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Tuesday May 17, 2011




EATING Coupon re COOLIN G PL quired. C UMBIN annot be G EL combined ECTRIC AL . Expires 06 /15/11. CM 0511


©2011 IU Health 03/11 HY40311_2807 10.375” x 1.25” Strip In business Built at size (100%) and his community,

Andy Gigante finds needs and fills them / P9 Photo by Kelsey Krzyston

There’s strength in expertise. ©2011 IU Health 03/11 HY40311_2807

40311_2807_IUHNOR_10.375x1.25_4c_FrontStrip_CIC.indd 1

3/18/11 4:21 PM

Advanced laser treatments in progress 

Pain Condition Outcomes at Treated Advanced Interventional Pain Center without using pain medications

Outcomes as Reported in US Medical Literature

Post Herpetic Neuralgia

Permanent Pain Relief in Most Cases

Only temporary Only temporary and incomplete and incomplete pain relief pain relief

Vascular Pain of Lower Extremities with Early Necrotic Changes

Permanent Pain Relief without surgery with reversal of early necrosis

Surgery Recommended, Permanent pain relief doubtful

CRPS without initial nerve injury

Permanent Pain Relief in most cases

Temporary Temporary relief with pain relief with pain medications medications

Pelvic pain in women with negative laparoscopic findings

Permanent Pain Relief in most cases

Temporary Temporary relief with pain relief with pain medications medications

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Long Term Pain Relief with innovative DT-LILT™ laser treatments. DT-LILT™ is NOT FDA approved

Management with more surgical treatments, pain medications, stimulators and pumps

Outcomes as Reported elsewhere in the World

Surgery Recommended. Permanent pain relief doubtful

Management with more surgical treatments, pain medications, stimulators and pumps

The Future of Pain Care is Here!


“I am happy as can be! It is wonderful to have no back pain after the Laser Treatments from Dr. Srini”……… Robert Russell who is still back pain free at 8 months after treatment, is the world’s first patient to receive the minimally invasive Deep Tissue Low Intensity Laser Therapy (DT-LILT™) for failed back surgery syndrome. DT-LILT™ involves a new contact laser device for selectively destroying the C pain fibers while leaving the healthy tissues intact. DTLILT™ is invented by Dr. Srini and is first of its kind in the world. DT-LILT™ is NOT FDA approved and is available only at Advanced Interventional Pain Center.

“ I would say the future of pain care is here. With terrible leg pain I had hardly played any golf for the last 2 years. After getting just one treatment from Dr. Srini, I cannot believe that I completed the entire 18 holes with absolutely no pain ”….. Otis Oliver, after permanent pain relief from peripheral vascular pain. He does not require surgery.

“ I had severe tail bone pain and sciatica after falling on a hard object. For five years I had suffered in severe pain visited many treatment facilities and have spent over $ 60,000 in treatments without any pain relief. I am simply delighted that after just one treatment I am pain free”….. Barbara Wolfe, one year after treatment.

“My knees are 100% pain free without surgery after Dr. Srini’s treatment and I feel 10 years younger!”......... Mary Flora (Kokomo, IN)

(Medicare Accepted) 

301 E Carmel Drive, Suite D‐100, Carmel, IN 46032; Tel: 317‐641‐5183 

“ Over three years I have suffered from terrible headaches, I also had low back pain. I was told there was no hope for my pain condition and was put on addictive medications that affected my everyday functioning. I am simply delighted that I am pain free after 3 treatments by Dr. Srini who explained the science behind my pain condition. He has proven that my incurable pain condition was indeed curable! ”….. Edwina Foust after receiving permanent pain relief from headaches.

My name is Vicki Hinkle. I have struggled with foot pain for many, many years. I have had treatment and surgery from several very experienced, sympathetic doctors over the years with some results. As time went on the foot pain increased to the point to cause life style changes. I enjoyed outdoor hiking, long walks with loved ones and occasionally a day of shopping with friends. I had accepted with sadness; the reality those days were gone. A family member had gone to Dr. Srinivasan for back pain and had experienced wonderful results. I was encouraged to inquire about possible help with my foot pain. I had wonderful results in less than a week after my treatment by Dr. Srinivasan. It has now been several months; I am still pain free. I am able to exercise, accomplished weight loss and enjoy outdoor activities once again. I encourage anyone dealing with pain of any kind to schedule a consultation with Dr. Srinivasan and decide for yourself. The options available to you may give you some of your life back too!

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY. Advanced  Interventional Pain Center is the nation’s only pain center to have consistently   over 90% pain treatment success rates 4 years in a row. Advanced Interventional Pain Center promotes innovative minimally invasive treatments for long term pain relief   without surgery or addictive medications. Advanced Interventional Pain Center aims to reduce healthcare spending by preventing ER visits, Surgical Treatments and   Hospitalizations because of Chronic Pain.  2 | May 24, 2011

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Coyote infestation Founded Sept. 15, 2009, at Noblesville, IN Vol. II, No. 36 Copyright 2011. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032


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Sales Executive – Mary Mahlstadt / 379.7016 Senior Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749


It is our position that something needs to be done about the coyote infestation in Hamilton County. All the development in Hamilton County has caused coyotes to move into neighborhoods and caused the deaths of an alarming number of local pets. Whether it be to decrease the population or trap and relocate, we believe that someone needs to take initiative to see that this problem is handled. We understand that that this is not the coyotes being vicious. Rather, they are just trying to survive after being forced out of their natural habitats as a result of new developments. Nonetheless, we believe something needs to be done, whether it a government agency, or an outside organization to bring an end to the coyotes wondering our neighborhoods. While we would prefer that the coyotes be trapped and relocated to a location that is more suitable, such as somewhere in the wilderness, we believe the need to remove them from our neighborhoods is important enough that officials should pursue other options if necessary. With the warmer weather and longer days, we believe it’s time the coyote situation is dealt with. Hamilton County residents should not have to worry about their pets in their own yards.

Extra precautions

It is our position that we need to be aware of the increased threat of burglaries during the spring and summer. Weather is warmer now, and when people are mowing their lawns or working in their gardens, they leave their garage doors open more frequently, exposing their families to attack or theft. Cars are being vandalized or stolen; lawn equipment disappears; kitchens doors are unlocked, and burglars make off with whatever they can get their hands on once inside. There are too many instances in Hamilton County where burglars gained access through the carelessness of the homeowner. Not only are people being robbed by so-called professional thieves, “garage-hopping” is still prevalent among unsupervised teenagers. This is when teens, out of school on summer vacation, duck in and out of open and unoccupied garages to steal money or CDs from cars, key or vandalize the car’s exterior, or help themselves to beer or wine stored in an outdoor refrigerator. Let’s start keeping our garage doors closed while we work in our yards, lock our front doors when we go for an evening walk, and be mindful of strangers in our neighborhood. Burglars find enough ways to steal from us without our active cooperation.

The views in these editorials are of reader participants. They do not represent those of Current Publishing ownership and management.

Business Office

Bookkeeper – Meagan Thomas / 489.4444 Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 General Manager – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 The views of the columnists in Current In Noblesville are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper.



strange laws


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you.

In Illinois, it is illegal to not have at least $1 on your person. Source: Weird Laws (iPhone application)

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the Indiana Constitution. Section 8. Circuit Courts. The Circuit Courts shall have such civil and criminal jurisdiction as may be prescribed by law. (History: As Amended November 3, 1970). Section 9. Judicial Nominating Commission. There shall be one judicial nominating commission for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. This commission shall, in addition, be the commission on judicial qualifica-

Current in Noblesville

tions for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The judicial nominating commission shall consist of seven members, a majority of whom shall form a quorum, one of whom shall be the Chief Justice of the State or a Justice of the Supreme Court whom he may designate, who shall act as chairman. Those admitted to the practice of law shall elect three of their number to serve as members of said commission. All elections shall be in such manner as the General Assembly may provide. The Governor shall appoint to the commission three citizens, not admitted to the practice of law. The terms of office and compensation for members of a judicial nominating commission shall be fixed by the General Assembly.

May 24, 2011 | 3

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FROM THE BACKSHOP What, exactly, is behind the curtain? The St. Petersburg State Orchestra scheduled to play The Palladium Wednesday, February 22, 2012, at 7:30 p.m., might not be exactly as advertised. Known also as “The Tschaikowski,” the orchestra, whose tour is handled by Columbia Artists Management, Inc., has been reported to be the subject of misleading marketing information. The New York Times published a front-page story last week about so-called “questionable” orchestras that crisscross the United States and other nations, playing concerts in a wide range of venues, including concert halls such as The Palladium, smaller theatres and even high school auditoriums. What caught our eye about the story is that its principal guest conductor, Stanislav Kochanovsky, told The Times he didn’t know the orchestra’s name. It and other orchestras are said to use “freelancers” and “truth-shading.” Columbia is alleged to have deployed “a pattern of misleading publicity photos, altered program biographies and last-minute (musician) substitutions.” This, folks, absolutely is not to be blamed on The Palladium. Apparently, according to the report, several orchestras are not exactly as they portend to be. For instance, the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra that played 50 towns last year mostly was made up of Bulgarians. This is not a com-

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg mentary on the quality of the music; rather, it’s a look behind the curtain. We believe orchestras should be exactly as advertised. The Palladium is rumored to be spending north of $60,000 for the St. Petersburg ensemble. So what are we actually getting for that expenditure? We tried to get a comment from Steven Libman, executive director for The Center for the Performing Arts, home of The Palladium, but were unsuccessful by press time for this edition. Under the leadership of music director and chief conductor Roman Leontiev, “The Tschaikowski is, according to The Palladium’s Web site, “a grand orchestra world renowned for its diverse repertoire, ranging from Baroque through 20th Century music.”

A recent, local baby boom? COMMENTARY By Terry Anker My guess is that it is related to the economy. People are home with fewer options for entertainment. They focus on time around family and the hearth. Whatever the reason, it seems that amongst our friends there has been somewhat of a baby boom. Whether more mature adults having their first just under the biological clock wire (congrats to our physicians and scientists who continue to provide options for families long past what might have been possible only a few short years ago) or, being one herself those my wife likes to call the “bonus” child, adding to the family even as the first-born is readying for college or the more traditional young couple going forth to multiply – it seems that we are buying newborn baby gifts at an alarming rate. It is nice to see and hold the tiny humans; and, I am reminded about the almost inconceivably fragile sensibility the tikes invoke. Our own boys have long been beyond that stage. They are both strapping, rough-and-tumble kids

more likely to break the furniture than one of their bones. But these babies are as fresh as a new pair of white sneakers – not a scuff or sign of wear. We were talking recently with a freshly minted mom and dad. What advice might be shared? Infants, said my lovely bride and mom of our two, require intense care and attention. We must keep them safe, warm and dry. Love matters – as does nutrition and a myriad of other things. With the basics met and as they mature, nuanced and more complex obligations materialize. Teens require role models and thoughtful engagement. These kids may be harder to break but they are easier to warp. In an effort to protect our older children from damage are we inadvertently contorting them beyond hope for a productive life?

Are term limits needed? You tell me after a handful of terms as Holt is COMMENTARY doing and yet, in his situation, he By Kevin Kane was without a challenger in both the Beginning in 2013, there will be 2008 and 2004 primaries. It’s not as a new county commissioner for Disif he was keeping other qualified – trict 3 for the first time since 1989. though less-experienced – candidates Last week County Commissioner from taking a crack at the job. Steve Holt announced he would not But every situation is unique, seek a seventh term in 2012. In his making this an even tougher quesannouncement, he stated that he’s Holt tion to answer. I don’t have the anbeen privileged to serve much of swers, but I’d like to hear what you, our readers, the county for his six terms and has enjoyed the think about this. experiences that came with that responsibility. Send your thoughts and ZIP code to me at But now he feels the time is right to step away and I’ll run some of from public office and continue working with your responses as letters to the editor. Shorter his Noblesville law firm and serving the comanswers are preferred but not mandatory. Also, munity in other ways. keep in mind that I’m not looking for your Though I do not know Steve personally, I opinions on particular incumbents. think he should be congratulated for what will Congrats, again, to Steve on his many years be 24 years of service to the community. Additionally, I think he deserves credit for deciding of service, and I wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do once his time as commissioner is on his own that it’s time for a new voice in the over. District 3 seat. Still, he served six consecutive terms, and any time one person – regardless of his or her track Kevin Kane is the managing editor record – serves in an elected position for that of Current in Noblesville. You can long, the question “Do we need term limits?” is reach him via e-mail at Kevin@ bound to come up. Not all incumbents are willing to step away

To e p a c s E

Summer’s Family Fun Waterpark at the Monon Community Center

It seems that we are buying newborn baby gifts at an alarming rate.

4 | May 24, 2011

Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@

111th and College in Carmel

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DISPATCHES » Race to the Finish – Elvis will be in the building on May 26 for Race to the Finish, a local celebrity fundraiser benefitting the Riverview Hospital Foundation. The event will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse near 96th Street and Keystone. Admission is free but raffle tickets, specialty drinks and appetizers will be sold. To purchase raffle tickets in advance, call Susan at 770-2962. Race attire is encouraged. » Noblesville man named BU trustee – Bryan A. Mills of Noblesville has been elected to the Board of Trustees of Butler University. He is the president and CEO of Community Health Network. He joins two other new trustees, Robert N. Postlethwait of Zionsville, retired president of the Neuroscience Project Group of Eli Lilly and Company, and Steven F. Walker of Indianapolis, chairman and CEO of Walker Information, Inc. Mills was previously the CEO of Visionary Enterprises, Inc. (VEI), a for-profit affiliate of Community Health Network that develops and manages health care ventures with physicians and hospitals. » I-465 closure – This week, a Milestone bridge crew will pour a bridge deck at 82nd Street in Castleton.  During the operation, INDOT will close various lanes of I-465 as work advances overhead in order to prevent wet concrete from falling on vehicles below.  The deck pour is tentatively scheduled to start at 9 p.m. Wednesday on the east end of the bridge over westbound I-465 traffic in the two right lanes.  As work progresses, INDOT will close left lanes.  All travel lanes should be reopened by 6 a.m. 

Mother’s Day doesn’t go as planned, still special COMMENTARY By Danielle Wilson It’s Mother’s Day morning, and honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Do you recall my itinerary for this most special of days? The first thing on the agenda was “sleep in.” But apparently no one in my family got that memo, so now I’m less than enthused about the rest of the day. Here’s what happened. Last night, we held our annual Kentucky Derby party. Guests left around 10 p.m., and I went to bed shortly thereafter. Around 1 a.m., I heard the unmistakable sounds of plates being loaded into the dishwasher, and though I was unhappy to be awake, I was thrilled that my husband was taking care of at least a portion of the mess. I fell back asleep maybe an hour later, and didn’t wake again until six. Doo was not in bed, apparently having crashed on the couch. I was still exhausted, so I snuggled back down under the covers, anticipating another two hours of peaceful slumber. The perfect Mother’s Day beginning! At 6:40 sharp, though, two short people burst into the room screaming, “Happy Mother’s Day!” I ripped off my mask and stared blearyeyed at my daughters, one of whom was carrying a tray laden with breakfast. “We made you your favorites!” I scooched up to a sitting position, still a bit incoherent, just as the tray was placed on my

lap. There was as single rose in a silver vase, an egg cooked especially-sunny side up, a country biscuit, a teddy bear of honey, a spoon, a china cup filled with black coffee, and a hand-made card. Frustrated but also truly touched by their thoughtfulness, I said, “It looks wonderful.” I stare at the barely-congealed egg. “Did you cook this all by yourself, Corinne?”

I won’t enjoy one second of my glorious plans. But I also want to dance with joy because I truly have some of the most precious, resourceful children on this earth.

spoon. A fork would not have been useful. Then Maddie piped in, “I tried to make coffee but it was taking way too long.” I took a sip. It was cold. “Luckily, we had some left over from the party!” Ah. That explains it. Minutes later, after consuming a small bite of the stale biscuit (also from the party), I walked arm -in-arm with my daughters downstairs. I had to keep reminding myself to smile and looked pleased even though all really wanted to do was go back to sleep. But when I got to the kitchen, all I could do was giggle. Corinne had tried to fry the eggs on a cookie sheet! And Maddie had simply put water in a pot and set it in the coffee maker. Indeed, that coffee would take a very long time to brew! So I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. My head and stomach hurt from exhaustion, and I have a terrible feeling that if I don’t get a nap soon, I won’t enjoy one second of my glorious plans. But I also want to dance with joy because I truly have some of the most precious, resourceful children on this earth. I may not enjoy the rest of Mother’s Day, but I’ll certainly never forget this morning. Peace out.

“Yes! Dad was asleep at the desk and he couldn’t help, so I tried to remember how you do it.” Flashes of my 9-year old experimenting with our gas stove while Doo slept in a mint julepinduced coma tore through my sleep-deprived brain. “The first one didn’t turn out so good but this one I was able to scrape off the pan.” I took a hesitant bite, remembering to make “hmmmm” sounds as I swallowed a scoop of the still-clear egg whites.Carmel Good thinking with the 5/9/11 11081 INFINITI Current_5_17

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@ 12:36 PM Page 1

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» Upcoming tryouts – Dynamo FC, a soccer club in Indianapolis, will hold tryouts for the fall 2011 and spring 2012 season. Tryouts for U9 and U10 players will begin June 7. Tryouts for all other age groups will begin June 14. To see a complete schedule and learn more about Dynamo FC visit or call 767-5555. » 2011 Mayor’s Ball – The public is invited to this year’s annual Noblesville Mayor’s Charity Ball, June 17 at the Sagamore Club in Noblesville (11455 E. 166th Street). The cost is $75 per person for the main event and $125 per person for the main event and the VIP reception. This year’s theme is “Life’s a Beach in Noblesville” and guests are invited to come dressed as a beach bum or as casual island folk. For more information or an invitation, contact Amy Ely at 770-2003 or visit

2011 Infiniti G25X with Moonroof

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Current in Noblesville

* See dealer for details. Offers expires 5/31/11.

May 24, 2011 | 5

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Noblesville man organizes event in memory of son pit areas, talk to pit crew members, By Kevin Kane “anything they want to do,” Sherrill Current in Noblesville added. An arrangement has yet to be Tom Sherrill says he’s been workfinalized, but Sherrill said proceeds ing 18-hour days for some time as he from the event’s $2 admission and organizes his first fundraising event additional donations will likely be set for this weekend. donated to the American FoundaThe lifelong Noblesville resident’s tion for Suicide Prevention. motivation is the memory of his son, Sherrill said he chose a tractor pull Archie Sherrill. Sherrill for the event because it’s an activity he Archie, diagnosed with bipolar enjoyed with his son. Sherrill said he had arranged disorder in 2002, took his life last September, for his son to participate in a pull for the first time and now his father is working in hopes of prein October but he died just weeks before the event. venting other families from sharing his family’s Now, he’s built a new tractor from the ground tragic experience. “What I’m doing now is helping other families up which he has dedicated to his son. He will unveil it at the fairgrounds on Saturday before understand the severity of mental illness and touring it in pulls across the country. bipolar disorder,” Sherrill said. “I don’t want anyBut Sherrill’s tractor will be only one of many one to go through what I had to go through.” Sherrill has spent the past five months putting at this weekend’s event. “I’m hearing there’s going to be a pretty good together a family-oriented event to help raise the turnout. I’m hoping between 200 and 300 tracpublic’s awareness about mental illness, which he said is a underfunded, under-researched topic tors,” Sherrill said. “That’s a lot.” Sherrill said he plans to make the event an anwith which many in the public are unfamiliar. nual, or even biannual one, adding that he will With the help of some of his friends with the add to each year’s event based on guests’ suggesIndiana Garden Tractor Puller’s Association, tions. On both days, the event will begin and at Sherrill has organized a two-day tractor pull at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds this Saturday 10:30 a.m. and will last all day. Donations can and Sunday. In addition to watching the compe- be made to a memorial fund in honor of Archie titions, attendees will be able to walk around the Sherrill at Community Bank, Noblesville.


Welcome to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Bridgewater, a new 120-bed transitional care center opening in the Westfield suburb. • Specialized, short-term rehabilitation • Orthopedic speciality program • Private, spacious rooms

• Fine dining • Theatre room • Library and coffee bar

NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS! 575-2208 14751 Carey Road | Carmel, IN 46033 |

A REASON TO SMILE We Clean What You Can’t See Air Duct Cleaning - NADCA Certified Insulation Mold Testing & Remediation -- IICRC Certified

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Crawl Space Waterproofing, Vapor Barriers

Children’s Program Digital X-Ray System Conscious Sedation Relaxing & Friendly Environment Clear Braces


Tooth Whitening Special! New Patient Dental Exam Required

Read Our A-Ratings and Customer Reviews on Angie’s List . 6 | May 24, 2011

Current in Noblesville


New Patients Only (Does not include radiographs)

715 West Carmel Drive, Suite 103 Carmel , IN 46032 • 317-844-0022

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McAnally to headline Carmel Fest By Steve Greenberg Current in Noblesville Reigning three-time Country Music Association Musician of the Year Mac McAnally will be the North Stage headliner on July 4 at CarmelFest 2011, Gary Frey, chairman of the annual event, has confirmed. His free show will begin at 8 p.m. “We’re extremely excited to have Mac at the top of our North Stage lineup, and I believe folks will thoroughly enjoy what he brings as a solo act,” Frey said. McAnally, who could not be reached for comment today, may be better known around these parts as “Music Man” in Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band, but his solo performances pack a particular wallop and incredible energy. Alternating between guitar and keyboards, his distinctive, rich voice and other-worldly command of the instruments are unmistakable. No stranger to Indiana, McAnally in recent years has played the outdoor band shell at The Rathskellar and the former Patio in Broad Ripple and Music Mill in Indianapolis as well as other venues. Still others will recognize him for the music he has written for fellow artists’ recordings, including Kenny Chesney, who landed a major hit with “Back Where I Come From” and Buffett, who has made hay through the years with “The City” and “It’s My Job,” among many others. The artist’s new critically successful album, Down by the River, is out, courtesy of Show Dog Nashville. The independent label is a rising

power in recording circles under the ownership of artist Toby Keith. “There’s nobody more respected, at least when it comes to musicians and people who really know this business, than Mac McAnally,” Keith is quoted as saying for McAnally’s Web site ( “Getting to be a part of whatever Mac wants to do is an honor for me, and for everyone at the label.” Said Frey: “And getting to be a part of his CarmelFest show will be a thrill for those on hand.” McAnally, an inductee into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, also has written for Hank Williams, Jr., Reba McEntire, T.G. Sheppard, David Allan Coe, Shenandoah, Ricky Van Shelton, Charley Pride, Randy Travis and Noblesville native Steve Wariner, among others who have availed themselves of his songwriting prowess. As a studio musician, he has worked with Buffett, Williams Jr., Travis Tritt, Linda Ronstadt, Roy Orbison and Mary Chapin Carpenter and many others. McAnally also has produced a number of albums – his and others’ – including several for Buffett. “Bringing Mac to CarmelFest gives our visitors two excellent musical opportunities at the same time,” Frey said. “This also includes the Carmel Symphony Orchestra on Franklin University Gazebo Stage.” CarmelFest 2011 runs July 3 and 4 at Civic Square. For more information, visit

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7035 E. 96th St. 576-5500 Expires 5/31/11

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May 24, 2011 | 7

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Celebrating Memorial Day Living in ‘interesting times’ an important tradition COMMENTARY By Krista Bocko My first memories of Memorial Day go back to the tiny town I was raised in and my dad’s famous potato salad and celebratory first grilled hamburgers of the season. When I was in junior high and high school and in the marching band, I participated in the Memorial Day parade that went down the main street in town and ended at the American Legion just across the railroad tracks. I stood at attention during the ceremony – a solemn salute to people I didn’t know and wars too difficult to comprehend. The history of what we now call Memorial Day is interesting. Held on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day, and it was first widely observed on May 30, 1868 to honor those killed in the Civil War by decorating their graves.

of the White River, where veterans’ names will be read; then the procession will move to Crownland Cemetery on Monument St. where there will be a short ceremony. Following the ceremony, all attendees are invited to the American Legion at 1094 Conner Street for lunch. Krista Bocko lives in “Old Town” Noblesville with her husband and four children. She can be reached via her blog at www.cachetwrites. com.

Held on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day.

COMMENTARY By Brenda Alexander I’m not sure, but I may be the victim of a Chinese curse - the one that goes: “May you live in interesting times.” Life has been a little too full lately. Instead of selling “That was easy!” buttons, Staples should sell “Next!” buttons. I’d find a lot of uses for those. For example, we’ve been so busy lately that, at mealtimes, I’m scheduling and ushering who gets to speak and for how long. We only have so many minutes when we are all together and with the end of the school year approaching, we have some serious decisions to make about how we are going to spend the summer. Our discussions,

In some small way, my family tries to pay our respects to veterans by attending the ceremonies held here in Old Town on Memorial Day. I appreciate the efforts to honor those who are no longer here, to take some time remember them somehow even though I never knew them, and to help my kids know the meaning of the holiday and its origins. I feel that since they’re in such close proximity to the Indy 500, it would be easy for them to think it’s a holiday devoted to a car race. Ceremonies this year start at the Courthouse lawn at 11 a.m. with the past commander of the American Legion giving a speech, followed by a 21-gun salute and “Taps.” The next stop is Riverside Cemetery, located off of Fifth Street along the banks


N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t fi e l d / F i s h e r s

317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing


MOVIE VALUE All digital presentation


Fun, spacious lobby

All superb rocker seats


*excludes IMAX, Digital 3D & Fathom


12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00

8 | May 24, 2011

FRI/SAT LS 12:00

though, resemble presidential debates more than conversations. I throw out the topic and then direct the round-robin response. If my spouse or children go past the allotted time on a subject, I make the “wind-it-up” motion to keep things moving along and ensure we cover all the important talking points. If someone has just placed a forkful of food on their tongue, they lose their slot to the one who isn’t masticating at the moment. Have I mentioned the tic I’ve developed over my left eye? You see, we are still wrapping up home repairs and improvements from the February ice storm damage and the more recent micro-burst wind damage. I work from home, and I’m tiring of the “bring your contractor to work days.” Hammers, saws, air compressors, fans, and paint brushes are distracting. I long for the return of routine, but fear that non-routine is my new normal. Apparently, this curse is the first of three increasingly severe curses. The second is, “May you come to the attention of those in authority.” So far, I’ve evaded this part of the curse. We’ve had a few calls from concerned teachers and assistant principals who are no doubt seeing the effects of ADD compounded by utter disorganization. But no speeding tickets, building permit disasters or complaints from neighbors. We’ll save those for August when we park an RV in our driveway. The final part of the curse is “May you find what you are looking for.” I think I understand the ironic wisdom of this. I mean – life is about the journey, yada yada, yada. But could I just find my keys already? And kids, could you just realize that your shoes are where your shoes have always been? In the house.… Somewhere….

Apparently, this curse is the first of three increasingly severe curses.

Brenda Alexander is a freelance writer and resident of Noblesville. You can contact her at


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In business and his community, Andy Gigante finds needs and fills them By Darla Kinney Scoles Current in Noblesville As a younger man, Andy Gigante wanted to be a surgeon. He planned on medical school, started college as a business major and found a job in orthopedics. He knew he had found his niche, then saw a need along the way and decided to fill it. In 1997, Gigante, working from his basement, began Orthodynamics and his career in the medical equipment field. For six years, he worked from that basement as a medical rep in the areas of orthopedic splinting and bracing, later moving in to assistive technology with custom wheelchairs. Fourteen years after that humble beginning, Gigante and Orthodynamics are going strong in spite of economic climate and health care reform changes. Thoughts of medical school have been replaced with a satisfaction in success and a drive to do more and make a difference in the community in which he has thrived. No longer a basement operation, Orthodynamics is housed in two Noblesville homes-

Big Impact Andy Gigante hopes Harbour Trees Golf and Beach Club will make the club more of a family experience, create a sense of community and improve home values in the area. Gigante is funding the multi-milliondollar development that broke ground in February. When construction is completed this fall, Gigante will own the facility, with Harbour Trees handling its operations.

turned-offices near Riverview Hospital. Ten employees help Gigante continue to fill a niche, dealing with many larger companies nationwide to provide medically assistive devices to those most in need. Still providing splints, braces and custom wheelchairs, the company has added ventricular assist devices to their line as well. “We are a liaison between the patient and their insurance company, the hospital and the patient and the surgeon and the patient,” Gigante said. “Our work all begins with a doctor’s order. We are a clinical company rather than a retail outlet and act only as directed by a physician. “Say you dislocate your elbow and are in need of a range-of-motion brace. You see your doctor, who writes a prescription and refers you to us. That’s how we work.” Gigante added that his Noblesville-based company is doing business across the country, which he said allows him to give back to his community. Sitting on the boards of Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville, Riverview Hospital Foundation and Harbour Trees Golf Club, the father of three serves a variety worthy causes. Now 41, Gigante also saw a need here in the way of family recreation and decided to fill that prescription without a doctor’s order. Hoping to create a place for family experiences, community gatherings and a boon to real estate, Gigante is currently the driving force (and financier) behind a multi-million-dollar recreation facility at Harbour Trees Golf Club – soon to be Harbour Trees Golf and Beach Club. The waterfront project on Morse Lake, second only in Hamilton County construction to the new Palladium in Carmel, Gigante said,

Who is Andy Gigante? • • • •

Grew up in Lincolnshire, IL Graduated from Hanover College in 1991. Married to wife, Shannon, for 17 years Three children, two in grade school, one in kindergarten

is scheduled for completion this fall and will include a bar and grill, competition-size swimming pool, spa and kids’ pool, poolside clubhouse, tennis courts, workout facilities, an outdoor wedding venue overlooking Morse Lake, boat docks and a boardwalk. “My intention,” shared Gigante, “is to bring a much-needed amenity to the Harbours at the north end, to put something grand out there in the way of a full-amenity club. I love the golf course, but families need a place to get involved. We are putting in an infrastructure to attract

Current in Noblesville

Photo by Kelsey Krzyston

• Owner: Orthodynamics in Noblesville • Serves on: Riverview Hospital Foundation Board, Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville Board of Directors, Harbour Trees Golf Club Board of Directors

buyers to the area as well. This will have a firstclass resort-style feel. Gigante grew up in Chicago and after first visiting Noblesville in 1987, he knew this is where he wanted to live, especially near Morse Lake. “Now I want to see a link-up between the lake and the community,” he said. “We need to draw in families, not just golfers. Others have had this idea. I’m just the one who put it into motion. It is long overdue.”

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» Youth projects funded – Hamilton County Youth as Resources, a program of the United Way of Central Indiana, has awarded more than $14,500 to fund community service projects designed and implemented by Hamilton County youth. Over 120 people attended the kickoff celebration held on Thursday, April 28 at the Hamilton East Public Library to honor area youth volunteers.  This year, Hamilton County Youth as Resources awarded $14,501.38 to 21 youthled projects, including a project of Boy Scout Troop 596 of Noblesville. The troop was awarded $359.48 to clear bush, weeds and grass at the old Weaver Cemetery.

» Kids favor thinness – Kids as young as four think thin is beautiful, according to findings published in March in the journal Body Image. Australian researchers asked 160 children and young adults to rank the attractiveness of female bodies. Participants were shown six images of the same black-clad woman of normal body weight. In five of the images, the image had been altered the make the woman look thinner or fatter. Even the youngest 4-year-olds in the study ranked the “most beautiful” body as significantly thinner than the normal-weight original. F-


h a n g e Vi e

w er

Note to self: Electronics are fragile TEEN LIFE By Jenna Larson I only have myself to blame for the demise of my ancient flip-phone. I overestimated its lifespan ... and the amount of daily abuse it could withstand. Last May, after dropping it who knows how many times, the front screen cracked in the corner. Understandably, the rest of the screen eventually gave way and accepted a similar fate. Then, as winter came, tragedy befell my poor phone yet again. There was one instance in which I kind of dropped it in the sink. And then it got lost in the snow for a few hours. But it was still OK. What a trooper. It took until this April for the whole thing to give up. One day, I had it clipped on my tank top while I was washing dishes. As I leaned over to pick something up, it fell and crashed to the ground. I didn’t think anything of it, at first. It’s not like it hadn’t already happened a million times. But when I opened it, the inside screen was completely broken. Pixels were scattered everywhere, and I couldn’t call anyone without the thing shutting off. A few weeks later, my camera decided to join my old phone in technology heaven. Now, keep in mind, I’ve only had my red Nikon

CoolPix since October. It was a birthday present from my parents. And a darn good one, too. That is, until the battery latch broke about a month later. But I made do. I secured it with a blue rubber band. It wasn’t a pretty fix, but it was a fix nonetheless. Then, just a few short days ago, I pulled my camera out of my bag to take a headshot of someone I was interviewing. I went to turn it on, but the screen looked identical to my phone’s screen the last time I had dropped it. And we all know bad things come in threes, right? Well, next up was my pink iPod nano, my little buddy since freshman year. I was holding it, my keys, and my bag when I walked into the garage one day on my way to the square. I got distracted trying to help my sister pump up a basketball, and my iPod fell from my precariously balanced stack of belongings. I winced when I picked it up and saw that the screen had shattered, and shards of glass were coming off. Jenna Larson is a junior at Noblesville High School and is opinions editor for The Mill Stream. View Jenna's blog at


.d o















» Summer reading returns – Beginning June 1, the popular Summer Reading Program will return to the Hamilton East Public Library. Each year, more than 18,000 registrants participate in the program. To register, stop by the Noblesville or Fishers libraries, pick up a reading log and simply start read-

» Student jobs – The journal Developmental Psychology reported recently that students who work more than 15 hours a week during high school graduate college at lower rates. Researchers found that by age 30, more than 50 percent of high school students who had worked less than 15 hours a week had completed a bachelor’s degree. But for every five additional hours worked beyond 15 hours, students experienced an 8 percent drop in college completion. –


» Gala a success – Guerin Catholic High School’s gala, held May 14, met the school’s fundraising goal of $75,000. Final numbers were not yet released as of press time.

ing. For a full listing and specific details about the library’s programs, visit the library’s website at 



c u -tr a c k

1198 North 10th Street • Noblesville, Indiana 46060 Located on the corner of North 10th Street & Field Drive


Nancy Myers is now online! Visit us at www.

Hair care Nails Skincare Gift Cards Available Find us on Facebook! Mon\Wed\Fri: 8:30AM 7:30PM Tue\Thrus: 8:30AM - 6PM Saturday: 8:30AM - 4PM Sunday: Closed

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Deals of the Week Mani/Pedi Combo Exp. 06/08/11

Exp. 06/08/11

Haircut w/ Heather Exp. 06/08/11

Exp. 06/08/11

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Plagiarism is no laughing matter GRAMMAR GURU By Brandie Bohney In more than two years, I’ve never discussed plagiarism in this column. I’m not sure why I’ve skirted the issue for so long, but this week and next, I’ll discuss what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. First, it’s important to know what plagiarism is and why it’s an important issue. That’s where we’ll start this week. Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s words or ideas without properly crediting that source. It’s important to realize there is a distinction between intentional plagiarism and unintentional plagiarism, which is often referred to as misuse of sources. Intentional plagiarism is when a writer knowingly and often purposely uses the words and/ or ideas of someone else either without crediting the source at all or by crediting it incompletely. In school, it’s academic dishonesty: cheating. Depending on the school and the age of the student, punishment for academic plagiarism ranges anywhere from failing the assignment to failing the course to expulsion from the institution. In the real world, plagiarism can result in being fired or being sued. Purposely stealing the words or ideas of someone else is theft. That’s why the consequences can be so severe. People often disregard the seriousness of plagiarism, because what’s being stolen is intellectual property. Intellectual property is an abstraction. It’s the world of copyrights,

patents and trademarks. Yet there are several fields of law dedicated to the preservation of intellectual property. It’s serious business, and it deserves serious attention. Misuse of sources, however, is generally a less grievous offense – at least in certain academic circles. Unintentional plagiarism is perpetrated by students who don’t understand how to appropriately document their sources. Their lack of understanding might be due to laziness in the classroom rather than a deficiency on the part of the instructor, but misuse of sources happens when someone makes an honest attempt to correctly and completely credit his or her sources but falls short. The higher the level of education, though, the more serious the consequences for misusing sources. Outside of the classroom, though, misuse of sources can be just as serious as intentional plagiarism. Rather than a learning experience, misusing sources professionally is a sign of laziness or incompetence. And as it pertains to the law, ignorance is rarely an acceptable defense. The point? Ideas and the expression of those ideas are property. Use of that property requires careful, accurate documentation. That documentation will be next week’s topic. Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

Experience “The Essence of Living” 106 apartment homes with 31 unique floorplans • 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Options • Floorplans up to 3,000 Sq. Ft. • Large Walk-in Closets • Full size W/D Connections • Decorator Accents and Finishes • Single-level Apartment Homes

Amenities • Fitness and Training Center • Business Center • E-Lounge and Conference Room • Direct-access to the Monon Trail • Retail Shops Scheduled to Open in June!

The Residences at Carmel City Center (317) 428-5135 720 South Rangeline Road

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DISPATCHES » Gardening tips – 1. When making your own potting soil for container gardening, good mixture for potted vegetables or flowers is equal parts peat moss, rich garden soil, and sand. Mix well with a trowel. 2. Looking for the best food to feed chrysanthemums? Mums like lots of organic matter, such as leaf mold and compost, added to soil that is slightly acidic and well drained. » Tour de Cure – Ride your bike on the track of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to help stop diabetes in Indiana during the Indiana Tour de Cure, 7:30 a.m. on June 11. Choose from four fun routes: Family Recreational Track Ride, 50K and 75K road rides, or 100-mile Track Challenge. Your ride supports the American Diabetes Association’s research, education and advocacy work in Indiana. Cost is $25. Learn more and register at www. » A wine worth the money – There’s a recent Napa Valley boom in expensive Sauvignon Blancs. The 2008 Grieve Family Winery Sauvignon Blanc is worth the money, even at $40 per bottle, according to Food & Wine’s Ray Isle. » Golfing for a cause – The “Heartfelt Thanks” tournament is one of Hamilton County’s premier golf outings, and funds donated to the Riverview Hospital Foundation will be directed towards building a new cath lab and the purchase of a multi-slice CT scanner. This year’s 19th annual Heartfelt Thanks Golf Tournament will be held June 22 with a noon shotgun start at the Pebble Brook Golf and Country Club. Cost is $150 per person. For more information, visit www. » Casual Italian is in – Time was, impressing a date meant squeezing into a sportsjacket and tie and taking the little lady someplace with white tablecloths and several types of fork. Now, the hottest spots across the country are casual Italian joints like – places with entrees that you can actually pronounce and prices that don’t require a second mortgage.

12 | May 24, 2011

Sandals, the resorts with more TRAVEL By Tracy Line I just attended my recertification training with Sandals and Beaches Resorts. It’s a tough class. Not because the material is so complex, but because discussing these gorgeous properties makes me want to chuck it all and head for the islands. But alas, the island life isn’t an option for me. So instead, I’ll put great training to good use to educate you on what Sandals has to offer. Brace yourself. The Sandals umbrella includes three brands: Sandals, Beaches and Grand Pineapple resorts. All offer a luxurious all-inclusive vacation experience. There are 17 resorts and two sets of private villas for your choosing.

Sandals properties are adult-only, while Beaches resorts are geared to families, singles and couples.

Civic ready for its move north By Lindsay Eckert Current in Noblesville The Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre is now ready to head north to Hamilton County. Civic is moving to The Center for the Performing Arts following the completion of its spring season, which wrapped up May 21 with the final performance The Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre will move of “The Musical Comedy Murders of to the new proscenium theater at The Center 1940.” The production was Civic’s last at for the Performing Arts in a few months. Marian University in Indianapolis. convenient amenities to welcome new guests Civic, one of the largest, one of the counwhile enhancing the quality performances try’s largest community theaters, has called loyal fans enjoy. Marian University home for years, but in Au“The Civic plans to bring in new families gust it will have a permanent home and a new to its Mainstage season and its one-of-a-kind start for its 97th season. education program while serving audiences Margaret Henney, spokesperson for the that have been loyal to the theater during its Civic Theatre, said Civic’s next season has first 96 years.” Henney said. been dubbed “Brand new stage!” “Brilliant Civic encourages all of its new neighbors in new season!” Hamilton County to join the celebration with “This moniker fits perfectly with the prothe theater’s grand opening on September 8. gramming central Indiana residents can expect The theater’s lease with The Center for the from Civic in the coming year. Great titles of Performing Arts will keep Civic in Carmel for this era, like our opening musical, ‘The Drowsy 100 years, occupying its 500-seat proscenium Chaperone’ all the way to Broadway classics theater 265 days each year. like ‘Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka,’” Henney said. “There are maybe 7,500 community theaters “The whole season is family-friendly and stocked full of crowd-pleasers. It will be hard to go home in the county; we are touted as being in the top 10,” Civic Executive Director Cheri Dick told without a favorite tune in your head!” Current last year. “We know once we get up Henney added that the new location will there people are going to be excited.” provide more space for productions and offer

Sandals/Beaches resorts claim to offer more quality inclusions than any other resorts on the planet. By this they mean more room options, restaurants, water sports, diving, golf and more. In essence, more options than I can possibly list. Sandals properties are adult-only, while Beaches resorts are geared to families, singles and couples. There are Sandals resorts in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia and the Bahamas. Beaches has resorts in Jamaica and Antigua, and offers excellent kid-friendly amenities and programs. Grand Pineapple Resorts, in Jamaica and Antigua, are a less expensive line within the brand. The rooms here are more basic and there are fewer amenities (fewer restaurants, water sports, etc.). These resorts are a great option for those looking to spend less. Pricing for the Sandals/Beaches resorts can be confusing. Rates are based upon room category and service level. There are three basic room categories: deluxe, concierge and butler service. You can have a suite with a swim-up pool, a beachfront room, or even a Rondoval with private splash pool. The choices are endless. An award-winning company, celebrating 30 years in business, with a high number of repeat guests. Apparently it pays to pamper. Tracy Line is the owner of Noblesville Travel and a travel writer. Contact her at For travel tips and information check out her blog at

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Cass Courtney

Courtney’s Kitchen

Co-owner/chef at Courtney’s Kitchen Where do you like to eat? El Camino Real. What is best on the menu there? Their tacos and burritos are great. Why do you like El Camino Real? The food is delicious and it’s important to support local restaurants. El Camino Real 11681 Brooks School Road, Fishers 913-1970

The scoop: Courtney’s Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant right off the Noblesville square. The motto is “simple sustenance,” and the menu communicates just that, including a variety of family recipes in hefty servings at affordable prices, all in a warm, countryinspired setting.

with jalapeno ketchup), Big Courtney Breakfast (three eggs cooked to order with ham, bacon or sausage, two pancakes, hash browns or home fries, a biscuit with gravy, and toast)

Type of food: American

Hours: Tuesday through Thursday, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday

Price: Most entrees around $7 Specialty menu items: Grandma’s Chicken ‘n Dumplings (white meat chicken breast with homemade dumplings), Meatloaf with a Kick (homemade meatloaf, topped

Dress: Casual Reservation: Accepted Smoking: None

Address: 654 Logan Street, Noblesville Phone: 773-2234

Capt. Critic’s DVD pick

Gnomeo & Juliet G, 83 minutes

James McAvoy is the voice of Gnomeo in ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’

DVDs By Chris Lloyd A second-rate rip-off of “Toy Story” mixed with a dose of Shakespeare, “Gnomeo & Juliet” is a British animated film meant to be enjoyed by the very youngest audience, and merely tolerated by their parents. The set-up is that the star-crossed lovers, and all of their kin, are garden gnomes made of clay. They go about their business in the split backyard of an English duplex, tending their gardens and whatnot. When humans come around, though, they revert to their familiar (and tasteless) statuesque forms. Gnomeo (voice by James McAvoy) is the hellraising son of the matron of the Blue gnomes, while sweet Juliet (Emily Blunt) is royalty of their archenemy Reds. When they fall in love, it sets up a war between the clans, with the unfor-

tunate ones ending up in a pile of smashed bits. Directed by Kelly Asbury (“Shrek 2”), “Gnomeo & Juliet” has some fairly clever ideas, but always chooses the lowest common denominator when it comes to humor and characterization. The movie is pitched at about a prekindergarten level, and anyone more than a few years above that will find themselves frequently bored. In this terrific age of animation in which we find ourselves, this film just doesn’t measure up. Movie: C Extras: C Read more of Chris Lloyd’s review of current films and DVD’s at www. or www.

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Chipotle Guacamole

(yields 2 cups) Ingredients • 2 avocados, peeled, seeded and cubed • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice • 2 tablespoons sour cream • 1/4 cup salsa, or to taste

Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

(yields 16) Ingredients • 8 ounces cream cheese • 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese • 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder • 1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese • 16 whole jalapeno peppers with stem • 8 slices bacon, cut in half crosswise Directions 1. Preheat an outdoor grill for medium heat, and lightly oil the grate. 2. Mix together the cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and Cheddar cheese in a bowl until the mixture is thoroughly blended. 3. Lay a jalapeno pepper onto a work surface, and cut a lengthwise sliver from the side of the pepper, exposing the seeds and white membrane. With the handle of a teaspoon, scrape out the seeds and membrane, leaving the hollow pepper. Repeat for the rest of the peppers. Chop up the pepper slices, and mix into the cheese stuffing. Stuff each pepper with cheese mixture, and wrap each stuffed pepper in a half bacon slice. Secure with toothpicks. 4. Grill the poppers on a less-hot part of the grill until the peppers are hot and juicy and the bacon is browned, 30 to 40 minutes.

• 1/4 teaspoon adobo sauce from canned chilies, or to taste • salt and pepper to taste Directions 1. Mash together cubed avocado, lime juice, sour cream, salsa, and adobo sauce in a bowl until blended. Season with salt and pepper.

Panzanella Salad Skewers

(Vegetarian, yields 6 servings) Ingredients • 6 Callisons Garlic Herb Seasoned Skewers (appetizer size) • 18 (1 inch) cubes artisanal-style bread • 12 cherry or grape tomatoes • 12 (1 inch) pieces red bell pepper • 12 (1 inch) pieces yellow bell pepper • 1 large fresh mozzarella ball, diced 1/4-inch • 3 tablespoons store bought basil pesto • 6 small romaine heart leaves • Olive oil, as needed • Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste Directions 1. Thread onto each skewer in the following order: bread, tomato, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, bread. Repeat 1 more time adding an additional piece of bread on the end of each skewer. Let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. 2. Lightly brush skewers on each side with olive oil and season to taste with salt and pepper. 3. Place skewers on a preheated medium-high grill and cook until vegetables are cooked crisp/tender, and bread is lightly browned about 4 to 5 minutes per side. 4. Arrange one skewer on to each romaine leaf. Sprinkle each skewer with some of the diced mozzarella cheese and then drizzle with basil pesto. Source:


JUNE 16, 5PM

GRAND OPENING Thursday May 26 Meet IndyCar Series Driver JR Hildebrand of the No. 4 National Guard Panther Racing car from 11:30 to 12:30 and have lunch on us. 20649 Anthony Rd, Noblesville, 46062 (approx 1 mi east of US31 on SR38)

Register for an iPod 4 thru Saturday

All-Brick, Custom Home with 4BR, 3.5Ba, full basement, 3c garage, on wooded 3-acre site, high-quality 40x80 shop with living area, full bath, and heat/AC OPEN HOUSES Sunday, June 5, 1-2:30PM Monday, June 6, 6-7PM Visit for more details, terms, photos Auctioneer/Broker, Darin K Lawson, CAI


14 | May 24, 2011

by Cindy Roberts-Greiner

The marching bands line up, drums roll, the whistles blow, car engines rev … it’s time. “The parade is coming!” Shouts of joy fill the air while children eagerly wait to fill their goody bags with candy. Parents and grandparents wave flags showing their patriotic spirit and community pride. Just the thought of the scene makes me smile; everybody loves a good parade! Peggy Powells This year the St.Vincent Health July 4th Parade at CarmelFest is scheduled to step off at 10:30 a.m. on Monday – July 4th led by the Wright Brothers Band as Grand Marshals. The parade, themed “Proud to be an American,” will include marching bands, lively color guards, talented gymnasts, local celebrities, decorated floats, drill teams, veterans and more. According to Peggy Powell (Parade Director) and Bec Hunter (co-Director), “One exciting new entry this year will be a float from Project 9/11 Indianapolis featuring two of the original steel I-beams harvested from the World Trade Center.” (More details on Project9/11 can be found thru the website www.project9/ Be sure to stake out your viewing position on the parade route. And, join us in celebrating our heritage and our community on Monday-July 4th.

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May 27 The Phoenix Theatre: The Zippers of Zoomerville The Phoenix Theatre 749 N. Park Avenue, Indianapolis. Now through May 28 Tickets available by phone at 317-635-7529 or online at Retooled, streamlined and ready for more speed, greed and the dirty deed? This musical spoof of all things Indy 500 in the month of May and send-up of Gilbert and Sullivan is a celebration of flat-out folly and full-throttle love.

May 28 Morty’s Comedy Joint: Jamie Kilstein Morty’s Comedy Joint, 3625 E. 96th Street Thursday through Saturday, various show times. Tickets are $15; Jamie has been seen on Conan, Showtime’s The Green Room, CNN’s The Joy Behar Show, The Paramount Comedy Channel in the UK, The BBC, The Comedy Channel in Australia, HBO Canada, and Showtime Comedy in the Middle East.

June 2 The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: Brahm’s 1st Piano Concerto The Hilbert Circle Theatre 45 Monument Circle, Indianapolis June 2 through June 4 Tickets available by phone at 317-639-4300 or online at At the age of 24, when Brahms wrote his First Piano Concerto, the weight of history was upon his shoulders. A few years earlier Schumann declared him to be the next musical genius, destined to change music history.  Shortly after that declaration, Brahms heard Beethoven’s Ninth for the first time and came away from it ready to write the next great symphony.  But Brahms struggled and that symphony took decades to finish.  Brahms instead completed his First Piano Concerto, which shows the influence of Beethoven’s Ninth. 

LIVE MUSIC Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian Street. For more information call 573-9746. Friday – The Bishops Saturday – Living Proof Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more

16 | May 24, 2011

Granite Countertops Installed in a Day

June 3 Renaissance Fine Art & Design Gallery: The Next Step: Selected works from John Paul Caponigro’s Next Step Alumni 2011. Renaissance Fine Art & Design Gallery, 1 South Range Line Road, Carmel Now through June 24 Twenty-five members are currently participating in the exhibit. The resulting work is as diverse as the individuals with subjects and artistic endeavors including: landscapes, editorial, abstracts, composites, portraits, seascapes, cityscapes, nude and figure, fine art, street photography, architecture, nature, animals and wildlife.

June 4 Beef & Boards: Cinderella Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Now through July 1 Tickets available by phone at 317-872-9664 or online at Rogers & Hammerstein’s enchanting musical, Cinderella, is the classic story of the young Cinderella who is left in the care of her step-mother and three bossy step-sisters after the death of her father. It’s not until she meets Prince Charming that things start looking up. In a twist on the original musical, the Beef & Boards production features the ugly step-sisters as played by male actors.

Make breakfast on your old countertops and dinner on the new!

This complete package makes upgrading your countertops, SIMPLE, FAST and AFFORDALE.


Demo and disposal of old tops, template measuring for best fit, undermount sink cutout, cook top cutout, remove & reinstall existing cook top, provide and install faucet, 18 gauge undermount sink and strainers. 3 Colors of Granite to Choose From!

Get the Total Package


for only



99 (317)$575-9540 /Sq.Ft. —call for details! — For a limited time!

1000 3rd Ave. SW • Suite 120 • Carmel, Indiana 46032

June 16 Carmel Repertory Theatre: Andersen, a Fairy Tale Life The Studio Theater at The Center for the Performing Arts, 1 Center Green, Carmel June 16 through 26; show times are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2:30. “Andersen” is a musical of the true story of Hans Christian Andersen’s rise from abject poverty in an obscure village on the tiny island of Funen in Denmark, to become the most famous person in the world during his lifetime.

information, call 770-9020. Friday – Something Rather Naughty Saturday – RetroActive Moon Dog Tavern, 825 E 96th St., Indianapolis, 46240. Call 575-6364 for more information. Friday – Zanna Doo Saturday – Dane Clark Band

Inverness Black Isle Hickory Engineered Hardwood


Engineered Hardwood Inverness Black Isle Hickory combines embossing, scraping, multiple stain layers, and a dry fine brush print to create a one-of-a-kind product.

$399 /Sq.Ft.

for only

—call for details! —

(317) 575-9540 For a limited time! 1000 3rd Ave. SW • Suite 120 • Carmel, Indiana 46032

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DISPATCHES » Deadline nearing – Time is running out to register for the Riverview Hospital Foundation’s Women’s Retreat Sept. 28 at Montego Bay. Space is limited, and May 25 is the deposit deadline. Call 536-5592 for details or to register. » Worst toaster food – At breakfast, skip Thomas’ Blueberry Bagel. One bagel with 2 oz cream cheese is 465 calories, 21 g fat (11.5 g saturated), 620 mg sodium, 56 g carbohydrates, and 13 g sugars. The caloric intake is the equivalent of 5.5 onecup bowls of HoneyComb cereal. This is a glorified pastry. Instead, try Thomas’ English Muffins, Original made with Whole Grains. One muffin with 2 Tbsps peanut butter contains 320 calories, 17 g fat (3 g saturated), 355 mg sodium, 32 g carbohydrates and 4 g sugars. -Men’s Health » Deprived brains take ‘naps’ – Scientists may have found an explanation for all those slip-ups we make when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. A new study shows that even when we feel wide awake, regions of our brains may be opting to go offline in a sort of rolling blackout. Though the study was in rats, its results should be applicable to humans, said the study’s authors. While sleep-deprived rats played, researchers watched as nerve cells would be sparking one minute and then go completely silent in a kind of nap phase. These “naps” were only noticeable when the rats were given tasks to perform.

Migraine surgery offers new hope COMMENTARY By Barry Epply More than 30 million people in the United States have some degree of migraine headaches. While there are effective drug therapies, some patients either get little to no relief or have other problems related to side effects from the drugs. For a small number of migraine sufferers, it is very disabling, and little benefit is obtained, despite the best neurologic care. Plastic surgeons have developed new procedures to “deactivate” migraine headaches, and these were learned from results seen from cosmetic treatments. Based on Botox injections and browlift surgery, both of which temporarily paralyze or remove certain brow muscles, significant improvements or actual cures have occurred in migraines that begin in the forehead. This has led to understanding the cause of migraines in some patients, known as the peripheral trigger. The peripheral trigger theory of migraines is based on certain sensory nerves being squeezed or compressed by a surrounding muscle or contact point. This leads to a cascade of events that becomes a migraine. To date, four trigger areas have been identified. Three of these are where a nerve passes through a muscle: the greater occipital nerve in the back of the head, the zygomaticotemporal nerve in the temple area, and the supraorbital nerve at the inner half of the eyebrows. The fourth trigger point has been iden-

tified in the nose, where a significant septal deviation makes contact with an enlarged turbinate. Surgical migraine deactivation is done by removing the source of irritation or straightening the nasal septum. This is done through small incisions inside the scalp hair or from inside the nose. Studies have shown that such surgery produces good results that last, with nearly 90 percent of patients having at least partial relief at five years after surgery. Migraine attacks were fewer in number, not as severe, and shorter. In about one-third of patients, migraine headaches were completely eliminated. How does one know if surgery might improve their headaches? Before surgery, one needs to be tested with Botox injections to confirm the correct trigger site. If Botox works to temporarily improve migraine symptoms, then the peripheral trigger is confirmed and surgery will likely be successful. But before one considers Botox injections and even surgery, they should be initially evaluated and treated by a neurologist. Only after failure of traditional medical treatments should one consider this new plastic surgery treatment. Dr. Eppley is an Indianapolis boardcertified plastic surgeon. Comments can be sent to info@

The time for summer time skin treatments is rapidly approaching COMMENTARY By Dr. Jodie Harper & Dr. Angela Corea The countdown to summer is on! June 21, the first day of summer, is right around the corner, so now is the time to prepare your skin to face the summer sun. Sunscreen is a must (and don’t forget to reapply it throughout the day), but as the weather heats up, make sure to give your skin a little TLC with skin treatments that are right for the season. Don’t hesitate to exfoliate. While you will want to avoid deep peels during the summer months, it’s OK to opt for a gentler method of rejuvenating the skin. One of the best tools to help you get that healthy glow is Vibraderm. Vibraderm facials give an amazing exfoliation and stimulation to the skin. A stainless steel paddle is vibrated over the skin, removing dead skin cells. This technique targets superficial skin problems such as fine lines, mild acne, age spots and dullness. Put the YOU in rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is key to helping the skin cell turn over and slowing down the signs of aging. Another way to safely rejuvenate the skin during the summer

• Furnished Studio, 1 & 2 bedroom Apartments in a quaint & comfortable family environment. • Independent or Licensed Assisted Living with 24 hour nursing care & support • Activities & Amenities catering to choices & connections • Restaurant style dining & meals included • Weekly Housekeeping, laundry & linen service • Telephone & Cable provided • Full Kitchen & appliances in every room. • Transportation & Chauffer Service • Skilled Nursing care & on site therapy available through our health care center

is through enzyme peels. Enzyme peels exfoliate the skin and improve texture, while helping to clear blemishes. The enzymes used come from the papaya fruit. These fruit enzymes are “smart enzymes” in that they only dissolve dead skin cells, while keeping the healthy cells intact. Face the sun with C. Another treatment that is excellent this time of year is Vitamin C. Vitamin C lifts and firms the skin and encourages collagen production. With regular use, skin will appear smoother, brighter and more even. One of the best benefits is that, when used with sunscreen, Vitamin C also helps to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Contact your skin care professional today and schedule a summertime treatment. Dr. Jodie R. Harper is board-certified in internal medicine, geriatrics and wound care. Dr. Angela Corea is board certified in internal medicine. They are the medical directors at ClarityMD. They can be reached at or 317-571-8900.

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Where absolute convenience meets the height of comfort & the luxury to be yourself.

$100 per Day All inclusive

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Riverview presents

Celebration of life

sunday, june 5

Join us for Celebration of Life, in conjunction with National Cancer Survivors Day, Sunday, June 5, from 1-3pm in the Healing Garden next to the Riverview Women’s Pavilion. A balloon release will take place at 2pm, and balloons may be purchased for $1 each at the Riverview Women’s Boutique, Auxiliary Gift Shop or at Proceeds will benefit the Riverview Cancer Patient Fund, which has been established to assist Riverview’s cancer patients with emergent costs associated with their care and treatment. to learn more, visit or call (317) 770-5835.

Noblesville 18 | May 24, 2011 RVH-090-Current-05.24-FNL.indd 1

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DISPATCHES » Two stocks for global growth – Millicom International Cellular (MICC), headquartered in Europe, is tapping into the fastestgrowing markets for cell phones and prepaid cell phone cards, those being sub-Sahara Africa and Central America. According to recent research, total mobile phones sold to end users globally will reach 1.46 billion in 2011 and smartphone sales will account for 27 percent of total handset sell-through. Endesa Chile (EOC) is the largest electric utility company in Chile. It’s growing at a rate of 5.5 percent, more than three and a half times the growth rate of electric utility companies in the United States. » Jet Linx awarded Euro operations – Jet Linx Aviation, a Jet Card Membership and Aircraft Management company at Indianapolis International Airport, earned its International Operations for Europe, which is in addition to its International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) certification. The new European authority gives Jet Linx the authority to operate its fleet of aircraft in Europe.  It is an extension to its United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and Central America certifications.

MONEY MATTERS How much of your shopping do you do online?

» Go with more interest? – Old-school thinking was to choose the mortgage with the smallest interest payments. Now, many are suggesting doing the opposite. Paying the least interest on a mortgage requires a down payment of at least 20 percent and paying down the loan quickly. Doing this, however, can backfire given the current housing market. With interest rates still low, consumers might want to make a down payment of 10 percent instead of throwing most of their money into the home -- where some of it could be lost if home values decline. » Hot jobs of the future? – As things like technology, medicine, science and environmentalism continue to advance in the coming years, several occupations are bound to emerge. According to Rachel Farrell of, these could include professions like cyber security specialists, genetic counselors, organic food farmers, medical record administrators, mobile application developers, robotics technicians, social media managers, stem cell researchers and sustainability officers.

How to sound ridiculous in meetings BUSINESS By David Cain I find myself in a lot of meetings. And, lately I’ve been noticing some things people say that are subtle but never fail to raise my eyebrows with confusion. Not to overstate it, but I’d say these are my top five picks for how to sound ridiculous in a business meeting. “If we had more time, we would have….” Ah, the blame game. The clock caused this. If only we had endless time to work on your stuff. In case you don’t speak sloth, I’ll translate for you. This little phrase means, “We are lazy or just don’t care and here’s what you get; we realize it’s not that great.” “This is very similar to what you have now, but….” The last thing anyone wants to hear is that you are selling him or her what they already have. This gem translates to, “Stick with us, we’ll help you spend money needlessly.” “Last night I decided to….” Start any phrase with “last night,” “this morning,” “earlier today,” or anything similar and it’s time to look up because you just dug yourself a hole. Translation is, “I just started on your stuff” or “You are about to be amazed by my minutes of effort.” No one likes to be your last-minute client.

“Now this is the result of a ton of work….” This is the other extreme. It means, “Get prepared, here comes a big bill.” And, bill is not a big guy. It’s a big expense. Even if it took weeks, stop bragging about how slow you are – nobody likes a showoff. “You’ll understand more in a minute….” Hey, if you’ve got something that will make this easier to understand, show me that first. Lead with your best stuff and save the filler for somebody who cares. I hate it when people try to build it up. Just show me what I came to see. I’m looking for the main attraction, not the magic show. Want to bewilder a room full of people? Try out any of the above. Remember, there are bonus points for combos.

David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at



Cell Phone Repair MY OPINION



“If there’s a new CD I want and I can get it cheaper online, then I’ll do that. But if it’s clothes or shoes or something like that, I usually get it at a shop.” Alejandra Coar Noblesville

“Really none, I guess. More for security reasons than anything. We’re old and set in our ways.” David Leapley Noblesville

“Like 10 percent. I like to see things in person. One reason is confidence of who I’m buying it from. That’s another thing is the ability to return things, too.” Zuleika Thompson Noblesville

Address: 333 Pickwick Ct., (North Harbour East) Year Built: 1976 Style: French Rooms: 4-plus bedrooms, 6 full and 1 half baths, great room, family room, dining room, kitchen, hearth room, den/library, home theater, recreation room plus much more in this nearly-10,000-square-foot home. Strengths: Extraordinary 1.6 acre lakefront home. Unique features include pool, spa, huge verandas, 3 boat docks, 1,000 feet of waterfront, limestone and hardwood floors, fitness room, sauna, steam room, wine cellar and second kitchen. Negatives: Out of reach of most buyers. Listed with Bif Ward of F. C. Tucker Company; office: 843-7766. Kurt Meyer is a Noblesville resident, freelance writer and realtor for F.C. Tucker. Contact him at 317.776.0200 or

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Terry Blake, left, owner of Cell Phone Repair in Carmel. Representing the first Indiana location for the electronic repair center franchise, owner Terry Blake’s Cell Phone Repair store, now open at 2438 E. 116th St. in Carmel, services more than just cell phones. Aside from eponymous cell phone repairs, the business also purchases old cell phones and electronics, and services a wide variety of electronic devices, including iPods, game consoles and computers. “I’ve been in construction for about 35 years,” said Blake. “It was time to walk away from that.” Blake operates the store, which will have its grand opening on May 26, with his son, who serves as the manager and lead technician. For more information about Cell Phone Repair, visit 2438 E. 116th St., Carmel, IN 317-708-2929 |

May 24, 2011 | 19

All manufacturers warranties are in full effect (excluding “AS IS� items). You can use cash, check, credit card or financing option will be available. Delivery and set up will be available, but bring your trucks and trailer for immediate pick up and save even more. *See Store For Details.

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DISPATCHES » Lighten hair with rhubarb – Rhubarb has long been used as a lightening agent for blond or light brown hair. The oxalic acid serves as a fixative, so a rhubarb rinse will last much longer than most herbal rinses. Purchase some dried, chopped rhubarb root in a local health food store. Simmer 3 or 4 tablespoons of dried rhubarb root or half a cup of fresh, chopped root in a quart of water for 20 minutes in a covered stainless-steel pot. (Don’t breathe the steam.) Let the decoction steep overnight and strain in the morning. Test the liquid dye on a strand of hair first to see if you like the color. If you do, wash your hair as usual, then pour the rhubarb dye through it, catching the liquid in the pan and repeating two or three times. Air dry without further rinsing. Keep the roots away from children. » Pros, cons of solid wood – Solid wood flooring or bamboo is best for creating natural warmth in a kitchen, and it can be sanded and refinished several times. But, most of these floors tend to dent easily, an issue for households with children. Some kinds change color under UV light and all are challenging to install. Average price: $7 to $12 per square foot. -Consumer Reports » Balance your complexion – If you’re dealing with dull or unbalanced complexion, SPF can be as valuable an addition to your makeup as complexion-evening and -brightening ingredients. Hyperpigmentation in particular, whether in the form of age spots or larger dark patches, can become pronounced with the slightest exposure to sun. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact Foundation SPF 55 ($14, drugstores) is the brand’s first makeup to incorporate its broad-spectrum sunscreen ingredient, Helioplex. Derms like soy for fading and brightening purposes, and certain antioxidants, such as goji berries, for boosting the skin’s radiance and natural UV defenses. » Shinier fixtures – It’s easy to get your chrome, glass and porcelain fixtures shining like the top of the Chrysler Building. Guess what does the trick? Moisten a soft, clean cloth with vodka, then apply a little elbow grease.

Painted mason jars: A cheap way to ‘wow’ your guests COMMENTARY By Ashley Phipps I love it when I go to a party and everything is perfectly coordinated! Don’t get me wrong, my parties don’t usually look like that, but I like to make an attempt. A little while ago, I threw a small party and needed someplace to put the silverware. But to be honest, most silverware holders just aren’t that cute, in my opinion. So instead, I came up with a very easy solution: a painted mason jar! I love how this turned out so much that I have used this several times since. And the best part is that this was free, because I had everything I needed on hand! I love a free craft! But if you don’t have everything on hand, it shouldn’t cost more than $2 and a trip to the craft store. So it is useful, cheap and cute! You will need: • 1 small mason jar • Craft paint, any color How to: 1. Add a bit of water to your paint and mix together thoroughly. If you have a partially used bottle of craft paint on hand, just add water to the paint bottle and shake until mixed. This is important because the

painting the inside of the jar, not the outside! 3. Turn, twist and tilt the mason jar until the paint covers the entire inside of the jar. 4. Turn the jar upside down and place on a paper plate to dry. (Hint, if you take a couple of wooden skewers and place them underneath the jar to prop it up, it will allow the excess paint to drip out of the container and it won’t get stuck to your paper plate!) 5. Let your jar dry; it might take a day or so to completely dry. 6. You can add a ribbon if you like, or just enjoy your new container any way you want! What I love about painted mason jars is their versatility! I used mine to hold silverware for a party, but you could also use these to hold pencils on your desk, flowers on your mantel or just be decoration by itself! Happy designing! consistency of craft paint is too thick; you need to thin it down. 2. Pour the water and paint mixture into the bottom of the Mason jar. Yes, you will be

Ashley Phipps, Interior Designer NCIDQ #25242, floral designer, and creator, designer and author of Simply Designing: www.simplydesigning.

pickett associates strategic public relations strategic approach measureable results media relations crisis communication internal communications brand development web content development search engine optimization social media management editorial services

patricia j. pickett, APR 31 7. 5 0 1 . 82 7 5

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Tech Savvy

• Hair • Skin • Nails • Massage

Everywhere we turn technology is influencing our lives. It has become so easy to reach out and connect with just the push of a button. The ability to catch a runway show, or research the latest fashion is easier than ever. We no longer have the excuse of not knowing what’s hot or what’s not, because with today’s technology we can research and bargain shop right from a laptop or smart phone. At Salon01, we work hard to keep our boutique fresh and current. We constantly research and bring in the latest trends and fashions. Check out our latest collection of spring and summer clothing and accessories the next time you are in!


0 20





e yC


iv Dr

rm Ca

Hair Color for You We believe that getting a simple hair color or a few brightening highlights can make or break your image. We suggest that you be careful, though, as it is possible to damage your hair from the effects of coloring and highlighting: frizz and breakage can occur. To help ensure that these effects don’t happen to you, make sure you visit a trained and experience stylist. Salon 01 stylists all are part of a year-long apprenticeship program before they begin taking clients. They apprentice under senior stylists who have had advanced color education. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can get the same salon-quality results with at-home hair color. We are here to help you avoid the damage that can occur, and have priced our services to fit all budgets. Come see us!

Try this look!


$10 off a 1-hour deep tissue massage O f f e r go o d t h r o u gh M ay 3 1 , 2 0 1 1

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We think a sultry, smoky look for your eyes is a great way to go glam for an evening event. Follow these steps to achieve this look: 1. Prep your eye area by applying a touch of concealer to your upper and lower lids. Set the concealer with a brush of loose powder. 2. Line your eyes with a firm eye pencil. “Stay as close to the base of the lashes as possible,” says Salon 01 Makeup Artist Kelly Lohrman. Once lined, use your finger or small brush to gently smudge the liner up towards the creases of your eye. For a dramatic and bold effect, repeat on your bottom lashline. 3. Set the liner with another swipe of translucent powder again. This will also soften the effect and keep the liner from smudging. 4. Add a dark, matte eye shadow to the lids, blending toward the creases. Pick black for a traditional smoky eye, or use a color like green or purple for a more modern look.

5. Don’t forget to finish off with a couple coats of volumizing mascara.

For more makeup tips and for help finding the makeup shades that are right for you, stop in Salon 01 for a makeup consultation and lesson.

22 | May 24, 2011

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Finding the different approach LANDSCAPING By Mark Skipper As I sit here writing this article to you on May 16, I have my jacket on trying to stay warm, as the outdoor temperature is around 41 degrees. For years, I have told my customers not to plant summer flowers or sow grass seed until May 15. But all of us are anxious to add color and interest to our landscaping beds and gardens. I am almost positive that by the time you are reading this article the weather will be perfect (or all of us will be going crazy!). With that stated, now is the time to get your bedding plants in the ground, plant all of your container pots and decorate your outdoor spaces. With Memorial Day this weekend, I am positive you will want to enjoy your favorite colors and styles that bring a smile to your face. So, if you haven’t thought about May flowers and more, you haven’t missed the best time to plant. All garden centers have their niche – some are mass producers and stock the very basic of flowers and plants (known as the big-box stores). Some garden centers carry the basics and try to be the “one-stop-shop” for all of your gardening needs. Both styles can be effective and based on their sales volume; it seems to be working for them. I like to take a different approach. I like to find my customers the unusual or the hard-tofind items. Just last week, a lady had been looking all over for a climbing red rose to grow up a trellis. After several calls, I found two suppliers

GARDENING By Holly Lindzy Besides surrendering to garden geek-dom, I am infinitely amazed by the entire natural world ... bugs in particular. After all, the pieces work together to make it happen, and when one piece of the puzzle is missing, the environment suffers quite miserably. Even when it comes to the most miniscule and seemingly unimportant species of flies (and believe me, I hate swattin’ at houseflies), each serves a purpose in the chain. And I’m particularly interested in a certain type of “fly” that only shows up this time of year and for a very short period of time, but it’s a really cool little creature.

that sent me the “Don Wan” climbing red rose, and my customer was ecstatic! By taking this approach, we were able to provide the customer with fresh product direct from the grower. Just this past Saturday I found a new rose called the “Oso Easy Paprika” rose. The paprika color and foliage is remarkable. I love to look for the WOW plants! (Pictured) Whether you are looking for the unusual

or the hard to find, try shopping at your local independent garden center and experience the WOW for May. Mark Skipper is the president of Mustard Seed Landscapes & Garden Center and Weddings at the Metsker Plantation in Noblesville. Contact him at mark@

Timing, technology drive kitchen redos REMODELING By David Decker Our unique kitchen improvements rely heavily on putting the right appliances in place, and we often involve expert vendors who consult our clients on the very latest market trends and technology. Estimating that 75 percent of its sales are derived from kitchen remodels, hhgregg Fine Lines sales manager Rick Donaldson cites both economic timing and an explosion of modern technology that make kitchens a perfect “now” project. Housing sales may be soft, but it’s a hard fact that homeowners are enhancing their kitchens at a record rate. “People are staying in their homes, waiting for better market-timing to sell,” Donaldson notes. “No doubt, a nicer kitchen makes the waiting easier and obviously it’s an asset when it’s time to sell.” Technology is a major allure. Donaldson cites induction cooktops, improved ventilation hoods, “smart” wall ovens and versatile refrigerator modules among the top ultra-tech upgrades that completely remake the design and function of any kitchen.

Everything plays its part, even flies

Induction cooktops are a radical improvement over gas or electric, magnetic fields heat the food without heating the cooktop, making induction more efficient, more precise, less dangerous, more adaptable, and easier to control. Ventilation hoods continue to develop in function, filtration and design at a very rapid level. Removing smoke, smells, heat and humidity – either updraft or downdraft – is entirely doable, irrespective of available ductwork or outside ventilation. “Smart” wall ovens, Donaldson says, “not only cook your food, they tell you how to cook it. Whether a pan of brownies or a filet mignon, a 7-inch computer touch screen doesn’t tell you what to do, it just asks questions about what you want. You don’t set a time or temperature; the oven already knows.” Modular and variable-panel refrigerators mean refrigeration units can be put anywhere: in tall thin cabinets, short, wide drawers or cabi-

nets in virtually any finish. “It completely opens up what a designer can do in a kitchen,” Donaldson says. Donaldson’s best piece of advice? “Consult the store for the latest technology, and have a kitchen designer put it all together so it works right for you.”

Current in Noblesville

David Decker is president of Affordable Kitchens and Bathrooms, based in Carmel (877-252-1420, Have a home improvement question? E-mail David at david.decker@, and he will answer in an upcoming column.   

As a nymph, they are an important food source for fish and birds. The mayfly is actually more closely related to the dragonfly and damselfly. As a nymph, they are an important food source for fish and birds. The eggs are laid on the surface of freshwater rivers, streams, lakes and ponds and sink to the bottom, where they develop and hatch. The nymphs can live any span of time, from a couple of months to a couple of years. Most feed on algae and little bits of vegetative matter in the water. Then, when the time is right – usually mid-May – the nymphs make their transition to adulthood. During this time, and typically all at once, the adult flies emerge and swarm for sole purpose of reproduction, and then, as quickly as they come, they go. Their mouthparts are useless, and they do not consume anything in our gardens; they are simply a swarming nuisance for a very brief period, and then their cycle is complete. What’s even cooler is that the population of them is a sign of healthy, unpolluted water, and they are a great indicator of environmental conditions. So everything has its purpose … and our respect for that should be effortless. Happy May! Holly Lindzy is an Indiana accredited horticulturalist and advanced master gardener residing in Noblesville. Email your gardening woes (or wisdom) to

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Rehab & Mobility Devices

Aging in Place

• Wheelchairs • Hospital Beds • Walkers/Crutches/Canes • Shower Chairs • Scooters

Respiratory Equipment

• Walk–in Tubs/Showers • Home Modifications • Ramps • Stair Glides • Vehicle Lifts

• CPAP/BI-PAP • Portable Concentrators • Home Fill Systems • Sleep Therapy

Indianapolis North

Indianapolis Northwest



9407 N. Meridian Indianapolis, IN 46260 Phone: (317) 333-6033 Toll Free: (800) 798-0233 SHOWROOM HOURS: 8:30am - 5:00pm M-F 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday



Invacare Lynx 3 Wheel Invacare Lynx 3 Wheel Suggested Retail $1423.00

NOW $799.00

24 | May 24, 2011

7040 N. Guion Rd. Indianapolis , IN 46268 Phone: (317) 347-6400 Toll Free: (800) 798-0233 SHOWROOM HOURS: 8:30am - 5:00pm M-F 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday



Pride Silverboom 300

Price includes Professional Installation ($300 Value) Free Home Assessments

Free Delivery & Set-up Area’s Largest Selection !

Pride Silverboom 300 Suggested Retail $1495.00

Bruno SRE 2750 Suggested Retail $3495.00

Pride LC-105 Suggested Retail $740

NOW $999.00

Current in Noblesville

NOW $3195.00

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Finding out of what and whom - we are made they touched along their way GENALOGY here on earth. By Darla Kinney Scoles Yet, can the same be said of our I firmly believe that what we families – even just a few generaare “made of ” is in part detertions back? Many of us have war mined by what those who came heroes in our ancestry. Do we know before us were “made of.” Every of them and their courage? What family has – and leaves – a legacy. of those in our family line who, America is what it is because Drew Martin full of anticipation (and probably those who came here were made fear) traveled the seas to settle a new land? Do we of courage, integrity, belief, and perseverance. know their names, much less their stories? Those qualities were passed on to the generaWhat a tragedy it would be if future generations living here now. tions of Martin descendents never knew of To know from whence one comes is to Drew, his optimistic spirit, wicked humor or know one’s self. courageous battle with a cruel disease. Of his One of the first people I was to meet in faith, his hope, his spiritual light that lit every Noblesville has turned out to be made of so much more than I ever imagined at that initial corner of his life. Just knowing Drew and his family has moment of introduction, that I feel I should changed me and mine. I look forward to findwrite of her, and her family legacy, today. My ing my ancestors who have had – and will have hope is that her story will inspire you to un– similar impact as well. cover your story. Kim Martin, in the five years hence, has seen – and sustained – three of her family Darla Kinney Scoles is a freelance journalist living in Noblesville. Her members through multiple bouts of cancer. most recent work involves the Last week, her son Drew, lost his long but valcreation of “Stories”, an individualiant battle at the age of 19. ized writing service helping people This family is made of such great stuff that get their personal histories down those who pass on will never be forgotten, not on paper. Contact her at darlakinjust by family members, but by each of those

Exploring your past to live in the present RELATIONSHIPS By Kristen Boice What was it like growing up in your family? What did you learn about yourself and how to relate to others? How has it impacted the decisions you make today? What were some defining moments? In order to create understanding into who you are and why you make certain choices, it’s important to look at your family of origin. This refers to the significant caretakers and siblings you grew up with, or the first social group you belonged to, which often is your family. Our early experiences have a major influence on how we see ourselves, others and the world and how we cope and function in our daily lives. Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to go forward. Many people don’t want to look at the past, because they want to forget it; they don’t think it really matters or they don’t want to be victims of the past. It’s not to get stuck, blame, dwell or be a victim of the past; rather, it is to create understanding and awareness about you and why you think and act the way you do. Anxiety, depression, anger, fear and recurrent relationship problems are often tied to unresolved or subconscious issues from the past. Our family taught us how to interact and communicate, how to manage our emotions and meet our needs. Most of our values, beliefs and our sense of self originate from our parents or primary

Current in Noblesville

caregivers. Once we have awareness and become conscious of our choices, we can make changes that can lead to more clarity, happiness and peace. Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started: • Create a timeline. List all the significant events and circumstances that have happened in your life. Think about things that had a major impact on who you are, such as moves, parental separation, accidents, traumas, deaths, key relationships, etc. • Journal about key memories and experiences that come up for you when thinking about your childhood. • Talk with a safe person that can help you process, explore and work through your early experiences. Remember, no family is perfect. We do the best we can with what we know. This process takes time; however, it is valuable in facing and overcoming fears and changing unhealthy relationship patterns. It helps you achieve deeper understanding and peace so you can move forward and live in the present. Kristen Boice is an individual, couples and family counselor and speaker with Pathways to Healing Counseling & Education. Contact her at kristen@

May 24, 2011 | 25

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BIKINI SeASoN IS oN tHe wAy– Get your BeSt Body At A GreAt prICe!

From Super modelS to Super momS 26 | May 24, 2011

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• Choose a 6-treatment ZERONA Series: Get One Additional Treatment FREE. • Choose a 9-treatment ZERONA Series: Get Two Treatments FREE. • Choose a 12-treatment ZERONA Series: Get Four Treatments FREE. Please present this ad to receive the Zerona discount. May not be combined with other offers. Offer Expires 5/31/2011.



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Pet waste in our waterways COMMENTARY By Rebecca Stevens Water is our most vital resource. All of our water is interconnected: the rain water, the water deep in the ground, the water that runs off our streets and lawns – all of it is the same water we end up drinking. Most storm drains empty directly to the river, creek or lake without any form of treatment. And as our communities continue to grow, we are getting more and more of our drinking water directly from the river. That water comes from our parking-lot drains, businesses, street drains and other types of drains that can carry pollutants directly to the river without any treatment. Pet waste is a health risk to pets and people, especially children. Pet waste is full of bacteria that can make people sick. If it’s washed into the storm drain and ends up in our rivers, lakes, and streams, the bacteria ends up in our fish and aquatic life. Unless people pick up after their pets properly, the waste enters our water with no treatment. In addition to transferring harmful pathogens to our water, pet waste also leads to increased biological oxygen demand, making it difficult for aquatic life to survive. A few facts to consider: • An average size dog dropping contains three billion fecal coliform bacteria. • In addition to fecal coliform, dogs can also be significant hosts of both Giardia and Salmonella.






























• According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 40 percent of U.S. households include at least one dog. • Those numbers add up to a lot of kibble! If all dog owners also owned and used a pooper-scooper, there would not be a problem. But several studies have found that roughly 40 percent of Americans don’t pick up their dog’s feces. So how can YOU help keep our waterways clean? • Scoop that poop or flush it down the toilet! • Seal the waste in a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage. • Bury small quantities in your yard where it can decompose slowly. Dig a hole one foot deep, put three to four inches of waste at the bottom, and cover it with at least eight inches of soil. Bury the waste in several different locations in your yard and keep it away from vegetable gardens. And lastly, when you’re enjoying a trip out with your pet, please make sure you have poop bags with you. It’s just part of being a responsible pet owner. Rebecca Stevens is executive director of the Humane Society for Hamilton County . You may contact her with questions, solutions and story suggestions at

Pets of the week Pacer is a 3 year old male tri-color Hound/Shepherd mix.  Pacer is an active and outgoing boy who enjoys playing with toys.  He loves going to the dog park where he can run and stretch his legs, get his toes wet in the water and play with other dogs.  He occasionally gets over stimulated and at the dog park but gentle reminders to calm down helps him remember his good doggie manners.  Pacer is gentle when taking treats and he knows the commands sit and down.  He is energetic and playful and will need an active family who will provide him with daily exercise and lots of love. Cilantro is a 7 month old male tabby DSH.  Cilantro really enjoys playing with toys and with his brothers Basil, Cajun and Pepper.  The four kittens arrived at the shelter when they were just weeks old and needed to be bottle fed.  They have been in a foster home where they have become healthy, strong and social kittens and are ready to find their forever home.  Cilantro enjoys playing tag and running circles around the island in the kitchen.  When he’s not playing, he’s pretty laid back and is content to sun himself by lying in a window sill.  For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974


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4 Bedroom & 2.5 Bath, Two-Story Home with finished basement in Carmel. 3048 total sq ft.

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Contact J.J. Canull for a private tour! (317) 848-1588


(317) 418-7076

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My dog is a real gas HUMOR By Mike Redmond My dog, Cookie, has recently been somewhat, shall we say, gassy. Oh, who am I kidding? Gassy doesn’t BEGIN to describe it. She’s practically lethal. Now, I was raised in the country and as such, some of the smells my city friends find highly objectionable don’t really bother me all that much. A lot full of cattle? No problem. The swine barn at the State Fair? A breeze, so to speak. A cheese-cutting dog, on the other hand … Actually, it’s not so bad under certain circumstances, such as being outdoors with a strong wind blowing away from you and the dog. Under those conditions it can even be fun to have a few guy friends over so you can make gassy dog comparisons. However, Cookie and I spend a lot of time in a small office, where the air circulation isn’t so good. It’s not the smell so much. It’s just that I can’t see my computer screen because of the burning in my eyes. I’ve been down this road before with a number of other dogs, and I know that this condition, while incurable, can usually be taken down a notch or two with a change of diet. And so I’ve been researching different dog foods in hope of finding one that will clear the air.

28 | May 24, 2011

The results? I think the dog food companies are full of (see above under “lot full of cattle.”) For one thing, they all promise the same thing: Dogs will love it. This is completely bogus. We are talking about animals that eat garbage. Cookie once upended a bird feeder and ate a pound of millet. Don’t even get me started on the litter box. The point is, dogs eat anything. Of course they’re going to love it. I’ve never eaten dog food that I know of, although I’ve had some greasy spoon chili that was highly suspect. I have, however, at the instigation of a cousin, eaten a Milk-Bone. Having had that experience I cannot for the life of me figure out why my dog will actually beg for one. Anyway, so far I haven’t found the solution to my problems with Methane Mutt. I suppose I’ll just have to go by trial and error until I find a brand of food that produces the least amount of air pollution. Just my luck, it’ll be the expensive brand, too. That will stink, but not as bad as my office. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.

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Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair Software Troubleshooting and Repair Internet/Email Setup and Assistance Networking including Wifi Application Setup and Support Regular Computer Maintenance Website Design Virus Protection and Removal Internet Security Troubleshooting Data backup and recovery We Sell & Service PCs and MACs on-site or at our staffed service center

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Crossword 1

















20 23



25 28










Find the items in the puzzle going up, down, sideways or diagonally and list them. Each letter is used no more than once.

Using the letters in Ashpaugh (Electric), create as many common words of 4+ letters as you can in 20 minutes. No proper nouns or foreign words.




31 39





41 44 47


49 52







24 27


53 62



55 63















Across 1. With 10- and 43-Across, annual Memorial Day weekend event 5. Winter neckware at Chico’s 10. See 1-Across 14. Orvis tackle box item 15. Carmel Main Street studio stand 16. Peabody mine entrance 17. Fateful day for Caesar 18. ___ acid 19. Arm bone in an IU medical school anatomy class 20. Turkish title 21. Like better 22. Lafayette Road hotel: ___ Inn 23. Take exception 25. Float, as an aroma from Taylor’s Bakery 27. To this point (2 wds.) 31. Stretchy fabric at Bike Line 35. In good health 38. Legally responsible 41. UIndy chem. class 42. James Whitcomb Riley’s “before” 43. See 1-Across 44. Had a pastrami at Shapiro’s 45. ___ de Janeiro 46. Acquire 47. Iridescent gem at Kay Jewelers 48. Meridian Music stringed


instrument 50. Made over 52. “Once ___ a time...” 55. “P.U.!” inducers? 59. Nile bird 62. Contributes to the kitty at Indiana Live! Casino (2 wds.) 66. Understand 67. It may be out on a limb at Eagle Creek Park 68. Morellis Cleaners equipment 69. Indonesian vacation island 70. Ray’s Trash recycle bin fillers 71. Britton Tavern order, with “the” 72. Related (to) 73. With 75-Across, puzzle theme, e.g. 74. I-69 traffic sign 75. See 73-Across Down 1. Trojan War epic 2. Gentle prod 3. Indianapolis Monthly ___ Home 4. “Absolutely!” 5. Lightly burn at Kiss Z Cook 6. Showed up at The Palladium 7. “___ I care!” (2 wds.) 8. Extend your subscription to the Indianapolis Star 9. Fauna’s partner 10. Defective, as wiring











4 Oklahoma Cities

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

15+: Word wizard 10-14: Brainiac 5-9: Not too shabby <5: Try again next week


6 Greek Gods

5 Ballet Terms

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Use all the letter segments below to fill in the answers to the clues. The number of segments you will use in each answer is shown in parentheses. The dashes indicate the number of letters in each Indiana Wordsmith Challenge answer. Each segment is used only once. AFEY AULO CHI DAR GOF IOF KIN LAND POP RAN SAOP TIN TTI WOOD

3 Indy Airlines

__________________ __________________ __________________

1) Michael Jackson Nickname (3) ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___

___ ___ ___

2) 2010 Indy 500 Winner (5) 2 Indiana Flag Colors

__________________ __________________

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

3) Brazil City (2) ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

1 Indianapolis Colts Owner


4) Carmel Country Club (2) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

5) SNL/30 Rock Star (2)

11. Inactive 12. ___ & Table 13. Indianapolis International Airport flight data, briefly 21. Woodland Country Club instructor 24. Finish, with “up” 26. Took off 28. Blow one’s lines at the IRT 29. “___ No Sunshine” (1971 Grammy-winning song) 30. Hamilton County Sheriff’s speed gun

32. Show appreciation for a Colts TD, maybe 33. Pro follower 34. Cain’s brother 35. Pacers owner, ___ Simon 36. Indianapolis Opera solo 37. Downtown Indy tailor 39. Item at The Cheese Shop 40. Do PNC Bank work 43. Sight in a Noblesville driveway, often 47. Roulette bet at French Lick Resort Casino

Current in Noblesville

___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___

49. Precisely (2 wds.) 51. Used model at Saturn of Fishers 53. Poppy narcotic build the words 54. IU Health worker 56. Japanese port 57. Indiana State Museum piece 58. Paris’ river 59. Ancient Peruvian

60. WTTV’s “My Name Is Earl” star, ___ Bridges 61. “___ It Romantic?” 63. See the sights of Indiana 64. Unforeseen difficulty 65. Lake Clearwater area: Harbour ___ 69. Broad Ripple’s Corner Wine ___

May 24, 2011 | 29

30 | May 24, 2011

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VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 91,350 homes weekly





489.4444 ext. 202 LEGAL NOTICE


Notice to Owners (James J. Martino and Stacey A. Martino) and Interested Parties (Ciena Capital, LLC, Martino’s Inc., Travis Lawson, Business Loan Center, Inc., Cicero Pool and Spa and any other interested parties) of Sale of Real Estate for Unpaid Real Estate Property Taxes: You are hereby notified in accordance with I.C. 6-1.1-25-4.5 of the following information:

Image Epoxy Flooring For Garages Over 15 colors to choose Install in 1 or 2 days Tough & Durable Free Shop at Home 317-896-3588

   

A Petition will be filed for a Court Order directing the Hamilton County Auditor to issue a tax deed to the tax sale purchaser, Community Funding Solutions, LLC. The Petition for the Tax Deed will be filed on or after October 18, 2011 upon the request of the tax sale purchaser. The petitioner intends to request that the tax deed be issued on or after November 21, 2011. The real estate was sold at the Tax Sale held on October 14, 2010. Any person may redeem the tax sale property listed below. The purchaser is entitled to reimbursement for additional taxes or special assessments, plus interest, which were paid on the real estate by the purchaser subsequent to the Tax Sale and before redemption. This real estate has not been redeemed as of the date of this notice. The purchaser or the purchaser’s assignee is entitled to receive a deed to the subject real estate if it is not redeemed before the expiration of the period of redemption as specified in I.C. 6-1.1-25-4(a), which will be on October 14, 2011. The purchaser is entitled to reimbursement for costs incurred by the purchaser and described in I.C. 6-1.1-25-2(e).

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Current in Noblesville

If the tract or item of real property has been sold for an amount more than the minimum bid and the property is not redeemed, the owner or record of the tract or item of real property who is divested of ownership at the time the tax deed is issued may have a right to the tax sale surplus. If the property is deeded to a 3rd party prior to the issuance of the Tax Title Deed, then only that 3rd party may claim the surplus. Property Address: 7830 Jackson St., Cicero, IN 46034 Parcel Number: 03-02-36-00-00-045.000 Description (Appearing on Tax Sale Certificate): Acreage 1.90, Section 36, Township 20, Range 4, Hamilton County, Indiana The amount to redeem this tract or real property from tax sale is the sum of the following: The minimum bid of $7,688.62 plus a flat 15% interest on the minimum bid, plus an accrued 10% interest on the surplus amount of $52,311.38, which was the amount that was overbid on the date of the tax sale, plus title search costs of $150.00, plus attorneys fees of $500.00 and costs of giving this notice as may be certified by the Tax Sale Purchaser. There may also be subsequent taxes or special assessments paid by the tax sale purchaser after the date of the tax sale and before redemption that would also be added to the amount of redemption, plus interest. Please note that IC 6-1.1-24-7 allows the Hamilton County Treasurer to apply surplus tax sale payments to other delinquent property taxes and special assessments that the taxpayer owes and those amounts, plus interest may be part of the tax sale redemption amount. Contact the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office for the exact amount you will need to pay in order to redeem the tract or real property. Community Funding Solutions, LLC, Lien Purchaser c/o Daniel F. Kaplan 233 South 13th Street, Suite 1400 Lincoln, NE 68508 Notice to Owners (Jeffrey J. Smith and Terri L. Smith) and Interested Parties (EQ Financial, Inc., American General Financial Services Inc., Scott Young, LVNV Funding, CACH, LLC and any other interested party) of Sale of Real Estate for Unpaid Real Estate Property Taxes: You are hereby notified in accordance with I.C. 6-1.1-25-4.5 of the following information: A Petition will be filed for a Court Order directing the Hamilton County Auditor to issue a tax deed to the tax sale purchaser, Community Funding Solutions, LLC. The Petition for the Tax Deed will be filed on or after October 18, 2011 upon the request of the tax sale purchaser. The petitioner intends to request that the tax deed be issued on or after November 21, 2011. The real estate was sold at the Tax Sale held on October 14, 2010. Any person may redeem the tax sale property listed below. The purchaser is entitled to reimbursement for additional taxes or special assessments, plus interest, which were paid on the real estate by the purchaser subsequent to the Tax Sale and before redemption. This real estate has not been redeemed as of the date of this notice. The purchaser or the purchaser’s assignee is entitled to receive a deed to the subject real estate if it is not redeemed before the expiration of the period of redemption as specified in I.C. 6-1.1-25-4(a), which will be on October 14, 2011. The purchaser is entitled to reimbursement for costs incurred by the purchaser and described in I.C. 6-1.1-25-2(e). If the tract or item of real property has been sold for an amount more than the minimum bid and the property is not redeemed, the owner or record of the tract or item of real property who is divested of ownership at the time the tax deed is issued may have a right to the tax sale surplus. If the property is deeded to a 3rd party prior to the issuance of the Tax Title Deed, then only that 3rd party may claim the surplus. Property Address: 15951 246th St. E, Noblesville, IN 46060 Key Number: 07-04-32-00-00-003.000 Description (Appearing on Tax Sale Certificate): Acreage 4.27, Section 32, Township 20, Range 6, Hamilton County, Indiana The amount to redeem this tract or real property from tax sale is the sum of the following: The minimum bid of $3,517.98 plus a flat 15% interest on the minimum bid, plus an accrued 10% interest on the surplus amount of $31,482.02, which was the amount that was overbid on the date of the tax sale, plus title search costs of $150.00, plus attorneys fees of $500.00 and costs of giving this notice as may be certified by the Tax Sale Purchaser. There may also be subsequent taxes or special assessments paid by the tax sale purchaser after the date of the tax sale and before redemption that would also be added to the amount of redemption, plus interest. Please note that IC 6-1.1-24-7 allows the Hamilton County Treasurer to apply surplus tax sale payments to other delinquent property taxes and special assessments that the taxpayer owes and those amounts, plus interest may be part of the tax sale redemption amount. Contact the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office for the exact amount you will need to pay in order to redeem the tract or real property. Community Funding Solutions, LLC, Lien Purchaser c/o Daniel F. Kaplan 233 South 13th Street, Suite 1400 Lincoln, NE 68508

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10.375” x 11.75” Full Page Built at size (100%)

To work harder. To reach farther. To keep you close to home. Indiana University Health offers a comprehensive team of primary care and specialty physicians right in your neighborhood. Expert care nearby. Nothing is more reassuring than having a healthcare partner in your neighborhood that’s been recognized for excellence as the state’s only nationally ranked system, as well as number one in the Indy metro area. At Indiana University Health North Hospital, you have access to more of the latest treatment options from our unique partnership with the IU School of Medicine. And to local expertise when you need it most.

Discover the strength at

2010-11 U.S.News & World Report rankings ©2011 IU Health 05/11 HY53711_2807

32 | May 24, 2011 53711_2807_IUHNOR_RF_10.375x11.75_4c_CIW.indd 1

Current in Noblesville 4/26/11 10:53 AM

May 24, 2011  
May 24, 2011  

Current in Noblesville