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City with Dwellings: A Community First Initiative

First Quarter, 2018

CITY WITH DWELLINGS First Quarter News, 2017-2018 Overflow Shelter Season

Increase in Individuals Seeking Shelter this Season Overflow Season

Overflow Diversion

Placed in Shelter Basic Support



Unique persons checked in



Overflow Sheltered



Placed in local shelter*





Provided basic support**

*CwD filled every available shelter bed, every night during Overflow Season. **For the first time in our history, on many nights we were not able to place everyone seeking shelter. After exhausting all options, we provided a meal, blankets and hand warmers. We provided follow-up support at the Community First Center during the day.


9760 hot meals shared

662 Volunteers = 9509 hours

8,783 snack bags Supported by 123 organizations

633 W. 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

2000 bus passes provided for guests


City with Dwellings: A Community First Initiative

First Quarter, 2018

Community First Center 60 Average Guests Per Day



30 15

Flexibility to Meet a Variety of Needs


City with Dwellings’ allows for flexibility based on the unique circumstances a homeless person may face. A brief overview of different situations: Level one: Individuals without housing case management. Many are chronically homeless and/or have significant mental health problems, and may have burned bridges with other providers in the past. Young adults are included in this category. Level Two: Individuals often have connections with other agencies, but may require additional assistance due to circumstances and prior decisions which led to ongoing homelessness. Often struggle with cognitive/mental health challenges, lack family and relational community. Level Three: Previously homeless or unstably housed. At risk of losing housing. CwD engages with these individuals to help prevent recidivism. Level Four: Ideal for diversion strategies



June July










Aug Sept Oct




Total Unique CFC Guests: 615

Community First Volunteers Since data collection began in June 2017, Sixty-five individuals have volunteered at City with Dwellings’ Community First Center, giving 1082 hours of time to help individuals experiencing homelessness. In addition to two staff persons and two community resource professionals, we average six volunteers each day we are open.

Staff The Community First Center is staffed by Lea Thullbery, Case Coordinator and Corinne Causby, Program Director.

On-site resource providers Each day we offer open hours, area professionals from local CoC agencies work with individuals at the CFC on assessments and other related needs to facilitate the housing process.

focused on problem solving. Often need a light touch/help with a specific issue. May also include persons needing consistent relational community to maintain stability. Individuals Served by CwD 2017 to date

Level One



Level Two



Level Three



Level Four





Community First Programming The work at the Community First Center has two primary components. Both group and one-on-one support is offered to individuals navigating the complex system of available housing resources. Additionally, personal development opportunities are provided to engage individuals through programs such as art and horticultural therapy, anger and anxiety management, yoga, and peerto-peer support groups led by partner agencies. 633 W. 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101


City with Dwellings: A Community First Initiative

First Quarter, 2018

Open Source Groups and Programming at the CFC Tues/Thurs



Open Source Housing Groups

Tai Chi and Yoga/Meditation


Positive Wellness, Empowerment Project, Cardinal Health

Open Art Session

Art Therapy- Artist led

Case Management w/ agencies

Anger Management I and II

Life Mapping

Homelessness in Our Community City with Dwellings is part of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Continuum of Care (CoC). The CoC is comprised of assistance programs committed to reducing the incidence of homelessness in our community by supporting homeless individuals in their efforts to reach self-sufficiency and permanent housing. Two Indicators, the Point-in-Time Count (PIT) and the Annual Homeless Assessment Review (AHAR) are used nationally to document the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. The PIT count reports the number of sheltered and unsheltered persons on a single night in January. The AHAR uses data from HUD’s national data base to track homeless persons 2015 2016 2017 accessing services in our CoC and provides an estimate of WS/FC the number homeless persons in our community based on AHAR 1613 1558 1922 demographic data and service use patterns. PIT



The PIT Count can be influenced by any number of 445 335 variables, such as bad weather, or a low turnout of City with Dwellings volunteers to count homeless persons. The AHAR is a better representation of persons experiencing homelessness in our community during a one year period.

453 563

The Long Path Home Archie Parsons first connected with City with Dwellings during the 2016/2017 Overflow season. He stayed connected through relationships with volunteers from Augsburg Lutheran shelter and the CwD community, working closely with Lea Thullbery, CwD Case Coordinator. “We provided an important portal for Archie to start the housing process in September 2017,”said Thullbery. Archie had struggled with homelessness for a number of years, had a documented disability and several health concerns. CwD coordinated a complete intake and helped Archie pull together the necessary documentation to regain access to services. “Most importantly, we were able to see Archie regularly and could offer encouragement and support during our most recent Overflow season and through the CFC,” added Thullbery. After several fits and starts, we helped Archie move into his new home in April. According to Thullbery, Archie checks in regularly at the CFC, often pitching in to help when needed. “We are always happy to see Archie’s smiling face.”

633 W. 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101


City with Dwellings: A Community First Initiative

First Quarter, 2018

2018 Budget Overview City with Dwellings is grateful to be in a position to grow and strengthen our community's impact in the lives of the homeless and most vulnerable in our city. Our commitment to build a lean, v o l u n t e e r- d r i v e n o rg a n i z a t i o n remains solid, as one of our core strengths lies in the support of the faith community and our volunteers. The largest part of our budget (54%) is allocated to staffing each of our three shelter locations and our check-in facility with trained monitors during the Overflow Shelter season. Our year-round staff consists of a Program Director and a part-time Case Coordinator, both funded by private grants.

A Supportive Community The generous support of the faith community, individuals, foundations, organizations and our city (through HUD funds) allows City with Dwellings to reach so many on such a lean budget. Thanks to 183 individuals, 31 churches three foundations and so many in-kind donations, we were able to offer care and community for persons experiencing homelessness in our city.

Best Assets for Creative Fundraising A BIG SHOUT OUT to Philip "Opie" Kirby of Finnigan's Wake, a downtown favorite restaurant and gathering spot! Opie donated the proceeds from the sale of his soulbaring calendar (l to support CwD’s work in the community. His generosity helped support the operation of the Overflow Shelter and Community First Center. CwD is fortunate to have such creative and motivated volunteers willing to go the extra mile for the most vulnerable in our city. Next time you have lunch or grab a snack at Finnigan’s Wake, make sure to ask for Opie—and say THANK YOU for his tremendous heart and ass—tounding creative generosity.

633 W. 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101


City with Dwellings First Quarter 2018  
City with Dwellings First Quarter 2018