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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

By Barbara E. Cohen Current in Carmel

for Hancock

and a host of other influences in both short/emotive and long/narrative works. However, Hancock chaffs at a label often bestowed by On a recent weekday, Gregory Hancock was taking his well-meaning fans: “one of Indiana’s best-kept secrets.” dancers through their paces at the Performer’s Edge stu“We don’t want to be a secret,” he stated emphatically. dios in Carmel. Although many people in Indianapolis, One reason the company may be seen as a hidden jewel even dance aficionados, don’t realize it, Hancock’s eponyin Hamilton County is that it currently has no regular mous dance troupe is firmly rooted in this community. performance space here. As a resident company at the “Carmel is central for our dancers, who hail from Pike Performing Arts Center, GHDT gets pegged as downtown Indianapolis but also from places like Lapel,” Indianapolis’ treasure. Once the Carmel Performing Arts Hancock said. “Plus, we have a good-sized and well-main- Center is completed, Hancock expects the company to tained studio space at the Performer’s Edge.” become much more visible in the community. Hancock lives in Carmel, where his family moved in “We’ve been talking to the mayor about this,” he said. 1976. Although he grew “We are certainly interested up in Kansas and Michigan in more corporate underwritand has lived in a few other Performances: Aug. 15 and 16, 8 p.m. at ing from Hamilton County places, he eventually settled Pike Performing Arts Center, 6701 Zionsville firms, and we’ll continue to here to be close to his family Road, Indianapolis.Tickets: $25 adults, $20 build stronger ties to this and because the suburban students and seniors Information: (317) community as we grow. In a lifestyle suits him artistically, 216-5455, few years, as a resident comtoo. pany in the new performing “I have more creative arts center, we can discard freedom here and a better the ‘best-kept secret’ designaquality of life than I would tion for good.” in a bigger city,” he said. In the meantime, daily “It’s much less hectic, I have rehearsals for the main and a backyard to relax in, and junior companies, a summer there’s plenty of quiet time.” dance academy for dancers Regular tours, off-season ages 10-18, and a mid-winter performances and guest apcabaret performance at pearances around the world Performer’s Edge are all ways provide creative stimulato build the company’s vistion beyond the borders of ibility in Carmel. Hamilton County. For exHancock conceded that a ample, the group performed small marketing budget may at the 11th International have hindered the growth Baltic Ballet Festival in Riga, of his company’s reputation. Latvia, and at the American But he quickly pointed out Telugu Association National that they make up for their financial limitations with volConvention in Newark, N.J. But while travel broadens unteer assistance on big-concept productions embellished the company’s horizons, there’s a reasonable work-life bal- with inventive costumes and imaginative lighting. ance with Carmel as its home base. This week’s “Superhero: The Story of a Man called “Sure, there are a few drawbacks,” Hancock said. “There Jesus” is a perfect introduction to the group if you haven’t aren’t a lot of other professional dancers here, the pay yet had the pleasure of attending a performance. The scale is lower than in a place like New York, and we have two-act piece centers on a well-known, but neverthea shortage of qualified male dancers. But we’ve had no less dramatic story told through stirring movement set trouble attracting qualified people because of the nature to powerful music. The production made such a deep of our company and the quality of life here.” impression in 2006 that fans appealed to Hancock for an Local dance audiences are great, too. They’re especially encore performance. supportive of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s distincLoosely based on the story of Jesus and the women tive blend of creative styles. Hancock, who as chief chore- around him in the last days before the Crucifixion, ographer and artistic director has written more than 100 “Superhero” fuses movement drawn from classical ballet pieces for the 11-year-old company, combines classical and modern dance with theatrical storytelling. The show ballet, ethnic and folk dance, modern dance movement features guest artist Inita Salenice from Riga, Latvia, and

over 75 young dancers from GHDT’s Summer Dance Academy. “The drama may be a little intense for very young children, so gauge if your child is ready to see a reenactment of the Crucifixion,” Hancock suggested. “But ultimately, it’s a very beautiful piece to watch.”

MISSION STATEMENT Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre offers a socially conscious form of professional dance dedicated to the exploration and presentation of thoughtprovoking issues. With the ability of dance to transcend the barriers that divide our world, we strive to enlighten, educate and entertain audiences of all ages.

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s 2008-2009 season Oh My Goth! Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 2008 at 8 p.m. Pike Performing Arts Center featuring “The Seven Deadly Sins” and “Alice Lite” (a condensed version of “Alice and Her Bizarre Adventures in Wonderland”) Tickets: (317) 216-5455, The Nutcracker Dec. 5, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 6, 2008 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Dec. 7, 2008 at 2 p.m. Pike Performing Arts Center Tickets: (317) 216-5455, Down on the Bayou Feb. 12-14, 19-21 and 26-28, 2009 The Performer’s Edge, 12955 Old Meridian St., Carmel Reservations required: (317) 846-2441 G2 (the second company of GHDT) Date and venue TBA India Ever After June 12 and 13, 2009 at 8 p.m. Pike Performing Arts Center Tickets: (317) 216-5455, Romeo and Juliet (at the Disco) Aug. 14 and 15, 2009 at 8 p.m. Pike Performing Arts Center Tickets: (317) 216-5455,

OUR TAKES It is our position that Carmel should take great pride in bringing Capital Group Companies and their $50 million plus in investment to the swelling North Meridian Street corridor. The investment management group announced its intentions to make the sizable outlay for infrastructure in a pair of buildings – but perhaps more importantly it will bring with it 900 jobs with a promised average salary of $45,000. This is good news in economic times that have many concerned about tomorrow’s paycheck. The City Council has committed to a 10-year tax abatement on equipment and construction costs presumably to help entice the

, Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. II, No. 41 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

group to land in Carmel. The plan is now on Mayor Jim Brainard’s desk awaiting an expected signature. While this kind of investment is to be lauded, and many cities around the country would be proud to have managed to recruit and close on this deal, we urge our leaders to be vigilant in overseeing the investments made by Capital Group. All too often failed performance fails to carry with it a reduction or removal of promised government investment. We are confident that all parties have good intentions; and we expect this to be a significant win for all involved.

a lesson in tragedy It is our position that there is much more to the story in Iraq than is reported on the evening news. Recently a longtime community member and active serviceman in the Middle East, Captain Chad Pittman of the US Infantry, sent an e-mail to friends and family reporting the death of a local comrade. Captain Pittman reported the events in a way that Katie Couric could not: Sergeant Brian Miller is still on a mission. He passed late on August 2, 2008… most of us will only manage to use the words of Duty, Honor and Country in a philosophical context in our lives. [This Sergeant] lived them

as he started every day – lacing up his combat boots – [he] was the embodiment of the concept Patriot… we will pay our tribute to Sergeant Miller by executing these tasks as our nation has directed us; and we shall do so with the resolved professionalism that he expected of himself.


a capital idea for carmel

How is it that such perspective is not highlighted? How can the profound contribution of this man not be newsworthy? His service, not his death, is perhaps the most important story. Thank you, Sergeant Miller, for your service and leadership. And thank you, Captain Pittman, for reminding us of it.

CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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dumberer than ever

meet mike, our new M.E.

ometimes I feel like the dumbthat America needs a change and that the est person in America. Men time of those mid-life white guys printed who look like me are regularly on the U.S. greenback is over. Okay, I the butt of the joke in everyadmit that Washington’s wig and lace thing from sitcom television to collar might not work on casual Fridays, advertisements from cellular but he helped found a nation. minutes to adult diapers. He led troops into battle. He Let’s face it, popular culture built a new form of governthinks that middle-aged subment. I still think that he is urban white guys are about relevant. Shouldn’t we all? as socially accepted as a plaid It is always fun – and even suit. I’m not sure exactly how sometimes good – to make this happened. It wasn’t that fun of the strong, to take long ago the Father-knowsthem down a notch, as my best would arrive home from mother-in-law likes to say. a long day at the office and And there are many folks out Kitten, Buddy and Princess there who don’t look like dead would rest at his feet to glean Presidents who should get a the wisdom of his advice on chance to prove themselves. Terry all manner of topic. Today, But it is not necessary to Anker I’m afraid to take my children devalue and debase the printo Hollywood’s latest blockciples upon which we have buster “family” movie because the plot built a nation just so France thinks we will undoubtedly include an idiotic and are cool. And not every white guy fits a self-absorbed father figure who will, with stereotype as fat, stupid or irrelevant. considerable prodding from his progeny, Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current in discover that his teen-aged daughter was Westfield. You may e-mail him at terry@curright all along to steal the car and run in the illegal cross country race. Come on! Just this week, I’ve been instructed


ids. Lessons absorbed from experiences Not only are they the best mean nothing if one doesn’t apply them to thing that ever happened to his current (no pun) job. I learned a lot, you, without saying so much as and I plan to implement those in an effort a word they wield the power to to improve on the Current weekly publicainfluence virtually every major tions in Carmel and Westfield. decision you make. Another benefit of the recent The ultimate marshmallow job change is the chance to in the eyes of my two young again work alongside Current daughters, ages 8 and 1, I Publisher Brian Kelly and plummet directly into this very General Manager Steve category as I ultimately grew Greenberg. (Editor’s note: He’s weary of years of working evereally sucking up at this point.) nings and arriving home long Brian and I were part of the after everyone had gone to bed. team that launched the weekly I sought the 8-to-5 existence so Image publication in Hamilton many 8-to-5ers tend to take for County in 1999, and Steve was granted. the managing editor for sports Thus, when recently offered at The Star from 1995-97. Mike the opportunity to become And for the loyal legion of managing editor at Current Current readers, I offer up one Beas Publishing, LLC, I jumped at more bonus to my coming on the opportunity. A relatively bold move board: a seven-day vacation from having to considering my vertical isn’t quite what it look at the photo of Brian and Steve that once was. normally resides here. I’ve been a resident of Westfield for Mike Beas, the managing editor for Current nearly 10 years, and my professional jourPublishing, LLC, may be reached at 730.4833 or nalism background reaches back 24 years, by e-mail at including stops at The Indianapolis Star and The Herald-Bulletin in Anderson.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

is there a healthy tax?


arlier this year, the City of San What if Carmel or Westfield were to Francisco implemented universal pass similar ordinances? Would this be a health coverage. Well, almost. shrewd way to encourage a reverse comThe program, dubbed “Healthy mute from Marion County to Hamilton San Francisco,” does not provide County? Would this help local recruiting health insurance. To combat the efforts, where it has sometimes rising ranks of the city’s 82,000 been difficult to recruit certain uninsured, San Francisco borjob classes because cost of living rowed from its public health is too high for some to live roots and created a network of here? Would this take the presover a dozen facilities in the city sure off small business owners contracted to provide preventato reevaluate health care covertive and primary care for those age options every year? enrolled in the plan. Conversely, would this be Based on company size, this an administrative nightmare plan can cost employers up to funded by taxpayers? Would $1.76 per hour per employee. you dine in Westfield knowing Employees need only to work that your dining bill might be in the city, not live in it or pay augmented by a $5 healthcare Sue taxes there, to benefit from the surcharge? Would local busiFinkam plan. Additionally, the plan nesses become less competitive is offered to uncovered emdue to higher overhead? Would ployees regardless of immigration status, we become a less attractive destination for employment status or pre-existing medical relocating businesses? conditions. What are your thoughts? If city counMany businesses reacted by passing on cilor for a day, would you support this increased costs to their customers in the concept or vote against it? form of a price increase. Others bit the Sue Finkam is interested in making a difference bullet and reduced margins. Restaurant in the community through healthy conversaowners were the loudest opponents, with tion. You can participate in the conversation many instituting “health tax” in the form by posting a comment on her blog at www. of a flat fee or percentage increase added onto patrons’ bills.


CARMEL NATIVE TO PLAY HOCKEY AT NEBRASKA-OMAHA - The Indiana Ice announced today that defenseman Matt Smith has committed to play Division I hockey at University of Nebraska-Omaha for the upcoming season. The veteran SMITH defenseman and Carmel, Ind., native, Smith joins a long list of Ice recruits who will suit up for the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) member. The stay-at-home defenseman appeared in 81 games in an Ice uniform registering 17 points (G, 16A) and 123 penalty minutes.

Big Award for CCPR’s Klitzing - Michael W. Klitzing, Assistant Director of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, has been selected as the 2008 recipient of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)/American Park and Recreation Society (APRS) New Professional of the Year. Each year, NRPA recognizes an inspirational person who has been in the profession for less than ten years and exemplifies the outstanding work being done in parks and recreation to improve Americans’ quality of life. Klitzing oversees an $8 million annual operating budget, nearly 70 percent funded with non-tax dollars. He directed the opening of the $55 million Central Park and 146,000 square foot Monon Center, initiated the proposal resulting in a contract to manage Carmel Clay Schools’ before-and-after-school program serving over 1,400 students, and has guided the growth of the department from 40 to over 600 employees over a three year period.

the Baroness and Max Detweiler in the Broadway production.) Speaking of “hot” vacation spots, we did take one family trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, but in retrospect, I’ll admit to making a monumental miscalculation in timing. We left the afternoon school let out and were back before other districts were even done for the year. Big mistake. Huge. Now we had seven weeks with nothing to look forward to! Yodelayee-yodelayee-yodelay, boo-hoo! See, as thrilling as the initial three hours of summer vacation are in terms of freedom, we all need routine. And though kids would never admit to it, subconsciously they, too, miss the structure, schedule and social network that is school. Bedtimes, homework and sack lunches are little things that actually make a big difference. I have confidence in sunshine, but I have more confidence in spelling bees and math tests. And so, as the bright yellow school bus pulled away this morning, I ecstatically sang, “So long, farewell, adieu, auf weidersehen! I think I’ll have a glass of good champagne!” Have a great day, my little children! I know I will. Peace out.

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at

construction updates For Current in Carmel Spring Mill Road Improvements: A roundabout bypass lane will be constructed for westbound 116th Street to northbound Spring Mill Road. Additional entry lanes will be constructed on the south and east approaches of the Spring Mill Road and 131st Street roundabout, and a roundabout bypass lane will be constructed for eastbound 131st Street to southbound Illinois Street. These improvements will be completed under traffic but will involve lane restrictions. Also included in this project will be the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Spring Mill Road and Dorset Boulevard. This intersection will be closed during construction. The entire project is scheduled to start in mid-August and is scheduled to be completed this fall. 131st Street (Ditch Road to Towne Road) Towne Road at 131st Street was expected to close on or after yesterday. The 131st Street project from Ditch Road to Towne Road is expected to be completed this fall. Keystone Avenue: For information on The Keystone Avenue project go to

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DID YOU NOTICE?- The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) traffic signal crews adjusted afternoon traffic patterns on U.S. 31/Meridian Street between 96th Street and Range Line Road on August 6 for improved efficiency. Updated U.S. 31 signal timing should aid traffic being diverted around nearby road construction on Keystone Avenue and elsewhere. INDOT estimates that a 2006 signal retiming project on U.S. 31 saves motorists a combined 264 hours behind the wheel and 193 gallons of gas each day.


he hills are alive . . . with the calendar was Vacation Bible School, which sound of music. Aah-ah-ah-ah. I might add is the best bargain in town! That’s because parents everywhere Nine in the morning ‘til noon, Monday are singing the joys of school through Friday, for four kids cost me (a starting again this morning after name I call myself ) a whopping $75. If I what felt like a particularly paid a sitter that little, people long summer break. would accuse me of running a So (a needle pulling thread) sweat shop! how did you fare? I myself did But I digress. As I mentioned, a little better this year, though the kids’ mantra from June 8 I’m certain my three-week through yesterday was, “I’m plastic surgery convalescence bored. I’m bored. There’s nothin July played a part in that. If ing to do. I’m bored.” My oldest I’d known sooner that all I had is nine, but his attitude was to do was chop myself in half more like sixteen going on sevto get a break from the action, enteen. And even though these I would have done it years ago! were a few of my favorite things That being said, I felt like I growing up, apparently swimwas climbing every mountain ming at grandma’s, playing on Danielle and fording every stream just the slip-n-slide, catching lightenWilson to entertain my kids. And for ing bugs, riding scooters, and what? So they could tell me gorging on s’mores (a dull vice there was nothing to do. (Then I’d remind . . . A. Dull. Vice. Nothing? Keep trying, them that nothing comes from nothing, you’ll get it.) just doesn’t cut it anymore. that nothing ever could, and that someConsequently, summer fights were up where in their youth and childhood, there 30 percent among the boys, 55 percent must be something good.) among the girls; bric-a-brac breakage Boredom was our definitely biggest and basement trashing skyrocketed to issue this summer, and how do you solve unbelievable proportions; and my foura problem like ennui, huh? (Let that one year old had enough meltdowns due to sit a minute. It’ll come to you.) None decreased Mommy-to-herself time to make of the kids wanted to participate in any Chernobyl seem like a rather nice place sports camps, which was just fine for me to visit. How can love survive? (Okay, and my pocketbook. The only item on our that’s an obscure one, but it’s sung by


“VETTE FOR VETS” AT CARMEL AMERICAN LEGION- “Vette for Vets” Corvette Show Presented by Circle City Corvette Club and Carmel American Legion Post 155 will be held on Saturday, August 16, at the Carmel American Legion Post on 852 West Main Street . Registration is from 8 to 11 a.m. with awards at 3 p.m. Register online at www.

school is back, and thank goodness

By Bryan Unruh Current in Carmel

Bistro de Paris can legally serve cocktails and hard liquor. The restaurant recently applied for a three-way liquor license to expand its alcohol sales beyond beer and wine. The new license is valid starting today. Co-owner Kamafily Sissoko said the change was fueled exclusively by customer inquiries. “In business, you have to adjust based on customer needs,” he said. “Some customers don’t want to eat unless they can have a Scotch.” Customers have inquired about hard liquor almost every day since Bistro de Paris opened in February, Sissoko said. He

4943 WooDfIElD DR $485,000

7226 E 550 S $1,200,000

Luxurious 6BR/5+BA brick Traditional-style nicely sited on 10.15 acres. Security system, 2 fireplaces, attractive pool. Two-story foyer, high ceilings. DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

4637 S 575 E $450,000

Almost 8acres + a beautiful post&beam home w/SS & granite kitchen, hdwd floors, 5BR, 3BA w/over 5500 sf just outside of Zionsville. Deer included! TRACY VATNSDAl, 407-7000, 846-7751

12433 BRooKS CRoSSINg $575,000

Beautiful Hamilton Proper home on over 1 acre w/over 6000sf. 4BR/5+1/2BA, 3FP, fin daylight bsmt, 3car gar, granite +SS kit, main level mstr, maple hdwds. TRACY VATNSDAl, 407-7000, 846-7751

11122 WESTMINSTER WAY $400,000

Lovely 4BR 3.5BA ranch w/finished basement. 2FP’s, granite counter tops, 1st floor office, & 3-car garage on wooded lot in convenient Carmel. JoAN RuBENSTEIN, 290-4659, 846-7751

For Current in Carmel

On September 5, celebrate 25 years of Carmel High School Men’s Soccer as four of the top high school boys programs in Indiana compete head-to-head. At 6 p.m., see Westfield take on Lawrence Central, a match to be followed at 8 p.m. when Carmel faces Pike. Bub’s Burgers will be on site in the parking lot with their mobile grill offering their fabulous hamburgers prior to game time.

All Carmel Dads Club soccer players will be admitted free to the game if they wear their Dads Club soccer jersey. The Carmel men’s varsity teams, players and coaches from the last 25 years will be recognized at halftime of the Carmel-Pike game. Fabulous prizes will be awarded to lucky fans throughout the evening. Witness firsthand the action, passion and excitement of Carmel soccer.


Send it here: or call

12974 TREATY lINE ST $525,000

Under construction. You will love this posh 4BR/3+BA Colonial. 3-car garage, cozy fireplace. Huge foyer, great room, high ceilings. Garden tub. Fenced. ANgElA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751

12171220 TuRNER DR $339,800

4BR/2.5BA townhome in award-winning Carmel Clay school district! All appliances included! Close to Monon Trail & Monon Center. No assoc fee. ANgElA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751


105 MAgNolIA lN $489,900

Fascinating 4BR/3BA brick Ranch on wooded 1/2acre. Security system, 2 fireplaces, 3-car garage. Huge foyer, office, high ceilings. SIlAS JohNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751

12911 ShElBoRNE RD $325,000

Secluded on 1.21 acres. Fenced 3BR/2+BA Traditionalstyle. 3-car garage. Great room, cathedral ceilings, bay windows. CoNSTANCE lIDSTRoM, 317-525-8836, 846-7751

5531 N DElAWARE ST $485,000

Heart of Meridian Kessler. 4 bedrooms, 5 baths. Gorgeous kitchen & baths, formal dining room & living room. Large family room, one bedroom on main. DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

4852 gREENSPIRE DR $319,900

5BR/2.5BA. 4000SF+. Large unfinished bsmt. Hrdwds/ ceramic. Large kitchen. 9’clgs. Pocket doors. Office main level. Fenced. Community pool DoNNA CollIER, 317-299-1149, 844-4200 & A BEA ff uTI oR fu DA l Bl E!

Woodfield beauty! 5500sf on 1.2ac w/inground pool & great spaces inside too! 5BR/3 full/2 half BAs, 2FP, giant kitchen & gathering area, fin bsmt-Come see! TRACY VATNSDAl, 407-7000, 846-7751

also explained that although the license was expensive, he wasn’t worried about how quickly it would pay off. “It will probably take a while to get our money back,” he said. “But we aren’t thinking about that right now. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.” The restaurant will begin serving cocktails and hard liquor on September 1, allowing its staff two weeks to adjust to the new products, Sissoko said. It will use the occasion to debut its new entertainment lineup, which includes a jazz night every Wednesday, an African foodtasting every Thursday and assorted entertainment each Thursday and Friday.


EE !

AT Io N!

14510 oAK RIDgE RD $189,900

Location! Playgrounds, Monon & ballfields all within walking distance. 4 bedrooms, nice deck. Extra large mini-barn. Updated floors & countertops. lISA MEINERS, 216-5976, 846-7751

1394 loNglEAf ST $249,900

Fascinating 4BR/2+BA with formal dining room, sitting room & garden tub in master, cathedral ceilings & fireplace. 3-car. Screened porch overlooks patio. SIlAS JohNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751

12164 RoCKfoRD CT $180,000

Come home to The Highlands @ Stonycreek where lawns are maintained while you sit on your deck & enjoy! 3BR/2BA+loft+sunrm. 2sty GRw/FP. All appls included. TRACY VATNSDAl, 407-7000, 846-7751

9600 CloVER lEAf lN $160,000

Country Fields @ Fishers nearly 2000sf w/2BR/2BA+den. 2c gar + gorgeous interior spaces! FR, deck, all appliances included! Great condition amenities too! TRACY VATNSDAl, 407-7000, 846-7751

5129 DEER CREEK CT $145,000

4BR/2.5BA lg 2car attach. All colors interior most neutral. Circular flr plan. Scrnd in porch & lg deck overlook bk yd. All apppls stay. 1900sf. Must see! Al PEARlMAN, 216-4226, 846-7751

9715 ElM DR $219,900

Impressive 4BR/3BA brick single-level. Breakfast nook, cozy fireplace. Vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring, private master suite. Patio & 2-car garage. SIlAS JohNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751 D!

13922 olIVER lANE $275,000

Stunning 4BR/3BA home in Hayden Run at an amazingly low price! Large yard, sunroom, ceramic tile, 2story entry, bonus office area & an unfinished bsmt. ANgElA RAAB, 317-735-9610, 846-7751


1408 CAREY CT $309,900

Custom built home with beautiful yard on quiet cul-de-sac. This 4 bedroom home has many updates, and is a great neighborhood with pool & tennis. lISA MEINERS, 216-5976, 846-7751

uP D

14914 MAggIE CT $309,900

On cul-de-sac lot! 4BR/2+BA Traditional-style. Two-story foyer, cathedral ceilings, fireplace & hardwood floors. Nice master suite! 3-car garage. SIlAS JohNSoN, 317-216-4085, 846-7751

gR EA Tl oC

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7240 hAMIlToN CR $1,375,000

Almost 10 acres! Fab kit w/ FP, mstr w/FP, unbelievable mstr BA, wrap-around porch, elevator, custom etched windows & custom cabinetry! Spectacular home! DAWN KENDRICK, 329-8535, 846-7751

Carmel Men’s Soccer ‘Pack the House Night’

Mu S


bistro now seves liquor

301 S MAIN ST $119,995

Recently updated. Wraparound porch. Fully fenced back yard w/mature trees & storage shed. Hardwoods, bkshvs. Beautiful spiral staircase. PEggY DRISCol, 223-1925, 846-7751

13921 lEAThERWooD DR $219,900

Light, bright & open! Lovely great room with vaulted ceiling. Main level master. Loft area could be utilized as play area or in-home office. lISA MEINERS, 508-6532, 846-7751

This is a great time to be a Tucker agent.

Call 639-TALK

making school smoother



Homecoming Dance Chaperones oday is the first day of school in Traffic Crossing Guards Carmel, and the yellow buses are Homeroom Mothers traveling the streets collecting stuField Trip Chaperones dents eager to begin the learning Concession Stand Workers process. Well, maybe not eager, PTO Officers but it is possible some day they Envelope Stuffers will appreciate the gift of inTutors struction from Carmel Public Interpreters Schools. There are hundreds Hall Monitors of dedicated employees in the Ticket Takers School Corporation making Costume/Uniform Washers sure your kids receive an educaLunchroom Observers tion considered to be one of the Teacher’s Aides finest in the state. Athletic Boosters Employees notwithstanding, Lab Assitants it is the unpaid workers I seek Office Helpers to recognize this beginning Timers, Scorekeepers, day of the school year. It takes Statisticians plenty of volunteers to keep the Jeff Picture Day Helpers world of education spinning Playground Supervisor and I think we should applaud Worrell Storytellers their generosity. Without them, Encouragers many of the activities and resources our Mentors children enjoy would simply not be possible. Today, as children find their ways into Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He their classrooms for the first time, I say thanks to the people whom accept nothing recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with Carmel� on cable channel 16. Contact him at in return but a smile and a thank you.

Band Boosters

I say thanks to the people whom accept nothing in return but a smile and a thank you.



Dr. Lowe received a degree in cosmetic dentistry through the prestigious Hornbrook Group Anterior Cosmetic Dentistry.



Official Dentist Official Dentist of the of the Indianapolis 500 Indiana Ice! Festival princesses!


Brighten your smile before you go back to school or campus. School photos and IDs are coming up, too!





John Lowe, DDS

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dr. Lowe is a member in good standing of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.




hile not technically a other facilities that now compete with the native Carmelite (he Ritz were founded. It was hard to have grew up in South Bend), a wedding reception outside a church the Ritz Charles’ Chuck basement or a Knights of Columbus hall. Lazzara has been part of Chuck was definitely ahead of the curve. this community for a long time. Entrepreneurship and food And his wife Lynn is a Carmel preparation apparently run in Greyhound (Chuck admits he the family. Chuck’s brother Joe first noticed her as a Greyhound owns Joe’s Butcher Shop & Fish cheerleader but didn’t meet her Market in the Arts district. And until years later). his brother-in-law Matt Frey Chuck’s first “business love� owns and runs the wildly popuwas real estate. He spent eight lar Bub’s. The four Lazzara kids years with F.C. Tucker in are also Carmel Greyhounds. Carmel and connected with The oldest, Kelle, a nurse at Lynn during that time, as she Riley Hospital, is getting marsold title insurance. His interest ried yet this summer. I didn’t in real estate led to his founding have to ask where that reception the Ritz Charles in 1985. He will be! Daughter number two, Danny bought the ground and then Casey, works between the Ritz O’Malia figured out something to do and the Monon Center. The with it. He’d always been a foodie and an third daughter, Michelle, attends Miami out-of-the-box thinker. Lots of folks told (O). Tony, the baby, just graduated from him it would never work. CHS and “was Carmel’s top golfer this But Chuck had visited large banquet year.� Tony will be a freshman at Ball halls in cities like Chicago and Detroit as State. his buddies get married and had seen such The Lazzaras and the Ritz are a big part facilitates. He believed that the concept of what makes Carmel Carmel. Thanks, would work in Carmel — at the right Chuck and Lynn! location. Danny O’Malia, a Carmel resident, is a conI remember well, upon hearing about tributor to Current in Carmel. You may e-mail Chuck’s plan, the amount of speculation him at around town as to whether such a facility would work. This was before any of the

Join us on Saturday evening on the grassy knoll for our Movies Under The Stars series. Bring your blankets and lawn chairs for an enjoyable evening. Special activities for kids of all ages begin at 7:00 p.m. Movies begin at 9:00 p.m.






Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . “Bee Movie�

August 16 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Grease� August 23 . . . . . “Hannah Montana� August 30 . “High School Musical 2�




August 9 . . . . . . . . . . . “Casablanca�


14390 Clay Terrace Blvd, Carmel. Shopping LineÂŽ 317.566.0011

DISPATCHES Small Wonder - As the telecom industry switches to high-speed networks, Adtran’s (ADTN) products will be in high demand. Revenue and earnings for the networking and communications equipment firm are expected to grow by an average of 9 percent and 13 percent, respectively, over the next three years. Adtran also has the balance sheet to handle turmoil in the telecom sector. Though it carries $50 million in debt, that is more than offset by $300 million in excess cash. And the company generates a lot of free cash flow. Fortune notes it as a good consideration for your portfolio.


t’s a common question: “What is Web doesn’t change. 2.0?” It’s not just the new version of Social. Web 2.0 is the social Web. the Internet. It is a term generally There are applications that would have associated with a new way no value if other people didn’t of communicating on the participate. Facebook is an exInternet. Marked by two-way ample. If you didn’t have any communication, collaboration friends, there would not be any and interaction, it is about creatvalue. It becomes a situation ing dialogue. In the early days where your friends are the real of the Web, most online activity value in the applications. was about designing a static corAPI. An application proporate brochure. Now, features gramming interface or API prolike blogging and customer vides the ability to share data feedback channels can create and, as importantly, integrate conversations. data easily. For example, you So what is Web 2.0? Outlined can integrate easily information here are four characteristics that from another application (e.g., could be considered hallmark Google maps) right into your David Cain characteristics of Web 2.0. website, seamlessly. Marketing Prosumers. A prosumer Today the Internet is full of is a coined term that mashes tooptions to let your voice be gether the words producer and consumer. heard. And savvy companies are integratIt’s about the user generating content. On ing these features in their marketing and today’s Internet, much of the content is communication plans as well as monitorgenerated by users or prosumers. They ing what the world is saying. If you ignore want to hear from others. Highly visible the conversations occurring with or withexamples include, YouTube. out you, those ripples of innovation might com, and just become waves that sweep you away. Remote Applications. Think David Cain is President of MediaSauce, a digiabout Google docs and gmail, they are programs that are free and housed remote- tal media and online marketing company in Carmel. He welcomes your questions or comly. This allows them to be accessible from ments at anywhere by anybody. And, as for Google docs, they are shareable and the formatting

TOP REAL ESTATE DEALS SAVE $100,000 ON CALIFORNIA CONDOS- San Mateo, Cal. $598,000. home.php CONDO CLOSEOUT- Scottsdale, Ariz. Luxury condos from $139,000. http:// 18 PICTURESQUE NEW ENGLAND VILLAGE CONDOS- Stonington Vill, Conn. Priced for $595,000. http:// 101main/home.asp SAVE OVER $300,000- Naples, Fla. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, pool. Now $683,093. http://www. your_lot/windsor.html ESTATE REDUCED $350,000- Door County, Wis. Waterfront property. Now $950,000. http://www. ESTATE SEALED BID SALEGreenwich, Conn. Will sell to high bid over $19,000,000. http://www. SAVE UP TO $80,000 ON NEW HOMES- Bolingbrook, Ill. $320,000s. commun/index.cfm?id=124


Beware of Ctrip Recommendations! - Some have made recommendations regarding Ctrip. com (CTRP), China’s major online travel booker, because of its increased use for the Olympic Games, but buyers, beware! Although it has been showing great option volume, it also shows incredible volatility. By way of perspective on a stock that could medal in volatility (if there were such an event), consider that three months ago, on May 5, shares topped $70. The stock has lost about $25 since that time, and while that’s reflected in the near 50 percent volatility reading in the stock, implied volatility in the options ticks in nearly 20 percentage points higher at 68.5 percent, suggesting much more rockiness ahead. Besides, with the Olympics having started already, most related travel plans have been secured. CTrip. com is due to report earnings Aug. 13.

Improved, But Not New

- Forbes

Number five on Dean Kruse’s list of collectible cars most likely to see the greatest appreciation this year is the

1957 Chrysler Imperial Convertible These huge, high-fair convertibles make you feel like a “King of the Road” when you are cruising down the highway. This was the year that styling moved further away from that of other Chrysler cars. There is as much steel in one door as there is in an entire new Yugo. This is an era that has passed us by and this blast from the past will bring happiness. You can’t find one easily, and when you do, sellers will ask you for your arm and leg to buy it. They should increase nearly 20 percent this year. Excellent condition - $15,000 to $35,000 – Some have sold for $60,000.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pullback Stocks - With stocks continuing to pull back from their highs, there is still a lot of opportunity for patient traders. There are a couple of different ways traders can deploy the patience necessary to successfully trade these volatile markets. The first is simple: Pick a handful of successful stocks, wait for them to move lower, and then snatch them up. For this technique, pick stocks with low two-period Relative Strength Indexes (RSI) or Short-Term Power Ratings around 8. The second approach is more aggressive, but it can lead to true out-performance for swing traders who like to buy low and sell high: Look for entry levels of 4, 6 or even 8 percent below the last closing price, especially when used against stocks with high Short-Term Power Ratings or low twoperiod RSIs. Watch the stocks closely, monitoring their habits and catching them at their profit-taking decline. Some stocks to consider: VNUS Medical Technology (VNUS), Westinghouse Air Brake (WAB), and Omega Protein (OME).




By John Pacilio, RE/MAX Ability Plus



Type: Traditional Age: Built in 1987 Location: Near Main Street and Gray Rd. Neighborhood: Foster Grove is a custom built neighborhood with large lots and mature trees. Square footage: 3337 square feet including the finished basement Rooms: This four-bedroom home has a family room adjacent and open to the large kitchen with center island, a lovely brick hearth with gas fireplace and surrounding built-ins, Corian counter tops and vaulted ceiling, main floor office or extra bedroom, large laundry room, finished basement, and a master suite with tall ceilings, a private bath and large walk-in with extra storage. Strengths: This home has a very private, large fenced backyard, beautiful

landscaping, and a screened porch. This one-owner home has had every major item updated inside and out. This is an attractive price point for this area. Challenges: Recent changes in the mortgage industry have slightly reduced the quantity of buyers with marginal credit. The natural woodwork may not appeal to the buyer looking for a newer home where the norm is painted white trim. John Pacilio and his team specialize in Westfield real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or John@

NOW OPEN Crowe’s Eye Photography

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Owners: John and Joslyn Crowe Address: 16 W. Main St. Carmel Hours: By appointment Phone: 317-924-8144 Web site: www.croweseyephotography. com John and Josyln Crowe are far from typical wedding photographers. Schooled in fine art and design, the couple focuses on creativity over budget. “We try to capture people’s spirits,” John said. “We don’t want them just to pose. We like to create a natural scene and see what comes from it.” They began Crowe’s Eye Photography five years

ago in a warehouse, working primarily on fine art and personal projects. But when they decided to shift their focus toward wedding photography, they knew they needed a more visible studio. “We knew we needed to be on a main street,” Joslyn said. “And in a more inviting place where people would feel comfortable.” They opened the Carmel studio in July.

MONEY MATTERS Do you think the value of your home is appreciating or depreciating and at what percent? What is your outlook for the future?

“I would guess it has depreciated by 7 or 8 percent in the past year. My outlook is good, though, because I think things are about to bottom out and improve gradually.” William Campbell Carmel

“I think its value is staying about the same. As for the future, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows.” Marian Rand Carmel

“I don’t think it is deprecating, but it certainly isn’t appreciating either. I would hope it is worth a little more than when I built it 17 years ago.” Mark Horine works in Carmel

just let me buy in peace



hanks to the genius of American “Do you have a Borders Rewards marketers, we are increasingly Card?”...“Would you like to complete a held hostage in a myriad of ways Kohl’s charge application? It only takes as we try to live our lives. We a minute, and you can save 10 percent now must sit through 30 seconds on your purchases today!”... “Can I have of advertising before we see you email address? (Then, my a video clip on the Internet. company can start relentlessly Websites blast audio messages sending you emails about things at us as soon as the page loads. in which you’ll have little to Instead of fun facts, trivia or no interest.)” ... “To register local ads set to background on our site, please supply your music, big budget national life story…fields with a * are commercials are now part of required.”…”Thanks for your the pre-movie ritual at movie purchase. To help us serve you theaters everywhere. better in the future, please comRetailers have cashiers asking plete the following brief survey.” me what my zip code is before Are you feeling my pain? I they ring up my merchandise. haven’t figured out an answer to I stopped at a gas pump the this predicament beyond simply Kent Burns other day and had to put in saying, “no,” whenever possible. On Success my zip code before I could If you have a better answer, pump any gas, for goodness please tell me. I promise I sake. And while I’m ranting, what’s the won’t ask you for your birth date or the deal with these gas pumps, anyway? “Is last four digits of your social. this Debit or Credit?”…”Do you want a Kent Burns is a Carmel resident, investor and car wash?”…”Do you have a Fresh Idea co-founder of CrossConfirm. He is also a profesCard?” By the time I complete all the sional speaker and author of What’s Your Why? steps, I forget that I’m standing there for His blog is, and he the privilege of buying $4.00 per gallon can be reached at gasoline. “Are you an XYZ Club member?”…


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boot camp training



Maybe, baby? - Deciding whether or not to have a baby? Clarian North (116th and N. Meridian) will host a free class from 6:30- 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, on the steps you can take even before pregnancy to help ensure the healthiest start. A genetic counselor will be there to answer questions about nutrition, fetal development, prenatal testing, family and genetic history. Register online at

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cancer Patient Seminar for Women - The American Cancer Society’s Central Indiana office will hold free Look Good…Feel Better sessions for women currently going through cancer treatment from 9 to 11 a.m. on Monday, August 18, at Clarian North Hospital. Women will learn about makeup, skincare, nail care and options related to hair loss. Each participant receives a free kit of cosmetics. Reservations are required by calling 1.800.ACS.2345. Soy linked to infertility- Eating half a serving of soy food a day lowers sperm concentrations and may play a role in male infertility, particularly in obese men, Harvard University researchers report. The reason for this relationship between soy and sperm count isn’t clear. However, researchers speculate that soy increases estrogen activity, which may have a negative effect on sperm production and also interfere with other hormonal signals. -

oot camp training is becoming more and more popular. For people who don’t want to dedicate a lot of time doing a strength training routine and cardiovascular routine it can be an efficient way of training. Before signing up, consider some of the pros and cons:


John Karesh Fitness

• It is a time saver. You can train the cardiovascular system as well as the musculoskeletal system in 30 to 60 minutes.

• It tends to be a more fast paced workout, and time passes quickly. • It is less expensive than personal training. • A boot camp workout usually has a group of people, and you tend to push yourself harder in a group. • You will burn a lot of calories in a relatively short amount of time.

Know someone outside of Carmel who would like to get


You can send it to them for $52 a year! Call 489.4444

Daily lunch buffet

Mon - Fri: 11am - 2:30pm • Sat & Sun: 11:30am - 3pm Dinner—Mon - Sun: 5pm - 10pm 12510 n. Meridian Street carmel, in 46032


Receive $1 off ouR lunch buffet (one coupon per person)

Cons: • It is harder to build strength in a workout that encourages shorter rest periods. You can build more strength and muscle tone in training sessions that encourage 30-second to two-minute rest periods. • The ballistic style of movement can encourage more injuries. Any time you move at a quick pace and are out of breath, it is easier to bounce or use improper form. Generally, limit ballistic-type movements to once or twice a week depending on the periodization split. • Boot Camp training usually requires a higher level of fitness to begin and is not for everyone. Getting a medical release is an excellent idea. John Karesh is a fitness-and-nutritional expert and the owner of Fitness Together in Carmel. You may e-mail him at

Mid-Morning Vending Machine Snack For Current In Westfield

If you’re looking for something to munch on at the office before lunch, try these vending-machine staples: popcorn or whole-wheat crackers. Elisa Zied, author of So What Can I Eat?!, explains, “They’re high in filling fiber, which takes a while to digest, so you feel satisfied at lunch.” Avoid breakfast bars or muffins because “They consist mainly of sugar and fat,” explains Purdue professor of nutrition William Evers. “Plus, they’re filled with empty calories.” You’ll digest them quickly and be starving and hour later. -Quick and Simple

EZ Dental affordable dentistry and dentures too!

GEnERal anD Family DEntistRy FREE Examination, E E R F X-Rays & Consultation Exam! all new patients 18 and older

10% oFF

Premium Dentures* *see office for details

EZ Dental

14904 Greyhound Court Carmel, IN 46032



Dr. Tim Gossweiler, DDS

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Hair & Nail Salon

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1305 S. range Line at Carmel dr. 2560 e. 146th Street in Cool Creek Commons 1216 West 86th Street near ditch road


811 West Main Street, Suite 120 Carmel, Mon. - Sat.: 9am - 7pm

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12510 N Meridian Street

offers.Expires August 23, 2008) 317.575.9699

2788 East 146th Street, Carmel

Kids eat for $1. Eat-in only.

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August 16 Live jazz, $2 drafts

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inside & Out

14 new pool house in carmel

with the landscape designer and the pool company. The Initial Situation: The owners of this Carmel custom initial construction contract was signed in February and home were planning a major backyard project includconstruction began in April. The construction phase ing a new pool, pool house and extensive landscaping for the pool house lasted approximately 12 and hardscaping. A master plan was created weeks. for the entire area to include the layout of Final Product: The “after� photos show the all these elements. The challenge was to finished product. Rough-sawn cedar beams design the pool house so it would architecand posts are a highlight of the structure. The turally complement the existing home and cathedral ceiling above the outdoor kitchen the proposed landscaping and hardscaping reveals an exposed beam ceiling with tongueimprovements. and-groove planking. The gable exterior sides Design Phase: Functionally, the pool house are covered in fiber-cement stucco panels with needed to provide the following: 1) an out1 x 6 rough-sawn cedar battens. A stucco door kitchen, 2) a storage/mechanical room finish covers the front of the outdoor kitchen and 3) a changing room/bathroom. The outbar, and the doors to the storage room and door kitchen includes a built-in grill, refrigchanging room include custom-stained fibererator, sink, ice maker, outdoor stainless steel glass doors in a rustic style. The cedar arched cabinets along with granite counter tops. Larry beam over the kitchen was custom milled at a The storage/mechanical room was designed Greene local lumber yard, and the column bases were to house the pool equipment and other outcovered in natural stone. Finally, decorative door accessories. The bathroom included a half bath with an outdoor shower station. Clinker brick wood pendants and arched dormer vents were installed for added architectural interest. was ordered to match the existing home, and exposed cedar beams were designed as a cathedral ceiling to proHave a remodeling question? Ask Larry Greene, owner of vide an open air feeling. Case Handyman & Remodeling. You may e-mail him at Project Schedule: The project design phase was handled by the project architect and included coordination or call 846-2600.




HiLite Garners Award - The 200708 Carmel High School HiLite newspaper staff has earned an all-American honor rating, the National Scholastic Press Association’s highest achievement. CHS seniors who served in leadership positions last year were editor-in-chief Jaclyn Chen (University of Pennsylvania), managing editor Grace Baranowski (Duke University), and John Shi (Dartmouth University). Jim Streisel is the newspaper’s faculty adviser.


Do I need to wear anything special for my waxing service? - asks Chad R. No, Chad, you do not. Just come on in! Is the male brazilian a common service for men? - asks Kevin S. Kevin, that’s a big YES! We do an average of 5-7 per week. Men and women love the results!

…niceties will always go a long, long way


Pre-Finished ¾" x 2 ¼" Solid American Oak

$2.99/sq.ft. Carmel Dr.

Range Line Rd.

Floors Galore Monon Trail

Open Mon-Fri, 10AM-5PM

Ice Skadium

3rd Ave. SW

*Bruce *Armstrong *Mannington

Buy American. Buy locally. N Meridian

CARMEL RESIDENT HELPS OUT VU’S FOCUS- Molly Mullins of Carmel was one of 16 Valparaiso University students who served as orientation assistants during Focus, the University’s freshmen orientation program. Incoming students attended one of four two-day Focus sessions during the month of June where they were introduced to several aspects of college life. Each orientation session allowed students to attend their first class at the University, meet with academic advisers, take placement exams, register for classes and learn about student organizations.

1065 3rd Ave. S.W., Carmel, IN 46032


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life Skills for Kids - Parents play a critical role in a child’s education. Here are five beyond-the-books life skills to teach your kids that they may not learn in school. Money Matters: teach your kids about how money works. Responsibility Rules: Insist on punctuality and following through on promises. Good Manners Count: remind them to speak politely and use good grammar. Household Chores Aren’t Optional: hold them accountable. Work on Career Skills: encourage them to explore careers now.


e seldom realize the extent me – thanks,” or just, “thanks,” created of our influence. Often, changes in attitude that stayed prominent the effects of our behavthe rest of the year. ior and how we raise our The story doesn’t stop there. Fast forchildren is not recognized ward several years later when one of those until they are on their own as students enlisted in the Army adults. Consider this true story and was tragically killed in the about a teacher’s dilemma with Iraq war. Because this young her unruly fifth-grade students: man had kept in touch with his Morale was low. Her frustrateacher, she went to his funeral tions came from the fact that to pay her respects. The boy’s the children were not kind to father caught the teacher’s eye. one another. After many atAs he approached her he was tempts at conventional practaking something out of his tices of trying to establish a son’s wallet. What he showed decent camaraderie among her the teacher was the tattered list students, she embarked on an of all the nice things his 5th innovative process of building grade classmates had said about self-worth within themselves. him. The dad went on to tell Becky Kapsalis She passed out a list to each the teacher how the list never Ask YiaYia student with the names of left his son’s side and how it everyone in the class. The stuhelped him get through many dents were to write something nice about struggles when he had self-doubts. each other. From the mundane to the We may never know who or how we meaningful, they had to say something influence, but be sure, niceties will always kind. She then took the papers home, go a long, long way. consolidated the lists of all the nice things Hugs! the other students had said and handed Have a parenting topic or question? Submit the compiled lists back to each of the it to Ask Yiayia, aka Becky Kapsalis, Certified students. Comments overheard such as, Parent Coach, at or call “I didn’t know you felt that way about 810.9358.


Avoiding Bullying - Adamson’s Karate Studio (271 Merchant Square Dr., Carmel) will be offering a free AntiBullying Seminar at 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 23. This event will teach students how to handle a bully without getting expelled from school or losing their dignity. Please call 844-0657, and ask for John or Heather Adamson to pre-register or for more details.

influences travel far




St. Vincent Carmel Birth Announcements: 07/27 Boy- Helm, Brett and Melissa 07/28 Boy- Redzvelja, Aldin and Nina Twin Boys- Michael, Timothy and Joni 07/29 Boys- Dechert, Derek and Pamela; Lee, Sequoia Girls- Nietz, Daniel and Andrea; Holman, Kiel and Kiley; Ryerson, Jimmy and Amanda 07/30 Boys- Sturgill, Joseph and Christina Marie; Callaway, Jonathan and Staci Girls- Brown, Steven and Moore, Joan 07/31 Boys- Lu, Yuefeng and Tong, Yan Girls- Alberson, Brian and Jennifer; Riggins, Nigel and Wandini; Farmer, James and Cassandra; Thalhelmar, Blake and Burn, Christine; Benisty, Eldar and Dana

OBITUARIES Patricia Ann Craig Maurer, 65, of Indianapolis, passed away July 30, 2008. She was born on August 18, 1942, to the late Harold and Bessie Dickson Craig. Pat was MAURER a student of God’s Word with over 40 years of service in

children’s ministries. An avid gardener, she had completed the Master Gardener course. Survivors include her husband, Dennis Maurer; children, Brent (Julie) Maurer and Kim (Jay) Wiley; grandchildren, Nicole, Annie, Matthew, Megan and Zachary; sisters, Bea Dennis, Marilee Breimeir and brother, Jack Craig. Eunice Robinson Hillis, 93, of Indianapolis, died on August 7, 2008. She was born to Joseph and Eunice (Conder) Robinson on June 20, 1915 in Jasonville, Indiana. Eunice was a “Rosie the Riveter” type, working in the defense plants in Detroit during WWII. She was also a food service worker before going through training to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Cook County, IL Hospital. Eunice worked in the Chicago Osteopathic Hospital for her entire LPN career before moving to Indianapolis in 1988. She was a devoted mother and catholic with a love for all animals. Eunice is survived by son, William J. Hillis; grandchildren, Bridget Sisson, Stephanie Rollins, Pamela Crowe, Andrew Hillis; and ten great grandchildren, Natalie and Zachary Sisson, Olivia, Luke, and Joey Crowe, Sean and Meridith Rollins, A.J., Peyton, and Jordan Hillis. Friends and family may gather on Tuesday, August 12th one hour prior to a Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00 am in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church. You are invited to visit to

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

POLICE RUNS August 1 12:19:02 a.m., alarm burglar, 3314 Eden Way 1:03:17 a.m., suspicious activity, 13644 N Meridian St 1:51:23 a.m., animal complaint, Springmill Road / Creekwood Lane 2:46:02 a.m., driving complaint, East 106th St / Westfield Boulevard 3:03:51 a.m., juvenile complaint, 13867 Smokey Ridge Drive 3:19:59 a.m., driving complaint, East 116th St / State Road 431 N 3:39:19 a.m., f invest, 242 Hawthorne Drive 7:45:44 a.m., alarm hold up, 14599 Clay Terrace Blvd 8:17:30 a.m., accident property damage, North Meridian Street / I 465 E 8:34:32 a.m., suspicious activity, West Main Street / North Guilford Road 8:35:16 a.m., trespassing, 1027 Nevelle Lane 8:39:35 a.m., driving complaint, Clay Terrace Boulevard / North Meridian Street 8:49:12 a.m., alarm burglar, 675 Beacon St

8:59:40 a.m., investigation, 308 Gradle Drive 9:35:06 a.m., burglary, 12126 Woods Bay Place 10:21:48 a.m., alarm hold up, 11711 Pennsylvania St 10:48:44 a.m., accident property damage, 4538 E 96th St 11:30:29 a.m., f als, 1424 W Carmel Drive 11:40:08 a.m., accident property damage, 1424 W Carmel Drive 11:43:42 a.m., accident property damage, 11555 N Meridian St 12:53:17 p.m., accident property damage, Versailles Drive / Wyndotte Drive 1:19:50 p.m., warrant service, Shadow Ridge Road / Sedona Pass 1:28:05 p.m., suspicious activity, 225 Shoshone Drive 1:39:37 p.m., accident property damage, Hazel Dell Parkway / East 126th St 1:55:18 p.m., accident property damage, 96th St / Whitley Court 1:57:54 p.m., accident property damage, East 96th St / State Road 431 N 2:08:00 p.m., suspicious activity, Haverstick Road / East 96th St 2:13:37 p.m., animal complaint, Wilson Drive / Winding Way 2:42:03 p.m., theft, 86 Cricket Knoll Lane 2:53:39 p.m., traffic hazard, North Meridian Street / West 136th St 2:55:03 p.m., theft, 55 4th Ave SE 3:12:48 p.m., alarm burglar, 507 Cornwall Court 3:19:43 p.m., found/lost property,


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 27,749 homes weekly


leave a personal message, sign the guestbook or in lieu of flowers make memorial contributions to Humane Society of Indianapolis. Arrangements and care entrusted to Leppert Mortuary, Smith Carmel Chapel.




• Licensed • CPR Certified • Trained in First Aid PLUS 28 years of experience and references

With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons Gift Certificates Available near Carey Road & 146th Carmel


Business service starting a Business? Need LLC documents filed? QuickcorpLLC will file for you. Fast-Courteous-Reasonable

Warm, balanced meals, planned activies & TLC

PIANO TUNING & SERVICES Repair, regulation, re-stringing, cleaning, 20 yrs expereince.

Experienced Child Care

50% 0FF

Full-time openings 844-7207 844-4683 Woodgate area Carmel

NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY (regular price $90)

(317) 432-2328 ExpErt SEamStrESS Custom design/sewing of apparel and home decor. MS Degree – Apparel, Textiles, Design. Over 30 years experience. Call 317-818-0845

• Licensed SALE •FOR CPR Certified • Trained in First Aid PLUS FORofSALE 28 years experience All NEW QUEEN PILLOWTOP and references

Mattress Set. $150, Still in Bag, Warm, Can balanced Delivermeals, (317)activies 223-9301 planned & TLC

FOR SALE ‘08 HOT TUB NEW, w/ warranty, colored lights, waterfall, can deliver $1975 (317) 670-9587

Full-time openings 844-7207, Woodgate area, Carmel

For Sale 1997 Mustang Coupe, Sporty Racing stripes, dual exhaust Custom rims, rear speakers Excellent condition Must Sell - $4,200 Call 317-313-9858


Bed-Cherry Sleigh Bed with Matress Set BRAND NEW, in box $375. Can Deliver (317) 679-3575

FOR SALE Bedroom Set 7 Piece cherry Bedroom Set, NeW Still Boxed, $850 317-679-3575


CALL DEB VLASICH! 489-4444 ext. 203


489.4444 ext. 203 FOR SALE

Experienced Child Care

Guitar Lessons

3 Civic Square 4:08:11 p.m., domestic, 3127 Donegal Circle 4:14:51 p.m., theft, East 116th St / South Rangeline Road 4:28:44 p.m., f fire commercial, 40 S Rangeline Road 4:26:57 p.m., accident property damage, West 116th St / North Meridian Street 4:46:25 p.m., theft, 12610 Brookshire Parkway 4:59:10 p.m., traffic hazard, East 126th St / Mohawk Hills Drive 5:13:43 p.m., accident property damage, 14477 Clay Terrace Blvd 6:17:20 p.m., case follow up, 445 S Rangeline Road 7:14:00 p.m., accident property damage, 12503 Brookline St 7:15:55 p.m., disturbance, 13071 Pennsylvania St 8:13:57 p.m., assist other dept, US 31 N / East 161st St 8:30:29 p.m., harassment, 38 Circle Drive 8:44:51 p.m., alarm burglar, 220 N Rangeline Road 9:15:35 p.m., investigation, West 131st St / Shelborne Road 9:18:47 p.m., harassment, 535 Memory Lane 9:33:14 p.m., juvenile complaint, Alvamar Place / Double Eagle Drive 9:32:32 p.m., escort, 425 Lark Drive 9:45:01 p.m., juvenile complaint, 14490 Clay Terrace Blvd

NOW HIRING Seeking entrepreneurial-minded individual (age 23-33) with part-time availability to help with exploding business. 317-339-4284.

For Sale 1 Nordic Track Classic Pro Ski - $500 1 DP Walking Machine (electric with meter) - $400 1 Humidifier - $75 Call 752-6045

FOR RENT EXECUTIVE CONDO 86th & Meridian, 3 bdr, 3.5 ba, 2 car garage, Fireplace, Office, entertainment unit, TV, all appliances included. $1800/mo. 317- 339-4284

Leasing ConsuLtant needed Main Street on the Monon Apartments Weekend leasing consultant needed. Part-time employment only. Apply in person: Main Street on the Monon Apartments 60 Knoll Court Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: 317-844-3245

NOW HIRING Dooley O’Toole’s Waiters & waitresses Days or nights 843.9900

Now Hiring Servers Needed Apply in person 13732 N Meridian Street Tuesday - Friday 6am - 2pm Saturday and Sunday 7am - 2 pm

Fine Lines, Inc. Hair & Nail Salon


now taking new appointments.

call stylists Amanda or Tracey. tion Cau call nail technician Sue. walk-ins welcome.

August 2 12:13:05 a.m., suspicious activity, 111 W Main St 12:33:59 a.m., investigation, East 106th St / Gray Road 12:54:49 a.m., accident property damage, East 116th St / College Avenue 1:08:01 a.m., alarm burglar, 11950 Eastwick Circle 1:30:53 a.m., investigation, West Carmel Drive / North Meridian Street 1:36:08 a.m., investigation, 14281 Avian Way 1:35:49 a.m., fight, 10598 College Ave 1:43:08 a.m., investigation, West 136th St / Cheswick Boulevard 1:47:52 a.m., assist other dept, East 96th St / Gray Road 2:08:27 a.m., criminal mischief, 8th St NW / 1st Ave NW

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Our Extreme Marketing Plan

Mon - Sat: 9 - 7


811 West Main Street, Suite 120 Carmel, IN 46032

May Cause Your Home to Sell...Fast!

317-216-8500 Re/Max ability Plus

*Sampling of 2008 sales. Homes sold for 96-100% of list price.

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when you service your brakes at Joe’s

Includes test drive, removing all four wheels and inspecting all brake components for wear and proper operation, documenting wear if no service is necessary,and free estimate. *COUPON MUST BE PRESENT TO REDEEM. Electronic ABS diagnosis additional cost. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 8/29/08.


Any Set of Four New Tires



Includes FREE mounting & balancing and FREE tire rotation for life of tires. Offer expires 8/29/08.

Back to School


Includes Oil Change*, Tire Rotation, Brake Inspection, Check All Fluids, Filters, and Inspect Steering and Suspension.

All For Only



95* Plus Tax

(Regular $59.95)

*Most Cars. Includes up to 5 qts. oil (no synthetic). Inspect all steering and suspension components for wear, lube chassis, & oil filter, and FREE Safety Inspection. *Additional oil and some oil filters have additional costs. Coupon must be presented for Special. (Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 8/29/08)

317.846.3216 811 W. Main St.

(Southwest corner of Main St & guilford) carmel, in 46032

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

all brake service*




Furniture buying tips - Looking to buy a piece of new, top-quality furniture? Follow these tips: • Material: Look for furniture made of hardwoods, such as cherry, maple and oak. • Joinery: Seek pieces with dovetail construction. This joinery technique prevents joints from pulling apart. • Watch your back: Check the back of each piece. Poorly made furniture will have stapled backs. • Check your drawers: Bedroom sets should have cedar-lined drawers, as this special feature helps preserve fine clothing. • Hardware: Furniture companies often use hollow hardware as a costsaving measure, but this practice sacrifices strength. • Check the finish: A durable finish will enhance the natural beauty of hardwoods and protect case goods.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

- The Costco Connection Beauty myths exposed - You’ve probably heard your fair share of wordof-mouth beauty tips, but which actually work? Here are some popular myths. • Rubbing a lemon on your teeth is a good whitening method: While it will help in the short-term, the citric acid will wear away your enamel and create bigger problems later. • Artificial enhancements destroy nails: It is not the artificial nail or the glue that ultimately causes nail damage, but improper removal, such as picking or prying off. • Frequent haircuts are necessary for hair growth: Not the case; your hair grows at the same speed no matter what. • Breakouts are caused by oily skin: In some cases, yes, but there is no cookie-cutter reason for pimples. For instance, some may get them because they have overly sensitive skin. • Chlorine turns hair green: Copper, not chlorine, is the culprit! Poorly maintained pools can lead to copper deposits in hair that, while initially invisible, will turn greenish after washing with a high-pH shampoo. -

dos and don’ts of design


o learn your true style through of light fixtures on dimmers for maximum control. magazines and show homes. Don’t paint a room without trying a Do identify the focal point of the room such as a fireplace, sample of the color in the room on poster board. Paint chips are computer generated a view or a television. and can be quite deceiving as to Do fall utterly and totally in the tone and depth of color love with something. The item Don’t line up the furniture should embody both the color around the walls. It makes the scheme of the room as well as room feel like everyone is in the style and mood you hope trouble. Instead, arrange furto create. nishings into conversation clusDo purchase investment ters for warmth pieces first, such as upholstered Don’t place furniture where furnishings, rugs and draperit will interfere with doorways, ies. Good design is like a chess cabinet doors, natural trafgame, so these are the pieces fic patterns or other everyday that will dictate future design activities. decisions. Don’t clutter up a room Do appoint your home Vicky Earley with a million little collectibles appropriate to the quality of Design unless you love that look. the structure. Furnishing a Don’t try to construct a beautifully built home with color scheme from wildly disparate obcheap furniture ends up with the effect jects. First find a print fabric or rug with you would get if a Hyundai interior were all of the colors you want to use, then edit selected for a Lexus, and it does have an out, repaint or recover items that don’t fit. impact on resale. Don’t insist that every wood and every Do use the principle of repetition when metal match. The goal is flow with families planning shapes, colors, fabrics and patof color and texture. terns. One copper accent in a room may look like an afterthought but three copper Vicky Earley is the principal designer for elements of differing size and texture will Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If contribute to the overall effect. you have an interior design question, please Do plan ahead for appropriate task, contact general and accent lighting by using a mix

Know someone outside of Carmel who would like to get


Mane Focus Guido Palau, Redken’s creative consultant, offers the following backstage beauty secrets for your hair: • If your roots are oily, pat a small amount of baby powder on them and brush through. • To get a head start on volume, apply thickening spray to damp hair and tip your head upside down as you blow dry. • For a natural bohemian look for summer, tuck hair behind your ears when it’s damp. Let it dry naturally, and when you let it loose, you’ll have a great bend in the hair that frames the face. -Harper’s Bazaar

You can send it to them for $52 a year! Call 489.4444 The best you...for life

Olson Center for Wellness Re-energize... re-vitalize...reclaim your life!

Experts in weight management Physician Supervision Nutritional Guidance Physical Fitness Lifestyle Coaching Olson Center for Wellness

11495 N. Pennsylvania, Suite 100 Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: (317)705-1400 Email:

Salon 01 i




Back Salon 01 proudly supports

a variety of community and not for profit organizations through product and monetary donations, and

By Christi Thompson Whether you have a thick coif or fine tresses, you need to properly tame the frizz and fly-aways in order to look your best! “Before blow drying thick, coarse hair, use a smoothing balm, like Davines Relaxing Fluid,” said Salon 01 hair designer, Katie Rector. “Work the product through the ends then blow dry using a round brush.” To create an even smoother look after blow drying, use a flat iron. Separate your hair into small sections and spray each sec-

tion with a protectant and shine product like Aquage Beyond Shine. Then, run the flat iron over each section of hair.

the charities include Toys

By Christi Thompson

for Tots, Susan G. Komen

“Great eyebrows can upgrade your entire look.” Salon 01 Esthetician, Alice Oshier said. “Most of us over tweeze under under tweeze, but the key is getting the shape that best suits your face.” Sculpted brows add life and expression to your face. Having a professional shape your brows can be an educational experience. Professional estheticians can look at the shape of your face and the natural arch of your brow and accentuate the arch to best suit your look.

Foundation, Indiana Children’s Wish fund, Carmel High School, Carmel Clay Schools, Carmel Dads’ Club, Noble Industries, and many others.

Salon 01 offers French Hair Cutting. We use this method because we believe that this system gives

softer, more feminine layers that are complimentary to the face shape of the guest. You will notice the difference of this technique from the beginning of the service. Salon 01 is an education based salon. We encourage our staff to share their educational experiences with you, and we encourage you to ask questions about what is happening at Salon 01 because there is always something new. We love the opportunity to

educate our guests on our techniques, our products, the services we offer and our community involvement. Check out our website for additional information about Salon 01 at www.salon01. com!

If you are struggling with unbalanced brows, or are waiting patiently for overtweezed brows to grow back in, there are several products available that can help fill in your brows until they are back to a natural, neat and sculpted shape. For example, a brow shaper kit or brow tint would help create the illusion of full, shapely brows. Just take a look on the red carpet. All the celebs are sporting clean and shapely brows because they know it is an added touch to their Hollywood look.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

salon 01 is committed to excellence We believe in introducing you to many other team members in the salon, hoping that you will feel comfortable visiting any stylist or any technician based on appointment times that are most convenient for you.


hollywood brows at home

volunteering. Some of

We strive to exceed expectations with every service and every product for each guest every day.

“For fine hair, finding the right product to tame the strays and fly-aways is also important,” Rector commented. “I find that a light product like Brocato’s Blow-Out Serum has just enough control without weighing hair down.” Work a quarter-size amount of the product through the ends of the hair while damp, before blow drying. Professional Tip: Only apply products to the lengths of the hair, keeping it away from the scalp area to avoid weighing down the hair and looking greasy.



it’s time to tame that mane!




Amy Falstrom solo show at The Artist’s Vineyard

Live Jazz at grille 39 - Grille 39 in the Renaissance Hotel Indianapolis North (11925 N. Meridian) will host a live Jazz Concert on Saturday, August 16, and offer Martini Samplings every Wednesday during the month of August. Sunday brunch at grille 39 is served weekly from 10 a.m. to noon.

By Barbara E. Cohen Current In Westfield

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movies Under the Stars - Join the fun this Saturday night at Clay Terrance for Movies Under the Stars. This week’s attraction is Grease. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets to the grassy knoll for an evening of activities and a classic movie. Activities for kids of all ages begin at 7 p.m., and the movie begins at 9 p.m. Come early for a good seat, and enjoy some shopping before the event! Grand Prix Horse Show - For 31 years, the Traders Point Hunt Charity Horse Show and Country Fair, held at Wild Air Farms in Zionsville, has brought international sports figures and attention to Indiana. For the third year in a row, this breathtaking event will also bring together people who love horses with people who care about Indiana’s most seriously ill and injured children. Riley Children’s Foundation has received more than $80,000 in net proceeds from the event since 2006. The event begins today and lasts through Sunday, with the Grand Prix events on Friday and Sunday. Tickets are $5 Tuesday through Saturday and $10 Sunday and may be purchased at the gate. For the complete schedule, visit Be a Rum Know-it-All! - Want to know more about rum and sample a variety of the spirit? Come to Vine and Table’s Minister of Rum event tomorrow, August 13, from 6 to 8 p.m. Rum expert Ed Hamilton will be there as the rum tour guide. Hamilton is the author of The Complete Guide to Rum and Rums of the Eastern Caribbean. He can tell you why pirates loved rum, what the difference between rum and rhum is, and any other burning rum questions you may have. The cost of this event is $20 per person. Seating is limited, and payment is required in advance to guarantee your place; sign up online at or call Rick or Denis at 317-817-9463 or email or denis@

The ideal solo show should feel to the viewer like a one-on-one conversation, with time to look, listen and come to understand one artist’s work. Every month, The Artist’s Vineyard in Noblesville hosts such a personal encounter, hanging works by a FALSTROM single artist and inviting the public to sip wine or have dinner in what feels like a personal art gallery. Owners Shayne and Bobbi Samples present a new artist each month, allowing guests a lot of time to savor the art along with the food and music. Not every artist’s work is well-suited to such an experience, but for artist Amy Falstrom, the featured artist for August, the gallery-cum-wine bar and restaurant’s venue suits her work superbly. But it’s a new experience for Falstrom to show her work outside of a traditional art gallery. “This is the first time I’ve shown in a mixed-use venue, with art, wine, food and music,” Falstrom said. Despite the usual pre-show jitters before the opening on July 31, Falstrom anticipated a happy harmony between the gal-

lery and her pastels “I make paintand oil paintings. ings slowly, The restaurant building up, canprovides a perfect celing out, leavsetting for people ing remnants of to linger with past marks, and Falstrom’s imagiallowing sponnary landscapes taneous feelings and gentle nature to be included, Amy Falstrom, “Lake Light” scenes. While until the paintguests enjoy a glass (pastel on paper, $400) ing arrives at its of wine or wait for own completheir dinner, they have the time to explore tion,” Falstrom explained. the subtle color gradations and surprising Take a slow turn around the gallery betonal harmonies and discords captured tween courses or glasses of wine to best apby Falstrom in the 15 works on display preciate what Falstrom calls “the random through August 27. and beautiful quirkiness of how nature “My paintings arise from memory and places things in the world.” Match yourself from intimate observations of nature,” to the artist’s leisurely pace in order to apthe artist said. “Rocks, water, weather and preciate what Falstrom labels “the visual light serve as a starting point for a paintebb and flow of energy” in nature in works ing, but it’s the full sensory experience in like “Lake Light” (pastel on paper, $400), the context of the whole of nature that I’m “Cold Front” (oil on panel, $2,000) and trying to express in my work.” “Sun Wash” (oil on panel, $2,800). Like When recreating a landscape, Falstrom a vision, Falstrom’s emotional landscapes is inspired by many different places. She will best reveal themselves to you slowly grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and over time. lived for a while in North Carolina. She Barbara E. Cohen is a freelance writer who studied art in Italy for three years, and she enjoys painting the environments of places covers the arts for the Current community newspapers and teaches art history at Ivy as diverse and distinctive as New Mexico Tech Community College. Please send comand Maine. Each place has found its way ments or story ideas at barbara@i-writersstuinto her images, as have more recently the wild places of Indiana.

Best Kept Secret in Carmel!

Bistro de Paris

Exquisite & Innovative Dining

What: Grand Opening, Lucas Oil Stadium When: Saturday: ribbon-cutting ceremony, 9 a.m.; tours at intervals all day Where: Lucas Oil Stadium, 500 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis Cost: Free Details: The long-anticipated grand opening event begins, weather permitting, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the stadium’s north side at 9 a.m., followed by self-guided tours of the stadium at 10 a.m., noon, and 2, 4 and 6:30 p.m. Tour tickets are free (8 per person), but required. Tickets: or the Conseco Fieldhouse box office, (317) 917-2727. Information: (317) 262-8600, www.

Sunday Brunch; $30 per Couple

(includes three-course brunch)

Chef-tasting Monday Nights; $40 per person

(gratuity and drinks not included)

Exclusive Wine List Outdoor Seating (On Main Street) Excellent Service 15 W. Main Street, Carmel

Phone: 844-7270, Fax: 844-7274

Visit us at

bananas for ice cream

Jana Barker Don Pablo’s

Where she likes to eat: Los Cotorros is where I like to eat.

convenience at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. The craze swept the Midwest as it was written about in most newspapers around the country that were there to cover the fair. Some accounts state there was more written about this new “fast food” snack then the actual exhibits at the fair itself. Today it is estimated each person in the USA consumes over 5 pounds annually with the favorite flavors being Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Pecan and Strawberry. At one of my restaurants, Circle City Bar & Grille, we make all our ice creams fresh and believe it or not usually have one of these flavors featured of the three we offer daily. Where does your favorite flavor fall in the scheme of things? The following is a recipe for Bananas Foster, a great topping for entertaining or enjoying lounging on the couch at home:

What she likes to eat at Los Cotorros: I get the cheese enchiladas with a side of rice. Why she likes Los Cotorros: The place is very, very clean and everyone is friendly. The food is also authentic Mexican food, so that’s nice. Los Cotorros 3901 West State Road 47 Sheridan, IN 46069 Phone: (317) 758-6728 Hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 11:30 a.m. – 10: 30 p.m. Friday through Sunday

Roly Poly

12261 N. Meridian Carmel (317) 569-ROLY (7659) Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Wednesday; 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Saturday

Roly Poly serves healthy, fresh ingredients in their tortilla wraps to give the public something a little different lunch. Roger Prasuhm has been the owner of Roly Poly in Carmel since 2004. “We serve 50 different kinds of sandwiches. Everything from cold sandwiches to hot pressed wraps,” Prasuhm said. Roly Poly also offers soups and salads as well as a catering and delivery service. “We deliver for a $10 minimum order,” Prasuhm said. Roly Poly catering offers box lunches, large salads, platters and other items. The owner’s favorite? Prasuhm prefers the Basil Cashew Chicken served with Thai sauce.

Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel resident and the executive chef at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may email him at

Directions Shake and strain into a double-cocktail glass filled with crushed ice.

Monday - Friday, 7-9 p.m. Dine in only • Carmel location only

Buy one dinner entrée Get the second half off

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Serves four people: 1/2 stick whole butter (salted) 4 bananas, peeled and sliced 1/2 inch 1 cup dark brown sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder 1/3 cup rum 1/3 cup banana liquor Melt butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and banana liquor in a pan. When sugar is dissolved, add bananas and rum, and carefully light with the flame or match. Simmer until the banana slices soften slightly, then spoon over vanilla ice cream or your favorite flavor.

Abracadabra Ingredients 1 1/2 oz white rum 1 1/2 oz mandarin juice 1 1/2 oz grapefruit juice 1/2 tsp caster sugar



s I sat in my recliner last Sunday, propped-up feet in slippers, Meet the Press shared a very interesting product which changed the way America socialized and dined and increased our national financial stability – ice cream! Now we all love ice cream and you probably could guess we are one of the biggest consumers of ice cream in the world, but turns out we are the largest ice Chef Michael cream producer; Vlasich we export to many Culinary Explorer countries and continents. So the financial impact on our economy is quite relevant, especially in these trying economic times. We are not only emotionally pacified by a sundae or cone but literally feeding the economy. The following are the scoop about ice cream. The first recorded traces of ice cream type foods goes back to the 4th century B.C. with ancient references of the Roman Empire in 40 A.D. and King Tang of Chang, China in 618 A.D. The first known references here in America were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson having it made at their homes and plantations as a special treat to be enjoyed by their families. The first time it was served at a formal White House Dinner, it was First Lady Dolly Madison putting it on a menu for a dignitary soiree of important entertainment and schmoozing. The first publicly published recipes were from confectioner in Philadelphia named Augustus Jackson. The real big break came with the invention and sales of the handcranked freezer, first sold in 1846, then patented in 1848. This revolutionized the ease at which the everyday person could create some of the special treat. The big landmark on the historical map of America and ice cream was when it was offered for fast-serve walk-away


22 THEATRE: Little Shop of Horrors Indianapolis Civic Theatre will kick off the 2008-2009 Season on September 12 with the Off-Broadway popular hit Little Shop of Horrors, the musical spoof of 1950s sci-fi movies about an exotic plant with a voracious appetite. Season tickets range from $98 to $174 and are available as a 5-show and 6-show subscription, in addition to a flexible subscription option. Single tickets to all shows are now also on sale and can be purchased by phone 317-923-4597 or online at For the best seats, order early. [photo]

As You Like It City Center Children’s Theatre presents its final show of a one-hour adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It at West Park (2700 W. 116th Street in Carmel) this Friday, August 15, at 6:30 p.m. This is the thrid year for the Shakespeare in the Park series. Bring the whole family, a picnic and your imagination for this free event!

Muldoon’s 111 W. Main Street, Suite 100, Carmel Jeff DeHerdt Trio: Thursday, August 14, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Rick Stump: Saturday, August 16, from 8 to 11 STUMP p.m. Visit or call 5711116 for more information. Mickey’s Irish Pub 136th and Meridian in Carmel Peace Train and the Flower Power Brass: Friday, August 15 Sour Mash 7: Saturday, August 16 Entertainment Reservations are accepted. Call 573-9746 for reservations or visit for more details.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Need a face lift? Rick Roberts • Owner

Consignment Boutique



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Child-Teen Classes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Pointe, Musical Theater, Hip Hop Adult Classes: Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga, Zumba, Latin Dance, Ballroom, and more to come . . .

Home of na the India Dance dors Ambassa


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Springmill Commons 218 West 161st Street Westfield


Noble West Plaza 14765 Hazel Dell Xing Suite 200 Noblesville


Classes start September 2nd! • Performing & Visual arts WorkshoPs • Pre-k through 12th grade • go online for class info & registration • hurry! class sizes are limited!

STAY HOME. BE MOVED. It seems to resonate with our clients. You love where you are in life. . . . You’d just like to love it a little more. From cool landscapes, brick patios and outdoor structures to refreshing interior remodeling projects like lower level renovations, bathroom creations or an updated family room. Want to fall in love with your home all over again? Give us a call. We can help.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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’ve been paying attention to the linwhat we know as the Lord’s Prayer, it says gering controversy after NASCAR’s nothing about praying in His name. Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. It is not a new idea for a Christian to pray Days after the event, it was still in Christ’s name, just to pester the politically a heated topic on local sports talk correct. I expect a Rabbi to pray to God, an radio. Imam to Allah, and a Christian I’m speaking, of course, of preacher to pray in Christ’s name. the debate over the pre-race It’s just the way it works. prayer. Eloquent, long-time The talk radio guy lamented Indianapolis Christian preacher the unconscionable inconveHoward Brammer finished up nience of having a public prayer his invocation praying “in the mentioning Jesus Christ “jammed name of Jesus Christ. Amen.� down [his] throat.� He agreed as Brammer, Speedway CEO the caller ridiculed NASCAR fans Tony George’s now-retired for being “intolerant and closepastor at Trader’s Point minded� about religion. I sort of Christian Church, has been chuckled about the irony of these doing the Brickyard 400 prayer guys calling anybody else closesince the race’s inception in minded and intolerant. Bob Walters 1994, and has prayed in the Y’know, 43 drivers – most of Spirituality name of Jesus every year. whom go to Christian pre-race You Bible-readers know that chapel in the garage area with in John 14:13-14, 15:16 and 16:23-24, their families – navigated that 400 mile Jesus, who left mankind few specific inrace on treacherous shredding tires without structions except to “follow me,� “believe major injury to anything but Goodyear’s in me,� and “love me and each other,� spe- and NASCAR’s fixable reputations. cifically tells us to “ask in my name� when I’m of the opinion that the last thing we pray. anyone should complain about is the preMany Christians think that prayers not race prayer. Seems to me it worked. specifically invoking Christ’s name bounce Bob Walters ( has attended back off of God’s heavenly switchboard. 28 Indianapolis 500s (including the last 25 in Although that’s how I like to pray, in a row), 14 of 15 Allstate 400s, and went to all Matthew 6:9 and Luke 11:2, where Jesus himself provides the foundational pieces of eight US Grands Prix.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



DISPATCHES Waterproof your phone? - Ever dropped your phone in the sink or toilet? The makers of the Golden Shellback Splash-Proof Coating claim they can protect your cell phone, PDA, or other electronic device from any kind of water damage. The product, an ultra-thin spray coating, was developed by the Northeast Maritime Institute. For the time being, it can only be applied at the company’s lab in Massachusetts, which accounts for its $1000 price tag. However, the company hopes it will be available on a large scale in the next four to six months. Visit www. for more details. Stream Netflix - LG recently announced its LG BD300 Network Blu-Ray Disc Player – the link between the old way of watching films and the new. Blu-Ray may be crisper and clearer than traditional DVDs, but streaming video content is the future, especially for companies like Netflix, where people pay to borrow a product. With the LG BD300, you will be able to stream whatever you rent from Netflix onto your TV. Netflix users won’t have to pay extra for the service, but they will have to shell out for the hardware, and no prices are yet available. However, some reports say it will be well under $500. - Earbuds that Save Your Ears - The blasting sound of most earbuds can potentially damage ear drums which could lead to hearing loss. Purebuds utilize Reverse Sound Technology to keep your ears safe all day long. The design of the Purebuds channel the sound away from your ear drums for crystal clear audio reproduction that reduces the likelihood of potential ear damage. They also come with three different sets of bud tips which maximize the enjoyment of whatever music you may be listening to:Surround Sound, Bass Boost and Full Range. They are $49 at

Why does your cell phone cause noise in your speakers?


ith all of the wonderful that they claim to be shielded, they are electronics in our lives, on referring to the shielding of the magoccasion they clash with nets inside the speaker, which prevents each other. Your cell phone magnetic interference with your moniand your computer’s tor, not shielding against this problem, speakers may be doing just that. unfortunately. The type of cell phone and Cell phones that use a GSM the type of computer speakers network will create the pulsthat you have will both have a ing interference at different dramatic impact on this noisy levels for a number of reasons: irritation. Let’s start with your prior to and during an incomcomputer speakers. The job ing or outgoing call, sending of your speakers is to amplify and receiving text messages, sound, so any sound that is transitioning between coverage introduced to the speakers will areas or just as an ongoing way be amplified. Typically, the to register location with the sound that is to be amplified is system. supplied to the speakers via the Generally speaking, moving wire that connects into your your phone away from your computer’s audio output. speakers (and the wires) or Gary Hubbard Technology If, however, the speakers and turning it off will reduce or the connecting wires do not eliminate the noise. Higher have adequate shielding, then quality speakers can also help, various radio frequencies (RFs) can be but make sure to perform the cell phone picked up and amplified by the speakers. test at the store before buying any new Most computer speakers are very inexpenspeakers! sive and rarely have any real level of shieldGary Hubbard is Owner of Data Doctors ing, so RF interference can easily sneak Computer Services - www.datadoctors. into the path of amplification. com Have a technology question? Send it to When you shop for speakers and notice

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By Steve Alexander Current in Westfield

Whether it be the risk of flash floods, tornados, blizzards, fires or some other unseen problems, you should be prepared with a disaster plan for the care of your pet. If you have to evacuate your home, you should take your pet with you if at all possible. Do not leave your pet at home unattended in the case of an emergency, and never leave your pet outside in inclement weather. Realize in some disaster situations, you may not be home or able to reach your home. Your disaster plan should include the following • A standard first aid kit: Keep a wellstocked kit and know how to administer pet first aid and CPR. • A list of easily retrievable disaster supplies: Include a leash, collar and tags,

vaccination and medical records, medications, food, bowls and a pet carrier for small dogs and cats. • A list of emergency vet phone numbers at your home: You may also want to provide a letter authorizing your vet to provide services to your pet if he is brought in by a caretaker during a disaster.

PETS OF THE WEEK Claudette is a 3-year-old female black with white Lab mix. Claudette is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves everyone she meets. She is a smart girl who knows the commands “sit” and “beg,” and she is willing to learn many more in exchange for a doggie biscuit. Claudette is good with people of all ages, and she can’t wait to share a big sloppy doggie kiss with her new family. Cole is a 2-year-old male black and white (tuxedo) DSH. He is a gentle boy who arrived at our shelter in February when a concerned citizen found him wandering the streets of Carmel out in the cold. While Cole was relieved to have a safe and warm place to stay, he has decided that he’s been at the shelter long enough and is ready to move into a loving home. He is very friendly and would do well in any home. Interested? To adopt these or any other animals at the Hamilton County Humane Shelter, visit or call 7734974 for more information.

• A current photo of your pet in case he becomes lost • Neighbors should have a key to your house and know where your disaster supplies are located. • Display a sticker in the window indicating how many and what type of pets will need to be rescued from your home. • Make pre-arrangements with a boarding facility to take your pets in the event you cannot return to your home for an extended period. Just a little planning in advance will have you and your pet well prepared for nearly any emergency situation that may arise. You’ll both be glad you took the time to put the plan together.


Steve is the owner of Camp Bow Wow Carmel You may e-mail him at carmel@campbowwow.comreach.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reducing Your Risk of Toxoplasmosis: If you’re expecting a baby, you may have heard of toxoplasmosis because it can cause serious birth defects. Even though it is unlikely that a pregnant woman will contract toxoplasmosis from her cat, it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution. The following recommendations will help cat owners expecting a child to reduce their risk of contracting toxoplasmosis without giving up their feline companions. • Avoid undercooked meat. • Wash all uncooked vegetables thoroughly. • Be certain to wash all cutting boards and utensils that may have come in contact with meat before using them to prepare other foods. • Wear gloves when working in soil. If gloves are not worn, hands need to be washed thoroughly following soil contact. • Ask a spouse, friend, or neighbor to help out with litter box duties while you’re pregnant. • If you don’t have help to keep the litter box clean, wear rubber gloves when changing the litter and thoroughly wash your hands afterwards. • Change your cat’s litter on a daily basis.

DISASTER Plan a good thing to have


Don’t let Catty be a fatty! Table scraps are not the only pitfall when it comes to nourishing those fourlegged friends of ours. Many pet foods also have a high fat content, which, of course, Fluffy loves. The more he eats it, the more he loves it, and many cats eventually refuse to eat anything else. Look for high-fiber foods, often made with finely ground peanut hulls, which are nutritionally balanced and complete. It usually takes a 10 to 20 percent fiber diet to change the weight of an obese pet. But a lower-fat food will probably not taste as good to your pet as his regular, fatty canned food, and he may refuse to eat it at first. Gradually changing finicky Fluffy’s diet over a few weeks should solve the problem. These same tips apply for dogs, too!

what’s that whistling sound?




ven in your senior years, you can It started on our honeymoon. At first I find out something new about thought it was some kind of mating ritual. yourself. Last year, my wife felt she It hasn’t stopped for 25 years. You shake had a responsibility to confront your leg when you watch TV, when you me with something. After all, I’m have dinner, when you read the paper, a mature adult; I have a family that still at restaurants, at sporting events. Quite needs me. I needed to face it: frankly, it drives me so crazy that someShe told me that I whistle. times I just want to go into the garage, get I denied it. I find people who whistle a sledge hammer and crush your knee.” annoying, rude, self-centered, “Well, at least it’s not a really affected, obtrusive. But my wife annoying habit.” was adamant. “You whistle,” “Would you like to know she said. “You’ve done it our what else you do? You make entire marriage. I thought you this little moaning, guttural knew. You do it when you’re noise kind of in the bottom of alone in your office or working your throat. I used to think it in the garage. You’ve been whiswas kind of romantic, but you tling for 20 years. What really even do it when you clean out infuriates me is that you whistle the kitty litter—if you’re not while getting ready for work. whistling, that is.” Do you know how abnormal “Wow, I must be the world’s that is? most annoying person. Don’t “Why?” stop now.” Dick Wolfsie “Why? Because 99 percent “You stare into the refrigeraHumor of all the men in the world hate tor. You don’t take anything their jobs. But you whistle on out. You don’t put anything in. the way to work. Name one other person You just stare. Then you close the door. who does that? And ten minutes later you come back and “I can name seven. Dopey, Grumpy, open the door again. And then you just Sleepy...” stare.” S c opart t t isMthe. W arton, “Very funny. I’m not counting your “Which badhhabit?” o wasked n e rfor help and all family.” “Look Dick, you I called my mother. “Mom, do I I get is W sarcasm. Rather h a r t o n I n sthan u r a nbe c ein&denial, whistle?” it would be better for your mental F i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e s , I n chealth . “Since you were a little boy. Yes, I used if you simply accepted your bad habits and Stoccall o tyou t M Wthe h awhistler. r t o n ,Which of worked to correct them. While your habits my. son, ocourse w n ewould r make me...” are annoying, and probably grounds for “Please, spare me, Mom. I’m depressed divorce in many states, I have come to love W harton Insurance & enough.” them as part of your overall make-up, you little leg-shaking, whistling, moaner, you. F i How n a n ccan i aal person S e r vhave i c e as bad I n chabit . like this for so long and never realize it? I even accept your slurping soup, drinkI wondered if I had any other habits that ing out of the milk carton, eating at the Mary Ellen found annoying after 20 years. kitchen sink, even opening my mail. It’s all I asked. (I shouldn’t have.) “Do I have any just fine.” other bad habits?” “Gee, if I’m that bad, why have you “Not really,” she said. Which is somestayed married to me?” what equivalent to: “Let me make a list “Heaven knows. You must be and I’ll fax it to you in the morning.” habit-forming.” “Come on. Name one more. I dare Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and you.” “You are always bouncing your right leg. speaker. Contact him at


It’s well worth the ” investment.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

s well worth ” e investment.

It’s well worth the investment.” “

Scott M. Wharton, owner Wharton Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.


Thank you ” very, very much. “

Scott M. Wharton, owner Wharton Insurance & Financial Services Inc.




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high price to lose weight BRIDGE THE GAP





Tribune magazine, giving the greater Chicagoland area a very clear idea of what Pat Redmond looked like just before he hurled. Well, ever since then, I’ve wanted to experience weightlessness for longer than the half-second you get when crest a hill at 20 mph over the speed limit. So there are two good reasons to ride Sir Richard space jitney. Which, as I mentioned before, requires a certain amount of

richness than my bank account seems not to exhibit. Wishing is not going to make it happen, though. I need to get busy. I need to be earning and saving so that one day I’ll have the $200,00 to ride into space with the rich folks. I’ll take my place among the few who have seen our Earth as it really is – a place without borders and politics, just a beautiful blue planet spinning in space. Two hundred grand? I can

raise that. I’ll just have to make sure I don’t spend everything on Fill Up The Truck Day. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244. For information on speaking fees and availability, visit

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Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.



ike most people, I occasionally wish I were rich. Such occasions include Mortgage Is Due Day, Insurance Premium Eve and, of course, Halloween, also known as the day I buy an entire tank of gas for the truck (assuming I can get a loan). But I wish I were rich right this minute so I could get a ride on Sir Richard Branson’s space jitney. From what I read, it’s getting closer and closer to the time when we humans Mike Redmond (well, those of us Humor with the dough) will be able to visit space without having to become astronauts. For only $200,000 – A pittance! A mere bag of shells! – you’ll get a two-hour flight that includes five, count ‘em five, minutes of weightlessness as the flight pattern peaks, 62 miles above the planet. Speaking of wishes, you have no idea how many times I’ve wished to do that. Part of it, I suppose, comes from the fact that I was in early elementary school when the United States’ space program was, so to speak, getting off the ground. Every kid I knew was space crazy. We followed the exploits of the Mercury astronauts like they were ball players. I even got into raging argument once with a kid named Roger who said it was wrong for John Glenn to be my favorite astronaut because we were from Indiana, which meant my favorite astronaut had to be Gus Grissom. To think otherwise was disloyal, he said. I told him he was full of what we might politely call manure. My mother overheard and took great pains – mine, in the buttockular region – to make sure I did not use the word again, and I didn’t. Well, not as long as she was in earshot. Shortly afterward, Roger moved to Oakland, California. I assume he got a new astronaut. Now, about this time, my dad was covering the space race for The Indianapolis News. He covered the Gemini series of launches, the one with the two-man capsule, and even took part in an impress-thepress version of astronaut training including a ride on the weightlessness-training plane, the fabled Vomit Comet. I still have photos of him floating around the cabin, arms and feet splayed out, Rolleiflex camera trying to drift away, with a look on his face that says he maybe this wasn’t such a hot idea after all. That photo ran on the cover of The Chicago


Comforting care for your littlest emergencies.

No emergency is minor at Clarian North. We are dedicated to providing you with the comforting care you deserve in any urgent situation. Clarian North Medical Center’s Emergency Department combines the latest technology with an advanced team of caregivers. Our team will quickly evaluate, stabilize and diagnose patients with acute illnesses or injuries, 24 hours a day. It’s our guarantee to you. • Expert adult and pediatric care • Methodist Hospital-trained physicians board certified in emergency medicine • Riley Hospital for Children physicians To learn more, visit

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