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Heart & Soul Clinic Founder Sandy Kirsch (left) and Numa Arts & Cultural Event's Teresa Skelton have teamed up to make the clinic the first-ever beneficiary of the annual Numa festival, which will be held this weekend.

Art for the Heart & Soul

This year’s Numa festival takes on the Heart and Soul Clinic as it beneficiary / P9

Photo by Kevin Kane

Indiana’s best children’s hospital is in your backyard. 04710_2570_10.375x1_4c_BrandBackyard.indd 1

9/8/10 10:29 AM

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“I have struggled with foot pain for many years, I have had treatment and surgery from several very experienced, sympathetic doctors over the years with some results. As time went on the foot pain increased to the point to cause lifestyle changes. I enjoyed outdoor hiking, long walks “I have had back pain ever since I with loved ones and occasionally a was eleven years old. I thought this day of shopping with friends. I had pain would never go away until Dr. accepted with sadness the reality that Srini got rid of it in just one treatment.” those days were gone. A family member had gone virginia Perkins (After receiving Dr. Srinivasan for back pain and had experienced permanent pain relief from persistent to wonderful results. I was encouraged to inquire about childhood back pain.) possible help with my foot pain. I had wonderful results in less than a week after my treatment. It has now been several months; I am still pain free. I am able to exercise, accomplished weight loss and outdoor activities once again. I encourage “I would say the future of pain care anyone dealing with pain of any kind to schedule is here. With terrible leg pain I had a consultation with Dr. Srinivasan and decide for hardly played any golf for the last yourself. The options available to you may give you two years. After getting just one some of your life back, too!” vicki Hinkle treatment from Dr. Srini, I cannot believe that I completed the entire holes with absolutely no pain.” Getting18Long-term Pain Relief Otis Oliver (After permanent relief “I had a severe pain from Shingles peripheral vascular pain. He Gettingfrom Permanent Pain Relief resulting in Post Herpetic Neuralgia. does not require surgery.) Pain would just not go away with Avoiding Addictive Pain Pills and Patches any medications. I am extremely pleased and delighted that my pain Avoiding or Postponing Surgery completely vanished with just one treatment from Dr. Srini. I recommend “20 years of shoulder pain gone Advanced Interventional Pain Center with just one treatment! Amazingly for pain treatments that really work!” unbelievable!” Mark Ault (After Gladys Ashcraft, denver, IN (After receiving minimally invasive getting permanent pain relief from Post Herpetic intervention, avoided surgical Neuralgia with just ONE treatment.) treatments.)

World’s finest pain center is now in Carmel!

Advanced Interventional Pain Center • • • •

Consistently for four years in a row we have Pattanam srinivasan, M.d a more than 90% success rate in Board Certified Anesthesiologist treating a variety of pain conditions. diplomate, American Board ofDr. Srini Pain Medicine

is the only one of its kind for:

The Future of Pain Care

is Here!

“I would say the future of pain care is here. With terrible leg pain I had hardly played any golf for the last two years. After getting just one treatment from Dr. Srini, I cannot believe that I completed the entire 18 holes with absolutely no pain.” Otis Oliver, after permanent relief from peripheral vascular pain. He does not require surgery.

• GettinG LonG-term Pain reLief • GettinG Permanent Pain reLief • avoidinG addictive Pain PiLLs and Patches • avoidinG or PostPoninG surGery

301 e. Carmel Drive, Suite D-100, Carmel, In 46032 317.641.5183 • WWW.INTERPAIN.COM (Medicare and Most Insurances Accepted)

“I had severe tail bone pain and sciatica after falling on a hard object. For five years I had suffered in severe pain, visited many treatment facilities and have spent over $60,000 in treatments without any pain relief. I am simply delighted that after just one treatment I am pain free!” Barbara Wolfe (1 Year After Treatment)

caLL us t o 317.641. day! 5183

onal Pain Center is the nation’s only pain center to have consistently more than 90% pain treatment success rates four years in a row. Advanced Interventional eatments for long-term pain relief without surgery or addictive medications. Advanced Interventional Pain Center aims to reduce healthcare spending by ations because of chronic pain.

“ I  would  say  the  future  of  pain  care  is  here.  With  terrible leg pain I  had  hardly  played any golf for the  301 E. Carmel Drive, Suite D-100, Carmel last 2 years. After getting just one treatment from Dr.  641.5183 • WWW.INTER-PAIN.COM Srini, I cannot believe that I completed the entire 18  INdIvIduAl REsulTs WIll vARy. Advanced Inverventional Pain Center is the nation’s only pain center to have consistently more than 90% pain treatment success rates four years in a row. Advanced Interventional holes Pain with  no minimally pain invasive ”….. treatments Otis  Oliver,  after  centerabsolutely  promotes innovative for long-term pain relief without surgery or addictive medications. Advanced Interventional Pain Center aims to reduce healthcare spending by preventing ER visits, surgical treatments and hospitalizations because of chronic pain. 2 | September 14, 2010 Current in Westfield permanent pain relief from peripheral vascular pain.  He does not require surgery. 

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A 'Big Ugly' rush Founded Jan. 29, 2008, at Westfield, IN Vol. III, No. 32 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032


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It is our position that Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream and owner Matt Frey should be congratulated on bringing positive national attention to Hamilton County, as they were recently highlighted on the hit Travel Channel show “Man vs. Food”. Show host Adam Richman attempted to eat an unprecedented four Big Ugly burgers (4 pounds total). While Richman managed to eat only three of his four giant burgers, he did put Bub’s in a national spotlight and helped bring visitors to the our community. According to Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream Facebook page, the week after the “Man vs. Food” Indianapolis show aired, Bub’s served over 620 Big Ugly’s. Wow! While we do not advise imitating Richman’s attempt , we certainly think that Bub’s is an outstanding local family restaurant. And as such, we should all try, the Big Ugly, Not-So-Ugly or quarter pound Settlefor-Less-Ugly, for lighter stomachs. Bubs Burgers & Ice Cream is located at 210 W. Main Street and is open during the summer on Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Cut to the point

It is our position that now is not the time for tax increases (euphemistically known as allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire). Many believe that the more revenue the government generates, the more money will be available to pay for government needs, including economic stimulus. That thinking ignores human and corporate behavior. When an individual/corporation feels that government mandates will reduce profits or personal income, adjustments are made to protect or preserve. California and New Jersey imposed high taxes on business and personal income. The result was an exodus to states with lower tax rates. Another misconception is that only singles earning more than $200,000 and married couples earning more than $250,000 will be affected by the expiration of tax cuts. Tax rates will increase on most tax brackets, including capital gains, dividends, and personal itemized deductions. The marriage penalty returns and child tax credits decrease by half. Historical evidence proves that tax cuts during the Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush administrations allowed periods of economic growth. Many economists worry that higher taxes now could further hurt an already damaged economy. With struggling small business and personal balance sheets, tax increases though tempting to prop up big government, are not the answer.

The views in these editorials are of reader participants. They do not represent those of Current Publishing ownership and management.

Advertising Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749 Indianapolis Sales Consultant – Kevin Messmer / 513.4359

Business Office Bookkeeper - Deb Vlasich / 489.4444 The views of the columnists in Current In Westfield are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper.

strange laws


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you. In Idaho, a box of candy intended as a gift must weigh 50 or more pounds. Source: Weird Laws (iPhone application)

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the Indiana Constitution. ARTICLE 1. Bill of Rights. Section 14. No person shall be put in jeopardy twice for the same offense. No person, in any criminal prosecution, shall be compelled to testify against himself.

Current in Westfield

Section 15. No person arrested, or confined in jail, shall be treated with unnecessary rigor. Section 16. Excessive bail shall not be required. Excessive fines shall not be imposed. Cruel and unusual punishments shall not be inflicted. All penalties shall be proportioned to the nature of the offense. Section 17. Offenses, other than murder or treason, shall be bailable by sufficient sureties. Murder or treason shall not be bailable, when the proof is evident, or the presumption strong. Section 18. The penal code shall be founded on the principles of refor

September 14, 2010 | 3

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From the backshop Connector road makes perfect sense! As Mayor Andy Cook is a man of his word, we never doubted this would happen. Last week, Westfield announced acceptance of bids to build an access road from Greyhound Pass north to East 151st Street. The project will take a year to complete. You might know this route as the pothole-laden rear drive of Village Park Plaza. The idea is to ease congestion on Greyhound Pass and to facilitate ease of connection with 151st Street. We like it. The fact that it will be done in time for the U.S. 31 Project is icing on the cake. Cook told us the ease of flow was important, but so was protecting the merchants’ business interests during the time of construction of the new freeway. A Major Move, indeed! The working name of the road is East Access Road. A permanent name will be given, and the mayor invites residents’ suggestions at 804.3001. Let us offer perhaps the first: Shamrock Run, which would play to the heritage of the town and the adjacent multi-use trails to be constructed. ••• We’re big believers in, and supporters of, the Humane Society of Hamilton County (consider our media sponsorship of Dog Day

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg Afternoon on Sunday), so it warmed our hearts to learn that folks from Home Depot and other volunteers worked last week to erect a massive outdoor enclosure for the pooches at the facility. It’ll come in handy as an element-proof area for the canines to roam as their indoor cages are being sanitized. Here’s a four-thumbs-up salute to the Home Depot employees. A commercial, if you will, for Dog Day Afternoon: The organizers are financially under water on this event. When you come to show off your dog, or to hopefully consider adopting one, drop some cash in the till, please, to help ease the burden.

READER'S VIEW Crooked Stick support appreciated Editor, My name is Tony Pancake and I’m the Director of Golf & Club Operations at Crooked Stick. This past week I saw the article regarding Crooked Stick in your most recent publication. Thank you for your willingness to print the article and for your support of our efforts to bring major championship golf to central Indiana.

Amazingly the BMW is only 24 months away and it promises to be an exciting week for the golf fans in our area and will provide a substantial economic boost to our community. Thanks again. Tony Pancake Director of Golf & Club Operations Crooked Stick Golf Club

Who’s stupid?

COMMENTARY By Terry Anker It is a long-standing tradition in American politics to avoid serious conversation about legitimate differences in perspective about how to govern. Instead we spend those conversations attempting to browbeat one’s opponents into submission through implying their ignorance. Sometimes, we mock others with an opposing view by pointing out the moments of their intellectual stumbles, and rationalize that anyone of such low academic standards must be inherently wrong because they are less intelligent, and thereby making our position the superior one. Does anyone actually believe that former Vice President Dan Quayle’s spelling error confirmed low IQ or that President Barack Obama doesn’t realize that there are 50 and not 57 states in the Union? Somehow, I doubt that any, other than the most intensely partisan, fails to recognize the intelligence in these two men. It still remains though a national sport to point to the missteps of the elected and powerful in attempting to subjugate their points of view. And now, cable television has only exacerbated this propensity. We count hundreds of

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4 | September 14, 2010

Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@

It still remains though a national sport to point to the missteps of the elected and powerful in attempting to subjugate their points of view.

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Wanna write us a letter? You can do it a couple ways. The easiest is to e-mail it to info@ The oldfashioned way is to snail mail it to Current in Westfield, 1 South Range Line Road, Carmel, IN 46032. Keep letters to 200 words max (we may make exceptions), and be sure to include your home zip code and a daytime number for verification. We reserve the right to edit all submissions.

stations and thousands of hours of available programming time. Assuming that infomercials can only consume 50 percent of that available space, content has become very highly customized to a particular point of view. Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, and scores of others have made it their life’s work to express a political viewpoint through accusing those with opposing positions as intellectually inferior or out-right stupid. In attempting to suggest that a particular issue stance is incorrect, Mr. O’Reilly, for example, is prone to call the offender by the name pinhead. As defined, pinhead refers to a very dull or stupid person – even a dunce. Does he truly mean that they are stupid or that they are simply wrong minded? Isn’t the truly uninformed individual, the person who talk about things they don’t understand but still works to make others believe that they are the ignorant ones?



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DISPATCHES » Westfield resident needs your help – Laurie Paisley, featured on the cover of Current in Westfield last December for distributing more than 1,000 Christmas Jars throughout all 50 states and other countries, needs your support to continue her giving this year. Paisley submitted her proposal to the Pepsi Refresh Project in hopes of receiving a $5,000 grant. You can vote for her proposal once a day for the whole month of September at www. and searching for “Christmas Jars”. » Fire Chief bans open burning – Because of the recent dry conditions and no significant rainfall in the forecast, Westfield Fire Chief Todd Burtron has placed a temporary ban on open burning effective immediately. This ban prohibits any open burning, comfort fires, agriculture burning or similar legal fires until weather conditions improve. Additionally, if anyone chooses to ignore this ban of open burning they will be committing Class C infraction that carries fines up to $500.00 per instance. Weather conditions will determine the duration of the ban. » City to conduct road maintenance – The city of Westfield has accepted bids for the 2010 Resurfacing and Road Maintenance Program. This program consists of various road improvements including shoulder widening, deep patching and resurfacing two road segments - 161st Street from US 31 to Spring Mill Road and South Union from SR 32 to David Brown Drive (169th Street). Construction, estimated to cost $690,404, is set to begin this month and is expected to be completed in November. » Hispanic outreach program – The city will present an Hispanic Outreach Program on Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon at Crossroads Church at 191st Street and Grassy Branch Road. This free program will highlight local services available to the Hispanic community. Breakfast will be served courtesy of Queso Blanco Restaurant, Mayor Andy Cook will kick off the program at 9 a.m. followed by a brief presentation by the Mexican Consul, Juan M. Solana Morales. » Girl's night out – Join Busby Eye Care on Sept. 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. for an evening of food, wine, shopping and fun. The event will also include a free massage or eye makeover for those in attendance as well as various special offers and door prizes. Call 896-5005 for details.

What tennis taught me about soccer, parenting COMMENTARY By Danielle Wilson Soccer season is now in full swing at our house, though thankfully this year only three of the four kids have elected to play. We still had eight games this past weekend, and won only two. And once again, I find myself torn between wanting my children to have fun and wanting them to win. There, I said it. My secret wish is that they all become awesome, fun or no fun. This fall the feeling is particularly acute because I just finished reading Andre Agassi’s autobiography, “Open”. In the book, Agassi talks candidly about his father, who parented like a cruel stage mom on crack. He demanded that Andre live and breathe tennis, even when his son was sick or tired or just didn’t want to play anymore. As you can imagine, Andre ended up with serious problems: drugs, depression, and hating his sport. He also ended up being one of the finest tennis players in the world. So as I sit on the sidelines watching my kids play soccer, I sometimes feel a strong urge to yell at them like Mr. Agassi did with young Andre: “Move, Geoffrey!” “No, Corinne, not down the center!” “Andrew, what are you doing?!” They are clearly not the best on their teams, but if I’m honest, part of me wants them to be really, really good. Often I catch myself entertaining ideas of finding them better coaches, changing

“Hold up! They are nine and eleven!” This is my saner half; the mother in me that screams for me to come back down to earth. I remind myself: They’re playing soccer because they like it. They’re learning teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and they’re making new friends and staying active. So what if none of them have the ambition to take it to the next level? Isn’t the goal for our kids to be happy? Do I really want a burned-out thirteen-year-old who hates soccer and hates me for putting her through that? Of course not. So instead, I shout positive words of encouragement, like “Good try, Andrew!” and “Way to hustle, Geoffrey!” and even, “I know it’s tough to lose, Corinne. But you did your best and had fun, right?” Some days it’s harder to do than others, especially when my children are taking a beating from kids who are far superior. But then I remember what Andre went through, and know that though I might be a normal mom to want my kids to be the best, I’m a good mom because I choose to let them be who they want to be. Peace out. to a more competitive league, and making them practice at home daily. Because I know that with the right level of commitment and motivation, they will, in fact, improve and potentially become elite athletes.

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

City accepts bids for new road behind shopping center

By Kevin Kane Current in Westfield Westfield plans to construct a new road behind Village Park Plaza to help traffic flow in that area. The city announced last week that it has accepted bids to turn the private access road behind Marsh and Wal-Mart, connecting 151st Street and Greyhound Pass, into a public access road in preparation for future changes. The road is being constructed to ensure the shopping center’s viability during future construction on U.S. 31 as well as a planned expansion for Wal-Mart. Westfield Public Relations Coordinator Carrie Cason confirmed last month that Wal-Mart plans to expand its Westfield location in the

coming year, and the additional traffic expected from this change is also one of the reasons for the new road construction. A spokesperson for Wal-Mart said specific details on the expansion are not yet available, but work could begin as soon as next fall. Construction of the public access road will occur in phases throughout the next 12 months to maintain full access to the shopping center during this period. Construction will begin this fall and winter and consist of utility relocations, storm sewer installation, and some paving on 151st Street between Thatcher and Oak Roads. In 2011, this east access road will be completed along with a round-about at 151st Street, and a new entrance to the Cool Creek Park, according to a city release.

Estridge drops bid for sports complex Current in Westfield Carmel-based Estridge Companies has withdrawn its proposal to build a sports complex in Westfield, leaving two remaining candidates for the project. Estridge Cos. President Paul Estridge, Jr. said in a release that the project now calls for a 300acre complex. His company’s plan had been to include the sports complex in Symphony – a nearly $1 billion, 1,400-acre development proposed for Westfield – but Estridge stated a

sports complex of that size would not be appropriate for that location. Plans for Symphony still include a 5,000-seat baseball stadium which Estridge Cos. says could be used for a minorleague baseball team. Two proposals remain in the running for the sports complex. The plans include two different locations off U.S. 31 for the complex site: near S.R. 32 and S.R. 38, respectively. A decision on the developer and location could be made by the city within the next month.

Current in Westfield

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September 14, 2010 | 5

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Therapy horses provide support for children and adults

6 | September 14, 2010

besides work,” said Laird. “My husband works for a printing company in Castleton and one day a volunteer brought in brochures to be printed. That night when he came home he handed me one. There were so many little signs I was supposed to be here.” Other needs are met at Agape beyond mental or physical disabilities, particularly for several IPS schools that bring students to meet the horses. At risk children receive special programming from instructors, including lessons on diversity and teamwork. “The children from the inner city are always so interested in the horses,” said Laird. “Most of them have never been outside of the city, let alone to see a horse up close. They are amazed even by the whinnies the horses make.” Each lesson is broken into a variety of sections, from working with the horses to spending time in the classroom reflecting on their experiences. This way the message of the lesson is communicated to each student in each way he might learn. While much of the therapy caters to children, adults too visit Agape for lessons. Wednesday’s Tom Green visits to ride with his instructor in a specially designed wagon for therapeutic riding, where he can help direct the horses. Though he struggles with speech and is a bit uncoordiPhoto by Catherine Keen Photography

By Margaret Sutherlin Current in Westfield Approaching the Agape Therapeutic Riding Center is like stepping into a much quieter world, where things move slower, nature is in focus, and time is spent on people, not work, news or things. Tucked away on a windy country road in Cicero, Indiana, Agape was founded in 1986 by Cheryl and Jerry Miller as a Instructor Barb Sparks rides with Tom Green in the facility that could cater to the need of Agape barn. mentally or physically disabled children. Today it has grown to include at risk children, to hospitals to interact with the sick, or the adults with disabilities, and also with on-site beneficial effects a pet can have during an illprogramming at local hospices, nursing homes, ness, so the therapy offered by horses seems and schools. The grounds include a spotless barn fairly straightforward. The simple presence of and arena, both of which are heated for year the animal is one that teaches love and respect, round use, and old trees and trails for riding, teamwork and patience. as well as a memory garden for past horses and However, the steady motion of a horse, the friends and family members of the staff. And of heat from its body, and strength of muscles course, there are the 14 horses. required from the rider to remain seated on the “All our horses are donated and on their animal are all physical aspects of the therapy second or third career,” said executive director that might not be apparent to anyone not afDebbie Laird. “We really focus on servicing the fected by cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis. community and working with people. It’s such a Laird began volunteering at Agape in 1998, great program and a great place for the animals.” and in 2007 left the board of directors to beThe programs offered at Agape represent an come a full time staff member as executive important aspect of therapy for physically or director. mentally disabled children and adults. It’s not “It was funny how it worked out for me. uncommon to hear stories of animals coming I was really looking for something else to do

Current in Westfield

upcoming events Barnes and Noble Event: September 25 at any Barnes & Noble (Agape representatives at the US 31 Barnes and Noble location) Voucher Number 10250819 At any Barnes & Noble store apply the voucher number to your purchase and donate part of the profit to Agape. Online the same voucher is good for purchases until Oct. 2, 2010. Breakfast at the Barn: Wednesday, October 13 at the Ritz Charles Free RSVP by October 1 to Debbie Laird (317) 773-7433 Free event at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, IN to learn about Agape and therapeutic riding. Anne Ryder will also speak at the event.

nated, his face still maintains its childish smile and friendliness; he is clearly anxious to get his lesson underway. Nancy Green Tom’s mother sits in the conference room watching through the windows as her son rides by in the wagon designed specifically to accommodate wheelchair bound visitors or those too large to ride on the back of a horse. “Lord, he gets up at dawn on Wednesdays!” Nancy said with the same familiar groan mothers make if they’ve been woken up by their children early. “If he could he’d spend all his time here. He loves it.”

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Shopping center tenants Keeping up the bridges to host health fair By Brandon Bowman Current in Westfield To celebrate the opening of Wittmann 20/20 Family Eye Center and promote better health in Carmel, the Cool Creek Village shopping center is holding its first-ever Cool Krauter Creek Center Health Fair on Sept. 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Weather permitting; the event will have giveaways and promotions from the seven merchants that are participating. Those seven merchants are Point Blank Nurtion, Kearns Chiropractic, Garvin Dentistry, L.A. Fitness, Wittmann 20/20 Family Eye Care, Jet’s Pizza and State Farm Insurance. “There will be a chance for someone to get a posture analysis, participate in a spin class, get a free fitness evaluation or try some Jet’s Pizza,” Erick Krauter of State Farm Insurance said. Krauter, who helped organize the event, said he brands himself as being healthy and noticed how a lot of the other merchants at Cool Creek Village are focused on good health as well. “Erick talked to me about this at the gym, and we decided it was a great way for the mer-

Submitted photo

Seven tenants from Cool Creek Village will participate in the center's first-ever health fair this Saturday

chants of Cool Creek Village to help some people take their health into consideration,” Nick Bowyer of L.A. Fitness said. Bowyer has been a trainer for eight years. “When people drive down 146th Street they just don’t think to look over at our location. They’re probably worrying about the stoplight, and they can’t do two things at once. This will be a great way for us to draw a little more attention to the center.” L.A. Fitness will also have boot camp training for all participants. The boot camp training consists of 10 to 12 stations for all ability levels. Each station lasts an hour. There will be familyoriented activities at the health fair as well, including face painting, balloons, and free samples of children’s nutritional supplements.

COMMENTARY By Ken Kingshill The other day I overheard a conversation that concerned me. I wasn’t eavesdropping, but sometimes you just can’t help but overhear what other people are saying. The topic of discussion was Westfield’s recent announcement that the one-lane bridge on 156th Street just east of Oak Ridge Road is going to be replaced this fall. “Why are they replacing that bridge? The one-lane bridge east of U.S. 31 on 161st Street gets a lot more traffic. That one needs to be replaced first.” “The one they’re replacing is right next to Viking Meadows.” “Oh, no wonder. Those people have lots of influence with the powers that be.” The conversation continued for several more minutes with all sorts of accusations of impropriety flung at all manner of “people in charge.” It took everything I had to refrain from leaping into the fray with: “That other bridge is a county bridge, you knuckleheads!” But, I bit my tongue. Later, I realized that although I know that the two bridges are governed by different

jurisdictions, I wasn’t fully aware of why that is. So I inquired with people that know more about such things. As it turns out, the span length of the bridge determines who’s responsible for it. All bridges over a certain length are governed by the county. Anything less is the responsibility of the city. Therefore, because the bridge on 161st Street is longer, it’s a county bridge. The county will decide when and how that bridge will be replaced. In fact, there’s a sign near that bridge right now that states that it will be widened soon. The bridge in question on 156th Street is smaller and therefore within the purview of the city; hence the announcement that it will be replaced this fall. I understand that officeholders need to have a thick skin. But I don’t have to like the fact that some people immediately assume there are ulterior motives at play in any course of action taken by public servants. City Councilor Ken Kingshill is a Westfield resident and Realtor. You may e-mail him at kkingshill@

Carmel teacher runs for U.S. Congress portant,” said Trueblood. “I want to By Margaret Sutherlin be someone who responds to what Current in Westfield they want, and helps the constituents Carmel Middle School teacher Jesse get involved and heard.” Trueblood announced officially this A social studies teacher for the last week he’s running for the U.S. House 25 years, Trueblood said he is ready to of Representatives 5th District. put his knowledge and understanding After collecting the necessary sigof politics and American government natures to be added to the ballot, Trueblood to use beyond his classroom, and Trueblood has begun his campaign hopes to encourage his students along for the seat, hoping to inspire others the way to get interested and involved. to get involved and active in politics along the Trueblood will run against Republican campaign route. incumbent, Dan Burton, for the seat in “I’ve found that just asking about what November. people wanted from their representatives is im-

Quote of the week

“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”

Learn Tips to Live Better with RV Join local rheumatologists, patients and a certified instructor to discuss ways you can help manage your health with exercise and nutrition Wednesday, September 22, 2010 – 6pm Westview Healthplex Sports Club 3660 Guion Road, Indianapolis

Pre-registration is requested, please call 1-800-795-9115 This is a FREE educational event!

-Warren Buffett

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September 14, 2010 | 7

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Cicero has good taste for State Chili Championship By Zach Dunkin Current in Westfield A loss for Indianapolis, Westfield and Noblesville appears to be a gain for Cicero. The Indiana State Chili Cookoff Championship, once a longtime favorite at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis before moving on briefly to Noblesville and Westfield, may have found a new home in Hamilton County. Hosted by Cicero Friends of the Parks and sanctioned by CASI (Chili Appreciation Society International), the cookoff returns to Red Bridge Park, 697 Jackson St., at noon Sept. 18. Admission is $5 (children younger than 10 free). Proceeds benefit the Human Society for Hamilton County. “Cicero welcomed us with open arms last year,” said event spokesman Brad Garland, a Westfield resident. “It’s a very supportive community, and it’s a beautiful facility right there by Morse. It’s a great place to have it. We had a really good turnout last year.” At press time, organizers were hoping to attract more than 30 cooks this year. Garland said entries will be accepted as late as Saturday morning. “Just show up and we will sign you up on site.” Cooks primarily from Indiana and the Mid-

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Select Certified with 6 year 100k Warranty west will compete for the state championship and an automatic spot (the first three finishers) in the international competition in Texas later this year. There will be five categories: the State Championship, People’s Choice, Salsa, Anything Goes, Showmanship and Junior for anyone younger than 18. Cookoff guests will receive five tickets to vote for their favorite chili, and Garland advises everyone to be there no later than 1 p.m. “The chili goes pretty fast in the first hour,” he said. “Running out of food is your worst nightmare. We learned that lesson last year. We’re asking the People’s Choice cooks to make at least three gallons this time.”

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Fighting Hamilton County and global hunger COMMENTARY By Jeff Worrell Mike Ainley takes his work seriously as a scientist for Dow AgroSciences, a company that greatly focuses on the global food supply. Outside of work, Mike is also heavily focused on hunger in the community and was willing to take on the job of co-coordinator of the Hamilton County Crop Hunger Walk. Filling an unexpected void in leadership, Mike jumped right in and is determined to increase the number of participants and raise awareness about hunger in our community. The mission of the Hunger Walk is to serve and educate. “My goal is to make the event something memorable and worthwhile that will encourage people to come back next year,” he said. On Oct. 3, walkers will start and finish at the Minnie Doan Carmel Gazebo as the walk route takes them through Central Park. Mike is recruiting the help of local pastors from 35 area churches. He is encouraging them to embrace the fight against hunger and create teams willing to complete either a 3.7 mile route or a friendlier 1 mile walk. There also is an option if you cannot physically join the fun on the 3rd, to Walk in Spirit, making a donation from the comfort of your living room. By working with church leaders, Mike believes this year’s walk will easily double the amount of money raised over last year. This

8 | September 14, 2010

year’s ambitious goal of $40,000 would go a long way towards supporting the 34 Hamilton County Food Pantries. Approximately 10,000 people per month utilize the services of the various outlets coordinated by the Good Samaritan Network, Come to Me Food Pantry at Fishers United Methodist Church, Interfaith Hospitality Network and Third Phase. Some of the money raised will also be distributed to Church World Service, which is focused on combating the world hunger problem. On display this year, will be examples of the water purification systems successfully deployed during natural disasters and used in areas without purified water. Mike’s message that he shares with anyone who might be willing to help him recruit walkers, focuses on hunger related issues and how we can have a direct impact. He believes strongly that if people locally understand how large the problem is, they will jump at the chance to help. Check with your local pastor about organizing a team for this year’s Crop Hunger Walk. To donate or sign up, www.churchworldservice. com or call 317-840-9372. Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with Carmel” on cable channel 16. Contact him at

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admission to numa Numa is located along Union Street, north of Indiana Highway 32 to Penn Street, just west of Westfield City Hall. Parking is plentiful and free. Pre-sale tickets are available at Ameriana Bank for $4 each. Tickets at the gate are $5 each. Gate tickets are discounted to $4 with a needed item for the Heart and Soul Clinic. Items that qualify for the $1 discount include Band-Aids, manual blood pressure cuffs, floor lamps, children’s DVD movies (new or used and in working condition), HP920 printer ink, computer paper, paper towels, and cotton balls. Children 12 and under are free.

A variety of musical acts will be presented at this year's Numa Arts & Cultural Event, including Gene Deer and Westfield Rocks the 4th's Battle of the Bands Winner, Post Script

chili cook-off 2010 will be the inaugural year of the Numa Chili Cook-Off. The cook-off will run from noon until 3 p.m. If you are interested in participating in the cook-off with your own award-winning recipe, contact Anne Poynter at to register. Maybe you’ll walk away with a trophy and bragging rights!

Art for the Heart & Soul

This year’s Numa festival takes on the Heart and Soul Clinic as it beneficiary By Brandie Bohney Current in Westfield Now in its third year, the The Numa Arts & Cultural Event is a staple feature of the beginning of autumn in Westfield. This year, however, the festival is more than just a great, familyfriendly arts and culture event: it’s a fundraiser for the city’s free health clinic, Heart & Soul. Numa first launched in 2008 and is designed to help Westfield residents improve their appreciation of local art, music and food. The all-day event, lasting from noon to 10 p.m. will feature various performances on two stages, food and brews from local vendors, juried art exhibitions and even an inaugural chili cook-off. This Saturday’s event is expected to be the biggest in Numa’s short history and the first with a beneficiary.

A toast to better health

Numa Chairperson Teresa Skelton beams when she explains that the festival has added a title sponsor – St. Vincent Carmel Hospital – and its first-ever beneficiary. “A portion of our proceeds this year, for the first time, is going to go to Heart & Soul Clinic,” Skelton said with a smile. “We’re really glad we could do something in our own backyard.” The money coming from both St. Vincent and the festival proceeds will cover general dayto-day expenses at the clinic as well as some additional promotional expenses, the clinic’s founder and director Sandy Kirsch said. “Our main thing is trying to get the word out,” she says. “And the money will … help us to get the word out.” And the donation from the festival doesn’t end at the proceeds check. Skelton said that anyone coming to the festival with an item to donate to the clinic will get a one-dollar discount off the gate admission price. The clinic will also have a booth at the festival and will be doing free health checks from 2 until 4 p.m. and again from 7 to 9 p.m. They will also be accepting free-will donations at the booth.

A growing festival

In addition to benefiting a great cause, Numa continues to grow and improve. There will be more than twice as many artist booths this year as last – up from nine to 20, Skelton said. Downtown Westfield Neighborhood Association Executive Director Anne Poynter added that local artists have been especially encouraged to participate.

main stage line-up Noon – 1:15 p.m. Branches Breath (Native American flute and drum circle) 1:45 – 3 p.m. Post Script (winner of the Westfield Rocks the 4th Battle of the Bands) 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. Gene Deer (local blues legend) 7 – 10 p.m. The Ark Band (St. Lucian reggae band)

Numa Chairwoman Teresa Skelton and Heart & Soul Clinic Founder and Director Sandy Kirsch “Teresa has really worked hard to give [local artists] a venue,” Poynter said. Nearly every other area of the festival is also growing, as well. Skelton said the committee has added diversity to the Main Stage. Popular act Gene Deer will return but bands such as Westfield Rocks the 4th’s competition winner Post Script, reggae band The Ark Band, and a Native American drum circle with flute players, Branches Breath have been added to the mix. The children’s area is also growing with not only more activities, but more on-stage entertainment. “Of all the arts events that I’ve gone to, this one has such a nice balance for kids, and it’s not just a go-and-rip-up-paper-with-crayons kids’ area,” Poynter said. “It’s really a learning, interactive, arts, music, tangible art area for the kids.” But no matter how much the festival grows, art is at the heart of everything included: “We have tried from the beginning that this is sophisticated, not stuffy, and that everything within the event is art of some sort: food, microbrew, wine, the creative kids area, everything,” Skelton said. Poynter agreed, “This is not a stuffy festival. It’s a family arts festival, and they’re committed from little to big in terms of giving the family that experience.”

Creative Kids’ Stage Line-Up 12:30 – 1 p.m. Christian Youth Theatre performs songs from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown 1:45 – 3:15 p.m. Drum circle performance and workshop 3:15 – 3:45 p.m. Tae kwon do demonstration 4 – 4:30 p.m. Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre performance 4:45 – 5:15 p.m. Storytelling by Dea Baldwin 5:30 – 7 p.m. Jazz performance by Brian Paulson

help heart & Soul In addition to the items listed in the story, the clinic is in need of some larger, laborbased donations. If you are interested in providing any of the following services, please contact Sandy Kirsch at 703-6132 or

Current in Westfield

September 14, 2010 | 9

10 | September 14, 2010

Current in Westfield

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DISPATCHES » Belfer joins St. Vincent – Mark Belfer has joined St.Vincent Physician Network as its chief medical officer. In this newly created role, Dr. Belfer will develop, implement and maintain systems and processes Belfer ensuring the highest quality of care, patient safety and evidencebased medicine standards. » Cutting carbs can cause bad breath – Ditching bread to slip into your skinny jeans may take a toll on your breath. Because carbs are your body's normal energy source, when you consume too few, you start burning your own fat stores for energy, which releases substances called ketones into your bloodstream. These can make your breath smell funky—some describe it as a combination of nail polish and overripe pineapples. » Drink Guinness, lose weight – Most people think of Guinness as a beer milkshake: dark, thick, and rich enough to induce tremors of guilt in thirsty partakers. But a 12-ounce serving is as low in calories as some watery light beer selections and can save you up to 50 calories over other full-flavored brews. Switch out a six-pack a week and you've just saved yourself nearly seven pounds this year. » Book morning appointments – The rate of polyp detection in a colonoscopy is significantly higher when tests are done earlier in the day, possibly because physicians aren’t fatigued. The quality of bowel preparation—the nasty stuff you have to drink to eliminate fecal matter so your doctor can get a clearer view of your colon—is also better during morning screenings. » Lose the nail polish – Get rid of your nail polish prior to a skin cancer screening. Acral lentiginous melanoma, which accounts for five percent of all melanomas, commonly occurs under nails. If you’re sporting a bright, summery polish, your doctor won’t see the streaks or pigmentation that can signal a problem.

Natural eggshell membrane may relieve joint pain ANTI-AGING By Laura Marceno Many of us suffer from joint pain of some sort, from arthritis to back pain. There are many products marketed to be an answer to the problem, but most of us assume joint pain is a normal part of aging that we just have to learn to live with. Glucosamine, chondroitin, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) are the popular supplements that people take to help with joint pain. Other options are generally non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac and celecoxib which can have significant and severe side effects. As a result of their popularity, there have been two major clinical trials investigating glucosamine and chondroitin in the treatment of joint pain. A six month study called the Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial, sponsored by the National Institute of Health, failed to show significant improvement in the Western Ontario and McMasters Universities Osteoarthritis Index for treatment with glucosamine, chondroitin, or a combination. A six month trial in Europe showed only a 5 percent to 8 percent improvement in total WOMAC Index score over placebo for glucosamine sulfate. But there is a new supplement derived from natural eggshell membranes, and it shows great promise in initial clinical studies. Eggshell membranes naturally contain glycosaminoglycans, such as dermatan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and hexosamines, such as glucosamine. Those are natural variations to the chemically derived compounds in glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. An eight week, double-blind, placebo-controlled supplementation trial was conducted to evaluate natural eggshell membrane for the relief of the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. The study showed that supplementation produced a 28 percent increase in flexibility in only seven days, and at 30 days, patients showed an overall reduction in pain of 72.5 percent. Additionally the treatment was reported to be well tolerated by study participants. So if you are having joint pain, such as a recurring achy knee, or know someone dealing with arthritis of the joints, a natural eggshell membrane supplement just may be a great alternative to achieve greater flexibility and less pain, possibly in as little as a week. Check first, as always, with your physician. Laura Marenco is a certified personal trainer and nutritional advisor for PointBlank Nutrition. You may e-mail her at laura@pointblanknutrition. com.

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September 14, 2010 | 11

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MASSAGE By Sally Feldman One of the reasons why I got into massage was because of my hyper personality. My daughter once said: “you can’t possibly do massage, Mom; you talk way too much.” The power of touch has a calming effect, and it is true for the massage therapists as well as one receiving the massage. Talking is my middle name, but listening is my first. Take a deep breathe, relax and listen. Relaxing exercises: 1. To calm down quickly, breathe in as slowly as you can (try to count to ten) and then breathe out even more slowly 2. When you feel tense, rub the acupressure points that promote sleep: the center of the forehead and the back of the neck 3. Add three to five drops of rose or sandalwood to a bowl of hot water and leave to diffuse in the air 4. Clear your clutter. Space is relaxing.

da 5. If you can’t lie quietly, sit. If you can’t sit…well, I know you can sit quietly. We all can. 6. Spray your room with chamomile, geranium and lavender essential oils. 7. Take ten minutes to dream. What you think about is what you “are”. 8. “Finish each day and be done with it; you have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can; tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” Emerson Go! Fight! Win! Let the massages begin!

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» Is the Ab Coaster worth buying? – The infomercials for the $400 Ab Coaster claim the device is the first abdominal sculpting system designed to shed pounds and inches in just minutes a day. However, a recent review by Consumer Reports claims the device, does work the abs, but simple exercises without equipment can produce the same results. A side-plank lift, for example, provided greater oblique-muscle activity than the Ab Coaster. Furthermore, 16 percent of the magazine's testers reported lower-back discomfort when using the device, contrary to the manufacturer's claims that the product causes “virtually no stress or strain on your neck or back.” -Consumer Reports

12 | September 14, 2010

Current in Westfield

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DISPATCHES » Gallery Walk – Carmel’s artists and galleries will be on display during this Saturday’s Clarian North Gallery Walk. Carmel residents and visitors can tour the city’s Arts & Design District and its vendors during this free event, to be held from 5 to 10 p.m. For more information, visit » Portfolio show – The Art Institue of Indianapolis will present an exhibition of portfolio work by upcoming graduates of the following programs: graphic design, media arts and animation, fashion design, fashion and retail marketing, interior design, and Web design. The exhibition will be held Sept. 23 at 3500 Depauw Blvd, suite 1010, Indianapolis, 46268. Visit for more information. » Indy Jazz Fest – Now in its 12th year, Indy Jazz Fest is an annual celebration of culture and the legacy of jazz in Indianapolis. IJF is now a week long, beginning yesterday and culminating this Saturday at Opti-Park with an all-day festival from noon to 10 p.m. featuring headliner Najee (urban contemporary smooth jazz). IJF has performances scheduled all week long at several different venues, including the Madame Walker Theater. Passes for the whole week are discounted at $99 each. For details and performance schedules visit » September gardening tips 1. Compost should be watered during dry periods so that it remains active. 2. Now is a good time to evaluate the success of this year's garden. Make notes that will help you improve your garden next spring. 3. This is the best time to plant dormant evergreen trees and shrubs. 4. Correct any soil deficiencies you've noticed. Healthy soil is crucial to healthy plants. » Shaken, Not Stirred – Promising Futures of Central Indiana will hold its largest fundraising event of the year, the Shaken, Not Stirred Martini Party, on Sept. 30 at the Ritz Charles in Carmel. The event will go from 6:30 to 10 p.m. and will include live and silent auctions, voting for the best martini and appetizer and much more. To learn more about the event, call Michele Whelchel at 773-6342.

Serving the arts for over a decade ‘An artist’s vision of Main Street’ By Margaret Sutherlin Current in Westfield It’s been 13 years since the very first Carmel International Arts Festival, and board president Rosemary Waters has been a part of each and every one of them. Waters is involved in a variety of organizations in Carmel, from the local Rotary Club chapter, to helping with the Center for the Performing Arts. But, after her first Carmel International Arts Festival, Rosemary was hooked, and continued her work with the board, eventually becoming the president of the council six years ago. “My board and I have really seen it all,” Waters said. “I couldn’t do it without their hard work, and we do have such fun along the way.” Involved in the arts for most of her adult life and invested in the success of the Festival early on, Waters has seen the event grow and evolve into its current size and importance. From its original location at City Square to its current one in the Arts and Design District, and the expansion of the number of vendors and artists, Waters said she has learned much as everything comes together each year. “I think the festival has really gotten just a lot better over the years, and really grown,” said Waters. “The level of quality in our artists, and truly international entertainment makes our event better each year. We have new artists all the time from Indiana and all over.” Now roughly two weeks away, Waters is deep in the final planning stages and waiting for the last minute details to get hammered out. “The anticipation is so great Friday at 4:00 when they close Main Street to get set up,” said Waters. “Everybody suddenly clears out and goes about their business and things transform in just a few hours. It’s such a good event for our community both economically but also because it is fun and interesting.”

By Cindy Roberts-Greiner Current in Westfield Four years ago, the Carmel International Arts Festival Committee approached local illustrator and architectural artist, Brian McFarland, with the idea of creating a poster to promote the annual arts festival. The Festival chair, Rosemary Waters, encouraged Brian to create an original, imaginative piece of art depicting downtown Carmel, where the festival is held each year McFarland during the 4th weekend in September. Brian drew his inspiration for the poster from the architecture in the downtown Arts & Design District. As Brian put it, “I looked down Main Street to create a preliminary scene then took liberties with the depiction and had fun with it.” Brian McFarland’s bright, whimsical scenes have been used for the Festival posters and t-shirts. According to Brian, “Pictures need to tell a story. My illustrations depict a festival with music, dance and art, and it’s all in Carmel.” Each year, his scenes show a different view of the Arts & Design District. However one aspect in the illustration remains unchanged – there is always a letter “C” (in the style of the Festival logo) drawn into the background or foreground of the painting. In the first piece Brian created for the 2007 Festival, the letter “C” was drawn in a water tower; this year, the “C” is prominently wrapped around the world as a base for the bird’s eye view of downtown Carmel. As a long time resident of Carmel and local businessman, Brian’s artwork is donated to the festival each year through his company Pronghorn Studio. Brian’s work will be available at the information booth. This year’s festival will be held on Saturday – September 25th (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Sunday – September 26th (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.) in downtown Carmel (Range Line Rd & Main Street).

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September 14, 2010 | 13

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Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre celebrates the 50th anniversary of Broadway’s classic “Camelot,” based on the T.H. White Arthurian fantasy novel “The Once and Future King,” through Oct. 10. “Camelot” tells the famous tale of King Arthur, his Queen Guenevere, Merlyn the magician, the gallant Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table. Theater owner and artistic director Douglas E. Stark stars as the legendary King Arthur; Krista Severeid plays Queen Guenevere with her real-life husband, Tony Lawson, in the role of the gallant Lancelot. Tickets range from $35 to $58. Price includes a buffet, with a fruit and salad bar, unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade. For reservations and show times, call the box office at 317.872.9664 or visit www. The theater is located at 9301 N. Michigan Road on the northwest side of Indianapolis, about a 30-minute drive from downtown Noblesville.


The Hamilton County Artists’ Association’s “Critters,” showcasing domestic and wild animals by more than 40 local artists, will be up through Oct. 29 at the Hamilton County Art Center & Birdie Gallery, 195 S. 5th St., Noblesville. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There will be an artists’ reception from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sept. 3. It is free and open to the public. For more information call 317. 776.2278 or visit.

Mo’s Irish Pub

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more information, call (317) 770-9020. Sept. 17 – Flying Toasters (8 p.m. outside) and Something Rather Naughty (10 p.m. inside) Sept. 18 – Aberdeen Project Sept. 24 – Something Rather Naughty

Noble Coffee and Tea Co.

The following musical acts will be playing at 7 p.m. at Noble Coffee and Tea Co., 933 Logan St., Noblesville. For more information, call (317) 773-0339. Sept. 23 – Traveler’s Dream, $10 and $5.

Diggin Through the Past, Building to the Future

Strawtown Koteewi , 12308 Strawtown Ave., Noblesville, is having its second annual Digging Through the Past, Building to the Future from 2-6 p.m. Sept. 18. The event will feature archaeology tours, kid’s activities, wagon rides, vendor booths, and music. Food will available. For more information, call 317.770.4401.

Rounding Third

What happens when you take two coaches with opposing philosophies and stick them together running their sons' team? You've got a recipe for bad baseball - and great comedy! Actors Theatre of Indiana is presenting “Rounding Third” through Sept. 26 at the Carmel Community Playhouse in Clay Terrace. Performances run Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. For more information about the show or to buy tickets, call 6697983 or visit



Jazz Squared

The following musical acts will be playing for free at Jazz Squared from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the Historic Square in Noblesville: Sept. 17 – Blue Dorian Jazz Combo For more information, call 317.776.0205.

LIVE MUSIC Verizon Wireless Music Center

The following musical acts will be playing at Verizon Wireless Music Center, 12880 E. 146th St., Noblesville. Tickets are available at the venue box office, all Ticketmaster locations, charge by phone at (800) 745-3000 or Oct. 30 – Insane Clown Posse, 7 p.m. $34.50 general admission.

Mickey’s Irish Pub

Where I Dine


Pick of the week

BRAD Bruckman

Zacky's hot dogs

Noblesville Preservation Alliance Tour of Historic Homes

Where do you like to eat? “Qdoba Mexican Grill” What do you like to eat there? “A chicken burrito with no rice, no beans, corn salsa and cheese.” What do you like best about Qdoba? “The food, without a doubt.” 14490 Clay Terrace Blvd. Carmel, 46032 580-0763

14 | September 14, 2010

An independently owned and family-operated restaurant in Carmel, Zacky’s Hot Dogs serves 13 different kinds of hot dogs. Fresh ingredients, gourmet dogs and a fun atmosphere make Zacky’s Hot Dogs a great spot for lunch. “We had a soft opening for the restaurant before our grand opening on September 7. Since the soft opening, we’ve had a whole lot of return customers,” owner Zack Darring said. Other specialty items include the Caribbean Cole Slaw. What makes it Caribbean is a Darring’s secret. He is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, and he said everyone in his family that came before him was also named Zack. Darring has been a pastor at Jesus is Lord Christian Fellowship for 25 years. 1315 South Rangeline RoadCarmel | Phone: 848 – 5088 Hours: Monday, Tuesday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Wednesday, Thursday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. ; Friday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. Saturday: Noon – 7 p.m.

What: A conglomeration of workshops, talks and tours of 12 Noblesville homes and landmarks When: Saturday Where: Althouse family, 1179 Conner St.; Walters family, 1393 Conner St.; Glover family, 1471 Cherry St.; Auguston family, 1352 Cherry St.; Lapitsky family, 1139 Cherry St.; Dawson family 1082 Maple Ave.; Judge Stone House, 107 S. 8th St Cost: $10 advanced tickets at the Sheriff’s residence, 810 Conner St. $12 tickets at the day of the tour at the Sheriff’s residence and the First Presbyterian Church Info: Details: Proceeds from the tour will fund NPA projects, such as the new homeowner façade grant program, which awards $3,000 annually to historic homeowners in the city limits for exterior improvements.

Current in Westfield

The following performances and events will take place this week at Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian Street. For more information call 573-9746. Wednesday - Texas Holdem Poker Friday - Endless Summer Band Saturday - Toy Factory

Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Modern • Hip Hop • Musical Theatre • Piano • Voice • Instrumental Music Competition • Musical Theatre


Modern Dance Classes with Liberty Harris of Dance Kaleidoscope

Pre School Programs Fall Sessions Begin August 2

Ballet Theatre of Carmel Fall & Nutcracker Auditions Friday, August 13


PE Musical Theatre Company Ballet Theatre of Carmel 12955 Old Meridian St., Carmel Meridian Design Center


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The history of our favorite breakfast sin

COOKING By Michael Vlasich America has renewed its love of our favorite breakfast food of the past couple centuries: the donut. (That is, with an exception where the “No or Low Carb” craze in diets took hold.) The ring shaped pastry first appeared in American cuisine in 1803 in English cook books. Although Hansen Gregory disputed this fact stating he invented them on board a ship in 1847. He claimed he did not like the greasy fried dough that was twisted into shapes because the center was always raw. He said he punched a hole in the center using the ship’s pepper box. Another theory credits the Dutch settlers, the same settlers that also popularized cookies, apple pie, cream pies and cobbler in this country. They fried sweet dough that they called olykoek, which translated means oil cake. The word donut was first seen in a short story published in 1808 by Washington Irving, however it was spelled “doughnut”. In later stories in the 1900s it was spelled in its current form, donut. Next came, National Donut Week at the 1939 World’s Fair, where donuts were billed as the “hit food of the century of progress.” This was mainly because it was the first time the public saw donuts being made by machine. The oldest surviving company to use the term and product donut was Open Kettle, the company we now know as Dunkin Donuts. Searching across the globe all countries and cuisines have a variation of donuts, but not all are made with traditional dough. Africa and the Middle East are zoolbia and bamiyeh, Israel has sufganiyah, Tunisia has yo-yo’s, and Australia the hot jam doughnuts. Even China has their form of donuts, which they call ngauhleisou. Translated they’re the ox tongue pastry, because of the shape. Lastly our neighbors to the south Answers to BUILD THE WORDS: GARTH BROOKS, ARTS AND DESIGN, BEAGLE, SEMINARY, JUSTIN BEIBER Answers to HOOSIER HODGEPODGE: Networks: CINEMAX, DISNEY, ESPN, HBO, OXYGEN, SPIKE; Vegetables: ASPARAGUS, BROCCOLI, LETTUCE, PEAS, SPINACH; Players: CLIJSTERS, HENIN, SHARAPOVA, WILLIAMS; Cities: EDINBURGH, FRANKLIN, GREENWOOD; Team: BOB, TOM; Building: CHASE TOWER Answers to INDIANA WORDSMITH CHALLENGE: PRAYER, BARER, BARRE, BERRY, BUYER, PARER, PARRY, PAYER, PRYER, PURER, REBAR, REBUY, REPAY, APER, BARE, BEAR, BEAU, BRAY, BURP, BURR, BURY, PARE, PEAR, PRAY, PREY, PURE, PURR, PYRE, RAPE, RARE, REAP, REAR, RUBE, RUBY, RUER, YEAR

in Mexico have donas. No matter the country, region or continent we all love our donuts, so much so over 10 billion are made in this country alone every year The following is a simple recipe you can make at home.

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Ingredients • 1 egg • 1 cup of sugar • 2 TBL of butter • 1 cup sweet milk • 2 tsp baking powder • 2 cups flour • 1/2 tsp powdered ginger • 1/4 tsp nutmeg Directions Beat the egg, sugar, and butter, together till creamy. Add sweet milk, and a pinch of salt. With the flour mix the baking powder, ginger, and nutmeg. Then add to creamy mixture and beat well. Roll out about one-fourth of an inch thick. Cut out all the cakes before beginning to fry. Cook in deep fat at approximately 350 degrees or that will fry a small walnut-sized ball of the dough in about sixty-five seconds. Do not let the fat get above that degree of heat. While they are hot, roll in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar if desired.

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Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel resident and the executive chef at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may e-mail him at chefmichael@




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Fake-and-bake ‘fried’ chicken

Ingredients • 1 3 1/2- to 4-pound chicken, cut up and skin removed • 1  cup  ranch dressing • 2  cups  instant potato flakes Directions Heat oven to 450º F. Coat a baking sheet with

16 | September 14, 2010

vegetable cooking spray. Lightly brush the chicken pieces with the dressing, then roll in the potato flakes. Arrange on the baking sheet and place in oven. Turn down oven to 350º F and bake 25 minutes or until the juices run clear when the chicken is pierced with a fork.

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DISPATCHES » Ditch bonds and try these stocks - If you're buying bonds right now for safety, you're nuts. Instead, you should be buying cheap, high-quality, large-capitalization companies that pay bond-beating dividends. Some great examples on sale now include: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Caterpillar (CAT), Norfolk Southern (NSC), Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Accenture (ACN). » Ready for more paperwork? – In an effort to stop tax cheats and fund the new health care changes, lawmakers have passed a provision requiring forms 1099 filed whenever a business purchases goods or services from any vendor that exceeds $600 a year. The provision makes no distinction whether buying from a self-employed plumber or Office Max. The idea is to reduce the tax gap and prevent the estimated loss of $300 billion of unreported income, or $100 billion of uncollected taxes. The new rules take effect in 2012 and apply to all businesses. » Knall, Cohen fund new program – A new experiential learning program created through a $100,000 donation will give undergraduate students enrolled in Indiana University's Kelley School of Business the opportunity to invest real money in an asset portfolio management class. The Knall-Cohen Investment Fund was established through a donation from IU alumni David Knall and Jeff Cohen, managing directors of Stifel Nicolaus' Indianapolis office. IU juniors will be eligible to apply to be analysts in the fund, managing and investing the $100,000 fund.

I huff, bluff, and win the card game COMMENTARY By David Cain I never really knew why some professional poker players wear sunglasses. As I surf through the television channels, I usually pause for poker, swimsuits, animals, car chases or anything being auctioned. I’m not really sure why, but it must be an instinctual part of being a man. But because of my instincts, I’ve had the opportunity to notice the sunglasses on poker players. I recently attended a program where the speaker made an offhand reference about poker players in sunglasses. “Your pupils contract when you’re telling a lie,” he explained. “And, your opponent could potentially see you were bluffing if you were sans shades.” As a casual fan of the television show “Lie to Me”, I was slightly intrigued. Could you actually spot a lie in the eyes? My simple research surfaced a few reasons for the sunglasses. The reasons included the assumption that you could see a reaction to cards in the pupil of an opponent. The fact that most emotion shows in the eyes and face would suggest that sunglasses and hats would help mask these emotions. Another reason is that sunglasses, as most of us non-professional sunglass wearers know, allow you to look at someone without them

knowing it. So if you are playing poker, you can stare at another player and see their reactions when they might not know you are looking. Another stand out reason for dawning sunglasses is sponsorship opportunities. Eyewear sponsorship presents a chance to get money without winning a hand, a winning proposition itself. The strange thing about it all is poker is a game where you are rewarded for making a claim you can’t support. I call that a lie. In poker, it’s a bluff. When you bet on a hand that you know has little chance to improve and is likely not a winner, you are bluffing. Watch the news, watch the stock market and it would appear there are a few poker players running businesses. Business bluffing has always been around and I’m wondering now if next we’ll see economic forecasts delivered while wearing sunglasses? If you’re running a business, make sure you leave the shades in the car and keep the bluffing around the felt table. David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at

» Indiana Business Incentives – The Entrepreneurship Advancement Center will host a program entitled Indiana Business Incentives Sept. 28, 7:30 to 9 a.m. at Katz, Sapper, & Miller - 800 East 96th Street, Suite 500. Business incentives are available in Indiana. As a business owner, you need to know what opportunities exist and how to identify those that are available to your business. Register for this free event at » Make 'em laugh – "Most marketing campaigns fall down because they're specifically designed to sell products and generate leads," says David Meerman Scott, viral-marketing strategist. A better plan, he says, is to back off the sell and amp up the entertainment. It may cost more to produce a funny commercial, but uploading it to YouTube is free.

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September 14, 2010 | 17

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MONEY MATTERS Which unnecessary expense would be the most difficult for you to give up if you had to cut back? “Extracurricular stuff for my kids. That would be the hardest thing for me to cut back on.” Joy Volz Westfield “We’re pretty cut back right now, and it helps. We use a lot of coupons, we eat at home, and we don’t use cable. Those things have helped us.” Rachel Purciful Westfield “Going out to eat. It’s difficult because as a stay-at-home mom, eating out is my break from cooking dinner.” Katie Lueck Westfield


Now Open



linden tree


Type: Custom Built Ranch Age: Built 2007 Location: North of 131st Street, between Ditch Road and Township Line Road. Neighborhood: Estates of Clay West Sq Footage: 8,402 (Includes the lower level) Rooms: This custom built ranch located in the gated community of The Estates of Clay West just north of the Village of West Clay sits on 1.44 acres overlooking a pond. Home has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, gourmet kitchen with all the high end appliances, large walk in pantry, main floor master, office, and huge laundry room. The lower level is complete with a wine cellar, wet bar, home theater, work-out room, bedroom, game area, and plenty of storage. If you have a few cars, this home can garage at least six cars or there is plenty of space for a workshop Strengths: The square footage of the home, value (price per square ft) main floor master, location. It’s as good a new without the wait to build new. Challenges: Home only has three bedrooms. Owner has the drawings to add three more bedrooms and three more bathrooms above the main floor which can be done very easily and economically.

Bill Mitchell specializes in Hamilton County real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 317-696-4181 or bill@

Today, Linden Tree Gifts, a downtown Noblesville staple for nearly 20 years, opens its doors on a second location in downtown Westfield. The store is at the northeast corner of Main Street and Union Street. According to owner Rori Anderson, Linden Tree Gifts promises to bring something new to both its customers and the people of Westfield. “We try to find some things that you just don’t find any place else,” Anderson said. According to Anderson, both locations of Linden Tree Gifts carry a wide variety of gifts, home décor, pictures and decorative accessories. The stores also carry an array of wedding and baby gifts, and free gift wrapping is available on site. When Anderson bought the first location two years ago, she expanded the store’s variety of gifts. “We try to have choices in all price ranges for any person or occasion,” she said. According to Anderson, the stores cater to both women and men on the quest for a comfortable home. In addition to the two locations, also provides online shopping and specials. For Anderson, the new store promises to bring something new and different to downtown Westfield. “We think that Westfield doesn’t have a store like Linden Tree,” she said. 100 N. Union, Westfield Phone: 773-3238 | Website:

SEPTEMBER 25 & 26 Saturday 10 am–6pm Sunday 10 am–5 pm

Main Street in the Carmel Arts & Design District FREE ADMISSION • ENTERTAINMENT ON 2 STAGES This Arts Festival brings together 144 juried artists, competing for top honors in their media fields with works in Fiber/Mixed 2D, Photography, Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Ceramics, 2D Traditional, Printmaking, Jewelry, Wood and 3D Traditional.

18 | September 14, 2010

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DISPATCHES » Conceptual Kitchens will move to IDC – Conceptual Kitchens & Millwork will occupy a first-floor showroom in the Indiana Design Center. The new showroom is anticipated to open by January 2011 and will be open to the public. Owner Rob Klein’s IDC showroom will showcase classic kitchens and act as the exclusive dealer for Wm Ohs Kitchen Cabinetry, Premier Custom-Built, and Neff Kitchens in the state of Indiana. » Cleaning tip of the week – According to Mark Miller Cleaning, you can use baking soda to keep odors out on the cheap. Sprinkle on the carpet and vacuum it up to remove odors in the carpet. The same holds true on hardwood surfaces, baking soda will help soak up any nasty smells. While most people put it in the refrigerator, consider the other places where baking soda will help absorb odors: your car or office, anywhere smokers might be. » Dress up your living room with trendy furniture – The modern designer, Paola Lenti, has presented new collections of furniture and art pieces in her 2010 furniture collection. Her collections include low-rise tables, weaved baskets, rugs and comfortable sofas that come in attractive happy colors of green, blue and purple. These furniture masterpieces by Lenti are practically designed to give you extra comfort and the colors are very relaxing to the eyes as well as the textures are very elegant.

20 | September 14, 2010

Decorating under glass INTERIORS By Vicky Earley Leave it to the French and Sally Zier to popularize something that has no real use today other than isolate a treasure. The glass cloche, also known of as a bell jar, is simply a solid piece of glass shaped like a dome. It really has no use today other than to act as a decorative cover for an item. The original purpose was a bit more utilitarian as the French used the concept to protect an early garden plant from bleak cold and frost encourage crops to reach a healthy maturity. The Dutch and English picked up on the idea and started adding iron and changing the shape. This little gem came to my attention when Sally started playing with these seemingly useless items in ways that turned the mundane into the beautiful. I now use the cloche as a decorating staple and transform simple item such as vintage books, a pocket watch, a statue, even a flower, into something of visual importance, simply by encasement in a cloche. When paired with a pedestal, any item becomes a treasure. Since the glass covering protects an item from dust, it is ideal for displaying family heirloom items. In fact, it does not have to be limited to one piece. A collection grouped with color and texture

Current in Westfield

makes a stunning centerpiece. Imagine a bridal shower table with petite floral arrangements showcased on a pedestal and covered with a cloche! Cloches can be paired with a sole surviving plate from of a set of china, a small cake or cupcake and presented as a one of a kind birthday gift. Used in bookshelves, the glass if the cloche adds and new texture and illumination. Try laying a thick dark book on its side, and add a single item cover by a cloche. It there is a layer of color from a tray or art behind the glass, the colors will breakup and create visual interest. Decorative cloches are not limited to one size and shape; I have seen them small enough to cover a simple rose bud and large enough to showcase a cake. While the traditional cloche use of protecting tender plants from frost, insects, birds and strong winds has fallen way to the cut milk jug and soda bottle, the cloche still lives on in the decorating world! Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact artichokedesigns@aol. com.

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fall skincare 0





e yC

e, C

iv Dr


“I have wanted to do hair since I was a little girl, there was never a doubt that I would do anything else!” Stephanie has grown her passion for being a stylist, becoming well-rounded in many techniques and skills. For the past year, Stephanie has been an active participant in Salon 01’s educational program, taking classes in cutting and coloring, and has also been certified in the Keratin Complex Treatment, Brazilian Blowout and Hairdreams hair extensions. Stephanie is one of Salon 01’s rising stars, and is now taking new guests in our New Talent Salon. Aside from her passion for hair, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves music and enjoys attending concerts on a regular basis. Call Salon 01 today and book your appointment with Stephanie, or any one of our talented stylists, or visit us at where you can find all of our stylist profiles.

stephanie houston

While most of us focus on protecting skin in the summer, it is important not to neglect your regimen during the fall. Here are five tips for maintaining healthy skin past the summer months:


1-Continue to use SPF! The sun’s rays are still powerful during fall, and can cause even more damage to those caught unaware. Use at least SPF 15 to continue to protect your skin. 2-Exfoliate skin twice a week. This can help remove dry skin and uneven tone caused by exposure to the sun during the summer. 3-Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Fall air is dryer without the humidity of summer, so your skin needs extra nourishment to stay healthy. 4-To get rid of chapped lips, carry around a trusty tube of balm or Chapstick. Exfoliating lips lightly with a toothbrush can also get rid of dead skin on your pucker. 5-Stay hydrated and exercise! Besides the multitude of other benefits, doing so can help maintain a fresh and healthy glow.

true hue anti-fade shampoo Tr u e H u e An t i - F a d e S h a m poo: 10 f l oz. $ 1 3 . 0 0 : I n d u l g e i n a d a i l y m oist u rizin g, z e ro s u l f a t e s h a m p o o . An t i - f ad e sh am p oo re v i t a l i z e s c o l o r wi t h re n ew ed rad ian ce an d we l c o m e s a s i l k y s m o o t h f in ish .

Relax! Bring in this ad for $20 off your first one hour Deep Tissue massage with Michael!* *Offer expires September 30,2010

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DISPATCHES » Maple Glen ‘Fun’Draiser – Tomorrow, Maple Glen Elementary School will be having its first PTO Community Night at Pizza Hut in Springmill Crossing, 161st Street and Springmill Road. For each order placed today with a "Fun"Draiser Ticket, Pizza Hut will donate 10 percent of the purchase to the school. The "Fun"Draiser tickets have been sent home with all students.

» Did someone say pizza? – School Age Stuff will be a pizza party at the Westfield Washington Public Library on Wednesday, Sept. 22. Bring your appetite to this free program that begins at 4:30 p.m. For more information, call 896-9391 or visit » States pilot teacher prelicensing exam – Education programs across 19 states are piloting a performance-based assessment for teacher-candidates that potentially could serve as a common prelicensing measure for new teachers. Based on a test in use in about 30 education schools in California, the Teacher Performance Assessment includes a “teaching event” requiring teachers to extensively document and submit for review artifacts of their planning, instruction, and ability to assess and respond to student needs. » Harvard researcher may have fabricated data – Harvard authorities have made available information suggesting that Marc Hauser, a star researcher who was put on leave this month, may have fabricated data in a 2002 paper. Hauser is a leading expert in comparing animal and human mental processes and recently wrote a well-received book, “Moral Minds,” in which he explored the evolutionary basis of morality. An inquiry into his Harvard lab was opened in 2007 after students felt they were being pushed to reach a particular conclusion that they thought was incorrect.

22 | September 14, 2010

This may require additional explanation GRAMMAR LESSON By Brandie Bohney Over the Labor Day weekend, my family and I made a trek to Fort Wayne for one day to visit my mother-in-law. She was in rehab, and we wanted to see how she was doing and to support her. What are you thinking about my mother-inlaw? Was your first guess that she had a double knee replacement and was finishing physical rehabilitation at a physical rehabilitation hospital? I’m guessing not. My mother-in-law did have both of her knees replaced and was finishing some physical therapy at a rehabilitation hospital. But that’s not the first thing that crossed your mind, was it? More than likely, your first thought was more along these lines: “Oh, the poor Grammar Guru. Her mother-in-law is a recovering drug addict. How awful that must be.” Why was that your first thought? Because the shortened form of rehabilitation, rehab, has taken on the common meaning of drug or alcohol rehabilitation rather than any other type of rehabilitation. When we use rehab to mean any of those other types of rehabilitation, further explanation is generally a must. My sentence should have read more like this: “She was finishing her physical rehab from her double knee replacement, and we wanted to see how she was doing and to support her.” Rehab is not the only word to suffer this type of malady. Consider the word paraphernalia. Spelling difficulties notwithstanding, paraphernalia is a neat and useful word. But any time you use it without a reference to drugs, you’d better attach a word or two of explanation. For example, Melody took all of her paraphernalia on her camping trip. Ah, Melody. Always toking up in the woods. But if I had added some adjectives, things would be okay for her, and she wouldn’t seem like such a shady character. Instead: Melody took all of her hiking (or cooking or s’more-making) paraphernalia on her camping trip. The point is that certain words with less-thandesirable additional meanings have to be used with caution. They require a little bit of extra explanation to avoid certain sideways glances or looks of pity when you use them outside of their most-common yet least-desirable meanings.


Erick Krauter, Agent 2750 E. 146th St. Carmel, IN 46033 Bus: 317-569-9200

Life insurance shouldn’t wait. Even though life is busy, take a moment to reflect on what’s most important. For peace of mind, protect your family with ® State Farm life insurance. Like a good neighbor, ® State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) 0901038 Bloomington, IL

Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

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Dealing with disruptive behavior

PARENTING By Becky Kapsalis Disruptive child behavior usually takes place at the most inappropriate time: in church, in the store, in a restaurant or when we are on the phone. It isn’t realistic to stop what we are doing to use this bad behavior time as a learning moment. We’re either embarrassed by our child’s behavior, feeling the world is looking at us as though we are the worst parents on the planetor, or we over react so that the world cannot possibly think we are the worst parents on the planet. Yet, disruptive behavior continues. I recall being in a grocery store with my then young children, when two of them decided to have a rumble-tumble wrestling match right there in the dairy section. I was appalled! I couldn’t break it up. I was so embarrassed I left the store without any groceries and heartburn. I’ve learned a few things, since then, about how to handle disruptive behavior. • Disruptive behavior must not just a little kid thing because it rarely stops even into a child’s teens. • Lessons on how to handle disruptive behavior takes lots of practice in the home to be prepared for when it happens elsewhere.

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• Finding a safe room in the house that a kid can ‘act out’ his/her disruptive behavior works wonders. It doesn’t suppress the child’s feelings while at the same time it is disruptive only to the child who is being disruptive. • Finally, let your kids know, beforehand, that there is a designated ‘disruptive’ room every place you go, and know that while you would obviously prefer not to use it, it can be helpful knowing it’s there. (Pick a spot in your mind as to where that place might be in the store, church, restaurant, friend’s house, etc. and be prepared to use it if you must.) Then tell your child “It’s your choice to be disruptive, but it’s my choice to not allow you to be disruptive to others. Let’s sit right here until you learn to not disrupt others.” I’d love to hear how some of you handle disruptive behavior, so feel free to email me with your ideas! Hugs!


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Becky Kapsalis. aka YiaYia (pronounced Ya-Ya.) is a certified parenting advocate and child behavior coach. You may reach her at 317-848-7979 or e-mail becky@



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September 14, 2010 | 23

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Men’s top turn-offs, part 2 RELATIONSHIPS By Rachael Noble In Part 1 of Men’s Top Turn-Offs, I mentioned how I recently asked a dude friend of mine to tell me what it is that we women do that turn men off. Ladies, you may be put off by some of his answers below, but as I mentioned before, if we put down our defenses and listen, perhaps we can learn how to improve ourselves! In random order, here are this guy’s top turn-offs: • I think most women wear too much makeup and they look beautiful when they don’t have it on. But it doesn’t matter how much you say they look beautiful without it, they won’t believe it. I like it when a woman is comfortable and secure enough with herself to roll out in public without having to get fixed up. • There are some women out there who will be late to their own funeral – they’re just always running late. I believe that if you say you’re going to be somewhere, be there on time. • I don’t like it when a lady shows up to our date and she’s chatting on her phone or texting the whole time. People should have enough respect for each other to put their phones away during a date. • Clinginess is always a turn-off. I like it

when the woman I’m dating has her own friends and things to do. When she doesn’t and she centers her entire world around me, I feel pressured that we have to do everything together. I like to spend time with my girlfriend but I can’t do the 24/7 deal. I once dated a woman who was waiting for me at my house every time I came home from work. Sometimes I had things to do and I couldn’t get them done because she expected me to entertain her when I got home. I liked spending time with her, but I was frustrated by her always showing up without warning and then I had to change my plans. • I’ve dated women before who try to position themselves with my friends so they can keep tabs on me or get them to like her so they’ll influence me to keep dating her. That seems sneaky to me. • Guys like to be chased to some degree but stalking is another thing. If a guy tells you no, take that for an answer.

Rachael Noble is a single Carmel resident and contributing columnist. She can be reached at




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September 14, 2010 | 25

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Evaluating Social Media helpers TECHNOLOGY By Gary Hubbard Social media as a communication tool is dramatically changing just about everything, and these changes can make it difficult to manage all the daily changes. There are certainly a lot of smart people that have a good handle on various aspects of the social landscape, but my first word of advice is avoid anyone that presents themselves as the allknowing, all-encompassing solution to all your social technology needs. It is after all a new and developing field. Finding specialists that have social media experience in your industry would be a good starting point. Social media for law firms is quite different from social media for ice cream stores, so be sure to look for those with general business knowledge in your world first.  If a company or individual is professing their knowledge in social media, you don’t have to take their word for it; you can very easily research their ‘portfolio’ with a handful of free websites, the same sites which are excellent for researching potential employees, business partners and vendors. – Put the person or company name in this search engine and you will get anything posted by or about them across many social media sites such as Twitter & YouTube as well as blogs. – This site measures social influ-

DISPATCHES » A correlation between smart phones and sexual partners? – While conducting a site-wide survey on photography, dating site OkCupid realized it had a data set of almost 10,000 people that showed two things: A type of smart phone and a number of lifetime sexual partners. The results were strangely non-random. At every age group, the iPhone-owning posse has significantly more liaisons under their collective belt.

26 | September 14, 2010

ence of Twitter users. Use it as a simple way to compare different accounts, or dive deep into numbers for analysis. – If you are working with a company, this site will measure the visibility across many social networks. Not only can you get an overall perspective, but you can see exactly which networks they have been able to generate visibility. If, for example, a company is pitching you Facebook services, then they should have a visibility score for the various Facebook categories on this site. – This site is a granular social media search engine. You can do a search on a person or company based on a specific social media network or by content type.  If, for example, someone is pitching blog services, you should be able to find their blogs and how active they are in the blogosphere in general as well as their writing style and approach to generating buzz. None of these tools should be used as the sole decision maker, but any or all of them can certainly help determine the differences when you are comparing two companies or two consultants against each other. Gary Hubbard is the owner of Data Doctors Computer Services - Have a technology question? Send it to

» Local 'geeks' to help charities – Indy GiveCamp is now accepting proposals from local charities for pro-bono software projects. Indy GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for nonprofit organizations. Prospective charities are small to medium groups without the technical capabilities or resources to establish new systems or maintain antiquated systems. The event will take place at MID Technologies on November 5 through 7. Charities can apply at

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Did God just lose the argument? SPIRITUALITY By Bob Walters Some years ago I picked up Professor Stephen Hawking’s popular 1988 physics book, “A Brief History of Time”. About halfway through, I realized I was mentally overmatched. I generally enjoy complex reading, but Hawking is one smart dude, and the physics of time is one mammoth mental challenge. “Time”, so to speak, wasn’t on my side. I put it down. It’s not the only book I couldn’t finish the first time I picked it up. The Bible was like that. I grew up Christian and understood I was supposed to believe the Bible, but on several attempts, I couldn’t understand it. Even in English, it seemed like a foreign language. That changed about 10 years ago when, in my mid-40s, the eyes of my heart opened to the meaning of the Bible. I read it and I got it. I still read it, and I still learn new things every time I open it. Hawking closed “A Brief History of Time” stating that when man achieved a complete understanding of science, it would “reveal the mind of God”. Hawking has published a new book this month, “The Grand Design”. In it he reverses his previous statement, and announces that God is unnecessary to the universe and irrelevant to Creation. “Because there is a law such as gravity,” Hawking writes, “the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than noth-

ing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.” So God, it is widely reported, has been declared not only irrelevant, but nonexistent. Stephen Hawking said so. Let’s not panic and think Hawking has settled it. Hawking, recently retired, held the position as Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge University, England, a post once held by Sir Isaac Newton. Suffering lifelong ill health and paralyzed, Hawking is the most celebrated scientist on the planet since Albert Einstein. It is beyond odd that a guy that smart would claim that physical law and gravity had to exist for spontaneous creation to happen. It’s borderline hopeful that academics and secularists, despite their initial “God is gone” glee, could not overlook that statement’s inherent oxymoron: that gravity had to exist before the universe could independently, exclusively, and spontaneously create itself. Even secular CNN quickly asked: Who created gravity? Good question. I, for one, don’t think Professor Hawking’s mathematical mastery has sufficient gravity to unseat God as Creator. BobWalters (www.believerbob., email rlwcom@aol. com), who will discuss Creation next week, is pretty sure Hawking has underestimated God.





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9/2/10 1:09 PM

September 14, 2010 | 27

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DISPATCHES » Amber Alerts for pets – Thanks to clever technology, companies such as Pet Amber Alert andFindToto can help you find a lost pet by instantly broadcast a personalized telephone message to homes and businesses in the area where your pet went missing. You can choose to broadcast the message to hundreds or thousands of your neighbors, depending on the plan you purchase. (Plans range from $79.95 for 300 neighbors to $875 for 10,000 neighbors.) » Cat's bad breath can be a bad sign – “A healthy cat’s breath should not be offensive,” says Eric Davis, DVM, a fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and director of the Dental Referral Service at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Bad breath can be the result of periodontal, kidney, respiratory, liver disease, or even diabetes. “However, by far, the most common problem associated with bad breath is periodontal disease,” Davis said. Check your cat’s teeth and gums regularly. If you see any blood, inflammation, or if your cat winces—and not because he doesn’t want you checking his mouth—but because he feels pain, then take him to the vet.

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Dog Day Afternoon to offer fun, education By Lauren Burdick Current in Westfield This year's third annual Dog Day Afternoon will have one significant, yet perhaps not-sonoticeable change – the Sept. 19 event will be facilitated entirely by the Noblesville-based Humane Society for Hamilton County. In previSubmitted photo ous years, it has been a The day’s activities will span four blocks of Range Line Road in the heart of the Carmel Hamilton County event Arts & Design District. facilitated by the city of of pet adoption and population control. AdCarmel and its Redevelopment Commission. ditionally, all of the event’s proceeds will benefit The free event is from noon to 5 p.m. at the the HSHC. corner of Main Street and Range Line Road in “We need to really showcase the Humane the PNC Bank parking lot in Carmel. Society because it’s nationally renowned,” FitzAccording to event chairwoman Lisa Fitzwater said. “It’s a low-kill shelter; we euthanize water, this kid-friendly, family event will bring such a low number of animals and have an much-needed awareness about the duties that incredibly high adoption rate. We stretch every come with owning animals to all Hamilton single dollar to be worth about 10.” County residents. For Fitzwater, the dedication brought to the “People underestimate the responsibility we have to steward our animal population,” Fitzwa- Dog Day Afternoon each year is equivalent to the enthusiasm the Human Society for Hamilter said. “We live in the most beautiful county ton County shows every day. in the world. We’re trying to teach families that “We don’t have any problem exchanging paswe have a privilege to take care of our dogs and sion for compassion,” she said. “Just to have cats.” people be compassionate, that’s what we’re tryThough the day is filled with activities and shows such as a demonstration by Carmel police ing to do.” For more information, visit www.carmeldogdogs and a fashion show, Dog Day Afternoon aims to educate the public about the importance

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PETS OF THE WEEK Duke is a one-year-old male brindle Bullmastiff mix. Duke is big boy weighing in at 75 pounds but he is described as a gentle giant. He’s neutered, very social and fairly laid back for a young dog.  He enjoys treats and is gentle taking them, so teaching him obedience commands should be easy.  Duke is very strong and due to his strength and size he would be best suited in a home with grade school children who can play with him and even take him for walks.  Miss Zoe is a 12-year-old female tabby with white DSH.  Miss Zoe lost the only home she had ever known and she desperately wants to find someone who will help her start over and give her a forever home. She is a gorgeous girl who was voted “Best Eyes” 2010 by the staff and they also think she deserves a pedestal to perch herself on because she is like a show piece. Miss Zoe is spayed and she loves attention and she qualifies for our PAWS Program – Partnering Animals With Seniors. Anyone 55 or older can adopt Miss Zoe for a reduced fee. For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974 or go to



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Don’t ignore storage space in your next building project BASEMENTS By Randy Sorrell While not a very stimulating or romantic topic in design, storage spaces can sure economize on valuable space and serve to organize all your favorite goodies. Most of us have multiple storage spaces from mud room lockers, to garage utilitarian shelving or stale attic space and unfinished basement areas. The couple of storage areas pictured presents a few storage solution ideas. While both were installed in a lower level, previously referred to as a basement, it’s pretty easy to imagine something similar in a spacious attic or laundry room. Usual lower level and attic installations leave the surrounding space unfinished without drywall but likely incorporate an extra electrical outlet and plenty of task lighting. Searching for your favorite widget in dark can be frustrating and you can never have too many outlets. Imagine that behind the pictured long wall of sliding doors is an amazing amount of storage space. This was previously an awkward nook in the lower level, which was not accomplishing much. When we finished the remaining lower level, it was a natural to transition this awkward area into storage. The sliding panel doors allow for easy access and have been painted to create an edgy

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wall with pictures hung on them for a touch of realism. While simple 2”x4” framing and plywood shelves will certainly function as an inexpensive storage solution, the luxury of adjustable shelves and smooth materials that doesn’t seem to catch on everything sure is preferred. Wire mesh shelving is clean, easy to install and offers a very open feel; though for neat freaks, it might leave too much room for things to wiggle through the mesh. When it comes to storage, Rubbermaid containers are your best friend and I would put it on your buy list, both the containers and the stock. It can actually get fun strategizing, organizing and buying all these crazy storage vessels. Careful though, it can sure frighten the budget. A simple visit to one of the big box retailers can stimulate the juices for creative solutions and containers. Romantic? Not really but it can sure clean up the clutter. Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+, a Carmel home improvement firm. He may be reached at 317-679-2565, randy@ or

Mowing, Mowing, Mulching, Mowing, Mulching, Fertilization, Mulching, Fertilization, Pergolas, Pavers Fertilization, Pergolas, Pavers & Ponds Pergolas, Pavers & Ponds & Ponds locally owned and operated owned and operated locally owned and operated

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September 14, 2010 | 29

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‘Tis the season to think ahead INTERIORS By David Decker Every year our office phone rings sometime after Halloween with a homeowner’s last minute request to install new kitchen countertops by the holidays. Sometimes it’s a whole new kitchen. We love to get the calls. But, the waning September days of summer are an ideal time to get the unique home improvement ball rolling, while holiday entertaining is still far off over the horizon. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and they get a workout during the Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, winter break, New Year’s holidays. At home, everyone gravitates to the kitchen, and its fun to share the excitement of new improvements with those you most enjoy and love to entertain. In the specific case of countertops, they are potentially the kitchen’s single most dramatic and quickest appearance and entertainment enhancement. But, deciding on budget, design and materials is much easier when the clock isn’t the enemy. Consider that there are a dozen or so general categories of countertops: granite, ceramics, laminates, stainless steel, wood, concrete, hybrid, natural, man-made, eco-friendly materials, and more, in virtually limitless colors. And if you’re doing the counters, it’s a good

30 | September 14, 2010

idea to evaluate, at minimum, your sink, plumbing fixtures and backsplash. They are part of most countertop projects. Decisions need to be made! It can be an exciting, even a fun task, and surprisingly easy when you partner with an experienced home improvement designer to help navigate the process. No matter what time of year, time itself is the best friend there is when it comes to managing and making decisions about budgets, designs, materials, fixtures, appliances, lighting and the overall scope of the project. Kitchen improvements are both an expense and time commitment. Around the holidays, homeowners don’t need more of either. Plan today to not rush tomorrow. David Decker is president of Affordable Kitchens and Bathrooms, based in Carmel (877-252-1420, www. Have a home improvement question? E-mail David at david.decker@affordablekandb. com, and he will answer in an upcoming column.   

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RareRoastBeefAd_CurrentCarmel.qxd 7/30/09 5:18 1 Views | Community | Cover  Story | Anti-Aging | DIversions | Dough | Panache | Education | Relationships | Toys | In  Spirit | Pets | Inside  &  PM OutPage | Laughs | Puzzles

The 7 percent solution HUMOR By Dick Wolfsie I believe in change as much as the next person. I believe in change so much that I have an old pickle jar in my home office filled with quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. Also some golf tees, safety pins and wintergreen Lifesavers. When I was a kid, I saved the very same way; the thrill never wore off for me. Well, not until recently. That container in my office held the savings of the past 18 months, which would translate into a nice infusion of cash for the vacation my wife and I are planning for our 30th anniversary. I took the sealed jar into my bank, hugging it tightly. I assumed the friendly teller would toss my hard-earned change into a high-tech coin counter, and then sweeten my bank account with this windfall. Instead, I got the bad news: the bank could count it, but subtract 7 percent of the deposit for administrative costs. “Wait a second. You’re going to charge customers to put money into your bank? Are people that dumb?” I said. “Apparently. That’s why it’s called chump change,” said my banker. I told my wife about the problem and she suggested that I have Brett, our son, count the money and we’d give him 4 percent of the total, a savings of several dollars over the bank’s fee. But what would we do with the counted change? “We’ll deposit the rolls in the bank,” said my wife.

“Don’t you get it? They don’t care about our calculation. They have to add it up themselves in that cockamamie machine. They’re not going to take Brett’s word for it.” At this point, I just dumped the money on the carpet, and starting adding it all up. An hour later I’d calculated a total of $432.50. Now I knew exactly how much change I had, and I was in the identical predicament I was in before I counted it. One option was to use the Coinstar machine at the supermarket. They charge 9 percent but you get all your money back if you take it in the form of a gift certificate to a restaurant. Sorry, but after a year of watching that nest egg grow, I was looking forward to translating that into a romantic meal and a fine bottle of wine, not 22 fried catfish specials at MCL. I was still convinced that some bank out there would count my change without a fee, so I spent the better part of one afternoon investigating several branches. I finally got home and told my wife that it was a lost cause, and that I was tired of toting around a 20 pound jar of coins. And to make matters worse, I got a parking ticket. The meter had expired.

all September One per customer, Dine-in Mon-Fri in August at Carmel store only. Not valid with other offers. Offer not valid on holidays. Excludes Peppered Turkey.

At the Airport

Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

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September 14, 2010 | 31

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No shame when it comes to manners HUMOR By Mike Redmond All right, boys and girls, here’s a little pop quiz. Today’s question is: are Americans getting ruder? My answer: Are you kidding? Where have you been? This has been going on for at years, and it’s getting worse all the time! The real question, of course, is how things came to such a pretty pass. Like most of what is wrong in the world, I think it starts with people who think the sun shines out of their, I mean, revolves around them. In this country, they’re the ones who cut into lines, interrupt other people’s transactions, drive like maniacs, treat customers like annoyances, treat clerks and waiters like servants, you get the drift. And it goes further. People shout at each other an awful lot these days, and I don’t just mean on what used to be called talk shows or at professional sports. And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. These days, he who shouts loudest wins the argument. Why? We can blame all the usual suspects, the Internet, TV, talk radio, the playground, and that loudmouth guy at work. But I see something else at work here. To an increasing number of people, manners simply don’t matter anymore. Manners, as it was explained to me at length by my mother, are the outward expression of one’s respect for others. This is a “me-first, I’m-going-get-mine, agree-

or-be-ridiculed” world. In a situation like that, there is no respect for others and therefore, no need for manners. Next time you’re out to eat in a family type restaurant, take a look around to see how many men are dining with baseball caps on their heads. Now, to my mind, that’s rude. In fact, wearing a hat indoors is rude in itself. But, while eating? The way I was raised, to wear a baseball cap and eat outdoors would be a serious infraction. Wearing a hat indoors at a meal was beyond the pale. Whenever I see this I just shake my (hatless) head in dismay. My mother also explained that the lack of manners had consequences. In my case, the price of bad manners was disappointing my grandparents. I cannot begin to tell you how effective that strategy was. I wasn’t all that concerned about disappointing my parents as it happened regularly, but the idea of disappointing Grandma and Grandpa still gives me a pang of shame. Maybe that’s it. Maybe we’re getting ruder because we are losing the idea of shame. After all, it’s a “win-at-all-costs” America now, and shame is for losers. If that’s the case, shame on us. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.


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32 | September 14, 2010

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A.M. REAL ESTATE-Mohawk Crossing Recently remodeled, this home is sparkling clean and ready to move in to. 4 generously sized Bedrooms, 
a spacious Family room and a finished basement makes this home ideal for family living. Kitchen with granite tops and stainless steel appliances. New hardwood floors in the Living and Dining rooms.

Offered for lease at $2,450/mo Property is also available for sale Contact Jim Canull for your private tour. 317-507-4431 Serving Carmel for over 30 years!

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Crossword 1








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Indiana Wordsmith Challenge











41 46

45 48

47 54 58



36 39






16 Estate and Your full service Real Property Management Company 19 Visit us at




Hoosier Hodgepodge 9





51 56


53 57









Across 1. Fill to the gills at Bub’s 5. Electronics chain: Radio ___ 10. “...happily ___ after” 14. Change for a five at PNC Bank 15. White River wader 16. Indiana’s circus city 17. Canine cry at the Hamilton County shelter 18. IUPUI computer science acronym 19. News squib in The Current 20. Noblesville department headed by the man pictured (2 wds.) 23. Indiana Statehouse VIP 24. Contend (for) 25. Lugar’s pos. 26. Scat Pest Control target 29. Japanese cartoon art 31. Driving hazard 33. Cuts off 35. Meeting of the dead? 36. Verizon Wireless Music Center concert prop 37. Fairfield ___ & Suites 38. Lose 41. Woody’s kitchen formula 45. Get out of bed 46. Send, as payment 47. Quiznos hero 48. Cloak-and-dagger org. 51. Last word of “America, the


Beautiful” 53. Westfield Farmers Market podded plant 54. Man pictured (2 wds.) 58. Millers Country Carpet calculation 60. ISO musical endings 61. They’re spotted in Hoosier Park Casino 63. Hoosier Cab taxi 64. Market Square ___ 65. Got bigger 66. Meadowlark Park picnic pests 67. Serpentine 68. University HS Latin 101 verb Down 1. Indiana bean crop 2. Buttercup family member 3. Israeli financial center (2 wds.) 4. Catch sight of 5. Lewis with Lamb Chop 6. President and CEO of Indybased USA Diving, Debbie ___ 7. Sacramento’s ___ Arena 8. Hairstyles at Hair Depot 9. Logan’s Roadhouse slicer 10. Sweeping story 11. Serviceman 12. James Whitcomb Riley’s before 13. Lake House Tavern’s Coke partner

Build the word

21. Superior in power 22. Without distinction (2 wds.) 23. Marathon product 27. Rainbow shape 28. Pebble Brook Golf Course prop 30. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Shapiro’s Deli 32. Tour de France winner, ___

Armstrong 34. 48-Across operative 35. Knight’s title 38. ___ Field’s Cookies 39. Letters on a chit 40. Verb preceder for “The Grammar Guru” 42. Makes worse 43. Stabs with a knife

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44. Indianapolis International Airport posting: Abbr. 49. Ancient Peruvians 50. Bedeck 51. Reeked, like a sewer 52. Westfield HS English exam finale, often 55. River ___ Community Church 56. Brainstorm

57. Nose out 58. Triumphant cry 59. Participated in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 62. Indiana State Fair barn mother

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Childhood isn’t childproof. That’s why we’re ready for anything.

Not only ready, but right in your own backyard. Having Riley North close by means immediate attention for any mishap. And should you need it, convenient access to all the special services at Riley Hospital for Children. Our doctors have seen just about everything — even if you haven’t. Because the unexpected happens. And kids will be kids. Need us? Call us: 688-DOCS (3627).

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