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Justin Moffett (left) with his business partner, John Hefton



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At 29, Justin Moffett is already changing the face of real estate development in Hamilton County Like lots of kids, Justin Moffett made a few extra bucks in the summer mowing lawns when he was 15. But unlike most teenagers, Moffett hired and managed employees in his own summer lawn-care business. Entrepreneurship comes naturally to Moffett. Back then, it was a lawn-care business; now it’s real estate development. And at the ripe old age of 29, Moffett is proving he has a knack for finding and capitalizing on good opportunities. Moffett’s business, Uptown Partners LLC, has four projects in various stages of development. Three are in Hamilton County (two in Carmel, one in Westfield) and are intended for multi-family planned-unit developments (PUDs). And while in Hamilton County multi-family PUDs generally refer to three-story condos, that’s not what Moffett and his business partner, John Hefton, have in mind. “We’ve honed in on what people will be buying in the next 10 years, and that’s a product for the baby-boomers – a main-level living concept,” Moffett said. “They don’t

want to be downsizing into a zero-maintenance product that’s three stories; they want to be downsizing to mainlevel living.” Main-level, zero-maintenance living is the minority among multi-family Hamilton County developments. And in Moffett’s opinion, being in the minority is a good thing. “There is a definite market for (this type of home),” he said. “And if people can sell their existing homes, I think we’re going to have a product that’s far more appealing than any other multi-family product. That’s what we’re banking on.” And while the combination of quantity and quality is foremost on most PUD developers’ minds, the environmental impact is just as important to Moffett. He is firm in his belief that the best way to limit suburban sprawl is to build densely in urban and downtown areas.

“When we put more density in the urban core, we help the environment by reducing commute distances, encouraging more walking and biking, and hopefully … preserving more suburban and rural green spaces,” he said. In addition to his Hamilton County developments, Moffett is in the process of acquiring and developing a significant lakeside plot in northeast Indiana’s Steuben County. And he has taken his ‘responsible development’ idea seriously there as well. A number of lakes in the county have been overdeveloped and suffer from crowding, but Moffett refuses to let one of his projects cause such a fate. “We are intentionally seeing how few homes we can fit on the land,” he said. “It would be easy to fit more than 250, but we’re trying to keep it under 60. And even with 60 homes, we’re trying to cluster them in small sections to allow for larger sections of undisturbed green space.” That type of development strategy might not put as much money in Moffett’s pockets, but he thinks it’s a sound decision. “(The land) is gorgeous, with forests and meadows and wetlands,” he said. “It would be a crime to clear it entirely just to (put up) some extra houses.”

MOFFETT’S UPCOMING PROJECTS The Cottages at Carmel 40-unit condominium development 531 S. Guilford Road in Carmel Model opening this spring

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel

The Villas at Timber Ridge 140-unit condominium development 161st Street and Oak Ridge Road in Westfield Model opening spring 2010

Hidden Springs at Hamilton Lake Artist’s rendering of the Cottages at Carmel ©2008 Kil ARCHITECTURE/PLANNING

60 or fewer lakefront and lake-access homes Hamilton Lake in southern Steuben County (about 30 minutes north of Fort Wayne)

OUR TAKES It is our position that good manners and professional etiquette are essential at all levels of government. When dealing with the public, common courtesies are timeless and should be a core consideration. From IRS officials to local dispatchers, returning phone calls and e-mails and attending scheduled appointments should be the rule, not the exception. While unforeseen circumstances can, understandably, create scheduling conflicts and make textbook professionalism difficult, those who

, Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. III, No. 13 Copyright 2008. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

grow with prudence

hold the public trust are accountable to a higher standard. We are, after all, the shareholders in this corporation. We invest our tax dollars in this system. In private business, “customer delight” makes companies successful. As taxpayers, we should expect the same from our government. Local officials maintain an exhaustive list of lofty goals, and in most cases they reach them. It would be a shame for those achievements to be overshadowed by a lack of attention to everyday business etiquette.

It is our position that our fine city (along with our nation and state) is reeling from the impact of the international financial mood. But even as we count the dollars and watch the pennies, we as a community must continue to grow our infrastructure with prudence. New citizens join our ranks every day, and this could prove to be a period of opportunity for Carmel. Let’s not waste it. Downsizing businesses are looking for new office space. Can we provide it? Construction companies are hungry for business. Can we re-negotiate contracts? Opportunities are plentiful in every

market. How do we remain competitive? City council member Luci Snyder was recently panned by the Indianapolisbiased media for urging Carmel leaders to be on the lookout for community-improvement dollars from the federal government. They claimed Carmel should leave the money for larger urban areas and said trying to recoup a tiny fraction of what we pay the IRS is somehow selfish. While we love our neighbors to the south, Snyder was on-target. Carmel should continue to seek innovative ways to move forward in spite of the recessionary headwind.


mind your manners


CURRENTOON by Tim Campbell


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Publisher – Brian Kelly / 414.7879 Executive Editor – Steve Greenberg / 847.5022 Associate Editor – Terry Anker Managing Editor – Bryan Unruh / 489.4444 Art Director – Zachary Ross / 787-3291 Associate Artist – Stefanie Lorenz / 340.1836 Senior Reporter – Mike Beas / 730.4833 Reporter – Brandon Bowman / 489.4444 Cartoonist – Tim Campbell

Advertising Carmel Sales Executive – Dennis O’Malia / 370.0749 Carmel Sales Executive – Lara Acton / 409.1418 Indianapolis Sales Consultant – Kevin Messmer / 513.4359

Business Office Bookkeeper - Deb Vlasich / 489.4444 The views of the columnists in Current In Carmel are their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper. To comment on Tim’s currentoons, contact him at:





cheap if i say so

obama and daniels need to make good

concerns, but we should not be alarmed. t’s interesting how falling value in He asks for our annual income, ethnicity, a stock portfolio and above-thepolitical views, religious persuasion, marcost-of-inflation increases in college ital status and sexual preference. Hmm education make one think about … that seems like a lot of information. who pays and who gets to choose. He says he will “review” our As Hoosier parents (rightly) case and decide whether we complain about the silly cost can afford it without signifiincreases associated with our cant hardship. If not, he will outstanding state-supported consider lowering the price institutions (really, it applies to $4. to the private ones as well), I’d be willing to bet the many of these institutions’ milk doesn’t cost $4, but I’m egalitarian egos are being sure it’s not $35. The byzanbruised by claims that higher tine financial aid system is a education is becoming, at boondoggle designed to shift worst, elitist, and at best, decision-making power away plain irresponsible. from the consumer/taxpayer The institutions say many, if not most, students get some and give it to universities and Terry other elites. It creates ridicuform of financial aid to offset Anker lous contortion in the free the shocking increases. That market, and it has given socisounds appealing, but let’s ety-building power to unelected officials. explore it as a practical matter: We go to a grocer to buy a gallon of milk, and Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current he tells us the price is $35. Yikes! How Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at can that be? Only a few years ago, it was $3.50. He says he understands our

Tuesday – it will either be the first snowflake that spawns a snowball effect of economic reform for our nation, or it stands a snowball’s chance in hell. With Barack Obama (officially) taking the helm in Washington, he’ll either be the hero or the goat in four years, possibly sooner. We’re hoping for the former, and more than you could possibly know. Change was promised, and now it’s time for Obama and his cabinet to walk the talk. It’s puzzling to us, though, as he begins his run as the 44th president of the United States, that he is creating yet another layer of government – something hinted he wouldn’t do – to manage excess. We can save him time and money this way (and he doesn’t need to thank us): He needs to tell all his department heads to cut every ounce of fat from every corner of government and not consider any additional spending in the meantime. We believe that is his best chance to begin to re-craft the federal government into the more streamlined, efficient entity it should be. A load of consolidation can happen if he orders it. A load of pork burning can happen if he sticks to his campaign pledges. We’re


Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg hopeful. You should be, too. ••• Speaking of streamlining, you have to love Gov. Mitch Daniels’ approach as he attempts to reform the Hoosier economy. In his State of the State address, he said his budget proposal “meets the test of honest balance by spending no more than it takes in.” Imagine. Responsible government! Mitch acknowledged the plan is loaded with tough calls and unwanted choices, but that IS the business we’re all in now. More than anything, we heartily applaud his call to “stop spending taxpayers’ dollars on programs that have fulfilled their purpose, or are failing to accomplish their purpose, or were never essential public purposes in the first place.”


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Distressed About the Flag Editor:

I was deeply dismayed to see the article referencing Scott Diersing and his utter disrespect for our nation’s flag (“Flag Protest Sparks Debate,” Jan. 6). By publishing not only his backward views, but also a photo of him standing proudly next to an upside-down flag, you encouraged his absolute ignorance. My husband served proudly as an infantry soldier in Iraq. It never would have occurred to him or his fellow combatants to signal the type of distress an upsidedown flag is supposed to represent. How incredibly insulting to have a suburbanite in Indiana do so because his political views

differ from those of our president-elect.  Perhaps Mr. Diersing should recognize the ridiculous irony of his “protest.”  Barack Obama hasn’t even set foot in the White House, yet our country is stuck in an endless war and our economy is the worst it has been since the depression. Seems that distress flag might have made more sense two years ago. I’m hoping the majority of Carmel residents don’t share Mr. Diersing’s beliefs, or I’ll be looking to put my house on the market.

Megan Morseth, Carmel

Ehrgott is an Inspiration Editor:

Thank you so much for the wonderful story on Doug and Sandy Ehrgott (“Global Heartwarming, Dec. 30). I moved to Carmel two years ago and had the good fortune to meet Doug. He immediately introduced me to Gary Frey and put me to work on the CarmelFest trash brigade. In that period of time, Doug taught me more about true Christianity

and the importance of humble servitude than I learned in the previous 48 years of my life. In an age when churches are fixated on self-promotion and looking more like corporate conglomerates than houses of worship, Doug is a breath of fresh air. I am proud to call him my friend and brother in Christ.

Dennis Shannon, Carmel

At Nutrition Redefined, we strive to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements and dietary consulting services available today. Our promise to you is that your health and fitness will always be our No. 1 priority. Join us as we show you, the community and the world a better way to live.


LIBRARY FOUNDATION BOARD - The Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation has named its board of directors and officers for 2009. Joining the board this year are Henry Blackwell II (retired), Mary Ann Burke (retired), Steve A. Cobb, managing director of CID Capital, and Dr. John Newton, assistant principal of Carmel High School. The foundation is a not-for-profit organization that seeks public and private funds to ensure the long term financial stability of the Carmel Clay Public Library. OOPS - In Brian Shapiro’s Jan. 13 column, “Another Season, Another Disappointment,” he said, “We need an extra (Colts) player in case one gets a mysterious illness, like Booger McFarland, or gets caught with a bag of pot, like Corey Simon.” Corey Simon left the team in 2007 after suffering a “non-football injury.” Defensive tackle Ed Johnson left the team in 2008 after police in Hamilton County found a bag of marijuana in his possession.


few months back, Kent Burns miss the boat and need a life jacket when wrote an article that included you swim it alone. several suggestions for wives to Don’t try to “fix” us or the situhelp their husbands function ation unless we ask. Most of the better. His tips: Keep chips time, when women vomit feelings, conand beer stocked, make colorcerns, and random thoughts, coded lists and don’t bombard it’s simply to help us clear our them with questions during hearts and heads. Nothing their morning routine. (OK, so more. Please allow us to do weren’t his exact words, but you this without tuning us out and get the gist.) going straight to a solution or He even invited me to replans for “making it better.” spond with advice for men. Allow us to vent, and we will Oh happy day! So here it is, usually get around to figuring it Kent and men of northernout on our own. Indianapolis suburbs – a litany Don’t tell us we’re of complaints, or rather, a few being irrational, even if ideas for keeping your wife out we are. Women are crazy. We of the loony bin and/or off the know this. We have hormones Danielle “Bachelor.” (Ladies, hopefully I and children and husbands Wilson have done justice to this critical who frequently make our lives topic; please let me know which a veritable hell on earth. Our items I have forgotten.) decisions and actions are not always reaDon’t confuse your wants and sonable. Please do not point this out. Trust needs with ours. We do not want me, you’re not helping your case when you laser printers for Christmas. We do not do this. need sex every day. We do not think it Don’t leave the seat up. Seriously, would be cool to spend our birthdays why is it so hard for men to do this in Broad Ripple with underage hos and one little thing? Imagine stumbling into shots of Jägermeister. Though it’s always the bathroom in the dark of night, sitting the thought that counts, if it’s clear you down to relieve yourself, and having your haven’t really thought about us at all, you’ll cheeks splash into cold, possibly contami-





nated, toilet water. So not cool. Just put the seat down after each use and pat yourself on the back for being a gentleman. As much as you want to, try not to come home from work and skip directly to “your” time. We know you’ve had a hard day at the office. We know you need to decompress. And we know you love us and the kids. But when you walk through the door and immediately head for your cave to watch the news or to run on the treadmill or to sit in the soothing quiet, you hurt our feelings. We would be much less evil if you would spend 20 minutes sharing stories about the day, playing with your children, and generally engaging with your family. Being a man can be tough. Learning to navigate the murky and often treacherous waters of the female being is hard enough. We are fascinating, yet fickle, creatures indeed. But hopefully the above list will help you understand and appreciate our womanly ways, or at the very least, keep you out of the doghouse for another week or two. Good luck; you’re definitely going to need it. Peace out!



ROUNDABOUT CONFERENCE - Carmel has been selected to host the 2011 Transportation Research Board’s National Roundabout Conference.The city was selected by the 50-member board last week. Seattle, Wash. was also in the running to host the conference.

five things men shouldn’t do

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



be your best for the world


just right. Things weren’t quite clicking. ast week, I attended a video preHe decided to return a few days later. sentation titled “Celebrate What’s As is the norm with dandelions, the full, Right with the World.” The video colorful field had turned into one full of was part of a seminar designed drab and ugly to helped people deal puffballs. But with a world that is not quite as because Jones secure as it has been in the past. kept looking The movie showcased Dewitt for the posJones, a 20-year veteran photograsibility, he pher for National Geographic. As found a great I watched the film and absorbed shot (pictured here). the concepts, I kept thinking 4. Unleash your energy to about all the volunteers I’ve met fix what’s wrong. By celebratover the years and how they exing what’s right, we find the hibit many of the same qualities. energy to fix what’s wrong. In “Celebrate What’s Right with every situation, look for things the World” teaches seven key that are right. Enhance, improve principles. and enjoy them. The wrong will 1. Believe it and you’ll see it. Jeff go away. The old maxim is “don’t believe it Worrell 5. Ride the changes. Don’t until you see it.” The leaders and fear change, make it your ally. volunteers making Carmel great have a vision, and they believe in it before they Think of change as possibility, not something to fear. Jones says change can’t be conactually see it. Perception can become our trolled, so ride it wherever you want to go. reality – good or bad – if we let it. 6. Take yourself to the edge. Know 2. Recognize abundance. In the eatyourself. Understand your internal boundaries or-be-eaten world of scarcity, it is easy to feel that if you’re not first in line, the good and work to expand them. Practice going to your edge – not as a limit, but as a possibility. stuff will be gone. Nature teaches us there 7. Be your best for the world. is always more than one good photo, and Celebrate all of the people among us who more than one person can get it. recognize what is right with the world. 3. Look for the possibilities. Do we truly believe they are there? Dewitt told Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He a great story: One day, he came to a field recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with full of bright yellow dandelions stretching as far as the eye could see. But he wasn’t in Carmel” on cable channel 16. Contact him at the mood to shoot because the light wasn’t

CAC unveils young performers showcase By Margaret Sutherlin Current in Carmel

The 11th annual Young Performers Showcase – exhibiting local musicians, dancers and vocalists – is scheduled for Feb. 8. Sponsored by the Carmel Arts Council and Piano Solutions, the competition invites performers from kindergarten through 12th grade to participate in competitive or non-competitive divisions, depending on the comfort level and experience of the performer. “The key to the program’s success is that it is not just for elite players but a chance for kids of all skills to really perform,” said sponsor Greg Durthaler of Piano Solutions. The showcase, open to the public, will feature dance, vocal and instrumental performers on Feb. 8. Pianists will perform Feb. 28. The CAC will also award two $1,500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors interested in pursuing the arts. Doreen Squire Ficara, executive director of the CAC, said she has high hopes for the competition this year, and she is work-

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Phone: 317-844-4989 Web: ing to build the non-competitive divisions. “We really want more applications and larger participation,” she said. “For piano, we usually get anywhere from 140-170 participants. For the non-competitive (divisions), we get 30-40.” The competition’s primary focus, however, remains to help young performers gain on-stage experience. “The idea is for a community showcase in a friendly environment,” said Theresa Brust, co-chair of the event. This year’s showcase is dedicated to the Carmel Art Council’s first president, Fran Shoup, who helped develop an appreciation for the arts in Carmel. “Fran really believed in arts as a part of the fabric of a community,” Durthaler said.

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1/14/09 5:30:58 PM


Jon Goble, president and CEO of Clarian North

Wellness Challenge Begins By Margaret Sutherlin Current in Carmel

The Carmel Mayor’s Wellness Challenge announced the start of its third year of promoting and practicing healthy living Jan. 14. The challenge, a partnership between Clarian North Medical Center and Mayor Jim Brainard, encourages Carmel residents to continue or start living a healthier lifestyle. “The purpose is really to get people to prioritize their personal health,” said Jon Goble, president and CEO of Clarian North. “Hospitals have a responsibility to help people maintain health, not just to take care of sickness.” This year, the program is focused on individual health, and Brainard encouraged

residents of all ages to take part in the tenweek program. The Wellness Challenge offers discounts and specials at local businesses and screenings as well as special programming for participants. “In Carmel, we have a great advantage to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Brainard said. With $1.6 billion invested in Carmel healthcare – in facilities, trails and programs – Brainard and Goble are optimistic that the program will continue to grow as more area residents take interest in their health. Registration is free and the program runs from Jan. 17 through March 28. Anyone can join at any time. For more information, visit

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3520 E. 96th St., Suite 5 •

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too busy during the day?

John Lowe, DDS



DISPATCHES CPA SEMINARS – Somerset CPAs has announced its January seminar schedule. The next, titled “Five Deadly Human Resource Sins” is on Jan. 22 from 1-5 p.m. The class, held at the Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel, 11925 N. Meridian St. in Carmel, is free and open to the public. Speaker Howard Cox will present organizational deadly sins and how to identify, avoid and remediate them. Somerset will also host seminars on Jan. 27 and 28. CARMEL ALUM NETWORKING – The Carmel Alumni Business Networking group next meets Jan. 21 at Dooley O’Tooles, 160 E. Carmel Dr. The group, which meets every first and third Wednesday, offers shared business contacts to expand your clientele, idea exchanges to enhance sales, and opportunities to unite with fellow classmates. For more information, visit www.carmelalumnibusinessnetwork. com or contact Brian Borshoff at 317846-1005 or

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BARGAIN BIN STOCKS - John Neff, a former fund manager at Vanguard’s Windsor fund, beat the S&P 500 by an average of more than three percentage points during his 31-year run with the company. He has been investing his own money since retiring in 1995. Ever a contrarian, he has continued to thrive by going against the crowd. He recommends these four “bargain bin” stocks.

Seagate Technology (STX) Price: $5 52-week range: $28-$4 Market cap: $2.6 billion Hewlett Packard (HPQ) Price: $36 52-week range: $53-$28 Market cap: $88.1 billion Conoco-Phillips (COP) Price: $51 52-week range: $96-$41 Market cap: $76.6 billion Swift Energy (SFY) Price: $19 52-week range: $69-$16 Market cap: $594 million

IRWIN UNION CELEBRATION - Join Irwin Union Bank, 751 City Center Dr., Jan. 22 to meet renowned architect Deborah Berke as she signs copies of her new book. The event is from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Creating a new perspective


But guess what? Minor points shape recently attended a Pacers game with your life as well. And these different perthree friends. By accident or default, spectives, no matter how subtle, are what I enjoyed the aisle seat for the entire make life interesting. first half. At halftime, like As it relates to your life and mindless sheep, we folyour life’s work – whether it lowed everyone into the conbe raising children or running course. Halftime flies by, and a business – think of your after the chatting, the lines, audience’s perspective. Put and finding the restrooms, it yourself in their shoes. What was two minutes into the third are they thinking, and how can quarter by the time I returned you move them two seats for to my seat. a better view and a different Being the first to arrive, I experience? slid down two seats. It was My Pacers experience relike I was watching a whole minded me that a little shift new game. Moving two seats in viewpoint can change your closer to center court created whole point of view. Maybe it’s a whole new perspective, and David Cain time to ensure your audience it made me think about how Marketing isn’t sitting in the balcony. little things can make a big (I also discovered the Pacers are a great difference. Remember what your life was like when team to watch.) you were in school, before your first job? David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital How about before you were married or media and online marketing company in had kids or whatever other life-changing Carmel. David welcomes your questions or milestones you’ve endured? There are comments at major points in life when your perspective is totally and permanently altered.

Maybe it’s time to ensure your audience isn’t sitting in the balcony. TOP REAL ESTATE DEALS

HIGH-RISE CONDOS FROM $200s Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Fla.’s luxury corridor, this surprisingly affordable 21-story condominium was built for today’s buyer with tremendous attention to detail and unsurpassed amenities. Enjoy a rooftop resort pool with panoramic city and ocean views and a moonlight theater, sauna and steam room. HISTORIC N.C. MANSION ONLINE AUCTION – Located in Edenton, N.C., this luxury home is a Greek revival mansion built on two acres overlooking Pembroke Creek and Edenton Bay. It is the finest example of Greek revival architecture in North Carolina. For more information on these and other real estate deals, visit www.

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Legends Group

Jonah: A Whale of a Story Saturday Casual Worship . . . . . . . . . 5:01 p .m .

Sunday Classic Worship . . 8:00 & 11:00 a .m . Praise Worship . . . . . . . . . 9:30 a .m . Sunday School (all ages) . 9:30 a .m . Nursery Available Community Preschool

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-1555 •

What’s it Worth

By Keith Albrecht, RE/MAX Real Estate Groups



Type: Residential Age: Built in 2005 Location: Claybourne Estates, Carmel Square footage: 3,000 Property Description: This 3,000-square-foot one-owner home is only 3.5 years old. It offers four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a three-car garage and a 1,500-square-foot unfinished basement with a rough-in for a bath. Enjoy the pond view and many upgrades throughout this nearly-new home. Details: The value of this home is enhanced by its age and condition. The pond home-site location is a plus to

NOW OPEN Color Me Mine

Owners: Shilpa and Noel Paul Address: 14300 Clay Terrace Blvd. Carmel, IN 46032 Hours: Sunday & Monday, noon – 6 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Phone: 317-575-0077 Web:

Keith Albrecht is a Carmel resident and realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Groups. Contact him at 317-819-3388 or Keith@

with everyone,” Shilpa said. “A lot of people think it is kid-oriented, but really we offer such different products that … we can cater to adults too.” With hundreds of options for every artist, space available for parties, and a variety of monthly specials, Color Me Mine provides a new angle on the pottery studio Shilpa Paul business. “We are a lot more contemporary than a lot of pottery studios,” Shilpa said. “We have more than 400 (paintable) pieces, a design center, and are really a full-service store focused on customer service.”

MONEY MATTERS How has the recent economic situation affected your charitable giving over the holidays and in the future?

“We used to foster kittens, but there’s not enough funding now so we don’t.” Christine Chung Carmel

“Our cash contributions are down, but we are still giving as much as we can in non-cash donations.” Greg Springirth Carmel

“Actually, it has caused us to be more cognizant of our giving, because we realize people probably aren’t giving with the economy down.” Meg Wrobel Carmel


Set some goals. Pick a word. Take a risk. Commit to be a better version of you this year.


The Fixed Income Side to Investing

and high-yielding securities. Bond yields am fascinated with analyzing stocks, move in the opposite direction of prices, and I spend most of my time trying so as prices have gone down, yields have to ferret out companies trading with gone up – a good thing for those relying share prices at bargain-basement on income to fund their retirement. levels. This is largely because of my One fund that looks interestage: I have about three decades ing is the Loomis Sayles Bond before leaving the workforce, Fund (LSBRX), which fell nearly assuming the Washington 25 percent last year. The fund is politicians find a sensible way managed by Dan Fuss, who is to keep the Social Security one of the most respected fixedAdministration afloat without income managers, but who has raising the retirement age. taken an uncharacteristic tumble Lately, though, I have been because of his eclectic style and tracking the bond market. This focus on corporate and junk is primarily because the stock bonds. This has pushed the fund’s market recently fell below levels yield to very appealing levels of last seen a decade ago, proving more than 10 percent, and there bonds to be a safer and less volis potential for price appreciation atile investment. And lately, the credit crisis (brought on by the Ryan Fuhrmann as bond markets return to normalized levels and the economy housing bubble and ensuing begins its recovery. economic slowdown) has accelerated this flight-to-safety, with risk-free Ryan Fuhrmann, CFA, is a freelance investU.S. treasury bonds dipping into negative interest rates, meaning investors are willing ment writer/analyst based in Carmel. Feel free to contact him at Fuhrmanncapital@ to pay up for a safe haven for their cash. or or visit his website at www. This cash has come from stocks and other types of bonds, including corporate

This has pushed the fund’s yield to very appealing levels of more than 10 percent…

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Color Me Mine, a new pottery painting studio in Clay Terrace, looks to bring out the artist in everyone. Though the store, which opened Jan. 3, has been open only a few weeks, owners Shilpa and Noel Paul are excited to be part of the Carmel and Westfield community. They promise a great experience for children and grown-ups alike. “We really want to grow the business

many buyers, but it could be seen as a drawback to others. The three-car garage and basement make this home very appealing.


t’s a new year, folks. I have a love/hate some restaurant – assume I am taking relationship with January. I hate it be- myself literally. I have lived by this credo for many cause the days are short, the weather years: We are where we are in life because is cold, and lots of things “reset.” In of the cumulative effect of the my sales days, January was choices we have made. If we always the month when all the want to be in a different place, numbers reset to zero … argh! we must make different choices. At the same time, I love Chew on that for a while. You’ll January because the craziness find it is quite true. The great of the holidays is over, spring is news is you get to choose. around the corner, and the endI am extremely excited about less possibilities of the new year 2009 for many reasons. I’m exare ahead. cited for me, and I’m excited for Over the past few weeks, I you. Set some goals. Pick a word. have reflected on 2008. This Take a risk. Commit to be a involves reviewing my goals better version of you this year. It’s for the year and determining all about choices, and you’ll be as whether I achieved them. I also Kent Burns asses how well I lived out my good as you choose to be. On Success Don’t take that decision lightly. “word of the year” And you, Current readers, Kent Burns is a Carmel resident, investor and are the first in the known universe to hear cofounder of CrossConfirm. He is also a promy “word” for 2009 … intensity. I’m not sure it needs much explanation, but I plan fessional speaker and author of What’s Your Why? He can be reached at kent@currentinto crank it up in every area of my life in ’09. So if you see me sprinting down Main Street – or eating my lunch really fast at


My Opinion

Time to ‘reset’

SAVE THE DATE April 28, 2009

Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex




l a u n rd An


For more information about registration, contact • Networking • 10 Workshop sessions to choose from • Booth space • Keynote speakers • Lunch Sponsorships & Booth Space Available • Contact Rick Myers @ 557-1111







FREE WHITENING with a complete new patient exam, appropriate cleaning, and xrays.

Aileen C. Helton DDS • total health dental care • friendly and comfortable environment • invisalign® (invisible braces) • cosmetic smile makeovers • sedation dentistry for fearful patients • most insurances accepted

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US 31

BEATING AGING ANXIETY - Like it or not, we all get older. Worrying about getting wrinkles or becoming a burden to our kids can send us spiraling into depression. What good does it do to panic, feel nostalgic for the days of youth or be fearful of future health issues? Instead, do something that challenges you every day. Anxiety naturally ebbs as we confront our fears and step outside our comfort zones. Soon, you’ll see that the best way to go is to stop wasting time worrying and start enjoying every moment you have with friends and family.

ired of the spare tire hovering heart pushes more oxygen to the muscles. at your waist? Did you make a Resistance training is wonNew Year’s fitness resolution you derful.  Pilates, core training, probably haven’t kept or begun personal training, boot camps, yoga ... to approach? Are you ready to whatever you call it. Any of these, done take ownership of your health? correctly, can be very helpful. Here’s how to get started today: Do you ever wonder why your Get rid of the exposture is so poor, or why your cuses. What’s the point? shoulders slouch? You can’t There is no perfect time to start touch your toes?  Is it tough an exercise program. New Year’s just to get into and out of your Day has come and gone. Make car seat or sofa? Honestly, it is a today YOUR New Year’s Day. good idea to hire a professional The thing that most often gets fitness trainer to teach you these in the way of beginning and concepts, but if that’s not in sticking to an exercise regime your budget, hit the bookstore can be found between your to find something to get you ears. Once you realize nobody started. cares about your excuses, you A healthy diet is a John Karesh can move forward. must. Granted, this is a Fitness Start a cardiovaswhole subject in itself, but just cular program.  Do try your best to make it easy. anything, take a step and pace yourself. Drink lots of water, eat smaller meals, You can start walking, biking or using the reduce carbohydrate intake and take in treadmill, among other options. If you more protein without lots of fat. begin by strengthening your heart, it will John Karesh is a certified personal trainer and correlate to other areas. When your heart the owner of Paradise Personal Training in is functioning well, it allows you to do better strength training, because a stronger Carmel. E-mail him at


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN - Exfoliating allows your freshest, most radiant skin to shine through. For most women, exfoliating twice a week is enough to ensure silky skin. A clean, nubby washcloth will do the job. Don’t use a sponge – they tend to stay damp and trap dead skin, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Exfoliating gloves – available in fun colors –work well; pull them on and lather up with a moisturizing body wash. (Rinse the gloves well afterward, and let them air-dry.) A scrub solution is another good way to go.



TEN FLU MYTHS - If you’ve ever had the flu, you know how sick you can be. Chances are, some of the advice friends and family gave you about avoiding or dealing with the flu was wrong. There seems to be no shortage of misinformation and bad advice when it comes to the flu. Here are ten myths you can ignore: 1. You can catch the flu from the vaccine. 2. Healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated. 3. Getting the flu vaccine is all you need to protect yourself from the flu. 4. The flu is just a bad cold. 5. You can’t spread the flu if you’re feeling well. 6. You don’t need to get a flu shot every year. 7. You can catch the flu by going outside in cold weather without a coat or with wet hair. 8. Feed a cold, starve a fever. 9. Chicken soup will speed your recovery. 10. If you have a high fever that lasts more than two days, you may need antibiotics.



the ‘all or nothing’ trap


two options. I can choose to get back on he beginning of a new year track at lunch, or I can believe I already tends to be a time when people messed up and “might as well” go ahead try to make changes in their and have whatever I want for the rest of lives. Whether it’s with finances, the day, weekend, etc. weight, health or relationships, For some, slipping is unaclasting behavior change can be ceptable. Instead of getting back difficult to achieve and maintain. on track, they find themselves Some common barriers keep us feeling like failures. They befrom reaching our goals. One lieve they either have to change is falling into the trap of “all or everything perfectly or change nothing” thinking. nothing. When we first decide to This year, try finding a middle improve something, it can be ground. No one is perfect. tempting to drastically change Instead of striving for perfection, the way we do everything. For try to make some progress. If those first few hours, days or you slip, get back on track at the weeks, it’s easy to be “perfect.” earliest opportunity. We don’t But there usually comes a time when we slip just a little. have to fall into the trap of “all Dr. Eve Olson or nothing” thinking. An example: Say I decide to Wellness Remember, making some eat more healthfully in 2009. change is better than none. The first week goes very well – I increase my intake of fruits, vegetables Eve Olson, M.D., is the owner and founder of and whole grains, and cut out lots of junk the Olson Center for Wellness. For more inforfood and extra fats. But then Friday rolls around, and I can’t avoid eating a donut at mation, please e-mail, or call 705.1400. a morning meeting. At this point, I have

No one is perfect. Instead of striving for perfection, try to make some progress.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deal of the Week

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Healthy vision is one of our most treasured senses. But many of us take it for granted until it begins to fail. A number of foods promote good eye health. Eat foods rich in essential carotenes (in particular, lutein and lycopene), flavonoids, glutathione and other nutrients found in natural foods. Among other things, these nutrients support flexible lenses and retinal health. Some examples: Eggs Fresh fruits Dark red and green vegetables Berries and nuts Seafood -



We have 2,000 taste buds, but they only register five sensations. Our sense of smell fills in the subtle flavors that let us relish food. You can fine-tune your taste buds. Give your jaded palate a fresh start with this week-long, four-step detox plan. When the week is over, you just might savor the simple tastes so much that you won’t go back to supersaturated flavor.


Don’t swamp your tongue. Cut down on foods that are overwhelmingly salty or sugary. Keep it fresh. Toss refined and processed foods in favor of natural, healthy whole foods. Keep it simple. Stick to fresh, seasonal, homegrown produce where you can. Keep it clean. Cut out tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks, and ease up on the spices so you can develop a palate that appreciates a wider range of delicate flavors.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

By Christi Thompson The skin under your eyes is thin and fairly translucent, and blood vessels in this area can show through. A bluish, dark cast can make it look like you haven’t slept in weeks. Compounding this problem, as we age the muscles around our eyes begin to sag. To help minimize the appearance of these circles, keep a few of these tricks in mind. 1. Cover your eyes with chilled black tea bags. The cool water and



Blink under-eye circles goodBye caffeine constricts these prominent blood vessels. 2. Try using sheer concealing cream. Under-eye concealers, such as Jane Iredale’s Circle Delete (found at Salon 01), help minimize the appearance of shadows. 3. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water aids in plumping the undereye skin and prevents sagging. For further makeup tips and advice, schedule a consultation or a makeup lesson with a makeup artist at Salon 01. (317)580-0101.

no fuss winter locks

By Alex Paredes

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let’s face it, we’re all busy with work, kids, school, hobbies and many other things. In all the busyness, sometimes we forget to spend a little time on ourselves. There are many ways that we can make a change to our whole look and spend little time doing so. An unkempt, relaxed and natural look is something that we will be seeing a lot in 2009 on the cover of magazines, and on TV shows, such as The City on MTV.

Whether your hair is long or cut into a bob, this unkempt style can easily work for a day at the office or even to a nice dinner with friends. Bangs have been in style for months, and keeping up with them can be time consuming. Bangs don’t always have to be perfectly straight down or slicked to the side, they can be messy giving the style a relaxed look. In short, don’t be afraid to “relax” your routine occasionally. It will help “mix-up” our look. When trying to decided which

hairstyle fits you best, there are a number of factors that you should consider, but none perhaps as important as the amount of time you have available to get yourself ready. When pressed for time, try an abbreviated routine using this “relaxed” approach. Salon 01 stylists are trained to give you the easy look you’re wishing for and teach you how to maintain this look with easy techniques and top of the line products. Call us at 317-580-0101 to book your appointment.


Comes The

BRIDE Call now to speak with our Wedding Coordinator. She will help you plan all the services the day of your wedding, as well as help you schedule your trial style. We also offer special occasion makeup, including false eyelash application! (317) 580-0101.

Think Pink Pink should no longer be viewed as a color of your childhood. No matter your skin tone, eye color or hair color, there is a shade of pink out there that is right for you. From shadows to blushers, nail polish to lip gloss, pink is a great way to freshen your look this season. Makeup lines, such as Jane Iredale (found at Salon 01) have a variety of eye shadows, blushes and lip glosses

to choose from in this season’s hot color. For a bolder look, you may gravitate towards a bright berry gloss or lipstick. If seeking something softer, use a touch of smoky pink eye shadow. It is important to understand what shades are right for you. The makeup artists at Salon 01 can help you customize your look, and pick a color palette, perfect for you. They are currently scheduling spring makeup lessons. Call today to book your appointment. (317) 580-0101.

hcaa hires new director


GOOD WINE ON A SHOESTRING - Good wine can be found at nearly any price point. If you’re looking to pay a little for a lot of taste, try one of the following California wines: 2003 Coastal Ridge Cabernet, $7 2005 Forest Glen Merlot, $11 2005 Bonny Doon Vineyard Syrah, $10 2006 Red Truck Petite Syrah, $10 2006 Fat Cat Chardonnay, $10 -QRW The Wine Magazine

KEEPING POINSETTIAS - If you haven’t tossed your poinsettia from the holidays, don’t. Treat it as any houseplant, but don’t overwater it or subject it to too much sunlight. To encourage it to bloom, make sure the plant has at least 12 hours of darkness, with nighttime temperatures between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the plant under these conditions until buds develop and the bracts (petals) begin to color. When they bloom, take the plant to a sunny, draft-free room. The bracts will color up within six to 10 weeks and may continue to bloom for several months. -

The Hamilton County Artists’ Association has hired Joyce L. Ribble as its first executive director. With extensive experience in arts and not-for-profit organizations, Ribble hopes to help the HCAA expand its services and explore new challenges for local artists. “Joyce’s background in arts administration and community arts programming strengthens our capacity to support the visual arts throughout Hamilton County,” said HCAA President Julie Houck. In particular, the organization’s board of directors hopes to create exciting new opportunities for the practice, appreciation and enjoyment of local visual arts. The group’s first executive director enters the part-time job with a master’s degree in community planning and nonprofit organizations from Indiana University. She has served as the assistant director for grants and programs at the Indiana Arts Commission and as the executive director of Arts Alliance Indiana. After only two weeks on the job, Ribble is already beginning to shepherd HCAA to a new level of community engagement. She has three immediate goals: (1) to strengthen the HCAA’s current practices, including classes, the art gallery and artists’ activities; (2) to raise the organization’s vis-

What: “Healing Art: The Amazing Story of the Wishard Hospital Murals” (lecture) When: Jan. 22, 5 p.m. Where: Indianapolis Museum of Art, 4000 Michigan Rd. in Indianapolis Cost: Free Details: In 1914, Wishard Memorial Hospital invited top Hoosier artists to paint murals in the hospital’s new wing. IMA curator Harriet Warkel and conservators Linda Witkowski and Christina Milton O’Connell will discuss the idealistic intentions for the murals. They will also discuss the murals’ rescue and restoration by the IMA conservation department. The restored murals are on display at the IMA through March 29. Info: 317-920-2660, www.

RIBBLE ibility in the community; and (3) to raise money to expand programs and services. As the only paid staffer, Ribble’s job is to provide professional advice to the HCAA’s board of directors – drawing on both academic and job experience – and to implement the board’s policy decisions. HCAA is a non-profit community organization – definitely “not just an artist’s

club,” as Ribble puts it – and it looks to serve more artists and county residents. “The public will see a greater effort to reach out to the residents of Hamilton County,” Ribble said. “HCAA wants to stimulate creativity in everyday life, increase public awareness of the arts and establish programs that further community arts education.” One project in discussion is a nonjuried show of works by avocational artists. Another key initiative involves forging partnerships with other local arts organizations, community organizations and schools. An important part of Ribble’s job is to reassure the public that the HCAA will protect its financial investment in the arts. “We want donors to trust that their investment in the organization will be taken care of properly,” she said. Though she is new to the job, Ribble is wasting no time getting down to business. Watch in these pages for evidence of the group’s increasing public presence in the months ahead – such as the Hamilton County Plein Air Paint Out, scheduled for the first weekend in June.


Barbara E. Cohen covers the arts for the Current community newspapers. Please send comments or story ideas to

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CLEAR THE PATH - If your carpet has a gray, matted trail from your couch to your kitchen – or any other well-worn route – yep, you have a traffic aisle. Since winter is far from over, save the heavy cleaning (with a rental machine or by a professional) for spring. Instead, hit the dingy path with a powdered carpet cleaner. Sprinkle on the powder and work it in with the included brush. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then vacuum. In GHRI tests, dirty rugs were noticeably brighter.

By Barbara E. Cohen Current In Westfield


TAKE A STAND - If you have a stand mixer, you’ve surely been hit with the puff of dry goods they sometimes create. Next time you use the mixer, drape a dish towel over it before adding the dry ingredients to keep the cloud of flour (or powdered sugar) that kicks up from landing on your counter and you. -Martha Stewart Living

Tuesday, January 20, 2009




a Mentality Makeover?

kindness. love visiting the Arts & Design 4. For Pete’s sake, fix yourDistrict. I am proud to live in a city self up! Sweats are comfortable, and with an “if you build it they will even cute. But why not mix it up on occacome” mentality. What was once sion by dressing up and slapping on a little just a little town is now a quaint, makeup? family-oriented, yet sophisti5. Silently support cated, shopping and culture him. Don’t poke fun at his community. paycheck. Trust him (to be Could your personality, apfaithful, to do what he says pearance and attitude use an he’ll do, to get you to dinner “if you improve it, you will on time). Support his dreams, be more attractive” makeover? and don’t put down his ideas Here are some tips for improv(no matter how scary it is that ing your mentality: he thinks the newest and great1. Be positive. No guy est invention will be a life-sized wants to spend yesterday’s payboat for your bathtub). check on your date only to hear 6. Have fun! After all, you constantly complain about men used to be boys, and they the poor service. Rachael Noble probably miss the good ol’ days 2. Seek potential, not DATING of wrestling and shooting beeperfection. Before you bee guns. Be a friend to him. judge him on every little move, Lighten up and have fun! be sure to look at yourself and name your I think we all could use a little improveown poorest qualities. He’s overlooking ment, don’t you? I know I could. Guys: those crow’s feet. Can you overlook his Feel free to e-mail me with tips for how we flannel shirt … just this once? gals can improve our mentalities and be 3. Praise, rather than critibetter dates and girlfriends. Happy dating cize, him in public. There’s nothing to you! like a gal who speaks negatively about her man to others. Even worse? Couples who Rachael Noble is a single Carmel resident and bicker in front of their friends. Don’t be an instigator. And if he is, extinguish those contributing columnist. She can be reached at flames with class and come back with

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17 Sara Moore Employee at Brockway Public House

Where she likes to eat? Tilly’s Pub


A Joy of Almond

Ingredients: 1 oz. Kahlua coffee liqueur ½ oz. amaretto almond liqueur ½ oz. crème de almond Directions: Pour Kahlua into a chilled-rocks glass. Carefully layer the amaretto and creme de almond.

What she likes to eat there? Chicken quesadillas What she likes about Tilly’s Pub. It’s a fun and quaint environment. It’s laid back and everyone is friendly. Tilly’s Pub 3948 E. 82nd St. Indianapolis IN 46240 317-576-0022 Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 3 a.m. Sunday, 4 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Locally owned and operated, 106th Street Grill is open for lunch and dinner. Along with daily lunch specials, the restaurant features a full bar – separated from the dining area – with nightly drink specials. It also offers kid and family-friendly activities, including a magician from 6-8 p.m. on Mondays. Kids eat for only $1.99 from 5-8 p.m. HD flat-screen televisions with the Big Ten Network are on hand at 106th Street Grill. Dine-in or carry-out is available.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cientists are baffled by the recent fires to kill moth and weevil larvae, fertilize decline in oak-tree acorn produc- the soil, and make finding and collecting acorns easier. This was the first sophistition. Numerous sources – from Nova Scotia to Kansas and south cated natural resource management technique. Recently, these indigenous peoples to Georgia – have reported a have proven themselves more sophisticated complete lack of acorns in major forests. than the modern-day scientist. Even places like Arlington Scientists have begun adopting National Cemetery, known for their practices to slow wildfires. its oak trees, have reported the There aren’t many great phenomenon acorn recipes. Most are older The oak tree is native to all Native American recipes for continents except Australia. flat or whole-grain bread. Naturally domineering, there When using acorns, the general are hundreds of varieties. Not consensus is to roast and grind all bare nuts are suitable for them into flour or meal and human consumption, but most use them as a grain additive. are fit for animal feed. The recipe I chose is for A typical oak tree grows a simple apache corn cake I for 20 years before producmade once at the downtown ing acorns. Once they begin Chef Michael Marriott Hotel. budding, most acorns take 12 Vlasich to 24 months before ripening 1 cup acorn meal ground fine Culinary Explorer to the point of consumption. 1 cup corn meal Acorns are high in protein, car1/3 cup lavender honey bohydrates and fat along with niacin and Salt and pepper to taste some base minerals. Warm water to make paste You may be wondering, ‘Why all the Lard or Crisco shortening fuss about acorns?’ But though they are Mix the ingredients, except the water and not a staple in the modern diet (except in lard. Begin adding only enough warm water Native American and Korean cuisines), to help it become a moist, but not a sticky they make up 25-50 percent of many anidough. Divide into golf-ball sized balls and mals’ diets, and these animals support the let rest 15 minutes. With moistened hands, natural food chain. This means humans pat the balls down to a tortilla shape and are easily affected. thickness. Preheat a cast-iron skillet, and add Throughout history, acorns appear not enough lard or Crisco to the bottom to lightly only in cuisines, but as cultural symbols of coat. Add the tortilla, and cook on both sides life, shelter from storms and evil, and the on medium-high heat until spotted brown fruitfulness of the land. And they are still a similar to a tortilla. Serve while warm. part of holiday nut mixes in homes across Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel resithe country, though most aren’t aware of dent and the executive chef at the Indianapolis their symbolic meaning. Marriott Downtown. You may e-mail him at cheNative Americans valued acorns so highly that they would deliberately start

4335 W. 106th St. #1300 Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: 317-876-9203 Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight. Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m. to close


where did all the nuts go?

106th Street Grill

Music and War How have composers been affected by war? How do the emotional effects of war play out in their compositions? How have different composers influenced each other when dealing with the topic of war? Discover the answers to these questions when Paul Phillips, director of orchestras and chamber music at Brown University, joins the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra for a discussion of music and war Jan. 31. The concert, part of the ICO “Conversations” series, will feature a unique format that allows – and caters to – input from the audience. For more information, call 317-940-9607, visit, or e-mail ‘Peter Pan’ at Carmel High Carmel High School’s performing arts department has announced the cast for its upcoming production of “Peter Pan.” Tickets, priced at $7 and $10, are on sale in the high school bookstore, open on school days from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Tickets also may be ordered on line at

Live Music The following musical acts will be playing live at Mickey’s Irish Pub, 13644 N. Meridian, Carmel. For more information, call 317-573-9746: Jan. 23: Endless Summer Band Jan. 24: Toy Factory Jan. 30: Peace Train & the Flower Power Brass

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ile Hurr y wh last! supplies ions All occas ! available

Phoenix Theatre Produces “Love Person” - The Phoenix Theatre of Indianapolis will produce the rolling world premiere of Aditi Brennan Kapil’s Pulitzer Prizenominated “Love Person” through Jan. 31 in its Frank & Katrina Basile Theatre. ”Love Person” explores how the format of communication shapes understanding. The play is performed in American Sign Language, Sanskrit, spoken English, and projected e-mail. For more information, call 6352381 or visit

uS 31




18 To become a patron, which includes two tickets and a listing in the program for $30, contact drama director Maggie Cassidy at 317-8467721, ext. 7477 or mcassidy@ccs.k12. The play will open in the high school’s Dale E. Graham Auditorium Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. Other productions are scheduled for Feb. 6 at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 7 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. and Feb. 8 at 2 p.m



tOwn HAll

S.r. 32

17727 Commerce Dr., Suite 400 Westfield

Family Law Estate Planning Bankruptcy Real Estate Education Business Smart Solutions You have worked hard to build and create the life you want— these things deserve to be protected. That is what we do. We are a firm who believes in providing the best, most current, and smartest legal representation available. We work hard every day to ensure that is exactly what our clients get.

John D. Walls | Rebecca Hartley 21 South Range Line Road, Suite 300A, Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: (317) 203-7484 | Fax: (317) 663-3384

more reader mail


TEACHER OF THE YEAR - Nominations will be accepted through March 2 for the 2009 Carmel Clay “teacher of the year.” To nominate an individual, e-mail Jeff Swensson at Include the teacher’s name, teaching assignment and school and a brief explanation (no more than 200 words) of why you think that teacher should win. The Carmel Clay “teacher of the year” will be the district’s nominee for 2010 Indiana “teacher of the year.” SUMMER SCHOOL - Registration forms for Carmel High School summer school are available in the high school counseling center. The first session will start June 1 and end June 26. The first day of second session is June 29, with the session ending July 24. Course offerings are subject to student enrollment and budget considerations. For more information, call the high school counseling center at 317-571-5922.

the grammar guru

Last week, I smeared a reader who criticized my column in an unspecific and ungrammatical way. It turns out that reader is quite a nice guy; he just reacted too quickly to a concern. I turned his response into a column about effective criticisms, but it wasn’t very kind. Sorry, dude. This week, I’d like to share some answers to the type of reader e-mails I usually receive. Mrs. O’Malley and her students wrote about my use of personally with the pronoun I. The phrase I personally cropped up on Oxford University’s list of annoying phrases too many people habitually use, and Mrs. O’Malley and her students wondered if my use of personally, I was any different. Truth is, while neither is incorrect, both are redundant. My use of personally was as an intensifier to demonstrate that the preference I was explaining was mine and not necessarily that of other grammar gurus. It was still redundant, however. My apologies. Another reader wrote to ask about the use of plan on versus plan to. Specifically, she wanted to know if a sentence such as, “I plan on running tomorrow,” was correct or if it should be, “I plan to run tomorrow.” Both sentences are grammatically correct. In the first sentence, running is the object of the preposition on. Gerunds such as running are acceptable objects of prepositions, so the sentence is fine as written. The second sentence is also correct, as the infinitive to run functions as the direct object of plan, which is a common use of an infinitive as a noun. Good question. On a related note, my final reader response is from Melissa, who wondered whether it is acceptable to say, “The

lawn needs cut,” as opposed to, “The lawn needs to be cut.” The answer is no. Cut is a past-tense verb that cannot be used as a noun, so it cannot function as the direct object of needs. The second example is correct. Another option is, “The lawn needs cutting,” because infinitives (and their resulting phrases) and gerunds can function as nouns. I also get quite a bit of mail from readers who have pet peeves they’d like to discuss with me. Here are a few of my favorites: The confusion of sit and set aggravates another reader, Conrad. For the record, sit never takes an object; it’s what you do when you park your rear end in a chair. Set always takes an object; you perform this operation on something else, as in, “I set the papers on your desk.” Set is neither the past tense of nor a substitute for sit. Janet is bothered by folks who don’t use the correct forms of the verbs to see and to do. Her example is this atrocious blunder: “We seen what they done.” I’m with you, Janet. I used to teach in a school where this construction was a plague; even a couple of teachers used those misconstructions. Janet also wonders why news reporters always seem to interview people prone to using such constructions. I can’t help with that question, though I often ponder it myself. Thanks, readers, and keep those questions and comments coming.


Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher who developed a mastery-learning system of teaching grammar to high school seniors. If you have a grammar-related question, please email her at

Thanks, readers, and keep those questions and comments coming.

how do you perceive your child?


erception is the process of using improved their learning skills. The actual accelerated students were not challenged the senses to acquire informato capacity. tion about a situation or the Are our children behaving based on our surrounding environment. perceptions? Do we look at our When making parchildren, see them acting irenting decisions, what we think responsibly, and perceive them and how the situation makes to be irresponsible? (If yes, our us feel becomes our perception perception is an unfair assessand shapes our opinions. ment). Or do we see them as Several years ago, a study responsible and perceive them measured the perception of performing responsibly at evteachers given indicators of the erything they do? types of students they would Either way, our perception be teaching. One teacher was is limiting their performance. told she had an accelerated Keep an open mind in unclass (when in fact they were derstanding your children’s remedial students), and another abilities. They usually take us in was told he had a remedial Becky Kapsalis directions we might never have class (when in fact they were Ask YiaYia perceived. accelerated). Hugs! Both teachers prepared their curriculum accordingly. The teacher with Have a parenting topic or question? Submit the “accelerated” class raised his standard it to Ask Yiayia, aka Becky Kapsalis, Certified of teaching, and the teacher with the Parent Coach, at or call “remedial” class lowered hers. After three months of classroom work, testing showed 810.9358. that the actual remedial students had

… our perception is limiting their performance.

DISPATCHES MATH HERO - For the third consecutive year, a Carmel Clay math teacher has been named a Math Hero Award winner by MathMovesU. Angela Moreman, math teacher and department chairperson at Creekside Middle School, is the district’s latest recipient. Moreman is one of 32 national winners, with only three instructors from Indiana being honored. She will receive a $2,500 grant from the Raytheon Corporation, which sponsors the program. Creekside Middle School will receive a $2,500 grant for math instruction. CHS PLANETARIUM SHOW - Pluto has been kicked out of the solar system as a planet, and those attending the Jan. 24 planetarium show at Carmel High School will find out why. The first show will begin at 7 p.m., and it will repeat one hour later. CHS astronomy students Meera Chandra and Zach Conrad, along with their teacher, Keith Turner, have designed a 45-minute show in the high school planetarium that features Pluto. Tickets, priced at $4 for adults and $2 for children and seniors, are on sale at the high school bookstore.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RENT YOUR TEXTBOOKS - Osman Rashid used to scrub toilets to pay for his college textbooks, but his 18-monthold online innovation is meant to help spare others from a similar fate. Osman is founder and CEO of, where college students can “rent out college textbooks” and save themselves “50 percent to 70 percent off the cost of buying used or new books.” You’re not allowed to write in the book, but moderate highlighting is OK. Chegg does have at least two competitors: and - USA Today

By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel


ELEMENTARY CHEER CLINIC Registration has begun for the annual Carmel Clay Schools elementary cheer clinic, scheduled for Jan. 23 from 4-6:30 p.m. at Carmel High School. Participants will perform that evening between the CHS junior varsity and varsity boys’ basketball games. Registration forms are available at cheer_clinic.pdf. The cost is $30. For more information, call Vickie Walsh, varsity cheer coach, at 317-846-7331, ext. 6421 or e-mail her at




1959. Anne was a member of St Christopher’s Episcopal Church, where she had served as president of the Altar Guild. She worked for Reasoner’s Drug Store for a number of years and enjoyed managing the Hallmark section of the store. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by a brother, Joseph Seubert. Survivors include her daughter; Cyndi (Joe) Lowe; son, Tony Faust; granddaughter, Stephanie Lowe and her sister, Joanne Landon.

St. Vincent Carmel Jan. 2 Girls- Habegger, Luke and Bridget; Kipp, Trevor and Alyssa Jan. 3 Boys- Huizar, Joel and Kelley Jan. 5 Boys- Worth, Kevin and Sarah; McKay, Katherine Jan. 6 Boys- Blastick, Thomas and Lara Girls- Shute, Larry and Erica Jan. 7 Girls- Toyoda, Yuji and Mayumi; Martin, Austin and Mortenson, Gina; Sanchez, Rafael and Marisol Jan. 8 Girls- Kilim, Gopalakrishna and Jeeri, Kalpana; Ray, David and Holly



Annabelle Faust, 83, of Carmel, passed away Dec. 24. She was born May 24, 1925 in Pittsburgh, Pa. to the late Joseph and Isabelle Baumann Seubert. The past few years, she lived in Summertrace, however, she and her family moved to Carmel in

Jan. 12 1:01:42 a.m., investigation, 538 Emerson Rd. 1:32:20 a.m., investigation, 969 N. Rangeline Rd. 1:39:47 a.m., alarm burglar, 14490 Clay Terrace Blvd. 1:40:10 a.m., suspicious activity, 10481 Lakeshore Dr. East 3:54:06 a.m., burglary, 10443 Bellefontaine St. 7:39:47 a.m., transport, East 116th Street/ Keystone Avenue North



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Left: Snow sculpture of Abraham Lincoln in front of the former Graves house, just west of the Carmel Monon Depot (now the Carmel Clay Historical Society). Right: The same house today. It sits at 245 1st St. SW. Photo courtesy of Carmel Clay Historical Society


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have the cops all over me. t seems Britain’s beloved red squirMost of my squirrel-eating was done rel – the cute one with the little tufts when I was a kid. But those were good, on his ears – is being crowded out by healthy country squirrels. I’m not sure his American cousin, the gray squirI’d eat a city squirrel even if I could shoot rel. The gray squirrel was introduced one. God knows what they’ve to the U.K. some years ago in been putting into their mouths. what apparently seemed like a I’ve seen what their rat cousins good idea at the time. eat. The grays have thrived, to Nice country squirrels – with say the least, and have run their wholesome diets of acorns roughshod over the poor little and hickory nuts – are another tuft-eared reds, taking over story entirely. Which gets us their territory, eating their back to England, in a way. food and spreading the deadly They’ve done squirrel tastings (to red squirrels) squirrel pox. over there, with gourmands Grays are considered vermin in saying the flavor varies region England. to region. How silly. And it just This might make the new goes to show how squirrelly campaign to fix the problem Mike Redmond things are getting over there. a difficult sell. The gist of the Humor Everybody knows it tastes like operation? ... well, squirrel. You thought I was going Eat more squirrel. to say chicken, right? Don’t be absurd. That’s right. In England, right now, That’s rabbit there is an “eat more squirrel” promotion going on. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, I can already see some of you making humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ faces. Tsk tsk. I, for one, happen to love or P.O. Box 44385, squirrel. Not that I eat it very often, you Indianapolis, IN 46244. For information on understand. I have a backyard full of the speaking fees and availability, visit www.spotthings and a fine little .22 Remington squirrel gun, but something tells me the moment I pop a couple for dinner, I’ll



Things are getting a little squirrelly over in England

LAUGHS / PUZZLES Tuesday, January 20, 2009




Use logic to fill in the boxes so every row, column and 2 x 3 box contains the letters C-A-R-M-E-L. Answer below.



he next edition of my book, “Indiana Curiosities,” is still a year away, but each month or so I’ll provide a sneak preview of the unique people, places and things I continue to uncover in the Hoosier state. Here’s a guy from Pendleton, Ind. you won’t forget. I hope some day you can see him in action like I did. When Steve Doudt makes his way down the basketball court, the crowd watches every move. But he hasn’t Dick Wolfsie made a three-pointHumor er in ages … or even a layup. In fact, he hasn’t scored a point in six years. Steve Doudt is the referee. And he’s in a wheelchair. After a car accident in 1991 – when he was 23 – both of his legs had to be amputated. Steve refused to let the circumstances affect his love for sports. Steve says wheelchair basketball is one option for people hoping to become physically active again, so he decided to compete on the Pacers wheelchair team. But while he applauds all disabled sports programs, he says he tired of the competition and wanted to find a unique way to apply his skills and passion for the game. After passing the test to become an accredited referee, he armed himself with a license to officiate high school games. But he knew that to be successful on the court, he would have to temper his enthusiasm, which meant self-restricting his work to middle school and junior varsity girls’ teams. Nevertheless, he was, and remains, the only sanctioned high school basketball referee in a wheelchair in Indiana, and possibly the country. When Steve appears on the court, fans who have never seen him in action are fascinated. The crowd fixates on him more than the players, but that attention fades when they realize Steve can easily keep up with the pace of the game. The toughest part of the job, Steve says, is the rapid transition after a turnover or score, because he can’t make lateral movements as quickly as an able-bodied ref. Again, this is why he doesn’t do boys’ games. He admits the work would be out of his league. Steve is also one of the few disabled referees in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, where officials are mostly able-bodied. “I want the players to look at me and say, ‘Hey, he’s one of us,’” he said. “And I think that happens every time I roll down the court.”




A paralympian in sitting volleyball, Steve is aware of his dual – and sometimes conflicting – role. He wants to be an inspiration to other wheelchair-bound young people, but he would prefer not to overshadow the student athletes. “I want kids to know that a disability is not the end of the world, but I also don’t

want to shift the game-day attention to me,” he said. “It’s a tough balancing act, even for a guy whose pricey wheelchair is equipped with anti-tip technology.” Steve has seldom encountered any real discrimination as a wheelchair referee – only occasional skepticism, which quickly dissipates. But like all refs, he gets razzed

by the crowd on occasion. “I get booed as much as the next guy,” he said. “Not because I’m in a wheelchair, but because I’m in the hot seat.” Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

arly each year, my company is often asked about the new trends emerging in the landscape and outdoor living industry. As always, creative solutions and edgy new products are everywhere. We love the infared sizzle zone on stainless steel grills, complete with backlighting, glowing control handles and recessed ice buckets. They will make grill kitchens even more rocked-out than previously imagined! We can’t wait to Randy plant a few updated Sorrell hydrangeas and install newly textured tile and acid-wash concrete patios – all with the intent of helping families connect deeper and create more memories than ever before. But perhaps the most prevailing and refreshing trend we are witnessing is that of gratitude. In times like these, we tend to appreciate our families, relationships, jobs and homes more than ever. The simple things have always been the ones we treasure – we just need to be reminded occasion-


ally. Gov. Mitch Daniels said it best in his recent address: “But we must believe, and resolve to see, that these present troubles are but a frost in April, a brief chill before the full flowering of the greener Indiana to come.” What an awesome vision. Jay O’Neil, a prominent realtor at the Sycamore Group, announced recently that this is a great time to buy a home. The values are incredible, and the interest rates are just as alluring. Likewise, falling construction material costs – down more than 11 percent from last year – coupled with softer schedules and an ample talent pool, are allowing landscape and remodeling firms to be their most competitive in years. Contrary to the “doom and gloom” tsunami on CNN, the sky is not falling. We are still spending money on the things important to us. Carmel residents are still going out to dinner, heading to the movies, buying furniture and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Perhaps just with a budget in mind, which is probably a good thing anyway. We are reminded of the still-practiced art of “cocooning” and the simple pleasures in life that surround us and fill us with … gratitude.



The Sky is not Falling

Randy Sorrell is president of SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+, a Carmel landscape and home improvement company. He may be reached at 317.679.2565, or

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CAR SALES SITE UP, REVVING has announced the release of its first Web site, aimed at customers, including retailers, who wish to buy or list used vehicles priced $15,000 or less. The Columbus, Ohio, company saw an opening in the marketplace for a comprehensive national site where visitors can find or list lesser-priced vehicles. “It’s car-shopping and car-buying the way it should be. It’s easy, quick, convenient, secure and ultraaffordable,” a spokesman said.

DUAL-SCREEN LAPTOP - Lenovo has finally (officially) launched the world’s first dual-screen laptop, the ThinkPad W700ds. The limelight is obviously on the two screens – the main display being 17 inches, with a second 10-inch slide-out screen. And no, the second screen doesn’t weigh down on the laptop – just expect the computer to be a half-inch thicker than its predecessor, the W700. The spring-loaded secondary display is housed within a “pocket door” configuration and can be angled up to 30 degrees. Laptops are available at starting at $3069.

how did i get infected with antivirus 2009?


his question underscores the often mistaken mindset of many computer users: “If I have security software in place, I shouldn’t get any infections.” Nothing could be further from reality. Antivirus/antispyware programs, as well as firewalls, won’t help if you click on links that generate malicious code or download and run questionable files. User interactions can easily override installed protection. Gary Hubbard And in some cases, Technology they can actually disable your protection programs, but make it look like they’re still running. The antivirus scams actually started last year as “Antivirus 2008,” and they were so successful that they have lived in various incarnations, including “Antivirus 2009.” The clever author of these malware programs discovered a sneaky way to fool people into installing malicious software and even extort money by posing as a legitimate program. This approach has been so successful

because it mimics Windows’ warning screens and legitimate antivirus programs. Virtually every legitimate antivirus company has a product called “Antivirus 2009,” further confusing the uneducated. The most common places to come in contact with these infections are maliciously coded Web sites, e-mail messages that trick people into clicking malicious links, and Web sites that claim you need to download software to receive a video or file. These are often spread through social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, as well as all the instant messaging systems. At this point, you should consider any popup or error message that refers to Antivirus 2008 or 2009 (including System Antivirus, Ultimate Antivirus, Vista Antivirus, Pro Antivirus and XP Antivirus) extremely suspicious. If any reference to a virus comes from a product you haven’t installed for protection, consider it a fake. (Windows won’t alert you of virus infection.)

Further, any Web site that claims you need to download a video program or “codec” to view a video should be considered a threat. Getting rid of malicious code, once it has entered your system, can be very involved, and it is different for different infections. If you are a novice, don’t attempt this without help. Consult a tech-savvy friend or a professional, because removing the infection properly (so you don’t reinfect) is not easy. Gary Hubbard is Owner of Data Doctors Computer Services - www.datadoctors. com Have a technology question? Send it to


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REAL-TIME GPS - TomTom announced its new connected GPS with social network capability, the GO 740 LIVE. This two-way communication GPS offers one year of free access to real time traffic updated every three minutes, local search powered by Google, and an internal social network that allows users to share and chat with other GO 740 LIVE owners. The unit will be available in the United States in the second quarter of 2009 for $499.

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If you angelfish seems a bit sluggish, your gouramis a bit listless, your red Serpae Tetras pale, you should probably be examining their eats. The best food regimen for aquarium fish is one closest to their natural diet. That means fish hobbyists should offer a menu to their finned pets that includes a variety of foods. In the wild, fish spend the day foraging for something nourishing to nibble on. It keeps them busy. In home aquariums, fish can become lazy or dependant on their owners, who often overfeed them. Because of this, behaviors change. Some aquarium fish float motionless all day. Others become more aggressive toward tank mates. Aquarium fish fed only a dry staple flake diet can also encounter health problems, and most lose the colors so vibrantly dis-

pets of the week

NOT ALL FOOD IS CAT FOOD - Some foods that are edible for humans or even dogs can pose hazards for cats because of their different metabolisms. Some may cause only mild digestive upsets, while others can cause severe illness and even death. A few of the surprising items on the list: canned tuna (intended for humans), milk, raw eggs and raw fish. For a more complete list, visit www.

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Sedric is a 5-year-old male white-and-black American pit bull terrier. He is a quiet boy who is often found sitting patiently at the front of his kennel. But he still likes to play with toys and people. He arrived at the shelter with his sister, Pauly, when their owner could no longer keep them. Sedric is neutered and housetrained, and he is good with older children. Though he lived with his sister for the past 5 years, he would prefer a home where he can be the only dog. He is a good boy who would be very loyal to his family. Telly is an 8-year-old female gray tabby DSH. She is an easy-going girl who can’t wait to find her forever home. She was happy to be rescued from the streets of Westfield, but she wants a home to call her own, where she can roam around and hang out in a window sill and watch the day go by. Telly arrived at the shelter on Sept. 23, and she wants you to know her bags are packed and she is ready to go! For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974 or go to

played in natural waters. Offering a mix of live foods and a variety of dry, frozen, and freeze-dried fish foods can improve your wet pet’s disposition and health. Foods to consider: • Brine shrimp: This crustacean is the live favorite among aquarium hobbyists. Live brine shrimp exist in salt lakes worldwide. Their eggs are easily hatched at home in saltwater kept at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and aerated with a common air stone. Once the eggs hatch, the baby brine shrimp need only to be rinsed with tap water before offering them to your fish. • Blood worms: Because of their bright red coloring, fly larvae are commonly called blood worms. A damp, cool, aerated container will keep this live food fresh. • Daphnia: More commonly called water fleas, daphnia are actually small crustaceans found in all kinds of standing water, where they ingest the phytoplank-

ton that makes them an excellent nutritional supplement for fish. • White worms: White worms thrive best in damp soil, sand and peat. Fed moist oak flakes, they can grow more than an inch long, making them an excellent fatty treat for fish about to spawn. Other worms to consider: black, earth, meal, glass and wax. • Tubifex worms: In its live form, this worm has gotten a bad name as a disease transmitter. Known inhabitants of mud below polluted waters, some tubifex worms may contain concentrations of heavy metals and bacteria fatal to fish. If offered live, keep them in clear running water for three days before feeding them to your fish. This process allows the worms to expel any toxic wastes. Article courtesy of Petland, Carmel. For more information, contact Juan Lopez at 317-569-PETS.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MICROCHIPPING YOUR PET - The Humane Society of Hamilton County and ACE Hardware in Noblesville (130 Logan St.) are teaming up Jan. 24 from 1-5 p.m. for a pet adoption and free microchipping event. The first 50 pets (limit two per household) will receive free microchips. Additional pets will cost $30 each. Pets will also be available for adoption, and there will be a prize drawing for a $100 gift certificate from ACE Hardware.

Expires 2/2/09

Add zest to your fishes’ lives

DISPATCHES TAILGATING WITH FIDO - Are you ready for some football? Get in the Super Bowl spirit with man’s best friend. Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is hosting a TAILgate party Jan. 31 from noon until 3 p.m. at Central Park. There will be games, prizes and other fun Super Bowl activities, such as football trivia and team-spirit judging. Snacks will be provided. No alcohol is allowed. All dogs must remain on a leash at all times. Pre-registration is required; cost is $5 per dog.

any single item


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whoops! a prayer in ‘our’ pocket

prayer about me. It’s about “our” and “we” always felt the Lord’s Prayer was and “us.” It’s a prayer about community. It enough. points to our earthly community as believIt’s not, of course. But when I ers and, perhaps more subtly, to the divine wasn’t going to church, hadn’t been saved, and couldn’t make sense of the community of the Trinity. Christianity isn’t about being Trinity as one God – or the “alone.” It’s not about being away Bible as two inerrant stanzas of from others or away from God. the same inerrant book – I had “Our,” “we,” “those” and “us” are the Lord’s Prayer. first-person plural pronouns. No I learned it as a kid in church singular. No “me.” No “I.” without thinking about the Jesus links us together in faith. prayer itself. On the rare, usuThrough His incarnation, death ally awful, intervening occaand resurrection (his humansion (during those non-church ity and the cross), He links us years) when I felt a tug to call with the holy and eternal. “Our out to God, the only club in Father,” God, is not just in the my bag was the Lord’s Prayer. immediate here and the imperI’d pray it alone, never noticing fect today, but forever in the the language. Bob Walters same perfect place. He dwells, It wasn’t until after I’d been Spirituality sharing His perfect presence. baptized as a mature adult that We need Jesus, and we need I noticed: each other. The Lord’s Prayer, the “Our Father …” Our Father, the Pater Noster … the prayer “Give us …” is about all of us. “… our daily bread” Even when we pray it alone. “… forgive us” “… our trespasses/debts” Bob Walters ( suggests on “… we forgive” this inauguration day we pray for our nation, “… against us/our debtors” pray for President Barack Obama and his “… lead us” family, and read Romans 13. Next week: the “… deliver us” seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. It was the first time I realized it’s not a

New Year! New workout! New You! Fun, challenging and safe without body contact Gain flexibility, strength, stamina and coordination Fitness Kickboxing burns between 500 - 800 calories. That’s the key to fitness—Burn off those calories before you burn out. 2 weeks o f classes p lus boxing glo ves

House of Martial Arts

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Shawn Jones has partnered with: GOVERNMENT BENEFITS Analysts, Inc.

Local Firm creates opportunity for local veterans and their families

Shawn Jones recently attended a training event in Topeka, Kansas to learn more information about a Veterans Benefit. Although this benefit has been around since 1951, it is rarely utilized because people simply do not know what is required for them to apply and qualify. For example, although 2 million Americans qualify for this particular benefit, only 143,000 veterans and their widows are currently receiving it. If a veteran or a veteran’s widow qualifies for the benefit, it can lead to an annual paycheck of $23,396 in tax free dollars. If you are a veteran or veteran’s widow and would like to find out more on this benefit or to see if you qualify, feel free to contact Shawn Jones at 1-888-311-8880 Ext. 214

WINter IS here!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

winTer speCiaL

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t is definitely the time of year when most of us break out extra blankets, fuzzy slippers and sweaters to stay warm. It’s also a good idea to outfit our homes for the winter weather. You can get your windows ready for the cold by taking steps to block drafts and increase your insulating power by hanging the appropriate window treatments. Even new, high-performance windows are weak spots in a home’s insulating envelope. Vicky Earley Glass simply does Design not slow the transfer of heat. To provide more insulating power, the next layer of defense is window treatment. Consider these options, and you can save energy and lower your heating bills this winter. • Shades positioned close to a window are the best option for blocking the flow of heated air. Blinds have slats that allow for heat loss, but shades’ solid structures provide substantial protection. • Cellular shades – also known as honeycomb shades – trap air in their cells


GET IT TOGETHER - Lots of women will tell you they hate carrying handbags – especially when going clubbing – but need to have what’s inside. To solve the bulky-purse problem, designer and entrepreneur Sandy Alexander came up with the Bucklette, a “hands-free alternative to a purse.” The belt-bucklelike device is designed to hold lipstick, a key or two, cash and an ID. It’s available in a clip-on ($92) or belt-buckle ($112) style at



and help block heat loss. But the ideal choice is a fabric shade, such as a Roman shade, that is lined and interlined for maximum insulation. Insulated shades are available readymade, or you can have them custommade for fit and appearance. • Keep in mind that more opaque fabrics will provide more insulating value. • Drapes alone don’t block much heat, but a combination of shades and drapes provides the ultimate form of protection and aesthetic value. • Another effective option is a drapery treatment topped with a cornice. This solid decorative piece fits over the drapery rod to prevent warmed room air

from dropping down over the cooler window. • Whether your choice is shades, drapes or a combination, it is important to pay attention to the way they are fabricated and hung. Statistics show standard drapes can slow heat loss by as much as 10 percent. If drapes hang to the floor and close to the wall, a beautiful lined and interlined window treatment can block 25 percent or more of the escaping heat. Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact



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NOT TOO COLD! - Although cold water helps prevent dark clothing from fading, frigid outdoor temperatures may cause you washer’s water temperature to fall below 40 degrees, rendering even detergents designed to work in cold water ineffective. Don’t use the cold water setting during the coldest months of the year. Instead, select a warm-water wash and cold rinse. -Martha Stewart Living

• Declutter and create a cost-effective system of organization for the way you work & live

• Save time, money & stress by having ready access to the things you need

• Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a less chaotic, simplified environment

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BAG SOME SHOES - These boots are the work of Chilean industrial design student Camila Labra, and they’re made mostly of recycled plastic bags. The boots are built by fusing several layers of plastic polyethylene together to create a thicker and more resistant material to work with. Their interior is covered with quilted piqué cotton fabric to make them more comfortable and prevent too much heat. According to the designer, the boots are impermeable, flexible, light and nontoxic. The boots are named Dacca after Bangladesh’s capital, one of the most plastic-bag polluted cities in the world. The boots are $45.

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January 20, 2009  

Current in Carmel

January 20, 2009  

Current in Carmel