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December 14, 2011

Holidays for hunters

Vol. 1, No. 10

Spotlight on: Cumberland High School Boys Basketball. See page 8

By Jim Brewer

Media General News Service

Hey, Santa. We’ve been pretty good this past year - sportsmen, that is. We shot a bunch of deer that have been playing chicken with approaching automobiles on our highways, and we put a dent in the resident goose population. We did our part in keeping the coyotes from overtaking our subdivisions and dining on family pets. We have kept the bluegill populations in farm ponds in check and have generously contributed both funds and fresh venison to the Hunters for the Hungry Program. And we’ve only exaggerated the size and number of fish that we’ve caught by this much (finger and thumb about one inch apart). So you owe us big time. Here’s our list. You can check it twice. First, there is a great book out that is sure to please every sportsman on your list. It’s called Journey to the Final Cast. It will make you laugh and cry, almost at the same time. The new release happens to be written by a friend of yours truly, and I even have a couple parts within the pages. I have known Glenn Busch, a superb writer from Lynchburg, for over 30 years. We have camped out in the mud during torrential rains, we have feasted on freshly caught see Hunting > 2


 CALENDAR: Church will host cantata this month. P7  YOUR HEALTH: Don’t abandon exercise while traveling. P10

Q and A: Resident talks about helping county mothers. See page 3

Cheerleaders’ efforts net coats for residents in need. See page 6.

 COMMUNITY: Ronald Spears honored by school system. P6  SCHOOLS: CUCPS hosts student arts event. P5



New county supervisors face challenging days ahead

By Roslyn Ryan

“It is like always being on dress parade — one can never relax. It is a great strain…People are more aware of you, more critical, and they have no pity for one’s mistakes and stupidities…They seek your company because they expect something particular from you, and if they don’t get it, they drop you. They are always intriguing and caballing; one must be very alert. They are sensitive and easily become enemies. But it is never dull.” I recently came across these lines, written by the author T.S. Eliot in a letter to his brother in

1919. Eliot was referring to life among English nobility, but I couldn’t help but connect the words to what must certainly be the day-to-day experience of those elected to public office these days. We ask a lot of our elected officials, after all, even those new to the game. Much like baseball umpires, they are expected to begin perfect and improve from there. They are asked to make big things happen with little (sometimes nonexistent) funding and stand firm when the popular choice and the ethical one are no longer the same. As the new Cumberland County Board of Supervisors takes office, we here at Cumberland Today applaud our newly elected leaders for taking on the challenges of running a county under trying financial circumstances. They certainly won’t please all of the people all of the time. But we trust—at least until

Cumberland Today EDITORIAL & BUSINESS OFFICE 3229 Anderson Highway, Powhatan, Va 23139 (804) 598-4305 • TOLL FREE (877) 888-0449 FAX (804) 598-7757 Joy Monopoli Publisher Roslyn Ryan Editor Pam Sanders Sales Manager Steve Pittman Sales Representative Cindy Grant Classifieds Brian French Production Manager Birgit Weeks Office Manager © 2011 by Richmond Suburban Newspapers. All advertising and editorial matter is fully protected and may not be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the publisher.


Cumberland Today

they prove otherwise – they will serve honorably, and with the best interests of their community always at the forefront of their minds. *** The staff of Cumberland Today would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers a very happy holiday season and a joyous New Year. This was a big year for us --and I’d be fibbing if I said we weren’t a bit nervous at first about launching a brand new newspaper. As it turned out, we needn’t have worried. We can’t thank the residents of Cumberland enough for all of their kind wishes and wonderful feedback as we have worked to bring you the best community newspaper we possibly can — thanks to you, we are truly looking forward to a wonderful 2012.

Pick up a free copy of Cumberland Today at any at these locations: Chubby’s 4200 Anderson Hwy, Powhatan

Raman’s 1913 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland

Old Tavern Junction 5500 Anderson Hwy, Powhatan

Tipton’s Midway Grocers 3156 Cumberland Road, Cumberland

Cumberland Farm Equipment 1273 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland Cumberland Restaurant 1465 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland Cumberland Library 1539 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland Cumberland EZ Mart 1611 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland

December 14, 2011

Mitchell’s Market 2487 Cumberland Road, Farmville Blanton & Pleasants 2308 Cartersville Road, Cartersville Tower General Store 1519 Cartersville Road, Cartersville Country Corner Grocery 1942 Cartersville Road, Cartersville

At times like these, county leaders should rethink personal property tax issue Dear Editor: This is to enlighten the folks about the financial gouging being done by a neighboring county. This they call...Personal Property Tax. It comes at the time of year where many have their hours reduced at work, and the upcoming holidays take their toll financially. It’s understandable the county needs money to operate, but this county’s tax rate is way above and beyond the neighboring counties. What makes it worse....they assess “clean” value which is very unrealistic in the real life world. All but one other, assesses average market value, which is much more fair. I have notified the office on many occasions, complaining of this, to no avail. My only response....file a high mileage report (such as an inspec-

tion sticker...with mileage). Very little good when a vehicle is priced approximately a thousand dollars more with the “clean” rating. I was last told to file a complaint through the Circuit I have the time and money for that. A letter to my Supervisor didn’t do much better. He agreed the rate was too high, yet it’s the Board of Supervisors that set the rate. After two months, I have received no other info on this matter. With the current economic conditions, higher prices, and gas prices, along with ever increasing unemployment, it would seem the local government would be more fair to the residents, and lessen the tax burden, not drive them into deeper debt, trying to satisfy their insatiable appetite for more taxes and more needless spending! Thank you, Michael Hauser Cartersville, Va.

cheap shears. Buy a quality product like Gerber or Buck: a tool that will instantly clip the legs continued from > 1 and wings off game birds and fins and bones from fish. trout, broiled on an open fire. We have laughed Another winner of a present is a together at good jokes and bad. We have ribbed Leatherman Tool. I own a Leatherman Micra one another, as well as all our other camp Tool that I use every day of my life. I panic mates, unmercifully, and enjoyed every minute when I can’t find it. I’ve asked for a backup of the give and take. We have shared solemn as a present this Christmas. The Micra Tool moments when one of our close comrades left has a pair of scissors, a sharp knife, a file, a this earth entirely too early. can opener, a bottle opener, tweezers and all Glenn has captured in his book the special sorts of gizmos. It fits easily in a pocket. But relationships that friends and sportsmen share: Leatherman makes a host of models, so it’s Those who grow old together and become hard to go wrong. closer through the years. A few weeks back I also suggested a gift This is a winner of a present. Nobody has certificate for a fishing trip on Lake Anna with one, one size fits all, and it’s easy on the pocket Chris Craft, a crappie expert, equally proficient book at just $15.00 per copy. with stripers or largemouth. Depending on But sportsmen need more than one gift. Here the type of trip and number in the party, a are a couple other suggestions. half-day with Chris is about $200 or less. For First, a lunch pail with a good Thermos. I more information, call CCBass’N at Lake Anna gave one to my dad many years ago and he Guide Service at 540-894-6195 or connect with later told me it was one of the best presents he him at Anna Point Marina at 540-895-5900. ever received. I t was a solid pail with a good You can e-mail him at Thermos. We enjoyed many cups of coffee and Finally, every sportsman needs few stocking sandwiches from that lunch box, and they tast- stuffers, and the best of all is fishing line, which ed best after our dogs had pinpointed a couple should be replaced at least yearly. Choose coveys of quail. Berkley or Stren. Another present sure to please is a good pair Anything from 4-pound to 12-pound test of game shears. If you go this route, don’t buy will be greatly appreciated.


Q& A Interview By Emily Darrell

Cumberland resident Ruthy Green – a native New Yorker, mother of twelve, and wife of a Christian missionary –recently started her own doula business, Graceful Birthing of Virginia. A doula is a person who provides non-medical support to women during pregnancy and labor.

Tell me a little bit about being a doula. Well, the word doula originates as someone who is a support person for the mom. It’s a sister-kind-of-thing in the original language, in the Greek language. It has evolved into someone who is a labor assistant during the birth. And prior to the birth you’re doing a lot of educating the moms, giving them a lot of information, supporting them, helping them develop a birth plan, so that their birth goes – ideally – according to the way they would like it to go. Some of the moms want to be medicated. Some don’t want to be medicated. Most moms are going to want to avoid a C-section, obviously. I do whatever I can to educate them and help facilitate whatever their ideal birth plan would be. In the hospital setting you’re going to want to encourage them to continue their breathing. Things are getting really intense and difficult for them. I might say “Let’s try this position,” or “Do you want me to massage you? How about if we walk down the hall a little bit? Are you hungry, are you thirsty?” You just offer them comfort measures.

So you have twelve kids. Any twins or triplets? No. I’ve been hoping and wishing [laughs]. But, no, we haven’t been so blessed.

What are their age ranges? He is almost three [gestures to her youngest son, Judah, who is running around the living room, periodically peeking from behind his mother’s skirt.] And it goes all the way up to my oldest, who is 22.

It’s a little unusual these days to have twelve children. What are people’s reactions when they hear you have so many kids? Sometimes they’ll say something silly, like “You know what causes that?” And we’ll just respond, “Yeah, but we like it.” Every once in awhile you’ll get a little old lady

that’ll say “Oh, I had so-many brothers and sisters!” and they’ll be excited. But, for the most part, we’re a novelty, an oddity. But, you know, we love ‘em and they’re a blessing.

Did you grow up in a large family? I did. My mom had nine. I’m the youngest of nine. I grew up in the Bronx. There were a lot of Catholics, but at that point in time the Catholics were downsizing their families. It used to the Catholics had a lot of children, but not so much anymore. So we were kind of an oddity.

You mentioned earlier that your husband was in China? What’s he doing over there? Well, they [he and his ministry] do a lot of covert gospel literature distribution. I say ‘covert’ because Christianity is against the law there, basically. So they bring a lot of Bibles to the underground churches there that get distributed. You cannot evangelize there one-on-one. During the overnight hours they’re leaving a lot of gospel literature in business areas, on doorsteps, in windowsills, in bicycle baskets – places like that. You can’t just go purchase a Bible in a bookstore [in China]. You have to apply for it. The Chinese government church only allows a certain number of bibles and they keep track of who’s got bibles. Everybody in the underground church might not have a bible. Every day you want cross the border from Hong Kong into the Chinese mainland with bibles, and then distribute them to a local underground church leader. You might cross the border three or four times a day, and just haul in bibles.


Cut Your Own

CHRISTMAS TREES Fresh Wreaths Available

The Nuckols Christmas Tree Plantation is one of the oldest in Virginia. Thousands of trees on 20 beautifully manicured acres.

White Pine • Firs Fresh Wreaths • Norway Spruce

Have you gone along on any of these trips? Directions: On Rt. 60, 1/2 mile east of Cumberland Courthouse. Just past Rt. 622 (look for sign)

I have three children that are there now with my husband, and my oldest has been. I have not been. I’m too chicken. [Laughs.] I said to husband, I said “Gee whillikers, honey, once I’m going through customs and they’re searching my luggage I might wet my pants,” and he says, “Oh, that’s OK honey, it’ll just be a distraction for the rest of us to go through.”


Restrooms available to the public.

Cumberland Today

December 14, 2011



Cumberland schools present Fine Arts Night

 Cumberland Library STORY HOUR. Come join us at the library from 11:00-12:00 on Wednesdays.

 Cumberland Library STORY HOUR. Come join us at the library from 11:00-12:00 on Wednesdays.

 Please come attend the monthly meeting of the Friends of Bear Creek Lake at Beat Creek Hall on 08/10 from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. This group, like groups at other state parks coordinates and performs volunteer activities at the park. It also raises funds for projects that might otherwise remain unfinished. At Bear Creek Lake State Park, members also manage our archery range, which is unique in Virginia State Parks. Celebrate state parks 75th anniversary by becoming a friend. Contact the group at

THURSDAY, DEC. 22  Rotary Club of Farmville Meeting at 12:00pm at Charley’s at 201 B-Mill Street, Farmville, VA.

SATURDAY, DEC. 24  “Christian Motorcyclists Association Powhatan” chapter LIVING WHEELS meets the third Saturday of each month at 6:00 p.m. You are invited to join us at Company 1 Fire station, Old Buckingham Rd. and Mann Rd. Come find out what we’re doing, and where our next ride or event will be. For more information call 598-1834 or 357-6730 or 512-8835


Courtesy PhotoS

 Rotary Club of Farmville Meeting at 12:00pm at Charley’s at 201 B-Mill Street, Farmville, VA.

TUESDAY, DEC. 17  H.O.P.E. – Helping Others Prepare for Eternity is a Ladies Group that meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall at Cartersville Baptist Church. All women are invited to join us. H.O.P.E encourages Christian development of ladies in our church and community through missions, spiritual outreach, community involvement, and Christian fellowship. We take our name to heart and work hard to do God’s will on many levels, supporting local, state, national, and international missions on a regular basis. Please join us.

SUNDAY, DEC. 18  United Daughter s of the Confederacy, Elliott Grays chapter 1877 will have their monthly meeting the second Sunday of each month at 2:00pm at Italian Delight in the South Creek shopping center on Anderson



Cumberland Today


On December 1, 2011, Cumberland County Public Schools sponsored a Fine Arts Night Concert and Art Show. The event was held in the CHS/CMS Cafetorium and the public was invited. The door opened at 6:30 p.m. and parents and community members were admitted to the Art Show. Under the direction of art teachers Janice Stanley and Ronda Jones, art work was displayed in the commons area surrounding the cafetorium. The event showcased a diverse collection of student artwork and projects. At 7:00 p.m., under the supervision of band director Nicholas Keicher, the Cumberland Middle School Choir sang several selections, including “ABC,” “Cold and Fugue Season,” “Run Rudolph Run,” and “Mele Kalikimaka.” They were followed by the Middle and High School Choir, who sang “Celebration,” “Faithfully,” “Build Me Up, Buttercup,” “Bidi Bom,” and “Christmas Time Is Here.” Above: The Cumberland Middle School Choir. Inset photo: Some of the student artwork on display.

 Cumberland Library STORY HOUR. Come join us at the library from 11:00-12:00 on Wednesdays.  Books Over Coffee: Join us for our new book club AT 10:00am at the Cumberland Library. Bring your favorite recent reads to discuss and share with the group. Coffee and dessert will be provided by the library. Cumberland County Public Library Meeting Room. 804492-5807

THURSDAY, DEC. 29 Highway in Powhatan.  To get your events on the community calendar please contact Birgit Weeks at Powhatan Today at 804-598-4305 X 4305 or e-mail Limited to events that are free to the public or benefit a non-profit organization.  Cartersville Baptist Church will present the cantata, Mary ,Did You Know, on Friday, December 16th and Sunday, December 18th, at 7 p.m. The cantata will tell the Christ-

December 14, 2011

mas story in word and song. The narration will be read by Fred Shumaker. The musical will include solos, adult choir and a children’s choir. Solos will be presented by Beth Newton, Jennifer Norman and David Mack.First sopranos are Denise Bryant, Nancy Lewis, Joanne Gills and Beth Newton.Second sopranos are Jenny Bales, Wanda Johnston, June Pleasants, Pauline Shores, Tina Shumaker, Janice Hudgins and Laura Broadwater. Altos are Jennifer Norman, Earlene Canaan, Misty Myers, Anna Arthur, Sherry Bales, Tracey Hale and Cheryl Dalton.

Tenors are Randy Bryant, Dover Johnston, Spanky Pleasants, Wilson Shores and Darryl Dunn. Basses are Fred Shumaker, Dave Hale, Dighton Head and David Mack. The director / pianist is Vivian Dunn. Everyone is invited to attend and refreshments will follow in the fellowship hall. Merry Christmas to all from the Cartersville Baptist Church Choir.

 Rotary Club of Farmville Meeting at 12:00pm at Charley’s at 201 B-Mill Street, Farmville, VA.

SUNDAY, NOV. 1  Fiber Arts Group. Whether you create with yarn, thread, needles, or hooks, you are welcome to join our new Fiber Arts group at the Cumberland Library meeting room at 10:00am. Bring you work-in-progress and meet with others who share your creative spirit! For more information call 804-492-5807

SCHOOL NOTES Cumberland JROTC students travel to Gettysburg Twenty-eight Cumberland High School JROTC Cadets took a 5½ bus ride to Gettsyburg, traveling the basic route used by the Union Army of the Potomac as they moved to Gettysburg to do battle with Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. As part of their curriculum, students had previously studied the history of the Civil War, including commanders of the battles, uniforms and equipment, drills and formations, and causes and effects. On the trip, students actually got to see some of the historic places they had learned about, such as McPherson Ridge, the site of Pickett’s Charge, and Cemetery Ridge. The cadets engaged in activities such as recreating Pickett’s Charge, which, according to Cadet Tristan James, “Really made me feel like I was part of the battle.” Students climbed the Pennsylvania Memorial in order to view the entire battle field. Cadet Danielle Leonard noted, “Actually being on the ground where the battles took place and seeing the fields where great heroes fell. . .[was] a feeling that’s hard to describe; it’s just very exciting and made you want to learn more.” In keeping with the spirit of the trip, students camped out in tents, where they stayed during the duration of the trip. Cadets were issued “heater meals,” which Major Peter Amico explained, are a civilian version of the military

MRE’s. The cadets endured the overnight low temperature of 23 degrees, and soon appreciated the campfires that they built. Cadet Lia Dalton stated, “Getting to camp out for the night and make our own food gave me a feel of how the soldiers lived for a little while; it was amazing—I loved it!” Upon returning from the trip, the cadets reminisced about the excitement of the outing. Many recalled the trip to

Devil’s Den, reportedly one of the most haunted places on the battlefield, where several cadets reported hearing strange noises and hearing people “yelling in the woods.” However, according to JROTC instructors Major Amico and Sgt. Steven Carrier, for many of the cadets, the camaraderie they enjoyed sitting around the campfire, cooking hot dogs, eating Smores, and telling stories was the highlight of the trip.

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December 14, 2011


SCHOOL NOTES Ronald K. Spears selected as Cumberland County Schools Alumnus of the month

Courtesy photo

During the month of Oct. the CHS Cheerleaders sponsored a coat drive to benefit the Cumberland County Clothes Closet. They were able to collect over 70 coats and a bag of sweatshirts, sweaters and hoodies to help area families in need. Pictured are Cheerleaders Nicole Jefferson, Sam Woodfin and Tirrany Foster along with Cumberland Clothes Closet Volunteers.

Ronald “Ron” Spears was born January 21, 1956, and he attended school. He graduated from Cumberland High School in 1973. Mr. Spears received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1978 from Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio, and in 1993 Spears he received a Master of Science Degree from NOVA Southeastern University, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Currently, Mr. Spears is the Director of Programs for Elk Hill, in Goochland. In his job he supervises the staff responsible for the operation of the private non-profit residential/educational program for boys, two group homes for boys, a group home for girls, a Community Services component, and three Special Education/Alternative Education facilities. Prior to this position, he has served at Elk Hill as the Director of Community Services, the Director of Admissions and Aftercare, the Admissions and Aftercare Coordinator, and the Treatment Team Leader.

Get your career started with a growing company! Now Hiring for Powhatan & Cumberland Markets! Richmond Suburban Newspapers seeks a customer-focused professional who enjoys helping businesses grow in our local markets. Duties include selling multi-media advertising to local customers, creating marketing plans, designing and scheduling advertisements for publication, providing excellent customer service. Candidate must be detail oriented with good verbal and written communication skills and knowledge of Microsoft applications is required.

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Cumberland Today 6

Cumberland Today

December 14, 2011

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Cumberland Today

December 14, 2011


Cumberland Today Sports Spotlight on: Cumberland High School Boys Basketball Cumberland Today photographer Kenny Moore recently checked in on the Cumberland Dukes as they took on the Randolph Henry Statesmen.

Above: Devonte Booker of Cumberland (20) gets past the half court pressure of Randolph Henrys Kevin McCargo (15). Top Right: Harry Bailey (44) of Cumberland fights inside for position with Randolph Henrys Tavon Williams (50). Bottom Right: – Bo Winbush of Cumberland (10) looks to dish the ball outside as Khari Jenkins (22) of Randolph Henry tries to clog up then inside.


Cumberland Today

December 14, 2011

Clockwise, from top left: Cumberlands Rashawn Sims pulls up at the foul line for the short jumper; The Cumberland Cheering Squad performs for the crowd during a time out; De-Aundre Brooks of Cumberland gets inside for the short jumper to keep the Dukes momentum going; Harry Bailey (66) of Cumberland uses his great height advantage and blocks the attempt by Quincy Thompson (12) of Randolph Henry.

Cumberland Today

December 14, 2011



Don’t abandon your fitness routine while traveling for holidays By Lisa Stollings

elevate your heart rate and give you a decent workout. “ Eating can be a big problem when traveling because you cannot prepare your own food and everything tastes better on vacation, as least to me it does. Remember my 80 percent, 20 percent rule. Eat moderate, small portions of all the foods you like, don’t drink your calories, 80 percent of the time, and then if you blow it 20 percent of the time you will be just fine. “ Most of all enjoy your vacation. Do not stress about your workouts. Get back into your normal routine as soon as you get back home. Have a wonderful summer. Enjoy your family and friends and travel wise. See you in the gym.

When most people take a vacation they take a vacation from everything including their exercise program. Granted if your vacation is a short one, you might not have time to get in much exercise but there is always time for a little activity if you plan ahead. I always call ahead to our destination to see about fitness facilities, hiking courses or biking trails. My idea of a great vacation is quality time with my family, workouts (without rushing), leisure time for reading, sightseeing and lots of good food. As you travel this summer, see what a difference a little planning and determination can make in maintaining your fitness level, no matter where you land. Exercising when you travel can help reduce travel stress, burn up extra calories and help ease the transition in to your routine back Linda Stollings is a personal fitness trainer home. Here are some simple travel tips. in Bristol, Tenn. E-mail her at info@fitpre“ If you are traveling by plane, take advan- or visit www.fitprescriptions. tage of those long delays in the airports and com. walk instead of sitting for hours at a time. Store your carry-on bags in a locker and hike through the airport while waiting for your flight. Also, be sure and drink plenty of water when you travel by plane, because it is easy to become dehydrated on long flights. “ Do a condensed workout while on vacation if time is an issue. Cut your hour workout down to 30 minutes. You will be surprised how much better you will feel with a 30 minute walk, jog or weight routine to start your day. “ Plan ahead. While packing, be sure and include your comfortable walking shoes, running shoes, a bathing suit for the pool and any other gear you think you might need. “ Hotel pools work well for exercise especially in the heat of summer. Jogging in the shallow end or dog paddling in the deeper water can


Cumberland Today

December 14, 2011


An app a day keeps the doctor away? Contributed report

In my Twitter feed I often see how much someone has run, or how much they weighed this morning. Health-oriented phone apps now let you share your health information with the world. The idea is that knowing people out there will know if you went running today or not, encourages you to get out there. Apps like the free Run Keeper on both the iPhone and Android track your runs using your phone’s built in GPS. It will show you on a map where you have run, let you share your run information via Twitter and Facebook, and maintain a history of your runs. If you program in a pace you want to maintain, it will give you audio cues letting you know if you are keeping the pace up. With optional hardware, it can even track your heart rate as you run. It can still let you listen to your music as you run, but also give you audio cues as to how long and far you have been running. Nike+ GPS for the iPhone has similar functionality for $1.99, but adds a variety of cheers, power songs and motivational speeches by top athletes to keep you moving. Nike has other apps for the iPhone for planning and tracking workout goals. Nike Boom is available for both the iPhone and Android phones for free and plays motivational music and words of encouragement during your workouts. Both app stores are full of apps that will help you plan diets, plan and track workouts, and other ways to improve your health. There are even apps that let your phone replace pedometers. They not only count steps but tell you the distance, pace and calories you have burned on

your walks. A company called Withings makes The Wifi Body Scale. It uses its wifi ability to send your daily weight to apps on your phone, iPad or computer. You can then maintain a database of your weight over time and graph the data to see how you are doing. The $159 scale can support multiple users within the same home. It also tracks body mass index or BMI. The truly unique thing is you can have the scale send out a Tweet every time you weigh yourself. This is thought by those who do it to motivate them to lose weight because the world will know if they have stuck to their diet. By checking his Twitter account, I can see where podcaster and radio host Leo Laporte’s weight was 219 in December of 2009, but by July of this year had grown slightly to 227. These scales were all the rage among tech pundits when they first came out, but only with men. I do now know of a single woman who Tweets her weight. Withings also makes a blood pressure gauge that sends your data to your computer, and shares it via email and Twitter. These days if you run a marathon or other organized run, the number you wear may have a small RFID chip in it. Sensors around the course record when you pass, so you can later get a an idea of your pace. The Marine Corp Marathon, and probably others, track your progress on a map available to others on the web. A few years ago, my church checked in on the associate minister’s progress at the beginning and end of a service. Read more at the link page at http://bit. ly/FamilyTech. Visit Mark’s blog at http:// His e-mail address is


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GENERAL EMPLOYMENT The Attachment and Trauma Institute is now hiring intensive in-home and mental health support counselors. We offer excellent training and benefits. A BA or MA degree in social work, psychology or one of the other human services fields plus at least a year’s experience working with at-risk children or adults with significant mental health issues is required. Send resume:

HOUSES FOR RENT Powhatan - 2 BR 1 BA - double wide. 1327 Gills Road. $600. per month. Cumberland - 3 BR 2 BA 1.5 story. 68 The Woods. $750. per month + deposit. Call 804-794-3163




(804) 746-1235 ext. 3


For Sale Neapolitan Mastiff - Female, 17 months old, hazel brown. Purebred AKC/ACA. Needs a strong handler familiar with the breed. $1300. 804-598-2730

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5 p.m. Thursday

Cindy Grant

Office: 6400 Mechanicsville Tpke Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Michelle Wall

Mail: P.O. Box 1118 Mechanicsville, VA 23111

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PAULIE'S PET PARLOR & PET SITTING SERVICES We have every product & offer every service for your pet's needs & wants. Currently accepting new pets for our pet daycare. We are also offering Pet Obedience Classes starting next month. For more information, please call XXX-XXXX.

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Business & Professional Directory W. A. WATSON & SONS INSURANCE AGENCY






Certified Public Accountant Professional Service with Personal Attention

Teresa S. Ingle

• Tax Planning & Preparation

Licensed Agent

Business, Estates & Individuals

P.O. Box 567 106 N. Main St. Farmville, VA 23901

434-392-4177 (o) 804-492-4820 (h) 434-392-4411 (f)

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• Accounting & Small Business Services 17039 Oak St., Dillwyn, VA 23936 Phone: 434-983-1911 | Fax: 434-983-1912

BANKRUPTCY 13 attorney fee pre-payment of: $00 “Your Home is My Business”

File “13” with $274 file fee and costs. Filing “7” & “13”. Contracts include full fees.“7” cases need prepayment. 7 fees will vary on facts and start at $991 plus file fee of $299, Debt Relief Agencies 4,000 bankruptcies.

DIVORCE “Plain & Simple” lawyer fee pre-payment: $00 Pay file fee of $84 then 5 monthly $100 payments. No terms and cooperate.

DISABILITY Appeal denial of good claim pre-payment of: $00 434-227-8091 THE DEBT LAW GROUP,


Eleven offices including Farmville & Blackstone Call for an appointment: L. Jennings 207 S. Main Street Blackstone 23824

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December 14, 2011


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Prescription Program *

$4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for a 90-day supply Choose from over over 300 generics

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A single LeaderÂŽ Prescription Card covers the entire household even pets!

                                 * DISCOUNT ONLY - NOT INSURANCE. Discounts available exclusively through participating pharmacies. Not valid for state or federally funded prescription plans. Program details and pricing subject to change. Discounts will vary by prescription. Flat fee prices may not apply to all manufactures. You may cancel your registration under the LeaderÂŽ Prescription Club at any time by contacting your pharmacy.


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December 14, 2011


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