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Tuesday October 4, 2011

Westfield High School seniors Jake Celleghin and Ahren Alexander anchoring the news during a taped recording.

New program teaches Westfield High School students how to run a news show / P9 Photo by Lindsay Eckert

Your miracle deserves unmatched maternity care. ©2011 IU Health 08/11 HY68911_4062

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8/17/11 9:42 AM

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Protect our trees Founded Jan. 29, 2008, at Westfield, IN Vol. IV, No. 37 Copyright 2011. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 30 South Range Line Road Carmel, IN 46032

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It is our position Hamilton County residents, should be aware of the damage caused to trees by the use of the herbicide, Imprelis. The DuPont-manufactured product, was recently approved by the EPA to treat broadleaf weeds and has been widely used on lawns, athletic fields, cemeteries, golf courses and sod farms. Touted as “environmentally- friendly”, Imprelis seems to be unfriendly to Norway Spruces, Eastern White Pines, and other trees with shallow root systems. DuPont began receiving reports of dying trees around Memorial Day of this year. Hamilton County has been hit hard hit by Imprelis usage. Visual symptoms of damage include browning, twisting and the curling of needles and leaves. The Indiana Chemist’s office has issued a stop- sale on Imprelis usage in Indiana and a recall is underway. Dupont has set up a hotline, 866-796-4783 to report damage. For more information about Imprelis, visit DuPont also initiated a product return and refund program in mid-August. Trees seem to be under siege in Indiana— drought, the Emerald Ash borer, and now Imprelis. Trees add so much to our environment, whether it’s aesthetics or economics or environmentallysafe, it behooves us to pay attention to their survival and care.

School buses

It is our position school buses must strictly adhere to posted speed limits. Far too often we see the familiar yellow vehicles careening through neighborhoods at excessive speeds, as measured by both the law and reasonable standards of safety. Even in school zones, the buses are frequently the primary violators of the speed limits. School bus safety concerns increase as daylight slips away making morning routes take place before the sun rises. Young children hurrying to the bus stop might not be seen as easily, and there is less time to react if there is an obstacle in the way. We understand the bus drivers are on a tight schedule to gather their riders and get them to school on time. Traffic concerns and lagging children may cause even more delays. If these are the sole reasons for their excessive speed, then either more time has to be built into the schedules or the schools must make provisions for an occasional late bus. But we cannot allow the safety of our children – both on foot and already on board – and our fellow commuters to be jeopardized by bus drivers who ignore the rules.

The views in these editorials are of reader participants. They do not represent those of Current Publishing ownership and management.

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strange laws VE C TO R B U TT O N S . CO M VE C TO R B U TT O N S . CO M


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you.

In Louisiana, biting someone with your natural teeth is “simple assault,” while biting someone with your false teeth is “aggravated assault.”

2 | October 4, 2011

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the Indiana Constitution. ARTICLE 12. Militia Section 4. Conscientious objectors No person, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms, shall be compelled to do so in the militia. (History: As Amended Nov. 5, 1974). Section 5. Repealed (Repealed Nov. 5, 1974). Section 6. Repealed (Repealed Nov. 5, 1974). ARTICLE 13. Political and Municipal Corporations

Current in Westfield

Section 1. Debt limitation No political or municipal corporation in this State shall ever become indebted, in any manner or for any purpose, to an amount, in the aggregate, exceeding two per centum on the value of the taxable property within such corporation, to be ascertained by the last assessment for State and county taxes, previous to the incurring of such indebtedness; and all bonds or obligations, in excess of such amount, given by such corporations, shall be void: Provided, That in time of war, foreign invasion, or other great public calamity, on petition of a majority of the property owners in number and value, within the limits of such corporation, the public authorities in their discretion, may incur obligation necessary for the public protection and defense to such amount as may be requested in such petition.

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FROM THE BACKSHOP Help yourself, and help the library! We consider any and all libraries to be community treasures. Anything that moves forward the drive to enhance literacy and enjoyment of the written word, well, we’re all for it. So, then, our own treasure, the Westfield Washington Public Library, needs your participation. Its annual book sale runs Friday through Oct. 15, although the first day is for Friends of Westfield Library. Stop by 333 W. Hoover St. and take home armloads of selections. Trust us, the money you spend will be put to good use. We are tickled to be the media sponsor for the library’s sale and its annual bazaar and silent auction from 1 to 5 p.m. on Oct. 16. For more information, please call 896.9391 or visit www.wwpl.lib. We’ll plan to see you there. ••• OK, you volunteerism-minded readers, it’s time to step up. Westfield in Bloom wants to compete nationally in America in Bloom, but it needs help to do so. It is adding a new committee on environmental awareness, so you could help there. This is about well more than flora, though. There is a kickoff meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at 2728 E.171st St. Please attend if at all possible. To learn more, call 804.3184. •••

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg As you might know, Current is a proud sponsor of Chaucie’s Place’s Treasure Our Children Beach Bash at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 13 at the Ritz Charles in Carmel. Without a doubt, this will be a fun – and meaningful – Thursday night out. Not only are we attempting to help raise money for the facility, we’re trying to bring awareness of its reason for existence. So, plan to put on some summer wear – yes, it’s autumn; get over it – and register today to join us: www.chauciesplace. org/treasure-our-children-beach-bash. You’ll be glad you did! ••• Fair warning: Only 27 days until Halloween. Dark chocolate. Just sayin’.

The list may be better unchecked COMMENTARY By Terry Anker What was the best year of “Saturday Night Live?” Over its three-decade run, this late-night comedy television show has become a cultural touchstone with each ensuing group claiming memorable catchphrases and skits at the heart of a shared self-definition. Such as the question of whether “The Tonight Show” belongs to Carson or Leno, these public figures have framed our shared community. Ultimately these common memories are devices used to enhance communication with our peers. Recently, I made reference to a Dana Carvey moment on “SNL.” Carvey’s character, upon his death, found the gate to heaven with the angel of God. Similar to a fine hotel’s busboy, the angel outlined each of the amenities one could expect as a new resident of heaven. “The buffet is open 24 hours. The pool is always warm and filled with beautiful girls. Moreover, in heaven we have omnipotence – the answer to the unanswered questions of

human life.” Since that day years ago, I have maintained a list of questions to ask, should I be so lucky as to find myself similarly disposed. Was there a second shooter? Are ghosts real? Who stole my favorite shirt in college? What is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever eaten without my knowledge? I wonder if it is better not to know. But then again, how could the afterlife be complete without knowing the secret ingredient of the seven herbs and spices? Do we all keep lists of things for which we seek answers? And if we do, do we really expect those questions to ever find resolution? Or is our interest only a part of our natural curiosity as humans? Could it be the pursuit of responses is more important than the answers?

Could it be the pursuit of responses is more important than the answers?

Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@

Join us for an Open House featuring our Auguste’s Cottage Memory Care Center. Wednesday, October 12th from 4:30pm-6:30pm Enjoy appetizers, beverages, and dessert while listening to musical entertainment. RSVP appreciated but not required. Please contact Dotti Laas at 896-2515.

CMG 112255

Current in Westfield

October 4, 2011 | 3

We’re here to eliminate

Christina Kim, M.D.

THE BUMPS IN THE ROAD THE MINUTE YOU FIND ONE IN YOUR BREAST. A journey of this magnitude should never be taken alone. Our commitment at Community Breast Care is that we’re in this together. From breast lump to diagnosis to treatment, when one of us takes your hand, our entire team has your back. You’ll have your own “breast health navigator,” a nurse who guides you every step of the way, so you’ll not only get through it faster…you’ll get through it better. Plus, Community Breast Care earned national accreditation for providing the most efficient and contemporary breast care available. A distinction that is the first for a comprehensive health network in Indiana. Receive a free MammoPad® at your next screening mammogram. Call 800-777-7775 or visit to learn more.

178-3182 10_375x11_75BumpsCURRENT_Ins10-4.indd 1

9/23/11 3:25 PM

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DISPATCHES » Meals on Wheels for Hamilton County search for director – Executive Director Marti Lindell has resigned after six years with the organization. Meal services and volunteers will continue as normal until a new director is announced. » Tailgating for a cause – The Heart of Hopes is hosting a tailgate party and silent auction Oct. 22 at the Irsay Pavilion in Carmel. Tickets are $25 per person. For more information about the event and the charities receiving the funds visit, » Color the sky pink for breast cancer Help IU North Hospital honor those touched by breast cancer by buying pink solar lights to be placed on the hospital’s grounds. You can dedicate the lights, $5 each, through Indiana Women in Need Foundation’s website, IWINfoundation. org. For more information about IU Health North Hospital “turning pink” visit, » Ameriana fall festival – Join Ameriana bank to raise money for Westfield Youth Assistance Program and enjoy fall festivities. Festivities include food, games and more from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at U.S. 31 and Carey Road. » Westfield in Bloom volunteer meeting – Interested in learning more about the Westfield in Bloom organization? Join them for their 2012 kick-off meeting Thursday at 7:00pm at the Westfield City Service Center, located at 2728 E. 171st St. The 2012 committees will include: floral, environmental awareness, heritage, and community/Plant-A-Row for the Hungry.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and help plant pride in Westfield. » Virtual orchestra open house – Lambert’s Lowrey Organ Center is celebrating its two-year anniversary with an open house celebration Thursday. Lowrey artist Jim Vogelman will meet guests beginning at 10:30 a.m. and will perform a free concert at 1:30 p.m. Lambert’s Lowrey Organ Center is located in the Noblesville Shopping Center, 573 Westfield Rd. For more information, call 317-773-2002. » Pumpkin patch fundraiser – Re/Max Legends Group is hosting a pumpkin patch Saturday to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children. For further details, contact Re/Max Legends Group at 317-849-7653

Blurring the lines of nanny and mom COMMENTARY By Danielle Wilson I finally appreciate why rich people have nannies and man-servants. My mom was in town during the weekend, and it was magical. We are currently in negotiations to retain her services as a full-time au pair, and it’s not going well. She has visited us before, but this is the first time she has visited when my kids are in school, sports and theater. Plus Doo and I are going gray by the minute over work-related issues. Technically, red heads do not “go gray,” but “white,” like Santa Claus and Queen Elizabeth I. Gingers may be mutants, but we’re royal mutants. Mom arrived at the house on Friday before the school bus, which meant my children were not latch-key orphans for once. And when I called a bit later to check in, she asked what I needed from the grocery. No one has ever asked me that question. Confounded, I mumbled something like “List … frig … flarjkwee.” After literally crashing my minivan into the side of the garage and walking in the door, the contents of my grocery list were miraculously sitting on the counter. I’m not kidding about the car, but that’ll be in my next article, titled “You Might Be Going Senile If ”

This nanny thing was turning out great. She bought us Chinese take-out and did 23 loads of laundry; she took the kids to an early morning soccer game so Doo and I could sleep. She made (fighting back tears, here) the (sniffle, gulp) beds (full-blown weeping). I think the best part about having a Mama Poppins comes down to simple math. We had three adults instead of two managing four kids. Doo spent the entirety of Saturday rebuilding something involving computers, which normally would have driven me straight to black widow mode; however, everything was cool because my mom was there to play dodgeball and jump-stick with the kids while I caught up on neglected domestic tasks. No Child Left Behind, see? So I totally get why the wealthy hire nannies. And now I want one too. Guilt wreaks havoc with the consciences of working parents, and nannies quiet the crazy. Now, if I can only convince Mom this is the life for her! Peace out.

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Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

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October 4, 2011 | 5

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Grand Park adds Indiana Soccer as a major anchor By Lindsay Eckert Mayor Andy Cook announced last Thursday the Indiana Soccer Association will relocate to Westfield’s Grand Park as another major anchor for the Grand Park Sports Campus. He said the addition is expected to bring half a million visitors into Westfield each year. Cook said Indiana Soccer will boost Westfield’s presence in the world of sports, and it will be a major boost to Westfield’s economy. Grand Park is expected to produce 2,300 jobs in its first three years of business. According to Cook, Grand Park will generate millions of dollars annually through tourism and events: $3.5 million in surrounding area shopping; $4.8 million in meals purchased; $2.2 million in hotel revenue. “Grand Park is unique to the state; it compares quite large in scope and increases employment,” Cook said. “It’s improving the quality of life and diversifying the city’s tax base, and that comes first.” The 350-acre spread for the sports complex will have 32 competitive fields ranging from soccer and baseball to field hockey and lacrosse. Other organizations already claiming their turf are the Lids League team, Indiana Bulls, Westfield Youth Sports and Westfield Youth Soccer. Construction for the complex will begin Nov.1. The sports fields are scheduled to be partly open for play by late 2012 and fully functional by

2013. Indiana Soccer, an organization with more than 85,000 members, is expected to relocate from Lawrence in 2012. The partnership allows the organization to take on a managing role for the complex. Indiana Soccer will be responsible for scheduling clubs on the fields and a portion of revenue on those fields Cook said Indiana Soccer expects to play host to approximately 1,800 teams annually, bringing in more than 300,000 players and spectators to the park. “The partnership with Indiana Soccer adds a level of credibility to our project, increasing the economic-development potential,” Cook said. Indiana Soccer President Murray Clark said Grand Park is setting the bar high for competitive sports complexes. “I’ve seen a lot of complexes, a lot of gold standard complexes. Grand Park will be the new gold standard for sports facilities,” Clark said. “We’ve done a lot of research, we’re not coming to the table lightly and to say we’re impressed is an understatement.” Clark said Indiana Soccer’s strong reputation and Grand Park are a perfect fit for success in boosting tourism and the local economy. “We are the voice of soccer in the state; we’re not just bringing a state of soccer players into this facility, we’re bringing the entire U.S.,” Clark said. “We’re bringing more than 1 million players to this endeavor through tournaments.”

Pumpkin Patch Festival SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, noon – 3 pm Presented by IU Health North Hospital and RE/MAX Legends Group FREE & Open to the Public IU Health North Hospital, 116th and North Meridian St., Carmel Enjoy fun activities for the entire family including FREE food, drinks, pumpkins, prizes and more! Activities include: Bounce House Colts in Motion Traveling Museum Police and Fire Emergency Vehicles Petting Zoo Family Photos, Costumes encouraged Face Painting & Caricatures LifeLine Helicopter and Ambulance Health Screenings Train Rides, Ronald McDonald & Live Music Join us before the Festival for the IU Health North Hospital Pumpkin Patch 5K Run/Walk Presented by the Carmel Lions SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 9 am Start Registration opens at 8 am. Fee required. Open to adults and children. For more information and to register, visit the Events section at

6 | October 4, 2011

Current in Westfield

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Organization embraces local library By Lindsay Eckert Westfield Washington Public Library is the center for literary works in Westfield. A community center bringing people together through the library’s book clubs and Summer Reading Program, entertaining children with weekly story times and inspiring teenagers to develop active roles through the Teen Advisory Committee. Although the programs unite the library with its community, it’s the Friends of Westfield Library who make the programs happen, a nonprofit organization and the driving force behind the library’s hefty events calendar. The 30-year-old organization is comprised of Westfield citizens who work selflessly to plan events and raise money for the library. Friends of Westfield offer hospitality to program participants as well as purchase equipment to increase the library’s efficiency to better serve residents, such as DVD cleaners and computer software. Sheryl Sollars, director of Westfield Washington Library, said the Friends of Westfield purchase summer reading incentives for dedicated readers who stay on-task all season and help the

library purchase snacks for Teen Movie Night and other library activities. “Last year they helped implement our new database and we’re so thankful for them,” Sollars said. “Our revenues went down and we’ve been relying on them more, and more and they are always supportive. We don’t know what we’d do without them.” Friends of Westfield is planning upcoming annual events to continue their quest of supporting the library. Members will be volunteering at the annual book sale that begins Saturday and runs through Oct. 16. Another event backed by Friends of Westfield is the annual Craft Bazaar at the library Oct. 16. Current Publishing is a proud media sponsor for the event. In addition to being a keystone in the library’s fundraising, Sollars said Friends of Westfield is also a voice for the library and represent the library’s message in the city. “The library is a comfort to the community, a social place to gather, a community center. It’s not just about checking out books, we’re much more than that. Friends of Westfield members are in the community spreading that message.”

» Annual craft bazaar – The Friends of the Westfield Library is holding its eighth-annual craft bazaar and silent auction at the library Oct. 16, from 1 to 5 p.m. Current Publishing is a proud sponsor for the event, which provides shoppers with the opportunity to purchase handmade items. Free refreshments are also available. Plan to join us for a fun day of shopping and bidding to support your local library.

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October 4, 2011 | 7

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Proposed solicitation ban could impact nonprofits By Lindsay Eckert A city-wide ordinance was proposed last week to prevent any and all solicitors from going door to door to sell products. The ordinance was introduced by Councilman Robert Stokes to the Westfield Community Association Network, an organization created by Mayor Andy Cook for neighborhood associations to discuss concerns in a public forum with city representatives. “The forum is a way to discuss ideas long before they reach the council and the members’ concerns are a valid response,” Cook said. “The council is spearheading the ordinance and wanted to bring the idea forward to the members.” The city requires all solicitors to be registered, and according to an official Westfield survey many neighborhoods have a no-soliciting policy in place for businesses selling door to door. Chris Bluto, a Homeowners Association member, said a city-enforced ban is not the answer. “Citizens don’t want this decision made for them, it shouldn’t be regulated by the city,” Bluto said. “If I don’t want a solicitor’s business or product then I should be the one to tell them I’m not interested.” Bluto said the proposed ordinance may seem like a simple solution, but he said it would cre-


ate a struggle for community organizations. “To have a blanket-type ordinance against all solicitors is taking the easy way out,” Bluto said. “How’s little Jimmy going to sell popcorn for his Boy Scouts troop or how is Susie going to raise money for the Girl Scouts by selling cookies?” According to an official city survey taken in January, 56 percent of 794 Westfield residents said their neighborhoods already have a no-soliciting policy. The survey also showed 90 percent of respondents don’t want solicitors at their doors; 78 percent said they want nonprofit organizations included in the ban. Jim Hester, a Boy Scouts troop leader, said he’s concerned about a ban being the next step after surveying 3 percent of Westfield residents. According to Hester, Westfield Boy Scouts sold approximately $135,000 in popcorn and approximately $45,000 in commissions to fund scouting programs in Westfield. “I would venture to guess that more than 794 homes across Westfield bought popcorn from Boy Scouts selling door to door during our fall food drives for Amanda Strong and Open Doors,” Hester said. “Hundreds of homes leave food by their mailbox for Boy Scouts to collect. I accept this isn’t an official survey; however, I believe this is a barometer of how many households in our community support these programs through solicitation.”


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Views | Community | Cover Story | Education | Diversions | Inside & Out | Dough | Anti-Aging | Pets | Puzzles | Classifieds Head Producer Tyler Andrzejewski producing a newscast in the producer booth

Rebecca Pollard recording anchors Ahren Alexander and Jake Celleghin during a newscast

New program teaches Westfield High School students how to run a news show By Lindsay Eckert


estfield High School announcements have a facelift and an all-new attitude. Students aren’t just informing their classmates, they’re interacting with them through the school’s multimedia newscasts. RockTV was created as part of the school’s mass media class, but this year RockTV goes outside the walls of the classroom and inside the imagination of the students creating and viewing the programs. RockTV Director John Oestreich, a former Westfield economics teacher, is the school’s mass media teacher and heading up the program for the first time this year. He said he’s helping students lead the way as they move the program in a new direction. “I’m not here to control the process, when the kids take ownership for their ideas that’s when things really get going,” Oestreich said. “They come up with an idea they’re excited about and they work hard to make it happen, that’s when things really get going.” Students collaborate during their bonus period as well as before and after school. Students fill all roles in the television studio whether they are anchoring newscasts or special segments, in the producer booth writing news script or behind the camera. The news team produces Seniors Ahren Alexander and Rebecca Pollard newscasts, podcasts and special writing scripts for their segments segments Monday through Friday 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and they is finished with school and production the stucome in at 7 a.m., a half hour before classes to dents can sometimes put in a 12-hour day. begin producing. “We’ve been here working past 7 some nights Producer and Anchor Rebecca Pollard said and we’ve been in at 6 a.m., before school,” the process of getting the new program off the ground requires long hours by the time the group Pollard, who also plays for the school’s lacrosse

club, said. Pollard said working together to produce a show the entire news group is proud of makes the hours go quickly and the work entertaining. “We love it, it’s so fun and the people in our group are hilarious,” Pollard said. “It’s exciting to know we’re making the announcements better and something people enjoy, and I get to be part of that.” Tyler Andrzejewski, a producer and Westfield senior, also operates the camera and writes scripts. He said the newscasts’ new interactive style is a reflection of how the group works together. “There are deadlines, but we have a lot of fun between takes and we get the show done,” Andrzejewski said. “Nobody is taking charge of each other, we’re all working together. It’s interactive.” Senior Arlo Paulson is the creator and pro-

Current in Westfield

ducer of “This Week in Geek,” a tech-savvy segment reviewing the latest video games and computer programs. Paulson creates short videos and Web site information as part of his segment. He said the students’ special reports make the announcements unique and a teaching tool for a career he’s pursuing. “The segments enhance the news program, I like working on computers and providing information to students in an interesting way,” Paulson said. “I’m learning more about computer software too, which is a side benefit.” Sports reporter Ryan Monson, who records all Westfield games, interviews coaches and creates highlight reels for games ranging from high school to college sports, said the program gives him a chance to improve his sports reporting and bring multimedia experience to a career in sports radio. “I have my own podcast and Facebook group and I get to see the results of my work on TV; it helps me see how I can improve my next segment,” Monson said. “It gives me a chance to express my passion for sports in front of the entire student body.” Oestreich, also an assistant Westfield baseball coach, said the switch from teaching economics to mass media is different in every way from grading to planning for class. “I grade by using youtube now. Students post their segments on their youtube accounts and I put in a grade. It’s a lot different than grading numbers,” Oestrich said. “ It’s exciting and entertaining, sometimes I have to share the videos with my wife because they’re so funny and the kids are talented, I’m proud of their accomplishments.” Oestrich said the most important thing about the newscasts is they change every day and students are constantly working to bring awareness to current events in an appealing way for their peers. “The show is entertaining, but it’s not a variety show. It has a specific purpose to inform teens; however, we do provide an entertainment element to keep kids plugged in. The students’ creativity makes that balance happen,” Oestrich said. For more information about RockTV and a library of student segments, columns and podcasts, visit and its Facebook page.

October 4, 2011 | 9


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Voting by absentees to begin Monday By Robert Herrington Absentee and early voting for the 2011 general election will begin Monday and if you are not yet registered to vote time is running out. Voter registration will end next Tuesday. Those who are not registered can do so online at www. (if they have a driver’s license) or can fill out a form in person in the lower level of the Hamilton County Judicial Center, 1 Hamilton County Square in Noblesville. Those who are registered to vote and would like a mailed ballot have until Oct. 31 to apply for one. Kathy Richardson, Hamilton County elections administrator, said there are approximately 176,105 registered voters in Hamilton County. County residents cast a total of 24,173 ballots (14.62 percent) in May – down around 3 percent from the 2007 primary election which saw 17.3 percent of registered voters cast ballots. During the last non-presidential, municipality general election in 2007 the turnout was 19.8 percent. “Traditionally, municipality election turnout is lower anyways,” said Richardson. “Having just one of the races up on the ballot may have an effect on turnout as well.” Those who decide to not cast their vote because of a limited ballot will miss out. “Local officials affect you more on a day-today basis, even more than the president,” said Richardson. “It’s too bad more people don’t par-

ticipate in local elections.” Cicero and Carmel will not hold an election this November. Richardson said by not holding an election the areas are saving money. Richardson said direct costs for municipalities having an election include poll workers, janitors, supply kits, rent, meals, rent, postage for absentee ballots and poll lists – essentially anything that can be directly assessed to them is. “Everything else is pulled together and prorated,” she said. Items grouped together and pro-rated include fees for ballot counters, machine setup, MicroVote usage, legal advertising, election board and canvas board. Richardson said the county pays a fourth of the bill and the remaining threefourths are divided amongst the municipalities. Richardson said many believe it should be based on population, but in actuality the cost is based on voting percentage. “Fishers has more people but if it has less of a turnout than Noblesville, Noblesville picks up a larger chunk,” she explained. Richardson said Carmel had 50 percent of the total county turnout in May’s primary election and thus paid 50 percent of the remaining amount – approximately $56,640. Other costs passed onto Hamilton County townships from this year’s primary election were: Fishers, $32,519; Noblesville, $25,470; Westfield, $16,429; and Sheridan, $3,021.


“Only in municipal elections do they have to pay this,” Richardson said. Westfield has two contested races – mayor and City Council District 3. Incumbent Andy Cook (Republican) faces three opponents in the mayoral race including Democrat M. Kurtis Maddox, Libertarian Mike Waite and Independent Todd Hoard. Independent José Beyer is looking to take the council seat away from Republican Bob Smith. All city of Westfield registered voters will cast ballots for the mayoral race. Only voters in the precincts of East Westfield 1 and 2, and West Westfield 1 and 2 will vote for Westfield City Council District 3. Richardson said the following Westfield candidates – all Republicans – are unopposed and have won their election because no other candidates filed for the General Election. Their names will not be listed on the ballot: Clerk-Treasurer – Cindy Gossard, R Council At-Large – Jim Ake and Cindy L. Spoljaric Council District 1 – Robert Stokes Council District 2 – Steven K. Hoover Council District 4 – John Dippel Council District 5 – Robert L. (Bob) Horkay For more information about voter registration, call 776-9632. For more information about the general election, call 776-8476 or visit


With coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Exp 10/18/2011

With coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Exp 10/18/2011

Winter Is Coming Clean Your Roof Now!

The ugly black streaking is damaging your shingles and ruining your home’s curb appeal and market value.


• Soft Wash Roof Cleaning & House Washing • Interior & Exterior Gutter Cleaning • Brick, Stone, & Concrete Cleaning


• Fully Insured • 5 Year Roof Cleaning Warranty • Free On-Site Estimate

Outsource the stress of your employee management to Axiom HRS.

Call Indiana Roof Cleaning Today 317.771.4660

HR Administration • Employee Benefits • Risk Management Payroll Administration • Time & Labor Management




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Call and mention this ad to receive 10% off your cleaning

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Makes me want to lie down and die GRAMMAR GURU By Brandie Bohney Have you ever heard people say things are so bad that they just want to lay down and die? That phrase makes me want to ask what those other people feel when they need to put down before their untimely end. Lay and lie give so many people problems, it’s nearly ludicrous. I’m not talking about lying as in telling someone something you know isn’t true or lie as in a false statement. Rather, I’m referring to lay and lie as verbs meaning to prostrate oneself or to put something down. Here’s the thing: lay and lie are different words. But the past tense of lie is lay, which is tremendously confusing. So I get it when people mess it up. I don’t excuse it, but I get it. Lie does not take an object: • I’m going to lie down. • I lay down yesterday. • I have lain here for hours. Lay, on the other hand, always takes an object: • Please lay the papers on the desk. • He laid the papers there yesterday. • He has laid papers there every day for a year. For many people, the past tense of lie is counterintuitive. It took me about a year of thinking about it before I spoke or wrote to consistently get it correct. And I still second-guess myself once in a while. The truth is, so many people use lay in place of lie that the correct use sounds wrong to most people.


N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t fi e l d / F i s h e r s


Does that make it okay to make the mistake? No Understandable? Yes. But still not acceptable. When you’re writing, grammar-check will often flag the incorrect usage, but when you’re speaking, you don’t have that option. Instead, it’s wise to make a concerted effort to retrain your brain to hear the correct version as natural instead of foreign. Then, your grammar won’t make anyone want to lie down and die.

I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing and on Facebook


MOVIE VALUE All digital presentation


Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

Fun, spacious lobby

DAILY 4:00-6:00 PM

*excludes IMAX, Digital 3D & Fathom


CONTAGION IMAX (PG-13) 11:50, 2:15, 4:40, 7:05, 9:30

16229 ETNA DR $279,900 BLC#21142173

All superb rocker seats


Saturday & Sunday 9 & 10 AM

New Esthetician Leslie Baldwin!

Enjoy both easy entertaining and quiet family life in this fascinating 4BR/3+BA residence. 3-car garage, fireplace.

The 1 & 1 Special! 1 Chemical Peel & 1 Microdermabrasion for $100, a $175 value! Also specials on select SkinMedica products!

NINA KLEMM, 460-1692

Visit or call (765.457.4130) for details!




WITH 5 OR MORE INSTALLED ANDERSEN WINDOWS AND/OR PATIO DOORS NOW THROUGH OCTOBER 28 CASH IN ON 2011 TAX CREDITS for window and door replacement, call for complete details.**

Providing building solutions to the Indianapolis market since 1873

Premium Window Replacement Specialists 1717 West Washington )NDIANAPOLIS ). s 317-615-3264 We feature energy-efficient Andersen® products.

Up to $400 Value. Contact for details *

“ENERGY STAR” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “Andersen” and all other marks where denoted are trademarks of Andersen Corporation. ©2011 Andersen Corporation. All rights reserved. AW09/11_1842


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DISPATCHES » Pumpkin patch festival – RE/MAX Legends Group will hold its annual Pumpkin Patch Festival Staurday from noon to 3 p.m. The event is hosted by Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health North. The festival is open to the public with free admission and parking available. » Library closing – The Westfield Washington Public Library will be closed next Monday for in-house staff training. » Fireside Tales – In partnership with the City of Westfield Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Westfield Washington Public Library is presenting Fireside Tales Oct. 12 at 6:30 p.m., at Simon Moon Park’s Council Circle Fire Pit, 171st Street. Bring your pillows, blankets and snuggle up tight as we learn about hibernation. » Taste of Westfield luncheon –The annual luncheon is inviting local restaurants to participate in the event and promote their favorite dishes Oct. 20 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at East Street Studios, Westfield. The event is free for Chamber members. Participants who are not Chamber members will pay a $50 fee

to have a showcase table at the event. » Breakfast with beer? – With flavors ranging from coffee to maple syrup, the right brew can be as perfect a breakfast accompaniment as O.J. Try Left Hand Milk Stout with cereal or granola. Beer yeast can’t digest lactose, or milk sugar, so it remains unfermented in milk stouts like this one, giving it a sweet, Hershey-bar tang, like the milky dregs of chocolate cereal. This is how creamy coffee should taste (but never quite does): a bitter edge polished silky smooth. 6.0 percent ABV. » Holiday travel more expensive – Flying over the holidays is going to cost more this year. And the longer you wait to book, the pricier it’s likely to get. The average domestic airfare for the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas is $383, 4 percent higher than last year, according to Expedia. As airlines fly fewer routes and planes to cut costs, there are fewer seats available. Flights are fuller than ever, and airlines can charge more. -Associated Press


Family Owned

Made in Indiana



Sleep like a baby on a Bowles Mattress

Top Value Premium Quality 10” Euro Top Mattress Plush-Firm comfort Queen Set Only $ 399 00 King Set Only $ 579 00

We have futons, too!


• How to choose a contractor • Design trends and tips • Choosing the right countertop Each AFFORDABLE Seminar tpyically lasts 90 minutes. Hurry! Seats are limited.

2 locations:

17419 Carey Rd. Suite A Westfield, IN Mon-Sat. 10-7 Sunday 1-5 (317) 804-5983

We are excited to introduce our new, totally free seminar series designed to help you get the most value out of your home.


2355 Conner St. Noblesville, IN Mon-Sat. 10-7 Sunday 1-5 (317) 773-7800

Thursday, October 20 at 7p.m. Saturday, October 24 at 9a.m.

Door Prizes Q&A Session


By Phone!

(317) 575-9540 or on the web CHECK OUT THIS MONTH’S DEALS & PROMOTIONS at

take our BETTER REST TEST @ 14 | October 4, 2011


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1000 3rd Ave. SW • Suite 120 • Carmel, Indiana 46032 PH (317) 575-9540


Trip Ideas

IndIana 1











Harvest Homecoming Festival New Albany, Indiana Booth Weekend October 6-9


Details online at

Carved in Stone The great outdoors are even greater in Limestone Country!

Thanks to the limestone terrain, there are rolling hills to hike, caves to explore, rivers to paddle and one of the best state parks around. Checkout a GPS at the Visitors Center and hunt for geocaches. So pack your sense of adventure, some energy bars and carve out some time for fun and excitement in Limestone Country. (Luckily, we have some great spots to relax and spend the night, too!)

View the fall leaves changing in real-time. Go to and click on the leaf to see the Leafcam at Spring Mill State Park.

1-800-798-0769 Visitor Center • 533 W Main Street Historic Downtown Mitchell, IN


Clark-Floyd Counties Convention-Tourism Bureau 305 Southern Indiana Avenue Jeffersonville, IN 47130 812-280-5566


Views | Community | Cover Story | Education | Diversions | Inside & Out | Dough | Anti-Aging | Pets | Puzzles | Classifieds more than 100 different Coke products. Also among Firehouse’s offerings are chili, soups, chips, cookies and brownies. Firehouse Subs is a familyoriented restaurant with comfortable seating, dualplasma televisions and outdoor seating. Type of food: Hot and cold submarine sandwiches Price of entrees: Medium subs: $5-6; large subs: $7-8; combos (includes chips and drink): medium: $7-9 and large: $9-10. Specialties: Hot specialty subs Smoking: Not permitted Reservations: Not allowed Dress: Casual Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Phone: 317-773-7333 Address: 17053 Mercantile Blvd., Noblesville Website:

Firehouse Subs The scoop: “Welcome to Firehouse Subs!” Those words, exclaimed by an enthusiastic staff member, is the rousing greeting you receive upon entering Firehouse Subs. The restaurant, which opened in November 2010, features a wide variety of submarine sandwiches. The featured sandwiches range from cold subs to hot subs and hot specialty subs. Firehouse is the first to feature a new technology known as the Freestyle Coke Machine, which allows customers to choose from

Chad Keefe, General Manager, Logan’s Roadhouse Where do you like to eat? My wife, our kids and I like to go to Hong Kong Cuisine. What do you like to eat at Hong Kong Cuisine? I like to get the “Happy Family.” I like the way it’s prepared with the lobster, the pork and the beef. Why do you like Hong Kong Cuisine? I like it because it’s family-owned and operated. You know they take great care when it’s privately owned. Hong Kong Cuisine is located at 9524 E. 126th St. in Fishers. Their phone number is 577-8333.

A Shot in the Dark Ingredients • 0.5 oz. Baileys Original Irish Cream • 0.25 oz. cold brewed coffee • 1 oz. Bulleit Bourbon • 0.25 oz. Zwack • 0.13 oz. demerara syrup • 1.5 dashes Mole Bitters Directions: 1. Add Bulleit Bourbon, Zwack, demerara syrup, cold brew coffee and mole bitters to a cocktail shaker. 2. Stir with ice and strain into a martini glass. 3. Slowly add 1/2 ounce of Baileys Original Irish Cream. 4. The Baileys will end up sitting at the bottom and the cocktail on top (will look like a reverse cappuccino. You enjoy the bitter spicy cocktail and get a last taste of rich cream from the Baileys).

In 15th century Europe, the nobility often spoke in Latin, to hide their conversations from the less educated. Similarly, today’s “preppy” tailgaters, especially in the Ivy League, are known use nautical flags to represent their team in a way that only sail-boaters would understand. For example, a flag with white and red vertical halves represents an H (Harvard). A Y flag (Yale) is yellow with five

slanted red stripes. Locally an I is a yellow flag with a black dot and a U is a flag with four quarters (squares) of red and white on the left and white and red on the right. The letter P is a blue flag with a white square centered. Why not get creative at your next tailgate and run some nautical flags up your pole, or should I say halyard?

Cucumber in sour cream salad Ingredients: 4 large cucumbers peeled and thinly sliced, 16 oz sour cream, Kosher Salt, Rice vinegar Preparation: Place the cucumber slices in a large bowl that is wide enough to hold a dinner plate for the pressing stage. These slices should be salted to keep in their crispness and to remove the water. Cover the slices, in the bowl, with a dinner

16 | October 4, 2011

plate weighted to press the cucumbers to remove the liquid overnight. Occasionally (several times) drain off the liquid. Game day: On game day remove the weighted plate and drain the liquid again. Add 3/4 to all of the sour cream to coat the slices and reach a consistency to your taste. Add 1/2 tsp. of the rice vinegar to remove some of the creaminess. Mix all

this together gently. Place into a resealable plastic container and pack chilled into your food cooler. Serve this warm-weather side dish as a balance to spicy sandwiches or with chicken or steaks.

Simple Sirloin Salad Ingredients • 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce or marinade • 1/2 cup hoisin sauce • 2 tablespoons cider vinegar • 1 tablespoon sugar • 1 1/2 teaspoons hot sauce • 1 1/2 pounds sirloin steak, trimmed of fat and cut into 1/4-inch slices • 2 large hearts of romaine, roughly chopped • 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese • 1 cup halved cherry or grape tomatoes • Seasoned croutons (optional)

Directions • In a medium bowl, whisk together the teriyaki, hoisin, vinegar, sugar and hot sauce. Add the steak, turning to coat well, then cover and refrigerate for one hour. • Meanwhile, arrange the lettuce on 4 serving plates. • Heat the grill to high. Coat the grates with cooking spray.

• Use tongs to transfer the steak, leaving as much of the marinade clinging to it as possible, to the grill. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes per side. • Divide the steak between the serving plates, heaping it over the lettuce. Sprinkle with blue cheese. Divide the tomato halves between the salads. Sprinkle with croutons. Serves 4.

This weeks special: Joe’s Reserve Sirloin Steak $ave $2/lb Joes Butcher Shop and Fish Market • 111 W. Main St., Carmel • 846-8877 Hours: Mon-Fri. 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. • Sat. 8 a.m. - 7p.m. • Sun. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. INDIANA RAISED • HORMONE AND ANTIBIOTIC FREE CHICKEN BEEF AND PORK • FRESH SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD

Did you know...Breast cancer can spread to the eye? October is breast cancer awareness month. Call to nominate your favorite breast cancer survivor for a complimentary comprehensive eye examination and 30% off a complete pair of glasses. "Orange is Dr. Wittmann's favorite color. It makes a point by being deliberate and bold while being full of light and hope. That's Tammy Wittmann to me, in a nutshell. Dr. Wittmann loves what she does, helping people. She is my eye doctor because she's an awesome one and she takes every step along the way to keep being the best and to earn the trust of her patients." -Jennie DeVoe, singer and songwriter

Joe Drozda is a Carmel resident and an author about sports and food. You may contact him at drozda@ or visit

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Now – Oct. 9 Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre: Singin’ in the Rain 9301 N. Michigan Rd., Carmel Details and ticket information available online at Now – Oct. 23 Phoenix Theatre: Spring Awakening 749 N. Park Ave., Indianapolis In “Spring Awakening” adolescents discover the inner and outer tumult of their sensuality. Details: For tickets visit or call 635-7529 Oct. 28 – Nov. 2 Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre: Amadeus 3 Center Green, Suite 200, Carmel Peter Shaffer’s award-winning “Amadeus” combines fiction and history to explore the dramatic

LIVE MUSIC Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian St. For more information call 573-9746. Friday – Kyxx Saturday – Zanna-Doo! Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more

rivalry between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, the late 18th century court composer for the “Emperor of Austria,” who escorts the audience through his recollection of the events leading to Mozart’s death. Details: For tickets visit or call 317-843-3800. Oct. 28 – Nov. 20 Actors Theatre of Indiana: Forbidden Broadway 160 W. Carmel Drive, Suite #207, Carmel Journey through more than 20 Broadway shows and spend the evening with Carol Channing, Julie Andrews, Ethel Merman, not to mention the casts of “The Lion King”, “Wicked”, “Mamma Mia”, “Hairspray” and so many more in this entertaining tribute to some of Broadway’s greatest shows and stars. Details: For tickets, visit or call 317-669-7983. information, call 770-9020. Friday – Parasia Saturday – Something Rather Naughty Moon Dog Tavern, 825 E 96th St., Indianapolis, 46240. Call 575-6364 for more information. Friday – Henry Lee Summer & Friends Saturday – The Jester Kings

with Lowrey Artist Jim Vogelman !"#$%&''()*+**(+,--,'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''./0&''()*+**(+*--1

Lambert’s Lowrey Organ Center Noblesville Shopping Center 573 Westfield Rd. Noblesville, IN • (317) 773-2002

October 7−8−9 Carmel American Legion #155 852 W. Main St. Carmel, IN

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Friday, Oct. 7 6pm − 12am Saturday, Oct. 8 6pm − 12am Sunday, Oct. 9 11am − 8pm

German Food & Beer Texas Hold’em Monte Carlo Music Video DJ Hog Roast & German Beer Monte Carlo Karaoke Dogs & Burgers Live Music Monte Carlo Colts on Big Screens

License #125579

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Skincare for Men

• Hair • Skin • Nails • Massage

It is just as important for men to take care of their skin as it is for women. In general, men do not typically spend as much time taking care of their skin as women, and when they do attempt to have a skincare regimen, it may not be the proper one for their skin type. Salon 01 estheticians are trained to help both men and women find the perfect skincare products and regimen. First they will diagnose your skin type, and whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin, they are trained to find the best combination of products to help maintain younger, healthier looking skin.



C 00



n Ce


iv Dr

rm Ca

Bigger is Better Try these simple steps to help achieve the voluminous, bombshell hair that can now be found on magazine covers and all along the red carpet:

Enjoy! $5 off a haircut with our Men’s Specialist, Norma.

To begin, towel dry your hair and mist a leave-in conditioner (such as Biominoil Leave In Treatment) and a volumizer (try Brocato’s Volumizing Tonic). Then begin blow drying your roots while pulling them away from your scalp.

Offer go o d t hr o ugh O c t . 3 1, 20 11.

When your hair is completely dry, wrap 1-inch sections in Velcro rollers. Once your hair is set, blow dry with a diffuser for another 10 minutes on the hot setting, then 10 minutes on the cool setting. Alternatively, you could use large hot rollers or a curling iron once your hair is completely dry.

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After removing the rollers, combine a drop of shine serum (like Brocato’s Shine Drops) and a light hold gel (Salon 01 brand Flex Hold Gel) in the palms of your hands. Run your hands throughout your hair and move your voluminous locks into place. For added boost, gently tease your roots around the crown of your head. Finish off the process with a blast of moveable hold hairspray to keep your ‘do in place. Looking for more hairstyling tips? Check out our blog at

Attention Brides To Be! Did you know that Salon 01 is able to handle large bridal parties? Our unique facility and large staff allows for your entire wedding party to receive hair services at the same time! Schedule up-do’s for all your bridesmaids and even treat your mother and new mother in-law to a shampoo and style for your big day. Salon 01 has customized bridal packages available. Our bridal director will be happy to assist you in scheduling all your appointments. Call today at 317-580-0101.


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Covered porch creates new outdoor living space COMMENTARY By Larry Greene Original home: The seven-year-old home is located in the Centennial Subdivision in Westfield. The current homeowners have lived there for five years. Motivation for creating a new outdoor living space: According to the homeowner, “I had a back porch as I was growing up. Plus, I have lost three tables and an umbrella in the last five years from the wind.” Porch details: The new porch is supported with concrete piers which extend below the frost line. The new patio surface is brushed concrete with an arched step extending from the patio door and an area for grilling. The new porch finishes include painted cedar posts and wrapped beams. The porch is trimmed with cedar to match the new column trim. The beadboard porch ceiling is vaulted throughout to create a more open feeling. Finally, a new ceiling fan was installed from the center ridge beam. Favorite features: The homeowner commented, “I work from home and it is so nice to go outside during the day and not bake from

Before the sun. Our family can actually talk and relax in the new porch now. We have used it a lot already and it’s only been a few weeks since completion.” According to the homeowners, “We are planning on having our neighbors over soon to show off our new porch. They have all been watching with envy as the project progressed.” Larry Greene is the president of Case Design/Remodeling, a fullservice design/build firm serving Hamilton County. Contact him at


The attorneys of HARDEN JACKSON are committed to providing our clients with personalized, compassionate service while remaining assertive advocates protecting our clients' interests whether they are fighting for custody, protecting assets, or negotiating the terms of a surrogacy contract.

11450 N. Meridian St., Suite 200 Carmel, Indiana 46032 317-569-0770

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DISPATCHES » Axiom opens in Carmel – Axiom Human Resource Solutions (, a complete human resource outsourcing firm, is officially open for business and will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a launch party with the Carmel Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 13 at 4 p.m. at its headquarters, 1528 E. Greyhound Pass. Axiom HRS offers small and medium-sized businesses customizable employee management services. » Free e-books – Save $10 per download by borrowing e-books from your local library, two-thirds of which now offer e-book borrowing. You can also borrow eBooks for free from Barnes & Noble’s LendMe service, via Amazon’s Kindle (which also offers  free downloads of classic books),  Project Gutenberg and  Daily Lit, among other Web sites. » Innovation through failure – Many people succeed at producing innovations because they churn out a very large number of ideas, both good and bad, says psychology professor Dean Keith Simonton. Some companies, to encourage innovation, tolerate failures and even reward employees for them

in some cases. Employers use a variety of tactics to foster innovation. Grey New York, for example, blocks off a “no meeting zone” each week to allow employees sustained time for work on creative projects. Some add game or nap rooms, expansive art-filled atriums, hiking trails or private meditation rooms with music and adjustable lighting.

Carmel’s Most Anticipated Luxury Apartment Community

Now Open!

» Track expenses online – is a new expense tracker – co-founded by a former executive – that keeps all your claims and billing information in one place and lets you see at a glance how much money is left in your flexible spending account. Plus, it has good (VeriSign Trusted) security. » Crooks can buy ATMs – Hop on over to eBay and Craigslist and type in “ATM.” Availability varies, but often you can find machines for sale that cost just a few hundred bucks. Bad guys can buy these, get a computer programmer to rewrite the code and set them up just about anywhere to collect people’s card information and PINs. Sometimes the machines actually dispense some cash, but often they’re set up just to display an error message – after stealing your data.

Attention Beazer Home Owners Please let us know what your experience has been living in a Beazer home. We are conducting research and would greatly appreciate your thoughts related to dealing with Beazer Homes. Requests for confidentiality will be honored. You can email us at or you may send a confidential response to:

Sustainable is now attainable at Sophia Square, new luxury apartments in the Carmel Arts and Design District. Come home to contemporary design, all in a premier location at Main Street and the Monon Trail. It’s green living. It’s unlike anything else. And it’s only at Sophia Square. Granite Countertops & Stainless Steel /Black Appliances Beautiful Landscaped Courtyard with Pool, Fountain, and Grills Full-Size Washer/Dryer in Every Apartment Underground Parking Garage Adjacent to the Monon Trail Exclusive Resident Amenity Lounge - Wii Gaming Space & Billiards - 3D Cinema - Executive Center - and Much More! Green Construction and Design Pets Welcome!*

855.234.0110 110 West Main St Carmel, IN 46032

*Restrictions apply

Builder Research, PO Box 421942 , Indianapolis , IN 46242-1912

As much as 80% of learning comes from your children’s vision. Don’t let them fall behind. Call today to schedule an appointment

Visit Our Exciting On-Site Retail Collection

Adara Day Spa Carmel’s center for relaxation and pampering. • Facials • Waxing & Threading • Massage • Manicures/Pedicures Mention this ad and receive 30% off of your first spa visit! Don’t forget to ask about our Monday specials and spa parties! Mon. & Sat. • 9AM-6PM | Tues. - Fri. • 9AM-7PM | Sun. • Closed

Busby Eye Care

Kathleen I. Busby, O.D. Erin Buck, O.D. 16409 Southpark Drive • Westfield, IN 46074 317-896-5005

20 | October 4, 2011

Now Open

Current in Westfield

On First Ave. off of Main St. • 317.816.9090

Detour-An American Grille Taste of Sensu Café St. Tropez Huddles Coming Soon

Anytime Fitness 14 Districts Boutique

For retail leasing information, call (317) 636-2000 Professionally managed by

Developed by

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Five ways to spoil a meeting COMMENTARY By David Cain Nothing blows the potential to have a great meeting like the following five things. Meetings, meetings, meetings, so much time, so much potential, so often wasted. Avoid these top five spoilers and enjoy better get-togethers with happier attendees. Start late. “Hey, sorry I’m late, let me just grab some coffee and hit the restroom and I’ll be right there.” That’s nice, show up a few minutes late and then take your time getting started. Everyone loves it when people impose their own life on you. If you want to start your meeting at 9:15, set it for 9:15. Be unprepared. No forethought or advance preparation is the rain on your meeting day. Whether you were invited to the meeting or originated it, you should always be prepared. Nothing looks more amateur than showing up to a meeting with nothing but a pen and paper eager to learn. Be prepared and lead the way to better outcomes. Interrupt. After all, everyone showed up to hear you talk. Just keep blurting out anything that runs through the scrolling LED in your head and you’ll look like a star. It’s expected to have ideas, but consider listening more than you talk. Go freestyle. Agenda-free meetings with no real thought to what you want to accomplish

are great spoilers. Just get in a room, start with small talk and see where it goes. Want to kickstart your effectiveness? Go into every meeting and start with a list of what the group will accomplish in that meeting and how much time you all agree to commit. Go around the room and ask, “What do you want to accomplish to make this meeting a great use of your time?” Everyone agrees and everyone is working toward the same goals. Run over. Well, you started late, why not run over on time too? It just makes good sense. Want to be sure you run over? Invite too many people. And, use every bit of time allotted even if you finish early is just as annoying. It’s okay to get things done faster. Business requires meetings. For that matter, all aspects of life require discussions of some sort, so why not work to make all that time more productive and effective? If you do, you’ll eventually eliminate meetings. If you are always prepared and know everyone’s goals for the encounter, you’ll find some of the meetings just go away.


Welcome to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Bridgewater, a new 120-bed transitional care center opening in the Westfield suburb.

David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at David.Cain@MediaSauce. com.

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• Specialized, short-term rehabilitation • Orthopedic speciality program • Private, spacious rooms

• Fine dining • Theatre room • Library and coffee bar

NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS! 575-2208 14751 Carey Road | Carmel, IN 46033 |

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Type: Traditional, two-story Age: Built in 2001 Location: Near 156th Street & Spring Mill Road Neighborhood: Centennial Square Footage: 2,142 square feet Features: Four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, brand-new granite countertops in kitchen, exterior painted this year. Spacious family room with wood-burning fireplace; kitchen with pantry and breakfast room and main-floor laundry room. Master suite features vaulted ceiling, large master bath with garden tub, full shower stall and huge walk-in closet. All bedrooms have walk-in closets. Two-car garage.

Strengths: Many updates, including new countertops Challenges: Backs up to 156th Street and does not have a basement Keith Albrecht is a Realtor with RE/ MAX serving Hamilton County and Indianapolis. Contact the Albrecht Team by phone at 580-9955 or via e-mail at

Opportunities to own in these volatile markets 1. Regis (RGS), which owns and operates more than 10,000 hair fashion and beauty-product salons in the U.S. and overseas, now trading at $14 a share. 2. Oshkosh (OSK), a manufacturer of specialty trucks for the defense, fire and emergency, and hauling markets, trading at $17. 3. CSG Systems International (CSGS), a customer and billing service outfit used by tele-

com, cable-TV and direct broadcast satellite companies, now at $14. 4. CoreLogic (CLGX), which provides information technology services, financial data and data processing to various enterprises, now selling at $11 a share.


5 9 $

Furnace or Heat Pump

Your #1 Choice For Real Estate Sales & Rentals In Metro Indy & Surrounding Counties

10149 Partridge Place - $1,850/month

4 Bedroom & 2.5 Bath, Two-Story Home in Carmel. 2,208 total sq ft.

4 Bedroom & 2.5 Bath, Two-Story Home with a finished basement in Carmel. 2,982 total sq ft.

Contact JJ Canull for a private tour! (317) 848 - 1588 or (317) 418 - 7076

Contact JJ Canull for a private tour! (317) 848 - 1588 or (317) 418 - 7076

22 | October 4, 2011

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New customers only

200% Money-back Guarantee: Not happy with tune-up? Don’t pay We will pay


10182 Briar Creek Lane - $189,900

Tune up



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DISPATCHES » Couch potato workout – Leg-up couch crunches: Lie on your back on a couch with your knees bent, your feet up on one end, and your hands behind your head. Pressing your lower back into the couch, slowly lift your head, shoulders, and upper back off the couch. Hold, then slowly lower. (If your couch is too soft, you may need to do this exercise on the floor.) Cardio finish: Do knee lifts. While standing, alternate bringing your right elbow down to meet your left knee, and vice versa. » Do you have less energy? – If so, you may need some more vitamin B12. This nutrient helps regulate your metabolism and energy production and is key to maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. Chewing a lot of antacids to relieve heartburn can also lead to B12 deficiency, because antacids interfere with B12 absorption. Food fix: Have two servings of nonfat dairy foods and 3 to 4 ounces of lean protein daily. Good sources of B12 include seafood such as fish, clams, oysters, and mussels, as well as lean beef and pork, chicken, and fortified cereal.

» Whiten teeth naturally? – If you want to avoid the pain and the cost of overthe-counter whiteners, you can try a few different at-home treatments. If you make a paste from lemon juice and salt, you can use this as whitening gel. This can be rubbed on the teeth to slowly wear down the dull color. To make your teeth shinier, you can rub your teeth with the inner white part of an orange peel. This gives discolored teeth a bright shine. This is good to use in combination with other home-whitening products. » IU North to turn pink – Indiana University Health North Hospital will turn its campus pink this month to raise funds for a local breast cancer organization during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The public can make online donations that will allow pink solar lights to be placed on IU Health North Hospital grounds in recognition of those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Lights are $5 each and can be dedicated to honor, remember, or thank a friend or family member. Pink solar lights can be dedicated online at

There’s SNOW place

like Home.

While the rest of the Indianapolis area will be stuck inside and constrained by the various ice and snow storms coming this winter, we’ll be living it up at The Stratford!

At The Stratford we don’t have to go outside to get to our grand dining room for a delicious, hot meal. We don’t have to drive anywhere to pick out a good read from our library. No one has to hit the sidewalk to travel to the wellness center for some exercise (ours is just down the hall in the clubhouse). We don’t even have to clean up after our parties because the amazing staff here does it for us. In short, while the rest of the area is digging out—we‘ll be living it up! This could be you this winter, so call 317-733-9560 now and ask our Lifestyle Advisors about the benefits of living at The Stratford. By the first snow of this year—you’ll be glad you did!

Visit to RSVP

The Stratford | Carmel’s Premier Continuing Care Retirement Community 2460 Glebe Street | Carmel, IN 46032 www.Stratford-Living

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of Flavor h nt the Mo ut n Butter h Squas


Dr. Elsey’s Litter Attractant HALLOWEEN DOG TREATS AVAILABLE NOW! Fruitables Treats for Dogs Spot’s Chew - a Dental Treat from Halo® $ave Bucks at Izzy’s with our “Frequent Shopper and Izzy/s Customer Appreciation Rewards”

DISPATCHES » New book for pet owners – Best-selling author and animal advocateJon Katz has been writing about dogs for over a decade. Katz wrote his latest, “Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die,” which came out last week, to provide guidance, support and advice for people on how to handle the loss of a pet. » Why do dogs eat grass? – As omnivores, dogs benefit from eating vegetables or fruits. Even coyotes and wolves eat vegetable matter found in the stomach of prey, as well as roots, grasses and fruit. Dogs often beg for and enjoy snacks of raw vegetables like lettuce, green beans and carrots. Most pet dogs occasionally eat grass, which may provide vitamins the dog craves, or it may simply like the taste. Dogs also eat grass to stimulate vomiting when they feel ill.

24 | October 4, 2011

Dealing with your dog’s stress PETS By John Mikesell Plenty of pets have anxiety issues, and many pet parents don’t know how to handle them. Pet owners spend $1 billion a year addressing fear and anxiety issues in their dogs, hoping something will perk their ears back up. Forty-one percent of dog owners participating in a survey by GMI Inc. said they had at least one dog with a history of anxiety. The online survey involved more than 1,000 households. Twenty-nine percent of dogs in the survey population suffered from some form of anxiety or fear. The most common triggers were separation anxiety and noises, such as thunderstorms or fireworks. Half of the survey respondents said they take action to address anxiety issues in their dogs, but 71 percent don’t feel it is necessary. Respondents also said a solution would be too expensive. Respondents who address their dog’s anxiety rely on medications, training and helping their dog avoid stressful circumstances. “We’ve worked with thousands of dogs over the past two years, so we knew anxiety problems in dogs are very common but we

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were incredibly surprised by the results of this data,” said Phil Blizzard, founder of Thunder Shirt, which commissioned the survey. “As our survey shows, millions of dogs are suffering from, and not being adequately treated for, fear of thunder, separation and travel anxiety and a whole host of other anxiety and fear issues,” Blizzard said. “It is our hope that by highlighting the prevalence of these issues, we’re able to alleviate anxiety for more dogs and their owners in the future.” By extrapolating its survey results to data from 2009-2010 APPA National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association. Thunder Shirt estimates nearly 23 million dogs currently suffer or have suffered some from sort of anxiety issues. Evidence suggests dog owners spend an average of $1 billion per year; including more than $240 million attributable to property damage caused by anxious animals. John Mikesell, owner of Izzy’s Place, A dog Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at

Views | Community | Cover Story | Education | Diversions | Inside  &  Out | Dough | Anti-Aging | Pets | Puzzles | Classifieds Across 1. Indy newspaper 5. Taj Mahal city 9. Sharply dressed, like a WRTV anchor 14. Red Skelton persona 15. Leak slowly 16. James Whitcomb Riley’s “prior to” 17. Colts kicker, ___ Vinatieri 18. Retain 19. Fluorescent bulb gas 20. Veolia product 22. Indiana U.S. Senator, and anagram of 35-, 46- and 56-Across (2 wds.) 24. Soap ingredient for Indiana’s Amish 25. Indiana State Fair mo. 28. Chop off 29. Battery partner 31. Catch some Zs 35. Frog tins (2 wds.) 38. The Current boss 40. On the briny (2 wds.) 41. Mellencamp booking 43. Stirs up 44. Broad ___ 46. Lacking sorrowful felines (3 wds.) 48. “Hey...over here!” 49. IND carousel sight 51. Eagle Creek Park beachgoer’s goal, often 52. “Double Fantasy” collaborator at Indy CD & Vinyl 53. David & Mary Salon, e.g. 56. Responds to a posting on Craigslist (3 wds.) 61. Like a Purdue streaker 63. It’s a no-no 64. ___ & Boards 67. Told a whopper 68. Some abstract works at IMA (2 wds.) 69. Children’s Museum building block 70. Mo. for Indy’s annual Labor Day parade 71. Capital of Western Australia 72. IUPUI halftime lead, e.g. 73. Guesstimate phrase (2 wds.) Down 1. Bit of attire for a Yellow Rose Carriages ride, maybe 2. WTHR morning show 3. Diminish 4. Indiana town on the Ohio River that shares a name with a European capital 5. Query 6. “Fancy that!” 7. Miss Indiana 2010, Gabrielle ___ 8. Horrify 9. Civil rights org. 10. Retro ‘do for Pacer Darnell Hillman 11. Butler fraternity party wear 12. Hoosier Park pace 13. Desires 21. Verizon Wireless Music Center band: ___ Flatts 23. ISO musical mark 26. Bright House cable network 27. Spanky’s group 29. Highly skilled 30. Taking advantage of 31. Part of LED 32. Ear-related at IU Health 33. Barefoot Olympics runner, ___ Budd 34. Prefix with “while” 35. Victory Field rain cover 36. Former Indiana governor, ___ R. Bowen 37. Egyptian snakes 39. Fire-breathing beast 42. Kind of boot or dancer in the ‘60s




















22 26


29 35


38 41











2009 IS250


AWD RED & READY!................$32,995


51 56
















53 61

60 65





2008 GS350

2009 IS250



2010 LS460

AWD Just 32k Miles!...............$35,995



2008 LS460

2008 ES350









25k Miles.................................$46,995





2010 RX350

2008 ES350

Use all the letter segments below to fill in the answers to the clues. The number of segments you will use in each answer is shown in parentheses. The dashes indicate the number of letters in each answer. Each segment is used only once. ATRE ESKY GEH HED ILLA IMA KER LUK OG PIE SHAR VAN WAL XTHE

23k Miles.................................$42,995

LIKE NEW!.................................$30,995

2008 LS460

2009 IS350


2) Big Screen at Hamilton Town Center (3) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

HARD TO FIND!........................$31,988

2008 LS460

2011 LS460





2010 LS460 L

2008 GS350



2010 RX350

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


2009 GX470

38k Miles.................................$29,995 AWD........................................$69,995

3) Big Black Marker Brand (2)


LIKE NEW!.................................$34,995


19k Miles.................................$42,995

4) Arcadia Music Showcase Animal (3)


___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

5) Star Wars Character (4) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

2008 MERCEDES C300

2007 TOYOTA RAV 4 HARVARD, LIMITED!...............................$23,995

Using the letters in Nancy Noel, create as many common words of 4+ letters as you can in 20 minutes. No proper nouns or build the words foreign words.

NANCY NOEL __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________


46k Miles.................................$45,995

2008 ES350

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___


Loaded....................................$46,988 WOW........................................$66,995

1) Plain (2)

___ ___ ___ ___


__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

35+: Word wizard 25-34: Brainiac 15-24: Not too shabby <15: Try again next week




26k MILES!............................$25,988

VALUE PRICE!...........................$18,988


2010 Buick Lacrosse CXS


21K Miles!.................................$29,988


2008 BMW 335I

FRESH TRADE!.......................$24,995


2008 Chrysler 300 C

2009 Hyundai Sante Fe

Hemi!....................................$23,988 P6471


Limited ..................................... $24,988

2011 Cadillac DTS

2008 VOLVO S80

Like New................................39,988






45. Indianapolis furs name 56. Perched on Chase Tower 47. Jennings County town: ___ 57. Superhero accessory Jacinto 58. Paoli Peaks lift 50. Not having what it takes 59. Do a laundry chore 51. It may be filled at Dentistry 60. Scout’s good work on 116Indiana Wordsmith Challenge62. “The Sun ___ Rises” 53. One getting towed at Geist 65. Sunshine Cafe omelet 54. Chicks’ sounds ingredient 55. Increase (2 wds.) 66. Greyhounds adversary

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4610 E. 96th St • Indianapolis (888) 774-7738 |

October 4, 2011 | 25

Hamilton County Business Contacts Get your card in front of more than 92,000 households in Hamilton County! Call Dennis O’Malia @ 370-0749 for details •Low Maintenance Lifestyle •9ʼ Ceilings •Full Finished Basement “Custom Carmel Ranch” •Granite and Custom Cabinets 668 Allenhurst Circle •Hardwood Floors $369,900 •Energy Star Call Dan at 317-432-0001



2:23 PM



Business Advisors, Tax Preparation & Planning, Tax Cases, Accounting, Estate Planning, Valuations, Onsite Assistance, Buying, Selling or Starting a Business, QuickBooks Training



Elizabeth A. Laskowski, CPA

13636 N. Meridian St. • Carmel, IN 46032 P 317-574-9500 •

W 136th St

L. Siebert 632 Ironwood Drive Carmel, IN 46033

(317) 846-4166 (317) 509-3943

Meridian Village Plaza


e Av ne

and cost-effectively.

W 146th St to ys

10321 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46280 317.844.1303 Fax: 317.844.1361 E-mail:

to consumers and employers professionally, conveniently,


ANY LAB TEST NOW ® provides thousands of standard lab tests

Roher Rd

James C. Hoppel, J.D., MBA

Spring Mill Rd

James J. Schneider, J.D., CPA

Smokey Row Rd

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SO ACT NOW! If you are interested in refinancing or purchasing a home, the following rates apply:

Offer good thru October 10

For loans of $100,000 to $300,000* • 30 yr fixed 4.125%, APR. 4.25% • 15 yr fixed 3.375%, APR. 3.5% For loans of $300,000 to $417,000** • 30 yr fixed 3.99%, APR. 4.1% • 15 yr fixed 3.375%, APR. 3.45%

In home applications are available for your convenience. Contact us TODAY for a quick assessment to determine if you should refinance. • 317-507-0908 *$350 appraisal + $1500 closing costs **$350 appraisal & no other closing costs


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 91,350 homes weekly




Now HIring

Now HIring

Pet Grooming Services wedding officiant





In-Home Tutoring

Master’s Degree Instructors SAT/ACT Test Prep, College Prep, Math, Reading, English, ENL (English as a New Language) for all grades through adult Call 317 776 7615 Golden Education Strategies, Inc

Record heat and drought this summer has created unwanted stress on your lawn.

Help your lawn bounce back next spring!

Aerate this fall!

Call today for a free estimate at 317-523-4309 Visit for further information

Fully Equipped Grooming Van For information of to make an appointment call: 317-202-1005 Happy Pets In-Home Pet Care

A less stressful and economical alternative to boarding with loving care for your pets in the comfort of your home. Experience in Exotics. Insured/Bonded Member of Pet Sitters Associates LLC 317-645-6043 References available

Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott













Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons near Carey Road & 146th Carmel 317-


Guitar, Keys. Drums .Voic , now accepting students, all ages, showcasing for young performers. BOBBY carmel studio 317-416-1160

“A MAN FOR ODD JOBS” handyman , repairs hauling, yard work call Tom - 847-3753

Childcare Full-Time Infant and Toddler Openings; 844-7207 Woodgate Area, Carmel CPR certified; 1st Aid; 32 Years Experienced; Warm and Balanced Meals; Planned activities, TLC


Gowns for Less


Nails by Hilliary 317-730-2544

To your door nail services. Great for moms, or anyone in a nursing or assisted living facilities. Buy a Spa pedicure get a manicure for FREE!! *Ask about my frequent customer discount *We do Spa parties for any occasion. “Let me take care of you”

Hiring door to door sales reps Guaranteed minimum of $800.00 Biweekly while in training Great Opportunity Excellent income Health ins., 401k, dental, vision, Life & disability offered Call  317-702-4001 Or  Send resume to: lyle.

Donations of gowns — tax deductible Gowns — greatly discounted Proceeds donated to local charities Gowns from $100 (317)796-9432

Gowns for the Greatest Good

Current in Westfield

Now hiring AP/AR/Customer Service Rep. Quick Books and AP/AR experience required. Contact Cynthia at 873-3700 ext. 2667 or send resume to cynthia@


Music Lesson’s 101:



489.4444 ext. 202


Housekeeping Servers/Bartenders Apply in Person! 11925 N. Meridian Street Carmel, 46032

Yogurtz-Now hiring

energetic part-time associates to work in fun and exciting new frozen yogurt store in Carmel. Please contact to apply!

Carmel Clay School Corporation

is accepting applications for School Bus Aides Assist special needs children to and from school Training provided. $10.66 hour Apply on-line to AA/EOE

Carmel Clay School Corporation is accepting applications for Secretary in the Facilities and Transportation Offices. Position is responsible to serve as receptionist for office, process payroll, maintain attendance, and data entry. Preferred requirements: minimum of a high school education with three years of secretarial experience or equivalent education, knowledge of word processing and data programs, and payroll experience. Work schedule is 12-month,37.5 hours per week, benefits eligible 1st day of the month after 90 days of employment. Apply on-line at AA/EOE

remodeled building, new fixtures & equipment, established catering business, priced to sell in downtown Sheridan. Contact: Veritas Realty, Robert Marr (317) 918-4445


16620 OAK MANOR DRIVE (Oak Manor Estates, Westfield) THUR., OCTOBER 6: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Lovely Women’s Clothes (sizes 14-16) Great Women’s Shoes (sizes 9 1/2 - 10) Some Men’s Jackets; Linens; Paintings; Knick-Knax -- Good Stuff!


October 6-7 (Thurs- Fri) 9a – 4p 12014 Pymbroke Place, Fishers In (near 116th & Allisonville). Three family sale includes Raggedy Ann dolls; household items, clothing, holiday decor; office furniture & more

Waterstone Neighborhood Wide Garage Sale

Tons of homes participate. Make sure you get to all four neighborhoods! Designer clothing, furniture, housewares, kids stuff, and incredible deals! This sale is too good to miss! Waterstone is east of Gray Road between 116th and 126th Entrances to neighborhood are at 116th, 126th, and Gray Road Includes: Bayhill, Brookfield,Stonewick, and Windpointe October 6th, 7th, and 8th from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily

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Built at size (100%)

You’ve created a miracle. A miracle that deserves unmatched maternity care. Our partnership with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health means greater comfort and world-class neonatal care. Enjoy the journey to motherhood with the superior care of IU Health North Hospital and Indiana’s top children’s hospital. Our local partnership with Riley at IU Health means you’ll have immediate access to the very best pediatric specialists in the state. And our spacious, state-of-the-art maternity suites make for the most private and comfortable delivery possible. To arrange your on-site tour, call our childbirth educator at 317.688.2465.

Discover the strength at

©2011 IU Health 08/11 HY69011_4062

IU HEALTH NORTH HOSPITAL 116th and North Meridian Street/U.S. 31 in Carmel

69011_4062_IUHNRTH_10.375x11.75_4c_FullPage_Maternity.indd 1

8/17/11 2:00 PM

October 4, 2011  
October 4, 2011  

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