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By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

A tour through Shapiro’s Deli at 808 S. Meridian in Indianapolis is like the window into Carmel resident Brian Shapiro’s soul. He is proud of this family business started by his great grandparents, who died before he was born. And while the discussion mainly revolves around the restaurant business, Shapiro’s commentary frequently veers into other areas: politics, health care, the economy and recession, big business, etc.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the Family Business

Shapiro hadn’t always intended to run delis. In fact, his education doesn’t have much to do with the restaurant business. He’s a non-practicing CPA and attorney, but he’s the first to admit those titles don’t keep him from relying on a hired accountant and lawyer: “Don’t ask me any question about it, ‘cause I don’t know anything about it,” he said. “I know enough to know who to call. The less I give an opinion (in those areas), the better decision I’ll make.” Shapiro beams when he talks about the business and interacts with the employees. He makes a point to ask every employee how long he or she has been at Shapiro’s. Of the five employees we talk to, four have been there more than 20 years. Marybelle has been there 53 years; she started before Brian was born. When asked how he keeps employees happy enough to exhibit such loyalty, he laughs. “I don’t know … by allowing them to make decisions, to participate in the process, teaching them to understand that we’re about quality. They’re part of the process.” Part of the tour is the third floor, where his great grandparents raised eight children while running the business downstairs. The apartment had one bathroom, a tiny kitchen and two bedrooms. “They lived up here and their retail store was down below, which is kind of a revisit of what Mayor Brainard and the new urbanism want to do,” he said. “Whether or not that can be pulled off – the jury is still out.”

The Economy and the Restaurant Business

Business is good at Shapiro’s, but that’s not the case with a lot of establishments. Brian explains the discrepancy is in the product Shapiro’s offers: “People know when they come here, they really cannot get what we do anyplace else. Nobody else is as nutty as we are in the quality and consistency.” The quality Shapiro’s offers is available only because it prepares everything onsite. “We’re a dinosaur,” Shapiro said. “Ninety-nine percent of restaurants you go into, the stuff is in some form or another already made, and they just kind of move things around.” There are, of course, a lot of disadvantages of the recession, and it’s a downturn Shapiro feels will take a long time to correct.

THE DETAILS Born: 1959 Hometown: New Castle, Ind. College: Indiana University, undergrad; Indiana University, law school Years as Shapiro’s owner: 26 Favorite dish: Dover sole Recipe for success: “Delivering a quality product at a reasonable price with good service.”

“This is going to go on for a while … There’s no job growth: Nobody’s hiring. The green jobs, you’re just taking people who used to make oil rigs, so instead of making oil rigs, they’re making windmill rigs. You know, it’s one rig to another rig.” And another aspect making things tough on the restaurant business, he says, is a lack of choices. “As the country moves on to the new economy, there are less and less manufacturers of items,” Shapiro said. “It’s just another casualty of a government not paying attention to the food supply.”

And the Rest

Shapiro is a go-to guy for a lot of people. In the hour we chat, two different people come to him for advice in the professional and financial decisions. One asks about an accountant choice, and Shapiro fires back, “He’s expensive, he wasn’t timely, and he wasn’t accurate.” On competition versus consolidations of businesses: Sarcastically, he notes, “What? Have competition? That’s a dumb thing to have. Competition makes people do better work, so we’ll just buy up the competition – to hell with it. If you don’t like this ground chuck; that’s too bad. Whatcha gonna do about it?” On the housing boom: “We built too many houses that look alike. We mass produced houses because … they’re cheaper to build, they’re more uniform … And this way, Mr. Executive, if you get transferred from Carmel to Elgin, Ill., to Thousand Oaks, Calif., we have the same house, so whatever furniture you buy is going to fit into the next place.” On collapsing big businesses: “It appears to me the board of directors are watching (out for) the CEO and management of the company, but not the shareholders. (It’s as if they’re saying), ‘Why should we second-guess the people we put in place?’” On the future end of the recession: “It’s not going to stop until Americans decide what they’re going to do. Are we going to build cars? Are we going to build computers? Are we just gonna make software or just be in the tourism business–what are we going to do? And I don’t think we’ve made that decision yet. Americans just kind of really like making cool things: rockets, software. I just don’t know.” On closing the 86th and Towne Road location of Shapiro’s: “The landlord wanted to double the rent, wanted me to pay for all the improvements, and the night business there was scary. You needed to have an armed guard there at night … It wasn’t pretty. I had my own car stolen from my own parking lot.” On the Carmel location of Shapiro’s: “Carmel offered me an opportunity to be part of a new vision. I don’t know if they can get it carried out … as Michael Jordan would say, ‘There are a couple of bumps in the road right now.’” On the RPAC and Mayor Brainard: “He’s got to get the damned Regional Performing Arts Center finished. He’s so focused on that it’s like he’s forgetting about the rest.”

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OUR TAKES It is our position that the city of Carmel should encourage greater competition by permitting the creation of additional gas stations within our fine community. While the intersection of Range Line Road and Carmel Drive (and the immediate vicinity) boast many options, much of the city is left under-served. Travelers through our community spend their dollars (and subsequently taxes) fueling to our south and north on Keystone Avenue. Inside city limits, much of east and west Carmel have to waste gas to go and get it. Understandably, few folks would seek to place gas stations adjacent to their own properties. Traditionally, they are highly trafficked, light polluting, noisy neighbors. Even as we urge the city to consider ad-

, Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. III, No. 30 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

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ditional permits, we caution that significant restrictions must be placed upon the design, build and operation of these facilities. Many cities have been successful in integrating service stations into developed communities. Not all gas stations require a 50-foot inflatable animal mascot to announce low-priced cigarettes – nor should they. Ultimately, we will enjoy lower gas prices, enhanced tax revenue, improved service, increased convenience and all the other benefits associated with expanded competition.

It is our position that the upcoming summer brings a much-needed opportunity for all ages to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. These troubling economic times have added a great deal of weight to our shoulders, even as they have lightened our pocketbooks. The great outdoors is free, so take advantage. Our communities offer a vast number of programs that are both cheap and entertaining. We believe that after the long, cold winter, this summer is especially needed to give people the chance to go outside. Parents, show your children the importance of balancing work and play.

More and more teenagers are getting jobs to help pay for their various expenses, and it is more important than ever that they learn the importance of spending money wisely. Parks can be just as enjoyable as spending two hours at the mall. Research shows that the highest personal spending occurs in girls from 11 to 17 years of age. With strapped family budgets, could this entry be redirected in a healthier and less costly fashion? Let’s lead by example. If indeed the best things in life are free, let’s get in line to enjoy some of the freedom.


fueling competition


CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 Executive Editor – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Managing Editor – Bryan Unruh / 308.0124 Art Director – Zachary Ross / 787-3291 Associate Artist – Stefanie Lorenz / 340.1836 Senior Reporter – Brandie Bohney /260.750.4266

Cartoonist – Tim Campbell

Advertising Carmel Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749 Carmel Sales Executive – Lara Acton / 409.1418 Indianapolis Sales Consultant – Kevin Messmer / 513.4359

Business Office Bookkeeper - Deb Vlasich / 489.4444 The views of the columnists in Current In Carmel are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper. To comment on Tim’s currentoons, contact him at:





are we just ‘filler?’

once worked with a man who seemed than the deaths of millions in a far-off land. This truism routinely proves itself, to have entirely too much time on but is it possible that if we don’t consider his hands. He developed all sorts the rest of the world, it ceases to of oddball theories. exist? Undoubtedly, we humans Routinely, he asserted possess a finite capacity for perhis hypothesis that a tiny fracsonal interaction. Can the best tion of humans were sentient among us know 1,000 people? beings. The rest, he argued, 5,000 people? 10,000 people? were simply “filler” that God That being said, I still believe created to make our morneach person I don’t know is one ing drive to the office more who I someday might. In a resinteresting. taurant, I order my food and Aside from the ridiculously enjoy every bite. But often, I cynical worldview and overt notice what’s ordered around the narcissism, he did voice a table or carried to other waitfrustration that many of us ing patrons. Each of the foods is feel. It seems as though much Terry interesting in its own right, even of the world is here simply to though I’ve chosen that which I get in our way – slow drivers Anker will enjoy. The fact that I’ve not when we are in a hurry, poor ordered them doesn’t make them souls attempting (and failing) any less real. to use the automatic checkout machine in It strikes me that without the “filler,” front of us and the sad sack who always this world could be a very lonely place. seems to forget his PIN number right before the movie starts. Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Centuries ago, famed economist Adam Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@ Smith said most people are more cerned with their own smashed thumb


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

for a change, gov. really has it wrong We’re quite disappointed Gov. Mitch Daniels allowed himself to get rolled by the General Assembly by signing legislation that increases unemployment taxes on employers. Big mistake. Granted, the governor said he wanted a reduction in benefits, but he didn’t fight for those companies we rely on to create jobs. We’ll admit this is a rare example of his tin ear, but it just goes to show the free market gets assaulted on a daily basis. Here’s a tip for Daniels: Use our General Assembly as your moral center. Whatever it is for, you are against. Whatever it is against, you are for. ••• Hang onto your wallets, folks: Revealing his $3.6 trillion 2010 budget, President Barack Obama, uh, “demands” $17 billion in cuts. That’s “real money,” his camp insists. And, to be sure, it is – just not enough to save what has become Obamanation or even to put a scratch in his spending programs. Our brethren at USA Today figured it all out this way: “(It’s) the equivalent of cutting a $100 grocery bill by handing back a 50-cent pack of gum.” It much more of a horror story

Simply Delightful Summer Saturdays The Carmel FarmerS markeT every Saturday morning* may 30 thru September 26 8am - 11:30am Special Wednesday evening market on July 1, 4Pm - 8Pm *No market on Saturday, July 4.

holiday market, 4 Pm to 8 Pm, November 24 South Parking lot – Carmel City hall

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg when you compare it to the total amount due. It’s less than two-tenths of a percent of the $11 trillion debt, or a .15 percent reduction. Or three one-hundredths of a percent of the total $54 trillion owed, or about a .003 percent cut. Promises? What promises? Change? What change? Just reminds us of George Bush. Third party, where are you? ••• On the road, again: You’ve probably enjoyed using the improvements to Keystone Parkway to date, even with the 40-mph cap. When it’s complete, this will be such a major plus to our region. We don’t quite get the paint scheme, though. Reminds us of the colors of leisure suits we were forced to wear in the mid-1970s. Certainly there are other options.

Over 40 vendors every Saturday • Live music. Cooking Demonstrations • Fun special events • Healthy Food

2009 Special events may 30 – Jim keckley Donut Day July 25 – Veggieart Contest august 22 – Carmel Fire Department Firehouse Cookoff September 12 – Carmel Church Chili Cookoff



LIVING GREEN – The Carmel Clay Public Library will host the Living Green Workshop Series by Citizens Action Coalition Fund and The Carmel Green Initiative May 26, June 2, 9 and 23 and July 1 at 7 p.m. in the library’s program room. In five sessions, you will learn dozens of strategies to reduce your household’s carbon footprint to save energy, money and the planet. By making simple changes, you will dramatically reduce your environmental impact, shedding more than 5,000 pounds of CO2 emissions. For more information, call 317-844-3362. TEA PARTY WITH MISS INDIANA – Come to Hazel Dell Christian Church (14501 Hazel Dell Parkway in Carmel) May 23 for tea with Megan Meadors, Miss Indiana 2008. The event, targeted at girls ages 4-12, includes an autograph and photo from Meadors. To register, e-mail Debbie Wiley at debbiewiley@indy. or call 317-574-1477. Registration is $30, and it is free for mothers.

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not swimming in vomit or other bodily fluid, but then get out of that room! I promise it will take three nights, and they will get progressively worse, but by the fourth, you will have a child who sleeps through the night. Keep in mind all babies are different, and weight does play a role. One of my kids was just a smidge over five pounds when we brought him home, and consequently, he could not eat as much as our eight pounder. Sleeping through the night took him five months! Also know that co-sleeping, though extremely convenient for breast-feeding moms, makes letting babies cry even more difficult. I am a light sleeper anyway, so I could never have an infant in the same room as me, let alone in the same bed. While it is a pain in the rear to have to get up for every feeding, I only awoke when the wailing became obscene. When it came time to ignore them, I could do it much more easily. Good luck, be strong and may the Force be with you. This is a difficult milestone to reach, but you can do it with patience and consistency (And an occasional shot of bourbon. For you, not the baby!)


Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at

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Here, is where you belong . . . Contact Laura Huckelberry at 846-2588 or to get more information on membership and for a chance to play this exclusive Pete Dye Championship course, as well as tour the clubhouse, tennis court and swimming pool. 100 Woodland Lane, Carmel, IN 46032 •

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

• Teaching PGA & Tennis Professionals



leeping through the night – I Do not wake them at night. would bet my firstborn this However, feed on demand, but ranks No. 1 on parents’ “our never less than two hours. Use a pacifier lives will improve dramatior rocking to hold off your baby until cally when baby does this” the next feeding. If you have multiples, list. There’s just something however, feed the first on magical about getting a demand and wake the second full six to eight hours after at the same time or when months of not sleeping, and you’re done. Otherwise, you’ll the sooner your infant can be up the entire night. Trust do it, the sooner you can me, I tried it once, emphasis too. on the once. So what’s the secret? I can Keep quiet at night. only offer advice based on Feed in a dark room with my four children, who all ambient lighting only. No TV, met this milestone at differno talking and definitely no ent ages. By the fourth one, playing. You want your baby to though, I think I had it figlearn nighttime is for sleeping ured out, as she was consisonly, not “Baby Einstein” tapes Danielle tently sleeping through the or fun with Mommy. In case Wilson night by eight weeks. (Please of a diaper emergency, keep note: I am not a pediatrithe lighting to a minimum and cian, I only play one at home.) Here’s refrain from boisterous swearing. how I did it: Let them cry. If you have an Stuff them during the day. average-sized baby older than A friend of mine got an English four months who is still not sleeping nanny when her twins still weren’t through and has no physical or medisleeping through the night at eight cal reason for it, this is your problem, months. Her solution was to stuff the not your child’s. I know how blood babies with food during the day, so pressure threatens stroke when you they needed less food at night. This hear your baby crying, but think of it meant feeding them every three hours as teaching your child her first lesson – waking them from naps if necessary – in independence. Give her a pacifier, from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. pat her on the back, confirm that she is


EAGLE SCOUT FINSIHES PROJECT – Carmel resident Zach White of Boy Scout Troop 120 completed his Eagle Scout Project at Flowing Well Park earlier this month, staining decks on clearing trails for the park. He would like WHITE to thank the following companies and individuals for help: Tradesmen International, Melissa Luebbert, Ryan Ellis, Hoosier Portable Restrooms and Jamie and E.B. Hunter.

getting a baby to sleep through the night





By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

There’s a new community theater group in town: the Carmel Repertory Theatre (or “The Rep”). And the hope of the Rep’s board is to earn a good reputation as they begin what they refer to as a different kind of community theatre. The 12-member board of trustees has a depth and breadth of experience that should serve the new group well. “We think it’s great to perform in Carmel; we love performing, producing and directing,” said Rachael Whitlock, board secretary. “We all come from different backgrounds … we come together and make a really great team.” Board Vice Chairman Carlo Nepomuceno said, “Once we sort of melded our ideas together, we realized Larry Creviston was available, and we invited him.” The experience of Creviston and his wife, Susan, has been invaluable to The Rep. Trustee Janet Crenshaw adds, “We just want everybody to know how glad we are the Crevistons agreed to help us out, because they have so much experience, so that’s been a big part of the contacts we’ve been able to take advantage of.” “We wanted to see theater in Carmel represent this community well,” Whitlock said. “It has in the past, and we just wanted to add another dimension to that.” That added dimension will be two-fold: making the theatre and its processes open to everyone, and giving back to the community. The board of The Rep hopes to involve as much of the community as possible in productions, either in

By Kim Puckett Current in Carmel

direction, production or performance – or through recognition and donation. Take, for example, the upcoming production of “Oliver!” Because the musical centers around orphans, The Rep will recognize and donate to foster-care organizations in the Carmel and Hamilton County area. “We’re looking … to give portions of ticket sales as donations to them,” Whitlock said, “and be able to get them involved in the show if they want to participate.” Rayford Crenshaw, one of the board trustees, further explains, “It’s our way of getting the community totally involved in what we’re doing … it’s not so much take, take, take; it’s also ‘Let’s get involved and give back.’” University High School is currently hosting rehearsals and performances, and the group is also looking into other possible venues.

Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy paid a visit to the students of College Wood Elementary School last week. The school earned the visit through the American Diabetes Association School Walk for Diabetes program, raising the most money of any Indiana school: $5,811. Dungy spoke to the students about exercising and eating right to stay healthy. Blue, the Colts’ mascot, was on hand to assist the former head coach, whose mother had Type II diabetes. Principal Deanna Pitman said she was proud of her students. “To be the top fundraiser in the state is truly amazing, and to be able to hear Tony Dungy speak was unbelievable,” Pitman said. “Our students should be proud of the hard work they put forth in supporting the fight against diabetes.” College Wood students collected donations over a threeweek period, while learning about diabetes in their wellness classes. Also, on October 16, they participated in a 50-minute run/walk around the Creekside Middle School track. “It was a great day with good weather, and we raised a lot of money for a good cause,” Pitman said. Joy Mahoney, associate director of marketing and communications for the American Diabetes Association, underscored the importance of having Dungy as a spokesperson for young children. “Right now in Indiana there are 704,000 children and adults with diabetes,” Mahoney said. “In order to live long, healthy productive lives, children need to learn to eat right and stay active.”

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John Lowe, DDS

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By Chelsie Lanning Current in Carmel

CARMELFEST PAINTING REVEALED The official painting for CarmelFest 2009. This is artist Julie Houck’s second year doing the CarmelFest painting. You may reach Houck at 317-705-1026 or houckj@ CarmelFest is the community’s annual Fourth of July celebration.


Local celebrity Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston kicked off Meridian Music’s new nationwide program, the Play Piano in a Flash Class, with a recent three-hour workshop. The Indianapolis resident has made several appearances on Good Morning America and is the host of public television’s “Play Piano in a Flash” and “The Piano Guy.” “It was great to do a workshop in my hometown,” he said. “I’ve never been able to give anyone something when they leave. This is the first time I was able to say ‘We have a class so you can move forward.’” The new program, taught by the coauthor of the new course, Dr. Becky Grausam, will target an adult audience wanting to learn non-classical piano. Non-traditional piano songs, such as Ben Folds or Coldplay, will be taught. Houston said playing in the taught style will not require people to be proficient note-readers. The classes have six levels, consisting of eight-week group sessions at Meridian Music. “The neatest thing to me is the variety of music students get to learn and play,” said Grausam. “Plus there won’t be more


Houston than 10 people in a class. It will be very stress-free and so much fun for me to teach.” For more information or to sign up for the program, Grausam can be reached at 317-432-2029.


I also drove through Cental Park at the Monon Center and noticed it was pretty unkempt. One of my friends from Marion County drove up to Central Park to go running and said it looked awful – as if Carmel ran out of money. Sadly, I would have to agree. I would be embarrassed to bring someone from out of town to these parks. I hope the city will do something to bring some life back into these parks and make them beautiful again.

Angela Bochan Carmel


In response to Andy Ray’s May 12 column (“What’s Wrong with the Morning After Pill?”), more contraception is not the quick answer to decreasing teen pregnancy. The Morning After Pill was heralded as the solution to unwanted pregnancies and the most effective way to reduce abortions. But this has not happened. According to the Guttmacher Institute, half of all American women’s pregnancies are unintended, and 4 in 10 are terminated in abortion. About half of the women coming in for an abortion were using a contraceptive, mostly the pill

or a condom. It’s time we look at the overall picture of our society and decide how we can change the idea that sex is only a recreation and unwanted pregnancy is a disease to be fought. Having multiple sex partners spreads disease, distorts genuine love and causes unborn children to be killed because they are unwanted. All this for what gain? If someone truly loves another enough to have sex, why does the love run out for unwanted offspring – leading to death instead of adoption?

Diane Conover Carmel

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What has happened to the upkeep of the parks in Carmel? My family and I visited Coxhall Park and the Dads’ Club park on Gray Road last weekend and noticed a lack of grooming in both. The grass was not mowed, and weeds were rampant. There were broken doors swinging in the breeze at Coxhall. At the park on Gray Road, there were dump trucks parked in spaces that should be for park visitors, boards with nails and other debris piled up near the entrance and enormous potholes in the driveway.

Are you


edly relate the particulars of the previous ay 27 cannot arrive soon year’s parade. All of a sudden – just like last enough for firefighters Lt. Dave Martin and Paramedic year – someone with a keen sense of hearing screeches, “Here they come!” The low Scott Stroup. They both rumble of Harleys, Kawasakis and Hondas know the day will bring enbecomes a deafening roar as they thusiastic smiles to young faces make the turn and come into scarred by the terrible effects of sight. The spectacle also signals a fire. But on this special day, the deep sense of caring and love that pain and suffering of the past these kids will not soon forget. will all be forgotten. Instead, CFD Lieutenant Martin loud motorcycles, shiny red related a story from last year fire trucks and a mass of police that most likely is a reason he vehicles accompanied by comis returning this year. He told passionate men and women will me about one 10-year-old boy descend upon Camp Tecumsah. who would not take his shirt For the ninth year in a row, off to swim in the pool. He had the Carmel Fire Department not done so since his accident. is organizing Hoosier Burn But when it was pointed out to Camp Ride. Open to anyone Jeff him that everyone else in the with a motorcycle, a helmet pool looked just like him, off and a heart, riders will enjoy a Worrell went the shirt and in less than leisurely trip to Brookston, Ind. a minute he was a normal kid horsing under police escort. around in the pool on a hot day in May. While at Hoosier Burn Camp, the Eighty-three kids attended the special campers are safe from the daily stares and camp last year. The Hoosier Burn Ride rude comments from unscarred children hopes to raise $10,000 this year to help oblivious to the mental anguish caused by even more kids feel normal next year. disfigurement. Instead, at Hoosier Burn Camp, everyone has a similar story, a simiJeff Worrell is a local business owner. He lar look and similar feelings. recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with For the new kids, they have heard in Carmel” on cable channel 16. Contact him at great detail the stories about what is going to happen next. The vets of the camp excit-



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Tuesday, May 19, 2009



By Dr. David Sullivan Current in Carmel

The days of summer are fast approaching, and that means “hazy, hot and humid” times are just around the corner. A common problem that arises in the feet when they are wet or excessively sweaty is what we often call “athlete’s foot.” The medical term is tinea pedis, which is a fungus that thrives in moist, dirty and/ or dark places. Therefore, the best way to avoid it is to keep your feet dry and clean, and not so often enclosed. This is a very common problem, and most of the time it can be remedied without a trip to the podiatrist’s office. Paying particular attention to the involved area and keeping it extra clean and dry are the simplest ways to get rid of athlete’s foot, followed by overthe-counter powders or sprays that have lowdose antifungal properties. A trip to the podiatrist’s office is usually only necessary when these modalities have not worked. Patients may complain of a white, cracked discoloration in between the toes, which are usually very itchy. They

might also have scaling and tiny dried up blisters on the soles of their feet. The difference is because different species of fungus cause varying problems. Luckily, they are usually treated the same way. If the aggressive hygiene and over-thecounter route does not work, then a prescription cream or gel and possibly an oral medication will be prescribed. With an accurate diagnosis, these medications clear up the fungus very quickly. If there is not a quick response, one may need to consider a diagnosis other than tinea pedis (athlete’s foot). It may be a form of dermatitis or possibly a less common skin condition. It is important to get this diagnosed by a professional, because when neglected, a patient may develop a secondary bacterial infection, which may cause more harm.

Dr. David R. Sullivan is a board-certified foot surgeon and certified wound specialist with Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC. He can be reached at or 317-896-6655.



Quality craftsmanship and architectural drama abound throughout this gorgeous five bedroom 6,053 square foot home with a walk-out lower level including a home theatre area, wet bar, recreational room and guest quarters with full bath. Fabulous gourmet kitchen boasts stainless steel appliances, tile backsplash, a granite topped center island, huge breakfast nook and adjoining hearth room with a fireplace flanked by built-ins. Impressive two story great room is highlighted by a beamed ceiling, fireplace, floor to ceiling windows and gleaming hardwood floors. The executive den boasts a wall of built-in bookcases. Elegant formal dining room features wainscoting and crown molding. Spacious master suite has a tray ceiling, luxurious bath and fabulous closet. MLS# 2917533 $639,900

Architectural drama abound throughout this gorgeous five bedroom 7,191 square foot home with a walk-out lower level featuring a family room area with fireplace, an exercise room, home theatre, wet bar, recreational room & guest quarters. Outstanding gourmet kitchen boasts stainless steel appliances, tile backsplash, granite counters, a large center island, five burner gas cooktop, breakfast nook and adjoining sun room with arched ceiling. The dramatic great room features a coffered ceiling and a fireplace flanked by built-ins. Main floor executive den. Elegant formal dining room. Spacious master suite boasts a sitting room, balcony, huge walkin closet and a luxurious bath with walk-in, tiled shower. Bonus room makes a great play room. MLS# 2920113 $799,900

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How: Mix 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with one quart of water and use as a final rinse after shampooing, twice weekly.

PURE GENIUS - Add this to the list of bamboo’s impressive abilities: purification. Through a controlled burning process, the wonder grass becomes a high-quality charcoal capable of removing impurities from drinking water. One stick filters a glass, three, a pitcher. When the charcoal turns gray (after about three months), simply compost it.

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Why: “The vinegar’s acidity reduces the natural pH of the scalp,” explains Dr. Fusco of Mt. Sinai Medical Center. “And this creates an unfriendly environment for yeast that tend to overpopulate the head and cause dandruff.”

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DISPATCHES BUSINESS NETWORKING – The Carmel Alumni Business Networking group will meet May 20 at Dooley O’Tooles, 160 E. Carmel Dr. The group offers shared business contacts to expand your cliental, an idea-exchange to enhance your sales, and opportunities to reunite with your fellow classmates. It meets every first and third Wednesday. For more information, visit www. or contact Brian Borshoff at 317-846-1005 or MYTHS, FACTS AND HALF-TRUTHS – Somerset CPAs’ Wealth Management Team is hosting a three-part seminar series explaining how to take control of your financial future by overcoming today’s retirement challenges and being prepared for the unexpected. Each will be held in the Somerset Conference Center, 3925 River Crossing Parkway in Indianapolis. There are no fees to attend. Part three, “Myths, Facts and Half-Truths,” will be May 28 from 6:30-8 p.m. Most of us make some common assumptions about investments that may or may not be based on facts. Misguided assumptions can leave us caught offguard when our expectations don’t work out as planned. The fact is, the markets rarely follow historical patterns. It’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. You are invited to attend this educational workshop where you will learn sound strategies that can help you prepare for your financial future. For more information and future dates, visit


a little learning

and computers. The Internet provides new hile watching “Finding learning channels and real-time learning Nemo” for the 200th time with my 3-year-old daugh- in small segments. Micro-learning through social media platforms like YouTube, ter perched on my lap, I noticed the first spot of the Wikipedia, Twitter, HowCast and search engines like Google, Yahoo, credits was a dedication to a ChaCha and even iTunes are 42-year-old man who was born the way people are learning for in 1960 and died in 2002. I life. Not too long ago, inforassumed 2002 was the year the mation was fed to us through movie was made and also leapt encyclopedias, dictionaries, to the conclusion that “Glenn newspapers, television and McQueen” was a part of the word of mouth. movie and had died unexpectLearning in the digital age edly (because he was 42) before is becoming less about getting the movie was finished. information online and more When I saw the dedication, about its speed and accessibilmy mind filled with wonderity. It’s about being known as ment. Who was this guy? My a distributor of content rather first reaction was to grab my David Cain than a content generator. It’s phone and head to Wikipedia to Marketing about allowing online users to understand more about Glenn. build their own institutions of Turns out, Glenn McQueen knowledge and knowledge production and was a computer character animator with the understanding that knowledge doesn’t Pixar. He created Woody in “Toy Story” only come from “institutional” sources. and Boo in “Monsters, Inc.,” and he died of melanoma on October 29, 2002. Glenn How we learn is changing; it’s becoming a world of micro-learning that, when joined Pixar in 1994 and was animation considered as a whole, might actually turn supervisor for “Toy Story,” “Toy Story 2,” “A Bug’s Life” and “Monsters, Inc.” In late into a macro-education. 2001, he was working on the film “Cars” David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital when we was diagnosed with melanoma, media and online marketing company in and he died nearly 11 months later. Carmel. David welcomes your questions or The instinct to turn to the Internet has comments at become as commonplace as cell phones

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• Don’t apply rules of reason to unreasonable people. Resist the temptation to assume everyone is like you. They aren’t. • To the one who understands, no explanation is necessary. To the one who doesn’t, no explanation will suffice. Chew on that one awhile… • It often doesn’t matter what you think. It matters where you stand. Give yourself regular reality checks. • “C” students rule the world. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, David Letterman, the guy who owns the

company you work for … the list goes on. This has always given me hope. • A prudent man sees trouble and seeks refuge. The simple keep going and suffer for it. Enough said. • It’s tough to sell something you don’t have. Sell what you do have. A bird in the hand, baby…



s one gets older, they presumably get wiser. I say presumably because the adage doesn’t hold true for some (many): In my many years of being in business, working with people and specifically helping others manage Kent Burns their careers, insight On Success emerges. Here are a few that I have found particularly helpful.

• Focus on developing your strengths; recognize and structure around your weaknesses. No one is good at everything. Spend your energy developing your gifts. That’s why God gave them to you. • Stop finding reasons why something won’t work and start looking for reasons why something will work. Life is so much more fun that way. • Success is having many of the things money can buy, and all the things money can’t buy. Like a good night’s sleep, a home at peace and relationships that matter. No doubt you have your own pearls of wisdom. The trick is internalizing these things in a way that allows you to live with less angst in your life. Kent Burns is a Carmel resident, investor and cofounder of CrossConfirm. He is also a professional speaker and author of What’s Your Why? He can be reached at

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What’s it worth

By John Pacilio, RE/MAX Ability Plus




Type: Traditional Age: Built in 1995 Location: Near 146th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway Neighborhood: Ashmore Trace is a peaceful east-Carmel community with nearby parks and walking trails. It is conveniently located across the street from a new shopping center. Square footage: 2,556 Rooms: This four-bedroom, two-anda-half bathroom home offers an open kitchen and family room combination, living room, formal dining room and laundry room. An oversize master suite has vaulted ceilings and a huge private bath with a walk-in closet, dual sinks and separate tub and shower. The two-story entry and nine-foot ceilings give this home an open and airy feel.

Strengths: This home has been recently updated with stainless appliances, new flooring, modern lighting and fixtures, and fresh paint. Exterior updates include a custom-built deck with a fire pit and raised garden. Challenges: There are currently 91 properties on the market in Carmel listed between $200,000 and $250,000.     John Pacilio and his team specialize in Hamilton County real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or

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of his staff live in Carmel. They want to know their customers’ names and Mercantile Bank hope Mercantile Bank will Manager: Michael Branigan grow with the city, proAddress: 12813 E. New Market St. viding banking services Carmel, IN 46032 to customers’ children BRANIGAN Phone: 317-575-8451 and grandchildren. “We Quincy, Ill.-based Mercantile Bank has want to be woven into the fabric of the expanded its Carmel facility to include a community,” he said. Mercantile Bank is full-service retail branch. Mercantile Bank’s offering special promotions to celebrate its loan office, which specializes in commercial opening. Customers can get seven-month banking, has been open since Feb. 2008. certificate of deposits at 2.25 percent interBranch Manager Michael Branigan said est rates and e-checking, which is mostly the retail branch, which opened in April, paperless banking, at 2 percent rates. The is great for customers tired of the “bigbank’s Grand Opening is scheduled for the bank” experience. “We put that small-bank week of June 22-28 and will have food, touch with it,” he said. Branigan said most drinks and prizes.

MONEY MATTERS Is now a good time to invest in the stock market?

“Yes – if you have money avail- “I wouldn’t personally because able – because stocks are low. I would rather put my money From past experience, stocks in a saving account.” will eventually go up.” Sally Bryan Herman Devaleria Carmel Carmel

“Yes, if you have the money. Stocks are low and likely to come around by the end of the year.” Keith Snyder Carmel


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Come One, Come All

In Spirit




Internet had? What the printing press did magazine article in late 1999 for Bibles, the Internet can do for Bible listed the printing press as the study. most important invention of My favorite Bible site is ScriptureText. the past 1,000 years. com, with its word-by-word Greek translaI wonder where, another tions. To try it, Google this: thousand years hence, they “John 1:14 in Greek.” You see will rate the invention of the each word in original Greek, Internet, and whether the Greek in English letters, Internet will have as large an English words, exact grammatiimpact on Christianity. cal tenses, and multiple meanIt’s doubtful that any massings along with multiple lanprinted piece has had as much inguages and translation versions. fluence on mankind as the Bible. While I often flip to the English theologian John Wycliffe back of my little NIV for index in 1382 provided the first translaentries, a broader reference is tion of the Vulgate (Latin Bible) One can into common English, and instantly search Bible words, German Johannes Gutenberg is phrases or specific verses in credited with inventing the printBob Walters virtually any version or any laning press around 1450. By 1517, Spirituality guage. Countless Bible studies, Martin Luther was nailing his concordances, commentaries, 95 Theses to the Castle Church blogs, FAQs and tutorials are available door in Wittenberg, Germany, and the within a couple of clicks. Protestant Reformation was on. Also, visit or Throw in the 1611 publication of the to see how Bibles are further-refined King James Version of the made. We have the tools; we need to use Bible – with paragraphs, indented poetic verses and translator’s notes – and scripture them. became both widely available and underBobWalters ( remembers standable to the masses. Continued techthat the millennium article listed eyeglasses nology, missionary work and evangelism (Italy, 1200s) as the second most important have spread God’s word to every corner of invention; they keep human beings sighted the globe in virtually every language. and productive past the age of 40. How much more influence has the


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decorating with honor

lease indulge me. The true intent of this column is to address issues related to decorating. This one will be about decorating; it is simply a different type. Last week, my oldest son Ross graduated from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. It was a blink ago that Mike and I delivered Ross curbside along with southern boys who had names as long as a low country summer afternoon, boys from the north who had never tasted sweet tea and a few girls who wore grit and determination with grace. The buildings on the campus are formidable, and I was humbled and in awe of the tradition they silently communicate. The Vicky Earley barracks, open to parents only Design twice a year, are designed so the center is an open-air quadrangle onto which each cadet room opens. In each of the four corners is a spiral stairway. A tower that rises 109 feet and eight stories in the air overlooks a vast parade ground. Each concrete step of the spiral staircase bears a stenciled message. One stair says truth, the next honesty, the next duty, and so on. I believe it would be impossible to climb these worn concrete stairs countless times every day without the messages being emblazoned in

one’s soul. The rooms in the barracks are as spotless as they are spartan – just beds, desks, computers and books for two. You might see a framed photo of a family, but posters and the normal accoutrements of college have no place in this structured slice of the world. Upperclassmen have the luxury of a television or CD player but don’t seem to have an inordinate amount of time to indulge. “Academic excellence” is one of the stenciled messages on the stairs, and that message is taken quite seriously. The Citadel that received my son on a steamy August morning four years ago still looks the same today. There have been no changes in colors, and the furnishings are probably the same. But there is comfort in this sameness, because it is based in those principles of truth, honor and valor. To Austin, Marshall, Preston, Oryan, Ross, Fleming, Andy and the rest of the Citadel graduating class of 2009, I am incredibly proud of you. You have stretched yourselves beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. You are on the path to becoming corporate CEOs, fighter pilots and statesmen. There might, God willing, even be a future president among you. Regardless of your path, each and every one of you is now a leader who will speak the truth, do the right thing and serve others. This is the real change our country needs now.

17 Panache


DON’T BE A DRIP - To keep your candles from ruining tables, rugs or linens, try these drip-prevention tips: • Buy beeswax candles. They don’t drip. • Soak non-beeswax candles in slatwater. Use 2 tbsp table salt to 2 cups of water, and let the candles soak for about 4 hours. The bath should prevent dripping. • Freeze ‘em. Keep candles in the freezer for several hours before lighting them. They’ll burn longer and hardly drip if at all.

Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact

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DISPATCHES CHS SWEEPS CHEMICAL SOCIETY EXAM - For the sixth consecutive year, Carmel High School students have earned top honors in the American Chemical Society Scholarship Examination, which took place earlier in the semester at Butler University. Based on the results of individual exams of all 115 students from throughout the state who participated, Carmel High earned more points than any other school. In the first-year exam, Carmel students earned four of the top five places, with Ivy Yan finishing first. Other top results were earned by Zenas Shi, second; Kevin Song, third; and Steven Chen, fifth. Jimmy Sun won first in the advanced exam, with Angela Ma earning runner-up honors.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NEW SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER - Jeffry Carter has been named to the Carmel Clay School Board. By a vote of 3-1, Carter was appointed by the four current members to fill the term of former board president Stephen Backer, who died March 15. Carter will serve the remainder of the term, which expires June 30, 2010. To select Backer’s replacement, the board accepted applications from interested individuals who live in District 2, the open seat, and who met residency and other legal requirements. The School Board selected five finalists, who were interviewed May 6 during a public meeting at the Educational Services Center. CHS RISING STARS ELECT OFFICERS Members of Carmel High School’s Rising Stars have elected their officers for the next school year. They are Mallory Jordan, president; Ashley Nief, vice president; Becca Hunter, secretary/treasurer; Alicia Herder, senior representative; Alex Peck, junior representative; and Monica Ramirez, sophomore representative. The freshman and at-large representatives will be elected within the first few weeks of the next school year. The Rising Stars are a 90-member organization that promotes participation in theatre and film. Carmel High performing arts department faculty members Jim Peterson and Maggie Cassidy sponsor the group. TECH RECYCLING - Carmel High School’s Carmel Connects Club, along with the Carmel Green Initiative and CloudBlue, will sponsor a free tech drop-off May 23 from 9 a.m. to noon at the CHS football stadium. Equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, keyboards and computer mice will be accepted at the northwest side of the stadium, which is adjacent to the home side of the field. Televisions will not be accepted. For more information, contact Margaret Winans at 317-846-7721, ext. 7005 or

grasping the semicolon By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

My youngest brother is 15, and he struggles in his English class. It’s not because he isn’t bright; it’s because he isn’t motivated. In any case, it’s rather rare that his formerEnglish-teacher big sister gets to help him out with his homework. I did get to help him out with an essay this year, though. As we worked through the paper together, we came to a place where he really needed a semicolon. Me: What type of punctuation mark would work best here? Him: The one I have. Me: Would I be pointing this out if a comma was correct? Him: Probably not. Me: So what’s a better choice? Him: I dunno. Period? Me: Try again. Him: What else is there?

Yes, folks, my own brother asked me if there were punctuation choices other than periods and commas. But my brother isn’t alone. In general, most people are comfortable only with periods and commas. Most are also capable of using the question mark. You probably recall my rant about exclamation point overuse, though, and few people are truly comfortable with the colon or semicolon. For this week, we’ll focus on the semicolon, a punctuation mark that, in this

grammarian’s humble opinion, is widely underused. Semicolons are weak periods, in essence. They say, “These two clauses go together in such a way that they need to be part of the same sentence, but they are strong enough to need to be independent clauses.” As far as I’m concerned, though, the semicolon is handiest with conjunctive adverbs. Conjunctive adverbs are often confused with coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet), but they cannot connect clauses with merely a comma as coordinating conjunctions can. Enter the semicolon: I am a grammarian; however, my brother is not. He has severe arthritis; thus, he does very little knitting.

In both sentences, the semicolon serves to connect clauses with those tricky conjunctive adverbs. As you can see, semicolons are not difficult to use; you just need to know how. And as I told my brother, English teachers are impressed when you use them correctly. Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher who developed a mastery-learning system of teaching grammar to high school seniors. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

changing your response to your teen


f at first you don’t succeed, try, try – a pline patterns that have not worked and give the responsibility for behavior back to different approach.” them – where it rightfully belongs. OK, I’ve changed the words of a Some examples are, “I’ll be happy to famous quote, but I feel it’s approprirespond to your request when you choose ate when dealing with our teenagers. a better tone with me.” No Time and again we find ourargument. Or, “I worry about selves arguing with our teens – some changes in you since not so much about the issue at you’ve been hanging out with hand, but rather the unacceptyour new friends.” (Might open able back talk, power struggle or up dialogue with what the real just plain obstinacy.  reason is for change.)   What’s a parent to do? We When teens dress or act in can surprise the heck out of a way that does not conform them by responding in a way to our living standards, we they least expect. First, really might ask, “What are you really listening to what they are feeling trying to say by the way you are gives us a chance to respond in dressing/acting?” a way that tells them “we hear Our responses allow us to them.” Second, if they know we Becky Kapsalis keep our cool and not enter will not take their misbehaving Ask YiaYia into combative situations. It personally, they tend to open up comes as no surprise that our and learn it’s OK to talk about teens really do want us to help them stay their feelings. This won’t happen overout of trouble. We’re the most important night.  But with patience, consistency and people in the world to them. We’re their fairness, teenagers learn positive behavior only backstop. Hugs!  goes much further in the trust arena.  By the time our kids reach their teens, Have a parenting topic or question? Submit they’ve learned which of our buttons to push to get us to respond in a manner they it to Ask Yiayia, aka Becky Kapsalis, Certified Parent Coach, at can count on. It’s up to us to break disci-

Fine Lines, Inc. Hair & Nail Salon


TERRY owner & stylist


ALISSA stylist



BETH stylist

Color NANCY stylist


KIM nail tech


LYNN nail tech


EURAY stylist


ght s SUE nail tech

RECESSIoN SpECIALS foR SpRINg! Receive a free Manicure with a pedicure. Call for your appointment with Sue! Haircut, Color, Eyebrow Wax/$80 or Haircut, partial Highlight, Eyebrow Wax/$85 Call Alissa or Euray for this Spring Special!

Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm


811 West Main Street, Suite 120, Carmel

hcaa leadership changing hands


NEED A BOOK REVIEW? - If you’re looking for a good book and have several possibilities in mind, try www. The site lists hundreds of detailed book reviews on several genres of writing. It’s easiest to use if you have titles or authors in mind; a blind search may be lengthy.

Custom 4B 3.5BA Colonial on 2.81 acres in Zionsville Schools. SS appliances, granite and imported tile. Don’t miss it! angeLa raab, 735-9610

14537 brookfieLd dr $470,000

Achieve sophisticated living in this exhilarating 4BR/4+BA brick Traditional-style. Security system, 2 fireplaces, 3-car garage. Huge foyer, office. angeLa raab, 735-9610

After less than four months as executive director of the Hamilton County Artists Association, Joyce L. Ribble stepped down April 30. Ribble cited the increasing demands of her arts consulting business as the key reason for her departure. “HCAA will continue its long tradition of nurturing emerging and established visual artists,” Ribble said. “I will miss them and wish them all the very best.” The organization isn’t soliciting new candidates for the position, which is HCAA’s only paid staff. The HCAA Board plans to replace Ribble quickly by offering the part-time, grant-funded job to another of the many previous applicants. “Joyce Ribble was an independent contractor, and she chose to terminate her contract,” said Julie Houck, HCAA president, on behalf of the board. “We plan to … hire a new independent contractor … (so we can) continue to promote greater awareness and encouragement for creative art in Hamilton County.” Ribble left the organization in healthy fiscal condition. During her tenure, she helped raise money for HCAA by working with the board to institute supporting membership categories. Since Feb. 17, more than 25 new members have joined the group as arts advocate, family, busi-

12974 TreaTy Line ST $499,900

Amenities abound! Granite countertops, hdwds, architectural detailing, designer, cabinets & built-ins. Don’t miss this opportunity for a Kent Shaffer home. angeLa raab, 735-9610

14463 ChriSTie ann dr $450,000

Cul-de-sac 5BR/3+BA brick Traditional-style. Ideal features include 3-car garage, private master suite and mature trees. Security system, gas fireplace. angeLa raab, 735-9610 1217/1220 Turner dr $159,900

New construction townhome in Home Place.Carmel Clay award-winning school district. 4BR/2.5BA close to Monon Trail & Monon Center. No assoc fees, appl. incl. angeLa raab, 735-9610

12513 branford ST $479,000

Inviting 4BR/3.5BA Village home w/Fr porch overlooking park. Main flr mstr & study. Open flr plan w/ Eat-in/Kit, granite counters, stainless appl. GR w/FP. gary roe, 216-8778

17123 bLueSTone dr $399,900

This Precedent-built home boasts an airy, open floor plan designed for the modern lifestyle. Featuring 3BR/4BA & a huge bonus room. You can’t miss! angeLa raab, 735-9610


The HCAA board, from left to right: Robert Bratton, Larry Kasey, Julie Houck, Carol Griffith ahd Rodney Reveal ness, student and retired supporting members, pumping much-needed operating funds into the art league’s treasury Despite her departure, Ribble hopes the group continues with some of the projects she initiated, including joint ventures with the Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission, the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, the Noblesville Main Street Program, the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and local businesses with a stake in the visual and performing arts. Ribble also worked tirelessly with HCAA’s active artist members to raise the visual arts group’s visibility in the community and to strengthen HCAA’s existing administrative practices.

The organization’s vitality is evident in its list of upcoming exhibitions at the Birdie Gallery (195 South 5th St. in Noblesville). After the current anniversary show, which runs until June 26, four additional exhibitions of members’ work are planned through the end of 2009. In addition, the group’s Annual Gathering of Plein Air Painters (on June 4-6) is moving from a members-only event to one open to artists from around the Midwest. Artists will set up easels throughout Noblesville to capture the local landscape, and the public is welcome to visit with the painters as they work outdoors. Barbara E. Cohen covers the arts for the Current community nwspapers. Please send comments or story ideas to

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2590 S 875 e $615,000

By Barbara E. Cohen Current In Carmel


SHAKE AWAY PESTS - Put a kitchen shaker to work in your garden; it’s a great tool for dispersing horticulturalgrade diatomaceous earth. This nontoxic pesticide, which has sharp edges that kill slugs and bugs without chemicals, can be difficult to spread. But a shaker lets you dust an even ring on soil around plants. -Martha Stewart Living

to chew or not to chew?


20 Jason Chisham, Manager of HotBox Pizza

Where he likes to eat? Woody’s Library Restaurant What he likes to eat there? They change their menu monthly, but I like the pot roast. What he likes about Woody’s Library Restaurant. It’s an old Carnegie Library, and it’s nice and quiet. I like the variety in the menu. Woody’s Library Restaurant 40 E. Main St. Carmel, IN 46032 317-573-4444


ne important job of a chef is to watch for changes in food trends and dietary habits and to anticipate the changes in people’s needs and demands. Recently, I noticed a considerable amount of executives at my hotel chewing gum – a habit that is becoming increasingly popular (again). Both guests and industry colleagues seem to be indulging. So, in an attempt to capitalize on the phenomChef Michael enon, I did some Vlasich research and found Culinary Explorer some interesting facts. Gum, like many other foods, has evolved. Chewing gum has been around for thousands of years, starting as a byproduct of sap or resin from sapodilla and other trees. The oldest actual piece of gum was discovered by Swedish archeologists and made from tree resin and honey estimated at more than 9,000 years old. The first bubble gum was made in 1928 by Walter Deimer, who later said it was an accident. He colored it pink, as it was the only color dye he had on hand. Since then, it has been in space (the

Double Trouble Bubble • 1 cup soft Bubble Gum chopped into smaller pieces • 2 cups vodka Soak the gum in the vodka in a sealed mason jar, shake every few hours, allowing 48 hours to marinate, then strain, keeping the now infused vodka. • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice • 1/2 cup Roses lime juice • 2/3 cup simple syrup • 4 each egg whites • 1/2 blender full of ice cubes Pour strained vodka and all other ingredients into a blender, blend until frothy margarita consistency, pour and enjoy.

crew of Gemini IV smuggled it on board in 1965). It has been banned from the London Police (as it was stopping up their whistles). And from 1992 until 2004, it was outlawed in Singapore. Have you ever tried to figure out exactly what flavor bubblegum is? Well here’s the secret … it is a blend of wintergreen, vanilla and cassia. Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel resident and the executive chef at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may e-mail him at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Air Mail Honey Baked Ham and Café

2001-10 E. Greyhound Pass Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: 317-580-9080 Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sunday, noon – 5 p.m. Gena Bernabie has worked at Honey Baked Ham and Café for 11 years. “Being here feels like you’re involved with a close-knit family,” Bernabie said. For several years, Honey Baked Ham has been offering ham and turkey for any occasion. Honey Baked Ham serves lunch sandwiches along with ham, turkey and casseroles. “We’re famous for the glaze that we use,” Bernabie said. Heavenly Ham caters out and delivers within reason. “We don’t go out too far, but we will deliver from time to time,” Bernabie said. If you’re eating in or taking out, Honey Baked Ham has exactly what you’ll need to be satisfied.

Ingredients: 2 oz. golden rum 1/2 oz. lime juice 1 tsp. honey 5 oz. Brut champagne

Summer Sale!

$5.00 classes and $10.00 workshops in June! TAP • JAZZ • BALLET • HIP HOP • AGES 3 - ADULT

Audition for our Dance Class Studio Performance/ Competition Team 154 Medical Dr. • Carmel • (317) 566-9960


Directions: Mix thoroughly with cracked ice in a chilled cocktail shaker, then pour unstrained into Collins glass. Fill with champagne. -

Ingredients: • 1 small onion, very finely chopped • 1 large egg, lightly beaten • 1 cup panko (Japanese-style bread crumbs) • ¼ cup freshly chopped cilantro • 2 tbsp. freshly chopped parsley • 2 tbsp. sesame oil • 1 tbsp. sesame seeds • 2 tsp. red chili paste • 1 green onion, chopped • 1 and ¼ tsp. coarse salt • ¼ tsp. freshly ground black pepper Directions: Mix together the turkey, onion, egg, panko, parsley, cilantro, sesame oil, sesame seeds, chili paste and green onion in a large bowl until well combined. Add the salt and pepper, or more to taste. (To test the flavor, cook a teaspoon or two of the mixture in the microwave or a small skillet.) Divide the mixture into 6 equal portions and shape them into patties, gently pressing the center of each to create a slight indentation. This will prevent the patty from bulging in the center, so that you end up with a flat, evenly cooked burger. Refrigerate the patties until the grill is ready. Prepare a charcoal fire or a gas grill to medium-hot. Wipe the rack with canola oil and lay the burgers on it indentation-side up. Let them cook, without pressing down on them, until the bottoms are well seared, about 5 to 7 minutes. Flip the burgers and continue grilling until they are completely cooked through (the juices will run clear), another 5 to 7 minutes.





What: Gallery Walk When: Friday, May 22, 5 – 10 p.m. Where: Carmel Arts & Design District Cost: Free Details: The galleries along Main Street and Range Line Road will display race-themed works in honor of the 2009 Indianapolis 500 Race weekend. For example, Art & Soul Gallery will show five commissioned worked by sports artist W. K. Gilbert, each portraying a famous Indy car. Other galleries and shops in the District will have gift drawings, free and tasty “black and white” racethemed treats, and other artist showcases. Info: 317-571-2787, www.


Mon. - 1/2-lb. Hamburger Tue. - mini Breaded Tenderloin Wed. - Double Cheeseburger Thu. - Kentucky Hot Brown Fri. - Blackened Tilapia Sandwich



Support your locally owned businesses

, TICKETS ARE $150 PER PERSON. Includes a cocktail reception and dinner at Doris Anne and Tim Sadler's home, roundtrip transportation and a ticket to the Final Competition performance at Butler University. RSVP by May 26th to Gail Payne 317.985.5523, For more information: Sponsored in part by

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photos by Karl Ahlrichs

The Carmel Arts Council’s English Silver Tea at the Ritz Charles drew 225 well-dressed Carmelites to show off their spring hats, share stories, and win prizes in an environment of an English High Tea. 1. Frankie Lee Watson looked FABulous, proudly wearing a hat from her collection that she first wore for Easter in 1959. 2. Harpist Jill Pitts added to the ambiance, playing classical harp tunes from the stage. 3. Donna Tutwiler took her turn at the microphone, announcing door prize winners and introducing entertainment. 5. Mary Ann Butcher had matching hat, purse and dress in a VERY Green outfit from Kay’s Boutique in Carmel. 5. Practicing what she preaches, Carol Vote of Accent Details Consignment Studio was perfectly accessorized with her hat and jewelry.





BOOK REVIEW Arthur & George

By Julian Barnes The two names in the title refer to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, known for his famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes, and George Edalji, the half-Indian son of a vicar in a small village in England. The stories of these two men are told from early age until their lives intersect as adults when Edalji writes Doyle asking him to prove him innocent of a crime This request comes at a time in Doyle’s life when he is at loose ends and provides him a purpose to do what his sleuth does best: separate fact from fiction and come up with the only possible conclusion to a case. Julian Barnes provides biography, history and a real-life detective story in this compelling book. Arthur and George are two extremely interesting individuals who differ greatly in their backgrounds, personalities and mental processes. Barnes combines rich late-Victorian period detail and a criminal case into an absorbing read.

Reviewed by Christine Owens CCPL Reference Manager

Visit the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Web site at for more book reviews.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


first voyage in search of the mysterious “Treasure Island.” There are 41 performances scheduled at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre (9301 N. Michigan Rd. in Indianapolis). Tickets range from $34 to $57 and include Chef Odell Ward’s specially prepared buffet with salad bar, unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade. For reservations, call the box office at 317872-9664 any day between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information or complete show schedule, visit






(3 centimeters)

/sq.ft. installed

Bring in your measurements for a free estimate! Standard edge polish included! Open Mon-Fri, 10AM-5PM Sat, 10AM-2PM Evening and weekend appointments available

*40 sq.ft. minimum purchase

1065 3rd Ave. S.W., Carmel, IN 46032


Live Music

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian, Carmel. For more information, call 317-573-9746:


Treasure Island at Beef & Boards Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre will stage the Midwest premiere of “Treasure Island: A Musical Adventure” through May 17. A collaboration between award-winning guest director Marc Robin and actor Curt Dale Clark, “Treasure Island” is based on the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. It tells the tale of young Jim Hawkins, the son of a deceased sea captain, who dreams of his own seafaring adventures. As fate would have it, he’s entrusted with a treasure map and embarks on his

May 22: Toy Factory May 23: The Late Show May 29: Cousin Roger May 30: The Fynal Episode Band June 5: Sour Mash 7 June 6: Alan Kaye & The Toons June 12: Meatball Band

Call (317) 523-5895


Work with the Best . . . The Cronnin Group


daVid cRoNNiN

kiaNa wiLLiaMS

12947 PoNTeLL PL $579,900

14570 BaLLaNTRae ciR $539,900

7510 Sedge Meadow dR $450,000

ReBecca wRighT


3594 coRShaM ciR $595,000

Dynamic traditional style 6BR home on cul-de-sac w/hrdwds, private master suite, 3 car garage, gas frplc, sunrm & deck!

14517 TwiN oakS dR $419,900

Warm ambiance. Cul-de-sac 3BR/2+BA w/creekfront setting. Fountain, 2FPs. Huge foyer, vlt clgs, hdwds. Breakfast nook.

New, elegant 5DR/3BA brick home w/woodland-view! 2 story foyer, guest quarters, great room, Double ovens, 3 car garage!

All is top-caliber in this 5BR/4BA Traditional-style. Security system, 2 fireplaces, 3-car garage. Two-story foyer.

404 ShoeMakeR dR $374,900

7645 e SToNegaTe dR $339,900

179 iRoNwood cT $299,900




Discover privacy in this gorgeous,4BR/4+BA pondfront home. Offering security system, hrdwds, granite, 2frplcs & great rm!


Custom 4BR/3.5BA dream home awaits! Hearth rm w/gorgeous 2-story stone frplc, Huge gourmet kitchen, granite & hardwoods!

whiTNey koehLeR


Ld So 12005 BRaMLey cT $649,000

heaTheR dickeRSoN


PaM BeNdeR


Second Vice President, Residential division

14484 NoRwaLk dR $385,000

14160 Ledgewood way $379,900

7093 eNgLiSh oak dR $375,000

Fenced 4BR/3+BA brick Traditionalstyle. The ideal touches include finished basement, cathedral ceilings and hardwood flooring. Security system. Office.

Fenced 4BR/2+BA brick home provides finished basement, hardwood flooring and gas fireplace. Two-story foyer, cathedral ceilings, fine master suite. Patio.

Amazing 4BD ranch with finished basement, open floor plan, beautiful fireplace, Master suite, walk-in closets & deck!

Dynamic Traditional Style 4BR/4BA home w/fence, two story foyer, cathedral ceilings, hdwd floors, home theatre & deck.

993 aRRowwood dR $265,000

11865 SaLeRNo cT $249,900

15332 MySTic Rock dR $220,500

10853 gReeN Meadow PL $215,000

Cul-de-sac 3BR/2+BA end-unit condo on pondside site. Gas fireplace. End unit, rec room, hardwood flooring. Balcony.

4BR/2+BA Vinyl/brick residence highlighting cathedRaL ceiLiNgs and fireplace. 3-car garage. Walk-in closets, garden tub, breakfast nook. Pantry.

12406 TuRkeL dR $145,000

1825 SaiLiNg cT $139,900

3250 eLM SwaMP Rd $139,900

14547 BaLLaNTRae ciR $135,000

9245 edeN woodS cT $159,000

7708 oLd oakLaNd BLVd w dR $149,900

Appealing 3BR/2+BA end-unit overlooking pond. 2-sty foyer. Sunroom. Formal DR. Security system, GR w/FP. Cul-de-sac.

Appealing all-brick 3BR/2BA ranch w/screened porch & huge foyer. Great rm, office, cathedral clgs. Heat pump. Fenced.

Wonderful fenced 3BR/2BA ranch on cul-de-sac. Surperlative touches include 2car garage, security system and great room.

Welcoming 3BD/2BA stone ranch. Huge great rm, sunroom, 2 car garage, kitchen apps & washer/ dryer stay. Lots of privacy!

135 yoRk dR $129,900

2243 coLFaX LN $129,900

In popular Ballantrae. Maintenance of all grounds is provided. Bring your own builder or we will build for you.

Terrific 3-bedroom home. An ideal lifestyle, with laundry room, mature trees and fencing. Garage, patio. Hard-to-resist appeal!

Cul-de-sac 2BR/2+BA condo on a corner lot. Two-story foyer, great room, breakfast nook, pantry. Patio. Walk-in closets.

422 N oXFoRd ST $62,900

601 TeRRace aV $55,000

2324 coLuMBia aV $30,000



3BR/2BA Ranch. This enticing home offers great room, gas fireplace. Main-level laundry. Two-car garage. Be sure to see this delightful home!





New & inviting brick/stone residence overlooking a pond. 2BR/2.5BA. Fountain, gas fireplace. Office, pantry & high clgs.

Fenced 4BR/2+BA Traditional-style. Cozy fireplace. Fin bsmt. Foyer, formal DR, hardwood flooring. Private master. Deck.

1745 FaRM Meadow dR $119,900

Fenced 3BR/2+BA Traditional-style! Security system. Huge foyer, great room, walk-in closets. Laundry room, washer/dryer.

4767 STaNSBuRy LN $119,000

Darling condo 2 story w/loft situated in park-like setting! Move-in ready w/new carpet, paint, cabinetry, new baths & new lighting. Great location!

3502 N oPeRa PL $98,000

Inviting 4-bedroom residence on a corner lot. Among its features are two-car garage and fencing. Large & livable. Happy home that covers all the bases.

Enviable 3-bedroom Traditionalstyle with neat touches. Foyer, carpeting, gas heat. A very pleasant lifestyle! Fenced.

Reward yourself with the intriguing possibilities in this desirable 2BR/2BA Vintage. Carpeting, gas heat. Combining price and comfort!

12 Homes sold in April!

CAll (317) 523-5895

Appealing 3-bedroom Bungalow. Carpeting, gas heat. Combining price and comfort!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Custom 4BD/2+BA home in prestigious Carmel offers sprinkler system, fin bsmt, new paint & carpet, granite & screened porch.

Newly-built 2BR/2+BA brick endunit on a corner lot. Ideal places and spaces, with fine master suite and hardwood flooring. Cozy fireplace & Patio.



syncing bookmarks and favorites between browsers


f you are like most avid Internet surf- mark system. One of the most popular resources to ers, you’re probably using various consider is, which started as browsers, such as Internet Explorer, a Firefox-specific add-on called Foxmarks Firefox and Safari, depending upon and evolved into a system that allows syncwhich machine and which sites you ing between Internet Explorer, are surfing. Firefox and Safari. Many prefer Firefox for most Because your favorites are Internet browsing, however, stored on a Web server that various corporate and banking synchronizes all your browsers, sites only work properly with you can also access your favorthe Microsoft browser. ites via by logging Internet Explorer refers into the site from any Internetto saved sites as “favorites,” connected computer in the while Firefox and Safari call world (great for road warriors). them “bookmarks.” Whatever If you are into social bookyou call them, they are quick marking, also shortcuts to the sites we find allows you to share your interesting. choices with others. An interSynchronizing these shortesting option is the ability to cuts between home and office Gary Hubbard synchronize your saved Web systems or between various Technology site passwords as well. browsers on the same machine Another site that has is becoming a much more many of the same features as desirable function, and many Xmarks but supports Opera, Netscape and companies have come to market with variMozilla/SeaMonkey is BookmarkSync. ous free services. com. Social bookmarking sites such as, and Gary Hubbard is Owner of Data Doctors can be used to create a centralComputer Services - www.datadoctors. ized Web-based bookmark library, but I’ll com Have a technology question? Send it to focus on the utilities that support the “ ditional” browser-specific favorites/book-

Payless Liquor

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

W. Carmel Drive @ Adams, Carmel

Meet Mario aNdretti taSte WiNeS froM hiS WiNery

Thursday, May 21

Tasting on Main Floor, 5:30 to 7:30p.m. Have your picture taken with Mr. Andretti by renowned Carmel Photographer Jackie Norio. with per person purchase of a six-bottle collection of Mr. Andretti’s wines $99* Napa SerieS sauvignon Blanc Cabernet sauvignon – signed by Mr. andretti sangiovese SelectioN SerieS Chardonnay Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon *PRE-SALE—MAKE YOUR RESERVATION NOW Call

815-5641 for reservations


Consignment Boutique

Race in for Savi ngs

Save 10% Off

yOur purchaSe with thiS ad Other offers not applicable. expires 5/26/09.

580-0058 11546 Westfield Blvd.

singles, it’s time to mingle

T ‘Em at 8:30 p.m. Cost is $5 plus the cost of bowling. This event is for singles of all ages. Space is limited. RSVP to Rnoble@ and to be placed on the events e-mail list! (By the way, I also have to send a big thank you to Current in Carmel, which has been a big supporter and sponsor of these events! Thanks, Current!) Noble Networking has a Web site in the works, more upcoming events, relationship seminars and more! Also, if someone you know is looking for practical advice on dating, getting over a break up, online dating, relationship rescue and more, Noble Networking offers dating and relationship coaching. E-mail me for more info. Holly, Kris and I look forward to seeing you all on the 21st. Rachael Noble is a single Carmel resident and contributing columnist. She can be reached at


paign staff made a site that directs you he results are in, and the leadright to the voting polls and informs you ership roles are decided for of their involvement in the school and the 2009-2010 school year at how they will be successful if they win. It Carmel High School. also features a homemade music video to Running for a student govgain popularity – very clever if ernment spot at CHS is you ask me. somewhat like running for a The most-used campaign small-town government positechnique is Facebook. Every tion. The election is definitely year during elections at not a popularity contest, even school, my inbox fills with though having a wide range messages reminding me to of friends helps. For the most vote and who to vote for. This part, it takes a person with is a smart move for contescourage and a ton of confitants, because the reader is dence, leadership qualities and already sitting at the computer school involvement. It is a and is just one click away tough competition, and this is from voting online. when all the claws come out. During these elections, Even though everyone runMaddi the contestants work for a ning has a great resume to week straight with one goal offer, the campaign it takes Bourgerie in mind: winning. Winning to win is even more impresthousands of teenagers’ opinions is diffisive. Candidates can only spend $500 or cult; to then serve in the student governless on campaign supplies, and believe ment is an even more stressful job. me, people go over the limit and get So congratulations to all the winners! disqualified. I am impressed by your outstanding The most impressive aspect of camefforts. paigning is the contestants really know their market. To catch teenagers’ attention, campaigns involve Web sites, music Maddi Bourgerie is a student at Carmel High School. Contact her at and popular YouTube videos. One cam-

Our advertisers are offering powerful incentives to make your shopping experience more fruitful. Just present the coupons of your choice for instant savings at their establishments. Call 489.4444.

(of equal or lesser value)

for 1/2 Off

(Valid for dinner only. One coupon per table.)


12510 N Meridian Street Take control of your personal safety. Learn self-defense techniques that really work for everyone regardless of size, strength, or coordination. Classes for Kids & Adults Offer day, evening and weekend classes.

Free class and 20% off first month tuition with this ad

1764 E. 116th St, Carmel (116th & Rangeline) 506-0973



NbEerW Shop


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buy 1 Dinner Entrée & get a 2nd Dinner Entrée

Greg Eldred



re you single and tired of the fact that the only place to meet other singles is the bar and club scene? Me too. So I am thrilled to announce the beginning of good times, networking and possibly even finding love! Introducing, Noble Networking – a singles event company and dating and relationship coaching service! Many of you singles have attended events I’ve hosted in the past. Now it is time to make these Rachael Noble events official. Meet DATING the professionals at Noble Networking: Holly Eldredge is a single mom on the North side and a successful promotional products consultant affiliated with Lee Wayne Corporation, and Kris Betzold is a working, married mother of two living in Carmel. Welcome, Holly and Kris! Join us at the grand opening of Noble Networking May 21 at 7 p.m. starting at Woodland Bowl (3421 E. 96th St. in Indianapolis), and then head to Majors (2293 E. 116th St. in Carmel) for free appetizers, 21-cent beer and Texas Hold


Inside & Out

26 new pool house and outdoor kitchen INITIAL SITUATION: This home, located on the west side of Carmel, was built about 10 years ago and included a fully wooded and landscaped backyard. The homeowners wanted to add a pool house, fireplace and outdoor kitchen to complement the existing in-ground custom gunite pool and the extensive landscaping and green space.

FINAL PRODUCT: The exterior finishes were selected to be maintenance free and to blend with the architecture of the existing home. This included new brick to match the existing house and stone veneer knee walls and column DESIGN PHASE: The first step was to piers to match the existing stone. The create a master plan for the entire backnew exterior trim – including the posts, yard area. The homeowner had already arches, fascia boards, rake boards, soffit contracted with a landscape architect boards, crown molding and wood to create this plan. The next step was pendants – were all rough-sawn cedar. to design the pool house structure. The The classic stucco look of the pool homeowner’s focus was on designing a house was achieved with fiber cement structure that tied into the architecture vertical panels from James Hardie. The of the existing home. The structure was Larry Hardipanel material was combined with designed to provide for several uses, Greene cedar trim for a board and batten look. including a bathroom/changing area, storage for pool supplies and equipment and a fully The front of the outdoor kitchen bar was covered with a stucco material. functional outdoor kitchen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PROJECT SCHEDULE: The design phase included the master plan for the entire outdoor living space, including hardscape, landscaping, pool and patio areas, along with the pool house and fireplace. The

construction of the pool house involved coordination with the landscape and hardscape contractors and was spread out over a four-month period.

Have a remodeling question? Ask Larry Greene, owner of Case Handyman & Remodeling. You may e-mail him at or call 846-2600. Visit for more information.



Beware of insects, such as aphids or white flies that become rampant as our plants grow larger and have less circulation between them. Remember to spray both upper and lower leaves with neem or pyola oil on a seven to 10 day cycle to keep these critters from destroying your plants. Also, order some beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, to keep these insects under control.


Prune back your rose bushes after the first bloom. You can either dead head the spent blooms or do a major cutting back to keep them tame and under control. Cut back all weak and dead wood as well. Lastly, clean up all spent leaves – especially if they suffered from black spot. Plus, if black spot is a problem, use this

homemade formula: Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent in one gallon of water.


Continue to pinch back all latesummer and fall perennials to keep them bushy and healthy and to stagger blooming times.


Finish pruning all spring blooming bushes, such as azaleas, rhododendrons and lilacs by mid-summer so they can begin their growth for next spring.


It is still not too late to plant summer blooming bulbs like dahlias or cannas. It’s also not too late to plant quickblooming summer seeds such as sunflowers, nasturtiums and cosmos. - iVillage

Landscape Design and Installation Patios Garden Paths Paver Sealing Mowing and Mulching

YES We do that!


Isa belle sa ys…


Are your pet’s joints causing unnecessary pain?

Stop by For the Love of Dogs today to pick some up!

DISPATCHES DECLAWING A LAST RESORT Declawing your cat may be a final consideration only after you have sincerely tried to solve the problem but destructive scratching persists. AAHA recommends that declawing of domestic cats should be considered only after attempts have been made to prevent the cat from using his claws destructively or when clawing presents a significant health risk for people within the household.

K-9 Glucosamine K-9 Glucosamine & HA Level 5000

when to say no to low protein By John Mikesell Current in Carmel

Although guidelines vary, a sensible goal is a diet whose total calories come 1/3 from fat, 1/3 from protein and 1/3 from carbohydrates.

Only dogs whose kidney failure is advanced need very low-protein diets.


Improve your CRF (chronic renal failure) dog’s diet with better sources of protein while limiting sources of phosphorus. Encourage your dog to drink more fluids. Provide clean, fresh-filtered or low-mineral bottled water. Give them high-quality supplements that have been shown to help with kidney disease, including CoQ10, fish body oil (not fish liver oil) and glandular supplements.


When developing a diet for dogs with kidney failure, the recommendations from leading experts are to feed them…


• Moderate to high amounts of fat • Moderate amounts of high-quality protein • Low amounts of phosphorus • Moderate amounts of low-phosphorus carbohydrates • Plenty of water, juices, broth and other fluids

Salmon oil or other fish body oil (not cod liver oil). Feed up to 1 gram (1000 mg.) per 10 pounds of body weight daily Herbal supplements: Traditional kidney tonics include dandelion leaf and root, couch grass and marshmallow. Look for teas and tinctures that contain these and other gentle, supportive ingredients, or consult with your local holistic pet supplement supplier. John Mikesell, owner of Love of Dogs Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at john.mikesell@




Summer Class Schedule – July 6-31 4 Week Session – All Ages Theatre Dance

July 6-31 • Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm Grades 8-12 – Jazz & Tap for Musical Theatre & Show Choir

Show Choir Camp

July 6-10 • 9:30am-12:30pm Age 11-teens with CHS Choral Director Lamonte Kuskye. Junior High & High School Show Choir & Musical Theatre Skills!

Musical Theatre Camp


July 6-10 • 9:30am-12:30pm Ages 7-10 – Vocal & Dance Fun with Musical Theatre

Hip Hop Dance Camp

July 6-10 • 1:30-3:30pm Age 7-teens – Hip Hop & Jazz Styles. No Experience Necessary!

Disney Fun Camps

July 13-17 & July 27-31 • 9:30am-12:30pm Ages 4-6 – Games, Dancing, Music & More!

Also at Performer’s Edge

Yoga & Zumba Email for more information.


(317) 846-0001

12955 Old Meridian St., Carmel Meridian Design Center


Waylon is a 6-year-old male black and tan Rottweiler/basset hound mix. Waylon is a handsome boy who looks like a Rottie with itty bitty legs. He is neutered, house trained and he is quite the ladies man. By ladies man, we mean he certainly prefers the companionship of women and not men so much. Waylon is very gentle when taking treats and toys are OK, but he gets more enjoyment from long walks. Waylon qualifies for the shelter’s P.A.W.S. (Partnering Animals With Seniors) program. If you are age 55 or older contact the shelter to find out how you can adopt Waylon for a reduced fee. Neblina is a 4-year-old female white and black DSH. Neblina is a very loving girl who arrived at the shelter on January 9 when she was found by a kind person. She has the cutest baby pink nose and gorgeous greenish gold eyes. Neblina is spayed and litterbox trained and she gets along well with other cats. For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974 or go to

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FOUNTAIN WATERBOWL - Owners will attest: Cats almost always prefer to drink out of a dripping faucet rather than from their water bowl. This inclination isn’t simply quirky behavior; feral by nature, cats are drawn by instinct to the sound of falling water. Thankfully, a vet recognized this and invented the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Available in four models -- Original ($50), Platinum ($70), Big-Dog ($75) and 360 ($65; shown above) -- the Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides a free-falling stream of water that is continuously filtered and aerated, keeping it much fresher than a stagnant bowl of water. (Something that’s great for dogs, too, of course.)



Consider a dietary supplement, such as Liquid Health’s line of products, to prevent further joint deterioration and to prevent new joint ailments.

816 W. Main St., Carmel 317-582-1DOG or 317-582-1364 Mon through Fri: 10-7 Sat: 10-5 • Sun: Closed

LAUGHS Tuesday, May 19, 2009




Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.



ime for another look at a littleknown roadside stop right here in Indiana. This time I found a gem my way to Chicago, where Hoosier John Schreiner has just what the doctor ordered – well, prescribed might be a better word. His History of Pharmacy Research Center in Griffith, just south of Gary, is the culmination of a lifelong (excuse the expression) addiction to drugstore memorabilia. A registered pharDick Wolfsie macist, John was Humor fascinated by the history of his profession and began collecting stuff from the day he graduated. John owned several drug stores in Indiana and surrounding states and in the process of buying and selling old pharmacies, he didn’t have the heart to throw out anything he found that reflected the true account of drug stores in America. For years, he simply loaded boxes with old scales, advertising signs, apothecary jars, blood pressure devices, early pregnancy tests, stethoscopes, mortar and pestles, inhalers and even the first tampons. Finally, the collection just got too big and he converted a 4,000-square-foot store, formerly a savings and loan office, into his museum. Along with the artifacts above, John has displayed one of the biggest collections in the country of home remedies from the 19th and early 20th centuries. There are literally thousands of these elixirs and compounds, all in the original boxes or bottles, occupying three full rooms and neatly arranged on shelves for easy viewing. Name a medical problem: blisters, lockjaw, diphtheria, constipation, whooping cough, snakebite, cataracts, housemaid’s knees – a myriad of disorders and a “cure” for every one. Many of the products portray a bearded doctor, like Dr. James’ Expectorant or Dr. Quertin’s Nervine Syrups. There’s Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound (she doesn’t have a beard) and Swamp Root Kidney Diuretic. Almost every container or package still has some of the original stuff in it. Most have never been opened. “I did have a friend come in and let me know which substances might be unstable. I didn’t want anything to explode,” says John. While most of the products were useless or even dangerous (often concocted in someone’s garage or barn), they did occasionally make you feel better. “A little touch of placebo and a shot of alcohol in



bottling nostalgia

the mix can do wonders,” laughs John. John’s favorite items are glass globes filled with colored water that were once used to warn sailors whether a city had been touched by the plague. Green colored water meant it was safe to dock. Red meant it was probably not a good idea if

you wanted to avoid the deadly disease. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is probably the origin of red and green traffic lights. One more cool thing: John has original doctors’ prescriptions going back 150 years. It’s hard to read what the doctors

wrote on those little notes in 1877. Same nowadays. Some things never change. Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

29 COMMUNITYbusiness BUSINESScontacts CONTACTS community

This Community Business Card spot could be yours! Call Dennis O’Malia


Community Business Connection reaches over 37,200 residences in Carmel and Westfield

Call Dennis O’Malia


Community Business Connection reaches over 37,200 residences in Carmel and Westfield

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Community Business Card spot could be yours!




Richard T. Spanenberg, 75, of Carmel, passed away in his home May 7. He was born May 30, 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio to the late William and Florence Taylor Spanenberg. Richard was a 1961 graduate of Ohio State University, receiving his degree in mechanical engineering. He worked in engineering and management with several prominent companies. Richard was a member of the United States Air Force 581st Air Force Band from 1953 to 1957, belonged to the Air Force Musicians’ Association, and never lost his love for band music, particularly marches. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by beloved daughter, Becki Spanenberg-Flores. Survivors include his wife of almost 52 years, Judith Jenkins Spanenberg; children, Gwendolyn (John) Christianson, Dr. William (Layla) Spanenberg and James Spanenberg; 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild; sisters, Jean Ruck of Cleveland, Ohio and Margaret Teetz of Gloversville, NY. BIRTHS St. Vincent Carmel

May 1 Boys: Owens, Eltonyo & Nicole Girls: Lolla-Martines, David & Anaya, Guillermina May 2 Boys: Sills, Eric & Emily Girls: Bauer, Joshua & Paradysz - Bauer Tara May 3 Boys: Lueck, Brendon & Kathryn ; Sims, Christopher & Jody ; Graves, Demetras & Jackson, Ashley Girls: Bergman, Andrea ; Turner, Brent & Laura May 4 Boys: Snapp, Troy & Suzanne ; Norris, Kristopher & Megan


The first Carmelfest Fourth of July celebration in 1988. Photo courtesy of Carmel Clay Historical Society May 5 Boys: Andrews, Phil & Gretchen ; Clippinger, Jon & Cara Girls: Dinchak, Todd & Michelle ; McCord, Adam & Sara ; Miller, Derik & Scurlark, Chloe May 6 Boys: Comerford, John & Erica ; Williams, Justin & Jacquelyn ; Vang, Richard & Becky May 7 Boys: Knight, Robert & Young, Amy ; Hasseld, Joshua & Jennifer Girls: McDougal, Grant & Monika POLICE RUNS May 8 12:07:47 a.m., suspicious activity, 7000 Longest Drive 1:13:03 a.m., suspicious activity, 12568 Glencove Courtt 1:21:20 a.m., investigation, 4242 E.


VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 37,138 homes weekly

Tuesday, May 19, 2009





Pet & House Sitting Service Years Experience 109Years Experience

317-802-6565 317-432-1627

“The Safe and Reliable Alternative to Boarding” Insured/Bonded Member of Pet Sitters Int’l References Available

Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons near Carey Road & 146th Carmel 317-



Mowing • Fertilizer • Landscape Gutter Cleaning • Snow Removal Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Free Estimates – 844-6055

when you purchase a pedicure. To your door nail services. Save gas money and it’s convenient too. Remember Mother’s Day Gift Certificates Available Spa parties also available. Call me for more information. Hilliary 317-730-2544 Licensed nail technician.


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Jackson’s Lawn Care

Family Owned and Operated for Over 35 Years! Reliable/Reasonable

126th St. 1:39:21 a.m., investigation, 12404 Bayhill Drive 1:45:23 a.m., suspicious activity, 3130 E. 96th St. 2:29:53 a.m., domestic, 5283 Arapaho Way 6:32:19 a.m., alarm burglar, 501 Pennsylvania Parkway 6:56:01 a.m., accident property damage, West 116th St. / North Meridian Street 7:19:25 a.m., directed patrol, Lexington Boulevard / East Main Street 7:32:29 a.m., investigation, East 106th St. / Jordan Road 7:57:07 a.m., investigation, East 106th St. / Spring Hill Drive 8:09:22 a.m., alarm burglar, 1130 AAA Way 8:11:11 a.m., accident property damage, 900 W. 136th St. 8:18:36 a.m., investigation, East 96th St.

/ College Avenue 8:58:58 a.m., investigation, West 131st St. / Illinois Street 9:04:54 a.m., juvenile complaint, 3495 W. 126th St. 8:58:58 a.m., investigation, West 131st St. / Illinois Street 9:08:52 a.m., criminal mischief, 2450 E. 136th St. 9:11:16 a.m., harassment, 52 Druid Hill Court 9:38:12 a.m., alarm burglar, 620 Greenford Trail W. 10:16:56 a.m., alarm burglar, 775 Eden Woods Place 10:33:15 a.m., f alarm residence, 13139 Brooks Landing Place 10:37:21 a.m., investigation, East 106th St. / Keystone Avenue North 11:22:33 a.m., found/lost property, 14550 Clay Terrace Boulevard 11:58:59 a.m., investigation, 118 Medical Drive 12:04:25 p.m., theft, 410 W. Carmel Drive 12:26:05 p.m., domestic, 1254 Golfview Drive 12:59:07 p.m., juvenile complaint, 12415 Shelborne Road 1:02:34 p.m., f invest, 866 Hickory Drive 1:30:48 p.m., assist public, 584 Hunters Drive E. 2:27:24 p.m., solicitor, 14085 Honey Tree Drive 2:49:33 p.m., disturbance, 10201 N. Meridian St. 2:59:19 p.m., alarm burglar, 4835 Greenspire Drive 2:55:40 p.m., solicitor, Brookstone Drive / Stone Drive 3:09:19 p.m., alarm burglar, 4885 Waterstone Way 3:11:53 p.m., theft, 13450 N. Meridian St. 3:47:36 p.m., solicitor, West 136th St. / Spotswood Street 3:40:54 p.m., accident property

Shopping for car insurance? Call me first. Save even more than before with Allstate. Drivers who switched to Allstate saved an average of $353 a year. You could be surprised by how much you’ll save. Ranj Puthran 844-4683

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Bed- Cherry Sleigh Bed BRAND NEW, in box $400. Can Deliver 317-679-3575


damage, 14250 Clay Terrace Boulevard 3:49:13 p.m., alarm burglar, 11847 Dubarry Court 4:44:26 p.m., accident property damage, East Main Street / North Rangeline Road 4:44:34 p.m., driving complaint, 1579 Springmill Ponds Circle 4:53:19 p.m., welfare check, 520 Lark Drive 5:57:59 p.m., investigation, 331 1st Ave. N.W. 6:17:07 p.m., warrant service, 331 1st Ave. N.W. 6:20:24 p.m., solicitor, 12930 Andover Drive 6:49:09 p.m., alarm burglar, 1 Civic Square 7:26:56 p.m., investigation, 1531 Spruce Court 7:43:23 p.m., theft, 395 Arbor Drive 8:02:47 p.m., juvenile complaint, American Way South / Third Avenue 8:07:14 p.m., f alarm commercial, 530 W. Carmel Drive 8:10:17 p.m., suspicious activity, Clay Center Road / Clay Spring Drive 8:29:12 p.m., investigation, 13874 Magic Stallion Drive 8:35:54 p.m., suspicious activity, South Rangeline Road / West Carmel Drive 8:51:12 p.m., alarm burglar, 9920 Chinquapin Court 9:23:42 p.m., investigation, 1531 Spruce Court 9:37:21 p.m., accident property damage, Shelborne Road / West 126th St. 10:05:49 p.m., suspicious activity, 6310 E. 131st St. 10:35:01 p.m., theft, 1212 Vivian Drive 10:35:04 p.m., theft, 14603 Strauss Drive 11:02:29 p.m., juvenile complaint, 3 Civic Square 11:09:00 p.m., animal complaint, 550 S. Rangeline Road

489.4444 ext. 203 RENTALS



Do you know three reasons you should consider living in THE NEW YORKER APARTMENTS located at 3707 – 3715 N. Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis. • You will save time & money • You will meet new people and new friends • You will have access to public transportation, to churches, schools, entertainment and shopping

All NEW KING PILLOW TOP Mattress Set. $250 Sill in bag Can Deliver (317) 223-9301

You work hard, so by living at The New Yorker Apartments you will have time to enjoy your life … and to have all the convenience of living downtown.


IT’S TRUE: Schedule an appointment to just come and see how much time and money you can save.

All NEW QUEEN PILLOW TOP Mattress Set. $190 Sill in bag Can Deliver (317) 223-9301

PIANO - FRENCH & SONS Upright Serial # 210134 Great for beginners! Asking $500, OBO 317-313-9858 POOLTABLE/AIRHOCKEY COMBO - French & Sons Like New, all accessories included. Must Sell Moving! $650, OBO 317-313-9858

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STUDIOS, 1-2 BEDROOMS - FENCED PARKING LOT Professionally Managed by: MOYNAHAN-WILLIAMS Call Debbie – 317-435-8618


Showroom/warehouse at 254 First Ave SW near Arts and Design District. 2000 sq. ft. 1 - overhead door. $1500 per month. 815-0322

ExEcutivE officE spacE rEntal!!

Fully wired office space for rent, two story building, 2 office spaces for rent on second floor 1120 sq ft, high speed internet, heat, A/C, water, electricity and trash included, unfurnished, smoke free, parking lot available, conveniently located near the intersection of US31 and SR 32 in Westfield, Indiana, only minutes away from shopping centers and restaurants for only $550.00 a month each with a $400.00 deposit. Call Cecy @ 867-2566 for info

volunteer of the week


CarmelFeSt GoeS Green

tion with an idea: recycle some of that five tons of It was 2 a.m., July 5, trash that CarmelFest 2008, and the produces each grounds of Caryear. So, we melFest at Civic are pleased to Square were announce that mostly quiet. CarmelFest The crowds were 2009 is a “Green gone, the air was Festival.” With cool, and a light the help of our mist was falling. festival goers, we The only activity hope to recycle to be found was James delgado about a third the small army of of the refuse volunteers scurthat we have rying around recovering the this year. And thanks trash and debris left over to the Keep Indianapofrom the thousands of festi- lis Beautiful Committee, val goers who were present recycle bins will be placed just a few hours earlier. We throughout the grounds picked up an estimated five this year. This first year, we tons of trash last year at will only be recycling bottles CarmelFest. And it all went and cans, but if it goes into a landfill somewhere to well, we hope to expand our be hidden forever. green efforts in the years to This year, the CarmelFcome. You can do your part est 2009 committee was by looking for the blue-top approached by the Carmel containers and depositing Green Initiative organizayour plastic bottles and

By James Delgado

bring your radio for the simulcast of the b105.7 Fireworks at CarmelFest launched by Firestone.

entertainer spotlight

JeS & viCKy riCHmond rock, country rock

Jes Richmond, his wife, Vicky, and their band will fire things up on July 4 at noon at the Gazebo with a mix of rock, country rock and “you never know.” Jes (singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist) has worked as a professional musician in Los Angeles for more 24 years and gigged in Japan for two years. Vicky has a degree in drama/ speech and a minor in musical theater. Her professional credits include Busybody, Noises Off, See How They Run, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Dinah!, General Hospital ,Sunset Beach, Passions, Moonlighting, I Am Sam, Plague Season, and Minority Report.

Kim GaSKell

food vendor chair Kim Gaskill is a Rotarian who has been working with CarmelFest for many years. This year Kim is the chairman for food vendors; he makes sure that we all have our festival treats! He has owned the Carmel Allstate Insurance Co. since 1975. Kim decided to keep the business in the family when he partnered with his son-in-law Ranjit Puthran. Kim has been married for 40 years to Maureen and together they have four children; Katy, Laura, Ben, and Melissa, who is married to Ranjit. Kim and Maureen have two grandchildren by Melissa and Ranjit.




in an effort to help defray the expense of the B105.7 fireworks at Carmelfest launched by firestone, Carmelfest spark Buttons again will be sold at various merchant locations in Carmel and on the grounds of CarmelFest. The fireworks are scheduled to run nearly 25 minutes this year, with massive displays of pyrotechnics in the skies over Carmel. watch this space for additional details on sales of the buttons.

of eVents

July 3 Carmelfest has talent: noon-4 p.m. Barometer soup: 4:30-6:30 p.m. the wright Brothers: 7-10 p.m. July 4 the st.Vincent heart Center of indiana Carmelfest parade: 10:30 a.m. Jes and Vicky Richmond: noon-2 p.m. Blair and Co.: 2:30-4:30 p.m. the tides: 5-7 p.m. Carmelfest has talent finals: 12:30-1:30 p.m. Carmel symphony orchestra: 8:45-9:45 p.m. the B105.7 fireworks at Carmelfest launches by firestone: 9:45 p.m.

(Performances at the Gazebo at Civic Square. All times approximate.)

SponSored in part by


aluminum cans. Carmel is a leading community in Indiana, and recycling at CarmelFest helps us maintain our leadership position. Please join us at CarmelFest 2009, and recycle as much as you can. And if you are free around 2 a.m. on July 5, I have a great job for you.

Freedom run pRimeR

tRAining tip: Weight lifting two to three times per week is another way to improve your 5K run. It will make the leg muscles less prone to fatigue during the event. Use a runner’s weight-lifting routine or consider a simplified strength training program for fast results. Stretch after exercising, especially the hip flexors and the hamstrings. Start in a lunge position, with one leg back and one leg forward. Straighten the back leg to stretch the hip flexors. Return to the starting position, and then straighten the front leg to stretch the hamstrings. Hold each stretch about 15 seconds.

Patricia, age 49, breast cancer survivor

Know your body. Notice changes. Make routine screenings a priority. Because no one is immune to cancer, everyone must be diligent. To schedule a mammogram or to learn more, visit

Early detection gives you strength and hope.

May 19, 2009  

Current in Carmel

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