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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CARMEL RESIDENT JIM CLARK IS PREPPING A SWIM ACROSS THE ENGLISH CHANNEL IN THE NAME OF CHARITY By Andrea Zeek Current in Carmel Boldly going where fewer than 1,000 people have succeeded before, Carmel resident Jim Clark will swim the English Channel for charity in the fall of 2010. Clark said only about 10 percent of swimmers have completed the feat since the Channel Swimming Association began recording Channel swim attempts and successes in 1927. According to the Association’s Web site, the swim is approximately 21 miles in open water, however, most people swim much farther because of strong tides that carry them off course. Most swimmers take between about 11 and 17 hours to complete the swim. Despite the low success rate and the difficulty of the swim, Clark said he wants to do it to help children. Donations that he earns from his swim will go toward “Swimming for the Children,” a charity that aims to help less fortunate children in the United States. “With the help of the Good Lord, we’re going to feed, clothe, house, and educate through college every disadvantaged child in America, without one penny from the government,” he said. Clark said his company, Jim Clark and Associates, and the Jim Clark Foundation sponsor Swimming for the Children. “It’s in keeping with my two passions: America and kids,” he said. “I’m crazy about kids, always have been … The future of America lies with its children; young people are the key.” If all goes well, Clark said he plans to broadcast his swim worldwide as an international telethon. Following Clark’s escort boat, led by veteran Channel escort Captain Andy King, will be a line of luxury yachts carrying the children that will benefit from his charity, he said. Bob Jenkins, an International Motor Sports Hall of Fame sports broadcaster, will emcee the telethon by interviewing Clark, the children and various celebrities on the yachts, he said. “We don’t have all the details yet,” Clark said. “We’ve still got a lot to plan.” Although Clark is confident that he will complete the swim, he said he is not without his reservations. According to British newspaper the Telegraph, more people

have climbed Mount Everest than swam the English Channel, and for good reason. In addition to water temperatures below 60 degrees, Channel swimmers must watch out for poisonous sea snakes, jelly fish, strong currents, waves, and the many ships that pass through the Channel. On rare occasion, even a shark has been sighted, but the water is usually too cold for them. The Channel Swimming Association, which regulates swim attempts, also regulates what swimmers can wear. According to its Web site, swim costumes for both sexes must not provide thermal protection or buoyancy and must be sleeveless and legless. The swimmer’s cap must not provide thermal protection or buoyancy either. “I wanted to pick something that was hard to challenge myself. When I found out what swimming on the Channel was all about, I wished I had challenged myself by walking the Monon Trail,” Clark laughed. Clark has completed the Channel Association’s required 6-hour, non-stop swim in cold water (less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit) at Geist Lake in Indiana. He said he is currently focusing on core strength training. To do this, Clark climbs the stairs of his office building, rides his bike, lifts weights, does crunches and, of course, swims. “This is a six-story building,” Clark said. “I go down and up six stories, 17 times without stopping. That is equivalent to the Empire State Building … Cycling, I can ride 60 miles without thinking twice. I can ride a bicycle to Martinsville.” Though the Channel swim season starts in July, Clark said he will be swimming in September. “It’s the coldest week in the season, highest waves in the season, strongest current in the season, but that’s the only week Bob [Jenkins] could go,” he laughed. For more information about Clark’s swim, visit his Web site,

Swimming for the Children Become a Children’s Champion: Those interested in becoming a Children’s Champion by donating to Swimming for the Children can go to From there, you will be prompted to make a donation of at least $30. Then, you will be given a URL, like the one above, with your name in it. You can pass this URL on to others so that they can make donations. After one million donations are raised, the top 10 people who got the most people to donate using their URLs will win $100,000 and a new Corvette or Cadillac. The next 5,000 Children’s Champions will receive new iPhones. The rest of the money will be used to fund these charitable initiatives: 1. Uncle Jim’s Chuck Wagon. Jim Clark is working on plans with Goshen Coach to build a shuttle with small tables and a galley kitchen similar to those found on airplanes. The shuttle will be drive around neighborhoods where children need free, hot meals. 2. Uncle Jim’s Ranch. The ranch will be a boarding school for children who need a home and a place to get a good education. 3. Jim Clark University. This will be a school of virtual classrooms, similar to those used at Purdue University and Ball State University, to help prepare disadvantaged children for college.


OUR TAKES It is our position that the Legacy Fund deserves a huge pat on the back for granting the city of Westfield $100,000 for our downtown redevelopment project – the Grand Junction Plan. At last month’s Second Annual Mayor’s Yellow Tie ball, Mayor Andy Cook announced this significant gift and remarked that he was ecstatic to have been able to make that declaration at the event, as its proceeds will likewise benefit our downtown’s beautification. This gift is much needed and appreciated, especially is this challenging economic climate. Mayor Cook often remarks that a weak economy is the perfect time to

digging ditches

plan (arguing that the slower pace is better suited to thoughtful consideration). Now it seems that the initial planning phase of this project is ready to move into actual construction with the help of the Legacy Fund. If used appropriately, this contribution will allow construction to begin that is hoped to ultimately spark further downtown development by bringing residents downtown to shop, eat and live. The Grand Junction Task Group should also be commended for fostering the Plan’s completion and approval so that organizations like the Legacy Fund are able to help make this dream a reality to benefit the citizens of Westfield.

It is our position that college isn’t for everyone. Regardless of socioeconomic background, many don’t have the desire, means or motivation to finish a full four-year degree. The most famous example of this is Bill Gates, who proceeded to become one of the wealthiest and most influential individuals the world has ever seen. In the words of the satiric Judge Smails from the film “Caddyshack,” “Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too.” We believe college is a major investment and like all investments should be researched. With increasing tuition rates, it is important that we should research whether or not college is the best path to

take to best obtain our goals. While conventional wisdom would suggest that a college degree leads to a life of wealth and happiness; it does not – nor is it the only route. We should talk to our kids, understand interests and aptitudes and consider all of the options carefully. Guidance is certainly warranted, but the family tradition of law school maybe a poor choice for the kid who wants to design video games for a living. Alternatives like a two-year degree might be cheaper and more effective, and who knows … the ditch that kid digs might be the next standard operating system that replaces Windows. 


legacy of goodwill


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CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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laughing out louD

the days of the 13 cent stamp.) Then oday my routine review of the came the faxed funny. I still have a file e-mail inbox was interrupted somewhere of all the jokes, comics and with some humor. One of my pictures zipped across the country from ridiculous friends sent me a bored office worker friends looking to ridiculous cartoon. Really, it send a little joy. Routinely, wasn’t the kind of joke that they had been faxed, and forwould make somebody laugh warded, and faxed, so many out loud – except maybe for times that these transmissions my Aunt Gaylene who laughs were barely legible. But I easily, loudly and in a way always read and enjoyed the that makes everyone around intent of the sender. her (even those who don’t By the time e-mail came want to) participate. around, I had a lot less time Digression aside, this e-mail for the banter. But I still get was more the kind of comic a kick out of the e-mailed that might elicit a chortle – funny. Once you get around just enough to take your mind the miles of header info, they off of the troubles of the day, are clear and just as entertainyet not long enough to disTerry ing. Now that U.S. Mail costs tract you from work, and still Anker more than a telephone call, just long enough to make you I’m still just as pleased that feel a little better. somebody is trying to interrupt my day I have been around long enough to see the sharing of comic good will evolve with a laugh. from the tiny clippings from the local Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current paper mailed by your friend or family Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at member to share a joke, because it costs too much to make a call. (I’m talking about the REAL mail here – back in

FROM THE BACKSHOP rock the district scores, but not with all bizzes We hope everyone enjoyed the music at Rock the District as much as we did. We’re very much looking forward to the day when we can say, “Yep, we saw Aimee Allen and Dave Barnes when they were at the threshold of breaking into the Big Time.” … We’re hearing from merchants (plural) that are highly aggravated, with good reason, about the placement of booths and food vendors in front of their businesses, thereby shielding the storefronts and sidewalk sales from potential patrons’ views. There is an answer to all of this (although the “fair food” needs to go and never return). Put the booths down the middle of Main Street with fronts and backs opened. Those that require electricity should bring their own extension cords cable ramps so no one trips and suffers an injury. Rain aside, the 2009 event could have benefitted from a higher class of vendors, at least ones complementary to, and not in competition with, our Arts & Design District merchants. Refinement is the name of the game, and the folks in charge have a year to revise. It’s a process. … Now, back to the music: We were particularly impressed with Alex J. Hughes’ performance in support of his EP, “Perfect Stranger.” An Indiana University student and Carmel graduate,

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg Hughes played through the rain to an appreciative, enthusiastic crowd. ••• Where we criticize, we also praise: Jim Brainard absolutely has done the right thing by not including cost-of-living pay increases in the city’s proposed 2010 budget – which, at this point, is less than the 2009 budget because there has been no inflation. Great move! Every city should follow suit. Alas, they won’t. ••• Thanks to all of you who have returned the postage-paid requester cards, enabling you to continue receiving Current in Carmel uninterrupted and for free. If you cannot locate the card we included on July 7, go to and complete the electronic version there or call us at 489.4444, ext. 204 to obtain the paper version.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a picture of prejudice?


her? I want you to picture that little girl. igher incomes, better schools Now imagine she’s white.” and lower crime in the suburbs The jurors are shocked into understandare evident. Media, fundraisers ing that their own prejudices were coloring and politicians often highlight their perception of the crimes. extreme disparities between But what of our own prejuthe counties, such as the gap in dices? Close your eyes. education funding, crime statisI want you to picture the tics, incomes or personal giving. Carmel resident, the Fishers Marion County residents, student, the Westfield stay-atunwilling or unable to move, home mom. Did you imagine often take verbal shots at black, Hispanic or Asian? Do Hamilton County residents. you imagine wealthy, or strugThis anti-suburban expression gling to put food on the table? is largely aimed at a picture Picture the homeless, the people have in mind of what incarcerated and the drug users. the suburbs must look like: Did you imagine them to be white and rich. white, female, or under the age In the movie “A Time to of 18? Did you imagine them Kill,” Carl Lee Hailey is a father Sue to be in Hamilton County or who is out to get justice for his Finkam Marion County? 10-year-old daughter who was We all have prejudicial ways brutally attacked. Hailey, who is black, murdered the two white suprema- of thinking. Are we more or less prejudicial than our Marion County counterparts? cists who were responsible for his daughDoes that help or hurt us in our quest to ter’s attack. In a tense courtroom scene, improve the world in which we live? Jake Brigance, Hailey’s attorney, is providing his summation. He tells the jury the Sue Finkam is interested in making a difstory of Tanya Hailey’s attack. “I’m going to ask you all to close your eyes while I tell ference in the community through healthy you the story. I want you to listen to me. I conversation. You can participate in the conwant you to listen to yourselves. Go ahead. versation by posting a comment on her blog at Close your eyes, please … Can you see



COMMUNITY HEALTH MOST WIRED - Community Health Network has been named to the nation’s most wired hospitals and health systems, according to the results of the 2009 Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study. The survey continues to lead the field in analyses and benchmarking of healthcare IT. Community has been ranked nationally for nine of 11 years. CARMEL GREEN INITIATIVE ON CARMELFEST - CarmelFest was a little greener this year thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Rotary Club, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Carmel Green Initiative and Ray’s Trash. Everyone pitched in to provide festival-goers with

Danielle Wilson

Wants you to KeeP ReCeiVinG CuRRent FoR FRee!

On July 7, we inserted a postage-paid card that we hope you’ve taken 20 seconds to fill out and drop in the mail to us. If you didn’t receive a card with July 7th’s paper, call us at 489.4444 ext.204. If you prefer, as we noted last week, you instead may go to and fill out a virtual card there. We’re attempting to qualify for a different (and better) permit from the U.S. Postal Service, and we need your help to get it done. Once we qualify for the permit, we’ll be able to invest our postage savings in the product, giving you more of the same topical information you have requested and have come to expect. Join our acclaimed Soccer Mom, Danielle, and send us that card, please.

a convenient way to recycle their bottles and cans. Carmel Green Initiative commends Carmelfest’s eco-friendly efforts and great teamwork! For more information, visit www. SUMMIT ACADEMY INFORMATIONAL MEETING – Carmel’s Summit Academy will host an informational meeting for prospective students in its new location at the Union Chapel United Methodist Church on E. 86th St. July 23rd at 7:00pm.  CORRECTION – In our July 14 piece, “Another Look at the Indiana Design Center,” we incorrectly said the IDC parking garage has two levels of underground parking. It has one.

317.489.4444 or for more information

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the hospital had faded in about an hour, just spent a weekend with my and the adrenaline needed to pull consecucousin-in-law, her husband and their tive all-nighters had bottomed-out around 2-month-old baby, and most of that Day 30. My mom had left weeks before, time I felt like a Vietnam veteran and there were no more neighbors bringhaving flashbacks Why? Because the ing over frozen lasagna. At two stage of parenting between eight months postpartum, I was runand 12 weeks is equivalent to a ning on imaginary caffeine and personal hell on Earth, memoa plot to destroy my husband. ries of which haunt you forever And the best part of it all? I was and still cause nausea even after so full of hormones that I gave years of therapy. serious thought to getting a OK, maybe I’m exaggerating Mohawk hairdo and telling my a bit. I never actually felt like mother-in-law exactly where she vomiting. But I sure as shoot could shove her advice. Doesn’t don’t want to relive those prethat sound AWESOME? cious moments of sleep deprivaPardon me while I run to the tion and milk production, nor bathroom to dry heave. Serenity would I wish those times on my now, serenity now. Shoo! That worst enemy. Danielle was close. Suddenly, I was back Now that I’m thinking about Wilson in ’98, reliving a terrifying eveit, a 2-month postpartum mom ning of cluster feeding. Anyway, simulation would make an excelI just wanted to give a little validation to lent torture method. Screw wall standing all of you struggling to survive this stage and bamboo shoots under the nails. You of motherhood. It sucks big time, but it wanna break somebody? Try waking them every two hours with a greedy breast pump will get better. I promise. Soon your baby will start sleeping longer stretches at night and cries from a mutilated cat. They’ll be (possibly even through the whole night!) singing in less than a week. which means you too will catch some Zs. See, at 2 months, an infant is almost Before long, you might even be able take exactly the same as he or she was on Day a shower and enjoy a date with your baby 1. They sleep a lot, cry a lot and eat a lot. daddy, since you will no longer be dreamThey aren’t very cute yet and don’t always ing of running a rusty carrot peeler down reward Mommy and Daddy with an “I’m his forearms (another fantastic alternative too little to speak, but I still love you” to bustin’ kneecaps!). smile. So, basically, parents are left caring Hang tough for another few weeks and for a sack of potatoes which may or may recognize that this is an extremely difnot have hair. (Think Gollum from “Lord ficult phase. Know that if you have some of the Rings.”) Added to this, breastfeeding mothers are doubts about your parenting skills, you are perfectly normal and definitely not alone. on indefinite house arrest or, at the very Ask for help if you need it and applaud least, chained to their babies 24/7. They yourself for surviving this long. Years from exist solely to produce milk. There is little now, when you have your own flashbacks, break from the monotony, as 2-montholds may still eat every two to three hours, you might even be able to laugh. Peace out. day and night, and there is even less time for sleep. Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and conFor me, I was totally spent by this time, tributing columnist. You may e-mail her at both physically and emotionally. The citement of having the baby home from

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



COLTS SCORE BIG FOR EDUCATION A few hundred fans, some traveling from as far a Minneapolis and others from as close as Carmel, participated in the Colt’s Celebrity Showdown, held at the team’s 56th Street training complex. The event mixed players, the public, good eats and drinks and lot of auctioning to The Colts’ Gary Brackett raise more than $60,000 for middle and signs a football for CHS high school scholarships for the Carson graduate Katelyn Neary Scholar’s Fund. Coach Jim Caldwell hosted the event, and about 50 players “Have a relationship with each of your were in attendance. teachers; let them know who you are,” With education as the theme, paradvised Melvin Bullitt. “Talk with them ticipants answered before or after every multiple-choice quesclass. Ask questions. ABOUT THE CARSON tions about the Colts Once they know you SCHOLARS FUND via interactive clickers. Established in 1994 by world renowned are a serious student, pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson Fans also played “Are it will make a big difyou Smarter than a 5th and his wife, Candy, the Carson Scholars ference.” Several other was created to help Hoosier children Grader” (some weren’t) Fund players echoed those stay competitive with Third-World counand bid on high-tech sentiments but added, tries in science, math and technology, as classroom equipment “Don’t miss too many well as balance academic achievement that they could donate with the high esteem our society gives to parties.” sports and entertainment. to the elementary or Dr. Laura Johnson, middle school of their of Carmel Family Care, choice. anxiously awaited the silent auction to Those who bought footballs could get close. She hoped to have the winning Silent them signed by players including Peyton Auction bid on a framed autographed Manning. Carmel High School graduphoto of Adam Vinatieri. Her 13-year-old ate Katelyn Neary asked players if they son is a kicker for Creekside Middle School. had any advice for college students. Jamie In the end, Neary did not miss her Ivy Tech Silva, special teams and Melvin Bullitt, summer school class, Doc Johnson got the defensive back, had identical answers: “Go picture, and Hoosier children got a good to class.” dose of scholarship money.

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carmel volunteer shines




Rotarians but our entire community. Her efore you fire off a grumpy most visible accomplishment, which will complaint about another be enjoyed by generations to come, is the Worrell column mentioning Japanese Garden located on the south side the Carmel Rotary, just hang of Carmel City Hall. on a minute. The garden is a peaceful and I can’t help it that so many restful oasis situated around a positive programs and good beautiful pond and decorated people are coming from the with Japanese trees, lanterns, Rotary camp. And your life sculptures, benches and a windwould not be complete unless ing path. The focal point of the you knew about a wonderful garden is the Sukiya gate marklady who has a long record of ing the entrance to the garden. providing for and volunteerKay coordinated all aspects of ing regularly to make Carmel this incredible project, includa better place. Her name is ing the construction of the gate Kumiko “Kay” Brunson, and in Japan and its assembly in she is the 2009 Rotarian of the Carmel. Year. She is also a mentor and So technically, I am not writJeff volunteer at Orchard Park ing about the Rotary Club of Elementary School and is the Carmel, but an individual deWorrell first to raise her hand when serving of our praise and appreciation. Perhaps you saw her, featured near hard work or long hours are required. So, to the Kiwanians, Lions and the front of the CarmelFest Parade. other civic groups, you cannot have Kay Sporting a white satin sash emblazoned Brunson. But let me know about the with her new title and the perfect parade members of your club who have reached wave, Ms. Brunson could have been misthe volunteer summit just like Kay taken as the CarmelFest Queen. Beautiful Brunson. as she may be, it is because of the dedication and countless hours she has donated Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He to Carmel causes that she enjoyed the acrecognizes volunteers on “Connecting with colades of the CarmelFest crowd. Carmel” on cable channel 16. Contact him at Kay Brunson has successfully exceeded the rank of role model to not just other



HOME. JOE’S. VALUE • QUALITY • SERVICE 111 W. Main St., Carmel. 846.8877 M-F 9am-7p Sat 8am-7pm Sun 11am-4pm

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tuesday, July 21, 2009




Lots of businesses are trying to go green these days. From company-wide recycling plans to four-day work weeks, it seems becoming environmentally conscientious is not only trendy, but necessary, in business these days. One business you might not think of as particularly eco-friendly, though, is a publishing house. After all, they use a tremendous amount of paper. And if a book isn’t particularly successful, all those extra copies are trees wasted. Dog Ear Publishing in Indianapolis is an exception, though. The self-publishing company, owned by Carmel residents Miles Nelson, Alan Harris, and Ray Robinson has made giant strides to be responsible stewards of the environment. “The essence of self-publishing in itself is eco-friendly,” Nelson explains. “We’re using technology called print-on-demand . . . We’re only actually printing books to fulfill orders when those books are sold.” Books are printed and shipped within

24 hours of order placement. But printing on demand is only the beginning of Dog Ear’s commitment to the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra. “We’ve retro-fitted our office so that we are very energy-efficient. Nothing goes to waste here in our office,” Nelson says. The office recycles everything they can, from used paper to plastic bottles – even the office equipment is recycled as possible. They also print on paper with a high consumer-waste content. In addition, Dog Ear has always contributed to literacy programs, but Nelson recently they have begun supporting organizations that plant trees in areas of the world that most need reforestation. Nelson notes, “Our primary focus is in the developing world: Madagascar, Brazil, also in northern Africa, too, like Ethiopia where there are lots of reforestation projects.” Dog Ear’s contributions have planted over 10,000 trees. It’s a fitting way to make their business sustainable environmentally.


CLARIAN PROGRAMS AMONG TOP IN NATION - Nine clinical programs at Clarian Health/Indiana University School of Medicine are ranked among the top 50 national programs in U.S.News & World Report’s “2009-10 America’s Best Hospitals” guide. Clarian’s Methodist Hospital and Indiana University Hospital are the only Indiana hospitals included in the rankings, and are among only 174 hospitals recognized out of the 4,861 evaluated nationwide. This is U.S. News’ 20th year of ranking America’s elite medical centers “to help patients find the best hospital when the need is great.”

Limited Exclusive Enrollment

• Learn and experience the visual arts taught by professional artisans in the Arts and Design District • Experience Mr. Kevin's weekly music and Imagination programs • Learn about different cultures • Take monthly walking field trips • Learn drama from professional performing arts instructors • Learn a foreign language • Grow a garden, build a snowman, make jewelry, throw pottery on a potter's wheel and so much more!



moisture away from the body, keeping here’s something about places that you cooler and dry. Definitely worth a provide care and information for try. (Isn’t anything when you’re flashwomen that just plain appeals to ing?) Customers include menopause-aged me, especially when the people women, chemo patients and new moms. who work there are friendly, If hair loss is your situation, knowledgeable and helpful. the Boutique offers personalized That pretty much sums up my fitting of its synthetic wigs, offerexperience with the Carmel ing a custom product. Scarves, St. Vincent’s Women’s Health turbans, sleep caps and wig care Boutique. products are also available. Speaking personally as a As for maternity needs, satisfied customer, the staff are the Boutique has two types well-trained and therefore full of maternity supports, breast of all kinds of good informapumps and feeding accessories. tion. Another plus was that I Nursing bras and camis too. A was able to submit the bill to one-stop shop for new moms. my insurance company. In the area of Bariatric The Boutique offers pre- and post-breast cancer surgery Supplements, you’ll find proSusie Beiman tein and calcium and vitamin products like camisoles to hold Be Well supplements specially formulatdrainage tubes, post-surgery ed for those who had bariatric prosthesis (silicone and leisure), mastectomy bras and compression therapy surgery and incontinence garments. Especially great are the swimSusie Beiman owns Details, an Indy Gift suits and silicone swim forms. Gallery, and advocates Integrative Medicine. A cool category is the hot flash sleepContact her at wear, lounge wear and bedding that wick


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Improve your smile . . . and your confidence

so easy a monkey can do it By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher who developed a mastery-learning system of teaching grammar to high school seniors. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

Zoey Hillebrands

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A former teaching colleague of mine recently sent me an e-mail with a subject line that read, “High schoolers left with fewer and fewer excuses.” Intrigued, I opened the e-mail immediately to find a link to a BBC article noting that monkeys were able to distinguish incorrect patterns in words and word combinations – in essence, the monkeys could recognize bad grammar. Now, before you think I’m going to start characterizing grammar abusers everywhere as dumber than monkeys, the combination of sounds the monkeys were able to indentify as incorrect were the equivalent of reversing a standard ending sound like –ing with the base word. I’m certain I’ve never heard anyone ingwish he could go ingfish instead of wishing he could go fishing. Even young children don’t make that mistake.  It does, however, bring up an interesting point: What we become accustomed to hearing is what we consider correct. The sounds the monkeys were conditioned to hear weren’t even real words – just syllables. They were conditioned to hear them a certain way, and that became their standard. That means that our language acquisition from earliest years becomes our standard, and adjusting that standard is

not only difficult, but it feels just plain wrong. Another case in point: An acquaintance of mine who teaches middle school English to the urban poor has students who argue – sometimes with frightening insistence – with her every year when it comes to learning certain correct verb forms. Be-verbs and do-verbs seem especially prone to misuse. Because these children have always heard phrases such as we was or he done, being corrected to we were or he did is not only hard for them to do, but it is also hard for them to understand why the change is necessary.  And even when recognizing the need for correction, the change is a difficult one; even adults who work hard to improve certain language patterns have difficulty moving on from what they’ve always known as correct.  So yes, monkeys can recognize abnormal language patterns, but so can humans. It’s what qualifies as abnormal that makes the difference. 

Meet our “Get Caught Reading” Winner!

Toys and Tales that grow imaginations 4450 Weston Pointe Drive

8654 E. 96th Street, Fishers

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organization does wonders for special kids Tuesday, July 21, 2009


practitioners and therapists didn’t always n article I wrote titled “Treat have satisfactory answers to her hundreds the whole child” prompted Lynda Peterson (marketing and of questions. She turned to ASK. ASK put her in touch with a parent liaioutreach coordinator for About son who could answer questions in depth Special Kids) to write and about hearing impairment, in inform me of her organization addition to helping her contact ( the Lion’s Club for financial Lynda states, “ASK serves chilassistance in obtaining an FM dren (birth to age 22) from mild hearing device. to long term or life-threatening In Indiana you can call ASK disabilities free of charge. ASK for help with therapies, treatputs families in touch with medments, transportation issues, ical experts and helps families educational needs, healthcare navigate health insurance opoptions, financial aid or family tions, state and federal programs, counseling and respite. school-based programs and comIn an age where we (or our munity based services.” children) are often being comA wife and mother of three partmentalized, it’s refreshing boys, Sandi Poulos felt like she was living in a fog, struggling to Becky Kapsalis to know there is someone there Ask YiaYia to help. You may contact Lynda see anything clearly “I walked Peterson (lynda@aboutspearound in my house like a for more information. stranger between four walls,” she recalled, Hugs! remembering feeling overwhelmed by the unknown with her youngest son Evan. Becky Kapsalis. aka YiaYia (pronounced Ya-Ya.) Evan was diagnosed with an auditory is a certified parenting advocate and child processing disorder. Despite having a dibehavior coach. You may reach her at 317agnosis, Mrs. Poulos and her family still 848-7979 or e-mail struggled to help her son. She found that

Eddie was introduced to his new home. aturday morning rolls around He seemed to feel right at home; beeing and I find myself hanging out upgraded from a cup to a bowl must make with two young girls. Normally, a fish feel pretty prosperous. Now, a couple that’s an exciting proposition, of weeks later, I’ve learned that fish are but in this case they are one and actually hours, not minutes, of three years old, which is usually entertainment. more exhausting than exciting. They are great motivators, On a whim inspired by Nemo, too. The girls eat because the I decided a trip to the pet store fish is eating. A simple call for was in order. What better way “time to feed Eddie” means to spend an hour than visiting everybody gets dinner. When I an array of animals where you hear, “Eddie is going to get his can actually take them home water changed,” I know we’ll with you if you want? be picking up toys in the living Neither of these little girls room next. “Eddie is going to had ever been to a pet store, sleep” means I get to go to the so this was quite an excurbasement and the kids to bed. sion. They both went charging If only everything could be this through the doors and headed David Cain simple. straight to the fish almost like Marketing Eddie’s story reminds me they had a sense that Nemo of three lessons: (1) Don’t unwas here. We decided on a Beta derestimate how much influence certain fish, a male with dramatic fins and a red people have … even a fish, (2) people are glowing body. He was living in a plastic cup when we met, perched high on a shelf. always interested in what is new, and (3) everyone likes to be entertained. After all, Who really knows how long he sat in this we are all just kids in adult bodies, and I’ve tiny cup on this shelf full of his fish brethren, but this little guy, Eddie, looked eager found I’m pretty interested in what Eddie is up to as well. to move into a new home. He was hand-selected by a little girl David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital ready to stare at this fish’s every move. media and online marketing company in After selecting our new fish, we added Carmel. David welcomes your questions or a bowl, some rocks and food some and comments at were on our way. My last thought was this fish will “…provide minutes of entertainAn Indiana company with over 30 years ment” for the girls and then would be my gold and diamond buying experience responsibility. Once the accommodations were ready,


SOMERSET PRACTICAL MBA PROGRAM – Somerset CPAs will host its practical MBA program, “Leadership,” July 29 from 7:45-10 a.m. at the Somerset Conference Center (3925 River Crossing Parkway in Indianapolis). The role of leaders involves more than just managing--it involves the ability to create a vision for their company or department, to determine the strategies required to achieve the vision and to motivate their team to work together to accomplish the vision.

13 AlphaGraphics (12955 Old Meridian St. in Carmel) is offering job seekers a complimentary set of 25 resume copies, 25 sheets of blank paper for cover letters and 25 matching envelopes. This is a limited time offer for out-of-work-residents. For more information, call 317-844-6629.

WAS $22 MILLION – NOW A NOMINIMUM-BID AUCTION – 25,000 square feet on Boca Raton Royal Palm Yacht Club estate.

LOOKING FOR WORK/NEW EMPLOYEES? Send your abbreviated resume (in the format below) to and we will feature it without your name. Companies are encouraged to e-mail us (again, to express interest in any featured candidate. We will send all company information to the candidate, who is free to contact the employer if interested.


COURT-ORDERED MIAMI BEACH AUCTION – Three condos, including luxury penthouse, in world-famous South Beach. For more information on these and other real estate deals, visit www.

Looking for: Outside sales/accounts management position in commercial building trades or products sector Experience: 22 years in the floor-covering and associated products business Education: Some college and many sales and management certifications


Looking for: Part-time evenings or weekends, preferable in Westfield/Carmel area, in office work, customer service or retail work Education: Bachelor’s degree


NO PROBLEM! The Problem The value of gold might jump after I sell it The Grosser Solution If gold value increases within 7 days of selling it, you can come to our store and we’ll pay you the increased difference! The Problem Another gold buyer might offer me more money The Grosser Solution Get a quote from reputable jeweler before bringing your gold to us and we will match or beat the offer! P R I VAT E A N D C O N F I D E N T I A L TUE



10 - 6





C ARMEL, I NDIANA 4 6 0 3 2

663-7000 •


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

STATE FARM TEAMS UP WITH BACKPACK ATTACK - The BackPack Attack annual school supply drive kicked off July 6. State Farm Insurance will help collect school supplies for the 20,000 Indianapolis Public Schools students who need them the most. School supplies will be collected through August 7. The community can help by donating needed supplies at John Wollenburg’s State Farm Insurance Agency – 14950 Greyhound Ct. in Carmel. For more information about BackPack Attack, visit




a fish named eddie



By Keith Albrecht, RE/MAX Real Estate Groups




Is your

Keith Albrecht is a Carmel resident and realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Groups. Contact him at 317-819-3388 or Keith@

Clarity MD

Employees: Dr. Angela Corea, Dr. Jodie Harper, Mindy Kennen and Brooke Tetrault Address: 11900 N. Pennsylvania Street Carmel, IN 46032 Web site: Phone: 317-571-8900 Clarity MD, a medical aesthetics practice, opened a new, larger location last month on Pennsylvania Street. The practice has been in Carmel since February, providing physician guided skin rejuvenation through laser hair and vein removal, laser resurfacing, facials, Botox and other services. “We were trying to find a niche in the community to make people look as good as they feel,” Dr. Angela Corea said. Unlike

group health insurance


well maintained. Challenges: The home still needs updates, including some kitchen changes and the addition of a bathroom in the basement.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My Opinion

Type: Traditional Age: 1978 Neighborhood: Brookshire North, located just west of 131st Street and Gray Road Square Footage: More than 3,500 square feet with the finished basement Rooms: This two-story home features four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a family room, living Room, dining Room, main-level laundry room, kitchen/nook, and finished basement. Strengths: This home is located in a popular neighborhood. The home has had many updates done already, and it sits on a large, private fenced site and has been

from left, Dr. Jodie Harper, Brooke Tetrault, Mindy Kennen, Dr. Angela Corea

We will work with you to produce the best benefits package for your company.

Call us for a comparison of coverage before your policy renews.

Registered Representative with/and Securities offered through Waterstone Financial Group, Member FINRA/SIPC, 500 Park Blvd., Suite 800, Itasca, IL 60143, (630) 250-7000. Wharton Insurance and Financial Services and Waterstone Financial Group, Inc., are independent companies.

Scott M. Wharton, LUTCF 3091 E. 98th St., Suite 150 Indianapolis, Indiana 46280 (317) 663-4138

other aesthetics practices, the doctors at Clarity MD perform all the injections and procedure, as well as consultations. Dr. Jodie Harper said another advantage of their practice is the ability to perform laser treatments on people with darker skin with the Cutera laser. “It’s the Mercedes of laser treatments,” Harper said. Clarity MD will host a Botox party titled “Stick it to Breast Cancer” July 22 at 5 p.m. with discounted injections. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit breast cancer research.

MONEY MATTERS How do you think the minimum wage increase will affect the local economy?

Complete Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm Need a second opinion? Call


Over 22 years experience! Our team can perform Oil Changes • Transmission & Radiator Flushes Timing Belts & Water Pumps • Fuel Injection Cleaning • Brakes, Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends Engine Diagnostic & Tune Ups • Batteries & Alternators • And so much more! W. Main St.

“It’s a balance. An increase in minimum wage may hinder employers as they struggle to meet payroll demands in this tough economy. On the flip side, better spending power.” Stephen Street Carmel

“I am on a different visa, so I won’t be affected by that. When I become a citizen, it will affect me, so any increase is always good.” Venkata Taduri Carmel

421 Industrial Dr., Carmel Rod Shaw, owner


Industrial Dr.

3rd Ave. SW

“There will probably be a little more shopping.” Matt Stieg Carmel

10% off any repair with a copy of this ad thru August 15, 2009

4th Ave. SW

Are you a

What’s it Worth

City Center Dr.



with a complete new patient exam, appropriate cleaning, and xrays.

Aileen C. Helton DDS • total health dental care • friendly and comfortable environment • invisalign® (invisible braces) • cosmetic smile makeovers • sedation dentistry for fearful patients • most insurances accepted

Rangeline Rd.

116th St.

Guilford Ave.

today to make an appointment for your entire family

At the corner of 116th Street and Guilford Avenue at the 116th Street Centre. US 31

Call 317.575.8993

890 East 116th Street Suite 210 Carmel, IN 46032


Tuesday, July 21, 2009




delay any long-term sustainable recovery. s each of us tries to understand There will not be any incentive for busithe new economy, President nesses to expand. Obama is pressing for new This tax-and-spend method has been in laws that have overwhelmed existence for many years. We do not know Congress similar to President how much this coverage is going Bush’s push after 9/11. The pace to cost. President Obama wants that President Obama has adoptto “boil the ocean” with his exed is ridiculous, because our soperiment with health care. He called congressmen do not have may be a very smart person, but time to study the new laws, and he does not have any experience. they have no clue of the impact. Our current president is an idePresident Bush made a mistake alist. He cannot help it, because by cramming us with “national he has never had to meet a paysecurity” laws, and history is roll or operate a business. about to repeat itself. Since the president and maCurrently, health care legislajority congress want to cover tion is being thrown together to the uninsured in this country, create nationalized coverage for we should give each uninsured everyone. There are numerous Brian American a $200 coupon for proposals to figure out how to Shapiro a check up. This money will pay for this legislation. The esticover the doctor and related tests mated cost of the program ranges needed to diagnose the uninsured. This profrom $600 billion to $2 trillion. cess will give us a chance to understand what Businesses are going to be taxed at least needs to be done. We will have a better esti$750 per employee against 8 percent mate of procedures that will need to occur. of the gross payroll. People with insurance above Medicare standards might be Brian Shapiro is a Carmel resident and contribtaxed on the difference. Another idea is to maximize itemized deductions at $25,000, uting columnist. He owns Shapiro’s Deli and is a non-practicing CPA/JD. You may e-mail him which makes our tax system look more at like a flat tax. This madness will further

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



TAXPAYERS FOR COMMON SENSE Earmarks in the latest federal spending bill: • $600,000 for “protein utilization” courtesy of Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa). • $327,000 for “potato cyst nematode” from Senators Larry Crag (R-Idaho) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho). • $372,000 for “dairy farm profitability” from Senators Robert Casey (D-Pa.) and Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) • $165,000 for “maple research” courtesy of Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Va.)

New Hours! Monday - Saturday 10am - 6 pm Sunday 12 - 6pm

wE ARE NOw OPEN! A true, old fashioned, gate to plate butcher shop offering beef • pork • chicken Lamb • fresh fish bacons • sausages 9 specialty burgers

Bringing agri and culture back together again.

11145 N. Michigan Rd. (in front of Stone Creek Dinning Company)

Open Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 10am - 3pm


Warning: Moody’s products and service are known for being habit-forming in the Avon area for over five years.


EASY ON THE BEACH MAKEUP - Save the heavy-duty makeup for more formal outside fun, like a friend’s barbecue. At the beach, try an easily blendable blush “stick” like Nars Multiple Stick to give your skin a natural, sun-kissed look. Can’t live without your standby powder blush? Dab a little on, then smooth cheeks with some lightweight facial moisturizer to get that dewy, summery finish.


life in a snapshot

Live & Learn Saturday Casual Worship . . . . . . . . . 5:01 p .m .


Nursery Available Community Preschool

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-1555 •

Discount without discount It’s no accident more people trust State Farm to insure their cars. Call today. John Wollenburg, Agent

14950 Greyhound Court Suite 2 Carmel, IN 46032-5086 Bus: 317-569-9200

e l y t s e al m Ho peci S ily a D

- Mashed Potatoes

SSSSSS - Green Beans : - Salad

- Dinner Bread

Support your locally owned businesses

Is that first step out of bed in the morning a real pain in the heel? Offerin Birken g sto Sandals ck Custom with Orth Footbe otic ds

Same Day and ours Evening H ents Appointm Available Heel pain is the most common complaint addressed by Dr. David

Evening Hours Available Preferred Provider with Most Insurance Plans

Sullivan. Over 90% of patients can resolve or have significant improvement of their symptoms without surgery. Call today and wake up tomorrow with confidence that your heel pain will improve.

Oak Ridge Professional Park 16411 Southpark Drive, Ste. B


David R. Sullivan, DPM

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Classic Worship . . 8:00 & 11:00 a .m . Praise Worship . . . . . . . . . 9:30 a .m . Sunday School (all ages) . 9:30 a .m .


more visible than if the entire image were hotos of family and friends displayed. Elements such as chipped nail are evidence of our roots and polish or smudges of dirt convey volumes documents our lives, and they about the personality of the subjects. spark our memories. Here are Less is more in framing. Frame phosome simple things to try the tography in a manner that does next time you aim your digital not compete with the subject camera. manner. Solid black frames A simple change from with simple lines are frequently color to black and white the best choice. Try the “squint adds a layer of dimension that is test” – if you look at a framed invisible with color. Tonal phophoto and squint, it is properly tography refuses the noise and framed if your eyes go to the distraction inherent in color subject. If your eyes go to the pictures. It encourages emoframe, consider a quick change. tion to spring from the subject. Arranging photos. Try The contours and shadows of arranging photos in a cluster wrinkled skin in a candid photo with a larger vertical image in of an elderly relative reveals the back. Work forward with variheart and mind of a life well Vicky Earley ous sizes, ending with a small lived. Tiny baby fingers that Design horizontal image. In the case of are photographed in black and one special image in the collecwhite show delicate nuances tion, leave it in color and surround it with that are imperceptible in color. Close in on a portion of your photo supporting black and white images. This allows the primary photo to shine, but the with the cropping tool. Identify an arrangement still tells a story. This is perelement of a photo that is beyond just a fect for a display of wedding photos. smiling face. Sisters holding hands could provide the perfect source for a cropped Vicky Earley is the principal designer for photo. Two small hands, tightly interArtichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If locked, convey the idea of protection of you have an interior design question, please the younger, dimpled hand. The faces contact might be absent from the final product, but the meaning and the emotion are far


CASE HANDYMAN SEMINAR - Case Handyman & Remodeling in Carmel will host a free kitchen and bath remodeling seminar July 25 from 9-10:30 a.m. at its design center located at 108 West Carmel Drive. This will be the sixth in a series of free monthly seminars relating to home remodeling and renovation. Larry Greene, president and owner of Case, will discuss how to choose a kitchen or bath remodeler, remodeling design ideas and trends, as well as what to expect during a kitchen or remodel, how to create a budget, and how to live through the process with minimal disruption. Register by July 20 via e-mail at or by calling 317-846-2600 Space is limited, so reservations are first-come, first-served.

Curly hair how-to’s





By Christi Thompson Frustrated with your curly hair? Follow these sure-fire steps to get the fabulous curly look you have been craving. Do’s 1. Use a moisturizing or curl enhancing conditioner, such as Brocato’s Curl Karma. 2. Comb conditioner through your hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb and pull out all the tangles. 3. Rinse out the conditioner with your head flipped over. This helps pull the curl away from your scalp to create volume on top. 4. Put your styling products in your hair with

your head flipped over. 5. Let your hair air-dry for a soft natural look, or diffuse it on a medium to cool setting to reduce frizzing and to create more volume. Don’t: 1. Never brush your curls! 2. Do not use volumizing shampoos. This type of shampoo can dry out your curls. 3. Don’t use a terrycloth towel. It is better to use a cotton t-shirt – like material instead,. 4. Never touch your hair while it dries. This will break up your natural curl pattern,. 5. Don’t use any products that have not been recommended by a professional stylist.

smoothing sensation By Christi Thompson At last! Your hair CAN be your best asset thanks to the new Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy available at Salon 01. This smoothing system permeates your hair with protein, eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl. “The Keratin therapy has changed the way I feel about my hair,” said Christi Thompson, Vice President of Salon Operations at Salon 01. “I can feel how much healthier it is and I spend half the time drying and styling my hair. I also no longer fear going out into the humidity!” With the Keratin system the more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. Keratin is a protein which helps make the hair smoother, straighter, shinier and easier to handle. Salon 01 has many certified Keratin Therapy specialists on staff. Call 317-580-0101 to book your appointment today!

By Alex Paredes

Bradyn Kiser has brought a great range of fashion and funk to Salon01. “I’ve always loved art, so I opted for a career move from theater to hair design,” he said. Brandyn comes to Salon01 after graduating from Hair Fashion by Kaye Beauty College in 2007. Since then, he has continued developing his skills in cutting, coloring, and styling.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thoroughly enjoys color, as well as men’s haircuts. Outside of the salon, Brandyn still keeps in touch with his theatrical passion with a little singing, dancing, and acting. Brandyn believes that as a stylist, his job is to make his guests feel beautiful. Brandyn likes to

make sure that he understands his client’s hair type and also their lifestyle, “I like to understand what they do for a living, as this could affect the direction of the design.” Call Salon01 at 317-580-0101 to book your appointment with Brandyn, or visit us online at where you can find all of our Stylist profiles.

Bright EyEs Make your peepers pop! Wearing shine on your eyelids makes you look wide awake and the subtle shimmer that reflects light draws attention to your beautiful eyes! Try the new Super Wear Cream Shadow from Salon 01’s cosmetic collection to create this eye-opening look. Salon 01 has licensed estheticians on hand for consultations to help find the perfect shade for you.

Present this ad at the time of service

off 20 TeeTh WhiTening!

and receive


regular price is $69.95 Expires July 31, 2009


CARMEL ARTISTS FORM NEW GROUP By Barbara E. Cohen Current In Carmel

SIMPLY SWEET SHOPPE HAS THE GOOD’S – Visit Simply Sweet Shoppe, 30 N. Range Line Rd. in Carmel, to try the latest arrival of sweets from Good’s Chocolate. The business has been in their family since the 1940s. Through the generations, they have dedicated themselves to making the finest of chocolates with the highest quality ingredients. Their commitment to excellence has earned Good’s a reputation for producing the finest chocolates you will find.

Barbara E. Cohen covers the arts for the Current community newspapers. Please send comments or story ideas to


CRT DONATES TO SAFE FAMILIES Carmel Repertory Theatre, Inc. is exited to be able to contribute to Safe Families, a program to prevent child abuse and neglect in families experiencing crisis situations by providing safe, temporary homes for children. The organization will be represented during this weekend’s performances of “Oliver!” – Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

Master jeweler Mark Grosser – who has maintained a store and studio in the Carmel Arts & Design District for several years – recently announced the formation of a new advocacy group: the Carmel Artist Association. In contrast to other organizations working to promote arts businesses in Old Town Carmel, the new group will focus on connecting individual artists and on cooperative promotional ventures. “Any visual or performing artist – any person who makes and creates – can join the Carmel Artist Association,” Grosser said. “Our goal will be to promote the arts in Carmel and to encourage the sharing of information to elevate the professionalism of all artists in the city.” The new group has no dues at present, and its first order of business is to discuss how the group can get involved in future arts promotions in the city of Carmel. After polling members’ interests, the organization will develop a set of immediate and long-term goals for promotion of the artists of Carmel. Grosser mentioned

the possibility of establishing the group on Facebook, for a regular members-only forum to discuss ideas. The ultimate goal of CAA could be a highcaliber, even juried, arts event to increase the visibility of work by all kinds of artists living in Carmel. In the face of mounting frustration over the type and quality of events established and promoted by the Carmel Redevelopment Commission and local gallery owners, Grosser decided to form a new adGROSSER vocacy group made up of and managed solely by artists. “I will focus my attention on making the new group a strong advocate for artists and merchants like myself in the Arts District,” Grosser said. “We will focus on discussion and information sharing first and foremost, while providing a collective voice for the artists in town.” If you are a visual or performing artist who wishes to join the new group, contact Mark Grosser by phone at 317-513-6678 or by e-mail at

What: Actors Theatre of Indiana Presents “Forbidden Broadway” When: July 22, 23, 29, 30, August 5, 6, 12, 19, 26, 27. Doors open at 6 p.m. for all shows, dinner at 6:30 and performance at 7:30. Where: The Mansion at Oak Hill, 5801 E. 116th Street in Carmel Cost: $45 dinner and show; $25 show only Details: The off-Broadway musical revue “Forbidden Broadway” offers alternative takes on more than 20 Broadway shows. Info: 317-843-9850, www.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



have you eaten bearded ducks or hogs?


he beach is synonymous with summertime, surf and seafood. If I say geoducks, razors or quahogs, what do you think of? I knew this week’s subject was easy; clams exist in coastal saltwater habitats on both sides of our country. They can be found in the east from Maine to Florida and in the west from Canada to Mexico. There are two basic types of clams: the soft and hard shell varieties. Chef Michael They can be found Vlasich in bays with good Culinary Explorer tidal action, especially the northern waters. The smallest of the hard shell clams are the little necks, measuring one to two inches across, with 450-600 clams in a 60-pound bushel. The next larger size is cherrystones, which are two to three inches with less in a bushel. Even larger are top-necks, and then quahogs. The rule of thumb says the smaller the clam, the better for ala minute dining. The next size up is great for stuffing and baking or in items like paella. The last two sizes are for soups, stews and chowders, as they can be tough, requiring extensive cooking. The aforementioned are sold alive; surf clams are sold frozen, canned or processed. The foot and tongue make up about half the shucked meat – or will be processed into breaded clam strips. The remaining mantle and muscles are usually chopped and used for canning and in chowders, soups or sauces. The other variety of soft-shell clams has a brittle, oval-shaped shell. On the east coast, they are known as steamers, and on the west coast, they are known as razor clams. There are also geoducks, which are larger and are more rectangular in shape. Around the world, you can find differ-

CLAMS CASINO • 1/4 pound apple smoked bacon • 1/2 sweet onion minced • 1.5 sticks of celery minced • 1/2 bell pepper minced • 1/2 heaping tsp. minced garlic • 1 tbsp. freshly chopped parsley • 2/3 cup white wine • 1 cup croissant breadcrumbs • 1/4 # whole butter In a sauté pan, cook the bacon, reserve 2/3 chopped smaller and 1/3 in 1-inch pieces. Using the grease, sauté the vegetables. Once el dente, add the white wine, cooked until ½ reduced, pull the pan from the fire and cool. Add parsley, chopped bacon breadcrumbs and whole butter. Shuck the clams on the half shell, place the stuffing completely covering, bake at 400 for 10 minutes, place the bacon strips on top and serve.

ent species like manila clams and cockles, which are usually much smaller. These varieties are less abundant and are generally sold fresh. Some tips for both species: When buying the hard shell, they should never be opened. The soft-shell variety generally can be slightly opened. Just rely on the smell. For cleaning (only clean at time of preparation), the hard shell should soak in cold fresh water, using a brush to scrub away sand. The soft shell should be soaked in salt water with a little corn meal, washed and then rinsed well. Shelf life for both types can be five to seven days in the refrigerator in an open box or a sack that will breathe. Never store clams in water; they will die. Included is a recipe for Clams Casino that we use at the Marriott Downtown Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel resident and the executive chef at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may e-mail him at

BAILEYS CARAMEL APPLETINI Directions: Ingredients: • 1 oz. Baileys Caramel Irish Cream • 1/2 oz. Smirnoff Green Apple Flavored Vodka • 1 slice apple • 1 tsp. caramel

1. Add Baileys Caramel Irish Cream and Smirnoff Green Apple Flavored Vodka. 2. Shake with ice and strain into a prechilled martini glass. 3. Garnish with an apple slice and caramel.

Beef and veggie KaBOBS OVER FETTUCCINE Ingredients: • 1 1/2 pounds beef top sirloin, cut into 2-inch cubes • 1 (16-ounce) bottle Caesar salad dressing • 1 (8-ounce) package BUITONI® Fettuccine • 1 tablespoon butter or margarine • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper • 8 large mushrooms, cleaned and halved • 1 large green bell pepper, seeded and cut into 2-inch squares • 4 (12-inch) bamboo skewers Directions: 1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat

Scholar’s Inn Gourmet Cafe & Wine Bar 725 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317-536-0707 Fax: 317-536-0650 Hours: Monday - Saturday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

2. Place beef into a resealable plastic bag with Caesar salad dressing; seal and refrigerate for 30 minutes. 3. Prepare fettuccine according to package instructions. Drain and toss with butter, salt and pepper to taste; hold warm. 4. While pasta cooks, remove beef from bag and discard marinade. Alternate with vegetables on skewers. Place kebabs on grill and cook until beef reaches desired doneness, about 4 minutes per side for medium. 5. Divide cooked pasta equally among 4 plates and top with one kebab per person. Serve immediately.

Scholar’s Inn is a unique place to grab a bite to eat. One unique characteristic is that the kitchen is below ground and maintains the whole floor with the extensive wine cellar. Scholars Inn has introduced Executive Chef Jake Brenchley along with his new, unique menu influenced by cuisine from around the world. He will change a few menu items each month to keep the menu fresh for the seasons. The lounge will have a separate menu, created by Chef Jake as well. The menu he has created ranges from trout to Duck Breast with Curry Peach Puree and Pancetta Crisp.


Lauranne Hauck, Manager at Kona Grill

Where do you like to eat? Sahm’s Restaurant. What do you like to eat there? Spinach melt sandwich   What do you like about Sahm’s Restaurant? It’s a locally owned place, not exactly hole-in-the-wall, but not your typical chain restaurant.   Sahm’s Restaurant 11590 Allisonville Rd. Fishers, IN  46038 317-842-1577

5801 E. 116th Street, Carmel



BOOK REVIEW The Last Chinese Chef

By Nicole Mones After her husband’s accidental death, American food writer Maggie McElroy is informed that a paternity claim has been filed against her husband’s estate by a woman in China, where he went occasionally on business. Maggie decides to go to China to try and sort out the matter. While there, she is to write a story on Sam Liang, a Chinese American whose grandfather cooked for the Emperor and wrote a classic Chinese cookbook. Sam is about to open a restaurant in Beijing but that has been put on hold as he is competing to get on the Chinese national cooking team. As Maggie covers Sam’s banquet preparation for the judging committee, she becomes immersed in the philosophy and ingredients of Chinese cooking and learns that the resulting dishes are very different from what she has eaten in the United States. Despite the reason she went to China initially, Maggie finds herself enjoying Sam’s company and his elderly “uncles.” The results of the DNA test of her husband’s supposed child and Sam’s night of competition mark endings and beginnings for both Maggie and Sam.

Reviewed by Christine Owens CCPL Reference Manager

Visit the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Web site at for more book reviews.

Elegantly appointed, open, spacious on 1+ acre w/creek. 40x20 heated pool. Upscale deluxe kit w/granite cntrs & new SS applcs. Fin dylight bsmt. MariLyn HarBiSon, 846-5066

16 wiLSon drive $134,900 MLS# 2932041

Ready to move in! 3BR 1 ½ BA w/new paint, carpet & laminate in great Carmel area close to el & middle school. Walk to upscale downtown Carmel! MariLyn HarBiSon, 846-5066

1315 126tH Street e $704,900 MLS# 2934555

Eden Estates 1.30ac with over $300K in upgrades and renovations. Don’t forget spa w/sauna. Stm shower & Jacuzzi. Jené arBuCKLe, 388-2729

19511 SandBar dr $134,900 MLS# 2917546

3BR/2BA meticulously cared for. Lg MBR w/walk-in closet. Hdwds. Nice landscaping surrounds lovely brick patio. Beautiful EIK has plenty of cabinetry. oLga Keegan, 333-6124

1250 w. 141St Street $525,000 MLS# 2931398

Fascinating 3BR/2+BA Traditional-style ideally sited on two acres. Security system, 4-car garage, attractive pool. Great room, sun room. Deck, barn. Connie LidStroM, 525-8836

8125 taLLiHo $123,000 MLS# 2933474

2BR/2BA brick garden unit condo. Special features include great room, eat-in kitchen and cathedral ceilings. oLga Keegan, 333-6124 12824 Boone Street $114,000 MLS# 2922508

Appealing 2BR/2+BA residence. Home as you dreamt it, with gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings and formal dining room. Dual master suites. oLga Keegan, 333-6124

141 waLter St $152,900 MLS# 2933730

Spacious open floor plan with updates in progress. 3BR + 2BA. Mstr BA handicap access. Oversize deck w/supreme privacy. Trees w/creek at back of lot. MariLyn HarBiSon, 846-5066

17027 KirKLin dr $117,250 MLS# 2903240

Bright, open, 3BR w/new carpet & paint. LR w/vlt clg. Great lot in wonderful neighborhood with many amenities - pool, clubhouse, & more. oLga Keegan, 333-6124

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

13010 CriCKLewood $744,500 MLS# 2933372



held at The Mansion at Oak Hill, 5801 E. 116th Street in Carmel. Tickets are $45 with dinner, $25 show only. Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. For more information, visit


‘Oliver!’ The Carmel Repertory Theatre presents “Oliver!” July 24, 25 and 31 and August 1 at 8 p.m., July 26 and August 2 at 2:30 p.m. at Clay Middle School, 5150 E. 126th St. in Carmel. The musical is about growing up as an orphan in 1830s England. Call 317-767-3973 or visit for reservations or more information. ‘Forbidden Broadway’ In this long-running Off-Broadway hit musical revue, “Forbidden Broadway” irreverently pokes, prods, teases and lampoons anything that Broadway has to offer – but always with love. Journey through more than twenty Broadway shows and spend the evening with Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Mandy Patinkin, Julie Andrews, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables,The Lion King and so many more in this entertaining tribute to some of Broadway’s greatest shows and stars! Performances to be

‘Sanders Family Christmas’ It’s a familiar cast in a new show to Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre as it celebrates Christmas in July with the singing Sanders family. “Sanders Family Christmas,” the original sequel to “Smoke on the Mountain,” is live on stage this summer through August 22. Come back to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church as the audience plays the role of the congregation for this festive occasion. Tickets range from $34 to $57, and include Chef Odell Ward’s dinner buffet, full salad bar and unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade. Parking is always free. For reservations, call the box office at 317-872-9664 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily.

LIVE MUSIC The following musical acts will be playinglive at Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N Meridian, Carmel. For more information, call 317-573-9746: July 24: Endless Summer Band July 25: The Late Show July 31: The Aberdeen Project


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

EvErything 50-60% off! We’re liquidating all solid wood furniture and home accessories.

We invite you to our GARAGE SALE at our original location at 230 N. Rangeline Road and Carmel Old Town Antique Mall.

JuLy 23 - JuLy 25, 2009 11:00AM TO 5:00pM


Senior Fit Camp

FITNESS FACT: People who resistance train have 50% greater bone density than those who don’t.

Improves: balance and agility, flexibility, strength, bone density, increased metabolism and energy levels, better sleeping, improved sex life, injury prevention and rehab, nutritional consulting.

DaIly luNCh buffet

Mon - Fri: 11am - 2:30pm • Sat & Sun: 11:30am - 3pm Dinner—Mon - Sun: 5pm - 10pm

$110 off any personal training package

12510 N. Meridian Street Carmel, IN 46032

Expires July 20, 2009.


when you mention this ad

99 East Carmel Drive Suite G • Carmel, IN 46032 • (317) 817-0001 •



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ouR luNCh buffet (one coupon per person)

pearance of Christian hypocrisy and the o we fix our eyes not on what is tangled mess of controversy that visited seen, but on what is unseen. For preachers, churches and entire Christian what is seen is temporary, but denominations. what is unseen is eternal. - 2 How easy it was to stay away from these Corinthians 4:18 (NIV) imperfect Christians and think I spent three decades of my better of myself for not being life not going to church. part of the “religion” problem. I couldn’t see the value in I would find my own truth, an active faith life, couldn’t see thank you very much. the divine Light in the Bible, What a surprise when I finalcouldn’t see the Truth of Christ ly found it one Sunday mornon the Cross, couldn’t see the ing in 2001, sitting in church point of going to church … and with tears streaming down my couldn’t see the point of view of face. “The eyes of my heart,” people who did. inexplicably, thankfully, opened Oh, I knew the Jesus story to the Light, Truth and bigness and the general Christian docof God’s eternity. trines. I’d grown up Episcopalian I’ve learned since then not to and was an acolyte in my early Bob Walters sweat the small, confusing temteens. By seventh grade or so, I Spirituality poral bits. knew the Anglican Communion “Christian hypocrisy,” for service by heart. example, emanates from the fact that while Then I drifted away. My pastor retired, Christ is perfect and eternal, in this mortal plus the Episcopal Church changed enorcoil none of us are. Controversy, however mously in the late 1960s. It brought in benign or horrible, generally amounts to a “New Liturgy” that pretty much killed failed human expectations. what I knew about being an altar boy. So when what we see is not perfect, let My eyes, to paraphrase the verse above, us thank God it is not eternal. were definitely fixed on things seen. Like Hallelujah for the glimpses of eternal too many people, I only believed what I perfection God provides. could see. And one thing I saw was how many Bob Walters ( was blind, but different directions Christians seemed to now can see. be going. It was easy to criticize the ap-

23 in spirit


Seeing the unseen

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IN VOGUE Fine Lines, Inc.

Consignment Boutique

Hair & Nail Salon re Pedicu ALISSA stylist

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11546 Westfield Blvd.

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RECESSIoN SpECIALS foR SUMMER! Receive a free Manicure with a pedicure. Call for your appointment with Sue! Haircut, Color, Eyebrow Wax/$80 or Haircut, partial Highlight, Eyebrow Wax/$85 Call Alissa, Euray, Mary or Christie for this Special!

Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm


811 West Main Street, Suite 120, Carmel

Mention this ad and receive an additional $250 off your first month’s rent!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

community business contacts


This Community Business Card spot could be yours!

This Community Business Card spot could be yours!

Call Dennis O’Malia

Call Dennis O’Malia


Community Business Contacts reaches over 37,200 residences in Carmel and Westfield


Community Business Contacts reaches over 37,200 residences in Carmel and Westfield



4. Have a sense of commitment. I’m so tired of the fact that every time someone has a problem, it’s time for a break up or a divorce. Our parents didn’t stay together for 40 years because everything was peaches and cream. They worked through problems because of their sense of commitment.



on’t you wish there were a universal dating “rulebook?” Many books have been written about the dos and don’ts of dating, but depending on whether it was written by a man or a woman, the rules can be contradictory. So what is a person to do? Here are some simple rules that I’m sure our mammas have told us, but perhaps we need reminding.


When a problem arises, talk about it! Don’t walk away or call the person crazy because you don’t understand or agree with their behavior. If it’s not a major deal breaker (such as physical 1. Keep your word. There is abuse), then work through it! nothing more charming than Also, get rid of that “The grass is a man who says he is going greener on the other side” mentalto call and then calls. ity. There is no perfect person. 2. Be “real.” If you are not interested, let the person Rachael Noble You’re not going to find perfection, so find someone you care know so that you can both DATING about and give it 100 percent. move on. You will gain more With so many singles out respect by being honest than by hurtthere, perhaps it’s time to learn a lesson in ing a person because you don’t have the commitment. Otherwise you’ll be on the guts to break their heart. singles merry-go-round forever! 3. Communicate. So many problems can I don’t know about you, but I’m ready be worked through by being open. This to see a change in the singles mentality. can be confusing, because so many Just think. If we all practiced these simple dating books talk about “playing the rules, we may actually get somewhere! game” and being mysterious. There is nothing more refreshing when two people can be on the same page and say, “Look. This is how I feel. How do you feel?”

Rachael Noble is a single Carmel resident and contributing columnist. She can be reached at


Sponsored in part by

Our advertisers are offering powerful incentives to make your shopping experience more fruitful. Just present the coupons of your choice for instant savings at their establishments. Call 489.4444.

Buy 1 Dinner Entrée & get a 2nd Dinner Entrée 100 N. uNioN street, westfield 317-804-9542

Pre-Natal and Post Partum Pilates Private and Group Classes

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Lara Acton



12510 N Meridian Street

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all Classes and Class PaCkages Now through August 15th. First-time customers only.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contact Dennis O’Malia

Corner of Rangeline Road and Main Street • Carmel (National City Bank parking lot)



Retaining Walls Patio Pavers Water Features Mulching Mowing

YES We do that!

Proprietor Locally Owned and Operated


Must mention ad at time of order. o *Stock grill only. No special orders.

Stay moved. • Stay moved.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


he recent popularity surge of dry creek beds is likely driven by both necessity and the realization that they can be an inspiring component of most residential landscapes. From a dull, utilitarian perspective, a dry creek bed can be an effective tool in resolving a portfolio of water mitigation issues – a technical way of saying there is standing water in your backyard or that soil is eroding because of a runoff issue. It’s an innovative way of turning a lemon of a situation into lemonade and intentionally directing occasional water flow in heavy rains. Often we will marry a couple techniques when strategizing these irritating problems. A subtle swale system, or gradual trench, under the dry creek bed, coupled with Randy simple downspout extensions, can Sorrell rehabilitate most. More complex solutions may require a French drain system, dry well and/or erosion control fabric all softened with native, moisture-loving grasses, sedges and perennials. Most sustainable planting species have aggressive root systems that absorb excess moisture and control erosion. More inspiring, however, are the powerful aesthetics of properly detailed dry creek beds. Using native stone causes most to feel as if it belongs in the surrounding ecosystem, coupled with naturalizing clusters of larger rocks and seat-size boulders in the gentle bends. A few strategically scattered pockets of contrasting aggregate,

like pea gravel, will promote the artistic link to reality. Next time you are strolling along a creek in your favorite park or pounding out an aggressive cardio through the woods, glance at the natural beauty streams and leafhidden dry creek beds offer. Does your home deserve a place for one of these versatile structural elements? Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+, a Carmel home improvement firm. He may be reached at 317-679-2565, or

patios/decks • landscapes • pergolas • porches/sunrooms • handyman services •



Stay moved. • Stay moved.

exploring dry creek beds

20% OFF Expires 8/4/2009

14641 U.S. 31 North Carmel, IN 46032 317-569-PETS


schoolchildren come home to pets


For Current in Carmel

pets of the week

Soon the kids will be bursting through the back door, ready to talk about their first day back to school. In most households, no one will be waiting to hear about David’s idea for a science project or hug Judy as tears well in her eyes because she forgot her lunch money. The “latchkey” child, one that comes home from school and waits for his or her parents arrive after work, is a common phenomenon. Having a pet to come home to can help latchkey children overcome feelings of loneliness, giving them a companion and a sense of responsibility. The benefits of owning pets as a child are many. The child-pet bond has been studied in recent years and applauded. One study by Janet Haggerty Davis, Ph. D., concluded that children actually view their pets as trusted companions. They confide in their pets because they

Copper is a 2-year-old male blue with white markings American pit bull terrier mix. Copper is neutered; well mannered and energetic and is ready to start over with a new family in a new home. He just requests that it be his forever home, and if the family has to move, that he gets to move with them. Due to his energy level and strength, he would be best suited in a home with children over the age of 5. Izzy is a 2-year-old female white with

know they will be accepted unconditionally. In another child-pet bond study, Robert H. Poresky Ph.D., and Charles Hendrix say children who grow up with pets generally exhibit more empathy than those without pets. In their study at Kansas State University Cooperative Childcare Center, Poresky and Hendrix report that pet-owning children have accelerated verbal skills, possibly from talking things over with their trusted Fido. Pets also benefit from their interaction with children. Puppies and kittens, for instance, need lots of social interaction to help them become pets that are socially acceptable. Pets lucky enough to share a home with a child usually are very sociable, accepting

of everyone and everything. Dogs and cats that are not exposed to many people at a young age – eight to 16 weeks –often become “one man” pets, and that demeanor contributes to many unsociable behaviors. This can include cats hissing at visitors and dogs nipping at the mailman. Many pets, especially dogs, are social animals. They thrive on companionship. They live to please their owner for that pat on the head, for that extra treat and for playing together. All of these things can be offered to a pet by a child returning home from school. Article courtesy of Petland, Carmel. For more information, contact Juan Lopez at 317-569-PETS.

tabby markings Turkish van. Izzy was just a kitten when she was first at the shelter in 2007 and was quickly adopted. She lived with her owner until she brought her back in March 2009 because she said she was allergic to Izzy! Izzy is such a sweet girl and will roll over on her back to get a belly rub. She is spayed, loves people and is a purring machine when receiving attention. For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-7734974 or go to

Creating patients for life!

Tammy Wittmann, O.D. Kathleen I. Busby, O.D.

Busby Eye Care 16409 Southpark Drive Westfield, IN 46074 (317) 896-5005

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RATS AS PETS? - The reaction of disgust is unfortunate, for rats can be entertaining, affectionate and clever pets. Let go of everything you’ve ever thought about rats and consider the benefits with an open mind: • Rats are social animals. Many small pets don’t like being handled, but rats get used to careful socialization easily, and come to enjoy riding in pockets and on shoulders. They like people. Because rats are so social, if you’re going to get one, you ought to get two so they can keep each other company. • Rats are smart. • Rats are cute. Really. Think sleek, shiny fur, dark, glossy eyes and cute little ears. You say it’s the tail that gets to you? Give a rat a break. If he just had a fluffy tail he’d be a squirrel, and people would give him nuts in the park.   • Rats are easy to keep. • The downside of rats? They don’t live all that long -- two to three years -and they’re prone to tumors. As with all small pets, cage changes must be frequent, otherwise the smell will become unpleasant, to you and your pets both.


any single item

14641 U.S. 31 North Carmel, IN 46032


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

by the way, has really worked out well for me in the beer area. Now, I’m not the smartest consumer in the world, but the other day when I was scanning the label on my bottled water to make sure there were no carbs in it, I saw something strange: Dick Wolfsie “Best if drunk by Humor December 31, 2011.” Well, that’s New Year’s Eve, and I am at my best if I’m drunk before the year changes, but I don’t think that’s what they mean. That gave me just two years to gulp down the product, or else. Or else what? I think it’s fair to ask what is actually going to happen to this water after two years. It can’t lose its nutrient value. It doesn’t have any. It can’t lose its color. It has none. One company I spoke to said the water changes in taste after a year. Changes to what? I sure wouldn’t know. Blindfold me with a bag of Doritos and a jar of Redd Foxx Salsa and I can’t tell the difference between Budweiser and Merlot. And so what if my Evian tastes funny. There’s a world of difference between funny-tasting water and funny-tasting mayonnaise. Trust me. What about people who buy bottled water for the sole purpose of storing it in case of a terrorist attack? “Harold, I have some bad news for you. We’ve been hiding in the basement now for two months and I think our bottled water has expired.” “Pour it down the drain, Maude. I know how little willpower you have when you get dehydrated.” Then I read that the American Red Cross advises changing your bottled water every six months. I doubt I’ll remember. I haven’t changed my tartar sauce in 13 years. There is a jar of honey in my pantry that I took with me when I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 1969. I also have cheese in the fridge that has been aged 12 years, but when I brought it home, the package said there was only a month left to eat it. I say, “Age it 11 years. Give me the extra 12 months.” So what should you do with this expired water? You can’t just pour it down your kitchen sink. There’s probably some government regulation against it – a gov-




Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.



ater is in the new again. The big question is whether it’s worth the extra cash to buy the designer stuff or take what’s on tap. Which,



water on 28 the brain

ernment program to collect and properly dispose of expired water. I’d like to know more about this. With my luck, I’ll end up buying property next to an expired water dump. There go the real estate values. By the way, I checked my cans of Pepsi and 7-UP. There are no expiration dates. I think this is great news for anthropologists of the future. When they dig up my remains in a frozen block of ice, I’ll be

knocking down a Fresca, my diet drink of choice. “Dr. Gallagher, this ancient man we found with the Channel 8 ball cap has something called a Fresca in his hand. Looks like some kind of prehistoric drink. Can we taste it?” “Is there an expiration date on the can?” “No, but I think the drink is 4,000 years old.”

“Go for it. Just be sure it’s not pure water.” I know we are all going to die, but I’m glad people don’t have expiration dates printed on them. Although, at the age of 61, mine should probably read: BEST IF USED BY DECEMBER 2035. Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at




scatter like bats out of you-know-where ’ve just come in from feeding the every time I let the dog out the back door hogs. You might know it by its other – now that’s entertainment. name, filling the bird feeders. With the birds, I get the extra added No kidding, my neighborhood attraction of squirrels. I have made sure to has the hungriest birds I’ve ever seen buy squirrel-proof bird feedin my life. The way they go ers, which of course means through seed, I’m surprised the squirrels have been feastthey stay as small as they are. ing. There’s no such thing as a Then again, their failure to gain squirrel-proof bird feeder. It’s weight may have something a legend, a myth, like the lost to do with the way seed goes chord or the fountain of youth. through them. But enough Take the feeder I bought about my poor patio. last year. It’s shaped like a little I consider bird-feeding green house. The roof is the money well spent, even though lid, and it has a lock to keep I’m not getting the rooty-toot it in place. Down by the feedfancy-feather birds you see on ing trough there’s a bar that the seed bag. I get sparrows and will shut off the seed flow if finches, mostly. Mike Redmond it’s touched by anything bigger My mother tends to scoff Humor than a house finch. The salesat this. Mom is a serious bird person assured me it was the latest in antiperson. She considers the above to be common birds, fine for the masses and the squirrel technology. Ha. Those thieves had it open two minunserious such as myself, but of little interest to her. She prides herself on her abil- utes after I put it up. I clamped the roof in place with a heavy-duty bungee cord. ity to attract orioles and hummingbirds. I Took them another two minutes to get rid think she bribes them. of that. And for what? With, orioles, you see as I thought for a second or two about a flash of orange zipping through the trees. adding a combination lock, but I figured With hummingbirds, you see even less. I’d just look out there to see a squirrel Where’s the fun in that? If I’m going to wearing a tiny little stethoscope and a little feed birds, I want some amusement value. Watching four-dozen sparrows and finches eyeshade, twirling the dial, listening to the

tumblers clicking into place. So now I just leave it open and let the squirrels climb right in. I’m not kidding. They lounge around in there, like it’s some sort of squirrel spa, relaxing and enjoying several leisurely meals a day. My mother, of course, thinks this is just ridiculous. The squirrels, she points out, may well be keeping more desirable birds away with their boorishness. I say who cares? As long as everybody’s fed and I’m having fun, what’s the difference? So I don’t get orioles. So what? Not long ago, I had a rose-breasted grosbeak at the feeder. Mom has been trying to attract them for years, and I got one pretty much on blind luck. I think it made her kind of sore. Come to think of it, the squirrels didn’t look too happy about it, either. Little wonder. He was in their spa. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.

Named “TOP ALL STAR AGENT” by IBJ 2008

(and so is the dog)

RE/MAX Ability Plus

(317) 216-8500 |

Tuesday, July 21, 2009




DISPATCHES IPOD DOCKS - Elecom has brought out a series of docks for the iPod Nano called Soundblocks that are perhaps the most good-looking ones in the mini-dock category. They measure only 2 x 16mm, and are available in at least a dozen appetizing colors - just so that you can match your iPod with the appropriate one. Seriously, what more could you want? The speakers are priced at around $42. FRIENDFEED OR FOE? - FriendFeed has been getting flak in some quarters for simply copying banal trivia from one part of the internet and putting it in another part of the internet. But we all know by now that the human race likes banal trivia. If the existence of small talk hadn’t sufficiently proved that, then Twitter certainly has. A more serious allegation against FriendFeed is that it just duplicates information from elsewhere, and that if you wanted to read your friend’s tweets, you’d go to Twitter. However, FriendFeed’s ability to collate information then re-present it clearly make it a valuable addition to all those individual sites and better than similar little aggregators out there. At least until someone else starts doing it better.

free vs. paid antivirus


be adequate. The real difference in most cases is the sophistication of additional protection against the newest types of exploits. Signature-based AV programs can only update signatures once a new support?  strain is discovered. That means Though we hear this question until the new threat has been quite often, the question should discovered, you won’t be proreally be asked in reference to tected against it.   anti-malware programs. Viruses, When it comes to protectTrojans and worms are dealt ing yourself against adware and with by anti-virus programs, spyware, the parameters are a while spyware and adware are little different. Unlike AV progenerally addressed by programs grams, anti-spyware programs designed to detect and remove can co-exist and provide a better those types of malware.   blanket of protection.  With free anti-virus programs, One of the differences that you may notice that most of the companies also sell a commercial Gary Hubbard can be significant in the antispyware arena is proactive versus version of the same thing. You Technology reactive protection. Most pay would be correct to assume supversions of anti-spyware have a port is one of the big differences.  more sophisticated “proactive” component With the free programs, support is that helps prevent infection. limited to FAQs and in some cases e-mail Installing a pay version with good presupport, but for the most part, you will vention capabilities, along with a couple have to rely on the Internet community of the free programs, gives you the best of for any detailed help.  both worlds. At the core of paid and free AV programs, the basic anti-virus engine is the Gary Hubbard is the owner of Data Doctors same; they search for “signatures” of Computer Services - www.datadoctors. known virus code to detect and remove com. Have a technology question? Send it to infections. If you are a fairly contentious surfer, the basic free protection is likely to

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Visit Our Fall Open House!

Wed., Aug. 5 5pm-8pm Sat., Aug. 8 11am-2pm TA P • J A Z Z • B A L L E T • H I P H O P MODERN AND COMPETITION TEAM

Come visit our great faculty and register for classes ages 3-adult 154 Medical Dr. • Carmel • (317) 566-9960 •

hat’s the difference between free anti-virus programs and those you pay for? Is the protection different, or is it just the

Exciting News! New Ballet Director Curriculum & Faculty

Key To Music

Voice & Instrumental Group Piano Lab

B ro a d wa y B a bi es Pre-School Dance Updated Programs

Also Featuring Performer’s Edge Dance Theatre Musical Theatre Company

Performer’s Edge Team Competitive Program

Ballet Theatre of Carmel Youth Ensemble & Company

The Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre


12955 Old Meridian St., Carmel Meridian Design Center


King of Glory Preschool Summer Camps and Fall Registration

Enroll your preschooler now for fun and ageappropriate learning experiences in a caring, Christian environment.

Log on to for more information or call Robyn at 317.846.0597.

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-0597 •


St. Vincent Carmel


July 10 12:07:29 a.m., suspicious activity, 2800 W. 116th St. 1:44:00 a.m., criminal mischief, 631 Ash Drive 2:45:56 a.m., alarm burglar, 101 E Carmel Drive


Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons near Carey Road & 146th Carmel


“Free Estimates” & Senior Discounts!


Full-Time Infant and Toddler Openings; 844-7207 Woodgate Area, Carmel CPR certified; 1st Aid; 32 Years Experienced; Warm and Balanced Meals; Planned activities, TLC I am looking for someone to babysit my 6-month-old son at my home, Monday through Friday, 7:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. or 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. If interested, please e-mail


FUN & AFFORDABLE Teacher w/years of experience Carmel/Westfield area 4 years – Adult References available 844-1583

Westfield, Indiana CALL TODAY

FREE MANICURE!!!, when you purchase a pedicure. To your door nail services. Save gas money and it’s convenient too. Spa parties also available. Call me for more information. Hilliary 317-730-2544 Licensed nail technician.

Private Assisted Living

For Your Elderly Loved One; Unique Family Environment-Home cooked meals Housekeeping & LaundryTotal Assisted 24 Hr. Care Over 17 years experience with references.Call 317-773-3783

Shopping for car insurance? Call me first. Save even more than before with Allstate. Drivers who switched to Allstate saved an average of $353 a year. You could be surprised by how much you’ll save. Ranj Puthran 844-4683

WANTED TO BUY I BUY: Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rolex, Diamonds, Old Coins, Bullion Coins, silverware, Old watches, estate items and anything of value. Call 317-496-5581 or visit us today at


Bed- Cherry Sleigh Bed BRAND NEW, in box $400. Can Deliver 317-679-3575


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Do you know three reasons you should consider living in THE NEW YORKER APARTMENTS located at 3707 – 3715 N. Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis. • You will save time & money • You will meet new people and new friends • You will have access to public transportation, to churches, schools, entertainment and shopping You work hard, so by living at The New Yorker Apartments you will have time to enjoy your life … and to have all the convenience of living downtown.


(317) 430-2000 .com


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9:35:35 p.m., theft, 2140 E. 116th St. 10:00:33 p.m., juvenile complaint, 3 Civic Square 10:07:18 p.m., fireworks complaint, 142 Rolling Hill Drive 10:59:55 p.m., fireworks complaint, 13460 Shakamac Drive 11:22:08 p.m., criminal mischief, 824 Hawthorne Drive 11:44:51 p.m., alarm burglar, 545 S Rangeline Road July 11 2:08:00 a.m., investigation, East 106th St. / Keystone Parkway North 3:47:21 a.m., battery, 14647 Handel Drive 4:46:49 a.m., disturbance, 422 3rd Ave. N.W. 5:42:54 a.m., suspicious activity, East 131st St. / Gray Road 7:24:37 a.m., alarm burglar, 2720 Heathermoor Park Drive S. 8:18:27 a.m., alarm burglar, 5741 Turnbull Court 8:22:09 a.m., assist public, 3 Civic Square 8:35:06 a.m., alarm burglar, 1051 3rd Ave. S.W.

Come on in and visit The New Yorker Apartments. Call - 784-5899 or 435-8618 and make an appointment. You might be surprised at the pleasant, large apartments that are available at such affordable prices. IT’S TRUE: Schedule an appointment to just come and see how much time and money you can save. STUDIOS, 1-2 BEDROOMS - FENCED PARKING LOT Professionally Managed by: MOYNAHAN-WILLIAMS Call Debbie – 317-435-8618


All NEW QUEEN PILLOW TOP Mattress Set. $190 Sill in bag Can Deliver (317) 223-9301

POOLTABLE/AIR-HOCKEY COMBO - Fat Cat Brand All accessories included. Must Sell Moving! $550, OBO 317-313-9858


Classic 1990 Buick Reatta, Red Convertable. Excellent condition. Low Mileage. Call 317-582-0252.

MOVING SALE Maternity, Kids toys and clothing, electronics & pictures July 24 & 25, 8-4 1280 Helford Ln, Carmel (Road is Open)


Lawrence TWP - 3 BR house (1305 sq.ft.) with new flooring, all appls, 2 baths, screened-in back porch with deck to side, two-car garage on big lot. 7709 Lewis Rd., off Hague Rd. , one block north of Fall Creek. $1,000 /mth + deposit. Would also consider selling on contract. Call 317-557-1111.

REAL ESTATE HOUSE FOR SALE IN VERY desirable Carmel neighborhood! Approx. 2500 SF, 4 Bdrm, 2.5 BA, new flooring throughout incl. HDWDS, granite bar in kitchen and many other updates. o.5 acre fenced in yard beautifully landscaped. Call 431-5666 for more info.

NOW HIRING Now Hiring; Manager

Self Storage Facility – Under construction in Westfield Person must be professional, reliable, and have excellent communication skills customer service experience preferred; send resume to


INSURANCE OFFICE needs full-time Customer Service Rep for Northside Indy insurance agency, must have some property-casualty ins experience. Send resume to:

M.Nelson & Associates, Inc. Printing & Advertising Specialty Co. Looking to hire a Sales Representative. Candidates must have proven experience in selling promotional products. Commission based salary Please fax your resume to: 317-228-1401



Full Service Auctions Modern auction facility Free Pick-Up on Quality Full Service since 1964 On-Site auctions Real Estate @auctions Business Liquidators

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Lane 4:00:49 p.m., accident property damage, 635 E. Carmel Drive 4:18:06 p.m., found/lost property, 11564 Creekside Lane E. 4:24:21 p.m., investigation, East 131st St. / Double Eagle Drive 4:34:11 p.m., accident property damage, 12900 N. Meridian St. 5:14:25 p.m., driving complaint, River Road / East 146th St. 5:24:22 p.m., suspicious activity, 2410 Harelston St. 6:10:12 p.m., civil dispute, 12489 N. Meridian St. 6:52:17 p.m., solicitor, 11611 Westwood Drive 7:07:41 p.m., harassment, 5241 Edward Court 7:14:56 p.m., juvenile complaint, 14490 Clay Terrace Blvd. 7:11:54 p.m., solicitor, 11718 Forest Park Lane 7:12:45 p.m., solicitor, Woodfield Drive / Woodfield Circle 8:06:56 p.m., harassment, 45 Granite Drive 8:32:16 p.m., accident property damage, 323 Haydn Drive 8:59:35 p.m., weapons complaint, 1391 S. Rangeline Road


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 37,138 homes weekly


Oaks Drive 11:16:45 a.m., animal complaint, 1845 Fairmount St. 11:44:02 a.m., alarm burglar, 14018 Pondview Drive 12:21:52 p.m., accident property damage, 9601 College Ave. 12:53:30 p.m., accident property damage, 1421 S Rangeline Road 12:24:05 p.m., civil dispute, 429 Sheets Drive 1:27:58 p.m., alarm burglar, 11911 N. Meridian St. 1:35:13 p.m., investigation, East 116th St. / Monon Farms Lane 2:03:17 p.m., accident property damage, Clay Terrace Boulevard / North Meridian Street 2:18:57 p.m., solicitor, 14326 Avian Way 2:34:24 p.m., theft, 550 S Rangeline Road 3:04:52 p.m., juvenile complaint, 4118 Rolling Springs Drive 3:23:08 p.m., alarm burglar, 13425 Abercorn St. 3:22:40 p.m., investigation, 11558 Creekside Lane E. 3:30:17 p.m., solicitor, 5347 Creekbend Drive 3:42:04 p.m., theft, 1280 Helford


July 3 Boys- Stuelpe, Joseph and Rebecca July 4 Boys- Bledsoe, John Jr. and Stephanie; Vickroy, Carl and Lindsay; Morse, David and Vivianne Girls- Lucas, Christopher and Elizabeth July 5 Boys- Mitchell, Stephen and Johnson, Tiffany Girls- Meager, David and Caroline July 7 Boys- Schilt, Steven and Jennifer July 8 Boys- Phillips, Eric and Darlene July 9 Girls- Harris, Nathan and Ashley; Dunbar, Douglas Jr. and Elesha

6:21:36 a.m., suspicious activity, 900 E. 96th St. 6:41:33 a.m., investigation, 11712 Rolling Springs Drive 7:20:39 a.m., alarm burglar, 1430 W Carmel Drive 7:26:05 a.m., investigation, Haverstick Road / Lexington Lane 7:28:39 a.m., alarm burglar, 3450 W. 131st St. 7:48:48 a.m., theft, 5314 Breakers Way 8:12:16 a.m., alarm burglar, 14300 Clay Terrace Blvd. 8:04:49 a.m., criminal mischief, 5185 E. 131st St. 9:20:16 a.m., investigation, East 106th St. / Keystone Parkway North 9:42:24 a.m., investigation, 3 Civic Square 9:58:03 a.m., juvenile complaint, 697 Pro Med Lane 10:09:53 a.m., suspicious activity, Somerset Way South / Brookshire Parkway 10:38:32 a.m., investigation, E 116th St / Hazel Dell Parkway 10:50:36 a.m., investigation, Gray Road / Kingswood Drive 10:52:46 a.m., theft, 918 Twelve

Riley Speaks Take Action Against Childhood Obesity In the past three decades, the rate of childhood obesity has tripled for children 6 to 11 years old — and doubled for adolescents ages 12 to 19. With these trends on the rise, it’s not surprising that childhood obesity is the biggest health issue facing America’s youth. As a parent, you can take action today to help your child achieve a healthier weight. Behavior and lifestyle changes — namely proper nutrition and increased physical activity — can help significantly. Here are some practical tips that will get your child on a healthier track: • Change from full-dairy products to low-fat dairy. • Limit the number of high-calorie beverages, including fruit juices and sodas. Drink more water instead. • Try baking, grilling or broiling instead of frying. • Eat at a designated place, for example, the kitchen or dining room table. • Eat a fruit and/or a vegetable with each meal. • Incorporate healthy snacks into your child’s day. • Encourage active play every day. Go ahead and break a sweat!

Riley Speaks provides timely information on topics of interest to families and physicians each month. To view previous topics or to subscribe online, please visit

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