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22 November 2013

Science for PP2 this half term is all about Electricity. The children have learnt about the dangers of electricity and how electricity comes into our homes. They had great fun investigating how to make a bulb light up - realising a battery was required was quite a revelation for some! The children can all now make a circuit and have also used switches. They have also investigated materials which are conductors and those which are insulators.

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 28 Nov 11.00 & 15.00 Thursday 5 Dec 09.00

November Birthdays

Monday 9 Dec 15.00 Tuesday 10 Dec 09.00 & 15.00

Dance Show. Fieldgate. Introduction to Prep School for PP2 Parents. Nativity Performance. Nativity Performance.

Thursday 12 Dec 12.00


William Brown


Kitty Cooper


Nicholas Rakita


Elspeth Miller


William Brown


Samuel Cobbold


Connie Fitton


Alice Leslie


Nursery Parents, please note the theatre company will now be visiting school on Thursday 5 December. If you need to change sessions, please speak to Mrs Grey.

CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAM! William and his team mates from the Prep School took part in an U8 singles competition at Easton College last weekend. The Culford team came second and William won 4 of his 7

Merits William Brown


Beth Miller


Isabella Greenwood


Alex Shields


Fiona McCall


Cold weather As the weather has become much colder we would encourage all children to have a hat, scarf and gloves in school to wear with their coat and boots.

CHOIR As we are approaching Christmas and our usual festive performances at school and Risby Nursing Homes, could I kindly request that you help and encourage your child to learn the Christmas song words on their choir sheet. Thank you, Mrs Rossiter

Pre prep fieldgate newsletter 22 november 2013