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Sleep Equals Health

Georgiann Linnemeier blends the responsibilities of scientist and physician as the executive director of WORD / P2 FREE Sleep Disorders Seminar MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 6:30 P.M. See back page for more details.

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Georgiann Linnemeier blends the responsibilities of scientist and physician as the executive director of WORD By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

Serendipity. If you ask Dr. Georgiann Linnemeier how she came to be the director of chemotherapy for Indiana Women’s Oncology (IWO) and later the executive director of Women’s Oncology Research and Development (WORD), that’s the word she’ll use. Linnemeier’s resume is a long and varied one, and one that might not naturally lead to work in women’s oncology. Although she is an M.D., much of her career has not centered around oncology. But when her mother sought treatment for uterine cancer, Linnemeier WORD is a 501(c)3 non-profit discovered an oporganization committed to creating a portunity to use her network of physicians and scientists background to make a committed to conquering gynecologic difference for women cancers through catalyzing new suffering from reproand expanded clinical, scientific and ductive cancers. educational research. “When they were If you would like more information interested in doing about WORD or would like to make a chemotherapy in their contribution to further their research office, they asked me and education capabilities, you can if I would be willing visit or to set the program up write to and get it running, WORD in Indiana. The P.O. Box 40849 and I had plenty of ultimate goal of Indianapolis, IN 46240 time to become eduthe organization cated and informed in is not only to provide research for better this area,” Linnemeier said. treatments or even a cure for gynecologic What started as a way to be involved in helping women suffering from cancer later cancers, but also to educate women regarding the risk factors and warning signs as evolved into the not-for-profit organizawell as spreading the word about preventation WORD. She explained, “It doesn’t tive measures like the HPV vaccination. take too long when you’re involved in “A recent study showed that women are treating patients to realize that there’s a concerned about the health of their reprotremendous amount of need, and I think ductive organs, but yet they really couldn’t frankly it’s a matter of being able to offer hope to women who are suffering the dev- name symptoms or risk factors involved, so there’s a tremendous need for more inastating effects of this type of cancer.” formation to be delivered and delivered in The need Linnemeier saw was one of an effective way,” Linnemeier explained. both research and education. WORD is Linnemeier serves as a translational or the brainchild of Doctors Linnemeier, bench-to-bedside scientist for WORD: John Geisler and Kelly Manahan, all of IWO. They have formed partnerships with she bridges the gap between researchers in the lab and physicians and patients in the Purdue University, the Department of Defense and other MDs around the coun- office. That gap, she explains, is actually quite wide. With one foot in the clinic and try for research. And although Doctors one in the lab, however, she notes that “we Geisler and Manahan are relocating to have the ability to provide the clinical inOhio, WORD will stay firmly planted


formation to say, ‘this type of cancer is the one we want to look at, this is the one we have the most trouble treating, and this is the one that causes the fewest symptoms.’ ” The position with WORD is one for which Linnemeier receives no paycheck. The reward, however, is great in terms of hope for the future: “I am hopeful because I think we’re on the really steep part of an upswing. I think we’re there with the science and that when we find a breakthrough we’re going to shoot up really fast. The pieces are going to start to fall into place very quickly.” And her work with patients, work that some might see as somber, is also a source of great inspiration for her. “On a purely personal and spiritual level, this type of work is inspiring,” she explained. “These ladies are amazing. They are so resilient and positive and supportive of each other . . . they don’t give up easily, so it’s inspiring in that sense.”

Young Women: • Get the HPV vaccination for cervical cancer if you are 11-26 years old. • Have yearly gynecological exams, including a pap test. Older Women: • Report any bleeding after menopause immediately to your gynecologist. All Women: • Know your family history. A history of ovarian or breast cancer is a risk factor for ovarian cancer. • Control your weight. Being overweight is one of the greatest risk factors for female reproductive cancers. • Pay attention to your body and know what is normal for you. • Report even vague symptoms like bloating, fullness, fatigue or backaches to your gynecologist. • Be persistent with your physician if you feel something is wrong. • If you are diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer, see a gynecologic oncologist – a doctor whose specialty is cancers of the female reproductive system.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


OUR TAKES It is our position that American citizens should read and understand the constitutions of the United States and Indiana. We all can use a refresher course on what the founding fathers intended for the generations that followed the launch of this nation. Continuing this week, we are running an excerpt from an article of the Indiana Constitution. Today, we offer Article I, Section 1: “WE DECLARE, That all people are created equal; that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights; that among these

, Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. III, No. 9 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

Stealing CAlm

are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that all power is inherent in the People; and that all free governments are, and of right ought to be, founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and well-being. For the advancement of these ends, the People have, at all times, an indefeasible right to alter and reform their government..” To view the U.S. Constitution and the Indiana Constitution in their entirety, go to and code/const/, respectively.

It is our position that the spike in burglaries recently reported throughout Hamilton County is unacceptable. The largest growth over last year in the number of burglaries is actually in Carmel, which has experienced an increase of 29 percent. Our Hamilton County neighboring communities are experiencing a similar problem, but not to the same degree as we are in Carmel: burglaries are up 23 percent this year in Fishers and up 17 percent in Noblesville when compared to last year. It could be that the tightening economy, holiday spending and cold weather approaching is behind the disturbing trend. Or it could be that rings of “professional”

thieves are expanding their business into our communities. Both are likely correct. But even as our good law enforcement officials are reminding us, and appropriately so, that we need to be vigilant and on the watch for criminal activity, we are opening our hearts and minds for the holiday season. How can it be in this time of cheer and good will towards men, that we need to invest in alarm systems and deadbolts? We must pay attention to the travel plans of our friends and neighbors. Watch their homes and property. And call the police if something seems amiss. This community is ours – not the criminal’s.


our constitutions matter

CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 Executive Editor – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Managing Editor – Mike Beas / 730.4833 Art Director – Zachary Ross / 787-3291 Associate Artist – Stefanie Lorenz / 340.1836 Reporter – Brandon Bowman / 489.4444 Reporter – Bryan Unruh / 489.4444 Cartoonist – Tim Campbell

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Through the Eyes of a Child


very December some newsbeaming smiles depicted in the brochures. caster, columnist or town crier We excuse the behavior with references proclaims that we should look to tight budgets and divided families. But at the holidays through the eyes in truth, many of us have forgotten how of a child. Thus, we must step to relax and enjoy life. Kids spend almost back from our usually jaded every waking minute looking (and often exhausted) adult for laughter, entertainment point of view and consider and joy. And as they age, the the wonder, sparkle and joy serious weight of pop-quizzes associated with being at home and entrance exams begins to with family, snuggled safely focus their energies. That in in the bosom of hearth and itself is not a bad thing. But, home. While I’m not one so many of us forget to cling to long for the days of yore to the legitimate search for – I’ve earned my years and the amusement. wisdom that goes along with With few adult role models them, and have little interest in fun-maintenance, teenagin returning to some idealers often mistake destruction ized and romantic view of the or drinking or irresponsible Terry unpolluted thoughts of youth dating for fun. What hapAnker – it might be worth considerpened to a late-night game of ing why we adults work so pinnacle with goofy grandma? hard to remove all of the fun from our Didn’t that used to be fun? Isn’t it still? lives. If we don’t laugh enough – we should Every few years our family makes the actively seek fun. In the process we might trek to the Magic Kingdom or some such teach our kids (and ourselves) that joy is Mecca of elementary-aged indulgence. all around us. We simply need to accept it. And with each visit we seem to encounter Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current as many cranky, over-sunned and underin Carmel. You may e-mail him at terry@curfunned adults as we do ones with the

FREE CHOICE ACT: THREAT TO BUSINESS The Employee Free Choice Act is inappropriately titled. While it portends helping our working families improve their standard of living, among other benefits, our take is this: We don’t want Congress passing any additional intrusive legislation telling businesses how they can operate. It may be true that workers in unions earn 30 percent higher wages and are 59 percent more likely to have employerprovided health insurance, but wage-andbenefit decisions (absent minimum-wage guidelines) must belong to the companies that make this economy. Congress helping to bring about more unions in the workplace is a direct threat to letting the free market reign. When we use that phrase, we do so with everything connected to a business in mind. That means internal and external workings and initiatives. Would we support a union in our organization? In no way, shape or form. We’ve worked for unions in our industry, and they’ve been limp-wristed organizations that have done very little of what many members believed they were getting upon signing the membership card and paying the dues. Too, a preponderance of union membership in this industry seems to be-

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Focused Dentistry

proudly serves the Carmel. Community

Vehicular Homicide Of the three American automakers, Ford was able to obtain credit, $19 billion before the banks froze it. Ford is still sitting on that money; they’ve done little to innovate or retool, the product is the same they’ve been offering for 60 years. Chrysler recently sold the rights to their successful mini-van, closed much of their production line and has been stockpiling vehicles around the country. Their assets are in overstocked steel. Ford and Chrysler still have assets to draw from. GM is the only American automaker moving ahead in the field of hydrogen-powered cars. They have begun to retool factories to produce efficient, smaller, hybrid cars that Americans don’t want. Because gas prices are back down, GM is once again selling their behemoths to Americans who want to be bigger. American automakers’ biggest sin is that rather than create a fuel-efficient vehicle that was affordable and reliable, they’ve perpetuated America’s addiction to fossil fuel by offering buyers of trucks gas for a year at $1.99 a gallon. Like a successful drug dealer, they’re keeping the user strung out. All three automakers have been producing small, efficient cars in other

nations; most of those vehicles are not offered in the United States. Much of this should rest squarely on the shoulders of the American consumer. What do you drive? A nice hybrid, an electric car or a NGV? Or are you set on empowering your image with a vehicle that’s so big it has its own zip code, or a luxury import with an unreadable logo? That the UAW is a source of the failure of the American auto industry, may be justly stated; it is estimated that it costs GM upwards of $74 an hour, full compensation, per UAW worker. Taxpayers shouldn’t be tapped to keep UAW workers flush. Yet that retired UAW worker might be your own dad. For every single, active GM employee, 15 retirees are supported


Wanna write us a letter? You can do it a couple ways. The easiest is to e-mail it to The old-fashioned way is to snail mail it

lieve that “if I’m with the union, you can’t fire me.” Wanna bet? We’re vehemently opposed to unfair labor practices – none of which you’ll find under our roof, so we don’t feel as if we need a watchdog salivating on our heels. Besides, we have the types of relationships with those with whom we work that foster a family atmosphere – and that never will change. Jobs for life, decent wages and benefit packages of which only some can dream are counterintuitive to what makes this nation run. Ask yourself this: Would the Big 3 automakers be asking for huge bailouts if their management hadn’t allowed unions to choke the life out of some avenues of the company? Remember, customers pay those costs, and that has brought the industry to its knees. Are you willing to pay higher prices?

Dr. Andrew R. Lane, DDS


Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg

with their UAW benefits. The economic fallout from the collapse of the auto industry will impact every single American family. Does that mean that our tax dollars should come to the rescue? Only if the automakers consent to building what they should have been manufacturing for the last 30 years. Many folks, if they remember the era, did not like Jimmy Carter, and will disagree that if America had addressed the issue of pollution and fossil fuel dependency in the 1970s when Americans faced gas rationing, we wouldn’t be in the economic, environmental and social upheaval that America is experiencing today.

Jody Kuchar Carmel

to Current in Carmel, 1 South Range Line Road, Carmel, IN 46032. Keep letters to 200 words max (we may make exceptions), and be sure to include your home zip code and a daytime number for verification.

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Infancy and Childhood Teens and Young Adulthood Adult Oral Health Pregnancy and Post-Partum Oral Health

FREE Whitening

New PatieNts ONly. with complete new patient exam, cleaning and X-rays. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Only valid in the absence of gum disease. expires Dec. 27, 2008.

Now accepting new patients!


PFirst Merchants Bank Participates in Food Fight - Mayor Greg Ballard of Indianapolis has teamed

up with area banks to help refill Central Indiana’s food banks in this season of giving. First Merchants Bank has proudly accepted the challenge. Six banks are competing against one another to win bragging rights by collecting and donating more food than their competitors. Key, First Merchants, Fifth Third, National City, M&I and National Bank of Indianapolis are all participating throughout the month of December. The five losing banks are all required to make a donation of $500 to a food pantry of their choice, in addition to their collected goods. Monetary or non-perishable food donations can be dropped off at any of First Merchants four Hamilton County locations. Let the food fight begin!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ow was your Thanksgiving? I At our Thanksgiving this year, my enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner youngest sister (happily husband- and kidwith all the fixings (including free) had dreams of post-dinner conversacanned jellied cranberry, my tion and games. Silly, silly little girl! Before fave) and some side entertainthe pumpkin pie had even been brought ment to boot. Watching my sisto the table, another sister ters and brothers-in-law tag team (whose 2-year-old had just left throughout the meal to take care a holiday surprise for all of us of diapers, spilled milk, tantrums on the dining room floor; I and feedings filled me with a have pictures!) was packing up kind of perverted joy because her sons and dashing for the my kids are now old enough car, red with embarrassment. to take care of themselves and Two minutes later, the other theirs aren’t. Suckers! The years sister (whose husband was of demanding dinner at a cerworking and whose toddler was tain time to accommodate naps screaming from diaper rash) and packing it up early because followed suit, trying desperately little Cindy Lou Who dirtied to keep from crying herself. She her back-up pair of red tights also has an infant and literally Danielle are officially over for me and my has not slept in something like Wilson family! Ah-lleluia! Ah-lleluia! eight months. Needless to say, We’ve made it to the Promised no one was in the mood for Land and can once again look forward to Scattergories after the mass exodus, aland savor the holidays. though I did get my butt handed to me by Because let’s be honest, Thanksgiving my 7-year old when we rumbled on Wii’s and Christmas are so not fun with little High School Musical III Dance! (I still ones. They need routine and schedules cannot land the poses). and daily Dora viewings. They don’t want The next day, both sisters said how disto hang out at the grandparents for nine appointed they were with Thanksgiving hours watching football and dog shows and how much they are dreading the next and the wine supply dwindle. They don’t round of holiday cheer. Their kids won’t understand that even if you didn’t get a get the idea of “sleeping in” on Christmas good night’s sleep and have a cold that morning, they won’t “rise to the occasion” you’re supposed to be cute and happy and after missing their naps and they sure as not wipe your nose on your new snowsugar cookies won’t “behave themselves” man sweater. They’re kids, and unless just because it’s Jesus’ birthday. So my you keep the sugar and presents coming, sisters will either have to miss out on all they’re going to behave like ones, with all the forced family fun or endure the chaos the crying and fighting and emotional col- of sleep-deprived, gum-drop addicted lapses suitable to their ages. children. So if you happen to be the parent of Like I’ve said before, life will get better one these precious little darlings, don’t as your kids get older. As soon as your kick yourself when you can’t find any youngest hits four, you should be back Christmas spirit. Holidays are stressful in business. Until then, you’ve got to enough, but throw in a newborn who isn’t roll with the snowballs and remember to sleeping through the night, a potty-trainlaugh. At least from my perspective, it’s ing toddler and consecutive roast beef din- pretty darn funny. Peace out. ners at both sets of in-laws, and you’ve got Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and conthe prefect recipe for a mommy-on-theedge (shaken not stirred). I bore witness to tributing columnist. You may e-mail her at two such transformations just recently.



Holiday cheer has different meaning with little ones

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Wining allowed

DISPATCHES Book signing with children’s author Adam Seif - On Dec. 20 from noon to 2 p.m., Adam Seif will be signing his latest book, “Tacos, Beans and Rice” at Simply Sweet Shoppe, 30 N. Rangeline Road in Carmel, with profits going to help kids’ wishes come true. Each book is only $5, and there is no other charge. For more information, contact Bernie Szuhaj at 317-818-9866. CARMEL STUDENTS WIN AT HOLIDAY CARD DESIGN CONTEST - Two students from Carmel were big winners of Bright House Network’s annual Holiday Card Design contest. Clay Middle School student Sarah Bruns, a seventh-grader, won first in the contest’s middle school division. Her winning entry featured a happy snowman dressed in a top hat and Bright House Networks scarf with brilliant green evergreens as a background. Winning first in the elementary school division was Alex Brinkman, a third-grader at Orchard Park Elementary in Carmel. His winning entry featured his family - chased by their pet dog - traveling in their mini van to deliver a Christmas tree and presents to the Giving Tree Charity. They will receive a $500 educational scholarship from Bright House Networks and a plaque. Getting creative - A time to create with Adam Seif, newest instructor at Simply Sweet Shoppe and Second Story Playhouse, will be Dec. 20. He’ll be offering 3-D, illustrating and cartooning for ages 6 and up. Free with a donation of a canned foot item. Time is from noon to 2 p.m. Also there are Indyprov shows from 3-4 p.m. and later from 6-7 p.m. ($3 in advance, $5 the day of ) and an Indyprov workshop from 4:30-5:30 p.m. (free with canned food donation). Keystone lane changes - Traffic shifted lanes last week along Keystone Avenue at 106th Street. Construction crews need to shift traffic to set the bridge beams for the elevated roundabouts that will carry traffic east and west across the road. The beams have already been set above the southbound lanes, and when crews are ready to place the beams above the northbound lanes, the traffic traveling southbound, which has been using the northbound lanes, will move to the southbound lanes and continue to use these lanes through the remainder of the project. After the beams have been set above the northbound lanes, the northbound traffic, which has been traveling on the ramp system, will move down to the northbound Keystone lanes and continue to use those lanes through the remainder of the project. Sometime in the next two weeks, the same lane shifts will occur at 126th Street.

By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

same inclination toward a career in wine until Buckel Joe Buckel and Ty Albers approached him with the met when Ty moved to idea of entering into the Carmel in 1983, their sixthventure with him: “With my grade year. What began as a having a strong interest in friendship then has developed wine, but no experience in into a business partnership making wine, and with his across the country. having limited knowledge in Both Buckel and Albers creative design and marketeventually went to Indiana ing technology, (the business University, Joe in the pre-med partnership) it kind of was program and Ty in the busia good fit for us to work toness program. Albers moved gether on it,” said Albers. to the west coast shortly after TAJ Cellars doesn’t prograduating from college with vide full-time work for either his wife, Sarah Ruch-Albers partner. Buckel now works (also from Carmel), and as the winemaker at a small strongly encouraged Buckel to winery in Colorado while make the same move five years acting as the winemaker for ago when Buckel’s interest in TAJ remotely. Albers works Carmel High School graduates Ty Albers, left, and Joe wine piqued. The friends colfull-time for NexisLexis, a Buckel are two-thirds of the success behind TAJ Cellars laborated with Alex Wilkens, research tool primarily for Winery. who is described on their legal professionals. website as “an expert in wine The launch party for the brand was Nov. After working in various other indusmaking operations” to create TAJ Cellars. 11, and Albers hopes to arrange a tasting tries, he discovered that his science degree Buckel serves as the winemaker; Albers in Carmel in the near future. Currently would work in the wine industry: “It was is the sales and marketing expert. the wine available from TAJ is their Syrah. Buckel’s interest in wine began at home. the only thing that interested me with the It is available at in quantibackground I have that I didn’t get real He describes his father as a wine collector. ties of three, and the website describes the “Most of our vacations were to wine coun- tired of real quick,” he said. “It made it wine as “tasting of dark fruit, spice and really easy for me to get into the industry.” hints of caramel” and “smooth with a long try, whether it be in the United States or Albers, on the other hand, hadn’t the Europe,” Buckel explains. finish.”

Ballard new assistant director at PrimeLife Sheri Ann Ballard, who holds a Masters of Public Administration degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, will oversee staff and programs and assist with fund development, organizational planning and facility operations for this Carmel based not-for-profit agency which serves Hamilton and contiguous counties. Ms. Ballard, who began her career as a Community Agriculture Extension Agent while serving with the Peace Corp in Mauritania, Africa, has since acquired extensive experience, and achieved great success, in community development and human services with a variety of not-forprofit, as well as for-profit organizations. Executive Director, Sandy Stewart, states: “I am thrilled to have found such an experienced, multi-talented individual for this vital position, and know that Sheri Ann will bring many exciting innovations to our continuously evolving agency. Along with all agency staff, I look forward to working closely with her to better serve the older residents of our community.”

7240 HAmIltoN CR $1,375,000

Almost 10 acres! Fab kit w/ FP, mstr w/FP, unbelievable mstr BA, wrap-around porch, elevator, custom etched windows & custom cabinetry! Spectacular home! DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

17123 BluEStoNE DR $429,500

This Precedent-built home boasts an airy, open floor plan designed for the modern lifestyle. Featuring 3BR/4BA & a huge bonus room. You can’t miss! ANgElA RAAB, 317-7359610, 846-7751

7226 E 550 S $1,200,000

Elegant dream home on 10 beautiful private acres. Lg kitchen w/keeping room. Master bedroom w/sitting room. 6 bedrooms, LL walkout, pool, pond. DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

5531 N DElAWARE St $424,900

Heart of Meridian Kessler. 4 bedrooms, 5 baths. Gorgeous kitchen & baths, formal dining room & living room. Large family room, one bedroom on main. DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751 1221 tuRNER Ct $165,000

New construction townhome in Home Place.Carmel Clay award-winning school district.4BR/2.5BA close to Monon Trail & Monon Center. No assoc fees, appl. incl. ANgElA RAAB, 317-7359610, 846-7751

12974 tREAty lINE St $525,000

Amenities abound! Granite countertops, hdwds, architectural detailing, designer, cabinets & built-ins. Don’t miss this opportunity for a Kent Shaffer home. ANgElA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751

5561 DovER CIR $389,900

Fabulous 2-story in soughtafter Carmel location! Feat: fantastic .63 ac lot w/mature trees, 9’ ceilings, 3-car gar, finished bsmt & 4BRs plus den! BRADlEy DoNAlDSoN, 432-1775, 846-7751

Awards only part of the story

These are the holiday cookies I make every year for Hanukkah. They have bunches of different names. We call them Tadaleekos. They are best known as Sephardic Ring Cookies. They take awhile to make, but they are so good you can eat them real fast.

Ingredients 4 cups plus 2 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon fine salt 3 large whole eggs, at room temperature 2 large egg yolks, at room temperature 1 1/4 cups sugar 1/4 cup tahini (sesame paste) 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract Sesame Glaze 1 large egg white, lightly beaten 1 teaspoon honey 1/2 cup hulled raw sesame seeds Directions

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Line two baking sheets with silicone mats or parchment, or coat them with nonstick cooking spray. Whisk the flour, baking powder and salt together in a medium bowl.

Beat the eggs and yolks with the sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer until very light and fluffy, about two minutes. Beat in the tahini, oil and vanilla. Stir in the flour mixture until combined to make a soft dough. Cover the dough and set aside for five minutes before forming into rings. Pinch off a walnut-sized piece of dough and roll it into a rope that is about five inches long and 3/8-inch thick. (Dust your hands and the parchment lightly with flour if the dough is sticky). Pinch the ends of the rope together to form a ring. Repeat until all the dough has been formed into rings. To glaze the cookies, put the sesame seeds on a small plate. Whisk the egg white and honey together and then brush each ring with the mixture. Then immediately dip the ring into the sesame seeds. Place the rings seeds side up, on the prepared baking sheet at least one inch apart. Bake rings until lightly browned, about 15 to 20 minutes. Transfer from baking sheet and cool on wire racks. Serve. By Sydney Melrose

WHEN THE BATTERIES RUN OUT. To make your college-savings gift in time for the holidays, call or visit today.

Kelly Hindman Financial Advisor 1717 East 116th Street Suite 104 Carmel, IN 46032 317-846-8775

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sephardic Ring Cookies




t this same time each year, the does not even know they have been nomiCarmel Chamber of Commerce nated. The exciting finish to the afternoon hands out the hardware during is always the closely guarded surprise antheir December luncheon to nouncement of who will be named the high-achieving members of the Chambers eighth recipient of the Most business community. Joe Lazarra of Joe’s Valuable Volunteer Award. To the crowd Butcher Shop took the stage assembled and those who know and hoisted his new Applause her, it was no surprise to hear Award Trophy high into the air. the name Barbara Eden proGiven to a standout Carmel claimed as the winner. business, it is the Chamber’s Making a difference in version of Business of the Year. Carmel for over 30 years, To catch the attention of those Barbara tends to willingly give responsible for doling out the her support to educational bling, Joe had to demonstrate causes and initiatives where superiority in key areas, some hard work and little recognition not related to just making a go hand-in-hand. An interior profit. However, one area that designer by trade with a long Joe’s Butcher Shop & Fish list of clients and successful Market excelled above the rest projects to her credit, Barbara is Jeff is overall contribution to the willing to help students looking community. for a mentor. She works with Worrell The Civic Pride Committee immigrants in our community of Alana Shane, Joy Stafford, Diana who don’t know where to turn for basic Schmid, Ron Carter, Mike Hollibaugh, services and business information. One of Celest Higgins, Nick Kestner and Mo her many passions is horses, and she has Merhoff were impressed with Joe’s willbeen able to parlay her love for equines ingness to support local charities, school into helping Children’s Theraplay help groups and civic organizations with free kids with crippling diseases. product and monetary donations. For a It was an honor to watch everyone young business trying to get on its feet in the room rise to their feet as Barbara during the tough start-up years, Lazarra made her way to the podium to accept her should be proud of his generosity and award. Her 30 years of giving were well satisfied with the impact he has made in received. our community by helping others. Way to Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He go, Joe! recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with A tradition since it started, the final Carmel” on cable channel 16. Contact him at award of the Images Of Excellence luncheon goes to an unsuspecting person who


Mayor Jim Brainard, Councilman Ron Carter and members of the Carmel Middle School student government cut the ribbon on the new Grand Boulevard.

Good News on Road Project By Bryan Unruh Current in Carmel

Grand Boulevard is open, and it’s under budget. In stark contrast to the widely reported Keystone Avenue, Regional Performing Arts Center and Monon Center shortfalls, the new boulevard arrives about at about $500,000 less than originally projected. “That’s actually how the majority of our projects turn out,� Mayor Jim Brainard said. Brainard and At-Large City Councilman Ron Carter were on hand last week to celebrate the Grand Boulevard’s opening. The new road, which connects Guilford Avenue and Old Meridian Street, was esti-

mated at about $2.3 million. It cost about $1.8 million. The road begins on Guilford Avenue, just south Main Street, and ends at an Old Meridian roundabout north of the Providence at Old Meridian townhomes. “This is an important road for traffic flow,� Brainard said. “It’s going to help reduce traffic on adjoining roads.� The road will also impact Carmel Middle School, which sits just to the north on Guilford Avenue. “I think it’s a great road to have by the school connecting the east to the west,� said Chris Johnson, CMS student council president. “It will be very beneficial to the school.�

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Give the Gift of a briGht white smile



teeth whiteNiNG


3520 e. 96th st., suite 5




IT’S PAYOUT TIME – Here are five stocks that you might want to consider. All are debt-free and as of last week were yielding strong dividends as indicated below:

- Wall Street Journal Late-Season Price Cuts? If recent news from Target Stores is a larger economic indicator, tardy shoppers who are just waking up to the fact that Christmas is next week may wind up getting the best deals. In a press release, Target said it will aggressively cut prices late in the holiday season after third-quarter sales fell 24-percent. Apparel and home offerings were especially weak. Chief rival Wal-Mart reports a 10-percent thirdquarter profit increase, but Wal-Mart shoppers tend to buy more necessities, while Target draws more discretionary spenders. -

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

Recapture the Wonder Christmas Eve Services Wednesday, December 24 4 pm – Children’s Worship 7 pm – Contemporary Worship 9 pm – Carols & Scriptures 11 pm – Christ-Mass

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-1555 •

The Death of Common Sense


ver the past 30 days, the Big math.” But his waning strength proved no Three asked for $34 billion match for the ravages of overbearing reguto pay for their mistakes, a lations and self-serving lawyers. Reports person was trampled at Walof a six-year-old boy charged with sexual Mart, Plaxico Burress “acharassment for kissing a classmate worscidentally” shot himself in the ened his condition. It declined leg, and the Governor of Illinois further when schools had to get tried to auction off a seat in the parental consent to administer United States Senate. What has aspirin to a student, but could happened to common sense? not inform the parent when a Lori Borgman wrote a piece in female student was pregnant or 1998. Now an Internet classic, wanted an abortion. here is a portion of it for you to Common Sense lost enjoy: his will to live as the Ten Common Sense lived a long Commandments became conlife, but died in the United traband and when a person too States from heart failure. No stupid to realize that a steamone really knows how old he ing cup of coffee was hot was was since his birth records were awarded a huge settlement. Kent Burns long ago lost in bureaucratic Common Sense was preceded On Success red tape. He was credited with in death by his parents, Truth cultivating such valued lessons and Trust; his wife, Discretion; as: when to come in out of the rain, why his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, the early bird gets the worm, and life isn’t Reason. always fair. Not many attended his funeral because Common Sense lived by simple credos: so few realized he was gone. don’t spend more than you earn, the adults Kent Burns is a Carmel resident, investor and coare in charge, not the kids, and winning founder of CrossConfirm. He is also a professional isn’t everything. He survived trends like speaker and author of What’s Your Why? He can body piercing, whole language, and “new be reached at

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) – 4.1 percent Biovail (BVF) – 17.8 percent Garmin (GRMN) – 4.3 percent Lorillard (LO) – 6.0 percent NutriSystem (NTRI) – 5.1 percent


was sitting in my second interview that you feel you have to take this job. It’s wondering if there was any way poslike dating and marriage. Have you ever sible I would land this job. It didn’t met anyone that dated or married the seem like the job would be wrong person? I bet they don’t a perfect fit, but still I really think they settled. Chances are wanted it. After all, you have they just selected based on the to start somewhere. The people less-relevant criteria. seemed nice and it looked like The story of my first job can’t a fun place to work. I was ofbe too unfamiliar. You work fered the job and quickly found somewhere that doesn’t seem that the people were nice and to provide you the growth opthe environment was fun, but portunities you need and you’re there was no path for growth stagnate. But worse than that and the people there weren’t very is work there long enough and engaged. you will find you will become It was 1991. By 1993 I knew more than stagnant, you’ll a career change was inevitable. become like the others there. David Cain One day in the office I realized I It’s an old saying, “Show me Marketing was considering cutting corners your friends and I’ll show you and thought to myself, “Have your future,” and it transfers to I become one of them?” That’s the exact the workplace easily. Show me your comoment I knew it was time to go. And workers and I’ll show you your career. this time, I was going to be more selective David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital about where I worked. media and online marketing company in Being more selective is harder than it Carmel. David welcomes your questions or sounds. When an offer presents itself, too comments at often you become invested to the point


Cindy White Named Business Person of the Year - The City of Noblesville and the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce held their annual Enterprise Awards Dinner to honor standout businesses of 2008. Cindy White, Vice President WHITE and Regional Manager of First Merchants Bank, was given the Business Person of the Year Award. Cindy’s outstanding dedication to her career as well as the City of Noblesville is what has earned her the award. Cindy is a lifelong resident of Hamilton County and is deeply integrated in the City of Noblesville. In addition to all of her community involvement, Cindy has contributed to the growth of the Indianapolis Division of First Merchants Bank through her excellent leadership ability and sales experience. Her division has grown more than any other division of First Merchants in 2008, growing deposits by 20 percent, and increasing revenue by 12 percent. Her division’s deposit base has grown by $32 million in 2008 alone.

Getting Aligned



Deal of the week Price



Type: Ranch Age: Built in 2006 Location: Cape Coral, FL. Cape Coral offers over 400 miles of Canals, nearby Gulf access and is a short drive to Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach. Square footage: 2,578 Rooms: This three-bedroom, two-bath has an open floor plan with high ceilings, tile flooring, neutral carpeting, two-car garage and master bedroom with French doors to the screened lanai, garden tub and separate shower. The home has a screened lanai and pool and backs up to a fresh-water canal for added privacy. Background: This is a bank-owned


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Net Heads

By John Pacilio, RE/MAX Ability Plus

Owner: William Noël Address: 1017 W. Main St. Carmel, IN 46032 Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m. – midnight; Friday ,11 a.m. – 2 a.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. – 2 a.m. Phone: 317-815-6635 Website: E-mail: At 54, William Noël isn’t your average gamer. But despite a target demographic less than half his age, his business, Net Heads, has carved out a sizable market in the Indianapolis area. The company – founded nine years ago in Broad Ripple – moved to Carmel in November. Its new

property and is being sold as is. Due to recent changes in the real estate market in Florida, the price of this home has been substantially discounted, further than it has been in this area in years. Homes in this area are down 40 percent from a year ago and this house has been assessed at $197,000. The bank paid $170,000 for this property. John Pacilio and his team specialize in Westfield real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or John@

location features 28 computers, 16 Xbox 360s one Nintendo Wii and a boatload of competitive spirit. “Gaming isn’t just about games,” said Noël, who owned a software company for 18 years. “It’s about competition. It’s about having fun with your peers.” Gaming isn’t the only option at Net Heads, either. It offers Noël food, drinks and regular internet access, and it plays host to everything from corporate Christmas parties to rehearsal dinners. “A lot of people say, ‘If I could do this at home, why would I want to do it here?’” Noël said. “I say, ‘You can stay home and drink beer in your kitchen, but it’s a lot more fun to go out and do it with friends.’” The business will host an open house on Wednesday from 3 - 8 p.m.

MONEY MATTERS What is the first thing you saved your money to buy?

“It was books for college. I saved my baby-sitting money so I could buy the textbooks I would need at Purdue.” Marcia Cox Carmel

“To pay off my wife’s college loans.” Michael Wells Carmel

“Perfume when I was in my 20s.” Susan Voit Carmel

A real Corker of an answer


he U.S. Senator from Tennessee, these other auto companies into profitable Bob Corker, may be the only entities. person in the U.S. Congress that The next year will be terrible for is capable of saving our counAmerican workers and companies. Let me try from this economic mess. repeat, 2009 will be awful from an ecoPresident-elect Barack Obama nomic point of view. The stock has a good strategy of investmarket will eventually realize ing in infrastructure to create the new efficiencies. The welllong-lasting improvements to managed and financed compaour country. Maybe even Carmel nies that have not diluted their can get a bailout for Keystone stock will prosper. However, Avenue. However, Corker underas we adjust to the new cost stands the nuts and bolts of the structure in America, we will be situation. He clearly proved that more competitive and, hopeGM’s president along with the fully, Obama keeps his promise other CEO’s and the UAW leadof energy independence. The ers were on another planet as the work force will be paid less, auto industry came apart. but we will be able to sell more The auto companies can blame products worldwide, which Brian the current recession, but this will create more wealth for the Shapiro has been in the making for over whole system. Corker probably 25 years. Corker explained to the put a dagger into the union and other senators that the auto industry debt executive pay scales, but he probably saved is too great a burden and they could not our nation in the long run. Remember, survive under any plan. He also explained these fat cat CEOs do not have any money the unrealistic deals that management had at risk in their company. They did not pergiven to the unions. Clearly, no company sonally sign on the dotted line. can make a profit paying their workers Brian Shapiro is a Carmel resident and conwhile they do not work. Corker used tributor to Current Publishing. You may e-mail a Nissan, Toyota and Honda model to him at show the wages, debt structure and other financial blueprints that needed to turn

Tuesday, December 16, 2008




Do I need surgery on my bunion?

Osteoporosis Drugs May Suppress Bones’ Ability to Heal - The long-term use of osteoporosis drugs known as bisphosphonates can actually weaken bones by impairing their ability to heal, leading to fractures, according to a study conducted by researchers from New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Researchers reviewed the files of all 70 people who had been admitted to the hospital’s Level 1 trauma center between 2002 and 2007 for fractures of the thigh bone (femur). Fifty-nine of the patients were women, and 25 were taking the bisphosphonate drug Fosamax, known generically as bisphosphonate alendronate. Of the 20 people who had suffered a stress fracture due to very little or even no trauma, 19 were taking Fosamax. The other individual had cancer. The researchers also found that Fosamax patients with this type of fracture had been taking the drug longer by an average of 6.9 years, compared with an average of 2.5 years in those with other kinds of fractures. The correlation between Fosamax and stress fractures was found to be independent of age, race, weight or osteoporosis history. -

By Dr. David Sullivan Current in Carmel

Squash your spaghetti - Cut the carbs and keep the spaghetti by combining the squash with pasta. Ingredients • Four ounces of uncooked spaghetti broken in half • ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley • Two tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese • One tablespoon melted margarine or butter • One tablespoon chopped fresh or one teaspoon dried oregano leaves • ½ teaspoon garlic salt Instructions • Prick squash with fork; place on microwavable paper towel in microwave oven. Microwave on high for eight minutes; turn squash over. Microwave eight to 11 minutes longer or until tender. Let stand 10 minutes. • Meanwhile, cook and drain spaghetti as directed on package; return spaghetti to saucepan. • Cut squash lengthwise in half; remove seeds and fibers. Reserve one half for another use. From other half, remove spaghetti-like strands with two forks; reserve shell. Add squash and remaining ingredients to spaghetti in saucepan; toss. Return spaghetti mixture to squash shell to serve. -

An often-joked-about diagnosis of foot pain is the bunion. What is a bunion? Well, to many people this is no laughing matter. A bunion is not a callus or corn, but rather a bony prominence on the inside of the joint where the great toe and foot connect. It is typically caused by a combination of poor biomechanics and commonly worsened by ill-fitting shoes. Many people have large bunions that cause them no pain, whereas many suffer from bunions that are not that big at all. So, you may wonder, ‘Why is this and how do I treat mine, if I need to treat it at all?’ Conservative treatment options should always be exhausted prior to surgical intervention. These include:

• Proper shoes with adequate width, depth and support. • Orthotics, which often slow or halt the progression of the deformity. • Corticosteroid injections which calm inflammation and/or associated nervetype pain. • Padding/splinting which, when used alone, seldom works effectively.

If one is still in pain and their activities are hampered, then it is time to consider surgery. There are many ways to surgically correct a bunion, but all involve the removal of the bony prominence and should also involve a proper repositioning of the involved bones and soft tissue structures. It is important that patients not be talked into surgery. While the vast majority of patients do very well with bunion surgery, the ones who don’t were typically either poorly educated prior to surgery or not in that much pain to begin with. New technologies and techniques have helped to improve outcomes significantly over the past few decades, but it is still important to realize that when bone is being cut and repositioned, there is going to be pain afterwards. Make sure that you are thoroughly educated prior to having any elective surgery. Dr. David R. Sullivan is a board-certified foot surgeon and certified wound specialist with Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC. He can be reached at or 317-896-6655.

Lemons Shrink Kidney Stones Lemons and other citrus fruits contain chemicals that can help prevent against the development of kidney stones, says John Milner, a urology expert from the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. “Lemons are very high in citrates, which inhibit the growth of kidney stones,” Milner said. “(Real) lemonade, not the powdered variety that uses artificial flavoring, actually slows the development of kidney stones for those who are prone to the development of kidney stones.” Drink plenty of water, too. “Dehydration is a leading cause of kidney stones.“ -

Laid Off? Here’s What to Do


Nearly two million American jobs have been lost in the past year, and hundreds of thousands of people will likely be laid off or have their hours scaled back in 2009. Here’s what you need to do within . . . …One hour Take a few minutes to collect yourself and relax as much as possible. In the coming days and weeks you’ll have to make a slew of decisions regarding your health care and personal finances, and you’ll need to stay calm. …One day Whether security is waiting to walk you out the door or you have time to clean out your desk, grab the paperwork related to your employer-issued benefits. Carefully read over the fine print on your contract and the terms of your health-insurance plan. Then ask someone from human resources: Am I entitled to a severance package? When exactly will my health benefits expire? Is there any room for negotiation? Do you have any advice for me? Don’t leave without asking for a certificate of creditable coverage. This document includes the dates that your health insurance began and ended, and proves that you were covered during that time. -

Feta Cheese Truffels Try this easy holiday appetizer, a fun and inexpensive way to serve a cheese plate: 4 ounces cream cheese, softened 1 (4-oz.) container crumbled feta cheese 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoons finely chopped onion 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley Cucumber slices Grape tomatoes Kalamata olives Whole almonds

Beat first five ingredients at medium speed with an electric mixer until well combined. Cover mixture tightly, and chill at least one hour or until firm (can chill up to three days). Roll cheese mixture into 3/4-inchround balls. Roll each ball in parsley. Serve immediately, or cover and chill until ready to serve. If chilled, let stand 30 minutes before serving. Serve with cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives and whole almonds. -

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Cigars make GREAT stocking stuffers!

Beard’s Barber Shop at 12 W. Main St. This building now houses Funnel Studio, located between Chapman State Farm and Serendipity. Photo courtesy of Carmel Clay Historical Society BIRTHS

Samuel James Flickinger (Sam) was born at 9:38 p.m. at St. Vincent’s Carmel Hospital. He weighed 4 pounds, 11 ounces and was 18.5 inches long. Parents are Brian and Allison Flickinger. Paternal grandparents are Jim and Marti Flickinger of Carmel, while maternal Grandparents are Jeanne Horton of Lake Tahoe, NV, and Ron and Colleen Discher of Beavercreek, OH. Big Sister is Nora Flickinger. St. Vincent Carmel Friday 12/05 Boys- Spencer, Joel and Amy Saturday 12/06 Boys- Rayle, Benjamin and Julie; McGovern, Stephen and Kathryn Girls- Santhosam, Jabakar and Rooban, Aruna Sunday 12/07 Girls- Bauer, Steven and Elizabeth Tuesday 12/09 Girls- Slane, Matt and Kristina; Greathouse, Dustin and Megan; Lee, Simon and Sheena Wednesday 12/10

D Aileen C. Helton


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Mon & Sat: 10-6pm Tue - Fri: 10-7pm



Call to make your appointment today!

8517 Westfield Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46240 202-0319



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CLARIAN NORTH November 24 Boy - Barnum, Andrew & Brittany; Wilson, Stephen & Susan

Boys- Roberts, Darrin and Tania; Siekmann, Cole I and Combellick-Siekmann, Carissa; Hyndman, Kristopher and Mary; Walla, Jonathan and Amie Girls- Slinkard, Alexander and Kristina Thursday 12/11 Boys- Oboukhov, Alexandre and**Oboukhova, Elena; Destefano, Philip and Michelle POLICE RUNS December 10 12:51:23 a.m., security check, 945 Mohawk Hills Drive 12:54:00 a.m., security check, 13500 N Meridian St 12:58:18 a.m., security check, 150 W 96th St 1:01:46 a.m., security check, 1424 W Carmel Drive 1:00:52 a.m., prowler, 910 E 104th St 1:04:30 a.m., security check, 10201 N Meridian St 1:08:20 a.m., security check, 13610 N Meridian St 1:09:58 a.m., security check, 300 S Guilford Road 1:13:27 a.m., security check, 2700 W 116th St 1:19:44 a.m., security check, 9601 College Ave 1:21:20 a.m., security check, 1661 Sierra Springs






Scott Sharp and Stefanie Werner were married on August 30, 2008 in Waltershausen, Germany.


Stefanie is the daughter of Petra and Adalbert Werner, of FrÜttstädt, Germany. Stefanie graduated from Berufsakademie Villingen-Schwenningen University in Germany with a major in Banking and Finance. She is employed by Volksbank Lahr eG, Regional Bank, in Lahr, Germany. Scott is the son of Kay and Tom Sharp of Carmel. Scott graduated from Carmel High School in 2001 and earned his undergraduate degree in Aviation Technology from Purdue University in 2005. He is employed by Chautauqua Airlines as a regional jet pilot in Houston, Texas.

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12-Week Physique Transformation FROM P14

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A complete Health and Fitness Assessment. 36 One-on-One Personal Training sessions. A Nutrional plan complete with Grocery List. Before and After Pictures. Nutritional Coaching to help keep you on track. Two Reassessments.

99 East Carmel Drive Suite G $BSNFM */t  

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1:22:31 a.m., security check, 725 E 106th St 1:23:48 a.m., security check, 4140 E 96th St 1:24:42 a.m., security check, 10101 N Meridian St 1:26:48 a.m., security check, 10598 College Ave 1:29:35 a.m., security check, 1400 S Guilford Road 1:31:14 a.m., security check, 3210 E 96th St 1:35:15 a.m., security check, 11711 Pennsylvania St 1:41:34 a.m., security check, Shakamac Drive / Illinois Street 1:43:35 a.m., security check, 820 City Center Drive 1:45:35 a.m., security check, 445 S Rangeline Road 1:48:39 a.m., security check a.m., 1423 Chase Court 1:49:08 a.m., security check, East 126th St / Gray Road 1:52:03 a.m., security check, 508 W Carmel Drive 2:00:04 a.m., security check, 2620 Mae Circle 2:23:02 a.m., suspicious activity, 14598 Clay Terrace Blvd 2:41:14 a.m., security check, 2140 E 116th St 3:56:49 a.m., traffic hazard, Keystone Avenue North / East 116th St 4:27:08 a.m., investigation, West 116th St /

Shelborne Road 6:14:16 a.m., alarm burglar, 14599 Clay Terrace Blvd 6:29:00 a.m., security check, 10290 N Meridian St 6:35:53 a.m., security check, 10201 N Meridian St 6:39:24 a.m., security check, 251 Pennsylvania Parkway 7:04:25 a.m., driving complaint, Gray Road / East 126th St 7:14:55 a.m., security check, 1350 S Rangeline Road 7:21:44 a.m., security check, 275 Medical Drive 7:33:10 a.m., investigation, East 116th St / Keystone Avenue South 7:41:16 a.m., alarm burglar, 14300 Clay Terrace Blvd 7:46:43 a.m., investigation, 2450 E 136th St 7:48:29 a.m., investigation, East Carmel Drive / Cambridge Court 8:11:38 a.m., abandoned auto, Danbury Drive / Dublin Drive 8:27:14 a.m., theft, 3210 E 96th St 8:29:22 a.m., driving complaint, North Meridian Street / West 116th St 8:50:09 a.m., alarm burglar, 12525 Old Meridian St 8:55:20 a.m., investigation, Hazel Dell Parkway / Tryon Drive

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Creekside invites fifth-graders to tour school, watch game - Creekside Middle School has invited current fifth-graders who will go to Creekside next year to attend a basketball game and learn more about the school. Fifthgraders will be met by members of the school’s Student Athletic Board. They will be joined by sixth-grade and electives teachers who will give students a tour of the building and answer questions about clubs, extracurricular opportunities and athletics. Pizza and drinks will be provided for the students prior to the game. Fifth-graders from College Wood will visit Creekside on Jan. 14. Orchard Park’s fifth grade activities night will be Jan. 22 with West Clay’s night scheduled for Feb. 2. Parents are asked to drop off their fifth graders at 3:50 p.m. at the cafeteria entrance on the east side of the middle school. Students may be picked up at 6:15 p.m. at the same entrance. Creekside students awarded - Creekside’s sixth-grade Team Mariners was recently awarded $10,000 for being named one of 16 winners in the Lexus Eco Land Challenge. Select students on Team Green, led by teacher Mrs. Tamisa Lush, increased recycling at Creekside by providing plastic and aluminum bins in the cafeteria and classrooms, created “no idle zones” in the transportation areas, created an informational Web site, and will be stimulating awareness for protecting the environment with “green tips of the week” after Winter Break. CHS produces two more graduates - Ronda Eshleman, an assistant principal at CHS, and Tony Willis, a CHS English teacher, have graduated from the NSDC Academy for Staff Developers. Eshleman and Willis were among 46 other professional educators who were members of NSDC’s 18th Academy. These educators began their work in July 2006 and were honored during graduation ceremonies during NSDC’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 7. Camp built for building speed - The Carmel Speed Development Camp coaches will conduct a mini-camp for all K-8 Carmel students who are interested in improving their speed in any sport. The camp will take place Dec. 29-31 at the Carmel High School Field House from 2:30-4 p.m. Please direct any questions to coach Karl Knerr at Clay Middle School at 317-844-7251 or

Conjunction Junction, What’s Your Function? By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

the grammar guru




Remember that School House Rock short about conjunctions? I loved that one. “Hookin’ up words and phrases and clauses . . .” Okay, I’ll stop singing and dancing in order to move on to the grammar. I do enjoy singing and dancing, though. I’m just more skilled with grammar. There are several types of conjunctions, and I’m not going to try to cover them all in 400 words. I will, however, rescue the comma from certain doom when it comes to coordinating conjunctions. There are seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or, nor, for, yet, so. My students always had to commit that list to memory, and I didn’t force my students to commit many lists or dates to memory, so it is an important list. Why is it so important? Well, coordinating conjunctions are the only conjunctions that can link two independent clauses (read: groups of words that can stand alone as their own sentences) with only the addition of a comma. Punctuation in general is widely abused, but no mark is so greatly abused as the comma. People tend to either throw it into their writing with reckless abandon, populating sentence after sentence with needless commas, or they use no commas at all, creating run-ons that would make a timid grammar teacher expire on the spot. I can’t correct all the comma abuse in a single column any more than I can cover every conjunction, but I can help you avoid a critical comma error: the comma splice. The comma splice is such a terrible error, in fact, that one

of my favorite grammar teachers used to tell her classes that creating run-on sentences, sentence fragments and comma splices were all indications of being barely literate. I’m not quite so harsh, but it is pretty bad. The comma comes just before the coordinating conjunction (CC) when connecting independent clauses. Check out the first and last sentences in the second paragraph above. Do you see the CCs and commas? All correct. Easy enough, no? The problem isn’t using the commas with the CCs in this case, it’s avoiding using them with non-CCs like however or although or though and thereby creating the dreaded comma splice. Try this example: I am literate, however he is not. Ugh. Just typing that is awful. The correction here is either the use of a semicolon and comma (a topic for another column) or the substitution of a CC (but) for however: I am literate, but he is not. Using a non-CC, you can’t make that connection with just a comma. That’s why the list is so important. Finally, having a coordinating conjunction in your sentence is not enough to necessitate a comma. Make certain what you are joining are independent clauses – they can stand alone as their own sentences. You don’t need to throw a comma in just because a coordinating conjunction shows up; use a discerning eye. Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher who developed a mastery-learning system of teaching grammar to high school seniors. If you have a grammar-related question, please email her at

Perpetuating Goodness


eace on Earth, goodwill toward for their appreciation of good will. We men. These words do not disknow how we feel when we voluntarily criminate, are not gender spedo a good deed for someone and we want cific, have no class distinction, our children to know that volunteer spirit. yet have a profound effect on We’re privileged to live in a peaceful counall of our children. We know try and we want our children to that all life begins with us. We be hopeful enough to carry on know, too, that this precious the privilege. life begins with a responsibility We know that our generous to fulfill that life with all the heart is not measured by what goodness we have within us. we own, but who we give it to. We are the catalysts for living in We want our children to know peace on this earth and showing that generosity within their own goodwill toward men. We know heart. We are the adults our that children live through us. children look to for peace and We are the backstop, the regoodwill. We are our children’s bounder, and the brakes for all shapers. We are the cornerstone of our children’s choices. for shaping the life of a human We refuse to neither make being; how we shape our chilBecky Kapsalis excuses nor point the finger dren is how we shape the world. Ask YiaYia of blame for our children’s During this spiritual season indiscretions. Nor do we take it is incumbent on all of us to credit for their successes. We know that reflect on who we are, how we want our we will help our children understand but children to know us, what we value, who not allow external validations to negatively and what we trust, what shape our chilinfluence their choices. We know that we dren are in and how we can perpetuate will make many sacrifices for our children Peace on Earth . . . goodwill toward men . and we will help them through sacrifices . . for all seasons. of their own. We know that sacrifices Hugs! build good character and good character Have a parenting topic or question? Submit it is the backstop for all good things. We know that we are making sacrifices for our to Ask Yiayia, aka Becky Kapsalis, Certified Parent Coach, at or call 810.9358. children - not for their indebtedness, but



Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm

With over 21 years experience, Rod Shaw recently purchased a local auto repair shop with Carmel roots dating back 35 years.

The furniture in this room is all Versace, which is some of the finest quality furniture made today. Interior designers on the project were Jacquelyn Bilbrey, owner of the Tenth & Cherry Galleria in Noblesville, Jaclyn Dunn and Laura Smith. This project was part of the 10th annual Home for the Holidays show sponsored the Circle City chapter of Links. Bilbrey can be reached at 317-776-7880.

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The Indianapolis Colts Women’s Organization (ICWO) provides volunteer activates and community outreach. Its “Tailgating for the Colts”, held at the Indianapolis Westin, united fans with players and cheerleaders for three hours of autographs, pictures, eating, drinking and bidding on jerseys and other items to raise funds to support local organizations including the Julian Center, The Villages, Breast Cancer Research and IPS School #88. At right, Carmel resident Dennis Neary and a friend challenge find a challenger, left, in the game of corn hole. Below, Neary is happy to pose with all of the Colts cheerleaders.

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Singles gathering - Current columnist Rachael Noble will host the Current in Carmel Dating Column singles gathering on Jan. 16. The event will begin at 6 p.m. at Woodland Bowl, 3421 E. 96th St. At 7:30, the gathering will move to Bistro de Paris, 11 W. Main St., for complimentary appetizers. The cost is $7, and dress is casual. RSVP with Rachael at by Jan. 9.

2009 Master Gardener Calendar - The Purdue Master Gardener calendar, sponsored by the Marion County Master Gardener Association, is a terrific fundraiser for MG programs all around the state. The MGA naturally urges us to order one for ourselves and also everyone on our gift list. Cost is $10 per calendar, available at indymgconf. org. Marion County MGA pays shipping. If you have specific questions, contact Kathy Hull at 317-996-4380. -

During three decades with IBM, Cherie Piebes never imaged that one day she would own a gift shop and art studio on Main Street in Carmel. “I traveled regularly in my job, and I was always visiting areas where artisans were busy making the local crafts,” Piebes said. “Part of the pleasure of Piebes traveling for business was taking time to learn more about the local crafts and culture.” Over the years, Piebes observed Mexican artists making pottery and mosaics, Chinese weavers and metalworkers, African wood-carvers, the Parisian artists of Montmartre and more. Each place inspired her to take classes to understand the techniques and the cultures that shaped different art forms. After retiring, Piebes returned home to central Indiana planning to start a second career in handicrafts. Today, she owns Artisan Masterpiece, which she runs with the help of her sister-in-law, Beth Haley. For both women, the prime goal of the shop is to display a wide range of finished handicrafts in the artist’s gallery on the main floor, with a women’s boutique on

the second. But an equally important passion is nurtured on the company’s third floor, where the studio space is usually abuzz with the sound of people of all ages exploring their creative potential. In the studio, Piebes and Haley teach classes and host workshops. It’s as much an excuse for them to learn about making the items as it is about adding classes to their repertoire. “I’m especially interested in techniques good for workshops and quick projects,” Piebes said. “We focus on mastering fast and simple projects rather than offering in-depth art lessons.” Artisan Masterpiece’s workshops are popular for children’s birthday parties, ladies’ and church “night out” gatherings, neighborhood association events and corporate team-building exercises. Summer arts and crafts camps are especially popular with young artists-in-training. Barbara E. Cohen covers the arts for the Current community newspapers. Please send comments or story ideas to

What: “Our Land: Contemporary Art from the Arctic” When: Through Feb. 15. Where: Eiteljorg Museum of Native Americans and Western Art, 500 W. Washington St., Indianapolis. Regular admission: $8 adults, $7 seniors, $5 children 5-17 and students. Holiday specials: Through Dec. 31, the museum is waiving general admission for all kids 17 and under. Furthermore, on Sunday as part of the 12 Free Days of Indy Christmas hosted by the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association, admission and parking are free for everyone. Info: 317-636-WEST (9378), www.

Fine Lines, Inc. Hair & Nail Salon HOLIDAY SPECIAL $10 off manicure and pedicure new clients only. introducing Mary Loveday and Euray Puckett, experienced stylists, now taking new appointments.

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Abby, age 11

lizzie, age 10

Ally, age 10

DAnA, age 11

Come see our students’ paintings on display until December 31

new clAsses begin JAnuAry 19, 2009 Learn to paint like a professional . . .

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hop into the Holidays with ATI - Actors Theatre of Indiana, the future resident professional theatre company of Carmel’s City Center, is reaching out to moms and dads by offering a special gift to help ease the cost of a fun night out with the family. During these difficult economic times with so many twists and turns, Actors Theatre of Indiana invites children 12 and under to participate in its “Art–4–Art” exchange program. Go to ATI’s website at www., download and color a picture of Frog and Toad. Then, when they bring their finished art with them to the theatre, they will receive a free child’s ticket to any performance of “A Year With Frog & Toad”, which runs through Dec. 21.

By Barbara E. Cohen Current In Carmel


Reserve airport parking in advance - To ease holidaytravel hassles, book an off-site parking spot with shuttle service in advance through a site such as or If you live far from the airport and have an early flight, consider a hotel-and-parking combo from -


Tuesday, December 16, 2008




Zamponi or Zampone

ce-rink resurfacer or stuffed pig’s trot- kets in all major cities through out the ter with lentils? While both are apworld. It is a difficult meat to make from propriate this time of year, “Zampone scratch, as it takes great charcuterie skills, con lenticchie” is a wonderful holiday a dying art these days. There are two types dish featured all over Italy. of Zamponi you can find in an Those of you who have traveled Italian store, butcher or specialty the winter pilgrimage across shop, the fully cooked, and the the back roads of Italy, through raw, each having different prepamountains and coastal regions, rations and presentations. Most would know this dish served in native Italians buy and use the cafes and restaurants featured pre-cooked, gently boiling it for during Christmas and New 30 minutes, slicing it, and servYear’s. Zamponi for New Year’s ing it right away with the stewed on the Italian table is what lentils. It is not a dish that returkey and stuffing is to us for heats well and is not considered Thanksgiving. tasty served cold. The following If you were to inquire, you is a great authentic recipe for the would hear different stories for lentils. If you try it, you will have Chef Michael the origin of the dish, howa prosperous new year, something Vlasich ever, they all revolve around we all need: Culinary Explorer Modena in the 1500s. One 2 cups dried green lentils rinsed legend is that it was invented out of neces2 quarts chicken stock1 sity as the city of Modensi was under siege 1 tsp minced garlic by the Pope Giullo II who had choked 1 medium white onion small dice the city from all supplies going in. The 2 stalks celery small dice people starving, down to the last scraps of 1/3 pound Italian bacon [regular bacon will work] small diced foods, took the pig 1 TBL olive oil forelegs, removed 2 bay leaves the bone, and then 1 tsp heaping dried stuffed them with all basil the scrap pieces left, Salt and pepper to serving them with taste dried lentils made Pre-heat a sauce into ragout. This was pan, add the olive enough to sustain oil and bacon, cook the city until the war the bacon until fully had ended. cooked, remove and Another story I set to the side. Add heard is the dish is the garlic, onion and symbolic of wealth. celery, cook until translucent. Add the lentils, In some parts of Italy lentils have an stock, leaves and herbs, simmer for approxiItalian name meaning coins. Each lentil mately 45 minutes until the lentils are soft. represents a coin earned during the year, Skim the excess fat from the top of the liquid, the pigs stuffed leg represents a full purse then drain the excess liquid so lightly soupy, overflowing with wealth. No matter the add the cooked bacon back in and adjust the origin, it really is a method to preserve seasoning with the salt and pepper. meat. Prior to refrigeration this allowed it to hold for longer periods of time, espeChef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel cially into the winter months when meat resident and the executive chef at the was scarce. Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may e-mail him at chefmichael@currentincarmel. All through the winter, you will find com Zamponi available in all areas of the Italian peninsula along with Italian mar-

Dragon House

Sam Thatcher Server at Arni’s Restaurant

Where she likes to eat? The Cheesecake Factory What she likes to eat there? The oriental salad is very good. I also like their raspberry chocolate cheesecake. What she likes about The Cheesecake Factory. They have a really extensive menu, so there is a lot to choose from. The Cheesecake Factory 8702 Keystone Crossing Indianapolis, IN 46240 317-566-0100 Hours: Monday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.; Friday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – midnight; Sunday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

116th and Allisonville Road (7260 Fishers Crossing Drive) Fishers, IN 46038 Phone: 317-594-8663 Hours: Monday - Thursday, 11 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday, Noon - 10 p.m. Sunday, Noon - 9 p.m. At Dragon House, they take pride in preparing and serving authentic Chinese food. Each dish is prepared from the best ingredients sourced from local providers and made according to traditional recipes. Without a detail being overlooked, hand-battered and marinated meats, fresh-cut vegetables and sauces are all brought together. Dragon House strives to deliver the quality you expect in a timely manner. Under the direction of Indianapolis restaurateur Barry Sin, highly-skilled chefs from Hong Kong create their culinary delights only after your order is placed. This guarantees the freshness and authenticity of each item on the menu.

Zamponi for New Year’s on the Italian table is what turkey and stuffing is to us for Thanksgiving. FROSTINI Ingredients: 1 part Starbucks Cream Liqueur 1 part Starbucks Coffee Liqueur 1/4 part DeKuyper Peppermint Schnapps fresh mint sprig for garnish

Preparation: Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain into a frozen cocktail glass. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

$1 Off Kosher-style Franks and Shapiro’s Beef Burgers $2 Off Turkey Sandwiches

Monday - Friday, all day • Dine-in or carryout • Carmel location only


The Wizard of OZ Indianapolis Civic Theatre brings this classic 1939 film to life in a wild and wonderful musical journey to that magical place where dreams come true. Dorothy, a wistful, little Kansas farm girl, gets caught up in a tornado and whisked off, far over the rainbow, to the marvelous Land of Oz. With the help of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, she battles the Wicked Witch of the West while trying to reach the great and powerful Wizard in hopes that he can help her get back home. There are plenty of adventures along the way as Dorothy and her three faithful friends follow the yellow brick road in search of the heart, knowledge and courage they’ve always had. Featuring a large children’s chorus and an array of special effects, including a full-blown tornado, this is the musical favorite for all ages. The production runs to Jan. 4 with 7 p.m. show times on Thursdays and Fridays. Saturday shows are at 2 and 7 p.m. with Sunday shows

‘Peter Pan’ at Carmel High Carmel High School’s performing arts department has announced the cast for its upcoming production of “Peter Pan.” Tickets, priced at $7 and $10, will go on sale Jan. 6 in the high school bookstore, which is open on school days from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Tickets also may be ordered on line at To become a patron, which includes two tickets and a listing in the program for $30, contact drama director Maggie Cassidy at 317-846-7721, ext. 7477 or The cast includes Miranda Rivas, who will play the role of Nana; Christy Thao as Michael Darling; Julia Bonnett, Mrs. Darling; Mike Gospel, John Darling; Bethany Arrington, Wendy Darling; Phil Kirk; Mr. Darling; Alex Peck, Peter Pan; Karaline Feller, Liza; Ben Mueller, Slightly; Jowi Estava, Tootles; Austen Guevara, Nibs; Angela Tauber, Curly; Ashley Neif, first twin; and Ben Claus, second twin. The play will open in the high school’s Dale E. Graham Auditorium Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. Other productions are scheduled for Feb. 6 at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 7 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. and Feb. 8 at 2 p.m.

Sunday, December 21st 9pm - midnight

Put the kids to bed, sneak out in your pajamas, and finish up your holiday shopping! Everything in the store is 30% off during this sale! Great books, games, toys, puzzles, and something great for all the kids on your list!

tion! New loca day birth t u o ab Ask parties!

Toys and Tales that grow imaginations 4450 Weston Pointe Drive

8654 E. 96th St., Fishers

(109th Street and Michigan Road)

(next to Einsteins Bros. Bagels)

(317) 733-8710

(317) 570-0715

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You’re invited to the 4Kids Books & Toys Annual Pajama Party Sale!


starting at 2 p.m. Signed performance is Dec. 27 at 7 p.m. and the audience sing-a-long is Jan. 1 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $34 apiece and available at www.




nd the Word became flesh … God we learn about in Genesis. John 1:14 The light of goodness, the truth of The flesh and blood arrival knowing and our very lives are a great start of Jesus Christ on earth as a to the infinite and eternal list of things human being – the Incarnation God gives us in Christ. of Christ which we celebrate Regarding our holiday season, with Christmas – brought I love Christmas lights. I think something brand new to the they are cheerful and poignant human experience: divine light and sentimental and a wonderful and divine truth. expression of love. Christmas lights And something else: comwe put on our trees and houses are munion with God. a bright reminder of the light and Think back for a moment to truth Christ brings into the world. Genesis 1. Consider that God, Sure, the date of Christmas with His spirit hovering over is keyed to pagan festivals that the darkness of the deep, both celebrated the lengthening of created light and separated light the days after the winter solstice from darkness on the first day. Dec. 21, not to the (likely) He didn’t get around to creating October birth of Christ. Bob Walters the sun and stars – the sources But think … Who created the Spirituality of physical light – until Day 4. days? And who is the source of Now jump forward to John light and truth? The date doesn’t 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and matter, because the gift is eternal. the Word was with God, and the Word Christ’s arrival showed us that God was God.” The “Word”, of course, is would come for us and show us a way to Christ who became flesh, that part of the be in communion, despite our sins, with a Holy Trinity which animates Creation, God who is good, righteous and unchanggives us life, breath, and freedom, and ening. That is a truth that deserves to be put ables faith, hope and love. up in lights. What Genesis and John are saying is Bob Walters ( rolls his eyes that Christ and the Holy Spirit are, from when he hears anyone suggest there is a more the beginning, with God. John 1:4-9 goes important symbolism of Light at Christmas into some detail about light, and – read it than Jesus Christ. ” again – is defining Christ as the Light of

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ral d

John Wollenburg, agent Know someone outside of Carmel who would like to get

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

State Farm Insurance


Life, Lights and Truth


You can send it to them for $52 a year! Call489.4444 489.4444

It has been a rewarding partnership. “

Current In Carmel, along with my referral program, has helped to grow my business!”

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*Holiday decorations *Table linens *Crystal & silver serving pieces *Model home furniture *Artwork & accessories Give the gift of smart shopping this season. Gift certificates available. 210 E. Main St, Carmel (131st St between Keystone Ave & Rangeline Rd)


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A Netbook is designed to be a small (usually 8to 10-inch screens), light (usually under four to five pounds) and inexpensive alternative (usually under $500) to traditional laptop computers. Netbooks tend to run on older or non-traditional operating systems such as Windows XP Home or Linux. Think of a Netbook as a device that is positioned between Smartphones such as the iPhone or Blackberry and traditional laptops. For a growing number of folks who are mobile users, having something more powerful and more capable of storage than a Smartphone, but less costly, smaller and lighter than a traditional laptop makes sense. If you want to be able to watch DVD movies, play today’s most popular video games or need to install special software


(like corporate VPN programs, etc.) in order to function while on the road, then a Netbook is not likely a good fit. If you only want to surf the Net, check your web-based e-mail or access other online only services, a Netbook may be the perfect solution. Gary Hubbard is Owner of Data Doctors Computer Services - www.datadoctors. com Have a technology question? Send it to

Cameras with a short shutter delay Everyone’s looking for a point-andshoot camera fast enough to catch Sally making the winning goal or Fido catching a Frisbee in midair. There are two main factors that impact your camera’s speed: the time it takes to lock focus, which affects how fast the camera captures an image after you press the shutter button; and processing and write speeds, which affect how fast you can shoot the next image after you’ve just taken a picture. In our reviews, we refer to the first factor as shutter lag and measure it in both highcontrast and low-contrast situations. We call the second factor shot-to-shot time. Here are six of the fastest we’ve seen, with shot-to-shot times (in good light) of 1.5 seconds or less and shutter lags of 0.5 second or shorter in high-contrast conditions and 1.2 seconds or less in dim conditions.

• Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200, $238 to $383. • Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH, $144 to $350. • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W90, $160 to $250. • Kodak EasyShare V1253, $155. • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T-70, $225 to $280. • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130, $169 to $210.


* Not valid with other offers - Expires 12-31-08

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Laptops Under $600 • Lenovo IdeaPad S10 The Bottom Line: Lenovo’s “me, too!” entry in the Netbook sweepstakes, the IdeaPad S10, gets the price and features right, but falls behind on battery life. Cost: $349. • Samsung NC10 The Bottom Line: The Samsung NC10 is a completely average Netbook in every way, but we like its keyboard and love its long-running battery. Cost: $478 to $520. • Averatec Buddy The Bottom Line: Two hours of battery life is simply not enough for the otherwise unobjectionable and basic Averatec Buddy Netbook. Cost: $429 to $465. • HP Compaq CQ50-215NR The Bottom Line: Despite its upscale looks, the 15.4-inch Compaq Presario CQ50215nr is marred by pokey performance and abbreviated battery life. Cost: $599. -


Netbook is a small, inexpensive computer that is designed primarily as a communication device on the Internet. The introduction of the Internet as a means to access, process and store information started a development trend that reduced the importance of what we used as a computer and what operating system it was running. The most common uses of a computer these days include browsing Gary Hubbard the Internet, e-mail Technology and word processing, all of which can now be done with virtually any computer of any age and completely online (no need for specific software on a specific computer to accomplish these tasks). A Netbook is a new way of accessing those online resources. A traditional laptop has more features such as CD-DVD players and special video displays, has more processing power, is larger in size and weighs and costs significantly more than a Netbook.


LG Flare LX165 Cell Phone - Not everyone feels the need to have the very latest smartphone. Some prefer their mobile phones to possess the basic tools such as making and receiving calls. Of course, such basic phones would not stand out if they do not offer something else. One of these top basic phones is the LG Flare LX165, which is sold exclusively on Virgin Mobile. Although the name may sound flashy at first, in reality the Flare is anything but eye-catching designwise. It may have a sleek minimalist appearance, but its construction gives off a little bit on the cheap side. However, the Flare does make up for its “lack of flare” by having a very colorful display on the outside, which can support up to 65,000 colors. Flip the phone open and you can also see its 1.75-inch, 262,000color internal display. -

Netbooks vs. Laptops



Men: How to Lose a Gal in 10 Days


uys, have you ever dated a nice “confidence” (which is actually arrogance). gal, all is going well and all of By telling us you have been rejected a sudden, BAM! Just like an a lot. For some reason, we want to think interception at a Colts game, that we’re with a highly sought after fellow. within three dates, she brings On the other hand, don’t tell us you’re up the “L” word? Yes, while kisssought after. You’ll seem pomping your cheek, she tells you she ous and insecure. loves you and nothing makes By telling us about your you want to drop that corndog financial troubles right away. you’re eating at Bub’s Burgers Call me a cave woman, but I and run off down the Monon don’t want to think that the guy more than hearing that. I’m on a date with can barely Well, men are not the only afford the burger I’m chompcreatures who get scared off. ing on. Look. You don’t have to Here are some surefire ways to be Mr. Money Bags, but in the lose a good woman within the beginning, you don’t have to tell first few dates: us about your credit card debt By being too analytical. It and repo on your minivan. takes all the fun and romance By talking about getting Rachael Noble drunk all the time. If you’re the out of a date if a guy starts DATING analyzing every tiny little thing. type of gal who is ready for a relaJust relax and don’t try to figure tionship, the last thing you want everything out right away. to hear is, “Dude I got so wasted last night”. By being pathetic. Do not under any Enough with the drunkenness, dudes. If we circumstances talk about your past relawanted a fraternity boy, we’d go get one. tionships (no matter how recent) and how So in the beginning, let’s keep the conhurt you feel. For now, just tell us she versation light and fun! You will both learn wasn’t the one for you and you’ve moved the good and bad eventually. But for now, on and are ready for something special. enjoy a corndog and some good ol’ fashBy not being confident. Now some ioned friendship! people get “bad boy” confused with Rachael Noble is a single Carmel resident and “confident boy”. Women are drawn to confidence. But sometimes we accidentally contributing columnist. She can be reached at choose the bad boy because we like his

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

overWhelmed? Feel like it’S all too much? We Will help you: • Declutter and create a cost-effective system of organization for the way you work & live • Save time, money & stress by having ready access to the things you need • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a less chaotic, simplified environment We Specialize in:

Kelli Gregor Debbie Krieg 317.847.5567 317.507.6981

Our HOliday Gift tO Our New ClieNts Free Haircut with any chemical service

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Merry Christmas

• Home, garage and office organization • Time and schedule management • Unpacking & settling you into your new home • Staging your home for quicker resale CLEAR THE CLUTTER


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Si Johnson, Vice President/ Realtor/Manager C a r m e l F. C . Tu c ke r O f f i c e


“ Fantastic


We have had nothing but compliments and praise from our agents.” Si Johnson, Vice President/Realtor/Manager C a r m e l F. C . Tu c ke r O f f i c e


W no co an ou

V Re




Virtual Yule Log - The first video fireplace aired on New York’s WPIX TV in 1966 – just a picture and sound of a crackling fire with Christmas carols as a soundtrack. It was an instant holiday hit. Today the virtual yule log is making a comeback – as a portable. Record label EMI has come up with a $1.99 download you can play on your iPhone or iPod Touch. No, it doesn’t work as a handwarmer, but it’s a way to take a little piece of home with you anywhere. Take a look on YouTube, Virtual Fireplace. -


ust like diamonds paired with holiday attire, crystal is the perfect accessory to dress a home for the holidays in 2008. A holiday party is the ideal time to open the china cabinet and gather crystal pieces and allow them the honor of center stage. The dining room is the natural place to appoint a home with such radiance. Remember those cast-off crystal pieces that have kept vigil in the Vicky Earley depths of the china Design cabinet? Every home has an inventory of clear glass candlesticks. Orphan crystal goblets can be given a new opportunity to serve. These simple elements, paired with an abundance of white candles, can serve in the new role of holiday jewels. A crystal table-scape can be used as a grand holiday decoration or as the focal point for a holiday feast. If the table will be used for food presentation, begin by protecting it with a solid white table cloth. White is the only supporting color since it projects purity, clean-

liness and neutrality. It is white that will allow candle light to flicker and dance through the crystal without interference. Follow the tablecloth with the placement of a lift for varied height. Try using a solid piece such as a silver ware box at the focal point of your table. If the table is to be used for serving rather than dining, select a focal point other than the predictable center and build forward. A second white table cloth should be allowed to gently fall and twist naturally over around the “lift” with gentle folds. A generous sprinkling of artificial snow on the cloth will provide a delicate bedding for the crystal ornaments, bowls and candlesticks that are to come next. Look through holiday decorations for clear glass or crystal reindeer or trees. The varied sizes and shapes will provide even more opportunity for the candlelight to dance across the table. The sizes and shapes of the candlesticks are best if varied from votives to pillars. Mixing old with new creates an even richer


Stylish Gift Ideas? Shopping time is getting short, but hey, you still have another week. If the problem isn’t shopping, but that you’re out of ideas, here’s a can’t-miss website with in-style gift ideas galore: giftrap. All categories of gifts, all manner of recipients, all occasions and latest trends. Ideas are the easy part. If you’re still entertaining the thought of actual online shopping, better hop to it. Every day after Dec. 15 (which includes today!), shipping starts getting dicey and often more expensive. -

Dress your home in crystal

play of light. White tulips and greenery flocked with white are perfect organic elements to add to this scintillating presentation without detracting from the play of light. As with diamonds, crystal has the quality of unleashing the pure essence of light so include an abundance of candles. When artificial lights are dimmed and the candles are lit, this well-dressed home will be ready to welcome the holidays. Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact


Consignment Boutique

A of



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580-0058 11546 Westfield Blvd.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DiVitto specializes in unique gifts - Have you ever seen a five-foot slice of key lime pie? How about a royal blue octopus or a life-sized shark with pink polka dots? If not, then clearly you haven’t been to DiVitto Kelly’s gallery ( DiVitto does things with papier mâché that you wouldn’t know were possible. In all uses of the term, he is a papier mâché artist. “I can make all types of sculptures, from 12-foot sharks to six-foot pop tarts,” he said. “If it walks, runs, slithers, crawls, flies, swims or jumps, I’ll make it.” “Most of my sculptures range from two to seven feet in length, DiVitto adds, “but my largest was a 13-foot shark. It was so enormous I needed to rent a U-Haul truck to move it.” While most of the sculptures are large, and in some cases very large, they are in fact only a few pounds in weight. And because they are so lightweight, you can hang them from most ceilings and walls. Prices start at just $50. -



We will be closed Dec 29 - Jan 3 for our holiday break. Come and see us before we leave.

Happy Holidays!

DISPATCHES Almanac Pet Blog - Canine cookies? Cat Canapes? Avian Appetizers? The Old Farmers Almanac has begun a pet blog featuring stories, advice, lore and tasty pet food and holiday treat recipes. It’s at blogs/everything/pet. The blog reminds that even while we often share holiday treats with pets, only share foods that are safe for them by remembering that even normal human food is generally too rich for dogs and cats. -

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Low-Cost Pet Clinic - Information about a low-cost spay-neuter clinic and low-cost vaccinations is available at, or call 317-706-0537. New Pet Information - Any information you need regarding pets – and there are a lot of pets who find new homes during the holidays – can be addressed through hamiltonhumane. com, the website of the Hamilton County Humane Society (317-773-4974). For animal control issues (strays, aggressive breeds or non-domestic) in Carmel, contact 317-571-2580, and in Westfield call 317-773-1300. - Hamilton Co. Humane Society Things To Consider When Choosing A Pet Are you a morning person -- or willing to become one? Dogs and cats are early risers - you’ll need a good sense of humor about the morning wake-up call, even on weekends. Do you keep a regular schedule? If you are thinking of adopting a dog, you’ll need to adopt a regular schedule, too. Young pets, like their human counterparts, need quality play and cuddle time from you. Are there children in your home? Different pets are appropriate for different ages. Children under five can’t often tell if they’re being too rough with pups or kittens. - PetSmart

Isabelle says…

Isabelle says come on in and see our supplements for your pet’s arthritic condition and joint pains! Old man winter really increases the pain this time of year with all the cold weather. Our supplements will reduce the joint pain and arthritic symptoms!



816 W. Main St., Carmel 317-582-1DOG or 317-582-1364 Mon through Fri: 10-7 Sat: 10-5 • Sun: Closed

What you can do to ease winter aches By John Mikesell Current in Carmel

Don’t be too quick to dismiss your old dog’s inactivity or stiffness as normal for his age. He may have an acute condition that requires treatment. Have your older dog examined by your holistic veterinarian twice a year; discuss your dog’s diet and supplements with the vet at that time. Try an improved diet and natural, gentle treatment before using prescription pharmaceuticals. Vitamin C helps many dogs with arthritis. Use sodium ascorbate, rather than ascorbic acid. Good quality protein – based on its digestibility and completeness of its amino acid composition is at the nutritional core of arthritis prevention. However, many commercial dog foods (especially the inexpensive ones) are

made with poor quality ingredients. Whether you care for an arthritic elder or are planning long-term prevention strategies for a new puppy, start feeding the best food you can afford right now food that is made with top-quality, whole-meat protein ingredients. At the very least avoid foods that utilize by-products (meat and grain) as their main ingredients, and those with chemical preservatives or artificial flavorings. It is also important to optimize the digestive and final elimination of the good food you feed. This is easily accomplished with a sprinkle or two of a digestive enzyme and probiotic supplement with each meal. Supplement each meal with an essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement that is balanced to meet the nutritional needs of dogs. The best will contain both vegetable

pets of the week Molly is a 4-year-old female yellow Lab mix. Molly is an absolute doll. She is very well mannered and she knows the commands “sit”, “down” and “beg”. Molly arrived at the shelter when her previous family no longer wanted her. Despite losing her home, Molly is keeping her spirits up, hoping the right family will see her and decide they can’t live without her. She is gentle and friendly with everyone she meets and she just wants a chance to have a forever home with a family. Ladybug is a 3-year-old female tabby with white DSH. Ladybug is a sweet and petite little girl who adores people of all ages. She is very affectionate. You might even call her a love bug. Ladybug arrived at the shelter on June 4 when she was picked up by a nice animal control officer, but she is more than ready to move into her forever home. She is spayed, and she even has received her rabies vaccine, so she is ready to go home with her new family today and start her new role as official lap cat. For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974 or go to

A Mother and A Daughter Cleaning Services It’s not just a business, it’s a relationship.


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oils and whole body fish oils. If, like my dog Isabelle, your companion is already experiencing the effects of old injuries or chronic arthritis, you should consider a few other supplements, as well. At the top of the list is glucosamine. As a bare minimum, most dogs will need at least 350 mg of glucosamine per day to realize the benefits of the supplement, but those with preexisting joint problems may need considerably more. You might also consider adding a few herbs to the mix, to help your canine pal heal and find relief from his aching. Yucca root (Yucca Schidigera), alfalfa, licorice root and other herbs that contain rich concentrations of phytosterols and other antiinflammatory compounds are among the most popular of the herbal anti-arthritics. John Mikesell, owner of Love of Dogs Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at john.mikesell@

29 INITIAL SITUATION: This custom home on the east side of Carmel was built in the mid 1980s and featured a spacious master bathroom. The previous owners had updated the room with new floor tile and granite vanity countertops. The current owner wanted to continue the remodel by focusing on the outdated shower, tub and plumbing fixtures.

mately four weeks.

FINAL PRODUCT: The existing tub was removed and a new drop-in corner soaking tub was installed in a fresh white finish. The new shower includes a new satin nickel shower head and faucet with matching handheld. The new shower mud pan floor was covered with 2 x 2 mosaic stone tile sloping toward the drain. The shower walls include porcelain tile installed on a runDESIGN PHASE: The challenge was to ning bond pattern to the ceiling. The shower design the new shower, tub and fixtures to walls also include a new listello decorative blend in with the salvaged vanity cabinets, border around the perimeter of the shower granite tops and existing floor tile. The existwith two wall niche cavities for soap and ing floor tile and cabinetry was fairly neutral shampoo. The shower is enclosed with a new in color, allowing a seamless integration with frameless glass surround and door in clear the new upgrades. The new porcelain tile for glass. The tub deck and front is tiled with the shower and tub imitates natural stone porcelain tile to coordinate with the shower which ties in nicely with the existing stone Larry including a new tiled back splash around the countertops. The final decision was to select Greene tub area. Finally, the room was updated with a satin nickel finish for the plumbing fixnew vanity faucets, towel racks and vanity tures, shower door, vanity lights and mirror frame. light fixtures. PROJECT SCHEDULE: The design phase for the master bathroom remodel included several meetings Have a remodeling question? Ask Larry Greene, owner of with the project designer and visits to local plumbing Case Handyman & Remodeling. You may e-mail him at fixture showrooms. The design phase lasted three weeks or call 846-2600. while the construction phase spread out over approxi-

Smart Solutions You have worked hard to build and create the life you want— these things deserve to be protected. That is what we do. We are a firm who believes in providing the best, most current, and smartest legal representation available. We work hard every day to ensure that is exactly what our clients get.

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Master Bathroom Remodel in Carmel

LAUGHS / PUZZLES Tuesday, December 16, 2008




Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.



he most common questions I get each day as I mingle with the public are: What does it take to get into the Humor Columnist Hall of Fame? and Do you have what it takes to be a member? OK, these are not the most common questions I get. The most common questions are: Why doesn’t your wife divorce you? Isn’t that a handicapped space? You think you’re Dick Wolfsie so funny, don’t you? Humor I’m not sure that last one is a question. But many do ask what distinguishes the great from the near-great writer when it comes to composing a column. First, all columnists must have the ability to drone on about totally benign and meaningless subjects. Over the years I have written about worthless drivel: dome lights, goat cheese, aerating your lawn, dollar stores, pants with 35-inch waistbands and leg cramps. For hack writers like me, once we’ve written about goat cheese, limited creativity requires we move on to new rubbish. The true gauge of innovative brilliance is the ability to go back for a second bite of the lemon to write a second time about something that hardly deserved attention in the first place. This brings me to the superiority of toasters over toaster-ovens, a topic I first tackled last year in this column when my wife and I locked horns on the issue of whether a toaster was really necessary, or if a toaster-oven was a more efficient and practical alternative. Unlike my friend, Josh, who revealed his mid-life crisis by purchasing a $60,000 BMW, I boldly went to Wal-Mart and bought a $12 toaster. There are lots of ways to measure audacity. Breakfast time had been glorious. I had toast in the twinkling of an eye, perfectly prepared with nary a burnt crust. Life was good. But the Wolfsies recently had a holiday party and we moved some of the kitchen gadgets to the basement to temporarily save counter space. Later that evening when the guests cleared, my wife cunningly replaced all the counter appliances except the toaster, leaving my $12 chrome beauty in the cellar. “Where‘s my toaster, Mary Ellen?” I asked the next morning. “In the basement. Couldn’t you just pop down there and use it?” It was time to prove to Mary Ellen that




my contention regarding the superiority of a toaster versus a toaster-oven was not delusional, but a fact borne out of years of experience with breads of all types from white to pumpernickel. And that even if you throw in an occasional craggy English muffin or a pudgy bagel, the toaster always reigns supreme. We decided to run a time comparison. I went downstairs and placed bread in the toaster, then ran upstairs and put bread in the toaster-oven. Then I scrutinized the clock. After a minute, the bread in

the toaster had sprung to life, tanned and eager to be part of my morning repast. The bread in the toaster oven was simply lukewarm. “Can’t you see, the toaster-oven is taking forever, Mary Ellen?” “What’s the big rush? Don’t you have things to do? You are not supposed to stare at the toaster-oven while it works. That’s why we have a microwave.” Here are the results of my analysis: Toaster-oven: 185 seconds to completion.

Toaster: 90 seconds to perfection. In all fairness, I should probably add the two minutes it takes me to go down to the basement to use the toaster and come back upstairs because that is where the toaster is apparently going to stay for the rest of my life. So if you add it all up, I guess they both take about the same amount of time. Maybe my wife was right all along. Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ not all that wonderful



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theaters? I saw it at a mall movie house in 1983 along with my date and six other people. We all laughed ourselves silly (sillier, in my case). However, if you had said then it would someday be among the most popular Christmas movies of all time, we would have thought you were off your medication. The real question, I suppose, is why these things matter. Of course, I have an answer: I’m not sure. But matter they do. It just wouldn’t be the season without “The Bishop’s Wife” or “The Man Who Came To Dinner” or “Christmas In Connecticut” or any of about a dozen versions of “A Christmas Carol” (including the Magoo). They bring us together, inspire us, fill our hearts – you know, all that nice holiday stuff. Even that Capra movie, for most people. Just not me. Although I must admit, especially at this time of year, he sure got the title right.


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am about to make a statement some one of the greatest films ever made, and will consider Holiday Heresy. So I feel pretty much the same about “Mr. be it. I don’t care. I’ve held it in for Deeds Goes To Town”, “Mr. Smith Goes years and I just can’t do it anymore. To Washington” and “You Can’t Take It Batten down the hatches and get With You.” the kids out of earshot, beBut “It’s A Wonderful Life?” cause here it comes: Pass. Too sappy, Pappy. I cannot stand “It’s A It could be that I’ve seen it Wonderful Life.” too many times. Remember, Really. Whenever I watch it spent several years in the it I get this feeling of, well, public domain and as a result, you know how your stomach used to be aired about 7,000 gets when you go one piece times each December. In my of fudge past your limit? That case, make that 7,000 times feeling. each December on the only Now, before you brand me channel that came in clearly as a cynic, let me assure you on the black-and-white Zenith I am not. I’m the guy who portable that was my midtakes six hours to decorate 1970s entertainment center. Mike Redmond his Christmas tree because It might also be a certain, Humor I have to sit and recall every well, let’s call it a quirk of my story behind every ornament personality that has me swimI own - all 500 of them. I’m the guy who ming against the tide a good deal of the walks down the block every night to gaze time. If everyone else in my family likes in wonder at the neighbors’ spectacular something, I automatically take the opdisplay of Christmas lights and sings posing side. Well, everyone else in my (quietly, mind you) on the way back. I’m family loves “It’s A Wonderful Life.” the guy who gets teary-eyed at the end of Then again, we all love “A Christmas “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.” A cynic Story.” Although I have to say I’m not I am not. impressed with all the Ralphies-ComeAnd while we’re on the subject of Lately who have glommed onto that things I am not, I am not a Frank Capra movie in the last 20 years. Where were hater, either. I think “Meet John Doe” is you guys when it was playing in the


Approximately one-third of Americans have a sleep disorder that may make sleeping and waking hours difficult. The lack of a good night’s rest cannot only affect your ability to rejuvenate your body, but could also make you more susceptible to serious health conditions like hypertension, memory loss and obesity. Many people do not recognize symptoms of a sleep disorder and do not talk about them with a physician. Take the following quiz to find out if you might be at risk:  My spouse/partner says that I snore or hold my breath when I sleep  I have steadily gained weight over the past two years  I often wake up with a headache  I have a problem staying awake while reading, attending meetings or watching television  I feel tired all day regardless of how much sleep I get  I wake myself snoring, choking or gasping for air  I have night sweats  I have high blood pressure  I sleep better upright or elevated on pillows  I fall asleep while riding in a car  I experience a crawly, aching or restless feeling in my legs or am unable to keep them still If you answered yes to two or more questions, you may have a sleep disorder. Call 688-5644 to learn more about sleep disorders and treatment options to make a great night’s rest a reality.

Sleep equals health. FREE Sleep Disorders Seminar MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 6:30 P.M. The seminar will be held at the Clarian North Learning Center. To register, please call 317-688-5644 or go to

December 16, 2008  

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