage of a growing trend in population and wealth distribution. However, this election cycle did not pass without raising several important questions to be considered and resolved during the coming four years. Will there be a taxpayer reckoning for the spending required to realize the ambitious dreams of these leaders? Will, as the saying goes, they come if we build it? The world is a rapidly changing and evolving place – perhaps now more than ever. Therefore, we intend to continue to expect real answers to hard questions, we believe we have the right leadership for the job.

Training facility

It is our position the potential for the construction of a single law enforcement and fire personnel training facility by the neighboring communities of Hamilton County is welcome. Ongoing training for all of the law and fire personnel is imperative to allow them to keep up with new technology and equipment. The lack of a local facility requires the personnel to obtain instruction at other locations, and may involve payment by the cities to other entities for training.  The development is unique because it is apparent a genuine effort is being pursued to accomplish something uniformly beneficial to the communities, without the frequent tug-of-war which has resulted in duplication of efforts and diluting of the effects of actions in each city. A single facility can jointly use the contribution of funding and personnel from the participating cities, and all personnel will have access to the best instructors from all of the units. The completed center should be able to include more equipment to enhance the experience of the personnel because of the cooperation. We strongly support this budding effort, and hope the communities will throw their visible support behind the project as it matures. 

The views in these editorials are of reader participants. They do not represent those of Current Publishing ownership and management.

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strange laws V E C TO R BU T TO N S . CO M V E C TO R BU T TO N S . CO M


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you.

In Maine, shotguns are required to be taken to church in the event of a Native American attack.

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the U.S. Constitution. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Article. I. Section 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be

Current in Westfield

vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Section. 2. Clause 1: The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature. Clause 2: No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

November 15, 2011 | 3

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Riverwalk Commons

Retirement not currently in Basile’s vocabulary

Salutes Our Veterans

This is some “retirement” Frank Basile is enjoying. The former senior vice president of the Gene B. Glick Co., as you might know, has been the acting president and chief executive officer for The Center for the Performing Arts since late July. Basile is a man of many passions, chief among them travel, dining, authorship and, now, seeing to it that the Center rises to the all-important next level. It strikes us that the native Louisianan actually is happily un-retired, if you will. He has the staying power – and the blessings of his wife, Katrina, a Realtor - to work consecutive 14-hour days. Too, together they funded an eponymous gift shop, which opens Saturday in the Center; that underscores an even heavier commitment to the facility. In his workweek, when it’s time to grab dinner, Katrina picks him up and they roll away to sample the ample gastronomic fare in the area – and then it’s back to the office. He could be off on another “adventure of a lifetime” in a remote outpost on the other side of the world, yet he has no complaints. There will be time for that. In the interim, it’s strictly about making the Center all that it can be, and our community should be grateful to Basile for stepping up and engineering the mission.

At Riverwalk Commons we salute you and thank you for your service.

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg ••• We’re confused about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and here’s why: We’re sure you’re well aware of the whole Solyndra scandal, which ultimately will cost taxpayers $535 million. Back in February, the Energy Department agreed to restructure Solyndra’s loan that allowed $75 million from a fund controlled by a major Barack Obama supporter to be ranked ahead of the government (Read: taxpayers) in the event of bankruptcy. Isn’t this the ultimate in cronyism? So, why aren’t the occupiers protesting outside the White House?

This November, we are proud to offer veterans and their surviving spouses special benefits. Veterans who sign a lease with our community in November, 2011 will receive*: • 5% price reduction for the life of the lease and we will waive the move-in fee • Assistance applying for Veterans Aid & Attendance Program • The Five Star Senior Living lifestyle you deserve

*Does not include levels of care services. Normal yearly rent increases will apply. Must take financial possession of your apartment home by November 30th.


7235 Riverwalk Way North • Noblesville, IN 46062


Pet Friendly

©2011 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.

Lifetime stewardship Commentary By Terry Anker Time may heal all wounds, but it wreaks havoc on infrastructure. For many years, Carolyn and I lived in a house built in the 1930s. Taking shape during the depression, the home was built at a time when craftsman were, perhaps because of a lack of competition for their skills, able to focus on one project at a time. Plus given then economic conditions, folks expected things to last. By the time we took possession of the home it was a senior citizen and things were in need of repair. We tackled projects in order of significance in an ongoing and almost perpetual way. We completed infrastructure (think septic) with cosmetic (think interior paint) imagining every good meal includes nutrition and taste. Now, we are in a house built during a boom time – the late 1990s. Builders could barely keep up with demand. When we made the move, we needed a house ready to operate without failure. Our youngest was in diapers,

business was busy and my mom had just sold her condo and moved in with us. We were not ready for a home of monthly surprises. But now, again time is asserting itself; and I’ve learned. Lifetime shingles last about 12 years. Lifetime windows last about a decade (if one is lucky) and lifetime-manufactured siding lasts even less. We’ve learned the lesson of the fine print – and of folks not standing behind their products. But more than anything, I suppose we’ve learned there is not life without stewardship. Even as we hoped to avoid caretaking, we are reminded humans consume: Carpets wear out and refrigerators fail after too many ice cubes. But instead of consumers, should we think of ourselves as stewards?

We’ve learned the lesson of the fine print – and of folks not standing behind their products. We’ve learned there is not life without stewardship.

4 | November 15, 2011

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Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@

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DISPATCHES » Dine for a good cause – All are welcome to come to Italia Mia, 3150 Ind. 32, Thursday to enjoy lunch or dinner or BOTH! By enjoying a wonderful lunch or dinner you will be helping raise funds for our youth. Italia Mia will be donating 10 percent of their Thursday sales to help WYAP in their efforts to help the children of our community meet and transcend their difficulties through mentorship. » Teen choices – Be part of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) when it meets at 3 p.m. Nov. 29, at the Westfield Washington Public Library. As a member you can help choose and plan teen library activities. These programs are for you! » Facebook fundamentals – Westfield Washington Public Library will teach you to set up your page, manage privacy settings and connect with friends and family during their “Facebook Fundamentals,” class. Learn to update your status and add a photo, all while you interact with others online. An e-mail address is required to register for Facebook, but the class is free and is offered Dec. 1 at 3 p.m., and again Dec. 6, at 6:30 p.m. Register by calling Information/Reference Services at 896-9391. » Visit with the Tooth Fairy – The Tooth Fairy is coming to the Westfield Washington Public Library on Dec. 2 at 10:30 a.m. She will talk about how important it is to take care of your teeth and how to do it properly. There’s a tooth game to play, and everyone will go home with a free goodie bag. » Genealogy Club – Join the Westfield Genealogy Club and share ideas, new Web sites and sources about family history and meet some terrific people. The club meets at the Westfield Washington Public Library Dec. 3 at 10:15 a.m. in the Sumner Room. Beginning and experienced genealogists are welcome to become members. » Halos for Hope Support Group – Join Riverview Hospital’s new infant loss support group Halos of Hope on Dec. 1 for an opportunity to connect with others who have had a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still birth or neonatal loss. The group will be led by an experienced infant loss support group leader. Meetings will be held at 7 p.m. in the Krieg DeVault Conference Room on the lower level of the Riverview Women’s Pavilion. For more information, e-mail dflaherty@riverview. org.

The tales of twins

COMMENTARY By Danielle Wilson I had the pleasure of participating in a twins’ panel the other night, both as a twin myself and as a mother of twins. Most of the questions pertained to the unique circumstances of raising multiples, but there were a few relevant to parenting in general. So I thought I’d share my responses with you: 1. “Now you’re back to work, do you miss your kids?” No. Nor have I ever. Even when I went back eight weeks postpartum after my first born. I do experience guilt, almost on a daily basis. I occasionally have emotional breakdowns in my car over whether I’m a horrible mom for wanting to spend eight to hours away from short people, but I can’t honestly say I miss my kids. Bottom line? I’m a better mom when I don’t have to focus my attention on nutritional lunches, laundry apartheid, and choosing which day we’re going to contract pink eye from the Children’s Museum. 2. “With four kids, how do you balance all the activities and still have time for family?” We don’t. We try our best, but during soccer season, we rarely eat a meal together. We even limit them to one sport/class per season, but the schedule still is out of control. Having kids in all age groups where in

multiple practices and games a week are the norm, we are chalking up serious mileage. But studies show busy, engaged kids are less likely to end up on drugs or pregnant, so we’re sticking with the crazy. 3. “Do you ever get to spend one-on-one time with your children?” Sometimes, yes. But generally, no. We dedicate the month of January to taking each child out for a special “afternoon” of their design, like Wendy’s goodness followed by Laser Tag madness. If I’m not already asleep by 8:30, I will occasionally crawl in bed with a kid

and read for about 10 minutes. I’m not super proud of this lack of parental attention, but no one needs therapy yet, so they can’t be suffering too badly. There you have it. Enough “Danielle Wilson” fodder for you to make it through the week, whether you’re criticizing or commiserating. Peace out! Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

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November 15, 2011 | 5

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Teen walks across America for Riley Hospital for Children was so important to my health and Current in Westfield healing. But, as my parents reWestfield teen Jesse VanOsdol minded me, it’s not just me. I had an leaves Thursday on a fundraising older sister who was at Riley, Larissa, hike across America. who died of a heart defect when she Nineteen-year-old VanOsdol, was 11days old. My cousin’s daughwho was a patient at Riley Hospital ter, Alexandria, received loving care for Children in June 2010, decided at Riley until she also passed away. about two months ago to undertake I’ve also had other extended family the hike. He will be raising money VanOsdol members whose children have been for the burn unit at the hospital. VanOsdol was burned in a bonfire accident in successfully treated at Riley. It holds a special place in my family’s heart.” June of 2010, shortly after high school graduaVanOsdol said he is excited about the suption and spent the next several weeks recovering port he has already received for the hike. He’s from second- and third-degree burns. He hopes to raise $15,000 for the hospital and has already especially touched by a group of Westfield fifth begun receiving donations at his First Giving se- grade girls who are planning a bake and craft cure site: sale to raise money to donate. “I just can’t believe these girls are working so hard to help me StepItUpJesseVanOsdol/HikesAcrossAmerica reach my goal,” he said. VanOsdol is finishing auto mechanic trainVanOsdol is selling his car to cover his exing with Mercedes-Benz at Universal Technical Institute in California, and has planned a south- penses while he is hiking and has spent the last two months, when not in school, training ern route departing from Seal Beach, Calif., and preparing for the trip. He invites anyone Thursday and end up in Jacksonville, Fla. He who is interested in following his progress to estimates it will take him between four to six read his blog at http://stepitupjessevanosdol. months of walking 20 miles each day to reach Donations can be made online his destination. He will be backpacking for the at the professional, secure site through First duration of the trip. Giving: VanOsdol said the hike is something he StepItUpJesseVanOsdol/HikesAcrossAmerica. felt he was led to do. “I am doing this to raise All proceeds go directly to Riley Hospital for money for the patients on the burn unit who Children. are there right now and who will be there in the future, “ he said. “Riley (Hospital for Children)


Monday - Friday • 8:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm


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6 | November 15, 2011

Next to the Monon Trail off of Main Street

Now Open Adara Day Spa Anytime Fitness Café St. Tropez Detour-An American Grille Huddles Frozen Yogurt A Taste of Sensu Coming Soon 14 Districts Boutique Harrison Co. Fine Jewelry

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I thought I was perfecTly HealTHy. When Don’s family doctor recommended he have a heart scan at The Indiana Heart Hospital, he was surprised because up to that point, he had been told he was healthy. But the heart scan showed he needed quadruple bypass surgery immediately. Don says it saved his life. And now he’s back to what he loves... going to the gym, playing golf and performing at his local theatre. The most comprehensive care and advanced surgical options on the North side. The Indiana Heart Hospital on the Community Hospital North campus specializes in the latest technology and treatment. And it’s the only nationally accredited chest pain emergency room in your area. You’ll be seen within minutes by two board certified physicians – an emergency room physician and a cardiologist, both in the hospital 24/7.

The Indiana Heart Hospital on the campus of Community Hospital North. The official healthcare provider of your neighborhood. Call 317-621-8575 to schedule a heart scan for $49 today!

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International education group tours WWS journey in 2005. Since that time, the district has used quality initiatives to improve the eduSix members from the Dutch Center for cational process. Scorecards for each building Leadership Development toured Westfield and the district measure the progress of the Washington Schoools and learned about qualstrategic plan’s three target areas: Student learnity processes including the district’s five-year ing, safe and healthy environment and fiscal strategic plan, scorecards (results of the strategic responsibility. plan), quality tools and alignment of processes To view the ROCK-TV interview visit http:// throughout the district. The educational leadership group from Holland visited several Westfield High School Senior Tyler Andrzejewski conducts classrooms at Westan interview on ROCK-TV with Jan Polderman, Director of field High School and Magistrum Educational Leadership Development. Maple Glen Elementary School. From data walls filled with student growth charts, to Advanced Placement courses that earn college credit, the group observed how teachers are using quality processes in their classrooms to improve instruction and student growth. The district embarked on the quality

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Come in early for your Christmas Present, give yourself what you deserve: a great lifestyle, no maintenance and the best neighbors you'll ever have. Start building within the next 30 days for one of our specials! Merry Christmas! The Maples at Springmill • 17083 Huntley Place • Westfield, IN 46074 • 317-797-3804 8 | November 15, 2011

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how you can help Open Doors – Monetary donations may be set to: Open Doors of Washington Township, Inc. P.O Box 196, Westfield, Ind. 46704 Amanda Strong Foundation –To donate toys, clothes and/or food for Santa day, contact Sharon Hodson at 317-896-2064.

Volunteer Janet Mihay hangs clothes for Open Doors

How to help during the holidays

boy scouts, and Santa Day, where food is delivered to seniors buy,” Hodson said. “Giving is who I am. I wouldn’t be myself Dec. 9. Hodson said her love for children and the elderly is a without it.” driving force to her endless efforts. Nancy Chance from Good Samaritan, a food kitchen and By Lindsay Eckert “Children and seniors are my heart,” Hodson said. “I believe grocery, helps collect monetary donations, canned goods, paper products, toothpaste and other household items such as detergent The holiday season is all hustle and bustle – an exciting time to children are on loan to us from God, and you only have so many years to raise them right. The moments you get with them fill for the non-profit. shop for the perfect gifts for loved ones. But, for some families, your heart.” “We need to provide household goods to families because food the holiday season is a time when Hodson said she’s passing on the stamps don’t cover those,” Chance said. “People can buy $50 they can’t afford gifts to light their value of giving and caring for others worth of Hershey bars, but they can’t buy toilet paper.” children’s faces up on Christmas that she learned from her mother to Good Samaritan also provides a workshop series for families morning. younger generations in her family in English and Spanish to teach life skills such as nutrition, child In Westfield, for more than 30 as they deliver food to seniors and management, coping with crises and legal rights. Chance said years the Amanda Strong, Open help with Santa Day. watching the women graduate from the survival skills workshop Doors and Good Samaritan Foun“Watching my kids and grandis always a moment that stands out in her mind. dations have worked to make the kids give back touches my heart,” “To see the faces of these women wearing caps and gowns, holidays brighter for families in Hodson said. “They’re learning the standing up so proud of themselves is a precious moment,” need. Open Doors collects items giving part of life and that giving Chance said. “To know we helped make a better life for them and and puts together Thanksgiving of themselves is more important their children and taught them to take pride in themselves is a Day baskets for families. The than all the material things in the special thing.” Amanda Strong Foundation hosts a world. I teach them that it’s so Open Doors is another contributor to bettering the lives of “Santa Day” for kids and parents to try Volunteer Mid ge Dawson bag s toile important to think of others, not Westfield residents. An organization built on volunteerism and receive food and gifts on the chilitems for families always just you.” the support of 13 Westfield churches, it provides clothes, food dren’s wish lists, and Open Doors Hodson, called the “Santa and toiletries, and assigns advocates to help people in need. donates clothes on the festive day. Lady” by children she’s helped, said more Volunteer Janet Mihay said she started volunteering about a Although Sharon Hodson will year ago when she moved to Westfield, and continued after she be contributing to the season of giving this year, 31 years ago, she than 300 families and 600 children needed help last year, and children in the community are found a job. was on the receiving end of the equation. Hodson remembered always reaching out to help their “People can come here and how Strong brought the holiday season back to life for her and peers in unfortunate situations. shop for clothes while getting her daughter. “I have kids I’ve helped send food; it makes a difference “We were having a bad year and Amanda helped us and loved me letters and call me wanting in people’s lives,” Mihay said. my daughter so much, she was like a mother figure to me and a to help others like someone did “Who knows what tragedy has grandmother figure to my daughter,” Hodson said. for them,” Hodson said. “WHS hit their lives?” Hodson helped Strong, who started the organization in her cheerleaders help every year for President Dave Swaim garage, with projects such as Scouting for Food before Strong Back to School Day, and the started as a volunteer in the passed away. But, Hodson kept the organization going and organization, then moved to named it after the woman who made her and others’ world better. Boy Scouts run Scouting for Food. You hear about kids dobeing a representative from his “I wanted to keep the organization going for her. She left a ing bad things, but there are a church, Radiant Christian Life legacy and I wanted it to continue,” Hodson said. lot of good kids out there.” in Westfield, and vice president Hodson said the inspirational foundation Strong built for the Hodson said letting people before he accepted the role as organization motivated her to expand it, and the hours she puts know she cares through the president in to do so are more than worth it. “I started volunteering to help “It has surpassed anything I could imagine. It’s a labor of love,” Amanda Strong Foundation is Volunteer Joe Trentman someone in need,” Swaim said. Hodson said. “I’m so honored people want to help make it every- part of who she is. pu shes a car t of foo d into Op en Do ors “I’m helping others make “I worked a lot of years for mything she wanted it to be.” to sor t lots of good memories for self and I wanted to do more for Today, the Amanda Strong Foundation hosts the Back to their families and those memothers. Volunteering here fulfilled School program, where it collects and packs backpacks with ories are a keepsake of time, something money can’t a personal need.” school supplies, Scouting for Food, a food drive operated by area

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November 15, 2011 | 9

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Craft Bazaar brings holiday spirit for band By Lindsay Eckert Band boosters for Westfield High School are bringing in the holiday season with a bang. The boosters will be offering a holiday double feature with shopping and music for the third annual Craft Bazaar. Craft Bazaar Coordinator Pam Williams said the boosters wanted a new twist on fundraising. Williams said the boosters explored different options such as a car show, but decided that, with the school’s massive space options, a holiday event was the best fit for the community. “We wanted a sustainable event that didn’t involve selling door-to-door. We wanted a new way to raise money in a way that was fun and different after talking with families we chose the bazaar and ran with it,” Williams said. “The first year was far more successful than we could have imagined and the event has grown every year.” The first bazaar began with 60 vendors and raised $1,500, all going to the band boosters’ general budget, which covers a variety of expenses, such as purchasing music, hiring additional instructors and paying for transportation and entry fees for competitions. Three craft bazaars later, 150 vendors will fill Westfield High School Multi-Purpose Instructional Facility Saturday, with a goal to raise $7,000. Last year’s bazaar raised $6,000. Williams, a mother of three daughters who have been active in the band, said the fundraiser is essential for students to afford participation in

the music program. “I believe in opportunities for kids, and even though we live in an affluent area, not everyone is affluent,” Williams said as she described why she’s passionate about the bazaar. “We are raising money for everyone to be able to participate and keep the fees lower.” Although the new pay-to-play policies showing up at schools are a fairly recent development, Williams said, “The band has been pay-to-play forever.” The WHS band fee is $325 per year for every student and Williams said the bazaar helps keep the fees substantially lower than other local band programs. According to Williams, most band fees range from $500 to $600. Fees for Carmel High School band can even reach $1000 per student. The band encompasses many genres of music and performance styles, WHS band travels throughout the state for competitions featuring the marching band, winter guard, and percussion and jazz ensembles. The band provides the soundtrack to school spirit at every sporting event and the annual high school musical, and bazaar visitors will get an all-day holiday show Saturday. The band will be playing holiday tunes from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the bazaar with $1 admission. “The $1 admission gives us the opportunity to count how many people come through the door,” Williams said. The band is also selling bows at Westfield in Lights.

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17419 Carey Rd. Suite A Westfield, IN Mon-Sat. 10-7 Sunday 1-5 (317) 804-5983

2355 Conner St. Noblesville, IN Mon-Sat. 10-7 Sunday 1-5 (317) 773-7800


Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! Place Thanksgiving Orders Now!

Made in Indiana

Proudly Presents The Opening Musical of the 2011 - 2012 Season of New Beginnings

Directed by Jan Jamison Produced by Carlo Nepomuceno

Musical Director Fred Yde Vocal Director Andy Morales Choreographer Jacy Schneider

(for a centerpiece or to eat!)

• Homemade Pies

Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple Crunch, Apple Cranberry

For Full Menu, Go To 12505 Old Meridian St., Carmel (317) 575-8800 Open Mon.-Fri. 7am-6pm; Sat 7am-3pm, Closed Sunday 10 | November 15, 2011

Show Times 8:00 PM : November 17, 18, 19, 23, 25, 26, 2011 2:30 PM : November 19, 20, 26, 27, 2011

Coming December 2011

For Tickets Please Call (317) 843-3800 Or Visit Our Website at

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Snapshot: Election Day

Christmas Dinner & Concert Tuesday, December 6th, 6:00PM At Harbour Trees Golf Club 333 Regents Park Lane, Noblesville

R.S.V.P. by November 28th

Clerks Linda Hart and Ben Hart talk with voter Vera Tahim on election day at City Hall

at Lambert’s Lowrey Organ Center

with Lori Graves Westfield Firefighter Captain Joe Lyons does some election day campaigning for Mayor Andy Cook outside City Hall

573 Westfield Rd. Noblesville, IN 317-773-2002

Democrat Judge Riley Hunton instructs Vera Tahim how to use the voting machines

At court, never be sarcastic or rude to the court, its staff, or opposing counsel. Do not sigh or make negative facial expressions when other witnesses are testifying because the court is taking into account the demeanor of the parties at all times. If questioned about a clear mistake that you have made, own up to the mistake. Do not rationalize, instead make it clear that you’ve learned from the mistake, and it will not be repeated. Give due credit to your estranged spouse when warranted but point out issues that concern you regarding their parenting style or judgment. Finally, make a reasonable request to the court. Do not assume that you need to ask for more than you believe is fair because the other party will do the same and the court will split the difference. Courts tend to appreciate the party who proposes practical and reasonable solutions to the parties’ differences. Remember, these suggestions are not meant to be legal advice. You should consult an attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation. If you have questions, you may contact our firm at 317-569-0770 or

317-569-0770 .

one LARGE 2-topping PIZZA one LARGE order of

We started in 1997, since then, we have served only the finest product with the finest staff. Our dough is made fresh in our store. The ingredients we purchase are only the best and freshest - usually costing more than the frozen or canned variety. Why? Because quality & good taste matters! Text “QualityPizza” to 90210 to be entered into weekly drawing for a FREE LARGE PIZZA and other valuable msgs


Main & 2nd Streets Daily 5 - 9 (10 DST Fri & Sat)


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with 2 dipping sauces

2-liter Pepsi product

only 19.99

QUALITY costs more than fast and cheap

Sure we could make cheap pizza, but there are other places that do that... we don’t...because quality and good taste matters!

Village Pizza

n’ s

Be prepared for court by requesting that your attorney give you an outline of questions that she will ask you at court. Meet with your attorney prior to the hearing as a practice run before court. Have your attorney play the role of opposing counsel and ask you questions that opposing counsel may pose to you at court.

Feeding your family for under $20 introducing the Family Special


First, you must always remember that every action that you take in your divorce proceeding will be judged by the court. Therefore, err on the side of caution and do not behave in a manner that might be viewed unfavorably by the judge if spun the right way by opposing counsel. The easiest way to follow this advice is always put your children’s interests first. For example, if your estranged spouse wants to exchange parenting time weekends for a family reunion, be flexible to allow your children the opportunity to spend time with extended family. Do so even if you know the favor will not be returned when you need to rearrange parenting time. It is the right thing to do. Plus, the judge will notice that you and not your estranged spouse have placed the children’s interests above all else.

Westfield’s ONLY Pizzeria


In the event your divorce case does not settle, how can you best be prepared for Court? With more than 15 years as a divorce attorney, Lanae Harden, who chairs the Family Law Practice Group at HARDEN JACKSON, LLC, offers the following suggestions:

n’ s



because good taste matters

Of course, we


This coupon valid through Nov.30, 2011 and is void with any other. Present with order. One coupon, one pizza applies only to a large pizza, with NO changes to it.


Main & Union Streets Daily 5 - 9:00 (10 DST Fri & Sat) M-F lunch 11 - 2; Sat 11 - 10


November 15, 2011 | 11




Every Friday, Saturday AND Sunday • Through Nov. 27 •

Get in the Driver's Seat! Enter any time from 10 am to 9:59 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and from 10 am to 7:59 pm on Sundays for your chance to win a brand new car - EACH DAY! At approximately 10:15 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 8:15 pm on Sundays, one lucky guest will be selected to drive home a winner each day. Earn extra entries all week! Plus, visit Club Centaur for ALL-NEW bonus entry opportunities.

Win up to $10,000! • Nov. 29 & Nov. 30 • Swipe your Club Centaur card at one of our rewards kiosks any time from 10 am on Tuesday, Nov. 29 through 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 30 for your chance to win big cash and prizes instantly!

00) 526-7223


4500 Dan Patch Circle • Anderson, IN (800) 526-7223 •



Just Minutes from Indy!

Indiana’s Best Paying Slots - Just North of Indy Off I-69 at Exit 26 in Anderson Must be 21 years of age or older to enter casino. Management reserves all rights. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-9-WITH-IT.

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DISPATCHES » Are your shoes hurting you? – Many women think flats are a safer bet than heels, but shoes that are totally flat, with no cushioning or arch support, can pose problems as well. Not only do super-thin soles fail to absorb the shock of your feet hitting the ground, but a lack of arch support can lead to your feet rolling inward, stretching ligaments and tendons up to the knee. If you start to sag through your arch, your ankle is next, and with continued stress it could drive your knee out. “And your hip then has to respond,” a doctor told “The problems go right up your body.” » Stop grazing – A few years back, “grazing” came into vogue in dieting circles. But a study published in 2010 found that people who eat low-calorie diets feel more satisfied when they eat three times a day compared to six times a day, suggesting that mini meals aren’t beneficial for appetite control. Eating constantly throughout the day increases

salivary secretion and the production of digestive enzymes that stimulate the gut. Instead, divide your calories around three meals and one or two snacks, going at least three hours and up to four or five without eating. The goal is to eat when you’re hungry but not starving, which reduces the risk of overeating. » New allergy shots on horizon? – New methods of allergy immunotherapy were discussed at last week’s annual scientific meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Potential new techniques include: 1. Intralymphatic immunotherapy, which involves injecting allergens into a lymph node. Initial research shows that this approach provides a longer-lasting and more effective response, suggesting the dose and length of treatment could be shortened. 2. Epicutaneous immunotherapy, which involves lightly scraping a patient’s skin and then applying a patch that delivers the allergens through the bloodstream. Accelerated allergy immunotherapy and the cost benefits of immunotherapy were also discussed at the meeting. -HealthDay News

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! “Gut-bustingly funny!” NEW YORK POST “The laughs come at breakneck speed! The jokes fly by so fast, you’ll wish you could hit rewind!” ASSOCIATED PRESS

There’s SNOW place

like Home.

While the rest of the Indianapolis area will be stuck inside and constrained by the various ice and snow storms coming this winter, we’ll be living it up at The Stratford!

At The Stratford we don’t have to go outside to get to our grand dining room for a delicious, hot meal. We don’t have to drive anywhere to pick out a good read from our library. No one has to hit the sidewalk to travel to the wellness center for some exercise (ours is just down the hall in the clubhouse). We don’t even have to clean up after our parties because the amazing staff here does it for us. In short, while the rest of the area is digging out—we‘ll be living it up! This could be you this winter, so call 317-733-9560 now and ask our Lifestyle Advisors about the benefits of living at The Stratford. By the first snow of this year—you’ll be glad you did!


317-843-3800 OR VISIT

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The Stratford | Carmel’s Premier Continuing Care Retirement Community 2460 Glebe Street | Carmel, IN 46032 www.Stratford-Living

November 15, 2011 | 13

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Interesting questions of the week COMMENTARY By Barry Eppley Q: I have gained 40 pounds since I had a hysterectomy seven years ago. My stomach is extremely disproportional to the rest of my body. I am interested in fat-injection treatments. Will insurance cover any type of non-surgical treatment to reduce my stomach fat? What is your input on this fat treatment method? A: Insurance will not cover stomach bulge removal, no matter the method of treatment. Lipodissolve, a type of fat injection, is a blend of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid solution. Although it can help reduce small collections of fat, it won’t be effective for a fat collection. The injection has lost its popularity as it proved ineffective for abdominal fat collections many people want to reduce. I still use it occasionally but only as a treatment for small postoperative liposuction ‘high spots’. You are seeking a nonsurgical solution to a surgical problem and it does not exist.  Q: I am 38 years old and have had noticeable nasolabial folds for the past several years. I have used injectable fillers, specifically Juvederm Ultra XC, with some improvement. I also had my

cheeks injected. However, less than six months after the injections, my nasolabial folds are back. What are some more permanent options for someone my age? A: Deep nasolabial folds at a young age can be a very difficult problem. Some facial shapes and skin types are simply more prone to them and, if this is an issue at the young age of 38, it is going to continue to be a long-term facial issue. Injectable fillers for the nasolabial folds offer both advantages and disadvantages. Their advantage is they work when properly placed. Although most injections work the same, some simply last longer at a greater price. More expensive options can work instantaneously without significant problems. However, the injection’s results aren’t permanent. You are too young to justify surgeries such as a cheek lift and surgery isn’t a permanent solution. It would be best to continue with injectable fillers even though they have limited duration.

The Holidays are coming!

Insurance will not cover stomach bulge removal, no matter the method of treatment.

14 | November 15, 2011

Call now to schedule your Holiday lighting!

Dr. Eppley is an Indianapolis board-certified plastic surgeon. Comments can be sent to info@

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the best legs at the thanksgiving dinner table shouldn’t be the turkey’s.

Sahm’s Restaurant The Scoop: Sahm’s is a family-owned group of restaurants offering the very best in food, service and value. The flagship restaurant opened in Fishers in 1986 and has become a local landmark. The menus feature unique salads and sandwiches, pasta and stir fry dishes, fresh seafood and mesquite grilled steaks. All of their soups, sauces and breads are made from scratch every day and no visit is complete without a serving of their famous sour cream coffee cake. Sahm’s also provides catering and banquet rental facility services. Type of food: American Price of entrees: $9.99 to $24.99 Specialties: Italian, seafood and steaks Reservations: Accepted

Dress: Casual Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday. Phone: 842-1577 Website: Address: 11505 Allisonville Rd., Fishers

Adios Mother Mike Pratt, manager, McAllister’s Deli Where do you like to eat? Kona Grill What do you eat there? The first time I was there, I had the macadamia nut chicken. I loved it! What do you like about Kona Grill? I really like the atmosphere. It’s very nice, very elegant. The service was also great. My server was very knowledgeable about the entrees. The Kona Grill is located at 14395 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel. The phone number is 566-1400.

Ingredients: • 1 oz Vodka • 1 oz Gin • 1 oz White rum • 1 oz Blue Curacao • 6 oz Sour mix • 6 oz 7-Up Preparation: Fill Hurricane glass with ice: add 1 oz Vodka: add 1 oz Gin: add 1 oz White Rum: add 1 oz Blue Curacao: Fill glass with equal parts sour mix and Seven Up: Garnish with a cherry.

Sandwiches for football What do our favorite food, an English Earl, and the 50th state have in common? Here’s the story. The eighth Earl of Sandwich (John Montague 1718-1792) discovered the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii). The Earl was a serious gambler who could stand for hours at the gambling tables. Ingredients: dijon mustard 2 tsp; balsamic vinegar 1 tsp; olive oil 4oz; warm water 2oz; salt and pepper - ground; large loaf of Italian, French or other rough bread; red, green and yellow peppers sliced and roasted mushrooms sliced and roasted; thin sliced polish ham or prosciutto 1 lb; very thin sliced turkey breast 1 lb; feta cheese 8 oz; fresh herbs like basil, parsley and or cilantro. To prepare: In a bowl, combine mustard and vinegar. Mix in olive oil and then warm water. Salt and pepper this mixture to taste and put aside for now. Slice the large loaf of bread length wise. Scoop out the bulk of the bread. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle feta cheese on sandwich Add sliced peppers and mushrooms, layers of ham and turkey and drizzle with a little of the vinegar mix. Place the top

If you are troubled by the pain and discomfort of varicose veins, call Indiana Vein Specialists for an evaluation. We offer minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins.

To eat and not interrupt his betting, Montagu ordered a servant to put some meat between two pieces of bread, hence inventing the world’s first sandwich. Since that day in 1762, the sandwich has become the world’s favorite meal and is the staple of tailgating. crust on the sandwich and then wrap it in plastic wrap. Place a large iron skillet on top of the bread and press it for one hour. Place the sandwich into the fridge overnight. On game day, unwrap the sandwich and slice it with a sharp knife. Rewrap it and place it into your food cooler. At the game the sandwich can be placed on a wooden board and served with a pie spatula. In cold weather wrap each slice in aluminum foil and throw them individually on the grill before serving in foil. Joe Drozda is a Carmel resident and an author about sports and food. You may contact him at drozda@ or visit www.


Jeffery P. Schoonover, MD

NOw lOcateD IN FISheRS

11876 Olio Road, Suite 700 Fishers, IN 46037

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DISPATCHES » Thanksgiving side dish – Sweet potatoes with pecan praline streusel: Ingredients – (for potatoes) 6 to 8 sweet potatoes, 1/4 cup butter, 1 dash cinnamon, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1 (16-oz) bag mini marshmallows, (for topping) 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup melted butter, cinnamon, 1 cup chopped toasted pecans. Directions – Skin potatoes and chop into large chunks. Boil and mash. Stir in butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and mini marshmallows to taste. Mix in a separate bowl, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and pecans, drizzle melted butter over mixture and

stir to moisten, mixture should resemble chunky crumbs. Pour potatoes mixture into casserole dish and cover with a thin layer of mini-marshmallows. Top with pecan mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. » November gardening tips – 1. Work a trowelful of bonemeal into the soil around your rosebush, then hill up more soil around the base. 2. It’s never too late to apply lime to your lawn, as long as snow doesn’t stop you from pushing the spreader. The minerals in lime retain their value until the grass is ready to grow again.




Botox® • Restylane® & Perlane ® Juvederm® • Latisse® TCA & Glycolic Peels • Dysport® Medical Microdermabrasion IPL Photofacials • IPL Skin Tightening IPL Hair Removal • Lipodissolve® Revitalash • Color Science Mineral MakeUp Want to learn more? We are happy to take time to answer your product/procedure questions during our phone hours, Tuesday through Friday,11am to 1pm. And consultation visits are free of charge. We look forward to talking to you!

November Specials Dysport* and Botox 1-2-3 Sale (the more you buy the more you save!)

Now to Friday The 61st annual Fall Art Show presented by the Hamilton County Artists’ Association will be on display at the Hamilton East Public Library Noblesville branch, 1 Library Plaza. The display will be open to the public during regular library hours. Thursday to Saturday Follow the North Star – Conner Prairie, 13400 Allisonville Rd., Fishers, will host its annual Follow the North Star at 7:30 p.m. Learn what it was like to be a runaway slave on the Underground Railroad and explore the fears and challenges faced by fugitive slaves making their way through 1839 Indiana. Cost is $20 for non-members, $17 for members. For more information, call 776-6006 or visit Thursday to Sunday Carmel Community Playhouse, 14299 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel, presents “Six Degrees of Separation.” The humorous drama by John Guare is

LIVE MUSIC Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian St. For more information call 573-9746. Friday – Endless Summer Band Saturday – Lemon Wheel Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more

directed by Nick Crisafulli. For more information, call 815-9387 or visit Friday Refuge Christian Church will be having their annual Chili Supper from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the church, 11772 196th St., Noblesville. The menu includes chili, crackers, vegetables and dip, hot dogs, dessert and drink. Donations will be accepted and money raised will go to Noblesville school children to help with Christmas. Saturday Co-sponsored by the city of Carmel and the Carmel Arts Council, Holiday on the Square in Carmel kicks off the holiday season in Carmel from 4 to 8 p.m. at Carmel Civic Square. Holiday entertainment, Santa, Santa’s elves, and live reindeer provide a festive atmosphere for the city’s holiday lighting ceremony on Civic Square. Join the fun and have your picture taken with Santa. For more information, visit

1 area $200 • 2 areas $325 • 3 areas $450 *Dysport, Restylane & Perlane Rebates available

Be Your Holiday Best!

1 Photofacial - 1 Peel or Microderm 2 Radiesse - 1 Restylane 2 areas Botox or Dysport All for $1500 (Regular Price $2300)

Check out for more specials! Charles D. Maloney, M.D., Medical Director

information, call 770-9020. Friday – The Bishops Saturday – Loo Abby Moon Dog Tavern, 825 E 96th St., Indianapolis, 46240. Call 575-6364 for more information. Friday – Blonde Sonja Saturday – The Late Show

Busby Eye Care

Holiday Open House

Profoundly shaping the way


Wednesday, November 30th 6pm - 8pm

students think, serve and lead.

Food • Wine • Shopping 16409 Southpark Dr., Westfield, IN • (317) 896-5005 16 | November 15, 2011

Dr. Busby

Dr. Buck


Come see why 25 percent of our student population comes from Hamilton County, during our Open House on Nov. 17!

CurrentOH2011ad.indd Current in Westfield


10/19/11 3:30:31 PM

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DISPATCHES » Business climate ranks sixth – For the fourth time in as many years, Indiana’s business climate ranked in the top 10 nationally in Site Selection magazine’s 2011 business climate rankings. Feedback from a survey of national real estate executives and a review of Indiana’s economic development record earned the state recognition as the sixth best place for business in the U.S., up two spots from in 2010. This comes a little more than a month after Area Development magazine rated Indiana’s business climate best in the Midwest and fifth overall in the U.S., according to a survey of national site selection consultants. » Tax strategy seminar – Somerset CPAs will host a seminar on year-end tax strategies for contractors Dec. 1, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the Somerset Conference Center, 3925 River Crossing Parkway, Indianapolis. Price is $149 for individuals. For details or to register, visit » Women becoming less ambitious? – A survey conducted by More magazine found that 40 percent of women said they’d take less money for more flexibility. And 43 percent of these women (ages 35 to 60) considered themselves less ambitious than

they were a decade ago. “Valuing time over money may signal a shift in ambition, and the beginning of a more nuanced definition of success, one that takes into account the many facets of a woman’s life,” said Jennifer Braunschweiger, deputy editor of More. » Visit the mechanic – Replacing a clogged air filter for about $20 increases fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent, or about 37 cents per gallon at current gas prices. That means it would pay for itself after you’ve driven enough to burn about 54 gallons of gas. An engine tune-up can increase a car’s mileage by up to 4 percent, or about 15 cents a gallon. » Cheapest days to shop online – Extrabux. com and have studied pricing data from the previous two years and discovered the cheapest days of the week to shop online for certain types of merchandise. Computer prices tend hit their lowest prices on Mondays, according to the data. Like electronics, online jewelry prices fall the most when searches skyrocket. In this case, that’s Wednesday. Saturday is often when you’ll find the lowest online prices for books and Sundays are best for buying major appliances.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

LADIES NIGHT! December 8th from 6-8 pm. Wine, food, music, giveaways! Free LASIK evaluations by TLC, Chair massages by Kearns Chiropractic, Free Cosmetic Dental Evaluations by Dr. Cami Hovda, skincare information by Phases Skincare, and much more! No admission fee but reservations required. Doreen Byrd, Carmel, IN

Family law • Real estate • Personal injury • Small business

Bankruptcy • Estates and estate planning • Criminal defense McCLURE & O'FARRELL Attorneys at Law A Professional Corporation 733 East State Road 32 P.O. Box 45 Westfield, IN 46074-0045 (317) 867-4131

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Business angles learned from baldness COMMENTARY By David Cain I’ve been without hair on my head so long I don’t even remember what it’s like to brush my hair. However, I’m reminded every morning at my house when screams of terror echo in the kitchen as my girls get their hair brushed. Tangles from a night of tossing and turning, which is a likely outcome when your bedtime is before nine. Although they are not big fans of having their hair brushed, they love to brush hair. They beg to sit behind their mother and brush her hair for hours. Part of it is getting even, I suppose, but part of it is simply the joy of brushing. On Sunday, the girls had been brushing for a good 30 minutes when their mother had had enough. She said, “No more!” and sent the girls on their way, brush in hand. They were upset. I wanted to help so I jokingly offered to the youngest, “Jacquie, you can brush my hair.” She

stomped her feet and shot me her angry face. Her sister chimed in, “Yeah Jacquie, you can brush Daddy’s hair,” also in a playful way. Jacquie reluctantly agreed and marched toward me with a hairbrush in hand. She walked up, with the angry face still on display, to brush my hair. She looked directly at me and said with a menacing tone, “Okay Daddy, roll up your sleeves!” I’d not considered my offer from that perspective. I guess it’s true you should look at things with fresh eyes. I’ll be making it a point to change my perspective and look for new angles on the same old problems. It appears just when you think there are no options, there are options. David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at

Two large cap stocks with fat dividends France Telecom (FTE) – FTE provides data, fixed line and mobile phone services to France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and internationally. It has a $46.28 billion market cap and a forward P/E ratio of just 8.56. FTE offers a dividend yield of 11.11 percent and has a beta of 0.86. Analysts expect the stock to hit $21 within the next 12 months. Annaly Capital Management (NLY) - This real estate investment trust has a $15.85 billion

market cap and a forward P/E ratio of 6.52. The company offers a 14.67percent dividend yield and has an ultra low beta of just .30. One of NLY’s competitors is Host Hotels & Resorts (HST). In comparison, HST pays a 1.10 percent dividend yield. NLY is currently trading at $16.36 a share, and is expected to hit $18.10 in the next year.

Papier Mache Sculptures by DiVitto and Andrea Kelly Unique, long-lasting sculptures for your home, children’s room, business and more!

“If it walks, runs, swims, flies, crawls, slithers or hops, we’ll make it!”

Visit us at

(954) 927-9514

Your Local Tech Source for Cool Holiday Gifts

Apple imacs and Macbooks starting at $899

Dell All-in-One desktops with Touchscreen starting at $799

Dell. HP, Asus, & Sony Laptops starting at $399

All New & Refurbished PCs and Macs come with full warranties. Holiday offer includes any additional service at $49 with purchase. Accept all major credit cards. Computer Troubleshooters is a locally owned and operated franchise offering a full line of computer sales and services for residential and business customers.

JUST ANNOUNCED! 2.9% FINANCING ON ALL LEXUS CERTIFIED! 2010 RX450H 2007 ES350 BLACK/BLACK W/NAV...........$25,995 ALMOST NEW!..........................$47,995 LDR545 1248A 2008 LX570 2007 ES350 BLUE/IVORY LOADED!...........$25,888 FLAGSHIP SUV!...........................$64,495 P6541 C1370A 2010 LX570 2008 ES350s IN STOCK STARTING AT.........$27,777 BLACK/IVORY JUST REDUCED!..........................$70,995 111116A 2009 ES350s 5 AVAILABLE AS LOW AS..........$30,995 2010 LS460s AWD 3 IN STOCK FROM..........................$58,995 2010 ES350s 4 CERTIFIED FROM.....................$34,688 2008 LS460s 4 AVAILABLE STARTING AT.........$44,888 2006 GS300 AWD GORGEOUS!..............................$24,695 2006 IS250 AWD 11985B JUST 18K MILES!........................$25,995 P6519A1 2009 GX470 WHITE/IVORY LOADED W/OPTIONS............$43,888 2008 IS250 AWD W/NAV...........................................$29,995 1233A P6539 2010 GX460 2009 IS250 AWD NEW BODY! 15K MILES!............................... $53,988 LOADED!.......................................$29,995 1295A 1215A 2010 IS250 AWD 2011 GX460s 3 IN STOCK STARTING AT.........$56,995 NICE!...............................................$35,995 LDR546 2008 SC430 LIKE NEW!..................................$40,995 2008 RX350s 5 IN STOCK FROM.........................$29,995 1221A 2009 RX350'S 7 2008 RX400H FRESH TRADE!......................... $34,995 AVAILABLE STARTING AT.........$33,888 1296A 2010 RX350s 12 IN STOCK 2010 RX450H 17K MILES!.................................$48,995 AND PRICED FROM...................$37,995 1249A

316 S. Range Line Rd., Downtown Carmel Mon. - Fri. 9-6 | Sat. 10-3 • 317-867-0900 •

18 | November 15, 2011

4610 E. 96th St • Indianapolis (888) 774-7738 | Current in Westfield

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Updating 1990 master bath COMMENTARY By Larry Greene ORIGINAL MASTER BATH: This home was built in 1990 in the Springmill Crossing Subdivision on the west side of Carmel. The master bath was the second bathroom of two to get remodeled. The homeowner noted “We decided to remodel the master bathroom mainly because it was old and outdated. We didn’t like the carpet in the bathroom. We needed a bigger shower. It just needed to be updated.” The homeowners weren’t fond of the large garden tub. “We had a large cultured-marble jetted tub in the master bath. When the kids were little, it was perfect. But our children are now 28 and 24.” FAVORITE FEATURES: When asked what they like most about their new bathroom, their reply was “Everything”. They added, “We like the big shower, the square-shaped vessel sinks, the tiled floor and the enlarged shower. We have heated floors, too. It’s such a change from what we had before. It feels like a spa in there now. The rain showerhead feels great. We have great water pressure too.” TUB & SHOWER DETAILS: The old tub and

ARE YOU ATTRACTING THE RIGHT TALENT? MAYBE YOU NEED BETTER BENEFITS. Check out the options with Axiom Human Resource Solutions.

After shower areas were totally gutted and new framing for the new tub decking, shower and shower storage niches was installed. A new Kohler 60x32 Archer drop in air tub was installed with a Delta Vero brushed nickel tub filler. The new shower includes a combined stationary/handheld Delta faucet with a diverter and Delta brushed nickel ceiling-mounted square rain head faucet. The shower area was finished off with a 3/8” heavy glass frameless enclosure with brushed nickel hardware. Before FINAL RESULT: The homeowner commented, “Our kids came home to see the new remodeled bathroom and they think it looks like a hotel bathroom.”

HR Administration • Employee Benefits • Risk Management Payroll Administration • Time & Labor Management


Larry Greene is the president of Case Design/Remodeling, a fullservice design/build firm serving Hamilton County. Contact him at


Your #1 Choice For Real Estate Sales & Rentals In Metro Indy & Surrounding Counties

SAVE 25% on select KOHLER® toilets

Memoirs® Classic, Devonshire®, Archer®, Cimarron®, Bancroft® Available in White and Biscuit.

Nov 1 - December 31, 2011 10737 Stratton Circle - $969,000 4 Bedroom & 3 Full/2 Half Bath, Two-Story Home with a full finished basement on a cul-de-sac in Carmel. 7,854 total sq ft.

Contact John Carnell for a private tour! (317) 848 - 1588 or (317) 590 - 7076

14172 Wicksworth Way - $2,850/mo 4 Bedroom & 3 Full/1 Half Bath, Two-Story Home with a basement and bonus room in Carmel. 5,722 total sq ft.

LEE SUPPLY CORP 415 W Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN

Contact Marlene Slagle for a private tour! (317) 848 - 1588 or (317) 918 - 7838

Current in Westfield

November 15, 2011 | 19





Cover Story



Come in and see our huge variety of: • Thanksgiving & Christmas Treats • Greeting Cards for Pets • Doggie Holiday Gift Packages

of Flavor h nt the Mo y Turke r Dinne






Inside  &  Out


Pets | Puzzles | Classifieds

We have perfect stocking stuffers for your Pet's Christmas Stocking!

Also come in and see our NEW "Paw Print" necklaces This Week Only: Dry dog food clearance sale! $ave Bucks at Izzy’s with our “Frequent Shopper and Izzy/s Customer Appreciation Rewards”

New pet owner tips

DISPATCHES » Tinsel and Tails – The Humane Society for Hamilton County will host its sixth annual Tinsel and Tails Holiday Petacular on Thursday, 6 p.m., at the Ritz Charles in Carmel. Tinsel and Tails is one of the Humane Society’s largest fundraisers of the year, and funds raised will help cover the cost of the thousands of abandoned, unwanted, injured and sick animals that come to the HSHC every year. Tickets are $75 per individual, $300 per half table of four or $600 for a full table. To order tickets or for more information, go to www., or call Jennifer Judd at 219-3324. » Thanksgiving stew for dogs – Chicken soup cooked with spinach, green beans, mushrooms and beets makes a great treat and top dressing for regular dog food. A bit of garlic for flavor is fine, too, as it contains vitamin B. Just don’t overdo as too much of onion or garlic can cause anemia in some dogs.


N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t fi e l d / F i s h e r s

317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing and on Facebook

COMMENTARY By John Mikesell Arm yourself with these practical pet care tips: Consider the commitment - Think about what you are getting yourself into before getting a pet. This is a long-term commitment. Pets are 100 percent dependent on you to provide a healthy and happy life for them. Ask yourself if they fit in your current lifestyle. What changes or sacrifices are you willing to make to properly care for them? There is also a financial responsibility to keeping your pets healthy and veterinary bills aren’t cheap. Pet proof your home - Owners should take pre-emptive measures. Move household chemicals, medications, plants and decorative pieces to hard-to-reach locations. Keep your shoes tucked away from



MOVIE VALUE All digital presentation


Fun, spacious lobby

All superb rocker seats


puppy teeth and incorporate scratching posts in your home for cats. Excerise preparedness - Microchip your pets, obtain updated identification tags and create an emergency plan.Make a list of emergency phone numbers and keep a pet kit in a waterproof container. Have a high quality probiotic on hand. They are great for digestive problems bound to happen. Stress from being in a new home can cause diarrhea and probiotics work great for it. Spay and neuter your pets - It is better for your pet’s health. Unspayed females can suffer from a uterus infection and mammary tumors. Males can develop testicular prostate inflammation, infections or cancer. Implement a routine - Keep the first few days of excitement for a new pet parent to a minimum.

Practice early socialization - The critical socialization period for puppies lasts from about three to 12 weeks of age. Kittens are most receptive to socialization between the ages of two and seven weeks. I suggest leaving your puppy with its mother for at least eight weeks. Provide a healthy diet - Don’t underestimate the importance of good nutrition. Contol your pet’s food intake. Obesty in pets is just has bad for pets as it is for humans. Focus on health - Find a like-minded veternarian. A healthy pet is a happy pet. Check with your local pet store professional for tips on food and treats for your dogs and cats. John Mikesell, owner of Izzy’s Place, A dog Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at john.mikesell@att. net.

I gave my “To-Do” list to Mr. Handyman... and he took care of everything!


DAILY 4:00-6:00 PM

*excludes IMAX, Digital 3D & Fathom




(PG) 11:15, 1:35, 3:55, 6:15, 8:35



For information or to make an appointment call:

(317) 202-1005

To-Do List Christmas Lighting

Ceiling fan install & replace

Drywall repair

Furniture assembly

Gutter cleaning & repair Bathroom remodel

Shelving install & repair Grout & caulk

Light bulb replacement

20 | November 15, 2011

Current in Westfield

Door replace & repair Back-splash install

Switch repair & move Get more free time... call Mr. Handyman!

3 Hours of Service

$297 NOW

$197 Must present this card. Valid one time per household.

Views | Community | Cover Story | Anti-Aging | Diversions | Dough | Inside  &  Out | Pets | Puzzles | Classifieds Across 1. Local place for a Van Gogh, briefly 4. Indianapolis Indians bat wood 7. Party favors container (2 wds.) 14. Nashville restaurant: Hob ___ 15. Bob & Tom’s Kristi 16. Indianapolis Opera production: “The Barber of ___” 17. Indy-to-Ft. Wayne dir. 18. James Whitcomb Riley’s “always” 19. Got a pet from the Hamilton County Humane Society 20. 24-hour period at Holcomb Observatory (2 wds.) 23. Be in debt to Chase Bank 24. Like a professional cut at Salon01 26. Carvey of “Wayne’s World” 30. “___, Brute?” 33. Intimidate 36. Hoosier National Forest tree juice 37. Indiana blue-ribbon events 39. See-through 40. Have dinner at Peterson’s 41. “Feel ___ help yourself!” (2 wds.) 43. Bewilder 45. UFO crew 46. Not suitable 50. “M*A*S*H” setting 51. Jim Davis’ Garfield, for one 52. University HS mathematical proportion 53. Lunch or dinner at Woody’s Library Restaurant 54. Hoosier Park pace 56. The courtyard at Courtyard by Marriott 59. Palladium ticket word 62. “The Charge of the Light Brigade” poet 66. Tropical tourist’s concern 70. Roulette bet at French Lick Resort Casino 71. 1991 Crooked Stick event: ___ Championship 72. Finishing last in a Guerin Catholic HS track event 73. Fee-___-fo-fum 74. Ready for Sanders Glen Retirement Community 75. Incline 76. Way off, like Evansville 77. Starbucks alternative drink Down 1. Hampton and Residence, e.g. 2. Like recordings at Old Town Antique Mall 3. Cain’s brother 4. On one’s toes 5. Unattractive, as a neighborhood 6. Newspapers in Boston, Miami and Indiana 7. Troop 88’s cookie selling org. 8. Decorate anew 9. Swear to 10. Any two-footed creature at the Indianapolis Zoo 11. Patachou sandwich, for short 12. Mickey’s Irish Pub drink 13. Hamilton Southeastern HS dropout’s option 21. “It’s ___ thing!” (2 wds.) 22. Slangy assent 25. Expected to arrive 27. Leave no doubt about 28. Queasy feeling 29. WFYI fund-raising pitch 30. Cause go-with 31. Kind of sauce at Mitchell’s Fish Market 32. Connects with (2 wds.) 34. Kan. neighbor 35. Arduous journey 38. Kiss Z Cook class direction 42. “Put ___ Happy Face” (2 wds.)


















25 33


















36 40



44 50 53

56 60



43 47

55 59


39 42











63 70












Using the letters in Handel's (Homemade Ice Cream), create as many common words of 4+ letters as you can in 20 minutes. No proper nouns or foreign words.

HANDEL'S __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________


40+: Word wizard 30-39: Brainiac 20-29: Not too shabby <20: Try again next week

Use all the letter segments below to fill in the answers to the clues. The number of segments you will use in each answer is shown in parentheses. The dashes indicate the number of letters in each answer. Each segment is used only once.



IndianaDAG Wordsmith DALE Challenge DAN FRA GLEN NCI OST

With the kitchen or bathroom of your


dreams and take advantage of our Winter Savings

when you book your project by

1) Indiana V.P. (3) ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

DECEMBER 1, 2011

2) Golden Gate City (4) ___ ___ ___

Restrictions apply. See site for details.

The Next AFFORDABLE SEMINARS Will be held on

Thursday DECEMBER, 1 at 7pm & Saturday DECEMBER, 3 at 9am Sign up today at

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

3) Broad Ripple-Area Mall (2)


___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ /current

4) Blondie Husband (2) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

5) Big Bird (2)

Or Call

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

44. Daddy’s counterpart 47. Fmr. Indianapolis-based airline 48. Aniston’s ex 49. Detached, as a check (2 wds.) build the words 55. Fish with a net at Morse Reservoir 57. Delhi’s land 58. Anesthetized at IU Health 60. Black-and-white cookie

HARVARD, 61. Bit of smoke 63. Denison Parking place 64. Gawk at the Pacemates 65. Zilch 66. Big Ten sch. at East Lansing 67. Swiss peak 68. ___ Alamos 69. Had a panini at Panera Bread

and talk to an Expert (317) 575-9540 AFFORDABLE


Current in Westfield

1000 3rd Ave. SW • Suite 120 • Carmel, Indiana 46032 PH (317) 575-9540

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Hamilton County Business Contacts Get your card in front of more than 93,000 households in Hamilton County! Call Dennis O’Malia @ 370-0749 for details



2:23 PM




James J. Schneider, J.D., CPA

James C. Hoppel, J.D., MBA

10321 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46280 317.844.1303 Fax: 317.844.1361 E-mail:

“Training without the Attitude”

Donna DeCallier, IFDA

Interior Designer • 30 Yrs. Experience Services: 1 Day Makeover • Update • Downsize• Create Master Plan • Home Staging Get The Look For Less. One Flat Fee!

317-727-1127 • •

and cost-effectively.

W 136th St

Roher Rd

Meridian Village Plaza


ve eA

Elizabeth A. Laskowski, CPA

to consumers and employers professionally, conveniently,

W 146th St ton ys


Business Advisors, Tax Preparation & Planning, Tax Cases, Accounting, Estate Planning, Valuations, Onsite Assistance, Buying, Selling or Starting a Business, QuickBooks Training

ANY LAB TEST NOW ® provides thousands of standard lab tests



13636 N. Meridian St. • Carmel, IN 46032 P 317-574-9500 • Spring Mill Rd

•Low Maintenance Lifestyle •9ʼ Ceilings •Full Finished Basement “Custom Carmel Ranch” •Granite and Custom Cabinets 668 Allenhurst Circle •Hardwood Floors $369,900 •Energy Star Call Dan at 317-432-0001

Smokey Row Rd

Views | Community | Cover Story | Anti-Aging | Diversions | Dough | Inside  &  Out | Pets | Puzzles | Classifieds Interest Rates are at all time lows...

SO ACT NOW! If you are interested in refinancing or purchasing a home, the following rates apply:

L. Siebert 632 Ironwood Drive Carmel, IN 46033

(317) 846-4166 (317) 509-3943

For loans of $100,000 to $300,000* • 30 yr fixed 4.125%, APR. 4.25% • 15 yr fixed 3.375%, APR. 3.5%

Offer good thru November 21

For loans of $300,000 to $417,000** • 30 yr fixed 3.99%, APR. 4.1% • 15 yr fixed 3.375%, APR. 3.45%

In home applications are available for your convenience. Contact us TODAY for a quick assessment to determine if you should refinance. • 317-507-0908 *$350 appraisal + $1500 closing costs **$350 appraisal & no other closing costs


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 91,350 homes weekly
















Services Pet Grooming Services


Guitar Lessons

Mobile Dog Grooming

With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons near Carey Road & 146th Carmel 317-




Retiree will board your pet in my home. Very Reasonable Rates!! 317-607-8541



Guitar Lessons



Now HIring

handyman , repairs hauling, yard work call Tom - 847-3753



Fully Equipped Grooming Van For information of to make an appointment call: 317-202-1005 Hair by Linda in Noblesville    317/650-2303 New Client Special With This Ad $65 All over color, cut & brow wax $75 Highlight, cut & brow wax 1802 Conner St. Noblesville

Wth recording artist Duke Tumatoe Learn from professional and have fun All levels - in Carmel or 317-201-5856

Stop Smoking Lose Weight With Hypnosis hypnotic gastric band

Happy Pets In-Home Pet Care

A less stressful and economical alternative to boarding with loving care for your pets in the comfort of your home. Experience in Exotics. Insured/Bonded Member of Pet Sitters Associates LLC 317-645-6043 References available

In-Home Tutoring

Master’s Degree Instructors SAT/ACT Test Prep, Math, English, Study skills, and all subjects Learn to Speak English! for all grades through adult Call 317 776 7615

Nails by Hilliary 317-730-2544

To your door nail services. Great for moms, or anyone in a nursing or assisted living facilities. Buy a Spa pedicure get a manicure for FREE!! *Ask about my frequent customer discount *We do Spa parties for any occasion. “Let me take care of you”

Happy Dog Hotel and Spa in Carmel seeks experienced groomers for professional spa. Upscale, new facility with high volume. General front desk staff and dog handlers also needed To apply: email resume or info to Beverly at or call 317-580-5050.

Part-Time Receptionist

Upscale Optometry office in Carmel is seeking a part-time receptionist. High energy personality and great computer skills with scheduling and billing software a must.   Saturday mornings required. 

Now Hiring

Local computer center seeking qualified tech for computer work. send resume to

Installer Wanted.

Local window covering business is looking for a part time or as needed installer to install blinds, shades, and shutters. Flexible hours and good pay. Please send resume or letter of interest to info@

School Bus Drivers Carmel Clay School Corporation is now training School Bus Drivers Must be able to obtain Class B, CDL Starting at $88 day after successful completion of training, no benefits Paid Bi-weekly Available to earn attendance bonus Must be able to pass criminal history and BMV background checks Will work approx 4 hours per day running morning and afternoon routes Apply on-line to, AA/EOE • Intuitive Reader • Spiritual Guide • Clairvoyant Medium • Healing Services

Elise Carlu - Call for Individual or Group Readings


Now Hiring

Residential cleaning company in Fishers is seeking FULL time housecleaners. M-F  8am-5pm.  Need reliable transportation and a great attitude.  To apply Call 317-579-1988 or email marla@

Now Hiring: Line Cook Full time/Part time Dooley O’Tooles 160 E Carmel Drive 843-9900

Current in Westfield

Now HIring

NNLS 267466

489.4444 ext. 202 CASH FOR CARS $$ Cash for Cars Indianapolis $$

Enrich Someone’s Life!

You can make a difference in the lives of seniors by joining our team of non-medical Caregivers. North Indianapolis and Hamilton County Requires phone, valid DL & car insurance, clean criminal history & driving record, reliable transportation. Call Today! 317-252-4472

Now Hiring

Hampton Inn Carmel is hiring housekeepers. Please apply in person at 12197 North Meridian Street Carmel


Gowns for Less

Top Dollar for Junk and Running Vehicles CALL 317-869-9498

DINING Now offering our delicious country breakfast on Sundays! 8AM to 1PM. And now enjoy your next home-cooked dinner with a glass of beer or wine. Mention this ad for 10% off your next meal. Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 7A-8P; Friday-Saturday, 7A-9P; Closed Monday. Located at 654 Logan St. 773-2234.

FOR SALE Donations of gowns — tax deductible Gowns — greatly discounted Proceeds donated to local charities Gowns from $100 (317)796-9432

Gowns for the Greatest Good Real Estate DISTRESS SALE

Bank Foreclosures Hamilton Co. Free list of Foreclosure Properties. Receive a FREE daily list by e-mail;


Executive conference table. Nearly new. Mahogany with 8 matching leather swivel chairs. Too large for our new space. Value approx. $9,300. Will sell for $3,000 OBO. Call 847.5022.

Call Dennis O’MAlia TO have your classified ad


here next week

For Lease

489.4444 ext. 203

940 sq. ft. commercial. 216 Lakeview, Noblesville. Perfect for dance studio. 317-371-0634.

November 15, 2011 | 23

Beyond the pounds you’ll lose, there’s a healthier life to gain. Indiana University Health weight loss brings long-lasting results, and can reverse diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. At IU Health, we’re dedicated to helping you lose weight and gain a new life. Part of a nationally recognized healthcare system, we offer a customized approach with surgical and non-surgical options. Experienced weight loss physicians team with nutritionists, psychologists and fitness experts in a comfortable, nurturing environment. You’ll also benefit from lifelong support, learning recipes and lifestyle changes that will keep you moving toward a healthier future. 2010 U.S.News & World Report rankings

COME TO A FREE SEMINAR AND GET STARTED. Visit or call 877.275.2555

©2011 IU Health 10/11 HY79011_4516

79011_4516_IUH_10.375x11.75_4c_CIC_PoundsYoullLose_v4.indd 1

10/26/11 3:28 PM

November 15, 2011  

Current in Westfield

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