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TUESDAY October 30, 2007 FREE


SEE WHAT’S BREWING IN CARMEL For all little witches and grown-up pirates, here’s what’s going on this Halloween. P2


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Model: Suzie Rodimel; Photo by Shane Photography; Props courtesy of Party Tree Super Store, Carmel.

Turn to the back to learn how to keep kids safe this Halloween season.


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SEE WHAT’S BREWING IN CARMEL For all little witches and grown-up pirates,

here’s what’s going on this Halloween. C os tumes When it comes to costumes, the hot ticket this year — for kids and adults alike — is pirates! “It’s the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ” said Meghan Girt, manager at The Party Tree Super Store in Carmel. “Pirate stuff just caught on big time. It’s very hard for us to keep pirate items in stock.” Girt said characters from the movie “High School Musical” are also popular this year, along with the Nickelodeon show, “Hannah Montana.” Other costumes flying off the shelf include Transformers and Ninja Turtles for little boys; while adults — male and female — are going for the camo look with Army outfits.

“And the witch costume is still really classic and popular as well,” Girt said. “And we of course, have a lot of sexy costumes for females — basically everything from a French maid to Marilyn Monroe.” Costumes start around $25 and can go up to $150, Girt said. Special Halloween store hours this week are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The store is located at 2160 E. 116th St. — Christine Bavender

Tric k or Treating

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Official trick-or-treat hours will be from 5 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, the city of Carmel announced. Police cars will be patrolling the neighborhoods to ensure

everyone’s safety. If you see or find anything suspicious, please call the Carmel Police Department at 571.2580 or emergency 911.

What Kids want to find in their Trick-or-Treat bags When it comes to goodies in the trick or treat sack, kids seem to want it all! But there are still some all-time favorites, according to Carmel moms! “My kids love to get the half-sized candy bars,” Julie Mason said. “Not the minis — they want more chocolate it seems.” Mason said her three children — who range in age from 6 to 9 — also like to get pixie sticks, an oldie but a goodie; ring pops; and tootsie roll pops. Cheri Sutton agrees with the chocolate but says her trio, ages 6, 10 and 12, like bigger candy bars. “The bigger the better,” Sutton said with a laugh. Her children also look for mentos, airheads, bubble gum and tootsie rolls — and just like Mason’s — pixie sticks are always a big hit. Kris Scott says for her kids it’s

not about what’s in the trick-or-treat bag. “They just are happy to get some candy,” she said. “For them it’s really more about the process of going out in costume.” Jay Saylor, manager at Target West in Carmel at U.S. 31 and 151st Street, said the big bags of candy are flying off the shelf at her store. “With all the variety — whether it’s the chocolate or the hard candies,” Saylor said. “And it’s a better deal.” A five-pound bag of mixed candy can run from $5.99 to $7.99, Saylor said. They come in several different kinds from mini candy bars and hard candies, to bags of suckers. And, she added, there are still plenty on the shelves for those who are waiting until the last minute. — Christine Bavender

Events Where to take your trick-or-treaters besides just marching them up and down the neighbors’ driveways? Not to worry — here are several events around Carmel for kids of all ages. You can start a day early with the Carmel F.C. Tucker’s Annual Safe Trick or Treat Day. From 6 to 8 p.m. today, you can visit the office at 1119 Keystone Ave. for treats — and a trip up the “Haunted Stairway.” Then on Wednesday, Northview Christian Church will sponsor Trunk & Treat from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the church parking lot, 5535 E. 131st St. Everyone is invited to enjoy a safe alternative to trick or treating. Or go to Trunk or Treat at Carmel United Methodist Church, 621 S. Range Line Road. Starting at 5:30 p.m., you and

the kiddies can dine on road kill chili, slime soup and salad bar, enjoy some kids toads nuggets and top it all off with dirt and worm cake. Cost is $5 for adults and $3 for kids for the soup and salad meal. Then at 6, it’s time for kids games and crafts, a costume parage and then a Trunk or Treat event in the parking lot with prizes for trunk designs and costumes. If you want more dining options, head to Clay Terrace. From 5 to 7 p.m. Halloween night you can hit the mall for some fun – all for free. Kids can get trick or treat bags at the Village Green in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods and then visit more than 40 stores for goodies. And if you need a break, Circuit City will show movies. This is the second year Clay Terrace – which is located at U.S. 31 and 146th Street – has hosted the event. — Christine Bavender

Carmel’s S creaming Bridge Perhaps Carmel’s only claim to a haunted place is the Screaming Bridge, located near Michigan and Holiday roads. However, this claim is disputed. Wanda Lou Willis, folklore historian and author of “Haunted Hoosier Trails” and “More Haunted Hoosier Trails,” said she has researched the stories circling around the bridge and found “absolutely nothing pertaining to this rumored haunting,” she said. “It has not been included in any published books on Indiana hauntings, nor can I find anything to substantiate that anything strange happened at the that location – like a murder or suicide,” Willis said. In high school, former Carmel resident Mike Fischer said he and friends would go to the bridge to

scare each other, or would take girls there to scare them. “I remember hearing rumors that cults did their nasty deeds at night and that there were satanic symbols on the bridge,” Fischer said, although he said he did not see any symbols. “We would drive there at night and turn off the lights and crawl down the road. We would dare people to walk from the bridge to Michigan Road.” Willis said the stories about the bridge include it being haunted by spirits or hearing a woman screaming at midnight. “In essence, I believe this is just a spooky, lonely location and someone made up a somewhat compelling story,” she said. — Liz Juranek

OUR TAKES It is our position that the truck ban on Keystone Avenue is good for Carmel. This ban to clear the street of dangerous and noisy truck travel is a complement to the recent agreement by the state to allow local control of this important roadway. Our neighbors residing on the eastern portion of our city are all too familiar with the near steady stream of semi-trucks on this thoroughfare. In addition to the level of noise, the current truck traffic practically prohibits east-west pedestrian and bicycle traffic for children and adults in this Bicycle Friendly City. Given the significant improvements in east-west roadways such as 116th and 131st

Streets, Carmel should continue the progress to make our “Keystone crossing” more tenable. What is in store for Carmel’s Westside? The truck ban will steer increased semi traffic to U.S. 31, which now commands needed attention. Elected officials in Carmel and in Hamilton County should increase pressure on the state to begin work on U.S. 31 improvements. Carmel residents and visitors alike should be easily able to traverse our city with ease and without fear. Mayor Jim Brainard has improved the Carmel-controlled infrastructure to make this transition. Now it is time for the others, who control U.S. 31, to implement plans.

Properly Taxed It is our position that the leadership taken by Gov. Mitch Daniels on the state’s property tax problem is a good thing. Particularly in those counties around the state (including Marion County), where local government mismanagement has allowed property tax rates to run unchecked, the property tax issue is at a crisis level. Mitch has at least placed a viable flag in the ground. At the same time, many questions remain with this proposal. For example, how will the business community respond? The Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Manufacturers Association and many others have publicly decried the proposal, citing

concern about the tax burden being placed disproportionately on one segment of taxpayers: businesses. What might the proposal mean for Carmel residents? Unlike Marion and other counties across the state, the property taxes paid by Carmel taxpayers are already relatively low. The fervor of placard-carrying residents protesting during morning rush hour along Meridian Street earlier this fall was noticeably absent north of 96th Street. The governor’s plan might well mean that the overall net tax burden could increase for those counties that are wellmanaged. While Daniels’ plan represents a good start, Carmelites will need answers to several questions. They deserve nothing less.


Keep on Truckin’

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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oday, instead of and three more before she would taking potshots be taken off the ventilator. at over-officious Humility is what you learn as politicians and a helpless, mumbling bystander. government waste, Sobering experiences, such as the I’m giving co-conspirator Brian one we’re still crawling out from Kelly the day off. This is my chance under, absolutely riddle you. I beto express how grateful I am to lieve they call it shock. You go on be able to write about a miracle. auto-pilot. You just “do” without Really. This is no joke. thinking. Then you remember Have you ever been on a rollerhow you nearly fell to pieces, spycoaster ride so violent, so fearing Annie’s younger sister, Rachel, inducing that you were convinced a CHS freshman, sitting on the Steve you would lose your mind? I have, floor with Annie face-down and on Greenberg and I nearly did. the vent above her in the “rocket Ever heard of pneumococcal ship,” how she didn’t flinch when bacteria? I hadn’t either, until offered the chance to encourage medical experts at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital her sister, tell her how much she loves her sisdiagnosed it recently, literally just in time to ter, that everything would be OK; that kid has save Annie’s life. Annie is the one who made moxie. You immediately are appreciative of Sally and me parents. She is an incredibly everything and everyone. You are abundantly determined 18-year-old Carmel High School hopeful and prayerful. You, like the doctor, are senior with her whole life ahead of her. Thank not exactly confident, and you cling tightly to God. It didn’t seem that every microscopic sign of way for about 48 hours improvement. You hug a couple weeks ago, your wife and daughter. as she was fighting for You just pray and hope. her life against double You ask others to do the pneumonia and sepsis. same. You beg God to There were tests aplenty help the medical team for all of us. I mean, heal your kid. You tell what would you be left anyone who will listen, to think after a talk with “This just isn’t right.” And a physician that went like you’re correct. It isn’t. this? You learn that not much Dad: “So, if this else matters beyond your Annie, just before doesn’t work, what’s own flesh and blood. the tube came out. next?” Annie will be in school Doc: “There is no for three hours today, the ‘next.’ It will be up to her.” max allowed by her doc. It’ll be a long road Up to her. UP TO HER? I mean, really! back, and we’re measuring progress in baby The words Ping-Ponged through our sleepsteps. Her doc has taken to calling Annie “my deprived brains. Up to her. You mean the kid miracle kid!” We’ll take that! in a medically induced coma? The one in the Flash back to Lake Placid , N.Y. , the Winter “rocket ship” bed? The one on a ventilator? Olympic Games of 1980. USA vs. Russia in ice The one with more lines going into her body hockey. Al Michaels, then of ABC-TV, fairly than one believed possible? The one who screaming: “Do you believe in miracles? YES!” is being poisoned to death by this insidious We do, wholeheartedly. Everybody and germ? Right, and I’m the stinkin’ Tooth Fairy! everything brought Annie back to us. To say We were all staring acute respiratory distress we’re grateful to everyone – you know who right between the eyes ... and we were losing you are - is a terribly inadequate understatethe stare-down. ment. Now, we have to believe, something of We also owe a major debt of appreciation a healing hand from a higher plane interto Annie herself, the kid with now-rosy cheeks ceded as if willed to us by a fully functioning sleeping on the couch across the room from international prayer chain. And a team of me as I write this. Her inner fire contributed A-plus physicians, respiratory therapists and mightily to her rejoining us. It makes a dad nurses were on it, 24/7, in an effort to catch want to cry. Matter of fact, he should stop up to a speeding chain of falling dominos. right now before he wakes her. Once they caught up, a miracle drug from Eli Steve Greenberg is the executive vice president Lilly, Xygris, cleared the sepsis from Annie’s system, finally allowing the antibiotics to work and general manager of Current Publishing, LLC. wonders. It would be another two days before You may e-mail him at steve@currentincarmel. com. she would be pronounced “out of the woods”

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CARMEL GRAD IN THE FIELD: Ball State senior Maddy Boesen, Carmel High School class 2004, recently completed an Anthropology Field Study offered through Washington State University. Boesen spent six weeks observing and living with Maddy Boesen the people of Dominica, an island in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean. Boesen compiled a village cookbook while living with families in a small village.

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Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at

40 TREES TO BE PLANTED SATURDAY The city of Carmel, the Carmel Urban Forestry Committee and the Stone Haven at Haverstick homeowners are partnering for a tree planting at 9 a.m. Saturday in the Stone Haven at Haverstick neighborhood. A total of 40 trees will be planted along Stone Haven Drive and Stone Pine Trail. The trees are 2 inches in diameter and approximately 10 to 14 feet tall. This is the twelfth year for the Fall Neighborhood Tree Planting Program. Through this partnership, the city will purchase the trees, pre-dig the holes for the trees and provide tree-planting expertise for the neighborhood. The city also will assume responsibility for these trees should they need pruning or replacing in the future. Indiana Tree Stewards and Carmel High School’s Environmental Science teacher, George Ohmer, along with his students will be volunteering to help plant the trees along with the homeowners. For more information, or to volunteer to help with future plantings, please call Carmel’s Urban Forestry Specialist Nichole Passineau at 571-2417. CarmelCan! Column

Jeff Worrell has the day off. His column will return next week.

KIWANIS SPEAKER: Guest speaker Pete Setcoski will discuss leadership through self-motivation and inspiration at the Carmel Clay Kiwanis meeting at 7 a.m. Monday at the Life & Learning Center, 515 E. Main St. For information, call Don Moehn at 873.1956.

in-law, remember this: your son chose her as his wife and the mother of his children. If you truly love your son, then you must, at the very least, respect her and their life together. There’s no need to criticize, complain, or cross boundaries over petty issues, like the number of layers an infant needs at bedtime or the amount of pasta a 2-year-old should be allowed to consume in a year. Family is family, whether “in-law” or not, and life is way too short to be using your grandbabies and sons as leverage against your daughterin-law just so you can ease your empty-nest syndrome. And though it’s perfectly natural to side with your son during disagreements, keep in mind that there are always, always two sides to every story (and your daughter-in-law’s is probably more legit because men are idiots most of the time). FYI, all of Rae’s kids are spoken for, so there’s no chance of getting her as a motherin-law. Sorry. Peace out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

VETERANS DAY AT SCHOOL: Towne Meadow Elementary will honor veterans with its eighth annual Veterans Day celebration at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 6 in the school gymnasium. Members of Carmel American Legion Post 155; two Carmel High School trumpeters, Kyle Borcherding and Perry Reid; and the school’s Veterans Day poster contest winner will participate. Any military veteran is welcome to attend.


eople tell me all our children’s lives. School events, the time what a soccer games, special trips to great mother-inSteak-n-Shake— she adores being law I have. They’re “Grams.” And that goes a long way right, of course, in our relationship. and I’m not just saying that Another reason my mother-inbecause she’s a Carmel resident law is amazing is that, for the most and will be reading this along with part, she respects you. (Hi, Rae! You look fabulous! my decisions as Have you lost weight recently?) a mother and On the eve of Halloween, I rarely criticizes my thought it appropriate to address parenting skills. If the Witches-in-law of the world she has a concern, Danielle — the thousands of miserable she addresses the Wilson women who are downright evil matter in a way to their sons’ wives. In the hopes that is neither of staying positive, though, I’d like to focus demeaning nor intimidating. I on the fabulous qualities of my mother-inalways feel comfortable asking a law rather than the horrible attributes of the question or seeking advice because I am never Witches (which conveniently rhymes with treated as a child who needs scolding but another choice word). rather as a woman who is still learning. Not For starters, Rae is a happy, fulfilled that I ever make poor parenting decisions! person. She has lots of friends and hobbies, Finally, I think where Rae really differs and loves to travel with her husband, so she from most other mothers-in-law is that when is not trying to live vicariously through me or the time came, she was able to let her son her children. go and become a man, free to make his own Yet she is always available if we need her, choices and mistakes. She recognizes that by and with our four-pack, we often do. Babynurturing our marriage, she is only enhancing sitting, carpool, emergency room runs — I their relationship. She truly believes she has know that if she’s in town, she is glad to help a gained a daughter at each of her five sons’ out in any way she can, even if she has to weddings and that her daughters-in-law make cancel a dinner out or her nail appointment. her sons better people. She is deeply committed to being a part of So please, whether you like your daughter-


THREE NEW POLLING SITES: Carmel residents in three precincts will have new polling places for the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, according to the Hamilton County Election Board. Here are the precinct numbers and their new locations: 202 Brookshire 01: Brookshire Club House, 12120 Brookshire Parkway. 236 Clay Northeast: Northview Christian Life Church, 5535 E 131st St. 250 Brookshire 02: Brookshire Club House, 12120 Brookshire Parkway.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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Stories about raccoons that Lorene Burkhart told her young sons 45 years ago have been re-imagined as the “Raccoon Tales” series of children’s books. The books follow the adventures of raccoons Hip, Flip, Skip and Boo. Burkhart’s first book, “Hip, Flip, Skip and Boo and Their Friend, Stu” was published in August, and the second, “Hip. Flip, Skip and Boo Go to the Zoo” launched Oct. 27 at the Indianapolis Zoo’s ZooBoo. Burkhart, a Carmel resident, came up with the stories because her younger son liked for her to make up stories, she said. “We lived next door to woods, and so I made up stories Lorene Burkhart about raccoons,” Burkhart said. “It stayed in the back of my mind all these years. I talked to my editor about it and she liked the idea. We tested the script with preschool kids, if they liked the sound of it.” Several events for the newest “Raccoon Tales” book are coming up. Burkhart will read and sign books at the Carmel Clay Public Library, Helios, Kits & Kaboodle and 4 Kids Books in November and early December. The books are being test-marketed in central Indiana. Burkhart said there are plans to expand the test market to the Midwest.

BOOK READINGS/SIGNINGS DATES: Nov. 10, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Carmel Clay Public Library, 55 4th Ave. S.E. Nov. 4, 2 p.m., Helios, 220 E. Main St. Nov. 24, 11 a.m., Kits & Kaboodle, 2442 E. 146th St. Dec. 4, 10:30 a.m., 4 Kids Books, 2902 W. 86th. St., Indianapolis “We’re getting such good feedback,” she said. “We have to have proven we have a good product to expand to the national market.” Burkhart also is the author of “An Accidental Pioneer: A Farm Girl’s Drive to the Finish ...,” her autobiography published in September 2006. The sequel, “Home on the Farm ... If Chickens Could Talk” will come out later this year. “I’m 73 years old,” Burkhart said. “I didn’t start writing books until I was 70. You can be just as creative when you’re older, perhaps more so because there is not as many distractions. I try to use myself as an example of how to have a good time and be creative when you’re 70.”


;Carmel has the lowest tax rate of any city its size or larger in the state (108 cities have higher rates,)

;Carmel’s water rates are half that of IWC customers and have not increased for 13 years. Sewer rates were reset to 1991 levels,

;Carmel will pay for its new streets and improvements without raising taxes,

;Carmel’s fiscal condition is rated A+ by Standard and Poor’s,

;Carmel has over 760 acres of new parks and trails, a new downtown is underway and Keystone Avenue is finally under city control,

This didn’t happen by accident. Jim Brainard has worked hard to make Carmel a very special place. Let’s vote on November 6 to keep him.

Paid for by the Friends of Jim Brainard Committee

Vote nov. 6

Current in Carmel is publishing a series of Q&As with the candidates for office in Carmel. This week we feature the mayoral candidates. (For responses from City Council candidates, go to


What do you believe Carmel will look like in five to 10 years?

How can you help improve the quality of life for Carmel residents?

If there were something you could change about Carmel, what would it be?

In five years, the Arts & Design District, the City Center, and the Performing Arts Complex will all be in place and operating. The Keystone Reconstruction Project will be completed and most of our street and intersection improvements will be finished. A decade from now, our city will make decisions related to the final build out of the city. By keeping our commitment to quality of life and high standards for development, we will ensure the stability and security of Carmel.

The most important thing that I can do is to continue with the strong fiscal management that has invited new businesses to our city. These new enterprises bring high paying jobs and provide a stable and secure tax base on which our schools prosper and our city flourishes. I remain committed to our development of a parks and trails system that encourages recreation and healthy lifestyles and promote civic events that allow our neighbors and friends to gather and get to know one another better.

I would speed up the completion of the parks and trails system. There are multiple opportunities that need to be addressed. We are working hard to improve transportation. The big dividers for our community are U.S. 31 and Keystone Avenue. By breaking down these barriers and making it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to get across these highways safely, we will make it easier for everyone to access work, school, the public library, the Monon Trail or Central Park.

The triple threat of debt, density and traffic will continue to haunt every aspect of our suburban lives because of city debt, rising taxes and uncontrolled growth. Under my administration, concerned Carmel citizens will receive the respect and attention they deserve from an approachable city government. There would be no more “big project per month” without a sound fiscal cost/benefit analysis. I will focus on our neighborhoods and their welfare through a policy of SMART GROWTH driven by neighborhood/ developer partnerships.

Focusing on the most fundamental level of the city, the neighborhoods, where all life begins, I will enable city government’s basic functions providing for the expanding fire, safety, and security needs, provide sensible development and localized family friendly amenities designed for specific neighborhoods such as a community center for old established neighborhoods or a library annex for the west side, and enable a locally focused thriving arts community funded through a public-private partnership. An established artist-on-artist granting process will distribute funds.

My vision is to end paternalistic government and power politics. Top-down government never works. Practice fiscal restraint because economies collapse and growth (annexation) may not rescue us from our debts. A city government should not spend like a college kid with a new credit card. End the myth of Carmel as a European city like Rome or Paris and return to the reality that we are a Midwestern suburban city, with unique character, issues and needs.

What is the most important issue facing Carmel today? The most important issue is to continue the strong fiscal management and standards that have built a city with the lowest tax rate of any city its size or larger in the state and provides outstanding public resources such as our park and trail system, newer amenities such as our revitalized downtown, entertainment and dining options, and cultural opportunities. By keeping our city on solid fiscal and management footings, we are encouraging the course that has enabled outstanding public schools and good highpaying jobs.

Jim Brainard Republican Incumbent


MAYORAL candidates weigh in

Spigelman declined to answer these questions. He said his views on the issues could be found at www.spigelman4carmelmayor. com. Marnin Spigelman Independent

Henry Winckler Democrat

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Children’s Shoes Serving “Little Soles” Since 1961

Children’s Shoes Serving “Little Soles” Since 1961

20 Executive Dr., Carmel, IN 46032 317-580-9830 •

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The lack of a two-party system in Carmel has allowed out-of-control spending, tax-squandering projects, and a large debt ($1/3 billion including the Central Park bond). These are all symptoms of a mayor and rubber-stamp council out of touch with Carmel residents. Twelve years of one-party rule with one person at the top has lead to abuses at every level. This city needs opposing views debated and issues aired which does not happen in a one party system.


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DOCTOR IS A HERO TO HIS PATIENTS him with spinal meningitis, and Clark says, “I Dr. Mark Beckerman is retiring. This is not credit him with saving my life.” a heart-breaking headline if applied to most At another point, when a young man trying physicians heading into the sunset glow of to raise his son alone had no insurance, the Palm Springs with new golf clubs, but Mark little guy became quite ill, but Dr. Beckerman Beckerman is not the average insisted he come in right away physician. – although with most doctors He has been a rarity the two would not have made among doctors in the Carmel it past the receptionist! area, a man whom most of his “He should teach the patients considered a personclass on bedside manner,” al friend, besides being a man says retired teacher Rob to whom they have entrusted Morris. their lives. His story has been Too soon Dr. Beckerman one of amazing courage and began fighting the effects of determination after his own kidney cancer that moved body, at an age when he was to his brain, then attacked Dr. Mark Beckerman “at the top of his game,” was his spine, forcing him into (undated photo) ravaged with one catastrophic a wheelchair and then into ailment after another. Yet he blood clots and ongoing quietly fought through, as much kidney dialysis, all of which sent as he could, and returned to practice, his great him back to the hospital again and again. But sense of humor intact, to gain the steadfast he always returned to practice with a grin and loyalty of his patients again and again. a huge interest in us and how we had been When he took over the practice of Dr. faring. Richard Nolan after his army service, he Dr. Beckerman, 53, and his wife, Barb, quickly impressed his patients as a doctor who have two daughters, Holly and Sarah. The famrelished family practice, whose judgment was ily has lived in Carmel since 1983. valued because he would actually listen to Many people in Carmel admire the courthem, which was already a rarity. age of Mark Beckerman and are enormously Once when Carmel’s Eric Clark was very grateful for his place in our lives. We know so sick, he had no family doctor but had heard of few true heroes personally, but for us he is a “new good one.” Dr. Beckerman diagnosed just that! By Barb Padgett


Keeping Carmel Carmel. As a resident of Carmel, you recognize that we have something very special here in our community; low taxes, outstanding schools, parks and trails, an emerging arts district, safe and dependable roads and intersections, and a genuine sense of civic pride that's envied by neighboring communities.

As a City Council Member, I recognize that these features

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

did not occur by accident. They’re the result of careful planning, thoughtful deliberation, hard work and prudent investment. The result is Carmel. A financially secure, competitive city that attracts both businesses and families. Our investment is paying off and will not require us to raise any existing, or create any new taxes. On November 6th, please give me your vote so that we can continue the work of

for your home. your style. your life.

keeping Carmel one of the most





desirable communities anywhere.

Carmel City Council, District 1

any $35 purchase

Expires 11.15.07. Not valid with other offers or discounts.

210 E. Main St., Carmel (Next to Helios Tea Room) (131st St. between Keystone Ave. and Rangeline)

317-573-0061 Hours are Mon. - Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 12-5

Paid for by Friends of Rick Sharp/Brian J. Shapiro, Treasurer.



WHERE WE WORSHIP (and why) Meet the Cruzes

Family members: Mike; Rhonda; Tyler, 18; Kaclyn, 16; Cameron, 13 Residence: Emerald Crest, Carmel Where we worship: Indianapolis Church of Christ Why we worship at Indianapolis Church of Christ: It is the emphasis they put on relationships. Indianapolis Church of Christ is family-oriented. Indianapolis Church of Christ has a lot of weekly Bible studies to attend and support groups meet weekly or biweekly. Our kids have also gained a lot of close relationships from worshiping at Indianapolis Church of Christ. The main attraction of was the emphasis on the Bible as a standard. The teachings make it easy to use the teachings of the Bible in practical life. All three of our kids are involved in youth ministry. Our oldest son,

Tyler, is involved with Youth Core. Youth Core went to Pennsylvania, and President Bush was there with them as they taught kids about abstinence. Our kids came away with a lot of conviction from the programs. Our kids have gained their own beliefs from the programs at Indianapolis Church of Christ.

Indianapolis Church of Christ Church Office P.O. Box 3070 Carmel, IN 46082 Phone: 317-571-9512 Fax: 317-571-9513 Web:

Tell us your story: Send your story of worship to Please include a digital family portrait and telephone numbers in case he needs to contact you.

  

Customer Financing Available


 

When the Colts are away - Come to Woodys and play! 

     

   




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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Woodys game day headquarters



’m not writing this to be spread to the Celtic lands, Pope the Grinch Who Stole Boniface IV designated Nov. 1 Halloween, because Halas All-Saints (All-Hallows) Day, loween in our culture tohonoring saints and martyrs, as a day is mostly an exercise church-sanctioned replacement to in harmless fantasy and positive the pagan holiday. Oct. 31 became community building, not so much Hallows-Eve, or Hallowe’en. a dark Satanic acting-out. Ironically, it was when the Costumes trigger creativity no church sanctioned the holiday that matter your age, and creativity is the real spooky stuff began. If you good – a gift of our Godly free want a real fright this Halloween, will. Fantasy and playacting are just Google “Halloween history.” keys to developing young, bright Famed British psychotherapist minds. But of course, I’m thinking and pastoral counselor Frank Lake Bob Walters Disney World, not Dungeons and (1914-1982) taught that Halloween Spirituality Dragons. was a way that Westerners dealt Some of the best social nights with their fear of death. A fine local in our neighborhood (Forest Dale area) were pastor named Dave Faust preached that Chrison Halloween, when parents and kids and tians should stay away from the occult not grandparents and friends and wagons and because there was nothing to it, but because jack-o-lanterns and candy — piles of candy there absolutely was something to it. — added up to treasured family and neighGiving strangers food at your door is very borly memories. But I’m thinking loving and Christian, the mystery of death and resurrecsharing, not destructive pranks, burglary and tion is at the very heart of the Christian faith, demon worship. and co-opting pagan holidays for Christian Halloween is a real conundrum. It’s fun purposes (Christmas, Easter, All Saints) is basic and freeing and harmless. It’s also dark and church history. unloving and dangerous. Just watch it out there. Halloween is what Halloween’s origin was in Ireland as a we make it; be kind and use it for good. pagan Celtic end-of-harvest festival and occult Bob Walters ( suggests that in blurring-of-the-lines between the quick and the dead, making it easier for the Druid priests your Halloween travels you ask Christ to be with you. Remember, you can ask Him anything. to predict the future and the weather. It was called “Samhain.” In the Seventh century as Christianity

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


10 22



alloween is You’d go into the dime store in just around October and an entire aisle would the corner, be lined, floor to ceiling, with and at the risk boxes and boxes of costumes, of sounding their masks staring blankly like one of those self-absorbed, through the cellophane window navel-gazing Baby Boomers® who in front. A kid could spend hours thinks everything was better when just going through the selection, he was a kid, I think it was better imagining the possibilities, when I was a kid. dreaming of the impression he Why? Well, how about popcorn would make on Halloween when balls, for starters? he showed up as Superman or Gather ’round, kiddies. Uncle Zorro, Bugs Bunny or Bullwinkle. Mike Redmond Mike is going to tell you what it Not that it made any difference Humor was like back before the Needlesin my house. We were homemade In-The-Milky-Ways/Razor-Blades-Incostume people. Not only that, The-Apples panic took over the local evening we were hand-me-down homemade costume news in late October, when a third or more of people, meaning that at some point we all a kids’ Halloween haul would be homemade. had to wear the witch costume my sister Vicky There would be cookies of all descriptions; pioneered in 1955. Boys included. I’m STILL doughnuts plain and sugared; working through that one. all types of candy, OK, so maybe the costumes including several weren’t better after all. Although at interpretations their worst they were better than of my personal what I see now, living as I do in a favorite, peanut neighborhood where pillowcasebrittle; and, of toting (florals are popular) people course, popcorn in their 20s come up to my door on balls – volleyball-sized Halloween night, demanding candy, asteroids of crunchy, without so much as an attempt at a fresh-popped corn held costume. together by sweet, sticky And on reflection, I’m starting to caramel. think the homemade treats weren’t Add to this the usual all that good, either. Some were, assortment of little candy bars, of course, but let’s face it – not bags of candy corn, suckers, taffy everyone can make a decent and gum, and you had a kid’s popcorn ball. A lot of that stuff dream food pyramid – sugar went straight into the trash can from the base to the peak. It was after one taste. a mother’s You know what? despair and Maybe it a dentist’s wasn’t delight. More better than one when tooth doctor, I was assessing the a kid. damage done Maybe it by a potent combination of unpopped kernels just feels that way now, because I see kids and extra-sticky caramel, was able to look into having all their 21st Century Halloween Fun, a kid’s mouth and see a new swimming pool shouting and laughing and skipping down the for the street, backyard. and part OK, of me so much longs to for treats. be a kid What about costumes? I think the costumes again just for one night, to join them. In a were more fun when I was a kid. I came from store-bought costume. the golden age of the Ben Cooper costume, Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, which consisted of a mask, which looked only humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ vaguely like the intended character, along or P.O. Box 44385, with a flimsy rayon jumpsuit that sorta-kinda Indianapolis, IN 46244. For information on looked like the intended character’s clothing, speaking fees and availability, visit www. but which always included a helpful legend emblazoned across the chest so you had a clue as to what the costume was actually supposed to represent. What made them great was the selection.

It was a mother’s despair and a dentist’s delight.



espite a rather “Hello, this is inflated ego, I How may I help you?” admit I am not “Yes, I’m an author, and I’d…” No. 1. Or two. Or “What is your ranking, sir? We even three, for try not to spend too much time on that matter. This paragraph could the phone with hacks.” go on for quite a while because, “As of 40 seconds ago, I was according to, I am ranked 445,878. I know that is actually number 445,868. Or at not very good but I was hoping to least my book is. improve sales by word of mouth.” Let me explain a little better. “I see. Well, based on that If you look up my newest title, ranking, I think we’re still “67 Ways to Amuse Yourself in 2 searching for that first mouth. Dick Wolfsie Minutes or Less” on Amazon, you You just have to have a positive Humor discover that my book has been attitude.” assigned a rank reflecting how “Well, I do. And I know that many copies have sold on the Web site in low sales are due to many factors such as comparison to other books. Again, that huge the lack of disposable income by the reading number I mentioned isn’t the total books public and a poor promotional and marketing sold (I should be so lucky), but where I am in effort by the book’s publisher.” Amazon’s pyramid of popularity, so to speak. “Yes, sir, but most of the time it just means This changes constantly, depending on what the book stinks.” books are being purchased at any given point “Hey, this is a great book. It’s a compilation in time. Oops, I of my humor just noticed a columns in change in my Central Indiana rank. Someone newspapers.” must have “Wait a returned a second, sir. book. Are you telling When, for me that after example, Alan charging Greenspan newspapers for came out your column, with his new you slap book, “Age of together the Turbulence,” very same drivel my ranking of and make it into 445,868 shot a book?” up to 445,878. “Come to Which really think of it, I means it guess that’s plummeted 10 right.” points. I’m just “One trying to put a moment, sir, I positive spin on need to connect this. Of course, you to our legal I have no idea department.” if Greenspan Ever since really was the that discussion cause of my I’ve been decline, but I’m keeping a careful not going to give the guy a pass just because eye on the rankings. I was starting to think that his financial policies of the ’90s helped beef up the numbers were not an accurate reflection my portfolio. of what was being bought online. But last The No. 1 seller right now, if you care, is week I jumped from 445,878 to 445,234, an some stupid book by a guy named Stephen indication that my new book was beginning to Colbert who apparently thinks just because soar in popularity. he’s on TV everyone should buy his books. I don’t want my ranking to get any better. I Boy, it doesn’t take much to puff up a guy’s can afford to buy only so many books. head, does it? I was depressed about my pitiful standing, Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist and speaker. so I called Amazon to get a little insight into Contact him at Increase Dick the disparity between my abysmal standing Wolfsie’s ranking by ordering his book at www. and my inflated view of my literary endeavors.!


ART WINNERS: Several Prairie Trace students won recognition in the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Guild haunted house art contest. Kindergartener Austin Throckmorton earned second place and first-grader Andrew Blystone and third-grader Amanda Gjerde, were named finalists. Other students recognized were secondgraders Frances Miller and Katie Warbinton; third-grader Natalie Crawford; fourth-graders Jarod Throckmorton and Alexandra Raute; and fifth-grader Sommer O’Donnell.

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23 11

their own, living lives they learned from us. Shortcuts cut short the potential in all of us. Hugs! Ask Yia Yia (grandmother in Greek), aka Becky Kapsalis, is a mom, grandmother and certified parent coach. She can be reached by phone at 810.9358 or e-mail at

BLUE RIBBON WINNER: Carmel Middle School has been named a 2007 No Child Left Behind National Blue Ribbon winner. CMS was one of only eight Indiana schools and 287 nationally to be honored. The program recognizes schools that are nominated by their state department of education for their outstanding scores on state academic exams, among other criteria.


dd to that my quote: “Anything worthwhile is worth waiting, while working for.” These, of course, reference our children. There can be no shortcuts when it comes to raising our children. Parenting is a 24/7, 365 days a year commitment. That breaks down to a time spent of 8,760 hours a year times 18 (minimum) years = 157,680 hours per one child’s life under our roof. If we have more than one child, (doubling or tripling our hours), which part of the thousands of hours do we want to cut short? In a positive sense, we have thousands Becky Kapsalis of hours per child to Ask YiaYia adjust our parenting style to fulfill our parental commitment. I recently read that a parent’s role is not to deliver answers but, instead, to ask questions, invite discovery and be curious.

Easier said than done? Perhaps, but still worthwhile! Exhausting? Of course! I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep. Stressful? Well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, don’t we? Rewarding? Without a doubt! Nothing can come close to the love given and received from a child. We are the most important people in the world to our children. We are their standard. We are their trust. We have been where they are. We know what we want to pass down to them, as well as what we don’t want to pass down to them. And we know we can help them get to where they want to go. It’s never about the dollar. Placing a nonmaterial value on our children is placing a value on their future as potential parents to our grandchildren. You might laugh at that, but before we know it they are out on

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TOP TEAMS: The National Forensic League has named Carmel High School’s speech and debate teams the outstanding chapter in the Hoosier Crossroads district, which encompasses Central Indiana. The award will be presented next spring at the district speech tournament to be hosted by Fishers High School. English teacher John Love sponsors the Carmel High speech team. English teacher Amanda Richmond coaches the debate team.

“There is no shortcut to any place worth going.” — Beverly Sills


TOP DEBATERS: All 10 Carmel High School students who participated in the novice debate competition Oct. 6 at Kokomo High School earned a ribbon and finished in the top 10 in their category. The school’s top finishers were freshman Aaron Singer, first place in Congress; and freshman Sara Zhang, second place in spontaneous argumentation.



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DISPATCHES RATING BUFFETT STOCKS: The price-to-earnings ratio measures the price of the stock in relation to the company’s net income per share. The lower the P/E ratio, the better the buy. The Warren Buffett stock with the lowest P/E is USG, a building materials distributor with a P/E of 8.8. USG is also owned by the “other Oracle of Omaha,” Wally Weitz, who manages the Weitz mutual fund family, which follows a value-disciplined approach to investing. Another low-P/E stock that Buffett holds is Bank of America, with a P/E of 10. —

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MORE GOOD NEWS ABOUT TAXES: The 2008 tax brackets will become broader, meaning that more of your income will be taxed at lower rates. The 10 percent bracket on 2008 joint returns will cover the first $16,050 of taxable income, Kiplinger estimates. That’s $400 more than in 2007. Taxing that amount at 10 percent rather than 15 percent will save couples $20. That’s not enough for a wild celebration, perhaps, but the higher your income, the more you save as more dollars fall into lower brackets. — SUPPERS CLOSED: Super Suppers Carmel has closed as of today. The store was located at 13620 Rohrer Road. In a statement on its Web site, a notice said. “We appreciate the friends we have made over the last two years, and the loyalty you have shown to us.” LOOKING FOR A HOT STOCK? How about a company whose revenue has shot from $455,000 to $68 million in three years? Or from $209,000 to $24 million in three years? Or $662,000 to $40 million in three years? You don’t see revenue growth like that often from companies trading in the stock market. And, in fact, these companies are not publicly traded, at least not yet. The three — Cedar Point Communications, Genoptix Medical Laboratory and Santur — are ranked Nos. 2, 4 and 12, respectively, on this year’s Inc. 5,000, a list of the fastestgrowing private companies in the U.S. They’re also the top three on Inc.’s list of 100 companies that intend to go public, so savvy investors will want to keep an eye on them. —



ost marketers have it wrong. They view the Internet as just another platform to distribute their content – content they present using a one-way communication style. When you see advertisements or promotions that drive you to visit a Web site, do you go there hoping to find the same information you’ve already seen? Probably not. You expect something different, something new. You expect the information presented in a different format – interactive and engaging, using two-way communication. If you have a Web site, think about these questions: Why would someone visit it twice? David Cain What brings them On Marketing back? If your Web site is personal, chances are your family and friends visit often because you change the content. You’re constantly updating it with what’s new in your life. You keep it fresh and engaging for your audience. But what about your business site? Businesses typically don’t update their information or engage their audience. Instead, many businesses believe their site is a dumping ground – an information landfill in the virtual world. If you are an offender, you’re boring us all. Try something different. Make a statement. Update your information often. Allow the customer to talk to you instead of just talking to them. Address your customer’s needs, don’t just tell them about you. The Internet is supposed to be the information highway, not the information parking lot. Even though this next wave of the Internet build-out is coined Web 2.0, the online world is still populated with Web 1.0 sites. Adding video does not make your Web presence more productive. It takes a strategy. It’s a new world. Show some courage and stand out. Be sure that your online influence is unique and not just more of the same – the same thing you do offline. David Cain is president of MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your comments at David.Cain@ MediaSauce. com.

Leadership … “The ability to lead, including inspiring others in a shared vision.”

Over the past few years I believe I helped inspire you … my neighbors and friends … to share in a vision that is right for Carmel. That vision has included building the Monon Trail, establishing the Farmers Market, revitalizing Old Town Carmel, increasing our park land from 40 acres to 800, including development of the Monon Center and Central Park, and making it possible for our performing arts groups to have a home. Through this shared vision we have also accomplished providing the best city services with a tax rate that is nearly the lowest in the state. The upcoming election is about whether Carmel continues to need and want effective leaders … those who share your vision of keeping Carmel the best place for families to grow and prosper. That is why I ask you to vote for me on November 6th for City Council, At-Large.

Paid for and authorized by Carter for Council Commitee, Stephanie J. Lewis, Treasurer

fter dinner at the the long walk to the front of the Burns house last room, where each child has a week, we sat in the card for all to see, a sea of yellow family room talking cards representing all the kids about everyone’s who are behaving. You must day. I asked my first-grader, “Did now turn your card, displaying you flip a card today?” This is another color that stands in stark known at my house as a sarcastic contrast to the rest. After doing question, since she’s never flipped the deed, you turn and face the a card. glare of your peers. Walking Her eyes lit up and she said, briskly, you arrive back at your “No, but Will flipped a card today!” desk, eager to once again blend “What did he do?” into the crowd. Kent Burns “He flipped his pencil across the Wouldn’t it be great if grownOn Success room.” ups had to flip a card? What if ev“So what happened when he ery time someone made a rude had to flip his card?” comment, they had to flip a card “He just walked up and flipped his card. and stick it to their forehead? What if lousy And when he was on the way back to his desk, drivers had to flip a huge card that was glued he made a face at me like he was happy about to the outside of their car? How about a bad it!” waiter or waitress? Make ’em go to the front What a hoot! As you have probably figured of the restaurant and flip a card for screwing out, “flipping a card” is the first consequence up your order! What if someone had to flip a of misbehaving in my daughter’s class. It’s card for having bad breath or passing gas? Life regarded by different kids in different ways, would be HILARIOUS. from ambivalence to being aghast at the mere Think about how you behaved today. thought of it. Can you picture the scene? Should you have flipped a card? You’re 6 years old. You’re messing around Kent Burns is a Carmel resident and partner at — talking to your neighbor during quiet time, MRINETWORK, the nation’s largest staffing firm. passing notes, throwing a pencil across the He is also a professional speaker and author of room — and suddenly, you get called out by “What’s Your Why?” His blog is www.kentburnthe teacher in front of the whole class. and he can be reached at kent@ Time to flip a card. You stand up and make

HONEST. LOYAL. DEPENDABLE. (and so is the dog)




Named “TOP ALL STAR AGENT” by IBJ 8/07

RE/MAX Ability Plus (317) 216-8500 |

21414 Horton Road

Be Smart. Buy Thrifty.

Bill Mitchell, realtor

® 317-696-4181

F. C. Tucker Company, Inc.

With One Call. Locks Painting Pet Doors Remodeling: Bathroom & Kitchen Safety Senior Living Storage Tile Windows Plus 1,141 More!


At Thrifty Car Sales, we’re as selective about the vehicles we offer as our customers are about the vehicles they buy. That’s why every Thrifty Certified® vehicle must pass an extensive systematic inspection before it can fly the Thrifty Certified® flag.

582 S. Range Line Rd. | Carmel Mon. - Fri. — 8:00 AM-6:00 PM Sat. — 9:00 AM-1:00 PM Sun. — Closed

200 OFF


late-model used-car purchase. Discount applied on posted advertised price. Expires 12.31.07. Not valid with other offers.

Appliances Carpentry Concrete Decks Doors Drywall Installation/ Maintenance Flooring Garage Gutters Handyman 848.2288

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2003 Custom built home on 10 acres (15 min north of I465). Soaring ceiling, huge windows, decks abound this 4BR/5BA with views of the woods and pond. Contact Bill for your private showing. Offered at $1,700,000. (MLS 2766680)



22 14



• Age: Built in 2002 • Location: Near Keystone Avenue and Main Street • Type: French Country • Neighborhood: A quaint wooded community with 39 custom homes. • Square footage: 3,050 square feet with an additional 1,845 square feet in the partially finished basement. • Rooms: This four-bedroom home has a main floor master suite with a view of the woods and creek and includes one of three fireplaces. Two of the upstairs bedrooms share a Jack-and-Jill bath while the third is used as an office with French doors. The partially finished basement walks out to the wooded lot. • Strengths: This home was modeled after an award winning design from the west coast. This home is conveniently located just down the street from Carmel High School and the new Arts & Design District and has quick access to

NOW OPEN La Clothière

1323 S. Range Line Road

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

By John Pacilio, RE/MAX Ability Plus

Owner: Cindy Chase Open since: September Hours: Closed Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday Phone: (317) 569.9940 E-mail: Owner Cindy Chase sees La Clothière as a place to buy “back to the basics” clothing, she said. “We didn’t want someone to come in and buy one pair of pants and only one thing that matches,” Chase said. She got the idea for building a foundation wardrobe when she was pregnant. Nordstrom had a maternity line called Back

Keystone. A wooded lot adjacent to a creek is a rare find in Carmel, especially with a four-year-old property. Similar lots without houses in Carmel have sold for $150,000-250,000. Unlike many homes in Carmel, this home has a walkout basement. • Challenges: The wet bar and flooring in the basement need to be added. The abundance of trees creates a lot of beautiful leaves to rake. The buyer of this home will compromise wide open grassy areas for more wildlife, scenery and privacy.

John Pacilio and his team specialize in Carmel real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or

to Basics, in which several essential clothing pieces such as pants, skirts and jackets could be mixed and matched to create several different outfits. The store’s Cindy Chase grand opening was Oct. 18, and Chase said it attracted customers ranging in age from teenagers to a 92-year-old woman. The target audience of the store is all women 30 years old and up, working or not. “There’s something for everyone,” she said. “We want women to feel good about themselves, their bodies, what they have on. The styles here fit nice and make your body look better.”

MONEY MATTERS What is something you have bought recently that was a good bargain?


“My house, because from start to finish, they came down almost $100,000.” Stacy Cornwell, Carmel

“I just bought a ‘Boys Are Smelly’ air freshener from Lucky Lou.” Heidi Heldt, Carmel

“I got a new shirt at Eddie Bauer.” Lisa Flowers, Carmel

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Kevin “Woody” Rider

Vote for “Woody” • 18 year Carmel resident • Local Small Business Owner (Woody’s Library Restaurant in Old Town) • 9 year member of Chamber of Commerce • Member/Life Group Leader Northview Christian Life Church • Volunteer Children’s Ministry • Continue building a first class park system, adding to our network of trails and bike lanes • To forge a stronger alliance with our local businesses and their owners • To ensure safe neighborhoods through well-trained and equipped public safety departments • To act with fiscal responsibility to protect our property values and keep our taxes low

Endorsed by:

The Carmel Professional Fire Fighters, Local 4444

Carmel FOP Lodge 185

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th


TRY TAI CHI: Recent studies have shown that tai chi, a centuries-old Chinese art, can lessen anxiety and depression, relieve chronic pain, improve sleep quality, and reduce

not just for the vitamin content, but for the chemicals added in the ingredient list. Because of today’s foods, the director of the Indiana State Board of Health, Dr. Judith Monroe, fears hospitals will be overrun soon with 20-somethings battling heart disease and diabetes. She adds that today’s parents will their own children because of what they are fed. Mind numbing. The conclusion is that a high consumption of sugar-containing, colorful soft drinks and other sweets were associated with mental health problems among adolescents even after adjustment for possible confounders. This is what your kids eat every day at home and at school. Something must be done. Meanwhile, read ingredients list and consume whole foods, just like God planned. It’s not rocket science; it’s compassionate not to feed kids foods that are known to cause learning difficulties and violent reactions to situations. Dig deep. Peace.

23 15

Wendell Fowler is a retired chef, as well as an inspirational speaker, health humorist, storyteller, author and edu-tainer. Contact him at fowlerindy@ or go to

Fine Lines, Inc. Hair & Nail Salon

Official Dentist of the 2007 Indianapolis 500 Festival

• Zoom Whitening • The Wand™ Painless Anesthesia • Porcelain Veneers • Routine Care for the Entire Family • Smile design (Extreme Makeovers) • Relaxing, Anxiety-Free Visits • Now Featuring Sedation Dentistry*

Nancy is NOW accepting new clients! Schedule an appointment with this experienced, educated and dedicated stylist to update your style!

Store Hours: Mon - Sat: 9 - 7

815-8480 811 West Main Street Suite 120 Carmel, IN 46032

*Take a pill and relax through your dental visit with Sedation Dentistry. Call for more details.






With new patient exam. (Including: cleaning, exam & x-rays)

John Lowe, DDS

3520 E. 96th St., Suite 5 • Indianapolis, IN 46240 •

HPV TEST MORE ACCURATE: A relatively new screening test was about twice as accurate as the traditional Pap smear at spotting cervical cancer, according to researchers at McGill University in Montreal, who published their findings in New England Journal of Medicine. The HPV test, which correctly spotted 95 percent of the cancers (as opposed to the Pap’s 55 percent), could replace the 50-year-old Pap in a matter of years. — msnbc.msn. com

and others, claim that some children show dramatic improvements in attention deficit and hyperactivity behaviors after removing the artificial components from the diet. Again, in 1975, Dr. Feingold added that synthetic flavorings as well as colors in the diet might be a cause of hyperactivity, and proposed an elimination diet. There is more information on this topic at this Web site: Anyone who can read is already aware that consumption of soft drinks, and a zillion sweet treats at your local convenience store, cause hyperactivity, mental distress and conduct problems among adolescents. Nesquik, for example, (and other milk flavorings) have food dyes in them, so use natural ones or make your own milk flavorings. What we eat impacts every cell in our body: you are what you eat. Foods can and do have a positive and negative impact on our carbon based, biochemical factory of a body. If you want to see a list of food additives to avoid, go to: http://www.sweetpoison. com/food-additives-to-avoid.html. For the sake of big kids, little kids, and our future we must begin to read food labels

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the risk of falls in older adults. Dr. Steven K. H. Aung, a family physician in Edmonton, Alberta, treats pain and illness by combining traditional Chinese and modern treatments. Starting at age 7, Aung began learning the ancient techniques from his grandfather, a traditional Chinese physician. Find classes at or —


id you know you are eating petroleum and bugs when you eat artificial food colors and dyes? Science has discovered and proven that behavior, hyperactivity, learning problems and other health problems can be traced to artificial colors, food dyes, chemicals and factory foods. The plot thickens, and it’s not only a local problem, but we live in a world gone mad playing God. Unfortunately, at the worst time possible, the importance of nutrition is downplayed in our society. A revealing British study reported in the Wendell Fowler London Daily Mail found that certain artificial colorings and preservatives commonly found in sweets and beverages can increase hyperactivity and radical behavior in children with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Way back in June 1973, Dr. Benjamin F. Feingold first proposed that artificial colors and flavors might affect children’s behavior. Several researchers, including Feingold


CUTTING OVARIAN CANCER: A study of almost 40,000 older women reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that eating a low-fat diet can reduce your chance of ovarian cancer by 40 percent. This is the first hard evidence that menu changes protect against this particularly lethal cancer. Until now, the only prescription against ovarian cancer aside from surgically removing the ovaries was to use birth control pills. Use for five years can lower the cancer risk by up to 60 percent. —



22 16


If your body is harder than ancient Swiss cheese, then maybe you need exercises that will kick your caboose and take your fitness to the next level. Try this one: Set two Swiss balls a few feet in front of a bench. Place a hand on the center of each ball, making sure the balls are touching, and rest your feet on the bench. Lower your body as far as you can with control. Pause, then push yourself back up to the starting position. TIP: If this exercise is too difficult at first, have a partner stabilize the balls for you or lean them against a wall to brace them. —


you crazy, try these tips. Listen to books on tape — the self-help kind or classic novels — or tune in to a stand-up comedy CD. Praying, repeating affirmations or meditating (with your eyes open) also help, as they have been proven to lower blood pressure, enhance memory and increase creativity, says Kathleen Hall, Ph.D., founder of The Stress Institute in Atlanta. —


bursts of intense activity burn more calories — and up to 36 percent more fat, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Strolling around the mall or the park for an hour works off about 150 calories; pick up the pace 1 minute out of every 5 to burn one-third more calories (try a similar method if you bike). Swimmers can switch from freestyle or breaststroke to a more challenging crawl every few laps, or just go a little faster. Even small steps make a difference: Skip the elevator and carry your groceries up the stairs to burn 128 more calories, or instead of hitting an automatic car wash, do it yourself and zap 204 calories. —

SPONGE PERILS: Even when it appears “like new,” the sponge you use for wiping the table and washing dishes can harbor 10,000 bacteria per square inch. The Journal of Environmental Health recently suggested microwaving the sponges to kill the bacteria, but hundreds of people have found that dry sponges catch fire when zapped. The fix: “A great way to disinfect dish sponges is to boil them or throw them in the dishwasher once a week,” says Joseph Laquatra, Ph.D., a professor at Cornell. —

I Have Excellent References!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Wedding Consultants

NEW HANDS AND WRISTS Do you love bowling, gardening, golf, guitar/piano, quilting, playing ball? I have developed a system for normal and sore/aching hands that is:


- painless - takes about 6 minutes - can be done anywhere - requires no tools and is - guaranteed to make your hands feel 10 years younger – more flexible and precise – accurate and STRONGER – or you don’t pay.

Specializing in Move-Ins, Move-Outs, Special Occasions and In-Home Construction.

Specializing in fine detail residential cleaning


$129 “This was the first time my hands didn’t feel crunched and stubborn. It was a dramatic gift. It was magic!”

Weekly or every other week. Custom scheduling available.

 Ron Pearson Pearson McMahon Fletcher England


Locally Operated by Owner

Dr. John Terhune 3323 West 96th St. Indianapolis, IN 46268 317-872-2989

Three full-time consultants

Call 317-450-9906

IncredIble Dry CleanIng SavIngs

Aisle Be There

2.99 | $1.49


most garments dry cleaned

shirts pressed on hangers

Suits, dresses & coats only $5.98 Suedes, leathers & fancies not included.

one price Dry Cleaning…quality for less

1319 S. Range Line Rd. (near Dunkin’ Donuts) 844-1612 Daily 7-7 Sat. 8-3






... inside Kurr

You are invited to Kurr to receive a Complimentary “pumpkin” peel and Skin Analysis. THE GIRLS AT KURR HAVE PAMPERED STARS LIKE JESSICA SIMPSON AND HAVE WORKED WITH OPRAH WINFREY’S HARPO STUDIOS. COME & DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF KURR FOR YOURSELF. 222 W. Main Street Carmel, IN 46032 317.706.1222


value every week. Zillow pulls together public records of home sales, valuations across a given ZIP code, tax assessments, and “zillions” of other sources to come up with a “Zestimate” for each of more than 50 million homes in the U.S. Love it or hate it, people are checking it out at — wired magazine

checkmark in the box at the bottom that says “Always use the selected program to open this kind of a file.” If you don’t have the necessary program, ask the sender if he or she can resend the file in a format that you can open or give you a link to a Web site to download the program that they are using. Most file types are readily accessible by most users, so figuring out what can open the file based on the extension is your next step. One of the best resources on the Internet for solving these file extension mysteries is If this still does not make sense and you’re not sure what to do, call your local IT support person to get a little help.

17 23

Gary Hubbard is owner of Data Doctors Computer Services, Have a technology question? Send it to



DRAG AND DROP YOUR SHOWS: SanDisk Corp. has released the Sansa TakeTV video player, a breakthrough media player that gives consumers an easy way to move video content from their PC to the TV, where it belongs. Using the Sansa TakeTV1 video player is as simple as using a USB flash drive: Simply drag video files to the TakeTV player, and then slip the player into its TV cradle. The cradle plugs into the standard A/V sockets of nearly every existing TV. Next, consumers are shown a simple, on-screen guide where they can quickly select the content they’ve stored. $99.99 for a 4G model and $149.99 for an 8G version. —

Windows encounters a .doc file. Every program that you install tells Windows which file extensions that they are associated with, so Windows will know which program to use whenever you click on a file. When you receive a file via e-mail and get the “no association” message, you are generally given the option to choose an existing program to attempt to open the file. The problem for most users is that they have no idea which program to choose because they have no idea what the file extension means. The first thing you should do is reply to the sender and ask what program is necessary to view the file or what program they used to create the file. If they reply with the name of a program that you already have installed, you would simply choose that program from the list that appears after you get the “no association” message. Once you locate the program, be sure to put a

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

REALLY MICRO COMPUTING: Experts at a Scottish university say they have paved the way for the creation of tiny supercomputers which could fit in the palm of the hand. Engineers at the University of Edinburgh studied the behaviour of wires that were 1,000 times thinner than human hair. They then created a tool which could help develop tiny microchips. German and Italian experts also worked on the project. Their findings will be published in the journal Science. —


hen you try to open a file sent to you via email, sometimes you’re told that there isn’t a program associated with the attachment. A computer works with various types of data, including documents, spreadsheets, databases, video, pictures and music, as well as a host of less common data types. In order for the computer to understand what type of data the file contains, it relies on the file extension. Everything before the period in a file is called the filename, Gary Hubbard while the (typically) Technology three letters after the period is called the extension. The “.doc” extension, for instance, tells the computer (and the user) that the file is a document and to use the program that has been “associated” with this file extension to open it (most commonly Microsoft Word). When Microsoft Word was installed, part of the installation process is to notify Windows that it will be the program to call on whenever


CHECK YOUR HOME’S VALUE: The most addictive Internet app since real-time stock updates, zillow. com recalculates your home’s



18 22

DISPATCHES MUSIC YOU REALLY LIKE: Pandora. com knows what songs you like better than you do. Other sites, such as and iTunes, use collaborative filtering algorithms (“people who like your favorite songs like this, too”) that can yield a bland common denominator. Pandora’s musicologists break songs in to hundreds of elements – tempo, instrumentation, tonality – and derive what your fave tunes have in common. — wired magazine KEEP YOUR GUARD UP: Malicious hackers and other assorted bad guys looking for new tools for plying their trade this upcoming holiday season will have plenty of toys and services to choose from. Servicing them is a growing underground market bristling with botnets, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and all sorts of shady services aimed at everybody from the humble do-it-yourself hacker to sophisticated, organized criminal gangs. “Just like there is a P2P marketplace, now there’s a C2C — criminal-to-criminal — market,” said Don Jackson, security researcher

with Atlanta-based security vendor SecureWorks Inc. — IPOD SPEAKERS ARE WIRELESS: iPod accessory-maker Griffin Technology has released the Evolve Wireless Sound System for iPod. First shown at Macworld Expo San Francisco earlier this year, Griffin said the system costs $299.99. The iPod sits on a base and plays music like you would expect. However, the speakers are detachable and can be placed up to 150 feet away from the base. The speakers need no power outlets and last up to 10 hours on a single charge, according to Griffin. When the speakers run out of power they can be reattached to the base and charged again. —

Certified ANSI/AGA high efficiency gas wall furnace. Uses 100% outside air for burning. This preserves room air quality and maximizes efficiency.

4 sizes and 24 black, brass, silver, copper, nickel, cast, vintage iron, and gold fronts fit any room & any decor. Built by Johnson, a company with over 100 years of experience.

115 Medical Drive

8.5 in.

Mon - Fri: 10 - 6 | Sat: 10 - 5


7.5 in.

10.0 in.

We buy & loan on; 11.0 in.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

$ CASH TODAY $ *Rolex Watches *Diamonds *Any Gold *Estate Jewelry


Giving secure confidential loans for over 60 years

With only $ 5,0 0 0, you get this great rate, guaranteed for 180 days. Plus, you c an quickly and easily access your money at any time. Stop by any branch, visit / S ave

Dock Brothers

or call 1- 8 0 0 - 6 2 2-70 7 3.

Jewelry & Loan Co. 2464 N. Meridian St.




.00% APY*

Rate guaranteed for 180 days for balances of $5,000 or more.

PERS ONAL BANK ING • BUSINES S BANK ING • INVES TMENT S • MOR TG AGE LOANS *Offer available for new Money Market Savings promotional accounts opened by 11/10/07 at National City locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania, with funds not currently on deposit at National City. To qualify for this offer, depositor must have an existing National City personal checking account or open a new personal checking account (except Free Checking) with $1,500 not currently on deposit. After 180 days, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for balances of $5,000 or more will be a variable rate, currently 5.00% for balances deposited according to this promotion. The APY for balances less than $5,000, currently 0.50%, may change after account opening. APYs are accurate as of 10/05/07. Fees could reduce account earnings. Offer limited to one Money Market Savings promotional account per household. Maximum deposit limit $500,000. Offer available only for consumer deposits, may be withdrawn at any time and cannot be combined with any other offer. No brokered deposits. Member FDIC • ©2007, National City Corporation®

7NCE0663_C.indd 1

10/9/07 4:35:09 PM

Answers to ALPHABETICALLY SPEAKING: 1) GENUFLECT; 2) MEMBRANE; 3) ROUGHNECK; 4) SHRUG; 5) TINFOIL; 6) VISOR Answers to CARMEL WORDSMITH CHALLENGE: Among the common words in “Eiteljorg” are: goiter, jilter, jolter, loiter, regilt, toiler, egret, elite, greet, leger, legit, liter, litre, ogler, oiler, oriel, relet, relit, reoil, retie, tiger, tiler, toile Answers to HOOSIER HODGEPODGE: Colts : Clark, Harrison, Manning, Sanders, Smith, Wayne; Oz Characters : Aunt Em, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Toto; Cereals : Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Wheaties; Activities : Bonfire, Corn Maze, Hay Ride; Shows : Survivor, The Bachelor; Store : Keen

Tuesday, October 30, 2007




Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.


HOOSIER HODGEPODGE Puzzles by Sanchez J. Jiminez

23 19


20 22


FRIENDLY, EXPERT PET SITTER All visits customized for your pets Safe & secure - no signs on our vehicle Bonded & Insured CALL LEANNE TODAY!


Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons Gift Certificates Available Carmel


Experienced Child Care Full-time openings 844-7207, Woodgate area, Carmel

• Licensed • CPR Certified • Trained in First Aid PLUS 28 years of experience and references Warm, balanced meals, planned activies & TLC Alpha Executive Services provides

Experienced Child Care furnished executive office space,

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

including personalized telephone Full-time openings answering; and additional services for; 844-7207 *Bookkeeping, Word processing, etc. Woodgate *will pick-up &area deliver. *Also available; Carmel Virtual Office.


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 27,449 homes weekly

• Licensed Call 471-3500 • CPR Certified • Trained in First Aid PLUS 28 years of experience and references 844-4683 Warm, balanced meals, planned activies & TLC




REAL ESTATE SALES New or experienced agents who want unlimited income potential Call Si Johnson at 846.7751 Tucker Co., Inc.

3 MONTHS FREE BOOTH RENTAL • Hair Stylist — Nail Tech • With Clientele • Great Carmel Location 844-8588

SALES PERSON NEEDED A well-established local promotional products company is seeking full- or part-time sales persons. Experience in the advertising and/or promo products sales and/or industry knowledge preferred. Must be able to work on full commission from home. Flexible hours. For more information, please call Dave at 317-506-6160

NOW HIRING: Dazzles Salon and Laser Center Now hiring Part-time; Theraputic Massage Therapist and Fulltime Manicure Pedicurist Call Kim Young 698-2382

Now Hiring

Kitchen Supervisor and servers for brunchies @13732 N Meridian Need to be available; T-F 6-2; Sat &Sun 7-2; closed Monday; come in and fill out an application see Larry Join a team of awesome people serving a great community: Call 833-5457 for directions

The O.C. Tanner Company’s Indianapolis sales office has an immediate need for an Office Administrator. Responsibilities include preparing sales proposals and presentations, customer service, maintaining customer files and various other sales support related needs. The office is located at 3850 Priority Way South-Indianapolis, IN 46240 Requirements: Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Candidates must have excellent grammar and writing skills, be detail oriented, prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Prior experience in a sales environment a plus. Selected candidate will be expected to attend a 2 week training seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah next year. To be considered for the position, please submit by Nov 1st a cover letter, resume, and compensation requirements to

Looking for hair stylists to rent booth space and/or commissioned stylist with clientele. Call Terry at Fine Lines 815.8480 HELP WANTED Tan Zone, two Hamilton County locations. Seeking full-time and part-time sales positions and part-time bed cleaners. Call Patrick, (434) 770.5449


Dental Office Coming to Carmel…a unique opportunity for the right people to be a part of a newly established dental practice. Put your organizational and creative skills to work in this stateof-the-art facility. We need a full-time patient relations coordinator and a parttime experienced dental assistant to join Dr. Lane and work together to create a successful team. You must be detail oriented, a great communicator, selfstarter, and skilled in using computers. Fax resume to (317) 466.9553 or email to

Vacation Rental New condo-style twin-villa (ground level) in Fort Myers-Naples area (Estero). Available March through May. Nearly 1900 square feet with two-car garage. One-month minimum; $3,000 for one month, $5,000 for two, $6,500 for three. No pets and non-smokers only. Photos available from Carmel owner. For more information, Dave @ 317-656-9591.

REAL ESTATE LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY 2153 N. Pennsylvania, Indpls NEW HOME, 4 bed 3 ba. 2-car gg. $2,250 Monthly/ $384,500 DELANO REALTY 317.923.1066 / 403.9522


PRODUCTS Do you lead an active and busy lifestyle? Do you want more energy? Thousands have discovered this vital nutrient! Call Beth at 710-5177 for info

Carmel is at Risk! Tired of traffic? Worried about schools & redistricting?

Sarann Warner for Council Ÿ An experienced businesswoman: she’ll control spending Ÿ An independent voice: she’ll say “no” to excessive growth For more info:

Paid for by Warner for Council

Groundskeeper Wanted Full-time Groundskeeper needed for commercial property and apartment community. Must be efficient, thorough and have an eye for detail. The qualified candidate can lift 50lbs and operate gas powered grounds equipment. Offers of employment are subject to a pre-employment drug screen and an in depth background Investigation. Interested applicants should fill out an application packet at Providence at Old Meridian 300 Providence Boulevard Carmel, IN 46032 Call 317-818-0080 Email;


CUSTOM RECORDED MUSIC Recorded Music for Any Occasion *Advertising Jingles *Dance, Pageants, Sports *Backing tracks

for singers & instrumentalists *Background Music for *Movies*TV*Radio*DVDs*Games




FOR SALE For Sale One if a kind Peyton Manning framed portrait by W Galmon; autographed by Peyton Manning; 54” tall by 42” wideCall Vinny @ 317-407-9158 or stop by Dattolos on 126th and Meridian (across from Meiers to see for yourself!).


1717 W. 86th St. Suite 180 Indianapolis, IN 46260


Patricia Matly Owner



FALL SPECIAL! Color or hilite, with designer cut, eyebrow wax and conditioning treatment for $78. (First time clients only.)


23 21

Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs located in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact Vicky at


000-000-0000 317-815-5500

Dr. Carolyn Berghuis, MS, ND Central Indiana's


Own Board Certified HM_ServiceDir-Small.indd 2/7/07 1 10:41:07 PM * Doctor of Naturopathy

Open House

Thurs, Nov. Oct. 15th 5pm - 9pm


2438 East 116th St. | Carmel, IN 46032


Spa Give-a-ways! Refreshments • Free Massage • Free Ionic Footbath • Free Facials • Free Body Fat Analysis 40 N. Range Line Rd. Carmel, IN 46032

Dr. Carolyn Presents A Naturopathic Approach to Cardiovascular Health Register early-seats fill quickly. (317) 848-2818 or

*not affiliated in any way with Raphael's, An advanced medical rejuvenation institute.

BUBBLY TO GO: Some things are not meant to be thrown in a cooler with cheap booze. Veuve is one such item. Here it comes in a neopreneinsulated case with two flutes — now that’s got game. The VeuveClicquot Traveller is available for $89.99 at —

with my budding floral creation. I think this “design mistake” must be taken lightly. I suppose if we lived in a part of the country where fresh flowers were bountiful and sold for next to nothing on every street corner, I might join the anti-silk league. As it is, I would like to stand up and admit that I like floral arrangements. I like to see combinations of natural material combined with well made “permanents.” I like feathers and I like moss. I like beautiful urns and artsy composition. As long as it is understood that permanent florals do not mean forever (dust and fading takes a toll), I am proud to say, “Long live permanent floral arrangements!”

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

KEEP YOUR BRAIN FIT: Here are three simple strategies: Choose what you want to remember. Ask yourself whether new information will help you in the future. For example, at a party, learn only the names of people you hope to see again. Read the newspaper with the goal of remembering just what is important to you. Make the best use of your technology. Keep files and address lists on your computer, PDA, or cell phone current and let their data banks do the remembering. Block unpleasant memories. Lingering bad memories that should have been processed and discarded long ago can blunt your mental sharpness. When you feel a problematic memory arise, replace it with a happy one. —


GTV aired a declared so vehemently on HGTV, design show it was getting personal! this week that The HGTV design expert vilified the Top suggested a bowl of rocks in lieu 20 design faux of silk florals for a natural addition pas of the century. I received a to a room. The show suggested call urging me to watch. The caller using only fresh was quite proud that the show flowers was up to No. 15 and she had not in areas committed any of the deadly sins. that needed Being one of the union of a touch of women who feel compelled to softness. It multitask at all times, I began the suggested Vicky Earley construction of a new silk floral twigs and Decor arrangements for the store. dried grasses The mistakes identified were instead of predictable but the advice was funny. “It is fine greenery. to collect things, but don’t make your guests I imagined placing a bowl endure them.” And “Furniture that is placed of rocks in a home and expecting against the walls in a room makes it feel as if the client to be thrilled. Nope, someone has burst in and shouted everyone couldn’t see it. I imagined advising my against the wall!” clients with two kids in college to invest Drum rolls resounded for the No. 1 design heavily in fresh flowers on a daily basis. faux pas of all times...NEVER USE SILK OR It wasn’t going to happen. I thought DRIED FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS...THEY ARE about my clients who have a “to-do” list SO PASSE. that is self-multiplying. I visualized Palm Pilots I was caught in mid-floral wire cut. I had flying my direction with the suggestion of glue on my hands and moss in my hair. My dedicating 30 minutes a day to creating fresh forthcoming silk arrangement wilted before floral arrangements. If I left sticks behind, my eyes. regardless of how artfully arranged, I have a I have long believed that so-called feeling that my clients would accuse their 6“permanent” arrangements were not the year-old of dragging them in from the yard. favorite of the design purists. With it being You know, that is when I felt vindicated


TIME FOR A KEGGER! Heineken’s DraughtKeg is now available in stores. This innovative minikeg for the home holds five liters (about 14 bottles) and costs around $20, on average an extra penny per ounce. It’s not that the beer is different (Heineken says it still uses the same recipe it perfected for export in the 1880s). It’s that beer from a keg forms a thicker head of bubbles that protects its flavor from the elements. Heineken expects to sell 1.4 million of the kegs in the U.S. alone next year. —





Design is in the details. But, what exactly does that mean? To start with, you’ll want to pick a style before making any purchases. Don’t get too “themey” — your home is not an amusement park. You’ll also want to select a focal piece to inspire your design style, but don’t overdo it. One focal point per room is plenty. • Do use mirrors to create “vistas” in your room. • Don’t use mirrors unless they have a frame. • Do use candles to enhance the mood of your room. • Don’t go overboard with scented candles — one per room is enough. • Do layer your lighting with table and floor lamps. • Don’t use light bulbs over 60 watts. • Do use area rugs to anchor a furniture layout. • Don’t use rugs that are too small. Always go up a size when selecting your rug so all

furniture has at least the front legs sitting on the rug. • Do bring in outdoor foliage for creative holiday centerpieces. • Don’t forget to sit at the table while arranging it so you see it from a diner’s point of view. Avoid the jungle in the middle of the table syndrome. • Do change the pillows on your sofa with the seasons. • Don’t limit yourself to just two on a sofa — use a mix of styles and sizes to create entirely different looks. • Do have a table within arms reach in your living room. • Don’t feel like all tables have to be made of the same material. It’s even OK to mix wood colors from table to table.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It’s that time of year! Start your morning off with a great breakfast!

• TUES - Breaded or Grilled Tenderloin • WED - BBQ Sandwich • THUR - Taco Salad • FRI - Fish & Chips

30% Lactic Peels Complimentary when you book a $60 or more service (esthetic services only)

for NEW and EXISTING clients

Director: lori raffel Of Mice and Men is presented with the permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

november 2-4, 9-11 and 16-18, 2007 Curtain times: Fri-Sat: 8:00 pm Sun Matinee: 2:30 pm ticket Prices: Adults: $15.00 Students, Seniors and Children: $12.00


TUES - FRI: 6AM - 2PM SAT & SUN: 7AM - 2PM

13732 N. Meridian St. Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: 846.8820 FAX: 846.8839

proudly presents John Steinbeck’s timeless tale of friendship, loneliness and dreams of a better time...

Kenneth Brown is one of LA’s most sought-after celebrity interior designers. His work has been featured in numerous design publications and on his own top-rated television show, reDesign, on HGTV.


Daily lunch specials

Car m e l C o m m u n i ty Playe r s

270 W. Carmel Drive next to the monon trail



all Performances: Studio 15 15 First Ave NE in Carmel’s Arts and Design District For reservations and information:

815-9387 or


By Larry Greene, Case Handyman & Remodeling Question: We just purchased a new frontloading washer and dryer for our first-floor laundry room. The rest of our laundry room is outdated. What are some ideas and trends for updating our laundry room now that we have new appliances? Answer: European style front-loading washers and dryers are taking the market by storm due to their higher capacity and energy/water savings. With a more visible first-floor laundry room you should consider the overall appearance and functionality of the room. Consider the following upgrades: 1. More countertop space: A nice feature of front-loading appliances is you can install a new countertop over them. There is no need to purchase the factory pedestals that come with new appliances. A new countertop can provide a folding area. Consider upgrading to solid surface countertops instead of laminate if your budget allows. 2. Custom built-in cabinets and shelving: Eliminating clutter is key. The trend is to use higher quality cabinets in the laundry area and consider painted or stained cabinets to add to the décor instead of plain, thermo-foil cabinets. You also may want to add base cabinets to each side of

the washer/dryer. Consider built-in cabinets that hide the washer and dryer and add more storage cabinets. 3. Add a sink-base laundry soaking sink: Instead of a stand-alone laundry tub, consider a drop-in or undermount sink with a sink-base cabinet built into the countertop. This looks cleaner and the base cabinet will hide the plumbing. Make sure the faucet is a pull-out version suited for laundry applications. 4. Built-in ironing board: Install a built-in ironing board cabinet. This cabinet opens up to allow the ironing board to fold out and includes room for storing the iron. When you are done ironing, everything folds up back into the wall-mounted cabinet away from sight. Remember to install an electrical outlet nearby. 5. Lighting: Good lighting and natural light are critical in a laundry area. Include enough under-cabinet task lighting. If there are no windows, consider installing a skylight or sun tunnel to create more natural light.



OW! The Here are a few tips on leaf leaves are removal: incredible * Start by blowing the dry this year. leaves from landscaped beds It seems * Then evenly distribute them that every intersection is a virtual over the entire lawn rainbow of color. It’s especially * Try to use a mulching mower rewarding since we were anticiwith the sharpened blades set on a pating the leaves to graduate from higher setting green to boring as a result of * Fire up the mower, and cut the fossil-fuel-inspired heat and your lawn as usual, going slow to drought. Surprise! allow the turbulence created to Now the fun begins, and I’m cycle the leaves properly Randy Sorrell not referring to nature trail hikes Simple isn’t it? Sure, you might Outdoors or lengthy Monon bike excursions have to mow repeatedly to thorto drink in the exploding splenoughly shred the colorful jewels dor, but the painful art of leaf removal. OUCH! impregnated with water, nitrogen and phosConsider it an opportunity to recharge phorous. If you are incredibly blessed with versus discharge, as my friend Ray Hilbert, mature trees, some raking and bagging may be co-author of a very cool book titled “The required. You could always hire the neighbor Janitor,” would say. Recharge your inner self kid looking for a buck or a professional firm as sweat tickles your brow, soft hand tissue patrolling for a few more, to accomplish the swells with a blister and muscles are strained. fat-burning task. Recharge as your frustrations are released with How do you decompress? Try invigoratevery stroke of the rake, overstuffing another ing leaf removal to recharge for joy instead of recyclable bag. Or use the mower in an effort discharge with anger. to mulch the leaves and their steroidal dose of Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS nutrients back into our sterile suburban soil. by NatureWorks, a Carmel design, landscape and And that’s where the leaves belong: in our remodeling firm. He may be reached at 679.2565, soil, mulched and feeding our persevering or www. eco-system of aspiring turf, flowering shrubs and full canopied trees.


Have a remodeling question? Ask Larry Greene, owner of Case Handyman & Remodeling. You may e-mail him at or call 846.2600.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kids Eat for $1 (With purchase of regular-price Adult Entree)

Free Consultations Designers on Staff Kitchen & Bath Specialists

Clients For Life HANDYMAN


317.846.2600 This business is independently owned and is operated under a license agreement with Case® Handyman & Remodeling Services, LLC.









808 S. Meridian Street Phone: 317-631-4041 Fax: 317-631-3958

918 S. Rangeline Road Phone: 317-573-DELI (3354) Fax: 317-573-3355 Expires 12-31-2007. Offer subject to change without notice.

This coupon is available only in the Current in Carmel weekly paper. Photocopies will not be honored. © 2007 Shapiro’s. All rights reserved.


Tired of pizza and hamburgers? Bring the kids to Shapiro’s for a hearty plate full of good, old-fashioned original family favorites! Buy one adult entree and get a children’s entree for $1.00 with drink. That’s a deal!

MIDDLE SCHOOL COMEDY: “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood,” a comedy by Mary Lynn Dobson, will be presented at 6 p.m. Nov. 8 and 7 p.m. Nov. 9 in the Creekside Middle School Auditorium, 3525 W. 126th St. A cast of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders play all the parts in this Monty Python-esque spoof of the traditional Robin Hood Story. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for children, free for age 3 and younger.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ROAD TO FREEDOM: Conner Prairie will present “Follow the North Star,” a nationally acclaimed program that allows participants to step into the shoes of a slave on the road to freedom through the Underground Railroad, from 6:308:30 p.m. on Thursday-Saturday and Nov. 8-10 and 15-17. Reservations are required. Cost is $19 per person, $16 for members. Call 776.6006 for more information. ART ENVIRONMENT: Seeing a work of art in a gallery sometimes doesn’t reflect how it will look in your home. Art House, a project of Indianapolis Monthly magazine, puts artwork into a new, custom designed house for you to examine. Carmel’s Art & Soul Gallery, owned by Wes and Claire Dwyer, is one of the galleries participating. The house is in Williams Creek, but parking is at Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N. Meridian St. Shuttles will take guests to the home. It’s open 1 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Nov. 9-11. Tickets are $12 at the door.

By Barbara E. Cohen

Although the Hamilton County Artists Association now has a permanent gallery and a schedule of bimonthly exhibitions in Noblesville, the group of professional artists will still exhibit members’ work at the Carmel Clay Public Library in November. This year’s juried show and sale – the 57th for the long-standing group – runs from Nov. 4 to 16. You are invited to attend the grand opening from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. this Saturday, where punch and hors d’oeuvres will be served. “The theme for this year is ‘the greatest art show on Earth,’ ” said co-exhibition chair Larry Kasey, Noblesville. “Visitors can see the work of over 50 local artists from Hamilton County, with more than 140 works of art on display and for sale.” Artists participating in the show hail from Arcadia, Cicero, Fishers, Indianapolis, Nashville, Noblesville, Sheridan, Westfield and Zionsville, as well as Carmel. Thirteen artists from Carmel are participating in the exhibition: Kenna Al-Sayed, a work in colored pencil; Robert Bratton, watercolors; Dorothy Chase, watercolors; Karen Fehr, watercolors; Kathy Garnes, pastel; Julie Houck, oil painting; Mary Jane Keys, oil painting; Bruce Moore, watercolors and pastel; Shaomin Qian, Chinese painting; D. R. Roudebush, acrylics; Connie Sands, watercolors; Paula

Fall Fashion Color YZ

Trichology Salon 705-9700


630 N. Rangeline-Downtown Carmel









RIDE TO THE MILE: The Washington Township Parks and Recreation Department’s Chicago Shopping Trip to the Magnificent Mile will take be Dec. 1. The bus departs from 1549 E. Greyhound Pass at 7 a.m. and will return at 9 p.m. Cost is $49 per person. A snack and movie will be provided on the bus. Registration is required by Thursday. Call 574.1074 for more information.

Smith, watercolor and oil paintings; and Rosemarie Southworth, watercolors. Their works are priced between $95 for Paula Smith’s “What’s Inside?” watercolor on canvas and Dorothy Chase’s watercolor “Late Summer” at $1,200. Overall prices range from $50 for an oil painting called “The Barn” by Barbara Burbank, Indianapolis, to as much as $3,500 for the fused glass “Excitingly Neutral” Holly Ulrich by Pam Niccum, Cicero. Most works are affordably priced, as is “Field of Flowers” by Holly Ulrich, Noblesville, at $695. “With works in a variety of drawing and painting media, sculpture, pottery, brass, glass and mixed media, there’s truly something available for every budget, individual taste or decorating style,” Kasey said. Even if you don’t buy a work of art, consider purchasing a raffle ticket for one of two donated works: “Harlequin Horse,” a watercolor by Kenna Al-Sayed, and a horsehair Nov Current 07.pdf 10/18/2007 5:25:03 PM pottery vessel by Carol Bell. Winners will be


Customer Appreciation Day Saturday, November 3, 2007, 8:30-5 20% Off Storewide Sale

(Sale excludes motorcycles, owner’s rings and clearance items)

• FREE cover with purchase of any 2008 in-stock motorcycle • Fall specials on ALL motorcycles • Financing available • Check out our Dynojet demonstrations! • Lunch served by City of Firsts Hog Chapter

“Field of Flowers” by Holly Ulrich

decided at a drawing at noon on Nov. 16. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets and artworks finances a scholarship for a graduating Hamilton County high school senior planning a career in the arts. For more information, contact the Hamilton County Art Association at 776.2278 or check the Carmel Clay Public Library at 844.3362 or for exhibition hours. Barbara E. Cohen is a freelance writer who covers the arts for Current in Carmel and teaches art history at Herron School of Art and Design (IUPUI) and Ivy Tech Community College. Please send comments or story ideas at

2007-08 Season

David Bowden, Artistic Director

FREE MOVIE NIGHT: “Charlotte’s Web” will be shown at 6 p.m. Saturday at 2000 N. New Market St. in the Meeting House in the Village of West Clay. It’s Family Movie Night, sponsored by King of Glory Lutheran Church. And it’s free.

View – and buy – art at Carmel Clay Public Library

Carmel SymphonyOrchestra


24 22


The Artistry of Larry Shapiro

Larry Shapiro, violin

Saturday • November 10, 2007 • 7:30 pm Carmel High School Enescu Chausson Wieniawski Beethoven

Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 Poème for Violin and Orchestra Polonaise Brillante No. 2 in A Major Symphony No. 7 in A Major

• Reception Following Concert • Title Sponsor

For Information & Tickets call 317.844.9717

We’re Playing for You Artists, repertoire, dates, times and venues subject to change

Holly Hilderbrand Server at Mellow Mushroom

Where she eats: I love Scotty’s Brewhouse and Charleston’s What she eats there: At Charleston’s, I get the loaded fries. At Scotty’s, the chicken Caesar sandwich.

Ingredients: • 6 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves • salt and pepper to taste • 1/2 cup honey • 1/2 cup prepared mustard • 1 teaspoon dried basil • 1 teaspoon paprika • 1/2 teaspoon dried parsley Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Sprinkle chicken breasts with salt and pepper to taste, and place in a lightly greased 9-by-13-inch

What she likes about them: I like the atmosphere at Scotty’s because there’s so many TVs. It’s a really fun place to be. Charleston’s is more of an upscale place. It’s nice and quiet. Scotty’s Brewhouse 3905 E. 96th St., Indianapolis Phone: 574.0101 Hours: Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday Charleston’s 14636 N. Meridian St., Westfield Phone: 846.5965 Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

baking dish. In a small bowl, combine the honey, mustard, basil, paprika and parsley. Mix well. Pour one half of this mixture over the chicken, and brush to cover. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Turn chicken pieces over and brush with the remaining honey mustard mixture. Bake for an additional 10 to 15 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear. Let cool 10 minutes before serving.

Some Guys Pizza Pasta Grill 12552 N. Gray Road Phone: 706.8888 Lunch hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday Dinner hours: 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday


SWAMP THING Looks like the foam on a puddle of dirty ice melt. But guess what? It’s delicious and oh-so-easy to make. Take two parts vodka, add one part Bailey’s Irish Crème or some other

cream liqueur, and add Coca-Cola. Shake it up, then pour over ice. The liqueur curdles in the vodka, the Coke turns it a funky brown, and it comes out tasting like an ice cream float. Specially designed to make people say “Ewww!” —

Some Guys Pizza Pasta Grill isn’t only a casual and fun place to eat; it’s also a fun place to work because of the laid-back atmosphere, delivery driver Andy Mack said. Server Annalise Corman agreed. “Everyone who works here is really nice,” she said. “Our pizza is high quality pizza,” Mack said. That’s due to the fresh toppings, Corman said. The Bomb, the restaurant’s version of a supreme pizza, and the BBQ Chicken pizza are the most popular, Corman said. Some Guys also serves pasta, appetizers such as bruschetta and phyllos, “and a good selection of beer,” Mack said. And while prices may be a bit higher than those at pizza chains, “portions are really big, really generous,” Corman said. Higher prices don’t seem to deter customers. “There’s a ton of regulars,” Mack said. “Everyone who orders through delivery, I’ve been there at least two times.”

DDS Aileen C. Helton

Winner of the Best Tasting Pizza Contest in Carmel

• Pizza • Pasta • Salads

• Veal, Chicken & Seafood Dishes • Hot & Cold Subs

Try Vinny & Tina Dattolo’s East Coast recipes!

. Rangeline Rd

116th St.

Guilford Ave.

Phone: 317.848.1777 Fax: 317.848.4438

US 31

12545 Old Meridian St. Carmel, IN 46032 Dine In or Carry Out

6th Street At the corner of 11 ue at the and Guilford Aven ntre. 116th Street Ce

75.899en3tire family Call 317in.5 tment for your

today to make an


G HITpaEtieNntIN FREaEcomW exam, plete new N

with ing, and xrays. appropriate clean

al care • total health dent ent fortable environm m co d an ly nd ie fr • e braces) • invisalign (invisibl akeovers • cosmetic smile m s y for fearful patient • sedation dentistr accepted • most insurances

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

reet Suite 210 890 East 116th St 46032 Carmel, IN



25 23


26 22

Boards Dinner Theatre, 9301 N. Michigan Road, Indianapolis. Cost: $32.50 to $52.50. Phone: 872.9664. Web: beefandboards. com. Roman Art from the Louvre Date: Through Jan. 6. Location: Indianapolis Museum of Art, 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis. Cost: $6 to $12. Phone: 923.1331. Web:

Special Events


(See page 2 for Halloween events) Junior League Holiday Mart Dates: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Location: Blue Ribbon Pavilion, Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1202 E. 38th St., Indianapolis. Riverview Auxiliary Holiday Bazaar Date: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 6. Location: Riverview Hospital, 395 Westfield Road, Noblesville.


Of Mice and Men Dates: Friday-Saturday, Nov. 9-11 and 16-18. Location: Studio 15, 15 First Ave. NE. Price: $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and children. Phone: 815.9387. Web: www. Mamma Mia! Dates: Nov. 6-11. Location: Murat Theatre, 502 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis. Tickets: Oklahoma! Dates: Through Nov. 18. Location: Beef &

Tori Amos Date: 8 p.m. Friday. Location: Murat Theatre, 502 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis. Tickets:

Dates: Through Nov. 10. Location: Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, 9301 N. Michigan Road, Indianapolis. Times: 10 a.m. Fridays, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturdays. Cost: $12; discounts are available for groups of 20 or more. Phone: 872.9664. Web:


Jeff Caldwell Date: 10 p.m. Friday. Location: Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream, 210 W. Main St. Cost: $10. Phone: 706.2827.

Sachal Vasandani Date: 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Location: The Jazz Kitchen, 5377 N. College Ave., Indianapolis. Price: $18. Phone: 253.4900. Web:

Lewis Black Date: 8 p.m. Saturday. Location: Murat Theatre, 502 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis. Tickets:

Mickey’s Irish Pub Friday: Big Daddy Caddy. Saturday: The Toy Factory. Location: 13644 N. Meridian St. Phone: 573.9746. Web: mickeysirishpub. com.

Andres Fernandez Date: Wednesday-Sunday. Location: Morty’s Comedy Joint, 3625 E. 96th St., Indianapolis. Price: $8 to $18. Web: mortyscomedy. com.

Jennifer Kirk and Friends Date: Thursday and Friday. Location: Kincaid’s at Clay Terrace, 14159 Clay Terrace Blvd. Time: 6:30 to 10 p.m. Featuring half-priced appetizers and drink specials for beer wine and cocktails, everyday from 4 to 7 p.m. and from 9 p.m. until closing. Phone: 575.9005 Web:


For Kids

Alice in Wonderland

Stonycreek Farm

Lewis Black

Karaoke with Mark When: 9 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Location: Nippers II, 1772 E. 116th St. Phone: 818.9980. Karaoke with ‘Pipi’ Date: 7 to 11 p.m. Wednesdays. Location: Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian St. Phone: 573.9746. Web: mickeysirishpub. com.

What: Pumpkin Harvest Festival When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., ends Wednesday Where: Stonycreek Farm, 11366 State Road 38 East, Noblesville Cost: $5 parking per car; fees for haunted house, hayrides and pony rides Details: It’s a 35-year tradition at Stonycreek Farm to celebrate the pumpkin harvest with the community. This is a fun-filled family event. Take a hayride through the woods to the secluded pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin. Bring your camera and enjoy beautiful fall colors and the farm animals. Info: 773.3344,

Re-Elect Joe Griffiths

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carmel City Council District 4 Working hard and diligently for the people of the District and will continue to do so when re-elected to a second term on the City Council. I

Free Oil Change & Tire Rotation with the purchase of any new vehicle

would appreciate your support and vote on Election Day, Tuesday,

offer good for 3 years or 36,000 miles

Nov. 6, 2007.

1253 South U.S. 31 Greenwood (317) 885-7379

Joe Griffiths “Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Joe Griffiths City Council – District 4“

BORROWED DOG ‘STARS’ IN players’ production By Liz Juranek Current in Carmel

Of Mice and Men

Performed by Carmel Community Players Performances: Nov. 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 and 17 at 8 p.m., Nov. 4, 11 and 18 at 2:30 p.m. Location: Studio 15, 15 First Ave. NE Tickets: $15 adults, $12 seniors and children Phone: 815.9387 Web:

NEXT SYMPHONY CONCERT FEATURES SHAPIRO advance, or will be available at the door The Carmel Symphony Orchestra will pres- beginning at 6:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $20 ent “The Artistry of Larry Shapiro” at 7:30 p.m. for adults, $15 for seniors (65 and older), and on Saturday, Nov. 10, at Carmel High School, $5 for students (high school through college). 520 E. Main St. Children in eighth grade and younger are free. The concert will feature Larry Shapiro, However, please reserve a ticket if they will CSO concertmaster. The symphony will occupy a seat. perform these selections: Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 by Enesco, Poème for Violin and OrchesIf reserving tickets by phone at 844.9717, tra by Chausson, Polonaise Brillante No. 2 in A please order by noon on the day of the Major by Wieniawski, and Symphony No. 7 in concert. Ahalf Majorpg by Beethoven. horizontal_1F 10/24/07 11:41 AM Page 1 Tickets can be reserved by phone in Current in Carmel

Larry Shapiro

Everyone Worth Knowing By Lauren Weisberger

Reviewed by Susan Keen

Carmel Clay Public Library

Best Book Review Board If you found “The Devil Wears Prada” irresistible, you will enjoy this hilarious novel. Bette Robinson is a spunky, intelligent young girl whose life is in a rut. She spends her free time reading romances, staying home with her allergic dog, and occasionally hanging out with her best friend. Exasperated with this routine, she quits her dreary banking job and becomes a party planner for A-list celebrities. Now paid to party at some of the most exclusive night clubs in New York, Bette’s life is looking up, especially after gossip columns start falsely professing that she is dating the much-sought-after bachelor, Philip Weston. The dream job soon turns into a nightmare, however, and Bette faces a melt-down that leaves even her stunned.

Now is the time to... If you’ve been meaning to update your kitchen, bathroom or basement, we will create the SURROUNDINGS you’ve imagined— and reward you with something to make the process a little easier.

Act by November 15th and get extras! SPECIAL REMODELING OFFER Sign on by November 15th for your basement transformation and SURROUNDINGS will provide* your sound system. Call for details. 575-0482

You must sign on by November 15th, and work must be completed by March 1, 2008.

Call for details today. 575-0482. * Rewards based on project scope and duration. Renovation work to be completed by March 1, 2008


Create an entertainment haven and we’ll turn up the volume!

We’ll provide dinners during your kitchen transformation, spa visits while upgrading your bathroom, or upgrades in sound for that entertainment room. All with ambitious pricing during the winter months…to make the most of your living space.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stay home. Get jazzed.

23 27

Raffel said the cast are inviting people who are interested in adopting a dog. “If we got that dog adopted, it would be amazing,” Raffel said.


Despite being killed in the John Steinbeck play “Of Mice and Men,” the dog used in the Carmel Community Players’ production will get a second chance. CCP is borrowing Camron Camron,

a 7-year-old husky mix, from the Humane Society for Hamilton County. In the play, one of the ranch hands has an old dog who is shot to put it out of its misery. Cast member Dave Eckerd, who suggested using a Humane Society dog, plays Carlson, the character who shoots the dog. Director Lori Raffel contacted the Humane Society, which recommended Camron. “He’s very loving, friendly and quiet,” Raffel said. A biography on Camron will be included in the program and the hope is that someone will adopt him after seeing him in the play. CCP President Larry Creviston also suggested giving season tickets to CCP to whoever adopts the dog.



Getting hit by a car is the second leading cause of injury-related deaths among children 5 to 9 years old. Because depth perception isn’t fully developed at this age, children can’t accurately judge the distance of an approaching car. Please slow down and be alert in areas where they trick-or-treat. Learn more on how to keep kids safe at

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters • Carry a flashlight. • Stay in familiar neighborhoods. • Stay on sidewalks – don’t cut across yards. • (If no sidewalk) walk on the left side of the road facing traffic. • Avoid wearing masks while walking from house to house. • Approach only houses that are lit. • Wear a watch you can read in the dark. • Make sure costumes don’t drag on the ground. • Wear clothing with reflective markings or tape. • Carry only flexible knives, swords or other props. • Stay away from and don’t pet animals you don’t know. • Shoes should fit (even if they don’t go with your costume).

Safety Tips for Parents • Young children should be accompanied by an adult. • Older children should know where to reach you and when to be home. • Although tampering is rare, tell children to bring the candy home to be inspected before consuming anything. Look at the wrapping carefully and toss out anything that looks suspect. • To report suspicious activity, please call the Carmel Police Department at 317-571-2500. • If your child sustains an injury or has a reaction that you’re unsure of, seek immediate attention at the emergency room. Call the Clarian North Emergency Department at 317-688-3100.

October 30, 2007  
October 30, 2007  

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