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Make It in Manufacturing Enterprising Challenge The Norton Grange Hotel & Spa, Rochdale 10th October 2013 Make It in Manufacturing is a charitable campaign aimed at changing the negative perceptions young people have about manufacturing. In partnership with manufacturing businesses from across the UK, Make It invites local schools to compete against one another in a series of enterprising challenges with the goal of educating young people about the careers available to them within the manufacturing sector.

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These practical one day events challenge young people to form their own mini-manufacturing companies, gaining advice and guidance from a range of industry experts and advocates, and learning more about the creative and aspirational employment opportunities manufacturing can offer. The McBride Make It Enterprise Challenge was a partnership between The Manufacturing Institute and McBride in Middleton. The latest challenge was the sixth time that McBride has sponsored a Make It challenge, with their Cumbrian site previously having sponsored three events and Middleton three more.

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The McBride

Make It in Manufacturing Enterprising Challenge The Norton Grange Hotel & Spa, Rochdale

10th October 2013

Schools in Attendance

About the day Ten local schools from across Greater Manchester participated in the McBride Make It Challenge which took place at the Norton Grange Hotel and Spa in Rochdale. Each school was tasked with setting up their own mini-manufacturing company and creating a brand new multi-liquid cleaning product for a customer of their choosing. Each team, made up of eight Year 9 pupils, was first tasked with choosing an individual job role that ranged from Managing Director to Design Engineer, Quality Controller and Logistics Manager. Teams were briefed at the start of the day and challenged with designing, costing, building, marketing and selling their liquid cleaner and impressing a panel of judges. The pupils had to use their creativity and business acumen to develop a product that would get past the Customer Consultant and appeal to the potential ‘investors’ in a Dragons Den style presentation. The judges awarded points to each team throughout the day and chose the winning teams based on their team working abilities as well as their creativity, problem solving and enterprising skills and qualities.

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About the Sponsor McBride is Europe’s leading own label supplier of household cleaning and personal care products. The company has sites across the world with 4 factories in the UK and employs 1,700 people. McBride supports this, and other Make It events, because they see them as an excellent opportunity to promote pride through direct support to local education and to further increase

the profile of McBride as an employer of choice across Greater Manchester. The Mercure Norton Grange Hotel and Spa also contributed towards the running of the event and provided the venue and catering on the day free of charge.

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Summary and Key Points •

100% of the pupils that took part in the day rated the Challenge as between “Excellent” and “Good” (60% marked “Excellent”, 34% marked “Very Good” and 6% marked “Good”)

94% of the pupils felt that the day had given them a better understanding of the types of jobs available within the manufacturing sector

In total, the number of young people who said that “yes”, they would now consider a career in manufacturing rose from 45% at the beginning of the day to 73% by the end

100% of the teachers that attended rated the Challenge overall as “Excellent”

100% of the teachers felt that the day had definitely improved their pupil’s perceptions of careers within the sector

100% of the teachers indicated that they would now recommend careers in manufacturing to “all their pupils” upon their return to school

100% of the McBride volunteers rated the Challenge overall as “Excellent”

100% of the McBride volunteers also felt that the day had succeeded in improving the image of manufacturing to those pupils involved


Quotes from Pupils

Quotes from Teachers

“It is a hard working job but rewarding and worth it”

“Absolutely fantastic! Thank you all very, very much”

“There are a lot of exciting job options”

“Thoroughly enjoyable day for staff and pupils”

“It is exciting and you can earn a lot of money”

“I have learnt a lot about manufacturing”

“An excellent event, well organised and executed. It would be great to work with McBride in the future”

“An excellent day, very well planned and a great experience”

“A fantastic and well planned day. The students loved it, as did I!”

“It’s really fun and creative”

“It’s more interesting than I thought”

Quotes from Volunteers •

“Excellent way to demonstrate what is involved in manufacturing”

“Shows our company in a great light in the local community, and what opportunities are available”

“An excellent day, thank you”

“Great way to see the potential of local school children with a mind to attract some of that talent”

“Great publicity!”

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The volunteers from McBride were: Chris Bull

Chief Executive

Hannah Knaggs

Artwork Co-ordinator

Clive Burton

Manufacturing Manager

Leila Day

Sales Development Executive

Simon Barraclough Group L&TD Officer

Fred Snowdon

Warehouse Supervisor

Joanne Povey

Group L&TD Assistant

Kay Farmer

HR Administrator

Rob Lishman

Engineering Services & Facilities Co-ordinator

Oliver Stoker

HR Administrator




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