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Dave brings to you 38 years of valuable experience in transportation, management, business and compliance. Dave has driven in every condition across North America and overseas as military, police, company driver to owner operator to now Publisher Editor of Canadian Trucking Magazine.

I have reached the double nickle and find a lot of my friends are having to deal with the C word! In fact as you can see I dedicated my front cover to my favorite aunt in the world, Aunt Irene who was taken by Cancer. Another Great women in my life, who actually saved my life, Shirley Fox, my mom’s good friend and a nurse who saved me from death was taken by Cancer. I could keep writing and end up with 80 pages of stories of people we love and respect who are struck down by Cancer. However I would rather write on a positive note and say we join and beat this. This October there are several Convoys taking place that not only raise money to stop Cancer, but shows Truckers Care.

October 6th, be at the Roadking in Edmonton, details are on page 6. On Saturday October 13th be at 5th Wheel Truck Stop ,Exit 199 DorchesterRD , Dorchester Ontario details at

These Convoys were organized for October as October is the Month we all join together to beat Cancer. If you drive a big truck, arrange it to be at one of these functions, or talk to your company to make sure at least one of your trucks are there. You can also help out by donating. On the web sites there is methods to get your money where it can do the most good. Let’s join together now and stop Cancer before it takes more of the people we love and 3 respect! continued on page 4

continued from page 3 On a lighter note, did you notice the magazine back up to 48 pages this month and climbing! With a load on my plate I let it slip down to 32 pages for a while losing some interesting content due to lack of chasing advertising to pay for it. You will be happy to know we at CTM are 100% focused back on your magazine and planning to have it back to 64 pages before you know it. We can use some help from you to get our Facebook page up to the 5,000 mark. Please go on it, and LIKE the page and share it with your friends to LIKE it. This month we have back in Kelly Anderson the Guru of the transportation Industry with a first time Marc Springer ready to make his follow up article for us in Octobers Edition. Sandy Long with very very important advice as always and Dawn Truell keeps us up to speed on the border situations.Tara and Mylene write about the upcoming Convoy in Alberta! These writers and readers of CTM always have solid advice to offer us or a great story. I look forward to thiers and increasing our authors in the future. On Page 28 is Project Heroes and please be a Hero and visit thier web site for more information or our digital Edition on line at the CTM web site or visit here today;

We have GPS in the Ad for again this month. Several years ago when I wrote about the Rand McNally GPS not a lot of you were using them. Now when you see how trusted they are, it is hard to find a driver without one. Including me! Warning though ! Not all GPS systems are the same. If you are paying under $300 for one, get ready to swim in a lake or peel the top off a trailer. Make sure it has trucking software in it. The Source has the proper GPS and you don’t even have to go looking for one. Just use the online for the special pricing and have it delivered to your home or terminal. I need to plug as those great prizes you see at the truck shows are from I am looking forward to seeing you at the Capital Truck Show in Ottawa, the rest of our team will be at Truxpo in BC. Be sure to drop in if you are around for great prizes and don’t forget Convoy for a Cure in October.

You all be safe out there, I would rather hear from you than about you!

HAPPY TRAILS........ Dave

Hey is that Taylor Swift! Or the daughter of Ret. Chief Lyle Ladouceur with his Hemi

Convoy for a Cure Time

Hi, It's Tara & Mylene from Alberta Convoy for a Cure!

We're revving up to get our 4th Annual Convoy on the road October 6, 2012! Both of us are excited to see everyone this year, it's shaping up to be another great Convoy!

Our convoy started out as an all female truck convoy raising money for a well know women’s cause, breast cancer. We have now let the men join in on the fun, some going so far as to dress up in drag.

We will be meeting at the RoadKing Travel Center in Sherwood Park, AB roughly around 8 am to decorate our trucks. The Roadking has graciously offered to provide us breakfast. We will also be doing our judging for best dressed truck in the morning. From there we will be travelling down the Anthony Henday South making some noise until we reach Blackjack’s Roadhouse in Nisku AB. Blackjack’s will be provid-

ing a late lunch and some entertainment for the afternoon. We will also have a silent auction going on and Wowtrucks will be on hand to take some great pictures of our event.

This year has proved again to be one full of great support but we do need volunteers, sponsors and TRUCKS!! So if you or your company would like to get involved in a great event for a great cause please feel free to contact either on of us.

We'd like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at Pro Trucker’s BC Big Rig in Chilliwack and Alberta Big Rig in Red Deer! We look forward to meeting new folks at the Lesco Show n Shine at Blackjack's on September 22-23, 2012!

Please visit our website: and check out our facebook page.

To register contact: Tara : 780-236-2899 Mylene: 780-975-3208

EAST MEETS WEST - Here Anne Findley Trucking for a Cure (Center) Ontario, meets Tara and Mylene from Convoy for a Cure Alberta

Pictured here left to right is Marc (BFG), Grumpy (CTM win the BFG with his truck) Peter (TransX) Dave (CTM).

nner of

Recent Border Action “Arrests”

B o r d e r agents seize meth taped to suspect's thighs

Over the Labor Day weekend, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found a man and a teenage boy were arrested in separate incidents where they tried to smuggle methamphetamine into the U.S. near San Luis, AZ by taping it to their legs

They were caught by a drugsniffing dog along with his border officer. The search revealed that the 17 year old boy had 2 pounds of meth valued at $23,870 taped to his thighs. The other man, 25, Mario Alberto Salgado Trejo was arrested when officers found taped to his thighs 1.2 pounds of methamphetamine valued at $18,600. Border Patrol seize over $600,000 in unreported cash, meth

A 30-year-old female Mexican national was arrested September 2 in Nogales, AZ for trying to smuggle $87,932 of unreported money out of the country. The same day, a 29-year-old U.S. citizen was arrested for attempting to smuggle more than 37 pounds of meth into the U.S. Officers said Isaura Cordova, resident of Mexico, was given a secondary inspection when she was driving through the border to Mexico. Officers discovered vacuum sealed bags of U.S. money in the center console of the car. Meth was found in Phoenix, AZ resident Tadeo Martinez's car when a narcotics detection dog smelled the drugs and led them to his vehicle

By: Dawn Truell, President, Cross Border Services Illegal souvenirs that could land you in trouble

Seizures of thousands of items that travelers pick up each year as a souvenir of their travels struggle to get them through Customs. Among the most popular seized inadmissible souvenirs are undeclared goods and counterfeit items, such as designer clothing, media, watches and purses. Footwear or leatherwear made from endangered or protected species also makes the list - as well as what the agency considers ‘consumables,’ such as herbs, meats, cheese, sausages, Cuban cigars, absinthe and medications. There are a numerous things that even frequent travelers may be surprised to learn that are prohibited. One such item is the popular European milk chocolate treat Kinder Eggs. During fiscal year 2011, more than 60,000 Kinder Eggs have been seized because the small plastic toy inside the chocolate shell could pose a choking hazard for young children. Recently two Seattle men returning from a visit to Vancouver say they were detained more than two hours at the Canadian border after U.S. border agents discovered illegal chocolate eggs in their car. Thinking about getting a knock-off purse or wallet while traveling internationally? Destinations like Hong Kong and Shanghai have high-quality counterfeit and pirated goods that are very tempting, but be aware that if you are caught with pirated or counterfeit items in your luggage when you come back, you will lose the items and may

Did you know a Kinder Egg may not be allowed accross the border? have to pay a big fine. Things like designer handbags, soccer jerseys and baseball caps are counterfeit or trademark infringed items and these are some of the most popular banned items. Jewellery supplier to cable shopping network faces nearly $2 million in fines and restitution Anchorage, Alaska A Hong Kong-based jewellery exporter pleaded guilty recently to customs fraud charges and faces nearly $2 million in fines and restitution in a scheme discovered by CBP officers and import specialists working in Anchorage Alaska. Fai Po Jewellery (H.K.) Co., LTD, admitted to intentionally submitting false invoices to the government in connection with the importation of merchandise in order to avoid paying more than $1 million in customs duties. The company was also ordered to pay an $800,000 criminal fine and restitution of $1,017,737. Additionally, the company was ordered to pay the cost of the investigation in the amount of $144,324 and they were placed on three years’ probation.

I push these trusted trader programs, C-TPAT, PIP, FAST and CSA not because the government says to but because when done correctly, by me you can be assured of that, these programs will ease all Truck Driver’s border wait times when the company they are employed by is approved under these programs and when the driver has his FAST card. Also another huge benefit is the security awareness, when I train employees and drivers, I teach them what to be aware of, what types of drug smuggling, product smuggling, and human trafficking is going down these days, I teach ways to look out for this type of activity, to protect each and every one of us. Drugs and Human Trafficking are just wrong and dangerous no matter how you look at it!

These people behind these activities are murdering children, women and men on a daily basis; we need to try to do our part to stop them. These are all acts of Terrorism. Drivers please be very careful when travelling in Texas, Arizona and California near any Mexican border points, if you must go into Mexico for pickups or drop-offs be very aware of your surroundings and have emergency contacts readily available for you just in case something happens, carry your cell phones with you at all times! Be ready to expect increasing border wait times at Sarnia/Port Huron, Windsor/Detroit, and Niagara/Buffalo, there has been increased Drug Smuggling at these border points.

For further information on aiding in the fight against smuggling, terrorism, C-TPAT, FAST, PIP please contact; Dawn Truell, President, Cross Border Services, at:

Note from Dave here, if you see suspicious activity, persons asking you for a ride acrosss the border in your truck, a loose lipped driver talking about smuggling loads of drugs or weapons, do us all a favour and contact authorities. Try to get as much information as possible without becoming involved and shut these bad guys down!

BORDER WATCH CALL 1.888.502.9060

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

By Sandy Long


Truckers are the biggest ‘marks’ in the world, no doubt about it. This is proven over and over with the biggest indicator being the prevalence of beggars, tramps and thieves around truck stop environs. We have all seen them, the ‘poor’ soul standing at the end of an off ramp with his sign “hungry, can you help?” or the multitude of people walking the parking lot during the day telling tales of woe about broken down cars and their hungry little kids. They are not there because truckers are not generous and don’t try to help where they can. In the last few years, many media sources have done exposés of these so called beggars and how they live better than most of us on the proceeds of their standing on corners. One man in the Kansas City area was seen getting into his brand new SUV after standing on the corner for six hours holding a sign saying, “Homeless, hungry please help me.” He was followed to a very nice suburb and a very nice house. Another denizen of the truck stop environs are the ‘gypsy’ sellers of everything from “gold” necklaces to “diamond” rings. These people come up against the truck and try to convince you of the genuineness of their ‘24k’ gold and their ‘cannot pass up’ diamonds at ‘rock bottom prices’. In reality the gold will turn your skin green and the so called ‘diamonds’ are cheap cubic zirconia’s. Probably the worst of these people of the parking lots is the thief. These people will steal anything not padlocked in and even sometimes that isn’t protection enough. Then they wait a couple of hours and sell the loot to another driver. I knew of one driver that was ap-

proached as he walked to his truck from the restaurant by a guy with binders for sale. It was a dark night and the driver couldn’t pass up binders for $5 a piece. He bought them, carried them to his truck, turned on his loading lights on the back of his cab and went to hang up his ‘new’ binders. When he looked up at his headache rack, he found his padlock cut and his binders gone. Looking at the binders he had just bought he found that they were his to begin with. These types of scams don’t really hurt anyone physically; just wound the billfold and the ego. There are many dangerous scams and schemes that can and do hurt or kill a driver and are acted out every day. A few months ago I was talking to a friend on the phone. He was parked at a truck stop on a bright sunny though cold day. As we talked he told me that someone had just fallen on the ice but there were a couple of other people there. The fallen man jumped up, his cohorts laughed and they all stood between two trailers ahead of my friend. Suddenly my friend said he thought he was going to be asked to testify that the guy had fallen as one of the other men was walking towards his truck. My friend kept me on the phone as he slightly lowered his window to see what the guy wanted. I heard the man on the ground tell my friend that there was a movie producer up by the fuel islands that wanted all the drivers who were awake to walk up by the cameras. My friend refused and hung up to call the manager. The police shortly arrived but the men were gone. The manager told him that there had been a gang working the two truck stops at that exit and had robbed a man the week before, getting the driver out of his truck by telling him there was a naked woman in the back row.

Here are some tips to lessen the chances of being a victim of any of these gypsies, tramps or thieves:

Don’t give money to beggars on the corners or in the parking lot. If you feel the need to help, give the beggar on the corner some food or put some gas in the person’s car.

Never allow a stranger into your truck for any reason unless it is a repair man or law enforcement officer and even then make sure they are who they say they are.

If someone offers to sell you something that seems to be a really good deal…it probably isn’t. Don’t roll your window down if someone obviously not a driver comes up to your truck and if you are unsure if it is a driver, just roll the window down a little to hear what they have to say.

Never get out of your truck to assist someone that has fallen or comes up and asks you for assistance unless you are sure they are legitimate.

Be alert to suspicious activity and keep your mind on your business. No naked woman or a minute of glory on film is worth your money or your life.

Being generous doesn’t mean you should expose yourself to danger, give to proven charities instead of the beggars on the street, buy your goods from reputable salesmen and companies and finally, don’t

fall for the scams and schemes of unscrupulous people that teem around truck stops, we don’t want to read about you becoming a victim of a crime in the local paper.

fYa’ll be safe and I wish you peace and some serenity in your busy lives

(, email (, or

twitter (@trkingsantas).“

Do not cuss a trucker or a farmer with your mouth full!

Street Smarts: A Guide to a Truck Driver's Personal Safety Arriving Alive: personal safety, driving and sharing the road with semis tips Just a Lady Driver blog Sandy Long's Faire personal website Sandy Long @ Facebook TrailerTruckinTech Life member OOIDA Women In Trucking Association


As a retired Policeman so many times I have witnessed victims at truck stops, they are dark, populated and high traffic. Perfect for crime, please never let your guard down, think safety!




ON THE ROAD WITH DAVE One thing I love about this business is the truck shows and stops I go to everyday and the friends I make and run into there. Like at Beaver Truck Centre as they had thier Transportation appreciation BBQ, Don Percy of the Breeze 100.7! Now there is some KY58 stories that I can tell cruising and listening to great tunes. With the Breeze I can live my second childhood. It was an awesome event at Beaver with a charity auction where Dave Tyrchniewicz from Turk was the highest bidder. Thanks -

Below Snortn Boar Transport Friend Marc Springer write up Page 31

Marc Springer

A longtime salesman for Harley-Davidson, Marc entered the shipping business out of pure necessity. With nobody buying motorcycles in a bad economy, the husband and father of four was scrambling for an income when he stumbled across an online ad looking for someone to ship two Harleys across the country for $2,000. Marc used his experience with Harley-Davidson to win the bid and, as he says, “the rest is history.” With just over two years of shipping under his belt, Marc has already upgraded from an old pick-up to an entire 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig. He knows he has an edge on the competition and looks for nothing but the biggest, “baddest” loads he can find. When Marc is not hauling unusual items around the country, he spends his time working to take his race team, Snortn Boar Racing, to the Baja 1000. Visit Marc's official site at Snortn Boar Transport provides quality transportation through the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves in great communication and a can do winning attitude with the customer as our first priority! If we say we are going to do it, we will!

We specialize in Step deck and flatbed loads. If we can get it on the trailer we will transport for you. Door to door! Enclosed transport can be accomplished with a custom built sidekit for the step deck. Boats, motorcycles, tractors, construction equipment, cars, trucks, military equipment, cargo containers, lumber and building products, steel and metal loads of all types. Salvage and scrap metal not a problem. We can provide roll off container and end dump service in the Pacific Northwest region. If you are tired of the normal run around you get with most large shipping companies please contact us, you we find that that is not how we operate and you will be very satisfied with the professional service you will receive. Coming this Spring, 2012 Snortn Boar Transport will be adding a 53’ custom RGN lowboy trailer. It will be state of the art. Contacting us and we look forward to providing a quote for your next shipment!

Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – The Law of Influence By Kelly Anderson II just finished

John Maxwell’s’ book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” Over the next several newsletters I am going to write articles covering what I felt were some of the key chapters. As I looked through the index and saw the chapter entitled “The Law of Influence” I knew I wanted to read that chapter as quickly as I could get to it because I frequently talk about the fact that all we have over other people is influence. That is a talking point in my Retention and Management training seminars. I think that is one of the things that leads many Managers to anger when their employee (whether driving or non-driving) doesn’t do what they told them to do. Managers begin to think they have total control over their employees when in reality all they ever have is influence. The only thing a title can buy is a little time – either to increase your influence with others or to erase it. Consider Princess Diane and Mother Teresa. Princess Diane was tall, young, glamorous, and circulated among the highest society throughout the world. Mother Teresa was a Nobel Prize Recipient, small, elderly Catholic Nun whom served the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India In a 1996 poll published in the London Daily Mail the two ladies were voted the two most caring people in the world. Princess Diane demonstrated her understanding of influence as she raised funds for charities, and rallied people behind causes such as AIDS Research, caring for people with leprosy, and creating a ban on land mines.

It was her influence with President Clinton that resulted in the United States signing the Oslo Agreement. The only thing her title gained her was a little time with which to increase her influence or erase it. As a result of her being trust worthy, dependable, and willing to sacrifice she increased her influence exponentially. Even when she divorced Prince Charles and lost her title she didn’t lose her influence, her influence increased as her Royal in-laws decreased. As a matter of fact her wedding was watched by about 1 billion people – her funeral was watched by 2.5 billion. Many people believe that because they have a position of authority that they are automatically the leader and have influence. Neither is true. As I mentioned earlier, a title just gives you time to either increase or erase your influence. The truth is it’s not the position that makes the leader; it’s the leader that makes the position. To gain influence you must be trustworthy, dependable, likable, and honest. These are just a few of the traits you should exhibit which are all part of character. Kelly has worked in the transportation industry for the past 27 years. He has held many positions including Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Professional Driver, Driver Trainer, Driver Recruiter, Safety Supervisor, and Safety Manager over a recruiting department for a 1,720 truck fleet. Using these experiences, Kelly founded Impact in January 1998. WATS - 888.429.3445 Local - 417.451.0853 Fax - 417.451.6098 13693 Middle Grove Lane Neosho, MO 64850


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