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FOCuS For former pupils, friends and staff

Edition 10: 2011

Exciting New Developments

Pavilion Plans

This autumn, as the school opened its doors to record numbers of pupils and with boarding full to capacity, the Headmaster, Julian Johnson-Munday, has announced a number of exciting new capital development projects which will transform the lives of Culford pupils.

Supported by the generosity of Old Culfordian, John Page (1950-1960), the School hopes to build a new cricket pavilion. Initial plans are under discussion and you can read more about this exciting news on page 2.

The Board of Governors has approved ambitious plans to ensure that pupils have the best facilities for academic learning and the best provision to support the already outstanding pastoral care for which Culford is renowned. Plans are now underway to: • Build a stunning new central library to open in Autumn 2013 • Open a second girls’ boarding House in September 2012, as a phased project • Redevelop the Ashby kitchens and, subsequently, the Dining Room The Headmaster explains: “With boarding full and having grown by 30% in just six years, the time is right to open a new House. We intend to convert an area occupied by day pupils into a new girls’ boarding House, which will also ease restrictions on space for boy boarders. Fitzgerald will accept its first girl boarders in September 2012, giving us room for further growth in the years to come.”

“In addition, whilst the current library is attractive and has undoubtedly played a vital part in the school’s development, it is increasingly restricted for modern use and not ideally located. Our ambition is for the new library to be so central as to be the academic heart of the school; to provide much better study space for pupils; and to have the modern resources and design to encourage strong pupil use. Its opening will give pupils access to state of the art study facilities throughout the day and the evening.” “Finally, our kitchens have also functioned well since their opening in 1972, but it is now time to redevelop them. Modern equipment will significantly improve the food we can offer our pupils; and enhance our pastoral reputation still further. This work will be carried out next summer in time for September 2012.” “These are exciting times and we can all feel proud that Culford continues to flourish. I hope many of our alumni may wish to support us as we undertake these ambitious and significant projects, which will both secure and strengthen the reputation of our school.” Further information will follow as more detailed plans become available.

Cricket Pavilion

Year of 2001 Forty former pupils and staff from the Year of 2001 came back to Culford to enjoy a drinks reception, followed by dinner in the Common Room. The evening was championed by the former Head Girl, Lucy Gee née Dagger (1994-2001) who got married this summer and Head Boy Sam Stevens (1992-2001). More photographs may be seen on page 2.

L to R James Reilly Sam Stevens and Lucy Harrington

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From the Editor

A New Cricket Pavilion for Culford education was a gift from his parents; and he wishes to repay that gift to a new generation of Culfordians.

John Page & his partner Joanne Norris

There should be three key e-words about going to school - having an education which, following its Latin derivation, leads out of ignorance; being subject to expectations that will raise standards; and engaging with colleagues and concepts. The process is not necessarily an expensive one, but it has to make an impact on all involved in the process - teachers and students, administrators and authorities.

Old Culfordian, John Page (1950-1960) has been talking to the School in recent times about how he might help improve the facilities for the benefit of pupils. John says that he greatly enjoyed his years here and, in particular, the friendships that flowed from those times have meant much to him. He is keen to make a difference for the pupils of the future, because Culford, in his own words, set him on the right path and prepared him for the world.

The range of extra-curricular activities which are evident in independent schools throughout the country are both extensive and impressive. It is of secondary importance that they should arouse the interests of pupils. What is of primary concern is that they should be experienced. People need to have a willingness to participate - for unexpected outcomes can result.

John recalls his love of sport being sparked by his father’s connection with football; he was a Director of Norwich City FC and would arrange tickets for the Culford masters to watch the Canaries play. John’s

Our brains are remarkable in that they perform ordinary functions continuously. However, extraordinary things happen, on occasions, when connections are made and the socalled synaptic gaps among our billions of brain traces are fused. The results can be life-long and the source of commitment to pastimes and passions. It is necessary to have an open mind, the ability to risk being bored, a tendency to explore new routes and routines, and to eliminate fears about making mistakes. That willingness to discover does not, in itself, guarantee finding anything worthwhile. Yet without this motivation we are likely to languish. FOCuS tries to encourage participation and involvement. John Humphries OC Liaison Officer



A lover of sport, John has made a generous pledge to Culford; he wishes to help us build a new cricket pavilion. We all recognise that the existing pavilion holds a special place in the landscape but, as anyone who has played there will know, there is no hot water or electricity; no shower facilities; no dining facilities; and nowhere for everyone to shelter during those downpours which are known to happen (very) occasionally here at Culford. The vision is to create a pavilion that will take in the splendid views across to the Hall and down to the river and the iron bridge. It will be insulated and offer modern facilities which will not only appeal to our own players, but will also enable local and invitation teams to play here and enjoy the stunning setting that is our 1st XI pitch. It will be important to get the design right, since achieving planning permission will not be easy. Nevertheless, it is our hope that we will see the beginnings of a new pavilion next year that will allow new generations of Culfordians to treasure their own memories of cricket here. Plans are in their very early stages and we will keep you appraised of the developments through the school’s new website:

The Fifth Dinner Club The Fifth Dinner Club’s reunion took place on Saturday 26 November 2011. They, like General Elections, are supposed to be held once every five years. The constituents number close on 500 and a Newmarket based establishment hosted a diverse gathering of some 70 members to celebrate its 85th anniversary. It originated in 1926 when the Headmaster, Dr John Skinner, found four members of the Fifth Form having a surreptitious meal at around the same time as a Prefects' dinner. He refrained from outlawing such an occasion, but formalised it. The original four made a pact to meet again in the future, on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. An era of entertaining and exploits had The FDC reunion was started and, not surprisingly, these proved to be among the many organised by Simon Babes, (1985-1993) pictured above topics of conversation between the diners gathered at Newmarket.

Year of 2001

L to R Ben Precious, Andrew Milnes, Ed Hirst, Owen Grisby

The Year of 2001

Business Studies Culford has offered Business Studies as an A Level since the 1990s. It seems that many pupils before and since have begun business ventures of their own. Here are just a few that we have learnt about.

Mick Bruton Mick Bruton (1966-1976) has not stood still since leaving Culford. He went up to the University of St Andrews and came back down to work in the City. Then he became a ski rep in Meribel for a season before returning from France to set up a London-based building company specialising in renovations. Professional liability re-insurance work at Lloyds then preoccupied him full-time from 1985 until 2002, after which he commuted from Cornwall as a consultant on a three-day week.

However, the other four days were spent working on and developing Trevadlock Manor in the north of the county. He and his wife,Carey, have set up this four-star, self-catering complex: The west wing of the house and five refurbished cottages in the grounds provide accommodation in a parkland setting, with coastal pleasures close by. Mick particularly enjoys sailing, partly because it brings back childhood memories of messing about in boats off Mersea Island.

Paul Swanson (1996–2003)

Paul Swanson Paul Swanson (1996-2003) left university and within a couple of years decided to set up a local landscaping business, Swanson Landscapes. It now has projects in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, with design, hard and soft landscaping as well as garden maintenance programmes. Full details of what's on offer can be viewed at One of his landscaping projects has been for a current school Governor and, on a personal note, he has recently become engaged to Danielle Rishaug, whom he met at Culford School Sports and Tennis Centre.

Mick Bruton (1966 -1976)

David Stapleton David Stapleton (2001-2003) was a founder of LP in Bury St Edmunds It is a restaurant, bar, live music venue and nightclub all in one, where you can eat, drink, listen and dance the night away. His concepts of such an establishment started while working in a cocktail bar to fund a gapyear, around-the-world trip. While at Culford, David did not envisage continuing to be in uniform, suited and office-bound, and his A-level Business Studies case history was ‌. on the bar trade. One thing led to another and LP opened in August 2010. This was

preceded by much manual work in order to cut construction costs. The seven-day-aweek pattern started early and continues, with music rather than machinery running. The building had been empty for a year and the previous tenant had converted the Woolhall Street premises from an office to a nightclub. LP is now well into its second year, with management concentrating on providing lasting pleasures for customers in Bury St Edmunds before considering spreading the brand beyond.

David Stapleton (2001-2003)



Business Studies

Anne Woolley & Allison Small

Clive Manvers Clive Manvers (1971-1978) founded and runs Manvers Triumph - from Elmswell, between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, in the heart of Suffolk. It is quite obvious that his heart is in the business of Triumph cars … and understandably so. There were 17 models produced before the Second World War and 50 afterwards, including the iconic TR range of the 1960s and 70s. He has a following of owners and enthusiasts, including former Culfordians and current parents, who have had no manufacturer to approach directly since Acclaim production ended in 1984. There is at Elmswell a forecourt loaded with Triumphs and a company that approaches work with the Four Rs repairing, restoration, retailing and rejoicing - as Clive describes, ‘motoring pleasures’. His website and the company DVD indicate this love affair with Triumphs.

The ski-trips led by the late Chris Crawford (former Head of Geography and pioneer Housemaster of Storey) created much pleasure and many good memories. However, there is something remarkable about the way in which a flourishing business has developed from those schoolactivities. Anne Woolley née Robertson (1974-85) and Allison Small née Robertson (1971-78) were keen participants on the Culford visits to Les Coches and Meribel in the French Alps. Now they are an integral part of that region. In 1993 Anne started work on her own in Meribel. She had an idea that combined accommodation (catered chalets), food (delicious dishes) and skiing (expert training) and from this Ski Cuisine - developed. Within a year Allison came to join her and assist with the administration. The business began to grow and Anne's husband, Ed Woolley, qualified as a ski-instructor and set up a school.

Anne Woolley (1974-1985) pictured with her husband, Ed

Their office is based in Southend-onSea, although calls are diverted to France, where in the summer, luxury accommodation is also available to the south-west, in the appealing region of the Dordogne. Allison, who married Simon Small (1968-1979) has recently returned from the southern hemisphere, where their daughter, Helen, has started at the University of Brisbane. L to R: Paula Pryke (1970-1978) Helen Brownlow (1970-1978) and Allison Small (1971-1978)

Sam Jordan There are many things about cars that have appealed to Sam Jordan (1994-2001) since he was a toddler. He was absorbed by their shape, their speed and, now, with selling them. It was while studying Business at Newcastle University that he saw himself as a trader, particularly after his first transaction, involving a Ford Granada, was made. From 2004 he dealt exclusively on the internet, using a farm building near Great Livermere for his stock. For the past two years he has had premises and access to a workshop, in Dettingen Way, Bury St Edmunds. Between 350 - 400 cars a year pass through his hands with increasing repeat business. His clients range from some of his former teachers to the purchaser of a rare Ferrari 575M V12 Superamerica which was exported to Hong Kong. One of his customers even had a Toyota Landcruiser delivered to the Falkland Isles by the Royal Navy! He specialises in premium makes whether on the forecourt or through



John Dixon John Dixon (1956-1966) went up to Oxford to read History the year after he left Culford. He says that he worked very hard... at trying to secure a golf blue but, in the end, it narrowly eluded him. John has played golf all over the world but tells us that Flempton on a summer's evening remains one of his favourite golfing experiences. John worked for 33 years with Price Waterhouse, now PwC, 21 of them as a partner. He never returned from a two year secondment to Kuala Lumpur in 1981 and, indeed, still lives there in retirement today. He spends his time travelling, golfing, and watching cricket (including the last two Ashes Tests in Australia) and managing his investments of which he says “the more interesting (and self-indulgent) are five pubs (four Irish) in Malaysia and two villa resorts in Bali.”

Jeremy Lee His two villas offer totally different experiences, Sentosa ( being in the heart of the shopping, eating and clubbing capital of Seminyak, while Pushpapuri is on the quieter Eastern side of the island, right on the ocean and looking across a bay to the volcanic Mount Agung, Bali's highest and most revered mountain Whether you would like to party in Seminyak or chill out on the beach at Pushpapuri, John would be delighted to offer all connected with Culford very special rates at either property. Please contact

Jeremy Lee (1948-1956) has been involved in Lees Tees from its inception in 1973, to the printing on golf tees started in Florida two years later, on to building a business now exporting to 60 countries. It’s based on a simple idea involving a logo and up to five lines of printing on what is a disposable item. The machine that deals with this process can print 10,000 an hour. Lees Tees will continue so long as people continue to drive off - thanks to his sister, Sarah Fulcher (195971), and nephew, George Fulcher (1991-2004), plus the involvement of a loyal staff.

John explains that Bali has changed enormously since he first rode round the island on a Yamaha 100 in 1976 but he feels it has retained its charm and unique culture. John Dixon (1956 - 1966) at St Andrews Jeremy Lee (1948-1956)

Camilla Veale Specialist career advice, equality training, life and executive coaching as well as motivational public speaking are the core programmes that have been devised by Camilla Veale (1975-1979) and undertaken by her through her business, Camilla Veale Consultancy She left Culford to study the then relatively new Management Sciences course at Warwick University, a component of what was to become a large business school. She worked in projects for housing as well as for the homeless, increasingly focusing on human resources. Redundancy led her to travel and pursue her passion for sailing and enabled her to realise that self-employment was the way forward. Her Leeds-based company was set up in 2004 and clients - individuals, companies and charities - are to be found from there to London, from the north-east to the south-west. As a woman with a disability, Camilla finds that running her own business gives her the necessary work life balance. Do make contact on

Camilla Veale (1975-1979)



School News

New Sports Scholarships The academic successes of Culford were certainly evident in its 2011 league-table positions and places secured at Oxford and Cambridge. The School’s sporting traditions will undoubtedly be boosted by a series of sporting scholarships on offer for Rugby, for boys aged 11+, 13+ and 16+; and for Tennis and Swimming, for Pupils from 10 to 18 years of age.

New Alumni The latest vintage of Old Culfordians have just flown the nest. The leavers from July 2011 have spread their wings far and wide from Bristol to Birmingham, from Cardiff to Newcastle. Four head for Oxbridge (see below) and one to the University of Tennessee on a tennis scholarship! We wish them well and look forward to hearing all their news.

Prospective rugby and tennis scholars should be of County, Regional or National Standard while prospective swimmers are selected in partnership with the West Suffolk Swimming Club. More information about sports, academic, drama, art and design scholarships may also be obtained from the Admissions team on 01284 385308 or

Year of 2011

Find Me Culford at the Edinburgh Fringe Maria Kane took up her appointment as Director of Drama in September 2010. Her first year play, at the end of the Autumn Term, was Find Me by the American playwright, Olwen Wymark, married to Patrick, the British actor. It focuses on a real life patient at Broadmoor, named for the play as Verity Taylor, who was committed to the institution as a 20-year-old for what has been, literally, a life sentence. Rugby Scholar Joseph Phillips joined Culford in September 2011 from King Edward VI School

Tennis Scholar Maria Andrews joined Culford in September 2011 from Town Close Prep



The nine Culford actors came together again at the end of the school year, to prepare staging it for the Edinburgh Fringe. Funds were raised by several methods including an arduous activity for young performers, a sponsored silence. They were certainly not quiet on the famous Royal Mile where they touted for business before their three performances and secured good audiences of between 50 and 60. Culford’s first venture at the Fringe was a real success and we look forward to more visits to come.

Four for Oxbridge in 2011 Four Culford pupils from the leavers of 2011 have recently started their first years at Oxbridge Colleges. Kathryn Crane (Head Girl 2010/11) is reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lincoln College, Oxford; Tom Hargreaves (Head Boy 2010/11) is reading Medicine at Magdalene College, Cambridge; Robert Littlechild is reading Veterinary Medicine at Clare College, Cambridge; and Emma Recknell is reading Philosophy and Psychology at St John’s College, Oxford.

Emma Recknell, Tom Hargreaves and Kathryn Crane. (Robert Littlechild is not pictured)

Memories from the EAS for Girls

EASG Reunions, Recollections and Reminiscences! The Year of 1964 EAS Ladies School Reunion Lunch

Pictured standing from left: Helen Stevenson née Long, Anthea Ware née Sims, Rosy Black née Ince, Lynn Goodman née Johnson, Barbara Spaul née Hawes, Lesley Shaw née Eve. Pictured sitting from left: Sue Anderson née Sandal, Sue Edwards née Mann, Jenny John née Tuffs, Libbie Draper née Hall, Gill Goodchild, Angela Clarke née Bouts, Sue Chappell née Long, Julie Browne née Moon, Sally Last née Edwards

This reunion in September 2011 was hosted by Lesley Shaw née Eve (19591964) at her home in Bedford. There was an attendance of 15, from as far as Manchester, Bath, London and Oxford. The reminiscing and recalling, looking at photographs and laughter - as well as the fine weather - made it a memorable occasion … to be repeated, particularly for those unable to attend on this occasion.

East Anglian Girls Years of 1971/1973 Reunion These ladies were able to look back to the time when Barbara was Head Girl, and Julia and Jill were Prefects. When the EAS joined with Culford, the girls were bussed out to the Park every school day and then returned to the normality of life in Northgate Avenue every evening! Pictured left to right: Helen Lynskey née Judkins (1970-1973), Sarah Fulcher née Lee (1959-1971), Carolin Boyle née Hales (1960-1971), Barbara Mavridoglou née Gale (1966-1973), Julia Shawe-Taylor née Steward (19661973), Jill Harris née Rackham (1966-1973).

Miss Myra Johnson Peter Symcox (1937-1943) recalls former EAS Headmistress Myra Johnson Miss Myra Johnson, Headmistress of the East Anglian School for Girls (1940-1949) and, later, Principal of Southlands College, Wimbledon, was that rare and incomparable thing - an inspired as well as an inspirational teacher. She first came into our lives at Culford when the EAS joined with us for the period of the War, and she it was who led those of us in Form 5A through the assigned play - Hamlet of all things - for the School Certificate exam in English Literature. Very soon it became clear that here was not only a splendid teacher, but a true lover of English literature and of the overtones of meaning and philosophy. To her everlasting credit she did her very best to inculcate them.

For certain privileged pupils - both boys and girls - she would invite us to her study in Cadogan House for play-readings. Sensing that I had a “voice" as she called it, Miss Johnson encouraged me (to the illconcealed bemusement of Dr Skinner) to have elocution lessons with Mme Cluzeau, a delightful French lady who came to the EAS once a week. Knowing how to ‘throw the voice’ with ease was an enormous benefit - not just immediately when I had to take drill parades for the School OTC, but also in my future life as a budding actor and director for theatre and television.

Subsequently, I found myself writing, succinctly, as a freelancer for newspapers and periodicals both in England and Canada.

Peter Symcox

“Be more succinct” she commented on one of my more florid essays. She went on to encourage me to read English at Oxford and this specific advice stood me in good stead as a freelance journalist. Miss Myra Johnson certainly changed my life and for that I have been forever grateful. EASG Orchestra 1945-1946 with Miss Myra Johnson



Memories from the EAS East Anglian Girls Year Group Reunion Year of 1966 A group of girls met at The Fox in Bury St Edmunds in June 2011. The reunion was prompted by Rosemary Lilley coming to the UK from New Zealand. Rosemary lived through the Christchurch earthquakes in February 2011. Those present were: Jane Bryant, Christine Faircloth, Suzanne Hughes, Rosemary Lilley, Helen Long, Marie-Louise Luxembourg, Mary Procter, Gillian Porter, Christina Manning, Jane Mares and Jane West. They had a most enjoyable evening talking about the EAS days and shared photos dating back to 1956, EAS magazines, school reports, the school inventory and a fees list (£243 per annum for a boarder!) Mary Procter From Left to right Rosemary Lilley had researched the original School Song Grow Old Along (1956-1965), Helen Long (1953With Me, all 25 verses of it! The girls were only required to 1965), Mary Procter (1959-1965) sing three verses on Commemoration Day, and they remembered the excitement as the marquee went up each year in June for this annual event. This all brought back some vivid memories of their school days, and the strict regime carried out by Miss Tuck and Miss Hunter who, they are sure, always had their best interests at heart.

Sue Langer Sue Langer née Sharp attended the East Anglian School for Girls from 1951 to 1955. She emigrated to Canada in 1961, married and raised a family while also working as secretary/book-keeper. Sue changed careers in the early 1980s becoming a Complementary Health Practitioner and Therapeutic Touch Teacher, also creating a CD of visualizations for inner healing. Now retired, she lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario and her passion is offering energy treatments on a volunteer basis, and square dancing. Sue can be reached at Sue wrote to FOCuS outlining how the EAS was significant in her life. It was, in those days, a school with its own identity, with only incidental connections with Culford. Here she shares some of her memories. Sue recalls, ‘Miss Hearnshaw who was fondly known as Auntie, and our Latin teacher who we referred to as ‘Nagger’ although she couldn't possibly have nagged anyone! The two Miss Wilsons, who did such beautiful sewing, and made many of the costumes for our annual musical presentations. Then there was Miss Hunter, our Geography teacher, also head of Ripley. She was quiet and gentle, tough when she had to be, but compassionate. She could also take a joke, which made her seem a little more human than some of the staff. Miss Conway, our music teacher, was the best teacher I ever had, giving me support and encouragement by showing me how to attain goals she



knew I could reach, instead of focusing on mistakes and punishments. Miss Barlee, the Science mistress, zooming up the road on her motorcycle to the disapproval of some who were trying to instil in us ladylike elegance, opened our eyes to possibilities. Who could forget Mary Davidson’s beautiful voice in Dido and Aeneas? Other memories involved the first time we were allowed to wear non-uniform dresses after 4pm; reaching the Fifth Form and being allowed out to go shopping; hairwashing and bathing routines; keeping warm at night; illicit midnight feasts; and the official Christmas feast - the ‘Gut’, especially the one when the ceiling plaster crashed down. Being caught “talking to boys” through a 15’ high and equally wide hedge earned a few of us black-marks during the last week of our final year, despite the fact that we were being turned loose in society within days. I look back at Miss Tuck (Headmistress 1949 – 1974) as an amazing woman. She migrated from “You-must-not-talk-toboys” to helping integrate the two Schools in the final years of her career. It must have been really tough for her.

The Arthur Parry Connection Arthur Parry (1927-2011) was Culford’s first Director of Studies. He had come to Culford (1964-1988) to teach French and Spanish from King Edward’s Grammar School in Bury St Edmunds, following earlier appointments at Monmouth School and St Lawrence College, Ramsgate. He subsequently helped many pupils to make carefully considered choices for their subjects and, consequently, their careers. He and his wife, Daphne, had a family of four and their Culford connections have been on-going. Margaret, John (1965-74), Richard (1964-72) and Kate (1971-78) have been the carriers of genes involving, not so much Modern Languages, but Medicine and Money matters. Margaret is a retired hospital consultant, John is a GP and now Technical Director for SystmOne assisting health clinicians, Richard is a freelance accountant and Kate a practice nurse. Margaret’s family (pictured below) continued the Culford tradition. Joseph (1999-2007) is with Credit Suisse; Thomas (1995-98) won mathematical accolades at Cambridge and Harvard, is now married, living in Boston and devising computer programs for the New York City investment management company, D E Shaw; Eleanor (1997-2002) is a medical doctor undertaking an M.Sc at University College Hospital, London; and Daniel (1998-2004) is training as an accountant with Deloitte. Kate (1971-1978) has three children, two of whom, Nathaniel and Bronwen (20042009), attended Culford. Bronwen has just started at Bristol University, reading Medicine. Richard’s elder son, Alex (199396), is a coffee broker and has a French wife, Laetitia. So the Parry linguistic inheritance finally proved to be of value in this relationship.

Ripley House

The Barnet-Lambs: L-R Joseph (19992007) Thomas (1995-1998) Eleanor (19972002) and Daniel (1998-2004)

Charity Works Current and former pupils have been united in their efforts for various notfor-profit organisations both at home and abroad. Here are some of their stories.

Brian Portch

Larissa Clark When Larissa Clark (1997-1999) departs for Brazil, she will be on a slow boat to South America. In fact, she will be a crew member on the Bark Europa - joining this sailing ship at Las Palma on Gran Canaria. It will be her second major journey of a gap-year taken from being Head of Marketing and Public Relations at the Environmental Justice Foundation –

Malawi 2011

The banner that greeted Culford on arrival at The Goodnews Children’s Home

Two years ago Andrew Deane, Culford's Head of Modern Languages, led a group of 16 Culford pupils to undertake voluntary activities in Malawi; last year another 16 went; this year the number rose to 30. The projects were again supported by the Suffolk-based, Charchar Trust, and centred on schools at Nankhufi and Kachere in the south of the country and at Sorgin in the extreme south, near the Mozambique border at the lower end of the African Rift Valley. £13,500 had been raised by the Culfordians for new buildings. Work took place on a fourth classroom block at Nakhufi, a teacher's house at Kachere and a new dormitory block for orphans at Sorgin, where a supply of 20 new mattresses, medical, nutritional and cleaning resources, to the value of £1,500, brought much needed help. Many of the group gave blood as well as sweat and skills. Above all, perhaps, they returned with very different perceptions, an awareness of the positive changes that can be made, and a realisation that they have a wide range of choices in life.

Matthew St John and Lucy Kearney with children from Bloomfield Day Care Centre where pupils now benefit from lunches provided by Culford’s fundraising.

Brian Portch (1944–1952)

Brian left Culford and joined the RAF. He learnt to fly and became a flight controller. Then he decided to join the family business in West London and helped run a small chain of retail shops dealing in fish and poultry. He sold up in 1986 and moved to Cornwall, but ended up becoming a specialist buyer at Newlyn fish market. So ‘retirement’ actually led to another seven-year working stretch. Then came the next phase of his life, working for charity with the Helston Lizards Rotary, which was keen to be involved in a Millennium project. A member saw the potential in creating containers supplying the means for simple relief, accommodation and warmth in times of disaster; 'shelter boxes' were devised and in the first year some 243 were prepared. This has now increased some ten-fold. ShelterBox have been there in times of tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and fires: Brian has played a key role in and given presentations for the organisation throughout the world. He is proud that it has 21 international affiliates as well as a £10million income. However, he is delighted that its headquarters remain in Cornwall where he continues to lead an active life - flying his plane out of Perranporth Airfield, shooting and playing golf.

Early last September she was off to Uganda to visit the Ssese Islands, on Lake Victoria, where the Aids rate has reached 34% and where guardianship and educational issues are pressing. She was also able to meet Caro (11) whose boarding school education has been funded by Larissa.

Murray Culshaw Murray Culshaw (1950-1958) informs us that he did not excel at Latin and so was ‘sent down’ to do woodwork, which led to his going to Loughborough. Subsequently he worked in South India as a laymissionary and in a mission technical school. He specialised in vocational and technical training locally, nationally and, eventually, globally for international aid organisations including the International Labour Organisation and Oxfam. For the past 16 years he has lived in Bangalore with his wife Indira, trying to strengthen the voluntary and charitable sector. Murray may be remembered, as a member of an (infamous and unofficial) school traditional jazz group, called the Lark River Jazz Band in which he played the banjo. The Lark River Jazz Band



Roofs, Restoration, Refurbishment and Recording Studios




Hastings and Skinner


Headmaster’s Study

The Culford Hall roof project also continues apace. Supported by the generosity of a family trust, the final part of the stonework balustrade, cornices and urns on the North Front is now being restored. The work is being undertaken by R & J Hogg, regarded as a premier conservation company and run by former pupil John Hogg (1971-1980). It should be complete by the end of 2011. There is more work to do to the South Front and work will commence there next summer. The school’s ambition is to complete the full roof project within the next five years, ensuring that Culford Hall stands fit to serve generations of Culfordians to come.

New roof on Hastings and Skinner building, completed August 2011.

In the late 1950s the Skinner Building was built and dedicated in memory of Dr Skinner and the Hastings building was soon added to it. They were good buildings of their time and still provide large and airy classroom space today; but the decision to give them a flat roof was less successful. The roof has not always been entirely reliable and it contained little in the way of insulation. This summer, however, the old flat roof gave way to a new pitched one. Cleverly, the new roof was installed directly on top of the old one, which became the loft floor. The new loft space was then filled with a considerable amount of insulation. Pupils left at the end of the summer term and returned in the autumn to find the new roof in place: it took just six weeks to install, complete with new gutters, drainpipes and drains.

The Headmaster’s Study has been refurbished, which may be of interest to those former pupils who have fond memories of it… or otherwise. It has been some 40 years since the study was given comparable attention, and English Heritage and the Conservation Office are delighted with the results. The design was by Clare Hindle, a Culford parent as well as owner of the long-established Bury St Edmunds firm of Copeland Interiors; and the work was carried out by Seamans, the local construction company of which former pupil and current parent, Duncan Haydon (1977-1986), is Managing Director. The room now also boasts two new portraits to complement that of Charles Wesley: a self-portrait by Sir Nathaniel Bacon, whose family constructed the original Hall; and a portrait of Lord Cornwallis, who did so much to extend the Hall and improve the estate. Taken together with the portraits of Lord and Lady Cadogan to be found outside the study, they form a fascinating pictorial record of the ownership of the Hall.

Skinner and Hastings can now continue to have a useful life well into the twenty-first century. There are also now plans to renew all the windows as part of the library development; and the buildings will continue to be at the academic heart of the school for many years to come.

Sir Nathaniel Bacon (1585-1627)


Culford FOCuS

Recording Studio New Music Facility

The old changing rooms attached to Culford Hall have been redundant since the new Sports and Tennis Centre was opened in 2002. They were used for storage but have finally discovered a better purpose. Following the redevelopment of the music facilities within Culford Hall, generously supported by David Beech and his wife Judy, the school recognised that the time had come to relocate some of the noisier musical elements of the department and give them new facilities. A rehearsal and recording studio has now been created in the old changing rooms, therefore, and it is hoped that further work there in due course will also see guitar and drum teaching rooms created, giving classical musicians more space within Culford Hall itself.

The rehearsal space is already available; the school is now preparing to purchase the full equipment necessary to provide a full recording facility for all sorts of music.

The direct consequence for the school was all the finance necessary to reinvest in a brand new, and much smaller, pump-house directly over the bore-hole in the woods to the east of the Prep School. The sale of the tower also allowed new pipes to be laid through the estate and the quality of the water has improved considerably following the work.

Water Tower A New Home Another redundant building within the school estate was the old water tower. The 70 foot high tower became unnecessary as new technology rendered its function obsolete. Last year the School took the opportunity to sell the tower; and its unusual potential attracted both local and national press attention. It has now been converted into a stunning fivebedroom house with commanding views over farmland, parkland and woodland.

Culford FOCuS


A Year Out

Gap Years Three recent Culford leavers describe their Gap year experiences looking after babies and children across the world…

Amy Townsend Amy Townsend (2006-2011) says, “The reality of leaving Culford didn’t hit me until I had finished my exams and the summer holidays were underway when I realised that I really was not coming back in September. As it turned out, my gap year started with invaluable work-experience at the Culford Pre-Prep. I am hoping to apply in the near future to Norland College in Bath and Chiltern College in Reading to study child-care.”

Louise Cole Louise Cole (2000-2010) writes: I was unsure about what I wanted to do after Culford so I decided to take time out to think about my future. During this year I travelled around Asia and helped some incredible people and saw some amazing things.

having a proper bed was luxury! Some friends and I went backpacking to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Watt and the other temples which are incredible, especially as I had the chance to see them from above, flying in a microlight.

First came three months voluntary work at a Sri Lankan orphanage for new-born babies through to age four; they were all adorable! The staff did not speak any English so communicating with them was challenging. I was able to make some changes and felt that I made a huge difference in the running of the orphanage as the children are all much more independent now.

The entire experience was exhilarating and I have learnt about a whole new culture and a different way of life. I am now going to study child-welfare at university and my gap year insights definitely helped me to finalise this decision. Just before starting, I became an au-pair looking after five children in Northern Ireland and have now earned some money for when I start university.

I visited the local primary school and helped with English and sport. The equipment and facilities were limited and I found myself teaching cricket with a stick for a bat. Teaching basic cricket skills was rather appropriate, however, with the Cricket World Cup being played there at the same time! I then went on to one of Cambodia’s remote islands called Koh Rong Samloem where there were about 20 volunteers living primitively among a population of just 150; no electricity, running water or bathroom facilities. There were two projects: marine conservation and teaching English. I went scuba diving and conducted sea-horse surveys in the morning and taught in the afternoons. Returning to the mainland and

Catherine Owles Catherine Owles (2005-2010) After Alevels I took a year out by finding a parttime job, saving some money and flying to Kenya for five months volunteer work. We lived with local Kenyan families and had to acclimatise quickly to the Kenyan way - frequent power cuts, handwashing all our clothes and the food. I first worked in a private, then in a government-run maternity hospital, helping on the wards. Then I taught English and maths to a class of 65 at Baraka primary school, and also worked at an orphanage. It was humbling to see the children happy despite being able to afford only one meal a day and using a pair of socks as a football. It was not all work for we had time to visit the Masai Mara, Lake Victoria and travel up the coastline. I’ve returned home ready for the challenges of university, knowing that if I can manage a night out in Kenya I can certainly manage Nottingham!



Remember when?

German Junkers bomber shot down over Culford Park (Sep 1940)

L-R: Doug Gunary, Johnny Mirams, Robert Black, ANO and “Pidge Stearn’ (May 1950)

120y hurdles (May 1950) L-R Hendry (1st): Gourlay (disqual)

Girls’ gymnastics (May 1942)

Doug Gunary with new cycle, Euston Hall (1949)

Retirement of Dr Storey, Headmaster (1951-1971) Amalgamation of Culford and EASG (Sep 1972)

The Mikado: a Culford/EASG joint production 1971/72

Spring Term 1951: Standing L to R Wig Fenning, Proff Beech, Jonny Mirams, ANO, Fishy Black, Seated L to R Jimmy Kirch, Clive Young, Dr Skinner, Hickey Hercock, Jim Bryan

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Culford in NYC

News from the Big Apple In April 2011 the Headmaster and his wife, Jo, were delighted to be able to catch up with several OCs while on a family trip to New York.

L to R Philip Truelove (1960-1970) Claire Higgins (1993-2000) and Claire’s husband Andrew Bird

L to R Oliver and Julian Johnson-Munday (Headmaster) Craig Dixon (1947-1955) Irene Milller and Bill Miller (1940-1956)

The inaugural NYC Old Culfordian Drinks Reception took place in the stunning Greenwich Hotel which is managed by Old Culfordian, Philip Truelove (1960-1970). Guests included: Bill Miller (1940-1956) and his wife Irene, Claire Higgins (19932000) and her husband Andrew Bird, Craig Dixon (1947-1955) and our generous host, Philip Truelove. Culford stories were shared, memories recalled and news from the school brought everyone up to date. Each guest was presented with their personal School Biography highlighting their achievements and even showing photographs of school work, collated by Lesley Robinson the School Archivist.



Culford goes to NYC

Catching up with Claire Higgins (1993-2000) After leaving Culford, Claire headed up to Durham, where she stayed for the next seven years, first obtaining a BSc in Natural Sciences, then a PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. At the end of her postgraduate studies, she moved to New York, and is currently an associate research scientist in the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University. Her current research is focused on utilising adult stem cells, located at the base of the hair follicle, to regenerate a fully functional skin cell after an injury such as a burn. These hair follicle cells are more accessible than other sources of adult stem cells such as bone marrow, making them an attractive source of cells for cellular therapies, an area of research that Claire hopes to focus more on in the future. Claire says that “It was a delight to meet Bill Miller at the New York reunion, and it was only afterwards that I started to think about how my surroundings may have influenced me. Obviously the grounds are fantastic, but when I was at Culford the Bristol-Myers building had the nicest classrooms, making the atmosphere in the lessons much more open and enjoyable. Now that the new Science Centre has been built I hope that all students studying sciences at Culford are appreciating their surroundings.”

A working life in New York

Craig Dixon with his daughter in the Culford Library on a visit in 2010

Craig Dixon (1947-1955) served in the Sherwood Foresters, read a History degree at the London School of Economics, emigrated to the USA in 1960, married Rosy two years later and their daughter, Andrea, was born in 1964.

After a number of jobs in agency research, travel and car sales for Volkswagen, he joined Merill Lynch in 1969. Following a stint as a futures trader with, and managing director of ContiCommodity Inc, he rejoined Merill Lynch as Vice President Sales. Since retirement in 1999, Craig has travelled and written two books - Notes by a Nomad and Shorts – both available on Amazon. He is also Senior VicePresident of Aegis Capital and undertakes voluntary work including NYC projects that focus on Malawi, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and Romania.

William R Miller CBE

Just a few months after the New York reunion we learned that William R Miller (1940-1956) was appointed Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE), by the Queen in the 2011 Birthday Honours List, for services to UK/USA relations in business and for his philanthropic activities. Bill Miller is one of Culford’s greatest supporters having given significant donations to the school which, as many will remember, enabled the William R Miller Science Centre to be built (pictured below).

Hotels of the world Philip Truelove, our host in New York, brings us up to date with his life journey since leaving Culford in 1970... ‘Here I am in New York, 41 years after leaving Culford – how time flies! When I left Culford I first went to Torquay, the land of Fawlty Towers, and completed a threeyear diploma in Hotel and Catering Administration. I think all hotels have some aspect of that comedy; where there are a lot of people there are always tales to tell. Still, it was a good place to learn and it landed me a position at The Ritz in London as Reception Manager before I even completed the course. The bright lights of London kept me entertained through the 70s and into the 80s. I spent a year at The Ritz in Paris during that time. I lived in a little attic room overlooking the Place Vendome; a brass bed-head and a horse-hair mattress but in the centre of Paris - what could be better? I then spent seven years at The Connaught which will always remain in my heart as one of the greats of all hotels. Seven years seems to be when my feet get itchy and so I packed my bags and left for the promised land - well, the USA.

Washington DC took me in and I became General Manager at The Ritz Carlton. In 1990 I headed for the west coast to become General Manager of the famed Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Off came the tie and jacket, I grew my hair and got a personal trainer! The Chateau Marmont is one of the great individualistic hotels - it grew up with the film business and was a place where all the great stars stayed. Of anywhere I have been, there the spirits talk to you; ghosts walked the corridors and its legends will live on forever. If walls could talk. In Los Angeles I met my partner Howard and in 1996 we bought a beautiful Inn in Maine on a remote island - please do come and visit: It is an art community and a simply beautiful island. Five years of remote island living proved enough and now we have a wonderful couple who run it for us and we just visit when we want to. We went to London for a year and I was involved with Firmdale Hotels which have the most wonderful hotels there, but I was summoned back to New York to run The Mercer, which is in the same family as The Chateau Marmont. We arrived just a few weeks before 9/11 – we could see it all happening in the distance and here we are ten years later with the memorial open.

In 2008 I moved to The Greenwich, a new hotel developed by a partner at The Mercer and Robert de Niro, built on land he owned in Tribeca and part of his great effort to revitalize the Downtown area devastated by 9/11. I arrived in August and then in September 2008 the banks started to crash. And here we are not far from Wall Street - does that say something I am not moving again! Seriously though, from my point of view, a great move to a great hotel. If you come to New York there is nowhere better to stay - Jo and Julian Johnson-Munday believed me and I think they enjoyed it. [Absolutely, a wonderful place to stay in NYC, we cannot recommend it highly enough. Jo] I have to add one thing - seven years ago Howard and I adopted Lily Grace and we have the most beautiful daughter who, apart from our meeting, has proved to be the best thing that has happened to us.

The Greenwich Hotel’s Swimming Pool

The Greenwich Hotel – The N Moore Suite

The Drawing Room




A News Round-up from OCs If you would like us to include your news next time, we would love to hear from you. Please email or telephone 01284 385310. Don Dorling and Neville Hibberd visited the School on 19th September, the 70th anniversary of their joining Culford as scholarship boys from Victoria and St Edmundsbury Primary Schools. They reminisced about their

Lesley Shaw née Eve (1959-1964) with legendary shoe designer Jimmy Choo

Lesley Shaw née Eve left the EAS with a view to becoming a shoe designer. However, her father and Miss Tuck had other ideas. She became a medical secretary at St John’s Hospital for Skin Diseases in London. She married Mark in 1969 and they had a son and daughter, moved to the Middle East, and after a nine-year gap, two more daughters arrived. Two years ago Mark was made Master of the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers (shoemakers) and Lesley, consequently, became a Mistress of the Company. She is now involved with raising the profile of fashion for the mature woman and, specifically, with matters of shoe design with the Cordwainers’ College.

Neville Hibberd (1941-1947) and Don Dorling (1941-1948)

school-days when large hailstones in 1944-1945 smashed the glass roof of the Leigh Memorial Swimming Pool, time spent cutting firewood on the estate with the Pioneers and their lorry, run by Mr Edwards and Dr Skinner’s Hillman saloon. Both spoke about their National Service experiences in the Army and RAF, respectively. Neville Turner (1949-1956) won the 1958 Old Culfordian 100 Car Rally with his classmate, the late Robert Steven (1948-1955), navigating. On leaving Culford they both took up apprenticeships with Mann Egerton in Bury St Edmunds. Neville recalls with nostalgia the rally car that he modified. It was a 1956 Ford Anglia capable of 105 mph!



Natalie Bone (2000 - 2005) with her Uncle, Quintin Bone (1965 - 1970)

Quintin Bone and his niece Natalie are pictured at the 2011 London Drinks reception. Natalie studied History of Art at UCL and was invited back for her Masters. She has just landed a job with Bonhams International in New Bond Street. Quintin is now retired after over 30 years in the Bank of England, mainly in live operations. He tells us, “The undoubted highlight was a long spell as Manager of Capital Markets which involves Issuance, Settlement, and Servicing of Securities.” Susan Brown had a passion for swimming that started in Sri Lanka and continued as a member of the late Bill Murray’s team. After the 2000 tsunami she trained female survivors to become swimming teachers, established a water fitness programme in Spain and now runs the swim school at the Moreton Hall Susan Brown (1974-1975) Health Club. William Farrant (1974-1981) and Jack Farrant (2004-2011) have several things in common. One is that in his first year at Culford, Mathematics teacher, Ian Hobley, first taught the father and then, in his final year at the School, taught the son.

Mike Burt (1962-1967) and Ian Grenville Cross (1959-1969)

Mike Burt visits the Far East and Hong Kong on business. 41 years after leaving school he became re-acquainted with Ian Grenville Cross having seen a South China Morning Post article about Ian’s work as Director of Public Prosecutions. They now lunch regularly, having been put in touch by Culford.

Julie Podd née Stamper graduated in Culture, Literature and Politics from UEA in 2010 and this year qualified as a teacher in Religious Education. She lives in Harleston with daughters, Sophie (16) and Laura (14).

Julie Podd née Stamper (1974-1984)


R-L Gruff Rowlands Chris Rowlands (1988), Gareth Rowlands (1988-1996) and grandson James

Gruff Rowlands, a former Chairman of the Prep School Parents’ Association, and husband of Liz Rowlands, former Senior Mistress at the Prep School, helped to develop the original Prep playground which was constructed in memory of the late Tony Prain, Housemaster of Cadogan. Gruff is pictured here with their sons Chris and Gareth Rowlands at the official opening of the stunning new play area in May 2011. Faz Fazeli (1979-1983) read Business Studies at Middlesex University before becoming a stockbroker and property developer. After two Masters’ degrees, and working in IT in the USA and Dubai, he returned to the UK in 2000 to learn about the currency exchange brokering business. In 2004 he used these skills to set up Capital IFX Ltd

Liz Hudswell née Ashurst (Staff 1987-1997)

Andrew Weeks (1979-1984) with Sarah Brown (former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s wife) at Mulago hospital in Kampala, Uganda

Andrew Weeks, former Head Boy, has been appointed Professor of International Maternal Health at the University of Liverpool. This will allow him to continue his research into maternal deaths in subSaharan Africa, especially in Uganda and Malawi.

Barbara Bradshaw née Kunachowicz (Staff 1973 –1975) and James Bradshaw (Staff 1972-1994)

Barbara Bradshaw née Kunachowicz was Head of Biology at the East Anglian School for Girls and moved with the amalgamation. She married James Bradshaw and retired from teaching in 1975 to concentrate on motherhood. From 1985–2010 she operated a dating agency with James who, sadly, became blind in 2003 following a brain tumour operation. Chris Davies (Staff 1975-1985) was Head of Biology and Housemaster of Storey. He and his wife, Sheila, had two children – Christian (1981–1984) and Nicky (1978–1984). Tragically, Nicky died just after Christmas 1987. The family is now based in Houston, Texas, where Chris manages a timber company.

Sam Cutler née Foster (1983-1985)

Sam Cutler née Foster qualified from the University of Bristol in Vet Science and is now Senior Small Animal Partner with the Endell Veterinary Group, with a specialist interest in rabbit surgery and medicine. She is an ASA swimming judge, participates in ballroom dancing with her husband and has two daughters, Hazel and Katy.

Liz Hudswell née Ashurst has been at Southampton University since 2000 working on a number of initiatives to support and promote languages. She married Matthew in 2005 and Catherine was born two years later. Sam Ornbo has recently directed an episode of Come Dine With Me and his series of Junior Apprentice is being screened on BBC1. Sam started as a runner on Ready Steady Sam Ornbo (1987-1997) Cook and moved on to similar roles for Fame Academy and Big Brother, progressing to Researcher, Assistant Producer, DV Director and now works as a Producer/Director. As a school pupil he recalls making a short, acclaimed film about Bury Market with the help of French teacher Will Stansbury, which made the regional finals of a young film makers competition. Julie King was assistant biology teacher in the 1990s. She and her husband, Ian, moved to Aberystwyth where she obtained a Ph.D in Molecular Plant Genetics. The Kings, who have four children, recently moved to Loughborough and took up teaching and research posts at Nottingham University. Elizabeth Bradshaw (1987-1994) obtained a BSc. in Biology and Psychology at Leicester University and subsequently graduated in Medicine. She is now a practising GP in King’s Lynn.



Newsbites Ursula Bradshaw (1990-1996) graduated from the University of Cheltenham and Gloucester and then directly trained to become a veterinary nurse. She works in a large Bristol practice.

Jessica Ferrari (2000-2006) with Oliver Ferrari (2001-2009) and Jack Ferrari (Upper Fifth)

Rebecca Mortlock (1997-2006) receiving her prize from Dame Denise Platt

Rebecca Mortlock was this year’s winner of the Gregory Rynsard prize at the Senior School Speech Day. This award was made for the continuation of her sporting achievements on leaving Culford. Josh Davey has been playing for Middlesex and Scotland this season and his county contract has been extended until the end of 2012. Josh’s aim is to participate at international level in the Cricket World Cup of 2015.

Josh Davey (2003-2008) Photo credit: Sarah Williams



Jessica Ferrari gained a First in Experimental Psychology from Oxford, and is in her second year at Law College with a job waiting for her at Allen & Overy, the international law firm. Oliver (2001-2009) is at Edinburgh studying for a Masters’ degree in Business Studies and

Sports Management and looks forward to a career in underwriting in London. His recently launched business venture has enabled him to travel all over the country. Younger brother Jack is now in the Upper Fifth at Culford.

The Glen Triplets (2003-2008) are prospering. Abi is studying English at Glasgow University where she is soon to have an academic paper on Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire published, has worked with Dr J A Tasioulas from Cambridge University on a variety of Medieval Literature research projects, and is a regular radio volunteer at a local children’s hospital. An intention is to undertake research at Yale. Harriet graduated from Durham in Geography, works as a consultant for the Meltwater Group in London and as an ambassador for the Royal Geographical Harriet Glen (2003Society. Oliver has 2008) spent three years training as a commercial pilot with CabAir at Buckinghamshire New University. He has spent many months flying in the USA and, on completing his course, hopes to join a leading Oliver Glen (2003 - 2008) airline.

William Ward is studying Multimedia Technology and Design at the University of Kent and has enjoyed an internship with the large agency LBi. As part of his university course he directed and produced a film on the CCF at Culford.

William Ward (2002-2009)

We Remember

Lives Remembered It is with great sadness that we record the deaths of the following former pupils and staff:

Dick Hunnibell (1917–2010)

Frank Charles 'Dick' Hunnibell (1929-1936) was born in Bury St Edmunds and grew up in Whiting Street. He thoroughly enjoyed his school-days at Culford (1929-1936). He at first wanted to be a civil engineer, but then decided to train as a teacher. War led him to the Royal Engineers followed by a peace-time career in the Ministry of Defence. His great enthusiasms were for 'tea, trains and music'. For over 40 years he played the organ at St Cuthbert's, Thetford. He left three children, Elizabeth, Richard and Susan (who has subsequently died), eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Peter Steel (1919-2011)

Shortly after leaving Culford, Alan E ‘Peter’ Steel (1930-1936) lost his elder brother, Harold Jack Steel, in World War Two; a terrible event that neither he nor his Mother ever fully recovered from. Peter joined the British Army and was sent out to North Africa

where he became a skilled signaller. He once saw 'Monty' drive past in a staff car and was most impressed that the great commander had come all the way to see his troops on the front. After the war ended Peter joined British Telecommunications (BT) and was able to use and develop his skills over the next 40 years by connecting East Anglians eager to contact one another by virtue of the telephone. He once attended to a fault on the line of Major Randolph Churchill, son of Winston. He married and settled in Bury St Edmunds but outlived his wife by some years after she suffered a stroke. In the autumn of 2009 he left his bungalow in Cadogan Road, Bury St Edmunds and moved to Manson House Residential Home in Northgate Street, where he passed away in February 2011 aged 92. Kathleen Clayton (1921-2011) came to Culford in 1945 as assistant to the Head Matron, Mrs Amon, and left to take up an appointment at Shaftesbury Grammar School 27 years later. The death of her fiancé during the War meant that life at Culford was a new beginning. Her unstinting efforts to maintain standards, her responsiveness to those entrusted to her care and her ability to win the trust of the boys were appreciated by many. Dr Storey unhesitatingly made her Head Matron on Mrs Amon’s retirement. Kathleen eventually retired to Cleethorpes, where she lived an active life, until she was looked after in a nursing home. John Green (1923-2010) was always known as 'Joe' and came from a family that achieved a three-generation span at Culford. His father, Harry, was at the EAS from 1902-1907 and his sons, Richard (1960-1968) and Stuart (1963-1973) were both at Culford. Joe (1931-1939) joined the Royal Navy in 1941 and saw service from Russia to the Pacific. When he returned to civilian life he settled for a career in the fishing industry. He became President of the National Federation of Fishmongers, a member of the White Fish Authority and lived in Muswell Hill, London. Norman Greenwell (1923-2011) served in the RAF and subsequently spent his life in Lancashire. He was a staunch Methodist, a local preacher and an effective speaker. Professionally he was a technical representative for several companies. His love of sport, fostered at

For further details of those friends and colleagues who have sadly passed away please go to:\news

Culford (1934-1941), continued through his playing cricket in the Lancashire League. Freemasonry and horticulture were other interests. Norman never married, but had many friends. He was a man of great charm and of a generous nature. He also served his local church as treasurer for 20 years and led the Sunday school. Jack Blewett (1923-2011) joined Culford in 1937, became cricket captain and left in 1941 to train in the RAF. In a remarkably short time he was elevated from the status of schoolboy to that of sergeant pilot, undertaking flying missions in Dakotas from IndoChina to the north of China. After the War he returned to the family farm at Cornish Hall End, Haverhill, and, apart from a spell in New Zealand, ran the business which continues. He captained Hadleigh Cricket Club from 1957-1961 and was well-known in the local community.

George Burt (1923-2011)

George Burt (1935-1939) left Culford to help run the family grocery business in Felixstowe until he was called-up. He joined the Royal Navy at Skegness in 1942 and was the only one out of 150 trainee signalmen in his class to gain a commission as a sub-lieutenant. George served as the ASDIC Officer on the frigate HMS Lochy, in charge of pioneering devices for locating submarines. He returned, to assist his older brother Douglas run the business, having married Molly in 1947. They brought up their two sons and a daughter who were a part of the Felixstowe community for 63 years.



We Remember Dedham. For his services to agriculture in Essex and beyond, he was awarded the MBE. He was married to Joyce, and leaves three children, Michael, Christopher and Clare, and ten grandchildren.

New Arrivals

Richard Pineo (1991-1993) with Jo and Eva

Eva Lily Pineo was born on 19 April 2010 to Jo and Richard Pineo (1991-1993) who is the Head of Prep School’s Sport and Activities. Janet Evelyn Jacklin (1927-2010)

Janet Evelyn Jacklin was educated at Colchester High School for Girls and at the EAS (1941-1944) during its evacuation to Culford. She graduated from the University of Nottingham and worked in personnel management for some years. Then she re-trained at the University of Manchester and subsequently became a pioneer in psychiatric social work with Essex County Council. Her work with Phoenix Group Homes, particularly with those institutionalised in the Severalls Hospital, was widely acclaimed: for this she was awarded an MBE. Reginald Glyn Scribbans (1928-2011) was born at Morriston in South Wales and his musical abilities were soon discovered. They were encouraged at Culford (1939-1945) by Tom Wigley and he became School Organist. Glyn, as he was known, worked throughout his life in local government and was active in musical circles wherever he resided - Maidenhead, Norwich, Cambridge, Leamington Spa and Farnham. He leaves a widow, Joy, two daughters, Ruth and Cathy, and five grandchildren. Philip Shaw (1928-2010) came to Culford in 1944 and left for the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, in 1946. He took up NFU appointments in Cornwall and Surrey. In 1970 he became the county secretary for Essex, which involved running the Essex County Show, a role he retained until his retirement. He became Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Golf Society and of the Conservative Association in



L – R The late David Beckett (1943-1953) is pictured far right with Keith Flack (19431951) and John Taylor (1944-1951) at the Nostalgia Lunch held at Culford in May

David Beckett (1936-2011), died suddenly at his home in Suffolk at the age of 75. He was the father of Sheila (1976-1980), Katherine (1976-1981) and Gillian (1977-1980) and grandfather to Rory and Alexandra. David spent most of his working life in the Middle and Far East and enjoyed a happy retirement. Robert Brown (1961-2001) took up a university place after leaving school (1969-1979) and joined HFC Banking. When he moved back to Bury St Edmunds he was in fleet sales for Cowies, Ames and then Marshalls of Cambridge before managing the East Anglian leasing for GM Luton. He leaves a widow, Ella, the younger daughter of Sandra Williams, the former Headmaster’s Secretary; a daughter, Holly; and Anthony, a son by his first marriage. For further details of those Robert Brown (1961-2011) friends and colleagues who have sadly passed away, please go to:\news

Phillipa Allison née Wilder (19962001) tells us that daughter Isabelle now has a sister, Emilia. Fiona Stacey’s (1991-2000) little bundle of joy, Annabel Rose Perdue Webb, arrived in the early hours of 29 December 2010, weighing a healthy 9lb. Fiona says, “It’s been a big change, adapting to having a little person to look after, but we are fully in the swing of it now and are loving every minute, well most anyway!”

Fiona Stacey’s daughter, Annabel

Anniversaries Anthony Samuel Taylor (1945–1953) celebrated his Golden Wedding on 13 July 2011 with his wife Barbara. Maj Gen Christopher Last (1945 1953) and his wife Pauline had their 50th Wedding Anniversary on the 11 February 2011, which was celebrated with a small function in North Wales. They had a larger gathering in May, at Ragwood Farm in North Somerset, home of The Honourable Mr and Mrs Alexander Chetwode, their daughter and son-in-law.


Wedding Belles and Beaus!

Kristoffer Houlihan (1990-1997)

Kristoffer Houlihan married Jeannette Wistner in Newport Beach, California. Kris is a Managing Director and head of portfolio risk for Hedgemark in New York City. Many OCs travelled to be at the wedding and Kris’s best man was Adam Zipfell (1990–1997). Kris came back to England to attend the wedding of David Holliday (1987–1997) who married Weyma Forshaw in Tofts Monk, Suffolk. His best man was Nick Mills (1990–1997).

One of the best netball teams ever at Culford!: L to R Laura Grunsell (2001-2003), Beth Sherman (1993-2003), Georgina Ames (1993 - 2003), Sam Birrell (1996 - 2003), Cassie Williams (19972003), Hannah Mayhew (2001 -2003), Lucy Banks (1988 - 2003). Beccy Jackson (1996-2003) was also at the wedding, but is not in this photo.

Sam Birrell (1996–2003) and Jonathan Farmer, who married on the 19th June 2010 in Owera on New Zealand’s North Island, returned to the UK for a Blessing Ceremony in May, held in St Edmundsbury Cathedral, followed by a reception at LP’s owned by OC David Stapleton (20012003). They had met at Richmond Rugby Club, where Jonno was a team-mate of Luke Cousins (1994 - 2003).

Peter Shepperson (2002–2007) and Suzan Darbaz (1995-2007)

The wedding of Peter Shepperson and Suzan Darbaz took place in the summer at St Edmund’s Church in Bury St Edmunds and the reception was held at Culford School. Peter’s sister Catherine (2002-2006) was a bridesmaid, as were Suzan’s cousins, Sema Hussein (2000-2009) and Leyla Hussein (currently in Lower Sixth). Suzan’s brother Erol Darbaz (19932004) was an usher. The Best Man duties were shared by Daniel Barnet-

Lamb (1998-2004), Joseph BarnetLamb (2000-2007) and Leo Kyrkos (2000-2007). Peter’s father, ‘Mr Shep’, has taught mathematics at Culford since 1988. His other interests at Culford include Charities Committee, Master i/c Cricket 19932002, Rock Society and, accompanied by his wife Catherine, general spectator for all things sporting and cultural. He will be greatly missed when he retires next year.

Kate Beaney married Philip Deakin at St Mary’s, Rougham on Easter Saturday with the reception at her parents’ house in Beyton. The bride and groom met Kate Beaney and live in (1989–1997) Manchester and are both Chartered Surveyors in the North West. OCs included: her parents Rowland (1964-1973) and Judy née Glasswell (EAS 1961-1974); her brother Thomas (1992-2002); her uncle Paul Glasswell (1966-1976) and aunt, Fiona Glasswell née Treloar (1974 -1976), her aunt Susan Glasswell (1959-1970), her cousins David (1988-1998), Caroline (1990-1992) and James Creed (1993 - 2003) and several family friends including Helen Brown née Jewers (1986-1997), Christina Kemp (19891997), Arthur Diaper (1962-1970), Eric Morton (1964-1970) and Julia ShaweTaylor née Steward (EAS 1966-1973). Joanne Anderton née Broadbridge now a School Governor) married Peter Anderton in April 2011 at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Milton Keynes, which is where they met. Jo’s niece Hannah, daughter of sister, Ruth (1981-1989) was one of the Joanne Anderton née bridesmaids. Broadbridge (1981- 88)

If you have news for the next issue of FOCuS or the Culford website, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on 01284 385310 or



OC Events 2010/2011

Remembrance Day 2010

London Drinks Reception 2011

Culford marked the annual Act of Remembrance by inviting Dr Jack Bungard (1935-1940) to lay a wreath at the service, attended by the whole School and many Old Culfordians, in Centenary Hall.

L to R Yiannis Kontou (1993-1999) Lynne Ung (1990-2000) Richard Skeet (1995 - 2000) Carrie Fehr (1994 - 1999) Paul Jolly (1989 - 2000) Kenny Mbeyela (1989 - 1999)

L to R Sam Ornbo (1987 - 1997) Martin Ampomah (1990 - 2000) Rick Shepperson (Mathematics) Matthew Grinham (1986 - 1996)

L to R The Head Boy, the Headmaster, the Head Girl are pictured behind Dr Jack Bungard and Mick Crascall, Head Caretaker, who also laid a wreath on behalf of the Estate workers.

Tea for Two Decades 2010

L to R Dr Deryck Gowland (1956 - 1963) George Zeleny (1958 - 1964) Charlie Chan (1960 - 1964) Lesley Shaw née Eve (1959 - 1964) John Motson (1956 - 1961) Phillip Rolfe (1959 - 1962)

L to R John Wilson (1966-1971) Kim Rutter (19661973) Julia Shawe-Taylor (1966-1973) Phil Wong (19701973) Erica Kelly (1967-1973) Louise Crane (1971-1979) Tony Rutter (1964-1971)

Over 120 old school friends and teachers met at the East India Club for this year’s annual London drinks reception. There was a really good turnout particularly from the 50s to the 70s, and current pupils were represented by Head Girl, Kathryn Crane (1997-2011) and Deputy Head Girl, Flo Taylor (1997-2011). Next year’s event will take place on Thursday 8 March 2012. This increasingly popular event, with afternoon tea held in the Common Room followed by musical performances by Sixth Form pupils in Old Hall, necessitated a room change owing to increased numbers - despite the snow! Over 85 OCs attended and were treated to Mozart and Gershwin as well as singing along with ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ and, of course, a hearty rendition of the school song, Estote Fortes.



Nostalgia Lunch Over 75 Old Culfordians from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s came back for this year's Nostalgia Lunch held at Culford. Bucks Fizz on the South Front was followed by some wonderful musical entertainment, performed by members of our Sixth Form choral group, and lunch finished with everyone singing the old school song, Estote Fortes, with great gusto.

Mrs Mary Bennett (1942-1945) and Dr Jack Bungard (1935-1939) each won a prize for being the longest serving members of the Culford Community to attend the event. The Culford Nostalgia Quiz team-winners were: Robert and Miriam Black, Mary and John Bennett, Anne and Derek Hutchinson, Keith Flack, Mike Harrison and Jane Davie.

Sporting Events

OC Rugby

OC Summer Golf

New Events!

This Old Culfordians versus Headmaster’s XV Rugby match was in memory of OC, and mother of OCs, Rosie Fraser (1966-1978). Son of Rosie, Harry Fraser (1996-2004) received the winners’ trophy after a close final score of 29 - 26 to the OCs.

The twelve participating OC golfers at the Flempton Golf Club included three ladies and three under 25s. Good weather matched the keenly-contested golf with the following winners emerging: Aaron Fletcher (1996-2006) taking the Gould Salver - Gross 75; John Yuill (1959-1967) the Rose Cup - Nett 71; Ally Clark (19982006) the Edward Jiggar - 38 points; and Sue Edwards (1969-1973) claiming the 1st Ladies’ prize.

EAS Ladies Reunion for 1971 O Level and 1973 A Level leavers

The intention is to increase numbers with warm invitations to a Spring event, the Summer meeting, a team in the Grafton Morrish tournament and a new website. Please visit together with @ocgolfers on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

This event takes place on Saturday 20 October 2012 and is open to these year groups, plus anyone else who would like to join us! This year group was the first set of girls to sit public examinations at Culford. Many did meet up in Northgate Avenue in 2005 and we hope that more will be able to come and catch up this time. For further details please contact Julia Shawe-Taylor (née Steward) on 01473 658609.

OC Reunion: Years of 1986/87/88 18 August 2012

OC Tennis The OC Team Jane Ewing née Bennett (1971-1979), Katie Ewing (2005-2010), Sarah Fulcher née Lee (1959-1971), Tonia Nelskamp (2009-2010), Zoe Davidson (2006-2008) James Swanson (20012008), Josh Harpur (2003-2010) and Michael Day (2002-2009) came from many parts, including Germany and the USA – and met eight players from the School, who won closely-contested encounters by seven matches to three.

Aaron Fletcher (1996-2006) is working really hard to build the OC Golf membership and we would like to thank him for all his support.

Hosted at Culford and championed by Jonathan Brown (1980-1987), this event will give guests the opportunity to have a tour of the school and see the new developments, take drinks on the South Front and will be followed by dinner.

Boys’ OC Hockey

OC Music Showcase Event at Culford

Ben Shepperson (2005-2010), last year’s School Captain, led a squad of 18 players. The School’s first-half two-goal lead was pulled back, but their superior fitness showed when they scored twice in the second-half to win 4-2 in a wellcontested match.

Annalise Pask (1999-2004) has approached us about a lovely idea: a one day music(al) reunion for Old Culfordians at Culford. Rehearse on the day, perform on the night! Director of Music, James Recknell, is keen to support the idea. We just need to find enough of you to turn up on the day. If you are interested in joining in this event, please email us:



Foundation Office

Acknowledgements & Thanks 2010/11 Culford On-line The new Culford School website went live at the beginning of September: please visit As well as essential information relating to the school, there are lots of new features including: Explore Culford, an interactive aerial photograph; Meet the People; Meet the Governors; and new and improved Photo Galleries.

The OCA Council and members following the EGM

The Foundation and Alumni section has much new information too. We will be introducing a new on-line facility in the coming months which we hope will allow easier access to the alumni directory, on-line ticket purchasing for events and the opportunity to make online donations to the Bursary Fund, Heritage Fund or General Fund. We will keep you informed of our progress.


Sincere Thanks

What does the Foundation do?

We should particularly like to record our thanks to all former pupils who have donated via the Old Culfordian Association. The OCA was wound up at the end of 2010 as it was recognised that the Foundation had taken on virtually all of the Association’s activities. The balance of funds, investments that are currently worth approximately £60,000, were transferred from the OCA account to the Foundation in 2011.

Culford School Foundation is grateful to all the individuals, families, foundations, funds and trusts whose support and donations enable Culford to thrive. We are and continue to be grateful for all continuing support. We would also like to express our thanks to anonymous donors, those who have made pledges for the future through legacies and other means, and all our supporters who give of their time and friendship to the school.

The aims of the Foundation are friendraising and fundraising for Culford School. Set up in 2000, the Foundation seeks to raise funds for the development of facilities and for Scholarships and Bursaries. The team works hard to maintain contact with all former pupils of the Culford and East Anglian Schools and to organise reunions, sporting and other social events. If you would like to get back in touch with a friend or find out more about the events we are running, please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

Through this fund, the OCA continues to sponsor School prizes which are awarded at Speech Day and has earmarked a contribution towards the refurbishment of the Workman Library. All of those who were donating a subscription were written to during 2011, where we had an address, and given the option to continue or to cease their regular payment. The OCA Council have asked that we do not publish individual names here but we should like to thank you all for what you have given. You know who you are! Thank you.



A huge thank you goes to those friends of Culford who regularly keep the Foundation up to date with OC and East Anglian former pupils’ news and for their generosity in helping to build the school archives. Special thanks go to Michael Crease for his help with Issue 9 of FOCuS and to all those who have contributed updates, memories and photographs for Issue 10.

Legacies We are especially grateful to the late Janet Jacklin MBE (EAS 1941-1944) and the late Peter Steel (1930-1936) who remembered Culford School in their Wills this year.

Standing L to R John Humphries – OC Liaison Officer, Lesley Robinson – School Archivist, Sitting L to R Samantha Salisbury – Foundation Manager, Jo Johnson-Munday – Director of Marketing and Foundation, Kirsten Perry – Database Manager

Why we need your help

Sponsor a Seat

Culford is not a wealthy school and we do not have a large endowment. Notwithstanding the beautiful 18th century Hall at its heart, the stunning 480 acres of parkland and Culford’s idyllic setting, we have always been dependent on the support and generosity of our benefactors to provide the very best facilities and to support those in need.

In order to help raise funds towards the restoration of Culford Hall and the continuing development of music and drama facilities, we offer the opportunity to sponsor a seat in the Studio Theatre for £250. There are 100 seats available for sponsorship for the life of the seat, of which 35 now have a sponsor and a dedicated name plaque is proudly fixed to the individual chair.

We owe our existence to the foresight of many who came before us, in particular, the Methodist Board, the Rev Workman and Dr Skinner; without their vision and sagacity we should not be here today. While we have not been in an active capital fundraising phase since the Millennium Appeal was completed in 2001, under the then Headmaster, John Richardson, we have been fortunate to receive support from major and regular donors who have enabled us to transform areas of the school. The William

Miller Science Centre, the Beech Centre for Performing Arts, including the Studio Theatre and refurbished Music School, and the roof restoration on Culford Hall have all been significant projects that have come to fruition with our benefactors’ support. For more detailed information on specific projects or to explore the School’s current ambitions for development, please contact the Headmaster or the Foundation Director, Mrs Jo Johnson-Munday, on +44 (0)1284 385302 or email: or

If you would like to sponsor a seat, please contact the Foundation team on 01284 385310 or email us at

If you would like to make a donation or set up a regular payment to the school, please contact one of the Foundation team on +44 (0)1284 385310 or email:

How you have helped Monies given to Culford are directed to one of three areas: The Bursary Fund Culford relies upon our donors to help with bursaries that support children who could not otherwise afford to come here or, in some cases, to help pupils already at Culford to remain here.

Beekeeping at Culford

Cardiac Defibrillator

The money purchased bee suits, the hive and the bees to set up the pupils’ new Culford Bee Keeping club. The first jars of Culford honey have been produced, their sale raising funds at our Macmillan Coffee Morning.

After much hard work by the school’s Medical Centre, the Foundation donated the final amount needed to purchase a cardiac defibrillator, which is now available for use in a medical emergency by anyone in the local community.

The Heritage Fund Culford relies upon our donors to enable us to preserve, maintain and restore Culford Hall and its Estate. The General Fund Culford has benefited from the friendship and financial support of many donors who wish to see further developments for the benefit of our pupils. In the case of the Studio Theatre and the Music School, for example, David and Judy Beech have helped in a very significant way to make our vision a reality. In addition, regular donations, legacies from OCs and funds raised at a variety of events have meant that the Foundation was delighted to be able to support the following School projects, through the General Fund, during 2010/11:

Cardiac Defibrillator

The King’s Loo

Beekeeping at Culford

Recording Studio The old changing rooms adjacent to Culford Hall have begun their transformation into new performance rooms which will enable musicians in the school to practice and record their musical talents. The largest room has been converted and, with further support, our aim is to convert the remaining two rooms and purchase new sound and recording equipment.

The cloakroom and original Victorian water closet was originally installed by the 5th Earl Cadogan (1840-1915) in preparation for the royal visit in December 1904. The money required for this project was raised by an amazing flower demonstration event held at Culford a few years ago by the renowned florist and OC Paula Pryke (1970–1978). The money raised had been earmarked for the improvement of facilities for the disabled in Culford Hall: the old King’s Loo was out of commission and being used for lost property so this was a fantastic way to restore the room and provide ground-floor facilities for those with restricted mobility.



Welcome Back

OC visitors Since the publication of the last edition of FOCuS in 2010 we have welcomed over 50 former pupils and staff back to Culford to have a personal tour of the School and share their memories with us. Here are just some of the guests that we have enjoyed meeting over the year:

November Stephen Musgrave and his wife Alison came back to visit. They spent some time with the Headmaster and had a guided tour with the Head Boy to see the recent developments.

January 2011


Iain Ferguson and Jessica Mayhew visited Culford having been living in Spain.

Allegra Hindes visited on the day of the Royal Wedding and enjoyed watching William and Catherine on the big screen Allegra Hindes (1990-1997) in Centenary Hall with 300 pupils and staff.

February Will Ward visited as part of his university course; he directed and produced, along with two fellow students, a film on the CCF at Culford.

William Ward (2002-2009)

Kristoffer Houlihan (1990-1997) came to show Culford to his new wife Jeannette Wistner; they had travelled from their home in California before heading off for a wedding in the UK.

May Larissa Clark came and talked to Senior pupils about her positive experiences whilst studying at Culford and to raise awareness for the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) where she works. The project she talked about was ‘Save the Sea: Defending Oceans’ campaign against pirate fishing. The Senior School are now holding a sponsored Swim the Channel in Culford’s swimming pool to raise money for the EJF. Culford CCF on Speech Day

Stephen Musgrave (1964-1972)

December Phil Thornalley and his colleague Steve Stewart visited the School to advise the Headmaster on the new recording studio project.

Phil Thornalley (1968-1978)



March We organised an OC talk for Prep School pupils to help the children understand how school, and ideas about learning have changed over the years. Three former pupils of Culford and the East Anglian School for Girls led a fascinating and entertaining session.

Anthony Childs (1944-1949), Susanne Kohl (1949-1957) and Julia Shawe-Taylor (1966-1973)

Larissa Clark (1996-1999) with Rick Shepperson (Maths Teacher) and Emma Recknell (1996–2011)

Catherine Owles (2005-2010)



Four OCs came back to talk to the Sixth Form at our ‘Life After Culford Forum’ to help pupils research higher education options, advise on their UCAS applications and share their experiences.

Don Dorling and Neville Hibberd came back to Culford to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their first day at school.

Thank you also to Peter Christopher (1955-1963) who visited this month laden with gifts; he generously donated a box full of Culford memorabilia.

Neville Hibberd (1941-1947) and Don Dorling (1941-1948)


Katie Ewing (2005-2010), Oliver Ferrari (2001-2009), Rebecca King (2005-2010) and Catherine Owles (2005-2010)

July David Beech (1947-1951) and his wife, Judy, met with the Headmaster and his wife, Jo, for a lovely dinner at The Great House in Lavenham, while they were on a visit from California.

Twin brothers Kenneth and Douglas Gunary came back to present Culford with a photo album called “Our Culford 1945-1951”. A personal photographic record, this beautiful and historical album contains named pictures of pupils and staff taken throughout their years at Culford. It was meticulously collated by the late Michael Leigh (1946-1950) and then assembled by Kenneth Gunary. Our sincere thanks go to Michael Leigh’s wife for donating the contents and to Kenneth Gunary for generously donating his time.

Kenneth and Douglas Gunary (1945–1950)

David Beech (1947 -1951) and Judy

August Mark Schultze (1985-1989) visited this month; he was in the same year as Culford teacher and Housemaster, Guy Draper (OC 1984-1991).

We are always delighted to welcome back our friends to Culford. If you would like to visit for a tour and enjoy a chat over a cup of tea, please call the Foundation Office to organise a date and book a convenient time. Our School Archivist, Lesley Robinson, will be delighted to dig out memorabilia from your year group, given a little notice! We look forward to welcoming you soon.

New Deputies Culford’s newest Deputy Head, Joss Williams, comes from a military family, was born in Tidworth, Joss Williams educated at Oundle and joined the Royal Marines. He joins Dr John Guntrip who was appointed in January 2011. Joss trained as a teacher at Oxford and began his career in Christchurch, New Zealand. This was followed by an appointment for training co-teaching, where English and Chinese presentations are done simultaneously, in Hong Kong schools. Here he met Angela, his wife, and they moved to the UK where he returned to Oundle to teach. Joss then moved to Abingdon where he was a boarding Housemaster, an English teacher, in charge of the CCF and responsible for karate. Angela teaches Business Studies and they, along with their son and daughter, live on the Culford estate where the family find themselves at the centre of school life. Joss says that they are overwhelmed by the beauty of Culford and enjoy it daily. Dr Guntrip joined Culford in 2006 as Director of Studies and teacher of Biology. Previously he worked at Dr John Guntrip Taunton School where he was head of department, Assistant Director of Studies and an Assistant Housemaster. John also lives in the Culford grounds with his wife, Sharon, and two children. Sharon teaches in the Pre-Prep and both children attend Culford where they very much enjoy the huge range of opportunities available to them.



Dates for your Diary 6th Form Charity Fashion Show Tuesday 13 December 2011

London Drinks Reception East India Club Thursday 8 March 2012

OC Sport Boys Hockey & Girls Netball v Old Culfordians Saturday 24 March 2012

Summer Ball Culford School Saturday 30 June 2012

OC Sport Cricket: Headmaster’s XI vs Old Culfordians Tennis: Culford vs Old Culfordians Saturday 30 June 2012

School Reunion Year of 2002 date tba

School Reunion Years of 1986, 1987, 1988 Saturday 18 August 2012

Tea For Two Date tba

EAS Ladies Reunion for 1971 O Level and 1973 A Level leavers

Managing the Park Last year Culford School celebrated 75 years of stewardship of our estate, having moved to Culford School in the autumn of 1935. We planned, therefore, a significant range of developments to improve our 480 acre estate and further enhance its beauty during that year. In 2000 the school was accepted in DEFRA’s ESA scheme. Large areas of former woodland and unmanaged park were brought back into management by increasingly good stewardship, and an added benefit was that during our anniversary year we were accepted into Natural England’s Higher Level Scheme, which immediately enabled a further programme of improvement works. New fencing was erected in various areas, drainage ditches were reinstated and water troughs provided for cattle and sheep. It is an important part of our stewardship that we keep the land well managed; and improving and maintaining good grazing is a vital part of that. In addition, areas which are not grazed form an important conservation habitat. The thinning of woodlands, tree surgery, tree planting and scrub management have all taken place, further improving the habitat for an important and diverse range of birdlife. New vistas have opened as a result. In addition, the ha-ha down the church drive was opened up, providing views across the river from that area, allowing further development of the land, and

View towards West Stow

ensuring the ability for us to continue maintenance of the ha-ha itself. Finally, we negotiated an agreement to offer an additional 1.7 miles of permissive footpaths through the estate to allow our neighbours and friends to enjoy its beauty further, and those have now been agreed and opened. The park and grounds of Culford are widely recognised as outstanding, and we know that for Old Culfordians many of their memories are rooted in the beauty of the estate. We will, therefore, continue to work hard at its management.

20 October 2012 For more information about these events and ticket details please contact: Samantha Salisbury, Foundation Manager Tel: 01284 385310 Email:

The Culford Foundation makes reasonable efforts to include current and accurate information in FOCuS but makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy of published content. News of former pupils and colleagues is always welcome; please do keep in touch. Photo credits: Michael Crease, Fearless Frog, Justine Ferrari, Ken Gunary, Thomas Hunter, Warren Page, Roddy Paine, Wendy Turner, Sarah Williams for the Josh Davey photo.



The Foundation Office, Culford School, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6TX Tel: 01284 385310 Email:

FOCus Edition 10: 2011  
FOCus Edition 10: 2011  

Culford School Foundation's annual alumni magazine for former pupils, friends and staff of the School