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Tuesday April 13, 2010 FREE Raped at age 17, Angela Rose will talk about how to handle sexual violence April 20 at Carmel High School.

Sexual assault victim shares experiences and advice in Prevail-sponsored event / P2

5124.17.MQ.Current Magazine(Strip)-04:Layout 1 4/7/10 2:26 PM Page 1 Photo courtesy of Angela Rose

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Sexual assault victim shares experiences and advice in Prevail-sponsored event police released a report Feb. 22 on By Martha Allan the allegations against the players, Current in Noblesville which included assault and criminal Angela Rose was shocked and deviate conduct — a sex crime. The angry after she was raped. That atcase is still under investigation by titude didn’t go over too well with Carmel police. the police. “The biggest issue is the pervasive “The first detective didn’t believe silence that surrounds (sexual viome at all, was very rude to my parlence), as well as the victim-blaments and was convinced I’d made the ing,” says Rose. story up,” she recalls. Another is that men as well as At 17, Rose was abducted at women can be victims of sexual knifepoint in the parking lot of a assault. suburban Chicago shopping mall, “We know that one in four girls where she worked. She was sexuand one in six boys, before the ally assaulted, then released. Rose age of 18, are going to be sexually and her parents persisted, speaking abused,” she said. Also, it can be with different detectives days later more difficult for men to come to and was subjected to blame by the terms with such an experience." authorities. They insinuated that Typically, the attacker is someone maybe the situation was her fault. that is known to the victim; 80 perThey asked her what she was wearcent of the time the victim knows ing and why she was out so late. the offender, says Rose. Despite this, her attacker, a repeat “When it’s someone you know, sex offender who was on parole for there are a lot of trust issues,” she murder, was eventually caught and adds. sentenced. Boundaries and consent are areas She turned her anger into activPAVE addresses in its programs, says ism and joined other victims of her Rose. attacker in lobbying for passage of “A freely given ‘yes’– not the abthe 1998 Illinois Sexually Violent Photo courtesy of Angela Rose “The biggest issue is the pervasive silence that surrounds (sexual violence), as sence of a ‘no.’ You have to get in Persons Commitment Act, a law well as the victim-blaming,” says Angela Rose. the habit of asking: ‘Can I hold your which enables the state to hold a hand? Can I kiss you? Is this okay?’ ” program is free and open to the public. sexually violent person in custody under psyAnother scary issue right now, says Rose, The topic is particularly timely in light of chiatric care if the person has been convicted is the “over-sexualization of ‘tween’ girls – a February hazing incident involving three of a previous sexual offense, exhibits a mental younger than 13 – all these products that are Carmel High School basketball players that disorder, and is seen as a threat. being marketed to these young girls.” apparently took place aboard a school bus “People have an idea in their minds of “A lot of these girls are being peer-prescarrying them back from a game. Carmel how people should respond to going through sured by each other, by older boys, and even something like that,” said Rose, now 31 and if it doesn’t feel right to them, they’re going the executive director of PAVE – Promoting to engage in this behavior because they think Awareness, Victim Empowerment – which Prevail, Inc. Events that’s what they’re supposed to do.” she founded in 2001. PAVE is working on some educational “Everybody reacts differently and people What: Angela Rose: “Fairness, materials to help parents talk to their kids need to realize that there’s a whole specDignity, Respect.” about it. trum of emotions that people go through. When: 7-8:30 p.m., April 20. Rose is also working on a book about wellObviously, not everyone is going to react the Where: Carmel High School cafeteria, 520 being and life’s crises. “We can’t choose what same way.” E. Main St., Carmel. happens to us in life, but we can certainly In her presentation, “Fairness, Dignity, Admission: Free. choose our response,” she said. “A lot of times Respect,” Rose will talk about sexual violence we forget that and we feel so controlled by to parents and teens at Carmel High School What: Open house life, but we have a chance to choose how to from 7 to 8:30 p.m. April 20. Her appearance When: 4-7 p.m., April 22. respond to any trauma in our lives. That’s is sponsored by Prevail, a Noblesville-based Where: Noblesville office, 1100 S. 9th St. really empowering.” organization for Hamilton County, during Admission: Free National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. The

2 | April 13, 2010

Current in Noblesville

» What is sexual violence? Any act sexual in nature, whether verbal or physical, that breaks a person’s trust, violates their safety, or impedes upon their sexual autonomy. Sexual violence includes and is not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. – PAVE

» The facts about rape and sexual assault • Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone has chosen to sexually assault someone else. • About 50 percent of rape victims are under 18 years of age when they are victimized. • Youths 12-17 are two to three times more likely to be sexually assaulted than adults. • 78 percent of teenage victims do not tell their parents about the incident, while 71 percent tell a friend. • 73 percent of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger with 38 percent of those being a friend or acquaintance of the victim • 75 percent of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol. • The risk of rape is four times higher for women aged 16-24 than for any other age group. • 1 in 4 college women surveyed are victims of rape or attempted rape. • Stats from the National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that approximately 15 percent of women are raped at some point in their lives. Of these victims, approximately 85 percent do not report the crime to police. Source: Prevail, Inc.

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Current in Noblesville

April 13, 2010 | 3

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Display the colors Founded Sept. 15, 2009, at Noblesville, IN Vol. I, No. 33 Copyright 2009. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

317.489.4444 Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 General Manager – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 Managing Editor - Zach Dunkin / 908.2697 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Art Director – Zachary Ross / 787-3291 Associate Artist – Lerin Morkal / 523.2956 Senior Reporter – Martha Allan


It is our position that we Americans should remember to make the display of our national flag an important part of our summer ritual. As Butler Bulldogs signage is still hanging in shop windows around town, we are reminded that Old Glory is all too often neglected in our collective “brand identity.” Shouldn’t we all include an American Flag as a part if the plan for our offices and homes? Yet many of us, even when we are happy to hoist a banner for a local sports team, neglect the colors of our country. Certainly, the lack of a flag prominently displayed does not necessarily correspond with a failure of patriotism. But it does imply a lack of attention to the matter. When national holiday’s looms or an international crisis brews, we remember the home team. But this year, we should work to make flag display and presentation a part of our spring cleaning and preparation. Reminders of America cannot be confined to date-specific retail holidays. Consider a flag pole and appropriate lighting when working on a landscape plan. Consider the Stars & Stripes when decorating an office. It is always in good taste. And it is always the right thing to do.

Stand and be counted

It is our position that, in the words of a famed Hoosier poet and singer, you’ve got to stand for something or you will fall for anything. Many credit Seymour, Indiana native John “Cougar” Mellencamp for bringing that truism into pithy light. Others debate the specific origins of the phrase. We like Peter Marshall, the World War II U.S. Senate Chaplain, for praying, “Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for -because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.” Today, we are locked in debate between often conflicting desires to protect liberty and to provide for the weak. The important message whether from an 80’s rocker or 40’s bureaucrat is that we must express our view. Routinely, we decide our own unworthiness to cast a vote. Driven by a lack of data or understanding, we simply “give” our vote to those who have bothered to become informed. Well, now is our chance. The spring election remains weeks away. Read about candidates. Check out their Web sites. Call them if you have time. But we must become informed and vote.

Advertising Sales Executive – Kate Holleman / 379.9400 Sales Executive – Nicole Miller-Dixon / 246.0985 Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749

Business Office Bookkeeper - Deb Vlasich / 489.4444 The views of the columnists in Current In Noblesville are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper.

strange laws


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you. In Waterbury, Conn., it is illegal for any beautician to hum, whistle or sing while working on a customer. Source: Weird Laws (iPhone application)

4 | April 13, 2010

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the U.S. Constitution.. Amendment 3 – No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law. Amendment 4 – The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the

Current in Noblesville

place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Amendment 5 – No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

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From the backshop Government’s nose in the kids’ business Truth: We offer paid and unpaid internships to a select number of college students each year, because we want them to experience the editorial model by which we produce these newspapers. We’re trying to shape the future of community journalism, one intern at a time. Unemployment among those in the internship-age pool is at 16 percent. If we can do anything to help those get into the industry on solid footing, we certainly will do so. The U.S. Labor Department couldn’t possibly care less that we still consider ourselves a startup. It wants to force us, and the rest of the domestic business arena, to pay the unpaid as we do the others. We can’t do that on our budget – and unlike the federal government, we stick to the conventions of our financial plan. We actually believed the feds would appreciate us trying to help the unpaid interns at least get a leg up as they prepare to enter the job market. How Labor’s message actually helps youthful journalists hone marketable employment attributes is a stunning puzzle. The ones who work for Current Publishing are gathering experience and samples for their portfolios they might not otherwise would have been able to attain.

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg ••• It’s time for a change in service of Indiana’s fifth Congressional district. Dan Burton – again - is the incumbent in this race, and we believe he has served far longer than reasonable. Holding that seat is not a right, it’s a privilege, and we need new blood to show that. Sadly, it could come down to campaign financing, and Burton has a stash. One of the challengers, we hope, will have enough firepower and gas money to get around Hamilton County and convince voters that it is, indeed, time for a freshman representative from our district. Our county’s voters CAN make a difference. We hope they do.

Traveling together, growing together COMMENTARY By Terry Anker Each time we travel together on a family vacation, we learn something about each other. That, perhaps, more than any other reason, is why we continue to make the effort to take them. It is certainly not without difficulty to travel with generations ranging from grade school to Grandma. Let’s see, do we shop at outlets or go race go-carts?. But with some effort and empathy we manage to find middle-ground. Maybe it is precisely the time that passes between them that makes the trips magical. Each year, so much has changed. Children mature, and adults transform at a rate seldom noticed on an hourly interval. But when measured in months, the differences are brought into high contrast. Among the many wonderful things that came to light in this family jaunt was the budding compassion of our eldest. Long suffering from a stomach prone to reaction brought on by strong odors and all things “gross,” he barely survived the diaper stage for his younger

brother. But on this trip, he was seated in the far rear seat of the family truckster enroute to a far-away beach destination. His only company was our crated five-month-old puppy, Rex. Much to the consternation of both dog and owner, the trip was not proceeding well. Our vet is fond of saying that dogs express stress through their gastro-intestinal systems. Suffice it to say, this outing convinced us of that fact. But on this trip, in spite of considerable agitation, our eldest calmly and without fanfare worked to clean what was undoubtedly a dirty carrier and dog – several times – and putting aside his own discomfort tried to calm the pet. It led to a good conversation about the care and feeding of human babies. Without hours together, we would have missed it, and that made the drive worthwhile.

Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@

All-America City honor would be the best one yet COMMENTARY By Zach Dunkin First, Noblesville was named the 10th best community in America in Bert Sperling’s book, “Best Places to Raise your Family.” Then, came Family Circle magazine’s pick as one of the 10 best towns in the U.S. for families. Those are just two noteworthy honors bestowed upon Noblesville of late. But now, for the first time, Noblesville finds itself in the running for its biggest honor yet – the title of All-America City. The town is on National Civic League’s short list of 26 finalists for 2010. The NCL annually selects 10 cities for the country’s oldest and most prestigious civic recognition award. The winners will be announced June 18. Noblesville was the only Hoosier finalist. Hopefully, the fact that two Indiana cities, Fort Wayne, a three-time winner, and Richmond, were named All-America Cities last year, won’t hurt its chances. In 1958, Bloomington was the first Hoosier town to receive the honor, Others include: Michigan City (1965), South Bend (1967), New Albany (1968), Indianapolis (1970), Anderson (1976), Vincennes (1978), Greencastle (1991), Columbus (1994), Lafayette (1995) and Evansville (2004). Of course, Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear was ecstatic about the news and explained what it could mean to Noblesville.

“If a company’s site selection committee is considering multiple communities in which to locate or relocate their business, then being a recipient of this award would help us to stand out from the competition,” he said. To qualify, each community submitted an application documenting three projects that addressed their most pressing challenges. Noblesville presented: • How the Corporate Campus and Downtown Strategic Development Plan were designed to help maintain a strong sense of community despite Noblesville’s large growth of population • How money for roads and infrastructure projects have helped the city keep up with the extraordinary growth • How the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department’s programs and services have been greatly expanded to meet the needs of the community’s children and adults. In a press release from the NCL, president Gloria Rubio-Cortes said towns like Noblesville “give us hope and inspiration and teach us important lessons about leveraging the civic energy of ordinary people to address difficult challenges during some very tough economic times.” Zach Dunkin is the managing editor for Current in Noblesville. You may e-mail him at zach@

Readers' views Read it twice, but no more Editor After twice having read the article, “Is the Hummer Dead (yet)?” (March 23) by Krista Bocko, I will never read another article written by her. How do you equate driving a Hummer with “seeming (sic) narcissism?” Do you want this kind of judgmental diatribe associated with Current in Noblesville? This article is categorized as commentary, not intended to be used as a bully pulpit. Or is it? Have we moved from the

purpose of a news publication to inform and bring new information? Backed by facts, maybe the personal opinions of Ms. Bocko would deserve literary respect. I find her use of the opportunity to speak via the Current not only narcissistic, but poorly deserving. Thank you for the opportunity to bully back. Thank God, this is still America for a while longer. Barbara Purvis 46062

Pit bull critic was out of line Editor In response to “Pit bulls need to be eliminated” (March 30), as far as saying “Were the testers drunken psychos, morally corrupt, drugaddicted or insane?” was way out of line. Were they there when the tests were being done? You can be bitten and even killed by any dog. To single out one certain breed is ridiculous in my opinion. Most people’s opinions have probably been formed by the way the media portrays it

Current in Noblesville

all. They seem to only report on the attacks by pits. I was at the Humane Society for the Pit Bull Awareness Day, and I was loved and kissed by most, if not all, of the pit bulls I came in contact with. My children were even being loved on by them. For the record I am not a pit owner. I own a golden retriever. Dawn Hilgenberg 46060

April 13, 2010 | 5

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It’s OK to teach your kids to fight back

DISPATCHES » Grant helps fire department’s “reach” -- The City of Noblesville Fire Department was awarded a US Department of Homeland Security Grant of $46,990 to help them purchase an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certified mobile safety trailer. The grant will enable the department to reach out to more people in Noblesville and beyond for assistance. The Noblesville Fire Department will receive the grant funds by the end of April and anticipates purchasing the trailer in May. » Roundabout construction will start -- Construction on a roundabout at the intersection of Union Chapel Road and 166th St. will begin April 19 and last approximately 60 days, weather permitting. A detour route will be posted. Access will be maintained to all homes and businesses during the closure. Direct any questions or concerns to the Department of Engineering at (317) 776-6330. For a map, visit docs/1270645713198.htm » Auction benefits church youth -- Refuge Christian Church, 11722 E. 196th St., will have an auction from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. April 18 with proceeds going to help the church’s missions and youth programs. Homemade items, local vendor gift certificates and gently-used garage saletype items will be up for bidding. Refreshments will be available for purchase, and there will be activities for children 12 and younger.

Commentary By Danielle Wilson You know what absolutely drives me crazy? When my kids complain about how their siblings or friends aren’t playing nice: “My brother called me stupid!” “My sister hit me!” “My best friend is being mean!” It’s become so common around our house that, barring blood or the use of the “F” word, my husband and I have declared a moratorium on parental intervention. “Don’t be a victim!” we cry. In other words, stick up for yourself and don’t let others take advantage of you. And for the love of Diet Coke, stop expecting Mommy and Daddy to fight your battles! The first time we took this approach was when our oldest was around five. His BFF was a little older and a bit bigger. Our son used to come home in tears after being bullied. We were certain his friend wasn’t intending to hurt him, but just didn’t know his own strength or our son’s sensitive nature. He was five also, for goodness’ sake. So we told our son the next time his friend hit him to punch him back as hard as he could. And guess what? They’ve been best friends ever since and we’ve never had another incident. It seems that as soon as his friend realized he couldn’t push our son around without getting himself hurt, bullying wasn’t worth it. Both our boys have done pretty well with the “Don’t be a victim” approach, but we haven’t had as much luck with our daughters – could be the natural tendencies of girls and boys, or maybe just their personalities. Regardless, our girls continue to run to us for a ruling and sentencing rather than handle it on their own. But now when my youngest comes crying about how her butthole sister just hijacked her favorite skirt, we listen politely and then say, “Don’t be a victim, Maddie! Go get that skirt back!” And she does.

I think my older daughter is struggling because she’s receiving mixed messages. Her elementary school has been drilling students with the “no fighting” rule pretty hard over the last few months. Contrary to what we say, she’s supposed to find an adult if she gets hit or called a name. And I do agree with this rule in most circumstances. But if a teacher or a parent isn’t around, I believe she has the right to defend herself. If somebody pushes her down, I expect her to fight back. If someone calls her a name, I hope she returns a zinger. Basically, I want my daughter to have the confidence of knowing she can handle situations on her own and that she’s strong enough, emotionally and physically, to stand up to bullies. Because the reality is, there won’t always be someone to save her. Since our Don’t Be a Victim campaign commenced, we’ve noticed a few unexpected results. For one, our kids have begun accepting responsibility for their own roles in confrontations. Without Mom and Dad around, they’re forced to consider how their actions contributed to that retaliatory slap or name-calling and they think twice before prolonging the conflict. Our kids are also figuring out that fighting back proves more of a deterrent than tattle-tailing, and that working it out amongst themselves is more beneficial to everyone in the long run. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” If we can get our kids to believe that, to know that they don’t have to be victims, then I think we’ll have done a good job as parents. Peace out.

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

Oh where, oh where is our indoor waterpark? COMMENTARY By Leslie Webber After visiting an indoor water park during spring break, our kids have a renewed interest in land development on State Road 37. For two years we’ve been telling them a giant indoor water park is going to open very close to home. We even pointed out the location just south of the Noblesville line. “Stop arguing and look out your window! That’s where the water park will be!” They no longer believe us. From what I’ve read, I’m not sure they should. The proposed hotel and entertainment complex with a 70,000 square foot indoor water park seems to have hit major snags. Not the least of which includes having a chunk of the developer’s land sold back to the bank during a sheriff’s fire sale last December. Things don’t look good for what might have been a fun spot for residents and visitors of Hamilton County. That’s a shame. The empty field, which was once home to a golf course, is in a prime location. I have no doubt an indoor water park would be popular.

6 | April 13, 2010

The concept is appealing for winter visits, but the fact that sunscreen isn’t necessary makes it incredibly convenient for our fair-skinned family in the summer too. I could save a full two hours a day if I wasn’t constantly reapplying SPF 70 to tiny bodies. There are several hotels that boast massive indoor water parks within driving distance of Noblesville. There’s one in French Lick in Southern Indiana. The Chicagoland area has a handful. Cincinnati has a couple. There are too many to count in the Wisconsin Dells. The north-west side of Indianapolis has Caribbean Cove and judging from the packed parking lot, I would say an indoor water park is an hotelier’s dream. For now, the hope of an indoor water park in Hamilton County seems to have stalled, which means we’re going to have to find a new distraction for the people in the back seat. Leslie Webber is a Noblesville resident, wife, mother of two very young children and a professional photographer. Visit her Web site at

Current in Noblesville

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Earth Day turns 40; it's a party for all ages

Commentary By Krista Bocko April 24 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a day I’ve celebrated for about 25 – wow – 25 years now. I remember my first awareness of Earth Day, how I celebrated it then and still do today. Back then, I volunteered to take over the trash collecting on the side of the road that my parents always did in the spring anyway. I would walk along both sides of the busy state road we lived on, garbage bag in hand, and pick up trash. I was always amazed at, one, that people would actually litter, since purposely throwing trash on the ground is such an obvious wrong and so environmentally disastrous, and, two, the staggering amount of trash that was collected from such a relatively small place. It really saddened me to realize that this disrespect was happening not just in my small corner of the world, but all over. The thing with picking up trash though is that it becomes addictive. Passing by litter will be about impossible, and something you may

ask yourself is: “when will it stop?” I heard someone say once: “No, when will it start?” Every year since I started celebrating Earth Day I have committed (and re-committed) to try to make a difference in my own small way. So this Earth Day, I will take my children on walks through our neighborhood, and we will pick up trash. I encourage you to take your children or your grandchildren and do the same. This is one way we show we care not only for the earth, but for our children. After all, the earth they will inherit is the earth that we leave for them, good or bad. For more information about Earth Day, visit Visit www.earthdayindiana. org for Indiana’s 20th Earth Day festival in Indianapolis. Krista Bocko, her husband and four children live in “Old Town.” Noblesville in a historic home. She can be reached at

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April 13, 2010 | 7

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DISPATCHES » Free cancer screenings at Clarian North – In observance of Oral, Head and

Neck Cancer Awareness Week , April 12-18, Clarian North Medical Center, 11700 N. Meridian St., Carmel, is offering free oral, head and neck cancer screenings from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. April 16. Physicians John Goldenberg, MD, Valerie Ball, MD, and Thomas McSoley, MD, will be performing the free screenings. To register now for a free, painless 5-minute screening, call (800) 265-3220.

» Health Fair at The Lodge – The Lodge Assisted Living will host a free Health Fair from 9 a.m. to noon April 20 at The Lodge, 1667 Sheridan Road, Noblesville. Join The Lodge and Harbour Manor, along with over 40 vendors, for a health checkup. There will be cholesterol screenings, free massages, cardiac risk assessment and hearing and bone density tests. Personal tours of assisted living and rehabilitation will be available. There will be door prizes. For information, call (317) 770-3400. » Health Department offers vaccination clinics – The Hamilton County Health

Department, is giving vaccination clinics for 6th to 12th grade students for the school year 2010-11. Only Tdap, MCV4 (Menactra) and Varicella vaccines will be administered on these days at the Hamilton County Health Department. Suite 30, Hamilton County Square. These are the vaccines required for school entry for 2010-11. The clinics will be offered from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on April 14, 21 and 28; May 5, 12, and 26. You must bring your child’s previous shot record with you to be updated. A parent or legal guardian must accompany a child younger than 18 years, no exceptions. The department suggests that the child have something to eat prior to coming to the office.

» Free cancer screening - The American Cancer Society (ACS) reports that over 48,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, lips, or throat every year, and that number is rising. A team of physicians at Clarian North Medical Center is offering free oral, head, and neck cancer screenings to the community on April 16 from 1 to 3 p.m. Appointments are required and can be made by calling (800) 265-3220. » Free weight-loss seminar – Struggling with your weight? Learn about the world’s No. 1 weight-loss surgery from Indiana’s leading lap-band surgeon, Keith McEwen. The next free information session will be held April 14 from 6:30-7:30 pm at Riverview Rehab & Fitness, Carmel. Space is limited. To register or for more information, call 317-705-4355.  

8 | April 13, 2010

Want a flat tummy? You can GRAND OPENING start while you’re reading this COMMENTARY By April Conard Of all the body parts, I believe that the belly bulge is the one that a lot of us would like to improve upon. Fortunately, of all the muscles we can work, the abs are the easiest. Now, before you start your argument, let me explain. I said this because no special equipment is required to work your core and can be done anywhere, anytime. When teaching aerobics I am always reminding my students to contract their abdominals. There needs to be a clarification on this one, contracting your abs is NOT the same as “sucking it in.” When contracting your muscles you are actually engaging the core, while you continue to breathing and bring in oxygen to burn the fat. There are many fancy machines on TV right now trying to sell you on the ripped abs you will get with this oversized, overpriced product. Not necessary. You don’t even have to get down on the floor and do 500 crunches to work these

muscles. When sitting at a traffic light, try to contract until the light changes; when watching TV contract through the commercials. You can do it whenever, wherever, even while you’re reading this. No excuses. Something else to bear in mind when desiring a glorious washboard is that if you do not work the back muscles, all the sit ups in the world will not show your hard work. Working the opposing muscle group is just as important. Think about it, you wouldn’t just fix the front of your hair and let the back stay in bedhead mode, would you? The “skinny” is that you could be doing a lot more without actually doing more. So, are you contracting right now? Noblesville resident April Conard is an NETA- certified trainer and Group Fitness Director at the Noblesville Athletic Club. You may contact her at

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate your child, that is the question COMMENTARY By Carol Rossetti, N.D. Since April is Autism Awareness month, it’s a good time for parents to get information about vaccinations to protect their babies. Whether or not you believe that vaccinations are a major contributor to autism, here are some facts: • Japan stopped vaccinating their children until after age 2 and the autism rates fell by 75%. • Autism rates have skyrocketed in the past few years. • Mercury (thimerisol) was, until very recently, in all childhood vaccines and is still in the flu shots. Mercury goes directly to the brain and central nervous system of the baby or the developing fetus. Infants’ livers are not mature enough to process these toxins. • The National Institute of Health apparently acknowledged a relationship between vaccines and autism because they created a vaccine injury hotline. • Medical health authorities are members of the allopathic fraternity that employ a number of strategies specifically designed to get parents to submit to vaccination guidelines.

Parents are expected to grant permission to inject their children’s pure and sacred little bodies with more than 30 blends of rare germs, bacteria, and other foul substances -- all before they enter school. Indiana has two exemptions available to parents: a doctor’s note and philosophical reasons. If you are going to vaccinate your babies, here are some things that you must do: • Permit only one vaccine at a time. • Read the vial looking for thimerisol. • They must fill the syringe in front of you and take the vial with you. If something happens, this is your only proof. • If none of this is agreeable with your doctor, find another doctor who is respectful. • You are their only voice and their best protector. To increase your knowledge about how to protect your loved ones –look at www.vactruths. com or email me at:

Current in Noblesville

Noblesville resident Carol Rossetti, N.D. is a Naturopathic Doctor with Wellness By Nature. She can be reached at (317) 773-1612 or visit


SAVE MONEY WITH OUR High Quality, New or gently used clothing. Specializing in *Infant – Children’s size 6* *Maternity Wear* *Baby/Toddler Gear* MONTHLY GIVE-AWAYS! CONSIGNMENT DROP OFF April 12th-16th 12-6pm. 998 S. 10th Street Noblesville, IN 46060



Crimes of the Heart

APR 15-18 & 22-25

Thu. - Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2:30pm TICKETS ($15/$12)

815-9387 or

14299 Clay Terrace Blvd.


SAVE $2.00 Off regular-priced adult ticket to Crimes of the Heart For more savings, visit. Based on availabilty Not good with any other discount or savings offer

Limit 4 per coupon

Promo Code: Current

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DISPATCHES » Dream stocks for real estate investors 1. E-House Holdings (EJ) – It's China's largest residential real-estate brokerage in the country's booming housing market. 2. Gramercy Captial (GKK) – After reporting a fourth-quarter loss, the company said it was looking at the potential restructuring of the mortgage and mezzanine debt of its realty unit, Gramercy Realty. At CAPS, the company has a four-star rating.    -  » Keeping those employees – The Noblesville Chamber of Commerce will present a Chamber University session on “Finding, Hiring & Retaining Employees” from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. May 5 in the Chamber’s Community Bank Board Room at the Chamber office, 601 E. Conner St. The presentation will be led by Melissa Boggs, SPHR, VP of HR and Consulting with Quantum Human Resources, LLC. The cost is $25 for Chamber members; $50 for non-members. The registration form is available on the Chamber’s Web site at or call the Chamber office at (317) 773-0086. 

Build your brand; don’t be a ‘me too’ company COMMENTARY By David Cain What does your company stand for? What’s your organization’s unique ability? What makes it different? How does your company stand out from the masses? What makes you the “green apple” in a heaping pile of red apples? Most organizations believe their organization is undeniably linked to certain values or claims that make them distinct. Whether those claims are in reference to exceptional customer service or more focused on high product quality, at the end of the day most companies have something they think they stand for. Volvo, for example, stands for safety, whereas BMW stands for high performance, and Ford focuses its messaging on “built tough.” These companies spend millions to impress upon consumers what their brand stands for, or at least what they want you to think it stands for. It’s important to know who you are and to have an identity in the marketplace If you’ve already determined what your claim to fame is, try running that by a search engine. In today’s world, the marketplace can easily be tested with a simple Google or Bing search. If you think

your company is the best at “telephone skills training in central Indiana,” then search that phrase and see what comes up first. If it’s not you, then you might not be the most notable. It’s a search engine economy, and keywords can reveal a lot about where your company ranks. Everyone has to have a unique ability or value proposition. Distill it to a couple of words so people can understand what you do and what you stand for. Add this new message to your Web site. Include it in your content and keywords. Start using your unique value statement in your marketing materials, and soon you’ll start ranking higher and higher. Once you make it to the top, it’ll be easier for people to find you and easier for them to understand what you do. Too often, the couple of words a company stands for are “me too,” because it has taken ownership of nothing unique.

1 Microdermabrasion and 1 Chemical Peel

David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at

Educational Seminar

Purchase Your Tickets at our Noblesville Location! 317-773-2002


Watch the “Bids for Kids” Live TV Auctio on April 23rd & 24th on Comcast Cable-Channel 13


317-804-9426 or 765-457-4130

April 22nd | 6:00-7:30pm

If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, make plans now to attend the VA Aid & Assistance Benefit Seminar for Assisted Living and Garden Homes seniors hosted by Riverwalk Commons on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 at 6:00pm-7:30pm. Qualifications and procedures for accessing the Assisted Living Benefits paid by the VA will be discussed by John Walters, of First Financial Security Corp. Admission is free, but seating is limited. Reserve your seats today at 317-770-0011. Tour our Assisted Living Apartments & register for a chance to WIN an American Flag Kit!

Current in Noblesville

BCA 100658

April 13, 2010 | 9

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MONEY MATTERS How often do you spend money on nonessential items like concert tickets, magazine subscriptions, and new clothes? “Pretty much never, because I never have money due to a lack of a job. But, when I do get money for birthdays or Christmas or whatever, it almost always goes to new clothes or movie tickets or meal outings with friends.” Abby Kim Noblesville

“Concretely, I’d say twice a week.” Chris Cashel-Cordo Noblesville

“Not very often. Just occasionally. I only buy new clothes when I need them.”



harold's pizza MY OPINION



Type: Traditional American ranch with loft Age: 2002 Location: 18961 Round Lake Road, Noblesville Neighborhood: Prairie Lakes Square footage: 2,137 Rooms: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, great room/dining room combo, kitchen with breakfast room, pantry, main level laundry room unfinished loft. Strengths: Home is in absolutely perfect condition and located on neighborhood pond. Fabulous landscaping includes paver patio with pergola. Unfinished loft could be craft room, kid’s play room or office. Weaknesses: Buyers with small children may not want to be located on a pond.

Brittany Burkhalter Noblesville

Kurt Meyer is a Noblesville resident and realtor for F.C. Tucker. Contact him at (317) 776-0200 or talktokurt@

Don’t be fooled by the old sign hanging above the storefront that still says Gustavo’s Pizza. Inside it’s all Harold’s Pizza. Actually, it’s Fred Marrugo, a pastor in Westfield, who recently bought the shop and appointed Alex Ortiz, a member of his church, as general manager. Ortiz and his father are already established businessmen in Hamilton County, sharing ownership of the successful Delicious Bakery in Westfield. Father and son open the bakery and cafe every morning and then leave at 10 a.m. to open the pizza store. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Harold’s serves a lunchtime buffet of pizza, salad bar and drink for $5.99. Customers can also buy pizza by the slice, calzones, spaghetti, lasagna and ravioli. “We are improving everyday with new kinds of pizza and new items for the salad bar,” said Alex Ortiz. “We want to serve a good quality buffet. Sometimes you go to a buffet, and it’s not the way you like a buffet. You don’t just want to get full but you want to enjoy quality food, too.” Address: 17681 Cumberland, Noblesville Hours: 11 a.m.- 8 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday and 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Phone: (317) 385-0315. Owner: Fred Marrugo.

F A I R N E S S . D I G N I T Y. R E S P E C T. NATIONAL CRIME VICTIMS’ RIGHTS WEEK April 20 Open House 7:00-8:30PM Angela Rose April 22 A survivor of sexual assault, Angela is a grassroots activist who has lobbied for 4-7PM laws for victims of sexual violence.

Carmel High School Cafeteria

520 East Main Street “Fairness. Dignity. Respect.” Presented Free-of-Charge by Prevail, Inc.

Open Your Hearts and We’ll Open Our Doors 1100 S 9th Street • Suite 100 • Noblesville • Meet the Prevail Staff • Learn about Prevail’s Programs and Services • Tour the Prevail Facility • Door Prizes • Refreshments

Learn about Prevail’s Programs and Services For more information, contact Prevail at 317.773.6942 or visit 10 | April 13, 2010

Current in Noblesville

spA | AesTheTics | medicine ThE SciEncE oF FEELinG, LookinG and LivinG bETTER.

she’s no supermodeL, she’s my mom!

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Stay-cation Specials expire 4/ 30/10 and may not be combined with other offers. Please present this ad coupon to receive discount.

Current in Noblesville

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DISPATCHES » Celebrate Library Week – National Library Week will be observed through April 17. In addition to its regularly scheduled programming, Hamilton East Public Library will be showcasing several events throughout the week to highlight its many unique services. Among the offerings are youth and teen programs, computer classes, genealogy classes, and programs featured as part of the “Hamilton County Reads” program. » Be a drummer right now! – Instructor Scott Avey will teach drumming at the Just Once Drums Workshop for Busy Adults from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. April 16 at the Forest Park Lodge in Noblesville. Presented by the Noblesville Parks Department, the workshop will teach basic technique, hand exercises, basic rock patterns, and drum fills. Students will leave with an instructional book and practice DVD in order to continue practicing at home. Students will need to either bring drumsticks and a practice pad or purchase a set at the workshop. Cost is $55 per person. For more information or to register, contact the Parks Recreation office at (317) 770-5950.

Noblesville native has a special link to 'Follow the North Star' By Zach Dunkin Current in Noblesville The real-life 21st Century citizens who portray the make-believe, costumed inhabitants of 1836 Prairietown are renowned for demonstrating the lifestyle of the day without ever breaking character. Few of them carry the bloodline of Southern slaves to Hamilton County as Larry Duvall does. The computer analyst from Noblesville, who plays a fugitive slave in Conner Prairie’s award-winning “Follow the North Star” program, is a direct descendent of the area’s Roberts Settlement. “My family moved here in the 1830’s, before the time Conner Prairie occurs (1836),” said Duvall. “What’s happening here in the ‘North Star’ program is current with my ancestors.” “Follow the North Star” immerses participants in the life of a fugitive slave, seeking the shelter and passage along the Underground Railroad. The Roberts settlement of Hamilton County was a place where black families could live free. “Back then, there was this migration from North Carolina -- not just the Roberts but Quakers and other families,” explained Duvall. “On the way, some settled in Ohio, others in Rush County in Indiana, while some made it all the way here. “My mother (Jeanetta Duvall) was very involved in the history of the settlement and the people in the area. She grew up with other

follow the north star When: April 16, 17, 23 and 24, from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Groups start every 15 minutes. Tickets: $19 for non-members and $16 for members. Reservations required, call (317) 776-6006.

Photo courtesy of Conner Prairie

Larry Duvall plays Jack Hunter, a fugitive slave hoping to buy back freedom for his wife and son.

descendants in areas 5-10 miles away, like in Arcadia. You knew people from miles around back then, which is a sharp contrast to today when a lot of us barely know our next-door neighbors.” Duvall admits he paid little attention to the history of his family as his mother did. But when she died three years ago a friend of his urged him to volunteer in the North Star program. “She said, ‘You have to do this’ or I probably would not have gotten involved. But once I did, I wanted to find out more about it.”

Duvall portrays Jack Hunter, a fugitive slave scheming with his brother to return to the South to buy freedom for his wife and son with the money the two brothers have saved. During the 90-minute program, small groups of participants take on the roles of fugitive slaves traveling along the Underground Railroad Participants encounter an illegal slave sale, along with a variety of characters including a slave hunter. They are treated as slaves, being told to keep their eyes down and not to speak unless spoken to. It can get pretty intense, said Duvall. “People can have very emotional reaction,” said Duvall. “And it doesn’t necessarily have to do with race as much as it has to do with feeling they are low-class or not part of the mainstream. “They come to Conner Prairie and they see the same thing of being mistreated, in this case a runaway slave, and they get really involved because they have lived it themselves. It’s not a process of watching; it’s actual involvement.”

Area authors, musicians come MINDS-In-Motion together for ‘Blue Stone’ benefit …a revolutionary way to help students achieve optimum potential

By Zach Dunkin Current in Noblesville Tradition is essential to Noblesville author Larry Sweazy, both as writer and a human being. His Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger novels are rooted in the past, steeped in tradition and values, yet still relevant today. The Blue Stone Folk School of Noblesville has the same goals. That’s why Sweazy and fellow western novelist Phil Dunlap of Carmel are hosting a fundraiser for the Bluestone Folk School from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. April 17 at Barnes & Noble in the Stony Creek Marketplace at 17090 Mercantile Blvd. Barnes & Noble will donate a portion of all proceeds of sales of the day to the school with a voucher available in-store and at Sweazy will donate 10 per cent of the cover price of both Josiah Wolfe novels, “The Rattlesnake Season” and his recent national release, “The Scorpion Trail.” Blue Stone Folk School, 1095 Conner Street, is an art school dedicated to preserving and creating Indiana’s great artistic traditions. The school offers classes from ukulele construction and lessons, fabric art, woodcarving, and other folk-related activities, including sponsoring local

MINDS-In-Motion MINDS-In-Motion

concerts. “I began to notice the folk school a couple If…ayou could CHANGE revolutionary …a revolutionary way way to help to help years ago, and the message of preservation of your child’s LIFE in 4 WEEKS, students students achieve achieve optimum optimum potential potential tradition and culture caught my attention imwouldn’t you? mediately,” said Sweazy. “It’s an organization that needs my support. “Noblesville is very fortunate to have a If you If you could could CHANGE CHANGE healthy community of artists, musicians, and your your child’s child’s LIFE LIFE in 4 inWEEKS, 4 WEEKS, writers, and I want to do everything I can to encourage that growth, and make the residents wouldn’t wouldn’t you? you? aware that we exist.” Some of that talent – both musical and tic -- will be “on display” throughout the day at the fundraiser. Musicians scheduled to appear include Evan Slusher, Third Satchel Novelty Jazz Orchestra, Geoff Davis on ukulele, Pholly, The Poison River Boys, Cara Wahlers and Grover Perido, Wally Anderson, Jason Hathaway, and the Blue Stone Ukulele Society. There also will be artist demonstrations and a display of arts and crafts created by Blue Stone artists. Sweazy and Dunlap will sign their books Summer Summer Intensive Intensive Programs Programs in June in and JuneJuly and July from noon to 3 p.m. In addition to his latest Information Information Reception Reception novel, “Blood on the Rimrock,” Dunlap has A REVOLUTIONARY A REVOLUTIONARY WAY WAY (catered (catered by Woody's byFood Woody's Library Library Restaurant) Restaurant) (Catered Available) TO HELP CHILDREN TO HELP CHILDREN written four other novels. ACHIEVE THEIR ACHIEVE FULL POTENTIA THEIR FULL POTENTIA Thursday, AprilApril April 16th15th 16th at 6:30pm 6:30pm Thursday, atat6:30pm

If you could CHANGE

“You-Call-It” Medium Pizza Up to 5 .99 Toppings


your child’s LIFE in 4 WEEKS, wouldn’t you?

Valid thru May 11th, 2010. Must present coupon at time of purchase. FOR CARRYOUT ONLY.

Harbour Special

16” 1 Topping, Order of Breadsticks and 2 Fountain Drinks


Valid thru May 11th, 2010. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Limited delivery area. Minimum purchase required for delivery.

Free Delivery • Carryout • Dine-In

674-0044 20813 Hague Road • Hague Road Center • NOBLESVILLE

879 879 WestWest Carmel Carmel DriveDrive Carmel, Carmel, IN 46032 IN 46032 • 317.571.8752 • 317.571.8752

12 | April 13, 2010

Summer Intensive Programs in June and July Current in Noblesville

Information Reception (catered by Woody's Library Restaurant)


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Give tofu a chance; it's good for you Because it is a soy derivative, tofu is also incredibly good for you. If your doctor or dietitian has suggested you include soy in your diet, try tofu in addition to replacing your dairy with soy. Try this spinach salad topped with a caramelized onion and orange glaze, and tossed with sautéed tofu, fresh diced tomatoes and cucumbers. Enjoy this delish salad garnished with sliced avocados and a twist or two of black pepper!

By Molly Herner Current in Noblesville When some people read “tofu” as an ingredient on a menu, they immediately skip to the next item. Why? Tofu is a wonderfully versatile ingredient to add to your weekly meal plan. Technically speaking, tofu is a ground, filtered soy bean paste. It can be fermented for a sour, aged taste or simply drained, filtered and stored in water as a block. You can use tofu in this solid form in salads, Asian-inspired dishes, on the grill, in pasta sauces and even in your favorite soups. Tofu itself has very little flavor and will take on the flavor of whatever spice, sauce or marinade it is immersed in.

Molly Herner, is the baker/pastry chef at Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano. You may email her at odette05@

Spinach salad with tofu 4. Slice the onion thinly and add it into the hot sauté pan. Allow the onions to cook over medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes. 5. In the meantime, chop up the tofu and salt it lightly. Add the tofu squares into the onion sauté and combine. The tofu will break up if stirred too vigorously. 6. Let this mixture heat through and then add a tablespoon of brown sugar and let it melt into the mixture. 7. Squeeze one whole orange into the sauté and let this simmer for about 2 minutes. 8. Immediately pour the caramelized sauce over the fresh salad so that the spinach wilts a bit.

Ingredients: • Tomatoes • One cucumber • Fresh spinach • One orange • Brown sugar • Half of a yellow onion • A block of tofu • Olive oil Directions: 1. Chop tomatoes and cucumber evenly. 2. Toss the chopped vegetables with the fresh spinach in a large bowl. 3. Coat the bottom of a large sautéed pan with olive oil and set over medium heat.

Where I Dine


robert ball

Scholars Inn Bakehouse

Where do you like to eat? “Applebee’s.” What do you like to order there? “The Brewsters.“ Why do you like Applebee’s? “They have good food and good beer.”

Get Ready For Spring Break 2010 at

Get Ready For

Spring Break

Early Bird Call by May 10 and save $10.

Invest $64 X $54 in a tune-up for your air conditioner and we will guarantee you a 100% profit in writing or we will return your $54 with no hard feelings.... Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling will perform a 20 point inspection to guarantee that your Air Conditioner is in top shape for the summer.

Special FREE

We will a refrigeran dd up to 2 lbs of t free the next 1 if you call in 5 days!

1198 North 10th Street Noblesville, Indiana 46060 317-773-5080


Tired of wrinkles - Try our NuSkin Galvanic Spa Treatment. You can experience a spa treatment at the salon or in the comfort of your home. Come in to receive your complimentary treatment.


$Pedicure Limit one per customer. 4/30/10

1535 North 10th Street Noblesville, IN 46060

125 N. College Ave., Bloomington, Ind. Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sunday. Phone: (812) 331-6029

17801 Foundation Drive Noblesville (317) 776-4630

Due to a production error the post card recieved with this paper is re-printed below.

Beat the Summer Heat...

Scholars Inn Bakehouse in Downtown Bloomington is modeled after European artisanal bakeries and opened in 1995. Aside from the award-winning bread, the Bakehouse offers breakfast sandwiches, pizzas, salads, soups, wine, coffee,and teas. Try the Crazy Chicken sandwich – grilled chicken, brie, spinach, and spicy mustard – piled on crusty sesame semolina bread. Take home a loaf of challah or cinnamon raisin bread afterwards. The bakery’s award-winning breads and pastries are currently sold at several Bloomington and Indianapolis locations, including local farmers’ markets, retail outlets, and both Scholars Inn Gourmet Café and Wine Bar restaurants.Visit the restaurant’s Web site ( for its weekly baking schedule.

(317) 773-8754 Current in Noblesville

10 Off


Sun FX Spray Tan 100% natural solutions, No Orange coloring Limit one per customer. 4/30/10



off any color service with


Limit one per customer. 4/30/10

5.00 $ 5.00


off hair cut off hair cut with

Limit one per customer. 4/30/10


April 13, 2010 | 13

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THEATRE You Can’t Take It With You

Hello Dolly!

Love is in the air in the 10-time Tony Award winning musical , “Hello Dolly,” through May 2 at the Beef & Boards Dinner Theater, 9301 N. Michigan Road, Indianapolis. Based on the play “The Matchmaker” by Thornton Wilder, “Hello Dolly” is the story of turn-ofthe-century matchmaker Dolly Levi, who is supposed to be arranging a match for the wealthy Horace Vandergelder, but would rather keep him to herself. Tickets range from $35 to $58, and a buffet dinner, coffee and tea. For reservations, call (317) 872- 9664 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays. For complete show schedule, visit

A wealthy, conservative family is thrust into a household of eccentric characters, each pursuing their own version of happiness in the Pulitzer Prize-winning “You Can’t Take It With You,” at The Belfry Theatre, 10690 Greenfield Ave., through April 25. When the manufacture of fireworks in the basement goes awry and an explosion occurs, the police arrive and haul everyone off to jail. Performances begin at 8 p.m. April 16-17 and 23-24 and at 2 p.m. April 17 and 25. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for ages 12 and younger. Reservations required. Call (317) 773-1085.

Yankee Tavern

The Phoenix Theatre of Indianapolis presents Yankee Tavern, written by Steven Dietz. The show will run through May 1. Tickets are $15 for Thursdays and Sundays, $20 for Fridays and Saturdays. Show times are 7 p.m. on Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays.

Disney’s Aladdin Jr.

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre’s Pyramid Players presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr., the stage adaptation of the popular Disney movie as their first Live Theatre for Kids series, April 17 and 23-24. These one-hour shows take place on Fridays at 10 a.m. and again on Saturdays at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Adam Crowe, formerly of Noblesville, plays the Sultan. The audience has the opportunity to meet the cast after each show for pictures and autographs. Performances are for all ages, but offered particularly for children in preschool through sixth grade. All tickets are $12.50 and include a snack. For reservations, contact the box office at (317) 872-9664.

SPECIAL EVENTS Follow the North Star

Become a fugitive slave on the Underground Railroad, fleeing from captivity, risking everything for freedom during “Follow the North Star” at Conner Prairie, 13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers. The 90-minute program begin at 7:30 p.m. through 8:30 p.m. on April 16-17, 23-24. Cost is $19 per person and reservations are required, by calling (317) 776-6006.

LIVE MUSIC Mickey’s Irish Pub

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mickey¹s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian St., Carmel. For more information, call 573-9746: April 16 – Living Proof April 17 – Toy Factory April 23 – Soul Street April 24 – Big Daddy Caddy April 30 – Peace Train & the Flower Power Brass

Mo’s Irish Pub

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more information, call (317) 770-9020. April 15 – Cari Ray April 16 – Daniel Joseph Band April 17 – Something Rather Naughty April 22 – Aberdeen Project April 23 – 10th of Never April 24 – Mother Grove

Hedgehog Music Showcase

The Radio Review at Hedgehog Music Showcase, 101 W. Main St., Arcadia, takes the form of a live radio show featuring big band, swing and pop standards of the 1920s-30s-40s performed by musicians and vocalists 8 p.m. every Saturday. For more information, call (317) 573-9746:

Connecting people with God | Connecting people with people

Join usfor the

Grand Opening

of our new auditorium!


Sat., April 17 Sun., April 18 Service Times | Saturday 5 p.m. & 7 p.m. | Sunday 9 a.m. & 11 a.m. 12900 Hazel Dell Parkway | Carmel, IN 46033 | 317.846.2884

Northview_Church_CarmelCurrent_Ad_March2010.indd 1

14 | April 13, 2010

3/12/10 10:57 AM

Current in Noblesville

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You can have ‘dog-going’ good time on the road COMMENTARY By Tracy Line Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a pet-friendly vacation. Trips were for people and pets were for kennels. Alas, times have changed. Now you and Fido can hit the road together for a vacation that will leave you both drooling. When traveling with your favorite fourlegged friend, you must think like a dog. Look for locations offering outdoor activities your pet can enjoy (think: run, bark, pant, sniff). Hiking, walking the beach, or running through an open field are joy-filled activities that give our pets the exercise they need. To get you moving in the right direction, check out Here, among other things, you’ll find a list of dog-friendly attractions across the US. Topping the list for prime pet-destinations: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Myrtle Beach State Park, Ft. De Soto Paw Playground & Beach in St. Petersburg, Fla., and Red Rock Canyon in

Las Vegas. Finding the perfect spot to let your sleeping dog lie couldn’t be any easier. Many chain hotels, including Marriott, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, La Quinta, Holiday Inn and even the Conrad are all pet-friendly. Keep in mind that not all locations within a chain allow pets. In addition, many hotels have weight restrictions and some require a deposit. Be sure to understand a specific hotel’s policies before booking your room. For even more fun with Fido, bring him along while you eat. Check out for a great list of pet-friendly restaurants in your vacation destination. Restaurants with outdoor seating may allow you to bring your leashed pet to the table, while others let you keep your pet up in a safe location while you dine. Wherever you go, keep your pet’s needs and safety a priority, and you’re both sure to have a doggone good time. Tracy Line is a travel agent for Family Vacations in Noblesville, and also a travel writer. Contact her at (317) 770-2211, ext. 312, or Tracy @

Capt. Critic’s DVD pick

Pirate Radio

R, 117 minutes

It’s a slow time for new films arriving on video – “Pirate Radio” is about it for the first half of April, until the 800-pound gorilla (aka “Avatar”) lands next week. The name “Pirate Radio” not ring a bell? It’s not surprising. This comedy from Photo courtesy of Focus Features writer/director Richard Will Adamsdale (from left), Tom Wisdom, Bill Nighy, Katherine Parkinson and Curtis (“Love Actually”) Ralph Brown star in Richard Curtis’ rock and roll comedy “Pirate Radio.” barely made it into American A motley ensemble of DJs lead the way, theaters, although it did decent business across including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris the pond in its native England (where it was O’Dowd, Rhys Ifans and Nick Frost. Bill Nighy titled “The Boat That Rocked”). is the free-willed boss, Tom Sturridge plays the It’s a hilarious, edgy and thoroughly enjoyable comedy about a forgotten bit of rock ‘n’ roll innocent young recruit, and Kenneth Branagh is the prig of a government minister tasked with history. shutting them down. In the mid-1960s, it was the golden era of It’s as entertaining as it is unlikely, with the music in Great Britain – The Beatles, The Who, boys (and one lesbian) hosting a non-stop The Rolling Stones – but public radio outlets soundtrack party. were only permitted to play two hours of it a Grade: B-plus week. So it was left to a bunch of outlaw stations to pipe the music of rebellion into the nation from ships moored just outside territorial waters. Read more of Chris Lloyd’s review This highly fictionalized version tells the story of current films and DVD’s at www. or www. of Radio Rock, the leader of the ocean-going music brigands.

Refuge Christian Church Family Night Auction Sunday April 18th, 5:30-7:30pm 11772 196th Street, Noblesville

Licensed auctioneer will be present to auction off local vendor gift certificates, homemade and craft items, gently used garage sale type items. Refreshments for sale also. All proceeds of the auction will be given to Youth and Missions programs to help support upcoming events.

OPEN 12-2


1486 Wayne: Beautifully restored

2br/2ba home in absolutely perfect condition. New kitchens, baths, heat/ cool and much more. $132,900

J.D. Walls & Associates proudly announces the addition of attorney Mathew S. Lewis as a new associate. See Mr. Lewis for estate planning, asset protection, probate administration and guardianships.

Innovative Approach. Family Law Estate Planning Bankruptcy Real Estate Education Business

OPEN 3-5

1159 Conner: Elegant Victorian 5br/2.5ba with loads of old house charm and all modern mechanical systems. $229,900

Phone: (317) 810-0073 | Fax: (317) 663-3384

Hosted by Kurt Meyer of F. C. Tucker, Inc. 317-776-0200

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April 13, 2010 | 15

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RATATOUILLE WITH TOMATO SAUCE Ratatouille • 1 tbsp. olive oil • 1/8 tsp. salt • ½ tsp. pepper • 1 tsp. dried thyme • 1 tsp. dried rosemary, crushed • 1 medium yellow squash • 1 medium zucchini squash • 1 medium tomato • 1 small eggplant • 1 red bell pepper • 1 medium onion Tomato sauce • 1 tbsp. olive oil • ½ cup chopped onions • 1 large carrot, chopped • 3 cloves garlic, minced • ½ tsp. thyme • 1/8 tsp. salt • 1/8 tsp. pepper • 24 oz. tomato sauce  • 4 cups cooked quinoa, prepared without oil or salt • 4 cups fresh spinach  Directions: Slice vegetables into strips or bite-sized pieces, toss with vegetable oil, salt, pepper, Waterfront! Open Sunday • 3-5

New Listing! Anderson Open Sunday • 12-2

113 Edgewater $648,000

2601 Catalina Drive $140,000

This home will impress you and the views will steal your heart. Great room overlooking main body of Morse Lake features 2 story fireplace. Gourmet kitchen w/ butler’s pantry. Fin. W/O lower level.

Move-In Ready!

734 Westridge Drive $114,900

Let Your Car Make A Statement This Spring

Paintless Dent Repair Exterior Wheel Repair Interior Bumper Repair Auto Detailing Glass Repairs & Replacement

thyme and rosemary. Place on baking tray and roast at 375 degrees until tender, about 40 minutes. Toss occasionally. Combine ingredients, except the tomato sauce; cover and simmer until carrots are fork-tender. Add tomato sauce and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Puree sauce. Combine with ratatouille. To serve, divide quinoa and spinach on serving plates. Portion Ratatouille over quinoa and spinach. This recipe, by Tulip Noir chef Romay Sipe, is one of the winners of Feb. 28 Dining A La Heart fundraiser. Proceeds from the fundraiser support the Reviving Hearts Program, which donates automated external defibrillators to high schools throughout Indiana. For more information, contact Margie Fougeron 317-338-6080.

563 Coventry Circle $239,900

Home is very neutral & features brand new carpet & paint throughout. All appliances included. Just steps from Morse lake & there are often docks available to rent.

New Listing!

New Price!


588 Mill Farm Road $399,000

21517 Shorevista $1,499,000

Ready to enjoy this summer on Morse Lake! $50,000+ in upgrades w/granite cntr tops, stnl appliances all incl, ceramic tile, custom doors. Wired for sound throughout. Deeded dock & lift incl.

4-5 Bdrms, large hearth room/ hdwd floors/cozy den w/built-in bkshlvs & fireplace. Bonus Rm off master could be additional bedroom. Sunporch. W/O lower level w/family room & wet bar.

Sunsets! Terrific views of Morse Lake! HUGE mn flor, Trex deck. 3BR on main - w/water views & deck access. Open concept flr pln. Entertain at lakefront pool.

New Listing!


Waterfront + Dock!

Golf Course!

575 Sheridan $149,900

Golf Course

20795 Waterscape $118,500

Former Home-A-Rama home on Harbour Trees Golf Course. Lrg rm sizes & fin bsmnt w/bar. Lots of hardwoods/granite ctrs. Recent improvements incl new winodws, new roof & gutters.

Move-in ready, home is sparkling clean & freshly painted. Cozy kit w/some updates, all applcs incl + washer & dryer. 3rd bedroom makes a great den. Updated light fixtures throughout.

Older home in good condition with nice room sizes. Lg bckyd. Newer furnace & some appliances. Home has recently been rented and can be used as single family home or planned business.

Call the Rockstars Crew Today!

Steps from Morse Lake!

Golf Course!

Lovely home in first class, move-in condition. Updated Kit w/charming blt-ins, stnlss steel appliances & ceramic tile flrs. Wonderful open flr pln w/extra lrg FamRm.

1 Waterfront Plaza $320,000


944 Promenade $259,900

20826 Waterscape Way $225,000

Absolute best lot left on lake. Incredible panoramic views of Morse. The prep work is done. 290’ of water frontage already has galvanized steel seawall.

This unit sits right on the water & offers lake views from family rm/ dining rm/kit, mstr & adjacent office! Boat dock is right out front - just a few slips into the idle zone. Nice deck.

211 Chamberlain Ci. $299,900 New neutral carpet, large great room w/vaulted ceiling, wet bar & gas frplc. Main fl master w/ walk-in closet. Relax on screened porch & enjoy your private backyard w/pool. Fin Bsmt.

Buy a new home this spring! Deb Castino

realtor®, Crs, broker 225 Chamberlain Ci. $229,900 Garden oasis plus golf course view Charming cottage exterior with picket fence & arbor gates. Soaring, ceilings lend a spacious feel to the freshly painted interior. Generous kitchen.

16 | April 13, 2010

Direct: 418-4138

F. C. TUCKER COMPANY, INC. Current in Noblesville April 12, 2010 1/4 page = $322.50

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DISPATCHES » Drapey mini-dress for spring – While some new looks are better off left to the Lady Gagas of the world (bondage bustiers, stomach-baring dresses and leather micro-shorts anyone?) this trend scores a perfect 10 on the makesyou-look-awesome scale. Be prepared to have some impulsive fun this spring; just throw on one of the season’s filmy silk dresses with a deep-V neckline and you can be out the door (and looking chic) in five minutes flat. -  » Going double breasted – A few caveats about DB suits: They tend to be dressier than single, so unless it's a formal meeting, you could look foppish. You can't open them, like Letterman does, because they flop all over the place, like Letterman's do. If you're short or broad in the mid region, you might look like Danny DeVito. -   » Naturally chic – Add intrigue to everyday essentials with braiding, linen, crochet, and tweed.  From espadrilles to handbags, pair closet staples with standout accoutrements – from raffia platforms to shelladorned totes. Spring’s earthychic accessories make all the difference. - 

HAMILTON 16 IMAX N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t f i e l d

317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing


MOVIE VALUE All digital sound & presentation Fun, spacious lobby All superb rocker seats



*excludes IMAX, Digital 3D & Fathom

FREQUENT MOVIEGOERS Sign up at for the Frequent Moviegoer Club

Earn points & see movies for a bargain price.

White is making a comeback in home decorating Commentary By Vicky Early Just as it seemed the world of interior decorating was firmly ensconced in deep and vibrant colors, white is knocking at the front door. The white-on-white pallet, once reserved for summer homes and shabby chic décor, is stunning in bedrooms that demand a timeless, serene feel. White on white in living space offers a sleek glamour last visited in the days of old Hollywood. The secret to the beauty of white in these settings is layers. Layers of shades of white, combined with textures and contrasts, develop the architectural beauty of a room. Although true white falls in the realm of question when defining color theory, I am using it as a color in the decorating sense. In fact, there are countless versions of white created by the addition of a tiny amount of another tone, such as umber, black, red, yellow and blue. Because the goal is to create anything but a sterile environment, most whites will be dressed up with hints of tint. If the idea of your white being tainted by tint is concerning, keep in mind most designers actually consider white a tint, not a color, but for our purposes we’ll consider it a color and discuss the tints you can put into it. A white with a hint of blue can create a cold appearance. An antique white or one with a touch of yellow or brown provides a softer, warmer glow. Tints of gray give you a modern,

edgy feel that balances beautifully with stark white accessories or trim. If you are not comfortable with the concept of faint tints in white, visit a paint store and pick up a variety of white paint samples. Study the nuances and see if the you can begin to see the bare visible undertones of tints. The names provided by the paint manufacturer might give you a hint. Keep in mind that in layering your whites, the undertones will get stronger as the size of the piece increases. Umber undertones will flow with warm golden undertones, but pink-ish whites will scream if placed next to an antique that is yellow and umber. Just imagine what the more saturated versions of your tints would look like together, and work from there. While a total white-on-white room can be a masterpiece, decorating with white can be as simple as adding a few fresh white touches to your already finished room with the following suggestions.

White woodwork, trim, and wainscoting

look sparkly and new. If you want a real change, consider adding white crown molding for added eye appeal.

White furniture

One of my most versatile pieces of furniture ever was a white upholstered sofa. When soil showed its dirty face, I would simply clean it with a mild solution of detergent and water. It probably looked good for about 6-7 years, and then it was relegated to a bedroom.

White accessories

Accessories can be anything added to a space that provides interest and texture. My favorite is white is rich pottery, while iridescent white glass provides a luminous quality to a space. White is best used in collections – it is a bit too much of a contrast when placed with strong tones. White dinnerware can function in this way, as well, adding a classy richness to the décor. Could white be the new black? Probably not, but this serene color option is poised for a welcome comeback.

The popularity of white trim waxes and wanes with the years, but it’s still the freshest and cleanest look around. A quick touch-up every few years, and your woodwork will always


Kitchen ~ Bath Home Office Entertainment

Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact

Call us today and ask about our Most Ma New Patient S Insuranc jor e


and Med ic Accepte aid d!

Saturday Appointments Available • Se Habla Espanol


925 Conner Street � Noblesville Current in Noblesville

Visit us on the web: April 13, 2010 | 17

Water CrAzy FOrcures COLOr

a lot, but not top color choices of spring 2010 dry skin

and eye color. Looking to update your hair color this In addition, trained stylists who have mastered season, but not sure what is right for you? the art of dimensional color, are able to Consult with an expert who is trained to help strategically place highlights and lowlights that you understand what your ideal target hair work with the shape of your haircut. colorWhat mightcolors be. are in for spring? According to the following hues Many folks believe that drinking eight glasses of a professional, rather than Color experts, as theseason. advanced stylistsyou Consulting are hot for the such upcoming Whether are looking with to spice up your existing wardrobe water a day atrained person’s hydrated. That is newtrying with some bold accessories, or stepyour out in a head-to-toe color will palette in mind to alterlook, yourkeep colorthisalone, ensure that at Salon 01,keeps are toskin formulate hair when shopping for spring. acolor myth, and we’ll debunk it here. It is important based on what is best for your skin tone you achieve the look you are going for!

L Aa ut ri eA K


“I used to practice on barbies. And, when I was a little girl, By Alex Paredes I watched my mom cut my family By: “I Alex love Paredes the versatility of member’s hair; it can be hair inget theout kitchen. gratification of my career long,“The short, straight,I curly, up, or down. All of that made me is what keeps me going,” Laura said It can change with mood aorwhen your want your to become asked about passion for doing hairstylist.” Jessica outfit,” says her Katie Rector. As a hair. mentor WurzSalon01 is part of thethe very has01, been with since atLaura Salon Katie tries to pass on this Salon01 senior stylist start of her career, and over the years she philosophy to allteam, of ourwith emerging stylists. 11 years has accumulated a number of techniques experience Before joining of the Salon 01 under team Katie hertobelt and aoflong listHer that an sheeducator can apply all types was in the beauty hair. industry, of styling techniques. training isatina French Cutting,college. chemical She teaching local beauty Jessica has developed relaxing, hair extensions with Hairdreams, passion for short trained under awell known educators and her newest technique curly hair involves and hasthe Vidal Sassoon, Vivienne Mackinder, Sam recently added the Keratin Smoothing System. Brocato andlist Jamison Shaw. Keratin smoothing treatment to her of skills. “I love seeing As a level 3 stylist, Laura pairing knows how the transformation of my guestsCurrently from startKatie to finish, is a level 3 the stylist helpface her shape.” guests achieve the image they perfect style and color tototheir and a valuable part of the educational Her experience desire. in this industry given her theby having “I connecthas with my guests teamtype at Salon01. She teaches stylists ability to fit any style to any of client. She looks atour their consultations before every service, that face, their lifestyle, the work, the personal life, everything to connect with guests, creatingthat ustheir a great connection.” Lauraislasting also shapes them so she cangives shape style. “My first focus impressions on everyone they helps guests understand theytouch. can to bring out their eyes and thenher accentuate their facehow shape.” like to keep it about them and what Listening to her clients’ “I needs and wants achieve their look at home. “One ofhelps the Jessica connect with hertheir clients needs I believe most important of my consistency job is to makeis and create the look that they are important,” says. “It makes sure my guestsKatie use the best products forme wanting and will make them happy to make themshe happy.” happy. their hair at home,” said. “I am a very Asidefrom from about the Aside herloving love ofeverything hair designing, consistent stylist. I am also beauty andlove fashion Katie really Laura has for art.industry She really enjoys very creative with my cuts to workand with her hands. LOVE photography drawing. “Art is “Ia huge and color techniques.” likes For more information ontopassion cook of and garden, much Martha mine, whether I’m atlike work or Jessica and the rest of home I really enjoy having art as an outlet Stewart!” To book an appointment with stylists visit www.salon01. in my life.” Salon01atat 317-580-0101 317-580-0101 to Katie, call Call Salon01 com or call and book your consultation with Jessica atvisit andusappointment Laura or visit us orbook online at with 317-580-0101 at where you can findto see all all of our ourstylist’s stylist profiles. profiles.

18 | April 13, 2010

•Turquoise — This delicate and feminine blue evokes memories of tropical beaches and cool clear waters. •Violet — The color of heather and spring blooms, violet, a cross between lavender and purple is a romantic, feminine gentle hue with uplifting properties. •Aurora —A deep, yet soft yellow with a slightly greenish hue, Aurora, according to Pantone, represents the first glimpse of sunshine as it rises over the horizon. This is a more wearable yellow than brighter hues. •Tomato Puree — This is the season’s boldest color in a classic, clean pinky red. This uplifting tone works really well with all neutrals or can be teamed with turquoise for a retro look. •Pink Champagne — a wispy combination of ivory and beige provides a subtle hint of warm color and provides a sophisticated blank canvas for almost any shade.

to keep your body, including your skin, hydrated, however the outermost layer of skin does not absorb water since it is made up of dead skin cells. Moisture level of skin is not determined by internal factors, but rather external ones, such as cold or hot air, dry heat and by the number of oil-producing glands you have. So if you want to hydrate your skin, exfoliate it weekly with a sea-salt scrub or other exfoliating agent to remove dead skin, and then apply a rich moisturizer while your skin still is damp.

Bring this in and recieve

$10 off our no chip manicure noW through April28, 30, 2010 March 31,2010! 2010! FeB.

treat YourselF, You deserve it!

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Missed holiday with the family not so bad

DISPATCHES » Two more public forums scheduled – Members of the Noblesville Board of School Trustees will meet the community to discuss the building projects and the need to replace operating funds lost to state budget cuts and to answer questions. The remaining forums will take place at 6:30 p.m. April 14 and April 28 at Noblesville City Hall. For an detail explanation of the plan visit

COMMENTARY By Hannah Davis This year, for the first time ever, I missed a family holiday. I upped and left and abandoned them for Bloomington and the wonders of the IU campus. For the last week or so, I’ve felt a little guilty about it. Yes, I missed a holiday, but I’ve been reminding myself that I also missed the conversation about the Creation Museum in Louisville, and how my brother’s on-again, off-again fiancé is just dying to go. I missed the recurring “Look at how horrible my neighbors are!” comments. Instead, I watched movies. I ate pizza. I grilled hamburgers for a group of friends. I cleaned a dorm room (helped, anyway). There were no never-ending Easter egg hunts, no mustardy deviled eggs, no uncomfortable, out-of-season sun dresses. Easter was downright mundane. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is exactly one religious person in my family (and he hasn’t always been so devout) but we have a habit – like most families, I think – of celebrating religious holidays anyway, sans church services and prayers.

» Record breaking fundraiser for Legacy – The seventh annual Legacy Banquet at Legacy Christian School in Noblesville raised more than $60,000 to help operate the school. The evening, which included dinner, entertainment and a live and silent auction, brought together more than 200 community and business members. Legacy’s middle schoolers combined drama and artwork for a painting that was auctioned for $2,000 and then donated back to the school, to be hung in its new location for Fall 2010.  » In the running for school board – Evan Elliott, candidate for the Noblesville School Board, will have a meet-and-greet hosted by Bill and Carol Reid, 104 Wilshire Court, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 18. Refreshments will be served.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course; most holidays, church-related or not, have been so absorbed into the fiber of American culture that they’re an obligation, an assumed part of life. When religion’s tossed aside, families adopt the event as more of a gathering than a more literal “holy day.” (Please, draw some conclusions about the actual spelling of the word “holiday.”) Essentially, I missed not a holiday, but something that might as well be the equivalent of a trip to the movies. A dinner out. An excursion to an art gallery. Something along those lines. I suggest that these holidays be used as days for designated relaxation more often than obligatory celebration. Especially if there’s no religious attachment to the event. Take a trip instead. Forgo buying gifts. There will more gatherings in the future, and the earth won’t implode when you miss one.

Hannah Davis is a senior at Noblesville High School and the opinions editor for The Mill Stream.

cafe catering bakery



809 conner street noblesville, in p 317.674.8668 f 317.674.8669

ORCHARD PARK LEARNING CEN†ER Registration for Fall 2010-2011 MDO and Preschool Ages 1 through 5

Call for information or just come by for a tour! 819-0305 • 1605 East 106th Street

3230 E. 96th Street, Indy • Sales: (877) 205-1382 • Because April showers bring mud. 3230 E. 96th Street, Indy • Sales: (877) 205-1382April • Because April showers bring April mud. Because April showers bring April mud. 3230 E. 96th Street, Indy • Sales: (877) 205-1382 • Because April showers bring April mud. 2010 FORESTER Because April showers bring April mud. 3230 E. 96th Street, Indy • Sales: (877) 205-1382 • 2010 IMPREZA Because April showers bring April mud. Because April bring April 2010 FORESTER Because April showers showers bring April mud. mud. (2.5X, MODEL# AFB, 01)

(2.5I SDN, MODEL #AJB, 01)


*2010 Impreza 2.5i lease: pymt + tax. 42 mos./10k per year, $3100 due at lease inception, WAC. Total of pymts=$6284.04, purchase @ lease end=$10907.05. In stock units only, ex/ Stk# 4798. See dealer for details. Valid through 03/31/10.

(2.5X, MODEL# AFB, 01) 2010 FORESTER (2.5X, MODEL# AFB, 01) 2010 FORESTER

**2010 Forester 2.5X lease: pymt + tax. 42 mos/10k per year, $3100 due at lease inception, WAC. Total of pymts=$10759.56, purchase @ lease end=$11982.60. In stock units only, ex Stk# (2.5X, MODEL# AFB, 01) 4758. See dealer for details. Valid through 03/31/10.

(2.5I SDN, MODEL #AJB, 01)

LEASE: $139/MO* BUY: $17,695*** LEASE: $239/MO** BUY: :$20,299*** Wherever spring finds you,$17,695*** there’s a Subaru to help you LEASE: enjoy it.$239/MO** BUY: :$20,299*** LEASE: $139/MO* BUY: Wherever spring finds you, there’s a Subaru to help you enjoy it. GreatBUY: deals onfinds all models. Now through 31. SE: $139/MO* $17,695*** LEASE: $239/MO** BUY: :$20,299*** Wherever spring you, there’s a SubaruMarch to help you enjoy it. Great $139/MO* deals onfinds all models. Now through 31. Wherever spring you, there’s a SubaruMarch to help you enjoy it. LEASE: BUY: $17,695*** LEASE: $239/MO** BUY: :$20,299*** erever spring findsdeals you, on there’s a Subaru to through help youMarch enjoy it. Great all models. Now 31.

erever spring finds you, there’s a per Subaru toat lease help enjoy it. Great deals models. Now through March 31. *2010 Impreza 2.5i lease: pymton + tax.all 42 mos./10k year, $3100 due inception, WAC. Total of pymts=$6284.04, purchase @ lease end=$10907.05. In stock units only, ex/ Stk# 4798. See dealer for details. Valid through 03/31/10. Wherever spring finds you, there’s ayou Subaru to help you enjoy it. at deals on all models. Now through March 31. **2010 Forester 2.5X lease: pymt + tax. 42 mos/10k per year, $3100 due at lease inception, WAC. Total of pymts=$10759.56, purchase @ lease it. end=$11982.60. In stock units only, ex Stk# 4758. See dealer for details. Valid through 03/31/10. Wherever spring finds you, there’s a Subaru to help you enjoy at deals on all models. Now through March 31. Impreza/Forester purchase: price + destination, tax, dealer fees & license fees. In stock units only, Ex Stk# 4798 and Stk# 4758. See dealer for details. *2010 ***2010 Impreza 2.5i lease: pymt + tax. 42 mos./10k per year, $3100 due at lease inception, WAC. Total of pymts=$6284.04, purchase @ lease end=$10907.05. In stockValid units through only, ex/03/31/10. Stk# 4798. See dealer for details. Valid through 03/31/10. Great deals on all models. Now through March 31. **2010 Forester 2.5X lease: pymt + tax.on 42 mos/10k per year, $3100 due at lease inception, WAC. Total of pymts=$10759.56, purchase @ lease end=$11982.60. In stock units only, ex Stk# 4758. See dealer for details. Valid through 03/31/10. Great deals all models. Now through March 31. • Motor Trend’s 2010 Sport/Utility of the Year • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

® lease: pymt +***2010 tax. 42 mos./10k per year,purchase: $3100 dueprice at lease inception, WAC. Totalfees of pymts=$6284.04, @ only, lease Ex end=$10907.05. stock unitsSee only, ex/ Stk# 4798. See for 03/31/10. details. Valid through 03/31/10. Impreza/Forester + destination, tax, dealer & license fees. Inpurchase stock units Stk# 4798 andIn Stk# 4758. dealer for details. Validdealer through 5 2 • Motor Trend’s 2010 Sport/Utility of theTotal Yearof® pymts=$10759.56, purchase @ • The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive award-winning small 31 mpg (hwy) Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive WAC. X lease: pymt + tax. 42 mos/10k per year, $3100 due at lease inception, leasemost end=$11982.60. In stock unitsSUV only, ex Stk# 4758. See dealer for details. •Valid through 03/31/10. 5 2 *2010 Impreza 2.5i lease: pymt + tax. 42 mos./10k per year, $3100 due at lease inception, WAC. Total of pymts=$6284.04, purchase @ lease end=$10907.05. In stock units only, ex/ Stk# 4798. See dealer for details. The most award-winning small SUV • 31 mpg (hwy) • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive ® only, Ex Stk# 4798 and Stk# 4758.•See 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick Valid through 03/31/10. 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick orester purchase: price + destination, tax, dealer fees & license fees. In stock units dealer for details. Valid through 03/31/10. • Motor Trend’s 2010 Sport/Utility of the Year • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive **2010 Forester 2.5X lease: pymt + 2tax. 42 mos/10k due at lease inception, WAC. Total pymts=$10759.56, purchase ex• Stk# 4758. forPick details. Valid through 03/31/10. ® •most 2010 IIHS Top4 Safety PickSUV@ 2010 IIHS Topdealer Safety • 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick ofper 5 lease end=$11982.60. In stock units only, 2 See 27ofmpg (hwy) Redesigned–now larger and roomier 29 mpg (hwy) • Motor Trend’s 2010 Sport/Utility theyear, Year$3100 • The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive award-winning small 31 mpg (hwy) Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 2 price 4 and ***2010 Impreza/Forester purchase: destination,tax, tax,dealer fees&&license license fees.InInDrive stock units•most only, Ex Stk# 4798 andStk# Stk#4758. 4758. dealer fordetails. details.Valid Validthrough through 03/31/10. ® ***2010 Impreza/Forester purchase: price + +destination, fees fees. stock Stk# 4798 dealer for 03/31/10. 5See 27 Ex mpg (hwy) • IIHS Redesigned–now larger and roomier 29 mpg (hwy) tor Trend’s 2010 Sport/Utility of• IIHS the Year •dealer Symmetrical All-Wheel • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive •units The award-winning small SUVSee • 31 mpg (hwy) • Symmetrical Drive 2010only, IIHS Top Safety Pick 2010 Top2 Safety Pick 2010 TopAll-Wheel Safety Pick ® 5 2 tor Trend’sAll-Wheel 2010 Sport/Utility the(hwy) Year • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • Symmetrical Drive• 2010 The® most award-winning small 31 mpg (hwy)All-Wheel mmetrical Drive• 2010 • 2010 IIHS Top4 Safety Pick IIHS Top Safety Pick IIHS Top2 Safety Pick 27SUV mpg (hwy) Redesigned–now larger and roomier 29 of mpg 5 Trend’s 2010 Sport/Utility of the •Year • Symmetrical All-WheelPER Drive Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive The most • 31 mpg (hwy) mmetrical Drive• •29Motor MONTH LEASE/ 2010 IIHS award-winning Top Safety Picksmall 2010 IIHS Top2 Safety Pick • •Redesigned–now 10 IIHS TopAll-Wheel Safety Pick • 27SUV mpg (hwy)4 largerPER andMONTH roomier mpg (hwy)2 LEASE/ ® 5 2 • Motor Trend’s 2010 Sport/Utility of the Year • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • Symmetrical All-Wheel The most award-winning small SUV 31 mpg (hwy) Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 00 MONTHS 00Drive MONTHS PER MONTH LEASE/ • 2010 IIHS Top4 Safety Pick • 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick 10 IIHS Top2 Safety Pick 27 mpg (hwy) Redesigned–now larger and roomier mpg (hwy) PER MONTH LEASE/ 2 • The most small SUV5 • Redesigned–now larger and roomier • 31 mpg (hwy) • Symmetrical Drive 4 2010 IIHS award-winning TopCurrent Safety Pick 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick 2010 IIHS TopAll-Wheel Safety Pick 00in MONTHS Noblesville April 13, 00 MONTHS • 27 mpg (hwy) mpg (hwy)2 $0,000 Down Payment $0,000 Down Payment PER MONTH PER MONTH 4 Safety • 2010 IIHS TopPayment Pick LEASE/ • 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick • 2010 IIHS Top2 Safety Pick 27 mpg Redesigned–now larger andLEASE/ roomier 29 mpg (hwy) $0 (hwy) Security Deposit $0 Down Security Deposit $0,000 Down $0,000 Payment 00 MONTHS 00Lease MONTHS PER MONTH LEASE/ PER MONTH LEASE/ 2 4 $0 First Month’s Lease Payment $0 First Month’s Payment • 27 mpg • Redesigned–now larger and roomier • 29 mpg (hwy) $0 (hwy) Security Deposit $0 Security Deposit 00 MONTHS

00,000 00,000 $ 00,000 00,000$00,000 $000 000 $ $

$ $


$0,000 Down Payment

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PER MONTH$0,000 LEASE/ Down $0Payment First Lease Signing Payment $0,000 TotalMonth’s Due at Lease 00 MONTHS $0 Security Deposit PER MONTH$0,000 LEASE/ Down $0,000Payment Total Due at Lease Signing $0 Security First Month’s Lease Payment PER MONTH LEASE/ 00 MONTHS $0 Deposit AFA


000 000

$ $

$0,000 Down Payment

000 000 000 000 $

$ $

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00Lease MONTHS PER MONTH$0,000 LEASE/ Down $0Payment First Payment $0,000 TotalMonth’s Due at Lease Signing 00 MONTHS $0 Security Deposit PER MONTH$0,000 LEASE/ Down $0,000Payment Total Due at Lease Signing $0 Security First Month’s Lease Payment PER MONTH LEASE/ 00 MONTHS $0 Deposit AAA


2010 | 19

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What genealogical 'grade' are you? Take the test and find out COMMENTARY By Darla Kinney Scoles “Want to be a better genealogist? Take the inventory below to identify a baby step you can take…” Well now, who could resist such a come-on? Not me. Armed with information from March’s Genealogy Roundtable at the Hamilton East Public Library, I visited the Web site flaunting said offering and was off to find out how to be “better.” First, it seemed, I had to find out where I was. The site, The Ancestry Insider (ancestryinsider., asked me to begin by rating my genealogical maturity. While social maturity can be very subjective, genealogical maturity is quite quantifiable, it seems. One is either “entry,” “emerging,” “practicing,” “proficient” or “stellar.. Making my way through the survey, I selfgraded my use of sources, citations, information, evidence, conclusions, and conclusion trees. Conclusion trees? I was pretty sure I would end up in the “entry” category. Luckily, there is a ‘definition’ section below the survey. Completing the inventory, I scored as “emerg-

ing” I fell between 12-17 points - or emerging knowledge of how to do genealogy. “Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a five, or a four, or even a full three,” said the paragraph to follow. “No level is good or bad. It’s just like 2010 ES350 kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, with Premium Package 2010 E and high school. There is no shame in having 2010 IS250 ANC NTEN gone through the levels. with Premium Package MAI LUDED HS250h With All INC MAIN Premium Edition CE concentrate “The important thing is that TE Nyou Wheel Drive A N INCL NANCE with Navigation E T UDE on the small, realistic, measurable, baby steps N D MAaIbetter DED U that will make you genealogist.” L C With All N I Premium Edition YOUR I felt better already since I had passed the Wheel Drive “entry” level handily – effectively graduating CHOICE with Navigation kindergarten; and there was an upcoming work$ /MO. shop at which I could take one or two of those All leases are 36 month, 10,000 miles per year. IS requires $2745 Down with a total drive off of $4265.35, ES requires $3795 Down with a total drive off of $5388.75, baby steps. HS requires $2995 Down with a total drive off of $4534.29 My emerging advice? Take the survey and then pre-register for the April 24 Family History All Wheel Drive with Premium Package Workshop in Muncie at www.munciestakefhc. HARD TOP CONVERTIBLE org. Both are free, open to the public and stellar.

2010 ES350

2010 HS250h

399 YOUR 2010 IS250CHOICE $

2010 IS

2010 RX350


with Premium Package & Navigation



W $ NEW Darla Kinney Scoles is a freelance /MO. journalist living in Noblesville. Her most recent work involves All leases are 36 month, 10,000 miles per year. IS requires $2745 Down with a total drive off of $4265.35, ES requires $3795 Down with a total drive off of $5388.7 the creation of “Stories,” an HS requires $2995 Down with a total drive off of $4534.29 individualized writing service helping $ /MO. people get their personal histories down on paper. Contact her at Both leases are 36 month, 10,000 miles per year. IS Convertible requires $3995 Down with a total drive off of $5708.88, RX requires $3995 Down with a total drive off of $5688.19


2010 IS250


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BLACK W/IVORY LEATHER AND ONLY 29K MILES! L6036 ................................................ NOW

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2010 RX3

LEXUS CERTIFIEDAll Wheel Drive with Premi


‘07 LEXUS RX350


‘08 LEXUS RX350

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WHITE W/IVORY LEATHER AND ONLY 23K MILES! P6004. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOW













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Both leases are 36 month, 10,000 miles per year. IS Convertible requires $3995 Down with a totalSELECT drive off of $5708.88, RX requires $3995 Down with a total drive off of TOM WOOD ‘08 VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE






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BLACK W/BLACK LEATHER AND ONLY 19K MILES! 10799A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOW 25,988 $ BLUE W/BLACK LEATHER AND ONLY 45K MILES! HARDTO FIND P5994 ............................... NOW UNLIMITED ‘07MANUAL! JEEP WRANGLER SAHARA

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20 | April 13, 2010

23,688 26,995 27,435










Current in Noblesville ‘08 LEXUS ES350 PROOF O.K. BY: __________________________________________________


WHITE W/IVORY LEATHER AND ONLY 23K MILES! P6004. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOW ADVERTISER: TOM WOOD LEXUS


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‘07 LEXUS LS460 4610 E. 96th St. | Indianapolis BLACK W/BLACK LEATHER AND ONLY 41K MILES! L6040 ........................................................................... (888) 774-7738 ‘08 LEXUS RX400H


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SILVERW/BLACK LEATHERAND ONLY 23K MILES! 10943A............................................................................. ‘08 LEXUS LS600H L O.K. WITH CORRECTIONS BY:____________________________ SMOKEY GRANITEW/BLACK LEATHERAND ONLY 8K MI! FLAGSHIP LUXURY HYBRID! 10826A..................

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i love you mommy Y ou Deserve It Mom! Thanks Mom!My mom is the BEST!

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April 13, 2010 | 21

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Brace yourself for beetle-mania; they’ll have you screaming

Time to get your yard back into shape

COMMENTARY By Randy Sorrell What are those florescent pink flowering trees buried deep in the woods that are equally comfortable guarding the corners of suburban homes? Or the cheerful yellow wild flowering shrubs dominating woods’ edge? Ever wonder about the dainty pink or white flowering trees keeping those florescent guys company?  This fantastic ornamental loves the protected northern and eastern sites of homes and has a marvelous biblical connection. E-mail me if you care to hear the story of the blood-stained petals and crown of thorns. (Answers: redbuds, forsthia, dogwoods). Pears, crabapples and serviceberry, my determined favorite, all explode this time of year and may have challenged your above responses.


I hate to be a downer, especially fresh off our bronzed Spring Break perspectives, but someone has to bring reality into perspective. You probably already have this on your “to do” list, but it’s time to cut last years spent perennials and ornamental grasses to the ground. Yep, all the way to the ground. Fear not. They will return clean and perky, just like you after last week’s respite. Here are the next few sweat producers to manage, in this order: Start at the top and clean Answers to INDIANA WORDSMITH CHALLENGE: TONIC, CLOT, COIL, COIN, COLT, ICON, INTO, LINT, LION, LOCI, LOIN, OTIC, TOIL, CON, COT, INN, ION, LIT, LOT, NIL, NIT, NOT, OIL, TIC, TIN, TON Answers to BUILD THE WORDS: KATHRYN BIGELOW, BRICKYARD, BUENOS AIRES, NOBLESVILLE, MOTHER’S DAY

22 | April 13, 2010

the gutters, pick up the spent perennials and grasses you just cut back, prune shrub roses back to green stem growth, and then finish cleaning the beds of debris and leaves. To reduce maintenance, carefully spread a granular preemergent weed control and all-purpose fertilizer in the beds. Azaleas, roses, hydrangeas and rhododendrons appreciate plant-specific love, but it’s not critical. Phase two is tuff stuff if you have bloated bed lines. Nothing says perfection like a skillfully dug bed edge – think 4-6” deep at a 45-degree angle with smooth edges. Clumpy/jagged is tacky.  Now for the icing on the cake, mulch. A total of 3-4” is plenty, including previous years accumulation. Much more invites problems, pests and some other “P” word that escapes me now. Don’t you love the smell of good mulch, especially if someone else has installed it? Spring into life! Spring into family and the out of doors, where healing begins and the magic of life really does come true. 


Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+, a Carmel home improvement firm. He may be reached at 317-679-2565, or














COMMENTARY By Holly Funk Many gardeners know the serenity of gardening in May and June. Rain is sufficient, the air is just right and our gardens are full and lush. I am truly grateful for every minute because by the end of June, I’ll be in the throes of the inevitable Beetle Battle. I only have a couple of plants that Japanese beetles munch on. Being ever concerned for plants and their growth, I’ve learned that the beetles simply prefer some plants more than others, so keeping that in mind, I try not to plant those plants. I notice some plants every year, without fail, completely devoured by the beetles. Garden centers are packed with Purpleleafed Sandcherry this time of year. With light pink blooms and attractive foliage it seems like the perfect landscape plant and it is … until July, when it becomes an open smorgasbord for the Japanese beetles. What remains is a skeleton of a shrub … and beetle loathing ensues. Most types of plum are favored by beetles as well as cherry, apricot and peach, all of the same genus, prunus. We all know the roses suffer from beetle damage. The foliage and the flowers seem

105 Magnolia ln 6100 ManSfield CT 105 $409,900 Magnolia105 lnMagnolia ln 6100$255,900 ManSfield 6100 CTManSfield CT $409,900 $409,900 $255,900 MlS# 21005510 MlS# 2945006 $255,900 MlS# 21005510 MlS# 21005510 MlS# 2945006 MlS# 2945006 WonderSecluded 3acre

to be devoured equally, making it especially dreadful. The Knockout rose seems to defy that standard. American linden (Tilia americana) is susceptible to heavy infestations as well as Japanese maple (Acer palmatum), pin oak (Quercus palustris) and many species of apple (Malus sp.). When considering plants for your landscape, you may want to avoid these if you are a beetle basher. The good news? There are as many plants resistant to beetle feeding as there are plants susceptible to it. For example, burning bushes (Euonymous alatus) rarely succumb to beetle damage. Dogwood (Cornus sp.), redbud (Cercis canadensis) and red maple (Acer rubrum) are tough cookies too. Several evergreens such as holly (Ilex sp.), boxwood (Buxus sp.), yew (Taxus sp.) and juniper (Juniperus sp.) are usually safe from the gluttons. I could write a whole piece on battle tactics should you be ambushed. More on that later, but for now, enjoy your days free of the iridescent intruders…as they are definitely numbered. Holly Funk is an Indiana accredited horticulturist and advanced master gardener residing in Noblesville. Email your gardening woes (or wisdom) to hollyfunk75@yahoo. com.

499 BanBURy Rd 499 $224,900 BanBURy499 Rd BanBURy Rd $224,900 MlS# 21006075 $224,900 MlS# 21006075 MlS# 21006075 Outstanding

665 WoodRUff 665PlWoodRUff Mid dR 665 WoodRUff Pl Mid dR Pl Mid dR $209,900 $209,900 MlS# 2941253 $209,900 MlS# 2941253MlS# 2941253 Picture-perfect

WonderSecluded 3acre Secluded 3acre Outstanding ful 4BR/3BA Wonderwooded home 4BR/2+BA Outstanding ful 4BR/3BA ful 4BR/3BA Picture-perfect Picture-perfect wooded wooded home 4BR/2+BA 4BR/2+BA woodland-view home. Fenced site with home quick woodland-view woodland-view Fenced home. Fenced with woodland-view residence onwoodland-view site 4BR/2+BA w/FP, access toquick I65,site with quick Traditional- woodland-view home. residence on residence on 4BR/2+BA w/FP, access I65,access toSite I65,has TraditionalTraditional0.50 acres. Security system, hardwood w/FP, flooring & formal shops &torestaurants. style. Hardwood & tile floor- 4BR/2+BA 0.50 acres. Security 0.50 acres. system, Security system, hardwood flooring & formal flooring & formal shops & restaurants. shops & Site restaurants. has Site has style. Hardwood style. & Hardwood tile floor& tile floor2FPs, 3-car gar. Huge foyer, Sun room, large hardwoods and good ing, walk-in closets, breakfast dining room.hardwood 2FPs, 3-car gar. 2FPs, Huge 3-car foyer, gar. Huge foyer, dining room. dining Sun room, room. large hardwoods large and hardwoods good and good ing, walk-in closets, ing, walk-in breakfast closets, breakfast office. Workshop. parquet flooring, pantry. Sun room, drainage. nook & Deck. office. Workshop. office. Workshop. drainage. drainage. parquet flooring, parquet pantry. flooring, pantry. nook & Deck.nook & Deck. Patio & deck. Patio & deck. Patio & deck. Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085

Sold Sold Sold 5875 doveRTon dR 5875$137,900 doveRTon5875 dR doveRTon dR $137,900 MlS# 2847683 $137,900 MlS# 2847683MlS# 2847683 3BR/2+BA

Real Estate RealReal Estate Estate Career Seminar Career Seminar Career Seminar Saturday April 2010 Saturday Saturday April 24, 24, April 2010 24, 2010 9:00 10:00 a.m. 9:00 - 10:00 9:00 -a.m. 10:00 a.m. F. C. Carmel Office F. 1119 C. Tucker Tucker F. C. Tucker Carmel Carmel Office Office Keystone Way, Carmel, IN

3BR/2+BA single-level! 3BR/2+BA single-level! Some of the single-level! 1119 Keystone 1119 Way, Keystone Carmel, Way,INCarmel, IN Some the Some of the specialoffeatures special features specialhome features of this welcoming are of this welcoming of this home welcoming are home are vaulted ceilings, two-car vaulted ceilings, vaulted two-car ceilings, garage and fireplace. Walk-in two-car garage fireplace. garage Walk-in fireplace. Walk-in closets, and garden tub. and closets, garden closets, tub. garden tub. Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085 Si JohnSon, 216-4085

Current in Noblesville

Make free reservation now! Make your your Make free your reservation free reservation now! now! 317-846-7751 317-846-7751 317-846-7751 F. Inc. F. C. C. Tucker Tucker F. C. Company, Company, Tucker Company, Inc. Inc. Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Opportunity Employer

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DISPATCHES » HSHC adoption special – All feline and canine residents who have been waiting for homes 6 months or longer will have reduced adoption fees of just $50. And don't forget, those animals who were sponsored during the holidays STILL come with their amazing gift packages. You may just hit the double boogie bingo when you adopt a critter in April.   » When to call, when to go – Breathing difficulties in your cat are always scary, but when are they just a phone call, and when do you go straight to the vet’s office? Reasons to bypass the phone and head straight to the office include a near drowning or bluish or white gums. But if your cat is merely having some difficulty breathing with either shallower or heavier breaths than usual, or if your cat is continuously coughing or sneezing, call the vet to find out what to do next. - 

Animals depend on humans to speak up for protection COMMENTARY By Rebecca Stevens Since we recently lost a puppy named Bear as a result of serious abuse a timely topic to discuss is April’s  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Unfortunately, the Humane Society for Hamilton County receives on a regular basis animals who have been victims of neglect or abuse.  These situations aren’t always obvious. Here are some signs to look for: Physical signs • Collar so tight that it has caused a neck wound or has become embedded in the pet’s neck • Open wounds, signs of multiple healed wounds or an ongoing injury or illness that isn’t being treated • Untreated skin conditions that have caused loss of hair, scaly skin, bumps or rashes • Extreme thinness, or emaciation (bones may be visible under the flesh) • Infested with fleas, ticks or other parasites • Signs of inadequate grooming, such as extreme matting of fur and overgrown nails • Weakness, limping or the inability to stand or walk normally

• Heavy discharge from eyes or nose • An owner or individual(s) physically abusing an animal Environmental Signs • Pets tied up alone outside for long periods of time without adequate food or water • Pets kept outside in inclement weather without access to adequate shelter • Pets kept in an area littered with feces, garbage, broken glass or other harmful objects • Animals housed in kennels or cages (often crowded in with other animals) that are too small to allow them to stand, turn around and make normal movements Humans must speak for these innocent animals who are counting on us to keep them safe. If you suspect an animal is being abused or you witness an abusive act, please report it to the police immediately.  You can also report abuse anonymously to the Humane Society by emailing concerns to hshc@ or calling 773-4974. Rebecca Stevens is executive director of the Humane Society for Hamilton County . You may contact her with questions, solutions and story suggestions at hamiltonhumane@


PETS OF THE WEEK Violet is a 2-year-old female black American pit bull terrier mix. Violet is a sweet little girl who was brought to the shelter by a kind person who noticed her and her three puppies roaming alone and at risk of being hit by a car. She had been caring for her babies to the detriment of her own health; she was extremely emaciated. The shelter was able to find a foster home in which she could continue nursing the puppies and be out of the chaos of the kennel. Happily, all of Violet's puppies found their forever homes, but not Violet. Checkers is a 7-year-old male black and white DLH. Checkers arrived at the shelter a few days before Christmas cold, scared and very underweight. He went into a foster home for awhile and is now healthy and feeling better. Checkers is a bit independent, but he really does enjoy human interaction and would love to finally have a home to call his own. Checkers is neutered, litter box trained. For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974 or go to

Welcome Back Spring!


SaleS • InStallatIon • ServIce • Backflow teStIng Winterization and Spring Start UpS

roger rose Owner

office: (317) 769-3345 Fax: (317) 769-5084

po Box 68403 indianapolis, in 46268 • • • • • • •

Individual & Family Burial Space Estate Lots Individual & Family Cremation Space Cremation Inurnment Niche Mausoleums Monuments Memorials

Carmel Cemetery Association 1000 N. Rangeline Rd. Carmel, Indiana

Call us today. Our initial consultation is free. 317.575.0482 - Carmel, Indiana

Serving Carmel and surrounding communities since 1833


We made it! Spring is finally here and it’s time to move our fun to the outdoors. If you have an interest in creating an incredible outdoor living space, we would love to hear from you. Enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy life. Current in Noblesville

Landscaping and Remodeling Experts Call for a FREE consultation - 317.575.0482 April 13, 2010 | 23

Furnace & Air & Air Furnace Conditioner Blowout Conditioner Blowout “Indy’s Oldest Heating & Cooling Co.” $600 Off$600 “Indy’s Oldest Heating Off & Cooling Co.” 125th Anniversary Furnace & Air 125th Anniversary Conditioner Blowout Furnace & Air 1/2 OFFFREE $59.95 $59.95 1/2 OFF Conditioner $600 Off Blowout

Views | Community | Anti-Aging | Dough | Diversions | Panache | Education | Lifestyle | Inside & Out | Pets | Obituaries | Laughs | Puzzles For the latest and expanded versions of obituaries and photos, visit Bobby Allen Mills, 71, passed away April 2 at the Indiana Heart Hospital in Indianapolis. Mills was born in Covington, Ky., on July 8, 1938 to the late Lewis R. and Margaret (Haun) Mills. He is survived by his wife Michaelene “Michey” Mills; daughter Zella (Eric) Hendrickson of Noblesville; son, Bryan (Cathie) Mills of Noblesville; son, Kent (Teresa) Mills of Noblesville, 12 grandchildren: Laney Elkins, Leif Hendrickson, Melissa Hendrickson, Lance Hendrickson, Molly Elkins, Brandon (Abby) Mills, Dusty Mills, Jake Mills, Nick Mills, Kyle Monday, Zach (Vashawna) Mills, and Bobbi Mills; 4 adopted grandchildren: Tyrone Tomlin, Greg Harrison, Chris Roberts, and Kenny Roberts: and one great-grandchild, Madison Mills. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his sister, Naudine Belew. A celebration of Mills’ life will be at 11:30 a.m. April 13 at the Noblesville Youth Baseball’s “Field of Dreams.” David L. Messersmith, 81, Noblesville, passed away March 31 at Riverwalk Village in Noblesville. He was born May 9, 1928 in Indianapolis to Bertha (Simmons) and Everett Messersmith. He is survived by his wife, Alice Messersmith; God-daughter, Debbie Letherwood of Gardendale, Alabama; Godgranddaughter Shannon Hinshaw; nieces and nephews; and sister-in-laws, Orena Messersmith and Dorothy Messersmith.

24 | April 13, 2010

Gladys Pretorius, Noblesville, passed away on April 1. She was born in North Manchester, Ind., to Orville and Zeulah (Allisbaugh) Kanower. She is preceded in death by her husband, Donald Pretorius in 1993; and sister and brother-in-law, Lois and Omer Belt; and sister-in-law, Louise Butler.

Orian T. ‘O.T.’ Goad, 93, Noblesville, passed away April 1 at The Lodge Assisted Living in Noblesville. He was born Dec. 31, 1916 in Sullivan, Ind., to Orian B. and Lilly B. (White) Still Goad. He is survived by wife, Martha L. Locally Goad ofOwned Noblesville; daughter, Donna K. Brock of Fishers; son, Thomas L. Goad of San Marcos, Calif.; two grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Up to $1500 Federal Tax Credit Up to $1000 State Rebate Installation of a New of aUtility New Co. Up toInstallation $400 Cash Back Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner, $600 Heat Pump or Furnace Heat Pump or Furnace a New Furnace, Cannot be combined with anyInstallation other Cannot be of combined with any other Still Locally Owned offer. Must be presented at time of service. offer. Must be presented at time of service. Heat Pump or Air Conditioner &Expires Operated 9-30-08. M-F 8-4 THIELEExpires 639-1111 9-30-08. M-F 8-4 THIELE 639-1111 3-31-10.

127th Anniversary Furnace & Air Conditioner Blowout


v Carol J. (Hines) Rood, 84, Noblesville, passed $a 99050 away April 1 at Riverview Hospital in Noblesville. or SERVICE $$ 8 45CALL SERVICEFurnace, Heat Pump or CALL Heat PumpFurnace, With Any Repair She was born June 4, 1925 in Indianapolis to With AnyAir Repair Conditioner Tune-Up Air Conditioner Tune-Up Thomas and Mary (Powell) Hines. She is precedCannot be combined with any other Cannot be combined with any other Cannot be combined with any other Cannot be combined with any other Installation of a New offer. Must be presented at time of service. offer. Must be presented at time of service. offer. Must be presented at time of service. offer. Must be presented at time of service. ed in death by her husband, Herschel Rood. 9-30-08. M-F 8-4 THIELEExpires 639-19-30-08. M-F 8-4 Air Conditioner, Expires 5-06-10. 9-30-08. M-F 8-4 THIELEExpires 639-1111 5-06-10. M-F 8-4 THIELE 639-1111 Virginia Ann “Ginger” (Zwiefelhofer) Key, 62, Heat Pump or Furnace Indianapolis, passed away April 2 at Riverview Cannot be combined with any other StillHassle LocallyFinancing Owned No offer. Must be presented at time of service. Hospital in Noblesville. She was born June & Operated Expires 9-30-08. M-F 8-4 THIELE 639-1111 Available! WAC 1, 1947 in Wisconsin to Robert and Frances Installation of a New Zwiefelhofer. She is survived by daughter, Tamra Air Conditioner, e Bryant of Indianapolis; son, Jeff (Tammy) Elmore Heat Pump or Furnace v 0 $aStill 0Locally Cannot be combined with any other of Cicero; brother, Sam (Mickie) Zwiefelhofer Owned offer. Must be presented at time of service. $ 45& Operated Furnace, Heat Pump or SERVICE CALL of Kokomo; sister, Elizabeth (Edward) Gamble Expires 9-30-08. M-F 8-4 THIELE 639-1111 With Any Repair Air Conditioner Tune-Up of Cicero; sister, Rosemary (Jay) Wilkenson Cannot be combined with any other Cannot be combined with any other of Atlanta; brother, Bill (Linda) Zwiefelhofer R ELAX. I T’S Roffer. HEEM. offer. Must be presented at time of service. Must be presented at time of service. Expires 9-30-08. M-F 8-4 THIELE 639-1111 Expires 9-30-08. of Sharpsville; sister, Roberta Zwiefelhofer of ave00M-F 8-4 THIELE 639-1111 $ Noblesville and her four grandchildren, Tyler & CALL TODAY! $ 45 Furnace, Heat Pump or SERVICE CALL CALL TODAY! Tristan Elmore, and Tanner and Rylee Bryant. With Any Repair Air Conditioner Tune-Up

$600 Off

1/2 OFF


Current in Noblesville


1/2 OFF

$59.95 639-1111 639-1111

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A meal lasts a lifetime – picture or no picture COMMENTARY By Mike Redmond Just back from vacation. As they used to say in my hometownpaper, The Hooterville World Guardian, a good time was had by all and refreshments were served. About those refreshments … I noticed something on this trip that puzzled me. Every time I sat down to eat, someone at a table nearby would produce a camera and start flashing away, paparazzi style. No, not at me. At their food. I’m not kidding. Every single meal – and I ate a lot of ‘em – someone would be aiming a camera – cell phone, point-and-shoot, single-lens reflex – at their plate. Didn’t matter what it was, either. From a hamburger and fries to a lobster dinner, they all got the “Say CHEESE” treatment. Including the cheese. Now, I have been a photographer, and I have done food photography for newspapers, but I’ve never photographed my own food. In fact, the whole idea seems just a little weird to me. And for a guy who knows weird as well as I do, that is saying something. Maybe it’s because I am half-McKenzie, which means my veins are coursing with the blood of a people who remember every meal they have ever eaten. I am not kidding. Come to one of our family reunions sometime. The top three conversational topics are What I Am Eating, What I Have Eaten, and What I Hope To Eat Someday. When do we have these conversations? While we’re eating, of course. Of course, we have our favorites – the classics, if you will: Grandma McKenzie’s fried and braised squirrel; fresh hams with their crispy crackling skin and rich, tender meat (generally preferred to roast beef, in part because hogs paid a lot of McKenzie mortgages); glorious new asparagus, unburdened by sauces; morel

mushrooms, one of the signs that truly we have a Benevolent Creator who wants us to be happy; and desserts of all descriptions. All are remembered fondly, recreated faithfully or anticipated hungrily. Usually when we’re standing in the buffet line. I also have keen memories of restaurant meals, some of them almost 50 years old, from simple hamburgers at a drive-in in Huntington to lobster ravioli at an Indianapolis restaurant that closed before I was able to go back and make sure I hadn’t imagined the entire thing, to boudin sausage eaten at a small chrome-legged table in a shack added onto a gas station near Lafayette, La.They are as alive in my memory as if I had eaten them yesterday. Which brings up an interesting point. Why is it that I can remember all these meals from long ago, but am not entirely certain about what I might have had for dinner last night? This points out the value of taking photos of your food, at least for those of us who have a few thousand miles on the odometer. Don’t remember what you ate? Look on your camera. I’ve talked to some people about their food photos, though, and I don’t think that’s exactly why they do it. I think they’re using the photos as more of a visual diary, which is actually kind of cool. And useful. No more arguments over whether the pizza was with pepperoni or sausage. Now you’ll have conclusive proof. Which gets me back to what I ate last night. I just remembered. Canned tuna. No photo necessary. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.

4th Annual

Presented by:

100 Years Strong • 1910-2010

April 27, 2010 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex Join us at Excelerate Hendricks County! held at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex for free business seminars, business vendor booths and lunch. Participants may register at or

PROGRAM 8:00 a.m.

Registration and Vendor Booths open with coffee and bagels available.

9:15 a.m.

Reaching your financial goals presented by State Bank of Lizton.

i ven is e to th Welcomes you 

- Employee satisfaction programs.


2:15 p.m.

Integrating Social Media: How to bring your offline advertising to live online with social media Taulbee Jackson Raidious Digital Content Services Raidious is a digital marketing firm with special expertise in social media, blogging, e-mail marketing, web video, and mobile device marketing. Raidious makes, manages, monitors, moderates and measures social media in tandem with your brand’s online and offline marketing. We make the content that makes digital marketing work. Find out more at

3:15 p.m.

Networking, Simple not Easy Tony Scelzo Founder Rainmakers Tony Scelzo is the founder and CEO of Rainmakers Marketing Group, Indiana’s fastest growing, B2B networking group, providing professionals a forum to meet, learn and grow. He founded Rainmakers in 2002 which now has grown to over 1,500 small business


10:15 a.m. Excelerate Your Hendricks Business County Business Leader Experts: Panelists Cover Party consist of professionals from SCORE; SBDC; HCEDP & FRANNET

11:30 a.m. Lunch/Keynote Speaker

Jeff Ready Founder and CEO of Scale Computing is a Hoosier native and graduate of Rose Hulman. Ready founded Scale Computing in 2007, and in 2008, the company shipped its first product. In 2009, it raised $5 million through a partnership with three Indiana venture capital firms and a $2 million grant from the state’s 21st Century Fund.

1:15 p.m. Helping Owners and the Self-

A.M. REAL ESTATE Brookside Subdivision

Just In Time For Spring! Come experience how your guests will feel being welcomed by the grandest of entries. Granite kitchen countertops, lavish baths and closets, home theater. With over 6,000 sq. ft, there’s plenty of space for pool table and workout area in the lower level. Located in the prestigious Brookside subdivision just north of Bridgewater Country Club.

Employed Succeed in Business Tom Barnes Owner of The Growth Coach. The Growth Coach - Leadership coaching - Process improvements - Improving financial results - Establishing Key Performance Indicators


4:15 p.m.

Networking the Rainmakers Way Reception

For more information call Rita DeKlyen at (317) 459-7593

Proudly offered by A. M. Home Rentals for a monthly rental in the 3’s. Contact Jim Canull for a private viewing. 507-4431.

Current in Noblesville

April 13, 2010 | 25

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A Day for Horse Lovers! Saturday April 17, 10am – 4pm Enter our drawings to WIN PRIZES! FREE HORSE RIDES Riding Exhibitions • Barn Tours Training and Grooming Demonstrations LEARN ABOUT Lessons • 2010 Summer Camps Now Booking Birthday Parties To learn more call 317-531-1326 or visit Current Crossword 1

























25 31




32 36 42










49 54



60 64


Beautiful Custom Kitchens and so much more!

RECEIVE 20% OFF ANY REMODELING PROJECT (Good with this ad thru May 2010. Up to a $6,000.00 discount).

Jon Garretson: 317-442-1901 Fax: 317-773-1659 Indiana Wordsmith Challenge


56 61

65 71






26 | April 13, 2010




Across 1. Seats at St. Luke Church 5. Ponzi scheme, e.g. 9. Massenet work for the Indianapolis Opera 14. Asian nurse 15. IU’s Arizona community college partner 16. Flinch 17. Earring site 18. Assert 19. The Dow, e.g. 20. Squirrel away 22. Have in mind 24. Obama campaign slogan: ___ We Can 25. Pledge of Allegiance ender 27. Current printer’s supply 28. What Leary tripped on 31. ACE Hardward buy 33. Common Dad’s Club soccer game score 34. Eiteljorg Museum tribe 35. Flower feature at McNamara Florist 37. Greencastle school 39. “___ bitten, twice shy” 42. Used to be 44. ___ Tuesday restuarant 45. Boilermakers school 48. Westfield HS choir voice 51. Hamilton Co. Sheriff’s blotter letters



63 69






62 66




raftsmanship at a





Hoosier Hodgepodge



Garretson Custom Fra ming Q C p y C a

Build the words

52. Airport expressway name: ___ Jones 54. Cuban steps at Let’s Dance Club 57. KFC chicken order 58. Bright House cable network 59. City Council affirmative vote 60. FedEx competitor 62. Plant disease 64. PetSmart aquarium fish 66. Hit a fly just past the Noblesville HS infield 69. ___ Office Solutions 71. Fill to excess 72. U.S. ___ 40 73. Marsh cornstarch brand 74. Perdue layers 75. Chose 76. Amber Indian Restaurant bread 77. Guesstimate phrase (2 wds.) Down 1. Part of UCPA of Greater Indiana 2. Overacts at the IRT 3. Crawfordsville school 4. Cows, sows and ewes at the Indiana State Fair 5. David and Mary Salon, e.g. 6. Indiana’s rules and regulations (2 wds.) 7. Final word at United Methodist Church 8. Indy University founded by Rev. Fr. Boniface Hardin in 1977

9. Glow like a star 10. Rear 11. In addition 12. Indianapolis hockey team 13. BMV driver’s license datum 21. Possess 23. Oklahoma city 26. Carmel Racquet Club court call 28. Kona Grill outdoor party 29. Torn ticket at Clowes Hall

30. Wet, as morning grass 32. Indianapolis Star section 36. Hamilton Co. Humane Society dog, briefly 38. Carmel HS spring dance 39. Iridescent gem at Kay Jewelers 40. Microwave, slangily 41. Rugged rock 43. Randolph County town east of Muncie

Current in Noblesville

46. Took over 47. ___ Street Realty 49. Like a wallflower 50. Wild Birds Unlimited food 53. Catholic University in Indy 55. Home of the Bulldogs 56. Woody’s Library Restaurant kitchen wear 61. Final approval

62. Shower with love 63. McAlister’s Deli gumbo vegetable 65. Marengo Cave sound effect 66. Sis’s sib 67. Chop off 68. Victory Field ump’s call 70. Bistro de Paris negative

Solutions on page 22

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489.4444 ext. 202


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 62,719 homes weekly




Saturday, April 17:

Small to med lawn maintenance

Shopping for car insurance? Call me first. Save even more than before with Allstate. Drivers who switched to Allstate saved an average of $353 a year. You could be surprised by how much you’ll save. Ranj Puthran 844-4683

Music Mill Indy

Push Mower Weed Eater & Clean-Up; Carmel-Westfield area BEST RATE IN TOWN Call Rick – 317-319-3030

Friday, April 30:

Hancock Telethon-Greenfield High School

Discontinued Stock Close Out Sale

Saturday, May 1:


Crump Theatre-Columbus

INTERIOR – EXTERIOR Quality Workmanship Over 25 Years Experience Reasonable Prices & References Free Estimates Insured Call Steve 317-773-1834


…for one week with weekly mowing for entire season Call Jonathan Walla 2010 IU Business Grad Professional Equipment / Low Prices Most Lawns $30-35 Includes MOWING, EDGING, TRIMMING 698-5480 for FREE ESTIMATE

Moen Faucets $50.00 American Standard Sinks $15.00 - $20.00 Hundreds of other items priced to move! Please call or stop by for details 317-844-4434 415 W. Carmel Drive


Jackson’s On


 Lawn Care the





 fully insured, reliable, responsible Family Owned and Operated and professional residential cleaning for Over 36 Years! service offering custom cleaning Reliable/Reasonable solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of your family and lifestyle. Mowing • Fertilizer • Landscape 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Gutter Cleaning • Snow Removal 

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Free Estimates




Pre School


Generate Financial Freedom

A unique preschool in Carmel Registrations are now open! Classes start now and summer Info: (317) 575-9379 Visit us at:


Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons near Carey Road & 146th Carmel 317-



Women’s self-Defense course

starting April 27th. Six- week course provides women with the skills and knowledge to escape from an attacker or sexual assault. To inquire call Greg at 506-0973 or go to

Mulching, Fertilization,

Call today to get on the schedule for mowing, fertilization and Mulching

from Home $3,000-10,000 a week Executive Position Unbelievable Wealth Build Wealth for your Family



Rockstar delivery drivers and sandwich artists at all of our Indy and Carmel locations. Please apply in person at any of our locations!!

Call Rick 317-755-4069

Pergolas, Pavers & Ponds

locally owned and operated


You can make a real difference IN-HOME SENIOR We need dependable, caring, mature people ready to work. Assist elderly w/ personal care, meal prep, housekeeping, transportation. Full days, overnights & weekends. Must have phone, valid drivers license, reliable car & car ins. We have health insurance and 401k. Call (317) 774-1750 Home Instead Senior Care




OPEN HOUSE SAT & SUN 12p - 4p 4 BDR & 3 BATH / 3 Car Garage Spectacular Private Backyard $224,500 317-362-6444 14475 Dublin Dr. Carmel 46033 1658189909.html

3 homes in Carmel on Hazelwood Ct in Foster Grove, NW corner of Main & Gray. Fri April 16th & Sat 17th-Sat until noon. Lots American Girl, Wilton cake pans, crocks, old GI Joe, Children’s clothing ,furniture, and much more.


I BUY: Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rolex, Diamonds, Old Coins, Bullion Coins, silverware, Old watches, estate items and anything of value. Call 317-4965581 or visit us today at www.

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All New QUEEN PILLOW TOP Mattress Set. $150 still in bag Can Deliver (317) 223-9301

3 bed/2 bath home ONLY $725/mo! Clubhouse and swimming pool! 888-825-3038

Current in Noblesville

'Tis the season for garage sales. Call Dennis O'Malia at 370.0749 to advertise yours. April 13, 2010 | 27

5124.17.MQ.Current Magazine(Back Page)-04:layout 4/7/10 2:23 PM Page 1

Go Green & Save Green! Save up to $3,420 off a NEW Trane Air Conditioning System

with Manufacturer & Utility Rebates, State and Federal Tax Credits and Special “Zero” Financing! Save Money and the Environment. The EPA encourages homeowners to use ENERGY STAR products. They use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment.

✓ Trane Consumer Rebate (up to $1,000) ✓ Federal Tax Credits (30% of the Purchase Price up to $1,500) ✓ Indiana Energy Star Rebate (up to $500) ✓ Indiana Utility Rebates (up to $420)

We Repair and Maintain

All Major Brands

Federal Stimulus HEATING



Credits Available


Replace Your Old Inefficient Cooling/Heating System Now And Save up to $3,420! Get “Never-Seen-Before” Tax Credits & Rebates; Plus Pay “Nothing” Down/No Interest for 12 Months and Say Goodbye to High Energy Bills and Costly Repairs for Years to Come!

For Comfort Today: (317) 451-4701 or online: vice Cooling, Electrical, Plumbing Ser

5 ! 9 E .0 E 0 R F Air Conditioning


A/C, Electrical or Plumbing

Water Heater Special

100 Off


Any Size High-Efficiency

nt Save Money & the Environme


Maintenance Special


Up To


High-Efficiency Trane System

Super Tune-Up Service Call Water Heater Cooling/Heating

A Cooling System Tune-Up Reduces Energy Costs, Increases Safety, Comfort & Reliabil ity!





Present coupon at time of servic e. Not valid on previous purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers. No cash value. Offer expires 5/15/10. CM0 410

Call Fee) We’ll Waive the Trip Charge (Service e! with Any Repair. A $69 Valu





e. Not valid on emergencies Present coupon at time of servic ined with other offers. No comb be ot Cann s. night or overCM0410 cash value. Offer expires 5/15/10.

Reduce the Expense of Heating the Wate r for Your Home with a High-Efficiency Water Heater! ($100 Trade-In)!





Present coupon at time of servic e. Not valid on previous purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers. No cash value. Offer expires 5/15/10. CM0 410

Indiana Utility Includes Trane Manufacturer’s Rebate, Financing ial Spec and its Cred Tax ral Rebate, Fede





l & efficiency, some restrictions Rebates and Financing based on mode t coupon at time of service. Presen . below ation inform ional apply. Addit t be combined with other Not valid on previous purchases. Canno 5/15/10. CM0410 offers. No cash value. Offer expires

Trane Manufacturer Rebate (up to a max. of $1,000) available March 1 - May 30, 2010 with the purchase of an XL20i with a matched variable-speed indoor unit. Indiana utility rebates (up to $420) and Federal tax credits (30% of purchase price-up to $1,500) are based on model and efficiency and are not subtracted from the purchase price (see for details). Indiana Energy Star Appliance Rebate on Energy Star rated furnaces, boilers, HVAC systems, geothermal heat pumps purchased and installed AFTER February 1, 2010, while funds available . 12 month no down payment/no interest financing ($199 Value) charges accrue from the date of sale unless the same as cash plan balance is paid in full prior to the same as cash expiration date, in which cas e they are waived. Regular credit terms apply after the same as cash period expires. APR is Prime Rate plus 22.74%. Minimum finance charge: $2.00. Terms subject to change without notice. Financing requires minimum monthly payments and subject to credit approval. Must be presented at time of purchase. Not valid on previous sales. Cannot be combined. Plumbing License #: PC10902078. Expires 5/15/10.

28 | April 13, 2010

Current in Noblesville

April 13, 2010  

Current in Noblesville

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