CU Denver Fall Commencement 2022

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Dear Graduate:

One of the greatest honors for the University of Colorado Board of Regents, the institution’s governing board, is to be part of this commencement ceremony. Your success is a success for us all. Your degree is a measure not only of an accomplishment of dedication and talent, but also notice to the world that you have the skill and discipline to contribute greatly to any endeavor you pursue.

This commencement ceremony, like every University of Colorado graduation since 1935, will close with the reading of the Norlin Charge. As originally expressed by former CU President George Norlin in 1935, graduation “marks your initiation in the fullest sense of the fellowship of the University, as bearers of her torch, as centers of her influence, and as promoters of her spirit.” Welcome to the ranks of CU’s alumni family, which is over 475,000 strong. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Well done and well earned!


The Regents of the University of Colorado

Back Row: Ilana Dubin Spiegel, District 6; Ken Montera, District 5, Vice Chair; Glen Gallegos, District 3; Nolbert Chavez, District 7; Callie Rennison, District 2; Front Row: Lesley Smith, Chair, At Large; John “Jack” Kroll, District 1; Sue Sharkey, District 4; Heidi Ganahl, At Large THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO

December 17, 2022

Dear Graduates,

Congratulations and welcome to the University of Colorado alumni family! Reaching this moment in your educational journey required hard work, perseverance and commitment. You should feel great pride in earning your CU degree and for taking this critical step to position yourself for success.

As a fellow CU alum, I’ve experienced the university’s transformative effects firsthand. My CU degree has helped unlock countless benefits for me over the years, and I know your degree will serve you well regardless of your path in life. You’re now part of a distinguished network of CU alumni who are contributing to their communities, the state of Colorado, the nation and the world.

Among the many things you’ve learned during your time at CU is that life is uncertain. That you persisted and earned your degree amid one of the most uncertain periods in recent history is testament to your strength and abilities. Remember this as you make your way in the world. And hold tight to the integrity, collaboration, innovative spirit and critical thinking that framed your CU education. They, too, will serve you well in the years ahead.

All of us at CU celebrate your achievement and wish you health, happiness and fulfillment in the future. Again, congratulations.

All the best,


December 17, 2022

Dear Graduates:

Congratulations on earning your degree from the University of Colorado Denver! It has been our privilege to be your partner on your educational journey.

Earning a degree is impressive. And achieving this individual milestone during the same academic year that CU Denver celebrates its own milestone—our 50th Anniversary!—reflects how your determination, tenacity, and success will continue to shape our university’s impact long into the future.

Regardless where your journey takes you from here, these traits will serve you well. Our world needs your talents, insights, skills, compassion, and intellect more than ever as it continues to recover from the pandemic and the resulting economic and societal impacts. I know you will rise to the challenge because you’re Lynx. You’ve already demonstrated that you’re more than capable of facing hard truths and then doing the hard work of leading progress.

With your graduation, you are joining a community of more than 110,000 CU Denver alumni, many of whom are leaders in the civic, non-profit, and business sectors—in Colorado and across the globe. Our alumni live in over 100 different countries and are shaping the social, economic, and political landscape of our world.

As you leave today, we hope CU Denver has inspired you to be lifelong learners, innovative problem solvers, and thought leaders in the communities where you choose to live and work. We invite you to stay connected to your alma mater, which promises you a very warm welcome whenever you return.


Official Delegation for the 2022 Fall Commencement University of Colorado Denver

Glen Gallegos, District 3

Ken Montera, District 5, Vice Chair

John “Jack” Kroll, Chair, District 1 Callie Rennison, District 2

Sue Sharkey, Vice Chair, District 4 Lesley Smith, Chair, At Large Ilana Dubin Spiegel, District 6


President Todd Saliman

Chancellor Michelle A. Marks Commencement Marshal Maryam Darbeheshti Academic Deans


Laura Argys, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Creative Activities, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Melisa Baldwin, Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Phillip De Leon, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Chief Research Officer

Leonard Dinegar, Senior Vice President for Internal Operations and Chief of Staff

Antonio Farias, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Devin Jenkins, Associate Professor and Department Chair, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Katie Linder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Digital Strategy and Learning

Daniel Maxey, Chief of Staff

Beth Myers, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Constancio Nakuma, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

Chris Puckett, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for COVID-19, and Managing University Counsel

Monique Snowden, Senior Vice Chancellor for Strategic Enrollment and Student Success

Marie Williams, Vice Chancellor for University Communications




Master of Ceremonies

Senior Vice Chancellor for Strategic Enrollment and Student Success Monique L. Snowden

Processional Pomp and Circumstance Marches, Op. 39 — Highland Cathedral, Roever and Korb

Michael Lancaster, Bagpiper

The National Anthem Lark

Greeting from the Chancellor

Introduction of University Leaders and Academic Deans

Michelle A. Marks

Michelle A. Marks

Introduction of Distinguished Guests Michelle A. Marks Greeting from the President of the University Todd Saliman

Commencement Address Natriece Bryant

Doctoral Degrees; Specialist Degrees Monique L. Snowden

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy

School of Public Affairs

Doctor of Philosophy School of Education & Human Development

Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Education Specialist in Education Business School

Doctor of Philosophy College of Engineering, Design and Computing Doctor of Philosophy

Conferring of Degrees

Master’s Degrees

College of Arts and Media

Master of Science

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Master of Arts

Master of Humanities

Master of Integrated Sciences

Master of Science

Master of Social Science

Michelle A. Marks


Master’s Degrees continued

College of Architecture and Planning

Master of Architecture

Master of Landscape Architecture

Master of Urban Design

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Master of Science in Historic Preservation

School of Public Affairs

Master of Criminal Justice

Master of Public Administration

School of Education & Human Development

Master of Arts Master of Science in Education

Business School

Master of Business Administration Master of Science

College of Engineering, Design and Computing Master of Engineering Master of Science

Baccalaureate Degrees

College of Arts and Media

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Science

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

College of Architecture and Planning Bachelor of Science School of Public Affairs

Bachelor of Arts School of Education & Human Development

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Business School

Bachelor of Science College of Engineering, Design and Computing Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

Conferring of Degrees

Michelle A. Marks The Norlin Charge to the Graduates Regent John "Jack" Kroll Recessional The Olympic Spirit, John Williams

The ceremony will last approximately 2 hours. In consideration of the audience and the significance of this event, all guests and graduates must remain seated for the entire ceremony.

Real-Time Captioning: All spoken information during the ceremony will be captioned and made available to follow along in real time from a personal, mobile device. To access this service and follow along during the ceremony, open the browser on your mobile device and enter the following website:

Please note that data rates from your personal device may apply. Wi-Fi is not available during the ceremony.

Captioning Services provided by: Visible Voices Inc.




College of Arts and Media

Master of Science Jesus Venezuela

Bachelor of Fine Arts Kayleen Lawson

Bachelor of Fine Arts Rachel Sochinski

Bachelor of Science Tessa Barker Bachelor of Science Forrest Raup



Liberal Arts and Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy Marisa Westbrook Master of Arts Chantelle Wilkerson Master of Science Zoe Erkenbeck Bachelor of Arts Yusura Ali Bachelor of Science Christian Olivencia

College of Architecture and Planning

Master of Architecture Alexa Jade Lehrer Master of Urban and Regional Planning Katherine Christiana Hill

Master of Landscape Architecture Finley Sutton Bachelor of Science in Architecture Angela Crum

School of Public Affairs

Executive Master of Public Administration Dan Pizzo Master of Public Administration Ricky Abilez and Sheridan Manfredi (dual winners) Master of Public Administration (Summer) Maddie Davis Master of Criminal Justice Elisa Dettloff Bachelor of Arts Public Administration Inger Lash

School of Education & Human Development

Master of Arts James Dolores Bachelor of Arts Emily Viramontes Bachelor of Science Diane Sanchez Calderon

Business School

Master of Business Administration/Master of Science Jesica Johnson Master of Science Janet Najar Madera

College of Engineering, Design and Computing

Master of Science Connor McCullough Bachelor of Science Aldo Armas



August 2022 Graduates

Ilana Amaria Alexander Elmore Jana Elsobky IN MEMORIAM Rick Broeder


Natriece Bryant

Natriece Bryant is the Public Private Partnership (P3) Director for the Department of Personnel and Administration. She oversees the development, construction, planning, design, and expansion for State P3 projects that accommodate some of Colorado’s foundational needs. The project(s) scope includes increased affordable housing, broadband expansion, behavioral health capacity, and child care services. The project work is specific to the utilization of the State’s unutilized and underutilized properties to develop, build, finance, operate, and maintain quality-cost effective public projects that provide economic and social value for Colorado.

She has served as the Deputy Chief Customer Officer for the Governor’s Office of Information Technology where she managed planning, and integration of technology strategies for the State of Colorado.

She has served as the Deputy Executive Director for the Colorado Department of Local Affairs where she oversaw budget, finance, communications, accounting, procurement, executive communications, public relations and outreach for the department. She was also in charge of operations for five divisions within the organization that include disaster recovery, housing, local government, board of assessment and appeals and property taxation.

She also served as the States’s designee appointed by former Governor Hickenlooper as the Census 2020 Complete Count Committee Chair for the State of Colorado.

Previously, Natriece served as the Consumer Education and Public Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Divisions of Banking and Financial Services. She worked with disadvantaged communities to provide financial education to students, seniors, low income and middle class families as well as served as the statewide representative for financial empowerment and began working to break down barriers when it came to financial inequity.

Natriece began her state governmental career at the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) as the Communications Specialist for the Division of Motor Vehicles in Driver’s License Administration. She educated consumers about legislative changes, fraud activity and new implementation of administrative rules and regulations for the State. She also worked for the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) focusing on marijuana regulation with marijuana businesses to successfully implement a business model in compliance with state law. This included work with law enforcement agencies to ensure all businesses were operating in full compliance and outside of the black market, preventing marijuana from entering the hands of children in Colorado.

Prior to joining the State she served as a Victim Specialist and Program Administrator for elder and domestic violence victims for the Denver City Attorney’s Office. She started the Elder Cohort in Denver which was made up of local District Attorney’s, local law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, victim service units and the general public.

Natriece holds a BA in Communications from the University of Colorado; Master of Arts in Sociology and a Master’s in Criminal Justice (MCJ) from the University of Colorado – Denver; and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Regis University.




College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Christianne Marie Biggane

"The Effect of Christian Devotional Prayer on Cardiovascular Response to an Interpersonal Stressor Among Christian Couples"

Julie Byle

"The Ethnography of Environmental Education: Honoring Funds of Knowledge Through Equitable Evaluation, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and Program Decolonization"

Amy Frers

"Satisfaction With Telemedicine Interventions and Barriers to Utilization Among Emerging Adults With Chronic pain: A Mixed Methods Needs Assessment"

Nathan Tyler Graber

"Degree Sequence Realization Problems for Hypergraphs and Applications of the Discharging Method to Entire Coloring"

Tristen Lynn Hall

"The Relationship Between Medical Assistant Job Roles and Employee Outcomes: A Mixed Methods Study"

Andrew Layne McDevitt

"Advancing Understanding of Student-Centered Instruction in Undergraduate Stem by Promoting the Connection of Theory with Analytical Techniques"

Sydneyjane Varner Roberts

"Examination of Objectively Measured Physical Activity Among Couples Transitioning to Parenthood: Individual Patterns and Synchrony Between Dyads From 1st Trimester to 6-Months Postpartum"

Christina Lee Rush

"Is Grace Really Amazing, or is it Old Wine in a New Bottle? A Psychometric Examination of Grace’s Measurement and Characteristics"

Keegan S Walker

"A Nonlinear Analysis of the Relationship Between Executive Functioning, Perceived Effort, and Autonomic Reactivity"

Nicholas Earl Weaver

"Statistical Tools for Longitudinal Microbiome data: Simulation Frameworks, Method Comparisons, and Development of Association Tests for Longitudinal Microbiome Data"

School of Public Affairs

Kim Sojeong

"Analysis of Design, Community Attributes, and Performance of Fisheries Co-Management in South Korea"

School of Education & Human Development

Chelsey Klassen

"Experiences of Students Labeled "LTEL" Under the English Language Proficiency Act"

Chelsey Lee Nardi

"Bridging Antiracist Opportunities for Inclusive Diversity with Equity, Access and Accountability (IDEAA) Between Individuals and Institutions"

Kathryn Eleanor Rodriguez

"A Rasch Validation Study of the Culturally Responsive Teaching Self-Efficacy Measure"


Business School

Abdullah Al Nuaim

"Tell Them a Story: Using Narratives to Improve the Persuasiveness of Information Security Awareness Messages"


School of Education & Human Development

Leslie Blome

"Physician Assistant Autism Training: A Qualitative Case Study Exploring Retention and Transference in Third Year Students in the University of Colorado CHA/PA Program"

Jimmy Michael Chism

"An Examination of High School Dropout Indicators and Post-School Outcomes Among Students with Disabilities"

Bonnie Humphreys

"A Narrative in the Perspective of Paraprofessionals Advancing Through a Paraprofessional-to-Teacher Pathway" Ayelet Zur-Nayberg

"Academic Program Closure in Colorado Community Colleges"




College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Neissrien Mohammed Alhubieshi

"Global Sensitivity Analysis with Surrogate Modeling"

Stephanie Anne Chamberlin

"Education and HIV Care Management: The Case of HIV Care and Treatment in Southern and Eastern Africa"

Katherine Hayes

"Short-Interval Reburning Changes Forest Composition, Carbon, and Fire Behavior of Boreal Forests"

Judith Ouellet

"The Lived Experience of Suicide-Bereaved Mothers"

Marisa Kaplan Westbrook

"Rising Pressure: An Ethnographic Study of House and Health Amidst Overlapping Crises"

School of Public Affairs

Karen Sorina Aarestad

"Fundraising for Academic Medicine"

Stephanie A Bultema

"Linking Collaboration Dynamics and Outcomes in Collaborative Governance"

Hailey Powers Mondragon

"But Someone Was Right There! An Examination of the Association Between Third-Party Presence During a Rape or Sexual Assault and Victims' Help-Seeking Behaviors and Police Notifications"

College of Engineering, Design, and Computing

Elizabeth Brogan

"Drainage Design Engineering Risk on Design-Build Transportation Projects"

Chaoqian Luo

"Mechanics of Active Polymers with Dynamic Molecular Bonding"

Connor Mark McCullough

"Simultaneous Electrophysiology and Optical Recording of Neuronal Activity"

Hawkar Oagaz

"Motor Skill Training in Virtual Reality and Skill Transfer from the Virtual to the Real World via Visual and Haptic Feedback"

Javier Andres Pastorino Gonzalez

"Training Machine Learning Pipelines in an Oblivious Environment; From Prediction to Creation"

Yang Zhou

"A Parametric Study of Temperature Distribution in Bridge Box Girders using Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis"

School of Education & Human Development

Jeffrey Hilario Benzon

"Lifting As You Climb: Examining the Testimonios of Latino/a Principals"



School of Education & Human Development

Salina Monique Blea

"Exploring Mentorship Comptentcies of Student Employee Supervisors at MSU Denver"

Allison E Boyrer

"Exploring Learning Preferences of Orienting Registered Nurses"

Karin Anne Hunter-Byrd

"We Matter; Academic Advisors' Value in the Workplace"

David Peter Justus

"Instructional Leadership in Rural Colorado Schools"

Erin Lefkowits Lynne

"Welcoming and Empowering Environments for Employees of Color"

Amber McDonnell

"Mini-Certificate Prison Education Programs at Pueblo Community College: A Case Study Evaluation"

Benjamin Weihrauch

“No Choice but to Succeed”: Persistence and Graduation Determinants of First-Generation Students in the College of Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder"


Class of 2022

The following list of candidates is not an official record that all candidates have been awarded such degrees.


Joann Brennan, Interim Co-Dean and Nathan Thompson, Interim Co-Dean


December 2022 Candidates

Katarina Salkind Seibert

Jesus Ramon Valenzuela


August 2022 Graduates

Nicholas Emerson Arno

John William Bailey, summa cum laude

Thomas Cruz

Matthew Funston

Lindsay Emma Jacobs

Thomas Joel Kac

Kaitlyn M Kostelnik

Brandon Scott Martin

December 2022 Candidates

Sarah Amin Abdelmajid

Kyra Marie Collins

Rowan Victoria Karalyn Connis, honors pending

Brandon Richard Cullen

Kayla Renee Dent

Autumn Rose Gamel

Charles Patrick Gandarias

Justin Christus Owens

Alex Pangia

Kiana Pena, summa cum laude Emma V Peterson

Savanna Christine Poelma

Kristina June Robbins, summa cum laude Hannah Rose Sheldon

Kristin P Graney

Peyton R Hagerty Davis-Jay Harris

Zach Allen Ingram

Kayleen K Lawson, honors pending Darcen James McCampbel Bryan McDonald, honors pending

Brendan Thomas Sullivan, magna cum laude Whitney Tran

Ashley Nicole Vaughn, summa cum laude Liam Henry Wallman Gennaro Wood

Kyle Robert Zentz

Colin Jeffery Obland

Jordan Thomas Oss William Joseph Pash Kevin Gerard Pashayan Rachel Nicole Sochinski, honors pending Emily Anne Warner


August 2022 Graduates

Kate Dooley Conroy, magna cum laude

December 2022 Candidates

Tessa Claire Barker, honors pending Jacob James Behnken, honors pending Sreeja Chakrabarty

Ashlynne K Doidge

Paul Alexander Fleetwood, honors pending

Michael James Foley, honors pending Wiliam Kurt Hampton

Clayton James Gibson, cum laude Christopher Sean Kelley

Reilly Adair Sheahan Emma Wallingford

Aidan Flynn Howard

Austin Joseph Jacobs

Mara Long

Mollie Sarah McCoy

Riley J Merino

Austin Mickelson

Elena Ortiz

Forrest Levon Raup, honors pending Kevin Sen

Theodore Stilwell, honors pending James Summers

Ethan Turner

William Cayden Wemple

Leo Whitmore

Ryan Avery Wilson Noah Isan Wood

Taylor Jacob Zako, honors pending Melissa Zediker, honors pending

William Paul Little


Pamela Jansma, Dean

Christianne Marie Biggane

Julie Allyson Byle

Amy Frers

Nathan Tyler Graber

Neissrien Mohammed Alhubieshi

Stephanie Anne Chamberlin

Tristen Lynn Hall Andrew Layne McDevitt Sydneyjane Varner Roberts

Katherine Hayes Judith Ouellet

Breonna Marie Alcon

William Noah Allyn

Garrett Griffin Andrews Andrew Uriel Blanco

Aram Alaraj

Hannah Danielle Bauguess

Erin Riley Brooks Delaney Troi Callahan

Ryan Cline

Gregory Conant Elizabeth A Cox

Mary Christine Daep Megan Donovan Taylor Flamont

Haley Brewer

Jade Victoria Cunningham

James Goudreau

Michael Wayne Ford

Emma A Lawrence Bahroze Rakeen Mollie Elizabeth Shin

Hampton Harmon Sheilah Mary Jimenez

Alexander Johannes Klein Nicole Christa Johnson Aishwarya Krishnamoorthy Erin Marie LoCoco

Daniel Luedtke David Navas Yasmin Mansor Nicholas James Ota-Wang

Christina Lee Rush Keegan Seth Walker Nicholas Earl Weaver

Marisa Kaplan Westbrook

Alyssa Hohorst

Gregory Michael Matesi Jeffrey K Mayfield

Emily Marie Taylor Donalyn Marie White

Brayan Rene Rodriguez-Flamenco

Hanna Dawn Scovill

Ann-Christine Sarrah Stair Edward McAllister Scott Bryanna Nicole Shaw Kiana Smith Sabrena Stembridge Range Barker Weeks Chantelle Wilkerson

Amanda Marielle Tipton

Isaac Emanuel Singer

Amanda E VanMeter

Matthew Paul Hirschinger
DEGREE DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY August 2022 Graduates THE DEGREE MASTER OF HUMANITIES August 2022 Graduates December 2022 Candidates December 2022 Candidates
Jacob Douglas Walker
THE DEGREE MASTER OF SCIENCE August 2022 Graduates THE DEGREE MASTER OF ARTS August 2022 Graduates December 2022 Candidates
Alessandro Ceserani Kathryn Marie Poppenhagen

December 2022 Candidates

Patrick Aubin

Sarah Brewer

Elizabeth A Cox

Salina Elena Deemie

Ryan Andrew Doeren

Zoe Rachel Erkenbeck

Alexander Lucas Grifasi

Jacob Allan Kowalczyk

Carolina Neyra

Emily Rose Orr

Collin Eugene Powell Adelle Price

Victoria Ann Rodriguez

Clara Anne Sandoval-Cooper

Shamika Shetty

Arvind Srinivasan

Elizabeth Hope Thomas


August 2022 Graduate

Joseph Craig Tucker

December 2022 Candidate

Laura R Bloom


August 2022 Graduate

Reem Francis Mikhail

December 2022 Candidate

Samuel Jacob Skipper


August 2022 Graduates

Shawna Ellen Adams

Yusura Ali*, Outstanding Undergraduate with distinction

Samy Alkaihal

Madison Emily Allen, with distinction departmental honors earned Luman Bai*, departmental honors earned Kelsey Jo Benavides, departmental honors earned

Sarah Jo Bennett

Julia R Beverly, with distinction departmental honors earned

William Robert Braver, with distinction

Melissa Isabel Bustios

Spencer Benjamin Cait

Jaime N Carrillo

Zhuo Chen*

Jordan Michele Classen

Prescott Coleman

Ashley Marie Cox

Taylor Nicole Custer, with distinction

Natalie De La Cruz

Chloe Rose Dechiro Jacob Diehl

Brad Charles Doner Riley Dougherty, with distinction departmental honors earned Timothy Abraham Driscoll, with distinction Hongyu Du*, departmental honors earned Lucas Joshua Duddles, with distinction departmental honors earned

Lulu Habib Faki

Kathryn Ann Fall Maham Faseh

Katherine Marie Flores-Schell

Juan Carlos Franco

Nicholas O Garrick

Leeah Alicen Gautreau

Bria Colette Gonzales

Adella Gonzalez

Aylin Adanely Gutierrez

*International College/University of Colorado Denver/China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Jennifer Le Guzman, with distinction Alexandri Jillian Kealani Hallam Najma Hassan David Lewis Haywood Taressa Elizabeth Hilfer, with distinction departmental honors earned Henley Huang, with distinction

Shuxian Huang*, with distinction departmental honors earned Xiaohan Huang*, departmental honors earned Jialin Jin*

Sahara Karki Madison Keathley, departmental honors earned Michael Dustin Kimberlin II Aubrey Benjamin Lee, with distinction Qinyi Liu*, with distinction departmental honors earned Shangru Liu*


Julie Loesch

Michelle Alexandra Madera- Banuelos Angelina Grace Mahran

Sara Jenai Marquez

Emily Francisca Anne McCracken Clara Elena Montes

Anthony Alan Moore Jr, departmental honors earned Jessica Lynnette Morrison Brian Matthew Morroni Clara Lynn Mosher, with distinction Ashley Melissa Navarro Meilin Niu*, with distinction departmental honors earned

December 2022 Candidates

Senait Abreha, college honors pending departmental honors pending Omotoyosi Victoria Adebesin Phoebe Levorah Agnew Francisco Aguiar Camille Akridge

Subah Salman Al Kahalifa Robert Thomas Alexander Adam Alonzo

Ilana Mehra Amaria, college honors pending departmental honors pending Vanessa Andrade Lorenzo Eduardo Arellano

Sheena Armel, college honors pending departmental honors pending Angelica Avitia

Aron Isidore Azami, departmental honors pending Javan Reed Bair, departmental honors pending Briah Baker, college honors pending Matthew Bakula

Jordan Lee Barrett

Kareena Basnet, college honors pending

Ava Renae Bishop

Jacqueline Renee Brian

Celeste Briefs, college honors pending Sheila Doronila Briggs, college honors pending Owen Brigner

Joshua Michael Brokaw

Meghann Brown, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Katelyn Anne Brundrett Callie Budzynski

Alicia Kathryn Privett, with distinction departmental honors earned Katherine E Quinn Paytan Elizabeth Rapue Isabella Sophia Keller Ray, departmental honors earned Sabrina Lynn Salas, departmental honors earned Zhengran Shang*, with distinction departmental honors earned Zhan Shi*

Aleksa Solis, with distinction departmental honors earned Kaia Stallings

Amelia Marie Stepanek

Ashley Yee Chiek Tee Kaegan William Tinder Molli Walstra Yuxin Wang* Qiyuan Wei* Marianna White Jialu Xu* Jimyoun Yoo Wanhe Yu*, with distinction departmental honors earned Jiayi Yuan* Can Zhang*, departmental honors earned Kaijie Zhang* Zhiheng Zhang*

Mandi Leigh Burcl, college honors pending departmental honors pending Anthony Busby Jordan Ashton Carpenter

Kashayla Castiglioni, college honors pending departmental honors pending Yujeong Choi

Molly Katherine Ciudad Del Valle Kristen Arielle Colvin, departmental honors pending Rowan Victoria Karalyn Connis, college honors pending Orin Crouse

Bianca Jennifer Csirke, college honors pending departmental honors pendingAdriana Gina Davis

Yelyzaveta I Degtiarova Zeinab Dehry

Makayla Sabrina De La Oliva, college honors pending departmental honors pending Veranika Denisova, college honors pending departmental honors pending Cassandra Leslie Detwiler

Gabrielle Gray DeWolf, departmental honors pending Julia Dickson, college honors pending Killeen Edita Dornan

Stephanie Emelio, college honors pending departmental honors pending Mandy Espinosa

Rachael Etchart, college honors pending departmental honors pending


Emily Ann Evans, college honors pending departmental honors pending Maxwell Eyre

Chloe Faldowski

Taylor Fincher

Grace Fitzsimmons, college honors pending Taylor Ann Fraas

Carly Katherine Rose Fuller, college honors pending departmental honors pending Jasmine Gaines

Patricia Galaviz Hernandez Hanna Lee Gallegos

Alex Ramon Garcia, college honors pending Ashley Lauren Garcia, college honors pending departmental honors pending Rhiannon Michelle Garratt

Kalen Gernant, college honors pending departmental honors pending Savannah Rene Gibson, college honors pending departmental honors pending Parke Marie Gifford, college honors pending departmental honors pending Jordhan Matthew Gilbert

Nyssa Joy Goeres

Ethan A Goode, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Aubrey Gormley, college honors pending departmental honors pending Kendall Lauren Graham

College/University of Colorado Denver/China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Keaton Cain Green, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Amber Nicole Griffith, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Aurelia Guerue, college honors pending Jeremy Daniel Hahn

Stephen Hall, college honors pending

Torrye Hampton, departmental honors pending Virginia Gayle Hanbery, departmental honors pending Jennifer Hayes, college honors pending Madeline Elizabeth Hays

Katherine Hazel

Michael James Hendricks, college honors pending departmental honors pending Blake R Hevron, departmental honors pending Summer Hill

Charles DeForest Hindman

Quynh Thi-Nhu Hoang, college honors pending Thomas Hoffman

Mazy Clara Hogan, college honors pending Victoria Holland, college honors pending Emily Hopfe, college honors pending Kewei Huang*

Joel Hubbell

Michaela Hunt, college honors pending departmental honors pending Kennedy Jasmine Hunter Austin Iwan, college honors pending Joy Jackson Ivonne Jacob-Flores Jacob Douglas Johnson, college honors pending Olivia Tatel Jones, college honors pending Rachel Elizabeth Jones

Kira Sinead Jungheim

Natnael Getu Kassa, college honors pending Jason Kincaid, college honors pending

Timothy Don Knott, college honors pending departmental honors pending Elizabeth Ann Kuhn, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Laith Labban, college honors pending departmental honors pending Michael Tomas Lango

Alyssa R Larson, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Lynesha Nicole Laws, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Claudia Ledezma

Victor Lee Brandon Kai Lim

Amber Leigh Longtin, college honors pending departmental honors pending Valley Lopez, college honors pending

Caleb Paul Loring

Leslie N Loya-Arias

Alejandro Thomas Lucero, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Joseph Anthony Lucero

Daniela Rubi Luna

Nuria Maiquez Carrillo, college honors pending departmental honors pending Dana Margaret Mallozzi

Artem Mareyassich

Julie Jenifer Martinez, departmental honors pending Stephanie Mayoral Suarez Morgan Jude McCready

Sylveria McCue, college honors pending Allie Jo McDonald, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Shelby Ray McKinney, departmental honors pending Maria Stefany Mejia, college honors pending departmental honors pending Mary Rose Melnicki

Josue Esau Mendez, college honors pending departmental honors pending Khalid Mhareb, college honors pending departmental honors pending Emma Cosette Mitchell, college honors pending departmental honors pending Einas Mohamed

Angeline Elaine Montemayor Vanessa Montes, departmental honors pending Jennifer Montoya Jaquez

Jorge Anotnio Moreno, Jr, college honors pending departmental honors pending Abukar Muhumed

Rachel Lee Muraj, departmental honors pending

Kiera Lee Frances Murphy, college honors pending departmental honors pending

*International College/University of Colorado Denver/China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Shyann Mae Myers

Abigail Naumann, college honors pending departmental honors pending Nadine Nehme

Vallisha Ruth Nelson

Amanda Leuietta Nesbit, college honors pending Daniela Nesbitt

Henry Nguyen, departmental honors pending La-Doniea M Nisbeth

Angelica Maria Nunez

Sage Kristine Nunez

Paul O'Neill

Heidi Nicole Oswald, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Leora Naomi Ovadia, college honors pending

Tanner Palmer, college honors pending departmental honors pending Zhiying Pan, college honors pending departmental honors pending David Alexzander Parada

Jade Ashlin Parduhn

Emily Parish Rebecca Irene Parry

Mckenna Payne Bryanna Pearce, college honors pending departmental honors pending Rebecca Phradestin

Cashlin Podhurcak, departmental honors pending Kristianna J Pott

Alex Taylor Prochaska

Katherine Carter Pumplin, college honors pending Leila Rey Ramirez, college honors pending Brian Victor Rapport, college honors pending Jacob Matthew Rasp, college honors pending Cristina Rieke, college honors pending Morgan Michele Risley

Rozette Rivera, college honors pending Alewia Roba, college honors pending Dariana Robles

Jonathan Rodriguez

Daeja Rossi, college honors pending departmental honors pending Anthony Rubio, college honors pending departmental honors pending Caroline Lesley Rubio, college honors pending Amy Salonek

Starz Faith Sanchez, college honors pending


Alexis Schaniel

Samantha Theresa Shapard, college honors pending

Elisaveta Shokhrin, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Mary Jane Siebert

Kohbie James Smith, college honors pending Marc A Smith, college honors pending

Maya Li Sonnenfeld, college honors pending Tamara Ann Sorg

Leticia Soto Medina

Kevin Spacht, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Amanda Splitt, departmental honors pending Sydney Stapleton

Joaquin Andrew Steffers, college honors pending departmental honors pending Alexander Strepman

Ashley G Telega, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Zachary Dean Thompson, college honors pending departmental honors pending Jared Emmanuel Todd

Gabrielle Theresa Rose Traficante

Adriana Trebizo, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Morgan Ilene Tunney Troxell, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Erin Alexandra Tully, college honors pending departmental honors pending Alicia Underhill

Tamara Van Scoyk

Gillian A.L. Vetten

Phuong T Vu, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Connor Lloyd Walker, college honors pending

Audrey Leigh Walstrom

Renee Watson

Ryan Jeremy Weldon

Jared Andrew West

Abigael Louise White, college honors pending Autumn White

Kahaloha Rayne Whitt

Jennifer Ryan Wilken

Carter Williams

Samantha Presley Wilson

Adam Christopher Woznick

Mufan Xu*, departmental honors pending

Yvonne M Yancey, college honors pending

Bailey Yturralde, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Mylei Zavala

Zoe Paige Zerr, departmental honors pending


August 2022 Graduates

Souheir Aichiouene, with distinction departmental honors earned Afnan Abdulmunem Abdulqader

Al Rawe, departmental honors earned Mariam Al Salman, with distinction departmental honors earned Megan Emily Armstrong-Frank, departmental honors earned Sabina Barnes, departmental honors earned Emma Claire Burkhard, University Honors Deanna Thule Chiem Alejandra Contreras Isabel Reyes Duarte

December 2022 Candidates

Ahmed Abdel-Hafiz

Katelyn Nicole Abreu, college honors pending departmental honors pending Hector Aguirre

Hannah Sue Ahlstrand, college honors pending departmental honors pending Tara Al Taei

Kendyl Alcala

Mithaq Aldawood

Sammy Eskariyat

Axel Geovani Espinoza, with distinction departmental honors earned Emma Luisa Gibbs, with distinction departmental honors earned Brooke Wish Arezu Howe

Kristina Marie Jessen, with distinction departmental honors earned Meena Karkavandian Brenda Thao Le, with distinction departmental honors earned Andrew Libby-Roberts Michelle Manrique-Perez

May Alhaddad

Zahra Alhaddad

Duaa Almarzooq

Brendan Allan Anderberg, college honors pending Ema Rose Arai, college honors pending departmental honors pending Alondra Armendariz Balderrama

Kasey Bales

Daniel Barry Jasmin Samson Bates

*International College/University of Colorado Denver/China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Joanna Martinez

Darain Armond McClain

Scott James McIntyre

Yamilet Mendoza Balderas, with distinction Brenna Renay Ramm

Danna Gabrielle Ramos

Grace Ann Reuter

Rafaela Carvalho Sanders, with distinction departmental honors earned

Veronica Sameeh Sawaged

Aurora Lee Storrer, departmental honors earned

Cole William Sullivan

Austin Reid Talley

Tina Van

Dan Bricker

Bryanna Buchanan

Emily Campbell, departmental honors pending

Ana Sofia Carmona Castro, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Jessica Casillas

Erika Chavez-Saucedo

Michelle Cheng

Natalie Cleary


Margaret Close

Charlotte Cohen

Diana Contreras

Grabiela Contreras

Orin Crouse

Ritish Dangol, college honors pending Taylor DeYonge

Joshua Donaldson

Bailey Lynn Egan, college honors pending Robert Espinoza Jr

Dakotah Frazee

Pearl Frisby, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Patricia Galaviz Hernandez

Emily Garcia

Aaron Giron

Valerye Godoy

Aitana Gonzales

Patrick Gornet

Madison Goyeau

Eitan Grinsteiner

Jackson Johnny Ray Hanks, college honors pending departmental honors pending Kaylee Hatch, college honors pending departmental honors pending Alexia Lynn Hayes, college honors pending departmental honors pending Claire Helmreich, departmental honors pending Madison Hendrix, departmental honors pending Cindy Hoang

Huyen Nhu Hoang

Gunnar David Filkins Howg, college honors pending departmental honors pending Mariam Hussain

Feliza Irvin

Idania Jacobo

James D Jarka

Shameer Javed, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Walker Jones

Ellie Sarah Kim, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Jasmine Kim

Celeste Kong

Chaya Krausz, college honors pending departmental honors pending

Nikita Kucheryavaya departmental honors pending Chelsea Larbi

Trisha Le

Estefani Lopez

Hanna Lynn

Dania W Maaliki, college honors pending departmental honors pending Mufaro Tendaishe Machisa, college honors pending Chonalita Malabanan, college honors pending departmental honors pending Taha Mohammad Malik, Sr., departmental honors pending

Taylor Malito

Bryce Maple

Alicia Matute

Erica Mbika

Bethel D Medhin, college honors pending Lauren Mikus Edgar Mondragon

Lauren Motley

Malahayati Muhammad Tirusew Muluneh Whitney Nelson

Valerie Yen Niemeyer, college honors pending departmental honors pending Mikayla Noble

Jordan Madison Noone, college honors pending departmental honors pending Angelica Nunez

Jenisha Odollil

Christian Armand Olivencia, Outstanding Undergraduate college honors pending departmental honors pending Marina Isabel Ortega, college honors pending Katerine Ortiz-Enriquez

Sarah Padilla

Hao Zan Pan, college honors pending Arian Parsamehr, college honors pending departmental honors pending Harshil M Patel, college honors pending departmental honors pending Rylie Elizabeth Pecha, departmental honors pending Amy Pham

John Phan

Thomas Kowalke Poehlman

Estrellita Portillo Olivas

Hassanat S Rahma, departmental honors pending Kyler Raley

Jacob Rasp, college honors pending Jasmine Renteria

Brenda Rios-Aldava Eric Robles

Luisamelina Rocha Caraveo Diana Rodriguez Hernandez Ma Millen Sandobal

Alex Schaef

Kelsey Scribner Trout, college honors pending departmental honors pending Chloe Seibert

Samin Servatjoo Eliza Shrestha Jorge Michael Silva

Zitlali Silva-Robles

Erika Eunbi Sim, college honors pending departmental honors pending Lindsay Slager

Edith Somiah, college honors pending Tahjneke Maurice Thompson

Brittney Tran, college honors pending departmental honors pending Nhi Yen Tran, college honors pending departmental honors pending Alexander Ryan Valdez, departmental honors pending Samantha Valdez

Izaak VanderBrug

Kaliah Desirae Vang college honors pending departmental honors pending Sage Harrison Vasse, departmental honors pending Lillia Kathryn Vaughn, departmental honors pending Bianca Vela Jordan Vo Rachel Wallace Xiaoran Wang Neil Weaver

John Welling, college honors pending departmental honors pending Nicholas Wullschleger

Lauren Zugelder

*International College/University of Colorado Denver/China Agricultural University, Beijing, China


Nan Ellin, Dean


Olivia Alexandra Collier

Eric Gallegos

Marta Strzeszewski Jost Jason Patrick Kennell

Yasir Abdulah

Ryan Christopher Bramlett

Jennifer Jo Clegg

Natalie de Carvalho Jorge

Elizabeth Hannah Levick

Izna Manzoor

Ethan Reed Miller Brian M Ott

Joseph Daniel Klippenstein

Ela Magali Krebs Alexa Jade Lehrer

Cody John Rixse

Stephanie Lynn Rodgers

Abigail Marie Votava Lucas C Wylie

Maslin Helen Mellick

Joanna M Ruffino

Nicholas Logan Stackhouse


Jonathon Blank

Finley Sutton

Derek Updegrove

Seong Hwi Cho

Mallory Brooke Luebke


Alexis Blanco-Castano

Seong Hwi Cho Morgan Gardner

Seann William Smith


Kyle James Hendricks Daniel Jacob Klibaner

December 2022 Candidates

Katherine Christiana Hill William Hitson

Julie Latham Alexander Joseph Modrzecki Finley Sutton


Megan Scott Miles

Jeanette Sarah Uhler

Derek Updegrove

Carl Wesley Wright


August 2022 Graduates
August 2022 Graduates
2022 Candidates
December 2022 Candidates
Giovanna Vanessa Moreno-Huaman PLANNING
August 2022 Graduates
Elizabeth Berrier
Faith Michelle Hamman
December 2022 Candidate


August 2022 Graduates

Estevan Lino Arellano

Spencer Corey Briggs-Hale, cum laude

December 2022 Candidates

Pedro Ezequiel Aguirre

Mona Al-Alem

Bianca Elizabeth Bunces Monica Cardenas Bernal

Jenay Catanach, honors pending Suzanne Chang

Jackson Chen, honors pending Angela Crum, outstanding graduate, honors pending Troy Joseph Drake

Nicole Feldman, honors pending Jared Lloyd Gardner

Frezer Abera Hailemariam, honors pending Puncha Her Trent Barry MacDonald Xavier Devon McGee Vandenburgh, honors pending Steffen C Meeks Claire Messer

Ruthanna Sarah Constance Miller, honors pending Brent Austin Murphy Alexis Nissen Liza Fernanda Olivas Galaviz

Benjamin Olson

Khanh Que Pham, honors pending Stephanie Quynh Dan Pham

Jacob T Poehls

Israel Rocha-Martinez Karen Ruby Rodriguez Martinez

Tucker Kenneth Saunders, honors pending

Alycia Thomas, honors pending Benjamin Tribble, honors pending Justus Scout Tudor, honors pending Nicole Ware

Anteia Briele Haynes


Paul Teske, Dean


August 2022 Graduate

Sojeong Kim

December 2022

Karen Sorina Aarestad


Stephanie A Bultema

Hailey Powers Mondragon


December 2022 Candidates

Jordann Branner

Elisa Dettloff

Samba O Diop

Caey Jordan Evans

Maria Kay Lewis

Sheridan Anne Manfredi

Kayla Marin Martinez Matthew John McBride

Dana Vidair Reegen

Stephanie Lynn Savolt

Jessica Summerton Madilyn Nicholle Tyner


August 2022 Graduates

Celeste Thurman Archer

Madison Elizabeth Davis

Nell Claire Dochez

Danielle Helen Edwards

Daniela Soraya Godreau

December 2022 Candidates

Rick Alan Abilez

Ashley Taylor Anaya

Pete Gregory Aplet

Breanne Benbenek

Alexander Geno Bowie

Christopher David Bloom

Anthony Richardson Buller

Elizabeth Alison Carlson

Aaron Michael Carpenter

Jieun Choi

Jin-Su Choi

Christopher Paul Davis

Morgan Eliizabeth Deckard

Elisa Dettloff

Samba O Diop

Erin Renee Doak

Trina Rae Dummer

Casey Jordan Evans

Mark Ryan Fetterhoff

Abby Joyce Fitch

Richard James Goggins

Grace Goodbarn

Robert Maxwell Griffis Lindsa Joell Miller

Mary Pannier

Barbara Marie Stratton

Aric Thompson Braedan K Weart

Nathan Paul Fletcher

Jonathan Aaron Gray

Ashley Green

Seongsoo Han

Maggie A Henton

Katherine Christiana Hill

William Hitson

Casey James

Alexandria Kearney Hyeonggeun Kim

Jongil Kim

Jungok Kim

Min-Chul Kim

William Abraham Lerner

Maria Kay Lewis

Sheridan Anne Manfredi

Hyeong Hun Nam

Heung Soo Park

Laura Melisa Patlan Daniele Pizzo

Laura Rapp Dana Vidair Reegen

Leah Ann Rooney

Thomas Albert Rosen

Kristen LeeAnn Snell

Sarah Ilana Steinberg

Kelly Jane Stewart

Jessica Syposs

Jeanette Sarah Uhler

Anna Scott

Mia Rochelle Shigemura

Jessica Summerton

Madilyn Nicholle Tyner

Alex Turock

Ethan Michael Weller

Meghan Walker

Tatum Marie Watson

Anna O Wells

Alexis Woodrow Sukkyoon Yoo



August 2022 Graduates

Hadija Mohamud Abdirahman

Jaqueline Monique Alfaro

Claudia Bustillos

Mickayla Renee Clare

December 2022 Candidates

Raven Aiken

Lorenzo Eduardo Arellano

Brandon Mitchel Ballard

Yana Bethany Baravik, with distinction

Victoria Cadwallader

Nicole Cappellino

Alexis Casias, with distinction

Natalie De La Cruz

Aylin Adanely Gutierrez Ruiz

McKenzie F Kurnava Crystal Lazcano

Aidan Zane Naso Salma Micaela Salazar

Jana Elsobky, with distinction

Melissa Idaly Escobar

Jamecia Mae Evans

Alondra Flores

Jessie Ruth Foreman Keaton Greenfield

McKenna Gubanich

Sabrina Kate Inman, with distinction

Emily Ann Irvine

Inger Lash, with distinction

Emily Ann Sahli, with distinction

Jaelyn Silva

Lauren Ashley Smarch, with distinction Jessica Martinez Terrones



Marvin Lynn, Dean


August 2022 Graduates

Ayelet Zur-Nayberg

Bonnie Humphreys

December 2022 Candidates

Salina Monique Blea

Allison E Boyrer

Karin Anne Hunter-Byrd

Jimmy Michael Chism II

Leslie Blome

David Peter Justus Erin Lefkowits Lynne

Amber McDonnell Benjamin Weihrauch


August 2022 Graduate

Charles Guttilla

December 2022 Candidates

Amanda Joy Jones

Brittney Gutierrez Meraz

Matthew Magee Meyer

Ailey Andrews Ruger

Suzanne E Smith


August 2022 Graduates

Elise Wollesen

December 2022 Candidate

Suchismita Panda

Erika Nicole Marti


August 2022 Graduates

Chelsey Lee Klassen

December 2022 Candidate

Jeffrey Hilario Benzon

Chelsey Le Nardi

Eleanor Kathryn Rodríguez


August 2022 Graduates

Dennis Michael Adams, Jr.

Kelly Marie Addington

Kristen Lancaster Allen

Kelsey Reagan Alley

Alexandria Paloma Alspach

Dallana Alvarado

Joanna Marie Ambeliotis

Ellarie Ann Anderson

Tami Anson

Alexandra Jiang Ashley

Jianna Renee Balascio

Emily Elizabeth Berger

Melissa Berry

Claire E Bickers

Molly Kathryn Biedermann

Michael Botwinski II

Laura Brown

Sarah Elaine Burke

KimberLee Elsbeth Bush

Courtney Capper

Ariana M Carr

Leann Lorraine Chalupa

Erin Chilton

Erin Zaideman Christon

Samantha Cohen

Darby Lyn Colwell

Bryan Contreras Zamora

Alyson Cook

John Sayle Cortner

Juliann Therese Daley

Madeline Irene DeRose

Vaidehi Desai

Sarah Deveny

Michaela Dietrich

Kaitlyn Durekas

Bethany B Ebert-Jaconetty

Riley Fitzgerald

Liliana Alicia Flores-Chavez

Charlotte Alexa Fowler

Jessica Christine Gallagher

Kamina Gates

Erin Gee

Bryan Donald Gelles

Taryn Michelle Geroche

Arielle Goodman

Ashlynn Grabill

Angela Graf

Jesse Kaitlyn Griffin


Teagan Rae Griffith

Leann Harman

Jaclyn Nicole Haugen

Cari Margaret Hoffschildt

Anita Lynn Horner

Tyler William Houston

Stephanie Izaguirre

Elizabeth Anne Johnson

Jazmine Lenai Juniel

Dana Alexandria Kirkland

Megan Nicole Knox

Kari Kuntz

Jamie Lou Ladwig

Marisha Gabrielle Lamont-Manfre

Lindsay Brooke LaPorte

Jillian Larson

Stephanie Michelle Leon

Zachary Linville

Holly Brewer Loftis

Maria Guadalupe Lopez

Dorothy My Lowe-Tran

Ellen Bilek Mackey

Jaideep Singh Mangat

Amy Elizabeth Marks Isabel Marriott

Rachel Parker Martin

Sara Joy Martin Alex Marie Martinez Hovlyn May

Keith McBrayer

Nathalia Guadalupe Mercado

Hannah Nicole Mientka

Sarafina Milianti

Alexandra Kay Mitchell Maridee Lynn Moll

Carolyn Lync Munson

Crystal Rose OBrien

Abby Jo Oliver

Elizabeth Oliver Kristen May Oliver

Jessica Olson

Kaila Ringler Olson

Darius Anthony Ortega

Alma Rosa Ortiz

Spencer Otto

Hattie Hollis Peterson

Kaitlynn Patrice Marie Petter

Julie Pomerantz

Forrest Charles Ponsot

Valerie Guerrero Portis

Margaret Manfuso Pothier

Reagan Powers

Jenny Rabenhorst Benjamin Radtke

Noreen Ruth Reeder

Megan Rempel

Lauren Michelle Richards

Nicholas Scott Rinderle

Rebecca Rivers

Samantha Rizzo Dana Robinson

Lauren Robinson

Jennifer Ross

Angelic Rae Salazar-Mazur

Lori Salinas Nicole Sanders

Tamding Sangmo

Sabina Sariyska

Aaron Schips

Daniella Schlander

Sarah Elizabeth Seippel

Melissa Shotts

Neil Curtis Shupe

Isabel Siemon-Carome

Kristi R Simmons

Jessica Lynn Sipma

Sanne Michelle Siska

Amber Smith

Sara Lorraine Spanich

Carolyn Beth Stansfield

Sara Melissa Tasini

Arianne Jaclene Tasker

Halle Renae Thomas Mayra Tubac

Erica Van Sciver

AshleyMae Vidulich

Nicola Walsh

Heather Marie Weber

Lisa Ann Weisheit

Candace Dana Weiss

Erica Wilkins

Debra Ann Wingfield

Harrison Keller Wobeck

Sarah Ann Wolfe

Marilyn Jean Wood

Olivia Jane Wycoff


December 2022 Candidates

Kirti Ahuja

Lauren Michelle Aldridge

Eric Edward Alexander

Elizabeth Blair Allen

Holly K Andrew

Karla Horgan Arevalo

Alexandra Barbara Arnaiz

Adrielle Arroyo

Andrea Austin

Audrey Elizabeth Bates

Amy Beckmann

Annestazia Renae Bell

Courtney Bell

Ben Bellinger

Kayla Rose Beltran

Conor P Boatright

Kathryn Brown

Andrew Bryson

Elizabeth Megan Burg

Cara Jean Burke

Diane Sanchez Calderon

Josiah Daniel Carranza

Christine Caruso

Roy Joseph Choquette

Joanna Marie Clark

Nova H Comisar

Alexis Nicole Corbett

Michael Archer Corbin

Carissa Craven

Marjorie Anuhea Daniel

Matthew Daniels

Duygu Day

Michelle Renae Dean

Elise Marie DeKraai

Demetra Elizabeth DeLaat

Annabelle Nicole Denmark

Elizabeth Ann Denton

Hannah Marie DePauw

Andrew Desloge

Nicholas Dhillon

Daniel Dohn

James John Dolores

Megan Marie Drake

Maddison Chase Duplessis

Aubryana Christina Duran

Shanna Marie Duran

Adrian Engelhardt

Charles Thomas Enright

Audrey Erger

Hunter Loran Ernest

Mira Ann Navina Fanning

Sydney Faul

Zaira Nubia Flores

Allison Cae Finnerty

Anne Folsom

Taj Forouhari

Joseph Freni

Rochelle Fulkerson

Garrett Gabalis

Julie Anne Garrison

Darci A Gibson

Vera Silvia Kirkconnell Godoy

Breanna Alexis Gonzalez

Mary Grismer

Sarah Rachelle Hall

Amber Hansen

Kelli Elizabeth Hardwick

Lorien Harker

Jacqueline Hay

Zachary Thomas Havlin

Corinne Hayward

Grace Marie Hellmann

Elizabeth Ann Hickenlooper

Lillian Elise Hinshaw Shonglee Ho

Kristin Noel Holtz

Selay Yurtkuran Hudgings

Zuri Iesha Hunter-Riley

Cara Lynn Jakab

Magda Janowski

Taylor Jeffery

Joseph Jay Johnson

Rebecca Jonas

Nicholas Downey Jordan

Melissa Marie Juwale

Brielle Suzanne Kelley Kevin Kocher

Louiza Kondilis

Isabel Daniela Sosa Lazo

Jennica Marie Leftin

Jennifer Leigh Legault

Janelle Litos

Colleen E Longua

Cecilia Lopez

Janalee Vasquez Lopez

Arianna Dominique Madrid

Brianna Mai

Ryan Paul Manning

Kelly Santa Maria

Vanessa Lynn Marriott

Holly Martin

De'Angelo James Martinez

River Gray Martone

Jonathan Francis Mazzio

Jean A Meakins

Katharine E Merrell

Lindsay A Meyers

Frank Harvey Miller

Heather Morgan

Luke Morgan

Majlinda Morina

Teresa Elizabeth Morrison

Julie Myers

Julie Latham Naegel

Alis Neagu

Anh Vinh Nguyen

Katherine Olson

Heidi E Panek

Alisa Ann Payne

Natalie Peppercorn

Cecilia Ivonne Perez

Taylor Peterson

Ashley Jordell Pikus

Kenia Pinela

Karen Ramse

Kelly Kathryn Redding

Amy Thalman Reese

Christopher Michael Ricciardi Bailey Rae Ricken

Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez

Serena Marie Romeo

Maria de los Angeles Ross

Chantal Fae Rukundo-Karaara Guy Ryan

Lewis Parker Schiffer

Elena Schmeising

Ariana Mireya Serna

Hannah Kay Shea Hillary Shepperd

Sarah Elizabeth Sherman

Michael Evan Shron Jacqueline Snyders

Sharon Spink

Alexis R Stanley

Colette Matzen Stanley Maryjane Elizabeth Sulka Juliette Tonnu

ArieAnna Torrez

Dayna Lyn Torrieri

Kaylee Lynn Trehal

Brenna Tripp

Cassandra Troya Deepa Vaithilingam

Itzel Lucero Valdez

Donna Jean Vaughan

Emilee Jo Velander

Kate Werder

Malia Wildman

Benjamin Wolf

Stephanie Woodhouse Timothy Wright Madison Zaletel



August 2022 Graduate

Emily Christine Kane Rentrop, cum laude

December 2022 Candidates

Kassandra Chairez

Cameron Ray Fall, honors pending Abby Fisch, honors pending Nathan Andrew Freeman, honors pending Kendall Lauren Graham

Halle Jo Jenkins

Megan Marie Kelly, honors pending Brennah Shea Lane, honors pending Michaela Lange, honors pending Madison Grace Lederer Jessica Helena Lord

Becky Sue Miller, honors pending Gabriela Ortiz Emily Viramontes Breanna Wilson, honors pending


December 2022 Candidates

Alexandra Barbara Arnaiz, honors pending Kathryn Brown, honors pending Colleen E Longua

Arianna Dominique Madrid

Heidi E Panek, honors pending Alisa Ann Payne Diane Sanchez, honors pending

Kaylee Lynn Trehal, honors pending Itzel Lucero Valdez, honors pending Emily Viramontes, honors pending


Kayley Jordan Brown

Christopher Jon Calvo

Ashley Elizabeth Dixon-Anderson

Michael Sutcliffe Dunbar

Miranda Nicole Erickson

Jordan Michael Esbin

Stephen Arthur Field

Grace Goschen

Kristi Granath

Elizabeth Hauserman

Abhimitra Alampalli Shiva

Stacey Alley

Chad Melvin Anderson

Erin Casey Anderson

Sridevi Bankupalli

Madison Bartock

Jaime Blansit

Donovan Blash Lopez

Brandon Oliver Boula

Michael Anthony Bruha

John Baylis Butt

Heather Michelle Camp

Mattison Leigh Cembalisty

Cody Wayne Coelho-Oxley

Morgan Manuel Cortes

Spencer Adam Crouch

Andreea Maria Csalai

Aaron Wayne Dammel

Devin Dardanes

Krista White DeGolier

Patricia June Durbin

Jeffrey Scott Farr

Sarah Frazee

Emily Jayne Garnier

Colleen Marshall Gawey

Jenna Granecka Gerlach

Alexandra Sinclair Grafe


Scott Dawson, Dean

Samuel Percy Heyman

Lubna Jamal

Faisal Zaib Joura

Isabel Claire La Plain

Natalia Maximova

Chelsea Renee Monahan

Susan Elizabeth Nasher

Colin Wade Nugen

Matthew Bryan Paulsen

Michael Christopher Plude

Elisabetta Poli

Colin D Reynolds

Ashleigh Jordan Sall

Madeline Stoehr

Elizabeth Kate Victora

Leah Elizabeth Wall

Daniel Glen Ward Christopher Dale White

Erin Lee Guernsey

Erika Hannig-Cross

Donald Harris, Jr.

Jade Alysse Herman

Stephanie Hernandez

Sarah Rae Jeno

Jesica Johnson

Bryan Dalton King

Alexander John Kleckner

Codi J Kraft

Sean Lacy

Sarah Marie Lafontant

Caitlin Chandler Lennox

Alana Margaret Macy Daniel Ryan McGettigan

Maggie Lee McLaughlin Molly Anne Miracle

Jovana Mirkovic

Raegan Leland Moltner

Julia Moy

Fergus Moynihan

Ellen Mumm

Esheshiasera Benedicta Obaitan Matthew John Olsson

Kyoung Eun Park

Audrey Penkowsky

Lauren Penksa

Alison Grace Hazell Perico

Catherine Pierce

Adam Polan

Sophie Antonia Porcelli

Phillip Jonathan Provost

Ganesh Karthik Ramakrishnan

Jennifer Rose

Rita Samaddar

Kristi Renee Schliewe

Sarah Soenke

Samuel Sorden

Janie Anne Spresser

Skyler Stevens

Courtney Stiffler

Erik Strock

Hudson Brady Sutton

Laura Kathleen Suvalsky

Danielle Thayer

Eric David Thayer

Harlie Lynn Tucker

Dylan Benjamin Turley-Rule

Madison Ariel Valent

Kelcey Wautelet

Amanda Michelle White

Steven Wiles

Craig Winter

Kyle Joseph Zappia

2022 Candidates
Abdullah Al Nuaim
DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY August 2022 Graduate


August 2022 Graduates

Arnav Agarwal

Haneen Alkinani

Ronen Bangiev

Charles Ernest Barker

Joseph Clifford Bassett

Melissa Sarah Begun

Aaron Jesse Betterton

Kinsey Brashears

Meghan Christine Carnegie

Praneeth Rayudu Chinimilli

Carissa Chotiros

Rachel Elizabeth Coates

Phoebe Coffin

Khushnuma Darezik Damkevala

Vishal Reddy Donthiri

Jack Joseph Dowd

Sindhu Dravida

James Barry Eardley

Brianna Joelle Fuller

Theodore Charles Gantzer

December 2022 Candidates

Natalie Jane Adams

Richard Lee Alcabes

Ghaida Abdullah Alessa

Abdulrahman Dawood Alhedeeb

Travis Alexander Allen

Eosther Dylan Anstine

Andrew T Arney

Abraham Olawale Ashiyanbi

Sean Travis Austin

Obed Awaitey

Van Tran Bailey

Yasir Aziz Bajwa

Rebecca Barr

Mohit Bathnotra

Jedidiah Lee Benner

Chris Robert Bennish Richie Bhattarai

Maxwell Judson Bradford Matthew Bregman

Vincent Alexander Buchner

Benjamin Burghardt

Crystal Bustillos

Yu Jin Sylvia Byun

Clarissa Marie Cadena

Christopher C Caldwell

Patrick Caldwell

Rejena Marie Carmichael

Jessica Carter

Justin Cheatham

Elizabeth Joan Cline

Don R Codner

Edward Lee Cox

Renee Cushman

Pankaj Kanti Dash

Shawn Michael Daughenbaugh

Vishnu Vardhan Guttikonda

Madeline L Haider

Gemma Hoeppner

Jennifer Ingram

Rupangi Jain

Kenneth Jones

Jason George Kabanas

Scott Edward Lambert

Matthew Taylor Long

Morgan Elisabeth Macdonald

Ajinkya Mahajan

Mayur Das Mahant

Barbara Brooke Mann

Kennedy LaRae Masterson

Demi Charley Morishige

Ashley Nicole Muller

Rohini Nanjunda Gowda

Benjamin Thomas Newsom Mikayla O'Farrell

Seth Kent Osborne

Robin Dew

Rutuja Rajiv Dhumal Deo Dhungel Oscar Dixon Madeline Doak

William Dorsey

Cathal Doyle

Cameron Charles Eastburn

Amanda Margaret Faber Jeffrey Scott Farr Luke Felling Lauri Fern Shobhit Gahlot Jayapratha Ganesan

Sylvie Ngalula Gapashi Carisa Luise Gasser

Katherine Irene Gatwood

Katherine J Gil

Julio R Gnanvi Togbe Ericka Gonzalez

Kayla Gorton

Sarah J Gravilla Meldrum

Kali Irene Guay

Lizeth Gutierrez Perez

Alecia Denise Harris

Tyrique Harris

Makeedra Reann Hayes

Juan Carlos Hernandez

Sarah E Hoogerwerf

Hira Iqbal

Rachel Jensen

Laurie Ann Jenson

Deborah Johnsen Jesica Johnson Michael Johnson

Jared Palan

Alysha Rose Pelchat

Alex John Daniel Perez

Paula Porras Gonzalez

Sean Powers

Emily Christine Protz

Natalie Laine Rehfeld Delaney Rumsey

Jeremy Benson Scott

Geunyoung Shin

Tarun Siripurapu

Ketakee Vilas Sonawane Jacob Daniel Summerhays

Nicholas Swingle

Manuella Eileen Tabares

Andrew Rayne Taylor

Alexander Jervis Vitek

Marissa Kelsey West Glenn R Wilson, Jr.

Stephen Douglas Jones

Pooja Kankane

Justin Omeed Karimi Jacob Gerard Kauffmann Neeta Keshary

Audrey Rae Key

Gabriela Kilstrom

Danielle Klaarenbeek

Jessica Claire Klascius

Emma Elizabeth Lancaster

Tegan Landrey

Ryan LaRoy Caren Rebecca Lauffer

Kulsiri Lekhachaiworakul

Jeong Lim

Ko-Chieh Lin

Jazzmin Madalyn Lu

Blake Dean MacDonald

Mithilesh Reddy Maddi

Jared Michael Martin

Casey McClean Mauldin

Patrick Jose McDermott

Katrina Menchaca Elaine Mendoza

Hamadi Husseini Mganga

Lindsey Allison Miller

Svetlana Morozova

Jean Paul Mundungu Vushi

Theodore Mark Nadaskay

Janet Najar Madera

Keerthichand Nallamothu

Marae Narvaez

Joseph Michael Neteland

Robert Hugh Newman II

Shawn Michael Nielsen


Chibuzor Clinton Njoku

Isidro Antonio Ochoa

Ngozi Ogoke

Xiaoyong Fang Olsen

Erica Lynn Pabst

Jamie Parker

Priyamvada Pathak

Justine Regina Petrocchi

Nishi Sureshbhai Prajapati

Elaine Prellwitz

Tifany Quinonez Alvarado

Mark A Ramirez-Tapia

Rebecca Reid

Jared Reiss

William Mitchell Roberts IV

Kathryn Robinson

Carla Andrea Rodriguez

Samuel Rose

Branden Michael Rosenthal

Julia Sevy Roth

Michael John Rypkema

Christian David Sabo

Thomas Patrick Schermerhorn

Mark Schmidt

Scott Schneider

Clair Christiann Sims

Mindy Leigh Sinnott

Emma Malin Sletteland

Alice Gibbs Steiner

Connor Straughn

Wilson James Summerlin

Teja Talluri

Durga Tamang

Jacob Patrick Torrens

Loan Tran

Nhung Truong

Rahul Reddy Vemula

Leah Elizabeth Wall

Roberson Payne Wallace

Ashley Warsh

Emma Wasserman

Stephen Wathen

Daisy Widera

Samuel Joseph Wilson Sarah Winter


August 2022 Graduates

Fahad Alforaihi

Sophia B Bambury

James Blaha

Plamen Joshua Brandt

Samantha Erin Camp

Sophia E Caswell, summa cum laude

Trevor Keith Cislaw

Eric Crosby, magna cum laude

Ryan Skye Decker

Charles Bryce DeHaven, summa cum laude Jarid V Derita

Jobin Singh Dhaliwal

Stefan Dodd

Ahmed Shaker Elareer, Sr. Layan Elharoun Ryan Scot Esparza

Elena Fanari, summa cum laude Matthew Finnin

Phoebe Paula Flynn, summa cum laude

Darrell Joseph Frye, summa cum laude Sergio Garcia

December 2022 Candidates

Ahmad E M J Abdullah

Bobby Elijah Alcozer

Sayed Abdullah H N A M Ali, honors pending

Dawit Adugna

Caroline Dansoa Agyei

Alikhan Akhmedov

Majed Alhammam

Raghad Alshammary

Faris Alwehaibi

Alzufiri, Alrayyan Adel, honors pending Dane Antal Parween Arbeen

Tyler Hamilton Lujane N Hanna, summa cum laude Hailey Hanner Shizuyo Hayner, cum laude Kaitlyn Jennifer Hunter Ramiro Ibanez Gonzalez, summa cum laude

Brooke Adrianna Jimenez, summa cum laude Amber Johnson Claire Lillian Kane Lien My Lam

Martin N Lavrinenko, magna cum laude Rachel Logan Mariana Lopez Macias Aurora Danielle Lucero-Benavente, summa cum laude Patience Pa Kou Ly Noe Evaristo Magallanes Perez Jomel Marinas

Reeyo Daja Mason, cum laude Dennis Meltser, magna cum laude

Hugo Dos Santos Azevedo, honors pending

David Timothy Bancroft, honors pending

Kyla Cherie Banister

Luisa F Bentzen

Jesse Boersma

Joey Bennett

Ayden Elizabeth Cannon

Nicholas Joseph Carbonari

Jackson Chen, honors pending Jackson Jacob Castanuela Kyle Clabaugh Clabaugh

Kiragan Ashley Mercer, cum laude

Amrapali Naik

Kimberly H Nguyen Sabrina Rasulova

Nigel Sajona-Cronenberg, cum laude Jacob Mathew Sandoval

Manal Nadiem Sawakid

Sayed B Shahidzai, cum laude

Emily Elizabeth Sinner, cum laude Bruna Skendomemaj Dalia Spinos, cum laude

Quentin Strother

Ruijie Tang Nuredin Tekuye Edward Trujillo

Gina Victoria Van Minnen

Facundo Agustin Velazquez

Halley Renee Warner

Dalton Frederick Wilderotter, cum laude

Nicholas Williams, summa cum laude

Nishaan A Courson, honors pending Alyssa Crowe

Katelyn Daggers, honors pending Ryan Matthew Damian-Bernier Adriana Gina Davis, honors pending Yelyzaveta I Degtiarova

Rafael Levy Diner

Hannah Linh Duong, honors pending Emma Falls

Jacob Farchione, honors pending Tristin Elizabeth Feeney, honors pending


Carissa Danielle Foster, honors pending

Marian Lee French

Klaudia Anna Fusiarz

Mikayla Gambell

Maxwell Joseph George Tin Giang

Jenae Elizabeth Gibbs, honors pending

Chaquel Janice Gissendanner

Madeline Glatzel, honors pending Brandon Alexander Gonzales

Abigail Goodwin

Aaron Wade Gose, honors pending Mayra Jemima Gossett

Savana Lauren Gullett, honors pending

Anthony John Hafner, honors pending Aissata Haidara

Justin James Henderson Shondrea Umeka Hensley

Trish Truc Ho

Jiacheng Huang Mai Thanh Hoang

Quynh Hoang, honors pending David Jeongwoo Hong, honors pending Junying Huang, honors pending Emily Huynh

Bridget Kathleen Jensen, honors pending

Dominique Johnson, honors pending William Henry Johnson

Jwala Khatri

Sannya Khawaja, honors pending Mimi Keegan

Pascal V Lightning King Skye Marie Konrad

Austin Richard Kopp

Kiara Knight, honors pending Young Heon Koh, honors pending Skye Marie Konrad, honors pending Tyler Morgan Krol, honors pending Seth Kunkel

Megan Kupec, honors pending Phu Kim Le

Hojoon Clarus Lee Anand Lewis, honors pending Marie Noelle Libert

Nathaniel Andrew Lusk, honors pending Nicole Matthews

Alexander Jonathan Mayberry Cheyenne Morningdove McAllister

Marc McCarty

Brice McClay

Suzanne Marie McKinney Annika Christine McLean, honors pending

Abel Girma Mesfin, honors pending Nahom Mesfin, honors pending

Khalid Mhareb, honors pending

Victoria Anna Milczek, honors pending Daniel Benjamin Miles

Jason A Miller

Lea Miller Kiana Miner

Sogand Fatemeh Mirfakhrai, honors pending Megan Sierra Mondragon Alvaro Vanel Mongrutt

Alyssa Abree Montano, honors pending Tyler Moroianu, honors pending Erika Moskowitz

Isabella Adelaide Moulders Ann Tram Ngo, honors pending Tho Nguyen

Gabriel Alejandro Nunez Isabella Orrego

Austin Ortiz Cailey Pacelko

Sanjana Pal, honors pending Max J Paulson, honors pending Minh-Thy Perletz

Jeffrey Robert Peters, honors pending Diana Pham

Ngan Pham, honors pending Chloe Caroline Phelps-Jimenez

Chere Nicole Phillips, honors pending Mayra Prieto, honors pending John Quach, honors pending Malena Quesada Diana Ramirez

Eric Brandt Rash Braxton Reinders

Anna Righi Luis Rivera-Escalera Ruby Rodriguez-Munoz Elizabeth Rosales

Naveed Sadiq

Murtaza Salahi Marnie Scarr

Haven J Schaeffer Hunter Schultz

Emma Marjorie Schroeder, honors pending Apoorva Seth Milan Shah Habiba Sharmin Liti

Cambriana Renee Shearon Tyler Dylan Shelton

Sarah Shields, honors pending Stuart Sigley Allyshia Silva Shariya Simpson Olta Skendomemaj

Justin Aaron Speegle, honors pending Aaron Benjamin Tiktin, honors pending Linh Thi Thuy Tran

Dominique Jaqueline Trent Davis Truong, honors pending Stanley Neale Unruh, honors pending Damaris Vicarte, honors pending Angela R Troutman Lurenzo M Viloria Micah Vincent

Mira Tram Anh Vo, honors pending Sydney Kaylyn Wiggs

Michael Grant Wildhagen Brandon Wing Andrew Cayman Womer Tara Lynn Yazdi Cristobal Zambrano




December 2022 Graduates

Elizabeth Brogan Chaoqian Luo

Connor Mark McCullough Hawkar Ali Oagaz


August 2022 Graduates

Dia Abdulfattah Feda

December 2022 Candidates

Sarah Lauren Barnes

Charan Janivara Balakrishna Gowda

Terrell Conner Gooding

Mohamed Kariyeh

Ritu Yadav

Jan Miller

Michael Muntifering Abbie Rae Noriega

Tanner John Pfeiffer Brooke Leighann Smetanka Mohammad Tari


August 2022 Graduates

Evan Ammidown

Erik Carerra

Sri Tarun Reddy Chilukury

Medha Chippa

Omkar Murlidhar Gunge

December 2022 Candidates

Jameelah Aldaihani

Sarah Aldaihani

Thoria Alghamdi

Hashem Alhashem

Prathibha Anumala

Mallika Bagepalli Rajasekhara

Vijaya Simha Bheemi Reddy

Nithin Bolla

Nathan Michael Bonniwell

Jacob Candelaria

Christopher Cameron Erik Carrera

Nathanael Mark Chadwick

Sudhamshu Challa

Durgavenkata Praveen

Reddy Chappidi

Sri Tarun Reddy Chilukury

Daniel Mark Enge

Kerry Ngo Gip

Mithil Govind

Jacob Hendrix

Tobby Erlangga Lie

Matthew Roller Michaelis

Mikala Clair Mueller

Miranda Joelle Noack

Sean R Hansen

Christopher Michael Harron

Kevin Humphreys

Erfan Jafari Khadem Zavareh

Kendra Rae Jones

Mojolaoluwa Mufadil Keshiro

Syam Sai Krishna Kaduthuri

Swarupa Killamsetty

Prathap Reddy Kondasani

Sai Venkat Chowdary Kosaraju

Geoff Leewaye

Ashley Nicole Machen

Carly Meador

Megan Jo McDonnell

Yash Prakash More Pavan Putra Ganesh Nandamuri

Abhishek Avinash Nemade

Uyen Nhat Phuong Nguyen

Zachary Clarke Nye

David Ilsup Pak

Madhavi Suyog Pagare

Miguel Parra

Elizabeth Staten Joshua Wewerka Keaton Wilkins

Mike Myungsang Park

Kevin Piotrowski

Jason Glen Poppler

Harshith Repaka

Mira Roosth

Madhav Raviteja Settaluri

Andrew Nathan Sias

Ruba Sus

James William Addison Thiering

David John Trujillo

Teja Sree Sai Durga Vallabhaneni

Benjamin Steen Van Court

Sangeetha Vengadesan

Praveen Vatambeti

Odyssey Villagomez Karnati Vishwashanth

Haotian Wang

Joshua Wewerka

Bradley Wilson Samuel Wozinski

Javier Andres Pastorino Gonzalez Yang Zhou



Meilkii Abera Bane

Lamia Khalid Sheikh



Connor N Stone, special honors

Hodan Yusuf

Brice Allen

Artur Ayzenberg

Jacob Luther Barbee Erik Cantor Mathew Celis

Matthew Conrad, honors pending Samuel Dell Gryzick Ryan Hamilton Kelvin Lal

Benjamin Lukhart, honors pending Joshua Mansito, special honors pending Kai B Marshall, special honors pending Tomasz Maziarz

Neway Getaneh Moges

Monserrat Molina Gonzalez, special honors pending

Illiasse Mounjim

John Mason Stubblefield Natnael Tebeje

Ayan Ratna Tuladhar, honors pending Sean Michael Tuttle

Elizabeth Vana, honors pending Kathya Guadalupe Velazquez-Mendiola


August 2022 Graduates

Ahmad Alkhaldi

Ali M T S Alqattan, Sr. Razan A M E Alwazzan Andres Deras Sanchez

December 2022 Candidates December 2022 Candidates

Zinab Abdallreda, honors pending Shane Albrecht

Yara Alqallaf, honors pending Reem Alghamdi Omar Alhumaidi

Fatima Alsaleh

Mohammad A A A A Alshamali

Abdullah Alshujairi

Aldo Armas, honors pending Faisal M Ashour

Felicia Barrios

Jesus Barrios Luna Blake Brown

Matthew Bunner

Fernando Campos, honors pending Schuyler Keith Carlson, special honors pending Spencer Ryan Caywood

Ritzwi Chapagain

Ridhisha Dangol, honors pending Giovanni Estrada

Ali Farman

Garrett James Franklin

Gilberto Galvan Lopez

Brandon Paul Gioso, honors Lilah Elizabeth Henderson, special honors

Timothy William Frymire, honors pending Adrian Gasowski

Brandon Paul Gioso, honors pending Jennifer A Goetz

Reed Robert Goldberg-Richmeier Matthew J Gomez Zahraa Salem Hasan Taylor Jonathan Helt

Connor William Hibbs, honors pending Aram Alexander Hobday Seyed M Hosseini

Valery Romeo Tagne Kamnho

Sungjoon Kim, special honors pending Evgeni Koevski, special honors pending Helena Kosanovic Janson Lansville

Anna Li, honors pending Jonathan Edwards Lucas

Jesus Barrios Luna

Grace Melorango, honors pending Carlos Alberto Mora Yepez

Sarah Morgan, special honors pending Christian Mundwiler

Xai Phommarath Connor Lawrence Roberts

Mac Noah

Quy Duc Pham

Yareni Renteria

Bryan Medina Salazar Natali Basim Sawaqed Nadeen Jihad Sawaqed

Ulises De Jesus Gallegos Serna Keegan Shorrock

Aidan Rafael Solorzano Sophia L Sondericker

Kayla Feliz Soriano, honors pending Sreevast Sreenivasan

Sulaiman Kh Sulaiman, special honors pending Mark Russell Suter, special honors pending Tyrone Alan Thompson

Trevor Thrift

Ivy Vi Truong, special honors pending Keagan Wells

Casey Robert Williams, honors pending Haeden Herin Yune


The Norlin Charge to Graduates

From the baccalaureate address by President George Norlin of the University of Colorado, June 1935.

“You are now certified to the world at large as alumni of the university. She is your kindly mother and you her cherished sons and daughters. This exercise denotes not your severance from her, but your union with her. Commencement does not mean, as many wrongly think, the breaking of ties and the beginning of life apart. Rather it marks your initiation in the fullest sense into the fellowship of the university, as bearers of her torch, as centers of her influence, as promoters of her spirit.

The university is not the campus, not the buildings on the campus, not the faculties, not the students of any one time—not one of these or all of them. The university consists of all who come into and go forth from her halls, who are touched by her influence and who carry on her spirit. Wherever you go, the university goes with you. Wherever you are at work, there is the university at work. What the university purposes to be, what it must always strive to be, is represented on its seal, which is stamped on your diplomas—a lamp in the hands of youth. If its light shines not in you and from you, how great is its darkness! But if it shines in you today, and in the thousands before you, who can measure its power?

with hope and faith, I welcome you into the fellowship. I bid you farewell only in the sense that I pray you may fare well. You go forth, but not from us. We remain, but not severed from you. God go with you and be with you and us.”


The University of Colorado Denver is the leading public university in Denver. CU Denver offers 45 undergraduate degrees and 63 master’s degrees. Doctoral programs are offered in Public Affairs, Health and Behavioral Science, Leadership for Educational Equity, Education and Human Development, Design and Planning, Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Clinical Health Psychology, Health Economics, Geography, Planning, and Design, School Psychology, Integrative and Systems Biology and a joint degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse student population, with special emphasis on assuring professional opportunities after graduation. Classes, serving over 14,500

For centuries, in academic and ecclesiastical processionals, a mace has been carried by the marshal to symbolize the official opening and closing of a formal event.

The design of the mace encompasses all aspects of education. A globe representing the worldly scope

The pageantry and dress of the academic procession have been inherited from the medieval universities of the eleventh and twelfth centuries where academic life began, first in the church, then in the guilds. The teaching guild was the guild of the Master of Arts. The Bachelor was the apprentice of the Master, and the dress was the outward sign of privilege and responsibility.

Principal features of academic dress are the gown, the cap and the hood. Early in its evolution, it became necessary for universities to set rules to preserve the dignity and meaning of the academic dress. Two English universities, Oxford and Cambridge, are particularly noted for the development of the authentic academic costume, which through the centuries has changed only slightly.

Formal academic attire for American campuses was established in 1895 with the adoption of the Intercollegiate Code, which prescribed the patterns, colors and materials for each part of the regalia for the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The American Council of Education presented a revised code, which generally governs the style of academic dress today.

The Gown

The flowing gown comes from the twelfth century. While it originally may have been worn as protection against the chill of unheated buildings, today it has become symbolic of the democracy of scholarship,


students, are offered during weekdays, evening hours and on weekends.

The University of Colorado’s Department of Correspondence and Extension was established in Denver in 1912 to meet the needs of a growing population. As course offerings expanded, so did the demand for degree-granting status. The Denver Extension Center was renamed the University of Colorado-Denver Center in 1965, and by 1969, 23 fields of undergraduate study and 11 of graduate study were offered. In 1972, the Colorado General Assembly appropriated funds to build the Auraria Campus, CU Denver’s current site, and renamed the “Center” CU Denver. Two years later, the University of Colorado reorganized into four campuses –Denver, Colorado Springs, Health Sciences Center


of education is the base of the staff. The middle of the design, which is the shaft, represents the profile of the Denver skyline and the Auraria campus. At the top of the mace, flames spiral upward representing the colleges and schools, sending her graduates as bearers of the torch into the community and world.


for it covers any dress of rank or social standing underneath. Gowns vary in their trimming and the sleeve design. The doctoral gown has velvet facings down the front and three velvet chevrons on the bell-shaped sleeves. These velvet trimmings may be black or the prescribed color of the academic area. The master’s gown has oblong sleeves, open at the wrist, while the bachelor’s gown has long pointed sleeves; neither has trimming. The bachelor’s gown is always worn closed; master’s and doctoral gowns may be worn open or closed.

The Cap

When Roman law freed the slaves, they won the privilege of wearing a cap. The academic cap is a sign of freedom of scholarship as well as responsibility and dignity. Old poetry records the cap of scholarship as square to symbolize the book. The color of the tassel denotes the discipline. The square black mortarboard is the recommended cap, though some schools have adopted other styles. Doctors may wear a velvet cap with a gold tassel.

The Hood

The hood identifies the level of the degree, the school that granted it and the academic area. The silk lining of the hood is the color or colors of the school. The color of the facing denotes the discipline represented by the degree. Some of the colors you may see represented today are:

Architecture – Blue Violet Arts – White Business – Sapphire Blue Dentistry – Lilac


(Denver) and Boulder. On June 30, 2004, the University of Colorado Board of Regents gave final approval to the consolidation of the University of Colorado at Denver with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

At CU Denver, faculty members bring their work experiences to the classroom; they are aware of the challenges and advances of the urban environment and are responsive to the needs of students and the community. This combination of talented faculty and a highly motivated student body creates a vital and exciting educational environment. The goal is to offer its students the unique educational opportunity to combine real-world experience with academic excellence.

The mace was designed and created by Michael Brohman, instructor in the College of Arts and Media visual arts department, with special emphasis in sculpture and a CU Denver graduate with a Master’s in Architecture and Planning ’95.

Education – White Education Specialists – Blue Engineering – Orange Environmental Design – Brown Fine Arts – Brown Journalism – Crimson Law – Purple Medicine – Green Music – Pink Nursing – Apricot Pharmacy – Olive Public Affairs – Peacock Blue Science – Gold

The Honor Cords

Silver and gold honors cords are worn by graduates who are awarded the following honors by their school or college:

Summa cum laude (with highest honors)

Magna cum laude (with high honors)

Cum laude (with honors)

Special honors Honors


The gold and royal blue honors cords designate members of the Golden Key National Honor Society.

The red and white cords recognize those students who have served through their participation in Student Government.

Red, white and blue cords are worn by millitary veterans.

In its history, the University of Colorado has used three different seals. The current seal, adopted in 1908, depicts a male Greek classical figure sitting in front of a pillar and holding a scroll. Next to the figure, laurel branches frame a burning torch. The inscription in Greek reads “Let Your Light Shine.”

The seal’s designer, Henry Read of Denver, chose the classical motif because Greek civilization “stands as the criterion of culture.”

The laurel symbolizes honor or success, the youth suggests the “morning of life” and the scroll represents written language.

From 1893 to 1908, the University seal was a copy of Wyon’s medallion, “Science Trims the Lamp of Life.” In this version, a Greek woman knelt before a lamp, and stalks of mariposa lilies decorated the border. Before 1893, an adaptation of the Colorado

State Seal was used, but it was never adopted by the Board of Regents.

The seal is used primarily on official documents, such as diplomas and transcripts that have been issued on behalf of the University. The Board of Regents uses the seal on its official documents and publications. The seal also appears on the President’s Chain of Office, the University Mace, Regent regalia and various formal publications.


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