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From the Editor ~~ Dave brings 40 years of valuable and interesting experience in transportation, management, safety, business and compliance. Dave has driven in every condition across North America and overseas as military, policeman,company driver to an owner operator to transportation management. Now Publisher Editor of Canadian Trucking Magazine bringing you articles and entertainment in print and on the web. Join Dave on Face Book for real time updates. Meet Dave at the Truck Shows.

Marc Springer on the cover again! So he should be with the message he delivers this month about Xp3. I saw the demo with my own eyes taking a bunch of the other products including the one I always used and showing how they don’t compare to Xp3. Then doing my research I found testing done that blew me away, that some of the product I used was giving me worse fuel Mileage and not doing what they say. I will leave Marc in my interview on page 24 to tell you more about Xp3. It was a busy month on the road with CTM. Convoys in September in Winnipeg and Alberta. What a blast they were as always!

Winnipeg ~ The Worlds Largest Convoy did it again and broke records with 170 trucks. If you have not been in a Convoy, or watched and participated, you are missing something. Put it on your Bucket List because Driver I can’t describe the feeling in a 48 page magazine. You have to live it! Check out the web edition with over 170 pages of trucks and pictures of this great event. Page 32 & 33 have some pictures of the group that was there in Winnipeg & Alberta. The faces tell it all, excitement and pride raising funds for a great cause and having fun doing it.

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Xp3 is heavy in this issue with the cold weather about to come our way and what to add to your tanks. Read on and enjoy.


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Does it look like I am having fun at the Convoy, you bet! There I am with an Olympic Athlete in Winnipeg. Below that with Tara an original organizer of the Alberta Convoy and still hanging in there. Thanks Tara, Bridget and everyone else for a job well done. Followed by my friend Hundal at the Regina Husky. I have been told Hundal is moving on and a big thank you for looking after all of us so well. Always a gentleman, and always helpful. I am on the road again to SEMA, Kansas and Nashville and will have loads of pictures and reports for November. Follow me on facebook and I will post where I am and what is happening. Take a real good look at this issue as I report and do reviews on some of our favorite places. The Yellowhead Inn, a place many a driver has stayed being truck friendly has undergone some awesome changes and I report on those. Blackjacks has a write up and next month maybe the Airways beside it as if you have never been in there it is like a museum. DABS one of the best repair places in Manitoba is also a TruckPro now and I talk about that. Well, see you on the road, please say Hi and let’s have a coffee. Happy Trails..........Dave

Jack the very famous Host of the CISN in the Morning Show in Edmonton AB rode with us in the AB Convoy. See the video on the CTM FB Page.


Bella Liked Car Rides Better Before the New Car Seat Laws



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By: Dawn Truell ~ CBS ~Wonde

On August 4, 2013 at the Ambassador Bridge, windsor/Detroit border, a 61year-old man from Colborne, ON, Wayne Douglas Rutherford, was charged with two counts of illegal drug smuggling and possession of a substance for the purpose of trafficking cocaine and methamphetamine. This gentleman was driving a commercial shipment of produce from California to Ontario. He was referred for secondary screening where in the front walls of the cargo trailer was found multiple packages totaling 53 kilograms of cocaine and 22 kilograms methamphetamine.

At the Pharr International Bridge in Pharr, Texas on August 9 CBP officers seized $1.5 million in marijuana discovered in a truck shipment of produce. Driver was carrying shipment of avocados when the officers discovered 120 packages of marijuana concealed in the roof of the trailer; tractortrailer and marijuana were seized.


Drugs being smuggled into our beautiful Port of Halifax? On August 12, 50 kilograms of cocaine were found inside a shipping container destined for Ontario by CBSA in a load of auto equipment from Panama. Two men from Vaughan, ON were arrested in this case.

Truck driver in Sarnia armed and detained; in Point Edward on August 19 a 50 year old man from Ellwood, Kansas was arrested when it was found by OPP and CBSA Officers that he was armed with a prohibited 32 caliber Cobra and ammo entering Canada.

Bananas from Ecuador….in a load of bananas destined to Canada and Belgium there 4.4 tons of cocaine were seized, value was $260 million! In Guayaquil, Ecuador, August 31 drug dealers tried to bribe police, five people were arrested.

September 9, 2013, 31 pounds of crystal methamphetamine with a street value of $1 million was seized at the Laredo International Bridge. In the drive shaft of the Ford F150 driven by Miguel Angel Martinez-Lopez, 41 of Matamoros, Mexico and his passenger Juan Eduardo Villaverde-Hernandez, 52 of Naucalpan, Mexico CBP officers discovered a “white crystallized substance”, the two were charged with possession and intent to distribute.

ering why it’s getting tougher at the borders? While the U.S.A. was remembering the fallen on September 11, a case of human smuggling was discovered in a high-seas chase in the Florida Keys. Two men from Las Vegas were arrested during a stolen boat interception by CBP on the ocean side of Boot Key, they were attempting to smuggle 5 migrants from Cuba into the U.S.A. They had on board the vessel, food, water and gasoline drums. They were charged with grand theft of the boat valued at $65,000, property damage, assaulting law enforcement officers, health and safety violations for having the gasoline drums on their vessel and attempt to illegally smuggle migrants. Summer is a normally busier time for migrant smuggling due to the calmer seas and favorable currents. Last week 46 Cuban migrants were caught off the Keys by the U.S. Coast Guard crews, they were stopped before setting foot on U.S. soil, under the wet-foot-dry-foot policy, meaning if they made it to shore and stepped foot on the ground in the U.S. they could stay, if they don’t make it to shore they get sent back to Cuba, these 46 got sent back.

For further information on the fight against smuggling, terrorism, C-TPAT, FAST, PIP please contact Dawn Truell, President, Cross Border Services 905-973-9136.

Note from Dave! If you see suspicious activity,persons asking you for a ride across the border in your truck, a loose lipped driver talking about smuggling loads of weapons or drugs, do us all a favour and contact authorities. Try to get as much information as possible without becoming involved and shut these bad guys down! CALL BORDER WATCH




Dave’s Review of BLACKJACKS Road House in Nisku This has got to be my favorite stop in all of Alberta! If not all of Canada! I have watched Blackjacks be built from the ground up, visiting Clarence the owner on site every visit to the Edmonton AB area. Every detail of this Road House has been built to appeal to any person, traveller, resident and especially the trucker. Open 24hrs this big welcoming Road house is well lit and clean and comfortable. Blackjacks Roadhouse and Games Room is the vision of Clarence Shields who has owned and operated many great operations over the last 25 years, including local favorites The Airways Country Inn and The Nisku Truckstop restaurants and bars. This brand new building has been created to host Clarence’s latest vision, this outstanding and beautiful building features amazing truss work and a 2nd floor grand stage overlooking the room.

Blackjacks boast the best buffet in the area, as well as a great Canadian & Chinese cuisine menu. The games room is furnished with 25 V.L.T.s, 5 Minute Keno, Sports Select. Watch and play all the sports from the comfortable lounge. I gave the Keno machine a good kick while I was there.

Clarence and his daughter Krysta are always around making sure the Road House is the open welcoming environment guests have come to expect. I could fill the magazine just talking about how they give back to the community in so many ways, but close to my heart is the sponsorship in the Alberta Convoy every year, providing a great place to land and a hot meal, entertainment and drinks for the participants. Thanks so much Clarence, Krysta and the staff of Blackjacks Road House for helping the Alberta Convoy fight for a cure.


Cole Whitt, driver of the #30 Swan Energy Toyota, David Reutimann, driver of the #83 Burger King/Dr Pepper Toyota, and Danica Patrick, driver of the #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet, are involved in an incident during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 13th Annual Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway on October 6, 2013 in Kansas City, Kansas.

The #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet of Danica Patrick is towed to the garage after an on-track incident on the first lap of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 13th Annual Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway on October 6, 2013 in Kansas City, Kansas.

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On Friday’s Please wear Red to show support for Police, Fire, Rescue, Military

Kevin Harvick, driver of the #29 Budweiser Chevrolet, and others pit during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 13th Annual Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway on October 6, 2013 in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Danica Patrick, driver of the #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet, walks throught the garage during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 13th Annual Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway

Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 M&M's Toyota, climbs from his car after an on-track incident during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 13th Annual Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway on October 6, 2013 in Kansas City, Kansas.


Ready for more NASCAR Action and Rep

November Edition ~ Dan Belinski of Dab’s R to report on the ADVOCARE 500 and Don’t miss

ports ~~~Phoenix International Raceway

Repair Ltd ~ Winnipeg ~ Leads a CTM Crew d the Phoenix International Raceway this one!

Timothy Peters, driver of the #17 Parts Plus Toyota, Caleb Homa Quiroga, driver of the #77 NET10 Wireless / OtterBox Toyota, cra Powered By Coca-Cola at Talladega Superspeedway on October

an, driver of the #75 Food Country USA Chevrolet, and German ash on track during the Camping World Truck Series Fred's 250 r 19, 2013 in Talladega, Alabama.


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Marc Springer Gets Serious Abou


In this article, Dave MacKENZIE, Publisher Editor of Canadian Trucking Magazine, a silver back driver with over 40 years of commercial driving, and one of North America's top advocate for transportation professionals, talks to Marc Springer of Snort n’ Boar Transport from Seattle, Washington on getting serious about Fuel Savings. Dave: Marc, before we get into this month's topic on how people can save money on fuel, what do you do when you're not on the show? Marc: When I'm not on on the show, I'm still hauling. If you check my uShip profile, you'll see that I haul loads for customers all over the U.S. and Canada. The truck you see on TV is the same truck I've been using to haul everything from scrap metal to construction equipment. You've heard the says and it's true, "if you got it, a truck brought it". Dave: What got you into trucking? Marc: I've done a lot of interesting things before I got into the trucking business. Believe it or not, when I was a kid, I dreamed of joining the National Hockey League. I moved up to a small hockey town in Manitoba -- Dauphin -- to improve my hockey skills. I had a great time and learned a lot about hockey and life. I played with many great hockey players and this is where I developed my competitive nature that I use everyday in my trucking business. Trucking is something I tried out, found out I had diesel in my blood and fell in love with everything about it. Dave: Can you share some of your best tips for people looking into becoming an owner operator?

Marc: Sure, first of all, get some help right up front or be ready to make some very expensive mistakes. Learning on the road is an expensive way to go, just ask Jarrett. Get your authorities, or even better, run under someone else’s authority to get started. You'll need to make sure you have access to some start up cash and buy the right equipment up front. In the long run, the right equipment will help you make more money -not cost you money. Speaking of money, watch your costs like a hawk. Fundamentals of the trucking business are very simple, to make a profit, spend less per mile than you get paid per mile. Also, being knowledgeable about products that help you burn less fuel is key. Adding high quality additives to your engine & fuel systems ensures that your iron runs better for longer. Dave: From the cover of this month's issue, I can see that you're reaching out to our readers with ways to save money on fuel. Marc: It doesn't take long for an owner operator to realize that painful chunk of their income gets burnt up the stacks. Over the years, I've tried and used different additives, but found that many of them don't live up to my expectations or even worse, can even damage your iron. I use a diesel additive called Xp3. Xp3 has exceeded my expectations in it's performance and everything else it does for my Kenworth. My belief is that fuel additives should not only save you money on fuel, but also bring down maintenance costs and reduce down time over the long run.

ut Fuel Savings with Dave MacKENZIE Dave : Can you tell us more about Xp3? Marc: Yes, Xp3 is one of those products you can confidently tell your readers about and they will come back to you with positive results. Every professional trucker today should be using some form of fuel additive, and if they're not, they are putting their business at risk. Basically, if you take care of your equipment, it will take care of you. That sounds like a cliche, but it isn't. Let me give you an example; I do a lot of trucking up north and have to deal with a lot of changing weather conditions and cold weather. I don't trust just anyone to treat my diesel, so I do it myself to make sure it's done right. Dave: Why is it so important to use a fuel additive in your diesel? Marc: Because today's diesel is mandated to have very low sulphur levels. In the past, our the fuel system's lubricity used to come from sulphur. Because of new emission standards and to reduce pollution, sulphur has been removed from our diesel fuels. This is why it's so important to add lubricity in your diesel with a reputable fuel additive. It will ensure proper and efficient operation of your engine, give you more power and save you money on fuel and maintenance. Dave: How much does Xp3 cost to treat your diesel? Marc: I don't think of a fuel additive as a cost, I think of it as a money maker, because for every dollar of Xp3 I use, I get back about three dollars in fuel savings. Xp3 costs about 2 to 4 cents per litre to treat your diesel, which is about 8 to 14 cents per gallon. When I'm getting the extra miles out of my tank, it

makes a real difference to my bottom line, especially on a tight job. Plus, Xp3 gives me that extra piece of mind against a possible batch of bad diesel fuel. Dave: With so many products and choices out there, how do you decide which ones to use? Marc: Getting access to the latest and greatest technology is a bit easier for me than most people. Since being on the show, I see all kinds of products out there, but I do my own research and testing before putting my recommendation on any specific products. For me, Xp3 is a no brainer. I also run a tuner on my Kenworth to get the most power out of my engine. Between the tuner and the Xp3, I get the best of both worlds, maximum power and maximum fuel economy. I also use solar panels to keep the battery on my trailer's pony motor fully charged and use CounterAct balancing beads in all my tires to extend their life. Dave: In closing, what would you recommend for nondiesel engines as an additive? Marc: Xp3 also has a gas formulation that I personally use in all my other toys. To get the best performance out of my jeep, motorcycles, boats, trucks and anything I run that burns fuel, I put Xp3 in the tank. For me, Xp3 has lived up to my expectations and I recommend your readers to try it first hand for themselves. Dave: Thank you for your advice Marc. I'm looking forward to more of your tips in future interviews together.


Dave talks about DAB’s Repair, Manitobas Newest TruckPro

DAB’S is not new to us in fact, DAB’S Repair Ltd was established in 1998, starting with 2 mechanics and now has grown to employ 15 men and women. Open from 7:00AM to 7:30 PM, Monday thru Friday, DAB’S are able to offer customers great service anytime needed. Add to that a service truck, so if you can't get to them,they'll come to you for any repairs Moving into a larger shop in June of 2008 has only increased the benefit for all company needs, as well as owner operators. With the addition of becoming TruckPro DAB’S has .Kleenoil, Espar, Lubecorp, BullyDog, and PowerUp , to fulfill more needs of thier customers. DAB’S also have a fully staffed trailer shop. Adding TruckPro, being the largest independent truck and trailer service center network across Canada is great service.


TruckPro is known across Canada for offering outstanding service to its customers, and providing top quality repairs. Moreover, thanks to the "TruckPro Excellence" training program, you will always benefit from a high level of expertise, experience and professionalism. Making DAB’S customer excellence and TruckPro a perfect fit. With more than 75 service centers nationwide, TruckPro is the largest network of independent heavy vehicle repair centres in Canada. In 2004, TruckPro joined UAP's Heavy Vehicle Parts Division, which already included Traction parts stores and TW and Cadel distribution centres. So stop in at 2126 Logan Ave or call DAB’S and see how they can help you get back on the road and save money. Thank-you DAB’S!




The RoadKing in Calgary AB, Where I stay in Cowtown By Dave MacKENZIE

The RoadKing in Cowtown, if you have been there lately, we probally saw each other! I have been known to hang out with Steve at the Roadking Chrome Shop and see all the new things he stocks besides chrome. Also a great place to catch up to old friends and new in the lounge or restaurant. I always take a room there and announce on facebook where I am, so if you facebook and LIKE the Canadian Trucking Maga-


zine facebook page we can get together for a coffee and give me some ideas for our magazine here. One stop place with a great place to get your hair cut, laundry done and it is all listed here to the right. See you there!

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CONVOYS 2013 ~~~ THA

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170 Trucks and countless people and Law Enforcement showed u


Over 200 Pictures on the Web Edition, Look for your truck there!

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p for the Worlds Largest Convoy ~ WINNIPEG MB Canada

Alberta should be proud, a job well done!


Thanks again to Dennis Swayze for capturing the event with his camera and making them available to all of us @ photosbydennis on the Web!

Plus he makes sure we have fuel in the CTM Vehicle and avoid hitting anybody!

Want to see great pictures of the World’s Largest Convoy! Visit his site.

Getting in, getting registered and getting back, thanks to

great volunteers like Greg, and he did not hit anything!

More Law Enforcement out than I can name wi

thout missing one to help make this happen!

The Great people behind the scene

es to make this happen, Thank-you!

The first Truck and the last truck in the Convoy

y as they raised the most money! Thank-you!!

Ready set let’s Go! We have us the World’s Largest

Convoy! 170 Trucks in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Is this John from Beaver again helping out

Dave from TURK who raised the 2nd top donation to the Special Olympics drives the Convoy himself. Thanks Dave!

The Rain tried to damping our spirts and when it found out this was going to be a sucess no matter what, the sun came out!

Hey that’s Brenda from Birkett!!

Way to go Doug from Beaver Truck Centre!

You can help bring someone home. Take a good look, see the other missing persons in the web edition and keep an eye out at travel centers and truck stops.


Those Pesky 4-wheelers ~ By Sandy

We truckers have a love/hate relationship with the massive numbers of 4-wheelers we share the roads with. They box us in, cut us off, hide in our blind spots, don’t use turn signals and countless other annoying things that make our jobs stressful. Most days we wish they would all stay home. On the other hand, if they weren’t out there going shopping, to work, and spending money on everything we haul, we wouldn’t have to go to mills, DC centers, grocery warehouses, produce markets and…well ok, we’ll leave it at 4-wheelers are annoying, but we do have to deal with them. Other than sheer numbers, part of the problem is lack of driver’s training in the schools these days. When I went to high school way back when, at 15 ½ a student took a semester of classroom and behind the wheel training, free. Most schools today, who offer driver’s education, have to charge for it and it is optional. Therefore, many kids have to rely on busy parents or older siblings to learn how to drive instead of trained instructors.


The rest of the problem cannot be laid at any one door, but is made up of many parts. Lane restrictions, split speed limits and cars made so smooth riding and quiet running that one can easily exceed the speed limit are a couple of the problems. Then there is technology. How many times have we seen car drivers working on laptop computers, talking on non hands free cell phones, or having a multi speaker stereo turned so loud that ‘you’ cannot hear your own engine? Too many times to count. Probably the one thing we have to watch for most is being cut off by a 4-wheeler. Like most of you, I have done my share of brake jamming and cussing when a car cuts in front of me so close that you cannot see it’s rear bumper. Have you ever wondered why they do that? One day in my own 4wheeler, I figured it out. Going along on a four lane road, I passed a semi truck. I looked in my passenger side mirror and when it appeared I was clear, I moved right…way too close to that poor truck’s nose! I was horrified! Upon getting home, I sat in my car and thought about how it happened. The answer was right there on my passenger door mirror…OBJECTS APPEAR CLOSER THAN THEY ARE…is printed right on the mirror. Question answered!


Meet Sandy at the Heart of America Trucking Show Kansas

4-wheelers are a fact of Though 4-wheelers may our lives, so here are a few tips be aggravating, under current to make it easier to deal with law, we have to deal with them them. and share the road. So remember that the driver of that 41. DO NOT TAILGATE!!! wheeler is important to Pushing a 4-wheeler just aggra- someone. Even though the 4vates the situation and may scare wheeler driver may do stupid the driver into having an accident. things and anger us, we are pro2. Don’t use your cruise in fessionals and have the obligation of trying to maintain at least heavy traffic. 3. Leave ample room be- our own safety…no matter what tween you and the vehicle ahead of our basic instincts are. you for traffic to move between lanes freely. Ya’ll be safe out there! 4. When you stop behind Sandy Long is a long a 4-wheeler at a light, leave time truck driver who is also enough room to where you can see very active within the trucking the car’s tires. industry. 5. When you have to She is a freelance writer change lanes, turn on your turn sig- for, a life member of nal and wait for a clear opening. OOIDA, member of the 6. Keep your temper. WIT(Women in Trucking) and Two wrongs don’t make a right. owner of two websites: Trailer 7. Expect the unexpected Truckin’ Tech, a yahoo group and stay alert. dedicated to the education of 8. In rain or snow the new and prospective truck drivspray or snow you throw not only ers and makes it hard to see for another truck driver, but makes it impossi- for women in non traditional ble for a smaller vehicle to see at jobs. Sandy welcomes comall for the length of your rig plus a ments at good 10-15 feet after you get by. This leaves the 4-wheeler to try to Do not cuss a trucker or navigate with obscured glimpses of a farmer with your mouth full! the road for up to a minute or more. Slow down and give as much room as possible to 4-wheelers in inclement weather.




DANICA PATRICK ~ A Guest Today, I went online and ordered a No. 7 Danica Patrick T-shirt. Let's just make one thing perfectly clear from the outset -- I am not a person who is inclined to wear hot girls on my T-shirts. I have a shelf full of Tony Stewart and Brian Vickers T-shirts, and if they make one with Gerard Butler on it, count me in, but that's it. In a perfect world, I'd be wearing a hot girl IN my T-shirts, but that's another dream for another day. Because today we're talking about someone else's dream, an early Christmas wish come true for NASCAR. On December 8, all the speculation that's been going on for months, even years, finally reached its conclusion when Danica Patrick, the face of the IndyCar Series, formally announced a two-year NASCAR Nationwide Series deal with JR Motorsports. The team is co-owned by Kelley Earnhardt, Tony Eury, Jr., Rick Hendrick and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., the face of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. When the faces of two major motorsports series come together, it makes for a pretty picture indeed, and an even better photo op. Sitting around talking with my friends lately, who are mostly guys, I am often asked my opinion of Danica's upcoming foray into the world of stock car racing. I think they’re expecting me to say two things, the first being "Meow," and the second the prediction of a miserable failure. Remember that Pantene shampoo ad campaign in the 1980s featuring model Kelly Le Brock?


Column By Cathy Elliott She opened the commercial with the line, "Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful." In my experience, men seem to think women are always critical of other women who are younger, prettier or more successful than they are. Sometimes that’s true, but not always. There seems to be no logical rule on this. We’re not crazy about Demi Moore, for example, but we love Sandra Bullock. Jennifer Aniston is a favorite; Angelina Jolie, not so much. Sharon Stone sets us to grinding our teeth, but Drew Barrymore makes us smile. Here’s what we know about Danica Patrick. Her racing career began in go-karts at an early age. She gradually moved up through the ranks until her big break came -she signed with Rahal Letterman in 2002, perhaps the only thing David Letterman hasn’t felt the need to apologize for in recent memory. She is a former Rookie of the Year winner. She moved to a new team, Andretti Autosport, in 2007, earned her first victory in 2008 and finished third in the 2009 Indianapolis 500. She plans to ease her way into NASCAR, competing in the ARCA Series race at Daytona and the NASCAR Nationwide Series races in Fontana and Las Vegas to open the season. "I think my determination and commitment are really going to be what makes this thing go well," she said in a recent press conference. "I'm a competitive driver, and I always want to do well, and this will be absolutely no different."

She hates to lose and sometimes behaves badly when that happens. She also likes stiletto heels. As I write this, it occurs to me that Patrick is starting to sound a little bit like Kyle Busch. Without the stilettos, of course, as far as we know. When a big name such as Patrick’s is on the entry list of a support race, it brings a smile to a track promoter’s face. I daresay the ARCA race at Daytona International Speedway in February 2010 may post the largest attendance, and the widest grins, in that series’ history. She is a role model for aspiring young racers. And despite her immense popularity over in the IndyCar Series, the magazine covers, music videos, TV commercials and the rest, she has proven to have some humility. To begin at the bottom when you’ve gotten so comfortable at the top surely must be a bitter pill to swallow, but she’s taking her medicine like a big girl, and smiling as she does it. So yes, I do like Danica Patrick, very much. She is a successful athlete and will be good for the sport of NASCAR. I am looking forward to wearing my new T-shirt while watching what she can do behind the wheel of a stock car, and her story will be an interesting one to follow. Because it isn’t the story of some wannabe competitor, or of "girl power." It is the story of a race car driver and the power of NASCAR.

By: Cathy Elliott


Dave at the YellowHead Inn @ Edmonton Alberta Where did I stay in Edmonton during the Alberta Convoy in September? Of course the one and only YellowHead Inn on the Yellow Head!

Judie at the front desk looked after me and checked me in treating me like a king. You can see by how great the Inn team treats you, that thier Manager Jonas has lead the way to guest relations second to none. Truckers are especially welcome here as you can see by the front desk below. The rooms have been and are being renovated to be the highest quality of any stay. I have to say I was very surprised at the room I stayed for the price you pay. Second to none. The restaurant was undergoing some new renovations getting a new floor put in to match the already upgraded modern design. With a new Chef & management I enjoyed both breakfast and supper in the restaurant. The food was good and priced right.


I checked out the newly paved and graveled truck parking and was impressed. So impressed that this would be a great place to start the Alberta Convoy next year and avoid the construction and vehicle mess in the east side of the Yellowhead. Jonas and his crew are down for that, always offering support for the trucking industry. I am a clean fanatic and just found the entire property to be beyond my expectations with the awesome renovations done here. Friday night before the Convoy, I relaxed in the lounge and took my favorite 5 out to beat up on the keno machine

while listening to good music. Basically I have to say this property is more than Dave approved. I plan to stay here every visit to Edmonton and you will see that if you follow me on facebook. I post where I am on delivery so you can find me, say hello and perhaps let me buy you a cup of joe and a pie. So if you get stuck in or visit to Edmonchuck, give the YellowHead a whirl and tell them Dave from CTM sent you for the Trucker Discount and perhaps I will be there too. Coffee is on me!



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