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Tuesday January 24, 2012

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Parks and Recreation Dept. adds geocaching to the Super Bowl festivities roster / P9

Lose weight and gain a healthier life.

Photo by Lindsay Eckert

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11/1/11 10:07 AM

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Super Bowl Founded Jan. 29, 2008, at Westfield, IN Vol. V, No. 1 Copyright 2011. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 30 South Range Line Road Carmel, IN 46032

317.489.4444 Managing Editor – Lindsay Eckert / 489.4444 ext. 204 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Copy Editor – Jordan Fisher Art Director – Zachary Ross / 489.4444 Associate Artist – Andrea Nickas / 489.4444


It is our position as the Super Bowl comes to town, so do a great number of people who are not used to our roundabout system. Expect a week full of cars stopped at the entrances and in the middle of our roundabouts. While we can’t know now what the week leading up to the big game will be like, we can guess, based on other cities’ experiences, everything is going to be hectic. This most likely will include the roads, and specifically, the roundabouts. We love the efficiency and safety of our roundabouts, but there is the problem they are foreign to many outside of Hamilton County and can cause confusion. Our best advice is to be patient and be ready for the unexpected when it comes to entering a roundabout. As Feb. 5 nears, Hamilton County is going to get a little chaotic with out-of-towners looking to enjoy all the different events our community will offer. We’ve been working for years in preparation of the crowds staying in Hamilton County hotels and eating in our restaurants. Now it’s time for Hamilton County to charm our visitors. Step one includes making sure they feel safe in our roundabouts.

Political negatives

It is our position the “buyer-beware” tactic has taken over when it comes to negative political advertising. There is an oncoming tsunami of political attack ads this presidential election year. A survey commissioned by the Project on Campaign Conduct found voters dislike negative advertising. Why, then, is it increasingly used in political campaigns? The short answer is, though voters dislike them, they work. In comparative commercial advertising, the message must be true. The standards are much looser in political advertising. The truth is often skewed or distorted to achieve desired results. Perhaps, the best tactic is to not believe everything you hear. Web sites, such as and Project, allow voters to sift through the spin and provide information regarding candidate’s voting records, issue positions, biographies, public statements, etc. Daily political media slugfests suppress voter turnout. Instead of staying home on Election Day, perhaps a better response would be to utilize the power of the vote. Vote for the candidate who runs a positive campaign and doesn’t try to mislead the voter.

The views in these editorials are of reader participants. They do not represent those of Current Publishing ownership and management.

Advertising Senior Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749

Business Office Bookkeeper – Heather Cole / 489.4444 Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 General Manager – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 The views of the columnists in Current In Westfield are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper.


strange laws V E C TO R BU T TO N S . CO M V E C TO R BU T TO N S . CO M


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you. In Baltimore, Md., it’s illegal to throw bales of hay from a second-story window within the city limits. Source:

2 | January 24, 2012

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the U.S. Constitution. Article. I. Section. 8. Clause 17: To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, byCession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;--And Clause 18: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for

Current in Westfield

carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof. Section. 9. Clause 1: The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person. Clause 2: The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.

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How to not catch a raccoon

FROM THE BACKSHOP Hungry for news? The feed will become endless This newspaper thing is a lot of fun for us, and we have been at it for nearly a combined 68 years. On paper, we get 52 chances a year to give you the news and information you desire. It’s an opportunity and a responsibility we take seriously. But the days of copy paper and carbon paper on the barrels of manual typewriters long ago gave way to computers. For years, it has been all about technology. (Stay with us; there’ll be a point made soon.) The Internet – thank you, Al Gore – presents us with chances to give you what you need NOW. To that end, the Center for the Performing Arts quietly posted its financial audit and internal review last week, and Christian Sorrell, our new online/social media coordinator, went into “Tasmanian Devil” mode. In no time at all, he had the Center’s reports posted to our Web sites, Facebook accounts and Twitter sites. Traffic increased again, as it has since Christian came aboard the week before last. We got the news out well in advance of all other Central Indiana media outlets. That’s a special moment in our business, being first. Until the two of us began to take this whole Internet thing ultra-seriously, it was standard

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg operating procedure to simply wait for the next edition. The late, great Vince Lombardi, he of Green Bay Packers coaching fame, once said, “To do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result is the definition of insanity.” Were it not for our decision to bring Christian aboard, we were closing in on a rubber room for two. Old dogs learning new tricks, the two of us. See? It can be done, and sometimes in the nick of time. So, as Christian would tell you, watch our Web, Facebook and Twitter sites (each paper has its own; start at, because we aim to feed. Early and often.

Summer breakdown COMMENTARY By Terry Anker Recently, much has been said about tuition and schedule alternatives to the traditional fouryear college degree. Many institutions, including Ball State and Purdue, have recently announced initiatives to make it easier (and in some cases cheaper) for kids to pursue a diploma without spending as many years on campus. Advocates for the plans point to savings, sometimes significant, to young people and their families if the matriculation comes earlier and full-time employment starts quicker. While the math holds up, many claim intangibles like the maturity and perspective gained during the fourth (or more) years on campus can’t be offset by a year of saved expenses and earning capacity. Still, others defend the existing system citing the expectations of teachers, students and parents to have summer, fall, winter and spring breaks. But there are other considerations as well. If this paper, for example, were to add 25 percent to its page count, wouldn’t that necessarily allow for more content and more advertising? If a uni-

versity can graduate kids in three years instead of four, doesn’t that mean 25 percent more young people can access the opportunity to attend the college? Some would rightly argue a surplus of seats in a class would lead to lower admission standards. In other words, some kid would get into the class that wouldn’t have otherwise, had there been fewer seats. But if education is the key to a solid future, how can we tell Jane she has no hope because we arbitrarily decided the academic calendar should not exceed 30 weeks in any given year? Big money, adolescent maturity, access to education and the conviction to established patterns are all at play in what is coming together as a colossal power struggle. But in a globallycompetitive world, isn’t it good to challenge the status quo? Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@

COMMENTARY By Lindsay Eckert For the past year, a family of raccoons has called my pap’s barn “home.” The night-loving creatures hide away during the day and sneak away at night to unseen land. (I bet they’re sitting around a bonfire planning their next destruction.) Every morning, we find evidence of their efforts and it heats my pap’s blood to a boil. We tried countless coon-catching methods. But, the closest we ever got to catching one was when my even-tempered, always lady-like mother went chasing after one with a pitch fork. Last week, we had a family weekend at my grandparents’ and the tale of the taunting raccoons snarled through every conversation after we asked my pap why a shotgun was sitting at the front door. Then, my cousin’s wife came back from the store. Putting raw bacon, peanut butter and honey buns on the counter, she said, “Here’s the ingredients for your ridiculous coon hunt.” Although my cousin is an articulate and educated orthodontist, dental school didn’t include tips for coon catching. Ironically, a toothless “TV star” who calls himself the Turtle Man and yells “live action” every five minutes had all of our answers. His “team” is three toothless men dressed in T-shirts emblazoned with “Snapperlicous.”

We watched Turtle Man cover raw bacon with peanut butter, rub honey buns on barn walls and tuck the concoction in the back of a “live action” trap. We headed for the barn with our ingredients and a new education in “coon catching” to catch these little devils, for the first and last time. My cousin and I followed Turtle Man’s every step, while our pap monitored from the house. We had full confidence in the honey buns’ ability to lure, because once we got back, the smell of the buns lured us to the pantry. Our plan to stay up all night vigilantly waiting for “live action” fell short. Pap fell asleep in his chair and my cousins and I started watching Saturday Night Live. We were having so much fun, we forgot about the pest. The next morning, we went to the barn to find our “coon catch.” The honey bun and bacon were untouched. Pap was worried we missed a crucial step, “Did the Turtle Man say we needed to cook the bacon first?” We’re going to stick to more “reliable” sources next time. Lindsay Eckert is the managing editor of Current in Westfield. You can reach her via e-mail at

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DISPATCHES » Second annual cancer awareness game – The Lady Rocks would like to invite all breast cancer survivors to be their guests of honor. Junior varsity girls’ basketball game begins at 6 p.m. Varsity team plays at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. For more information, e-mail sumpters@wws. or » It’s a mystery – The Westfield Washington Public Library’s Mystery Book Discussion Group is talking about “A Duty to the Dead” by Charles Todd, when they meet Feb. 1 at 1 p.m. Come join other mystery lovers at a once-a-month discussion group that meets at the library. You are invited, even if you haven’t read the book! Future discussions are: March 7: “Death by Darjeeling” by Laura Childs April 4: “Murder on Astor Place” by Victoria Thompson You’ll be interested in obtaining a copy of one of these books and participating in the free program, so please contact Information/Reference Services at 896-9391.Join the club » Genealogy club – Join the Westfield Genealogy Club and share ideas, new Web sites and sources about family history, as well as meet some terrific people. The club meets in the Sumner Room of the WWPL on Feb. 4 at 10:15 a.m. Beginning and experienced genealogists are welcome to become members. » Storytime returns – Storytime is in the Children’s Dept. of the WWPL every Monday and Tuesday, beginning Jan. 23, and the focus is on fun. Enjoy stories, songs, fingerplays and rhymes. Strengthen early literacy skills and encourage the joy of learning. Each program ends with an art project, craft or activity. On Mondays, times are 10:30 a.m. for toddlers (18 months to 3 1/2 years accompanied by a caregiver) and 1 p.m. for preschoolers. On Tuesdays, times are 10:15 a.m. for preschoolers and 11:15 a.m. for toddlers. The program is free, and registration is not required. » Teens needed – Be part of the Teen Advisory Group when it meets at 3 p.m. on Jan. 31, at the WWPL. We need you to help choose and plan teen library activities. These programs are for you, so come and tell us what you want!

Missing babies

COMMENTARY By Danielle Wilson When my husband underwent a vasectomy almost eight years ago, there was no question in our minds that choosing permanent birth control was the right choice. I did, however, take our newborn daughter to the appointment, afraid one of us might need the not-so-gentle reminder of a screaming infant to hold us steadfast to our decision. Having just hit the big 4-0 last week, I’ve begun to feel a few twinges of regret. Not surprising, I suppose. I’m nearing the end of my child-bearing years and probably only have a few good eggs left. After those are gone, there’ll be no chance of me ever reproducing again. I must confess, accepting the fact that I’ll soon be too old to have babies is more difficult than I anticipated. And making my graceful embrace of perimenopause even harder is the fact that close friends of ours just had a baby. (Close friends who, I must note, are only a year younger than we.) While visiting them in the hospital, I actually found myself calculating the odds of my whisking the infant away before the alarms could rouse a taser-armed security guard. The odds were not overwhelming, so I took a moment to simply enjoy rocking her in my arms and to briefly contemplate doing it all again.

I think a part of me was envious. I miss the excitement that comes along with a new life. I miss the possibilities a new life presents. I miss the pure joy of creating a miracle. And, if I’m totally honest with myself, I miss the attention that expecting and new moms receive. Admittedly petty, but true. Thank God I have a sister who is pregnant with identical twins. She reminds me on a daily basis why I’m thrilled to be in the next stage of my life. Her first trimester, all-day sickness has given way to severe varicose veins, emotional distress over high-risk multiples and the frightening realization she still has four more months of weight gain, stretch marks and hernias. Then, it’s years of sleepless nights, breastfeeding horrors and diaper debacles. No. Thank. You. Not at 40. So I guess the lesson learned here is this: We make the best decisions we can based on where we are in life; second guessing yourself only leads to possible incarceration. Yes, I’m growing older, but I’m also growing wiser and more confident. Besides, I like the idea of grandbabies I can return to parents. Peace out. Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

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» Pettygrove praised – Laura Pettygrove has been named child advocate at Prevail Inc., a Hamilton County-based non-profit organization advocating for victims of crime and abuse.

4 | January 24, 2012

573 Westfield Rd., Noblesville, IN | 317-773-2002

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New pub owner has her own ‘place’

IMMI loans executive for training facility

By Lindsay Eckert The building of the former Main Street Bar and Grill, 781 E. Main St., is now the home of C.J.’s Place Good Time Pub and Eatery, a bar for people to call home, according to new owner Cathy Bowman. Bowman, a first-time business owner, said the opportunity to open her own enterprise came in the form as a happy accident. “I used to have a small bar in my game room and I was looking at Craig’s List to find another and I found a for-sale listing for this bar,” Bowman said. “I decided to buy it and my friends said I should name it C.J.’s Place after my name, Cathy Jo.” Bowman, a Noblesville native, said she has spent 25 years working in the restaurant industry and had always wanted to have a business of her own, and the convenient location was the perfect place. “I love small towns, and Westfield has that

By Lindsay Eckert Indiana Mills and Manufacturing Inc., a Westfield-based company that designs, tests and manufactures advanced safety systems, is loaning Kurt Aikman as an IMMI executive in residence to develop a business plan for the construction of the Central Indiana Public Safety Training and Education Center. Aikman is working with IMMI Executive Board, Advisory Board and Steering panel to provide direction and growth with respect to marketing, budgets and operations for the $30 million facility. Part of IMMI’s business plan is designed to fund the project without reaching into taxpayers’ pockets, and Aikman says he’s overseeing the planning of the facility to speed up the project’s process. “We are currently developing a sustainability plan that will identify operational expenses and potential revenue streams, such as outside revenue from course fees, facility usage fees, etc.,” Aikman said. “We are exploring opportunities to collaborate with the private sector while educating individuals and organizations about the project to support the vision for the project and offset expenses.” Aikman said he has provided his services to the project to get the facility off the ground and continue the momentum already generated.

week night events Nightly events begin at: ** Tuesday: Open microphone and poker Wednesday: Game night- $ buckets of domestic beers for a free round of pool or darts. Thursday: Karaoke night

Cathy Bowman, owner of C.J.’s Place Good Time Pub and Eatery friendly-neighborhood feel,” Bowman said. “C.J.’s is a neighborhood gathering place with good food, good prices and friendly bartenders. It’s kind of like “Cheers” where everyone knows your name.” Bowman said weekly events are planned for the restaurant, and she plans to have live music on the restaurant’s patio during the summer. In addition, she wants to use the restaurant to contribute to the community. “I want to hold fundraisers for our local fire department in the summer,” Bowman said.

“As a provider of advanced protection for firefighters and EMS personnel, IMMI is always looking for ways to improve the safety of first responders. The training provided at this facility does just that,” Aikman said. “IMMI believes in research and is invested heavily in innovation. The potential activities that could take place at the training facility will put Westfield on the leading edge of training for first responders.” Mayor Andy Cook said the facility is beingbuilt as funds become available, and some of those funds have come from Hamilton County municipalities pooling the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Emergency Federal funding grants. “Westfield contributed its Emergency Federal Fund grant and Fishers included its FEMA grant to fund the first building,” Cook said. “We will also receive revenue from agencies that contract with the facility for space to practice field training and educational activities in the building’s classrooms.” According to John Barrett, Westfield Fire Dept. spokesman, the facility has opened one classroom and has some space to provide outdoor training. However, there isn’t a timeline for the project’s next step or completion date. Aikman said the process depends on commercial funding. If a business is interested in getting involved or would like to train at the facility, it may contact IMMI at 896-9531.

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Maintenance Free Condominiums

Kelties adds tunes to diners’ taste buds By Lindsay Eckert Kelties Restaurant, 110 S. Union St., is serving up gourmet dinners with a side of live music. The eight-year-old restaurant made its debut with the while-you-dine entertainment last Halloween and saw a major spike in sales. “Our alcohol sales increased by 75 percent Halloween night,” Stephen Greiner, Kelties restaurant manager, said. “We started offering live music once a month and alcohol sales on those nights were up by 40 to 50 percent.” So far, the restaurant, owned by Keltie Sullivan Domina, has entertained diners with bands that play jazz and big band music, but Greiner said the restaurant is open to all types of music as long as it’s family-friendly. “Music is a great way to add to people’s dining experience,” Greiner said. “The Saturday nights when we have live music, people are laughing and talking more, it’s what people want to do on a Saturday night.” However, if you’re looking for a quiet night out, Kelties also hosts diners in its back room,

away from the music. According to Greiner, Kelties has some big plans for the big Super Bowl. “We’re drawing from people visiting who want to eat local,” Greiner said. “We’re having live music and drink specials,” he added. Kelties’ concerts are monthly, but Greiner said they plan to expand the performances to a weekly schedule while also mixing some different types of entertainment into the pot. “We’re looking to partner with some theater companies to offer vignettes, short descriptive literary sketches, acted along to live music and we want to host events for art vendors to display or sell their art,” Greiner said. “We also plan to add beers from local breweries, Flat12 Bierwerks and The Upland Brewery Comp., to our beer menu and incorporate them into beer and wine nights where we serve foods paired with drinks.” Kelties also offers etiquette classes. Check out Kelties owner’s new monthly column on page 12, featuring etiquette advice and a food and drink pairing suggestion.

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WFD boss ‘doubles up’ By Lindsay Eckert Westfield Fire Chief Todd Burtron added a second title to his business card when Mayor Andy Cook invited Burtron to contribute his “leadership abilities” as Cook’s chief of staff. The position opened a door to new opportunities for Burtron when Bruce Hauk, former Westfield deputy mayor, left to work for Indiana American Water Co. Burtron, 40, said his 16-year history as a Westfield firefighter motivated him to work hard and make a difference early in his career. In 2008, he was appointed by the then newly-elected Cook to fire chief. Last May, Burtron accepted the chief of staff position. Burtron said his persistence to do a job well helps him find a successful balance. “I hadn’t really thought of myself in that role [chief of staff]. When the Mayor asked me to step into the position, I proudly took on that role and I put my heart and soul into it.” Burtron said. “If you show up to work and do things right for the right reasons, people notice, and you want that kind of person on your team. It’s about modeling the way – setting an example as a leader” Cook said Burtron is a motivator and leader, and he knew immediately he’d go directly to Burtron for the position when Hauk resigned. “Todd built a well-oiled machine in the fire department and I really respected his leadership style,” Cook said. “Todd practices servant leadership and we wanted those principles, which Todd instilled so well in the fire department’s culture, to be spread throughout our entire city organization.” 

meet todd burtron Married to wife, Tami, of 20 years Two children-Weston, 13, and Anaka, 16 Member of the Sheridan School Board Hobby: Learning how to play the bass guitar Family fact: Weston was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in February 2011, and Burtron told his son he wouldn’t go through it alone. “I even dropped 80 pounds in five to six months because we’ve changed our eating habits together. I told my son if he couldn’t have it, I couldn’t have it.”

Burtron said he works 10-hour days and usually works through lunch to provide equal balance to both his positions. According to Burtron and his coworkers, Burtron’s ambition to expect more from the city and its employees instilled a substantial change in how government departments operate in Westfield. “Westfield citizens pay their taxes and they trust we’re going to do the right things with those dollars,” Burtron said. “They trust we’re going to be here every day trying to enhance their quality of life, infrastructure, community development and public safety. We are trying to redefine how local government is viewed and how it operates by our actions.”

more about burtron’s positions Although chief of staff and fire chief are separate positions, it doesn’t mean Burtron gets two separate salaries. Does Burtron have two salaries? No, Burtron’s total salary for working as Westfield fire chief and Westfield chief of staff is $115,000. Burtron’s base salary as Westfield fire chief is $87,000, and he receives a $25,000 stipend for the additional role as chief of staff.   How was Burtron’s salary determined? Like all employees, Burtron’s salary is determined and approved by his supervisor. He reports directly to Mayor Andy Cook. Cook, with approval from the City Council, determines Burtron’s

salary. Burton oversees the creation and management of the city budget along with the Council Finance Committee, a three-member committee made up of city councilors, Jim Ake, John Dippel and Bob Horkay. Did Westfield Fire Dept. get more money because of Burtron’s position? No, Westfield Fire Dept.’s budget decreased 2 percent for 2012, due to a 10-year pension plan being fulfilled and the reduction of operating costs Burtron has a strong role in creating the budget, but the Council Finance Committee reviews all of the departments’ budgets, including Westfield Fire Dept.

Crash claims life of father A 48-year-old Westfield-area man was found dead near a ditch in the 1300 block of Ind. 32 last week. Edward A. Hurlock Jr., crashed his ATV early Thursday morning. Hurlock’s son started look-

ing for his father when he didn’t come home, and found him in the ditch with fatal head injuries. Conservation officers said Hurlock was not wearing a helmet and they said they suspect alcohol was a factor in the crash.

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Paige Henry and State Representative Jerry Torr

WHS student learns from lawmakers A Westfield High School student stood amongst state lawmakers during the 2012 session of the General Assembly as an Indiana House Page. The Indiana House of Representatives offers an opportunity for students between the ages of 13 and 18 to visit the Statehouse and experience a full day of legislative activity. Paige Henry and her fellow pages were able to see how the state legislature works in a behindthe-scenes tour. The selected group also works alongside legislators, legislative assistants and

interns. On session days, pages experience how a bill becomes a law as they watch legislators on the House floor debate issues. Students also have the chance to tour the Statehouse, see where the Governor works and observe floor sessions of the House, Senate and Supreme Court chambers. The Indiana House Page Program is an educationally-based learning opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the lawmaking process by meeting their state representative and witnessing how laws are made.

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Go Red for Women Friday, Feb. 3, 9 am – 3 pm

Atrium at IU Health North Hospital, 11700 North Meridian St., Carmel, IN 46032 Join IU Health North Hospital to celebrate Go Red for Women month in February! Go Red for Women is an American Heart Association campaign that raises awareness about heart disease in women. February 3 is national “Wear Red” day and we encourage everyone who attends to join us in wearing red! Schedule for Go Red for Women event: 9:30 am – Breakfast Cooking Demonstration (*RSVP required) 11:30 am – Lunch & Case Review on Heart Disease by Cardiologist Dr. Mark Fisch (*RSVP required) 2 pm – Presentation by Cardiologist Dr. Nathan Lambert Vendors throughout the day Raffles and giveaways “Cardiovascular Answers” – A physician or nurse will be at the booth to answer questions from attendees Information on our FREE Pocket EKG Program FREE Blood Pressure Screenings all day *If you could like to attend the free healthy cooking demonstration for breakfast by Chef Peter Fulgenzi, or the free lunch presentation by Dr. Fisch, please RSVP to 317.688.2829 and reserve a spot.

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geocaching 101 What is geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game. Players search for hidden containers, called geocaches. Players use GPS-enabled devices and/or geocache applications downloaded to smartphones. How is the game played? Players can register for a free basic membership at After completing the account players can visit the “hide and seek a cache” link on the page ,, where they enter the zip code of the area they’d like to geocache in. Players are then able to view a list of coordinates for that area. Players enter the coordinates in a handheld GPS device (GPSs designed for cars will not work) or a downloaded app for smartphones. What are the rules? Some “caches” are not regulated and can be placed on private property or unsafe locations; however, local government departments, including Westfield Parks and Recreation Dept., have been developing geocache policies to protect geocachers and residents. The process to get an official geocaching permit is simple: Visit to download a permit application. One can pick up and/or hand in the application with a photo of your cache. Approved caches will have a Westfield Parks and Recreation logo sticker.

Parks and Recreation Dept. adds geocaching to the Super Bowl festivities roster

nology and the popularity of the activity make them easy to find, and that’s very gratifying for your first attempt.” Rob, who first started geocaching before convincing his family to get involved, said you can really challenge yourself if you want. there,” Rob said. “Because of geocaching, we’ve seen a lot of really “A neat thing is you can choose your level of difficulty. Jackie historical cemeteries.” is, what we like to say, an ‘urban cacher.’ People wanting to stay Jackie said she never expected geocaching to enhance other in open areas can find caches in plenty of places in nearly every By Lindsay Eckert activities she enjoys. town,” Rob said. “If you’re looking for a challenge, you can go “Pretty much every cemetery you go to will have a cache,” to a state park, really get in the woods and you can hike and get Adventurers of all ages are gearing up for Westfield Parks and Jackie said. “It adds to the whole experience. I’m a person who dirty.” Recreation Dept.’s Cache for the Big Game geocache series. likes finding things, and those items lead you to discovering other Jackie said she and her son The high-tech hunt for caches is bringing things or places, like the old cemeteries.” weren’t all that interested in Father and son get ready to search for the cache the fun and competition of the Super Bowl Although geocaching has developed into a shared activity begeocaching, but eventually it to Westfield, Fishers, Noblesville and Wash- on the Monon trail near Greyhound court tween Jackie and Robert, their 9-year-old son, Keaton, said once became one of Jackie’s favorite ington Township, as they his Nintendo DS player loses its charge, he doesn’t mind geocachhobbies. are offering a county-wide ing with his parents on camping trips. geocache competition to “I don’t usually like it, but I found a realwin specially-made Super Keaton and Rob follow the coordinates using a ly cool one that was a cache with two codes. Bowl geocache tags. gps and flashlight It was like a puzzle,” Keaton said. There Stephanie Fix, Westfield were two caches and the first cache had a Parks and Recreation Dept. code to help you find the second cache.” administrative assistant, According to, there says she thinks the free geocache series is a are more than 12 different types of caches. unique way to show the amenities HamilThe two-code cache Keaton found is a ton County has to offer in their trails and Getting closer! Rob and Keaton zero in on the multi-cache. Robert has a traditional cache, parks. Plus, it provides a well-rounded and cache location filled with toy firefighters and fire trucks to free activity for families. represent his work as a volunteer firefighter. “The great thing about your community Jackie has a letterbox-type cache, which hosting the Super Bowl is there are activiincludes a paper log inside a small tube for ties for everybody, and you don’t have to the cache finders to sign their name. be a football fan to enjoy the Super Bowl,” The Lambert family has traveled to sevFix said. “The Cache for the Big Game is eral state parks within Indiana, and said another activity for visitors and residents geocaching is always the highlight of their to participate in and be a part of this great camping trips. event happening in our city.” Coordinates for Cache the Big Game will Fix said the activity brings families tobe posted on on Friday. gether and it builds relationships in the Caches have been hidden by participating “We don’t share a whole lot community, as people are searching for caches filled with items Parks and Recreation agencies. Noblesville, of common interests, but we that represent the cache creators’ interests in locations they want Fishers, Westfield and Washington Towndo share this one. The kids to share with other people. Cache found! ship each have caches hidden in two of their would hang out at home and Rob Lambert, Westfield Public Works Dept. supervisor, has parks. The challenge is to locate each of the been geocaching with his family since 2008. He’s looking forward we’d go on a date. Geocaching eight caches using a handheld GPS, and you must have a GPS is a good way to go out and do something together,” Jackie said. to seeing the activity being introduced into Westfield for the Suor smartphone app. Caches will include a logbook and a special “Part of it was being dragged along at first, but it is interesting per Bowl. code. After collecting the special code from each park, log your once you get into it, and a fun way to spend time together with “It’s a great idea. It brings people to parks and makes it fun,” find on and e-mail with all the kids or just us.” Lambert said. “It gives visitors a different way to a see a city.” eight codes, your name and your address. The first 100 people Jackie and Rob’s shared interest in geocaching surprisingly lead Lambert’s wife, Jackie Lambert, said geocaching is an easy acwill receive a commemorative path tag. Log onto any of the the couple to another one of their favorite shared hobbies. tivity to get involved in, even if you’ve never done it. Web sites for the Parks and Recreation agencies listed for more “We like walking around small, old cemeteries and looking at “If someone is just starting out, you won’t have to go very far. information. the headstones. The neat thing is geocaching lead us to different The caches are all over the place. You can get a free app for your cemeteries near our house, and we didn’t even know they were phone and find a cache almost anywhere,” Jackie said. “The tech-

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January 24, 2012 | 9

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WWS tops in state’s Four Star School designation

s ’ n

Westfield’s ONLY Pizzeria


Need space? know, for a party, meeting, celebration, family get-together, church function or team awards night... we have our party room back, and are taking reservations for up to 48! OPEN SUPER BOWL SUNDAY without a TV... for those who couldn’t care less... and Delivering to the fans

Jackie Hiatt, Oak Trace Elementary first grade teacher, greets Claire Thompson before a day of school. • MSD SW Allen County – 44 percent • Penn-Harris-Madison School Corp. – 40 percent • Zionsville Community Schools – 63 percent The Indiana Dept. of Education has set the following benchmarks for the Four Star School Program: establish the 25th-percentile cut score for combined passing percentages for ISTEP+ English/language arts and mathematics, as well as the percent of students passing both for all grades tested. Schools that rank in the top 25th percentile for each grade tested in each of these categories, and have made Adequate Yearly Progress qualification for the Four Star School Award. Additionally, the attendance rate is addressed through AYP verification.

10 | January 24, 2012

The space is FREE ... so, how’s that for a good deal?

Sure we could make cheap pizza, but there are other places that do that... we don’t...because quality and good taste matters!

Text: B255 to: 36000 to be entered into weekly drawing for a REE LARGE PIZZA and other valuable msgs.

Village Pizza


Main & 2nd Streets Daily 5 - 9 (10 DST Fri & Sat)


because good taste matters


Of course, we deliver!

Main & Union Streets Daily 5 - 9:00 (10 DST Fri & Sat) M-F lunch 11 - 2; Sat 11 - 10


“Our mission includes recognizing opportunities to support the performing arts in our community.”

- Dr. Tammy Wittmann

Meet Your Teacher – Michelle Snyder expectations and my students Grade/Subject at what really try to meet those expecschool: First Grade, Shamrock tations. My main goal is for Springs Elementary School my students to grow as much Number of years teaching: as possible academically, so15 cially, emotionally and behavBackground/Schooling (coliorally while in my class. lege and high school): What do you encourage parHighland High School, Anents to do at home to help derson, Ind. their children strengthen B.S. Elementary Education, particular skills? It is imButler University, Indianapoportant to spend time really lis, Ind. talking with your child. Teach M.A Education Administrathem things in their natural tion, Butler University, Indiaenvironment. You can teach napolis, Ind. Snyder things no matter where you Why did you become a are – in the car, at the store, teacher? Teaching is in my taking a walk, etc. Quality time is what really blood! My dad was an elementary school prinmatters. cipal. Thus, I spent a lot of time at school. I Name your favorite movie. My favorite movie always enjoyed that time. During high school, I is “The Notebook.” spent my summers working for the local parks Name your favorite musician or band. I listen department. That’s truly when I knew I wanted to various types of music. It depends on my to become a teacher. I really enjoyed being mood. A few artists I enjoy are Chris Tomlin, around and helping the children. It was nice to Tim McGraw, Pink and Lifehouse. feel like I was making a difference in their lives. What’s something your students might not I became a teacher to make a difference. know about you? In high school, I was a majorWhat goals do you have for your students? I ette and marched and performed in the Disney encourage my students to always do their perWorld parade! sonal best and to strive to be better. I have high

Call 317.896.5050 to book your party before your date’s taken!

Ja n’ s Sixty-seven percent of Westfield Washington Schools received Four Star School status – the second-highest percentage of Four Star Schools among large school districts (high schools with 1500 or more students) in the state. Six Westfield schools, the largest number ever, – Westfield High School, Westfield Middle School, Westfield Intermediate School, Maple Glen Elementary, Oak Trace Elementary and Shamrock Springs Elementary – have earned the state’s 2010-11 Four Star School Award. Westfield, Carmel and Zionsville are the only large high schools (1500 or more students) in the state of Indiana to receive the Four Star designation. Large School Districts (high schools with 1500 or more students) Percentage of Four Star Schools: • Westfield Washington Schools – 67 percent • Carmel Clay Schools – 87 percent • Hamilton Southeastern Schools – 40 percent • Noblesville Schools – 30 percent • Avon Community School Corp. – 50 percent • Brownsburg Community School Corp. – 33 percent • Center Grove Community School Corp. – 38 percent • Clark-Pleasant Community School Corp. – 13 percent • Crown Point Community School Corp. – 40 percent

Offering Comprehensive, NON-DILATED exams

Is it A.D.D. or a vision problem? Children can pass their vision screenings at school and still have significant visual issues that can mimic ADD. Dr. Wittmann checks every child for these harder-to-detect issues.

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2792 E. 146th St., Carmel, IN 46033 317.843.2020

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Another man’s treasure

DISPATCHES » More price hikes to come? – If you’ve been pondering plane tickets for a spring break or summer trip, it’s time to put those thoughts to action. Last week Delta Air Lines initiated a fare hike of $4 to $10 across the bulk of its U.S. route system. “This comes right on the heels of Delta initiating a $20 fare hike on long-haul flights and JetBlue doing a shorter-haul hike last week,” said FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney. “It looks like we’re tracking almost like last year, which was basically ‘Let’s get a bunch of fare hikes in early’.” » Tasty new blends – Winemakers used to blend two or more grapes so the strengths of one could make up for the weaknesses of the others. Now they do it to create new flavors. The Miami Herald “highly recommends” one such blend, the 2010 Big House Red from California-based Big House Winery. The wine is an out-ofcontrol blend of petite sirah, tempranillo, syrah, Grenache, malbec, mourvedre, nebbiolo, tannat, souzao, aglianico, barbera, zinfandel, petite verdot, cabernet franc, charbono, nero d’Avola, sangiovese, sagrantino and other esoteric reds, the paper says. It’s soft, dark and full of powerful dark berry flavors and spice. Priced at $10 a bottle or $22 per 3-liter box. » Asian garden pest – The Asian longhorned beetle has recently been attacking trees in the U.S. The larvae girdle tree stems and branches, which can lead to dieback in the crown, possibly even killing the tree. This import has long been killing hardwood trees in China. Here in the U.S., the beetle prefers box elder, Norway, red, silver, sugar and sycamore maples, among other trees. The only way to eliminate these beetles seems to be removal and burning of the infested trees. Infested areas must be quarantined. » Worst airport terminals – Travel site created this list of its picks for the 10 worst airport terminals in the world. 1. New York JFK Airport Terminal 3; 2. Manila, Philippines Airport Terminal 1; 3. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal B/C; 4. Nairobi, Kenya Jomo Kenyatta International Airport; 5. Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 3; 6. Amman, Jordan Queen Alia Airport; 7. New York LaGuardia Airport Terminal 5; 8. Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport; 9. Paris’ Beauvais Airport; 10. Chicago Midway Airport.

Beyond the sunset By Leonid Plotkin The world is a treasure chest, and we all take from it according to our needs, our opportunities and our abilities. In the mountains of east Java, men manually extract sulfur from the crater of a smoking volcano. They commence work in the dark, in the last few hours before dawn. I walk with some of them on the steep, slippery ascent up the mountain. The miners proceed silently, slowly, deliberately. Two hours later, we stand on the crater rim of the Kawah Ijen volcano and start a precipitous descent down into the crater itself. It is a landscape that could have been wrought by the imagination of Jules Verne or Tolkien: Middle Earth. Inside a jagged, craggy depression, an eternal geyser of sulfur smoke gushes forth from the depths, and clouds of the noxious gas drift across a jade-green lake of sulfuric acid. Down in the crater, I watch them chisel blocks of yellow sulfur from the mountain side. The wind shifts and instead of rising into the atmosphere, the acrid smoke fills the crater and envelops us all. I can’t breathe. My lungs burn. My eyes sting. The miners continue working, protected by nothing more than a bandana tied across the nose and mouth. Their baskets full, they head back up to the rim of the crater; I follow. A miner’s pay depends on the weight of sulfur he brings down

A sulfur miner on the rim of the Ijen Crater Photo by Leonid Plotkin

the mountain, and wanting to earn as much as possible, the men push themselves to the limit. Many carry loads of nearly 200 pounds. They can barely take a few steps forward before they must pause for a moment to rest. Up on the crater rim, the miners sit for a cigarette. They chat, joke and laugh. Mining is a well-paid job in this part of Java. Happy and content, they set off down the mountain. I remain sitting, marveling at the incredible moun-

tain panorama spread all around me. Someone takes sulfur and is happy to have it, and someone else just takes in the views … grateful he doesn’t need sulfur. Leonid Plotkin left his career as a lawyer to travel the world, and if he had to identify somewhere as “home,” he said it would be Carmel. Reach him via email at i@

Feet Retreat



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317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

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Welcome to manners boot camp 2012 Today – Enjoy plenty of great music from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s during Retro Night II at Stuart’s Steak House, 3901 W. Ind. 47, Sheridan, from 8 to 11:30 p.m. When Stuart’s does retro music, they do retro prices too. Guests can enjoy special low prices on food and drink. The celebration is also a farewell celebration for Stuart’s brother, Jayro. Guests are encouraged to dress in retro attire, and reservations are suggested and can be made by calling 758-0406. Now to next Tuesday – Gallery 116 will host its 10th anniversary celebration now to next Tuesday. Stop in the gallery, 8597 E. 116th St., Fishers, during their anniversary celebration and sign up for $100 Gallery 116 gift card drawing. A name will be chosen from the fishbowl at the end of day next Tuesday. For more information, call 577-9730.

LIVE MUSIC Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian St. For more information call 573-9746. Friday – Lemon Wheel Saturday – Goodnight Gracie Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more

Wednesday – The Fishers Parks and Recreation Dept. will host an antique roadshow at 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Billericay Park Building, 12690 Promise Rd., Fishers. Get your antique piece appraised by the professionals from Carmel Old Town Antique Mall. You never know, your antique may be worth millions. Attendees must have registered by Jan. 18 and the cost is $6. For more information, call 595-3133. Wednesday – Harmony Winery, 7350 Village Square Lane, Fishers, will introduce “French Gamay Nouveau” Wine from 6 to 8 p.m. The public is invited to join Harmony Winery for a sneak peek tasting of our newest addition, “French Gamay Nouveau,” a limited-release red wine. Fresh and juicy, this wine is a bold purplepink color, bursting with an amazing array of fruit aromas. Admission is free. For more information, call 585-9463.

information, call 770-9020. Friday – Something Rather Naughty Saturday – Through Being Cool Moon Dog Tavern, 825 E 96th St., Indianapolis, 46240. Call 575-6364 for more information. Friday – Cousin Roger Saturday – Hearing Voices

COMMENTARY By Keltie Domina January is a great time to set new and exciting goals for ourselves; however, increasing awareness of your manners is a timeless and beautiful goal. Is that on your list this year? Quite simply; treating others with respect, compassionate and kindness would make this world a far better place to be in. How many times did you say “May I” today, instead of “give me”? Did you answer your cell phone when you were already talking with someone else? These and other etiquette topics will hopefully make you laugh, encourage you to say a simple please and thank you and bridge that gap to a more polished you. Plus, a cooking tip or two! I look forward to your comments and questions. Now that I’ve introduced myself, let’s talk etiquette for introductions. Introductions may be simple, but they can provoke some of the most awkward moments if you forget your manners. As you make your way in the social or business world always remember to introduce yourself and your company to others. There is usually that awkward time when you are standing with a friend waiting for them to introduce you. After about 30 seconds, your friend or colleague has either forgotten their name, so they are embarrassed to introduce you, or they just do not know it is polite to introduce others who may not know you. Just smile and extend your hand and say, “Hello,

I am Susan.” This way you have taken care of the business of introduction, you feel better and now you are included in the conversation. There are many steps to a proper introduction.  Dignitaries and lay people first; ladies before men; the most important person’s name first. But, baring all those specialty rule, just make the introduction. Making people feel included and a part of any conversation is key to great communication. What do you do if you cannot remember someone’s name?  Just be honest. “I am so sorry, I know we met last week, but I am having a hard time remembering your name… I am Susan.”  And then you can share a laugh, shake hands and go on… Now to introduce two tastes that are never awkward: If you love a good basic pairing for wine and food it doesn’t get much better than sea bass with Sauvignon Blanc, duck breast with burgundy or a classic juicy steak with a bold Cabernet Sauvignon. These are just a few to get you started, but I did learn one important aspect of wine pairing when I was in culinary school. Go with what you like. So be adventurous  and enjoy the journey.  Keltie Sullivan Domina is an etiquette consultant and the owner and executive chef of Kelties Restaurant and Catering in Westfield. You can contact her at

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take our BETTER REST TEST @ 12 | January 24, 2012

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Stacked Pickle The scoop: There are sports restaurants, there are other sports restaurants and then there is … Stacked Pickle. Stacked Pickle is not just a sports restaurant. It’s a place to kick back, relax and enjoy food and spirits. You’ll find a menu teeming with delicious appetizers, wings and burgers. If that’s not enough, two pool tables will provide you with some after-dinner billiard activity. The Stacked Pickle also has two large-screen plasma TVs for catching all the sports action. Type of food: Burgers and wings Price of entrees: $7.99-$16.99 Specialties: Wings Reservations: Not accepted

Mikki Perrine, Owner and operator, Ginger’s Café Where do you like to eat? Lutz’s Steak House What do you like to eat there? I like any of the steaks, and also the seafood! What do you like about Lutz’s? I love the staff. It has great atmosphere. It’s very casual and comfortable. Lutz’s Steak House is located at 3100 Westfield Rd., Noblesville. Contact at 896-5002 or www.

Smoking: Not permitted Dress: casual Hours: 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday to Thursday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday Phone: 578-1236 (Fishers), 844-4448 (Carmel) Address: 11621 Fishers Station Dr., Fishers, and 12545 Old Meridian St., Suite 150, Carmel Web site:

G’vine Orchid Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz G’vine Gin, 1/2 oz elderflower syrup, 1 1/2 oz fresh pink grapefruit juice, 1 1/2 oz brut champagne, 1 orchid Directions: Put all the ingredients in a shaker, pull the orchid petals and put them in the shaker, shake and serve in a highball glass.



Portobello cheeseburgers Ingredients • 2 teaspoons olive oil • 4 (4-inch) portobello caps • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper • 1 tablespoon bottled minced garlic • 1/4 cup (1 ounce) crumbled Gorgonzola cheese $ • 3 tablespoons reduced-fat mayonnaise $ • 4 (2-ounce) sandwich rolls • 2 cups trimmed arugula • 1/2 cup sliced bottled roasted red bell peppers $ Directions: Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Sprinkle mushrooms with salt and pepper. Add mushrooms to pan; sauté 4 minutes or until tender, turning once. Add garlic to pan; sauté 30 seconds. Remove from heat. Combine cheese and mayonnaise, stirring well. Spread about 2 tablespoons mayonnaise mixture over bottom half of each roll; top each serving with 1/2 cup arugula and


• How to choose a contractor totally free seminar series designed to help • Design trends and tips • Choosing the right countertop you get the most value out of your home.

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2 tablespoons peppers. Place one mushroom on each serving, and top with top halves of rolls. -Cooking Light

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1000 3rd Ave. SW • Suite 120 • Carmel, Indiana 46032 PH (317) 575-9540

January 24, 2012 | 13

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DISPATCHES » St.V among top 15 – St.Vincent Health was identified in the Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals: 15 Top Health Systems study as one of 15 best health systems in the nation. The faith-based health system is the only one in Indiana and the Midwest to be honored in the large health system group. The annual, quantitative study uses objective, independent research and public data sources and aggregates individual hospital performance into system-level data. » CDC: Binge drinking, STDs up – Binge drinking may be a bigger problem in the U.S. than previously thought and may contribute to a high prevalence of positive STD tests, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report states that about 38 million American adults (or about one-sixth) binge drinks about four times each month. Binge drinking was defined as consuming four or more drinks for females and five or more for males within a short period of time. Aside from the more obvious consequences of binge drinking, the report points out that it has also been linked to a higher prevalence of positive STD tests.

» IU Health first to use 3-D – IU Health Saxony Hospital is the first hospital in central Indiana and one of the first in the U.S. to offer 3-D breast tomosynthesis for breast cancer screening. Patients benefit from the system’s exceptionally sharp breast images, an advanced ergonomic design providing more patient comfort and a groundbreaking 3-D tomosynthesis platform designed to deliver superior screening and diagnostic performance. » Mental decline could begin in 40s – A new study suggests that age-related cognitive changes—which may in some cases herald Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia—are under way as early as our mid-to-late 40s. Researchers in Europe tracked the mental function of more than 7,000 British civil servants for a decade, and they found even the youngest participants, who were between the ages of 45 and 49 at the outset, generally displayed slight yet measurable declines in short-term memory, mental reasoning and verbal facility over the course of the study. The declines were too small to be noticeable in everyday life, and were detected only through a battery of tests the researchers gave the participants every three to four years.

Facial aging and tummy tucks ANTI-AGING By Barry Eppley Q: Is the Lifestyle Lift effective and how long will it last? A: The Lifestyle Lift is just a franchise term for a limited facelift or a jowl tuck-up procedure. It is a scaled-down version of a more complete facelift or a neck-jowl lift. The more relevant question, however, is whether this type of facelift approach is right for you. The vast majority of unhappiness with Lifestyle Lifts, QuickLifts or any other form of “minifacelift” was because the patient wasn’t a good candidate. Their facial aging issues were more advanced and they should have had a fuller facelift to get the kind of result they were expecting. Understandably, patients are tempted to choose a facelift operation based on how it would be done (local or IV sedation), a short recovery and/or a low cost, rather than choosing a facelift operation that better fits their actual needs. This is the real issue you should be thinking about. Q: I am a 32-year-old woman who is in serious need of a tummy tuck. I have had three children, the last two by cesarean section. I have a large amount of lower stomach skin with a lot of stretch marks. It makes my belly button look odd and almost buried with the loose skin around it. If I get a tummy tuck, will the doctor be able use my C-section


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Now offering a new technology for sagging skin! Experience tight, firm skin with “Sublime” (the newest version of Refirme). Target the nasolabial folds, jowls, neck area and more. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn if Sublime is right for you. 11900 N. Pennsylvania St., Carmel, IN 46032 317-571-8900 “The Clear Choice in Physician-Guided Skin Rejuvenation.” Dr Jodie Harper

14 | January 24, 2012

Dr. Eppley is an Indianapolis board-certified plastic surgeon. Comments can be sent to info@

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Dr Angela Corea

scar? I need a tummy tuck so bad that if I had to have a new scar above the C-section scar, I could live with it. But I would like, if possible, to keep it low and just have a longer C-section scar. A: This is a common question and concern, one I think about when doing a tummy tuck in every woman with a C-section scar. I always want to use the C-section scar whenever possible for two reasons. The first is the one which concerns you, and that unsavory cosmetic issue of adding another scar to the one you already have. But a more important consideration, and the one I am most concerned with, is the survival of the skin between the two scars if the C-section scar could not be used as part of the tummy tuck. The intervening skin between these two scars may not have a good blood supply, and could either not heal well or actually die … which would obviously create a significant after-surgery complication. For this reason, every effort is made to use a C-section scar in a tummy tuck, and if you have as much loose skin as you describe, this would not be a problem to do so.


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on the purchase of a furnace or heat pump

Must present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Thiele 639-1111. Expires 2/24/12.

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Must present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Thiele 639-1111. Expires 2/24/12 M-F 8-4

129th Anniversary Sale

129th Anniversary Sale



2nd Opinion Will be honored upon presentation of Competitor Invoice at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Thiele 639-1111. Expires 2/24/12.

Furnace or Heat Pump Tune Up

Must present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Thiele 639-1111. Expires 2/24/12.


1883 YEARS -201 1

Relax. It’s Rheem.

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DISPATCHES » Satisfaction not guaranteed – Only 21 percent of customers who bring complaints to customer service end up satisfied, according to a recent study by Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Another study, by consulting firm Accenture, found customer satisfaction with service has declined across the board, from the amount of time it takes to resolve a problem to the politeness of reps. That’s because customer service is often designed as “a kind of firewall against the customer,” says Emily Yellin, author of “Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us.” » Burger King to your door? – Burger King, trying to regain its place as the nation’s second-largest fast-food chain, is trying out home delivery in an effort to boost sales. This fall, the Miami-based chain started testing delivery at four restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area. The company says it will expand the test to 16 more locations by this week before deciding whether to make it a large-scale effort. According to the company Web site, deliveries cost $2, and there is a minimum order of $8 to $10, depending on the market.

» IRS ups audits of millionaires – New IRS figures show 12 percent of millionaire earners were audited last year. That’s an increase from 8 percent in 2010 and 6 percent in 2009. For those making less than $200,000, the rate has stayed steady at around 1 percent in recent years. IRS officials said the growing audit rate for high earners is aimed at demonstrating that the tax code is being enforced fairly and is unrelated to President Barack Obama’s recent proposals to boost taxes on the rich. The White House and congressional Democrats are expected to continue taking similar populist stances with the approach of this November’s presidential and congressional elections. -Associated Press » Overlooked tax deduction – Generally, you can only deduct mortgage or student-loan interest if you are legally required to repay the debt. But if parents pay back a child’s student loan, the IRS treats it as though the money was given to the child, who then paid the debt. So, a child who’s not claimed as a dependent can qualify to deduct up to $2,500 of student-loan interest paid by Mom and Dad. And he or she doesn’t have to itemize to use this deduction. The parents can’t claim the interest deduction even though they actually foot the bill.

Jerry Gassen President and CEO Ameriana Bank


CD Specials

Controlling the conversation, in a good way BUSINESS By David Cain Today I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s the secret to how you can control a conversation and keep people listening or reading. It’s a communication secret that dates back to the beginning of time. Let’s start with writing. If you want people to read it, it’s simple. All it takes is this little nugget of knowledge. Here goes. When you write something, make sure every sentence makes you want to read the next sentence. Guess what? The same thing works for when you talk. Make sure every sentence spoken makes your listener want to hear the next sentence. But that’s only part of the secret. The other part, and just as important, is how you accomplish this monster task. How do you make sure every sentence makes you want to read or hear the next sentence? Here is the second part of the secret – you have to know your audience and only talk about them. Talk about their problems, their fears, their interests and their lives. Talk about yourself and they won’t care about the next sentence or,

for that matter, they won’t care about your current sentence. The currency of communication (and marketing) is valuable, relevant content. What’s valuable and relevant is in the eyes (and ears) of the recipient. Whether it’s your kids or a business prospect, talk about yourself and you are tuned out. Talk about them and you are fascinating. Talk about them and you’ll be greeted by nods and agreement. Remember, whether you are talking or writing, your opening statement or headline is just to get the first words heard or the first sentence read. From there, each sentence should draw you to the next sentence. Each sentence should make your audience want to hear the next. And the best way to accomplish that is to practice a “you” mentality, with “you” being the reader. David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at

Ameriana Bank is pleased to offer three special President’s CDs. In addition to earning a competitive interest rate, you’ll feel right at home with our community-minded approach to banking. And, investing with Ameriana means you can trust your money is being reinvested in the Central Indiana community. Just as it always has been since 1890. 3333 East SR 32 at Carey Rd | Westfield | 867-7740 3975 W 106th St at Michigan Rd | Carmel | 429-1567 11521 Olio Rd at 116th St | Fishers | 863-3177

Limited time offer. Minimum deposit of $5,000, not currently on deposit at Ameriana Bank, required. Maximum deposit of $250,000 per household. Offer good to Indiana residents only. Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of 12/09/11. Penalty for early withdrawal. Early withdrawal penalty will reduce earnings. Public entities, sole proprietorships and businesses are not eligible for this account. Member FDIC

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DISPATCHES » Read documents on the go – It’s now a snap to copy virtually any kind of document – from Word to Excel to PowerPoint to an AutoCAD drawing file – to your Kindle. But if you don’t have a Kindle, you can simply use the Kindle app. Just install Amazon’s Send to Kindle app on your PC. After a short installation, this free program adds the option to send your documents to your Kindle (or the Kindle app on your designated mobile device). For supported file formats, like Word and PDF files, just right-click the document’s icon and choose Send to Kindle from the context menu. For all other file formats, print the document. But instead of printing it on your local printer, choose the Send to Kindle option, which will now appear in your list of printers. You can soon read it like any other book or magazine that’s installed on the device.

» Great upcoming car app – Scout is a free, full-featured GPS app with several useful features for iPhone owners. The app gives you real-time traffic updates for your daily commute, as well as guidance on the best time to leave with traffic-based drive times from TeleNav’s database. It includes map-assisted turn-by-turn directions (but no voice navigation yet), with an extensive points of interest database that includes a variety of suggestions ranging from restaurants to gas stations to ATMs. For more information, visit » Protect your passwords – According to Experian, nearly two-thirds of Web users rely on the same password for at least two Web sites. That enabled hackers to compromise 90,000 Sony gaming accounts last October. The average Internet user has 25 passwordprotected accounts to keep track of, according to a Microsoft study. A password manager may be your best bet: Free software like KeePass can store log-in information in an encrypted database on your own computer.

Fighting SOPA and PIPA TECHNOLOGY By Ken Colburn What’s the latest with the Internet censorship bills in Congress and what can we do to help defeat them? - Joseph There are two bills in Congress that should concern everyone who values an open and uncensored Internet; SOPA (H.R. 3261) which stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and the Protect IP Act (S. 968) in the Senate. When you dig into the details, it’s just another example of what is causing so much dissent in our political process – powerful lobbies pushing for legislation clearly not in the best interest of the average citizen, through legislators that have no clue about technological issues. The Motion Picture Association of America, along with most of the power brokers in the TV and entertainment industry, are the instigators of this overbearing legislation and there seems to be total disregard (or ignorance) for the obvious collateral damage they would cause. There are plenty of laws on the books already that allow copyright holders to force sites to take down individual postings that infringe on their content, but the powerful entertainment industry wants a bigger hammer. When a Web site has been identified as one in violation, the law would mandate it get added to a Domain Name System blacklist that would no longer allow users in the U.S. to access it,

16 | January 24, 2012


Enjoy&your&choice&of&soup& or&salad&and&our&delicious& 6&oz&Filet&Mignon,&served& with&fresh&vegetables&and& silky&mashed&potatoes.& All&this&and&outstanding& personal&service&in&beautiful& surroundings,&for&$25.& &


Wednesday&only,&4pCclose.& Reservations+suggested.+



ess Fun Escape to Fitn

and for credit card processors and advertising systems to cut all ties with the site. DNS translates your alpha Web site requests into the actual numeric equivalent known as the Internet Protocol address. For instance, is one of the targets of this legislation because of its notoriety for hosting just about any content you don’t want to pay for. If this legislation passes and the Web site is blacklisted, then typing into your web browser will render a censorship notification, but if you type, you would still be able to get to the site. The pirating community has already created huge lists of the IP addresses for all the Web sites they presume will be the target of this legislation, rendering it completely useless for those that don’t and will never pay any attention to our laws. Fighting piracy is critically important, but the unintended consequences of poorly-crafted legislation could have a huge impact on the future of the Internet. I urge anyone reading this to contact their representatives at to voice their opposition immediately, as both of these bills come up for a vote on Jan. 24 and Jan. 25.

Ken Colburn is the president of Data Doctors. E-mail him at kenc@

HAPPY'HOUR:' 3F7'&'AFTER'9' ' DINING'ROOM:' MONFTHURS'11F9:30' FRI'11F10' SAT'11:30F10' SUN'11:30F9'

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Buy 1 pound of fresh baked dog biscuits

r of Flavo nth: o the M

Izzy’s Place




816 W. Main St., Carmel 317-582-1DOG or 317-582-1364 Mon - Fri: 10-7 Sat: 10-5 • Sun: Closed

Clearance Sale This Week! All Holiday Pet Toys 50% OFF | All Dog & Cat Nappers 35% OFF $ave Bucks at Izzy’s with our “Frequent Shopper and Izzy/s Customer Appreciation Rewards”

DISPATCHES » Why does my cat bite me? – Many pet owners call this common behavior “Love biting,” but feline behaviorists have given it a more formal name: Petting-induced aggression—and it’s a poorly understood topic. It may be a manifestation of so-called statusinduced aggression, in which cats seek to control a situation. There may be some neurologically significant negative stimulus associated with being petted at length that affects these cats in particular. These cats may be especially subtle at letting humans know when they’re unhappy, so that their change in attitude appears more sudden than it truly is. The good news is that this behavior does not necessarily mean you can’t interact with your cat meaningfully.

Five things to do before you call the vet about your dog PETS By John Mikesell 1. Take your dog’s temperature. Purchase and keep an appropriately-sized rectal thermometer on hand. Have some Vaseline or K-Y Jelly to put on the thermometer. This makes insertion more comfortable for the dog. Digital models may be easier to read than the reliable glass and mercury models. Plus, they have the added benefit of a built-in timer. On the other hand, the glass models don’t have batteries that can die, rendering the thermometer useless. If you’ve never taken your dog’s temperature, ask your vet or your groomer to show you how. 2. Note the dog’s temperature. When your dog is not feeling well and you’re upset, you might not remember the temperature you just observed. Write it down along with the time. Keep in mind that “normal” temperatures for dogs vary a bit from approxi-

mately 100.5 F to about 102.5 F. It would be good to know your dog’s normal temperature, so take it when he or she is well and resting. 3. Check the color and wetness of the dog’s gums. Familiarize yourself with the color of your dog’s gums when he’s well so you know what’s “normal” for he or she. If, when it’s not feeling well, its gums appear abnormally pale or white, the dog may be in or nearing shock. Brick-red gums can indicate a fever or heat stroke. Yellowish gums may mean the dog is jaundiced. When a dog is healthy, its gums should be glossy and wet. If they are sticky and dry, the dog may be dehydrated. 4. Check his capillary refill time. Sounds technical, but it’s easy. Capillary time is how long it takes for the blood to rush back to a spot that you press on the gums. To check, press on a spot on the gums for about three

seconds; when you release pressure, the spot should be pale where you pressed the blood out of that tissue. The spot should quickly disappear from view as the tissue refills with blood – within about a second. If the spot remains pale for several seconds, your dog’s blood pressure may be dangerously low. 5. Make sure you are able to describe any deviations in your dog’s diet, elimination pattern and demeanor. Make sure you know the type and brand of food you have been feeding your dog. You should know how much your dog is usually fed and note any deviations. Also, you should be able to discuss his most recent bowel movement (when it happened and the quality of the stool, whether that was different than usual) and urination (what time, how much and color). John Mikesell, owner of Izzy’s Place, A dog Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at

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!!!"#$%&'(")($* !"#$%&'%()"*+,%-"$%.,/0%123/3,%4/0,2%5%.,63/02%76%8 ,3$"%769:%5%4#$$"#69*6;%("#63*,2%

8@979*B-%#--(,*+2%)'&*=*C?A?D@@@* 10737 Stratton Circle - $969,000

8<89E*F2)GH!(%-/*F#I*=*CED;>@J$(* 5833 Stone Pine Trail - $2,650/mo

8@979*B-%#--(,*+2%)'&*=*C?A?D@@@*%/%B*6*2),9% <%=,9$"">%5%M%-#00@'%A/0B%=/3)C%DE"F43"$:%A">,%E*3) 8<89E*F2)GH!(%-/*F#I*=*CED;>@J$(* <%=,9$"">%5%?%-#00@?%A/0B%=/3)C%DE"F43"$:%A">,%E*3) %/%G/2,F 4 Bedroom & 2 Full/2 Half Bath, Two-Story Home with 4 Bedroom & 2>,63%%/69%G"6#2%$"">%*6%% Full/2 Half Bath, Two-Story Home with G/2,>,63%*6%(/$>,0H% 8@979*B-%#--(,*+2%)'&*=*C?A?D@@@* >;77*B-(,&*E2,&*F%#2'*=*CGDA>@H$(* <%=,9$"">%5%?%-#00@?%A/0B%=/3)C%DE"F43"$:%A">,%E*3) %/%B*6*2),9% <%=,9$"">%5%M%-#00@'%A/0B%=/3)C%DE"F43"$:%A">,%E*3) %/%G/2,F a finished basement in Carmel. finished basement and bonus room in Carmel. ICJK<%3"3/0%2L%B3H% (/$>,0H%%KCI??%3"3/0%2L%B3H% G/2,>,63%*6%(/$>,0H% >,63%%/69%G"6#2%$"">%*6%% 7,854 total sq ft. 3,875 total sq ft. <%=,9$"">%5%?%-#00@?%A/0B%=/3)C%DE"F43"$:%A">,%E*3) %/%B*6*2),9% <%=,9$"">%5%?%-#00@?%A/0B%=/3)C%DE"F43"$:%A">,%E*3) %B*6*2),9% ICJK<%3"3/0%2L%B3H% (/$>,0H%%KCI??%3"3/0%2L%B3H%

G/2,>,63%*6%(/$>,0H% ICJK<%3"3/0%2L%B3H%

+(,-#)-*.(/,*+#%,&''*0(%*#*1%23#-&*-(4%5*** 6789:*;<;=8>;;****(%****6789:*>?@=9?A@* Contact John Carnell for a private tour! +(,-#)-*.(/,*+#%,&''*0(%*#*1%23#-&*-(4%5*** 6789:*;<;=8>;;****(%****6789:*>?@=9?A@* (317) 848-1588 or (317) 590-7960

G/2,>,63%/69%G"6#2%$"">%*6%% (/$>,0H%%MCJIK%3"3/0%2L%B3H%

("63/+3%8/$0,6,%40/;0,%B"$%/%N$*O/3,%3"#$P%%% Contact Marlene Slagle for a private tour! QM'IR%J<JF'KJJ%%%%"$%%%%QM'IR%S'JFIJMJ% ("63/+3%8/$0,6,%40/;0,%B"$%/%N$*O/3,%3"#$P%%% QM'IR%J<JF'KJJ%%%%"$%%%%QM'IR%S'JFIJMJ% (317) 848-1588 or (317) 918-7838

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LEE SUPPLY CORP 415 W Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN

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Healthy, Beautiful and Real in 2012 • Hair • Skin • Nails • Massage

New Year is a great time to remind ourselves to cherish what is real to us, despite seeing countless magazines filled with re-touched images of flawless men and women.






r nte




rm Ca

At Salon01 we want to help you create your best signature look. We are the one salon for men and women, and we truly understands the power that beauty holds. When you come to the salon, we will work to enhance your best features. We also recognize that beauty doesn't come in a bottle. So, let us be the catalyst to help you find your best image in 2012, while remembering that real beauty is unique to each individual.

Fake a Gorgeous Glow Just in time for Spring


• Start with a clean slate: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! Make sure to focus on areas where dry skin is common. Knees, elbows, feet, and ankles are prime areas that soak up extra product. • Pick a self-tanner that works with your skin tone: Self tanners come in green base and orange base tones. Come into Salon 01 and ask one of our trained estheticians what sunless tanning product is best for you. From sprays to creams, we carry it all! • Use a friend: You may not be able to see your back, but everyone else can. Enlist the help of a friend who can easily apply the product where you can’t reach. Rather not recruit help? Opt for a spray applicator such as Quick Tan sold at Salon 01. The spray will easily reach areas that a lotion wouldn’t. • Be patient: It’s best to allow the product to sit on the skin for at least 15 minutes before dressing. Showering or extensive sweating should be avoided for at least 48 hours after an application.


Free brow wax with any facial appointment (a $15 value) Offer good through Feb. 29, 2012.

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Hot Trend: Color-Block Shoes The color-block trend is really taking center stage right now, but if you're not looking to dress head-to-toe in Crayola colors we've got just the solution! Try this trend with a beautiful high-heel that can be paired with numerous outfits for different looks.



rles y Cha



DV Color by Dolce V block i Pump ta s $10 9


a Tr



m $14


or No ump f

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Room addition creates expanded laundry room REMODELING By Larry Greene Original laundry room: This home was built in 2006 in the Village of West Clay subdivision on the west side of Carmel. The current owners are the original owners and went through the new building process in 2006. Unfortunately, they were never happy with the laundry room, which was small and lacked functional space. Blending in with original home: The designer determined the best solution was to relocate the existing exterior heating, ventilating and air conditioning compressor unit to the opposite side of the house. This allowed free space for the new room addition. The design team created a room addition onto the side of the house, which added a modest amount of square footage and added tremendous functionality. According to the homeowner, “The designer listened to what we wanted and came up with a design that allowed for a lot of usable space. You would never know it was an addition, inside or outside. The space looks like it was built with the original house.”

Salvaging cabinets: The design team was able to salvage the existing cherry cabinets in the former laundry room. These salvaged cabinets were then combined with a few new cabinets to create a new expanded laundry room. New bathroom: The design also created a new half bathroom and kitchen pantry as part of the project. The new bathroom added a separate powder room for the rear part of the home. A new bank of tall pantry cabinets then provided much-needed storage off the kitchen.

If walls could talk

DESIGN By Sue Faulstich This time of year, a lot of us look around the place we call home and wish that with the snap of our fingers, every holiday decoration would magically be packed away. Taking down Christmas wreaths and putting away Mr. and Mrs. Claus can sometimes leave a homeowner thinking about those much needed homeimprovement projects we never quite seem to find the time for. Before we know it, another 12 months have passed and those projects remain incomplete. Well, if one of your resolutions for 2012 is to refresh the colors of your home, fear not – I am here to help. Since it is impossible to be clever while writing about paint, I hope to keep your attention by giving only the most pertinent information regarding this subject. All joking aside, as paint manufacturers keep adding more and more products to sort through, it will be beneficial to know the basic finishes when having a conversation with a paint store clerk. The success of every paint job hinges on knowledge, preparation and a fair share of elbow grease. The following facts and opinions refer to interior latex paint: • Matte – Often referred to as ‘flat,’ a matte paint finish does not reflect any light, but rather absorbs it. While this finish does make it easy to hide imperfections, in my

opinion, it makes a wall seem dull and lifeless. These same qualities, however, make it the perfect choice for almost every ceiling. Eggshell – Literally named for its resemblance to the sheen of an eggshell, the slight shimmer of this finish is a good choice for imperfect walls. It will hide blemishes like a matte finish will, yet it is washable. Satin – Slightly more glossy than an eggshell finish, a satin finish is often advertised as being ‘scrubbable.’ Usually, the higher the gloss of a paint finish, the more durable it will be. Satin is a perfect choice for the walls of high-traffic areas in a home. Semi-gloss – This finish is my first choice for cabinets, doors and trim. Rarely would I recommend anything else for these interior items. Be aware, DIYers – the shinier the surface, the more evident a flaw in the surface will appear. High-gloss – Commonly used for furniture, this shiny finish takes on an almost reflective quality. High-gloss finishes have a very dramatic look and are popular in contemporary interior settings.

Final result: The homeowner commented, “For my wife, having another refrigerator and a pantry are the favorite parts of the addition. For me, it is the functionality and that the new design opens up for the back of the house.”

Larry Greene is the president of Case Design/Remodeling, a fullservice design/build firm serving Hamilton County. Contact him at

Somerset CPAs

provides consulting and tax services for executives with exposure to one-stock portfolios, multi-state income and earnings overseas.

Sue Faulstich is an interior designer for Z&R Design in Fishers. To contact Sue, write her at

Current in Westfield

Susan Bradford, CPA Jay Feller, CPA Kevin O’Connell, CPA, JD 317.472.2200

+ t Year s of Commitmen to Your Success January 24, 2012 | 19

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Frisky business for film Scouting for cookies LAUGHS By Dick Wolfsie Mary Ellen and I had our tickets and we were ready for a little rest and relaxation. After a busy holiday season, this couldn’t have come at a better time. We parked the car, made our way to the counter and confirmed our reservations. First, we endured the necessary security checks. An agent did a wand sweep to be sure there was nothing prohibited on us. I emptied my pockets and Mary Ellen’s purse was checked. We walked down the aisle and found our seats. An announcement was made for all cell phones to be turned off. “This is kind of weird, isn’t it?” Mary Ellen asked. “All this to see a movie premiere at the mall?” So what was the concern? We were attending an exclusive showing of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” about 18 hours before the rest of the world would be able to view it, so the movie execs didn’t want patrons in the audience recording any portion of the film. As a result, all videotaping devices were prohibited, but grandma could tote her knitting needles, and Dad could bring his hacksaw. So what if Mom was packing a small handgun? A cannon was permitted that night, but not a Canon. Because of being frisked at the theater entrance, I had trouble concentrating during the film. The storyline spelled trouble for me from

the very beginning: disguises, flashbacks, flashforwards and a sprinkling of subtitles. Before we left the house that evening, I read a plot synopsis online, just to give me a head start. It didn’t help. The review said it was a mystery, wrapped in a mystery, inside a mystery, which would mean I would feel like a pretzel, tied up in a knot, inside a blender. From research, I knew what a tinker was. But there wasn’t one tinker in the entire movie. Come to think of it, not a tailor or a soldier, either, although spies were coming out of the woodwork. At the end of the picture, someone tries to kill Colin Firth. I had no idea why, unless maybe they saw him in “Mamma Mia!” As we were leaving, I decided it was OK to question one of the agents who patted me down earlier, though I hated to bother him behind the counter while he was serving the buttered popcorn. He reconfirmed the producer’s concern that someone might record a few scenes and post them online. But this movie has little chance of going viral on YouTube. Not only were there no tinkers, there were no adorable kittens, either.

Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at


LAUGHS By Mike Redmond It’s Girl Scout Cookie time. That’s the good news. The bad news is it’s Girl Scout Cookie time. Good: They’re cookies. Bad: They come up for sale right after your doctor has read you the riot act for overindulging in sweets during the holiday season, Oct. 31 to Jan. 6. Now, before we get too far into this adventure, let me state for the record I have nothing but admiration for the Girl Scouts of America. I think it’s a wonderful organization teaching young women to lead lives of service and meaning, and also of sitting near the exits of grocery stores with big, baby-seal eyes imploring you to buy two or three dozen boxes of cookies to go with the Fig Newtons and Oreos you just paid for. Really, as sales tools go, you don’t get much stronger than a cute kid in a scout uniform looking up at you from a card table with a hand-lettered sign decorated with glittery rainbows and stick-on unicorns. It is just about irresistible. I bring up the grocery store thing because it seems to be the only time you see actual Girl Scouts selling actual Girl Scout Cookies. The rest of the sales seem to take place in the work-

place and are conducted by parents – four, five, six at a time, lining up at your desk with sales forms and pens, apologetically mumbling something about helping their kid sell enough boxes to send the troop to Camp Swampenmucky and promising to buy something from your kid when his or her turn comes around – assuming someday you’ll have a kid. You shrug your shoulders, take the pen and buy, because work is difficult enough and who needs more friction over whether you bought a box of cookies, especially if the parent in question happens to be your boss? Of course, we have to ask ourselves whether the cookies are really THAT good, or if they just seem to be because they come around but once a year. Maybe it’s a little of each. Whatever the reason, it’s time to order. Good news for the scouts. Bad news for diets. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ For information on speaking fees and availability, visit Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.

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Views | Community | Cover Story | Education | Diversions | Anti-Aging | Dough | Toys | Pets | Inside & Out | Laughs | Puzzles | Classifieds Across 1. Clothing retailer that owns Banana Republic and Old Navy 4. Ann Taylor’s casual attire shop 8. Department store that puts on a Thanksgiving Day parade in New York 13. Passing remarks in the Indpls. Star? 15. One way to stand by 16. Synthetic fiber 17. Animal on I-70 XING signs 18. Didn’t swing at Victory Field 19. Butler sorority letter 20. Drinker’s request at Bub’s 22. Film units at Great Escape Noblesville 10 24. Newton fruit 25. Daniels or Brainard, briefly 27. Sansui Sushi Bar fish 29. Jenny Craig dieter’s concern 32. Small tree at Sakura Japanese Restaurant 36. Like some of the dresses at In Vogue 40. Wonderment 41. Indy’s ___ Mackie College 42. Sicker 43. Mall with 1-, 4-, 8-, 75-, 76- and 77-Across (2 wds.) 46. Bethel Lutheran Church donation 47. Zagreb native 48. Family girl 49. IU School of Optometry affliction 50. Hoosier Park announcement: “And ___ off!” 51. Tom Carnegie’s Indy 500 saying: “___ on it!” 52. Indiana State Fair corn serving 54. Doctrine: Suffix 56. Little devil 59. Overwhelmingly (2 wds.) 63. Grow narrower 67. Mild and pleasant, in a Chris Wright forecast 69. Change for a five at PNC Bank 71. Tropical tuber 72. Hudson Institute nuggets 73. Palindromic Indiana town on the Ohio River 74. Hissy fit 75. Roebuck’s store partner 76. Place to buy a Pacers cap 77. Health supplement chain Down 1. Mount Olympus dwellers 2. Help Dillinger rob a bank 3. Geist fishing spot 4. IUPUI class: English ___ 5. Emanation from the Carmel sewage treatment plant 6. Arctic sheet of ice 7. Kindergartener at Woodbrook Elementary School 8. Lodge 540 member 9. Westfield HS pitcher’s asset 10. ISO staff symbol 11. Jellystone Park bear 12. Hose problem 14. Fox Prairie Golf Course hazard 21. Teeter 23. Floral necklace 26. Conner Prairie’s handed-down history 28. Name on 86th Street’s Electric Cafe 29. What Sergeant Friday sought 30. Hang around for 31. Short-tempered 33. Gunslinger’s mark 34. Took an oath in a Hamilton County Court 35. Bother 37. Cut prices at Meijer 38. Fictional Hoosier town on bonechilling TV show 39. Gown





4 14

17 20





8 16


19 22








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Using the letters in Sallie Mae, create as many common words of 4+ letters as you can in 20 minutes. No proper nouns or foreign words.


SALLIE MAE __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________



__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

55+: Word wizard 40-54: Brainiac 25-39: Not too shabby <24: Try again next week

Use all the letter segments below to fill in the answers to the clues. The number of segments you will use in each answer is shown in parentheses. The dashes indicate the number of letters in each answer. Each segment is used only once.


2008 TOYOTA AVALON Stk. #111153A


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27,000 MI.

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1) Dirty Harry Star (4) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

2) Noblesville Dog Food Source (4) ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

2005 LEXUS LS430 Stk. #P6481A

___ ___ ___ ___

3) California Hot Spot (2) ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___



4) Local Hamburger Joint (3) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


2006 LEXUS LX470 Stk. #P6533



___ ___ ___ ___ ___

5) Popular Cookie (4) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


___ ___ ___ ___

42. Mensa admission criterion (2 wds.) 44. Biblical pronoun 45. Amber Indian Restaurant wrap 50. Have a go at build the words 53. Vast chasm 55. Monon Center yoga equipment 56. Sacred bird of ancient Egypt 57. Fabricated 58. Tell it to a Marion County judge

60. Hoodwink HARVARD, 61. Voting no at a Fishers Town Council meeting 62. No longer working at Eli Lilly: Abbr. 64. Hunger twinge 65. Redbox rental: “___ Brockovich” 66. Purdue military org. 68. Big Ten basketball tourney mo. 70. Letters of distress on Morse Rsvr.

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