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Don’t write off cursive Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. V, No. 36 Copyright 2011. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

317.489.4444 Managing Editor – Ellen Kizik / 489.4444 ext. 204 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Art Director – Zachary Ross / 787-3291 Associate Artist – Haley Henderson / 787.3291 Cartoonist – Tim Campbell


It is our position while the Indiana Department of Education no longer requires cursive handwriting to be included in elementary school curriculum, good penmanship and knowledge of cursive is still a valued lesson. Indiana is among 46 states following the recommendations of a national Common Core Curriculum that is placing emphasis on teaching proficient keyboarding in the classroom over perfecting handwriting. While typing is an important life skill in the information age, it should not be the sole method of communicating. The most obvious question is, how will future generations sign their names? Didn’t an “X” carved in stone die with the cavemen? What a shame a handwritten note from a grandparent, a person from another country or even our nation’s own Declaration of Independence won’t be able to be read by future generations. Handwriting is much more than a communications tool. It is part of one’s personality and artistic expression - a personal signature, if you will. Ironically, even though we are living in an era of technological advancement that enables more personalization than ever before, a dichotomy of desensitization is also being created by muffling the human voice, and now, eliminating handwritten expression.

Raise my taxes

It is our position to find additional sources of revenue necessary to eliminate the national debt. Some of that additional revenue should come from the elimination of corporate giveaways and some of that additional revenue should come from the most fortunate among us, including some of us here in Hamilton County. The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform says the national debt crisis is the most predictable crisis we have ever faced. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, testified in front of Congress that the national debt is the greatest threat to national security our country currently faces. We must immediately put our country on a path towards the elimination of the national debt and increasing revenue is a necessary piece of that path. If the reduced spending currently being discussed eliminates $2 trillion of our national debt over the next ten years, where will the remaining $12 trillion come from? Certainly, all fonts should be considered, but reasonable policy must include the highest earners in addition to the much broader base of Americans. Entitlement reform and restricted revenue must walk together. With significant reductions in debt interest expense, permanent tax elimination and reform becomes more likely.

The views in these editorials are of reader participants. They do not represent those of Current Publishing ownership and management.

Advertising Senior Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749

Business Office Bookkeeper – Meagan Thomas / 489.4444 Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 General Manager – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 The views of the columnists in Current In Carmel are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper.


strange laws V E C TO R B U TT O NS . C O M V E C TO R B U TT O NS . C O M


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you.

In Mississippi, cattle rustling is punishable by hanging. Source: Weird Laws (iPhone application)

2 | July 26, 2011

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the Indiana Constitution. ARTICLE 8. Judical Section 19. Pay. The Justices of Supreme Court and Judges of the Court of Appeals and the Circuit Courts shall at stated times receive compensation which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office. (History: As Amended November 3, 1971, Section 20. Repealed (Repealed November 6, 1984. The schedule

Current in Carmel

adopted with the November 3, 1970, amendment to Article 7 was stricken out by the November 1984, amendment). Section 21. Repealed (Repealed November 8, 1932). ARTICLE 8. Education Section 1. Knowledge and learning, general diffused throughout a community, being essential to the preservation of a free government; it should be the duty of the General Assembly to encourage, by all suitable means, moral, intellectual scientific, and agricultural improvement; and provide, by law, for a general and uniform system of Common Schools, wherein tuition shall without charge, and equally open to all.

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Awakening hope

FROM THE BACKSHOP in time. That is unavoidable whenever

an interview is conducted and a story is composed, whether it is memorialized in a personal journal, a daily newspaper or a

book. But the permanence of the written word

THE yOung PEOPlE FEaTuRED on these


Mayor Jim Brainard has commissioned a study on the establishment of a limited-hours health clinic for city employees. When we first heard of it, it seemed like a fine idea, considering the overly successful wellness programs already in place for employees and the possibility that it would make the workers even healthier. However, after reflection, it’s not. Consider the benefits already provided to full-time workers (they far exceed those most of us have), and then apply an automotive parallel, like this: You drive a Bentley and you end up trading it in on a Ferrari. What’s the point? How much better can great get? How much more should the taxpayers shoulder? We’re all for wellness and detection in every sector of this city. We’re also overwhelmingly in favor of city employees being benefitted the same way the private sector is, or put another way, given a measured dose of reality. We believe the mayor’s heart is in the right place on this, but it might be beating a bit too fast. ••• Answer: No. Question: Should Carmel City Council members be entitled to taxpayersupported health insurance? There’s talk on the streets that some members believe they are. Here’s why we believe they aren’t: Such a benefits

Unlike the split second COMMENTARY sound bites and apocryBy Terry Anker awakening phal accounts of MTV, Eric Howard is a this all-too-real world rare breed of man. He is filled with failure as is the kind of a guy, much as it is triumph. singular of mission and I learned of Anthony, focus, who produces struggling to complete results in areas where an education. Then many would fail to there’s Brandon who find faith. Through the met his father (and local not-for-profit he learned of his 10 sibleads, Outreach (www. lings) in one day only to be abandoned by carries the tagline hope him again the next. Alana is resisting culturfor homeless youth. He and his crew have al pressure to have babies young and out of managed, in a landscape more challenged wedlock. Lamar moved to the street while by difficult economic realities and pervasive finishing high school so his single mother’s collapse of the family unit, to deliver more limited resources could be divided upon than hope. his junior siblings. There are many among As one might expect, there are horus who rely upon the kindness of strangers rific consequences for teenagers who find and are vulnerable to the exploitation of the themselves by circumstance or design to be wicked. For those able to follow, Outreach on the street and without home or family. lights a path to a different and better kind The things many of these kids do to surof life. vive – literally to stay alive – are not fit to print in a family newspaper. Yet Outreach takes a pragmatic approach to the lot. In Terry Anker is an associate a self-published book, Awakening: Stories editor of Current Publishing, of Hope, the organization tells the tales of LLC. You may e-mail him at young people who, strive to pull themselves from despair to overcome major obstacles. awakening

Health clinic? We don’t think so Each of these stories captures a moment

is particularly striking when juxtaposed with the impermanence of the subjects’ lives. For homeless young people, lives change minute to minute, circumstances are fluid, futures are never certain.

They have graciously, candidly, unabashedly

told their stories so that we might witness, in


some small way, a side of life with which few of us are familiar. Some







“homeless,” picture only a grizzled, debilitated

man huddled over a steam grate. These

Some of us think homelessness is somehow

have changed by the time a reader turns

invited or deserved. These stories illustrate

the pages. For these reasons, we chose to

why we are mistaken.

freeze our subjects in time, to relate their

Some of us think that homelessness equates

circumstances, including their age, at the

hopelessness. These stories show us that

exact moment that each sat for an interview.

hope stays alive, even in the most trying

That means that, at times, you will be left


wondering how a situation was resolved. We can think of no better way to illustrate

Stories by Mary Dieter

the uncertainty and insecurity of life as a

Photography by Kristin E. Fuller

homeless young person.

outreachindiana. org

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg package would run, conservatively, $25,000 a year. Their salaries are $15,000 per year. That would represent a horrible imbalance and another taxpayer burden. And if the councilors are entitled to that kind of benefit – as part-time employees – wouldn’t every other similarly classed city employee be entitled to the same thing? ••• City council did the right thing on the recently passed trash ordinance, and by that we mean giving residents the option to take the city’s low price or shop for their own deal. It eliminates government forcing something down our throats.

Some of us may think that homelessness is

not our problem. These stories beseech us to change our minds.

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people of Central Indiana and beyond.


and publish a book may mean that much will

Century Drive

but invisible aspect of homelessness for the

stories cause us to rethink our preconceived

And of course, the lead time needed to create

Contemporary Dental ConCepts

116th Street

pages laid bare their lives to expose an all

with a new patient exam (including cleaning, exam, & x-rays)

2000 East 116th Street, Suite 104 | Carmel, IN 46032 | 317-575-8338

Current in Carmel

July 26, 2011 | 3

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DISPATCHES » Ramps changed – INDOT last week opened loop ramps at the Keystone Avenue/Interstate 465 interchange. Motorists will have to reorient themselves to a new traffic pattern, as the old ramps are now closed. Drivers traveling northbound on Keystone will now enter eastbound I-465 from the left lane and westbound I-465 from the right lane. Drivers traveling southbound on Keystone will now enter eastbound I-465 from the right lane and westbound I-465 from the left lane. The new westbound I-465 loop ramp—for both northbound and southbound Keystone traffic—is in the northeast quadrant of the interchange.  The eastbound I-465 loop ramp—for both northbound and southbound Keystone traffic—is in the southwest quadrant. The $18.2 million Major Moves project is expected to be completed in the fall. » Special Olympics fundraiser – AVC Auto, Special Olympics Hamilton County (SOHC) and BearSlide Golf Course will be presenting their ninth annual fundraiser golf outing on August 5, beginning at 11:30 a.m. Team registrations are still being accepted as are sponsorships and donations. Cost of participating is $125. Visit to register or for details. » Road closure – The Indiana Department of Transportation will close State Road 19 this week between S.R. 32/38 and 9th Street while the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority makes repairs to its railroad bridge on the west side of Noblesville. INDOT plans closures for S.R. 19 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day next week—Monday through Friday. Detour via S.R. 32/38, S.R. 37, S.R. 213 and S.R. 28 around the closure. » City suspends water softening – The current high temperatures and lack of rain has created unusually high demands for water, both for Carmel Utilities and for other water utilities across Central Indiana.  In its effort to maintain sufficient water pressure for our customers and to ensure adequate fire protection, Carmel Utilities has temporarily suspended the softening of water. You may see spots on your dishes or other items that come in contact with water such as showers and sinks. Carmel Utilities is asking that all customers be judicious in their use of water, particularly in watering lawns and native landscape plants. 

4 | July 26, 2011

Stress tests and reality checks

Chaucie’s Place looking to top last year’s record fundraiser

a room when I’m joined by two women, one an RN who will monitor my BP and EKG, and the other a technician who will run the ultrasound equipment. She proceeds to attach a dozen wires to my naked chest with an adhesive that stings so badly I initially think I am being electrocuted. After some baseline readings, I hop on the treadmill and begin. My nurse tells me she will slowly, but consistently increase both the speed and incline until I reach my target heart rate of 180. If I get too tired (or collapse) before that, I am to stop immediately. Naively, I estimate 30 to 40 minutes before I get there. Ha. 12 minutes later, clutching the handrail for dear life, I surrender with a max heart rate of only 165. I quickly lie down and attempt to hold my breath so the tech can perform a post-test ultrasound. As I fight hyperventilation, I cannot believe I only made it twelve stinkin’ minutes! Is there something wrong? Or is it just I’m a bit plusher than I thought? I drive home pondering worst-case scenarios. But nay, this is not my time. The stress test came back negative, and my EKG’s were normal. Apparently, it’s just my ego that’s a little on the unhealthy side. Peace out.

Current in Carmel A local child advocacy center is wishing for some big waves in fundraising success this year. Chaucie’s Place is building off of last year’s record fundraising amounts and bringing some tropical flavor to the effort. The Carmel child advocacy center provides a single location where forensic interviewers and law enforcement officers can interview child abuse victims. The center is celebrating its tenth year of protecting children in Hamilton County. Last year the center earned its highest amount of fundraising dollars with record amounts being raised during its largest two annual events. This year, Chaucie’s Place hopes to see continued support from the community. Treasure Our Children is the CAC’s biggest annual fundraiser, it raised a record $28,000 in 2010. 225 people attended the sold out event. This year’s Treasure Our Children, sponsored in part by Current Publishing, will be held October 13, 5:30 to 9 p.m. at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, 12156 N. Meridian St. The event will be beach themed, with casual beach attire encouraged. Live and silent auctions will be held. Tickets are $60 per person or $550 for a table of eight. Each ticket comes with a complimentary drink ticket. For tickets or more details, e-mail rsvp@

COMMENTARY By Danielle Wilson Guess who got to take a cardiac stress test? Yours truly, that’s who. Some background first: I’ve been having these weird heart palpitations for about a year now. When I first noticed them, I was living with my in-laws, interviewing for jobs and trying to buy a house. Naturally, I assumed they were stress-related. By the fall, life had started to settle, but I continued to experience, what felt like, missed heartbeats periodically. My next thought was my thyroid, so I scheduled an appointment with my endocrinologist. Everything was fine on that end, but she did suggest I cut back on caffeine. I took her advice, but no dice. Teaching, lounging, driving, it didn’t seem to matter; I would occasionally experience a noticeable pause in my heartbeat. So I finally decided to call in the big dogs. “There are about 50 things that could be causing these palpations,” the cardiologist said, “and about 10 of them could kill you. Let’s rule those out first.” Yes. Let’s. Back to live action: I show up for my stress test in “comfortable clothing,” confident I will make someone’s day with an outstanding performance. But I have to climb three sets of stairs due to malfunctioning elevators, and I am already breathing hard when I check in. No worries. Just treat it like a warm-up, I think. I receive a hospital wrist band then ushered to

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

The Carmel F.O.P. Lodge #185 Will once again be distributing Holiday Food Baskets for the 31st consectutive year. This is a county wide effort to provide a substantial amount of food during the holiday to as many needy families as possible. Representatives for the organization will be calling community members and business owners which started Monday July 18, requesting contributions to assure the success of the project.

Contact Sam at 569-1503 AS ALWAYS YOUR HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Current in Carmel

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Firefighters take on the world in global games COMMENTARY By Jeff Worrell They fully intend to bring home the Gold. But no matter the outcome, they want to be in New York City for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to honor their fellow firefighters who gave their lives. Captain Jim Spelbring of the Carmel Fire Department is leading a team which will compete in the World Police and Fire Games. The semiannual event is the equivalent to the Olympics for men and women safety professionals across the globe. Carmel Indiana will be well represented for the first time since the 2001 games were held in Indianapolis. Accompanying Captain Spelbring to NYC as team members are Greg Webb, Rick Martin and Steve Baskerville. The Firefighters From Carmel are competing in the bowling competition. They have set their sights high, but also understand and appreciate the opportunity to interact with thousands of other firefighters from faraway places speaking languages of which they will not understand, but share a common bond. Spelbring said, “Firefighters are part of a brother and sisterhood that is hard to explain but easy to

experience. I am looking forward to competing and more importantly, making new friends.” He also said, “On the 10th anniversary, I had to be there.” The foursome is making the trip to New York paying their own expenses and using vacation time to be away from work. Technically not sponsored or sanctioned by the Carmel Fire Department, their custom T-Shirts donated by a local company will leave no doubt the best bowling team is from Carmel. Captain Spelbring is looking for sponsors to help defray travel and lodging costs for the team. Should you be so inclined, contact Jim at 317-5712600 or The Carmel Firefighter Bowling Team will return to Carmel on Spetember 4. Whether they arrive home with or without gold, silver or bronze in hand, we know they gave it their best and proudly represented all of the public safety personnel working in Carmel. Jeff Worrell is a local businessman. He recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with Carmel” on cable channel 16. Contact him at

890 East 116th Street Suite 210 • Carmel, IN 46032

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Current in Carmel

12:59 PM July2/2/11 26, 2011 |5


press ready

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Council approves trash ordinance Current in Carmel After months of discussions and numerous amendments, citywide trash and recycling services will soon be coming to Carmel. The City Council last week approved a revised Sharp version of an ordinance allowing the city to select one service provider for all residents. The purpose of the ordinance was to provide residents with both trash and recycling services for about 50 percent less than many are spending on trash services alone when selecting their own providers. Republic will begin providing citywide trash and recycling services beginning Jan. 1, 2012, and these services will cost residents $8.82 per household, per month before increasing every year in the next four years. The city will keep $.25 per household per month to cover service calls, billing and other customer service operations. However, in an effort to accommodate those who are not in favor of the change, the council approved an amended version of the ordinance that, among many other revisions, included an opt-out clause. “It became clear quickly that this rubbish

6 | July 26, 2011

ordinance was headed for the rubbish if there was not an opt-out option available across the board,” said Councilman Rick Sharp. Residents will have an opportunity later this year to opt out of this plan if they wish to use a third party service provider. While the council originally discussed an opt-out window occurring in December, Council President Eric Seidensticker said the window likely will be sooner than the last month of the year. The exact month will be determined at the next council meeting, he said, adding that it could begin as many as 90 days before the new year and the beginning of the citywide trash services. Opting out only applies to the following calendar year. For example, residents who opt out for 2012 in the coming months also would need to opt out one year later for 2013. Residents who opt out of the plan and change their minds may opt back in at any time; however, residents wanting to opt out only can do so during the 30-day window. As the deal on which it bid has changed, Republic has the right to get out of the deal itself and rebid if the number of participating households drops below 20,000. If Republic does not get out of the deal, the current contract will last for five years.

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Scott Wharton is a registered representative with and securities are offered through LPL Financial, 9785 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA, 92121-1968, USA (800) 877-7210. Member FINRA. DISCLAIMER: Scott Wharton is a registered representative with and securities are offered through LPL Financial, 9785 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA, 92121-1968, USA (800) 877-7210. Wharton and Financial LPL Financial independently ownedare andindependently operated. Theowned information set forth herein has been derived sources believed to be reliable, but Member Insurance FINRA/SIPC... Wharton Services, InsuranceInc., and and Financial Services,are Inc., and LPL Financial and operated... The information set forthfrom herein has been derived from sources it is not guaranteedbelieved as to accuracy and does to be complete analysis and of the securities, companies or industries involved. opinions expressedorherein are those of the authors and not to be reliable, but not it ispurport not guaranteed as to accuracy does not purport to be complete analysis of theThe securities, companies industries involved. necessarily those of LPLand Financial. Additionalthose information is available upon request. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors not necessarily of LPL Financial. Additional information is available upon request.

Current in Carmel

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Trash: The final frontier COMMENTARY By Luci Snyder The long saga of the trash ordinance has come to an end. Proposed by the administration at the behest of people interested in recycling, researched by the Utilities Department and ending up, as most things eventually do, at the City Council for a final vote up or down…it has been a bumpy ride. The issues were varied and everyone had an opinion because we all have trash, we know what we pay and we think it’s easy to understand - unless you are the ones charged with making the decision that contractually binds every household in this city for five years. Woe to you, City Council, if people are unhappy. Mindful of Carmel’s infinite variety, the council chose a careful path and, after making sure we understood all the nuances, made sure that everyone in the city understood them as well. We complied and sent out a flyer in the one thing that we knew people would open: their water bill. It was a last-ditch effort to ensure that no one could say they didn’t know about it. We found out, despite a flawed survey, that a sizeable percentage (but not a majority) did not want government to make any decisions for them that they could make themselves and that one size most assuredly did not fit all. How to solve the dilemma of freedom of choice versus a government contract that covers everyone? There appears to be no middle

ground here, but there is. We decided that we would alter the contract of the winning bidder to allow people to “opt out” and allowing the others to enjoy what they perceive as the benefits of economies of scale. Those who have special requirements or resist government making their decisions are free to choose. Those for whom price and recycling are paramount also will win. Republic has only to agree to this decision. And why wouldn’t they, with what appears to be the majority of households wanting to be under this contract? For those who say that’s not enough recycling, the council will pass a follow-up ordinance requiring that all haulers who service Carmel offer recycling in their base package. And to safeguard our residents who were worried about poor service with a single provider, at the end of each year, there will be a window for citizens to opt out if they are not satisfied with the service, thus giving the hauler an incentive for top performance. The City Council has attempted to inform, listen and satisfy as many citizens as we can and if this process took a bit longer than some advocates would have liked, well, that’s what representative government is all about. Luci Snyder – District 5 Eric Seidensticker – District 2 Rick Sharp – District 1 John Accetturo – District 3 Joe Griffiths – District 4

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July 26, 2011 | 7

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CarmelFest Has Talent thanks participants Current in Carmel CarmelFest Has Talent co-chair Daris Reno Blickman released a formal “thank you� last week to all who participated in this year’s version of the annual CarmelFest vocal and performance competition. The third annual talent contest was held July 3 and 4 and featured contestants from across the state. The contest’s winners were: Age 13-17 group; Mia Sellers first place, Logan Schildknecht second place, Chase Andrzejewski, third place. Age 12 and younger group; Mattie Tom first


place, Madelyn Pritchard second place, Haley Walker third place. Age 18 and older group: Jessica Kelly first place, Toni Decker second place, Harry Russell Third Place. “Congratulations to the 2011 CarmelFest has Talent winners and all who participated in the event,� the release said. The announcement also thanked volunteer judges Andrew Lyon, Elizabeth Souza Bolt, and Craig LeFuse and sponsors Kim Gaskill of Allstate Insurance Company, RadioNOW, Roundtripper Baseball Academy, Current in Carmel and CarmelFest 2011.


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8 | July 26, 2011

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Current asks what the public’s role will be in supporting The Center for the Performing Arts in its upcoming season By Marc Allan & Jordan Fischer Current in Carmel Steve Gerardi saw the stories about Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts possibly requesting a subsidy of as much as $4 million next year and had a one-word reaction: “Why?” “Concerts are supposed to at least break even – and hopefully make a profit,” said Gerardi, who’s worked in concert promotions locally for more than 25 years, mostly with Sunshine Promotions and, more recently, on his own. “They shouldn’t need $4 million – or anywhere close to that – especially when they’re saying they’ve sold 93 to 96 percent of their tickets.” But the 2010-2011 concert series at the Palladium did make a profit from its 24 performances – a little more than $370,000. In fact, the partial season on a whole reported slightly under a $50,000 surplus in a preliminary, unaudited report presented to the Carmel City Council on July 18. Steven Libman, president and CEO of the Center for the Performing Arts, said an apples-to-apples comparison between the non-profit center and for-profit concert venues like Noblesville’s Verizon Wireless Music Center overlooks the large number of additional services performing arts centers traditionally offer. In addition to 81 performances scheduled for the upcoming 20112012 season, Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts will house artistic director Michael Feinstein’s “Great American Songbook” collection, fund a full educational outreach program, and house seven resident companies, among them the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre, the largest community theatre in Indiana and one of the 10 largest in the United States. “Venues like a Verizon Wireless exist solely to make money,” Libman said. “We exist to serve the entire community.” Libman said the $4 million figure widely reported in local media as his 2011-2012 grant request from the City of Carmel is “speculative.” He did acknowledge, however, that the amount requested for the upcoming season – which has a projected budget of $13.5 million – would not be lower than the $2 million provided by the city in the previous season. “There is no Center for the Performing Arts without funding from the city,” Libman said.

Apples to apples

Performing arts complexes typically do get some public subsidy. That amount can vary significantly based on several factors, among them the age of the facility, size of endowment, and, perhaps most importantly, whether the center was created by public entity like the City of Carmel, or a private arts organization. The 19-year-old North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center receives $918,000 -- $168,000 from the City of Charlotte and $750,000 from the county. Those government reimbursements are used to maintain the buildings, which are owned by the city and county, a spokesman said. In Tampa, Florida, the publicly-owned Straz Center for the Performing Arts, which opened 24 years ago and bills itself as the largest performing arts center south of the Kennedy Center, receives a $450,000 operating subsidy from the city. The Straz has a $35 million annual operating budget.

“I would have to charge an average of $200, and sell out every show, for it to cover the total cost of the center.” -Steven Libman After 32 years in operation, the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines (Iowa) receives $300,000, largely from hotel-motel taxes, toward an annual budget of $15 million, said Director of Development Todd Fogdall. Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center, owned by Miami-Dade County, opened in 2006 with an initial $3.75 million subsidy from the county, but required an additional $4.1 million bailout of county funds. Its 2010-2011 season reported an operating budget of $22 million, with a $7 million public subsidy. The Mesa Arts Center in Arizona, opened in 2005, is wholly owned and operated by the City of Mesa, which funds $6 million of the center’s $10 million operating budget. According to Executive Director Cindy Ornstein, the city has seen dividends returned on its investment in the center. “We brought in 330,000 visitors last year right into the heart of downtown Mesa,” Ornstein said. “That’s beneficial; both in

the money people spend, and people seeing we have a charming downtown. I believe that one of the biggest impacts the art center has had is in reinforcing to people that Mesa is a place committed to the arts and education, and it’s a place they should want to place down roots.” Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard has said he expects the Center for the Performing Arts to need a subsidy for the foreseeable future. He considers the center to be an investment that will pay the city back in new businesses, jobs and the tax revenues they generate. Other performing arts centers echo that view. The Blumenthal Center boasts that it infuses $52 million annually into Charlotte’s economy. “We use the economic data supplied by the Broadway League which has studied this nationally, including Charlotte,” public relations coordinator Danny Knaub said. “The multiplier is $2.50 of economic impact for every one dollar of ticket value. So, if we have $20 million in ticket sales, then the economic impact is estimated at $50 million.” According to Libman and John Hughey, public relations manager for Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts, the center estimates its local economic impact for the upcoming season at $7.5 million.

Confident, concerned

While Libman maintains that no formal request for funds has been made, and declined to speculate on what that number might eventually be, city council members say with the operating budget increasing from $7.6 million to $13.5 million in the 2011-2012 season, it’s only reasonable to expect the center’s grant request to increase proportionally. “The assumption was, he’s doubling the budget, he’s going to double the amount he’ll be asking for,” said Council President Seidensticker Eric Seidensticker. He added that, with the center’s budget increasing by about 50 percent, a “reasonable guesstimate” might be that the center will request $3 million.

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Where we stand Center Name

Years Open

‘10-’11 Budget

Public Funding

Publicly Owned Yes (Owned by University of California Davis)

Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts


$7.274 million

Less than $50,000 (received $15.5 million in campus funds for construction)

Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

71 (New 90,000 sq. ft. hall opened in 2001)

$7.3 million



Civic Center of Greater Des Moines


$15 million



David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts


$35 million



North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center


$22 million



7 months

$7.3 million

$2.3 million

Mesa Arts Center


$10 million

$6 million


Adrienne Arsht Center


$22 million

$7 million


Center for the Performing Arts (Carmel)

Current in Carmel


July 26, 2011 | 9

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By the numbers 2010-2011 Season1

Performances: 24 Tickets Sold: 34,467 Box Office: $1,665,597 Production Costs: $1,287,925 Operating Budget: $7,291,014 Government Contribution: $2,354,157

1 2

2011-2012 Season2

Performances: 81 Ticket Presales: 26,000 Estimated Box Office: $4,400,000 Estimated Production Costs: $4,000,000 Estimated Operating Budget: $13,500,000 Government Contribution: Undetermined

Unaudited numbers as of July 18. Center for the Performing Arts projected season numbers.

Continued from page 9 Seidensticker said while he’s sure the center will receive some amount of funding from the city, anything above the $2 million given last year “will be a struggle.” “You have to be pragmatic in your approach about funding,” Seidensticker said. “You can’t give them everything, because we should not be in the business of subsidizing anything other than those items that government was built for, and that is to provide health, safety and welfare. A facility like this steps well outside of that. But it’s built. It’s there.” Seidensticker and fellow council member Rick Sharp said they believe more effort should be put into looking for alternative funding sources. Sharp also said that he’d like to see efforts to create a planned $50 million endowment pick up. Sharp “The bottom line to all of this is, the fundraising that was supposed to be raised from the private sector never materialized,” Sharp said. “The crystal point, from my thinking is, what you need to open and operate the facility is cash, and there was no cash raised. So that’s what put us in the point of having to help subsidize the hall.” Despite his concerns, Sharp said he has an “enormous faith” in Libman’s ability to do the job. “I absolutely think he’s the right man for the job,” Sharp said. Libman said he hopes by the center’s sixth year of operation to begin reducing its dependence upon the city through private donations and other revenue sources. “I’d love to see that timeframe move faster, but I think that sounds like a relatively realistic approach,” Sharp said. “I don’t want to be sold pie in the sky.” While Sharp and Seidensticker both accept the reality that the city will likely be providing some funding to the center in perpetuity, they stressed that the city’s resources are not unlimited. “I understand that we can’t allow it to fail this early,” Seidensticker said. “But, if in five to 10 years we’re still contributing at this level, we have a major problem.”

10 | July 26, 2011

“There’s only a certain amount of money the city has access to,” he continued. “If the money’s not there, the center isn’t going to get it. We’re not going to take away the health and safety obligations to the taxpayer simply to fund a performing arts center.” Sharp agreed, saying the city’s liability in the case of a default on an $80 million bond issued to construct the Palladium does not mean a blank check for the center. “The bottom line is: Those are not obligations of the City of Carmel,” Sharp said. “If some disaster that we can’t foresee today occurred in our budget process, and we had to go to the foundation and say we’re terribly sorry but we can only give you $300,000 this year… my obligation to keep the bond from being supported by a tax increase is not an open-ended obligation. I’m not going to bankrupt the city to avoid a tax increase.” All parties involved point to private funding, and the creation of an endowment, as the long term solution. According to Mesa’s Ornstein, whose center boasts corporate sponsorships from Target, Boeing, American Express and Blue Cross Blue Shield, the biggest factor in increasing those donations is a successful track record. “It’s about the community making a long term investment,” Ornstein said. “The thing is about endowment, is an endowment gift is a statement about an individual or company’s belief in the importance of the sustainability in perpetuity of that organization,” she said. “That kind of affinity, that kind of strong sense of ownership, is developed through experience. It’s in seeing that organization’s impact in the community which inspires that individual or organization to contribute. So it’s hard for a new organization to develop an endowment as it just comes on the scene.” Ornstein stressed the importance of people taking the “long view” when it comes to performing arts centers. “Nothing happens overnight,” she said. “But, cumulatively, a gem of a facility with a quality program is going to be a definite boon to the economic development of the city, and of the region.” For his part, Libman agrees. “We have to ask, what would life be like without the Center for the Performing Arts?” Libman said. “I think boring.”


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Kevin Kane contributed to this report.

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Italian Pork Chops Ingredients • 4 (1 inch thick) boneless pork chops • Kosher salt and ground black pepper to taste • 4 slices capocollo ham • 4 slices fresh Indiana tomato • 4 slices fresh mozzarella cheese • 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil • Chopped fresh oregano to taste • Paprika to taste Directions 1. Preheat an outdoor grill for medium direct heat, and lightly oil the grate. 2. Rub olive oil on chops and sprinkle with salt and black pepper, and grill until the chops are browned, and show good grill marks. An instant-read meat thermometer inserted into the center of a chop should read 140 to 145 degrees F. 3. Place capocollo ham, tomato, and fresh mozzarella cheese slices on each pork chop, and sprinkle with oregano and paprika; cook until the cheese has melted, about 2 more minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes before serving. Remember, dry pork

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July 26, 2011 | 11

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DISPATCHES » Tarkington preview – The Center for the Performing Arts is presenting free performances during the month of July to preview its new Tarkington Theatre. To attend, call 843-3800 to reserve seats. Seating is limited. This week’s performances: Tuesday, 7 p.m., Heartland Truly Moving Pictures film screening. Thursday, 7 p.m., International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. Sunday, 1 p.m., free open house. » Auditions this week – The Belfry Theatre in Noblesville will be holding auditions for its upcoming production of The Great American Backstage Musical tomorrow and Thursday, 7 p.m. at the Pink Slipper Dance Studio Act II, second floor of the Hamilton County Sports Complex, 9625 E. 150th Street, Noblesville. Three men and three women in their 20s and 30s are needed. Come prepared to sing. e-mail questions to david.burch@ .

» July gardening tips – 1. You can sow a fall crop of bush beans now. Plant seeds two inches deep to protect them from the hot sun. You can sow other vegetable seeds for

an autumn yield, too, by planting them just a little deeper than you did in the spring. The best time to plant is after a rain shower. 2. Once melon vines have set three or four fruits, remove any new blossoms. The remaining fruits will benefit from this, and you will still have plenty.

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12 | July 26, 2011

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Brand-New Luxury Apartments

Now Open! GHDT performs in Tarkington As part of The Center for the Performing Arts’ series of preview performances held during the month of July, the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre performed in the hall last Thursday. A Heartland Truly Moving Pictures film screening will be held Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. All preview shows are free and seats can be reserved by calling 843-3800. Photos by Kelsey Krzyston

July 26 Fishers Summer Concert Series: Peace Train, 7 p.m. Fishers Town Hall, 1 Municipal Drive, Fishers. Cost: Free. Details: July 27 Summer Concerts at the Gazebo: The Tides, 7:30 p.m. 1 Civic Square, Carmel. Cost: Free. Details: July 28-30 Morty’s Comedy Joint: Mike Baldwin 3625 East 96th St., Indianapolis. Cost: $12 on Thursdays (8 p.m. show time) and $15 on Fri-

LIVE MUSIC Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian Street. For more information call 573-9746. Friday – Lemon Wheel Saturday – Remedy Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more

Sustainable is now attainable at Sophia Square, new luxury apartments in the Carmel Arts and Design District. Come home to contemporary finishes, state-of-the-art amenities, and eco-friendly design, all in a premier location at Main Street and the Monon Trail. It’s green living. It’s unlike anything else. And it’s only at Sophia Square.

days and Saturdays (8 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. show times) Details: or call 848-5500 July 29-Aug. 7 Belfrey Theatre: Cinderella Performances: July 29, 8 p.m.; July 30, 2 and 8 p.m.; July 31, 2 p.m.; August 5, 8 p.m.; August 6, 2 and 8 p.m.; August 7, 2 p.m. 10690 Greenfield Avenue, Noblesville. Cost: $15 for adults, $12 for children ages 12 and under. Details and reservations: 773-1085 or online at  Aug. 11-27 Carmel Repertory Theatre: Hairspray Aug. 11-14, 18-21, 25-27 Thursdays through Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Sundays, 2:30 p.m. 1 Center Green, Carmel Details: information, call 770-9020. Friday – The Connect Saturday – George Fourman Thrill Moon Dog Tavern, 825 E 96th St., Indianapolis, 46240. Call 575-6364 for more information. Friday – Bobby Clark Saturday – If I Had a Nickel

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July 26, 2011 | 13

All it takes is three wigs and a lot of makeup!

If you enjoyed or You’re going to love our exciting 2011-2012 season

"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" "On A Slow Boat to China" "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" "Ac-cent-u-ate the Positive"

This show is filled to the brim with more than twenty-five songs made famous by the Andrews Sisters.

226172 Postcard R1.indd 1

The Words and Music of Cole Porter

“It is as good as anything I have seen on Broadway. I am so happy you have found Carmel, or perhaps I should say, Carmel found you, to share your talents for all who appreciate good entertainment. I may see it again.”

5/27/11 2:20 PM

Written by Gerard Alessandrini

SEPTEMBER 9-25, 2011


Devised by Benny Green and Alan Strachan

In this long running Off-Broadway hit musical revue, Forbidden Broadway pokes, prods, teases and lampoons anything Broadway has to offer- but always with love. This cannon of witty and oftentimes brilliant parodies is a time capsule of the American Theatre. Journey through more than 20 Broadway shows and spend the evening with Carol Channing, Julie Andrews, Ethel Merman, not to mention the casts of The Lion King, Wicked, Mamma Mia, Hairspray and so many more in this entertaining tribute to some of Broadway’s greatest shows and stars!

This sophisticated musical about Indiana’s favorite son, Cole Porter, cleverly crafts song and dance, while intertwining narration to tell the story of Porter’s life. Beginning in Peru, Indiana to Paris, to the bright lights of Broadway, to Hollywood, the show includes such Cole Porter hits as “I Love Paris”, “Anything Goes”, “Night & Day”, “ I Get A Kick Out of You”....

-Marilyn Melangton

“Support ATI, but most of all make sure you support yourself when you double over from the non-stop laughter of The Andrew’s Brothers. “ Michael G. Warner

APRIL 27-MAY 20, 2012 Book and Lyrics by Joe DiPietro, Music by Jimmy Roberts

“A great show-lots of laugh out loud scenes- a great evening outand there are no bad seats!! Go and enjoy!” -Joy Stafford Carmel, IN

This celebration of the mating game takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum known as ‘the relationship.’ Act I explores the journey from dating and waiting to love and marriage, while Act II reveals the agonies and triumphs of in-laws and newborns, trips in the family car and pick-up techniques of the geriatric set. This hilarious revue pays tribute to those who have loved and lost, to those who have fallen on their face at the portal of romance, to those who have dared to ask, ‘Say, what are you doing Saturday night?’

FEBRUARY 10-26, 2012 Written by Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak

Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew, and featuring a sparkling score by Stephen Schwartz, “Godspell” boasts a string of well-loved songs, led by the international hit, “Day By Day.” As the cast performs “Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord,” “Learn Your Lessons Well,” “All For The Best,” “All Good Gifts,” “Turn Back, O Man” and “By My Side,” the parables of Jesus Christ come humanly and hearteningly to life.

Great season subscriptions rates now on sale! Call ATI at 317-669-7983 or visit and purchase yours! Single tickets go on sale August 15th and can be purchased through the Center for the Performing Arts box office at 317-843-3800

“This show was so enjoyable, we just bought season tickets!” - Steve and Colleen Freeman

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Flex some fun with mussels Cooking By Clint Smith Sometimes what hits the spot is neither a full meal nor a nibble, but something in between. Steamed mussels are fun because they’re communal. Imagine this: a casual evening with friends, maybe on the weekend, maybe lounging outside. A table loaded with finger foods with a variety of wines and beverages. Imagine the music whistling through the air and the sounds of laughter from your guests as they relax and eat your latest creation. Several local markets stock fresh mussels, but save yourself a dead-end investigation by calling ahead, ask about availability and perishability. Scrutinize the mussels. If the shells are slightly

Steamed mussels with homemade fries Serve 4 Ingredients • 3 pounds fresh mussels, scrubbed, debearded • 4 ounces unsalted butter • 1 shallot, minced • 1 cup dry white wine • 2-3 sprigs Italian parsley • To taste, kosher salt and cracked black pepper • 2 Idaho potatoes • As needed for frying, peanut oil

open, tap the top with a knife; if it snaps shut, you’re good to go. But if the shell remains open, pitch it in the garbage. Use a coarse brush to scrub the shells under cold running water. Immediately before cooking, use your fingers (or needle-nose pliers) to yank away the small cluster of threads running along the hinge, this is called “debearding.” Last tip: after eating a mussel, use the shells as impromptu tongs on the remaining mussels. Steamed mussels are an impressive culinary contribution to any dinner party, or an ideal way to recreate a bistro vibe at home.


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Directions 1. For fries: peel potatoes, cut into long batons. Soak in cold water to prevent oxidization; leave in water for at least an hour before rinsing under cold water (to remove starch). In a highsided pot, heat peanut oil to around 275°F. Blanch the potatoes for several minutes until they become translucent; remove and scatter on a baking sheet; rest for 15 minutes. Increase the oil’s heat to 375°F.; drop fries back in and fry until crisp. Drain on paper towel. Place in a large bowl and toss with table salt. 2. Mussels: heat two ounces butter in large pot; sauté shallots. Add wine, bringing to a boil. Maintain heat. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in mussels in a place lid on pot. Cook for roughly 10 minutes or until mussels have all opened. Add parsley, replace lid and shake the pot. Add remaining two ounces of butter, shake pot again, and serve mussels immediately with broth.

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This is a Euro-liqueur flavor bomb from Michel Dozois of Ray’s and Stark Bar at LACMA in Los Angeles. The St. Germain’s natural sweetness is complemented by Cynar and Campari, two incredible Italian bitter aperitifs. Both are acquired tastes. You may acquire them via this drink. Ingredients

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July 26, 2011 | 15

Secure Your Place at Summer’S HotteSt PartY! Opening night at the tarkingtOn! Saturday, auguSt 6 at 5:30 pm Celebrate the completion of the stunning Center for the performing arts campus at Opening Night at the tarkington! We’re raising the curtain on the state-of-the-art tarkington theater in style in an evening that includes appearances by tV and Broadway star david Hyde pierce (Frazier, Spamalot), artistic director michael Feinstein, members of the acclaimed american Ballet theatre and special guests. Immediately following the show, join us for an after-party featuring cocktails, gourmet food stations, a dessert buffet, live music, dancing and more. Limited number Of “aLL-incLusive” tickets avaiLabLe fOr $150! michael feinstein

act nOw fOr tickets! Visit or call 317.843.3800.

david hyde pierce

RPA-263-Current-07.26-FNL.indd 1

7/20/11 10:47 AM


Tuesday, July 26, 2011 Vol. 1, No. 1

Seniors reap rewards of aquatic therapy By Jordan Fischer For seniors looking to combat the aches and pains that come with growing older, aquatic therapy offers a low-impact approach as simple as taking bath. National health organizations like the Center for Disease Control and the Arthritis Foundation tout the benefits of aquatic therapy for adults suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, patients recovering from strokes, and adults who would otherwise be prevented from exercising. According to Sally Brindle, aquatic program coordinator at the Arthur M. Glick Jewish Community Center of Indianapolis, a decade of teaching aquatic therapy classes has only reaffirmed her belief Brindle in their value. “I fell in love with the program and what it did for people,” Brindle said. According to Brindle, two unique properties of water – buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure – are what make it perfect for many seniors. “People who can’t walk on land often can walk in water,” Brindle said. “Your buoyancy in

BeneFits OF AQuAtiC therAPy • Relief of pain and muscle spasm • Re-education of walking patterns • Increased joint range • Increased muscle strength • Improvement of peripheral circulation • Balance enhancement • Support of otherwise completely immobile people • Recovery from surgery (e.g. joint replacement), or complex trauma • Movement pattern improvement • Functional retraining for work

Regular aquatics class students say they see more benefits from this program than dry-land options. Photo by Jordan Fischer

the water takes the pressure off of your joints, while also acting as a natural resistance. The hydrostatic pressure helps massage joints and muscles, and it’s very good for those with edema.” Brindle’s students rave about aquatic therapy as well. Bob Bernard, 72, said his work in the pool keeps him fit enough to continue his work on stage as a performer. “I have arthritis, but I’m also an entertainer,” Bernard said. “Part of my performance includes choreography. The water exercise helps keep me looser so that I can do the steps required of my dance act.” Five year class veteran Pat Pothast has joined Brindle within the last year as a certified instructor, and said her time as both student and teacher demonstrate the value of the therapy. “I have fibromyalgia,” Pothast said, “So my doctor recommended I take water classes. In the beginning, it was very hard, and I just felt lousy. But I just kept coming, and started feeling better.” Her time spent in the pool also sped up her

recovery after surgery, Pothast said. “I have to take a steroid to keep my blood pressure from bottoming out, but steroids destroy your bones,” she said. “So I had to have a

hip replacement. After that, though, I was out of bed and walking around within two days because my muscles were so strong from coming here.”

LOCAL OPtiOns Monon Community Center 1235 Central Park Dr. E., Carmel Phone: 317-848-7275

St V. Rehab Aquatics Program 9012 E. 126th St., Fishers Phone: 317-415-6980

PrimeLife Enrichment, Inc. 1078 Third Avenue SW, Carmel Phone: 317-815-7000

Indiana Orthopaedic Center 14540 Prairie Lakes Blvd. North, Suite 105 (Noblesville) 11911 N. Meridian St., Suite 130 (Carmel) Phone: 317-588-2663

Riverview Hospital 601 Westfield Rd. (Noblesville) & 14535B Hazel Dell Parkway (Carmel) Phone: 317-776-7225 (Noblesville) & 317-7054350 (Carmel)

Arthur M. Glick Jewish Community Center 6701 Hoover Rd., Indianapolis Phone: 317-251-9467

it’s gOLDen | Current PuBLishing sPeCiAL seCtiOn | it’s gOLDen Borrowing against retirement soars – Loans against retirement plans were up overall last year, with one in seven borrowing money, according to new data from Aon Hewitt. TIAA-CREFF told Daily Finance that loans against its plans were up nearly 19 percent in 2010 from the previous year and there was a 7 percent increase in hardship withdrawals. Nearly 30 percent of all plans have a loan outstanding, the highest level in history, according to The Wall Street Journal. Beat high blood pressure – Slow breathing and meditative practices such as qigong, yoga, and tai chi decrease stress hormones, which elevate renin, a kidney enzyme that raises blood pressure. Try five minutes in the morning and at night. Inhale deeply and expand your belly. Exhale and release all of your tension. The right tunes can help, too, according to researchers at the University of Florence in Italy. They asked 28 adults who were already taking hypertension pills to listen to soothing classical, Celtic, or Indian music for 30 minutes daily while breathing slowly. After a week, the listeners had lowered their average systolic reading by 3.2 points; a month later, readings were down 4.4 points. Tired of your timeshare? – If you are under a deeded timeshare agreement and decide to sell the timeshare on your own, consider posting your property on reputable site like TUG, the Timeshare Users Group. TUG offers a wealth of practical, consumer-friendly information for both existing timeshare owners and would-be timeshare buyers. Among the features at TUG are a “Timeshare Marketplace” that lets you sell or rent your timeshare free of charge and a sales history database that allows you to get the most recent, up-to-date information on timeshare sales and properly asses how much your timeshare is worth. Sip and savor – Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel 2011, aged for 12 years, is the latest of Four Roses’ annual offering of limited-edition single-barrel bourbon. The spirit in each of the 3,600 bottles comes from individual, cream-ofthe-crop barrels rather than a blend of several different ones. It packs a lot of heat at first, but the more experienced bourbon drinker will appreciate the spicy rye flavors and a long finish full of ripe fruit. 59.3 percent ABV, $90.

18 | July 26, 2011

Straighten Up! COMMEntaRY By Marcia Wilson “Stand up straight!” These are words most kids have heard from our mothers. Slouching usually led to “the look” or a lecture on posture. Some children may have even been forced to practice walking with a book on your head. Well, mom does know best. Although Mom was likely concerned about etiquette and appearance, good posture has health benefits. So try this for just a moment: sit up straight, both feet on the floor, pelvis tilted. Tighten your stomach muscles and feel the slight arch in the back. Now, lift your shoulders up then push them back and down, neck straight and head up with the chin slightly tucked.  Hold that – hold it, hold it…and relax. Who knew core strengthening was so simple. You can practice sitting, standing, walking, even while watching TV – and it doesn’t take any extra time out of your day or special equipment.  Oh sure, roll your eyes. How can something so simple make a difference? Good posture helps breathing and oxygen is a good thing. Plus, it helps with circulation. Following mom’s advice, can help anti-aging and can even drop some pounds. Straightening up trims you down? When the shoulders droop an additional 20 pounds is tacked on- 10 pounds from your head. I’m sure mom is saying “told you so” right about now. It’s a myth our posture has to go the way of gravity as we age, but we have to straighten up if we want to continue to be able to straighten up! You don’t have to practice perfect posture every waking moment, but try incorporating a little into your daily routine. It’s an exercise you can do seven days a week, it costs no time or money, and the more you do it the easier it gets. Plus, Mom would be proud. So at the risk of sounding like your mother, straighten up! You might be surprised.  Turns out looking good really can make you feel good. Marcia Wilson holds an M.A. in gerontology and teaches Body Recall, an exercise class for older adults, in Fishers.  Wilson can be reached at

Are impulse buys killing your retirement? COMMEntaRY By Steve Orr As a registered investment advisor, Steve Orr is used to juggling millions, but he knows those millions started out as pennies. President and owner of the Orr Financial Group is knows how to turn pennies into millions and juggling finances. “It’s the dollar here, two dollars there things we pick up every day that start to add up, Orr said. We only don’t see the dollars – plus the interest – we could be earning on them.” Orr said pension funds are being wiped out; companies are canceling matching contributions to employee 401(k) programs and decreasing Social Security. Orr who authored the book, The Noisemakers, (, said everyday little impulse buys are robbing accounts of pennies today, but millions later. Orr demonstrated how everyday expenses – when eliminated – can turn into big bucks down

the road. The daily cup of specialty coffee is about $3.95. A daily sip of Joe for about 40 weeks out of the year, it would cost you about $27,650 over that 35 years. The formula looks like this: • Coffee or Latte – $3.95 X 5 = $19.75 X 40 = $790 X 35 = $27,650 • Energy shot – $3.99 X 5 = $19.95 X 40 = $798 X 35 = $27,930 • Muffin – $3 X 5 = $15 X 40 = $600 X 35 = $21,000 • Lunch – $8 X 5 = $40 X 40 = $1,600 X 35 = $56,000 “If the total amount of these items were put into a retirement investment vehicle for 35 years with a three percent interest you could have an extra $246, 560 in your retirement plan, Orr said. Steve Orr is the President and Owner of Orr Financial Group, a full service Registered Investment Advisor located in Victoria, Texas. Steve has been in the financial industry since 1986 and has been independent since 1994.

Not Your “GardeN” VarietY retiremeNt CommuNitY

Living in a Garden Home at Robin Run affords the privacy you want along with the services and amenities you’d expect from a great retirement lifestyle. You’ll also appreciate the peace of mind that can only come from one of Indiana’s only Life Care communities. “Cutting grass, shoveling snow and home maintenance no longer appear on our ‘to-do’ list. The only thing we would have done differently is we would have moved here sooner.” ~ David and Rhea Klingeman, Robin Run residents since 2005 Choose Between Two Financial Options: Home Equity Purchase, or Life Care Option Each option comes with home-maintenance service and access to all of the amenities and activities that Robin Run has to offer.

For more information, please call Ruth at (317) 293-5500, ext. 369. Exceptional Experiences Every Day is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA • 00945EF-RES01-0611 LB

A Life Care Community Exceptional Experiences Every Day 5354 West 62nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46268


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Don’t put off preparation COMMEntaRY By Susan Jenkins I have worked in the health care industry for 21 years and currently serve as the community relations coordinator and admissions nurse for Riverview Hospital’s Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program. One thing that I have learned during this time is that more people are in need of better information about health care and preparing to take care of their parents. If you think that you can put this off and figure it out after some life-changing event occurs, think about this: Someone that you love dearly has just experienced a life-altering event. They are terrified and need you there with them for support and encouragement. Now, you have to educate yourself on what their needs will be. Will they need any equipment, or rehabilitation? Who will take care of their bills? Will you choose rehab, assisted living, or nursing facility? Can you get someone to stay with them so they can go home, and where do you find those types of people? How much is that expense? And don’t forget that you still have your own life to manage along with all this. Remember that knowledge is power. At this time in your life, you need as much power as

you can find. I’m here to help. The first thing you need to look at is what type of support system you can put together. Call a meeting of family, friends, church members, neighbors, or anyone else your parents trust. Is there anyone with a medical background or financial expertise? Is there someone that could come in and sit with your loved one to offer supervision and friendly support? Does someone in your group have legal experience that could manage the wills or power of attorney issues? Once you have inventoried your group for skills, make a list so you know where you still need help. This is your support team, and it is so much easier to figure everything out when you are not stressed out so that you can control this situation and not get overwhelmed. This is only the first of many steps in this type of planning. Take this and future articles of mine on this topic as your learning tool and start preparing your family so you can better help your family members whenever they might need you. Susan Jenkins is a community relations coordinator and admissions nurse with Riverview Hospital in Noblesville. She can be reached via e-mail at sajenkins@rehabcare. com.

exercise interventions improve longevity and quality of life COMMEntaRY By Katie Huffstetler While you’re sweating at the gym to lose those extra five pounds and fit into your “skinny jeans,” you may not realize that your propensity for maintaining a regular exercise schedule as you age is directly related to how independent of a life you could live as an older adult. Research suggests that older adults who exercise regularly live longer, more independent lives and enjoy better long-term brain health than their non-exercising counterparts. The definition of effective exercise changes as people age, and knowing which exercises can help you prevent common problems associated with the aging process helps you get the most value out of your exercise program. C.L.I.M.B. (Confidence, Longevity, Independence, Mobility and Balance), a national wellness program for the aging population, focuses on improving lower-body strength to impact an individual’s capacity to live independently for longer. The program was recently awarded one of eight national “Best of the Best” awards by the Assisted Living Federation of America for its impact on older adults. Gordon Benfield, director of member services at the Stratford in Carmel, says it is important for older adults to focus on their lower-body strength as they age, since that will also reduce their risk of falling in the future. The Stratford Recently implemented the C.L.I.M.B. program

as part of its wellness offerings. “Simple exercises such as chair stands and step-ups make a big difference in a short period of time,” Benfield said. “Better yet, you can do these exercises in the comfort of your home while using basic household items such as chairs and canned goods.” Benfield recommends the following exercises for older adults: Work up to three sets of 10 for each, with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise. Step-Ups – Using a step in your house, step up with right foot, up with left foot, down with right foot, down with left foot.  Repeat. Chair Stands – Using a chair in your house, cross your arms over your chest and rise to a standing position from a seated position, then back to a seated position. Repeat. Seated Leg Extensions – From a seated position with your legs bent, extend one leg out until your knee is straight, then bend and place back on the floor.  Do the same with your other leg to complete one set. Repeat. After mastering these exercises, you can carry canned goods in each hand to increase the weight resistance during the step-up and chair stand exercises. For more information about exercises for older adults or to learn more about the wellness offerings at The Stratford, please contact Gordon Benfield at GBenfield@Stratford-Living. com or by phone at 317-733-9560.

You’ll Find It All Here. Call The Stratford at 317-733-9560 today and learn how our retirement lifestyle can impact your wellness, peace of mind and overall well-being.

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2460 Glebe Street | Carmel, IN 46032 Independent Living • Assisted Living Alzheimer’s Care • Skilled Nursing July 26, 2011 | 19

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Are you at risk for shingles?

Don Burrell (far right) is on the six instructors at Lambert’s Lowery Organ Center.

Seniors learn music, meet friends at Lambert’s By Kevin Kane At Lambert’s Lowery Organ Center in Noblesville, an increasing number of local seniors are finding that learning a new instrument at this point in their lives is easier and more enjoyable than they might have imagined. Lambert’s offers hour-long classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to anyone – regardless of age, skill level or prior experience – who would like to learn to play the organ, or virtual orchestra, as they are commonly called today. But seniors have especially been drawn to the classes’ low cost and friendly environment. Judy Lambert, who owns the store with her husband, said participants pay $20 for six weeks of classes and during that time are provided with an instrument to be kept in their home for practice at no additional charge. The virtual orchestras even include features that allow novices to play complete songs during their first lesson. “It’s the easiest instrument to learn to play,” Lambert said. “And when you take the pressure out of learning, it makes it a lot more enjoyable…If they play the wrong note, who cares? They’re having fun.”

And that fun comes from more than playing music. Lambert said each class is more like a social gathering, with many of the attendees developing friendships along the way. “It’s a great society to be in for the elderly,” said Katheryn Thompson, 94, of Noblesville. Thompson said she joined the class because she “wanted to live again” and has been very happy with that decision. “The friendships that you make here are invaluable.” Sometimes the participants choose to take their class work outside the walls of the music store. Some of the more experienced students choose to play at nursing homes, Riverview Hospital and other places in the community. “They get out there and entertain,” Lambert said. Lambert said she will continue to add more classes in the near future because, not only are more seniors expressing an interest in learning the instrument, but many of the students have remained in the class long past the initial six weeks. “It opens up a whole new world for you,” said Frances King of Noblesville, one of the class’ original students. To learn more, call 773-2002.

If you want to have FUN, learn to play a musical instrument, attend Great Social Events, and Eat Great Food!


COMMEntaRY By Dr. Jugnoo Husain A recent Food and Drug Administration ruling has approved the shingles vaccine, Zostavax, for people aged 50 to 59 years. The vaccine was already approved for ages 60 and above, but a multicenter study showed it was also effective for a younger age group. Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a viral infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox. Although varicella-zoster is part of a group of the herpes viruses, it is not the same virus that causes cold sores or genital herpes, a sexually transmitted disease. Anyone who’s ever had chickenpox is at risk for developing shingles. After a person has recovered from chickenpox, the virus is never fully cleared from the body. Instead, it lies inactive in certain nerve cells, and can reappear as shingles years later. The cause for this reemergence remains unknown; however, a weakened immune system (e.g., emotional stress, other illness, certain medications, cancer, AIDS) is thought to cause the virus to reactivate and move along nerve fibers to the skin. A person must already have had chickenpox in the past in order to develop shingles. Shingles cannot be transmitted from one

person to another, and contact with someone who has chickenpox will not trigger shingles. However, a person with shingles can pass the virus to anyone who hasn’t had chickenpox (or the chickenpox vaccine); especially if there has been direct contact shingle’s the open sores. In other words, the infected person will develop chickenpox, not shingles. Shingles can be a debilitating condition, characterized by a painful rash that often appears in a band-like distribution on one side of the face or body. Although the rash generally heals within a month, severe pain and extreme sensitivity to touch persist in some cases. This complication, known as post-herpetic neuralgia, may last for several months or even years. Additionally, shingles in or around the eye can lead to vision loss, so this problem requires prompt medical attention. Antiviral medications can help decrease its duration and the risk of complications. Clinical trials have shown Zostavax to reduce the risk of developing shingles by more than half in people over 60, and by 70 percent in those aged 50 to 59. Moreover, those who develop shingles despite the vaccine tend to have milder disease. Millions of Americans have had chickenpox as children meaning they are at risk for shingles; thus, should consult their doctors about getting vaccinated.

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w/ Instruments & Materials Furnished in Your Home.

317-773-2002 573 Westfield RD Noblesville, IN

20 | July 26, 2011

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get a fall risk assessment COMMEntaRY By Dr. David Sullivan Falls and fall-related injuries are the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults. Fallrelated hip fractures account for approximately 25 percent of injury deaths among those over age 65. Among adults 70 years and older in the United States, falls are the cause of 16 percent of all emergency department visits. Risk factors associated with falls include neuropathy, ankle instability, and weakness along with other specific acute and chronic diseases that can impact sensory and musculoskeletal systems. Other risks include: 1. Gait/ankle instability, weakness, unstable gait, osteoarthritis 2. Taking four or more medications 3. Foot problems or unsafe footwear 4. Blood pressure abnormalities 5. Visual impairments 6. Obstacles and hazards at home Research has shown that treating and correcting these specific risk factors reduces the rate of falling by more than 30 percent. Postural control is a modifiable factor in fall prevention. Postural control can be described as the ability of a person to maintain their center of gravity over their legs, ankles and feet. The ability to main-

tain a stable upright posture is an important factor involving our sensory system, not only in the initiation and the control of voluntary movement, but also in the prevention of injury. Decreased postural control or increased postural sway can occur because of ankle instability and when there is a loss of normal sensation, such as in diabetes and other causes of peripheral neuropathy, then the risk for falls increases. Fortunately, there are many devices that assist the fall-prone with walking. Other than canes and walkers, there is now a new brace, when worn on both lower extremities improves postural control and improves the time it takes these individuals in certain timed tests aimed at evaluating fall risk. Its design allows for the elderly to easily apply and remove it and fit it into shoes without difficulty. It is custom made and cushioned for comfort, yet provides stability at the ankle joint and increased sensation by the patient which improves balance.  Get your fall risk assessment today. A preliminary questionnaire is available at  under New Patients then Patient Forms - Fall Risk Assessment Form.


Dr. David Sullivan is with Westfield Foot and Ankle, 16411 Southpark Dr., Suite B. E-mail him at drs@

We’re giving the North Side freedom to move.

keeping your loved ones’ houses their homes COMMEntaRY By John Mcnichols According to the National Aging in place Council, “an overwhelming majority of older Americans want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, but lack awareness of home and community-based services that make independent living possible.” The first area of consideration of modifications can increase independence and mobility. While multi-stage ramps are one solution, sloping walkways and raised surfaces are more aesthetic options. Inside, widening doorways, hallways and stairways may become necessary to allow adequate room for moving from one space to another. Perhaps moving the master bedroom to the main would enhance the ease of daily life. Handrails, grab rails and other permanent aides become essential to getting around independently. Stair lifts, chair lifts, and even elevators are now available and more economical for residential use. Kitchens and bathrooms are often two problem areas for the aging population. A little remodeling in these rooms can extend a person’s stay in their home. Installing low steps for rolling into showers with adequate seating and lower toilets can majorly improve independent mobility. Existing kitchens can be improved by providing places for food preparation and storage at a comfortable height. Subtle changes

As members of Indiana’s #1 ranked joint replacement team at the Center for Hip and Knee Surgery, Dr. Jeff Pierson and Dr. Philip Faris provide nationally recognized orthopedic care to help put North Side residents on the path to pain-free movement.

in lighting and use of color can also help in making living space more pleasant and easier to navigate. Modern monitoring technology help protect loved ones from unattended operation, and alert loved caregivers of emergency or assistance when needed. Video communications with adult children and grandchildren can improve regular connectivity without leaving the residence’s comfort. In addition to home improvements, in-home community based services are making independent living more attainable. Every day new in-home services are being offered including nursing, companion care and doctors who make house calls. Even assistants to help with pet care and daily tasks. Whatever the situation, consider the value of making necessary changes to an existing home to maximize independence and enhance daily lifestyle for years to come. About the Author: John McNichols is the founder of Heritage Independent Lifestyles, a licensed General Contractor specializing in ‘independence remodeling’ for those who want to remain in their homes as long as possible. As a Certified Age in Place Specialist, he can help you determine your unique needs and design and implement solutions that enhance your lifestyle and independence. John resides in Fishers with his wife and younger two daughters and is active with several non-profit, charitable and service organizations.

Embracing the future.

Dr. Jeff Pierson

Dr. Philip Faris

12188-A North Meridian Street, Suite 325, Carmel, IN (317) 706-2361 ·


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The intelligence behind Smartlipo

DISPATCHES » Bedside manner affects patients? – Rudeness and incivility among doctors, in particular in the operating room, can actually lead to poorer health outcomes among patients. Doctors from Cedar Sinai and Johns Hopkins University collected data on previous studies of surgeons’ behavior in the operating room and the subsequent outcomes of the patients on whom they performed procedures. They found that when doctors were more courteous to operating room staff, their patients were more likely to survive and avoid complications than the patients of docs who were O.R. boors. » Romance novels bad for women? – Romance novels can be a bad influence on women and lead them to make poor health and relationship decisions, says a British psychologist. “They offer an idealized version of romance, which can make some women feel bad about themselves because their relationships aren’t perfect,” Susan Quilliam wrote in the July issue of the Journal of Family Planning and reproductive health. Quilliam also claims these novels can influence poor health decisions, including having unprotected sex – a scenario often portrayed in the novels.

» Joint myth – Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis. The cracking noise is simply the result of air bubbles popping in the synovial fluid that surrounds the joints. Motion can create these tiny bubbles, which make noise when popped. If other joints, such as your shoulder or knee, make noise when you simply move, and it’s accompanied by pain and/or swelling, it could be arthritis. But you won’t hurt yourself by cracking your knuckles. -Bottom Line Health » Study: No statin, cancer link – People on cholesterol-lowering statins appear to be no more likely to develop cancer than non-users, a new study concludes -- adding to evidence that contradicts a widely publicized report of raised cancer risk from the popular medications. Looking at medical records for nearly 92,000 Americans, the study found that just under 11.4 percent of statin users developed cancer, versus 11.1 percent of non-users. -Reuters

COMMENTARY By Barry Eppley When a product or manufacturer calls itself ‘smart’, there should be a good reason. Such is the case with the plastic surgery method known as Smartlipo. Highly touted as a better and more efficient method of liposuction, its name clearly suggests that it is an improvement over traditional or ‘dumb’ liposuction. Grandiose claims are made all over the internet by several doctors who use the liposuction technique. Smartlipo is a laser technique for melting fat, which makes it easier to extract. By first heating up the fat to a specific temperature, it is turned from a solid into a liquid. This is done by using a laser probe that is passed through the fat area until the right temperature is reached. Then a liposuction cannula is used to vacuum the oily liquid and any other fatty chunks in the area. What makes this form of liposuction so smart? Although it uses a laser, it’s just as invasive and requires a recovery period like traditional liposuction. The laser doesn’t zap the fat, it serves as a way to heat the fat like the burner on a stove. What makes Smartlipo better is its global melting effect, which removes more fat than suction alone. The heat damage increases the amount of fat lost post-sur-

gery. Fat continues to die for days to weeks later; therefore; the procedure’s results don’t take full effect for months. The heating technique accounts for the procedure’s skin tightening capability. Such an effect, however, is almost always overstated and over expected. Do not expect Smartlipo to replace what a tummy tuck or armlift can do. While Smartlipo is often associated with local anesthesia and little recovery, this is often not so. Since there is considerable heat generated during the procedure, local anesthesia may not be enough for a comfortable operative experience. One can only remove enough fat if the patient is comfortable. It is not a test of one’s tolerance. This is why I recommend a general anesthetic. This allows the best result to be obtained in the shortest operative time. Recovery from Smartlipo is not much different than traditional liposuction. Although more fat can be removed, this does not mean there is less recovery. The laser result in less pain and bruising but the amount of swelling is about the same. Dr. Eppley is an Indianapolis board-certified plastic surgeon. Comments can be sent to info@

Check out a Nook at your Carmel Clay Public Library! Would you like to try an eReader without purchasing one?

The Carmel Clay Public Library now has 10 Nooks that can be checked out to Clay Township residents 18 years and older with Carmel Clay Public Library cards in good standing. To view the available titles, go to, then call the Reference Desk at 844-3362 to check it out. If it is already checked out, place a hold on it, and you will be contacted when it is available. • Nooks can be checked out for three weeks • Each Nook has 14-15 titles (thrillers, mysteries, women’s fiction, nonfiction) preloaded on it • Titles are different on each Nook

 


Nook Training Sessions Available 


  

  

 


Thursday, August 4 10:00 a.m.

Saturday, August 20 10:30 a.m.

Monday, August 29 7:00 p.m.

If you would like training on how to use a Nook before checking one out, you can register for one of these sessions by calling the library’s Reference Desk at 844-3362. Space is limited, so register early!


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“I offer services like Twitter, Facebook, and blogging to businesses that understand the importance of social media, but don’t have the time to do it themselves.” Stephanie does her work behind the scenes, making her clients social media superstars.  “I spend a lot of time with my clients and really get to know their business and what they are trying to accomplish, it’s their voice. I just write it and send it out into the social media world.”  Confidentiality is extremely important to Stephanie, she wants her work to be authentic, and seamless for the companies she works with.  “It’s a lot of fun, seeing what my efforts can generate, I enjoy the challenges of being a business owner,” she said. “At the end of the day you have your own success in your hands. I have a very supportive husband that has encouraged and believed in me. My business, it’s a very special thing to me.” So why seppichdaily and not just Stephanie Daily?  “I started my business right after my father passed away, we had a very special relationship, I wanted to honor his last name (Eppich). Besides, it’s a pretty cool name!” So what is next for seppichdaily?  “More clients, expanding, I have a colleague

who is interested in the business, so we’ll see,” Eppich said. “One of my business goals this year is to grant a wish for a child through the Make A Wish Foundation of Indiana.” She said they are working out the details and the social media whiz is encouraging you to to check out her Facebook and Twitter account for the campaign’s launch. “I’ve been a Wish Granter for 10 years, but I think it is important for companies to give back, what better way than to help a child’s wish come true?” Stephanie said her success is partly from the tremendous amount of encouragement from friends and colleagues. When asked who her role model was, Stephanie laughed. “I don’t have one particular person I could name as being my role model. I have been so fortunate to have so many people around me that want me to succeed. My business coach, Deseri Garcia (Vida Adventura ) keeps me focused,” Eppich said. “I could never have imagined this wonderful thing happening to me without the support of so many individuals in Indiana and my family. Isn’t Indy great?”


COMMENTARY By Jenn Kampmeier Chatting with Stephanie Eppich Daily about social media can leave your head spinning slightly. She enthusiastically explained the edge to her company seppichdaily ( and its pivotal role in the world of Social Media. Eppich was lost following her layoff after 13 years in the insurance business. “I knew I didn’t want to go back into insurance, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” Eppich said. “But, I knew I didn’t want to work for anyone else again.” After holding a couple of different part time jobs, a conversation with a friend changed her life forever.  “It was a few months after my father passed away, I felt lost and defeated. Then Robby Slaughter (Slaughter Development) asked if I ever thought about working in social media for companies,” Eppich said “I laughed, and asked if people actually do that, he suggested we discuss it, Robby’s company was my first client.” Diving right in, Stephanie immediately started making connections, and signing up companies. She has several clients around Indianapolis and one in California, but she can’t tell us who they are because she’s a ghost. 


Social media whisperer

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

FREE WEEK _TRIAL! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Small Group Personal Training

Jenn Kampmeier is a successful serial mompreneur and single mom to a very vibrant six year old. She can be reached at

It’s never too late to get fit. Geared to address specific concerns about personal fitness and physical limitations. Dedicated one-to-one training.

24 | July 26, 2011

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DISPATCHES » Startups hurting the economy? – A new report from the Kauffman Foundation says that startups are opening their doors with fewer employees and, once they get going, are hiring fewer people, regardless of the economic climate. Kauffman says this problem actually began before the recession and continues to be one of the factors dragging down the economy. Startups in the 1990s launched with an average of 7.5 employees; today, that number is 4.9. » Cautious approach – Some investors have been adopting a cautious approach. John Toohey, vice president of equity investments at USAA Investment Management, said he’s favoring stocks in so-called defensive

sectors that are less sensitive to economic growth. Throughout the spring, health-care, consumer staples, telecommunications and utilities stocks were among the best performers. “These stocks are better positioned for this sort of slow-growth environment, and we would expect that to continue,” Toohey said. He added that many companies in these sectors are still attractively valued and have room to expand their profit margins by being more productive. » Pay bills with gift cards – ChargeSmart. com, which is partnered with the gift card site, is gearing up to launch a new feature allowing customers to apply gift card balances, up to 92 percent of the value, toward bills, such as utilities.

Located just steps from the Monon Trail, inside the Palladium, the Center’s stylish Basile Café is now serving up delicious soups, sandwiches, and salads, plus a

Crash and learn

COMMENTARY By David Cain When I was 16, I drove a truck into our house. My dad was eating a bowl of chili at the kitchen table and I put the grill of a truck through the wall within a few feet of his bowl. I remember the look he offered as I peeked through the broken wall; it was the look of defiance. Unwavering in the face of childhood mischief, he glared at the problem with no fear. It was a stick shift truck – four on the floor as they called them. I was in the garage jumpstarting the truck, a trait that has mostly become a lost art. It was connected to a battery charger and I was rapidly trying to make the truck start; so, I could be off to something important – as only could be defined by a teenager. I reached in the cab of the truck and turned the key. I never imagined a stick shift in first gear could lunge forward when it turned over; however, in hindsight it seems obvious. The truck jumped forward with a reckless force that could make a kid yell, “Hell yeah!” if his father wasn’t on the other side of the wall. This wasn’t my first experience crashing a car


Open daily for

select beer and wine offering.

lunch, 11am-2pm, Monday-Saturday,

in front of my dad. Before I had my license, he’d go for a walk and let me drive back and forth in the driveway. One snow covered winter, I drove his car too far up a trail, just as I felt it sliding, it tilted over a hill and wedged against a tree. I climbed through the window to escape the terror and a chance of it toppling with me behind the wheel. The one fear I did not have was my dad’s reaction. I knew he’d understand. After all, he’d given me the keys. Was there anything to learn about these car wrecks? Although these two events happened nearly 30 years ago, they still cross my mind more than I’d think. I recall the understanding of making those mistakes. I remember the latitude my dad gave me to explore and I respond to that kind of trust. I pass it along, I trust people, I let them explore and I try not to judge when they make a mistake. After all, it’s only a car.

and 90 minutes prior to all Palladium performances.

basile-cafe-printad-FNL.indd 1

7/19/11 11:48 AM RES:

press ready

Prevail’s 10th Annual

JOB: basile-cafe-printad-FNL.indd

DATE: 07/19/2011

MEDIA: Carmel Current






5.1'' x 5.4''






5.1'' x 5.4''

BLEED: 5.35” x 5.65''

Goes Black & Silver

David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at



Saturday, August 27, 2011 - 6PM Renaissance Indianapolis Hotel Carmel 11925 North Meridian Street

Stock Tips: Dirt-cheap index funds Expenses per $10,000 Schwab S&P 500 Index (SWPPX) Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Admiral (VTSAX)

$9 $11


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16.7 percent

Morningstar analysts say this is the best fund for tracking the S&P 500.

5.3 percent

Holds more bonds than its peers but has heavy government exposure.

18.1 percent


Make your reservations now! Cost to attend just $100 per person

Among the cheapest options for people who can invest $10,000 or more. -SmartMoney

Call 317-773-6942 Sponsorships Available! Contact:




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Living life in the great outdoors COMMENTARY By Larry Greene ORIGINAL DECK/PATIO: This home, located in The Woods at Williams Creek neighborhood on the west side of Carmel, was built about eight years ago. The home sits facing a landscaped pond yet only had the original small elevated deck without a patio. The goal of the project was to create an environment where the homeowners could enjoy the outdoors more. DESIGN CHANGES: The project architect reviewed several potential designs with the homeowner. The goal was to create a seamless outdoor living space which connected the main level of the home, the elevated deck and the ground level patio sitting area. ELEVATED DECK CHANGES: The foot print of the existing deck was expanded and new 5/4x6 cedar decking was installed with concealed fasteners. The existing railing was replaced with 2x6 cedar handrail and black aluminum Vienna Belly balusters. New 6” x 6” decorative newel posts in a Victorian profile were installed with ball tops on corner newels only. New 10” diameter by 96” tall tapered smooth round columns were installed to support the deck. The column bases were faced with painted brick to match the existing home and topped with decorative cast stone caps. Finally, the cedar trim and deck railing was painted to match the existing house trim color and the new cedar decking was stained with a semi-transparent oil-based stain. UNDER DECKING: The homeowner wanted to enjoy the patio space under the elevated deck without worrying about rainwater dripping down; so, we installed a Dry space under-deck drainage system. Also, adding an associated gutter and downspout system above the covered patio space. The drainage system was covered with

August 5th Historical Night painted exterior grade bead board plywood. A new ceiling fan/light was centered above the covered patio space. NEW PATIO SITTING AREA: The project includes a new curved concrete paver patio including a path connecting the deck to the main patio area. The pavers were installed in a staggered herringbone pattern. Finally, the patio area was finished off with a new collection of outdoor wicker patio furniture. Larry Greene is the president of Case Design/Remodeling, a fullservice design/build firm serving Hamilton County. Contact him at

Classic Barber Shop (Next to Panera Bread in Merchant’s Square)

Explicit Expertise • 37yrs. • Short, long, fine, thick, straight, wavy, curly • Babies, kids, Young Men, Mature Gentlemen • Businessmen reg cuts & styles • Very Light Trims, Trendy Fades & Styles

2462 E 116th Street Carmel, IN


Dave Snider- Owner 26 | July 26, 2011

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DISPATCHES » Dry hair upside down – To build volume when you blow dry, work a palmful of mousse from your roots through to the ends, then flip your head over and dry your hair away from the scalp. Hair should be barely damp before you flip it back up and style it. » Painless waxing? – Dr. Edna Ma, an anesthesiologist in Santa Monica, California, claims to have created a product that’s easy to use and eliminates the discomfort associated with hair removal by numbing the area beforehand. Her creation, BareEase & Cream is a kit featuring a Lidocaine-based cream infused with aloe and jojoba, to soothe and moisturize skin. Wear the cream underneath the enclosed latex underwear for 30 to 45 minutes to safeguard the cream from air and allow for maximum absorption. Once the cream is removed, you’ll be numb for about 15 to 20 minutes, so you’ll need a quick and efficient aesthetician. Find at

Home styles for the seasons Commentary By Sue Faulstich Each April and October, thousands of new home furnishing products are introduced to regular attendees at the furniture market in High Point, North Carolina. As our design business continues to receive custom furniture ordered for clients, it made me think this would be a great opportunity to give my readers some insight into the happenings of a furniture market. The largest and most well known furniture market to date, the High Point Market, is a collection of over 180 buildings, which make up over 10 million square feet of show space. Interior designers and retail buyers from all over the world are able to get the first look at new home furnishing products from more than 2000 exhibitors. For the interior designer, this is an opportunity to touch and try out many pieces of furniture we will later see pictured in manufacturer’s catalog updates. Most furniture manufacturers will have new introductions available in their showrooms during market for designers to sit in and get a feel for scale and comfort.  This is to my advantage when I present a project to a client through a series of photographs. No matter how well a piece of furniture is photographed, it will still be up to me to assure a client this is the proper piece for their project. I will be able to describe a detail such as a piece of antique mirror in the door of an armoire as more smoky silver than hazy grey. Designers must have the

ability to convey to a client what exactly they are purchasing in a piece of furniture. Even the details which are more technical are addressed and studied during market week. Custom upholstery manufacturers want buyers to be attracted to the look of their brand, and have a clear understanding of their product’s quality. It will have several cushion options available to demonstrate the difference between such components as spring down and blend down cushion construction. Custom case goods manufacturers will have several pieces of furniture on display which showcase the new paint and stain finishes available for the new introductions. You would be surprised by how many shades of espresso actually exist. Having the opportunity to see these details in person will help me help a client visualize a completed project. Since the early 1900’s the High Point Market has been a steadily growing, biannual gathering of design industry professionals. Like many conventions, stories are swapped, sales are made and an occasional cocktail is enjoyed.  This formula, which has endured through two World Wars and a Great Depression, is what keeps the people coming back season after season.  

Every Tuesday

5 ed 9 . ad oin 6 e r $ B erl nd








Sue Faulstich is an interior designer for Z&R Design in Fishers. To contact Sue, write her at



(For 12 Months, Offer requires Agreement)

(Offer requires 24-month Agreement and AutoPay with Paperless Billing)

($6/mo DVR service fee applies)





Digital Home Advantage plan requires 24-month agreement and credit qualification. If service is terminated before the end of agreement, a cancellation fee of $17.50/month remaining applies. Programming credits apply during the first 12 months. $10/mo HD add-on fee waived for life of current account; requires Agreement, AutoPay with Paperless Billing. HBO/Showtime offer requires AutoPay with Paperless Billing; credits apply during the first 3 months ($72 value); customer must downgrade or then-current price applies. Requires continuous enrollment in AutoPay and Paperless Billing. Free Standard Professional Installation only. Monthly fees may apply based on type and number of receivers. All prices, packages and programming subject to change without notice. Local channels may not be available in all areas. Additional restrictions may apply. First-time DISH Network customers only. Offer ends 01/31/11. HBO® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. SHOWTIME and related marks are registered trademarks of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company. All new customers are subject to a one-time Non-Refundable Processing Fee. 99.9% signal reliability applies to transmission of DISH Network signal to customers. Reception may vary for individual customers.

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High Waisted Black Shorts

• Hair • Skin • Nails • Massage


0 20





e yC


iv Dr

rm Ca

Feather Extensions Yeah, we know the fishermen are angry because this trend is so hot that those vying for this flair for their hair are resorting to purchasing these feathers at the local tackle shop … but we still love the look! Salon 01 stocks feather extensions that are made just for hair. We have not had to raid the bait stores to keep these in stock and ready for you!

Look Good Working Out

We all know that the best accessory for good style is the body underneath the clothes. With hectic schedules and limited time, it’s hard to always get to the gym. One great way to stay motivated is to dress the part. We don’t recommend spending more time getting ready than you actually spend working out, but here are a few quick ways to workout hard and look good doing it. Function Workout clothes should always be about function. They are meant to keep you dry, covered, and supported through high intensity sweat sessions. Our pick for best workout tops? Lululemon’s Scoop Neck Tank. Secure Going on a long run just to realize ten minutes in that your hair is flying around can lend itself to all sorts of excuses. Secure your hair back and keep it smooth with a strong hold hair spray. Here are some of the sprays we suggest: Brocato Maximum Hold Hair Spray Aquage Freezing Spray Salon 01 Commit Hair Spray

Tuck your top into the shorts to show off your waist while simultaneously knocking-out onlookers with your fabulous legs. We like black since the high waist is bold enough on its own without having to add a belt.


$5 off a Men’s Haircut with Norma O f f e r go o d t h r o u gh Ju ly 3 1 , 2 0 1 1

Find Us on Facebook You can also find hair spray in a travel size, perfect for your gym bag. Play Have fun with hair accessories! These will also help keep your hair out of the way and in a sporty style. We love Sweaty Bands and DIY barrettes. [create link to DIY post] Salon 01 always stocks the latest patterns and colors in Sweaty Bands. Refresh Getting a workout in during your lunch break? Refresh your hairstyle with Salon 01’s Dirty Little Secret dry shampoo. Just spritz your roots and hairline with the dry shampoo to freshen your style and to stretch your blow-dry between washes.

7601 E SR 334 $2,400,000 BLC# 21004780 40 acres! Live in this home while you build your dream home or update this home! Wildlife & pond is great for swimming

12465 CHARING CROSS $200,000 BLC#21126099 Follow your dream to this 3BR/2+BA Traditional-style. Huge foyer, high ceilings, hardwood & tile flooring. Garden tub.

12431 BRANFORD ST $619,500 BLC#21129689 Enjoy lavish living in this gorgeous 5BR/4+BA Colonial. Security system. Huge foyer, great room, wet bar. Wine cellar.

5203 AVIAN WAY $399,900 BLC# 21104063 Discover the delights of this custom blt Carmel Gem! Features: 4/5BR,3+BA & 3 frplcs! Enjoy the lakefront, 3C Gar. Soaring GR & Fin. Bsmt!

ANGELA RAAB, 442-4295

ANGELA RAAB, 442-4295

ANGELA RAAB, 442-4295


110 JAMES CT $300,000 BLC# 21114899 Over 4100 sq ft 5 bed 3.5 bath ranch with walkout bsmt. Beautiful private, wooded back yard with stream. Huge deck.

5898 BROOKSTONE $169,900 BLC# 21132279 Immaculate, spacious 4 bed, 2.5 bath home. Neighborhood pool, tennis, park & walking trail.

4766 MACDUFF $600,000 BLC# 21112271 Elegant & inviting 5BR/4.5BA, 5700SF main floor mstr. Finished BR. Gorgeous finished basement, custom finishes throughout.

12677 TREATY LINE ST $475,000 BLC# 21100193 Compare SF price & finishes to other West Clay listings. 5BR/3+BA Traditional. New hardwoods, 3-c garage, gas fireplace.

13417 BOXELDER CT $739,900 BLC# 21124903 For those desiring the ultimate in luxurious living, do explore this newly built 5BR/5+BA home. 4 fireplaces. Office.

11112 DITCH RD $424,900 BLC# 21116381 Elegantly distinctive 4BR/4+BA Cape Cod sited on 1.70 acres. 2 fireplaces, 3-car garage, cool pool. Great room. Deck.

5727 OPUS DR $399,500 BLC# 21104990 Sample the scintillating style of this fascinating 3BR/3+BA Traditional-style. Security system, 4-car garage. Patio.



JOHN LEWIS, 430-4183

JOHN LEWIS, 430-4183




4685 LAMBETH WALK $239,900 BLC# 21115435 Make a fine move to this fenced 3BR/3BA Ranch. Intercom system. Great room, private master suite, garden tub. Deck.

14009 AVALON E DR $184,900 BLC# 21116406 Prepare to be impressed with this beautiful 3BR/2+BA Traditional-style. Security system. Two-story foyer, garden tub.

4104 RIDGEBROOK DR $685,000 BLC# 21124892 A luxurious lifestyle awaits you in this 5BR/5BA residence. 3 fireplaces. Twostory foyer, great room, bay windows.

16701 DURMAST OAK DR $444,000 BLC# 21124898 Make a fine move to this fenced 3BR/3BA Ranch. Intercom system. Great room, private master suite, garden tub. Deck.

488 CYCLAMEN CHASE $239,900 BLC# 21127658 Motivated Seller! Discover the ideal style that comes with this 4BR/2+BA. Inviting pool. Two-story foyer, great room.

3127 GRANDVIEW WAY $189,900 BLC# 21108520 Move up now to this cul-de-sac Traditional-style. Gas fireplace. Sun room, cathedral ceilings, Dual Vanities.

1791 LUCAS CI $139,900 BLC# 21108520 Bask in the ambiance of this cul-de-sac Traditional-style. 3BR/2BA. Great room, walk-in closets. Two-car garage.








13283 COLLIERS CT $227,500 BLC# 21120835 Enhance your life with this cul-desac 3BR/2+BA residence on a corner lot. Gas fireplace, Huge foyer, high ceilings.


13551 SILVER SPUR $224,900 BLC# 21116152 Match your dreams to this cul-de-sac, fenced 4BR/2+BA Traditional-style. 3-car garage. Bonus room, walk-in closets.

HELEN METKEN, 281-7020

1606 OBARA CT $249,000 BLC# 21130935 Begin a brand new life in this cul-desac 5BR/2+BA Traditional- style ideally set on .75 acres. Sun room, wet bar.

HELEN METKEN, 281-7020

Photo Coming Soon 105 LILAC CT $399,900 BLC# 21130403 Here is a marvelous 3BR/3BA multilevel sited on a cul-de-sac. Cozy fireplace. Great room, cathedral ceilings. Deck.

15424 GALLOW $135,000 BLC# 21127409 Retreat to this terrific, 3BR/2+BA residence. Walk-in closets, garden tub, Dual Vanities. Breakfast nook, pantry.

391 LAKEVIEW $114,900 BLC# 21123284 Look into the great possibilities awaiting you in this hospitable 3-bedroom Ranch. Hardwood & parquet flooring.

1529 MORTON ST $114,000 BLC# 21123269 Life is sweet in this delightful 3BR/2BA Bungalow. Vaulted ceilings, laundry room. Enjoy a friendly atmosphere!

640 CHRISTIAN AVE $84,900 BLC# 21123290 You will love this rewarding 2-bedroom Vintage Bungalow. Garage. Classic hospitality and more for the money.

26060 SCHULLEY RD $439,900 BLC# 21127202 Satisfy your love of spacious style with this inspired 4BR/4BA Contemporary situated on 3.45 acres. Security system.







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Hubble, humility, and man

Spirituality By Bob Walters Dramatic deep-space images from the Hubble satellite telescope have inspired worldwide awe the past couple of decades. On TV, in magazines and clogging our inbound email, we’ve seen the luminous light of exploding quasars and collapsing galaxies, thanks to Hubble’s above-earthly vantage point and mindboggling technology. The pictures are phenomenal: scientists marvel, artists are humbled and poets are left speechless. Atheists proclaim man’s insignificance. Believers see God’s magnificence. Some people just sit back and say, “Wow!” A recent network evening newscast noting the end of NASA’s space shuttle program aired a sidebar on the oft-repaired Hubble’s history, trials and triumphs. The reporter’s parting words grabbed my attention. Voicing over surreal intergalactic photography, he intoned (approximately), “Hubble’s images have made mankind think differently about how he views himself.” I just sat back and said, “Wow.” Here was a brilliantly crafted, politically correct, non-committal statement carefully and perfectly framing a truth with no conclusion. It didn’t cast light without heat, making a brick with no straw, and balancing a platitude squarely on a secular fence. The reporter left the sharp arrow in the quiver, the logical follow-up question: “Different … how?” That ponderance was left dangling with the audience. One could muse, simply, “Look

Trust Deficit Saturday

what man found!” For sure, many said, “Behold, the face of God!” The interview leading into that final statement was a scientist marveling at our “13-billion-year-old universe” – which I interpreted as an enthusiastic and institutional bon mot for Evolution and a purpose-pitch at the chin of Creationism. It seemed the reporter intended us viewers to gain further appreciation for our personal smallness against the big, meaningless, postmodern emptiness of everything else. In other words, “Those Hubble images sure put mankind in his rightful, small place.” I think not. In the Hubble images I see unequivocal, gigantic proof of a great God, and the shimmering, show-stopping, unimpeachable truth that God not only exists, but He builds utterly amazing stuff. I see overwhelming evidence of a God Whose glory I cannot adequately express. “What is mankind that you are mindful of him?” David asks God in Psalm 8:4. The Hubble images aren’t an adequate picture of God, because God is bigger than that. But in those images we see something the creation of which God considered worthwhile for His glory. And to think, He created us, too.

Stay home. Be moved.

Bob Walters (www.believerbob., email rlwcom@aol. com) notes that the Bible gives us a more instructive view of God than any telescope. Psalm 8. Yeah.

Soft-filtered water ... not a hard decision

Casual Worship . . . . . . . . . 5:01 p.m.


Classic Worship. . 8:00 & 11:00 a.m. Praise Worship . . . . . . . . . 9:30 a.m. Sunday School (all ages) . 9:30 a.m. Nursery Available Community Preschool

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-1555 •

30 | July 26, 2011

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Talking heads

annoyed because I waited until the last minute, HUMOR assuming she didn’t already have Saturday night By Dick Wolfsie plans. To be really suave, I went outside the Mary Ellen and I were relaxing on our back house Saturday night and rang the doorbell, like deck and after swatting a few mosquitos, I said, it was a real date. I thought that would make a “You know, sweetheart, we should look into big impression on her, but she’s no dummy and screening in this area.” realized I had simply forgotten my keys. “Yes, Dick, you’ve been saying that every year We drove off in the car. “What shall we talk for the past 15 years.” about tonight, Dick?” A few minutes later I mentioned how quickly “If this were a first date, we’d probably chat the summer passes once July 4th weekend is over. about movies we’ve each seen.” “I know, you say that every year around this “Okay, great idea. I time.” just saw Woody Allen’s I also remarked that the neighbors don’t grill At that moment, we both Midnight in Paris.” “I saw that, too.” out as often as we do. realized we needed a way “I know, Dick, we saw Apparently I had made it together.” this observation before. to jazz up our conversations. “Gone to any good Several times. Mary Ellen had an idea: restaurants lately, Mary Suddenly, I felt this Ellen?” great pressure on me. Af‘I read this article in the “No, my husband likes ter 31 years, I didn’t have doctor’s office, I think it to go to the same places a single new thought to offer. I had always taken was in Cosmo, that might all the time.” “Mary Ellen, you are great pride in my creativoffer a solution.’ not supposed to have a ity, but clearly I was no husband. This is a first longer snappy with the date. What kind of a jerk repartee. Several modo you think I am, going out with a married ments of uneasy silence followed. Mary Ellen woman? Let’s try travel. Have you ever seen the finally spoke… Pyramids?” “When it gets this hot, I think about cutting “We went last year. How could you forget?” my hair shorter.” “I didn’t forget. I’m making conversation. “Where have I heard that before?” I asked. That was the whole point of this.” At that moment, we both realized we needed “Well, it’s getting too weird for me. I feel like a way to jazz up our conversations. Mary Ellen I’m dating a man who’s lost his memory. had an idea: “I read this article in the doctor’s We tried everything that people would chat office, I think it was in Cosmo, that might offer about when getting to know each other: music, a solution.” I’ve seen some of those covers of Cosmopolitan religion, politics. Honestly, we didn’t hit it off, but there must have been something brewing on and I was just praying that was where she saw it. some level because despite a dismal first date, we Phooey, it was from Good Housekeeping. Mary both ended up back at my place. Ellen said the writer recommended longtime married couples should pretend they are going out on a first date. That would make for an exciting and potentially romantic evening. Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact It seemed like a silly idea at first, but I agreed him at it was worth a try. On Friday night I asked Mary Ellen out for the next evening. She was

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July 26, 2011 | 31

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Debunking some common pet frets


Truth: Dogs are not obligate carnivores and they sometimes enjoy a few blades of grass. Yes, grass can make dogs vomit. However, they generally don’t eat it because they are sick. Myth: My cat needs milk. Truth: Cats do not need milk. Yes, they may like to drink milk, but it can cause diarrhea. Myth: My dog has a fever because its nose is warm. Truth: A dog’s nose is influenced by activity and climate. A healthy dog can have a cold, wet nose or a warm dry, dry nose. If your dog’s nose is warm but it acts fine, it’s likely all is well. “So many pet parents hear health rumors or read things on the Internet that aren’t true. It’s important to work closely with your veterinarian to ensure you receive correct answers to your pet health questions,” Benson said.

PETS By John Mikesell Owners often assume the worst about their pets’ health, but they can find reassurance when they consult reliable sources. People love their four-legged friends, fretting over their health and wellness like any nervous parent over a child. Fido didn’t sleep well last night? He might have a gluten allergy. Fluffy’s meow sounds a bit off? It could be rabies. No one wants to diminish the concern people feel for their pets- but even the most compassionate veterinarian might have a chuckle at some owners’ outlandish conclusions. “When it comes to your pet’s health there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but be sure to seek out answers from a reliable source,” said Dr. Jules Benson , vice president of veterinary services for Petplan (Philadelphia). Here are a few of the most common pet health myths heard by Petplan veterinary staff members. Myth: If my dog is eating grass, it must be sick.

» Don’t skimp on pet food – Spending more up front saves money in the long-run: Cheaper brands have possibly harmful preservatives, such as BHT, and fillers, like corn, that may cause allergies. These can cause skin reactions and may require a vet visit and a prescription diet. The first two ingredients on the label should be animal proteins, not by-products, grains, or vegetables. The cost can run to $1 a pound, versus 50 cents a pound for lesser-quality food, but you’ll save in the end. » Home flea remedies – If you don’t want to use a flea collar with insecticides, active ingredients such as eucalyptus, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary and marigold won’t exterminate, but will deter fleas. Also, feed your pet a combination of brewer’s yeast and garlic once a day during flea season. The mixture will make your pet taste bad to fleas when they bite, while also conditioning your pet’s skin.


John Mikesell, owner of Izzy’s Place, A dog Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at


N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t fi e l d / F i s h e r s

317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing and on Facebook



Got a Question about your pet’s health? Call Dr Magnusson

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317.721.7387 •

Fun, spacious lobby

All superb rocker seats


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255 E. Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN 46032-2689

32 | July 26, 2011

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Views | Community | Cover Story | Diversions | Anti-Aging | Dough | Inside & Out | Panache | In Spirit | Laughs | Pets | Puzzles | Classifieds Across 1. Singles and doubles at Victory Field 5. Big name in fairy tales 10. Eagle Creek Park tree with cones 14. Marengo Cave sound effect 15. Bob & Tom medium 16. Walkie-talkie word 17. Office Depot paper purchase 18. Coral ring 19. Yellow Cab vehicle 20. NASCAR No. 99 Aflac driver 22. 2000 Brickyard 400 winner 24. Twist the truth 25. CD-___ 26. Bit of parsley at Marsh 29. Spare tire location? 33. Indianapolis Opera solo 34. Adorable 35. Type of Brown County cabin 36. Kitchen need at Charleston’s 37. ISO woodwind 39. Untainted 40. Chutzpah 42. Tease amorously 43. Dwight Freeney’s position 45. Indiana bean crop 46. Winner of five consecutive NASCAR Cup Series titles 50. Driver from Columbus, Ind. 54. Westfield HS pitching stats 55. Wish granter 57. Fishers N-S road 58. Stocking color 59. Benjamin ___ Paints 60. Cutlass or Delta 88 61. I-69 exit 62. Ire 63. Classy Cuts coloring supplies Down 1. Where you are, on a Castleton Mall map 2. Decorated, like a cake from Heavenly Sweets 3. Microwave option 4. Horn of Africa nation 5. Letter from a Noblesville HS teacher? 6. Charlie Brown cry 7. Amore Wedding Chapel vow (2 wds.) 8. Spring ___ State Park 9. Carmel Dental Group tooth 10. Washington, D.C.’s river 11. 1985 Indy tennis champ, ___ Lendl 12. Call at a Panera Bread counter 13. Miami County community with the same name as a Great Lake 21. 18-wheeler on I-465 23. Gift topper 26. Carmel beauty parlor: ___01 27. Investigation by an Indiana General Assembly committee 28. Extreme severity 30. Downtown college, briefly 31. Fab Four drummer 32. CIA director under Clinton and Bush 38. Ties the score at Hinkle Fieldhouse (2 wds.)



















21 24








23 25


29 34


Time is running out...Stop by and see us today!


35 37

41 43 47

2007 IS250








45 49

















2009 RX330 RX350 2006

AWD 10K RED MILES!......................$29,995 & READY!................$30,666 AWD!.......................................$26,995 LIKE NEW!................................$34,988 AWD P6365 11667A P6400 P6422 2008 ES350 2009 RX350 11562A AWD 18K MILES!......................$30,995 L6393 2008 ES350

11755A BEST BUY!.................................$31,995 11400B 2008 RX350

CERTIFIED!................................$28,995 2008 LS460 P6421

PREM 2008PKG!..............................$30,995 GX470 11578A

CERTIFIED!................................$28,988 REAR ENT.!...............................$33,995 2008 IS250 2008 RX350 L6406 11321A FLAGSHIP LUXURY!..................$28,488

2009 IS250


2010RED IS250C AWD & READY!................$30,977

2008 2008 ES350 LS460

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


SILVER W/ BLK LEATHER!.........$27,477 Like New.................................$45,995

2) Clay Terrace Ice Creamery (3)


___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


2009 ES350 IS250 2008 AWD 17K miles........................$32,995 PREM PKG...............................$27,477 11441A P6453 2008 LS460 L

3) Ritzy California Community (4) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

4) New Hamilton Co. Pete Dye Golf Course (3)

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SPORT W/ NAVY!....................$38,995

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5) Sunday Night ABC Hit (5) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

2009 IS250 IS250 2007

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1) Children's Literary Monkey (4)

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


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Use all the letter segments below to fill in the answers to the clues. The number of segments you will use in each answer is shown in parentheses. The dashes indicate the number of letters in each answer. Each segment is used only once.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

2006 RX330

Check out the list ofAWD!.......................................$26,995 certified models!

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Using the letters in Coriell (Eye Care), create as many common words of 3+ letters as you can in 20 minutes. No proper nouns or build the words foreign words.

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39. Layered board at Menard’s 49. Element #10 in a UIndy sci41. Crane Naval Base rank: Abbr. ence class 42. Boilermakers adversary 50. Filly’s father at Hoosier Park 44. Set of doctrines 51. Friend in war Indiana Wordsmith Challenge 45. Have the helm on Geist 52. Indiana State Fair attraction 46. Hiss and boo at Assembly Hall 53. Prepare a pizza dough at 47. Killer whale Bazbeaux 48. “No ___, no foul” 56. Yuletide beverage


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25+: Word wizard 20-24: Brainiac 15-19: Not too shabby <15: Try again next week

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2006 RX330 4 Blocks East of Keystone on 96th St. LEXUS CERTIFIED!.....................$25,777 *4610L6306A East 96th St.* . 1-888-284-1515




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July 26, 2011 | 33

Hamilton County Business Contacts Get your card in front of more than 92,000 households in Hamilton County! Call Dennis O’Malia @ 370-0749 for details

Jeremy Stacy Owner

• Landscape Design • Mulching & Edging • Patios & Walkways • Decorative Walls • Water Features


3676 East 106th St. Carmel, IN 46033


Affordable & Convenient • No Appointment Necessary No Insurance Necessary • No Doctor’s Order Required

13636 N Meridian, Carmel, IN 46032


Amy Bostic Beverly Smock 317-500-2530 950 North Rangeline Rd., Suite D Carmel, IN


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VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 91,350 homes weekly



 David Arrington 

Offer good thru Aug. 1

Saxophone and Flute Join me Tuesdays from 7-10 pm and Saturdays from 8-11 pm on the patio at Wolfies in Fishers and Mondays and Fridays at Wolfies in Noblesville.


Chances are, you don’t have any Plumbing Problems now but if you ever need a Plumber, call me! My name is “Mike”. My Work includes Repair and New Install: I am 24 years in the Profession, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, Sure like to hear from you; Call me anytime 317-485-5449 or 317-728-9698

Business opportunity

Details, maps and samples at:

College Students!

Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Earn money selling Zeko Shoes when you go back to school. Go to to learn more!

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons near Carey Road & 146th Carmel 317-

e LAURA'S LAUNDERMUTT e comou! W Mobile Dog Grooming to y This ad is COUPON a for $ (one co 10 OFF upon pe r

d quippe Fully E ing Van Groom


For information or to make an appointment call:


















Happy Pets In-Home Pet Care

A less stressful and economical alternative to boarding with loving care for your pets in the comfort of your home. Experience in Exotics. Insured/Bonded Member of Pet Sitters Associates LLC 317-645-6043 References available


Puzzle Answers H E R E


Power washing--homes--driveways-decks—walkways Gutter cleaning FREE ESTIMATES Keith J Buckley 317-519-9256


For those with busy schedules and no time to clean: LET US DO IT FOR YOU. Quality work. Guaranteed. Reasonable rates. References. Residential and commercial. KLASSY KLEANERS. 317.418.3074.


Two matching French Amoires, circa 1860-1890. $3000 for pair, price firm.  317-910-7768.


2008 PONTIAC VIBE in good condition 51,500 miles, 4 Door, automatic, Sunroof Power Pack $12,000


Simmons Beauty Rest Hide-A-Bed Sofa – Queen Size Excellent Condition – seldom used Asking price - $300 Riesedale Lift Chair – Electric; Wingtip design Good shape – asking price $100 Call 317-774-7190


Black Electric Range/Oven Exception condition: like new Standard Size: 812-525-5028

FREE MOWING! For one week with weekly mowing for entire season Call Jonathan Walla 2010 IU Business Grad Professional Business for 7 years Most Lawns $30-35 Includes MOWING, EDGING, TRIMMING 698-5480 for FREE ESTIMATE



New Carmel Salon

Part-time Optician Experience necessary. Energetic personality a must. Please fax or email resume to: 317-660-7438


BOYS & GIRLS CLUB of Noblesville TEEN Center Assistant Part-Time 25 to 30 hrs per week Experience w/ Teens preferred Apply @ 1448 Conner St., Noblesville Or email


Musician competent with multiple instruments including voice to teach children, ages 3-6 & 6-9: Songs in foreign languages and basic music concepts. Please email resume to

FOR LEASE Building For Sale/Lease Commercial building in Noblesville for sale/lease. Approx. 5000 sq ft of warehouse plus 1500 sq ft of office. Lease for 2800/mo.  Call 317-650-2301


Bank Foreclosures Hamilton Co. Free list of Foreclosure Properties. Receive a FREE daily list by e-mail;

Current in Carmel

A Touch Above Hair Studio        Seeking Booth Renters Full and part time booth space available, washer/dryer provided, reasonable monthly rent. Contact Amy 317-850-8283

moving sale MOVING SALE

in the Westbrook Village Wednesday, July 27-Sunday, July 31 8:00-5:00 Furniture, Household Items, electronics and much more! 227 Natasha Dr. Noblesville 46062


Carmel Clay School Corporation

is accepting applications for School Bus Aides Assist special needs children to and from school Training provided. $10.66 hour Apply on-line to AA/EOE

Carmel Clay School Corporation

is now training School Bus Drivers for the 2011-2012 School Year Summer Paid Training Program to obtain Class B, CDL Starting at $88 day after successful completion of training Paid Bi-weekly Available to earn attendance bonus Apply on-line to, AA/EOE


Guitar lessons

with recording artist Duke Tumatoe All levels- Learn from a professional and have fun! 317-201-5856 or

Now HIring

CHILDCARE Full-Time Infant and Toddler Openings; 844-7207 Woodgate Area, Carmel CPR certified; 1st Aid; 32 Years Licensed; Warm and Balanced Meals; Planned activities, TLC

489.4444 ext. 202

NOW HIRING Full Time Bartender Housekeeping Front Desk Part Time Servers Apply in Person! 11925 N. Meridian Street Carmel, IN 46032

Child-centered, structured, nurturing Academic preschool for ages 2 1/2 - 6 yrs.

NOW ENROLLING for Fall! 3085 West 116th St., Carmel Tel. 697-8460

“MI ESCUELITA” OPEN HOUSE JUL. 31TH 1:00pm – 4:00 pm

SPANISH IMMERSION PRESCHOOL A unique Spanish Program in DOWNTOWN Carmel! FALL REGISTRATIONS NOW! Call today for information: (317)575-9379 Visit us at:

7-line garage sale ad reaching 92,096 households in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Westfield


You can make a real difference IN- HOME SENIOR We need dependable, caring, mature People ready to work. Assist elderly w/ personal care, meal prep, housekeeping, transportation. Full days, overnights & weekends. Must have phone, valid drivers license, reliable car & car insurance Base Pay $8.25 to $10.00 hr. Call (317) 774-1750 Home Instead Senior Care

Call 489.4444 ext. 202 July 26, 2011 | 35

10.375” x 11.75” Full Page Built at size (100%)

Nationally ranked in 10 out of 10 pediatric specialties. Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health offers greater expertise in every field of pediatric medicine and surgery. When your children’s health is at stake, never settle for second best. Put your trust in the only nationally recognized children’s hospital in Indiana and one of the most respected in the nation.

Discover the strength at

©2011 IU Health 06/11 HY56111_3867

RILEY HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN AT IU HEALTH 705 Riley Hospital Drive, Indianapolis 56111_3867_IUHNOR_10.375x11.75_4c_FullPage_CIC_V3.indd 1


RILEY HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN AT IU HEALTH NORTH 11700 North Meridian Street, Carmel 5/31/11 2:28 PM

July 26, 2011  

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