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Welcome to Creative Talent Magazine Creative Talent or CT Magazine is the brain child of North Yorkshire based fashion, advertising and pinup photographer Sean J Connolly. When not taking photographs Sean is advising companies on IT strategy, and after looking at several hundred magazines waiting for meetings, Sean noticed that all magazines had a commonality, that being very little credit for the people involved. So using his creative and technical skills, CT Magazine was born. CT Magazine is a fashion magazine with a difference. Not only do we contain the latest fashion trends both on and off the high street, but we cover all areas of fashion including apparall and beauty. "So what is so special about that?" We believe all talent is of equal importance. It is our aim at CT Magazine to showcase the talent involved in bringing you the photos we see everyday, from the photographers, models, make up artists to the hair stylists, fashion designers as well as writers, bloggers and journalists.

"Welcome to the second issue of CT Magazine, this issue is more jam packed than ever, the amount of talent in the fashion industry is fantastic. I personally love the work of Miami and London based fashion designer Chrissie Fizz, see her work on page 2. I would also like to thank model Samantha Jobling for all the work she put in getting her shots for this issue, check out her work on page 28. I have also had the pleasure once again of featuring two awesome photographers: London based Samantha Yore (page 40) and North East based Janine Hocking (page 18).

Every photo and article in the magazine is accompanied by full credit for everyone involved in bringing you the image.

My dream for this magazine is to feature every creative in the world, so get in touch to have your work featured in the next edition.

Can I Get Involved? YES!

I look forward to hearing from all of you. Enjoy this issue!"

If you would like to be featured in the next issue of CT Magazine, just get in touch.

Sean J Connolly, Editor

Email 足 Web 足 Twitter 足 FaceBook 足 Credit - Graeme Campbell -

COVER CREDIT Photographer - Emily Bailey Model - Monika Godlewska-Zimny MUA - Meg Lindow


Emily Bailey - Fashion Photographer

10 - HARTLEPOOL FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Chris Gray (photographer)



14 - LONDON LOCATION SHOOT Flloyd Caird - (photographer)

Kristina Holland (model) / Jasmine Christian (model)

Fashion Photographer

16 - NEWCASTLE FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Janine Hocking (photographer) / Viki Lloyd (MUA) Daisy Alys Turnell (model) / Amy Louise (model)


Chrissie Fizz (designer) / Neef Fresh (photographer)

Toria Nichole (model)



Szidonia Bandi (model) /

Lukasz and Kasia Wisoczanscy (photographer) Mike Brown (photographer) / Pete Copeland (photographer) Miami meetsLondon


Richard Hanley (photographer) / ERIN BETH ROGERS (model)



18 - AUTUMN WINTER TRENDS 2012 What's in and what's not in AW12


Charity and vintage ideas to stay on trend

Be Yourself


Keep your hair and skin looking radiant this winter

PICTORIALS 21 MILES POPE (photographer) / HATTIE MOTH (model) / BECKY BRYANT (model) 26 SAMANTHA JOBLING (model) / SIMON ROGERS (photographer) 30 SARAH

RAYMOND (photographer) / ELIZABETH LILLEY (model) / CATHERINE SENIOR (model) / VICTORIA FORSHAW (mua 38 SAMANTHA YORE (photographer) / YASMIN (model) / SIMIRE (mua) 40 STACEY GARDNER (model) / DAVID LATHROPE (photographer)



Photographer - Emily Bailey Model - Nicola Richardson MUA - Meg Lindow



mily ailey


"I am a true believer in hard work, passion and collaboration. Without them, where would any of us be! I started photographing five years ago and have never looked back.

Fashion and art play such a key role in every single day for me, if I'm not photographing it, I'm reading, researching and surrounding myself with it.


Photographer Emily Bailey 07738307813


Nicola Richardson Monika Godlewska-Zimny

Make Up Artist Meg Lindow

For this shoot, having been given the brief of autumn fashion, it was a clear direction to shoot a hazy autumnal spread, using only the sun light pouring through the studio window, exhibiting the natural beauty of the models and the clothes. I decided to work not only as a photographer, but also as a stylist, sourcing garments from local Darren O-Brien designersPhotographer and even- the teams wardrobes, and Model - Nick Danks making the images a true collaborative effort by working closely with the whole team.

One of my most enjoyable shoots to date, I couldn't have asked for more!"

To find out more about Emily visit her website


Photographer - Emily Bailey Model - Nicola Richardson MUA - Meg Lindow Coat Designer - Ursula Melanchez

Photographer - Darren O-Brien Model - Nick Danks

Photographer - Janine Hocking Models - Nick Danks / Dee Dixon


Photographer - Emily Bailey Model - Monika Godlewska-Zimny MUA - Meg Lindow Designer - Asobi Fashion


Photographer - Emily Bailey Model - Monika Godlewska-Zimny MUA - Meg Lindow


Photographer - Emily Bailey Model - Nicola Richardson MUA - Meg Lindow Designer - Asobi Fashion


Model - Hannah Kay

Photographer - Chris Gray

"Hi I'm Chris and I'm 23 years old, currently living in Hartlepo foundation degree. I started photography 2 years ago and this was because previous years I had a strong interest in w wanted something more creative and fun which is why i tu main focus is Fashion I also like Landscapes and recently d would like to have a name for myself simply for my style an and I hope you like my work"

10 Model - Amy Hume

Model - Kristy Williams

y - Hartlepool UK

ool and I recently graduated from CCAD earning me my d up until then I had not touched an SLR camera, website development however I slowly grew out of it and urned to photography. My style of photography varies but my done some Glamour work when living in Ibiza. In the future i nd approach to photography. Check out my website

11 Model - Marie Anderson

The Price of Individualism in Fashion Abi Smith

Nearly every designer has showcased the return of the Gothic look for AW 2012, making our lives simple in creating our own amazing designs. Editing your old clothes has been made easy with this trend, and obviously the first thing that comes to mind with Goth is black, and you can easily dye any dress or top this colour with dye from your local craft shop. Plus, with Gothic comes the crucifix, so stick tape on both sides of the fabric in a cross shape when dyeing it black to keep a crucifix stained on your favourite leggings or shirt. One of the keys to achieving this look is studs. Not necessarily by wearing a dog collar, but almost every fashion item in your wardrobe can be transformed to represent this style. Studs can be easily bought off eBay from 99p, or find some in your local market. This can add flair to tops, skirts, shorts even scarves and shoes! Add to your gothic look with lighter eyes and darker red or deep purple stained lips, and bring back any old leather jacket your parents have. This also see’s the return of lace, so if you have an old lacy dress, bring it back by changing it from girly and lacy to a gothic fright by integrating it with leather and harsh jewellery. We’ve all been there – an item we love at a low a price, yet an expensive consequence… each person you know has the same item. In a world of growing fashion and a world where you have to be different to stand out, how expensive is individualism? If you love fashion, it’s almost certain you long for the life of the rich and the famous (or their bank balance at least). Endless amounts of money meaning an endless amount of expensive (but amazingly fabulous) designer clothes, and better yet, what we all dream of, a different outfit every day. Yet unfortunately for people like me, that world is far away, and we have to settle for siblings “hand-me-downs”, Primark specials, and re-using clothes from years gone by. For many of us we struggle balancing our bank account with our love for fashion, especially if you long to be different, be admired for your individuality, and stay stylish whilst standing out.

However this is all changing, with a new wave of creativity coming over the fashion industry. What was once a pricey and agitating hold-back to a low budget wardrobe, is now transforming into a home-made DIY palace of fashion excellence. Even the high street is trying to imitate the “home-made” look with dip dyed fabrics, ripped jeans, and cuts to the clothes looking like they were done by hand. With the ever-growing fashion society, and easy ways to get your hands on cheap supplies, it’s never been easier to be an individual in the fashion world whilst spending as little as you can.


The latest innovation in the major AW 2012 fashion lines is Baroque, mingling Rococo patterns with extravagant fabrics. One way to easily achieve this for unwanted curtains or any material around the house (or in charity shops and jumble sales) with the Rococo design, as this is popular in everyday house fabrics. Baroque is an amazing way to kick off autumn, giving everyone a chance to be different, as there are endless amounts of Baroque patterns. Use your Baroque fabric to sew patches onto you own clothes, and even making an old clutch purse into a Baroque bag will make you stand out in a subtle way. Using metallic thread when sewing your material gives it a shiny and different edge, and if you aren’t that good with a needle and thread, try sticking on a fake Baroque pocket to an old shirt or skirt. The trick to being a cheap individualist when it comes to fashion is creativity; the best way to start is to get inspired! Try looking at the latest catwalk trends, or at your high street. Once you get inspired with a creative idea, re-designing your old clothes becomes a hobby (a cheap one too) and soon you’ll be turning heads with the latest trends. The best feeling in the world has to be when someone asks you “I like your outfit, where did you get it?” and the only reply is “I didn’t, I made it myself… it’s one of a kind”.

MODEL - Toby Vincer PHOTOGRAPHER - Floyd Caird


Since the minute I held a camera back in 2008 and started taking pictures of the wildlife around my area and putting them on facebook I started to notice people were 'liking' my images a lot. A close family friend wanted me to take pictures of their dog and after that was posted online it then became larger than expected: babies, friends and family shoots were being booked and I couldn't keep up.

d y o Fl

Now demand is up so high I cover pretty much everything including weddings and christenings. I aim to please my clients in every possible way I can with a brilliant, friendly service with a smile. As a photographer I see that pleasing my clients is 100% priority.

Fashion Photograp


MODEL - Kristina 14


MODEL - Jasmine Christian

MODEL Marnie-lee davies

pher - Floyd Caird - Kent UK


Fashion shoots are my favourite, we work together in stages, everything we both need to obtain a great shoot and a good hit for each others portfolios. I also make new models feel very comfortable in front of the camera with my sense of humour and step-by-step tutorials on how to pose for the perfect picture. In the next year or so I would like to start using a studio for more variety of images and comfort for my clients as I already do a lot of outdoor photography shots. This enables a more wide range of ideas between myself and my client.




I am a 26 year old female photographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I have always ha photography but it is only recently that I started to think more seriously about doing it as a c past year I have been working really hard on building up my portfolio to a high standard an looked back on leaving my normal 9-5 office job in search of fulfilling my dream as a full ti photographer.

When I first started out I was a complete novice and everything that I know was self taught, I believe this served me well but to help me further I have just started a Photography Degre very much enjoying. I do anything from Fashion shoots to Weddings but my main passion artistic and creative and I am hoping to expand more into the alternative industry with thin magazines as this is also one of my big passions. I am currently working on setting up a pr website to showcase my work.

Janine Hocking - Newcastle b 16

MODEL Daisy Alys Turnell

MUA Viki LLoyd com/VikiLloydMakeUp

ad an interest in career. For the nd I have never ime


Amy Louise Deborah Brown

, ee which I am is anything ngs like tattoo rofessional

based fashion photographer



Autumn / Winter Trends 2012 Hannah Coates

As Summer morphs into Autumn and London, New York, Milan and Paris Fashion weeks come abound with what we will expect to be wearing next spring/summer, looking into your wardrobe and feeling a little bit let down is to be expected. There is a wealth of in-trend high street goodies out there which will boost deprived, tired wardrobes. This season is all about confidence and going big on colour, print and attitude. Simultaneously, it’s feminine and chic, so there is plenty of scope and choice for everyone. Whilst Prada exhibited bold, geometric layering in crazy brights, other designers showed off oversized coats in pastels, and, of course, there was no shortage of leather. The colour purple was big on the catwalks and it’s going to be huge on the high street. Look out for purple prints or simple garments where the colour does the talking. Small touches such as faux-amethyst earrings or a violet clutch will inject some character to a black mini dress for an understated look. Topshop is great for simple dresses and head to for statement pieces. If purple isn’t for you then, really, the idea is strong colour.

PHOTOGRAPHY Lukasz and Kasia Wisoczanscy MODEL Szidonia Bandi

"The co was big on t it's going to be hu

Strong prints are in, too. Proenza Schouler produced an oriental display of kimono jackets and asymmetric hemlines in muted tones with dashes of spicy orange and cloudy blue. Translated to the high-street, this means floral prints galore. Head to toe print can work but it is for the bravehearted. Floral jeans and trousers are an easy and versatile way to try the trend. Zara have an array of different styles available and Topshop have some really on-trend garments, particularly a floral painted leather jacket and matching skirt.


PHOTOGRAPHER Richard Hanley MODEL Adam Stonebanks MODEL Erin Beth Rogers

olour purple the catwalks and uge on the high street."


Leather itself, as always, is a great way to go, particularly as the days get colder and darker. Team some black leather with deep purple for the perfect grungey look. A feminine dress with a black leather jacket is also a great way to make a statement or, alternatively, get some leather trousers and pair with a crisp shirt or loose, slouchy top. Coloured leather in autumnal shades is another way to nod to the trend. Head to Topshop for the perfect leather jacket, River Island for cheaper, faux leather, and Zara for tees with simple leather sleeves.


Miles Popes

MODEL Becky Bryant

Zara is also a great place to go for oversized garments. They do a great oversized chunky knit cardigan, a simple way to boost a skinny jeans and t-shirt combo. Alternatively, get to H&M who boast an array of oversized coats, including cocoon styles, in predominantly pastel shades. When you go big, you must always balance the volume of the garment with something fitted. For example, a pair of skinny jeans and a cocoon coat is feminine and very chic, or some baggy trousers and a more fitted cropped jumper looks great.

Whatever you choose this autumn/winter, there is a huge selection on the high street. Being stylish does not come at a high price and, really, the idea is to have fun with your wardrobe.


Selftaughtphotographerfor2years Starting in 2010, specialising in music/live eventphotography

Miles Pope -London based events & fashion photographer

"I have tried a wide range of genres of photography and my speciality is fashion and modeling photoshoots and working on portfolios."

MODELS Hattie Moth & Becky Bryant



Toria Nichole


Neef Fresh

Chrissie Fizz -Miami / London

Fashion Designer

Chrissiefizz is a 21 year old Fashion Designer, Author (All I Want by Chrissiefizz) and Radio Personality (Ontop FM) from London who works between London and Miami mainly. She started out customising garments at the age of 13 and eventually released her first collection 'Colors of the 80's' in 2009. Following with collections 'The Clash', 'Disappearing Acts', 'London Safari' and 'The Rebirth'. The Rebirth by Chrissiefizz Inspired by mythical creatures and nature, the collection uses colours usually associated with water, fire and autumn such as oranges, reds, gold and teal. The fabrics used include tulle, chiffon and silk, which reflect the textures of a range of leaves (new and old). The cuts of each dress are close to the body to emphasise the curves of the female body and are as I imagine a mermaid would dress if she were human. Jackets are shaped to emulate the wings of a bird (the phoenix).



Toria Nichole


Neef Fresh



Toria Nichole


Neef Fresh

Neef Fresh - New York City US

Fashion Photographer

Female Photographer located in New York City with a love for traveling & everything fresh - Neef Fresh sees the world through its lens of creativity. Understanding of the art with every photo captured. Utilizing techniques acquired through a short amount of years, she understands that quality is of the utmost importance. Neef has developed a style of her own. At Neef Fresh Photography you can be assured to receive outstanding images without having to sacrifice efficiency. She provides clients with superb service, amazing imagery and quality at a fair & reasonable rate and is available for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and editorial.


Toria Nichole - Miami US Fashion Model

Toria started out in the industry at the age of 14 as a UK size 16 and eventually crossed over from Plus Size modelling to straight size modelling when she dropped to half her size by working out and eating healthily. She is also a M.A.C Cosmetic Artist.


Toria Nichole


Neef Fresh


Samantha Jobling - N



Simon Rogers


Simon Rogers


North East fashion model


Simon Rogers


Teenage Vintage Princesses

Shelly Newnham - Fashion Photographer Wearing vintage clothing can be similar to collecting and wearing a piece of art. A piece that was created in a bygone era will be a unique addition to anyone’s wardrobe. To the teenager and various subcultures it can be a form of bricolage showing how to use clothes and styles from the past or from different generations and give them new cultural and urban identities. The look transcends from the Teddy boys, punks, new romantics to today’s urban, grunge, hipster movement. The trend for vintage clothes and sourcing unusual one offs is becoming increasingly popular. For today’s teenager in the current economic climate vintage clothing can be a godsend with less financial pressure on parents who can ill-afford designer.

Reusing and reworking individual pieces into current street fashion gives the wearer individuality and shows originality in an almost unique personal art form.

Becca's Blog

My blog is typically thought as a grunge styled blog, which is where I can express myself and put all my influences into one thing, which is why I love and use my blog so much. The type of things I like to post and share are usually fashion images, but I like the whole idea of expressing thoughts/feelings into it. I also get influences from ‘pastel’ and ‘kawaii’ blogs, which is softer photography, in the modern era. I would definitely say that my blog encourages what I do, wear and act in my everyday life. For example I like to show off things that I’d like to wear. I think my blog lets me open up to different ideas and trends that I don’t normal consider. In effect it actually lets me experiment almost with what I wear.

I would love to explore and take my own photos in this kind of style, since I love it so much. I believe that would be ideal and an opportunity for me to share all my ideas etc to my followers. I really like the thought that I have followers and can influence them. They will always know that they can contact me for help or advice in my ask box. Overall I’d say my blog is almost like my creativity in an endless amount of pages. t0xic­


Alannah's Blog

Personally, I wouldn’t say my blog has a set theme to it, which is definitely reflective of my style; pretty ironic. Although, people have told me that my blog is quite ‘urban’ and ‘soft grunge’ which I would accept since it does have elements of them both. My blog encourages me to experiment and take risks in what I wear, and not feel so bothered about what people say. Lots of what I buy is in high street sales or from charity shops.

My friends seem to find it hilarious to name me ‘the bargain queen’, ha, but I can understand since I do love a good bargain find. I’m never really comfortable buying anything horrendously expensive, unless I really do adore it. I think my influence could inspire my followers with the photos I share. I hope it helps them to accept what they like themselves and showcase it every day. I love my followers, and I always make sure they know I’m here for whatever whenever. I also hope that maybe I inspire them a little. My blog is literally all my thoughts and ideas focused at this one point, which is perfect for me. About the Author "Although I am an avid photographer I have not yet took the leap into professional photography as I am still studying the subject.

My dream would be to own a gallery that would showcase the talent we have in the North, yet at the same time large enough to host international work. I would be keen to show work from local young people, the community and amateurs through to famous photographers. I would love to have a place that photographers and artists alike would come together, network and learn whilst sharing their knowledge and skills. Previous to discovering photography I trained to be a youth worker. Teenagers fascinate me, especially their street fashion and sense of style. As both a photographer and a youth worker I try to see the best in any teenager and my photos endeavour to show teenagers as they should be. These young people are at a huge transitional moment in their life and use fashion to express their own personality and individuality. This can take huge bravery not to blend into the popular crowd and wallpaper. Being different can create popularity or rejection and I admire the strength of these blossoming personalities, applauding their inner strength, creativity and beauty." Currently Shelly Newnham’s work can be accessed on flickr and instagram hashshelly n and email These photographs were taken in and around Darlington and Age UK vintage very kindly allowed us to shoot inside thier shop. Clothes and hair were styled and chosen by Becca and Alannah


MODEL Elizabeth Lilley

Lucy Rose Creasey


Sarah Raymond - Newcastle - c

“Having recently completed a degree in Contem and trying to get a foot in the creative circles. It realised my love for fashion photography and I’m also still settling in up North and getting to know creatives and getting behind my camera as mu


MODEL Catherine Senior

Victoria Forshaw


The Cyrenians


based fashion photographer

mporary Lens Media I am now living in Newcastle t wasn’t until my final year at university that I m still working on my style and technique. I’m w people. As long as I’m collaborating with other uch as I can I will be happy.”


Stay Radiant This Winter Katie Hailes; Model & Trained Beauty Holistic Therapist

During the cold winter months you'll need to change your beauty routine. 1. Starting with facial products. Make sure to use the correct cleanser, toner & moisturiser for your skin type.

Don't forget to exfoliate at least once a week & treat your face to a relaxing, soothing fac mask. My top tip is to make your own. Honey & Oats can make a perfect deep cleansing exfoliating treatment. 2. Apply body lotion daily to lock in moisture & avoid dry skin. Look for lotions with olive extract or avocado oil to boost the skins moisture barrier.

3. Dry chapped lips can be a painful & annoying problem during winter time. Use a rich moisturising lip balm with Vitamin E & any balm containing tea trea oil which helps to soot & heal those cracks & maintain kissable puckers. 4. It can be easy to neglect our hands & feet in the winter. So for intense relief from dry, flaky chapped skin moisturise both at night & slip on gloves/socks to lock in. Use some vaseline in the morning on the dryer bits of skin. 5. Suffering from dry fizzy hair? Resist the urge to over use hair dryers/straghteners as the heat will only make things worse! If you must, turn down the heat settings & use a coconut gloss spray. Treat your hair twice a week to a intense conditioning mask or my cheaper tip, any coconut or olive based 99p conditioner. Cake your hair with it & cover with cling film. Keep your head warm; this will open the hair cuticle & lock in the moisture even more.... so no need to pay salon prices when this can be done in the comfort of your own home at a very low cost. 6. Just because the sun is gone, doesn't mean you can't have glowing skin. Winter is the perfect time to use an instant bronzing oil to give skin a golden glow & intense moisture boost! Remember to exfoliate beforehand to avoid blotchy patches.

When applying to the face blend or use a fake tan with equal amounts of moisturiser as you only want one shade darker to your own colour.


Katie Hailes


Icon Photography 07837355075


ce g


6 Top Buys this Winter: Inecto Pure coconut glossing spray for hair Vaseline Nivea Intense moisturiser Fake Bake tanning lotion Beauty Formulas apricot scrub Aussie Hair Miracle hair masks 33

Szidonia Bandi - No

Hi I am Cindy, a 24 year old model from Transylvania. I have been doing freelanc photographers, models, designers, hairdressers and MUAs. I love trying out differen get on well with, creative and very hard working. Communication is essential for m Slightly olive skin tone, natural long brown hair, hazel eyes, size 8/10, polite and ha cakes made by me!

PHOTOGRAPHER Lukasz and Kasia Wisoczanscy


orth East fashion model

ce modelling for 9 months now. I have worked with a bunch of lovely people, including nt styles: classy, feminine, glamorous or even gothic looks. I am fun, crazy, smiley, easy to me. I am very perfectionist, every detail counts. What do you get if you work with me? ard working person, well-groomed and full of ideas. Plus a funny Hungarian accent and



Mike Brown



Erin Beth Rogers


Richard Hanley - Newcastle UK

Wedding & Fashion Photographer

Hi, I'm Richard Hanley, I'm a photographer based in Newcastle specialising mostly in fashion, beauty and weddings. My work has been printed in various publications such as The Sun, The Daily Express, the Italian Vogue website and also in Professional Photographer Magazine a number of times, where I made it to the top ten in Wedding Photographer of the year in 2010.

I would say my influences, or photographers I admire, are Richard Avedon, Patrick Litchfield, David Bailey, and Albert Watson, and although I'm nowhere near that standard they certainly inspire me to learn and improve. I've recently really started focussing (pardon the pun) on fashion a lot more, both working in my little studio and also more recently on location which is something I have never really concentrated on.

The photos featured here were taken whilst walking around the Blackfriars area of Newcastle for an hour and it really lit a fire for me and made me want to do much more location work. In the past I've been working so much more in the studio as I appreciated being able to control the light much more as opposed to relying on the fickle British weather to help out.

Since this shoot I've also done a Sixties themed one in an amazing townhouse which was decorated to that period. You can see the shots on my facebook page if you search for Richard Hanley Photography, or there is a link from I'm always looking to shoot, especially with people I've never worked with before so if anyone wants to arrange anything just get in touch.


"Expensive, Over The Top. Why Not!"

Samantha Yore - London base



MODEL Yasmin MUA Simire

ed fashion photographer


Stacey Gardn



ner - North East based model What is your name and where are you based? Hi I'm Stacey Louise and I am Based in County Durham, North East. How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? I was contacted by a photographer to do some modelling in 2009 then more recently got back into it. What types of modelling do you do? i.e glamour, fashion, pinup, etc I currently do fashion, lingerie and glamour modelling. Have you modelled for any well known brands or names? I haven't but fingers crossed for the future. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I've done more studio than location and location can be tricky for wardrobe changes so I would have to say studio. What do your friends and family think of you being a model? My husband doesn't mind what I do which is the main thing for me and he enjoys seeing all the pictures after a shoot. What is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I haven't had to travel too far yet, all of my shoots have been based near to me. What preparations do you do before a shoot? I always prepare for my shoots the night before. I try on outfits and shoes so I know what looks good together, I wash my hair ready for styling the next day, I always apply fake tan as I have very pale skin and I will either apply nail extensions or nail varnish. What do you think makes a good model? I personally think to be a good model you have to be reliable, fun and professional. I like to go on a shoot and enjoy myself, yes I'm there to do a job and get the shots the photographer wants but I like to put my own ideas into a shoot and get the shots I want too.




CT Magazine - issue2  

Issue 2 of CT Magazine, showing casing the hidden talent in the fashion industy. to be featured get in touch at

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