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Photo courtesy of Tom and Amy Larson

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


 Carmel couple finds secret to happiness in sailing away. By Christine Bavender Current in Carmel

Take a 38-foot sailboat, add a newly married couple and what do you get? How about an adventure that has spanned three years and numerous countries. For 33-year-old Amy Larson, of Carmel, and her 41year-old husband, Tom, what started as a honeymoon trip of sorts a month after their wedding has turned into nonstop fun on the high seas. “We didn’t intend to go as far as we have,” Amy said with a laugh. “Originally we just wanted to get down to Mexico and take a break. Tom is retired from the military (Coast Guard) so we just sold everything – our house and cars and furniture – and took off.” But once the couple got to Mexico, things changed. “I said, ‘Hey, look, let’s just keep going,’” Amy said. “So we made a right and crossed the Pacific.” It was something Tom didn’t think he’d have a shot at convincing his wife to do. “I’m not sure how I pulled that off,” he said. “Like she said, we didn’t plan to go this far – maybe the Caribbean – but we just headed out from Mexico. We had the biggest jump across the Pacific. The first landfall was 28 days non-stop away, roughly 3,800 miles, so it was a pretty big commitment.” One that meant no turning back. With the wind behind the Sandpiper, a 1976 Yorktown sloop, once the Larsons set sail from Mexico there was only one way to go. And what a trip it has been. Through the years, the couple, who spend time out at sea playing Scrabble, watching dolphins and sharks and snorkeling, has visited such places as Yemen, Egypt, the Sudan, Indonesia and the Maldives. Their families have been nothing but supportive. “I think they knew before we did that we would be out a lot longer than we said we would,” Amy said. “They know us both, they know we are all about traveling and they knew we were together and would be fine.” Now home in Carmel for the first time in three years, Amy said it has hit the family that the sailing couple has been gone for quite some time. And they realize the Larsons could be under sail for months to come.

TRACK THE SANDPIPER If you would like to track the Larsons’ journeys, visit their blog at http://www.sandpiper38. “We are kind of putting ourselves in check as far as what we want to do,” Amy explained. “The boat is in Turkey right now and we think we might stay there an extra year, maybe try and get work. This has been a good break for us. The past three years have just been about moving, moving, moving continuously.” “This, truthfully, has been the first time we have stopped this long,” Tom said. “On the boat there are only certain seasons we can travel and the last time we stopped for a bit was Australia, and we haven’t stopped very long since.” If the couple opts not to stay in Turkey and continues on home, it will be at least another year before they make landfall on the East Coast. “There are only certain routes you can take around the world and only certain months you can go because of the winds,” Tom said. “If we cross the Atlantic we know we have to be in the Straights of Gibraltar around December to make the jump across the Atlantic.” But whether they stay put or continue their adventure, the Larsons know it will be smooth sailing ahead – as long as they have each other.

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MEET THE LARSONS Amy Larson – 33 Tom Larson – 41 Amy – Born Upstate New York, Carmel resident 10 years, graduated from Carmel High School in 1993 Tom – Born in Colorado, raised in California Married – 3 years No children Interesting Fact – Tom actually lived on a sailboat as a child. His parents sold everything in the ‘70s and lived on a boat with the family.

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Photos courtesy of Tom and Amy Larson

OUR TAKES It is our position that corn-based ethanol fuel production has become the popular, but wrongly-identified scapegoat to blame for increasing food prices. It is difficult to miss television newscasts lamenting the impending need to choose whether or not to feed people or fuel SUV’s. The growing demand is partly responsible for the swelling cost of food for both humans and for the animals that ultimately end up becoming food for humans – corn, like the kind used for fuel production, soybeans and animal protein are each part of the chain. At its root, alternative energy demand is increasing directly because of the record high price of crude oil. With many oil pro-

, Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. II, No. 42 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

Summer vacation keeps shrinking

ducing nations (Iran, Russia, Venezuela) not particularly supportive allies of the USA and with international demand increasing at a startling rate (China, India), home-grown and bio-friendly ethanol becomes an attractive alternative. There are other forces at work. The weak U.S. dollar makes American agricultural products seem less expensive to those buyers outside the United States. Hence their appetite grows and demand increases. Similarly, rapid economic growth in developing countries has made them hungrier to buy more food, particularly more animal protein. Stopping biofuel innovation is not the solution.

It is our position that August 12 is too early for kids to be back in school. Once unthinkable to begin school before Labor Day, the year has crept ever longer with July now the only “summer” month. Where are the lazy days of summer vacation without alarm clocks, stern bed times or school buses? Is the concept of the “summer job” about as relevant as an 8-track tape? The Indiana State Board of Education mandates that every school conduct 180 student instructional days (some of these “days” are only a couple of hours long) for all students from kindergarten through 12th-grade. Should a

school district fail to meet this minimum standard, a financial penalty is imposed upon the school corporation as well as failure to meet the legal standard for school accreditation. At the same time, the minimum hours per instructional day in grades 1-6 is only five hours, while for children in grades 7-12 the minimum is six hours. Schools across America are crying for increased funding to cover fuel costs. An eight-hour day would effectively shorten the school year by more than three months. Isn’t time to reconsider the logic of 180 all-too short school days?


Fueling food for thought

CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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another take The Ending of the Beginning


he end of the summer season Ironically, it is equally true to say one finds many of our friends sendcan indeed have too much of a good ing their children off to college thing. As our children grow (or our parfor the first time or yet again. ents age), we long for the halcyon days Some of the departures are met of our rose-colored memories. But time with great rejoicing. marches on with or without But many are not. our permission. Admittedly the house will Isn’t the only time that really be quieter as the kids reenter matters – the only moment school. On the other hand, the that can change, improve or house will be quieter – kind make – is this exact moment? of ironic, really. One becomes If history shapes our future, very accustomed to the anisn’t it still the actions of the noying sound of Xbox and present that are required to telephones that only ring once create that future? As the kids (teenagers move like lightning are moving on – as well they when they think the call might should be – wouldn’t it be be theirs). most productive for us to conBut this rite of summer’s sider how our interactions with Terry passage only serves to remind them are today and not how Anker us that those who have been they were in years past? ours for so very long were Certainly yesterday and really ours only for a moment. tomorrow matter; but today is the only It is one of the great absurdities of huthing that we every really have. manity that we so often squander time that we have together and yet pine for that Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current in Westfield. You may e-mail him at terry@cursame time while we are apart. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I guess it does.

FROM THE BACKSHOP road rage hits home We were overcome with excitement about the resurfacing of East Main Street in the Arts & Design District ... until one of our, uh, corporate vehicle’s undercarriage took a severe blow. The pavement had been milled to the point where the road bed sections were of distinctly different elevations. There were no warning signs, no steel plates for a smooth transition. Just a bump that rendered “Current1” useless. (And, no it’s not a GM vehicle.) Something cracked, the rear wheels became squirrelly and the vehicle became unsafe to drive. Potentially, it could have been worse. Now, before you go accusing us of motoring too fast for conditions, this incident occurred in the usual heavy Carmel traffic. Look, we’re all for expediency in road repairs, but next time the city undertakes a project like this, some signage would be most helpful. If it’s not in the budget, maybe one of the mayoral portraits being done for City Hall gets dropped for however long it takes in order to afford the signs. Next time, maybe we should forward the bill to the city and its contractor. Meantime, our friends at Joe’s Auto Service will have the other half of our

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg corporate fleet back in service quickly. ••• Sometimes we pile on. We can’t help it (shaddup!), but this really irked us. So, Elizabeth Edwards, we’re terribly sorry. We hope your dignity is regained. Soon. The guy’s a bum. You deserve far better. Here’s to your improved health, emotionally and physically. ••• (Insert whistle and hand-clap here.) That sound you just heard was the former youthful governor of the Great Hoosier Nation, Evan Bayh, being summoned for another lapdog audition with ... as Ann Coulter calls him ... B. Hussein Obama. We’ll be stunned (again, shaddup!) if anyone else gets to be Obama’s “trusted companion” heading into the November election.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Preparedness is Local


hirty of us from all over the death threats for the woman whose recipe country descended upon created the botulism and a whole host of Anniston, Ala., to attend a Public other issues that boggled our minds. We Information Officer training at vowed to do better tomorrow, where we the Department of Homeland are sure to see Central City’s luck turn Security’s Center for Domestic from bad to worse as we go at Preparedness. The lone Hoosier it again. representative, I find myself A core message in our trainamong firefighters, policemen, ing (and a key learning from health department professionKatrina), is that for emergency als, nurses, healthcare adminismanagement to be considered trators, emergency management successful, a system to support professionals and experienced local disaster preparedness and FEMA instructors. response is essential. It should After healthy doses of lecture, comfort all of us that our city, our learning became experiencounty, state and federal pertial and centered on a fictitious sonnel have been training, plantown of Central City that has ning and drilling on preparedextremely bad luck. Record ness for years and are prepared Sue high heat during the State Fair to respond in a coordinated way Finkam contributed to over 70 cases in should disaster strike. of botulism and 7 deaths. 268 But your family’s safety is cases of an undetermined strain of flu have also your personal responsibility. Are you been identified, and a dozen birds have prepared for the unexpected? Have you died from West Nile Virus. All 5 hospitals created a family emergency plan or created are at surge-capacity and on diversion, and an emergency supply kit? Learn how and the local nurses’ union is threatening to determine your readiness quotient at www. strike within 24 hours. We were tasked to setup and operate a Sue Finkam is interested in making a difference Joint Information Center, which is a uniin the community through healthy conversafied communications headquarters within tion. You can participate in the conversation an Emergency Operations Center. Calls by posting a comment on her blog at www. poured in over sick dogs, lost spouses,


Music Builds Tour - The Music Builds Tour, featuring Switchfoot with Third Day, Robert Randolph & the Family Band and Jars of Clay, to be held at Verizon Wireless Music Center, 12880 E. 146th, Noblesville, at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 22, will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County. Jon Foreman, lead vocalist for Switchfoot noted, “We have all worked with Habitat for Humanity before, and when approached about touring together to benefit such a great cause, it was easy to say yes. We all want to be a part of something that makes a difference.” Go to for more details or to order tickets.


ave you taken your kids to side of Cincinnati, it’s a quick two-hour Disney yet? We haven’t, but we jaunt from Carmel, making the park an are in training for the Disney easy day trip. If you leave early and return Experience through a program late, you can pack in twelve hours of coastcalled KI. That’s King’s Island ers, carnival rides, artery-clogging junk for you theme park amateurs. food, and creepy life-sized carYeah, it’s the same one you toon characters. Sure, you’ll feel haunted as a big-haired teenlike you’ve been beaten with a ager in the ‘80s. If you haven’t sledgehammer the next morning, been back since then and are but think of it as basic training. even remotely contemplating If you and your family survive a Disney run in the future, KI and can honestly say that the pack up the little ones and laughs outweighed the nausea, journey forth! King’s Island is then you might be ready for the the perfect place to practice real deal. your family’s amusement park A lot depends on the age, survival skills before taking the height and temperament of your financial plunge into a Walt children. (And let’s face it, the Disney World vacation. number of children you have Danielle ‘Cause let’s face it. Disney plays a major factor in going to Wilson is ex-pen-sive, mainly because Disney. Cha-ching, cha-ching.) you’re not just paying for park Our oldest is nine, freakishly tall, tickets. Hotels, meals, airline expenses and loves the Big Daddy Rides: The Beast, — a Hoosier family of four can easily run The Son of Beast, and The Vortex. He’s $2500 for just a few days. And if your definitely Disney-certified. Our twins, age child is going to have a complete meltseven, are split. They have both finally met down on Pirates of the Caribbean because the 48-inch minimum height requirement she drops her bubble gum overboard half to ride most of the high-thrillers, but only way through the ride (true story; ask my one actually enjoys torturing his little body mom), you may want to consider waiting with bone-rattling jerks and vomit-induca few years and saving yourself a moning spins. The other is quite content in the strous headache. kiddy area riding pseudo-coasters and railWhich brings me back to the beauty of controlled vehicles. Disney 1, KI 1. And King’s Island. Located on the northeast as Fate would have it, our youngest and

shortest is the Evil Knievel of the family. She nearly wept with disappointment when she learned she was still six inches too short for Drop Tower, a zero-gravity ride that suspends people 315 feet above the ground and then, as the name implies, drops them. (It’s also been known to make grown men cry, including my husband.) So though Disney has something for everyone, our family would be divided in half most of the time with one group hitting the thrill rides at Epcot and MGM and the other half frolicking with Snow White in Magic Kingdom. That’s another plus of starting out small at King’s Island: you can split up for an hour to do your own thing and then reconvene at the pizza parlor in Rivertown for a family ride on the log flume. Navigating the Disney parks requires GPS and a monorail. To summarize, if you aren’t sure you and the kids are ready for amusement park Mecca, then try King’s Island. You can see how your kids fare in long lines, high humidity and haunted houses at a closer, less expensive venue before investing the time and money into a Walt Disney World extravaganza. Peace out!


Punt, Pass and Kick! - The NFL’s Punt, Pass and Kick event is a national event that tests the skills and accuracy of youth football players. Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is hosting their first round of the Punt, Pass & Kick event where the top scorer in each age division for both boys and girls will advance to the Sectional Competition. The event will take place at West Park (2700 W. 116th Street) on Wednesday, September 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. Pre-registration is required, so please logon to our website at or stop into The Monon Center to fill out a registration form.

Kings island will be disney training

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


DISPATCHES Bark in the Dark - If your dog is dying to go on a late night walk or you like to admire the stars, you’re bound to have a howling good time! Bark in the Dark is a great chance to meet and socialize with other dog lovers. The event is free and meets tomorrow at West Park (2700 W. 116th Street) from 9 to 10:30 p.m. All dogs must be on leashes at all times, and oops bags will be provided. Don’t forget your flashlight! Pre-registration is required. Visit or call 848-7275 to register. SHOWCASE YOUR SKILLS IN A FLAG FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT - Relive your glory days on the gridiron in Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Men’s Flag Football Tournament on Saturday, August 30, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Tournament will be a 6 vs. 6 doubleelimination tournament providing a fun, competitive environment for you to showcase your skills. Games will be played at West Park in Carmel (2700 W. 116th

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

7240 HAMILToN CR $1,375,000

Almost 10 acres! Fab kit w/ FP, mstr w/FP, unbelievable mstr BA, wrap-around porch, elevator, custom etched windows & custom cabinetry! Spectacular home! DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

5531 N DELAWARE ST $485,000

Heart of Meridian Kessler. 4 bedrooms, 5 baths. Gorgeous kitchen & baths, formal dining room & living room. Large family room, one bedroom on main. DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

14914 MAggIE CT $309,900

Cul-de-sac 4BR/2+BA Traditional-style. Both beauty and utility, including gas fireplace and fine master suite. 3-car garage. Two-story foyer, garden tub. SILAS JoHNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751

7226 E 550 S $1,200,000

Luxurious 6BR/5+BA brick Traditional-style nicely sited on 10.15 acres. Security system, 2 fireplaces, attractive pool. Two-story foyer, high ceilings. DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

4943 WooDfIELD DR $485,000

Woodfield beauty! 5500sf on 1.2ac w/inground pool & great spaces inside too! 5BR/3 full/2 half BAs, 2FP, giant kitchen & gathering area, fin bsmt-Come see! TRACY VATNSDAL, 216-4250, 846-7751

12361 MEDALIST pKWY $289,900

Beautiful one owner custom blt home with 2BR+bonus rm (w/inside access) 2.5BA. Gleaming hdwds. Scrnd porch & brick patio. Extensive landscaping-Impeccable! MARILYN HARBISoN, 299-1120, 846-7751

Street). The registration deadline is August 20, and the entry fee is $135 per team; you may have a maximum of 12 players per team. You must be 18 years or older to participate. For more information on the Men’s Flag Football Tournament or other adult sport leagues and tournaments, please contact Matt Leber at (317) 573-5248. Registration now open for Sept. 6 charity run and walk - Carmel High School will kick off its annual week-long football homecoming festivities with its fifth annual 5K run/walk September 6. Registration is open now for the event, with each participant paying $10. All proceeds will be contributed to charity. Registration forms are available from the high school activities office, which is located inside entrance South 4 and is open on school days from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Forms also may be accessed from the high school Web site at All proceeds will be donated to one of four local charities: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Chaucie’s Place, the Julian Center or Joy’s House. Last year, the event raised about $4,500, Williams said.

12433 BRooKS CRoSSINg $575,000

Beautiful Hamilton Proper home on over 1 acre w/over 6000sf. 4BR/5+1/2BA, 3FP, fin daylight bsmt, 3car gar, granite +SS kit, main level mstr, maple hdwds. TRACY VATNSDAL, 216-4250, 846-7751

4637 S 575 E $450,000

Almost 8acres + a beautiful post&beam home w/SS & granite kitchen, hdwd floors, 5BR, 3BA w/over 5500 sf just outside of Zionsville. Deer included! TRACY VATNSDAL, 407-7000, 846-7751

13922 oLIVER LANE $275,000

Stunning 4BR/3BA home in Hayden Run at an amazingly low price! Large yard, sunroom, ceramic tile, 2story entry, bonus office area & an unfinished bsmt. ANgELA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751

5288 ARApAHo CT $563,900

Truly a 10! 5BR/5BA open flr plan in Delaware Trace. Hg MBR w/FP. Sunrm w/beautiful views. Upscale kit w/granite counters. Super dylght bsmt w/FP,BA & bar. MARILYN HARBISoN, 299-1120, 846-7751

2391 gREYSToNE CT $354,500

Cul-de-sac 4BR/3+BA Traditional-style. Distinctive home featuring huge foyer and fireplace. Security system, 3-car garage. Great room, high ceilings. MARILYN HARBISoN, 299-1120, 846-7751

1394 LoNgLEAf ST $249,900

Fascinating 4BR/2+BA with formal dining room, sitting room & garden tub in master, cathedral ceilings & fireplace. 3-car. Screened porch overlooks patio. SILAS JoHNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751

Mayor Jim Brainard and artist Deborah DeFazio Lyons unveiled this oil portrait of former mayor Jane Reiman at City Hall last week. The $5,000 portrait is the second in a series by DeFazio of Carmel’s past mayors. The first, of former mayor Al Pickett, was unveiled May 27. The remaining two – of Dottie Hancock and the deceased Ted Johnson – have yet to be announced.

12974 TREATY LINE ST $525,000

Amenities abound! Granite countertops, hdwds, architectural detailing, designer, cabinets & built-ins. Don’t miss this opportunity for a Kent Shaffer home. ANgELA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751

1217/1220 TuRNER DR $339,800

4BR/2.5BA townhome in award-winning Carmel Clay school district! All appliances included! Close to Monon Trail & Monon Center. No assoc fee. ANgELA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751

2535 98TH ST E $229,500

Nicely updated 4BR/3BA w/fin bsmt including big screen TV. Lots of hdwd flrs. Super 2-sty deck. Fncd yd & xtra 1car w/ electricity for wkshop or car repair. MARILYN HARBISoN, 299-1120, 846-7751 12164 RoCKfoRD CT $180,000

Come home to The Highlands @ Stonycreek where lawns are maintained while you sit on your deck & enjoy! 3BR/2BA+loft+sunrm. 2sty GRw/FP. All appls included. TRACY VATNSDAL, 216-4250, 846-7751

1217 TuRNER CT $169,900

4BR/2.5BA. New construction townhome in HomePlace. SS appliances. Close to Monon Trail & Monon Center. No assoc fee! Builder to pay up to $2000 closing. ANgELA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751

1221 TuRNER CT $169,900

New construction townhome in Home Place.Carmel Clay award-winning school district.4BR/2.5BA close to Monon Trail & Monon Center. No assoc fees, appl. incl. ANgELA RAAB, 317-7359610, 846-7751

9600 CLoVER LEAf LN $160,000

Country Fields @ Fishers nearly 2000sf w/2BR/2BA+den. 2c gar + gorgeous interior spaces! FR, deck, all appliances included! Great condition amenities too! TRACY VATNSDAL, 216-4250, 846-7751

105 MAgNoLIA LN $489,900

Fascinating 4BR/3BA brick Ranch on wooded 1/2acre. Security system, 2 fireplaces, 3-car garage. Huge foyer, office, high ceilings. SILAS JoHNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751

200 RED oAK LN $309,900

Sparkling pool, C-D-S fncd corner lot! Custom marble entry, formal dining, lg kitch w/Amish cabinets, dbl ovens, nook. 5BR/big mstr, 3BA, fin bsmt, 3c gar. MARILYN HARBISoN, 299-1120, 846-7751

9715 ELM DR $219,900

Impressive 4BR/3BA brick single-level. Breakfast nook, cozy fireplace. Vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring, private master suite. Patio & 2-car garage. SILAS JoHNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751

This is a great time to be a Tucker agent.

Call 639-TALK

972 QuieT Bay Ci $689,900

Great Florida Room! 4BR/3BA Morse Lake waterfront w/ dock. Brick Contempo. Here’s room for everyone! Foyer, great room, high ceilings. Gourmet kitchen. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

14554 BallanTrae Cir $550,000

Cul-de-sac 3BR/3+BA creekfront residence. Fine features include sun room, great room and Dual Vanities. Fountain, gas fireplace. Two-story foyer. Patio. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

You will love this posh 3BR/2+BA brick single-level. The key amenities include finished basement, huge foyer and great room. 3-car garage. Office. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

116 9Th ST nW $215,000

Awesome 3BR/2+BA brick garden unit condo. Gas fireplace. Two-story foyer, office, hardwood flooring. Walk-in closets. David Cronnin, 317523-5895, 846-7751

4767 STanSBury ln $119,000

Discover the flair of this rewarding 2-bedroom condo! Some of the delights of this very special residence are updated kitchen, garage and patio. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-775

12947 PonTell Pl $625,000

5BR/5BA w/great flr pln. 2-stry GR w/coffered clg & designer FP! Grmt kit w/cherry cabinets & granite. Sunrm. Spacious MBR w/huge W/I clst! Daylight bsmt. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

14570 BallanTrae Cir $539,900

Under construction. Cul-desac 3BR/2+BA woodland-view residence. 2 fireplaces. Huge foyer, vaulted ceilings, hdwd flring. Double ovens. Daylight fin bsmt. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

944 BroWnSTone TrCe $319,900

Exquisite 2-bedroom pondfront. Features include formal dining room, hdwd flrs & great room w/gas fireplace. High ceilings. Bay windows. Office. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

14977 monTClair dr $199,000

4 season sunroom, deck. Complete landscaping package that’s very low maintenance including sprinkler system, lighting and mature trees and shrubs. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

14108 WaTerWay Blvd $114,900

Few remaining homesites available on Waterway Blvd. Suitable for walkout bsmt. Design your dream home or bring your own plans. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

13896 Berenger ln $775,000

Visualize the vibrant charm of this luxurious 4BR/4+BA woodland-view residence situated on 0.70 acres. Security system, 2 fireplaces. Exercise room. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

14546 BallanTrae Cir $624,900

Under construction. Wonderful 4BR/3+BA residence. Newly-built pondfront home. Fountain. High ceilings, hardwood flooring, Dual Vanities. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

5313 Woodfield dr $525,000

A serene sanctuary on 0.65 acres. Satisfy your love of spacious style with this exquisite 5BR/4+BA woodland-view residence. 2 fireplaces, 3-car garage. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

7645 e STonegaTe dr $299,900

Townhomes of Stonegate. Unique details found in true custom homes. Features include hdwds, ceramic tile, SS appls, FP, clad Pella windows, full basement. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

125 n 1000 e $750,000

Walk-out LL ranch on 5.68acres. 1st lvl mstr, windows galore, beautiful hdwds, custom cabinetry, walk-in pantry, 4+ car heated gar. Fin pole barn. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

12981 airharT Blvd $599,900

5BR/5BA w/gourmet kit w/ hdwds, planning desk & dbl ovn. Snrm leads to an amazing patio area. Dining room w/Butler’s Pantry, open Great Room w/FP. Fin LL. david Cronnin, 317-5235895, 846-7751

7510 Sedge meadoW dr $469,900

On wooded lot 4BRs, 3FBAs, in-law quarters, 2-sty GR, crown molding, 3car, cstm cabinetry, granite, SS appls, lndry rm w/ mudsink, scrn porch, awesome MBR! david Cronnin, 317-5235895, 846-7751

993 arroWWood dr $275,000

Discover the magic of this home. Top items include formal dining room, finished basement and bay windows. 4BR/2 and 1/2 baths. Cozy fireplace. Fenced. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

3203 Wildlife Trail $700,000

Enjoy sophisticated living in this distinguished, newly-built 6BR/5+BA brick Traditionalstyle. Security system, 2 fireplaces, 4-car garage. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

13045 Thurmond Way $579,500

Great Location! 5BR/5BA will not disappoint you! Awesome kitchen w/granite counters & center isl. Bookshelves in family room. Frplc. Fin daylight bsmt. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

3749 dolan Way $375,000

4BR/3+BA brick home w/2story foyer, 3-car garage, gas fireplace, great room, hardwood flooring. Dual Vanities in master bath. Screened porch. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

11865 Salerno CT $249,900

In Carmel’s prestigious Guilford Reserve. 2MBR suites, granite countertops in BAs, ceramic tile & dbl sinks. Many upgrades not found in other properties. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

3250 elm SWamP rd $179,900

For quiet charm, visit this 3BR/2BA Ranch on a corner lot. Intercom system. Foyer, great room, sun room. Pantry, laundry room, washer/dryer. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

8604 e raWleS av $104,900

Fenced 3BR/2BA residence on .50 acres. New windows, carpet, furnace & A/C. Spacious kitchen. Laundry rm. Garage, patio, & mature trees. Awesome renovation! david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

7093 engliSh oak dr $375,000

13011 Thurmond Way $849,900

Inviting entry! Spacious GR w/FP. Kit is any cook’s dream! 5BR/6BA. Fab MBR w/double vanity, jet tub & walk-in shower & huge closet. Home gym & theater. david Cronnin, 317-523-5895, 846-7751


13364 aBerCorn ST $920,000

Beautiful 5BR/5BA custom built home in Village of West Clay. Gorgeous American Traditional designed home that addresses today’s need to be ego-friendly. david Cronnin, 317-5235895, 846-7751

Tuesday, August 19, 2008




Local builder says there is no catch

ugust is not typically the time notes of encouragement. Some eight-million to think about Christmas, yet shoe boxes will be distributed worldwide by 16-year-old Tristen Davis has the Christian relief organziation, Samiratan’s focused on the special holiday all Purse. During the trip, Tristen sent an eyear long. mail to his mom, Cheryl Baertschi. He Not because he is expectwrites about the damage he obing an extraordinary gift from served to the small villages caused Santa this December 25, but by the Tungurahua volcano that because he knows his hard work erupted near Penipe, Ecuador. His filling shoe boxes for the last primary mission of this voyage is 11 years will be a major reason to set up distribution in three small 3,000 needy children receive a communities most affected by Christmas gift. For some, the the volcano. The USA contingent shoe box will represent their hopes most of their 3,000 shoe first gift ever. It is not often I boxes will clear customs successfulcross paths with a young volunly. Tristen and his 19 other mates teer as dedicated and commitwill also commit time to rebuildted as Davis, a Carmel resident. ing some of the village homes deHe started his junior year at stroyed by the lava flow. With two Jeff Heritage Christian High School more years of high school to go, on Monday, having just reTristen is starting to think about Worrell turned the previous Friday from what to do with his life. He is Ecuador, successfully completing a grueling, considering becoming a teacher but no firm 11-day marathon gift distribution trip. decisions as of yet. When I heard becoming One of just 20 teens chosen to represent a teacher, I thought to myself, “he is well on the United States for Operation Christmas his way�. To learn more about Operation Child, the journey for Tristen was a way to Christmas Child, http://www.samariwitness the joy that comes from all of the shoeboxes he helped collect, fill and store Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He recogthe previous 10 years. The gift-filled shoe nizes volunteers on “Connecting with Carmel� boxes are the result of people like Tristen on cable channel 16. Contact him at jworrelll@ setting up collection sites throughout the year to gather personal gifts, school supplies, candy, necessity items, family photos and

Estridge offers no payments on new homes until 2010 By Bryan Unruh Current in Carmel

No payments until 2010. That is what Carmel and Westfield builder Estridge is offering on its new homes. Buyers who close by the end of October are eligible for the program, which will cover all property taxes, mortgage payments, homeowners insurance fees and electric and gas bills through January 1, 2010. The catch? “There isn’t one,� said Michelle Cannava, director of inventory homes. “That’s the beauty of it. The rates aren’t jacked up. There is no pre-payment penalty. We’re just making your payments for you.� David Martin, vice president of F.C. Tucker’s residential division, said the promotion raises some concerns because buyers can only obtain loans through Estridge’s partner, the First Internet Bank of Indiana. Similar arrangements accounted for much of the turmoil in the current housing market, he said, as lenders appraised homes at low rates and owners became overwhelmed when the rates returned to their normal level.

Dr. Lowe is a member in good standing of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.



Dr. Lowe received a degree in cosmetic dentistry through the prestigious Hornbrook Group Anterior Cosmetic Dentistry.



Official Dentist Official Dentist of the of the Indianapolis 500 Indiana Ice! Festival princesses!


“I don’t think they would put themselves in that position, though,� he said. “Estridge has a high level of integrity.� Cannava said the idea arose in response to the recent housing slump. The company was unwilling to sell discounted homes, fearing that would jeopardize the value of its existing homes and alienate previous buyers. With their competitors’ most common strategy off the table, she said, they had to get creative. “The other builders are perpetuating the problem,� she said. “This way, we can put $40,000 in somebody’s pocket without taking anything away from the value of the home.� So far, response to the program has been overwhelmingly positive, she said. The company has yet to announce the promotion on a large scale, informing only potential buyers and real estate agents. But it has spread rapidly via word-of-mouth, much to Cannava’s surprise. “I have never seen a response like this,� she said. “Not even when the market was booming. I can’t even imagine the reaction after we do our full marketing releases.� Estridge homes are also available in Avon, Brownsburg, Fishers, Franklin and Zionsville.

Brighten your smile before you go back to school or campus. School photos and IDs are coming up, too!





John Lowe, DDS



- Real Estate Conference - The Real Estate Communications Group and Midwest Real Estate News, in conjunction with the Indianapolis Economic Development group, are proud to present the 21st Century Development Conference: Building for the Future in Central Indiana. The conference will strive to put into context the social, environmental, political and financial changes occurring in the world that directly affect the real estate industry. The conference will take place on August 28 at the Westin Indianapolis (50 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, Ind., 46204). For more information or to register, please contact Hannah Wieland at (312) 644-6942 or hwieland@

Dean Kruse’s sixth pick in his top ten collectible cars of 2008 is the

1960 Austin Healy Series One 3000 Roadster This is a great car to drive with the five-speed transmission, yet it is small enough for anyone’s garage. It should go up nearly 20 percent in 2008. $29,000 to $60,000. Some have sold lower and higher, depending on condition.

AMAZING – Las Vegas. Luxury twobedroom condo at SKY Las Vegas. $150,000 less than pre-construction prices. AUCTION – Mackinac Island, Mich. Thursday. Estate. 4,200 square feet. Bids begin at $100,000.

MAD MONEY – Washington, D.C. Get up to $75,000 in cash. Loft-style design. Low $300,000s. AUCTION TODAY – Steamboat Springs, Colo. Furnished, five-bedroom, fivebathroom private estate. 5,900 square feet. plus caretaker cottage. FREE FIRST YEAR – Bellevue, Wash. Waterfront. One- and two-bedroom condos from $429,000. Ski In, Ski Out – Rocky Mountain National Park area in Colorado. Fully furnished luxury units.. 25 percent ownership, 12 weeks. Mid $100,000s. REDUCTION – Royal Palms, Fla. Was $361,100. Now $245,000. Three bedrooms, two baths. Luxury model. HUGE CUT – Homestead, Fla. Singlefamily. Was $289,000. Now $190,000s. For more information on these and other real estate deals, visit www.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Four Duds in the Stock Market - Jubak also has four stocks which he refers to as “fundamentally damaged.” Citigroup (C) tried too hard to become the one-stop-shop for customers’ needs beyond consumer banking, and in the process lost more than it gained. Boeing (BA) can’t get its new products out on time, and the delays are costly, especially when new products from other manufacturers are available now. Nvidia (NVDA), a graphics chip manufacturer, is facing increased competition from a variety of sources, including Intel. Finally, Valero Energy (VLO) will face problems due to squeezed profit margins as oil prices have escalated and competition from refineries being built in the Middle East.


ou know you only get one your customers or your guests. It’s usually chance to make a first impresnever just one thing that matters. It’s often sion, but have you considered many things that collectively aggregate to that you also only have one create an outcome. Most people spend too chance to make a lasting immuch time searching for that one thing pression? And that one chance and never look at all the things comes in the form of many small – all the places you interact chances or moments during a with a customer. Our lives and relationship. relationships are just a series of Recently I had to deal with moments and the idea is to get a customer whose experience more positive, happy ones than with our company was not as painful, angry ones. If you win good as it could have been. As that game, you win. I pondered the outcome of the In a troubled relationship, relationship, how it got to this don’t look for what caused the point, where it went well and trouble – search instead for the where it went wrong, I was first sign of the trouble. It’s at looking for the one thing that that point you should find the happened which caused the first moment that led to a series David Cain breakdown. Where do you place of moments that set the course Marketing the blame? of the troubled outcome. And There didn’t seem to be one usually, what you’ll find is that thing that caused the problem; it seemed the course was set from the very beginning like it was several things – a culmination by not being prepared for the relationship. of things that created one unfortunate out- Understand that a good experience is not come and impression. Is that how everyabout one moment; it’s about the whole thing worked? Is it wrong to just troublerelationship. shoot for one problem and assume that if David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital you fix it, it won’t ever happen again? media and online marketing company in It’s an interesting thought that can be Carmel. David welcomes your questions or applied to your life as well as customer comments at service – to the experience you provide



Five Bargain Stocks - Looking for a great investment? If you are following the long-term investor’s time-proven strategy of starting with a small position and then adding more each month by dollar-cost averaging, these five stocks may just be for you, according to Jim Jubak of MSN Money: General Cable (BGC), McDonald’s (MCD), Proctor and Gamble (PG), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM), and Toyota Motor (TM). In case you’re wondering, in dollar-cost averaging, you buy the same dollar amount of a stock each month. That means you buy fewer shares when the price per share is high and more when it’s low.

Many Moments, One Chance




By John Pacilio, RE/MAX Ability Plus



Type: Traditional Age: Built in 1988 Location: Near 106th Street and Gray Road Neighborhood: Kingswood is a custom-built neighborhood with sizable lots and mature trees. Square footage: 3715 plus an additional 724 in the unfinished basement Rooms: This four-bedroom home has an open floor plan, updated kitchen, large dining room open to a two-story great room, main floor master, main floor office, expansive upstairs bonus room with vaulted ceilings and skylights, and screened porch. Strengths: The attractive kitchen boasts granite counter tops, stainless appliances, tile back splash and hardwoods. In lieu of

a finished basement, the versatile upstairs bonus room is ideal for a game room or second great room. The partially wooded backyard has a screened porch, built in fire pit, rear fence and wood deck. Challenges: Many comparable homes in this price range offer a three-car garage which may deter some buyers.

HERE WE GROW AGAIN, CARMEL! Stop by today! 2560 E. 146th Street Cool Creek Commons

John Pacilio and his team specialize in Westfield real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or John@


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Second Story Playhouse

Owners: Jill Zaniker, Lynn Wiegand, Bernie Szuhaj Address: 30 N. Rangeline Rd. Carmel, Indiana 46032 Hours: Open Monday-Friday at 7 a.m., Saturday at 8 a.m. and Sunday at noon. Closing TBD. Phone: 317-818-9866 Website: www.secondstoryplayhouse. com There isn’t enough space for everyone in a school production. That’s where Second Story Playhouse comes in. Located above the Simply Sweet Shoppe at 30 N. Rangeline Rd., it will begin offering art and

performance workshops on September 2. Its staff includes Renee Bongar, a former Smithsonian instructor. Its first production, “The Jellybean Conspiracy,” is playing August 31 at the Indianapolis Fringe Festival. Children of all ages and talent levels are welcome. “If we can give one kid the the confidence to raise their hand in class, we have done our job,” co-owner Lynn Wiegard said.a

MONEY MATTERS Of all the world’s nations, whose economic policy do you admire most and why?

We’re pleased and proud to open another Dunkin’ Donuts in the Carmel community.

Go Greyhounds! AmericA runs on dunkin™ Price and participation may vary. © 2008. DD IP Holder LLC. All rights reserved.

FREE Coffee

“Switzerland. They seem to have it all together.” Beverly Bertoni Carmel

“Brazil, because they had the foresight to be energy independent.” Jim Young works in Carmel

“Ireland. 20 years ago, it was just joining the European Union and it was extremely poor. Now it is very high-tech and very successful.” Patrick Healey Carmel

Free Medium Coffee (Hot or Iced) with purchase of any donut or baked good.

Not valid with any other offer or discount. CIC. Offer good at 2560 E. 146 in the Cool Creek Commons shopping center. Expires September 19, 2008.

Are You A Concierge Or A Phone Book?

can be reached at

Do You Have a Winning Portfolio?


atin America seems to be a very lead to short term negative returns. popular place for many investors You can take advantage of this in a these days so I thought I would couple of ways: give my take on what is hap• For example, if six weeks from now, pening there right now. I believe the Latin American index, over the next couple of months GML, has fallen 10% to 15%, that Latin America, specifiyou can add new money to cally Brazil, will have negative your already current position. returns. The main reasons are as • You could also exit your curfollows: rent position and sit in cash • Rising inflation until the index falls (be sure to • Decreasing domestic check with your advisor to see demand if any tax implications occur or if there is an exit penalty) • A global economic and then re enter at a pre- deslowdown termined point. • Central banks that are Once inflation is in check, tightening their monthese markets could provide etary policy. Joe an attractive opportunity, but Unlike the United States, the Reynolds inflation should trump any main concern for these counpositive in the near term. tries at the moment is inflation. And remember, there’s always a bull Brazil has made it perfectly clear that it is market somewhere. committed to keeping inflation in check. This could lead to an economic slowdown Joe Reynolds lives in Carmel and is a finanand decreased consumer demand which cial advisor at Fulcrum Securities. He welwill have a negative effect on corporate comes your questions or comments at jlr@ profits (especially consumer related stocks and banks). All of these factors should



uccess is based on results. Ideas make it happen. are great, concepts are great, The concierge analogy applies to life in proposals are great and programs general. Many people I interact with are are great. But it’s the results that like phone books – they provide informamatter. tion (Actually, many of them aren’t as reliIt’s human nature to embelable as the phone book. At least lish results. Over the years, the phone book has the correct many of my business interacdata.) Others are like a contions have included various cierge. They not only can tell elements of chest-thumping, you about the sold-out show name-dropping and other selfon Broadway, they can pick up serving comments intended the phone, talk to the manager to impress me and advance and have two tickets waiting for my counterpart’s agenda. I you at the will-call window by sometimes play along and act show time. impressed (it takes less energy). Are you a concierge or a If it’s important enough, I tactphone book? How often do fully probe the statements being you deliver results vs. informamade to see if they pass a level tion? Don’t just give someone a of scrutiny. It’s always amusing phone number; make the introKent Burns to watch the dance that takes duction. Don’t just volunteer; On Success place after it’s clear that somebring two more people with thing has been, shall we say, you to help. Don’t tell someone overstated. where to look – go look for yourself. That’s There’s a phone book in every hotel how you become known as one who delivroom. I never use it. Why? Who needs ers results. I don’t know about you, but I a phone book when you have access to want to be a concierge. a concierge? The phone book provides Kent Burns is a Carmel resident, investor and information - the concierge delivers reco-founder of CrossConfirm. He is also a professults. Need to get from Point A to Point sional speaker and author of What’s Your Why? B? Want a reservation on short notice at His blog is, and he a popular restaurant? The concierge can

Latin America Short Term

Got DOUGH news?

E-mail it to


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hen it comes to sports, Nearly all of my accounts reside at Fidelity, finding out how a team which sends me a consolidated monthly stacks up against the value that contains individual account competition is easy. Take details and activity. I then use Microsoft the Colts for instance: all Excel to track these accounts and others a fan has to do is look at their held by my wife’s retirement overall record and compare it to plan. I have talked with many the rest of the AFC South. The professional investors who find best record wins the division and Excel more than sufficient for the opportunity to compete for a tracking their investments. Super Bowl victory dance. You simply want to see how Alas, as with many aspects of you compare to the general investing, determining whether market over the long haul. For you have assembled a winning a broad basket of stocks or team is no easy task. Accurately equity mutual funds, look at determining your gains or losses the S&P500 Index, and see can be complicated given the how your returns stack up each multitude of accounts (401(k), calendar year. Fixed income IRA, Roth IRA) most investors comparisons are a bit trickier, Ryan accumulate through their careers. but most major newspapers list Fuhrmann There are also time periods to current yields for most major choose – day traders literally classes, such as U.S. Treasuries. choose to seize the day, while others find There are also bond index funds, including monthly, quarterly or annual monitoring the Lehman. more appropriate. And who are we comThere are no extra points for precision peting against? here; you just want to get a general feel for The good news is the average investor how your portfolio is stacking up to key doesn’t have to approach the game with benchmarks over time. For now, you should the same laser-focus intensity that Peyton now have enough game prep to compete Manning takes with football. Here are with confidence on the investing field. a couple of solid rules of thumb to keep Ryan Fuhrmann, CFA, is a freelance investin mind when tracking your portfolio ment writer/analyst based in Carmel. Feel performance. free to contact him at Fuhrmanncapital@ Ideally, you can consolidate your or or visit his website at www. counts to a small handful of providers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

— Enzyme may cause endometriosis - Scientists in England have identified an enzyme that could be responsible for a condition called endometriosis, the most common cause of pelvic pain in women. They discovered that an enzyme, called telomerase, is released by cells in the inner lining of the womb during the latter stages of the menstrual cycle in women who are affected by endometriosis. The research will help scientists develop new techniques for diagnosing and treating the condition. — Sounds Olympic! - Try the Romanian deadlift to jump squat to develop explosive strength in your legs and lower back muscles. Stand holding a pair of dumb-bells on each side, with your knees slightly bent. Lift your chest and pull your shoulder blades back and down. Maintaining the angle of your knees, push your butt back and lower the weights to your shins. Without pausing, bend at your hips and knees to sink down into a squat, and then explode upward. Land softly with your knees bent. —


arl Jung said, “Learn your theories as best you can. Then put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul.” Healing Touch Therapy (HT) is as close to touching the miracle of the living soul as medical practice generally gets. Using their hands in a trained and intentional way, Healing Touch Certified Practitioners support and facilitate healing. The technique is complimentary to traditional health care and was developed in 1989 by Holistic Nurse of the Year, Janet Mentgen, and is rooted in the idea that all healing has a significant spiritual component integrating body, mind and spirit. Its uses include facilitating wound healing; reducing pain; decreasing anxiety, depression, stress; and preparation for and recovery from medical treatments and surgeries and management of their side effects Locally, HT is available at Clarian North, St. Francis Hospital, and South Bend General. It is, however, also practiced worldwide and in over 30 U.S. hospitals. NYU Medical Center in New York finds that it is so beneficial to open heart surgery patients that the facility offers it to patients at no charge as a compliment to their traditional rehabilitation. In order to become a certified HT prac-

Susie Beiman owns Details, an Indy Gift Gallery, and advocates Integrative Medicine. Contact her at

Judith Villegas, Certified HT Practitioner St Francis Pain Clinic 317-413-8692 By appointment, will come to you Indianapolis classes ongoing “There is no drug or substitute for hope and compassion and loving touch. Healing touch is not what I do. It’s who I am.”

titioner, one must put in over 150 hours of classroom study learning over 30 intervention techniques. Then the candidate must complete a one-year mentorship with a certified HT practitioner and document

–Judith Villegas

Pre-Finished ¾" x 2 ¼" Solid American Oak


*Bruce *Armstrong *Mannington Open Mon-Fri, 10AM-5PM

Buy American. Buy locally. N Ice Skadium

Carmel Dr.

Floors Galore

Range Line Rd.

Approved Flu Vaccinations - U.S. health regulators have approved six versions of the influenza vaccine to help combat the virus during the 2008-2009 flu season. The vaccines include GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s Fluarix and FluLaval; Novartis AG’s Fluvirin; Sanofi Aventis SA’s Fluzone and CSL Ltd’s Afluria. The FDA also cleared the AstraZeneca’s FluMist nasal spray flu vaccine. Each vaccine contains the same three strains of the influenza virus, which experts choose every year.

at least 100 patient session using the prescribed HT nursing process. In a typical treatment, the patient lays on a table or sits in a chair fully clothed. The HT practitioner uses a light, gentle touch, often stopping at each joint, and his or her hand may hover over the body. In my experience, the treatment is relaxing and centering. It is not to be confused with a massage, nor is it based in any particular religion.

Monon Trail


By Susie Beiman Current In Carmel

3rd Ave. SW

Prevent infection - Throw away eye makeup 6 months after opening. The applicators used to apply mascara, liner, and shadow are repeatedly exposed to bacteria in the air and on your lashes; after 6 months of everyday use, they can overpower the products’ preservatives, says John Bailey, PhD. Liquid products that don’t touch the eyes, such as foundation, can be used for up to 2 years; dry face products like powder are generally formulated to last at least 3.

healing touch certified practitioner





1065 3rd Ave. S.W., Carmel, IN 46032



Allergy Myths Debunked



Allergies are all in your mind. ayS ayS ayS Allergies are the body’s overreaction to an antigen d d d 4 2 3 in in in that is normally harmless. Though stress and emotion Sold Sold Sold might worsen symptoms, they are not the cause of the symptoms. Caution ion t u a Children outgrow allergies. C Caution Many childhood allergies, like those to dairy, eggs tion u a C n Cautio and soy, are often outgrown at some point, but more aution C serious allergies, like those to peanuts, may likely yS dayS dayS 2 8 5 da 1 1 never go away. n n n i i i The desert is the place to be if you’re allergic Sold Sold Sold to pollen. Caution Caution Even in the driest regions, enough trees, weeds, and grasses produce pollen in quantities to Caution Caution Caution create a reaction. And if you do escape the allergies from here, you will probably develop Caution new allergies to substances in the desert. Short-haired pets don’t cause allergies. n n ing i ing i d d It’s not the hair that causes the problem; it’s the dander (skin flakes), skin oils, urine and n n e e p p yS saliva dayS 9 21 da Intentionally exposing yourself to allergens can cure allergies. Purposely being around what you know you’re allergic to will only intensify the reaction. Allergen immunotherapy, a type of controlled exposure to allergens, is the only safe and effective type of allergen exposure that can improve allergies.

2 3 4 5

Get the Most out of Your Walk

Our Extreme Marketing Plan May Cause Your Home to Sell...Fast!

Therese Iknoian, author of Fitness Walking, says good form is the key to dropping pounds when fitness walking. The most common mistakes with corrections follow: Leaning too far forward. If your bottom is sticking out and your back hurts frequently after walking, you’re leaning too far forward. While you don’t have to be stick-straight up, a more upright position will not only alleviate your back pain, it will lead to better breathing, too. Sloppy strides. If your hat or ponytail is flopping when you’re walking, your stride is probably too long. While many people think a longer stride means a faster walk, too long a stride actually slows you down. Try walking at several different stride length to find which is most comfortable – and least bouncy – for you. Arm flapping. Wringing arms in and out sends energy sideways, slowing you down. Make certain your arms are bent at 90 degree angles at the elbows and move them forward and backward (not in and out) only.


317-216-8500 Re/Max ability Plus


*Sampling of 2008 sales. Homes sold for 96-100% of list price.


- Quick and Simple


It may seem like a great thing to have a variety of choices at your dispaosal, but it can actually tire you out. In a University of Minnesota study, subjects were asked to make decision then perform some routine tasks immediately afterward, while another group got immediately to their tasks decision-free. The decision makers had more trouble focusing and made more mistakes than the decision-free group. “Making choices is mentally taxing,� notes study author Kathleen Vohs, Ph.D. Conserve – and allocate – your energies accordingly.


-Quick and Simple

Three-Course Dinner Special Monday - Thursday, 5pm - 7pm 4PVQPS4BMBE :PVS$IPJDFPG
















Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stay Focused at Work



SKIn-care tips for women Dr. Doris Day, dermatologist, author and Sirius Radio show host, gives the following anti-aging skin-care tips for women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and beyond: “In your twenties, sun protection is of the utmost importance. Use a lightweight serum around your eyes to prevent lines, and look for products with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamin E to ward off any dullness.� “In your thirties, continue with sun protection, and use

20s 30s

antioxidant products with vitamins A, B, and C and fruit extracts to fight lines around the eyes and forehead.� and beyond: “In your forties and beyond, combat broken blood vessels and deep lines with products containing retinols, green tea, and marine extracts. Use heavier night creams and eye creams to moisturize.� For more information about Dr. Day, or for more skin-care tips, visit her website,


Child-Teen Classes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Pointe, Musical Theater, Hip Hop Home of na the India Dance dors Ambassa

Adult Classes: Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga, Zumba, Latin Dance, Ballroom, and more to come . . .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



OBITUARIES Jeffrey H. Davis, 70, died peacefully surrounded by his family on August 13, 2008, in Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, IN. Davis was a fourth-generation native of Carmel. He was born May 15, 1938, son of Roy and Betty Davis. He graduated from Carmel High School in 1956 and attended Indiana University. In 1964, he married Dottie Megel. DAVIS They were married 44 years. Jeff served his community in a number of roles. He was an active volunteer at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School, Carmel Dad’s Club and supported Our Lady of Grace Monastery. He was a member of the Carmel Board of Zoning Appeals from 1987-1989. Also he served on the Carmel Planning Commission from 1987 to 1991 with the last three years as president. Jeff began his career in 1956 as a truck driver at Independent Concrete

Pipe in Indianapolis. He retired 44 years later as the General Manager. While Jeff overcame many obstacles over the past 10 years, with the help of his devoted wife, Dottie, he continued to guide and support his children and grandchildren. Jeff left a deep and lasting impression on all who met him. He will always be remembered as a loving husband and father, respected mentor and a loyal friend. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brother, Rick Davis. Survivors include his wife Dottie, five children, Kathy (Alan) Young, Jeff Jr., Kim, Cheryl (Steve) Erdody, Michelle (Mike) Chaille and Michael Davis; 10 grandchildren, Kate, Jake, Averill, Annie, Riley, Zach, Sam, Tanner Lilly and Tate; sister, Debbie Byerly.


St. Vincent Carmel Births 08/01-08/07 Friday, August 1 Boys: Cornewell, David and Amy; Harris, Michael and Jane Sunday, August 3 Boys: Bradshaw, Justin and Hill, Natalya Girls: Aubrey, Ashley Monday, August 4 Boys: Landess, Paul and Stacie Girls: Parrish, Robert and Christa Wednesday, August 6 Girls: Ott, Thomas and Megan; Hairston, Patrick and Vanessa Thursday, August 7 Boys: Kirkpatrick, Fraser and Stephanie Girls: Walker, Matthew and Trisha; Harless, James and Ashley

POLICE RUNS August 12 12:43:50 a.m., traffic hazard, 31 I465 W. 12:47:45 a.m., alarm burglar, 14490 Clay Terrace Blvd. 1:10:26 a.m., security check, 4140 E. 96th St. 7:18:42 a.m., alarm burglar, 13201 Ditch Rd. 7:28:42 a.m., security check, 2176 E. 116th St. 7:35:33 a.m., alarm burglar, 13611 Stone Dr. 7:50:57 a.m., animal complaint, E. 146th St./Gray Rd. 8:11:59 a.m., theft, 11114 Lakeshore Dr. 9:29:16 a.m., suspicious activity, City Center Dr./ Pennsylvania St. 10:06:37 a.m., lock out, 11455 Pennsylvania Ave. 10:11:13 a.m., damage to property, 13989 Hazel Dell Pky. 10:10:00 a.m., disturbance, 12188 N. Meridian St. 10:35:07 a.m., driving complaint, 14500 N. Meridian St. 11:21:00 a.m., animal complaint, 120 2nd Ave. NE 11:40:04 a.m., lock out, 1718 Pine Valley Dr. 11:48:25 a.m., criminal mischief, 2434 Winfield Dr. 1:17:55 p.m., lock out, 151 Pennsylvania Pky 2:29:49 p.m., theft, 1424 W. Carmel Dr.


Save More than You’ll Spend during

Gerdt’S Summer tent Sale! —Castleton Location— I-465 and Allisonville Rd.

JuSt arrived

4-Piece Reclining Micro-fiber Sectional Choose from Famous Makers Like: #FSOIBSEUt)PPLFS )FLNBOt)BNNBSZ 'MFYTUFFMtBOE.03&


Stock is limited —Castleton— 8602 Allisonville Rd. I-465 and Allisonville Rd.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aCCent taBleS, upHolSterY, HoMe oFFiCe and More!



FROM P15 3:19:57 p.m., disturbance, 1455 S. Rangeline Rd. 3:29:59 p.m., alarm burglar, 13701 Cheswick Blvd. 3:57:48 p.m., missing person, 520 E. Main St. 5:02:15 p.m., theft, 500 S. Rangeline Rd. 5:28:56 p.m., driving complaint, S. Rangeline Rd./ E. Main St. 5:33:13 p.m., driving complaint, Hazel Dell Pky/E. 131st. St. 5:40:31 p.m., juvenile complaint, 1215 S. Rangeline Rd. 8:00:28 p.m., theft, 3477 Bridger Dr. 8:40:24 p.m., harassment, 1935 Madison Court 8:46:52 p.m., animal complaint, 1165 W. 146th St. 9:08:24 p.m., juvenile complaint, 32 I465 E. 9:24:00 p.m., driving complaint, Greyhound Pass/ US 31 N. 9:54:11 p.m., found/lost property, 13245 Stagg Hill Dr. 10:39:33 p.m., suspicious activity, 2700 W. 116th St. 10:39:44 p.m., burglary, 530 W. Carmel Dr. 11:14:29 p.m., suspicious activity, Esprit Dr./ Nicholas Dr. August 13 12:53:13 a.m., suspicious activity, 502 E. Carmel Dr. 2:31:18 a.m., suspicious activity, 12575 River Rd. 8:44:47 a.m., traffic hazard, SR 431 N./E. 136th St. 9:16:35 a.m., animal complaint, 13775 Foxdale Lake Dr. 10:58:05 a.m., damage to property, 10721 Lakeshore Dr. 10:58:25 a.m., lock out, 1352 Rangeline Rd. 11:32:14 a.m., suspicious activity, 11604 River Rd. 11:42:51 a.m., animal complaint, 12917 Sheffield Blvd. 12:08:42 p.m., lock out, 535 College Dr. 12:47:54 p.m., lock out, 5625 Sapphire Dr. 1:52:34 p.m., alarm hold up, 1118 W. Main St. 2:10:58 p.m., traffic hazard, River Dr. E./E. 116th St. 3:23:44 p.m., suspicious activity, Randall Dr./E


Join us on Saturday evening on the grassy knoll for our Movies Under The Stars series. Cynthia and Gary Havercamp of Carmel will celebrate their 25th anniversary on Wednesday. They were married August 20, 1983, at Holcomb Gardens at Butler University. They have two children, Shauna (Andrew) Dugandzic of Chicago, IL, and Jordan Havercamp of Carmel.

Bring your blankets and lawn chairs for an enjoyable evening. Special activities for kids of all ages begin at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Movies begin at 9:00 p.m. August 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . “Bee Movie” August 9 . . . . . . . . . . . “Casablanca” August 16 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Grease” August 23 . . . . . “Hannah Montana” August 30 . “High School Musical 2”

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Web Sites Ease Transitions Carmel Clay Schools has established two web sites to help students making the elementary-tomiddle school transition and the middle-tohigh-school transition. For sixth graders, visit families/5to6gradetransitionexperience. For ninth graders, go to http://www1. 8to9gradetransition.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2008-2009 eXceL topic announced - Indiana high school students are invited to enter the 2008-2009 Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance eXceL Awards competition. Perspective is this year’s topic for the six categories: writing, music, twodimensional art, three-dimensional art, video or performance art. Winners are awarded cash prizes and are featured in the Grand Hall at the Indiana State Fair. Submission details are available online at International Baccalaureate Honors - Three members of CHS’s Class of 2008 have been confirmed as International Baccalaureate diploma recipients. Based on their IB course work throughout high school and their IB exam scores at the end of their senior year, Johanna Lipp, Rikesh Patel and Karl Sanftleben earned IB diplomas. Lipp and Patel will attend Indiana University this Fall; Sanftleben is headed for Notre Dame. Creekside Middle School Open House - Parents are invited to meet teachers and administration in an annual Open House at Creekside Middle School on Thursday, August 21. Sixthgrade teachers will share from 6-7:10 p.m., while seventh-grade parents are invited from 7:25-8:40 p.m. Teachers of eighth-graders are encouraging parents to visit from 7:15-8:25 p.m. For more information, contact Jeff Grant at 7336420, ext. 6029. Colleges to Make you Cry - The Princeton Review’s survey of 120,000 college students for “The Best 368 Colleges: 2009 Edition” revealed the top ten schools with the least happy students. The top five were the United States Merchant Marine Academy, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, State University of New York, Fisk University, and Tuskegee University. The closest school to Indiana to make the list was the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, at number 10. -

By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

the grammar guru



Lesser (or Fewer?) of Two Evils



Being a grammar guru, I have a lot of pet peeves related to grammar. A lot. My husband jokes that if I become any more irritated by grammatically incorrect signs and advertisements, we won’t be able to go anywhere anymore, much less shop anywhere. He may be correct. I tried a while back to boycott all stores that had checkout lane signs that broke the less-versus-fewer rule. It’s a really easy rule that many people don’t even realize exists. So of course it’s a pet peeve of mine. The problem? Several grocery stores use signs at checkouts that read, “12 items or less.” Can you hear my teeth grinding? It’s not just because of the person in the fast lane with four hundred items. The fast-lane signs should read, “12 items or fewer.” The store that I find has the lowest prices on the items I need most often is one of the offenders. And I’ve found that none of the grocery stores I boycotted for the erroneous signs replaced them with grammatically correct ones because of my lack of business. But back to the grammar. Why, you ask, should the signs say fewer instead of less? Fewer is the comparative adjective used for items that can be counted. You should use less when referring to something that must be measured. This is a fairly black-and-white rule with few ways to confuse it. Examples are as numerous as you can imagine: fewer cakes, less sugar; fewer miles, less distance; fewer appointments, less stress. The answer is as simple as, “Do I count them, or do I

measure it?” The other answer is, “No, I should not get in the 12items-or-fewer lane with my overflowing cart of groceries.” Not all my pet peeves are grammar-related. Brandie Bohney, an editor for Current Publishing, is a former English teacher who developed a mastery-learning technique for teaching grammar, style and punctuation to high school seniors. If you have a grammar question for her, please email

Try these 12 Steps to Trust

very good friend, Rick Doran, has written a book for businesses: Twelve Steps to Customer Trust. You might ask yourself what that has to do with parenting. I can assure you these same steps (substituting the word from customer to child,) can have immeasurable results in honing our personal parenting skills. Rick states the 12 steps to customer trust and in parentheses, I explain how it can be applied to our parent/child relationship. 1 Smile when you greet your Becky Kapsalis customer. Smile Ask YiaYia when you greet your child; your child will smile back. 2 Always use your name. Remember your position of importance and influence to your child. 3 Always use the customer’s name. Always use your child’s name when addressing him/her. 4 Treat customers the way they want to be treated. Treat your child with the same respect you want to be treated. 5 Listen intently. Listen to your child intently.

6 Never offer excuses. Never offer excuses to or for your child . 7 Give choices for services or products whenever possible. Give choices on how you want your child to behave. 8 Seek/ask for customer approval. Show your approval of your child’s good behavior. 9 Assume responsibility; Be the “in charge” person for the customer. Keep your word. Say as you do and do as you say. 10 Promise/commit: Deliver and do better than expected. Show your child unconditional love. 11 Be open and seek feedback. Keep an open mind and listen to your child’s feelings – feedback.

12 Value, thank and appreciate the customer. Value, thank and appreciate your child. As you can see, our successes as corporate heads or heads of households begin with trust. When we earn the trust of our children, our children learn to trust us and, more importantly, trust themselves. Pick up Rick’s workbook The Twelve Steps to Customer Trust. They are proven techniques for improving customer (parent/ child) relationships. Thanks, Rick! Hugs! Have a parenting topic or question? Submit it to Ask Yiayia, aka Becky Kapsalis, Certified Parent Coach, at or call 810.9358.

Fall 2008

Class Openings Two-day 3 year old class Two-day 4 year old class Preschool classes begin September 2 For more information, call Robyn at King of Glory Preschool

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-0597 •

Taking Responsibility

For Current In Carmel


One of the fastest-growing concerns of teachers in schools everywhere – urban, rural, wealthy, poor, large and small – is a growing lack of willingness of students to take responsibility for their actions. Possibly even more alarming is the increasing trend of parents covering and making excuses for their children, a trend that only perpetuates students’ already decreasing integrity.

The problem is complex, but the solution is simple: admit when you are wrong, out of line or less than truthful. And on the flip side, take credit (without arrogance) when you’ve done a job well. Parents, expect the same of yourselves and your children. Refuse to make excuses when they’ve done wrong, and model the same behavior. It takes courage to have integrity sometimes, but the payoff in the end is worth the leap of faith.


E-mail it to

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Carmel Symphony Orchestra Announces 2008-2009 Schedule


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


October 4: America’s Greatest Hornist Plays John Williams. Dale Clevenger, principal horn for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, who is widely regarded as America’s Greatest Hornist, opens the 2008-09 season of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra on October 4. Clevenger will play John Williams’ “Horn Concerto,� written for him and debuted in 2003 with the other CSO – Chicago Symphony Orchestra. November 15: Planets and Pipes features a brilliant young organist, Cameron Carpenter, playing Jongen’s “Symphonie Concertante for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 81.� On the same night, travel the solar system with Gustav Holst’s “The Planets.� December 13: Celebrate the Holidays with us. All ages will enjoy Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride� and other seasonal favorites, featuring vocalist Kate Hamilton. February 8: Join us for our Family Fun! concert and bring the kids! Kids, bring the grandparents! This concert is filled with great hits for kids and the CSO’s Young Artist Competition winner. After the concert, don’t forget to stop by the musical petting zoo in the lobby! Reserve your tickets early for this popular performance. March 14: Great American Popular Songs will have you humming in your seats. Vocalist Steve Lippia performs Gershwin, Carmichael, Porter, Arlen, Gordon, Kern and others. It is a great evening of great songs for all ages. April 18: Indianapolis native Robin Scott plays the spectacular Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with the CSO. Robin won second prize in the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin International Competition in 2006. The season finale also features Richard Strauss’ Death and Transfiguration. Celebrate the Carmel Symphony Orchestra’s 33rd season by subscribing to the entire season – family-friendly concerts at affordable prices in your own neighborhood! The Carmel Symphony Orchestra is supported through grants from the City of Carmel, Indiana Arts Commission Regional Partners, Legacy Foundation, and by title sponsors: Clarian North Medical Center, Pedcor Companies and St. Vincent Carmel Hospital. For more information or to order season tickets, please call 317.844.9717, email at, or visit the CSO website at s&AMILY/WNED/PERATED s&REE#ONSULTATION/N!NY 0ROBLEMS7ITH9OUR#AR s#OMPLETE)MPORT$OMESTIC !UTO2EPAIR s1UALITY0ARTS



40 S. Rangeline Rd. CARMEL

Summer Special






$ 00

ANY LArge Or extrA LArge PizzA PUrCHASe! Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per pizza. Expires 9/30/2008.

rving Now se wine! nd beer a

East Carmel / Noblesville 14741 Hazel Dell Crossing

CALL NOW! 575.8002 West Carmel / Westfield 14931 Greyhound Court

CALL NOW! 818.1388

rewards of the salon exhibition

Girls’ Night Out Indy - The sixth annual Girls’ Night Out Indy will be held from 2 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 11, at the Ritz Charles in Carmel. This free event includes skin care treatments, psychics, shopping and hors d’oeuvres. For questions or for sponsorship information, call 848-8121. Online registration is now open at php.

By Barbara E. Cohen Current In Carmel

Great Zoo Excursion - Washington Township Parks will host a family trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo on Saturday, September 20. Cost is $43 for adults and $39 for children and includes zoo admission and transportation. Bus will depart the WTPR parking lot (1549 E. Greyhound Pass, Carmel) at 9 a.m. and return at 7:30 p.m. Register online at or by calling 574-1074 by September 4. Exhibition Benefits Carmel Arts Council - Linda M. Bachofner, a teacher at Artisan Masterpiece, is the featured artist at the World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery (40 W. Main St., Carmel) through Sunday. The exhibition includes landscapes, florals, still lifes and abstracts, reflecting the range of work Bachofner does in her studio. The artist will donate 10 percent of the profits from the sale of her works to the Carmel Arts Council. Hours: 2 – 8 p.m. daily; call (317) 582-1455 for more information.

Of the 125 artists in the Hoosier Salon’s 84th Annual Exhibition, six live in Carmel. Jurors selected their works – on display at the Indiana State Museum – from over 600 submissions by members of the Hoosier Salon who have lived in Indiana at least for one year. For painter Julie Houck, getting into the show affirmed her acceptance as an artist. But the experience is even sweeter this year because she sold her piece, Midwest Winter, within a few days of the exhibit’s open. “While volunteering at the museum, I welcomed a man who asked me if I had a painting in the show,” Houck said. “I said, ‘yes’, and pointed to my painting.” He said, ‘Oh, that’s the painting my wife is looking at.’” After Houck introduced herself, Larry Carter introduced Houck to his wife. Jane Carter promptly announced she would buy the painting that day. Making a sale is always exciting for an artist, but awards are another sweet reward of the juried competition. Bruce Moore was recognized as the Best of Contemporary Work, Watercolors for Ascension, one of a continuing series of large watercolors on high-gloss Yupo (polypropylene) paper that he began work


Barbara E. Cohen is a freelance writer who covers the arts for the Current community newspapers and teaches art history at Ivy Tech Community College. Please send comments or story ideas to

Fine Lines, Inc. Hair & Nail Salon FALL SPECIAL

new clients only. What: Mel Brooks’ The Producers When: through Sept. 28 Where: Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, 9301 N. Michigan Road, Indianapolis Cost: Tickets are $33 – $55, and include Chef Odell Ward’s specially prepared dinner buffet, full salad bar and unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade. Details: This outrageous farce, described by Mel Brooks as an “equal opportunity insulter,” is definitely not politically correct. But The Producers is a sidesplitting show filled with over-the-top characters you won’t soon forget. Information: (317) 872-9664,

Mon - Sat: 9 - 7


811 West Main Street, Suite 120 Carmel, IN 46032

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

highlight, haircut and mini-manicure for $75 with stylists Tracey and Amanda and nail technicians Katie and Sue.

Air Show Gaming Night benefits Riley - Friday, Aug. 22, will mark the first time that the Indianapolis Air Show will host “Monte Carlo Night,” a charity gaming event sponsored by Hoosier Park Racing & Casino, with all proceeds going toward Riley Hospital for Children. Additionally, during Monte Carlo Night, Hoosier Park officials will present the Air Show with a donation of $20,000 that will also benefit the hospital. Mossburg Strings to hold concert - On Sunday, August 24, The Mossburg Strings, comprised of the oldest five of the nine children in the Mossburg family, will be playing a concert at Christ United Methodist Church, 318 N. Union Street, in Westfield. The concert begins at 7 p.m., though there is a carry-in meal at 5:45 p.m. The Mossburg Strings plays a variety of musical styles, including classical, fiddling, Christian, patriotic, Broadway and oldies.

on while recuperating from double kneejoint replacement surgery. “I see in this painting the courage and passion of the human spirit soaring above the daily struggles of its own circumstances,” Moore said. Chris Griffin-Woods had two oil paintings accepted, Ball Jar, Blue and Roots, winning an honorable mention for Ball Jar, Blue. Painter Susan Mauck has two canvases in the show: Morning Pages and The Jewelry Box. M. Jayne Moore, who works in watercolors and pen-and-ink, was first accepted into the Hoosier Salon more than 15 years ago. She created this year’s entry, At the Eiffel Tower: Where the Earth Meets the Sky, from a photograph taken on a trip to Paris with her granddaughter. Rosemarie Southworth, whose watercolor Santa Fe Market is in the show this year, says it’s a thrill to have a painting accepted by the Hoosier Salon because it’s one of the state’s most prestigious art shows.



Tuesday, August 19, 2008




‘Are you Jell-in?’

itting on the deck a few Sundays until Frank Woodward, a high school ago with some close friends over dropout, bought the rights for $450 in for a pot luck summer dinner, 1904. we all began discussing the difHe started to put some marketing ideas ferent backyard meals we had behind it as he targeted children coming attended this summer so far. The up with the tagline, “You can’t topic of family reunions/events be a kid without Jell-o”. This along with things we can count was published in Women’s on time and time again as part of Home Journal where it took those memories were all part of off and hit 1 million dollars in the laughter. sales in 1905. From there the We suddenly realized we all legend was born, and develhad one thing in common and oped into the Jell-o brand. that was no matter the geoSome of the more famous graphical area, the ethnic make and memorial mentions up, season or occasion, “jell-o” of Jell-o were in Robinson molds and salads were the most Caruso’s literature as he was common thread, even more prevshipwrecked and succumbed alent than the old crusty aunty to a box of Jell-o mix which Chef Michael wearing the babushka kissing the washed up on the beach. The Vlasich ever-so-hesitant grandchildren, “Jack Benny Show” worked Culinary Explorer begging to escape. We all agreed it into the scripts as to avoid we each had the favorite one we enjoyed the need for advertisements between acts. with preferred fruit, toasted golden nuts Rogers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” and ever-so-sweetened whipped topping. featured in lyrics, or “I could say life is Or the opposite, you know, the smile a bowl of Jell-o” line in Ghost Busters and gag, force down a mouthful while II. There are also mentions in some of having to utilize our Academy Awards/ the more contemporary shows like “The Oscar winning techniques as to not offend Office” and “Stargate I”, as well as a stage or embarrass a loved one’s masterpiece or, name for the lead singer of the “Dead worse yet, the spouse-to-be or long-reignKennedys” - “Jello Biafra”. ing patriarch of the family who could The following recipe is from my restauunleash upon you that villainous curse to rant chef in Circle City Bar & Grille at the be ever scorned and branded the tasteless Indianapolis Marriott Downtown from intruder to the family gathering. one of her “family gathering favorites”. We all have come to love our favorites Pineapple Party Jell-o Salad and hate these dreaded concocted salads 2.5 cans [16oz size] crushed pineapple since the days of our early youth where 1 box lemon jell-o we could poke and tug, shimmy and 1 box lemon jell-o shake, and make those borderline noises ¼ tsp salt of disgust as we swirl it around our mouth 1 cup cottage cheese finally slurping it down as it slowly de-so1 cup mayonnaise lidified. Does it really have its owns law of ½ cup coarsely chopped walnuts physics as it would seem to both a young Drain Pineapple and save the juice, add seven- or elderly 70-year old? enough water to the juice to make 2 cups, Jell-o officially dates back to 1845 when heat liquid to a boil and dissolve gelatin it was formally patented by Peter Cooper and salt, cool until mixture just begins as he worked as an inventor for Tom to thicken, fold in the pineapple, cottage Thumb Engine and Cooper Union Frame. cheese, mayonnaise and walnuts. Chill in However, Jell-o struggled for prominence your favorite mold until gelatin is set, keep in the market place. In 1895 Pearl Wait a refrigerated until time to serve. cough syrup manufacturer in New York purchased the rights and packaged the Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel first four flavors of raspberry, strawberry, resident and the executive chef at the lime and orange. Later, his wife, May Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may David Wait, named it “Jell-o” as we know e-mail him at chefmichael@currentincarmel. com. it today, but it still continued to struggle

Mountain Breeze 1/2 oz tequila 1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix Ingredients 1/2 oz gin 1/2 oz triple sec 1 oz cranberry juice 1/2 oz rum

1/2 oz grapefruit juice Directions Build ingredients over ice in a hurricane glass, shake and garnish with a lime wedge.

Dan Lesher Charleston’s

Where he likes to eat: I like to eat at Yats in Broad Ripple

Claddagh Irish Pub

3835 E. 96th Street Indianapolis Phone: (317) 569-3663 Fax: (317) 566-8518 Hours: 11 a.m. - Midnight Monday through Thursday; 11 a.m. - 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday; 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Sunday

What he likes to eat at Yats: I get the chili cheese etouffee. What he likes about Yats: They are really consistent, cheap, and the food is good. Yats 5363 N College Ave Indianapolis, IN 46220 Phone: (317) 253-8817 Hours: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday

The Claddagh Irish Pub, located off E 96th street in Indianapolis, has the relaxed atmosphere of a pub with first-class dishes to be enjoyed. The Claddagh Irish Pub gets its name for the Claddagh Ring, (pronounced CLAW - DA) It’s a Gaelic symbol, which represents love, friendship and loyalty. Some of the dishes, like the Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls, marry two different tastes for one enjoyable meal. The Claddagh also has live entertainment. Head to for more information.

Monday - Friday, 7-9 p.m. Dine in only • Carmel location only

Buy one dinner entrée Get the second half off

The Jellybean Conspiracy Twenty-one teen actors from the Second Story Playhouse will be participating in FringeNext, the young adult extension of the popular arts festival, IndyFringe, which takes place this year August 22-31, throughout the Massachusetts Avenue Arts and Cultural District in Indianapolis. The Playhouse actors have devoted their summer preparing The Jellybean Conspiracy, a nationally renowned theater piece promoting kindness of heart and thoughtful inclusion of children and young adults with disabilities. Performances will be held on the main stage at Theatre on the Square in Indianapolis on Sunday, August 24, and Saturday, August 30, at noon each day. Ticket information is available by calling Fringe Central at (317)822-4386 or visiting


Music Builds Concert



The Music Builds Tour, featuring Switchfoot with Third Day, Robert Randolph and the Family Band and Jars of Clay, to be held at Verizon Wireless Music Center (12880 E. 146th, Noblesville) at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 22, will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County Reserved Seat Tickets: $54/$39/$29; Lawn Tickets: $24; Lawn 4-pack available for $93.Special VIP seating is available for this show. Tickets are available at all the Taco Bell Box Office at Verizon Wireless Music Center,, Ticketmaster or charge by phone at 317.239.5151.


Muldoon’s 111 W. Main Street, Suite 100, Carmel Jeff DeHerdt Trio: Thursday, August 21, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Island Breeze: Saturday, August 23, from 8 to 11 p.m. Visit or call 5711116 for more information. Mickey’s Irish Pub 136th and Meridian in Carmel The Tides: Friday, August 22 Big Daddy Caddy: Saturday, August 23 Entertainment Reservations are accepted. Call 573-9746 for reservations or visit for more details.

Monday nights

three-Course dinner night

$10.00 off per person

Wednesday nights Martini night

Come and visit the new Bistro Bar, serving a wide selection of alchoholic beverages

sunday BrunCh

10:30 am to 2:30 pm

$25 per couple

15 W. Main street, Carmel Phone: 844-7270, Fax: 844-7274 Visit us at

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bistro de Paris



forty years of proof

Irewarding partnership. “ It has been a

n July 1968, forty years ago, Pope (no one had yet heard of AIDS, and STD John VI issued the Humanae Vitae was an abbreviation for “standard”), crime (Human Life) encyclical letter outlin- rates, homosexuality, sex crimes and poring the Roman Catholic Church’s nography, just to name a few. position against, and its predicted Humanae Vitae raised a furor in the long-term negative social afChurch and polarized much fects of, contraception (i.e., of the Christian world. Behind “The Pill“). the rallying cry, “You can’t tell Two months later in me what to do with my body,” September 1968, Paul R. the Pope’s letter was widely disErhlich, a butterfly specialist, missed and frequently disobeyed. published one of the leading And while the major populabestsellers of modern times, The tion issue in the world today is Population Bomb, a book outlinsustainability, one could argue ing that hundreds of millions of the blast pattern from The humans would die in the 1970s Population Bomb was so wideand 1980s because of overpopuspread that it frightened people lation and food shortages. worldwide away from large famiThe one was a document of lies. Even China adopted a oneBob Walters long-held Church disciplines baby policy. Spirituality and wisdom, and the other a It’s obvious though that, witcollection of 1960s socio-scinessing the sexual revolution, ence platitudes. Ehrlich’s book didn’t scare anyone out of J o h n Wo l l e n b u r g , Want to guess which proved to be the bedroom. agent almost pure, accurate prophecy, and which And while by no means am I casting was pure Sdupe? the first stone, it’s also pretty obvious that tate Farm Humanae Vitae, in 1968, predicted the Pope’s encyclical, despite its prophetic s u rifa the n c esex act, intercourse, truth, sadly, scared almost nobody into bad timesI n ahead was mentally and morally separated from obedience. pro-creation. The document foresaw, in Bob Walters ( read a tervarying degrees of specificity, an increase rific article by Mary Eberstadt of the Hoover in all the following: divorce, marital infidelity, single-parent homes, juvenile crime, Institution on all this in the current issue of First Things magazine. crimes against women, abortion, disease

C u r re n t I n C a r m e l , a l o n g w i t h my re f e r r a l p ro g r a m , h a s h e l p e d t o g ro w my business!”


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a rewarding partnership. Current In Carmel, along with my referral program, has helped to grow my business!”

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John Wollenburg, agent State Farm Insurance

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It has been a rewarding partnership.

rewarding partnership.

Current In Carmel, along with my referral program, has helped to grow my business!”

Current In Carmel, along with my referral program, has helped to grow my business!” State Farm Insurance

Consignment Boutique

“ It has been a

Jo h n Wo l l e n b u r g , a g e n t

IN “ It VOGUE has been

John Wo l l e n b u r g , agent State Farm Insurance



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Consignments accepted daily 210 E. Main St., Carmel (131st St. between Keystone and Rangeline)



Scanning questionable e-mail attachments

- Tidy Mushrooms - For most of us, it’s going to take a little more than a cartoonishlybright mini fungus to ever make cleaning fun, but Brando made the effort anyway. Their batterypowered Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner is designed to dust in and around your keyboard and can also be used as a lint remover. Or it could just sit on your desk and look cute. It comes in red, orange, green or purple and costs just $12. Check it out at -

- New iPhone App may replace Kindle - Until now, the only real portable electronic book reader capable of downloading ebooks wirelessly has been the Kindle, which is out of reach for many because of its high price tag and bulkiness. Enter iPhone’s new application, Stanza. It’s a free application and comes with H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. If you have MobiPocket, you can also download ebooks to other PDFs, such as a Blackberry or Palm OS.

Venus Nails & Spa Waxing & Facial

2788 E. 146th Street, Carmel, IN 46033 Cool Creek Village (in front of Westfield Water Tower)



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very sensitive personal or company information, you may not want to use this service as any file uploaded or e-mailed has the potential of being accessible by those who work with and around this project. Gary Hubbard is Owner of Data Doctors Computer Services - Have a technology question? Send it to

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fingers too big for PDAs? - Try the Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard. A little larger than a matchbook, this device projects a standard 63key QWERTY keyboard onto any flat surface for you to type messages – it’s even accompanied by key click sounds! Use it to type emails to send on your Bluetooth-enabled PDA or cell phone, and you’ll be able to stop struggling with those tiny keys on the devices themselves. Prices vary by vendor, but it can be found for $159 at


ust about everyone who provides assistance to computer users barks out the same command over and over: “Don’t open file attachments!” While as a general piece of advice it is very sound, as a practical matter, it really doesn’t address some real-world situations. In general, if someone you are corresponding with says that they are going to send you an attachment, chances are the attachment is legitimate. In the case of attachments, all it takes is one rogue file you open that you shouldn’t have, and the damage is done. Most malicious code will appear in your Inbox with a spoofed address, which means it did not actually get sent from the address in the “From” section. If they can get you to let your guard down for even one second by making Gary Hubbard it look like it came from someone you Technology know, they might trick you into opening the attachment. Today’s malicious code is quite capable of overpowering, sidestepping or even disabling your anti-virus program if the bad guys can get you to open certain types of attached files. For those situations where you believe an attachment is on the up-and-up, but you are not absolutely sure, you can get a free second opinion before opening the file. A website called offers to scan any file by over 35 different virus-scanning engines from all the major anti-virus companies and a whole host of smaller companies that have created specialty anti-virus detection systems. CAUTION: If the contents of any files to be scanned contain


Personal Fonts - If you have reasonably good handwriting, or even just interesting handwriting, you might be interested in HandFont. The service will transform your penmanship into custom digital lettering available in either PostScript or TrueType formats for Mac or Windows. You must download and fill out a specific two-page order form and return it by snail mail to FontShop, and within two to four weeks (for about $250), you will receive your font. Visit or call (888) FF-FONTS.



r e c i e v e

$10 off your retail purchase of $50 or more at Salon 01 when you present this ad at time of checkout.

did you know?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Salon 01 is the official salon of the Indiana Pacemates! We style their hair for photo shoots and games all throughout the season! If you see a look that you like down at Conseco Fieldhouse, be sure to give Salon 01 a call. The stylist will be happy to customize the look especially for you!

Bride-to-Be hair By Christi Thompson You have your dress. . . . You have your jewelry. . . . You have your shoes, but don’t forget about your most important accessory of all . . . your hair! This year, brides are opting for down and loose looks rather than the perfectly sculpted up-do. Show your carefree side by sporting a messy chignon, or long and loose curls. You will be sure to love these new and improved popular bridal styles! You can also glam up your “do” with hair accessories. Crystal brooches from your grandmother can serve as your “something old,” while a French twist accented with

sparkling hair pins will look like you stepped right off the red carpet. If you are still unsure of the style you want for your big day, be sure to consult with your stylist. Trained stylists are able to take into account the feel of your wedding and your dress style and customize a look to complement the overall feel of the event. They are able to suggest the perfect ’do so you can say “I do.”

the Groomed Groom By Christi Thompson Gentleman, one way you can help is by taking care of yourself! Guys should get out there and get pampered and cleaned up for the big day too. 1. Make sure your hair is trimmed and neat. Schedule your

what’s your condition? By Christi Thompson As summer is winding down, and kids are going back to school, have you considered how your hair fared over the summer? Your hair may have been damaged from too much sun, chlorine or saltwater. Here are some tips on how to turn things around for this fall: 1. Professional conditioning treatments can virtually reverse the ravages of summer-induced damage. Your stylist can recommend a regular regimen over the next several weeks to restore the integrity of your hair. 2. Get a good, healthy trim. It is time to start thinking about your new fall hairstyle anyway. While you are at it,

get some of the damaged ends cut off. 3. Pamper your hair at home! A deep conditioner, such as Davines Vegetarian Miracle (left on under a warm towel) can do wonders for dry, brittle hair. It is important to take care of your tresses. After all—it is the most important accessory you own!

haircut 4-5 days before the big day. Ask your stylist for product recommendations and styling tips so you are sure to look your best. 2. Are your hands and feet in need of some serious attention? Schedule a manicure and pedicure 2-3 days before the wedding to be sure your nails are in photographic condition for the ring pictures. 3. The approaching day can bring on some stress! Relax, and enjoy a nice massage the day before you walk down the aisle.

Put some color on you

let ar lsp Vio Va ntle Ge


Behr Pear


liam Wil win rry r e Sh kbe c Bla



re Benjamin Moo Pool Party

En du ri

Of late, purples moved from the girly category to being the hot new neutral. Designers have even used very pale purples on ceilings and trim. Plum is more striking than navy, but safer (and less often seen, these days) than red. Be careful with dusty violets, as they easily can look too pastoral.

Valspar Peach Taffy

Blue is back, but not just any blue. Can the pastels and find a deep navy or violet blue. Use a fresh turquoise blue for accents. The hue doesn’t have to be calming or soothing, as has been the accepted notion for the color; it can make a statement.



Many times, people speak of an “accent wall.” Ditch the idea of painting one wall with your desired hue, and paint the whole room. If accessorized and furnished correctly, the color won’t overtake the room; it will just add to the design. Look for fresher greens and pink or orange-tinted reds.

Sh Re erw d Ce in W nt illi am

Va lsp ar Lo ve ly

s Ash Violet Sherwin William

LORD OR THE RINGS - Want a piece of wood furniture that is truly a handcrafted one-of-a-kind? David Stine is your man. The Dow, Ill., furniture maker selects every tree, mills every board and crafts each piece of furniture by hand. No two are alike. When a client places an order, the wood is chosen and the design and craft process begins. The Lamb Table (shown) features a massive, 43-inch wide, 105-inch long, 2-inch thick single board top of Northern Red Oak, with Black Walnut bowtie inset keys, a trestle base of White and Black Oak and matching Oak and Walnut benches. The work is amazing, but it comes with a hefty price tag: $10,000 for the table alone. -Forbes


By Sara Gentry

Old wives’ tales tell us not to go too crazy with color — particularly dark color — when painting our homes. One at a time, brights and darks edge their way into mainstream popularity, but why wait for that to feel OK with painting? You’ll just have the same wine-colored wall as every house on your block. If your walls are feeling a little ho-hum, try making some radical changes. Paint over that boring white or beige with a deep purple. Cover up the sage greens of five years ago with bright reddish-orange. Paint is the quickest way to make the biggest difference.


Gr ee n

r walls




eS oor


N arry



nM ami



-Quick and Simple Make Color Work for You - One of the hottest trends for Fall is bold color, but if you aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of big bright colors in your wardrobe, take this fashion tip: use bold color in accent pieces rather than as an overall outfit color. Use the color to anchor larger, more muted pieces: pair a bright pink scarf or handbag with a dark jacket and pants combination or try green shoes with a mushroom-colored knit sweaterdress. Head-to-toe color is overpowering, but color as an accent is doable for anyone.

Start your morning off with coffee and a great breakfast!

Daily lunch specials Why Wax? Why not shave? - asks marilyn Well, Marilyn, do you have some time? When your hair grows back from shaving (in a matter of a couple of days) it’s coarse and it itches. When your hair grows in from waxing (in a matter of weeks) its finer, sparser, and does not itch.

• TUES - BrEadEd or GrillEd TEndErloin • WEd - BBQ SandWich • ThUr - Taco Salad • Fri - FiSh & chipS

WiFi noW aVailaBlE!


TUES - FRI: 6am - 2pm SAT & SUN: 7am - 2pm

13732 N. Meridian St. Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: 846.8820 FAX: 846.8839

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Painting helper - Many homeowners love the look a fresh coat of paint lends to a room, but few relish the task of painting – especially when it comes time to clean up the brushes. For the brushcleaning weary, a new product may just get you back into your local paint store: the Easy Clean Paintbrush. It features a threaded hollow handle that can be screwed onto a hose or utility sink faucet so that water runs through the brush, making clean-up a breeze. It also uses about 25 percent less water than the traditional brush-cleaning method. $10 to $15 at

New Camper Special

50% Off Baths With Daycare Or Boarding Visit. Interview Required.



DISPATCHES Avoid Lampoon’s Cat Tragedy - Does your cat chew electrical cords? Are you worried he’ll wind up like the cat in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? CritterCord might be your solution. It’s a clear tubing to cover electrical cords with a citrus scent that deters pets from even coming near it, much less chewing it. Even if your kitty does chew it, the heavy gauge will keep him from damaging the cord or himself. Ten feet costs about $12.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

- Clarian Offers Bow Wow and Baby Class - Want to learn how to prepare the family dog for the arrival of your new baby? Come learn from BC Henschen, a certified dog trainer and owner of “Platinum Paws.” You will learn how to help your dog adapt to the sights and sounds of a newborn. This class may be most beneficial if you and your partner schedule it early in your pregnancy. However, it can be attended at any time. Grandparents, babysitters, or others who own dogs that will be around children are also encouraged to attend. The next class is this Saturday, August 23, from 10 a.m. to noon, and the charge for the class is $20 per family. Register at

Flat Face? Keep ‘em Cool! - If you have a brachycephalic or snub-nosed dog such as a bulldog, pug, Boston terrier, Lhasa apso or shih tzu, you need to be especially wary of hot weather. These breeds handle heat rather poorly. Because of the upper respiratory obstructions related to their flat faces, the brachycephalic dog is an inefficient panter, and panting is a dog’s most prized method of cooling down. These breeds should be kept in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible and not left outside for much longer than it takes them to do their business on sweltering days. and

• All Day Play Snooze The Night Away® • Large Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas • Spacious Cabins with Comfy Cots • Bedtime Campfire Tasty Treats • Certified Camp Counselors® • Live Camper Cams

Pet insurance a positive alternative By Steve Alexander Current in Westfield

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Americans will spend an estimated 10.9 billion dollars for veterinary care in 2008. The breakdown of average cost per visit is $453 for surgical vet visits and $219 for routine visits for dogs; cats average $363 for surgical visits and $175 for routine visits. Due to the high cost of veterinary care and the fact that we love our pets, pet insurance might be a good investment. Pet insurance typically covers only dogs and cats, and you may pay higher premiums if your pet is considered an outdoor pet. Coverage may begin at 6-8 weeks of age and may include an upper age limit, such as 8 years of age, for initiating coverage. As with insurance for humans, expect to have a deductible, co-pay and a requirement for pre-authorization of certain services,

PETS OF THE WEEK Chevelle is a 1 1/2 year old female brindle American Pit Bull Terrier. Chevelle is spayed and she is a very social girl who makes friends with everyone she meets. She is still a puppy at heart and very active, so she needs to find a home with a family who will make sure she gets plenty of daily exercise. Chevelle is also very loving and even though she is a bit big to be a lap dog, she would be content to be a couch dog and hang out next to her family every night while watching their favorite show on Animal Planet. Mia is a 7-year old female calico DLH. She is spayed and her front claws have been removed. Mia is a little shy when she first meets someone new, but does warm up and enjoys attention. Part of the reason she is a little unsure about new people is because she was brought to the shelter by her pervious owner because they no longer wanted her. She is a very sweet girl, but would prefer a home with adults and where she is the only pet so she can feel safe and secure. Interested? Adopt these or any other animals at the Hamilton County Humane Shelter, visit or call 773-4974 for more information.

including surgery.

Preventative Healthcare

Preventative services such as annual check ups, routine vaccinations and heartworm prevention are vital to keeping your pet healthy. Read the insurance coverage plans carefully to determine if they cover preventative healthcare.

Accident and Illness

Pet insurance policies primarily cover costs due to accident and illness. After meeting your deductible, you will need to pay your vet directly and then submit paperwork to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Costs for surgery after a car accident can be upwards of $3,000, and you can expect to pay over $5,000 for cancer treatments if you don’t have insurance.

Pre-existing conditions and exclusions Most pet insurance policies will not

cover pre-existing conditions. Certain breed-specific conditions such as hip dysplasia in German Shepherds and the collie eye anomalies are often excluded from coverage.

Prescription medications

If medications are covered under a policy, be prepared to pay more for your premium. Prescription medications such as Rimadyl and Dermaxx for osteoarthritis may be covered whereas nutraceuticals such as Cosequin are often excluded. Finally, before signing a pet insurance policy, verify that your veterinarian is a network provider. If not, your vet may also offer wellness or geriatric care packages that discount certain services that your pet will need for optimal healthcare. Steve is the owner of Camp Bow Wow Carmel You may e-mail him at carmel@campbowwow.comreach.

Know someone outside of Carmel who would like to get


You can send it to them for $52 a year! Call 489.4444

Ever heard of BUZZ digging?




few years ago, Bob the hosta penetrates an electrical line. If fortunate, king was ambitiously digging your neighborhood will simply lose power. in his meticulously landscaped If not, consider the health insurance debeds and doing so without ductible met and eyebrows singed. having the utilities located, a Formerly known as CallB4UDIG, simple yet nagging process. Indiana 811 is designed to Hsssssssssss. He wondered save lives and keep your TV what the peculiar noise could and internet running. Simply be. Maybe a bee’s nest nearby or dial 811 and answer the quesa hidden kid’s toy mysteriously tions. Name, address, township, charged with excitement. Nope. where are you digging and so Turns out the gas line, which on, and within a few days, colis traditionally buried 24” or orful marking paint and cute deeper, was actually immediatelittle flags will decorate your ly sub-surface, and his smartly lawn, expertly illustrating where sharpened shovel penetrated it. gas, cable, electric, pipelines After frantically calling the and the like are hidden. If a appropriate utility, the official plethora of lines are infiltrating arrived and lethargically wanwhere you hope to build your Randy Sorrell new sunroom, expand your dered around the side of the Landscaping house. Suddenly, after hearing patio or plant a few veggies, the hissing “bee’s nest,” his deyou may want to consider altermeanor…adjusted. Frantically, he sprinted natives. Often the guilty lines and/or the to his truck, retrieved the appropriate tool project can be professionally relocated. and set a time record back to the shut-off 811. It’s like eating your fruits and vegvalve, immediately terminating the source gies. It’s something that you must do, even of potential explosion. if kiwi and asparagus are not your favorThe stories of BUZZ digging are many, ites. Make the call. 811. and not all end in such a benign fashion. BUZZ digging? Don’t do it. A steel spade easily slices through thin Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS cable, depriving television-addicted families of their nightly CNN or internet fixes. by NatureWorks+, a Carmel landscape and remodeling firm. He may be reached at Pretty benign circumstances, really. It’s a 317.679.2565, randy@choosesurroundings. completely different story when an auger com or

Fall Gardening


If you intend to plant spring-flowering bulbs, fall is the time to do so. You need to properly prepare your soil for this task, and that preparation will depend on the bulbs you intend to plant. Read bulb packaging labels carefully for instruction on soil requirements, or visit your local nursery for helpful hints. When planting bulbs, there are generally two basic methods: 1. Dig individual holes for each bulb, or 2. Dig out a bed, place the bulbs, and then cover them all with soil. The second method is best for large groupings of flowers, while the former works well for sporadic placement of accent flowers. Once planted, a single good watering should be all they need until Spring. Also, if you have tender bulbs, Autumn

is the time to dig them up and store them.


Transplanting refers to moving plants from one area of the garden to another. Deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs and perennial herbs and flowers should be transplanted (or divided and transplanted) in the fall. When digging up or dividing any plants, be careful to disturb the root system as little as possible, removing the plants as gingerly from the ground. Replant immediately if you can, but don’t let the roots dry out.


Many fruits and vegetables are ripe in the fall. If you grow fruits and vegetables, harvest them as they ripen, making certain to remove them promptly when ripe – give some to friends and neighbors if your harvest is too large for your family to consume in a timely manner.

PRUNING AND CUTTING Autumn is the time to prune raspberry, blackberry, and black currant bushes. It is also the time to stop cutting roses and other flowers.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens Four Seasons Gardening

Family Law Estate Planning Real Estate Education Business Contract Smart Solutions You have worked hard to build and create the life you want--these things deserve to be protected. That is what we do. We are a firm who believes in providing the best, most current, and smartest legal representation available. We work hard every day to ensure that is exactly what our clients get.

John D. Walls | Rebecca Hartley 21 South Range Line Road, Suite 300A, Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: (317) 203-7484 | Fax: (317) 663-3384

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

While some might think that Autumn is time to slow down gardening, quite nearly the opposite is true. In hardiness zone 5, which includes nearly all of Indiana and up into southern Michigan, there are a variety of tasks that need to be performed in the Autumn months, starting in September.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008




Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.



’ve just returned from my first-of-theseason visit to the Indiana State Fair. I’m sunburned. My feet ache. I’m queasy. In other words, I had a great time. No surprise there. I always do. I am an unabashed, unapologetic State Fair nut, and have been for most of my life. I’ve missed one fair in the last 35, and that was last August when I had to spend the entire run of the fair recovering from eye surgery. Remind Mike Redmond me to schedule the Humor next one for July or September, will you? Of course, any discussion of the State Fair must begin with food. As soon as I reported to my sister that I had spent the day at the fairgrounds she wanted to know not what I had seen, but what I had eaten. She’s always looking for something new to add to her menu of old familiar favorites: Elephant ears, pork chop sandwiches, lemon shake-ups, apple dumplings, and at least a taste of whatever deep-fried monstrosity (Twinkies, Snickers bars, Pepsi) is getting the biggest buzz -- and the biggest condemnation from the American Medical Association. I’m afraid I didn’t have much to report on the food front. I had a corn dog and a lemon shake-up, and that was it. However, they were the best corn dog and lemon shake-up on the fairgrounds. I know, because I’ve researched it for 35 years, and these are the only corn dogs I’ll eat. And no, I’m not going to tell you where to find them. Do your own research. I really don’t go to the fair for food anyway. I go for everything else. I love to visit the animal barns. The swine barn is old familiar turf, full of sounds and smells that take me right back to my kidhood in LaGrange County. The poultry barn is like a flower garden, with all those glorious permutations of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. And I have a special affinity for the draft horses, being kind of oversized and slow-moving myself. I go to do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Today I rode an elephant. It cost six bucks. I considered it money well spent. The elephant may have had other ideas. I swear, she groaned when I got on. Then I rode the giant ferris wheel. It complained less than the elephant, but not much. And I go to see the Pioneer Farm, my favorite place on the entire fairgrounds. Up there among the old tractors and an-



Tasting the 30 ‘dog days’ of State Fair

tique implements, I feel the spirit of my grandfather and father and uncles, men who knew those machines and that life. I connect once again with the place and the people who made me. It happens every year: I go to the fair to see what’s new, I wind up hanging around what’s old, and in the end I am reminded of who I am and why I love my Indiana

as much as I do. The people, the work, the traditions, the history, our hope for the future -- the State Fair puts the best of these on display every year. I think I’ll go back tomorrow to appreciate it some more. Also to get another corn dog. (Oh, all right. Stop whining. My favorite corn dogs are at the stand right outside

the Ag-Hort building. Save one for me, will you?) Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244. For information on speaking fees and availability, visit

lost my best friend this week. And my When I walked down the street with business partner.” him, four out of five people would say That is how my newspaper column hello to the beagle by name. Many folbegan five years ago this month, just lowed with a lame joke about not knowa few days after the opening of the ing my name. Sometimes they weren’t 2003 Indiana State Fair. I was kidding. referring, of course, to Barney There was never another dog the Beagle, my loyal canine like him. He was a dog with friend who accompanied me many passions. on 2500 morning segments for People would joke that he WISH-TV, beginning in 1991. looked like he hadn’t missed In memory of Barney, and many meals. I think he missed for all the people who loved one, back in ’95. He was endhim, here is what I wrote that lessly hungry, relentlessly in a week: search for food he could steal. Barney was a street kid who He ate everything. And somewandered onto my doorstep times, when extremely desperlooking for a better life. He ate, he would eat his own dog found it. And I found the food. Dick Wolfsie world’s greatest dog. When he saw people apHumor I’m not going to tell you proach in a mall, he rolled over exactly when Barney died beon his back for the ultimate cause after it happened I lied belly rub. If you stopped rubto dozens of people. You might be one of bing him, he glared at you. them. “Where’s Barney?” they yelled from “You’ve got some nerve,” he seemed their cars the next day. “Home sleeping,” to be saying. Everyone rubbed his belly I shot back. I didn’t know what words to — little old ladies, toddlers, Harley riders, use. It wasn’t just my dog that was gone. even cat lovers. He was their dog, too. In many ways, Barney and I did 2,500 TV shows toBarney belonged to everyone. gether on Channel 8.

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Experienced Child Care Custom design/sewing of apparel and home decor. Full-time openings MS Degree – Apparel,844-7207 Textiles, Design. area OverWoodgate 30 years experience. Call 317-818-0845 Carmel • Licensed • CPR Certified when you purchase a pedicure. To your Trained Save in First door nail• services. gasAid money and PLUS too. it’s convenient 28 years experience Spa partiesofalso available. Call me for more information. Hilliary and references


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Piano lessons Classical & Gospel Music (by note & ear) *By Ed Overdorff - Professor at Union Bible College in Westfield. * 28 years teaching experience Cost: $13.00 per 1/2 hour (317-260-9396)

Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at



Now HiriNg Major Janitorial Company now hiring in the Carmel Area Part Time Evening cleaners. Please call toll free 1-866-286-7183 for information.

Dooley O’Toole’s Waiters & waitresses Days or nights 843.9900

Main Street on the Monon Apartments Weekend leasing consultant needed. Part-time employment only. Apply in person: Main Street on the Monon Apartments 60 Knoll Court Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: 317-844-3245

Now Hiring Servers Needed Apply in person 13732 N Meridian Street Tuesday - Friday 6am - 2pm Saturday and Sunday 7am - 2 pm

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Delivery Driver 5 Day Positions Part-time Shift Manager

Outgoing and Friendly Personality a Must!! Apply at 820 E 116th St.(Carmel), or Submit Resume to


CALL DEB VLASICH! 489-4444 ext. 203

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



5,000 photos of Barney, each inscribed by me with a silly facsimile of a paw print. If you have a picture of Barney with that paw print, please keep it in his memory. That would mean a lot to me. And I am sure it would mean a lot to Barney.

A Mother and A Daughter Cleaning Services It’s not just a business, it’s a relationship.

Bart gauker


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 27,749 homes weekly


Barney knew television. When a second-rate musician was playing his electric guitar on my show, Barney pulled the plug out of the wall with his teeth. Barney knew music. When I did a show with kids with Down syndrome, Barney jumped on the bed with all 15 toddlers and snuggled with them. Barney knew how to love. Over the years, I have given out over



State Fair brings back memories of my favorite dog

Get a healthy start for your family.

Planning a family can be overwhelming. Clarian North Medical Center is here to help. We offer a variety of educational classes to walk you through preconception, pregnancy and beyond: Maybe a Baby Deciding whether or not to have a baby? Come learn some steps you can take even before pregnancy to help ensure the healthiest start. A genetic counselor will be available to answer questions about nutrition, fetal development, prenatal testing, family and genetic history. FREE

Bow Wow & Baby Want to learn how to prepare the family dog for the arrival of your new baby? Come learn from a certified dog trainer. We’ll discuss tips about preventing jealousy and assessing canine behavior. You will learn how to help your dog adapt to the sights and sounds of a newborn. $20 per family

For class dates and to register, please visit Call 317-688-2465 with questions. Clarian North Medical Center is located at 116th & North Meridian in Carmel.

New OB/GYNs in the Clarian North Family: Stefanie Flora, MD Lynn Klus, MD Women’s Health Alliance American Health Network Women’s Care OB/GYN Kate Hilliker, MD Women’s Health Alliance

Leigh Meltzer, MD American Health Network Women’s Care OB/GYN

Judi Kennedy, MD Women’s Health Alliance

Jennifer Priddy, MD Associates in Women’s Health (MMG)

Elizabeth Wolf, MD Women’s Health Alliance

Grandparenting This class, for grandparents and grandparents-to-be, will discuss the important role of grandparents, present new research leading to changes in childbirth and infant care, and alert new grandparents as to how they can best help his or her children in their new role as parents. FREE

August 19, 2008  

Current in Carmel

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