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Westfield business owner Reggie Stewart preserves classic European cars for both business and pleasure / P9 Photo by CW Photography

Trust your little one’s new life to our care. 00410_2377_10.375x1_4c_CurrentStrip_v2.indd 1

At Clarian North, expect hotel-level amenities and enjoy peace of mind with a Level III NICU onsite staffed by Riley physicians. Call 688-DOCS to find a physician.

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Community prepares for start of farmers market of the event. By Brandon Bowman “When I am at the market, or any Current in Westfield of the events in Westfield, I’m always The Westfield Farmers Market will treated to a different segbegin its third year on ment of the population,” June 4, and Market Manhe said. “The feedback ager John Shaaf predicts I get when I’m there is this will be a breakout positive, 99 percent of year. the time.” Last year’s attendance Cook added that events reached 7,500. Thanks to like this are important to some changes, Shaaf said the community and he’s he expects around 10,000 always delighted when to attend this year. scores of people step forThe market runs from COOK ward to participate. With June 4 to August 6 and is the future completion of the Grand held every Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. at Junction project, Cook said that all the corner of South Walnut Street and events including the market will have a S.R. 32, also known as Red Man Park. beautiful public space to use. A change of pace from pervious years, This year, though, the Farmers Marthe market will allow more crafts than ket will hold special events throughout they have in the past. the year. June 4 is the Westfield Farm“We’ve had the luxury of attenders Market Kickoff Kids Night. July ing other markets in the area, and we 9 will be the Westfield sidewalk sale, think we’ve learned a lot from the sucand July 23 is the Church “Iron Chef ” cess of other markets,” Shaaf said. cook-off. The market will have 26 vendors “The cook-off will have the particithis year, but it can accommodate 31 pation of Westfield churches,” Shaaf at full capacity. said. “They’ll be asked to cook up “As we grow, the large number of something using items found at the local farmers in the area have been domarket.” ing their best to be a part of this marWith a focus on the best of what ket,” he said. Westfield farmers and the commuKay Delulo of Wild Feather Farms nity have to offer, Shaaf and other is one of those vendors. She will bring organizers at the Westfield Farmers fresh produce and maple syrup tapped Market have a lot of events planned for from her farm’s maple trees. She said Westfield. she is excited to have a booth at the “This year, I want people to have market this year, but added that she The Westfield Farmers Market in the isn’t only there to make a sale. forefront of their minds when they are “I’m mainly excited to see people I making plans for their Friday nights haven’t talked to in a long time,” Dethis summer,” he said. lulo said. For more information on the WestWestfield Mayor Andy Cook said he field Farmers Market, visit www.westfrequented the market often during its first two years and said the community interaction is one of his favorite aspects

Arts center’s opening ceremonies to be announced June 6 Current in Westfield The opening ceremonies for what is being touted as the region’s best concert hall will be announced in a matter of days. A public press conference will be held at the south entrance of The Palladium, Carmel’s 1,600-seat concert hall under construction, on June 6 during which details of the The Center for the Performing Arts’ week-long opening festivities will be discussed. The week is said to include numerous community events and public performances, but no specific information has yet been released. The center’s Artistic Director Michael Feinstein, Executive Director Steven Libman, Carmel Mayor Jim

Brainard and Palladium architect David Schwarz will make the announcement. “June 6 is the day we begin our countdown to the grand opening,” Libman said in a statement. “The Palladium is a one-of-a-kind concert hall and we are quickly moving from the construction phase into the planning of the grand opening celebrations.” Construction on the concert hall is scheduled to be completed this November, followed by a three-month period to tune the hall. The Palladium is scheduled to open in late January with a week-long celebration, Jan. 22 through 30. The press conference to detail this celebration will be held at 2 p.m. For more information on the center, visit

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USPS surveys returned; addresses will change June 1 By Elizabeth Noel Current in Westfield Nearly 7,000 people in Hamilton County currently have mailing addresses that do not match their homes’ geographical locations, but incorrect addresses in Westfield, Cicero and Noblesville will soon change. At the city of Westfield's request, the USPS sent out a survey on March 31 to 6,854 homes and businesses in the county with misleading addresses, asking property owners if they wanted the city in their respective addresses to be changed to match their actual locations. The Postal Service would implement these changes with a simple majority.

After polling six Cicero and 1,428 Noblesville customers, the USPS determined that a majority of voters in these areas requested to change the last line of their mailing address to Westfield. A majority of 2,164 Westfield residents voted to change to a Carmel address. Residents of Carmel, Zionsville, and Sheridan will keep their current addresses since the majority of those surveyed in these areas said “no” to the city name change. The address changes will become effective June 1, and residents will be notified of the changes by mail this week. Carrie Cason, Westfield public relations coordinator, believes that issuing the city name changes will go relatively smoothly. “We are making these changes because of current issues, espe-

cially with public safety in these areas,” she said. “Hopefully these changes will alleviate some of these issues.” But the results of these surveys only apply to the city names, and still leave many residents with incorrect ZIP codes. According to the USPS, it will not be feasible to change these ZIP codes, and this change will require an act of Congress. Westfield Mayor Andy Cook and Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard have expressed their concerns with this. According to Cason, Cook is still working to address the ZIP code issue. "Mayor Cook is working with Congressman (Dan) Burton's office and attempting to create these changes,” Cason said. “But changing the ZIP codes will be years in the making.”du

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Current in Westfield

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Bargain benefit Founded Jan. 29, 2008, at Westfield, IN Vol. III, No. 18 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

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It is our position that the particular form of collective bargaining presently strangling creativity among Indiana’s public educators may have outlived its usefulness. Designed to give government employees a negotiating advantage against taxpayers, we fail to see how the rigidity of the rules propagated by this structure benefits the creativity of teachers. More often, these rules seem to provide cover for educators who have become more government bureaucrat than innovator. And if government employees need protection from the government, who will protect the taxpayers from that same government? Unions have effectively lobbied our legislators to require all teachers to be represented by a union – whether they want to be or not. Taxpayers should advocate for good teachers, not unions. Is there a record of superior achievement at schools staffed solely by unionized teachers? Or do schools operating without the constraints of these forced contracts allow for optimal performance? After years of focusing on money, the union-dictated collective bargaining contracts have outlived their usefulness. In these difficult economic circumstances, the time has come for a new approach to public education that emphasizes innovation, incentive and reward for superior performance.


It is our position that our schools are – now more than ever – responsible to taxpayers to demonstrate responsible spending and ongoing budget management. We taxpayers voted in instances across the state to increase our own taxes to prop up school budgets under assault from a battered economy and the incumbent fiscal challenges. With these additional funds, schools must seek improvement and contain costs – pursuing and accepting tax increases in a rough economic climate comes with a significant moral obligation. Schools must understand the responsibility of frugality moving forward under our watchful eye.  We look to the lesson from the Zionsville Educator’s Association, which elected to forgo a 3.25 percent salary increase for the 2010-11 school year. Along with other cuts, their efforts resulted in a budget reduction of $1.48 million from the general fund for the 2010-2011 school year. This kind of personal sacrifice is occurring in private companies across our nation but is rare amongst government units.    Taxpayers, even in supporting increases in some school budgets, have a right to expect more. Even as we are moving into a new age of local school funding, shouldn’t we be entertaining entering a new age of how schools are run?

Advertising Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749 Sales Executive – Lara Acton / 409.1418 Indianapolis Sales Consultant – Kevin Messmer / 513.4359

Business Office Bookkeeper - Deb Vlasich / 489.4444 The views of the columnists in Current In Westfield are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper.

strange laws


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you. In Sarasota, Fla., it is illegal to sing while wearing a bathing suit. Source: Weird Laws (iPhone application)

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the U.S. Constitution.. Amendment 14 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged

Current in Westfield

in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds

of each House, remove such disability. 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

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How does your garden grow?

From the backshop Sadly, the rumors just keep on coming … The mess that is the Carmel High School bullying/hazing incident continues to unfold, and last week’s announcement of misdemeanor charges against four former senior basketball players seems to have fired the rumor machine anew. There are claims of a cover-up by Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp, arm-twisting by local lawyers, supposed firings of coaches (they resigned) and buck-passing by the school district and CHS administration. Stop! We haven’t even arrived at the trial phase – if it gets that far – or the possible sentencing phase. All the so-called “experts” would do well to let all the elements go through the filter and see what comes out. We will say this without fear of contradiction, though: The Carmel Police Dept.’s investigation appears to have been a flawless, deliberate exercise, and we commend Chief Mike Fogarty and his charges. They conducted a minimum of 57 interviews of witnesses and purported perpetrators. That required time, lots of it, to get what CPD needed to forward to the prosecutor. It was a job well done. If anyone truly believes the end of this madness will arrive with the conclusion of a trial or a pre-trial agreement, he or she should talk to us about some prime

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg real estate off the coast of Key West. The fallout from this, we predict, sadly will last for years. ••• We’re solidly behind Rep. Mike Pence (RInd.) on this one: “Immigration reform at the national level is long overdue. But immigration enforcement is longer (overdue).” Pence says illegal immigration and the resulting human mistreatment is a cash cow. “Smugglers make money. Drug dealers make money. Immigration attorneys make money. And employers who go into the black market for cheap labor make money,” Pence says. We, the taxpayers, are left holding the bag. It’s time to follow Arizona’s lead. Legislators, it’s up to you.

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and he would always oblige.   We would work that plot of Indiana soil all summer long. Preparing, maintaining and harvesting. As an impatient boy, I learned about making an investment and waiting for it to mature. I learned about protecting that investment from others who would harm it. (I still don’t like rabbits.) And perhaps most importantly, I learned that if I prepared and protected, I could take care of myself. Together, we grew food.    With the hot days of August, we would harvest. Some we ate. Some we preserved for winter. And much we shared – widows came first, then the weak or infirm. A garden is more than fresh tomatoes for a salad, it is a classroom of self-sufficiency. How does your garden grow?

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COMMENTARY By Terry Anker One of my favorite songs from the Great American Songbook is “Summertime” from the George and Ira Gershwin musical “Porgy & Bess.” It recounts the tale of the halcyon days of summer, when “the living is easy.” Now that the kids are out of school and our mornings are greeted with chirping birds and long, sun-cast shadows, I am nostalgic for the days filled with outdoor activity a play I remember from my own youth in rural Indiana.  On the farm, there is work to do every day, not just in the summer. But it is a whole lot more fun to collect eggs and fix fences on a sunny day than on a snowy one. My favorite summer task was to prepare and plant our family’s garden with my granddad. We’d prepare what seemed like miles of soil – not strong enough to manage it myself, I’d often ride his shoes between him and the ancient but well-maintained tiller. We’d talk about what we might want to eat that summer. I always wanted watermelon,



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4 | May 25, 2010

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DISPATCHES » Photo contest – Westfield residents can win $500 and a place on the city's new Web site thanks to a new photo contest. The city is urging residents to submit photos of Westfield-specific scenery or events that help represent Westfield or Westfield families in a positive manner. The deadline to submit photos is June 15. E-mail submissions to » US 31 open house – The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will host an open house to present updated design and construction plans for the 13-mile US 31 corridor upgrade through Hamilton County today in the Carmel High School freshman cafeteria from 4:30-8 p.m., with a presentation at 6 p.m. Guests are to enter through door 13. » Ninety-one athletes to represent Hamilton County – Hamilton County will send 91 Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners to compete in the 2010 Special Olympics Indiana Summer Games June 4 through 6 in Terre Haute, making it the seventh-largest delegation to be represented at the Games. The annual event is expected to draw a crowd of more than 5,000 during three days of state-level competition. » Family Fair – The city of Westfield is partnering with Village Park Plaza to host Westfield’s second annual Family Fair at Village Park Plaza. The fair will open Wednesday and close June 6. Admission is free but concessions and tickets for rides are not.

I voted Republican, and I'm going to lose it Commentary By Danielle Wilson I just voted Republican. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that I’m a Democrat. Oy vey! It was on accident, of course, but I actually feel sick to my stomach right now. I thought that maybe if I vomited words instead of the bile rising in my throat I just might be able to make it through the day without offing myself. Here’s what happened: We had a molasses kind of morning, and because we are now living at the in-laws, my plan to vote after the kids went to school had to be altered. We arrived in the neighborhood too late for the bus, see, but were too early to go straight to school. The poll was right there, so I thought I’d go ahead and vote and then run the kids. I parked and left the three older ones in the car but took my six-year-old with me. (Never too early to teach good citizenship!) As I was signing in, one of my old neighbors, who was working the poll, came over to chat about how our recent move would affect my voting. I verified my old address and party affiliation­ – DEMOCRAT – all while discussing my unique situation and keeping an eye on my daughter. I received an “I Voted” sticker and a “D” ticket, and then waited about 30 seconds for a booth to open. When it was my turn, I handed my ticket to another worker, and I continued to talk with my neighbor as I walked over to the booth. Once there, I began scrolling down the ballot quickly to get to the races I cared about, pointing out the people I knew to my daughter and explaining the election process. Subconsciously, it occurred to me that I shouldn’t be voting for Dan Burton or Dan Coats. Aren’t they Republicans? Then I thought, “You’re an idiot Danielle. All these years thinking the Dans were right-wingers when they were actually liberals. Silly

girl!” And Luke Messer? What’s he doing on here? Didn’t I just field a campaign call from one of his volunteers for my motherin-law, a staunch Republican? Man, he’s screwed if they’ve been lobbying support from the wrong camp. So I kept on going, assuming Luke and I were losing our minds, and then let my daughter push the big red “submit” button. A few minutes later, after successfully depositing all Wilson students to school, I sat at a red light and perused the political yard signs. Holy crow! I was surrounded by all the names I’d just read through, but not a one had a donkey symbol! Realization dawned: I had just voted Republican! The poll worker had probably not even glanced at my “D” stub, assuming that I was like everyone else in the community. He’d simply loaded the enemy ballot. And I, in my distracted and somewhat discombobulated state, didn’t realize it until it was too late. I feel like I was tricked into joining the Dark Side and have now somehow contributed to the downfall of society. My husband (R) and in-laws (R), of course, think it’s hysterical, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am experiencing acute nausea right now. My only consolation is that the two races I truly cared about were non-partisan, and I was still able to cast a vote in those. Regardless, I’m angry at the poll worker for messing up, but even angrier at myself for not heeding the warning bell that sounded when I saw that my ballot included Dan squared. Yah, I’m going to go vomit now. Peace out. Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

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WWS updates anti-hazing policies By Elizabeth Noel Current in Westfield Carmel Clay Schools adopted stricter policies on hazing and bullying in wake of recent assault allegations. Westfield Washington Schools will also update its policies in its student handbook for the 2010-2011 school year. WWS Superintendent Mark Keen did not comment on whether or not these changes are related to the recent alleged hazing incidents at Carmel High School, for which four senior basketball players were handed misdemeanor charges last Monday. Keen “We continually evaluate district policies and procedures,” he said. “This spring, we added clarifying language to bullying and hazing in all of the schools’ handbooks.” The 2009-2010 handbook briefly mentions hazing and bullying under the student code of conduct. It lists “threatening or intimidating any student for any purpose including obtaining money or anything of value from the student or

hazing of other students” as grounds for suspension or expulsion from the school. The new handbook, as approved by the school board, will more clearly define hazing as “performing any act of coercing another, including the victim, to perform any act of initiation into any class, group, or organization that causes or creates a risk of causing mental, emotional, or physical harm.” It will also state that “permission, consent, or assumption of risk by an individual subjected to hazing shall not lessen the prohibitions.” The new handbook’s regulations on bullying will remain the same. It will continue to define bullying, according to Indiana State Law, as “overt, repeated acts or gestures, including verbal or written communications with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate, or harm the other student.” Any Westfield student that performs any such actions on school grounds, off grounds at a school function or event, or while using school property or equipment provided by the school will face a “gamut of disciplinary actions available to the school including suspension and expulsion.”

Clarian changed name to reinforce partnership

COMMENATRY By Jonathan R. Goble Recently, the Clarian Health system announced a bold new statewide vision that includes changing its name to Indiana University Health. This is a result of extensive research conducted to gain insight from nearly 1,400 patients and their families, referring physicians and staff members throughout the state. This new vision will allow us to carry out our mission and statewide focus to best meet our patients’ needs. The name “Indiana University Health” will better identify Clarian’s unique brand of nationally recognized health care, reinforce its differentiating partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine – which provides patients access to innovative research and treatments – and better reflect the breadth of the organization’s mission. We are committed to our patients and want them to feel assured that when they choose us for their health care, they are making the right decision. In addition, we want patients to be assured that when they come to an Indiana University Health facility anywhere in the state, they will have access to leading-edge treatments and research, world-class clinical specialists, and top-quality care. At Clarian North and all Clarian facilities, our vision is to improve and protect the health of our patients and Indiana communities. Though our system name and some of our facility names will soon change, our vision remains

6 | May 25, 2010

constant. The name Indiana University Health conveys strength and clearly defines our focus while visibly identifying our close partnership with IU School of Medicine. Clarian Health will change its name to Indiana University Health effective in early 2011. This change will not impact the existing corporate structure of the organization. Indiana University Health will remain an independent, nonprofit health system with the Methodist Church and Indiana University Board of Trustees serving as corporate board members, and will retain the same board of directors. We will continue our rich history and partnership with esteemed private practice and IU School of Medicine specialists. Dan Evans will continue to serve as the system’s president and chief executive officer, and I will continue to serve as president and CEO of the Clarian North facility. We are enthusiastic about this vision and intend for it to have a positive impact on our community and throughout the state. We look forward to unveiling our new brand identity, first with our staff, and then with the general public in early 2011. As we do, it is our goal and a privilege to continue serving the community of which we are so proud.


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Jonathan Goble is the president and CEO of Clarian North Medical Center in Carmel.

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Clarian North Medical Center employees attended and participated in the hospital's Dock Party and Talent Show May 14. Isaac Linder (far left), Betsy Norton and Eric Lowe won the competition by performing "My Strongest Suit" from the musical "Aida." The three operating room workers won $250 for their rendition.

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Reliving my childhood in the best way Commentary By Ken Kingshill When I was growing up, my father filmed home movies on a Sony Super 8 movie camera. These were silent movies, as the camera didn’t have a microphone. We had one tape of music we would play on “movie night.” I never knew where this tape came from. As far as I knew, it was a collection of songs duplicated from unknown sources using a reel-to-reel tape recorder. The music on that tape seared itself into my brain. There were a couple classic Sousa marches. I remember the “William Tell Overture.” One song was named “The Snake Charmer” or something to that effect. The last song was the Navy fight song, “Anchors Aweigh.” After I went off to college, I never heard that tape again. I have no idea what happened to it. Neither do my parents. It’s been all but forgotten. Yet, every now and then a bit of a song will unlock itself from deep within my subconscious and bring back a flood of memories. Recently, I’ve found myself on Google trying to come up with any information I can. I figure maybe I can find one or two on iTunes and start piecing together the collection as best I can. Lo and behold, while researching “The Snake

Charmer,” I came across a record called “Music From the Big Top – Carl Stevens & His Circus Band.” As I read through the titles, I saw all the ones that I remembered; plus it ended with “Anchors Aweigh.” Eureka! Here it was on one album. Wait a minute … circus music? Whatever. Now all I had to do was find it on iTunes. But wait.  Apparently, this album was never digitalized. So I checked eBay, and sure enough, there it was. Several days later, I was the proud owner of a rather obscure piece of American music history in all its vinyl glory. Except I no longer have a working turntable. A friend was able to convert it to digital. It’s amazing what today’s technology can accomplish. The sound quality is absolutely superb. Not a hint of a scratch, hiss or pop. For the first time ever, my Christmas shopping for my side of the family was done by Easter. Now, I’ll just drive my boys nuts by using it as the soundtrack to all our family videos.   City Councilor Ken Kingshill is a Westfield resident and Realtor. You may e-mail him at kkingshill@

It doesn’t take a lot to make somebody smile

“The human being who lives only for himself finally reaps nothing but unhappiness. Selfishness corrodes. Unselfishness ennobles, satisfies. Don’t put off the joy derivable from doing helpful, kindly things for others.” - B.C. Forbes COMMENTARY By Robin Chaddock I’m not sure what’s in the medium iced coffee sugar-free vanilla at McDonald’s, but I’m going to need some sort of self-help group pretty soon. I really, really love that drink. So imagine my utter joy being tripled recently when I pulled into a local McDonald’s and placed my order, then picked up my coffee as I progressed through the drive-thru. Not only did I receive my much-beloved treat, but someone had written on the lid “SFV – Enjoy!” I’ve never seen that on the lid before, and it just made me smile! It made me think of an essay my daughter, who is a senior in high school, had recently written about how she could use her gifts to make the world a better place. While I was delighted to read that she knew she had some distinct gifts and could use them in more public ways, I was deeply glad to read the last

2010 Subaru Impreza 2.5i

(Model # AJB)

2010 Subaru Forester 2.5x

paragraph of her writing. She said while she knows she has certain gifts, she also recognizes that she has hands that can hold open doors for others, a mouth that can smile at others, and everyday words that can make life better for others. She knows the little things that really make a difference. So writing a little note on a coffee cup lid, holding the door and smiling, saying thank you and meaning it, being gracious and courteous in traffic – it doesn’t take a whole lot. Sometimes it’s just having a mindset that we’re not going to be absorbed with our own lives and that we will be open to the fact that we are interacting with other human beings all the time. What makes you smile in the course of a day as you’re interacting with others? Chances are excellent it would make somebody else smile, too. Let’s give it a try this week and see if the mood brightens in our corner of the world. Robin Chaddock is a freelance author, speaker and life coach in Westfield. She welcomes comments and can be reached at




NO MONEY DOWN Sign & Drive NO SECURITY DEPOSIT & WE’LL MAKE YOUR 1ST PAYMENT! All Wheel Drive • Automatic Trans Alloy Wheels • Roof Rack • PW/PM/PDL AM/FM Radio + CD Player “Top Safety Pick” rating from IIHS

Sign & Drive ONLY at Tom Wood Subaru *42 Mos Lease/10k yr, pymt plus tax. Tax, title, license & dealer fees extra. $0 due @ delivery, WAC. Total of pymts=13028.82/Residual @ lease end=13389.60. Model AFB-21, in stock units only, See Dealer for Details.

3230 E. 96th Street, Indianapolis • Sales: (866)483-4322 • 8 | May 25, 2010

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A passion for preservation Westfield business owner Reggie Stewart preserves classic European cars for both business and pleasure

Reggie’s Motorworks 411 West Main Street 804-9313 By Kevin Kane Current in Westfield Reggie Stewart loves classic European hot rods so much, he started a business to keep them on the road. At Reggie's Motorworks in Westfield, Stewart specializes in restoring and repairing cars for auto enthusiasts such as himself. Though he is slowly branching out to work on other makes and models, Stewart primarily focuses on rejuvenating collectible BMWs built in the 1980s and earlier. He stresses that he's not a typical mechanic; he only works on the cars he knows and loves for customers who share his passion. A car enthusiast most of his life, Stewart said his love of autos eventually directed him to choose his current profession, although it wasn't always in his plans. While repairing phones for a communications company a few years ago, he said his interest in BMW's older 3 Series models was getting in the way of his job before the two sides agreed Stewart was in the wrong line of work. “I and the company I worked for decided that I'd be better off working on my passion,” he said. He started Reggie’s as an eBay consignment company in 2006, selling salvaged BMW parts out of a pole barn that lacked heating and air conditioning. He said he sold enough parts to support himself and maintain his new business, shipping parts to “every continent except Antarctica.” He added that, after taking apart 30 different cars of about the same type, he became fairly skilled at putting them back together. And when he realized there was a substantial market for parts and service for these older BMWs, he decided to move out of the barn and into the business of repairing classic autos. “I love the cars; that's really why I got into this,” he said. “I'm a restorationist at heart and I want things to be done right. That's why people come to me.” Stewart's fellow enthusiasts come from all over Indiana and even surrounding states to seek his services and expertise. He said it's not that other, more traditional mechanics cannot do the work; rather, many are not willing or able to put in the time required to properly service older vehicles. Some cars, Stewart said, stay at Reggie's for weeks at a time to be restored, overhauled or modified. When they leave Stewart’s garage, most cars return to the road looking and

Cruise in each friday Reggie’s Motorworks has partnered with Westfield’s Park Street Pub to create a weekly social event based around cars. All auto enthusiasts are invited to bring the best cars to the pub for Cruise-In Fridays, held every week from 6-9 p.m.

running like they did 20, 30, even 40 years ago. And sometimes, the work of Stewart and his colleagues has these classic cars driving like never before. Parked in front of the garage is yet another decades-old BMW, but it’s different than the rest on the lot. It’s been stripped down, “suped” up and transformed into racer, complete with “Reggie’s Motorworks” decals and a nickname: “Way Fast Whitey.” That car belongs to Stewart, as does a 1969 BMW 2002 recently driven to him from a seller in California. The 2002, he said, is one he’s wanted for some time, and he plans to prepare it for the racetrack as well, while maintaining its classic look. Stewart works on these projects during his spare time. He spends his free moments doing the same things he does in his working ones because restoring these vehicles is his passion. The preservation of classic European autos is his top priority, and he ensures that his few employees take this just as seriously as he does. “I’m easily as passionate as he is,” said Jordan Huibregste, a former Reggie’s customer turned mechanic. The Fishers High School senior said Stewart sought him out for a job after noticing his knowledge of and passion for the cars, and he gladly accepted. “Without us, a lot of these cars would probably end up in the junk heap somewhere,” Huibregste said. That reason is why Stewart is in this line of work. It required a lot of work for him to develop Reggie’s from a small part supplier to a niche auto service, but the payoff is that he now makes a living working with, and preserving the cars he loves. “There are stresses of running a business,” he said. “But if I allow myself to settle down and soak in everything I’ve accomplished, it’s definitely worthwhile.”

Current in Westfield

» Hobby turned investment?

Reggie Stewart said the BMW E30s, his specialty, are continually growing in demand. He estimated that it won’t be long before these cars, built between 1982 and 1994, will see a jump in value like many older BMW models.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Stewart

Reggie’s Motorworks specializes in early models of BMW’s 3 Series, like this 1988 325i that came to the shop recently.

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YEAH, IT’S ALMOST THAT GOOD. Traveling with children should be awe-filled, not awful. Come experience for yourself the benefits of having your own locally based fleet of private jets. Call us today.



10 | May 25, 2010

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DISPATCHES » Art show seeking artists - Washington Township Parks and Recreation is requesting applications for artists to participate in the Red Bud Art Show, June 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the grounds of and across the street from the Washington Township offices in Westfield. Interested artists should contact the parks office at 574-1074 or stop by the offices at 1549 E Greyhound Pass for more information. » Space-saving grill – Want to grill out on your apartment or condo patio? Like a bed that pops out of the wall, Focus Fireplace's wall-mounted barbecue swings down when the time is right – when your stomach is growling for action. Because of the barbecue's deep convex design, you shouldn't need to change the ash too often – and the plate that is fastened to the wall is thick enough that it won't damage the outside exterior with smoke. » Drought in transplants – Watch for signs of drought in plants transplanted from containers. Apply water (not much, but often) close to each plant's stem, where it will percolate down to the root ball. The larger the plant, the longer the recovery period, and the more diligently you need to water. Poke a pointed metal rod into the soil above the root ball. If the rod doesn't penetrate easily, the soil is too dry. If it moves around and feels squishy, the soil is too wet. » Relish the relish – It’s time to be out on the grill, and pickle relish is a perfect complement to many grilled foods. To make your own three-pickle relish combine 1 cup chopped half-sour pickles, ¾ cup chopped kosher dill pickles, ¼ cup chopped sweet Gherkin pickles, ½ tsp crushed brown mustard seeds, 1 ½ tsp honey, and 1 tbsp apple-cider vinegar in a food processor and pulse until ingredients are combined and pickles are chopped small. Transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate for 24 hours until using. Stored airtight in the fridge, it will last about 3 weeks.

Upcoming Songbook competition to be a learning experience Richard Walters, the finalBy Danielle Turnbull ists are also different. Only Current in Westfield Tyler Huckstep and Andrew The only competition in Johnston return from last the nation based completely year, and they’re competing on Broadway, Hollywood in a group that’s younger musical theater and the Tin and featuring a greater variPan Alley era of music is ety of performers. back for its second year. “It’s a really good, broad High school students mix of talent from across from all around the Midthe Midwest,” Payne said. west submitted recordings “The pool was significantly and the 10 finalists have more competitive this year.” been chosen for the second After winning the first annual Great American competition, Bonnett was Songbook Competition to given the opportunity to be held at 7:30 p.m. June sing in the cabaret in New 5 at the Christel DeHaan York City and take a tour Fine Arts Center at the of a music collector’s apartUniversity of Indianapolis. Submitted photo ment, two experiences she Along with this year’s finalThe 2009 finalists rehearse prior to the competition's finale. This year's finalists are more diverse and sursaid she will never forget. ists, last year’s winner, Julia These and the victory itself Bonnett, will be performing vived a more competitive pool of contestants, according to Competition Manager Gail Payne. have taught her a lot. learned to do. However, she added that the muat the show. But only one of the 10 finalists will win and sic isn’t the only thing making this competition “It was a really humbling experience to know share similar experiences. Bonnett’s number-one unique. there are such great performers out there,” Bonpiece of advice for these hopeful singers is to not “It’s one of the only competitions, aside from nett, a Carmel resident, said. “It’s taught me to think about the competition or winning. She ‘American Idol,’ that really focuses on supportappreciate the great American Songbook much said the finalists need to accept what’s going on ing and training soloists,” Payne said. more.” and just really learn from the unique experience. This year’s competition will be different from Gail Payne, manager of the competition, said “It’s really about embracing everything last year’s in two ways. In addition to Sylvia the purpose of the event is to ensure that curaround you,” Bonnet said. McNair, Susan Powell and Catherine Russell rent and future generations learn and appreciate joining returning judges Michael Feinstein and the music of the Songbook, just as Bonnett



Gallery walk

What: Race-themed gallery walk When: May 28, 5 to 10 p.m. Where: Various art galleries; Carmel Arts & Design District Cost: Free Info: Details: Just days before the Indianapolis 500, immerse yourself in the wonderfully eclectic Carmel Arts & Design District for a race-themed gallery walk. You’ll find eight galleries within walking distance offering an impeccable variety of art and warm welcomes from gallery owners and art consultants. Expect to find original works and limited edition prints, all forms of painting, art glass, sculpture, photography, portraiture, and more.

Imagine, that’s precisely what one of our incredible outdoor living spaces can help you do. If you hope to grow your life’s memories, we would love to hear from you. Please call for a complimentary consultation. 317.575.0482 - Carmel, Indiana

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Landscaping and Remodeling Experts 317.575.0482 • May 25, 2010 | 11

Strokes of Genius Gallery Walk

Friday, May 28 • 5-10 p.m. Main Street & Range Line Road Soori Gallery

Art & Soul Gallery

Magdalena Gallery of Art 12 | May 25, 2010

Blue Egg Gallery

Evan Lurie Fine Art Gallery

317.571.ARTS Current in Westfield

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More on living the spice of life

COMMENTARY By Chef Michael Vlasich Last week, I rambled on about chili peppers: their history, rating scale and basic uses. That said, I ran out of space to continue about the health benefits and potential medical cures believed to be associated with living the spice of life. It turns out, if you have the passion for the fiery peppers, curries and hot sauces, you could be doing a lot of good for your body. As a refresher, capsaicin is the compound responsible for the spice in chills, and chills make up the spice in curries and hot sauces. Curcumin is the compound responsible for turmeric’s yellow color. Both compounds are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which are buzz terms in preventative health and healing. The following are some medical journals’ hypotheses for these compounds and foods. Cancer: Many studies in 2007 showed regular consumption of curries and chills decreases the risk of cancer. Capsaicin kills cancer cells by attacking their energy-producing mitochondria with out hurting healthy cells. Another study stated curcumin suppressed the MDM2 gene, which promotes the cancer cells. Arthritis: A study in 2006 stated turmeric greatly reduced joint inflammation and bone destruction in arthritic mice. Alzheimer’s: In 2006, a study said seniors who consumed curry often were 49 percent less likely to have the cognitive impairment symptoms of Alzheimer’s than those seniors who didn’t consume curry type foods. Heart health: Hot peppers are said to help dissolve blood clots, lower blood pressure, improve circulation and fight inflammation.

Where I Dine


Lauren Hawkins

Tomato pie

curry roasted chicken Ingredients: • 1 tbsp. minced garlic • 1 each medium Serrano chile roast, peeled and minced • 2 tbsp. chili powder • 2 tbsp. cumin • 2 tbsp. coriander • 2 tsp. ground black pepper • ½ tsp. ground cinnamon • ¼ cup soy sauce • 1 cup plain yogurt • 8 each boneless skinless chicken thigh Directions: Combine all ingredients (except chicken) thoroughly. Place chicken thighs in plastic bag, add marinate, coat completely. Refrigerate overnight. Remove chicken from excess marinate, roast 375 degree oven until 160 internal temperature.

Respiratory conditions: Hot peppers act as an expectorant, helping people with asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and other conditions breathe easier. We all have probably experienced this at one time while eating hot peppers or spicy foods. Cold and flu: Eating hot peppers promotes sweating and eases discomfort along with helping to open clogged nasal passages. Pain relief: When applied to the skin, capsaicin decreases levels of the neurotransmitter that signals pain. There are capsaicin creams on the market for just this use, including reducing arthritis pain. So from what we see above, we are silly and stupid if we haven’t incorporated these foods into our daily diet. Americans appear fanatical with health, weight and age; it’s time to start living the spice of life.

Waitress/hostess at Kona Jack's Where do you like to eat? “I love P.F. Chang’s.” Why do you like to eat there? “I absolutely love Chinese food. I’m a Chinese food freak and they have good Chinese food.” What do you like to eat there? “I really like the beef with broccoli, and I absolutely love the crab wontons.” 8601 Keystone Crossing 815-8773

Type of Food: Italian Price Range: Lunch: $6.99-$11; Dinner: $13-$15 Signature Dishes: Shrimp Scampi; Steak and shrimp; meatballs with artichoke; southern Italian pizza Dress: casual Reservations: Recommended for Friday and Saturday evenings Smoking: Not permitted inside the restaurant but allowed on patio Hours: Sunday – Closed

Monday – Lunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday – Lunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday – Lunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday – Lunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday – Lunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday – Dinner 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Address: 9611 College Avenue North Phone: (317) 815-0011

Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel resident and the executive chef at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may e-mail him at chefmichael@


all irish black and tan

Directions: 1. Add Smithwick’s Ale to pint glass. 2. Add Guinness Draught beer by pouring it over the back of a spoon.

Ingredients: • 6 oz. Smithwick’s Ale • 6 oz. Guinness Draught

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Opening in January 2011, there is a place where pure sound will soar. The Palladium at The Center for the Performing Arts is a stunning, state-of-the-art concert hall that will attract the world’s top orchestras and musicians. Acoustic majesty is just the start. The Center for the Performing Arts will also house a 500-seat proscenium theater, a 200-seat studio theater and Michael Feinstein’s acclaimed Great American Songbook. It’s a “landmark for listening,” a concert hall for all, and a gathering place for our entire community. Carmel, Indiana ClassiCal / Jazz / Comedy / Choral / Country / danCe

14 | May 25, 2010 RPA-050-CIC Ad-05.12-FNL.indd 1

Current in Westfield 5/12/10 2:30 PM

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TUNA WITH BLACK PEPPER, ARTICHOKES AND LEMON Ingredients: • 2 15-oz. cans cannellini or other white beans, drained • 1 14.5-oz. can low-sodium chicken broth • 2 cloves garlic, smashed • 1 bay leaf • 6 carrots, halved lengthwise and cut into 3-inch pieces • 3 cups fresh spinach leaves • 1/2 tsp. kosher salt • 1/4 tsp. black pepper • 2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil • 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar (optional) • 1/4 cup (1 oz.) grated Parmesan (optional) Directions: 1. Heat 1 tbsp. of the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onion and cook until softened, about 3 minutes. Add the artichokes, lemon, garlic, and thyme (if using). Cook until heated through, 3 more minutes. Transfer to a plate. 2. Season the tuna with the salt and pepper. Heat the remaining oil in the skillet. Cook the tuna, turning to brown all sides, to the desired doneness, about 2 minutes for medium. Return the artichoke mixture to skillet and toss to combine. Serve over the rice.


Grecian-inspired lamb chops perfect dish for spring dinner COMMENTARY By Molly Herner If you like lamb, here is a wonderful recipe that creates a great spring time feast. Be sure to buy the freshest and thickest cut chops you can find at your local grocer. Use these Greecian inspired flavors and serve

with rice pilaf or garlic potatoes. Molly Herner, is the baker/pastry chef at Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano. You may email her at odette05@

roasted lamb chops

Alice Waters and Chez Panisse By Thomas McNamee

Ingredients: • 6 thick cut lamb chops • 3 cloves fresh garlic • Fresh rosemary • Olive oil • Salt and pepper • Half of a fresh lemon Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Place lamb in a broiling pan with raised tray. 3. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil over each chop.

When Alice Waters opened her restaurant, Chez Panisse, in Berkeley in 1971, she did not intend to start a food revolution. She simply wanted to provide a place where people could gather, eat great-tasting food and have fun. Her passion for fresh, locally grown ingredients originated with her market experiences in France and gastronomic meals in French restaurants in the 1960s. Not wanting to compromise on the quality of ingredients at Chez Panisse led her to seek out farmers who would grow the things she wanted to serve. Over the years, she attracted creative chefs to the restaurant, each of whom brought something unique to the menu. Author Thomas McNamee had access to Waters and her friends and has created a lively picture of the restaurant’s ups and downs and the personal relationships of those who work there. Organized chronologically, with chapters featuring special events and people, the story moves swiftly and smoothly, a reflection of Alice’s dream from its early days to the present.

5. 6. 7.

Don’t Miss Out On Record Low Rates! Quick and Easy Pre-Approvals • Construction-Perm and Renovation Loans Lot Loans • Bridge Loans • FHA/VA Loans • 90% Financing w/ No PMI to $900,000 First Time and Seasoned Buyers Welcomed! Not Ready to Move? Call for Low Cost Refinance Options!

Reviewed by Marian Corya CCPL Reference Librarian Visit the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Web site at for more book reviews.


Follow by sprinkling salt, pepper and fresh chopped rosemary over each chop. Finely mince garlic and sprinkle it over the chops. Roast the chops for 15 minutes at 400 degrees and then flip them. When they are flipped crank the heat to 450 degrees and roast them another 10 minutes. When done, remove from the oven and let them sit for 5 minutes and finally, squeeze a bit of fresh lemon over the chops and serve.

Current in Westfield

Dan Runge Phone: 506-2651 Email:

Member FDIC May 25, 2010 | 15

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THEATRE Always…Patsy Cline

The life, friendships and music of legendary country singer Patsy Cline are celebrated as Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre presents a new show to its stage this season. “Always … Patsy Cline” is playing at Beef & Boards now through June 6. For ticket information, call 872-9664.


The Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre will present “Reincarnation” June 11 and 12 at 8 p.m. at the Pike Performing Arts Center, located at 6701 Zionsville Rd. Award-winning choreographer Gregory Hancock has been creating extraordinary dance works for more than 15 years. With more than 130 repertoire pieces, Mr. Hancock continues to be prolific each and every season. Tickets are $25 for adults; $20 for students and seniors. For more information, call 216-2441 or e-mail

‘How I Learned to Drive’

Carmel Community Players will present Paula Vogel's “How I Learned to Drive” during a two-week run beginning June 3 at the Carmel Community Playhouse at Clay Terrace. The production runs through June 13. Performances are at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students/seniors. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at or by calling 815-9387. 

‘Speech and Debate’



The Phoenix Theatre of Indianapolis announces the Indiana Premiere of “Speech & Debate.” Written by Stephen Karam, this play runs through June 27 in the Frank & Katrina Basile Theatre at the Phoenix. Sex, secrets and performance-art video blogs with a George Michael beat – just another typical day when you’re a teenage outcast in Salem, Oregon. For more information about any Phoenix productions or to purchase tickets, call the Phoenix Theatre box office at 635-PLAY (7529). Tickets may also be purchased online at www.

PERFORMANCE Wright Brothers at Beef & Boards

“Indiana's Band” returns to Indianapolis’ Northwest side dinner theatre May 30 to perform live on stage at 8 p.m. The concert will include songs on the band’s new album, “The Wright Brothers, Live from French Lick.” Tickets range from just $28 to $39 and include the dinner buffet and the concert. Parking is always free. For tickets, call the box office at 872-9664. Box office hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays. For more information, visit

Mickey’s Irish Pub

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mickey¹s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian St., Carmel. For more information, call 573-9746: May 28 – Henry Lee Summer & Friends May 29 – Wooly Bullies June 4—Endless Summer June 5 – Big Daddy Caddy

Mo’s Irish Pub

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more information, call (317) 770-9020. May 27 – T Orick May 28 – Janet 51 May 29 – Loo Abby June 3 – The Working Hour

Verizon Wireless Music Center

The following musical acts will be playing live at Verizon Wireless Music Center, 12880 E. 146th St., Noblesville. Tickets are available at the venue box office, all Ticketmaster locations, charge by phone at (800) 745-3000 or May 29 – X103 May Day with Three Days Grace, Puddle of Mudd, Bullet for My Valentine, more, 4 p.m., $19.50, $29.50, $42.50. June 5 – Brad Paisley with Darius Rucker and Justin Moore, 5 p.m., $59.75, $35.75, $30.25, $99 four-packs.

volunteer CaLL out

Looking for a fun, rewarding volunteer experience? Then act now and join the CarmelFest team of volunteers. More than 250 community volunteers will be needed in a variety of areas during the two-day Festival on July 4th & 5th. According to Sherry Russell (Volunteer Team Coordinator), “Volunteers of all ages and abilities are welcome and needed.” Whether you want to volunteer as a family or neighborhood team or an individual – we can find a job for you. sherry russell Volunteers work in two-hour shifts, and hours are flexible (as long as you sign up early!). Register as a volunteer today and help make CarmelFest 2010 the best celebration ever! Visit our Web site,, or contact Sherry Russell directly at

arrive hungry for ‘good-eats’ at carmelfest

When asked why folks a festival, for heaven’s sake. come to CarmelFest every It’s a feast. Get it? …You year, some will say it’s don’t count calories, watch the fireworks, others the your salt intake, or eliminate music, some might even sugar at a feast. You eat say the parade… But things your mother told you those of us in the know to stay away from, and you say it’s the FOOD. We savor every guilty bite. And kim gaskill have buffalo burgers and we intend to accommodate pizza, junior salads and you fully. This year we have Dippin Dots, fried chicken 38 food stations at which and gyros, elephant ears and you may indulge. It’s not gourmet funnel cakes – all washed down by and it’s not fast food…It’s simply a maui wowi. Each year we strive fun, festival food. to bring you the best cuisine this According to Kim Gaskill, side of Joe’s Diner. CarmelFest Food Vendor If you are looking for health Chairman, “This year’s festival food, this is not the place. This is will feature our popular returning

food heroes, such as Delia’s Ribs, Monica Urick, Bella Pizzeria Pizza, Roustabout, Pappa George Greek food, and more - along with some rookie surprises.” So, I’ll leave you with this dream…platters of ribs, and mounds of brats, a big maui wowi, topped off with Dippin’ Dots. No diet foods at CarmelFest, it’s just great wholesome fun. We’ll be ready to serve up some delicious eats & treats on July 4th & 5th – See you there!

spark buttonS

You can help support the CarmelFest Fireworks Display by purchasing colorful Spark Buttons. Two types of buttons are available: the traditional Spark Buttons for $3 each and the new, light-up Spark Buttons for $6 each. Spark Buttons are available from select merchants in the Carmel Arts & Design District, at the Saturday Carmel Farmers’ Market, and at Wednesday night Gazebo concerts.

schedule of eventS

CarmelFest 2010 will take place on Sunday, July 4, from noon to 10:30 p.m. and on Monday, July 5, from Noon to 10:30 pm at Carmel Civic Square. Mark your calendars for the parade and fireworks on Monday, July 5. The St Vincent Heart Center of Indiana Parade is set for 10:30 a.m. Look to the skies on Monday evening at 9:45 pm for the “B105.7 Fireworks Spectacular Launched by Firestone”. The fireworks display will be simulcast to music on soft rock B105.7 FM.

SponSored in par t by 16 | May 25, 2010

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Plan Your Summer in Westfield! Looking for fun things to do this summer? You don’t have to look far … come join the fun in Downtown Westfield!

We’re pulling out all the stops to make sure Indiana’s newest City celebrates the 4th of July in style! Westfield Rocks the 4th will take place at Asa Bales Park and Westfield High School parking lots. Bands from across the region will compete for a $2500 grand prize in a Battle of the Bands contest, followed by a performance from Indiana’s very own Dr. Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio! We’ll start the morning with “Bike It,” a bicycle ride to benefit prostate cancer. A Headliners Car Show will complement the festival, featuring cars and motorcycles from across central Indiana. If that weren’t enough, local Westfield restaurants will be serving great summer food, vendors will be selling their goods in the marketplace, and kids will have scheduled activities throughout the day, along with a play area complete with with bounce houses, a dunk tank and plenty of games! We’ll end the day the old fashioned way … with a fabulous Independence Day fireworks display. Come out and help us start a new July 4th tradition for our City! The Grand Junction Derby–Westfield’s wacky answer to the Indy 500–takes place this year on Sunday, August 8 at 3pm on the newly improved South Union Street! Gravity-powered, homemade derby cars compete in bracketed heats until winners are declared. Fast is good, but outrageous is better! Racers win prizes for fastest, slowest, best use of imagination, ugliest … you get the picture! Kids are invited to race their tricycles and Big Wheels for free.

The Westfield Farmers Market kicks off its third season at Red Man Park on Main and Walnut Streets, Fridays from 4-8pm, featuring an abundance of locally grown produce, baked goods, jams, salsas and more! More than just a farmer’s market, this event draws local artisans, shop owners, and community service organizations. Come to the market and visit with friends, catch up with community news and locate volunteer opportunities, all while being entertained by local musicians! June 4 - Kickoff Kids Night June 18 - Community Wellness & Seniors Night July 9 - Downtown Westfield Sidewalk Sale July 23 - Church “Iron Chef” Cookoff August 6 - Pets Night

The third annual Numa Arts and Cultural Event will showcase the finest work of painters, potters, dancers and musicians, plus upscale refreshment, a community cook-off and family fun from noon to 10pm, Saturday, September 18 at Penn and Union Streets. This year’s entertainment includes Gene Deer’s blues, Brian Paulson’s jazz, Ryan Anderson’s drum circle, Dances of Universal Peace accompanied by Branches Breath, and headlining reggae act, The Ark Band!

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Downtown Westfield Neighborhood Association

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May 25, 2010 | 17

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DISPATCHES » National Medical Alliance is now MOtion1 – MOtion1, a unified alliance of independent physical rehabilitation equipment and supply agents in North America, has launched a new name and brand identity. Formerly National Medical Alliance, the change to MOtion1 reflects the company’s new culture and evolution of its products, services and expertise. » Riley recognized for pursuit of safety – Riley Hospital for Children received the top national award for positive and effective partnering in pursuit of improved patient safety by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF). Riley was nominated for the award by Erika Fisher of Plainfield, a parent of a longtime Riley patient. » Race Against Melanoma - Outrun the Sun, a nonprofit organization devoted to raising awareness about skin cancer, is holding its 2010 Race Against Melanoma June 5, 7 p.m. at Fort Benjamin Harrison. To participate, volunteer or sponsor the event, call 253-2121. » Shiny hair in the shower – If you’re hoping for shinier, bouncier hair, try this: Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to eliminate styling-product buildup. Then apply conditioner as you normally would. Finish with a cool-water rinse, which makes the cuticle of your hair lie flat so strands look even shinier. » Exfoliate the smart way – Summer requires a different exfoliation routine than winter. Alternate between daily use of chemical and mechanical exfoliation. This does a better job of removing the dead cells that build up more on the skin's surface in the summer, which leaves a radiant glow, says Debra Jaliman, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Switch between using an AHA lotion and a Buf-Puf or scrubbing granules.

18 | May 25, 2010

If you’re prone to pain, beware of caffeine

COMMENTARY By Dmitry Arbuck I want to make a case against caffeine. I don’t want to anger all the Starbucks lovers, but everybody needs to know that caffeine is one of the major offenders associated with pain, anxiety, depression and other unwanted problems. Caffeine actively causes pain by decreasing pain threshold and making nervous system more alert to pain. This is why just stopping caffeine may bring some relief in pain. The same works for anxiety and panic attacks. Multiple patients come to me with huge jars of caffeinated soft drinks, trembling, and complaining of anxiety and not understanding that their drink is what makes them sick. Caffeine causes muscle spasms and muscle twitching. It causes headaches and actively promotes chronic headaches. Caffeine causes palpitations and increases the frequency of urination. Caffeine causes tremors and cold hands and feet. Caffeine causes ringing in the ears and insomnia.  All of those symptoms happen not to an innocent extent, but rather robustly, frequently

making lives of people who consume caffeine miserable. No patient with chronic pain or anxiety of any sort should use caffeinated beverages. You may be surprised, but caffeine also is associated with depression, because it exhausts the central nervous system and causes rebound depression as it causes rebound headaches and rebound pain. Some medications increase the blood level of caffeine, prolonging its unwanted effects. One of the biggest offenders in that is the medication fluvoxamine, or Luvox. On the contrary, smoking decreases the caffeine level. This is why, not infrequently, people who smoke like to drink coffee, because it produces a euphoric effect without physical unwanted symptoms. Beware of caffeine, my friends, and abstain from it whenever possible. Dmitry M. Arbuck, M.D., is a psychiatrist and pain management specialist at Meridian Health Group. For more information, visit

Plastic surgery common even in war-torn nations COMMENTARY By Dr. Barry Eppley For most Americans, the war in Iraq is far away, and none of us can really comprehend what it must be like to live there. Living and working in an environment full of uncertainty and an ever-visible military presence is an everyday reality that can not be fathomed from afar. But as war-torn Iraq attempts to return to some form of normalcy, a phenomenon is developing that we as Americans can recognize. According to CNN reports, beauty salons are beginning to reappear, and some people are even looking to cosmetic surgery for personal improvement. Even in Baghdad where buildings are pockmarked and scarred, billboards have appeared advertising beautification procedures. As one young Iraqi female was interviewed about her upcoming nose job (rhinoplasty), she stated she never cared much for her nose and wanted her face to be prettier. When asked about the vanity of cosmetic surgery given her circumstances, she stated that it was nothing out of the ordinary, even for an Iraqi. An increasing number of Iraqis appear to be electing to undergo cosmetic surgery for the simple reason most Americans do: because they can. Changing the face of Iraq for some appears to have a truly different meaning. But the emergence of cosmetic surgery out of war is not a new phenomenon. Most people


How I Learned to Drive

Contains mature subject matter. May not be suitable for children under the age of 17.

JUNE 3-6 & 10-13

Thu. - Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2:30pm TICKETS ($15/$12)

815-9387 or

14299 Clay Terrace Blvd.


SAVE $2.00 Off regular-priced adult ticket to How I Learned to Drive For more savings, visit. Based on availabilty Not good with any other discount or savings offer

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don’t know that many of the common cosmetic procedures performed today had very humbling and catastrophic origins. Plastic surgery has always been highly influenced by war conflicts and the injuries that result. War wounds are unique and often substantial, which requires innovative procedures and equipment designs. The trench warfare of World War I, for example, has led to many modernday facial procedures. Rhinoplasty surgery was highly influenced in World War II by the ethnic masking of the Jews through alteration of the nose. Dental implants were first used to bridge jawbone war defects. Will anything new in plastic surgery come out of the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts? One never knows. But the desire for people to look and feel better is universal. Even in a country like Iraq that has been ravaged by decades of war, beauty and cosmetic procedures bring hope and a feeling of self-improvement. When you have so little to say in what goes on around you, making changes in your own little world can provide some personal empowerment.

Current in Westfield

Dr. Eppley is an Indianapolis board-certified plastic surgeon. Comments can be sent to info@

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Don’t let weeds poison your world COMMENTARY By Randy Sorrell Hate is a strong word, but I really “dislike” weeds. Weeds in the lawn, weeds in my beds and weeds growing like a fertilized crop in the middle of my patio. Weeds … stink!  Fortunately, after a few years of predominantly legal experimentation and employing the latest green technology of weed control, rampant weed growth at the Sorrell residence is a distant, glute-firming memory.  Controlling weeds in landscape beds is accomplished pretty easily with semi-annual, pre-emergent weed control in early March and early August. This granular wonder spreads like a blanket of weed protection with the proper, thorough application. It performs best when underneath the protection of spring’s mulch and is moisture activated.  Despite this wonder drug, arm yourself with a spray container of herbicide designed to terminate uglies on contact. Follow directions carefully and tour the gardens every few weeks to douse. Contact with friendly plants will not have a happy ending. Expect a few squats here and there to pull the unfriendlies, and I have no solution for the thousands of maple seedlings consuming the world’s mulch beds this year. Sorry. 

I leave the lawn weeds to the lawn care guys. A simple call with a happy smile usually produces a hunky dude in an HVAC suit I need to keep out of sight from my wife – to apply the right spray to get the gangly weeds out of my award-winning lawn. Yep, a few magazines and even our neighborhood association once said we had a fantastic display of green! Go figure. Patio weeds are a definite buzz killer. Nothing ruins our nightly rendezvous with a glass of cabernet and filet on the grill than a few unwelcome guests … not the neighbors, but the WEEDS. 

A few economically stimulating years ago, a product called polymeric sand rescued our nation’s patio weed 911. This Prozac-saving product combines simple sand with an adhesive agent that behaves like a flexible mortar and confidently seals the joints of brick and natural stone patios. It’s not bullet-proof, but it certainly has reduced our monthly Prozac bill. Sorry Lilly. The underlying message is really pretty simple. Employ a few weedcontrol strategies, personally and in your beds, and let the moments of your outdoor living space come to life.  As my daughter graduates from high school and matures to the college years, I am humbly reminded that some of the best times of our lives have been lived out around our outdoor living space over dinner. Laughing. Telling stories. And wondering how life can possibly get any better than this. Thanks Shelby. Graduates: Go get ‘em!

Fine Lines, Inc. Hair & Nail Salon


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NiCOle Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm

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Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+, a Carmel home improvement firm. He may be reached at 317-679-2565, or

815-8480 815-8480

Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm



811 West Main Street #120, Carmel

811 West Main Street #120, Carmel


Complete Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm

Need a second opinion?

Call us!

Over 22 years experience! Our team can perform Oil Changes • Transmission & Radiator Flushes Timing Belts & Water Pumps • Fuel Injection Cleaning • Brakes, Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends Engine Diagnostic & Tune Ups • Batteries & Alternators • And so much more! W. Main St.

Rod Shaw, owner


Industrial Dr.

3rd Ave. SW

421 Industrial Dr., Carmel

4th Ave. SW

10% off any repair with a copy of this ad thru June 8 2010

City Center Dr.

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May 25, 2010 | 19

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Tinkle, tinkle my little star

COMMENTARY By David Cain Having just turned four, my oldest daughter has been out of diapers for a while now. The youngest, at 26 months of age, still sports those puffy undergarments as a staple of her wardrobe.  Even though the 4-year-old has said goodbye to the diaper dance, she still occasionally requests a restroom assist. It was another bright Saturday with just the girls and me. The elder » Two hotel stocks to check out – Ocof the two asks me to help her a bit with the cupancy at upscale urban hotels has risen restroom activities, I oblige. Once she’s all set sharply. atop the potty, she smiles at me endearingly and 1. Starwood Hotels & Resorts (HOT) speaks in a soft and polite voice, “Daddy, this – Owns and manages mostly urban tinkle is warm.” It took me a second to realize hotels with substantial overseas what that meant. Yikes, you shouldn’t know the exposure. tinkle is warm.  2. Wyndham (WYN) – Business While a part of the story seems like it was revolves more around its timeshare ripped from the headlines of Bad Parenting and vacation-exchange properties, Magazine, a point dawns on me. There are some and management. things I just don’t need to know. Some things that are better left unsaid. Some things that, even when delivered with the smile of a 4-year» Forget gold; invest in platinum – old and a whisper, I just don’t want to hear.  Platinum is already more expensive than At work, much of my day is with clients. I begold, at about $1,700 per ounce. However gan to recall the restroom experience the followthere is less of it around, and demand for ing Monday and it occurred to me there were the metal is booming because of its use in lots business things I shared with clients that catalytic converters, flat-screen televisions they probably just didn’t need or want to know. FREQUENT MOVIEGOERS and aviation fuel. Sign up at for the And I noticed I wasn’t alone. Everyone was doFrequent Moviegoer Club Earn points & see movies a bargainit’s price. ingfor it. Maybe people’s compulsive need to » Get A Job Plan – Carmel Lutheran Church will host its “Get A Job Plan” employment seminar June 5 from 8 to 11:30 a.m. The seminar will address resumes, networking and ways to stand out in the application and interview processes, among other items. For details, visit www. 

share. Maybe it’s because it’s part of the established “process.” Maybe it’s just because. The reality is businesses tend to share a lot of things that are better left behind the scenes.  A friend of mine used to compare his businesses to making sausage. He’d remark, “Sometimes it is a very messy process, but the result is great and almost everybody likes it.” It’s an easy sentiment to remember. Sometimes business is messy and complex, but everyone likes the result. After all, that’s why you’re in business in the first place, right? No one wants to hear about your messy business. No one really wants to know what happens behind the scenes (unless it’s funny). People care most about the end product, and they want the process of getting there to be without frustration and chaos.  We all should understand and apply the lesson of making sausage to parts of our job. Your clients love a little bit of the behind the scenes, but they don’t want to know every detail about how the sausage is made. And they certainly don’t want to know about the tinkle.


A cc ounting Services We Comb Through The DeTAilS for You Highly professional, customer-centric accounting support for your business. Bookkeeping • Improving profitability Designing accounting and record-keeping processes Obtaining financing alternatives Managing employee benefits QuickBooks™ and Microsoft Office™ setup, maintenance, cleanup and training

Contact Thomas rake, mbA, today: 317.525.5922 •

HAMILTON 16 IMAX N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t f i e l d

317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing


MOVIE VALUE All digital sound & presentation Fun, spacious lobby All superb rocker seats

David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at



*excludes IMAX, Digital 3D & Fathom



with $3.50 purchase of 46oz. bag of buttery popcorn one per ad @ Hamilton 16 IMAX

Exp. JULY 31,



Moving? We May Have Your Buyer! Buyer 1:

Price range: $190,000-$250,000 Prefers to Close by April 30th Minimum 2000 Square Feet 3-4 Bedrooms

Buyer 2:

Price range: $300,000-450,000 Custom Home • Sizable Kitchen and Yard • Nice Master Bathroom

Buyer 3:

Price range: $600,000 + Luxury Home in Hamilton County Deluxe Kitchen


(and so is the dog)

RE/MAX Ability Plus John Pacilio 317-216-8500 20 | May 25, 2010

Current in Westfield

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Dentist moves to benefit patients

If you had only one day to live, where/how would you spend your money? Why? “I would probably have the biggest party with my family. I would make sure all my family was around.” Marc Kramer Westfield

“Honestly, I would probably go to a bookstore and buy everything I’ve ever considered reading. I think that would be the ideal way to spend my last day.” Meredith Foster Westfield “Well, the first thing that came to mind would probably be to donate to charity. Or to spend it with my family on a picnic at the park. Hopefully it would be a blue-sky day.” Heather Lee Westfield

By Kevin Kane Current in Westfield Contemporary Dental Concepts recently moved north to Hamilton County, and the business’ owner, Dr. John Lowe, said the move was made to better serve Contemporary Dental’s patients. Lowe estimated that 80 percent of his patients reside in Hamilton County. Until recently, however, his practice was located Lowe in Indianapolis, in an office that Lowe said was “bursting at the seams.” For years, patients in Hamilton County made the drive south for Lowe’s services. Now, he’s come to them and said he will offer a better experience in his new location. “I think we can better utilize our services to more people,” Lowe said. Contemporary Dental Concepts offers all traditional dental services while also focusing on cosmetic dentistry, an area in which Lowe has received special training. At its new Carmel location, 2000 E. 116th Street, Suite 104, Contemporary Dental doubled its treatment facilities, and will have a room dedicated to cosmetic services. The practice will also increase its staff and days of operation, changing from a part-time to a full-time, full-service office. Lowe said all of the changes, including the move, are intended to make patient visits more efficient, convenient and comfortable. “We value their time, and we want to get them in and out and back to their daily lives,” he said. Contemporary Dental Concepts 2000 E. 116th Street, Suite 104, Carmel, 46032 Phone: 575-8338 | Web:


Prairie Lakes Health Campus From adult day health and assisted living services in an elegant residential facility to skilled nursing and memory care services in a state-of-the-art health center, Prairie Lakes Health Campus offers the right healthcare option to meet individual needs. The facility provides long-term care, shortterm rehabilitation, transitional care, and respite care. Residents can relax and visit with guests in private suites and living rooms. . Meals are offered in three distinct dining areas, and a private dining room is available for use by residents and families, as well as area civic groups. The Legacy “neighborhood” is designed to provide maximum independence and personalized care in a secured environment in a homelike setting where caregivers are trained to work with and care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It includes “life stations” that encourage residents to engage in familiar tasks and programs intended to be responsive to their energy patterns. Secured courtyard promotes regular contact with nature.

Executive director: Phil Heer 9730 Prairie Lakes Blvd., Noblesville Phone: (317) 770-3644 | Web:

Feed 4 FOR $ 20 Opening Soon! Any 4 Entrees -PLUS-

1 Free Order of Chips & Salsa -ONLY-

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Choose4 From any of our Entrees: The BIG Burrito, BurritoBowl, Taco Pizza, Mexi-Salad, Enchiladas, Tacos, Quesadillas, DeluxeNachos, or Fajitas

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216 S 10th Street ÔNoblesville IN 46060 Phone 317-776-4911 Fax 317-776-4901

Not valid with other coupons or offers. Not valid with radio station gift certificates. Limitations may apply. See Store for details.

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May 25, 2010 | 21

SpA | AeStHeticS | medicine

Get On tHe

FASt trAcK tO A better


Are yOu reAdy tO reclAim yOur pre-bAby bOdy?

Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers– SmartLipo™ is the faster, smarter way to firm, tighten and tone all the right places. Smartlipo™ (or laser-liposuction) is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of stubborn fat that diets and exercise won’t. SmartLipo™ even tightens the skin and can improve cellulite for many people. So if you need to lose a little here and there – call us today for your FREE consultation! Get your best body – smarter and faster than ever before. Get Smartlipo.™

Get A better bOdy FASter tHAn ever beFOre-tAKe $ 500 OFF*

your Smartlipo™ treatment and get ready for swimsuit season! * Free consultation must be completed by 6/ 30/10. Some restrictions do apply and may not be combined with any other offers.

clAriAn nOrtH


celebrAte Super-mOmS tHiS mAy witH GreAt deAlS On Her FAvOrite SpA eScApe

Ology Guest Specials expire 6/ 30/10 and may not be combined with other offers. Please present this ad coupon to receive discount.

22 | May 25, 2010

Current in Westfield

• 20% OFF any massage • 20% OFF any bbl™ photofacial therapy Session • laser Hair removal – buy any • 20% OFF any theravedic Facial One treatment or Series – • 20% OFF any Zen Journey Get One Free!

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More bad billboard grammar COMMENTARY By Brandie Bohney I’m seeing signs. Interesting signs. One week it was Polly Pocket 4 Auditor, the next week, it’s a sign to advertise for, well, advertising.  On a relatively small billboard at the side of a country road in northern Indiana, I saw it. Immediately, I called my husband to write down what I had seen. While I was fairly certain I wouldn’t forget something so ridiculous, I wanted to be certain.  Now, I’m all for wit in advertising. Especially in advertising for advertising. I enjoyed the billboards that read, “This billboard won’t interrupt your favorite TV show.” So true. And so much less obnoxious than commercials.  But this billboard advertising itself was much less witty.  It read, “All successful businesses advertise here.”  Really? I considered pulling to the side of the road and scrawling the following message beneath the printed one: “Except this one.” Because it appeared that the only business advertising there wasn’t very successful at all. In grammar or otherwise.  And it reminds me of how careful one needs to be with words such as all and every. Obvi-

ously the sign was ludicrous. Not only is it not true that all successful businesses advertise on that tiny billboard in the middle of nowhere, but it isn’t even possible. In attempting to create a sense of need for any potential advertisers, the company instead made a crazy claim that wasn’t just false, it was laughable.  Words like all, every and any other words that are either all-inclusive or entirely exclusive must be used with tremendous care. In reality, there are few instances which truly require words of such extremes. Even when we say things such as, “He exhausted every option,” it probably isn’t true. Every option would include a virtually limitless set of choices.  Unfortunately, especially when used in order to persuade, such words are often use to stretch the truth. “Affordable health insurance for all Americans.” “Protection from every injustice.” So not only do we need to be careful with our own use of such words, but we also have to be cautious of the messages of others who use them. Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

Great American Songbook High School Academy and Competition

Final Competition Saturday, June 5, 7:30 pm Five-time Grammy nominee Michael Feinstein will perform and serve as Master of Ceremonies for this final vocal performance among 10 highly talented high school students from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. Finalists are singing for the opportunity to perform with Michael Feinstein on stage in New York City!

Kids are not the problem COMMENTARY By Becky Kapsalis The recent developments in the Carmel High School “hazing” scandal should act as a wake-up call to all of us. What’s it going to take for us to realize that teen-agers don’t suddenly learn to be abusive or allow themselves to be abused? We let our kids down when we dismiss or ignore the signs that tell us they are headed towards dangerous territories.  Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonja Leerkamp said it best when she said, “The bigger story here is that kids are afraid to come to us (parents, teachers, police, adults in general) for help if they are being abused.” It’s a sad state of affairs when our kids feel they have to behave in a manner that belies common sense. They know in their gut their behavior is unnatural, yet the aggressors feel the need to show off their self-imposed superiority and the victims diminish their self-worth by succumbing to obnoxious abuses. Where does that come from? Does it come from us ignoring the clues of privilege, entitlement or superiority complexes? Does it come from the feeling our kids get from being intimi-

dated, harassed and belittled? Wherever it comes from, we need to listen, listen, listen to our children’s emotional needs. After working with at-risk kids for the last three years, I can say, with a 90 percent degree of certainty, kids do not want to behave badly. They get thrown in a sea of being branded – popular or not popular. A quote on a teacher’s door states, “What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular.” Talk to your kids. Notice any peculiar behavior. Listen to their conversations with their friends. Guttural laughter, sinister statements, sexual connotations, excuses, justifications, threats – are these all clues screaming out that they need our attention and intervention. If we don’t stand for something, our kids will fall for anything! Pay attention to the clues! Kids are not the sole problem!

Ruth Lilly Performance Hall Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center University of Indianapolis 1400 Hanna Ave., Indianapolis

Tickets: $25, $40 Available Now: Or call 317.985.5523

Becky Kapsalis. aka YiaYia (pronounced Ya-Ya.) is a certified parenting advocate and child behavior coach. You may reach her at 317-848-7979 or e-mail becky@

They know in their gut their behavior is unnatural, yet the aggressors feel the need to show off their selfimposed superiority and the victims diminish their self-worth by succumbing to obnoxious abuses.

Michael Feinstein singing with the finalists at the 2009 competition.

Current in Westfield

For more information: or Call 317.985.5523

May 25, 2010 | 23

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Getting old data to new PCs

DISPATCHES » Pocket GPS – It’s cool, it’s small, and it could be really handy. But it’s not cheap. The Kapten Talking Pocket GPS from Kapsys is easily one of the smallest GPS navigational aids on the market, and it manages to stay so petite by foregoing an LCD display. Instead, it talks you to your destination with spoken directions. And to tell the Kapten where you want to go, you quite literally tell it where you want to go using spoken commands and voice recognition like “restaurant: McDonald’s.” Bluetooth capable and filled with other features, it’s listed on Amazon for $475. » Charge it with the sun – If you're ready to start making this whole solar power thing work for you, this 20,000mAh battery, which comes with 29 adapters for charging phones, MP3 players, cameras and laptops of all stripe, will keep all your gear covered. Charging the battery with the power of the sun will take about eight hours, whereas plugging into AC will get it done in only three, but once it's full it'll work with just about any gadget you throw at it. Chinavision claims that the 20,000mAh battery can keep a laptop running for a full day, but at $148, it might be worth having around just for when you need juice in a pinch (or an emergency.)

COMMENTARY By Gary Hubbard There are two critical data issues everyone buying a new computer should always think about (preferably before buying the new computer): transferring the data from the old to the new computer, and making sure the old data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Let’s start by discussing options for transferring the old data to the new computer. First and foremost, you must understand that computer “programs” cannot be transferred from the old computer to the new computer and function properly in the Windows world. This means you must locate the installation disks for any old programs you want to use on the new computer. If not, you will have to buy the current version or find a used copy of the old program. A number of companies offer solutions that claim to bring programs and data for some (but not all) popular programs as well as printer drivers, network settings and other vital items via special software and cables (or across your home network). While the propaganda on their Web sites and packaging make it sound like a dream program, our experience with these programs hasn’t been the greatest, so I can’t comfortably recommend any of them. We ran into two problems with the ones we’ve tested: They can’t transfer everything, and the new computer always seems to suffer quirky problems after the attempt. Microsoft does offer a tool called Windows Easy Transfer that allows you to transfer profiles, files and settings only from older Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 systems to a new Windows 7 system. (Details on how to use it are posted at My favorite option for getting the data from the old computer

to the new computer also addresses the second concern of making sure your old info doesn’t end up in the wrong hands: Remove the old hard drive and put it into an external USB enclosure. If you aren’t comfortable removing the hard drive from your old computer, have the company selling you the new computer to get this done for you. Once you have your old hard drive in an external enclosure, you can simply plug it into any USB port on the new computer and start pulling the files you want over to the new computer. If you’re like everyone I’ve ever helped, you won’t remember everything you need right away, and this solution allows you to easily access “forgotten data” for an extended period of time. As a safety procedure, I suggest you leave the old hard drive alone for at least a couple weeks, until you are absolutely certain everything that you care about is on your new computer. Once you’ve determined that, you can simply reformat the old hard drive and continue to use it as an external drive or a backup drive (if it isn’t too old or too small). Or you can put the cleaned hard drive back in the old machine for reuse. Another great time saver for anyone trying to get their new computer set up for Internet life is a site called This nifty little site will allow you to create a special download/install program that will automatically install all of the programs you select at once (this saves you hours of searching for and downloading these essential tools). And it’s completely free.

Gary Hubbard is the owner of Data Doctors Computer Services - Have a technology question? Send it to

OPEN HOUSE The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is hosting an open house to present updated design and construction plans for the 13-mile US 31 corridor upgrade through Hamilton County. When: Tuesday, May 25 4:30– 8 p.m. Presentation at 6 p.m.

Where: Carmel High School Freshman Cafeteria (Enter through door 13) 520 E. Main St. Carmel, IN 46032

For more information, visit

24 | May 25, 2010

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A beautiful room is in front of your face

DISPATCHES » Cool at a discount – If you’re a man looking for genuinely stylish items at a reasonable price, there are four big brands to look to: Uniqlo, J. Crew, H&M, and Topman. Here’s what each brand does best: • Uniqlo: Slim-cut cotton suits and jackets; cashmere and merino wool sweaters in every imaginable color. • J.Crew: Plaid, chambray, and denim shirts. (Think weekend, not work.) Preppy American suits, updated for the cool guy. • H&M: Tapered dress shirts and smart suits for the office. • Topman: For the young and trendy at heart, with a constantly replenished stock. » Free remodeling seminar – Case Handyman & Remodeling will host a free kitchen and bath remodeling seminar on June 12 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at its design center located at 108 West Carmel Drive. Call 846-2600 to register. » Skinny is too hot for summer – Skinny jeans are hot. Literally and figuratively. And now that warmer weather is upon us, it may be time to retire the skinny jeans to the closet and break out something less like second skin for summer. Simon Doonan and Joe Zee of’s “Style Diaries” recommend cropped cotton chinos as a replacement.

Commentary By Vicky Earley Interior decorating goes beyond the visual; it touches all the senses. The sense of smell is powerful, as it is an immediate link to the past and present. It warns of danger and solicits pleasant memories. This all happens in the background of our awareness. Within a fraction of a second, a message is telegraphed to our central nervous system, which, in turn, evokes an emotional reaction to the scents wafting through space. Scent can actually influence the perceived room temperature by manipulating emotion. For instance, ocean fragrance has a fresh, salty scent, thus causing us feel cooler. Conversely, the aroma of fresh-baked bread creates a warm, cozy feeling. The “nose at home” is a huge industry; a stroll down the home fragrance isle at any grocery or mass merchandise store is proof. Grandma’s apple pie can be revisited in candle format, and a quick trip to the islands is as quick as a spritz from an aerosol can. It is common for household candles and sprays to use synthetic fragrances rather than essential oils (the concentrated aroma compounds from plants). Fragrances such as “cinnamon apple pie” and “blueberry cobbler” are, in fact, manmade fragrances, as are some of the fragrances labeled ‘”orange’” and “lavender.” In fact, lavender is probably one of the most synthetically copied aromas in the fragrance world. The National Academy of Sciences has reported that 95 percent of fragrances are, in fact, synthetically made with chemical

compounds, namely petroleum. These chemicals have been accused of serious diseases as birth defects, cancer, allergic reactions and central nervous system disorders. Strong candle, air freshener and perfume smells send me out the door into the fresh air, and I am in good company. I can’t substantiate this, but I believe these sensitivities are becoming quite common. I have found nature-based candles scented with jasmine and bamboo that do not trigger headaches and avoid the highly scented household cleaners and air fresheners that are causal suspects in bouts of headache, asthma and shortness of breath. The only way to know if you are buying a natural fragrance is to read the label! Looking for the Latin names of botanical plants, the true source of essential oils, is best indicator that a candle is scented with truly natural compounds. Lavender essential oil (lavendula angustifolia) is a prime example. A natural alternative to a paraffin-based candle is a soy candle, with a cotton or hemp wick, which means it will burn longer and cooler and will not contain any lead or metal. The sense of smell is a potent tool used for interior decorating, because it is capable of offering a feeling of harmony and serenity to any room in a home. Embrace the scents you love and those that conjure pleasant memories. Make the use of scent an integral part of your overall design plan, but do it with an awareness of what you are actually putting in your environment. Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact artichokedesigns@aol. com.


*some exclusions apply. see store for details.

HOME FURNISHINGS Family Owned Since 1974

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fashion police

“I used to practice on barbies, when I was a little girl I watched my mom cut my family members hair in the kitchen, that made me want to become a hairstylist.” Jessica Wurz is part of Salon01 senior stylist team, with 11 years of experience under her belt and a long list of styling techniques. Jessica has developed a passion for short curly hair and has recently added the Keratin smoothing treatment to her list of skills. “I love seeing the transformation of my guests from start to finish, pairing the perfect style and color to their face shape.” Her experience in this industry has given her the ability to fit any style to any type of client. She looks at their face, their lifestyle, the work, the personal life, everything that shapes them so she can shape their style. “My first focus is to bring out their eyes and then accentuate their face shape.” Listening to her clients’ needs and wants helps Jessica connect with her clients and create the look that they are wanting and will make them happy. “I am a very consistent stylist. I am also very creative with my cuts and color techniques.” For more information on Jessica and the rest of stylists visit www.salon01. com or call and book your consultation with Jessica at 317-580-0101

26 | May 25, 2010

We uncovered the 5 fashion rules you should NEVER break, according to InStyle magazine. 1. Never show visible panty lines (VPL). This is inexcusable! Opt for seamless underwear or a thong, and make sure your pants aren’t too snug. 2. Just because its trendy doesn’t mean you should wear it. Not everyone should wear every trend. Pick and choose what is best for your personality and body type. 3. Don’t bare your midriff unless you’re at the beach. Make sure your shirts aren’t too small so your midsection remains covered. 4. Never buy shoes that don’t fit. Suffering in the name of fashion is never a good idea! If they don’t fit in the store, chances are you will be miserable trying to wear them for an extended period of time. 5. Don’t pay attention to sizes. There are no international guidelines for sizing. No one can see the size that appears on the tag, so don’t stress! Depending on the store or brand you may have a range of numbers that appear in your closet.

shine & define $ 1 3 . 5 0 - I s a c o m b i n a t i o n of herbal c o m p l e x e s t h a t p o l i s h e s t he hair for a b r i l l i a n t s h i n e w h i l e s e a l i ng frayed and frizzy e n d s . C l o s e c a p a f t e r u s i ng to prevent drying out.

bring this in and recieve

$10makeup O Flesson F O f f e r go o d through May 31, 2010

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A.M. REAL ESTATE - Delaware Trace This beautiful 6000 sq ft, 2-story home has 6 bdrms, 5 full baths & finished basement! Grand entry, Gourmet kitchen w/ granite 
 counters, double oven, walk-in pantry, stainless steel appliances & brkfst rm. Great rm & hearth rm w/fireplaces. Huge master suite w/ WIC & sitting rm. Luxurious master bath. Full basement w/large wetbar, family rm, rec/ play rm & full bath. Large deck, 3 car garage & more. Great location-close to everything!

 Your full service Real Estate and Property Management Company Visit us at

Current Crossword 1








Hoosier Hodgepodge






















51 55
















Across 1. Verizon Wireless Music Center concert equipment 5. Tick off 9. Permeate 14. Polio vaccine developer 15. ___ vera 16. One of three 4-time Indy 500 winners 17. Allisonville Nursery purchase 18. Kind of bean 19. Set into the ground 20. Dears 22. The Sweet ___ Boutique 24. “The Crossroads of America,” e.g. 25. “My gal” of song 26. Lilly’s govt. overseer 29. “___ questions?” 30. Misses 34. Communications media 36. Inside surface of a garment at Kim’s Alterations 38. Allergic reaction 39. 3-time Indy 500 winner, as well as “Dancing With the Stars” champ 42. “Frasier” actress Gilpin 44. Noah’s landfall 45. IU dorm room staple 48. And others, for short 49. J.C. Sipe sparkler 52. Indiana hockey team 53. “___ Miniver” 55. Liveliness















38 42



Your full service Real Estate and Property Management Company Visit us at

25 32




Indiana Wordsmith Challenge


23 28


Offered for Lease at $3250/mo Also available for sale at $599,000 Contact Jim Canull for your private tour. 507-4431

57. Asparagus unit at Marsh 59. Antenna 60. Deadly earthquake site 63. Endorse a check at Chase Bank 65. Change the decor 66. Family name that has won nine Indy 500s 67. A Gordon Piper, most likely 68. Pizza King fixture 69. A two-inch putt at Crooked Stick, e.g. 70. Abominable Snowman 71. MLB team whose games are often heard on WXLW Down 1. Respiratory disorder 2. Brebeuf HS team color 3. Hamilton 16 IMAX candy: Good & ___ 4. Indiana Gun Club sport 5. Bazbeaux’s Indy location: ___ Ave 6. U.N. workers’ grp. 7. See 16-Across 8. Phobias 9. Old Chevy at Hamilton County Auto Auction 10. Hot tuna sandwich 11. Indiana State Fair barn sound 12. Leppert Crematory ashes holder 13. Indy’s winter clock setting 21. Berra and Bear 23. The E of Northside ENT 26. Be the right size

Build the words

27. Employee of 23-Down, briefly 28. St. Luke Catholic Church celebration: ___ Wednesday 31. Central Park picnic pest 32. Old Italian coin 33. Butler fraternity dorm annoyance 35. Jenny Craig’s losing proposition? 36. Indianapolis Zoo animal shelter 37. Buzzing pest

39. Eiteljorg Museum’s Canadian tribe 40. Noblesville HS pitcher’s stat 41. Indy Car engine feature: pop off ___ 42. Indy Car tire pressure meas. 43. Catchall abbr. 46. Indy carpet company 47. It needs refinement

Current in Westfield

49. Mourn 50. Sidestepped 51. Westfield Farmers Market items 54. Smart-mouthed 56. Indianapolis Indians’ miscue 57. Flower part 58. 2004 Indy 500 champ for Rahal Letterman Racing

59. Not for 60. Embrace 61. Singer DiFranco 62. An end to sex? 64. Understood

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What happened to Three Stooges Beer COMMENTARY By Dick Wolfsie I don’t remember the last time I cleaned out the fridge in our garage. I’ve been heaving leftovers in the old appliance for a decade, like it was some kind of trash compactor. I don’t believe in wasting food, so it was just killing me yesterday to throw away perfectly good 6-yearold tomatoes and what must have once been a very crisp cucumber. It was when I removed one of the vegetable bins for a quick hosing that I first set my eyes on it. Now I know the excitement Richard Leakey must have felt when he gazed upon the skeletal remains of our early human ancestors. There, wedged behind condiments on the bottom shelf was an unopened bottle of Three Stooges Beer. Moe, Larry and Curly were grinning at me, chilling out after 10 years on ice in the back of my Kelvinator. Yes, gentlemen, there is a Three Stooges Beer. Unfortunately, they have stopped production. No Curly Light or Moe Extra Dry, either. Sorry! The bottle was part of an assortment of exotic brews, a thank you from Gleaners Food Bank for emceeing one of their fundraising events in 2001. At the time, I even wrote about the gift in a column, reflecting on how Three Stooges Beer would have made four years of college majoring in early American literature much more bearable. Why would I curl up in my frat house with a can of Budweiser when I could get wasted with the world’s funniest threesome? So, men, what happened to Three Stooges Beer? Forgive me, but I blame the ladies. Stranded in the Sahara Desert, mouth parched, near death – no woman would drink a Three Stooges Beer. You knew this, of course. We all instinctively know women hate anything that has to do with the Three Stooges. If they won’t laugh at them, they certainly won’t chug them. You might as well offer them a Jerry Lewis Chablis. In fact, that’s why most of you men have never even heard of Three Stooges Beer. For years, a dedicated band of women were buying this product and dumping it at chemical waste sites. When women shop for food, they prefer made-up brand names likes Mrs. Paul and Sara Lee. But, honestly, did your Aunt Millie ever make you laugh? The guys prefer real military men like Colonel Sanders and Captain Morgan.

I like the name Einstein Bagels. I can see Albert in my mind’s eye, shuffling downstairs in his robe for one with a shmear of cream cheese. I even have a slogan: Einstein Bagels: Not just a recipe, a formula. More food should be named specifically after comedians. Sadly, I don’t think Madison Avenue would take the chance of alienating women shoppers. I asked my wife if she’d ever buy Abbott and Costello Mayonnaise … “Would there be Hellmann’s on the shelf?” “No, Mary Ellen, assume this is the only brand available.” “Well, in that case, I still wouldn’t buy it. But I would buy Brad Pitt Olives. Do they make Mel Gibson Mustard?” I’d buy Laurel and Hardy fish sticks. There’s room in my fridge for Stephen Colbert Cream Cheese and a place in my pantry for Rodney Dangerfield Tomato Soup. Jeff Foxworthy Tuna would make a dandy sandwich. And for you senior citizens, wouldn’t a container of Betty White Yogurt really hit the spot right now? I know what you are wondering: Dick, will you open the bottle and drink the beer? I might. And then I’ll regret it and smack myself in the head.

Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

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All leases 36 month, 10,000 per year. IS requiresrequires $2745 Down a total off drive of $4265.35, ES requires Down withDown a totalwith drive off ofdrive $5388.75, Both leases are 36aremonth, 10,000 milesmiles per year. IS Convertible $3995with Down withdrive a total off of $5708.88, RX$3795 requires $3995 a total off of $5688.19 HS requires $2995 Down with a total drive off of $4534.29

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All leases are 36 month, 10,000 miles per year. IS requires $2745 Down with a total drive off of $4265.35, ES requires $3795 Down with a total drive off of $5388.75, HS requires $2995 Down with a total drive off of $4534.29

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4610 E. 96th St. | Indianapolis PROOF O.K. BY: __________________________________________________ PLEASE READ CAREFULLY • SUBMIT CORRECTIONS ONLINE

(888) 774-7738

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Why do we have to mow the yard every three days?

COMMENTARY By Mike Redmond I have a question. Well, a lot of questions, actually, but today I’m only concerned with one. Where is it written that our houses are supposed to be surrounded by nice, neat patches of grass, mowed to a short, even height and trimmed all around the edges so that every blade is in place? For that matter, where is it written that we’re supposed to have grass to begin with? Who made this rule? Was anybody else consulted or was it one of those unilateral deals? Was there a vote? Why didn’t I get a ballot? Is this fair? Oops. I guess that’s more than one question after all. Sorry. At least they’re all in the same subject area. Maybe you can tell I’m not exactly wild about mowing the lawn these days. For one thing, I’m having to do it about every three days. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but the slightest bit of rain makes my lawn shoot up like bamboo. It even grows faster when there’s only a chance of rain. In Kansas City. It’s ridiculous. I mow the lawn on Saturday. On Sunday the dog drops her chewie in the

yard. By Tuesday she’s out there sniffing and whining because she can’t find it in the forest of fescue. (Actually, I’m being generous when I refer to my lawn as fescue. I’m sure there’s some fescue growing out there somewhere, as well as some bluegrass, but it’s in the minority. Mostly my lawn is a crabgrass-chickweed mix, with a sprinkling of wild oat here and there, a smattering of weeds I can’t identify, and a lovely scattering of dandelion for contrast.) Mowing makes a homeowner a Sisyphus, except that he’s not rolling a rock now, he’s pushing a Lawn-Boy – with the full knowledge that what he does will only have to be repeated in a few days. And yet he does it over and over and over. That, my friends, is close to the definition of insanity. And why does he do it? Because convention says he must. Because the neighborhood demands it. Because someone, somewhere declared that grass allowed to grow naturally to its full height was unsightly, never taking into consideration my point of view, which is we’ll never know if that’s true as long as we keep cutting the stuff.





You know, it’s funny, but I just started thinking like this a few weeks ago. Last year, I loved mowing the lawn. It was comforting, in a way, to walk the laps around the yard, over and over, turning the tall grass into an even green plane. Then again, the mower was brand new. You know how it is. You get a new mower – or, for that matter, a new vacuum– and you just go crazy with it. The lawn is neat as a pin. The carpets are immaculate. Then, after a while, the newness wears off and mowing and sweeping become again the same ho-hum they always were. Which is where I found myself today, hohumming around the yard with last year’s mower, asking questions for which there are no answers and wondering what would happen if I just let the lawn grow into my own personal tallgrass prairie. And then the answer came to me: I’d go broke buying dog chewies.







Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.

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30 | May 25, 2010

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Trust your little one’s new life to our care.

At Clarian North, we want to make childbirth an experience that you’ll cherish forever. Expect hotel-level amenities – from personal maternity suites to whirlpool tubs – in an environment designed specifically with new families in mind. And take comfort knowing that you’ll be in the best hands no matter what happens with Riley specialists staffing our onsite Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). For more information on what you can expect from Clarian North or for a physician referral, please call 688-DOCS.

Learn more at

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Current in Westfield 5/17/10 5:19 PM

May 25, 2010  

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