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CHICAGO CITY GUIDE featuring local picks by Andrew Bird • Krewella • Flosstradamus • Twin Peaks NE-HI • Autograf • Tortoise • Ryley Walker + more

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Chicago is rife with both grit and charm, its winters attributing to a resilience among residents and warm summers bringing people out in droves to enjoy kayaking on the lake, farmers markets and picnics in the park. Here, blue-collar meets creative and industrial meets whimsical — qualities that can be seen in the world-renowned architecture and rich arts community. With a host of festivals and city-wide events beckoning you to return all year long, the Hard Rock Hotel downtown can act as your home away from home. Housed inside of the 500-foot art deco Carbide & Carbon skyscraper resembling a champagne bottle, the hotel is a distinct part of the historic and ever-changing Chicago skyline. We asked some of the city’s most influential locals, from bands and actors, to artists and directors, to sound off on Chicago’s best, so you can plan where to play and what to see during your stay.

Hard Rock Hotel Chicago photo: Max Leitner


M EET YOUR GU I D E S Andrew Bird If we’re going to talk about veterans of genre-bending, elegant, musical panache, Andrew Bird is certainly of the upper-echelon. The Chicago-born multi-instrumentalist and songwriter recently released his breakthrough album Are You Serious, which features Fiona Apple and Blake Mills.

Anna Cerniglia Anna Cerniglia is a Lecturer of Art Administration at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a freelance producer, and the director/founder of Johalla Projects.

Autograf consists of Chicagoans Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha and Mikul Wing. Formed in 2013, the trio is a marriage between house music and an ocular experience. All three come from visual art/design backgrounds.

Disappears Disappears has been in the windy city’s Krautrock/shoegaze circuit since 2008. In 2014 they recorded a live cover of David Bowie’s Low to celebrate the launch of the “David Bowie Is” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. In the past they’ve recorded with Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley (who was the band’s drummer for a stint), and have shared stages with Tortoise and The Jesus Lizard.


photos: Andrew Bird/Reuben Cox, Autograf/Kyle Buckland, Disappears/Zoran Orlic


Flosstradamus Trap duo J2K and Autobot, aka Flosstradamus, got their start in the local Chicago club scene, soon selling out parties all over their hometown. In 2014 they were accompanied on tour by GTA and Curtis Williams (with Two-9), and are currently touring the states through September 2016, with one stop at the Pemberton Music Festival in Canada in July.

Jennifer Scher Jennifer Scher, born and raised in Chicago, is Senior Vice President of Elephant Pictures, where she has worked on various film and television projects such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Unfinished Business. Currently she’s a coproducer on the Amazon Prime series Patriot which films in Chicago, and is producing the coming-of-age thriller Oriole Park.

Jon Michael Hill Jon Michael Hill currently plays Detective Bell on the CBS show Elementary and has been an ensemble member at the Steppenwolf Theater since 2007, where he most recently appeared in Head of Passes. Previous Steppenwolf credits include The Hot L Baltimore, The Tempest, Kafka on the Shore, Superior Donuts, and The Unmentionables.

photos: Krewella/Chris Parsons

Krewella Sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf embarked on the journey that became Krewella over nine years ago. After deciding to leave college and their side jobs to pursue music full-time, Krewella is now taking the EDM world by storm. Their EP Ammunition is out now.


Lindsey Liss Lindsey Liss is a poet, designer, pop artist, and owner of the Double L.

NE-HI is Jason Balla, Alex Otake, Michael Wells, and James Weir. The four originally formed to score a friend’s film, and soon found themselves burgeoning through underground rock shows, local Chicago clubs, street fests, and touring the east coast. Find them bumping into fans on basement floors at venues near and far.

Robin Hellmann Robin Hellmann is a Chicagoland native, casting director, and head of The Cast Station’s Chicago office. She also serves as the Director of Operations for the non-profit Women in Film Chicago. When she is not working, you can usually find her performing improv at iO Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, or with the Improvised Jane Austen company.

Ryley Walker Ryley Walker gained attention with the 2015 release of his breakout album, Primrose Green, including praise from Robert Plant and Danny Thompson. After a ten-month recording stint, Walker returns with an international tour and the release of his sophomore album, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung (Dead Oceans), on August 19.


photos: NE-HI/Xavier Juarez , Ryley Walker/Dusdin Condren, Twin Peaks/Pooneh Ghana, Tortoise/Andrew Paynter, Whitney/Sandy Kim


Twin Peaks A band of childhood friends, Twin Peaks has always embraced the raw beauty of imperfection, from their debut album Sunken (2013), to their acclaimed Wild Onion (2014), and most recently with their Bowie/Bolan-esque Down in Heaven released on May 13, 2016.

Tortoise Comprised of Dan Bitney, John Herndon, Doug McCombs, John McEntire and Jeff Parker, Tortoise has released seven studio albums in their 26+ years as a band, touching on everything from jazz to post-punk, to electronica. Their latest LP, The Catastrophist, was released in January 2016 on Thrill Jockey.

Twin Peaks/Pooneh Ghana, Tortoise/Andrew Paynter, Whitney/Sandy Kim

Whitney Whitney was formed in 2015 by former Unknown Mortal Orchestra drummer Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek, who flew out of the ashes of the now-defunct Smith-Westerns. Their warm, countrified tunes make you feel like you’re dangling your feet on the back of a train in a bygone era.


Fine Arts Building photo: Bryan Lamb

See the sights Fine Arts Building Recommended by Disappears

Lincoln Park Zoo

Recommended by Andrew Bird, Jennifer Scher, Twin Peaks

Maggie Daley Park

Recommended by Andrew Bird, Disappears, Lindsey Liss

Millennium Park

Recommended by Autograf

Grant Park

Recommended by Disappears, Krewella, Robin Hellmann, Ryley Walker

Garfield Park Conservatory

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Disappears, Ryley Walker, Whitney

Chagall’s “Four Seasons” Mosaic Recommended by Andrew Bird

Museum Of Contemporary Art

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Flosstradamus

The Art Institute

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Autograf, Flosstradamus, Twin Peaks, Whitney

Bahá’í House of Worship

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Krewella

Ben Rose House

Recommended by Jennifer Scher


PAR KS Around the world, Chicago is recognized and revered for its architecture. From the sprawling houses of Frank Lloyd Wright, to temples, to Millenium Park’s iconic Cloud Gate centerpiece, (“The Bean” to locals), the city is rich with urban design history. Host of two World’s Fairs and some of the first-ever skyscrapers, Chicago continues to evolve and make room for modernity in its cityscape.

Millennium Park

Andrew Bird’s go-to spot in Maggie Daley Park: “The lookout atop the wooden castle.”

photos: Bryan Lamb

Maggie Daley Park

photos: Bryan Lamb

The Garfield Park Conservatory

“The Garfield Park Conservatory is awesome — it’s a greenhouse in the middle of a park that serves as a great place to take a break from the Chicago winter.” — Whitney


The Art Institute

Museum of Contemporary Art

“The Art Institute does a free afternoon every Thursday which is well worth it.” — Twin Peaks

photos: Sharon Mollerus/CC Flickr, Mike Norton/CC Flickr, cultivate LA-Landscape Architect/CC Flickr

Chagall’s “Four Seasons” Mosaic

Arch i t ectur e

photos: Adib Roy/CC Flickr, Carmen B/CC Flickr

Bahá’í House of Worship

Ben Rose House featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off “Chicago plays a huge part in the music I play, from the architecture to the great musical history to the general social construct and everything in between, it all affects everything I do.” — Doug McCombs, Tortoise

Goose Island

Historic Montgomery Ward Complex

Erie Park

Chicago Tribune Freedom Center

Merchandise Mart

330 North Wabash Marina City

333 West Wacker

LaSalle Wacker Building Leo Burnett 35 West Wacker

100 N. Riverside Plaza (Boeing)

Civic Opera Building

Gateway Center 1 and 2

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Willis Tower

Architecture boat Tour Recommended by Autograf, Disappears, NE-HI “If you have the coin, the Chicago River architectural tour is one of the coolest ways to see some of the best architecture in the world.” — NE-HI

John Hancock Building


these landmarks while gliding along the river.

Trump Tower Tribune Tower NBC Tower START

Aqua 35 East Wacker Drive Aon Building Millennium Park

Art Institute of Chicago


Chicago Botanic Gardens photo: Steve Cornelius/CC Flickr

Explore the outdoors Chicago Botanic Gardens Recommended by Krewella

Promontory Point

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Whitney

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Recommended by Andrew Bird, Jennifer Scher, Jon Michael Hill

The Lakefront

Recommended by Andrew Bird, Ryley Walker Twin Peaks

Kayak Lake Michigan

Recommended by Tortoise

Green City Market

Recommended by Jennifer Scher, Jon Michael Hill

Bike the 606 Path

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Disappears


Chicago Botanic Gardens

photos: Dallas Krentzel/CC Flickr

Chicago celebrates summer with fervor, indulging in the sweet relief the season offers. Despite its urban character, spread throughout the city are 20+ public parks and gardens, not to mention its lakes and rivers, so you can enjoy cheap or free activities in lush, scenic environments.

photo: Rex Babiera/CC Flickr

Promontory Point

“If you feel very ambitious, a bike ride down the lakefront path to Promontory Point in Hyde Park is a really beautiful trip.” — Max Kakacek, Whitney

The Lakefront

“I have great memories of being on the lakefront late at night totally buzzed. That’s probably the most wondrous late night haunt, no contest.” — Ryley Walker

photos: ©City of Chicago, Bert Kaufmann/CC Flickr

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

photos: Johnn/CC Flickr, Jason Kositarut/CC Flickr

Green City Market

606 Path Best free activities: “Garfield Park Conservatory, walking the 606, movies in the park, Hollywood (or any) beach, and free Chicago pools. I spent a winter swimming in the Kosciuszko Park Field house. It was great, a group of older women would meet there to eat sandwiches in the pool while I attempted to exercise.” — Anna Cerniglia



BREWMASTER Inside Revolution Brewery with head brewer Jim Cibak Nestled in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, Revolution Brewing is the largest independent craft brewery in Illinois. With 50 different beer styles produced each year, from the hoppy Double Fist to the bourbon barrel-aged milk stout Very Mad Cow, they are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing palates of beer drinkers. Housed in a tin-roofed warehouse on Milwaukee Street, Revolution has expanded to include a brewers lounge, production brewery, and taproom since its initial opening in 2010. Head brewer and Chicagoan Jim Cibak breaks down his favorite Revolution beer, and how it pairs nicely with the city’s skyline.


How long have you lived in Chicago? I have lived in Chicago proper for the last five years and in the south suburbs most of my life. I also attended Loyola University and the Siebel Institute for brewing in Chicago. What does it mean to you to be part of the city's craft beer scene? We are very proud to be firmly entrenched in the Chicago craft beer scene, and look forward to helping it continue to thrive in the future. What sets Revolution apart from other local breweries? We love brewing clean, crisp and aromatic hop-forward IPAs and Pale Ales. However, we sometimes shift gears and brew some authentic European styles or huge, bourbon barrel-aged beers. The bottom line is that we love to brew all different kinds of beer based on the season and, ultimately, what we brewers really enjoy drinking. Which of Revolution's beers are you most proud of? I'm obviously proud of all the beers we have brewed, ha, but my current favorite is our newest can, Rev Pils! It's an authentic, German-style Pilsner using all Weyermann malt, Bavarian Lager yeast, and five different hop varieties. We consistently use the best raw materials available and dedicate a considerable amount of cold storage time to yield a crystal-clear beer that is extremely crisp and drinkable. What are some of the key ingredients in the Rev Pils? The hops in the Rev Pils are a huge component of its clean, crisp bitterness and huge herbal and spicy aroma! These Bavarian-grown hops were hand-selected by our friend Nunz over at Hop Head Farms, and the bails of whole hops were shipped directly to their facility in Hickory Corners, Michigan. Once the


whole hops were processed into pellet form, they were shipped directly to the Revolution Kedzie Production Brewery and used for brewing. What kind of food should we pair with the Rev Pils? The Rev Pils is an extremely food-friendly beer! I would say my favorite pairings for it would be either pizza, burgers or Mexican food. Quite honestly, it goes great with any food, or even by itself! Who are some of your favorite Chicago bands? My favorite band from Chicago is, without question, Wilco. What's your favorite scenic lookout in Chicago? I really like the rooftop views from both the Rev brewpub and the Kedzie brewery. Nothing like unobstructed views of the Chicago skyline and a nice, cold beer. What's a common misconception about the city? People think that Chicago is called the Windy City because it is so windy here! Also, people have no idea that Lake Michigan is much bigger than the lakes they are used to seeing. Does Chicago weather inspire the beers you brew? Since the weather in Chicago ranges from 95 and humid to 40 below with windchill factor, we love to brew and drink beers based on the changing seasons. Nothing like a crisp Fist City Pale Ale or Rev Pils when it is hot and muggy, and then a nice snifter of Institutionalized Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine when it gets frigid in the winter. Revolution Brewery 2323 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL, 60647

photos courtesy of Revolution Brewing


Reckless Records photo: Bryan Lamb

where to shop Logan Hardware Records Recommended by Tortoise

Dusty Groove Records

Recommended by Ryley Walker, Tortoise

Reckless Records

Recommended by Jennifer Scher, Jon Michael Hill, Lindsey Liss, Robin Hellmann, Tortoise

Gramaphone Records

Recommended by Flosstradamus, Lindsey Liss

Village Discount Outlet

Recommended by Disappears, NE-HI, Twin Peaks, Whitney

Knee Deep Vintage

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia

Sector 2337 Gallery

Recommended by Andrew Bird

Belmont Army Surplus

Recommended by NE-HI, Twin Peaks


Reco r d

S h o p s

From books to records to clothes, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in Chicago shopping according to the city’s locals. Scour shops for vintage finds, or go to local favorite Village Discount for all your thrifting needs. Here, record stores meet art galleries meet vintage shops meet barbershops.

“Chicago is the crossroads of all the different sounds from all different regions of the states. And just like Floss, Chicago draws influence from every place and every sound.” — Flosstradamus

photos: Allison Taich

Logan Hardware Records

photos: courtesy of Dusty Groove, Bryan Lamb

Dusty Groove Records

Reckless Records

Lindsey Liss’ record shop tip: “Gramaphone for house and Reckless Records for retro.”

“The Village Discount Outlets in the city are always pretty stacked with good stuff. It’s hard to miss out on those. If you’re looking for something a little more legit there’s the Belmont Army Surplus on Belmont and Clark. They have everything from skate shit to army gear to their own thrift area as well. Say ‘hi’ to our homie Aina on the third floor; she’s the best.” — Twin Peaks

photos: Bryan Lamb

Village Discount Outlet

photos: courtesy of Knee Deep, Bryan Lamb

Knee Deep Vintage

Sector 2337 Gallery

“The south side of the city is where the real finds are; that’s where a lot of the boutique buyers start. The Village Thrift is always a good one to check out. General shopping for clothes / records / books is good in Wicker Park or Ukrainian Village. Lots of great, local stuff.” — Disappears

The Second City photo: Johnny Knight

Chicago live The Second City

Recommended by Disappears, NE-HI, Twin Peaks, Whitney


Recommended by Krewella

Thalia Hall

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Jennifer Scher, Tortoise, Twin Peaks, Whitney

Lincoln Hall

Recommended by Autograf, Flosstradamus, Lindsey Liss, Twin Peaks

The Empty Bottle

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Disappears, NE-HI, Robin Hellmann, Twin Peaks, Whitney

Schubas Tavern

Recommended by Twin Peaks

The Neo-Futurists Theater Recommended by Disappears

The Hideout

Recommended by Andrew Bird, NE-HI, Tortoise


Chicago is known for its comedy scene, and there’s no shortage of venues here. Staples include the iO Theater, as well as the Public House, which hosts the audienceparticipatory drinking game, Bye Bye Liver. If comedy isn’t your thing, music venues abound in downtown, including, but not limited to, Lincoln Hall (the former 3-Penny Cinema) and its neo-Gothic sister venue, Schubas.

Thalia Hall

“Love catching smaller shows at the recently redone Thalia Hall in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The food at their restaurant Dusek’s is incredible, and they have a downstairs cocktail bar for drinks post-show as well.” — Jennifer Scher

photos: Andrew Seaman/CC Flickr, courtesy of Thalia Hall


photos: courtesy of Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall

“[To] perform: Aragon Ballroom. [To] see a show: Lincoln Hall.” — Flosstradamus

Schubas Tavern

photos: Jim Vondruska, courtesy of Scubas Tavern

The Empty Bottle

Com ed y

photos: Joe Mazza Brave Lux, Erin Nekervis/CC Flickr

The Neo-Futurists Theater

The Hideout

Andrew Bird’s comedy pick: “The Mr. and Mrs. Wednesday Night show, monthly at The Hideout.”

Wicker Park Fest photo: courtesy of Wicker Park Fest

Experience the city Wicker Park Fest

Recommended by Twin Peaks

Millennium Park Film & Concert Series

Recommended by Flosstradamus, Jennifer Scher, Lindsey Liss, NE-HI, Twin Peaks

Pitchfork Festival

Recommended by Anna Cerniglia, Lindsey Liss, Twin Peaks

Riot Fest

Recommended by Twin Peaks


Recommended by Flosstradamus, Twin Peaks

The Taste of Chicago

Recommended by Jon Michael Hill, Krewella


Recommended by Disappears, Robin Hellmann

Critical Mass

Recommended by Flosstradamus, NE-HI


Millennium Park Concert & Film Series

“The Millennium Park Concert Series on Monday and Thursday nights. Great selection of local and international acts ranging from jazz to afrobeat.” — NE-HI

photos: Adam Alexander Photography/Choose Chicago

Annual festivals like Lollapalooza welcome crowds of indie music lovers, while the Taste of Chicago lets you try out the best of the culinary scene. From an improv festival, to Pride, to the biking event Critical Mass, the city hosts countless events year-round celebrating all aspects of culture.

photos: Wes Martin, Shaun Regan

Pitchfork Festival

Riot Fest

The Taste of Chicago

“The Taste of Chicago has a special place in my heart as an event. Grew up going to The Taste. Amazing food from all over and free music — free GOOD music.” — Jon Michael Hill

photos: courtesy of Ribfest, ©City of Chicago


photos: Adam Alexander Photography/Choose Chicago, Senor Codo/CC Flickr


Critical Mass

“On the last Friday of the month, there is a city-wide bike ride called Critical Mass. Great way to see all the different neighborhoods of Chicago. Wear your helmet!” — NE-HI

CIT Y SPIRIT Autumn Griffith, Director of Food and Beverage at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago shows us how to make her signature summer cocktail, the Garden Party.

Garden Party Ingredients: 1 ½ oz Deep Eddy Vodka or Deep Eddy Vodka Lemon 1 oz red bell pepper water ¾ oz sweet corn simple syrup ¾ oz fresh lemon juice 2 dashes of celery bitters 2 oz Topo Chico


How long have you been crafting cocktails, and how did you get started? I have been playing around with cocktails for about 10 years or so. I actually got my start the first time I was working for the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago when I was the bar manager. I took Hard Rock’s motto, “Save the Planet,” as a guide to steer the cocktails and beverage program to use more local and sustainable beer, wine, spirits and ingredients. I was able to use fresh fruits and herbs from the farmers market, and around that same time there was a new wave of cool, local distilleries and breweries opening in Chicago and the midwest.

photo: Monique Gilbert

What’s your inspiration for this drink? Where do you typically draw inspiration from? I’m a big fan of using more savory ingredients in cocktails, especially veggies. I have a crush on the Broken Shaker here in Chicago that does a super solid job of creating cocktails that use unconventional, savory ingredients such as bordelaise and alfalfa sprouts. I broke out my Flavor Bible to research yummy flavor combos that work in a cocktail. How is it made? The elements that go into making the cocktail are super simple. For the red bell pepper water we blend up raw, red bell peppers with a little water and salt, and then strain it in a fine mesh sieve. The sweet corn simple syrup has a few more steps but is also easy breezy. You take

shucked ears of corn and simmer them in a pot of water for about 30 minutes or so to let the corn flavor infuse into the pot. Strain out the corn bits leaving just the water. To make a simple syrup, we use the same proportion of sugar and water and add a vanilla bean. Stir until all is dissolved, and there ya go. I combine all of the ingredients of the cocktail in a shaker without ice and give it a stir to dissolve the syrup. I pour that over a glass with ice, and top off with the Topo Chico. What makes this a good summer cocktail? Red bell peppers and sweet corn are two of my favorite summer veggies. It is slightly sweet, slightly savory, and the effervescence of the Topo Chico makes it super refreshing. What’s your signature drink? I’m a big fan of drinking Negroni cocktails, but my most favorite drink right now is the Wondermint Malt at Best Intentions (3281 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647). It is addictive! What’s your favorite part about living in Chicago? The mix of old school and modern…you see it in the architecture and especially in the dining and bar scene — great oldschool dive bars and progressive craft cocktail bars. We have it all!


The Hideout

SIGN OF THE TIMES These vintage Old Style beer signs are a token of Chicago’s classic drinking dens

Photos by Jim Vondruska


We all know what it’s like to scour Yelp reviews looking for the locals-approved bars, but what happened to accidentally stumbling across a hidden gem? Wandering Chicago at night offers an alternative: look up and you may notice a classic Old Style beer sign, its illuminated, shield-shaped logo a beacon of hope among the city’s upper-crust establishments. First introduced to the city in 1935, Old Style has been part of Chicago’s social fabric for decades. In the 1950s the beer company sponsored the Chicago Cubs, and it’s since been hailed as the beer of the locals. These signs have been a celebrated part of Chicago neighborhoods since the 1970s, so when you see them outside these spots, you can be sure that you’re walking into a classic, local dive.



EZ Inn


City Soundtrack Air Credits Curate A Chicago Playlist

photo: Ebru Yildiz

“Chicago plays a huge part when it comes to being able to have tangible inspiration” Air Credits is a collaboration between key members of the Chicago hip-hop scene: thoughtprovoking rapper ShowYouSuck and indie rock/hip-hop mashup duo The Hood Internet (producers Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell). Recording their latest material in Humboldt Park, the project is inspired by the city itself: “Chicago plays a huge part when it comes to being able to have tangible inspiration. Whatever culture you want to pull from, there’s somewhere you can go and actually be in the culture, as opposed to just looking it up online,” says ShowYouSuck.

“Chicago is a wide city, no big surprise that it comes with such a wide range of music. They should call it the City Of Wide Shoulders. Our shared interest in so many different waves of music is part of what led to Hood Internet linking up with ShowYouSuck,” The Hood Internet tells us. We asked the three for a playlist that is emblematic of Chicago, both sonically and lyrically. When not making music, you can find them watching movies in the park, or catching a music festival in the summer.

Playlist “Adrenaline Rush” “Swung From The Gutters” “Sickening” “Dennehy” “Porno and Snuff Films” “Drive Slow feat. Paul Wall & GLC” “She A Go” “Percolator feat. Cajmere” “Fake Palindromes” Bonus track

Twista Tortoise Tight Phantomz Serengeti The Lawrence Arms Kanye West DJ Rashad Kryder Andrew Bird

ShowYouSuck says of all his tracks, “Mild Sauce (Remix) feat. Chella” feels the most Chicago


Logan Square Neighborhood photo: Bryan Lamb

BE a Local Logan Square

Recommended by Autograf, Robin Hellmann, Twin Peaks, Whitney


Recommended by Ryley Walker

Wicker Park

Recommended by Jennifer Scher, Krewella, Robin Hellmann

Lakewood Balmoral Historic District Recommended by Tortoise

Humboldt Park

Recommended by Flosstradamus, NE-HI

Rogers Park

Recommended by Disappears, Twin Peaks


Logan Square “A fun show at a storefront theatre? Lakeview. A cool art gallery or bistro? West Loop. Quiet place with good drinks and food? Logan Square. Or, walk down a couple blocks on Milwaukee in Logan Square and you’ll find some really great bars.” — Robin Hellmann

photos: Adam Alexander Photography/Choose Chicago, Bryan Lamb

Chicago is made up of more than 200 neighborhoods, giving visitors countless options for dining, shopping, sightseeing and hanging out. See where in the city the locals choose to spend their days.

photo: Nitram242/CC Flickr

Wicker Park

“Bucktown/Wicker Park has the best dive bars, restaurants, boutiques to shop at, music venues, and people watching. It’s a one-stop shop.” — Jennifer Scher

Rogers Park

“All the neighborhoods are changing so fast. Oakley and 24th is my favorite street.” — Anna Cerniglia

photos: Jeremy Atherton/ CC Flickr, Adam Alexander Photography/Choose Chicago

Lakewood Balmoral Historic District



T HE ST U FF O F L EG EN DS Hard Rock Hotel Chicago Memorabilia by Floor Led Zeppelin On floor 23 is the sculpture “The Object,” featured on the cover of the band’s 1976 LP Presence. This is number 803/1,000 sculptures made to promote the album.

Tina Turner On floor 18 is the black fringed stage outfit worn and autographed by Turner.

Prince On floor 16 is the long sleeved silk shirt worn by Prince during his 1998 “Lovesexy Tour.” Also displayed is one of Prince’s custom “Cloud” guitars.

Elton John On floor 14 is the lavish medieval style coat worn by Elton John to Elvis Presley’s birthday party in 1971.

B.B. King On floor 7 is the black Gibson Lucille Model used by B.B. in 1992 during the opening night of his “B.B. King on Beale Street” in Memphis, Tennessee.

Rolling Stones On floor 3 is the black velvet suit from Granny Takes a Trip tailors, which was owned and worn by Keith Richards.

COLLiDE's Chicago City Guide 2016  
COLLiDE's Chicago City Guide 2016  

The locals' guide to Chicago