CU Denver Fall Commencement 2023

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December 16, 2023 Dear Graduate: One of the greatest honors for the University of Colorado Board of Regents, the institution’s governing board, is to be part of this commencement ceremony. Your success is a success for us all. Your degree is a measure not only of an accomplishment of dedication and talent, but also notice to the world that you have the skill and discipline to contribute greatly to any endeavor you pursue. This commencement ceremony, like every University of Colorado graduation since 1935, will close with the reading of the Norlin Charge. As originally expressed by former CU President George Norlin in 1935, graduation “marks your initiation in the fullest sense of the fellowship of the University, as bearers of her torch, as centers of her influence, and as promoters of her spirit.” Welcome to the ranks of CU’s alumni family, which is over 475,000 strong. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Well done and well earned! Sincerely, The Regents of the University of Colorado


Back Row: Callie Rennison, District 2; Mark VanDriel, District 8; Frank McNulty, District 4; Wanda James, District 1; Glen Gallegos, District 3 Front Row: Nolbert Chavez, District 7; Ken Montera, District 5, Vice Chair; Lesley Smith, Chair, At Large; Ilana Dubin Spiegel, District 6

December 16, 2023 Congratulations, graduates! Today marks a major milestone in your lives. All of us at the University of Colorado celebrate you and your achievement. You should feel great pride in earning your degree, and positioning yourselves for further success in the future. You’re now part of an extraordinary network of CU alumni making significant contributions to their communities, the state of Colorado, the nation and the world. As a fellow CU alum, I have experienced firsthand the transformative effects of a CU education. I know yours will serve you well, and allow you to serve others. Among the many things you’ve learned during your time with us is the value of hard work, perseverance and selfawareness in achieving your goals. Throughout your educational journey you’ve also undoubtedly benefited from others’ support. I encourage you to pay this forward as you make your way in the world. It will be among the most rewarding things you do in life, for yourself and others. On behalf of the CU community, I wish you success and fulfillment now and in the years to come. Again, congratulations! All the best,

Todd Saliman President, University of Colorado


December 16, 2023 Dear Graduates: Congratulations on earning your University of Colorado Denver degree. On behalf of our faculty and staff, I’m thrilled to be celebrating this achievement with you today. Truly, you have met the moment! Your new CU Denver degree equips you to succeed in your chosen field, and it shows the world that you have the skills and expertise to be a leader or practitioner in any endeavor that lies ahead. Yet you leave our university with so much more than a career-advancing credential. I hope CU Denver has stoked within you the passion and determination to overcome any new milestone you encounter, and that we’ve helped you develop a values foundation to be a voice and a force for good. Your graduation today connects you to a network of 120,000 Lynx alumni, leaders, and innovators across and beyond Colorado with whom you’ll always have common ground, and who have benefited from their time at Colorado’s only public urban research university. Make the most of this network and the opportunities you’ll have throughout your lives to continue learning. If your path brings you back to your alma mater—to continue learning, to mentor students, or to recruit future graduates—we’ll always welcome you back with open arms. No matter what next steps you take in your life’s journey, I can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve from here.


Michelle Marks, PhD Chancellor



Official Delegation for the 2023 Fall Commencement University of Colorado Denver REGENTS Glen Gallegos, District 3 Wanda James, District 1 Frank McNulty, District 4 Ken Montera, District 5 Callie Rennison, District 2 Lesley Smith, At Large Ilana Dubin Spiegel, District 6 Mark VanDriel, District 8

OFFICIANTS President Todd Saliman Chancellor Michelle A. Marks Commencement Marshal Maryam Darbeheshti Academic Deans

PLATFORM PARTY Laura Argys, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Creative Activities, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Melisa Baldwin, Vice Chancellor for Advancement Savannah Brooks, Student Government Association, Vice President Bria Combs, Student Government Association, President Phillip De Leon, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Chief Research Officer Leonard Dinegar, Senior Vice President for Internal Operations and Chief of Staff Antonio Farias, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, Denver City Council, At Large Genia Herndon, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jeremy Hueth, Vice President, University Counsel, and Secretary of the Board of Regents Devin Jenkins, Associate Professor and Department Chair, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alana Jones, Associate Vice Chancellor for the Office of International Affairs Sam Kim, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Shontel M. Lewis, Denver City Council, District 8 Michael Lightner, Vice President for Academic Affairs Katie Linder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Digital Strategy and Learning Daniel Maxey, Chief of Staff Lara Medley, Assistant Vice Chancellor & University Registrar Beth Myers, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Constancio Nakuma, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Chris Puckett, Managing University Counsel Ann Sherman, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Doug Sicker, Vice Chancellor of Technology, Strategy, and Innovation & CTO Pamela Toney, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management Marie Williams, Vice Chancellor for University Communications Margaret C. Wood, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Achievement


ORDER OF EXERCISES SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16TH, 2023 Master of Ceremonies Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Antonio Farias Processional

Pomp and Circumstance Marches, Op. 39 – Highland Cathedral, Roever and Korb

Michael Lancaster, Bagpiper

The National Anthem Greeting from the Chancellor Greeting from the President of the University Commencement Address Doctoral Degrees; Specialist Degrees

Lark Michelle A. Marks Todd Saliman Robin Thurston Antonio Farias

College of Architecture and Planning

Stephanie Santorico

Doctor of Philosophy College of Engineering, Design and Computing

Martin Dunn

Doctor of Philosophy College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Pamela Jansma

Doctor of Philosophy School of Education & Human Development

Marvin Lynn

Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Psychology Doctor of Education Specialist in Education

Conferring of Doctoral Degrees Master and Baccalaureate Degrees

Michelle A. Marks

School of Education & Human Development Master of Arts Master of Science in Education Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Business School Master of Business Administration Master of Science Bachelor of Science College of Engineering, Design and Computing Master of Engineering Master of Science Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science College of Arts & Media Master of Science Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Science


Marvin Lynn

Scott Dawson

Martin Dunn

Joann Brennan & Nathan Thompson

Master and Baccalaureate Degrees Continued College of Architecture and Planning Master of Architecture Master of Landscape Architecture Master of Urban and Regional Planning Master of Urban Design Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Stephanie Santorico

School of Public Affairs Master of Criminal Justice Master of Public Administration Bachelor of Arts

Paul Teske

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Master of Arts Master of Humanities Master of Science Master of Social Science Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

Pamela Jansma

Conferring of Master and Baccalaureate Degrees Michelle A. Marks Alma Mater Verena Fuentes (’23), Genevieve Glimp (’23), Finn O’Sullivan, and Katharine Yeager (’22) The Norlin Charge to the Graduates Mark VanDriel Recessional: The Olympic Spirit John Williams

The ceremony will last approximately two and a half hours. In consideration of the audience and the significance of this event, all guests and graduates must remain seated for the entire ceremony. Real-Time Captioning: All spoken information during the ceremony will be captioned and made available to follow along in real time from a personal mobile device. To access this service and follow along during the ceremony, open the browser on your mobile device and enter the following website: Captioning Services provided by: Visible Voices Inc.



Karmin Canales Meagan McKenna Tracey Alexxis Valezka Cornelius Kristina Aina Lee

Bachelor of Science

College of Architecture and Planning Master of Architecture Master of Landscape Architecture Master of Urban and Regional Planning Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Jacob Lampl Taswell Gregory Steven Adelberg Shaima Clemencia Shahbaz Aaron Dean Daines

College of Arts & Media Master of Science

Erika C. Thurman

College of Engineering, Design and Computing Master of Science Bachelor of Arts

Joel Isingoma Nathan Ki Maas

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Doctor of Philosophy Master of Arts Master of Science Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

Kaitlyn Marie Vagnini Tyrel Seward Sorensen Jessica Lindsay Romero Ali Alnazzal Benjamin Peter Denker

School of Education & Human Development Specialist in Education Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

Tasheka Renay Ann Norman Katie Ruiz Gonzalez Cecilia Isabel Yamas

School of Public Affairs Master of Criminal Justice Master of Public Administration

Luisa Prout Kazia Johnston-Hart Sheila Sahu Daniel John Blackhourse Kimberly B. Heckber Jessica Christina Valdez

Bachelor of Arts


Alyson Desiree Botos Veronika Eduardovna Dombayeva April Marissa Kinney Rebecca Mazur Xaverine Celia Moneboulou Mbazoa Thomas Andrew Odem



Catherine I Ebert-Gray

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ajeyo Banerjee

Business School

Office of International Affairs

Sue Eddleman

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Pompa Banerjee

Lorraine Evans

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bethann Bierer

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

David J. Bondelevitch

Auraria Library

Lisa Elaine McGill Disability Resources & Services

James Michael Phelan

College of Arts & Media

Tammy Stone

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Vanessa Fishback

Laura Lee Summers

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Efraim Luis Gregory III

School of Education and Human Development

Elizabeth Cooperman

Michael Dean Harper

Business School

E Marie Wade

Business School

Business School

Colleen Mary Walsh

College of Arts & Media

Michael Zinser

College of Arts & Media

Jacki Craig

Rebecca Lynne Heavner

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

John Peter Daley

Business School

Kelly Hupfeld

Office of Regulatory Compliance Business School College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

School of Public Affairs

Karl Maurice Davis

Katherine Margaret Kilpatrick

Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Mary K Dodge

School of Public Affairs

School of Public Affairs

Weldon Lodwick

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

IN MEMORIAM FACULTY AND STAFF River Elizabeth Bond College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Martin Gaudin Lockley

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER Robin Thurston Robin Thurston is the CEO and founder of Outside Interactive, Inc., the world’s leading creator of outdoor content and home to iconic brands like Outside Magazine, Warren Miller, Pinkbike, GaiaGPS and others. With a mission to Get Everyone Outside, it is the leading platform for outdoor activity and home to 80 million of the most active consumers in the world by creating an experience for both longtime adventurers and those just getting started. Before Outside, he ran a consumer genetics company called Helix in Silicon Valley before returning to his home state of Colorado. Prior to Helix, Robin co-founded and built MapMyFitness into one of the world’s largest open fitness tracking platforms. Following the acquisition of MapMyFitness by Under Armour, he joined the innovative sports apparel organization and served as Chief Digital Officer, where he led the overall strategic direction of the company’s Connected Fitness and eCommerce business. Robin spent the first ten years of his career building a mutual fund classification and ratings platform at Lipper (a Thomson Reuters Company), as well as a risk and compensation platform at both American Century Investments and Wellington Management. He graduated with a MS in Finance from University of Colorado at Denver and lives with his wife and three children in Boulder, CO. He is a lifelong cyclist who started riding and racing in the early 1980’s.


GRADUATES AND DISSERTATION TOPICS Doctor of Philosophy College of Engineering, Design and Computing Summer 2023 Thoria Alghamdi “Facial Expressions-Based Pain Assessment System Using Deep Learning Techniques” Ibrahim Fathallah Bumadian “Performance of Concrete Members Strengthened with CFRP Sheets Subjected to Various Hazard Environments” Emily Jane Burtch “Characterization of Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes for Regenerative Therapies in Neonates” Sajjad Nassirpour “Learning, Complexity, and Data-Rate Trade-Offs in Communication”

Fall 2023 Abdulaziz Mutair Alqurashi “Torsional Behavior of Concrete Beams Strengthened with Advanced Composite Sheets” Tahani Idress Alsadik “Axisymmetric Multiphase Pseudopotential Multiple Relaxation Time Lattice Boltzmann Model for Phase Change Problems” Mozhgan Askarzadeh “How Ecohydrological Models Use or Misuse Available Information” Beatriz Bermudez “Effects of Unsaturated Fatty Acids on Bone Strength, Accrual, and Nutrient Trafficking” Madeline Marie Blankenship “Socially Assistive Robot (SAR) – Augmented Upper Limb Rehabilitation” Huynh Trung Manh “Online Adaptive Learning for Pedestrian Future Trajectory Prediction in Dynamic Scenes” Michael Eugene Mont Eton “Inverse Modeling of Hydraulic Conductivity in Porous Media from Flow Velocity Fields Using Graph Theory” Alison Mackenzie Wallbank “Lung Structure and Function During Acute – and Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury: Treatment with a Novel Nanoparticle Therapeutic and Optimized Ventilation”

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Summer 2023 Princi Kovacs Ackerman “Potential Moderating Role of Mother-Infant Interactions in the Relationship Between Infant’s Oxytocin Receptor (OXTR) Genotype and Maternal Postpartum Depression”


Stephanie Ann Callan “Understanding Health Behaviors in Soldiers and Civilian Spouses: A Dyadic Perspective” Caitlin Anna Kienzler “Examining Sanctification of the Body and Physical Activity in Female Adolescents with Migraine” Alexander Mattia Presciutti “Cardiac Arrest Survivorship and the Role of Patient-Provider Relationship Factors: A Mixed-Methods Study” Gillian Rachel Ulrich “Distress and Coping among Medically Underserved Head and Neck and Lung Cancer Patients and their Caregivers: Implications for Intervention Designs, Mechanisms, and Targets” Kaitlyn Marie Vagnini “Salience of Meaning in Life and Cardiovascular Responses to Acute Stress: A Randomized Controlled Experimental Study”

Fall 2023 Christan Gentry Bartsch “Understanding Sustainability of Quality Improvement Initiatives within the United States Healthcare System” Dustin Stephen Goerlitz “Efficacy of Mindfulness-Enhanced Positive Affect Induction for Experimentally Induced Pain: A Feasibility Trial” Tiffany Ju “Risk and Protective Factors Among Survivors of Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD)” Allison Katherine Pierce “Life History Trade-Offs of Seasonal Migration: A Theoretical Foundation for Understanding the Migration Ecology of an Inland Shorebird (Charadrius Montanus)” Bahroze Rakeen “American Attitudes and the Persuasiveness of Arguments Toward Climate Migration and Climate Mitigation Funding” Laurel Sindewald “Limber Pine (Pinus Flexilis) in the Alpine Treeline Ecotone: Community Structure, Seed Viability, and Identification Through Satellite Imagery” Basma Mohamed Ali Tumi “The Probability Distribution of Ensembles of the Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter” Kristin Wain “Essays on Health Economics and Outcomes: The Impact of Insurance Deductibles on Health Care Utilization”

School of Public Affairs Summer 2023 Samantha Temple “Locally-Led-Development in USAID’s New Partnership Initiative” Manli Zhang “Rethinking the Concept of Resilience in a Pandemic Context: Evidence From the U.S.”

Fall 2023 Jeffrey Mark Burton “EDA Special Assistance to Tribal Communities Toward Pandemic Response and Recovery”


Doctor of Psychology School of Education & Human Development Summer 2023 Christina Nicole Bordeaux “Examining Parent Reports of ASD Symptoms on the ASRS: Does a Child’s Sex Affect Parent Ratings of ASD Related Symptoms in a Nonclinical Sample of 6-Year-Old Children?” Erin Caitlin Coggan “Trauma-Informed Design in Education” Heather Travis “Examining the Use of LGBTQ+ Supports in K-12 Schools”

Doctor of Education School of Education & Human Development Summer 2023 Lisa Marie Adams “Teacher Perception of Relevant and Equitable Learning Experiences in Career and Technical Education: A Framework Focused on Equity to Inform Practice” Olivia Helene Gillespie “Parents and Families as Policy Actors within School Choice” Maileen Dumelod Hamto “Surviving the System, Staying in the Fire: Understanding How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leaders Advance Racial Equity in the Workplace” Daniel David Hanson “A Qualitative Study of White Educator Practices Successfully Facilitating Academic Growth and Achievement in Diverse Settings” Carmody L. Lee “Reducing Barriers for Transfer Student Matriculation at a Regional Comprehensive University” Kristen Elizabeth Lewis “Student Voices: CTE Course and Pathway Input and Interests in BVSD High Schools” Sondra Ranum “Exploring Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of Teacher Leadership in a Community-Based Early Childhood Program”

Fall 2023 Kendra Ruth Hall “Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Work in The Face of Legislation and Other Challenges” Clayton Allyn Harmon “Institutional Policymaking Regarding Citizenship-Based Exemptions to the English Language Proficiency Requirement for International Student Admission” Michael R. Keldsen “Disrupting Heteronormativity: The Classroom Experience of Queer Students”


Audrey Konauka Seybold “Parent and Family Engagement” Jessica Mae Moser “Teacher Retention and Leadership in Colorado” Ximena Christina Najar “Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices in an Alternative Education High School” Stephanie Ann Olmore “External Monitoring and the Relationship with Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC Leadership in Chile and Norway” Sarah Elizabeth Roberts “Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs Towards the Inclusion of Children with Challenging Behaviors in a Community-Based Early Childhood Program” Carli Marie Yameen “LETRS Implementation Study DRP”


Class of 2023 The following list of candidates is not an official record that all candidates have been awarded such degrees.

BUSINESS SCHOOL Scott Dawson, Dean

SUMMER 2023 MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Neilia Yolanda Abban Kalen Jesse Acquisto Jessica Caitlin Bertsch Dylan Bielser Misha J. Charles Kathleen Emma Dargie Sydney Taylor DeWitt John Darren Doherty Gbegnibo Ruthland Vulcain Dovonou Evan James Gill Mimi Gordon Dustin James Grorud Rachel Hartman Andrew Hicks Janet Bach Huynh Charissa Ibona Kimberly Karstens

Alissa Kazan Audrey Layne Keller Dacia Dawn Kelly Angela F. Kirkpatrick Keith Tyler Kuehn Nathan Hays Larkin Rachel Michelle Leonard Kerrick Dale Luff Kalob Lincoln McConnell Kevin McCrea Andrew James Mehrmann Lem Lem Meresa Max Allen Miller Josimar Montalvo Robert Muiter Evan Owen Sunny Nareshbhai Patel

Juan Camilo Pelaez Sr. Stephanie Nicole Pridgen Romani Olivia Brynn Reichborn-Piazza Cal Michael Reynolds Anthony Louis Rogina Meghan Elizabeth Sayre Coral Lynn Schoonejans Aaron William Scicchitano Will Waterhouse Cooney Shuttleworth Ryan Hurless Sickler Dakota Smith Joshua James Gallagher Smith Kailey Sonricker Peter Derek Steiner Kerk Townsend Webber Jessica Leah Wong Yashar Eskandari Zanjani

MASTER OF SCIENCE Sharee’ Alanna Allison Sai Nandan Amara Pooja Bhattacharjee Richard Boateng Earl Dywane Caleb Benjamin Craig Coatney Johanna Elizabeth Cortez Charles Bryce DeHaven Elena Fanari Chelsea Brianna Fenimore Tamber M. Frederiksen Christina Michelle Garcia Carlos Eugene Garcia Jr. Laura Gabbett Doty Gaumond Connor Bryce Gordon

Kayla Brooke Helms Rachel Hoffmann Jason Thomas Hose Tom Huynh Sai Kumar Goud Katikam Alissa Kazan Colin Michael Kelly John Klosterman Elizabeth Mayes Kouns Eric Allen Lammers Gabriella Lara Tomer Benyamin Laufer Rachel Leppert Kennedy Martinez Allyssa Mastroni

Kalob Lincoln McConnell Dylan Michael Mcintosh Kevin Michael Mermel Mary Laraye Miller Jasmine Hong Nguyen Kimberly Pham Tessa Leigh Blair Pine Alexandra Elizabeth Ratcliff Christina Ann Rosalita Jeremy Allen Rose Pablo Ernesto Saavedra Hannah Lee Shugart Mark Allen Smith Sean Tappenden

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Ivanna Akhverdian Muhammad W H B DH J Al-Anezi Porfirio Alcala Abdulaziz O A S Alrashaid Jacqueline Andrade Alex Gilbert Arvizu Hannah Bailey Isabella Rae Baker Summa Cum Laude Sarah Elizabeth Bartron Summa Cum Laude

Jacoby D. Bilbo Magna Cum Laude Shane Martin Black Magna Cum Laude Andrew Mikel Bodensiek Robert Adrian Bondoc Summa Cum Laude Jacqueline Carreon Shyanne Deja Cook Alexxis Valezka Cornelius Outstanding Graduate Summa Cum Laude


Holden Servaas Coronelli Filberth Pratama De La Croix Rogelio Berber Delgado Zachary Detlefs Robert Kyle Eagan Keema Ani Ebong Raneem Elharoun Summa Cum Laude Jesse Garcia Elias Garcia Lobatos Stephen Arthur Gardea Cum Laude

Michael Gilbert Jr. Luke Stephen Gribbon Magna Cum Laude Joseph Gerard Gunselman Jr. Magna Cum Laude Cesar Guzman Jennifer Ha Michael Curtis Haas Summa Cum Laude Dominic L. Herrera Cum Laude Ethan William Holzrichter Summa Cum Laude Stacie Jaramillo Jasmin Francis Johnson Cum Laude Alexis Jade Kania

Jamal Osasere Temitope Kuku Magna Cum Laude Jordyn Rose Mayoral Meti Yilma Merdassa Magna Cum Laude Caitlin Metzger Aung Min Nyamsuren Oyungerel Garrett Charles Pammer Summa Cum Laude Morgan David Perkins Jaime Alicen Sachs Cum Laude Adam Luke Sanchez Cum Laude Frederick Charles Schneider IV Emily Rose Schultz

Brian D. Shim Mathias Silberstein Ella Anh Silverstein Summa Cum Laude Brayden Minwoo Sim Ryan Thomas Smith Alexandra Edwards Spellicy Summa Cum Laude Ben Patrick Sterner Amanda Vy Tran Summa Cum Laude Lauren Ashley Vasquez Summa Cum Laude Suleman Bashir Warraich Graehame Mitchell Webb Magna Cum Laude Yusuf T. Zuaiter

FALL 2023 MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Adwoa Serwaa Adu-Tutu Adam Gregory Alberti-Powell Matthew John Baker Alexander Baratskov Matthew Hogan Barnes Justin Bengtson Elijah C. Bentley Sreenidhi Bheemasenachar Rachel Bohan Lane Marshall Boutilier Robert Arliss Bronersky Tanzeela Choudhry Alessandra Britney Clarke Dakota Counts Maegan Davis Jaime de las Heras Gomez Jonathan Stewart Delacruz Max Askar Samuel Dennard Erin Judith Devany Christopher Drury Julie Marie Elam Allison Fleming Alex Shaun Galloway Roderic Tracy Geddes Matthew John Gerk Clara Drews Gilliam

Trevor Joshua Gilmore Hima Bindu Gottam Vanya Harrold Maggie Henderson Bryce Keli’i Hosaka Kevin David Housh Sumit Jain Erin Rebecca Jones Haley Michelle Judge Ryan Joseph Kelly Sydney Barnett Kurfess Melinda Lammert April Lassiter Ruiqi Li Sara Marie Mahan Carolyn Marie Maher Patrick Henry Mahoney Anish Malhotra Joshua Marlowe Ryan James Monroe Ellen Marie Munoz Angeliki Nikiforou Daniel Raymond Orris Elizabeth Overson Alexandria Fortune Phelps Chelsea Marie Polk

Jennifer Eileen Ptacek Emily Ann Roetzel Romano Romani III Joseph Donald Sandoval Ritu Saxena Shanly Shoaib Daniel Sikora Megan Smiens Brandon Smith Monica Patricia Smith Trevor Maxwell Sooy Marc Edward Sorensen Andrew Stein Kaylan Elizabeth Stock Benjamin Strong MyMy Ta Cassandra Moskovitz Todtenhagen Kyle Tons Ryan J. Untisz Spencer William Ure Tatiana Dawn Vasiliauskas Francisco Vazquez Torres Lauren Melissa Wheeler Paul F. Whitty Mackenzie Scott Woodsmall

MASTER OF SCIENCE Abdul Mumin Abdul Rahman Elaisa Judith Acosta Meneses Sarat Chandra Addala Marihan Albitar Samy Alkaihal Saitejas Ambati Brock Albert Anderson Teja Reddy Antharam

Mercedes Apodaca Jill Marie Austin Sai Nikhil Goud Babburi Shreya Bachu Sthuthi Anthony Baker Bennett Kenneth Baker Itamar Belisha Brandyn Wayne Bicknese


Zanubia Bizri Yuvaraj Boobalan Emily Brehm Hillary Lewis Bronn Jennifer Brousseau Matthew Leonard Brown Sairam Reddy Bussu Alexandra Call

Karmin Canales Outstanding Graduate Hayden John Casali Benjamin Joseph Caviness Sai Snehan Reddy Chada Pranay Kumar Chamakuri Freddy Misael Chasi Lakshmi Deepika Chinnam Brent Avery Christopher Blake Robert Clements James Cox Sumanvitha Dasari Holly Maureen Day Zachariah Arthur DeBacker Jacob Allen Delmotte Ariel Alicia Dominguez Michael Tianhao Dong Kilian Timothy Donovan Aaron Dunn Etetim Edem Patrick Alexander Engel Heather Anna Fellhauer Matthew Scott Finnin Dennis Douglas Fisher Gabriel M. Flagg Harshitha Gadde Maxwell Gagliardo Anurag Reddy Ganta Ricardo Giardiello James Michael Goethe Aimee Louise Graugnard David John Grinde Christina Marie Gude-Haug Katherine Lyndsey Renee Hernandez Jamie Grace Holliday Robert Lloyd Hutchins Chandana Jangam Bryan Jepson Christina Michelle Johnson Pavan Sai Kandukuri Ramya Karukola Peter Brand Kennedy

Kathleen Sarah Kershman Ram Sai Kotagiri Jeremy Micah Kubat Vasudha Kuchibhotla David Joseph Kwietnewski Riley James Lait Dylan Casey Lambert Taliesun Anonda Landrey Rain Ratana Lauth Andrea Lichterman Rebecca Emma Lorch Manideep Madavaram Ann Christine Maertins Sritej Maggidi Greeshma Manoj Ricardo Martinez Jr. Amanda May Henry Timothy Mayo Shannon Michelle McDonald Charles Wisner McMillan Brittany Hopson Montgomery Anthony William Morgan III Nikolina Mrkalj Naveen Mulakalapalli Namratha Nagaraj Hari Harika Nagireddy Shravya Reddy Nalla Vijaya Ram Gopal Nallagatla Likhita Nalluri Rahul Kanth Nalluri Bhavana Nampally Asritha Krishna Narukulla Julia Nary John Okai-Tetteh Adedoyin Zainab Olayanju Shannon Oleynik Hayden Opila Bethanie Pack Devamani Chowdary Papani Aniket Patil Mackenzie Virginia Patterson Jason Pedreros

Sierra Christine Peterson Thao Thi Phuong Pham Ksenia Poteraj Gayatri Pooja Pothula Althea Lynn Pyle Anas Afzal Rana Steven Rohlwing Oscar Sanchez Paul B. Schulte David Thomas Schumacher Tenzing Phuti Sherpa Sarah Shields Jun Seok Song Neha Soni Ashley Sperling Sandokan Stage Scott Xavier Stoner Lakshmi Brahmani Suravajjala Krishna Ketan Reddy Surukunti Matthew C. Swann Shazib Ahmed Tanvir Atharva Mayuresh Teli Wesley W. Terrill Pragna Thirumalareddy James Michael Thorburn Maniratnam Thota Evelyn Torres Esquivel Ernesto Tovar Meagan McKenna Tracey Outstanding Graduate Kalyan Tulsi Matthew Tyrie Rajan Vakharia Michelle Nicole Vega Anthony Neil Ventrone Wei Wang Steven Scott White Daniel Robinson Willis Varsha Yerrabelli Michael Dominick Yocius

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Mshary Aba Hussain Magna Cum Laude Atika Abdurezak Abdulhakim Abdallah G. Abuagina Cum Laude Thomas John Adamo Summa Cum Laude Tareq J. Ahram Hassan Al Eid Summa Cum Laude Anas Al qaysi Summa Cum Laude Salama Sami Aldossary Summa Cum Laude Nawaf Alforaihi Mshary Hadi Alhammam Melissa Alihodzic

Abdullah Aljadi Omar Yaqoub Almanaei Thamer Alotaibi Manar Hassan A. Alquraysh Magna Cum Laude Diego Ricardo Aramburu Isabella Rene Arredondo MarcAnthony Isaiah Arroyo Martin Bagar McFarlin Summa Cum Laude Austin Anders Becker Summa Cum Laude Isabella Karina Anne Behler Xiangwen Leilu Berry Magna Cum Laude Rachel Marie Boyd-Verquer Magna Cum Laude


Ashley Brooks Alejandra Itzel Cabrera Gonzalez Rossana Cisneros Brandy Anne Cohen Alex Lee Cooke Cum Laude Damali Fernanda De Loera Joseph Luis Stanley Alves De Oliveira Rahwa Desbele Desta David Diaz Vy Do Summa Cum Laude Veronika Eduardovna Dombayeva University Honors Cum Laude Kara Patricia Dunham Huy Ho Duong

Carolyn Leigh Durio Summa Cum Laude Garrett Dwyer Heather Ebel Brooklyn Echohawk Summa Cum Laude Zachary Layne Ellis Summa Cum Laude Yousef Jamal Elnaffar Summa Cum Laude Enoch Lalni Eng Eloy Espinoza III Cum Laude Yizhou Feng Magna Cum Laude Emilio Mauricio-Alfonzo Flores Manuel Alejandro Flores Randy Lee Funk Civianna Nevae Gallegos Cum Laude Andrew Scott Garlick Carl Morris Giusto Magna Cum Laude Adam Michael Goldman Mireya Lisvet Gonzalez Erika Dalay Gonzalez-Pena Suman Gurung Cum Laude Julieta Guadalupe Gutierrez Montoya Stephen Han Alexandrea Stevens Hennessy Maria Rachel Hernandez Arely Herrera-Rascon Nadine Mercedes Hess Magna Cum Laude William Taylor Higginbotham Margaret Hlu Angel Hoong Summa Cum Laude Joseph Emmett Horgan Patrick Ozias Hukporti Pierce Marshall Jamieson Summa Cum Laude Acacia Lyn Johnson Levi Travis Jones Max Jordan Cum Laude Zachary Fred Karamaroudis Summa Cum Laude Noah Benjamin Katz Juma Mireb Khelik Ben Kingdom Kohl Zachary Kovacich Cum Laude Rainey Lucile Baker Kramlich Summa Cum Laude Adam Jacob Kravetz Katherine Kubick Mary Catherine Kurasiewicz

Greyson Langley Stefany Solange Lapa Kristina Aina Lee Outstanding Graduate Summa Cum Laude Jiayi Li Summa Cum Laude Estefany Longoria Daniela Lopez Castro Jason P. Lovett II Matthew Caden Lyman Chandler Thomas Macrae Laura Mitchelle Magallanes Diana Mallayeva Summa Cum Laude Luke Michaud Jordan Morrissette Michael Marian Mucha Michael Francisco Munoz Irafasha Nadia Louis Thanh Ngo Andrew Van Nguyen Brandon Nguyen Kelly Le Nguyen Summa Cum Laude Mary Nguyen Kirby Niermeyer Morgan Sophia OConnor Magna Cum Laude Brian Lamb Overbey Bryant Anthene Page Cum Laude Anne Pandya Summa Cum Laude Jeet F. Pathak Cum Laude Lindsay Michelle Patton Coba Paz Magna Cum Laude Thi Phan Nicolas Pierro Parmila Pokharel Olga Janice Ramirez Rodriguez Ian Rentfrow Magna Cum Laude Katheline E. Rivas Amaya Jorge Rivera-Ruiz Emilio Ray Rodriguez Cum Laude Rene Rodriguez Sujey Viridiana Rodriguez-Castillo Yaneth Alicia Rodriguez Dominguez Monserrat Roman Ramirez Michael Romero Lesly Rosales Orozco Cum Laude Amar Tarik Sahbaz Alexander Daniel Sakadinsky Saul Salas Jr.


Arcy Enrique Salgado Melissa Salgado Justin Scariano Summa Cum Laude Ahmed Selham Nicole Angela Shols Christopher Del Skluzak Zebediah Smith-Barlow Ryan David Spicer Darien Wesley Stinson Magna Cum Laude William John Struble Mia Frances Stuart Zach Sumner Magna Cum Laude Nasim Survine Maria Domenica Taieb Allison Takenaka Hayat M. Tekuye Drake Thammasene Roman Thapa Shelby Renee Theisen Rebecca Elizabeth Thomas Magna Cum Laude Karlie Thompson Summa Cum Laude Zachary John Toler Margaret Anne Torgeson Ambasajir Tsegay Natasha R. Valerie Summa Cum Laude Jibin Varghese Cum Laude Taylor Vasichek Alan Vong Jenna R. Wallace Cade Waller Summa Cum Laude Bayleigh Ware Cum Laude Reade F. Webb Conner Christopher Weller Kathryn Wert Abigail Joy Wilson Summa Cum Laude Kevin Yang Cum Laude Dawn Ann Yonkie Ethan Younesi Anahi Dimas Zacarias Wei Zeng Summa Cum Laude Yiwen Zhang Magna Cum Laude Timothy Zranov Summa Cum Laude


SUMMER 2023 MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE Maciah Buchanan Carson Roy McKee

Kevin Miller Jesus Raul Rodriguez Leon

Alex Ian Roestenburg Adam Edwards Sangiolo


Daniel Robert Grattan


Ana Rae Elizabeth Miller

Avery Mai Nelson Wolfe


Ana Rae Elizabeth Miller Alex Ian Roestenburg

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURE Connor Ryan Deniston Lance Sebastian Holland Cum Laude Spencer Young Kim

Bailey Eugene Scrivens Sinh B. Tran Cum Laude Karina Valencia-Rodriguez

Erica Ann Knapp Cum Laude Sarai Nunez Cum Laude

FALL 2023 MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE Mohammed Al-Jaber Sana Ghalibaf Sabbaghi Kristina Gyorfi Jarrett Andrés Hardy

Jonathan M. Kaczor David Roberts Maïlys Florence Sabine Steiblen

Jacob Lampl Taswell Outstanding Graduate Lauren Arika Verdine

MASTER OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Gregory Steven Adelberg Outstanding Graduate Amanda Margaret Ferrero

Mallory Sarah Orr Alexandra Jean Schima Hannah Maria Van Der Vorst


Morgan Bonnem

MASTER OF URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING Dina Zee Bleecker Nicholas Patrick Dam Amanda Margaret Ferrero Geoffrey Clay Hartley

Emily Hoopes Mallory Sarah Orr Alexandra Jean Schima

Shaima Clemencia Shahbaz Outstanding Graduate Hannah Maria Van Der Vorst


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURE Akrom Amanov Makayla Armento Dyllan Bathgate Aaron David Best Kellen Briddle Honors Pending Emma Rose Cady Honors Pending Nicholas Christenson Aaron Dean Daines Outstanding Graduate Honors Pending Alejandra Delval Molina Mahelet Michael Denbaw Maïté Lola Dunant Marcus Kiyoshi Yasui Estacio

Luciana Alexandrea Fierro Dayton Ellis Grover Honors Pending Patrick J. Gurule Drew Edward Hengesbaugh Honors Pending Jade Maivzoo Her Honors Pending Feben H. Hussen Jose Alfredo Jimenez Garrison Donald Joern Honors Pending Diana Vadimovna Karapetian Honors Pending Andrew J. Kauffman Kunjoo Jason Kim


Inas K. Kuwairi Honors Pending Xandra Jordan Lorenz Toby Fujinaga Lyttle Timoteo Mason Arlet Munoz Honors Pending Christian Colvin Robertson Honors Pending Shirley Rosales Casas Honors Pending Zade S. Tobeh Urban Tu Diego Francisco Vazquez Ceja

COLLEGE OF ARTS & MEDIA Joann Brennan, Interim Co-Dean and Nathan Thompson, Interim Co-Dean

SUMMER 2023 BACHELOR OF ARTS Alexander John Moreci Summa Cum Laude

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Thomas Abrew Cum Laude Carmen Milena Adams Samia Bachir-Belmehdi Brandon Richard Cullen Alejandro Diaz

Jesse Charles Heller Summa Cum Laude April Marissa Kinney University Honors Magna Cum Laude Austin Knewbow

Larysa Ann Medina Madison Petri Gabriel Antonio Tavarez

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE George Edward Godfrey Madeline Nicole Goetschius Rachel Love Magna Cum Laude

Samuel Avery Tucker Cum Laude Malcolm Avempace Aronson Wright

FALL 2023 MASTER OF SCIENCE Jennifer Lynn Jones Jennifer Kulak Lindsay V. Roberts

John Woodward Smyly Erika C. Thurman Outstanding Graduate

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Isabella Lucia Briganti Honors Pending Kelsey Buneta Willa Rose Cohn Brennan Nicolas Cregan Brian John Gagnon Emily Lyn Gardner Arianna Gentile Polese Honors Pending Grace Elizabeth Geraghty

Christopher John Gonzales Honors Pending Nicholas James Alexander Kenneth Lind Honors Pending Eric James Lopushansky Honors Pending Max Lynass Isaiah Mancha Honors Pending Angelina I. Martinez


Jacob Benny Martinez Alexa Mae Mosley Honors Pending Dylan Andrew Pillsbury Andriy Polietov Jenna Rose Samuelson Honors Pending Porter Hopkins Shattuck Natalie Todd Christina Weed

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Zachary J. Allyn Natalie Ruth Block Jacob Michael Bonora Randall Thomas Brandt Laura Brennan Honors Pending Tanner George Brown Dylan Christopher Celli Connor Gerard Devlin Erick Raul Diaz Honors Pending Exael Espino Verena Fuentes Honors Pending Ian P. Garner

Sam Ghaffarvand Honors Pending Helen Sue Gover Honors Pending Isabelle C. Gray Honors Pending Timothy Lawrence Hall Honors Pending Paul Levi Herring Chloe Hines Claire Iverson Honors Pending Mary Jordan Honors Pending Dante W. Lucarelli Honors Pending


Colin James Magalong Kassandra F. Mason Honors Pending Robert Fergus McCowan Karla Alejandra Ramirez Honors Pending Christina Marie Rosales Honors Pending Isabella Noel Speelman Honors Pending Spencer William Steed Nicole Kenna Walters Honors Pending Hannah Whitehead


SUMMER 2023 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Thoria Alghamdi Ibrahim Fathallah Bumadian

Emily Jane Burtch Sajjad Nassirpour


Jack Everett Martin

Rob Rossenberg

MASTER OF SCIENCE Fatima Mahdi Ahmed Abdelmoneim Cathleen Badillo Henry William Benerman Dakota Kordero Chauncey Samuel Fisk DeStefano Saboor Alim Galang

Dixa Gautam Kendra Rae Jones Iris Han La Andrea Lynn Laurin Jannika Victoria Machnik Gabriela Tatiana Ortiz

Amanda Meredith Perras Olivia Alexandra Prymak Kyu Ro Dena Sarraji Amanda Lynn Vinson

BACHELOR OF ARTS Darius Deese Skylar Saint Johns Abdur Rahman Khan With Honors

Allie Britton Logan Manharsh Mohan With Special Honors Nicolas William Schlaepfer

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Esraa A S J Aldhufairi With Honors Zamal Shaya Aldossari Nora Almusbahi Salman Almutairi Curtis Burd Christian Raul Cerezo Edgar John Fuentes

Orlando Gonzalez Jr. Connor M. Jordan Taylor Scott Kolar Bryan Mauricio Nunez Magana Thomas Andrew Odem University Honors With Honors Luis Angel Sanchez


Eric Maurice Sherman Riley Olpin Staples Erika Lynne Tiemeier David Victery

FALL 2023 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Abdulaziz Mutair Alqurashi Tahani Idress Alsadik Mozhgan Askarzadeh

Beatriz Bermudez Madeline Marie Blankenship Huynh Trung Manh

Michael Eugene Mont Eton Alison Mackenzie Wallbank

MASTER OF ENGINEERING Luis Hector Fuentes Rios Sahitya Gunnala Timothy Kaczanowski

Montana Jasmine Moore Steven Michael Moroni Edgar Jesus Perez

Joseph Christopher Reed Christian Schumann-Curtis

MASTER OF SCIENCE Iman Gehad Abuagina Sarah Adel Musaed Almejren Aishwarya Ananthoj Poojitha Bashaboina Nicholas Bass Kavyavrindha Kanjenghat Bhasi Chathurya Bijja Katie Boncella Nathan Michael Bonniwell Chase M Brown Spencer Ryan Caywood Lauren Evan Copenhagen Tyler Ryan Currie Sucharita Das Nikhitha Desineni Fnu Divyani Valerie Do Keenan N. Foshe Devin Grove

Ashley Morgan Hase Joel Isingoma Outstanding Graduate Venkata Hanumath Teja Jandhyala Adriana Joyce Anil Kumar Kammineni Pavan Kasaiah Venkat Sai Kasaribadha Bhargavi Korlipara Balamurale Kumar Karl William Larson Phuong Thanh Ly Carly Meador Travis John Moe Farheen Sultana Mohammed Vishnu Varma Namburi Mani Deepika Narisepalli Manvi Mehar Naushad Lakshmi Venkata Naga Pavan Man

Patchipulusu Noah Andrew Peterson Chaitanya Santosh Rampalli Rely Reji Varghese Elizabeth Wirges Schiesser Sharun Talapagala Preethi Tandur Brian Tresp Haripriya Vadlapatla Mahesh Babu Vanaparthi Fernando Villalobos Alston Xavier Gracego Naga Vamsi Varanasi Sai Chandana Panthulu Kirby Beegles Toan Huu Nguyen Mitchell Jon Hutchings Rahul Laxman Patil

BACHELOR OF ARTS Brian Abshier Ricardo Avila Alina Burlacu Ismael Contreras Tejas Cousik Alexander Emanuel Flores-Martinez Quinlin Kai Hopperstad With Honors Addison Ryan Garza Mersimoy Ango Gurmu Devin A. Jones

Nathanial Starr Hongshen Lin Colton Llewellyn Nathan Ki Maas Outstanding Graduate Gunnar Joseph Enserro Kianoush Koohi Ranjbar Giselle Emilia Manzano Enrique Alejandro Martinez-Acevedo Hana Dereje Mengistu Erik Simon Miller


Rayl Joseph Morris Roy To Nguyen Kyle Ronald Olson Khoi Minh Pham Alexa Marie Selby With Special Honors Noah Bailey Seyller Hoang H. Truong With Special Honors Dylan Zelkin

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Abdulaziz Abdullaa Salem Mubarak Al Thallab Salim Alabdeli Rashed Alaskari Yama Gulzad Andrew Blocher Abdulla Al Emadi With Honors Ismaeel F M A Alawadhi Tebah F. Albandar Ebrahem Alesmail Farah Raed Alfoudari Anas A. Alhadad Abdullah Alhajeri Zaid Alharbi Hussain Salem Aljedi Mohammad Saeed Alkharraz With Special Honors Abdulla Almuathin Abdualziz M. Alqatan Hamed Alqattan Mohammad Alqattan Saud Alrowaih

Shouq AlShatti Ghada Mohammed Y A Al-Sulaiti With Honors Mohamed Samir Azam Sebastian J. Barry With Honors Anirmend Battulga Barrett Kainoa Borges Glenn Dzilam Bui Sejla Custic Marco Antonio Diosdado Ian David Dwyer Pavel Dzyachenka Zachary Eggeman With Special Honors Hussein Filfil Pamela Galvez Jessica Gomez Acosta Maryia Hauk Sha Vunmain Her Samuel Iglesias Perez Vincent Dean LaFountain Brenda Martinez-Perez


Diego Martin Montoya Aryan Neopane Luis Rafael Ortiz Garrett Price Christian P. Regan With Honors Khalid Husain Ali Sanasiri Nima Dorjee Sherpa With Special Honors Chandra Mani Sitoula Daniel James Tackels-Haas Alyssa Mae Ferrer Takeshima With Special Honors Matthew Cullen Teets Fedir Trey Victor Villarreal Olivia Wahl Emma Grace Weffald With Special Honors Kimberlee Wilson Preston Kayne Wood With Honors


SUMMER 2023 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Princi Kovacs Ackerman Stephanie Ann Callan Caitlin Anna Kienzler

Alexander Mattia Presciutti Gillian Rachel Ulrich

Kaitlyn Marie Vagnini Outstanding Graduate

MASTER OF ARTS Kimberly Gonsalves Harlie Marie McBride

Nhat Hoang Pham Lia Plankenhorn Farrell


MASTER OF SCIENCE Ruqoyat Omobolanle Abdulsalam

Sharmili Uday Kulkarni

Nhat Hoang Pham


BACHELOR OF ARTS Patrick Amon Tyler Edward Belle Cum Laude Alyson Desiree Botos University Honors With Distinction Summa Cum Laude Zihan Cui* Sanam Dean David Jonathan DeBonis Danielle Deramo Hanwen Ding* Mary Gagen Dwan With Distinction Summa Cum Laude Yuerong Fan* With Distinction Cum Laude Vivianna Nicole Flierl Ava E. Fresquez With Distinction Summa Cum Laude Madelynn Garnhart *International College/University of Colorado Denver/ China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Leah Kathryn Gaytan Brian Genge With Distinction Ava Gharagozloo Cum Laude Chuhe Han* Yinlong He* With Distinction Cum Laude Karen Elisabeth Hoffman With Distinction Zhenyu Huang* Nicholas Samuel Ingram With Distinction Nashra Jamil Ladan Jibril Emily Boe Lee With Distinction Nathaniel K. Lei Jialong Li* Runze Li* Baiyu Liu* Sicheng Liu*


Elizabeth Loza Venegas Yixin Lu* Yufei Lu* With Distinction Cum Laude Vienna Manzanares With Distinction Cum Laude Skyler James Matheson Henry Garrett Maxwell With Distinction Magna Cum Laude Jessie Erica Medina With Distinction Einas Mohamed Zi Mu* Aimerance Ndayishimiye Nadine Ali Nehme Isaiah Dominick Nestor Beatrice J. Nielsen With Distinction Amelia Ariel Nieto Cum Laude

Andrea Christen Rogers Monica Royal Eleanor Morgan Ryan Sophia Marie Schuler Chang Tan* Tiansui Tan* With Distinction Jiawen Tang*

Autumn Rose Vasquez Xinhe Wang* Alexandra Maureen Margaret West With Distinction Lea Marlene Williams With Distinction Suzanne Marie Windsor Danielle Wright

Luyiwen Xi* Hang Xie* Zhengrong Yu* Yaqub Zazi With Distinction Yiyu Zeng* Zuxuan Zhang* Cum Laude

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Komi Atsyodonu Agbo Jaidy Jean Aguirre Tara Al Taei Rebecca Jordan Barraza Levi Ryan Berg Reanna Bryant Karl Tomas Buehler With Distinction Magna Cum Laude Grace Campana Jisela Rose Chairez Caroline G. Cooksey Cum Laude Makenna Lee Hanson Levi Jacob Ho With Distinction Summa Cum Laude

Casey Nicole Holtzman Skyler Hooper Erin Nichol Jandebeur Raven Kimberly Johnson With Distinction Kathleen My Le With Distinction Magna Cum Laude Pajterja Lee Graziella Batayen Madrid Joyce Anne McCollam Meghan Kayley Mitchell Malahayati Balqis Muhammad Benjimin Lloyd Garzon Oliva Andrea Phan With Distinction Joshua Avery Reed

Sophia Reyes Daley Smith With Distinction Christian Joseph Snyder With Distinction Cum Laude Margaret O’Reily Stowe Ryan Nicholas Suckow Chariss Nicole Thexton With Distinction Summa Cum Laude Autumn Nichole White

FALL 2023 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Christan Gentry Bartsch Dustin Stephen Goerlitz Tiffany Ju

Allison Katherine Pierce Bahroze Rakeen Laurel Sindewald

Basma Mohamed Ali Tumi Kristin Wain

MASTER OF ARTS Kayla Saurus Ahr Justin John Batista Kaitlyn Minich Beekman Connor Patrick Buchanan Mariha Corbin Chantal Lisette de la Rionda Finn Romig Foster Mitchell Ryan Gagliardi Jesús Salvador González Meza

Quynh Thi Nhu Hoang Branden Michael Ingersoll Cassandra Keller-Fife Peter A. Koppes Casey Somnus McGill Edith Kwamboka Mecha Makayla Alane Ogdahl Jay Meredith Pecenka Bryanna Nicole Shaw


*International College/University of Colorado Denver/ China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Samantha Rose LaPera


Tyrel Seward Sorensen Outstanding Graduate Mary Mercedes Straka Taylor Vicini Brett William Wachtendorf Cameron Wuethrich

MASTER OF SCIENCE Tiffany Gentry Anne Elizabeth Gumina Riley Joann Lamont Micah Day Rogers

Richard Adjei-Boateng Virva Damineh Aryan Zachary Combs Abbie Grace Culbertson Alyssa Davidge

Jessica Lindsay Romero Outstanding Graduate Emma Faye Saunders Evan Daniel Shapiro

MASTER OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Lauren Ann Vandenbossche

BACHELOR OF ARTS Hawa Abdikadir Miranda Adams College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Katya Daniela Aguirre Astabraq Al Rawe College Honors Pending Jorge Luis Alardin Hilary Alkire Ali Alnazzal Outstanding Graduate College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Rachel Alvarez College Honors Pending Adrienne E. Aragon Departmental Honors Pending Valeria Hope Bailey College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Avery Banghart College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jessica Bayly Kaitlyn A. Beattie Ashley Marie Bedore Alina Michelle Bender Departmental Honors Pending Theresa Ann Bijarro College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Indy Scott Bird Lamesha Monique Bowman College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Aiden Brown Bowen Cai* Dawn Carlson College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jordan Ashton Carpenter Baylee Ann Carroll College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jade Carter *International College/University of Colorado Denver/ China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Jasmin Aileen Casillas College Honors Pending Pengyu Chen* Jeehoon Choi Marlowe Elizabeth Clarke Grey Stuart Clarkson Camryn Marie Clemons College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Nathaniel Quinn Coady College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Virgis William Colbert College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Isaiah Coleman Maximiliano Cortez Miranda Nicole Costello David Antonio Cruz Amy Nicole Davis Michelle Davis Alyssa Nicole Dittmann Anissa Cheryl Dittmar Lucia Donovan Emily M. Drago College Honors Pending Annemarie Ruth Dupuy College Honors Pending Isabella El Nabulsi Meghan G. Emerson College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Chibueze Alexander Enyinia Emeziem Jonori M. Essandjo College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Dylan Matthew Faile College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Raquel E. Flaksman Lauren Elizabeth Fredrickson College Honors Pending Priyanka Gautam College Honors Pending


Angelina M. Germer College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Kiere Gilbertson Kinzey Gill College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Darin Dov Goldstein College Honors Pending Emma Griffin College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Nathaniel Garrett Hamilton Thompson Leah Bethany Hamilton-Smith College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Rachel Nicole Hargrave Lauren McCall Hart College Honors Pending Luke Edward Hartman Departmental Honors Pending Kayla Harwood David Hayden Riley Herndon Maria Hidalgo College Honors Pending Nathaniel Jon Hoggard Greta Marie Holdheide Quinlin Kai Hopperstad Ashley Elizabeth Huston College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Diana Ibarra Loera College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Erica Victoria Illenberger College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Brooke Catherine Iverson College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Timothy Joseph Johnson Departmental Honors Pending Jake Montgomerie Kai College Honors Pending

Germaine Janae Kani Halle Ireland Keelan Keegan Allen King Maya Rose Knight Andrea Faith Koncsik Christenza Maurine Lager College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Grace Lauth Jacquelyn Lawrence Cheryl Garine Leamon Ehneeyer Lee Bethany Grace Leer College Honors Pending Remington Tanner Lehman Melinda Mariah Lehmkuhler Amie Lezius College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Eric Loar College Honors Pending Michelle Alondra Lopez Ortiz Kayla Kristen Lowe Samantha Alexis Ludwig Christian Joseph Luskey College Honors Pending Benjamin Lynch Gloria Joyce Maboussou College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jonathan Macias Matthew Thomas Mackay Departmental Honors Pending Kimberly Rochelle Makanjuola Mohammed Atif Makkawi Jorge Luis Marquez College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Michael Martinez Christopher McAuley College Honors Pending Molly Therese McCabe Kezia Omega Brook McDonald-McNeal College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Leigh McMullen College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jose Medina Ajah Marie Mejia College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Ruth Mesfin Mekonnen Stefan Russell Melko Gabriella Mykal Raie Miller College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending

*International College/University of Colorado Denver/ China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Jennifer Montoya Jaquez Natacia Janae Moore Katie Mumby John Gordon Gelone Negrotti Departmental Honors Pending Elvira Norkina Chloe Lauren OBrien Denisse Arlet Olguin Miranda Departmental Honors Pending Anaeise Arie Oros Kasey Michele O’Rourke College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Marjorie De Las Nieves Patino Departmental Honors Pending Martin Perez Tina Jean Perez Melissa Pierce Jennifer Ponce de Leon Dmitri Popov College Honors Pending Jonathan Ross Prater College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Barbara L. Probasco College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Karen Proctor Ji Qi* Bennett Ralston Departmental Honors Pending Lasata Ranjitkar Taylor Rae Ratliff College Honors Pending Iram Rivera Sanchez College Honors Pending Manuel E. Rodriguez Patrick Taylor Romance Abigail Ruiz Gonzalez Avery Gloria Lourdes Saenz Lily Anne Sajbel Norely Nancy Mondia Sanders Jordyn Grace Schott College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Dana Marie Schweitzer Monica LaRae Sena-Chavez College Honors Pending Shauna Shea College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Hailee Morgan Sheridan College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Marie Grace Shyamba Mary Jane Siebert Luz Angelica Silva


Regina Maria Rodriguez Sisneros Departmental Honors Pending Kelsea Michelle Skaggs Henry Foster Smith Melissa Sherry Smolin College Honors Pending Josiah Noel Smyrl Natalia Marie Snider College Honors Pending Alyssa Marie Spampinato Zoe Shalom Spector Solange Ambriel Staninger Nathanial Starr College Honors Pending Olivia Celeste Stewart Lauren McKenna Studdard College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Grant Swain College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Lucas Jackson Swope Diana So Ta College Honors Pending Cheryl Ann Teague College Honors Pending Lisa Templeton College Honors Pending Nicklas Tate Thygesen College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Oliver William Tredgett College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Chantal Saharai Trujillo Ambasajir Tsegay Skylar Vallin Serwinowski Franklin Michael Venegas College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Kathy Vo College Honors Pending Brittany Lee Wagner College Honors Pending Dominic Jason Wilsey Destiny Lessie Wilson Anise Ester Lucille Wolff Isabella Yang Keirra C. Zarate Ruiheng Zhang*

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Jeremy J. Abraham Rachel Nicolle Acosta-Medina Connor Alan Adams Marisela Darnell Aguilar Saif Abdulmunem Abdulqader AL Rawe Faith Awa Alidou College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Ayat Jaffer Alraban Affro Fidhele Angu Alexis Arp Zohal Aslamy Valeria Banos Devin Ray Barber Alexis Tayler Beaudin-Romero Brooklyn Elizabeth Bergeron Departmental Honors Pending Krisha Marie Bondoc Mason Bruce College Honors Pending Yesenia Bujanda Diego Alejandro Burciaga College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Treasure Lynn Burton-Sais Sherrie Ysley Bustamante Derick Soriano Caletena Jonathan Cardona Santos Maricruz Castro Medina Lauren Ceglia Denisse Chacon Varela Hamzah Chahien Chelea Marie Christenberry Gabriella Cordova Carlos Delacruz Benjamin Peter Denker Outstanding Graduate College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Anya Phuong Vu Dinh College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Saaida Eldursi College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Dominique Marie Farrand Andrew Michael Feghali Kimberley Samantha Flores Lexus Flores Samuel Rene Flores College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Piper T. Fournier Departmental Honors Pending Carlos Andres Garca Rivero College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Elizabeth Megan Rose Garcia College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending

Kaylee Rae Gegelman Sophie Gonzales Jose Gonzalez College Honors Pending Esther Goshey Ethan Sebastian Goss Joseph Gultom Nathaniel Garrett Hamilton Thompson Zekiel Michael Haney Ranya F. Hanish College Honors Pending Megan Hartlaub Nicole Marie Henry Departmental Honors Pending Alvaro Hernandez College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Brooke Elizabeth Hotz Tracy Saing Yin Htwe Christina Renee Hume Alyssa Anne Humphrey Olivia Katherine Hunter Mary Jeanette Johns College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Luke Jones College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Brandon Josewski College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Dominick P. Khong College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Mickenzee Rae Kibbe Tam Lam College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Chelsea Larbi Christina Peyton Laurie Han Thi Le Departmental Honors Pending Jason Lee College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jia Qi Lin Laurae Alyssa Luevano Leah Laraine Lusk College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jennifer Martinez Gomez College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Brittany McCague Katelyn M. McQuaid College Honors Pending Jennifer T. Mendez-Sandoval Maggi Merlos Summer Nicole Merrell Bozho Mikulic


Saira Vanessa Miranda Luna Elena Miranda-Hernandez College Honors Pending Melika Mohagheghzadeh College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Xaverine Celia Moneboulou Mbazoa University Honors College Honors Pending Erendira Monge Tobar Shahin Mohammad Montazeri College Honors Pending Sarai Morales Abdulrahman Morelli Alicia T Morey College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Valeria Alessandra Moya Avery Cole Nava Navid Nekoui College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Adeline Claire Nelson College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Amy Thi Nguyen Jenny Thi Nguyen College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Joanne Nguyen Departmental Honors Pending Nhan Tan Nguyen Mia Solana Oliver Departmental Honors Pending Thomas N. Olson Demery Pace College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Thomas Kowalke Poehlman Alexandra M. Poland College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jamal Saed Qado Ji Qi Spencer J. Redman Gabriel C. Reyes Brody Reynolds College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Sergio H. Rincon Abel P. Rodriguez-Zambrano College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Janice Rowe Amanda Marie Sabbagh College Honors Pending Montana Cross Salvador Maya Simron Sardar Khalil Abbass Sawadogo Matthew Sawaged

Alexandra Schmitz College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Esther Serwadda Feryn Gaylene Shafer Sakura Lynn Shannon Masodah Sherzad Prajita Shrestha Jessica Victoria Silalahi Kameron Paige Snyder College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Shayna Stroll College Honors Pending

Artaka Tahir Saw Ehtha Taw Josh Duc Tran Evody Nzeba Tshianyi Simale Tuse College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Jessica Christine Valdez College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Samantha Valdez Andrea Diana Vancea Janeel Marie Walters Amanda Nicole Ward


Alicia Nicole Ware Jacinda Mariyah Marie Whitney Steven Graham Wittwer Departmental Honors Pending Camila N. Wohlford Joseph Wollan College Honors Pending Departmental Honors Pending Yaxuan Yu


SUMMER 2023 DOCTOR OF EDUCATION Lisa Marie Adams Olivia Helene Gillespie Maileen Dumelod Hamto

Daniel David Hanson Carmody L. Lee Kristen Elizabeth Lewis

Sondra Ranum

DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY Christina Nicole Bordeaux

Erin Caitlin Coggan

Heather Travis

SPECIALIST IN EDUCATION Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

MASTER OF ARTS Jenny Acuna Lindsey Rose Adriaansen Sasha R. Alcott Kiara Desiree Allen Henry Robert Anderson Benjamin Armas Dustin William Bailey Desiree Barron Francine Nicole Bejarano Jenelle Bennett Grace Lenore Binder Skylar Lynne Blankley Anne Vail Bossange Sara J. Brown Russo Adela Burak Caleb Burns Roy Lee Burns III Caroline Elizabeth Caldwell Carmen Ruth Catinella Jennifer Toper Cohen Sara Isabella Cortese Kyrieanna Levka Craft Sierra Rose Crandell Erin Louise Daetsch Hiawatha Daniel Davis III Abbey Catherine Denn Melissa Geneva Dennis Jaycien Ryann Derrera Trevor Isacc James DuBois Nichole Elizabeth Eck Mary Sinclair Filchak Hannah Bridget Flink Danielle Nicole Friel Cristina Rene Garcia

Jessica Bridget George Alexi Marie Ginther Julia Marie Gonzalez Tiffany Goodloe Amy Pierson Grant Emily Grant Michael Scott Griffith Nina Victoria Gustafson Taylor Susanne Hadra Megan Hafner Molly Rose Harrington Lindsay Hayes Genevieve T. Henderson Jacinto Edward Hernandez Melissa Hoffman Ysidro Holmes Jennifer L. Howie Melissa Ann Hurley Alexzandra Anuhea Hustace-Candea Jennifer Lyn Jacob Patricia Ann Kaiser Sable M. Kerwin Kenzie Lynn Kesselring Jacquelyn Bolduc Kittredge Margaret Tess Kuk Kaitlyn Elizabeth Lannan Brittany Lisonbee Diego Lopez Fleming Ayla Nacoe Maduzia Sara Kathleen Malnati Meridith Jene Marshall Stevanni Yvonne McCray Gwendolyn Sofia Mejia Desery Montenegro


Kayla Michelle Murphy Thi My Tram Nguyen Abigail J. Nieuwstraten Clayton Dexter Norman Paige Emma O’Hagan Kelly Leanne Okoye Malyka Paulo Stacie Nhu Nguyen Phan Jose Eduardo Pinedo Abby Campbell Price Randall Stanton Radetsky Dominic Anthony Repucci Rachel Elizabeth Rey Kristina Anne Richards Genevieve Roberts Martha Elcy Rockaway Nicole Flores Romanoff Nicole Ashley Roschbach Hannah Michelle Rosenblum Catherine Rudder Felicia Lynne Sanchez-Garbiso Marlon Martell Sango Victoria Anne Sauseda Leslie Allison Schlag James Harold Sherwood Jr. Hanna Shoulders Emily E. Simon Nicole Simonds Daniele Alyson Skor Martha J. Slater Mary Claire Smalley Maxwell Alexander Smith Misti Smith Kyra Adriana Solomon

Jordan Michelle Solt Taylor Spaziani Lindsay Alyse Springsteen Sophia Hope Stanley Lauryn Elizabeth Stasiak Zachary Marcus Strickland Oliver Jamaal Thornton

Andrew Gillen Thumann Meghan Tocci Marisa Tolley Ruthie TQ Trias Joselyn Kayla Turner Guillermo Vela III Cristian Villa

Megan Annette Watkins Talia Rose Watrous Marshall Benjamin Winter Jordyn Wood Kaitlin Alexandra Zindel


Carly Alyse Hagan

BACHELOR OF ARTS Abigail Gotsch Cosart Cum Laude Selene Elise Ortiz

Brenda Jean Perry Cum Laude

Mykayla Anistan SanRoman Summa Cum Laude


Imani Shauntelle Licata-Becerril

Anna Marie Sanger

FALL 2023 DOCTOR OF EDUCATION Kendra Ruth Hall Clayton Allyn Harmon Michael R. Keldsen

Audrey Konauka Seybold Jessica Mae Moser Ximena Christina Najar

Stephanie Ann Olmore Sarah Elizabeth Roberts Carli Marie Yameen

SPECIALIST IN EDUCATION Ali Figurin Tasheka Renay Ann Norman Outstanding Graduate

Jennifer Marie Sutton Ellen Elizabeth Thompson Melinda Sue Tolitsky

Shauna Williams

MASTER OF ARTS Valeria Acosta Sunsiarae Akire Akquia Caroline Allison Rachel Almond Ross William Anderson Kerri Lynn Andrew Julia Armstrong Philip Astras Nallely Rosario Baez Berumen Allison Marie Bartelt Paula Webb Battistelli Eden Bekele Valentina Maria Bermudez Erika Jean Brauns Kirsten Irene Buescher Devan Lee Buffo David B. Burnett

Hugh Thomas Burrow Kristen Busch Martha María Bustillos Tabitha Ann Cardin Megan Leone Carlson Kevin Carlstead Anne Carpenter Lesja Carr Janice Kay Carson Marissa Chapman Aryl Miran Charlton Lindsey Bell Chastain Katrine Charlotte Cohen Erin Grace Coughlin Jessica Coulter Montana Lynn Cramer Tanae Ashley Dabney


Anna Elizabeth Day Depizzol Rafael Diaz Mairenn Catherine DiGeorge Anne K. Drees Teresa Ann Dyer Joanna Patrice Easton Aaron Eigler Hannah Nicole Elliott Eric Anthony Elmore Jennifer Emerson Roseanne Evans Ana Alicia Felix Borrego Megan Elise Ferguson Kelly Michele Ferguson Fertitta Lindsay Bailey Fox Sara Jean Fraser Christina French

Maria Ines Garcia Arredondo Naomi Garcia Quinones Rebecca J. Gartner Dominique Anne Giampieri Ashley Nallely Gonzalez Rheanna Mariah Goscha Alice May Guin Thomas Andrew Gustafson Marc Anthony Gutierrez Hera Mary Hansen Jolene Elizabeth Harrelson Andrew Harris Amy Nicole Harrison Leya Violet Hartman Heidi Marie Hendrix Johnson Lisa Herrmann Amy Elizabeth Hoch Katherine E. Hoch Jenna Hrycyk Lauren Wahlquist Hugunin Ashlynn Hunt Leslie Elaine Hurd Rachael Jacobs Alexis Martina Jennings Kristina Marie Jessen Rau Devereau Joblinske Nicola Marie Jones Clare Mary Kerr Quinn Nathaniel Kirner Sophia Ann Knauf Ishmyla Knox Alison Merle Kraner Amy Lankutis Madison G. Lederer Corinne E. Leonard Amanda Lindholm Kaiba Linthicum Gabrielle Lopez Cary Lyn Lynch Milahd Walker Makooi

Jerilyn Elaine Malone Mary Anne Martinez Rebecca Nicole Marx Kristofer Mathern Rachel Anne Mayron Emma McCourt Stephanie Marie McCoy Johnson Mark Mead Anne Meaney Amanda Rose Metcalf Elizabeth Ann Miloradovich Cassandra Mize Laura Jane Moore Bailey Farr Morton Jade Mikayla Munsinger Kate Murphy Lealy Ann Murphy Rebecca Marie Nelson Cameron Chase Neumann Andrew Glatter Nusbaum Barbara O’Donnell Wright Adam C. Olbrys Abigail De Jesus Padilla Nancy Cristina Pasillas Cecilia Beatriz Pineda Rory Plunkett Tiffany Deanne Poch Daniela M. Popich Jaine Queen Jeffrey T. Quick Makenzie Lee Regan Celine Terese Reilly Andrea Restrepo Alejandra Reyes Robert Rocha Devin Rodriguez Jenny Rojas Jennifer Rosenfels Ashlee Noel Runyon Jacqueline Schaefer

Aspen Laine Schmidt Ellen Dahl Schmidt Nicole Elizabeth Schmidt Kaiya Schroeder Preston A. Shelton Jr. Douglas Michael Shults Langston North Shupe Diggs Lacey Anne Simmons Karen Sleeper Wilmerys Soto Marietta Reese Stechmeyer Kristin Ann Stork Chelsea Stuvel Mackenzie Swart Monica Aileen Thampy Jeffrey Sean Thompson Jacob Anthony Tocco Lei Tong Colleen Elizabeth Topliff Sumner Lee True Eric Anthony Trujillo Monique Trujillo Barnes Amanda Tumminaro Angela Marie Uresti Alison Vaccaro Rachel Marie VanScoy Amber Malia Vanzant Craig Donald Vogtsberger Jennifer Von Feldt Parmeter Sophia Ward Jennifer Elizabeth Weimer Tanya Nichole Wentworth Carrie Wesley Jaymi Malie Wilson Nathan Conrad Zackroff Sara Zaruba Yongxue Zhang Nicolette Isabel Zillich Anna Rose Zucchero

BACHELOR OF ARTS Luke Taylor Abraham Emma Céline Qula Ferland Honors Pending Arri Jezebel Field Honors Pending Kimberly Gamboa Valenzuela Shayla Brianne Graves Honors Pending KayLynn Rae Haydon Honors Pending

Whitney Marie Helms Honors Pending Sarah Johnson Honors Pending Cassandra E. Knellinger Honors Pending Kathy Jo Martinez Honors Pending Rebecca Mazur University Honors Honors Pending

Marina Ntongono-Nsogo Ashley Rojas Carbajal Honors Pending Yuliana Rueda Honors Pending Katie Ruiz Gonzalez Outstanding Graduate Honors Pending Hannah C. Seidl Honors Pending

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Nadia Yazmeen Crowley Honors Pending Andrea Rene Jung Honors Pending

Jeni Mai Le Honors Pending Gabriela Charlene Ofelia Vazquez Honors Pending


Peyton Wright Honors Pending Cecilia Isabel Yamas Outstanding Graduate Honors Pending



Manli Zhang


Luisa Prout Outstanding Graduate

Madison Robbins

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Emmett Bailey Brandon John Watson Cauthonlew Jonathan Reed Chenchar Amanda Elyse Dian Kelley Mackenzie Gavin Quinton Marshall Hoffman

Kazia Johnston-Hart Outstanding Graduate Evan Paul Leonard Jeremiah Medina Mathew Tesfaye Mengesha Tilyian Patricia Magrieta Phannenstiel

Alexander Michael Roche Savleen Singh Weston Joseph Barnard Tierney Jeremiah Unger Abigail Bancroft Watson Rachel Elaine Woolworth

BACHELOR OF ARTS Gaby Mailynn Garcia Jack L. Kinder

Kenan Lakota Emily Longnecker

Joshua Issam Loya

FALL 2023 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Jeffrey Mark Burton

MASTER OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE Peter Adams Stacy L. Baker Kimberly Campbell Madeline Teresa Champ Allison Christina Clark Guadalupe Corrales Jimenez

Janina Carol Craiger Maria Diaz Mize Summer Gosney Yilda Veronica Hernandez Rojas Alyssa Nicole Jansekok Toni Linda Loza

Jahna Rae Pusedu Bryn Jillian Robertson Brittany Elise Sarvadi Emma Grace Tilton Rachel Elizabeth Yamahiro Dustin Robert Zimmerman

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Erin Elizabeth Austin Bobbie J. Bahr Maylee Barraza Clarissa Blackmer Sarah Jane Braun

Casey N. Bries Emily Claire Bullock Babbidge Emily M. Casteel Madeline Teresa Champ Minwoo Cho


Allison Christina Clark Karen Monserrat Corral Guadalupe Corrales Jimenez Alexandria Rachelle Craig Kieren Brent Daley Laursen

Kirsten Corinne Darner Griffin William Day Zoe Dohnal Halli Victoria Drake Shelby La Nae Edwards Clarissa Jo Galindo Kelsie Elizabeth Geyer Hannah Faye Hall Jinseon Han Thomas Hardcastle Christina Frances Heinlen Carly Howenstein Robert William Jones Nathan Keffer

Lauren L. Kelso Marisa Louise Krueger William Lindstedt Samuel Aliesch Marshall Anna May McLean Kaori Mutoh Katalin Pfeiffer William Garrett Pollock Jessymar Rivera Cintron Sean Timothy Ryan Sheila Sahu Outstanding Graduate Mary Gertrude Schneller Tyler Toshio Wakeman Scott

Leah Shepard Peter Lucas Smith Sarah Lawler Sommers Jordan Strong Jessica Thiragirayuta Emma Grace Tilton Amy Edythe Kralewski Van Denburg Lela Wade Karra L. Walker Maura White Allison Jordan Wolhart Rachel Elizabeth Yamahiro Taeryang Yoon

BACHELOR OF ARTS Daniel John Blackhorse Outstanding Graduate Brittney Ann Calcagno Meghan G. Emerson Cristy Floerchinger Kimberly B. Heckber Outstanding Graduate Distinction Pending Stephanie Nicole Holt Acosta Isabella Danielle Jacobi Ashley M. Jensen Immanuel Kalamula

Victoria Knight Distinction Pending Vanessa Renae Lewis Distinction Pending Ashley Marie Lieberenz Terri Ann Vasquez Mellinger Tyler Mesa Ryan Nelson Sophia Kay Novotny David Tyler Ritchie Distinction Pending Eduardo Ruiz Mendoza


Olivia Celeste Stewart Kelly Meredith Stout Bowie Linh Tran Distinction Pending Jessica Christine Valdez Outstanding Graduate Distinction Pending Daisy Enell Wood Yang Zhang

ALMA MATER LYRICS Today we will be singing verses 1, 3, and 5 (as highlighted in GOLD below). VERSE 1 Underneath a canopy of stars tonight The mile high city reaches up to touch the sky Closer to the heavens means we’re closer to our dreams Stone by stone we pave the way for every voice to speak Brick by brick we build a future bright! And mighty like the walls of Tivoli

VERSE 5 Voices ring together now as one in pride With Milo standing guard of who we truly are inside Here we make our mark like branching roots beneath the ground Feel the beat of those before, and carry on their sound Black and gold envelop every cry Auraria we see you

VERSE 2 Mighty like the walls of Tivoli we strive To hold each other up and journey inward side by side Tethered to each other through the beauty and the pain Swaying to the music in communal pride we sing With every voice together we can climb! Higher than the rocky mountainside

CHORUS When the snow is fallin’ (We see you, CU Denver) When the land is callin’ (We see you, CU Denver) When the people need liftin’ (We see you, CU Denver) And their voices need listenin’ (We see you, CU Denver) CLOSING CHORUS Cuando cae la nieve (Te vemos, CU Denver) Y la tierra llama (Te vemos, CU Denver) Cuando el pueblo quiere (Te vemos, CU Denver) Que lo escuchen y eleven (Te vemos, CU Denver)

VERSE 3 Higher than the rocky mountainside we rise And revel in identities that move & intertwine Forging brighter futures with a light upon the past Differences unite and build a partnership that lasts Bring your truth and passion to the fight Auraria we see you CHORUS When the snow is fallin’ (We see you, CU Denver) When the land is callin’ (We see you, CU Denver) When the people need liftin’ (We see you, CU Denver) And voices need listenin’ (We see you, CU Denver) VERSE 4 Cradled by the golden plains and mountain pines Gazing up at stars and out at Denver city lights Different worlds together blend like herbs over the fire Blossom from the ruins ‘neath the Colorado sky Basking in three hundred days of sun Our voices ring together now as one


The Norlin Charge to Graduates

___________________________________________________________________ From the baccalaureate address by President George Norlin of the University of Colorado, June 1935. ___________________________________________________________________ You are now certified to the world at large as alumni of the university. She is your kindly mother and you her cherished sons and daughters. This exercise denotes not your severance from her, but your union with her. Commencement does not mean, as many wrongly think, the breaking of ties and the beginning of life apart. Rather it marks your initiation in the fullest sense into the fellowship of the university, as bearers of her torch, as centers of her influence, as promoters of her spirit. The university is not the campus, not the buildings on the campus, not the faculties, not the students of any one time—not one of these or all of them. The university consists of all who come into and go forth from her halls, who are touched by her influence and who carry on her spirit. Wherever you go, the university goes with you. Wherever you are at work, there is the university at work. What the university purposes to be, what it must always strive to be, is represented on its seal, which is stamped on your diplomas—a lamp in the hands of youth. If its light shines not in you and from you, how great is its darkness! But if it shines in you today, and in the thousands before you, who can measure its power? With hope and faith, I welcome you into the fellowship. I bid you farewell only in the sense that I pray you may fare well. You go forth, but not from us. We remain, but not severed from you. God go with you and be with you and us.



THE HISTORY _______________________________________________________________________ The University of Colorado Denver is the leading public urban research university in Colorado. CU Denver offers 45 undergraduate degrees, 63 master’s degrees, and 15 doctoral degrees. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse student population, with special emphasis on assuring professional opportunities after graduation. Classes, serving 14,000 students, are offered during weekdays, evening hours and on weekends. The University of Colorado’s Department of Correspondence and Extension was established in Denver in 1912 to meet the needs of a growing population. As course offerings expanded, so did

the demand for degree-granting status. The Denver Extension Center was renamed the University of Colorado-Denver Center in 1965, and by 1969, 23 fields of undergraduate study and 11 of graduate study were offered. In 1972, the Colorado General Assembly appropriated funds to build the Auraria Campus, CU Denver’s current site, and renamed the “Center” CU Denver. Two years later, the University of Colorado reorganized into four campuses – Denver, Colorado Springs, Health Sciences Center (Denver) and Boulder. On June 30, 2004, the University of Colorado Board of Regents gave final approval to the consolidation of the University of Colorado at Denver

with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. At CU Denver, faculty members bring their work experiences to the classroom; they are aware of the challenges and advances of the urban environment and are responsive to the needs of students and the community. This combination of talented faculty and a highly motivated student body creates a vital and exciting educational environment. The goal is to offer its students the unique educational opportunity to combine real-world experience with academic excellence.

THE MACE _______________________________________________________________________ For centuries, in academic and ecclesiastical processionals, a mace has been carried by the marshal to symbolize the official opening and closing of a formal event. The design of the mace encompasses all aspects of education. A globe representing the worldly scope

of education is the base of the staff. The middle of the design, which is the shaft, represents the profile of the Denver skyline and the Auraria campus. At the top of the mace, flames spiral upward representing the colleges and schools, sending her graduates as bearers of the torch into the community and world.

The mace was designed and created by Michael Brohman, instructor in the College of Arts & Media visual arts department, with special emphasis in sculpture, and a CU Denver graduate with a Master’s in Architecture and Planning ’95.

THE ACADEMIC REGALIA _______________________________________________________________________ The pageantry and dress of the academic procession have been inherited from the medieval universities of the eleventh and twelfth centuries where academic life began, first in the church, then in the guilds. The teaching guild was the guild of the Master of Arts. The Bachelor was the apprentice of the Master, and the dress was the outward sign of privilege and responsibility. Principal features of academic dress are the gown, the cap and the hood. Early in its evolution, it became necessary for universities to set rules to preserve the dignity and meaning of the academic dress. Two English universities, Oxford and Cambridge, are particularly noted for the development of the authentic academic costume, which through the centuries has changed only slightly. Formal academic attire for American campuses was established in 1895 with the adoption of the Intercollegiate Code, which prescribed the patterns, colors and materials for each part of the regalia for the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The American Council of Education presented a revised code, which generally governs the style of academic dress today. The Gown The flowing gown comes from the twelfth century. While it originally may have been worn as protection against the chill of unheated buildings, today it has become symbolic of the democracy of scholarship,

for it covers any dress of rank or social standing underneath. Gowns vary in their trimming and the sleeve design. The doctoral gown has velvet facings down the front and three velvet chevrons on the bellshaped sleeves. These velvet trimmings may be black or the prescribed color of the academic area. The master’s gown has oblong sleeves, open at the wrist, while the bachelor’s gown has long pointed sleeves; neither has trimming. The bachelor’s gown is always worn closed; master’s and doctoral gowns may be worn open or closed. The Cap When Roman law freed the slaves, they won the privilege of wearing a cap. The academic cap is a sign of freedom of scholarship as well as responsibility and dignity. Old poetry records the cap of scholarship as square to symbolize the book. The color of the tassel denotes the discipline. The square black mortarboard is the recommended cap, though some schools have adopted other styles. Doctors may wear a velvet cap with a gold tassel. The Hood The hood identifies the level of the degree, the school that granted it and the academic area. The silk lining of the hood is the color or colors of the school. The color of the facing denotes the discipline represented by the degree. Some of the colors you may see represented today are: Architecture – Blue Violet Arts – White Business – Sapphire Blue Dentistry – Lilac

Education – White Education Specialists – Blue Engineering – Orange Environmental Design – Brown Fine Arts – Brown Journalism – Crimson Law – Purple Medicine – Green Music – Pink Nursing – Apricot Pharmacy – Olive Public Affairs – Peacock Blue Science – Gold

The Honor Cords Silver and gold honors cords are worn by graduates who are awarded the following honors by their school or college: Summa cum laude (with highest honors) Magna cum laude (with high honors) Cum laude (with honors) Special honors Honors Distinction The gold and royal blue honors cords designate members of the Golden Key National Honor Society. The red and white cords recognize those students who have served through their participation in Student Government. Red, white and blue cords are worn by millitary veterans.

THE UNIVERSITY SEAL _______________________________________________________________________ In its history, the University of Colorado has used three different seals. The current seal, adopted in 1908, depicts a male Greek classical figure sitting in front of a pillar and holding a scroll. Next to the figure, laurel branches frame a burning torch. The inscription in Greek reads “Let Your Light Shine.” The seal’s designer, Henry Read of Denver, chose the classical motif because Greek civilization “stands as the criterion of culture.”

The laurel symbolizes honor or success, the youth suggests the “morning of life” and the scroll represents written language. From 1893 to 1908, the University seal was a copy of Wyon’s medallion, “Science Trims the Lamp of Life.” In this version, a Greek woman knelt before a lamp, and stalks of mariposa lilies decorated the border. Before 1893, an adaptation of the Colorado


State Seal was used, but it was never adopted by the Board of Regents. The seal is used primarily on official documents, such as diplomas and transcripts that have been issued on behalf of the University. The Board of Regents uses the seal on its official documents and publications. The seal also appears on the President’s Chain of Office, the University Mace, Regent regalia and various formal publications.


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