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Paul Estridge, president of Estridge the contractor on the project - is all smiles about the volunteer effort

By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

creating community Local volunteers played integral roles in the ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ effort

comfortable aiR

Many communities in Indianapolis have a unifying community center that offers various programs. The Martindale-Brightwood community, however, was not one of those areas. Working with IPS, Estridge and others were able to negotiate the use of the closed School 37 as the area’s new community center. “When we heard there was not a community center in the Martindale-Brightwood area, and we heard the school was for sale because it wasn’t being utilized anymore, we approached the school about how to transfer the ownership,” Estridge said. “The building is still in great shape,” Stumpf said. “In fact, they still have everything live: They’ve got their Internet, cable, all those things [IPS] kept live because obviously they wanted to keep the building in good repair.”

Estridge at the volunteer pep rally March 20

Making a connection It’s easy to take Internet accessibility for granted. Because of its broad reach, most people don’t even realize that many areas – for various reasons – do not have access to the Internet. The MartindaleBrightwood neighborhood is one of those areas. “In looking at moving communities forward, access to technology is huge,” Stumpf said. Laura Musall, one of the public relations volunteers for the project, said, “(Estridge affiliate) First Mile Technologies worked with IPS … and put together this partnership with Motorola, ERS Data Solutions and Dell; they have installed a wireless network. More than 450 (homes) will have free Internet access.”

Photo by Chelsie Lanning

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

By now, almost everyone knows “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” reworked a home for the McFarland family of Indianapolis late last month. What many might have missed in the bright lights of Hollywood, however, is that the completion of the home was just the beginning of a bigger project for many of the companies involved. Paul Estridge, president of Estridge Companies – the contractor on the “Extreme Makeover” project – wanted to be certain the new home would not be the only upgraded building in an otherwise depressed community. “There were two primary conditions,” he said. “One was that we wanted to design and build a home in the character and scale of the homes in the neighborhood. The second was we wanted to go beyond the family and the four walls … and use the energy from the show to recruit volunteers to make some really big neighborhood impacts. And I think we were very successful in that.” Bryan Stumpf, director of community development for Estridge, made that second condition a reality. “(The McFarlands) don’t live in a vacuum; they’re part of a community,” he said. The bigger question, in his mind, he said, was, “So what do we do that can begin to benefit the entire community?”

The Williams Comfort Air team Carmel-based Williams Comfort Air was also involved in the community revitalization. Many homes in the neighborhood had non-working air conditioning units, and the company offered free service to all homes in need. “In this case, it’s not just the house; it’s the entire neighborhood,” said company president Joe Huck. In most cities, the show rolls in, puts up a new house, and leaves. Not in Indianapolis. “We don’t work like that,” Huck said.

more carmel involvement Other local companies that contributed to the project: Westlake Design • Alphagraphics • Party Tree Carmel Kitchen Specialists • Artichoke Designs Holy Cow, Cupcakes! • Mirror Concepts

An extreme makeover of the school, though not yet scheduled, is the next step in Estridge’s involvement in the community revitalization project.

CUrb Appeal While the EMHE build was underway, the army of volunteers sought out additional neighborhood projects. One of the biggest tasks was an enormous trash collection effort. “We picked up at least eight dumpsters full of trash, plus three trash trucks full,” Stumpf said. Their accomplishments included the replacement of several roofs and a dilapidated handicap access ramp. They also contributed exterior painting and landscaping and demolished a long-vacant house. More than 20 homes and one church in the neighborhood have been improved at no charge to their owners. “We were able to reinstill hope in the community, because we got it back to a level where they say, ‘You know what? We can manage this,’” Stumpf said.

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OUR TAKES It is our opinion that newly elected bring reform to our state’s schools (embarSuperintendant of Public Instruction Tony rassingly situated in the national rankings). Bennett moved deftly but too aggressively For too long, our kids have been falling in deciding half-days would no behind, and woefully little has longer count toward the required been done to shift this trajec180 instructional days in Indiana tory. And many businesses and schools. The rule change, effecparents have expressed frustrative in the 2009-10 school year, tion over the numerous halfdoes not give schools sufficient days on the calendar. time to plan adjustments to But educators deserve sufin-service, parent-teacher and ficient notice to adjust to the other important development new system. Moreover, Carmel Bennett days. That said, now that schools has been blessed with a school are aware of the modification regarding system not only considerable in size, but “waiver days,” they must work to ensure also in reputation. Greyhound leadership Bennett’s move has minimal impact on is to be commended and is urged to work with Bennett as the necessary – if somestudents. times painful – changes are implemented. We applaud Bennett on his work to

, Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. III, No. 25 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

It is our position that the property tax cap is wrong for the state of Indiana. While the intentions of our politicians leading the charge may be good (even as some are no-doubt looking to disproportionally burden some while lowering the load for others), such caps create a system whereby municipalities have less incentive to act responsibly. For example, lower local crime rates serve to increase property values. And increased value allows tax rates to remain low, while still delivering needed revenue. California, Wisconsin, Florida and Oregon have already instituted and are

regretting their own forms of property tax caps. The promise of lower taxes and more equal funding among schools has lead to increases in less stable income and sales taxes. Schools report being worse off than before the caps. Our legislators should take notice of this and follow a more responsible road to tax reform (like our assessment system). If, as some have argued, this plan is designed to curb our government’s voracious appetite for pending, we applaud it. But we suspect it is designed to shift the pain of government excess away from some of us and onto others.


taxing logic

Tidal Waiver


CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 Executive Editor – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Managing Editor – Bryan Unruh / 489.4444 Art Director – Zachary Ross / 787-3291 Associate Artist – Stefanie Lorenz / 340.1836 Senior Reporter – Mike Beas / 730.4833 Reporter – Brandon Bowman / 489.4444 Cartoonist – Tim Campbell

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Business Office Bookkeeper - Deb Vlasich / 489.4444 The views of the columnists in Current In Carmel are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper. To comment on Tim’s currentoons, contact him at:





becoming an idiocracy?


majority of us believe ourselves to be of rom the earliest recordings of above-average intelligence. In fact, many human existence, we have been of us consider ourselves to beat the avermusing about the constant state age by a great deal. of change – not only in human Not surprisingly, the data says otherlife, but also in the universe. wise. Thus, if 10 percent of Ancient Greek philosothe world is gifted with enpher Heraclitus advanced a lightenment, then 10 percent doctrine claiming the only is cursed with ignorance. And constant is, in fact, change. the rest are scattered on the Perhaps he is correct. continuum that falls between. Regardless, few would argue Certainly, a big percentage of that today we find ourselves us are wrong about our relative in a time of abundant change. position. What that says about Many will embrace the reour self-perception may be ordering – ostensibly to better the most important question their position relative to those facing American democracy for they perceive to be better the next several generations. situated. And many others will fear the shift – no doubt Will the best and brightTerry est rise to the top, or will our concerned about the loss of Anker political system become an their perceived advantage. “idiocracy” (a proposed natuEnvy and fear have long been ral outcome of democracy, wherein the among the most powerful motivators in ignorant and average majority take their mankind’s repertoire. “rightful” and dominant place at the top Wouldn’t it be more prudent to conof the power structure)? Time will tell. sider change as it comes, rather than to blindly advocate for or against it? Could Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current our posture on change leadership come Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at from our regard for the person ing it? Studies show the overwhelming

what you really want lawmakers won’t do State Sen. Luke Kenley’s recent survey results, which include Carmel and Westfield residents, speak volumes. Seventy-six percent of taxpayers surveyed said in order to balance the 2010-2011 biennial state budget, government spending should be reduced. Voters were asked if they would “support or oppose legislation combining units and duties of local government.” Seventy-seven percent supported such legislation. Well, at least we now know what state lawmakers WON’T do. ••• Did you hear about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg asking department heads to identify thousands of city employees for layoffs? Finally, a city leader making the tough decisions. However, what caught our eye was the part about Bloomberg urging lawmakers and unions to create a “new, less-generous pension tier for new employees.” He went on to say, “City employees should pay 10 percent of their health insurance premiums.” So, there you have it, another example of government workers receiving FREE healthcare, compliments of taxpayers. How many of you in the private sector enjoy such a benefit?

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg ••• We’re appalled that former Alaska senator Ted Stevens won’t be going to jail. Only the incompetence and misconduct of our Justice Department (oxymoron?) could have blown this case. ••• The siren song about hope, change and unity is sounding like a broken record. While it is true there is less “bad news” with each passing week, it seems we’re marching closer to socialism. We see the line of sheep forming over to our left. A recent Pew Research Center poll indicates President Obama has the widest partisan gap in job approval in modern American history. The mainstream media lauds an “era of unity” under Obama. Truth is, it may well be the precursor to a looming Balkanization of America. That’s change?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to read Andy Ray’s comment (March 10, “Illegal Immigration Bill Unfair to Hispanics”) in which he referred to Republican Sen. Mike Delph’s illegal immigration bill as racially motivated. On behalf of that same community, I thank Mr. Ray for his support. I am originally from Mexico. I came to this country in 1979 as an “illegal alien,” and through the years I became a U.S. citizen. I am now the proud owner of a couple small businesses, including La Ola Latino-Americana, the most widely read bilingual newspaper in Indianapolis. I can say I am living my own American dream thanks to the opportunity I was blessed with three decades ago. And there are millions of others who could do the same, or better, if given that tiny chance. I’ve had the opportunity to follow Mr. Delph’s work – in particular the one affecting the immigrant community – both as a journalist and a concerned citizen. And I do not agree with your opinion that his motivation is racism.

I do not agree with most of Mr. Delph’s proposed immigration bill. In fact, I am almost totally against it. However, there are some issues within the bill that I agree with, especially when referring to “living by the rule of law.” I also agree that we all must assimilate with American culture, learn English and the history of the U.S., etc. Because, the truth is, we all have a few rotten apples here and there, and we don’t want them any more than you do. Over the past couple years, I have gotten to know Mr. Delph, and I can safely say that I do not think his work is racially motivated. Sen. Mike Delph lived in Mexico and Nicaragua for several years. He speaks Spanish, and he has learned to love my culture, my customs, my food, my traditions … my people. In my opinion – and I’ve told Sen. Delph this before – I think his motivation is not only a commitment to his constituency, but also a possible pursuit of higher office. Of course, he disagrees with me.

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things with which i have come to terms


HALF MARATHON IN SEARCH OF VOLUNTEERS - Organizers for the St. Vincent Geist Half Marathon and 5K recently announced that volunteers from the community are still needed for the second-annual Race Around the Reservoir. Those interested in volunteering can sign up by going to This non-profit event, which supports health and wellness initiatives being implemented in Central Indiana schools, is looking for energetic and enthusiastic individuals to help ensure a safe and enjoyable

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experience. Additional information or questions may be directed to Kathy Pelletier at 317-213-6112 or Kathy@ LIBRARY BOOK SALE – The Carmel Clay Public Library will host a Friends of the Library book sale April 16-19. From 6-8 p.m. April 16, the sale is for “friends” members only. Members can shop before the general public to get the best selection. New memberships and renewals are accepted at the door. The sale is open to the public April 17 from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m., April 18 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and April 19 from 1-5 p.m. For more information, call 317-571-4292.

Downtown: 255 S. Meridian 317-636-5544 M-F 9-5:30, Thur 9-6:30, Sat 9-4:30 Carmel: 12225 N. Meridian 317-818-9800 M-F 10-7, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5 Nikon Inc. Limited Warranty Included.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009




bars to die a painful death at the bottom s I get older, there are certain of the laundry basket. Needless to say, “issues” I have come to terms our home is a food paradise for ants. And with. Here’s a list of things despite our long-term relationship with that bothered me in my youth Orkin, almost every morning in April I (read: early 30s), but now are find a parade of them someno big whoop: where on the main floor. Instead Wrinkles: When women of flipping out and bombing first see wrinkles around their the house with Raid, we take a eyes and mouth, they freak. We more naturalist approach. “Ants spend beaucoup bucks on loare our friends,” we say. “They tions, creams, gels and highly clean up where we have made a controversial serums (available mess.” Just like a dog, only less only in Europe for a reason) to maintenance. prevent and diminish these anCellulite: As with wrinnoying little buggers. But now, kles, I never really noticed celas I approach 40, I’ve decided lulite until I hit my 30s. Damn my “laugh lines” are marks of those 360-degree mirrors. It character and say to the world, seems that after almost 30 “Here stands a woman of intelDanielle months of pregnancy, equating lect and experience.” At least Wilson to approximately 30 months of this is what I tell myself in the sedentary living and ice cream mirror as I stretch my skin taut sampling, the derriere region has decided to demonstrate the amazing effects of to turn into cottage cheese (large curd). Botox. No, I haven’t yet succumbed to inLuckily for me, thong bikinis are out and jections, but I have to tell you, I DO look skirted bottoms are in. Pair some skinyounger without the footprints of time firming, self-tanning lotion with a flooretched around my lips. So, fine. I haven’t length sarong, and voila! Instant beach exactly made my peace with wrinkles, but body! (Should have had more lipo last I am down to only one nighttime applicasummer, huh? What was I thinking!) tion of retin-A. Perfection: I possess the classic Sleep deprivation: Early in my eldest child, type-A personality, equating career as a mom, I used to completely to a perfectionist mentality that Martha spazz when I couldn’t fall back to sleep Stewart (pre-felony) would be proud of. after a 2 a.m. feeding or a 4 a.m. vomit Once kids entered the picture, however, session, thus spawning a panic session perfection became unattainable. It frustratwhich would just keep me awake longer. ed me at first, but now – as a seasoned vetNow, however, after many a day functioneran of the Kid War – I can admit to being ing on only minutes of sleep, I can – on OK with unbathed kids, a filthy minivan, most nights – talk myself back from the and a not-always-coiffed appearance. I’m a ledge and eventually catch some Zs. I’ve learned that I can make it through a sleep- mom, and survival, not perfection, is my daily goal. deprived day without offing any children I still have plenty of insecurities to keep or myself, and while it will be far from my craziness fueled, but at least I’ve come pleasant, I am strong enough to muddle to terms with a few things in my life. How through. Go caffeine! about you? Ants: Springtime in Indiana means Peace out. sugar ants at Chez Wilson. We live in a wood-sided house with four kids who Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and conleave DumDum suckers stuck to bed tributing columnist. You may e-mail her at comforters, grape juice boxes spilling out behind sofas and chocolate chip granola

Carmel resident Kay Lipps is an Elvis fan: She attended 29 Elvis concerts before his death in 1977, and she attends Elvis Week in Memphis, Tenn. every year. But unlike the many other dedicated Elvis fans who attend the annual event, Lipps can’t walk down the street without running into somebody who recognizes her. For the past 16 years, Lipps has been Lipps the chairperson of the annual Elvis FANtasy Fest in Portage, Ind. She and fellow Carmel resident Shirley Lyday started the festival after being contacted by officials in Porter County. “The tourism board up there was interested in doing something … and they just thought Elvis would be a good theme,” Lipps said. The festival raises money for the Special Olympics, and to date, Lipps and her all-volunteer crew have raised more than $225,000. This year’s Elvis FANtasy Fest (scheduled for Oct. 16-18), should push

that number over the quarter-million mark. “It turned out to be a good location, because we get people from all over the country,” Lipps said. Lipps also has the honor of having organized, for the festival, one of the very first Elvis tribute artist (or impersonator) contests. In search of publicity for the event – then in its infancy – Lipps suggested holding preliminaries a week ahead of the festival. The response was overwhelming. Lipps’ husband, Paul, worked the door the first night. “He was afraid he was going to get his head ripped off,” Lipps said. “These women were like, ‘What do you mean you don’t have room?’” This year, the competition will serve as one of the preliminary qualifying events for the national competition at Graceland during Elvis Week. For more information about Elvis FANtasy Fest, visit www.elvisfantasyfest. com or call Lipps at 317-844-7354.

Photo by Chelsie Lanning

By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

Submitted Photo




The Indiana Design Center on South Range Line Road

Indiana Design Center On Target By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

The Indiana Design Center on South Range Line Road is nearing completion. Construction crews are busy with the interior, and the exterior is nearly complete. But the structure’s rapid progress begs the question, Will it be full when it’s finished? Melissa Averitt, vice president and director of marketing and sales for Pedcor Companies, said leases and letter-of-intent negotiations are under way for more than half the building. The leasing process for such a space is complex, she said. “There are lots of provisions in (these types of leases) and exhibits to them,” she said. “So I’m down to negotiating

exhibits on some deals, and on others I’m just starting the negotiations on basic deal terms.” The building will house a variety of luxury home showrooms. Averitt said tenants will be businesses offering “anything you would need to remodel a home or build a new one – fabric, plumbing, lighting, flooring, furniture, accessories.” In many ways, she said, it will be a onestop shop for anyone looking to build or update a home. A grand opening date has yet to be determined, but Averitt says a date should be set within the next 30 to 60 days. “We’ve had such strong support from prospective tenants and the design community,” Averitt said. “So we’re really excited.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John Lowe, DDS

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CARMEL VFW FINDS NEW HOME By Ron Browning Current in Carmel

Photo by Ron Browning

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13686 13686 N. N. Meridian, Meridian, Carmel Carmel

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Think Spring ThiNk ProM


Carmel’s Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10003 has finally found a new home. After years of negotiation with the city and developers, the post is expected to move into a new building in about six months. “They’ve offered us a turn-key operation, so we Fisher examines a rendering of won’t have to worry about the new building on Old Meridian the finances,” said Post Commander Mel Fisher. Second avenues northwest. Finances have been a sticking point Keystone Construction President and since the city approached the post four CEO Ersal Ozdemir said the developer years ago, asking it move to make way for was able to continue work around the new development, Fisher said. VFW buildings and that the project is on “We were kind of excited, but then we schedule. couldn’t find any land to build on,” he “The timing worked out great,” said. “We couldn’t afford it.” Post 10003’s new home will be at 12863 Ozdemir said. The Carmel Redevelopment Old Meridian St. Commission is happy a deal has been The latest proposal – pitched about 30 reached that will allow the Main Street days ago – was approved by a vote of the project to move forward, while making post’s general membership March 26. the VFW happy as well, said Director of The post was scheduled to move out of Redevelopment Les Olds. its longtime home at 34 First Ave. NW “They’d been in this location (on First on April 11. It will temporarily move to a Avenue) since the 1940s, so it was an emostorefront on Old Meridian. The move allows Keystone Construction tional issue, Olds said. “But they wanted to be good citizens of Carmel and were to continue work on its massive developopen to relocation proposals.” ment along Main Street between First and


Keystone Avenue

131st St.

131st St.

106th St.

98th St.


99th St.





Gray Rd.

116th St.


106th St.

98th St.

Lakeshore Dr. E.

Carmel Dr.

116th St.

126th St.

x Keystone Ave.


Lakeshore Dr. W.

126th St.

Rangeline Rd.



Keystone Avenue 106th & 126th Street 106th & 126th Street Construction Detour Routes Construction Detour Routes

96th St. 5/1/08

96th St.



Closed Road Detour Route Temporary Road

The east-west traffic flow will be disrupted for several months at mel’s plan for the reconstruction of Keystone Avenue iscontact unique Jeremy in For more information, Kashman, Keystone project manager, each of the interchanges during the time they are under construction. United States. The plan calls lowering the Keystone Avenue at for 317-571-2309 or Detour routes have been planned for each of the phases, and e between 10 to 15 feet, allowing for the construction of - stepped up traffic control units will help manage congestion during drop shaped roundabouts at the five major east-west peak rush hours. changes at 106th, 116th and Carmel Drive, 126th, Main Street, 136th Street. Two intersections will be impacted this year. Construction will begin • Pete Dye Designed in May on the 106th Street and 126th Street intersections. The plan calls for phased construction over a three-year period, north-south traffic on Keystone Avenue will continue to flow first on ing with the 106th Street and 126th Championship Street interchanges inGolf Course lanes of what is now the south-bound side, as the north-bound ng of 2008, with substantial completion by the end of the year. • JuniorSports/Swim Teamfour side is excavated and built. When the north-bound side is completed, se Two will begin in spring of 2009, with the reconstruction of the around mid-August, four lanes of traffic will be shifted to h and Carmel Drive interchanges. Project completion will follow • Teaching PGA & Tennis sometime the new north-bound side while the south-bound side is excavated Phase Three starting in spring of 2010, with the reconstruction Professionals and built. e 131st Street and 136th Street interchanges and overall scaping and finish work. The planned detour routes for this year’s Phase One construction • Full-Service Clubhouse with for routing all east-west traffic from 106th Street up Gray Road es without saying that the three-year major reconstruction Superb Cuisine and Eventcalls on the east side and up Rangeline Road on the west side to cross ect will change the normal flow of commercial and residential Facilities Keystone Avenue at the 116th Street interchange. Similarly, all c in the area of Keystone Avenue. Steps, however, are planned east-west traffic from 126th Street will be routed south on both inimize the impact. Cross-over lanes and additional access lanes Gray Road and Rangeline Road to cross Keystone at 116th Street. allow continuous flow of north-south traffic on Keystone Avenue ughout the three-year construction period.

Carmel’s Premier Private Family Club

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Woodland Golf and Country Club

The City of Carmel One Civic Square • Carmel Indiana, 46032-7569 (317) 571-2400

G o L f a n D S o C i a L M e M b e r S H i P S ava i L a b L e

d E E C u E d F E R tIOn a I t InI

Our Simple Philosophy . . . “Fun & Camaraderie for the Entire Family”

Here, is where you belong . . . Contact Laura Huckelberry at 846-2588 or to get more information on membership and for a chance to play this exclusive Pete Dye Championship course, as well as tour the clubhouse, tennis court and swimming pool. 100 Woodland Lane, Carmel, IN 46032 •

chronic pain ‘in your head’



WORKOUT WEAR - According to psychologists, red can increase blood circulation and body temperature, which can boost workout efficiency. Light waves enter the eye and are converted to electrical impulses in the brain, explains environmental psychologist David Alan Kopec, Ph.D., an associate professor at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego. “Red is a long light wave that affects the hypothalamus, which regulates body temperature, appetite, and energy levels.” He adds that reds and oranges increase body temperature, which pumps you up for exercise and keeps you energized for a longer workout.

PILATES FOR A CAUSE – Perfect Pilates Studio (100 N. Union St. in Westfield) is offering free Pilates to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training summer participants. If you are a Team In Training member looking to strengthen your core, improve your running and increase flexibility, Pilates is for you! The free classes will be held on April 19 at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. For more information, e-mail info@, call 317-804-9542 or visit For more information on Team In Training, visit or call 800-846-7764.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NEW COMMUNITY HEALTH CEO Community Health Network has selected Bryan Mills as its next CEO. James Morey, chairman of the board of the hospital chain, sent a memo to Community staff earlier this month announcing Mills’ selection. Mills replaces Bill Corley, who has led Community for the past 25 years. Corley announced last year that he would retire by the end of 2009. Mills, 48, has been CEO of a for-profit community subsidiary, Visionary Enterprises Inc., since 1987.

IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD - If you feel worn-out and sore, it could be all in your head -- specifically your sinuses. It’s even possible that your arthritis, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome is a misdiagnosis of pain and tiredness from recurring sinus infections, says Alexander C. Chester, MD, a clinical professor of medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center. He estimates that half of people with chronic sinusitis have serious body aches and fatigue. The pain can be all over but more pronounced in spots like the shoulders, neck and hips. Tooth pain and sensitivity can also send people racing to the dentist, when a sinus infection is the actual culprit. First try a saline spray, decongestant, or antihistamine. Staying well hydrated can keep nasal secretions flowing freely, preventing stuffiness that can harbor infection. If symptoms persist, talk to your doctor about prescription remedies.


doctor, receiving test after test, trying to find something in the periphery of the body, when the problem is within the nervous system itself. Because of that, peripheral treatments like injections and procedures don’t work well in o distinguish between dealing with chronic pain. At acute and chronic pain, the same time, those treatments one needs to understand decrease or eliminate the trigthat acute pain is a gers, decreasing the amount defense. It is useful. It of nervous system response, so helps to point to a problem. It decreasing the pain. If central helps to survive. mechanisms are not treated, Chronic pain, on contrary, is a such pain always comes back. disease. It has outlived it usefulThink of it like a gun. You ness. It is just a torture. Eightymay file the trigger off, but five percent of the time, there are when the gun falls, it could still Dmitry Arbuck no meaningful explanations for misfire. Pain Management chronic pain and no objective The explosive problem is findings to justify it. gunpowder, not the gun trigger. To make a parallel, acute pain is a Until the central problem is diffused, there hardware problem. Chronic pain, on the will be no peace and quiet! contrary, is a software problem based on central nervous system dysfunction. It is “in your head.” Dmitry M. Arbuck, M.D., is a psychiatrist and pain management specialist at Meridian But chronic pain is not any less real. It Health Group. For more information, visit is just not based where it hurts. Because of that, many patients go from doctor to

Editor’s note: This is the third in an occasional series on the topic of chronic pain. The second, titled “To Treat the Pain, Treat the Brain,” ran March 31. All articles are available on the Current archive at



FISH FEAR FACTOR The good news: Scientists and environmentalists agree on this: “You shouldn’t give up fish,” says Tim Fitzgerald, a researcher with Environmental Defense. The consensus is fish is the best source of animal protein you can get, and it is relatively low in fat. Many species pack heart-protective omega-3 fats, and those that don’t “are still better than eating a cheeseburger,” Fitzgerald says. The bad news: Much of the fish on American tables is contaminated with mercury – a neurotoxin that can cause brain damage – and, to a lesser extent, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), industrial pollutants linked to cancer. Children, women in their childbearing years, and those who are pregnant or nursing are considered high risk and need to restrict their

intake of high-mercury fish because the heavy metal can interfere with youngsters’ brain development. The Bottom line: If you don’t fall into a highrisk category, eating fish twice a week is good for you. But don’t eat the same fish twice in one week, and restrict highly polluted species you love (such as swordfish) to an occasional meal. If you are at risk, the EPA recommends that you pass up the fish that top its “most contaminated” list: shark, swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel. Get your two servings per week (up to 12 ounces) by eating low-mercury seafood such as shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish. (Albacore, or white tuna, has more mercury than light tuna, so limit yourself to six ounces per week.)

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By capturing dirt, it keeps the canal clean, explains panel head Peter S. Roland, M.D. But if wax is causing ringing or fullness, or is making it difficult to hear, see your doctor, who can use dissolving agents and suction devices to remove it. -Good Housekeeping

Aileen C. Helton DDS

Guilford Ave.

Home remedies to remove gunky ear wax can actually make things worse, reports a panel from the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Swabs can push wax farther down and up against the eardrum, while a WaterPik, set on high and aimed improperly, could burst the eardrum. In most cases, you should leave wax alone.

with a complete new patient exam, appropriate cleaning, and xrays.

US 31




Are allergies making

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you see red?

Allergies can have a significant impact


on your quality of vision. Eye care professionals can often prescribe medications that help alleviate the symptoms of allergies, which include itchy, burning, and watery eyes.


At Busby Eye Care, we are experienced in treating all types of eye problems. Patients who are unable to wear contacts during allergy season may be able to take advantage of our current discount on LASIK eye surgery. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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ognized; not even by disciples He had told in aster was a couple days ago; the multiple ways that He would die and come Lord is Risen indeed. back to life to assure their own Heavenly So what happens now? The eternal life in the presence of God. Holy Spirit happens. These were pretty big stakes; pretty It is the Holy Spirit that quickplainly explained. ens our living, breathing souls And the disciples missed it. with our belief in God and our Teachable moment: Jesus faith in the eternal salvation specifically and of His own will promised by Jesus Christ. came to the disciples on the very The Holy Spirit is the third day of His resurrection and they, person of the Trinity – fully God at first, missed the fact it was – and it provides us with the Jesus. Let’s try not to miss Jesus emotional and intellectual ability when He shows up in our lives to understand the Word of God: … and He does, you know. Christ’s truth in our hearts. In that locked room, Jesus On the day Christ rose from gave the disciples the divine gift the dead, Jesus began to breathe that keeps on giving; that anithe Holy Spirit into the lives of mates Christian beliefs and has His disciples, so their eyes and Bob Walters changed the course of human hearts would finally be opened to Spirituality history: He breathed the Holy the enormous truth of salvation Spirit into them (John 20-22). and the infinite glory of God. Forty days later was Christ’s Ascension to Let’s review that first Easter Sunday. heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Resurrected from the dead, Jesus Christ Father (Acts 1). At 50 days – the Pentecost appeared to Mary Magdalene at the empty – God sent the gift of the Holy Spirit to all, tomb (John 20:14) on the morning of “the first day of the week” (Sunday), appeared to so that all might believe (Acts 2). Want to hear from the Holy Spirit? disciples Cleopas and Luke on the road to Confess faith in Christ, pray … and listen. Emmaus that afternoon (Luke 24:13:32), and appeared to a gathering of disciples in Bob Walters ( wonders if a locked room that evening (John 20:19), the Holy Spirit minds that we don’t make a eating with them (Luke 24:43). big deal out of Pentecost, when Jesus gets At the tomb, on the road, and in the locked room, Jesus was not immediately rec- Christmas and Easter.



season of the holy spirit

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



DISPATCHES TIP-TOP TUX - It’s important to own your own tuxedo if you attend even one event per year that requires one. That said, storage between wearings is also important. Storage means everything to the longevity of expensive or special clothing. Always dry-clean your tux before putting it away, and then hang it in a suit bag in a dry place or inside an airtight container. As an extra precaution against moths, before zipping up the suit bag, throw in a few moth crystals like Moth Avoid ( -Esquire CONTROLLING CURLS - If you have naturally curly hair, you already know how difficult it can be to manage. Following a few of Glamour’s simple tips, though, can really help get those curls under control. • Find a stylist who knows curls. Discuss technique ahead of time. “Your hair should be cut dry to see how spirals form and stack up,” says Denis DaSilva of New York City’s Devachan Salon. • Shampoo just twice a week. Curly hair tends to be dry, so natural oils are a good thing. Between washings, revive hair with water in a spritz bottle. • Work styling lotion into damp strands to form curls. Once dry, hands off! Fussing creates frizz. A DASH OF YOUTH - Seasoning your food with spices will double or triple its health value, new research shows. Spices are loaded with polyphenols, which help to inhibit the inflammation and tissue damage associated with aging, explains James L. Hargrove, PhD, of the University of Georgia. How much is enough? For cinnamon, use ½ to 1 teaspoon; others, like turmeric, may become bitter if you overdo it, so try 1/4 teaspoon. Your goal is enough that your food isn’t bland, says Hargrove. -Good Housekeeping


fun with ty and paige

ast week is a blur. Wednesday morning started like any other day around here – with chaos! By noon, one telephone call catapulted us from the everyday chaos to pure pandemonium. That phone call was from a staff member at the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. Now, we have done some pretty unusual things around Artichoke Designs, but being part of a home improvement TV show is not one of them. Not being Vicky Earley ones to shy away Design from a challenge, we agreed to supply art, lamps and accessories. This was no small task. We do not have a crew of moving men at our disposal. Nope, if it is to be done, we are the ones who do it. Thursday was dedicated to moving a warehouse of merchandise to the location. Donating things was one thing, but being filmed was another. Yep, we were invited to be part of the filming. On Friday, we arrived on time, wearing our “perfect for TV” outfits. Make-up was

flawless and hair was impeccable. We were determined that when that episode aired, every detail would be tended to and we would look great. Yea, right! Ty If you recall, Friday Pennington was chilly. No, make that downright cold. Thank goodness we all had coats to wear over our “made for TV” outfits. The VIP tent was catered and featured an abundance of hot coffee. Temptation was high, but we resisted. After all, lipstick was in place and we were ready to shine in front of the camera. An hour passed, and the consensus was that a bite before going on camera would be a good thing. And one cup of coffee couldn’t hurt anything … right? A few more hours passed, and as I entered survival mode, I discovered my coat had a hood in the collar. So what if it messed up my TV hair? I could always fix it before our call. Another hour passed, and we were all quite tired of watching asphalt dry – literally. I knew I was fading when all I cared about was defending my position in front of the heater. The call eventually came in the form of a delivery of blue short-sleeve T-shirts. At

SATURDAYS 5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

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this point, the temperature had dropped into the 30s. There was only one way I was going to wear that shirt. Yep, it went on over my coat. The director inPaige structed us to pack in Hemmis behind a truck and follow it for about a block while cheering. Ty, Paul, Paige and Michael were on the truck, and when the back opened, merchandise would pour out for us to carry into the house. Things went as planned, and filming took less than 10 minutes. When the final episode of Extreme Home Makeover airs May 17, you just might catch a glimpse of me, Cindy Thomas and Sally Zier running after a box truck. You might notice that a coat under a T-shirt is not a flattering look, and you might say we should have put some lipstick on. In the end, our 15 minutes of fame took more than six hours and will probably end up on the cutting room floor. Regardless, we had the time of our lives! Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



DISPATCHES TOP 10 NETBOOKS - Not sure whether a netbook can meet your computing needs? Take a look at the best minilaptops PCWorld has tested so far. All can handle e-mail, Web surfing and document creation, and all cost less than a standard-issue laptop. Asus EEE PC 1000HE Acer Aspire One AOD150 Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Acer Aspire One Asus EEE PC 1000H XP HP Mini 2140 Asus N10Jc HP Mini 1000 Dell Inspiron Mini 9 MSI Wind NB U100

REVITALIZE YOUR LAPTOP - You might not be able to afford a new laptop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least look like you have a new computer. If you want to make yours a little bit funkier, you could do a lot worse than the great decals range by Etsy seller michellechristina. The bubbles decal pictured costs $16.50 including shipping, and comes in 18 vibrant colors as well as a more monochrome look. And don’t let the picture put you off: PC users can buy them, too. -

GOOGLE VOICE COMING TO iPHONES SOON - Google Voice, the recent reincarnation of GrandCentral that gives you voicemail transcription, call control and so much more, is about to hit iPhones by way of an app. The app comes with a dialer, which dials out (from your number) and rings your iPhone to connect both sides. It works with a dialpad or your contact list, plus you can also SMS people the same way. There are other standard Google Voice features like call log and voicemail, which you can listen to much the same way as iPhone’s voicemails. iPod touch users, who can’t really take advantage of the dialing stuff, can still use the GV app as a mobile control center to have it ring their standard cellphones.



someone has likely ventured into fringe new breed of malware, which Web sites (gambling, adult content, hacker we like to refer to as “scaresites, warez software key sites, etc.), downware,” has popped up everyloaded files from a file sharing network where. It is better known to like LimeWire or Kazaa, or those who have exfallen for one of the many new perienced it as AntiVirus 2009 e-mail or social media video (formerly AntiVirus 2008). scam messages You don’t really This family of scams has believe there is an embarrassbeen very successful in fooling ing video of you on YouTube, folks into paying for relatively do you? useless software, and the stakes Your chances of getting “inare starting to get higher. fected” by the AntiVirus 2009 The most recent variations scam are exponentially higher attempt to convince users than getting infected by any their “My Documents” folders of the Conficker worms that are corrupted and offer a free captured the world’s attention “fix” to repair the problem. over the last couple of weeks, This scam convinces you to because the AntiVirus scam install a rogue program that relies on gullibility. actually “encrypts” your “My Gary Hubbard As with all infections, the Documents” folder and holds Technology more you pay attention to you hostage when you try to what you are clicking on and access your files. The “ransom” is $50 (required to unlock the more suspicious you are of everything you see, the less likely you will become a the encryption), which is why the security victim of these scams. community refers to this type of malware as “ransom-ware.” (If you get infected with Gary Hubbard is Owner of Data Doctors this scam, DO NOT pay the ransom! Computer Services - www.datadoctors. Unlock tools have been posted around the com Have a technology question? Send it to Internet, and a professional can help as well.) The authors of these programs used a generic-sounding name (AntiVirus 2009), which is used by many companies and boxes and seems as though it could be a Windows-based program. This combination is fooling a lot of users into thinking 30 Years experience the warnings are legit. Working for If the warnings are not coming from buYers and sellers! your anti-virus/anti-spyware program, be suspicious. Paying attention to the details of the warnings is the best way to sidestep these types of scams. In addition to making sure messages are coming from your A/V program, look at the header (usually the blue bar at the top of the warning box) to see if it has the name of your program in it. If Bart Gauker not, beware. To get these pop-ups in the first place, Legends Group


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3735 abney point Dr $1,499,000

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4877 Morgans Creek $799,900

4BR/3.5BA new construction. Hdwd flrs, grmt kit w/ granite cntrs. Main flr mstr, huge LL w/wetbar & media rm. Wooded cul-de-sac lot. Incrdbl att to detail! spenCer kline, 216-5631

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lifestyle. It sells the brand, and the brand is n your job, how close do you feel to about more than electronic equipment. the company or the brand? When Contrast the feeling of these companies you represent the company or brand, with that of General Motors. I recently how do you refer to that affiliation? If you are an entrepreneur, chances heard the new CEO of GM speak, and he talked about how the company are that affiliation parallels must get back to making great your family. The business is like cars. That’s not exactly a mespart of the family – it’s another sage that inspires. child, one that requires time, Brands (or companies) must care and attention to grow into focus on positive things – the fine, upstanding, self-suschanging the world, improving taining adult parents hope for. lives, etc. – not beating the But what if you don’t own competition or making better the business? What is your cars. When you think of a relationship with the company company, it’s just like a family. like? How do you represent Your kids say “we” when they that relationship? refer to your family, unless they I was flying home from Idaho are disenfranchised. last week, dozing in and out of David Cain Employees who are worka head-jerking slumber, when Marketing ing toward something bigger I heard a flight attendant say, also feel more a part of the “They charge for snacks,” when company. Many companies are looking to he referred to the airline that employs him. bolster their marketing efforts by linking It got me thinking about that relationship them to causes that matter. It’s one reason and how common it is for employees to the green movement is so popular: It stirs feel like a company is just a company and emotion and serves as a rallying point. It’s not part of their lives. They don’t feel they represent the company, or they simply don’t why Barack Obama is president. Everyone wants to make a difference. want to represent the company. Ever wonder how Google, Apple and David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital Starbucks became so successful? Each has media and online marketing company in initiatives that play to a higher purpose; Carmel. David welcomes your questions or they are uplifting. Apple doesn’t just sell comments at computers, iPhones and iPods, it sells a

What’s it Worth

By Keith Albrecht, RE/MAX Real Estate Groups


My Opinion



Type: Residential Age: Built in 1993 Location: Cedar Lake, Carmel Property Description: This fourbedroom, 2.5-bathroom home sits on a cul-de-sac and offers more than 2,500 square feet of living space. Additional amenities include an oversized deck overlooking a pond, a 1,200-square-foot unfinished basement, a hearth area in the kitchen, hardwood floors, a large family room, and nicely sized bedrooms. Details: The value of this home is enhanced by the neighborhood location, the location of the home within the

NOW OPEN Tack Addict

Owners: Alexandra and Brian Leach, Jennifer and Jeremy Kosegi Address: 18326 Spring Mill Rd. Westfield, IN 46074 Web: Phone: 317-867-1645

neighborhood, the square footage and additional space in the unfinished basement, the large family room, and the master bedroom/bathroom. Keith Albrecht is a Carmel resident and realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Groups. Contact him at 317-819-3388 or Keith@

for children, especially with parents who are new to riding and don’t know what they need. “We have Brian (Leach), who is an expert as far as fitting goes,” she said. “And kids are a great market, because riding equipment is so expensive and kids LEACH outgrow boots and clothes so fast.” Kosegi said the nice thing about their business is customers are dealing with people who have expertise in the area. She encourages customers to look at the Web site and check out the online inventory. “It’s been really fun for me to combine a job with something I love,” she said. “We’ve been able to meet so many interesting people.”

MONEY MATTERS What do you think President Obama’s impact on the economy has been?

“I don’t think he has gotten a “(He has) ensured correct fiscal lot done, but he is trying to do policy is set forth through what needs to be done.” those in his administration.” Carrie Blattel Marc Konesco Carmel Carmel

“Terrible. I think we are headed in the wrong direction, and we’re going to crash if we don’t stop.” Mona Lambdin Carmel

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tack Addict, an English tack consignment shop, is now open in Westfield. It sells new and gently used horse riding apparel, mainly from customers who want to trade. The shop encourages keeping customers’ riding habits affordable. One of the four owners, Jennifer Kosegi, said the idea has been in works since last August, but came together in October. Kosegi said their biggest market is children, but that it’s a full-service operation. Another owner, Alexandra Leach, said the shop is practical





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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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please keep it simple

After a few minutes, the tea arrived, and like iced tea, and I drink it every day it was the moment of truth. I took a big at lunch. When I go out to dinner swill with an open mind and … It was (which is often), I usually get it then “OK” at best. Kinda spicy, with a hint of as well. Until about a year ago, I ororangy flavor. I decided I could live with dered water. However, I switched to it. iced tea because so many places The Cheesecake Factory has have lousy tasting water. Some its “mango fruit” iced tea. (I tastes like soap, some tastes like think it’s awful.) Cafe Patachou metal ... one day I just made an has its “tropical passion.” (It’s executive decision and switched OK.) Kona Grill has some to iced tea. other jacked-up flavor. Most places have normal iced I’m a simple man with simple tea. Some restaurants give you a tastes. How about ... LIPTON choice between sweetened and iced tea? I know, I know, some unsweetened, and that’s OK. of you probably really like these Recently, though, I was at a resflavored teas. I have no malice taurant I’d never been to before. toward you. But restaurant And when I ordered iced tea, owners of the world – please – the waitress said, “Our iced tea Kent Burns offer me the “au naturel” option is a ginger-orange-blossom iced On Success in addition to your “foo-foo” tea. Is that OK?” featured items. Don’t leave me Oh joy. Ginger-orangeto the likes of metallic water. blossom iced tea. For what it’s worth, the lunch item I So I asked, “Does is taste wild?” ordered was excellent. Too bad I had to “No,” she replied. “It’s actually very tasty.  If you don’t like it, I’ll get you some- wash every bite down with ginger-orangeblossom iced tea. thing else.” “OK, that’s a fair deal. Let’s give it a Kent Burns is a Carmel resident, investor and coshot.”  founder of CrossConfirm. He is also a professional Meanwhile, going through my head speaker and author of What’s Your Why? He can was: ... ginger ... orange blossom … Why be reached at do these places serve this jacked-up iced tea?

Are you

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Registered Representative with/and Securities offered through Waterstone Financial Group, Member NASD/SIPC, 500 Park Blvd., Suite 800, Itasca, IL 60143, (630) 250-7000. Wharton Insurance and Financial Services and Waterstone Financial Group, Inc., are independent companies.

LOOKING FOR WORK/NEW EMPLOYEES? - Send your abbreviated

resume (in the format below) to and we will feature it without your name. Companies are encouraged to e-mail us (again, hire@currentincarmel. com) to express interest in any featured candidate. We will send all company information to the candidate, who is free to contact the employer if interested.


Looking for: Full-time telecommunications position Experience: Eight years experience (some as a foreman) installing communications systems, including voice/data cabling, fiber optics, security systems and other diverse media


Looking for: Position in the commercial and/or residential interior design field Experience: Seven years experience with a commercial interior architecture firm, specializing in hospitality clientele Education: Bachelor’s degree in interior design


Are your

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Eleminate The Allergies. Don’t Just Treat The Symptoms. Advanced proven treatment corrects the negative reactions caused by allergies and sensitivities.  Non-invasive  No herbal remedies  No needles  No supplements  No drugs  No avoidance Advanced Allergy Treatment Center Acupuncture of Indiana 300 E. Main Street, Suite C, Carmel 317-946-6767  acupuncture of

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DISPATCHES HEARTWORM AWARENESS Heartworm, a serious and often fatal disease of dogs, cats, and other species of mammals, is preventable. And, with the beginning of the mosquito season, to help raise public awareness, April is being recognized as Heartworm Prevention Month. Because heartworm disease is completely preventable, the AHS recommends that pet owners take steps now to talk to their veterinarian about how to best protect their pets from this dangerous disease. According to the AHS, heartworm prevention is safe, easy, and inexpensive compared to treating a dog or cat after worms have matured into adults. While treatment for heartworm disease is possible, it is a complicated and expensive process, taking weeks for infected animals to recover.

acute or classical homeopathy By John Mikesell For Current in Carmel

To practice classical homeopathy, one must gather an extensive history of the totality of the animal’s symptoms – past and present. This alone might take an hour or more to obtain. An example: A vomiting dog might respond favorably to Nox Vomica (an acute homeopathic remedy). Later, a diligent veterinarian who provides maintenance care might find that the dog has many of the characteristics of the Nux personality (nervousness, irritability, inability to cope with noises or odors, sullenness, aversion to touch, irritable bladder and periodic bouts of constipation and/or asthmatictype coughing).

In acute homeopathy (as opposed to “classical homeopathy”), remedies are chosen to match the disease symptoms occurring at the time. “Acute” homeopathy implies the use of alternative medicine to palliate (ease) the symptoms of a disease, rather than cure it by treating its deeper causes. Conventional Western drugs and methods typically palliate symptoms; seldom is any thought given to the deeper causes. Classical homeopathy, in contrast, selects a deeper remedy that matches the totality of an animal’s symptoms. This method takes into account the short- and long-term physical, mental and emotional components, as well as the physical symptoms of the current disease.

John Mikesell, owner of Love of Dogs Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at

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*Most Cars. Includes up to 5 qts. oil (no synthetic). Inspect all steering and suspension components for wear, lube chassis, & oil filter, and FREE Safety Inspection. *Additional oil and some oil filters have additional costs. Coupon must be presented for Special. (Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 5/4/09.)

pets of the week PJ is a 3 ½ year-old male white with black fox terrier mix. He is a funloving and playful guy. He is good with children and house trained. PJ is a great little dog who just hopes he can find a family willing to take him for walks and love him unconditionally. In return, he will be a loyal and loving companion and family pet. Portia is a 6-year-old female seal point snowshoe mix. She is a very social girl, and she is extremely affectionate. She has gorgeous blue eyes and a very soft coat, and she enjoys being brushed. Portia is a bit of a diva and prefers to be the only feline in the home, but she is willing to consider a home with a friendly canine. Portia qualifies for the shelter’s P.A.W.S. (Partnering Animals With Seniors) Program. If you are age 55 or older, contact the shelter to find out how you can adopt Portia for a reduced fee. For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-7734974 or go to

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CATNIP REACTION - Not all cats are stimulated by catnip to the same degree, and more than a third of cats will not respond at all. Strange as it may seem, the different responses are probably due to environmental factors – genetics and the gender of the cat (males are more likely to respond than females). No one really understands the genetic trait, but it can be bred into a line through genetic selection. Give catnip no more than once a week or the effects may diminish. Cats love it green and fresh. Bruise it slightly before giving freshly cut stems or leaves. If using dried catnip, store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator and give up to a teaspoon per cat weekly.


any singe item

14641 U.S. 31 North Carmel, IN 46032




OLIVE OIL TASTING SEMINAR - Olive oil has been more than mere food to the peoples of the Mediterranean; it has been an endless source of fascination and wonder. That wonder, and a certain amount of confusion, continue today. Many ask, what is the difference between different types and brands of olive oil. Vine and Table (313 East Carmel Drive) will host an Organic Olive Oil seminar to answer such questions April 16 from 6-7:30 p.m. The cost is $10 per person, and you may register online at www.vineandtable. com or call 317-817-9473. DEFENDING IMITATION SYRUP - Syrup shouldn’t run; it should ooze. Real maple syrup runs, but imitation syrup oozes. So instead of going straight into the pancakes like water into a sponge, it maintains their integrity. And massmarket syrup is sweet, but real maple syrup is a beguiling combination of sugar and resin. Which is authentic, sure. But bark is authentic. So are squirrels. Is there anything else we eat that tastes vaguely of tree? - Esquire FIRST-CLASS DEALS - After spending millions to spruce up their first- and business-class cabins and add premiumeconomy seats to their planes, airlines are facing huge losses as recession-hit corporations around the world slash their travel budgets. But the airlines’ bad timing is a boon to leisure travelers looking to fly in comfort: Carriers are now offering their premium-class seats at bargain-basement prices rather than see them go empty. At press time, British Airways was offering New York-London round-trip business-class fares for $1,800 – a whopping 84 percent off the standard business-class fare. Experts say we are not looking at a short-term fire sale: These bargains are here to stay as long as business travel remains soft. -

“ A very wise Tuesday, April 14, 2009

eting investment.


her product offers me ete market penetration o that cost.”

m a r ke t i n g c relations

orth enter


get a feel for neo-real


By Barbara E. Cohen Current In Carmel

With its latest exhibition, which opens on April 18, the Evan Lurie Gallery continues to bring to the Carmel Arts & Design District the best young artists from around the world, working today in an abstract figural style. For “Realism/ SANTOS Neo-Realism,” gallery owner Evan Lurie invited four award-winning painters and sculptors to fill the white-walled space at 30 W. Main St. with pieces that demonstrate a range of contemporary realist themes and forms. Two of the overseas invitees, Arnau Alemany and Michael Chelich, are tentative because of the complexities of shipping artwork overseas. But the American artists, Jorge Santos and Steve Shaheen, are eagerly awaiting their first forays into central Indiana. Santos and Shaheen are scheduled to meet the public during a pair of informal afternoon talks before the formal gallery opening, which takes place from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. April 18, as part of the April A&D District gallery walk. Santos will talk to the public about his work beginning at 1 p.m.

A very wise marketing investment. No other product offers me complete market penetration close to that cost.”

Sue Finkam, manager, marketing and public relations Clarian North Medical Center

GO FRUITY - Fruit salsa is an excellent side dish with tortilla chips or on grilled fish or chicken. Try this easy recipe to make your own: • 2 cups cherry or berry preserves • 2 tbsp. lemon juice • 1 red serrano or jalapeño chili pepper, seeded and minced (wear rubber gloves) • 3 scallions, root ends trimmed, finely chopped • 2 tablespoons minced fresh mint leaves In a small bowl, combine all ingredients and let sit about five minutes. -

489.4444 “

“I generally dislike doing lectures, but I’ll do this one because Evan asked me to do it,” said Santos, an American artist of Portuguese descent. “I’ve been working with him for the last decade, and he’s up there with the best.” Santos’ work is already familiar to people who have visited the gallery, because his enormous SHAHeen surreal and symbolic canvases are a favorite of Lurie’s. Santos admires a host of other contemporary painters whose works influence him, as well as old school figurative masters like Caravaggio, Titian, René Magritte and Francis Bacon. At 2:30 p.m., stay on to hear Shaheen talk about his marble reliefs and wall sculptures. “I will explain my work and my creative process and recount a brief history of how I came about working in stone,” said Shaheen, who splits his time between studios in New York City and Tuscany. “I hope to offer insight not only into my art but also into the uncommon practice of carving.” Barbara E. Cohen covers the arts for the Current community newspapers. Please send comments or story ideas to

What: Indy Family Pet Fair When: Friday, noon – 9 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Toyota Exposition Hall, Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1202 E. 38th St., Indianapolis Cost: $7 adults, $3 children (6 – 12), free for children 5 and under Details: The Indy Family Pet Fair is a one-stop shop for unique pet products and services. See live entertainment, top-quality product demonstrations, veterinary seminars, and the newest pet products and services for all types of pets. Info: 317-863-0415, www.

THE INCREDIBLE EDIBLE … I love eggs. The reasons? Well, there are a lot. Let me share.

Han Chong Co-owner at Miyagi’s Where he likes to eat? The Cheesecake Factory What he likes to eat there? Pasta and steak What he likes about the Cheesecake Factory. The food and the service, and the ambiance is good. I went there about a week ago, and the prices are very reasonable. The Cheesecake Factory 8701 Keystone Crossing, Suite 4A Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-566-0100 Hours: Monday – Thursday, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. Sunday, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

For breakfast? Scrambled, poached, fried … the options are endless. Lunch? How about a hard-boiled egg on a Cobb salad. Dinner? Utilized in many sauces, such as Bearnaise on grilled steak. Dessert? Ice creams, custards, brownies, cakes, cookRichelle Rider ies … the list goes on Chef Inspired and on. A drink? Try a milkshake or some eggnog around the holidays.


Shell: A “shield” that protects the egg during handling/transport, the shell allows air into the egg and prevents microbes from entering. Yolk: The “energy source” that provides nutrients for the egg. Air cell: Acts as an “airbag” to help the egg save water and keep it from drying out. Albumen: A “shield.” Its primary natural purpose is to protect the egg yolk and provide water and protein.

Fine Lines, Inc. Hair & Nail Salon


2489 W. 30th Street, Indianapolis Phone: 317-923-6353 Website: Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday, noon – 7:30 p.m. At 30th Street and historic Cold Springs Road, The Iron Skillet is convenient to nearby Marian College. The meals at The Iron Skillet are prepared and beautifully served in comfortable surroundings. The dining area is filled with soft music, candlelight, delicate latticework and fresh floral decorations. The name “The Iron Skillet” was inspired by the original utensils in which fried chicken and steaks were prepared – and in fact, some entrees still are prepared in this manner. An enlarged replica of the first iron skillets occupies one of the restaurant’s several dining rooms. The Iron Skillet, now in its 53rd year, serves dinners in a unique “family style” manner.

TERRY owner & stylist

ALISSA stylist


BETH stylist

Color NANCY stylist



KIM nail tech



• 6 eggs, beaten • 2 cups milk • 6 slices white bread, cubed • 1 tsp. dry mustard • 1 tsp. salt • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese • 1 lb. mild bulk sausage, browned, crumbled and drained (can substitute bacon)

• 6 hard-boiled eggs • 1/2 tsp. salt • 1/2 tsp. pepper • 1/2 tsp. dry mustard • 2 1/2 cups mayonnaise • Paprika to garnish Cut hard-boiled eggs into halves. Slip out the yolks and mash with a fork. Mix in rest of ingredients. Refill egg whites with egg yolk mixture. Sprinkle with paprika.

Mix all ingredients together. Pour into a greased (9x13) pan and refrigerate overnight. Bake in a 350-degree oven for 45 minutes.

EGGS HAVE FUN FACTS Chalazea: A “seatbelt” of twisted strands that anchor the yolk, protecting it from vibrations


• They contain the highest quality food protein. They are second only to a mother’s milk for human nutrition. • Eggs provide vitamins A, B6, B12, riboflavin, choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. • Eggs play a role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy pregnancy, brain function and eye health. • Egg yolks are one of few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. • Eggs are also nutritious for many pets and are often an important part of prepared pet food formulas.

• They are the universal symbol of Easter celebrations throughout the world. • The Chinese, Egyptians and Persians all cherished the egg as a symbol of the universe. • Roman women carried an egg on their persons to foretell the sex of their unborn children. • French brides break an egg on the threshold of their new home for luck and healthy babies. • Egg shells have about 17,000 tiny pores, through which they can absorb flavors and odors. Richelle Rider is a chef/owner at Woody’s Library Restaurant, 40 E. Main St. in Carmel. For more information, visit or her catering Web site, www.

Maybe it’s not the game . . . Maybe it’s your feet.

EURAY stylist


ght s

Bring in th get a FR is ad and EE pair of CrocsR your ex x™ with aminati on. New pat ients

SUE nail tech


KATIE nail tech

only. 4/30/09 .

LYNN nail tech

RECESSIoN SpECIALS foR SpRINg! Receive a free Manicure with a pedicure. Call for your appointment with Sue! Haircut, Color, Eyebrow Wax/$80 or Haircut, partial Highlight, Eyebrow Wax/$85 Call Alissa or Euray for this Spring Special!

Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm


811 West Main Street, Suite 120, Carmel


Don’t ignore the pain. Millions of Americans suffer unnecessarily,

Evening Hours Available Preferred Provider with Most Insurance Plans

and treatment is often covered by health insurance. We even offer prescription custom orthotics for your golf shoes. Schedule an appointment with Dr. David Sullivan today, and

step out tomorrow. . . pain free!

Oak Ridge Professional Park 16411 Southpark Drive, Ste. B


David R. Sullivan, DPM

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The Iron Skillet Restaurant


Deviled eggs



egg soufFle

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kids gathered at the Carmel Clay Public Library last week to celebrate Spring Break. The library’s Kids Adventures program, for kids in grades 3-5, was the perfect solution for families who didn’t make it out of town on the break. 1. Waiting in line for s’mores are Stephen Abshire, Bianca Cueller, Jessica Abshire and Alexander Pitchford. 2. Stephen Abshire shows he is flexible as he makes it under the limbo bar. 3. Bianca Cueller knows the best treats are messy, especially the gooey marshmallow part. 4. Jarod Throckmorton runs his part of the relay race, with his team watching in the background. 5. Surgmin Park sprints to the finish as his team wins the relay.

New Hours! Monday - Saturday 10am - 6 pm Sunday 12 - 6pm

Photos by Karl Ahlrichs





Actors Theatre Presents ‘Forbidden Broadway’ The Actors Theatre of Indiana will perform “Forbidden Broadway” – an off-Broadway smash hit that celebrates and spoofs Broadway’s most famed musicals – through May 13 at the Mansion at Oak Hill, 5801 E. 116th St. in Carmel. “Forbidden Broadway” irreverently pokes, prods, teases, and lampoons anything Broadway has to offer – but always with love. The show opens April 2, with performances April 3 and 4, and then every Wednesday through May 13. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the show begins at 7:30. Admission is $45 per person

CSO Returns to Westfield The Carmel Symphony Orchestra will return to Westfield High School (18250 North Union Street in Westfield) April 18 at 7:30 pm, to present its season finale concert, “Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto,” featuring Indianapolis native and rising star Robin Scott. The evening’s program includes: Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Overture to Egmont,” Richard Strauss’ “Death and Transfiguration,” Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Capriccio Italien” and Felix Mendelssohn’s “Violin Concerto in E minor.” Ticket prices are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors (65 and older) and $5 for students (high school and college).  Younger students and children are free. Tickets may be available at the door. To reserve tickets in advance, call 317-8449717 or visit www.carmelsymphony. org.


Earn an associate degree that results in a good-paying job or transfer your credits to earn a bachelor’s degree. Take summer courses at the Carmel Community Life and Learning Center located at 515 E. Main Street,


(with dinner) or $25 (without dinner). Reservations required. For more information or to make a reservation, call 317-843-9850 or visit www. or www.

Carmel, IN. For more information on the classes offered this summer, call 1-888-IVY-LINE or visit www.ivytech. edu/indianapolis/campuses/sites.

• Lingerie • Candles • Organic Skin Care • Jewelry

317.574.8990 23 E. Main St. Suite 100 M - S: 11 - 6 • Sun: 12 - 4 or by appointment

BOOT CAMP To change your appearance! To feel great! To be more disciplined! To lose weight!

45-minute workout. Body-weight, dumbell and Swiss ball movements. Maximize caloric expenditure. Up to five people per session. Rookie to advanced. Program customized for YOU!

99 East Carmel Drive Suite G • Carmel, IN 46032 • (317) 817-0001

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24 FROM P23 Treasure Island at Beef & Boards Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre will stage the Midwest premiere of “Treasure Island: A Musical Adventure” through May 17. A collaboration between award-winning guest director Marc Robin and actor Curt Dale Clark, “Treasure Island” is based on the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. It tells the tale of young Jim Hawkins, the son of a deceased sea captain, who dreams of his own seafaring adventures. As fate would have it, he’s entrusted with a treasure map and embarks on his first voyage in search of the mysterious “Treasure Island.”

There are 41 performances scheduled at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre (9301 N. Michigan Rd. in Indianapolis). Tickets range from $34 to $57 and include Chef Odell Ward’s specially prepared buffet with salad bar, unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade. For reservations, call the box office at 317-872-9664 any day between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information or complete show schedule, visit www. Gallery Walk Usher in Spring during the “Art in Bloom” Gallery Walk April 18, from 5-10 p.m. Fine art purveyors, storefronts and eateries of the Carmel Arts & Design District host receptions that feature works by local and international artists, many offering customized hors d’oeuvres and complimentary drinks. Carmel Artist Presentation At 2 p.m. April 19, Tom Rugh, Ph.D, will present “Franklin Booth: The Colors of Black Lines” for the Carmel-Clay Historical Society. The slide presentation will occur at the Carmel Christian Church (463 E. Main Street) and include sixty examples of the pen-and-ink art of the Hoosier native, a Society of Illustrators’ Hall of Fame laureate. Booth built a summer studio behind his parents’ home at 321 N. Range Line Rd., earmarked as one

of the city’s Historical Sites. Booth cofounded the Phoenix Art Institute in New York City and spent the second half of his life teaching. Beside examples of Booth’s unique drawing style in advertising, Rugh’s presentation will also unveil some of Booth’s never-before-published religious art. For more information, contact Tom Rugh at or 317-255-0128.

LIVE MUSIC The following musical acts will be playing live at Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian, Carmel. For more information, call 317-573-9746:

Hope Alive Sunday, April 19

9:30 & 11am Worship Services

Join us for

ACornS to oAKS April 17: Meatball Band April 18: Living Proof April 24: Zanna-Doo! April 25: The Late Show


Planted, rooted and Growing in Christ Presented by

Children’s Music Ministry

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-1555 •

Our advertisers are offering powerful incentives to make your shopping experience more fruitful. Just present the coupons of your choice for instant savings at their establishments. Call 489.4444.

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Feel amazing during your pregnancy!

Contact Dennis O’Malia 317.370.0749 or

Lara Acton


to grow your business on this page

Buy 1 Dinner Entrée & get a 2nd Dinner Entrée (of equal or lesser value)

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(Valid for dinner only. One coupon per table.)


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perfect pilates Now offering: Private and Group Apparatus Pre-Natal Pilates All Trimesters - Beginners Welcome

Pilates makes daddy happy too!

5 pre-natal pilates classes



* Offer good through Apr 30th. First Time Customers Only.

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Constantly try to get more child support from your ex, rather than going out and getting a job? (Don’t forget, one day your child will turn 18 and you will have to go back to work. Why not stop mooching and get a job?) Use your kids to punish your ex? (I’m going to voice my opinion loudly on that last one. If you are lucky enough to have an ex who cares about your kids, why hurt your kids by denying them the right to be part of both parents’ lives? Kids need both parents, and they need them equally. I’m going to target women on this one, • If you can’t say anything nice, because this is where I see it the Rachael Noble most. You want equality, ladies? don’t say anything at all. DATING Then give equality. Kids need • Kill them with kindness. their dads!) • Play nice and play fair. I know, I know. “She started it!” But If you answered yes to one or more of we’re not talking about her. We’re talking the above, you may need to consider some about you. afterschool “tutoring.” How about some It’s time for a pop quiz. Ask yourself the counseling sessions to get you through this following. Do you … time? We try to teach our kids to play fair. Try to think of ways to ruin your ex’s It’s time we grown-ups do the same! life? Rachael Noble is a single Carmel resident and Leave hateful voicemails, call your contributing columnist. She can be reached ex names, or talk trash your ex to at others?




h, divorce. How does a oncehappy couple go from bliss to bitter, kindergarten-esque name calling? It seems that in matters of the heart, it’s not always easy to keep a cool head and let go of someone you’ve held dear and who you have trusted never to cheat or leave you. But I challenge you, dear friends, to remain classy and sophisticated if you ever become a divorce statistic. If you find yourself wanting pull your ex’s ponytail and call her names, remember what your teacher used to say:


1 2

Fences Retaining Walls Water Features Pond Maintenance

YES We do that!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Landscape Design and Installation


he success of some projects is directly attributed to the homeowner’s keen vision and exceptional taste. That was the case with our latest project. It was another multi-phase project initiated with curb appeal, and it turned into a very cool and intimate backyard escape. The project continues to mature delightfully, with elegant night lighting likely the next phase. Phased projects allow ideas to Randy percolate, budgets Sorrell to rest and relationships to grow. The beautifully crafted front bed lines are highlighted with a chocolate sandstone edge, and they curve throughout the manicured lawn courtyard. The homeowner’s vision dwarfed our sterile thoughts and resulted in a forever flowering parade of colors that inspires most of her Carmel neighbors. Some of our all-time favorites are showcased here. It starts early in the season with three white flowering serviceberry ornamental trees (my personal favorites),

be a part of



Inside & Out



followed quickly by a sweetbay magnolia, which offers a profuse fragrant summer bloom that oozes the scent of vanilla candy. It then blooms sporadically throughout the fall. Both are multi-stem trees in an inverted vase shape. Sweetbay magnolias are considered a weak evergreen, meaning they often hold their shiny, deciduous leaves into March before reluctantly dropping. “Nearly wild” shrub roses scream midspring with pink double flowers and speak sporadically throughout the remaining season until their colorful fall encore. Butterfly bushes not only provide prolonged 6” multi-color flowers, but also offer a nice privacy screen.

Greg Norman


Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+, a Carmel home improvement firm. He may be reached at 317-6792565, or

877-281-OPEN ★ ★ Or Visit Kids 17 and Under Admitted Free With a Ticketed Adult

forms. Without sponge-like soil (that can soak up water and drain with ease) as your foundation, you will find yourself treating the symptoms (with weed controls and overfertilizing), rather than getting to the “root” of the problem. Myth 3: Watering lawns every day is critical (especially in the sweltering heat of summer) to keep them looking green. Water is critical to the health of grass. Although there is no single correct way to water, rich organic soils will certainly need less water than sandy or clay soils. It’s a good practice to water your grass once a week for a long period of time so the water seeps in. If you have a sandy soil (test with a soil pH meter), you may have to water twice as much. Not only is it a waste to water on a daily basis, but it’s also unhealthy for the grass, which becomes more susceptible to diseases and insects if it stays wet for too long. -

stay moVeD. • GratituDe • Joy • peace •

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Myth 1: Chemical fertilizers and insecticides are necessary to get golfgreen grass. In truth, using chemicals is not only unhealthy for us, our children, our pets and the environment, but it does nothing to build up the health of a lawn. Because these fertilizers act quickly, they can make an unhealthy lawn look better faster. Meanwhile, the chemicals can chase away earthworms, kill off the soil microbes involved in decomposition and soil formation, and cause tremendous top growth of the grass blades without allowing the roots to grow at the same pace. Myth 2: The foundation of a healthy lawn is the consistent use of fertilizers and weed controls. The foundation of a healthy lawn is healthy soil! What makes a soil healthy is its texture, structure and what’s called “soil life.” Healthy soil will allow water, air, nutrients and roots to move through it with ease. It’s filled with good stuff like microorganisms, worms and other beneficial life

• patios/decks • landscapes • pergolas • porches/sunrooms • handyman services


Invest in your nest!

Hope • Vision • Dream •FaitH • smile •


stay moVeD. • GratituDe • Joy • peace •

Hope • Vision • Dream • FaitH • smile •

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Named “TOP ALL STAR AGENT” by IBJ 2008

HONEST. LOYAL. DEPENDABLE. (and so is the dog)



RE/MAX Ability Plus

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Now, the truth is Chuckles is a very seem to know a lot of funny profesgood accountant. What am I saying? He’s sionals. My doctor, my dentist, my a wizard. And he approaches the whole tax accountant – they’re all jokesters. business as a sort of contest between the Most of the time this is all right. IRS and us. MOST of the time. There are By that I mean there are a exceptions. finite number of legitimate deMy former physician, the ductions available to someone retired-and-greatly-missed Dr. in my circumstances. If we miss Shecky, had a knack for making them, the IRS isn’t going to tell a joke while the flashlight gizmo us about it, so it’s up to us – was still in my nose. More that is, Chuckles – to find every than once, I just about shot last one of them. And he does. the thing across the room. And I used to do my own taxes. I my dentist, Dr. Laughing Gas, called him in because the IRS just loves to pull that dentist and I were in dispute to the stunt of asking a question that tune of a several thousand dolrequires a complete sentence lars. (You can guess which side to answer – but only after your of the dispute I was on.) Well, mouth is full of dentist fingers. Mike Redmond Chuckles not only cleared up And then there’s my accounHumor the mess (and got me to swear tant, Chuckles. off tax return software) but also This is April, and if there’s went through my records and found a few ever a month you don’t want a jokey acoverlooked opportunities. As it turned out, countant, this is the one. It’s tax time, and the IRS ended up paying me about twice you’re about to sign off on a document, what they said I owed. and in doing so, swear that every last bit So you can see why I put up with of it is the absolute truth. And if it isn’t, Chuckles’ jokes. the IRS can send you to a labor camp in That said, I still can’t help being a little Antarctica. You’d think this might cut nervous this time of year. Once you’ve down on the hilarity, but no. Take a look received one of those “nice try, now pay at some of Chuckles’ tax-time Laff Riots. pp” letters from the government, April “I went ahead and claimed a cat as your becomes nerve-wracking, even with a pro dependent. Congratulations. You now like Chuckles on the job. have a daughter named “Mister Tinkles.” And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to “I tried a couple of unusual business go sign this year’s return. deductions here. I have friends at the IRS Chuckles says I might want to double and they tell me these things work almost up on the Prozac first. 14 percent of the time.” I think he’s joking. I hope he’s joking. “Oh, by the way: If you look at form Please let him be joking. 1190 WOWO, you now own 45 percent of Vandelay Industries. Don’t ask.” Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, “You’d better check my figures. Math humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ was never my strong suit.” or P.O. Box 44385, And the classic: “Don’t worry. If the Indianapolis, IN 46244. IRS questions anything in your return, we promise to visit you in prison.”

LAUGHS Tuesday, April 14, 2009




Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.



s I reported last week, I started a Scrabble competition on Facebook with my sister in New York. For legal reasons, this word game is called Lexulous, but it’s too hard to say Lexulous, so if the Scrabble people want to sue, let them come and get me. I’ll have a few choice words for them, none of which are acceptable … and not because they’re proper nouns. So here I was, Dick Wolfsie cranking out sevenHumor letter words one after another, when I realized my inbox was filling up. On Facebook, people from your past find you, and I guess the acknowledgment that I had made the word “obtund” (to deaden) was getting some hefty attention on the web. I glanced at the names of the people who had contacted me and recognized three friends from high school. Again, it was their names I recognized. The photos just looked like just a bunch of really old people. First there was Bernie’s message, which included the following observation: Dick, You know how you used to bounce your leg in class and how it drove the teachers crazy? Well, I picked up that habit from sitting next to you for three years. I still do it. Thanks a lot. By the way, do you still lose stuff all the time? Then there was a note from Ethan: Dick, Remember in high school when you reported your car stolen from the student parking lot but later realized your mother had driven you to school that day? Are you still a space cadet? Finally, from Charlene: You were always so adorable. I must have been crazy to have dumped you after the prom. Do you still whistle? Like how annoying was that on a date? I’m assuming you also stopped shaking your leg. Are you still scatterbrained? Do I still do all those things? I know I hadn’t stayed on top of my geometry, European history and chemistry, but had I also neglected my habits? I knew my wife would be objective. “Yes, you whistle,” said Mary Ellen. “You’ve done it our entire marriage. You do it when we’re in the car and when you’re in your office downstairs. You even whistle in the morning. Do you know how abnormal that is?” “Why?” “Why? Because 99 percent of all the men in the world hate their jobs. Name one other person who whistles on the way




to work.” “I can name a few: Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy … OK, how about that leg thing? Does it annoy you?” “You bounce your leg when you watch TV, when you eat meals and when you read the paper. Sometimes I just want to go into the garage, get some duct tape, wrap 1000 feet of it over your right leg and secure it to the chair.” “OK, but my question was: Does it annoy you? And do you think I’m spacey?”

“Let’s see, in the last month, you found your cell phone in the freezer, you found your car keys in the dog food bowl and just last night you found your appointment book in the broom closet.” “Remember, Mary Ellen, there was a time I couldn’t find anything.” I was very depressed, but I think Charlene’s note hurt the most. I e-mailed and told her that after all these years I still had wonderful remembrances of prom night. I also told her I had matured and

was no longer spacey. I received this response the next day. Dear Dick, Thanks for the e-mail. I’m so happy you have fond memories of the prom. Are you sure you’re not spacey anymore? Sincerely, Ethan. Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

like, totally, dude


CHERRY TREE STUDENTS RECEIVE HONORS - Taylor Bickett and Kathy Huang, both fourth graders at Cherry Tree Elementary, received two special awards at this year’s Central Indiana Regional Science & Engineering Fair (CIRSEF). They were chosen from approximately 75 projects for the D.J. Angus Scientech Education Foundation Award. Their project, Battle of the Coffee Cups, tested coffee cups from a travel mug to take-out cups from coffee shop chains for heat retention. CIRSEF, a regional science fair sponsored by local companies, scientific foundations, and the University of Indianapolis, was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

PRARIE TRACE TO TURN PINK - Prairie Trace Elementary’s parent-teacher organization is sponsoring April 17 as “Wear Pink for Pulley Day” to honor the memory of Nancy Pulley, a kindergarten teacher at the school who passed away in Nov. 2006. Students and teachers will be encouraged to wear pink, and ribbons of that color from the Susan G. Komen Foundation will be available for a minimum donation of $1. Funds will be donated to the Carmel Clay Education Association to set up a scholarship in Pulley’s name. For the third year, the $1,000 scholarship will be available to a selected Prairie Trace student who graduates from Carmel High School in May. The school is accepting donations to the fund, with checks made payable to Prairie Trace and mailed to the school, at Attn: Pulley Scholarship Fund, 14200 N. River Road, Carmel, Indiana 46033. For more information, call the school at (317) 571-7925.


Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher who developed a mastery-learning system of teaching grammar to high school seniors. If you have a grammar-related question, please email her at

As is the case with many issues of grammatical adherence, the usage of ‘like’ as a conjunction isn’t a huge problem in casual conversation or other informal communication.

The current Carmel Clay Public Library building opened on May 2, 1999. Join us as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary! • What’s a Great Library Worth to You? Visit the Library for details beginning April 15. • Be sure to get your special 10th Anniversary commemorative tote for just $5.00. • Mark your calendar now for a day of fun at the Library on Saturday, May 2 – look for details here in the coming weeks. • Be ready to share your Library stories and be part of a celebration video and/or blog beginning May 2.

For more information about the Library’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, call 571-4292. Carmel Clay Public Library 55 Fourth Avenue SE

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CHS COLOR GUARD TRYOUTS - Girls who will be enrolled at Carmel High School next year are invited to color guard tryouts, which will take place April 21 and 23 from 6-8:30 p.m. in the high school band room. The color guard serves an auxiliary unit to the Marching Greyhounds, twirling flags, spinning mock rifles and sabers and dancing along with the music. For more information, contact Rosie Queen, color guard director, at No experience is necessary.

the grammar guru

Huang & Bickett

The word like has gotten a bad rap in recent years. Actually, like has been acquiring that rap for quite a while, now that I think about it. When I was in high school, west-coast valley girl and surfer dude slang were really popular: Girls said things such as, “I like went to school and like totally didn’t get the point” (while chewing gum obnoxiously and with a hair flip for emphasis), and guys were apt to say, “Dude, I like totally can’t find my gnarly skateboard, so I’m like bummin’ man.” For a while – and still today for a few stragglers – like became the inserted utterance when a person hadn’t yet formulated the rest of a coherent (or incoherent, for that matter) thought. More frequently now, however, like is used as a replacement for as, as though, or as if: He looks like he is going to hurt someone. I feel like it’s time to leave. Those sentences probably sound correct to most readers, but they aren’t. Like, in the opinion of most grammarians, should not be used as a conjunction. There are some who may disagree, and many will note the use of like as a conjunction for hundreds of years as proof that it should be acceptable, but the fact that people have made the mistake for a long stretch of history doesn’t necessarily make the mistake correct. Remember your mom when you were a kid: “Just because everyone else in the neighborhood rides a bicycle in the middle of the street doesn’t mean you should, too.” The same principle applies here.

Like may be used as a preposition, though. This is one area where people become very confused about the use of like versus as. It is more logical and concise to say, “That outfit makes her look like a hobo,” than, “That outfit makes her look as if she is a hobo.” There is a difference in the usage in the two sentences, though both of which are correct. The first sentence uses like as a preposition; the second sentence uses as if as a conjunction. I don’t want to bog you down with an explanation of preposition and conjunction functions, so here’s a quick rule of thumb: If you are using the word like, but the sentence would make just as much sense if you replaced like with as, as though, or as if, use one of the as constructions instead. It’s an easy switch to make, and the rule works out well because most people would not choose to say, “That outfit makes her look as a hobo.” Technically correct, but awkward. As is the case with many issues of grammatical adherence, the usage of like as a conjunction isn’t a huge problem in casual conversation or other informal communication. I use like as a conjunction frequently in laid-back conversations with family and friends, but when I write more formal pieces and when I edit for others, I use the more formal as, as if, or as though. Like, it’s all about like your audience, dude.


By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel



kids are not the problem


everything they need. can’t be complacent when it comes to my position about parents treat• Parents who want power over their ing their kids with the same respect kids teach them to be bullies. we expect from them. Lately, I • Parents who discipline with an iron have received e-mails from fist teach kids to be defiant. readers hell-bent on proving to their children that they are in • Parents who don’t listen to charge. They are convinced the their kids’ needs teach them child who defies them deserves they are not important. punishment they – the parents – It is paramount for parwould not accept from anyone. ents to give their children And yet, they have no probevery opportunity to feel lem imposing their will upon good about themselves. their children. I apologize for Parents who diminish their the negativity in this column, kids’ self-worth because they but I am truly offended by parhave an ego problem, or ents who don’t see themselves because they feel they have as the perpetrators of their chilto be in control, or because dren’s behavior. If this will help Becky Kapsalis they think they know what one parent realize the harm their Ask YiaYia is best for their children words and accusations have on without asking them, need their children’s self-worth, my to understand their children, most likely, writings will be worthwhile. learned everything they know from Here is why I believe kids are not the them! problem: Hugs! • Parents who raise controlled kids teach them to be submissive.

• Parents who speak disrespectfully to their kids teach them to fight for

Have a parenting topic or question? Submit it to Ask Yiayia, aka Becky Kapsalis, Certified Parent Coach, at or call 810.9358.

It is paramount for parents to give their children every opportunity to feel good about themselves.


St. Vincent Carmel March 27 Boys-Kettibar, Matthew and Andee Girls- Kouns, Kyle and Julia March 29 Boys- Abu Hanna, Tareg and Emeish, Ann; Johnston , Timothy and Kristen; Brown, Jason and Garrott-Brown, Cilleain March 30 Boys- Allen, Nathaniel and Jenna; Buzzard, Steve and Nichole; Weierbach, Christopher and Oleary-Weierbach, Molly Girls- Sulfridge, Cory and Sarah; Ginder, Barry and Kelly March 31 Boys- Ahnert, Joshua and Alicia Girls- Schepman, Scott and Margaret April 1 Boys- Spencer, Michael and Shannon April 2 Girls- Montgomery, Matthew and Heather


April 3 12:04:15 a.m., suspicious activity, South Rangeline Road / East Carmel Drive 12:21:31 a.m., suspicious activity, 2700 W. 116th St. 12:53:37 a.m., suspicious activity, 697 Pro Med Lane 2:05:15 a.m., juvenile complaint, 3626 E. Carmel Drive 3:48:03 a.m., alarm burglar, 1807 Milford St. 4:24:21 a.m., suspicious activity, 11950 Esty Way 6:25:24 a.m., suspicious activity, 2104 E. 111th St. 6:33:09 a.m., suspicious activity, 9799 Enterprise Drive 7:01:49 a.m., alarm burglar, 1409 Springmill

Ponds Blvd. 7:34:23 a.m., alarm burglar, 310 Medical Drive 7:49:42 a.m., alarm burglar, 515 Cornwall Court 7:52:51 a.m., welfare check, 1032 N. Rangeline Road 8:36:17 a.m., alarm burglar, 13833 Oliver Lane 8:43:04 a.m., warrant service, 13951 Primo Way 9:02:57 a.m., investigation, 1213 Vivian Drive 9:25:19 a.m., warrant service, 14571 Dublin Drive 9:07:08 a.m., abandoned auto, 150 W. 96th St. 9:56:36 a.m., accident property damage, North Meridian Street / Keystone Avenue North 10:19:44 a.m., theft, 151 Pennsylvania Parkway 10:26:18 a.m., theft, 2293 E 116th St 10:32:51 a.m., alarm burglar, 5712 Fairbourne Court 10:46:48 a.m., alarm burglar, 5265 Comanche Trail 10:55:24 a.m., traffic hazard, North Meridian Street / Clay Terrace Blvd 11:05:46 a.m., investigation, 146 Sherman Drive 11:15:45 a.m., investigation, 13749 Hiatt Drive 11:26:16 a.m., investigation, 13737 Hiatt Drive 11:36:55 a.m., investigation, 13730 Hiatt Drive 11:37:30 a.m., alarm burglar, 1789 Milford St. 11:43:43 a.m., juvenile complaint, Second Avenue / 5th St. N.E. 11:56:48 a.m., investigation, 13085 Frogmore St. 12:15:56 p.m., missing person, 582 Hunters Drive 12:41:48 p.m., theft, 3130 E. 96th St. 12:55:19 p.m., theft, 508 W. Carmel Drive 1:36:29 p.m., suspicious activity, Shelborne Road / Shelborne Lane 1:46:58 p.m., 911 hang up, 120 W Carmel Drive 2:34:56 p.m., alarm burglar, 5320 Woodfield Drive 2:45:32 p.m., fire service 12404 Bayhill Drive

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Chinese Foot Massage GRAND OPENING

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The Carmel water tower on West Main Street in 1961. The Evan Lurie Art Gallery (30 W. Main St.) now sits in its place. Photo courtesy of Carmel Clay Historical Society

3940 West 96th Street, Suite D

(northwest corner of 96th Street and Michigan Rd. next to La Beauté Spa)

Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Patricia, age 49, breast cancer survivor

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April 14, 2009  

Current in Carmel

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