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Riley Hospital for Children at Clarian North Kids 5K Walk & Festival SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Coxhall Gardens, located at 116th and Towne Road in Carmel.

Pam Close teaches her violin students how to play, but also more lessons about succeeding in life. P2

Tuesday, August 21, 2007



Pam Close teaches her violin students how to play, but also more lessons about succeeding in life.


Photos courtesy of Pam Close

By Michelle Browning

t’s 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon and Pam Close is giving a violin lesson. The classical sounds of Mendelssohn fill the Carmel woman’s living room as she sits on her leather couch with her legs curled underneath her. But there’s no instrument in sight. Today’s lesson is being conducted via speaker phone with a student who’s hundreds of miles away. As 17-year-old Jake Rooney of Atlanta Pam Close (at center) performs at age 8 with the makes his way through crescendos and diminHonolulu Symphony Orchestra in 1963. uendos, Close holds the cordless telephone, closes her eyes and slowly bobs her head. In high school, Close played with the at Indiana Close works with students during a lesson in 1985. “Make sure your E-flat’s low enough there,” Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. Her senior year, University. Shashe charges. “Good, I like that.” she left the Aloha state to attend the Interlopiro is concert going into teaching. She wanted to play. But Rooney had only been taking private chen Arts Academy in Michigan. She went on master with the one day a neighbor knocked on her door and lessons with Close for a year when his family to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and Carmel asked if she’d make an exception and teach moved to Atlanta two years ago. The family violin performance from Indiana University. Symphony Orchestra. He and Close have her daughter. Close says she wasn’t sure if she searched and searched for a new violin teachOver the years, Close has studied with played together for several years and have could, since she’d been playing so long. er, but couldn’t find anyone who compared to Josef Gingold and Dorothy DeLay, considered become good friends. “It’s like telling somebody how to eat with Close. No one else had her dedication. No one two of the top violin teachers in the world, she “She’s a first-rate violinist and wonderful a fork,” she says. “What do you say?” else was able to pick up on the minute details says. She’s recorded background music for reteacher,” he says. “She has a very intuitive So she got some of the books other top of the music, Jake says. ligious ceremonies and albums and says some sense.” violin teachers from across the world used So he stayed with Close, and says the of her work can be heard on The Weather Elaine Eckhart is executive director of the and began to form her own lesson plans. Her weekly long-distance phone bills are worth it. Channel and CNN. She’s shared the stage with Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra. She says teaching style is unique, as is evident with “She loves to teach, and she’s so good the likes of Bob Hope, Josh Groban, Barry Close is dedicated, steady, dependable and “a Rooney’s long-disat what she Manilow and team player in terms tance lessons. She does,” Jake Red Skelton, of advancing the Pam Close doesn’t like to stand says. performing orchestra.” Age: 52 over her students’ Close, a 52with their “She’s been on the Family: Fiancé Terry Dickey shoulders while they year-old Hawaii background roster at nearly every School: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees play, pointing out native who orchestras. concert because she is in violin performance from Indiana wrong notes here and has lived in She’s a strings member, and University. there. Instead, she Carmel for 20 met them we are an orchestra,” Occupation: Professional violinist wanders around. years, has been all, describEckhart says. “She has “I just can’t sit See Pam Close perform when the Inplaying the ing Manilow been very dedicated still,” Close says. “I dianapolis Chamber Orchestra kicks off violin profesas “a great to us since our incepits 23rd season Sept. 16 with the ICO have such an ear for sionally since guy to work tion.” Masterworks with Celeste Golden. For music. I can be in the her junior year with” and Close admits she more information, visit www.icomusic. kitchen getting the of high school. Groban as tackles everything, org or call 940.9607. dog’s food and tell In addition to “just like from her music to her (Cover photo by Tyler Gillaspie) if they’re playing the giving private the guy next hobbies, with gusto. wrong note or the lessons to door.” In fact She and her fiancé wrong string.” students from — she laughs are avid gardeners Close teaches Matt Dickey, a junior at Close doesn’t have any children and conages 6 to 18, as she begins and have created a backyard wildlife preserve. Zionsville Community High School. siders her students family. She talks proudly she has perthe story In addition to the four dogs and rabbit that of their accomplishments, about how many of formed with — the first live inside, the couple shares their yard with them go on to become doctors or lawyers. the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra since its time she worked with Groban she didn’t know hummingbirds, yellow finches and woodHer lessons don’t just focus on teaching inception 23 years ago. She plays fifth chair, who he was. He came up to her and a friend peckers. Close says they like to eat under the music, but on life in general. With music, first violin. and said he was excited to play with them and pergola and listen to the birds as they perch she says, there’s so much to pay attention to, Close first picked up a violin at age 3 after was looking forward to a good show. Close above in the trees or drop in for a drink from from the notes to the conductor to the other her parents had her tested and discovered she says she and her friend exchanged confused one of the many birdfeeders. They also grow players. was gifted. She says she’s not sure why they looks until they saw Groban take center stage. their own herbs, which Close — who once at“It’s the same with life,” she says. “You picked the violin for her. “There’s just no pretense about him,” tended professional cooking school — likes to always have to pay attention to what’s in “Knowing my mom, it was probably beClose says of the classical musician. use in preparing seafood and vegetables. front of you. I want to teach my students to cause she’d always wanted to play.” It’s the same way that Close’s colleagues Close also practices holistic medicine and have confi dence and be strong, independent Her first violin had to be ordered from and friends describe her. enjoys mountain hiking. thinkers.” Germany because she was so little. Larry Shapiro met Close 30 years ago After IU, Close says she had no intention of Photo by Tyler Gillaspie

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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OUR TAKES Our position is that spammers need to get a life. NOW! The rate of incoming junk e-mail nationally took a precipitous rise of more than 30 percent last week, and thus far there is no solution. “We’re working on it,” we’re told. The spammers actually believe that we’re moronic enough to open electronic greeting cards and Adobe PDF files that are streaming into our inboxes. All this junk contains nothing, absolutely nothing, worth reading – unless you’re into various body-part enhancing creams, pills and lotions, or buying medicine from north of the border or closing on that “low, low interest” refinancing option. Much of it comes from overseas. We don’t

know about you, but when something shows up here with .hk on it, we all know for certain there’s no long-lost cousin in Honk Kong. And none of us really is interested in gaining a portion of $43,489,731 (USD) by helping some fleecing idiot in Africa claim (and share) his or her “wealth” from a bank somewhere. All this junk is a drain on time, which, in turn, becomes a drain on productivity everywhere. Had we our way – and the time and money – we’d track down these creeps and give them five, rock-solid reasons to not ever again send us their crap. But we don’t, so we turn to the delete key. Somehow, that’s less than satisfying.

WATCH IT, BUSTER It is our position that our community is well served by Bright House Cable’s Government Access Channel 16. If you haven’t paused to take a look as you channel-surf, you should make it a one of your favorites. And if you are not a cable subscriber, check the city’s Web site ( to see what it is all about. You will find updates on road construction and other city projects. You will find interviews with local leaders, business people and just plain interesting folks on topics from fire safety to Seward Johnson. They are not all Emmy-worthy, but they are fiercely local and important for

you to see. City Council and other meetings are televised, and the live drama of our legislative process is regularly on deck. While not every moment is exciting, and not every player is ready for primetime, we do get a chance to see at work those who we have entrusted to lead our community. Columnist Jeff Worrell and his co-host Stephanie Lewis bring “Connecting with Carmel” to life each month. This must-see show runs regularly, delivering community news and indepth looks at our assets like the Library, Monon Center and Arts & Design District.



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CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell ( Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. I, No. 44 Copyright 2007. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 Executive Editor – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Managing Editor – Jim Lindgren Art Director – Tyler Gillaspie / 472.3216 Associate Artist – Stefanie Lorenz / 340.1836 Reporter – Brandon Bowman / 489.4444 Cartoonist – Tim Campbell

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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n today’s business climate, human bonding is often considered to be an oxymoron. Long-term dedicated relationships are often neither valued nor considered. Divorce is rampant. Many of us are modern-day nomads. We move from country to country and from state to state following the elusive promotion. Sometimes I wonder if we aren’t chasing happiness when, in fact, happiness is Terry actually chasing us. If we’d only slow down and enjoy the day, it might be able to catch up. We invest less in bowling night. And in cooking class. Today we play video games. Alone. We surf the web. Alone. We withdraw. We focus on sustaining ourselves, and not relationships. But, bonding is not dead yet. We were with friends last night who, now past their 40th anniversary, are looking forward to the next milestone. One is fighting a continued battle with cancer and the other is unable to imagine a life without her. Male bonding lives as well. I’m not referring to the sophomoric he-man, woman-hating clubs that used to exist in corporate boardrooms, but instead about opportunities to develop human relationships that make you a better person, better husband, better father and arguably a better man. As I write this, I find myself steeped in testosterone at Mickey’s Camp. Best described as a camp for wayward middle-aged guys who escaped from their busy careers for a few days to the wilds of a Ruth Lilly YMCA Camp to learn about — among other things — how to appreciate and taste wine, about how to invest in art, and about how to be a better fan of the game of football. Local entrepreneur and philanthropist Mickey Maurer created this camp just under a decade ago in order to raise money for local

charities — many tens of thousands have been given away — and to provide men an opportunity to reconnect. It was a brilliant idea, and one that has been extraordinarily well received. This year, as in all years before, the camp is oversold. So, what really happens here? Well, that’s a deeply guarded secret. But I will say that it is good to be in the company of men. Please understand that I appreciate and enjoy mixed company, Anker with the best of them. But there are times, albeit rarely, where it is good to pause and talk only to my brethren. And we’re not alone. Some weeks ago, my better half, in anticipation of the impending nuptials of a good friend, joined a group of girlfriends and went to a spa for the day. It seems that this word “spa” may in fact be code for female bonding. They took time off, lined up care for the kids (and for their husbands) and just relaxed. No men. No kids. It was just the sisterhood. I have no idea what they did or talked about or disclosed. And I really don’t want to know. It was and is one of the glorious things about human interaction. It can be wonderful and special in all of its combinations and permutations. Occasionally, my young sons love time with Grandma. Occasionally, they eagerly seek the company of their peers. Granted, Grandma can’t (or won’t) play the gross-out game. But I bet they can’t get the comfort and support needed from their peers either. Do we worry too much about how specific gender bonding excludes and not think enough about how it simply celebrates that which is unique to our own side of the aisle? I can’t think too much about it now; it is time for my pistol shooting lesson. Terry Anker is a Carmel resident and businessman. He is a member of Current In Carmel’s Editorial Advisory Board. E-mail him at terry@

We think the notion of hanging portraits of former mayors in City Hall is fine — as long as it’s not done at the taxpayers’ expense. Now that Mayor Jim Brainard has announced a $20,000 commissioning of painted likenesses of his four predecessors, the firestorm is under way. Let us add to it. We like the mayor and what he has done for this city. We endorsed his candidacy in the May primary election. What we don’t like — and what we can’t and won’t endorse — is his planned damnthe-torpedoes expenditure of $20-large, which goes to a Main Street artist who got the gig without a single bid being submitted. Whether the portraits will, indeed, be public art is left to conjecture. We know this, though: The mayor has taken taxpayer dollars without discussion, debate or approval (none of which he is required to have, since they come from his fund) and has launched a project he says will help preserve our city’s history. We really do wonder, as have one letterwriter and more than a handful of callers, why the mayor chose not to run this past his Arts Advisory Committee, which includes the editor of this paper and City Council Member Rick Sharp, and instead forge ahead without input. Committee members were blindsided by the announcement. Some folks term his decision to do so cavalier. We seriously would have preferred a not-for-profit to act as a clearinghouse for the project, one that would have gathered donations from Carmel citizens and businesses (it worked for the Governor’s Residence). Your


Wanna write us a letter? You can do it a couple ways. The easiest is to e-mail it to The old-fashioned way is to snail mail it

ILLNESSES ARE REAL Editor: I am writing in regard to Bob Walters’ column entitled “Drugs or Scripture?”According to Mr. Walters, “a heart full of Christ is a better way to cure emotional pain than a bottle of pills.” No doubt we could all use a heart full of Christ. And I’m sure many people turn to pills rather than face the issues in their lives. But conditions such as Clinical Depression, Bipolar Disorder and ADHD are legitimate biochemical disorders which require medical treatment. To imply that those who suffer these diseases should merely read more Scripture is irresponsible, akin to bringing a child with appendicitis to a faith healer rather than a surgeon. Sadly many Americans, like

Steve Greenberg & Brian Kelly Backshoppers would have advertised the cause for free. It’s what we often do, because we’re this community’s hometown newspaper and an active corporate citizen. Brainard has shown himself to be a lone wolf in this effort, and that’s not a very flattering portrait. To some, it’s frightening. We’re for checks and balances on the expenditure of every cent of taxpayer money. In this case, in our view, the mayor was wrong. Anyone disagree? *** Fare thee well, Brandon Bowman, the best intern we’ve ever had here at Carmel’s Best Weekly Newspaper™. ( Wait, he’s the only one we’ve had! Whatever.) B-Squared is heading back to journalism school at Ball State University, but in his place will be Josh Mazur, whose work we believe you’ll like as much as B-Squared’s. Josh (no nickname yet) comes to us from Butler, and he’s eager to get after it. B-Squared will continue to report for us as he continues his education. We’ll miss his constant presence, though.

to Current in Carmel, 1 South Range Line Road, Carmel, IN 46032. Keep letters to 100 words max (we may make exceptions), and be sure to include your home zip code and a daytime number for verification. Mr. Walters, could use more education in the causes of mental illness. John Kamerud 46032


Editor: I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy reading Kent Burns’ column in Current in Carmel. I’ve done a great deal of leadership training in the past and currently teach management classes at the graduate level. Kent’s comments are nice refreshers on many things I’ve taught to others and are good reminders for me! Cathy Langlois Entrepreneurship Education Hamilton County Alliance 46290


KIWANIS GARAGE SALE: The fourth annual Carmel-Clay Kiwanis garage sale will be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday at Range Lane Road and 116th Street on the east side of the Harris Bank parking lot. Proceeds will go toward Riley Hospital for Children and Hamilton County children’s charities. For information, call Christy Troxell at 345.3459.

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

Merchants step up to help make Fresh Starts

ust my luck, the water pump on my car bit the dust yesterday. Estimates range from 300 bucks all the way up to a grand. I get grumpy as the unexpected car repair hits me when I least expect it. I grumble under my breath as I ask, “Where do I sign?” having just pretended to read the paragraph that authorizes someone to tear my car apart. A couple of days later, I will pick up my, good as new until something else goes wrong, and pay the final bill. But what do I do if I don’t have the money to cover the bill? Deanna Poe, along Jeff Worrell with Bob Waeiss at CarmelCan! Integrity Automotive

at 40 S. Range Line Road, doesn’t have to help me pay my bill this time, but they are going to help a special group of women that find themselves in this common car repair situation. On Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m., they will host a fundraising event to benefit an organization called Fresh Start of Indiana. Fresh Start does just what the name implies. They help primarily women and their children who find themselves in a chronic domestic battery situation leave the bad environment and start over independently. Transportation is usually a key factor for women who have to find and keep a job in order to live on their own. If they do not have reliable transportation, or find themselves in the water-pump-just-went-kaput category, Fresh Start is there to help. Once again the Carmel merchant community has stepped up and donated enough items to fill the back end of a hatchback to be dispersed via a silent auction. One very generous merchant even donated the whole car, which will be used by Fresh Start as a loaner when the inevitable breakdown occurs. The

rest of the money raised on Saturday will go toward a transportation fund that Fresh Start of Indiana will use throughout the year. Deanna has planned games for the kids, entertainment via Tim Wright of the famous Wright Brothers band, a dunk tank for the sure-handed pitchers in the crowd and of course….clowns and face painting. Representatives from Fresh Start of Indiana also will be on hand to answer questions. For more information, go to or Integrityautomotive. net. If you have some time and want to help domestic violence survivors, this is an easy way to make a difference. Thanks to the gang at Integrity Automotive for volunteering and thinking outside the box. And, should you have the desire to see my shiny new water pump, I would welcome help locating it. Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with Carmel” on Cable Channel 16. Contact him at jworrell@


CLUBS WELCOME SPEAKERS: Sally Bindley will discuss her School on Wheels and tutoring homeless children at the Camel Clay Kiwanis Club meeting at 7 a.m. Monday at 515 E. Main St. For information, call Don Moehn at 873.1956. Dr. Ron Kovacs, Group Study Exchange Team Leader to Bangladesh, will be talking about his experiences in Bangladesh at noon on Friday at the Carmel Rotary meeting at the Oak Hill Mansion at 116th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway.


episiotomy. Honestly, you can’t! Not every aspect of giving birth is pretty, as we all know, but hopefully this advice will make this stinky phase of postpartum recovering a little more tolerable. Good luck! Peace out. (Dedicated to my sister-in-law Lynsay, who had her first baby last week.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SPARK BUTTON PRIZES: The CarmelFest Spark Button Committee will hold a drawing for all unclaimed Spark Button prizes between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Friday at the Carmel Redevelopment Office in the Arts & Design District, 111 W. Main St., Suite 140. Anyone holding a Spark Button, no matter if you previously won a prize, is eligible. You must show your button and then you will be given the opportunity to randomly pull a prize from those that remain. One prize drawing per button. You must physically come to the office on this date only to participate.


e’ve all heard this rite of passage go smoothly the horror and with as little discomfort to stories: a you as possible. new dad 1. As soon as your precious anfinds his wife gel arrives, start pounding the cafon the tile floor of her bathroom, feine. You need to stimulate your covered in perspiration and sobmetabolism to get things moving bing because she hasn’t moved down there, and you’re unlikely to her bowels since before the baby affect nursing because your milk arrived 10 days ago, and she’s terwon’t come in for a few days. rified to try. 2. In between caffeine boosts, Her frightened husband has drink apple juice, prune juice, to make an emergency run to the apple-prune juice, prune-apple Danielle drugstore for an enema and some juice and any other juice that Wilson menthol cigarettes, and fifteen helps fight constipation. I sent my minutes later, the toilet is taxed. husband on hourly trips to the The more children I have and the more ward’s snack area with orders to fill my large children my sisters and friends have, the thermos with a juice cocktail of his making, so only fear we seem unable conquer is the long as it included at least 50 percent prune. initial, post-partum movement. Labor pains? 3. Take the stool softeners your nurse No sweat! Making a mess during delivery? brings you, and when they run out get more! Everybody does it! The first “deposit?” Oh, Believe me, this is not the time to feel embarsweet mercy, why did I ever want children? rassed about an addiction to Colace. Doing the big job following two hours of 4. Attempt your first movement in the pushing and level three episiotomies scares hospital, so that if you do freak out, you can the bejeesus out of all of us and for good pull the safety string and have reason: we just passed a watermelon out of us a nurse come talk you and now we have to push out a two-ton brick? down. Your husband No thanks. will be of no help Yet our doctors and nurses encourage us to here, ladies, try and “go” within our 48-hour hospital stay, but a post-parbecause they know that once we’re on our tum nurse can own at home, in the quiet and cold confines of become the our tile-lined bathrooms, we won’t do it. We’d cheerleader/coach rather hold it for a week and slowly die a pain- of your dreams if ful death due to fecal poisoning than attempt you need her. a post-partum evacuation. 5. Let your mantra be, But here’s what I’ve learned over the past “Relief is good, holding is eight years of giving birth to four children and bad.” I know it feels like you being an aunt to nine and a pretend aunt to are doing serious damage to more than 10: There are measures you can yourself, but you really can’t take while you are still in the hospital to make pop stitches or re-tear your


KIDS DART. DRIVE SMART: Motorists are being reminded “Kids Dart. Drive Smart,” thanks to a partnership between Riley Hospital for Children, Riley Hospital for Children at Clarian North Medical Center and various area neighborhoods, schools and community organizations. Signs feature children running and playing as a reminder to slow down and watch for children. Signs are available at the Welcome Desk in the Grand Atrium of Clarian North Medical Center, 11700 N. Meridian St.

Surviving Your First Post-Partum Poo


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SERVICE WILL REMEMBER LOST PETS The Pet Angel Memorial Center of Carmel and the Humane Society of Indianapolis will host a memorial service for loved and lost pets at 6 p.m. Sept. 13 at the society, 7929 Michigan Road, Indianapolis. The memorial service is free and open to the public. Those attending will have the opportunity to light a candle in memory of their loyal companions. The memorial service is for anyone that has lost a pet. It is not necessary that the pet had been adopted from HSI and it does not make

any difference how long it has been since the animal passed away. Participants can have their pet’s photo, along with a quote or message, set to music on a DVD that will be played at the service. Digital photos, the pet’s name, and any quote or message must be sent to coleen_ellis@ by Sept. 10 to insure placement on the DVD. For more information, go to 35








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END OF SEASON CLEARANCE SALE! All remaining all-season furniture up to


E. 116th


Ca rme l Dr.

S. Rangeline Rd.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is a view of the north side of the intersection of Range Line Road and Main Street, around 1946 or ’47. Brown’s drugstore on the left is now Grosser & Co. Master Jewelers. National City Bank has taken the place of the Crystal Flash on the right. (Photo courtesy of Carmel Clay Historical Society)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

lbert Pickett, CarHe campaigned “with yard mel’s first mayor, signs and by knocking on doors.” still lives with his No TV. No debates. No appearwife, Phyllis, in ances at Rotary or Lions clubs. the Carmel home Before that first campaign, the where he was born in February, town was governed by a five1918. He’s “one of the oldest member town board. They had no original Carmel residents still livwritten procedures. Issues were ing here,” and he’s proud to have decided on by “majority rule.” Al played a huge role in Carmel’s helped Carmel garner a state grant history and development. that led to the city’s first written Al and Phyllis lost their son, procedures. These included the William Joel Pickett, to pancreatic first job descriptions and pay Danny cancer in 2006. Their daughter, scales for city employees. O’Malia Diane Smith, lives in Cicero. The When asked about the major Picketts have three grandchildren. accomplishments of his one term, Al was tickled to tell me his 22-year-old grandAl boiled it down to the procedures above son “is in the grocery business like you and and “upgrading and maintaining the infrayour dad were, but at Trader Joe’s!” structure” (roads and water). He added that After a lengthy career in the aerospace during those four years, Carmel’s population industry (as a increased from quality engineer), around 7,000 to which took him to about 20,000. the West Coast and He remembers included stints with the new city council Aero Jet General, of seven members Lockheed, Hughes, was always split. FMC Ordnance “The same three Aero and Honeywell always voted with Aerospace, Al and me. The same three family returned to always voted against Carmel for good in me. Dave Coots was 1962. the swing vote.” When, in the Still, he rememmid 1970s, Carbers getting his mel voters voted programs passed overwhelmingly to about 90 percent of change from a town the time. council to having Al lost in his a mayor, Al joined second primary to five other RepubJane Reiman. licans in the city’s His role in first primary. He Carmel’s developremembers logging ment was certainly Carmel’s first mayor, Albert Pickett 33 percent of the valuable and should total vote, winning be appreciated. the nomination easily; but he cannot remember what percentage the runner-up earned. He Danny O’Malia is a Carmel resident. Contact him at does remember crushing his opponent in the general election by an 85-15 percent margin!





22 8

DISPATCHES ACT SCORES EXCEED AVERAGE: Carmel High School composite scores on the ACT, one of the two major college admissions tests, again exceeded Indiana averages, according to figures released last week. Carmel students earned a composite score of 24.8, while the state average was 22. Twenty-seven percent of Carmel students, 258 members of last year’s senior class, completed the exam last spring, compared to 19.4 percent the year before.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: The Carmel Library will host a Volunteer Fair from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 8 in the Program Room. Teens needing to fulfill community service requirements or just looking for something new can check out local organizations offering volunteer opportunities, including Carmel CAN!, Humane Society, Harbor Light, Horizon House, Meals on Wheels, Museum of Miniature Houses, Indiana PAW, Inc., and PrimeLife Enrichment. Call 844.3362 with questions. GOING TO INTERLOCHEN: Rachel Goldberg, 14, of Carmel has been selected to attend Interlochen Arts Academy, a prestigious fine arts boarding school in northern Michigan. Rachel, daughter of Stephen Goldberg, plans to study voice. In November of 2006, Interlochen was awarded the National Medal of Arts, the nation’s highest honor in the arts. It is one of only a handful of arts organizations ever to receive such recognition. PRESCHOOL MUSIC CLASSES: Brenda Iacocca’s Preschool Music Plus Music Together Fall class schedule is now available online at Music Together classes are geared for infants to kindergarteners and their parents or caregivers. FREE demonstration classes will be held at Carmel Lutheran Church 4859 E. 131st St., on Aug. 28 and Sept. 6. For times and reservations, call 946.2056. For more information about Music Together and a video/audio clip of the program, go to www.MusicTogether. com.



ying is almost a certainty among children of all ages. Lying, as are most behaviors, is learned, although most of the time it’s borne of fear of getting in

trouble. I know it is frustrating to determine the truth once a child has lied. A lot of blame, shame and embarrassing tongue lashings go on. I also know that I’ve — unintentionally — taught my children to lie. Before caller I.D. when they would answer the phone and I didn’t want to speak to the person on the other end, I would say, “Tell them I’m not here.” That was a lie. Becky Kapsalis Sometimes we trap Ask YiaYia a child into lying by asking, for example, “Who ate the last piece of chocolate cake?” when we see the crumbs all over his or her face. A lie can never be ignored. There are consequences to lying, and the consequences need to be connected to the lie. For example: Child: “I never took his pencil!” Parent: “I find it hard to believe that you

would do that. We don’t take things that don’t belong to us. That’s stealing. Return the pencil now or come with me to see how thieves are treated in jail.” Or, rather than throwing out accusatory remarks such as, “You’re a liar,” try saying, “I don’t believe you. How are you going to show me that you’re telling me the truth?” Children must learn to come to us with whatever they need because, we hope, they TRUST us to listen without verbally or mentally labeling them as liars. If we’re trying to get them NOT TO LIE, we have to give our children reasons to tell the truth. A lie should never be rewarded by confessing the truth.

The reward for telling the truth is learning “integrity.” Quick Tips on how to teach truthfulness: • Be honest. • Know that lying is the symptom, not the problem. • Recognize a lie as a call for help. • A pointed finger shows three pointing back at you. Ask YiaYia (grandmother in Greek), aka Becky Kapsalis, is a mom, grandmother and certified parent coach. She can be reached by phone at 810.9358 or e-mail at

Mon - Sat: 10 - 6 • Sun: Noon - 5

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Ron Pearson Pearson McMahon Fletcher England

Dr. John Terhune 3323 West 96th St. Indianapolis, IN 46268 317-872-2989



808 S. Meridian Street Phone: 317-631-4041 Fax: 317-631-3958

918 S. Rangeline Road Phone: 317-573-DELI (3354) Fax: 317-573-3355 Expires 12-31-2007. Offer subject to change without notice.

This coupon is available only in the Current in Carmel weekly paper. Photocopies will not be honored. © 2007 Shapiro’s. All rights reserved.



000-000-0000 317-815-5500

WHERE WE WORSHIP (and why) Meet the Nelsens


HM_ServiceDir-Small.indd 2/7/07 1 10:41:07 PM


without discount

SERVICE . It’s no accident more people trust State Farm to insure their cars. Call today.

Family Members: Matt Nelsen, 37; Jennifer, 38; Anna , 7; and Kayla, 5 Residence: Hayden Run Meadows Why we worship at Pilgrim Lutheran Church: I was raised Lutheran and am a second generation Pilgrim Lutheran member. I was baptized and confirmed at Pilgrim, and my husband and I were married there. Pilgrim has always been an important part of our lives. We value the importance of Christian education at Pilgrim. We appreciate that there are many opportunities for all age groups to strengthen their faith. In particular, our daughters enjoy Vacation Bible

School, Sunday School and Kids In Christ on Wednesday evenings. They love being with their friends and learning about God. They both attended Pilgrim’s Preschool, as well. We feel at home with the friendly congregation at Pilgrim. We are so fortunate to be part of a wonderful church family.

John Wollenburg, Agent 14950 Greyhound Court, Suite 2 Carmel, IN 46032-5086 Bus: 317-569-9200

Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Location: 10202 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis Phone: 846.2221 Web site: Pastor: Alan Goertemiller

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (Not in NJ), Bloomington, IL P040035 12/04

GRANTS FOR FAITH-BASED GROUPS: Information sessions are planned for faith-based groups interested in applying for an AmeriCorps State Grant through the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. OFBCI was formed to insure that the faith-based institutions of Indiana were provided equal access to state and federal resources and services. It is mandatory to attend a Technical Assistance Session in order to apply for funding. The Indianapolis session will be from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Aug. 31, at the Indiana Government Center South, Conference Room 19, 302 W. Washington St., Indianapolis. For more information, go to http://

23 9

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

C.H.O.W. DOWN AT CHURCH: King of Glory Lutheran Church located at 2201 E. 106th St. in Carmel, will begin gathering for C.H.O.W. (Church Happenings on Wednesdays) on Sept. 5. C.H.O.W. is its midweek program, which includes a fellowship dinner between 5:30 and 6:30 pm, children’s activities and Bible studies for adults. Music programs for children ages 3 through 5th grade and sports (outside as weather permits), games, crafts/mission projects (materials provided), and tutoring/homework time will be offered. For more information, go to or call 846.1555.


ow many Gods say that “God” our eternal Father are there? has withstood a “test of time.” The correct After all, He is eternal (outside answer is “One,” of time) and is very different of course, but from us. Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us His there sure is a lot of lively – and thoughts and ways are higher than also deadly – discussion and disour ways, and 2 Peter 3:8 tells us agreement throughout history and God’s time is different from ours today about the number of God. (a day is like a thousand years and The number is one. vice versa). The Holy Trinity of the ChrisSo it’s a mistake to put God tian faith is one God. God the into earthly constraints of time, Father, Christ the Son, and the math or grammar, and probably Bob Walters Holy Spirit are three manifestaoxymoronic to argue about “One Spirituality tions, three persons, of the same True God.” How can there be one single God. That’s Christian more than one? (Think about doctrine and expresses Holy Communion … that.) And it’s nonsensical to say “my God” and by the way, includes us. or “your God” as if they are different. God It is easy to understand how this three-inis the one who put all of us here. Whatever one, one-in-three nature of God is difficult to name you call God, only One God can be the understand for one of God’s children who is Creator God Almighty. outside the Christian faith. The math doesn’t I’ll go ahead and worship the one God work: three equals one. The grammar doesn’t who created me and loves me, and not some work: the Trinity is? The Trinity are? random god I created because I love myself. I guess most of Western culture, while Those gods are called idols; there are lots of debating specifics, accepts that God exists. I them, and they never created anything. would point out that the multiple pagan gods Bob Walters ( admittedly is of antiquity (Thor, Zeus, Apollo) have not non-patronizing toward atheists but believes that withstood the test of time that the God of the if there is no God nothing matters; and if there is a God, nothing else matters. His views do not Bible has withstood. represent those of this newspaper or its staff. I realize it’s kind of a conundrum to even


CHECK OUT SELF-HELP CLASSES: The Church at the Crossing, 9111 Haverstick Road in Indianapolis, welcomes the public at the following Wednesday night selfhelp and self-improvement classes. Classes include Parenting 101, Lose it for Life, Biblical Financial Study (Crown Ministry), Women’s Bible Study and Divorce Care. All of the classes are located at the church and are free of charge except for materials. Additional information about any class can be found at or by calling 844.9355.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007



DISPATCHES KNOW SOMEONE NOTEWORTHY? Nominations are being accepted for the Dick Lugar Health and Fitness Awards in conjunction with the 29th Annual Dick Lugar Community Run, Walk at Butler University on Saturday, Sept. 15. The awards are presented to Indiana professionals or volunteers who have made significant contributions to their community in health or fitness awareness and education. For questions, contact Mark Doud at 226.5555. A nomination form is available at Sen. Lugar’s Web site, http://lugar. NEXT TAX MEETING: Indiana’s Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy will examine the feasibility of eliminating property taxes at its fourth meeting of the summer, scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday in Room 404 of the Statehouse in Indianapolis. Sen. Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, who chairs the commission, said the next meeting will include presentations on proposals to reduce or repeal property taxes, how much replacement revenue would be needed, and experiences of other states efforts to significantly reduce property taxes. Kenley represents Hamilton, Grant, Madison and Tipton counties.


• Plan Commission Special Studies Committee, special meeting, 5:45 p.m. • Plan Commission Subdivision Committee, special meeting, 5:45 p.m. • Carmel Redevelopment Commission, executive meeting, 6 p.m.; regular meeting 7 p.m. • Plan Commission Public Hearing, 6 p.m., Council Chambers, Carmel City Hall


• Carmel Street Tree Committee, Department of Community Services, 5:15 p.m.

Next Tuesday

•Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing Officer meeting just prior to BZA meeting (about 5:15 p.m.) • Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, 6 p.m.

CARMEL ROAD CONSTRUCTION Here are some of the road projects going on in Carmel. For full details, visit the city’s Web site at roadconstruction.htm. 116th Street and Clay Center Road Roundabout: The 116th Street and Clay Center Road intersection will be reconstructed as a roundabout. This project is in the design stage and is anticipated to begin construction in late summer of 2007. Please anticipate further updates as construction dates become available. 136th Street, (Ditch Road to Spring Mill Road): 136th Street in Carmel was scheduled to be closed Monday from approximately 50 feet west of Six Points Road to 300 feet east of Ditch Road. This portion of the project will remain closed to through traffic until mid November when it will re-open to traffic from Six Points Road to Ditch Road. Asphalt paving and concrete curb is near completion and continues under traffic between Spring Mill Road and Six Points Road. Access remains for local traffic only with no through traffic allowed. The detour route for through traffic remains in effect. Traffic will still be able to go north and south through the intersection of Spring Mill Road and 136th Street. 136th Street (Spring Mill Road to Oak Ridge Road): The road closure is in place and construction progresses from Oak Ridge Road to the east side of

Spring Mill. The closure is for through traffic and access to destinations within the closure is being maintained. The road project is to be completed in November. The infrastructure continues and the sub-grade has been prepped and the paving operations and concrete curbing have begun and is ongoing. 136th Street and Oakridge Road Roundabout: The intersection of 136th Street and Oak Ridge was opened to traffic on Aug. 2; however, the intersection is only open to traffic to the north and east of the intersection due to ongoing construction of Illinois Street to the south and 136th Street to the west. The new detour route for 136th Street will be Oak Ridge Road replacing Rohrer Road as the North/South corridor. The bridge just east of Spring Mill remains unpassable so through traffic cannot be allowed.

project. Two-way traffic (north and south) remains open to traffic at this time. The east half of the Grande Boulevard Roundabout, located within the limits of this project, is now open to traffic. Traffic was switched to the east side of Old Meridian north and south of the roundabout and two-way traffic will be maintained between Carmel Drive and Main Street during the construction of the west half of the Grande Boulevard Roundabout. Ongoing work may require lane restrictions on Carmel Drive at the Old Meridian intersection, so please anticipate this to happen.

Old Meridian Street, Pennsylvania Street to Guilford Road: Construction continues under traffic on the

Shelborne Road/ 116th Street Roundabout/ Realignment Project: This intersection is now open to through traffic. Landscaping and other minor incidental items may cause future lane restrictions, but the remaining work will be completed under traffic. FREE Colts and Indiana College Football schedule magnet to the first 400 people that e-mail!

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FALL FAIRE: The fifth annual AutumnFaire, sponsored by First Merchants Bank, will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Sept. 5 at the Mansion at Oak Hill. More than 60 door prizes will be given away. Attendees showing their Colts pride by wearing blue and white will be entered in a special door prize for the evening. Admission is $10 per person, $5 for any employee of a Carmel Chamber business. For more information, call 846.1049.

Bar & Restaurant

most brand awareness for the money spent. Even so, this is clearly “hope advertising.” Put out a message and hope someone is looking at it or cares. Not a very effective strategy considering all of the promise the online world offers to a company looking to connect directly with buyers. David Cain is president of MediaSauce, a digital marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your comments at

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NETWORKING BREAKFAST: Join the Carmel Chamber of Commerce from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Thursday at Mitchell’s Fish Market, Clay Terrace. Cost is $10 for members and $20 for guests. Reservations are required. To reserve your spot, e-mail the chamber at or call 846.1049.

Bar & Restaurant

23 11

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

RELIABLE DIVIDENDS: Looking for the most reliable dividend payers? Investment Quality Trends favors companies that have a strong Standard & Poor’s earnings-anddividend-quality ranking, and those that have consistently paid and increased dividends. I.Q. Trends’ system says it’s time to buy the following stocks: PepsiCo. The company has a dominant position in salty snacks with popular product lines such as Frito-Lay and a “formidable presence” in beverages, which should continue to help it grow nicely abroad. The stock has a dividend yield of 2.3 percent. Johnson & Johnson. The pharmaceutical and medical-device company should benefit from a robust pipeline of new drugs and cost cutting. The stock has a dividend yield of 2.8 percent. —


y daughter is just over 1 information they want year old. She is at the age versus a historically where she rants exces“push” world where sively, and no one knows we are fed information. what she is saying. When No matter what it’s someone talks, she talks louder. Sometimes called, the reality is that she will flat out yell and not say one distinpeople tune out almost guishable word or phrase. anything that isn’t Does that remind you of advertising you’ve relevant to them. And seen (or someone you the same rules apply met at a party)? You’re online. not sure what they are When was the last saying, yet they get time you clicked a louder and louder as banner ad on a Web they interrupt you. site? When was the last And did you ever time you remembered notice that humans what a banner ad said? have a talent for not Industry statistics show hearing things that that most banner ads don’t interest them? realize a click-through “I’m sorry, what were rate (someone clicks on you saying?” “Sorry, the ad) of less than one-half of one percent. I didn’t even notice.” It doesn’t matter who or what the ad is for or David Cain Sound familiar? Somehow cool it looks — people just don’t want On Marketing times we don’t even to be interrupted from what they are doing pay attention to those — and they probably don’t trust what might we love, so why would we listen to advertising happen. messages that don’t interest us? The answer is Although most advertisers understand simple; we don’t. that visitors don’t want to click the banner ad, Digital video recorders (DVR), satellite some companies still use this type of advertisradio, and generally short attention spans ing to build awareness for their company or 1985 all contribute to the great “tune out.”ESTABLISHED It’s brand. They still buy “impressions” on Web being called a “pull” world where people pull sites with a lot of visitors hoping to get the


REAL ESTATE RECOVERY: According to, these are the real-estate markets with the best prospects for recovery, expected date of the market bottoming out, and their estimated price appreciation after the bottom: 1) Tampa, Fla., Q1 2008 10.6 percent. 2) Phoenix, Ariz., Q4 2008 7.7 percent 3) Las Vegas, Nev., Q2 2009 7.2 percent 4) San Diego, Calif., Q2 2008 5.3 percent 5) New Orleans, La., Q3 2007 4.3 percent —



22 12



have a sixth floor office. ting a window we never saw. It’s a nice space, with lots Symptoms force us to a doctor, of windows. A few times a who reveals we have a serious week, as I sit there workillness. ing, I hear a thud. At first, Harmless flirtation turns into it would startle me. Now I don’t more, and we lose our job. even flinch. We discover that our child is Another bird flew into the experimenting with drugs, alcohol window. and sex. The windows on our building We get caught in a lie and lose are the kind that look like mirthe trust of someone important rors, so the poor bird thinks he’s to us. headed to a place that looks like A parent dies, and there is no Kent Burns where he’s just been. longer a chance to bring closure On Success Upon further reflection, I to a painful past. submit that people like you and Sometimes I’ll hear that thud I aren’t much different than the on my window and mutter under bird. So many times we get wrapped up in our my breath, “stupid bird.” I’d be better off if, own universe and stop watching where we are every time I hear that noise, I stopped and going. How does it happen? muttered “stupid me.” I’ve flown smack into We convince ourselves we’re too busy to go the window many times in my life. get that physical exam Dp you have your head up, looking We tell ourselves it isn’t a big deal if we flirt around? Stop and do an assessment. You don’t with a co-worker. want to be like the birds flying into the winWe put off having hard conversations with dow of my office. You’re better than that. our kids because it will be uncomfortable. Kent Burns is a Carmel resident and partner at We rationalize that it’s OK to put a spin on MRINETWORK, the nation’s largest staffing firm. the truth that will keep us out of a jam. He is also a professional speaker and author of We avoid apologizing to or granting forWhat’s Your Why? His blog is www.kentburnsblog. giveness to a parent who has hurt us deeply. com and he can be reached at kent@currentincarLife is good, right? We’re flying along smoothly, breeze in our face, blue skies all around us. Then we get smacked silly by hit-

Tuesday, August 21, 2007



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By John Pacilio, RE/MAX Ability Plus IN MY OPINION:


• Type: Cottage Style • Age: Built in 1993 • Location: Near Keystone and 99th Street • Neighborhood: Brooks Bend • Square footage: 1,590 • Rooms: This 3-bedroom 2.5-bath home has an open kitchen, office, screenedin porch and fully fenced backyard. The vaulted ceilings and updated light fixtures add to this home’s appeal. • Strengths: The exterior of this home matches the rest of the neighborhood with its cottage style design. The treed entrance provides a scenic path to the homes. The cost of this home is less than half of the average price point in Carmel, yet still falls within the Carmel school system. The lower price range will attract more potential buyers. It is conveniently located with easy access

NOW OPEN State Farm Insurance John Wollenburg Agency

4950 Greyhound Court, Carmel Phone: 569.9200 Hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, after hours by appointment

John Pacilio and his team specialize in Carmel real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or

The agency offers traditional insurance as well as commercial insurance and other options. “Right now we have our foot on the gas and are doing all we can to reach out to the community,” Wollenburg said. Networking has become a top priority. Wollenburg is aiming to get people in the door through referrals. “We have a great staff on hand. The team we have here are top-notch,” Wollenburg said. Wollenburg has two agents on staff with another one coming at the end of August. Located near 146th Street, Wollenburg says his location is perfect for connecting with the community and getting the agency’s name recognition.

Carmel — Westfield Award Winning 14931 Greyhound Court Pizza! CALL NOW! 818.1388

MONEY MATTERS What’s your favorite place to shop?

Michelle Richardson Carmel

“I shop at Girly Chic Boutique down in Broad Ripple. The clothes are different and you can’t find clothes like those anywhere else.” Laura Linnemeier Carmel

“I shop at Rise because they have a lot of skateboards and stuff like that.” Jason Utt Carmel



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John Wollenburg’s first couple of months at his new agency have been fast-paced and exciting. “We’re learning lessons every day we’re open,” Wollenburg said. He worked for State Farm Insurance before opening his own agency in Carmel.

to Keystone. • Challenges: The postage-stamp style yards in the neighborhood are small, but in some cases this may appeal to a buyer who wants to minimize yard work. According to the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors, there are currently 97 active listings in this price range in Carmel.


22 14

DISPATCHES FRECKLES AND AGE SPOTS: Brown spots result from overactive pigment cells damaged by UV rays. Traditionally, retinoids (which speed up cell turnover and even out skin) or hydroquinone (a skin lightener) were prescribed as faders. But docs now suggest prescription strength retinoid and hydroquinone for faster, more dramatic effects. There are drawbacks, though: Both cause serious dryness for the first month, plus sun sensitivity. Wear a hat. —

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WORK THOSE CALVES: Strong calves can defeat a frequent runner or walker’s worst enemy: shin splints. If you do only one calf exercise, make it the toe raise. Stand on a step with your feet slightly apart, drop your heels down below it, then push straight up onto your tip-toes. Slowly lower your heels and repeat. Squeeze your calves at the top of the exercise to get the most benefit. Do 3 sets of 8, adding dumbbells as you get stronger. — A COCKTAIL A DAY: A healthy happy-hour habit is linked to a 25 to 50 percent lower risk of heart disease and diabetes in women, says Eric Rimm, associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. The brain benefits, too, since the occasional cocktail may also keep memory intact. The key is moderation: one drink a day on average and never more than three, a level defined as “binge drinking” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. — YELLOW NAILS? Try dipping them in denture cleaner for 15 minutes, three days in a row, says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, artistic director of OPI. Teeth and nails have the same basic chemical makeup, so denture cleaner is ideal for getting the stains out. To prevent your nails from getting discolored again, use a ridge filler as a base coat; this should keep dark polish from seeping into the narrow dips in your nails, where remover sometimes can’t reach. —



e all have our favorite thirst quencher. After a hot day of hard work, what beverage do you reach for to replete your thirsty body? Does an icy beer, diet soda, full sugar cola or a vodka tonic satisfy your thirst? What do you mean? Do you hate water? Without water, one would die in three days. Americans guzzle 56 gallons of soft drinks each year, but before chugging that Wendell Fowler next can of soda, sip on this: one can of soda has about 13 teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories, 30 to 55 mg of caffeine (a diuretic), artificial food colors and sulphites. Water lost its role in maintaining overall health in a tsunami of deceitful advertising telling us what’s best to drink. You’re smarter than that! Speak out if you are against soft drink consumption.

Alcohol dehydrates us, much like caffeine. Gatorade is full of sugars, cola s are full of high fructose corn syrup, and diet soft drinks are full of food colorings, neurotoxins and phosphoric acid. The idea of having a dehydrating beer after mowing the lawn may be macho, but it will render you even more dehydrated and set you up for a pounding headache. Water is essential for your body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients. The Fountain of Youth also detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and carries away waste from the body. But that only happens when you drink water only. That’s why Sandi and I drink a large glass of filtered water first thing in the morning following an eight-hour fast. No one is perfect, so do the best you can. That first urine will be

very yellow and very odiferous. If your urine smells strong all the time, it is likely that you are one of the 75 percent of Americans who live in a state of constant dehydration: toxic. During the night while you are snoozing, your amazing Earth suit was busy cleaning house. My suggestion is to drink a large glass of filtered water the first thing in the morning. We are composed of 70-80 percent water and we need to be refreshed after an eight-hour fast. The ocean is undoubtedly the most beautiful and largely unexplored eco-system on our blue planet, yet it’s becoming a corporate dumping ground. Without the water, life on Earth would be nonexistent: it is essential for everything on our planet to flourish and prosper. Dehydrating renders the brain less active, it’s hard to concentrate, your body feels fatigued, your work quality dips, and you’re always “pooped.” Have a glass of cool, crisp water, and remember to recycle the containers. Wendell Fowler is a retired chef, as well as an inspirational and motivational speaker. Contact him at or go to

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MOVE OVER IPHONE. The tech world is now drawing its attention to a rumored gPhone. Reports are popping up everywhere that Google is shopping around prototypes of mobile phones. Confirmation came from a report from The Wall Street Journal. It reported Google has built prototype cell phones, to be mass-produced by multiple hardware manufacturers. —


tudents of all ages are now expected to have computers and access to the Internet to do their homework and research papers and to be able to communicate with the faculty. So is your (or their) computer good enough to do this? Despite your son or daughter’s plea to get them a new laptop, the likelihood that your two- to four-year-old system is more than adequate is very high. Your first step is to see if the school they are attending has published their recommended minimum system requirements for attaching to the school’s network. (This is more of a college situation where you connect wirelessGary Hubbard ly to the network.) Technology In most cases if you have Windows 2000, XP or Vista, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Internet access and an e-mail account, you have everything they will need to be productive. The real question: Is your computer in shape for the new school season? For example, has the unit been tortured

23 15

Gary Hubbard is owner of Data Doctors Computer Services: Data Doctors is also a drop center for electronic donations and recycling. Have a technology question? Send it to CurrentInCarmel@

New arrivals for men and women from legendary West Coast tattoo artist Ed Hardy. As seen on HBO’s “Entourage”. 37 W. Main Street, Carmel


MORE E-MAIL STORAGE: Hot-onthe-heels of Google’s announcement that it will start selling additional storage space to be used across its applications, Microsoft has reportedly now announced increasing the storage limit for Windows Live Hotmail from 2GB to 5GB. The move places Microsoft squarely ahead of Google yet far behind Yahoo’s unlimited storage offering. Significantly, users will now be able to store 10GB of email data for an annual subscription of $14.99. They will be able to forward email from their Hotmail account to a Gmail or any other e-mail account. —

“drive-by downloads” from malicious Web sites that typically target users who like free stuff. Figuring out what each of the processes are and which ones can be removed can be a little complicated. Rather than spend the exorbitant amount of time to figure this out and then actually do it, I recommend that you seek professional help. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of new computer. Finally make sure your son or daughter has a thumb drive (portable storage device) so they can back up their important papers. I recommend a 1GB or higher device. There is nothing worse than having your school project or term paper due tomorrow and your hard drive crashes. Remember, there are only two kinds of hard drives: those that have already crashed and those that are going to crash.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

YAHOO JUMPS AHEAD OF GOOGLE: Yahoo jumped ahead and took the lead over Google in a satisfaction survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Yahoo led the list with a score of 79, Google fell to 78, improved to 75, and AOL trailed with a score of 67. The index is a national economic indicator of customer evaluations of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in the United States. —

and abused all summer long with heaps of games, screensavers and file-sharing programs (music, videos, games, and so on) that are popular with teens and young adults? Does it take forever to boot up? Is it sluggish? If so, a good cleaning can rejuvenate virtually any computer that has excessive processes running on it (and save you money!). The easiest way to tell if things have gotten out of control is to open the Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows 2000, XP and Vista) and look at the bottom left corner of the window that comes up. That number represents the processes you currently have running. If that number is in the 50 to 70 range, your system will likely perform much better if you eliminate the unnecessary processes that are being forced on Windows every time you start the machine. These excess processes tend to sneak into your computer from adware, spyware, software programs that like to heap on trialware and silent


STOP FUMBLING FOR QUARTERS: Imagine parking at a meter that lets you pay with your debit or credit card. Or even change, if you have some. The patented, stateof-the art PhotoViolationMeter by Photo Violation Technologies Corp. does all that. The smart parking meters are currently installed for a testing period in Vancouver, British Columbia and Niagra Falls, New York. The PVM can actually call to warn you that your meter is running low and allows you to pay for more time over the phone.




DISPATCHES BUG BITE BALM: Dab a bit of antiperspirant onto itchy mosquito bites; its aluminum salts help the body reabsorb the fluid in the affected area, says Ken Haller, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine “The swelling goes down and the itching goes away.” Note: This won’t work with a plain deodorant, which does not contain salt. — ROUT THE DROUGHT: This summer’s drought has left many lawns straw-colored and dormant. Fall lawn care can help your lawn recover. During a drought, you should continue to fertilize your lawn every eight weeks with a slow-release fertilizer. A lawn that has the proper nutrients grows dense, deep roots and recovers from drought faster. A regularly fed lawn will also be healthier and thicker than an unfed lawn. Couple feedings with infrequent, deep watering to promote deeper roots, which provide a larger reservoir of water to draw from. —



ave you noticed the stunted performance this year of large leaf hydrangea and roses? I am in the enviable possession of several varieties of normally profusely flowering hydrangea — but not this year. I can count the number of pink and blue mophead flowers on one hand. Usually there are hundreds. My four meidiland roses had a rather embarrassing bloom cycle, too. But this is not about me; it’s about you and your thriving landscape! How have your ornamental grasses been this year? (That’s always a great ice breaker at a wine tasting.) Annette Hancock, office manager Randy Sorrell for Brehob Wholesale Outdoors Nursery in Noblesville, said that many dwarf fountain grasses simply did not break the ground, and maiden grasses emerged in deformed partial clumps. Borderline, Zone 5 liriope took a major hit as well, particularly the more susceptible variegated variety. Even hardy spirea and lilac have shown signs of stress, with a weak flower-

ing performance and sparse foliage. Bummer. It seems that there is always some sort of environmental issue affecting our favorite gems that we lovingly tend, fertilize and water, and water, and water. What’s the cause this time? The very late winter prolonged freeze and extended snow pack caused most of these woes. Our hostas were just beginning to recover when the heat and drought visited several weeks ago. Water those lovelies a few times a week now through early October and they will reward you with a stellar performance in 2008. Artificially elevated humidity has prompted powdery mildew and fungus on redbuds, dogwoods, serviceberry and other ornamental trees. Expect those same ornamentals to show off their fall color a little prematurely due to these added stress levels.

I suppose if stunted flowering hydrangea performance and sparse spirea foliage are the worse things that happens to us today, it’s simply not a bad day. Perspective helps. Happy trails. Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+, a Carmel design, landscape and remodeling firm. He may be reached at 679.2565, or www.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stay home. Be moved. • Design • Landscapes • Remodeling


It’s more than home improvement... it’s life improvement.

317.575.0482 • 421 S. Rangeline Rd.

Kevin “Woody” Rider

1/2 Priced Appetizers 3 - 6PM Daily

Serving Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch • 40 E. Main Street Kitchen Open Till 10PM TUES - SAT • Non-Smoking • Free Wireless Internet • Indy’s Top 10 Wine List Downstairs Neighborhood Pub • Sandwiches, Salads & Entrees Ranging From $7 - $29


Sally Cooksey is a certified professional party, event and meeting planner. She can be reached at 258.1008 or by e-mail at BellaChic2_2.469X5.705


2:37 PM




Birthday Celebration!

25-50% OFF BIRTHDAY · Cards · Gift Wrap · Gifts · Invitations

Celebration ends August 31


paper company

20 Executive Drive, Carmel


“where glass becomes art” A stained glass art studio and supply store

We’re continuing our sale on glass through this week. We’re also taking names for classes starting in September, beginning w/ copper foil designs and glass mosaics.


Monday & Wednesday 11:00 - 7:00, Thursday & Friday 10:00 - 5:00, Saturday 10:00 - 2:00

Harvest style tables Copper top tables Old world style buffets One-of-a-kind chairs 111 1st Street SW • Carmel Arts & Design District One block South of Muldoon’s 317.846.CHIC Tues.–Sat. 10am–6pm

CHURCH OF BMW: With Lexus ranked 19 places ahead in the latest J.D. Power & Associates survey of car quality, BMW is staking its sales on its heritage, reports The New York Times (8/5/07). Specifically, BMW is opening a $275-million edifice called “BMW Welt (World)” in Munich where customers can pick up their new cars in something like a religious experience. “Our dealers are like local churches, while BMW Welt is St. Peter’s Cathedral,” says a BMW marketing director. —

specifies no gifts. Lastly, if your new neighbors invite you to a housewarming party, consider taking a small gift. It need not be expensive, but select a more permanent gift than flowers. Some ideas might include selecting an address book that lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of recommended local businesses; seeds or bulbs for their garden; or a subscription to the local newspaper. No matter what the occasion, acknowledging your hostess in some small way is always appreciated.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TOMATO BUYER’S GUIDE: Heirloom tomatoes — grown from older seed varieties — are cultivated for their flavor and texture. Unlike massmarket varieties — bred for consistent looks and durability — heirlooms come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Buy tomatoes as close to home as possible. Look for those that are plump and shiny and give slightly when pressed; smell the stem end for that distinctive, sweetly acidic aroma. Refrigeration destroys the flavor of tomatoes; free them from any packaging and store at a cool room temperature, away from sunlight. —


lowers make great “feminine.” gifts any time of A nice bottle of the year. However, wine makes another when attending thoughtful hosta summer dinner ess gift. The party, they make an ideal hostess hostess is not gift. Why summer? Because you obligated or can pick a bouquet from your expected garden. If you are not a gardener, to serve simply purchase flowers from the wine a farmers market or your local with that grocery store or florist. You may evening’s want to be mindful that in-season meal. AsSally Cooksey flowers are your best suming the Entertaining buy. guest knows Send the flowers what will ahead of time, if be served, you may still possible, so that your hostwant to choose a wine to pair with the ess can have them displayed entree. when guests arrive. It What if you have been invited to would also be a courtesy to a pitch-in dinner? You could offer to have them pre-arranged, so bring copies of your favorite recipe to share that your hostess does not or, if the hostess asks you to bring a certain have to leave her guests food group (bread, salad, or dessert), simply to put them in a vase. Or, take it in a serving dish complete with serving when you present them utensils. In this instance, there is no need to to your hostess, simply bring a hostess gift. ask for a vase and offer When an invitation says, “No gifts, please,” to arrange them in water the request should be honored. If you are esyourself. When a man gives pecially close to the honored guest, you could the hostess gift, instead send a gift ahead of time or after the party. A of flowers, he can give a greeting card is always an ideal acknowledgeplanter, if flowers seem too ment to bring to the party when the invitation


FOR A BETTER SHAVE: Try a shaving brush. “Shaving with a brush is the easiest and fastest way to prepare your skin and facial hair for a close and painless shave,” says Danielle Malka, founder of the grooming retailer E Shave. You make lather instantly as you swirl the brush against your face, lifting beard hair off the skin. And, a bristle brush is an antique male object, linking you to centuries of empire builders who lathered up long before the aerosol can was king. —


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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s rants go, this “The rockets’ red glare, the one is an Old Fabombs bursting in there.” miliar, but I think In where, she doesn’t say. it bears repeating. Perhaps there’s a clue at the No, wait. I KNOW end of the song, the line about it does, because the thing I am “the land of the free, and the going to rant about is happening home of the brave,” because to every day in ball parks, arenas and hear her tell it, it’s: stadiums from sea to shining sea. “The land of the free in the I speak of the ritual desecration home of the brave.” of our national anthem by singers Where rockets burst. who apparently can’t be bothered Now, so far we’ve just talked to learn the proper words or about lyrics. Of course, Antonella Mike Redmond melody. had to embellish the melody with Humor The latest offender, brought to all those “American Idol”/Patty my attention courtesy of the Weird Labelle-wannabe vocal tricks, the Wired Web, is Antonella Barba, whom you swoops and melisma and loop-the-loops, none may recall as an “American Idol” contestant of which are in the melody I learned, and all of whose 15 minutes of fame were unfortunately which serve only to call attention to the singer, stretched to 16 minutes of fame when it and not the song. became known that she had posed for semiSheesh. I don’t want to come off all Archie naughty pictures. Bunker here, but I just think there are some Well, Ms. Barba has a page on the My Space songs that ought to be exempt from this sort social network site, and on it she posts her of foolishness, and the national anthem is No. interpretation of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” 1 on the list. Mike’s Rule, were he in charge, recorded, from the sound of things, before would be as follows: the opening of a pee-wee hockey game. No, “You want to sing the National Anthem wait. That can’t be right, because then she all by yourself at the beginning of an athletic would also have gotten to post her interpretaevent? Fine. First, learn the song. Second, tion of “O Canada.” Which, I have to admit, I remember it’s about the song, not about you. have always admired as a near-perfect national And third, the moment you start yodeling, anthem. And, unlike our own, one which did we pull the plug and let the audience finish not have its melodic origins as a British drinkwithout you.” ing song. Oh, well. Anyway, let’s start by discussing Ms. BarAt least we’re not alone. The same Weird ba’s version of the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Wired Web that told me about the Barba Banner,” shall we? version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” also Where most of us – that would be the ones showed me Deborah Cox doing the same sort who were paying attention in grade school of showoff job on “O Canada.” She got the when they taught us the song – sing “whose words right, but boy, did she turn the melody broad stripes and bright stars, through the into a roller-coaster ride. perilous fight,” Antonella gives us: I guess some kinds of silliness are interna“Whose broad stripes and bright stars, tional, eh? ooh! The perilous fight.” And, of course, she Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist pronounces perilous in contemporary-singer and speaker. Write him at mike@mikeredmonfashion, “perulis.” or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, Then, a little later, she gets to the line about “the rockets’ red glare, the bombs burst- IN 46244. For information on speaking fees and availability, visit ing in air,” although in Barba World it’s:



have always wanted to be day mornings when I was trying to a grumpy old man. Over sleep. This had codger written all the years, I thought I had over it. They made me president made a lot of headway in of the homeowners association. this area, especially in the I was starting to get worried. getting older part, which is easy. I When does one officially become a also found myself getting progresgrumpy old man? I combed all my sively grumpier, as well. Or so I AARP magazines for a few hints, thought. but their publication seemed My father was a grumpy old more interested in readers avoidman by the time he was 60, and ing this label than celebrating it. I always admired my dad, so I I called the periodical to grumble aspired to be just like him. But about their lack of coverage on Dick Wolfsie I wanted to do it even sooner. this, and complained to one of the Humor Remember, 60 is the new 50. Or is editors in the most crotchety way it 50 is the new 60? Whatever. I knew how. “We welcome your I first tried to be a grumpy old man when I feedback,” she told me. “Please call again.” was in my 40s. But, sadly, people mistook my I think the problem here is that most crankiness for wittiness. I complained to the people won’t call you a grumpy old man to manager at Kroger that their entrance and exit your face. They just think it. doors were “Did you on the wrong get my e-mail side. “I’ll birthday card, never shop Dick?” asked here again,” my friend I told him. “I David, a few don’t know days after my if I’m coming 60th. or going.” “Yes, I That’s pure did. But I old man stuff, must tell you, don’t you David, that think? But I find e-mail did he call greeting me grumpy? cards rude. No, he burst They lack out laughing the personal — and told touch and me I should it’s annoyuse that line ing when I on TV. have to wait In the forever while ’90s, my they downcrabbiness load.” got me no“Why, where. I once you, you…” protested to a “Go on, couple of Girl David, say Scouts who it. Say it, came to the please.” door selling “OK, you, cookies that you … you their product probably was too high have a good in fat and that eating Samoas would shoot my point. I should have taken the time to go to lipids through the roof. Their mothers called the store and buy you a nice Hallmark card, and thanked me, saying this was a good health instead.” lesson for 7-year-olds. Maybe I shouldn’t have Even my best friends won’t cooperate. bought three boxes. Maybe part of the problem here is that I I did everything I could to acquire the don’t have the right “look.” I’m going to stop grumpy old man label before my time. Nothdyeing my hair and start hoisting my pants up ing worked. I don’t know how my dad did it to my ribcage. That will make a big difference. with such ease. It must have been a gift. I’m optimistic about my success. I’m not Last year, I complained to some of my getting any younger, you know. neighbors about their unkempt lawns. I fussed Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist and speaker. at others who were putting their garbage out Contact him at two days early, and I put my foot down about kids making a ruckus shooting hoops on Sun-


WEST CLAY HOMES FEATURED: Two homes in the Village of West Clay are featured in the Indianapolis Monthly Dream Home: City Homes Edition from Sept. 1-16. Proceeds benefit the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana. For a complete schedule, go to

2293 East 116 Street 317.566.8482

Check us out at

Carmel, IN

th th 2293116 East 116 Street 2293 East Street 317.566.8482 317.566.8482 Carmel, IN

Food . Sports . Fun

Check us out at

Foo d . Sp o r t s . Fu n Hounds! Check us out at Go What: Auction for “River Odyssey: Two Artists Follow the Wabash” When: 1 p.m. Saturday, (public preview, 1 to 8 p.m. Friday) Where: Wickliff & Associates Auctioneers, 12232 Hancock St., Carmel Cost: Free for preview Details: For four years, Indiana landscape painters David Dale and Jim Faulkner sketched and photographed along the entire course of the Wabash River. Their project resulted in 70 paintings of varying sizes and styles that depict the Wabash River, its tributaries, its people and its seasons. After traveling around the state on exhibition since March 2006, these works of art (watercolors, oil paintings and pastels) will be auctioned. A percentage of the proceeds will support projects of the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission. Info: 844.7253, www.

Proud Supporter of Greyhound Football. Food . Sports . Fun JoinMajors us before or after theCafe Game for: Sports Food . Sports . Fun

Carmel’s Premiere Sports Majors Sports Cafe Restaurant Presents: Majors Sports Cafe

Carmel’s Premiere F o o d . Carmel’s S p o r t s Premiere . F uSports n Sports Presents: F r i dRestaurant a y N iRestaurant g Presents: ht L ights

i Ticket d a y Nini g h t L or i g After hts Bring Before F r Majors iYour d aGame yBFr i nrgN i g h t L i g h tr Asf t e r Y o u r Ga m e T i c k e t i n B e f o re o Sports Cafe Game for Discount te he T F riicda fBo e r fao 1re 0% D B r i nthe g Y oFriday ur Gam kyeGt aaimne10% oirs c oAufntt e r o n Yo u r F o Sports o d Pu r c h a s e . Carmel’s Premiere t h e F r ion da yYour G a mFood e f o r Purchase. a 10% Discount

Restaurant Presents: Catch Alltable of the andthe Sports Action Call to reserve your -Football Call from game!! on our 29 High Definition Plasma TV’s. Catch All of the Football and Sports F rAll i dof a the yMajors N iis g h t and Land i Sports gFamily-Friendly! ht sAction Catch Football Smoke-Free t h Action 2293 B r iour n g Y 29 o u r High Ga m e TDefinition i c k e t i nEast B e f oPlasma re116 o r A f t Street eTV’s. r on on our 29 High Definition Plasma TV’s. 317.566.8482 o n Y o u r F o o d Pu r c h a s e .

t h e F r i da y G a m e f o r a 1 0 % D i s c o u n t n YoIN u r F o o d and Pu r c Family-Friendly! hFamily-Friendly! ase. MajorsCarmel, is oSmoke-Free Smoke-Free and is • Majors •

CheckAll us of out atFootball Catch the and Sports Action on our 29 High Definition Plasma TV’s.

PREVAIL FUNDRAISER: It’s not too late to help Prevail Inc., a victim awareness and support program. Reds, Whites and Blues, its largest fundraising event of the year, will be from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Sunday at the Ritz Charles in Carmel. Presented by Riverview Hospital and the Riverview Hospital Medical Staff, the event features more than 80 types of wines, samplings from area restaurants and live blues provided by “Circle Trio.” Tickets are $60 per person in advance and $70 at the door. Tickets may be purchased at the Prevail office, 1100 S. Ninth St., Suite 100, in Noblesville. For more information, contact Judi Johnson at 773.6942, judi@prevailinc. com or visit our website www.

on Sept. 28 at the League’s black-tie gala at Oak Hill Mansion. The Carmel Arts & Design District recently snapped up the chance to “Golden Trees” become the primary sponsor 27 at the HCAA Art Center, 195 S. Cherry St., of the Painted Noblesville. Violins of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, Each artist in “From Field to Finish” adding its cachet to the project. created a small work or sketch within three “I’ll have more of my works on view at the blocks of the HCAA Art Center in July and then gala,” Houck said. “A lot of people were able returned to the studio to create a larger, more to see my paintings that way the last time I formal piece. The sketch and participated, too.” t h studio pieces will be shown side by side. Art and music patrons will have a number For more information about the Painted of other chances to see Houck’s work in the Violins of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, weeks leading up to the CSO League’s gala contact Jean Book at 846.1851. To reach Julie and auction. HerCarmel, paintings will beIN on sale Houck, call 705.0126 or visit www.juliemat the Penrod Art Fair at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on Saturday, Sept. 8; at the Riverview Memorial Fund Show in Noblesville Check us out at t h writer who covBarbara Cohen116 is a freelance 2293 EaE. st Street on Sept. 15 and 16; and at the Carmel Internaers the arts for Current in Carmel and teaches tional Arts Festival on Sept. 22 and 23. art history at317.566.8482 Ivy Tech Community College. You In addition, Houck will participate in can reach her with comments or story ideas at Carmel, IN the Hamilton County Art Association’s next exhibition, which runs from Aug. 31 to Oct.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FACULTY RECITAL: The 2007-08 Butler University School of Music Faculty Recital Series begins next Tuesday with a performance by School of Music Chair Andrea Gullickson on oboe, accompanied by Kate Boyd and Gary Walters on piano. The recital begins at 7:30 p.m. in Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall on Butler’s campus, 4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis. For more information, call 940.9246.


armel’s Julie M. Houck is one of a dozen artists from central Indiana to donate their time and talent to raise money for the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. The night before the baton rises on CSO’s 32nd season, the Carmel Symphony Orchestra League will host its annual fundraising gala, auctioning a dozen elaborately decorated violins that have been on display around town all summer. Houck, an impressionist painter of watercolors and oils, created a unique design for her violin, called “Playing for the Bunnies.” “It’s such a great opportunity for an artist,” Houck said. “The CSO League splashes your name all over the place.” This is the second year Houck has participated in the league’s major fundraiser, which pairs artists with corporate sponsors who underwrite the cost of the project. Artists painted the violins, which are provided by Mark Kurkowski of Frank’s Violins, between February and April 2007. The completed violins were displayed for the first time at the league’s summer luncheon at the Bridgewater Club on May 30. Since then, they’ve been on display at Carmel Chamber of Commerce luncheons and at the Deborah DeFazio Lyons Gallery and Studio on Main Street. They’ll make their final appearance as a group


MCLAUGHLIN TO PERFORM: Carmel resident Jon McLaughlin, a 2006 Anderson University alumnus, will return to his alma mater and Reardon Auditorium for a concert at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 13 as a part of the 2007 homecoming festivities. Tickets are $19 for individuals and $17 for AU students with a valid ID and groups of 10 or more. Tickets will go on sale Monday at the Reardon Box Office and all TicketMaster locations.



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Mark Baringber Cook at Famous Jack’s

Where he eats: Bobby Joe’s Beef and Brewhouse What he eats there: I really like the steak and the pork tenderloin.

• • • • •

1/2 cup pure honey 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/8 teaspoon wasabi paste 3 tuna steaks, ¾-inch thick 1/2 cup sesame seeds

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

108 S. Union St., Westfield Phone: 896.5050 Hours: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Instructions: Mix honey, soy sauce and wasabi together in a bowl. Marinate tuna steaks in sauce for one hour. Remove steaks and roll in sesame seeds until coated. Cook on very hot grill one minute per side. When done, meat should be pink in the middle. —

What he likes about Bobby Joe’s Beef and Brewhouse: I like how cheap and good the bar is. They also have really big portions. Bobby Joe’s Beef and Brewhouse 4425 Southport Crossing Drive, Indianapolis Phone: 882.2333 Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday (patio opens at 4 p.m.), 3 to 11 p.m. Saturday, 3 to 10 p.m. Sunday

Jan’s Village Pizza

• • • •


From the Tao Beach Bar in Las Vegas Ingredients: • 1 ounce Bartles & Jaymes Raspberry Pomegranate Wine Cooler • 1/2 ounce sake

1 ounce tequila 1/2 ounce simple syrup 1/2 ounce triple sec Splash of orange juice

Mixing instructions: This new take on the classic margarita infuses Asian and Mexican flavors, sake and tequila, with a pomegranate-flavored wine cooler. Shake and place in a margarita glass with lemon and lime wedges. —

Jan Miller is celebrating her 10th anniversary as owner of Jan’s Village Pizza. “After all these years, it has been great to see former high school employees coming back with children,” Miller said. Jan’s Village Pizza offers pizza and ice cream for lunch and dinner. Just recently, Miller had her annual cook-off between her Sheridan location and her Westfield location. “What we do is have the two places coming up with a brand new kind of pizza and let the customers decide which one we will serve in the restaurant,” Miller said. This year the winner was a Bacon and Potato pizza with a ranch sauce. The pizza at Jan’s is gourmet style pizza with a lot of interesting combinations. “One of the favorites is our Chicken Alfredo Pizza. It’s pretty good,” Miller said.

         

         

             

     

 

Saturday, August 25, 2007 8AM • Packet pick-up and registration 9AM • Walk begins 10AM - 4PM • Kids Festival Coxhall Gardens is located at 116th and Towne Road in Carmel

Also on-site: Kid’s Entertainment Stage

• Animal Presentations by Hamilton County Parks Department • Go Hawaiian • Safety Demonstrations by Safe Kids • Karaoke • and MORE Come see the LifeLine helicopter Face Painting by Hug-A-Bug Kid’s Gardening Tent Stone Creek Family Picnic Tent Relax at the Ology Lipstick Lounge

For more information log on to


The Carmel Farmers Market Date: Saturdays. Time: 8 to 11:30 a.m. Nearly 50 vendors offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, plants and perennials, and farm-raised meats. Price: Free. Web: carmelfarmersmarket. org.


Linda M. Bachofner Exhibition of works by Carmel painter. Dates: Through Aug. 29. Location: World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery, 40 W. Main St. Time: 1 to 6 p.m. daily. Price: Free. Phone: 844.4989. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Dates: Through Sept. 23. Location: Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, 9301 N. Michigan Road, Indianapolis. Cost: $32.50 to $52.50. Phone: 872.9664. Web: beefandboards. com.

Special Events

D’Vine opens new location D’Vine a Wine Bar will open for business at its new location today. Located in the Echelon building, 5252 E. 82nd St.,

Bob Lamey: A Tailgate Party with the Voice of the Colts Date: Tuesday. Location: Laikin Auditorium, Arthur M. Glick JCC, 6701 Hoover Road, Indianapolis. Time: 6 to 7:30 p.m. Price: Adults $6 (JCC members), $9 (nonmembers), children 12 and under $4 (members), $7 (nonmembers), for reserved tickets. $10 at the door. Phone: 251-9467.

Live Music

Jennifer Kirk and Friends Date: Thursday and Friday. Location: Kincaid’s at Clay Terrace. Time: 6:30 to 10 p.m. Featuring half-priced appetizers and drink specials for beer wine and cocktails, everyday from 4-7 p.m. and from 9 p.m. until closing. Mickey’s Irish Pub Toy Factory. Date: Friday. Location: 13644 N. Meridian St. Phone: 573.9746. Web: Dog Talk Date: Wednesday. Location: Indianapolis Art Center, Riverfront Amphitheatre, 820 E. 67th Street, Indianapolis. Time: 7 to 9 p.m. Cost: $9 at the gate, $8 in advance, $7 for Art Center members, $2 children ages 3-12. Cash only.


Nippers Bar & Grill Date: Friday and Saturday. Time: 9 p.m. to close. Location: 1772 E. 116th St. Phone: 818.9980. Web:

offer expires Sept. 15, 2007

Try Vinny & Tina Dattolo’s East Coast recipes!

12545 Old Meridian St., Carmel, IN 46032 Dine In or Carry Out Phone: 317.848.1777 • Fax: 317.848.4438

Reviewed by Karen Smith CCPL Reference Librarian


Joe DeVito Date: Wednesday-Sunday. Location: Morty’s Comedy Joint, 3625 E. 96th St.,

Bring lawn chairs and blankets for Dog Talk’s show Wednesday at the Indianapolis Art$18. Center. Indianapolis. Price: $8 to Web:

This novel begins with the birth of Norah and David Henry’s first child. David, an orthopedic surgeon who had struggled from the depths of poverty, has achieved profound happiness as an expectant father, loving husband and respected clinician. A series of events forces David to deliver his son at the medical clinic with only Caroline, a trusted nurse, as an assistant. Paul is perfect, but to David’s surprise, he also delivers Phoebe, “a mongoloid.” Reeling from the shock, David makes a fateful decision. Over the next 25 years, members of the Henry family and Caroline must deal with the deception that Phoebe died at birth.

SALES • SERVICE • MAINTENANCE RESIDENTIAL • LIGHT COMMERCIAL • Furnaces (gas & electric) • Geothermal Units • Air Conditioners • Digital Thermostats (programmable/non-programmable) • Heat Pumps INDOOR AIR QUALITY PRODUCTS • Humidifiers • Hepa Filters • Media Air Filters • UV Lamps • Electronic Air Filters • Whole House Dehumidifiers





Expires 8/31/07. Must present coupon. Not valid with other offers.


500 OFF or 10% OFF

Your New Furnace, A/C, or Combined System up to $5,000 Expires 8/31/07. Must present coupon. Not valid with other offers.

Large Pizza or Entree

By Kim Edwards

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


$ 00

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Majors Sports Café Date: Fridays. Time: 9 p.m. to midnight. Location: 2293 E. 116th St. Special: Budweiser buckets of beer special, five for $9.95. Phone: 566.8482. Web:

ALL CONSTRUCTION LEADS TO DATTOLO’S!! Present this coupon and recieve

23 21

Serebro, Metal in the Microwave, Marking Twain Date: Wednesday. Location: Birdy’s, 2131 E. 71st St., Indianapolis. Time: 8:30 p.m. Phone: 254.8971. Web: July2007.html.


Suite 102, on the northwest corner of Allisonville Road and 82nd Street, the space was formerly occupied by Cibo Italian Restaurant. The new location will feature 5,500 square feet (up from 3,200) and a floor-to-ceiling wine tower.

Answers to ALPHABETICALLY SPEAKING: 1) ACUITY; 2) BEACON; 3) INSTIGATE; 4) OUTCAST; 5) PEDICURE; 6) QUIRE Answers to CARMEL WORDSMITH CHALLENGE: Among the common words in “Swim Club” are: climbs, cubism, climb, clubs, limbs, music, bums, club, cubs, limb, mils, scum, slim, slum, swim, swum, bum, bus, cub, lib, mil, sib, sic, sub, sum Answers to HOOSIER HODGEPODGE: American Idols : Aiken, Clarkson, Hudson, Sparks, Studdard, Underwood; Desserts : Cake, Ice Cream, Mousse, Pie, Pudding; States : Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio; Tools : Broom, Mop, Sponge; Additives : Cream, Sugar; Judge : Felix

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


CARMEL WORDSMITH CHALLENGE Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.




Puzzles by Sanchez J. Jiminez


and Brandi girl — Sweet, Edward and Sharon

We want your news!

Aug. 10 boy — Ernst, James and Laura girl — Thomas, Steve and Deb



Clarian North Medical Centerl

Aug. 6 boy — Jones, Travis and Kathryn

Aug. 8 girl — Haverluck, J.C. and Casey Aug. 9 boy — Greenwood, William VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 27,449 homes weekly

Classifieds 489.4444

HOUSE FOR SALE/RENT HOUSE FOR SALE Springmill Crossing 4 Bdrm 2 full & 2 half BA 3 car gar, finished bsmt screened porch, lots of storage, immaculate $336,900.00 317-919-5750


NOW HIRING: Dazzles Salon and Laser Center booth rental opportunities; full time hair stylist, full time Massage Therapist andfull time Nail-Tech Call Kim Young for info and details at 595-6525

Hair Stylist 3 Month Free Booth rent thru 2007 Beautiful location Call 844-8588 for info Help Wanted; Part-time help wanted @ Teeter Totter children’s boutique in Merchants Square (116th&Keystone) Retail experience necessary Apply @ store or call 566-9291


Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons Carmel

317-910-6990 MRM Tax and Accounting LLC is your small business and start up business accounting service. With 20 years of business experience, MRM understands your operational and your financial concerns. MRM can help you with your day to day accounting, your tax submissions, and consulting on business operations. Bookkeeping services start at $25 per hour. MRM is part of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program. Call for a 1/2 hour free evaluation. Office 317-571-1258

FRIENDLY, EXPERT PET SITTER All visits customized for your pets Safe & secure - no signs on our vehicle Bonded & Insured CALL LEANNE TODAY!


Power washing by Reed Martin LLC. Call 508-1483


* Lawn Service * Landscaping * Leaf Removal * Mulch Services

4:27 p.m., Accident with property damage, Old Meridian St. / N. Meridian St. 4:34 p.m., Domestic, 1158 Golfview Drive 6:12 p.m., Theft, 9601 College Ave. 7:08 p.m., Theft, 152 Lotus Drive 8:39 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. 126th St. / Brookshire Parkway. 10:09 p.m., Theft, 14536 Stonegate Court


Aug. 10 12:07 a.m., Burglary, 13989 Hazel Dell Parkway. 8:08 a.m., Accident with property damage, W. 131st St. / Antonia Blvd. 8:23 a.m., Accident with property damage, I-465 E. / N. Meridian St. 11:07 a.m., Domestic, 140 First St. NW 12:24 p.m., Theft, 626 Lockerbie Place 2:03 p.m., Theft, 1085 Third Ave. SW 2:16 p.m., Accident with property damage, 255 E. Carmel Drive 3:31 p.m., Damage to

Affordable Property Services 846-4166 or 509-3943

CHILD CARE NEEDED After School Child Care Needed – Carmel; after school care needed starting 8/14. Mon-Fri 2:45pm-6pm for 2 kids; ages 8 and 9. Call 846-8400

VACATION RENTAL ATTENTION SNOWBIRDS! Be the first to spend the winter in our newly-constructed twin-villa (one level) in Estero (Fort Myers-Naples area). 3BR/2BA, garage, laundry, & lanai. Open floor plan with lots of space to enjoy your winter in Florida. Many amenities in this gatedcommunity. available Nov. through May. Prefer a 3-month minimum but will consider other. No pets and non-smokers only. For more information contact Dave @ 317656-9591 (Carmel owner). Photos available.

Custom Music

*Business *Personal *Church *Advertising Jingles *Dance, Pageants, Sports *Backing tracks

for singers & instrumentalists *Background Music for *Movies*TV*Radio*DVDs*Games *Music for any occasion Recorded in a professional studio


STYLIST, NAIL TECH with clients wanted by upscale spa and salon on Carmel-Indianapolis line. Immediate openings. E-mail salon@ TODAY


Aug. 9 5:39 a.m., Fire Department, advanced life support, serious, 382 Uxbridge Lane 6:08 a.m., Fire Department, advanced life support, serious, 1708 E. 116th St. 7:03 a.m., Accident with property damage, E. 131st St. / Hazel Dell Parkway. 7:17 a.m., Accident with property damage, 13590 N. Meridian St. 2:14 a.m., Suspicious activity, 1183 Claridge Way N. 5:39 a.m., Fire Department, advanced life support, serious, 382 Uxbridge Lane 6:08 a.m., Fire Department, advanced life support, serious, 1708 E. 116th St. 7:03 a.m., Accident with property damage, E. 131st St. / Hazel Dell Parkway.

7:17 a.m., Accident with property damage, 13590 N. Meridian St. 9:42 a.m., Accident with property damage, 10290 N. Meridian St. 9:58 a.m., Accident with property damage, 500 Parkwood Crossing 12:52 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. 96th St. / N. Meridian St. 1:48 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. 146th St. / Woodfield Way 1:45 p.m., Theft, 11922 Dubarry Drive 1:56 p.m., Accident with property damage, 250 E. 96th St. 2:15 p.m., Accident with property damage, W. 116th St. / Shelborne Road 2:40 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. 106th St. / Pennsylvania St. 3:31 p.m., Domestic, 13048 Broad St. 3:59 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. Carmel Drive / SR 431 N. 4:04 p.m., Fire Department, advanced life support, serious, 1424 W. Carmel Drive

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For Sale L-Shaped architectural drafting table and desk, multi-colored sofa, and antique apple crates. If interested, please call Linda at 538-0646 after 4:00 pm


Aug. 8 12:41 a.m., Prowler, 1454 Monroe Drive 5:35 a.m., Harassment, 1113 Golfview Drive 7:22 a.m., Animal complaint, 379 Patricia Court 10:00 a.m., Domestic, 3834 Earhart Drive 11:24 a.m., Harassment, 520 Burnett Court 1:31 p.m., Accident with property damage, 10990 College Ave.

8:04 p.m., Theft, 1215 S. Range Line Road 8:44 p.m., Domestic, 218 Ironwood Drive 9:01 p.m., Juvenile complaint, 3635 Coachman Drive 10:39 p.m., Juvenile complaint, 161 2nd Ave. SW


Current in Carmel is happy to publish news of wedding, engagement and anniversary celebrations. Send information and photos to

1:42 p.m., Accident with property damage, 4443 E. 131st St. 3:24 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. 106th St. / Pennsylvania St. 3:27 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. 116th St. / N. Meridian St. 4:01 p.m., Theft, 14218 Dove Drive 4:13 p.m., Accident with property damage, W. 126th St. / S. Guilford Road 4:52 p.m., Animal complaint, 1217 S. Range Line Road 5:37 p.m., Accident with property damage, E. 116th St. / Hazel Dell Parkway 6:19 p.m., Domestic, 11472 Regency Lane 7:22 p.m., Accident with property damage, 4304 Worchester Court 8:02 p.m., Damage to property, E. 281st St. / U.S. 31 N.

Exercise can reduce sleep-related problems in kids by up to 80%, allowing for more restful nights for them, and you. Wear your kids out with a day of family fun, exercise and healthy learning at the Riley Hospital North Kids 5K Walk & Festival. Enjoy an energizing morning walk, then spend the day at a community festival with music, games, booths, activities and giveaways, including a FREE backpack for all attendees. Festival Activities: Interactive games Music & crafts Rock climbing Face painting Health screenings Free child ID cards

Family Picnic Tent Kids’ Gardening Tent Kids’ Entertainment Stage Bike Safety Course Carmel Police Department Car Carmel Fire Department Truck

Put them on and wear them out. Riley Hospital for Children at Clarian North

Kids 5K Walk & Festival SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. Coxhall Gardens

Coxhall Gardens is located at 116th and Towne Road in Carmel. Register online for the 5K Walk at Kids $5. Adults $10 through August 22, $15 day of walk. Sign-in begins at 8 a.m. Family 5K starts at 9 a.m. FREE Festival 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.

August 21, 2007  

Current in Carmel

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