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Dave brings 40 years of valuable and interesting experience in transportation, management, safety, business and compliance. Dave has driven in every condition across North America and overseas as military, policeman,company driver to an owner operator to transportation management. Now Publisher Editor of Canadian Trucking Magazine bringing you articles and entertainment in print and on the web. Join Dave on Face Book for real time updates. Meet Dave at the Truck Shows.

Great summer so far my friends! In the centerfold is 2 sides of a coin. First is the CTM Crew meeting Miss Calgary at the Stampede and she was enjoying a copy of CTM. The second is a sad one, where Teka who has been in the magazines for years with co driver John passed this month. T E K A will be missed by all her friends, family at home and on the road. We got to meet a load of you this summer and thank-you for your readership and saying Hi when you saw the Crew and I in your favorite truck stops. The Crew is off to school now.

September is a very important month for Convoy’s. First is the World’s Largest Convoy on Sept 14th in Cities acrosss NA. In Winnipeg we hit 144 trucks last year screaming around the Perimeter Highway, horns and lights going with Police escort! If you have not done that before, grab a copy of the song Convoy, new or old and have the time of your life. Marc Springer we watch on Shipping Wars has with HERD giving CTM his SRT off the T600 you have seen on TV for a chance to buy with proceeds going to the CONVOY ~ Special Olympics. See page 26 of this Edition on how you can bid and own this autographed SRT.

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Mark September 14th Saturday for The Worlds Largest Convoy Winnipeg MB Sept 28th AB Convoy for a Cure ~ Ed ~ AB


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Did you have a chance to take in the CTM Truck ~ Bike ~Muscle Car Show this year at the Roadhouse Eatery in Headingley MB. A great place to have it, and we enjoyed great weather in the morning and then about 2 pm the sky opened up and sent us inside. Stay tuned as next year we are thinking a June Show in Winnipeg before the Red River Ex rain starts. The other CONVOY that you should make if you are up in Aberta at the end of September is the AB Convoy for a Cure. They work really hard to make this happen and of course all proceeds go towards fighting Cancer! More details on the CTM facebook and on Page 44. New in this Edition is an Ad on page 11 with a write up on page 10. It is only SMART to save fuel the way diesel keeps jumping up. Fuel saving devices pay for themselves and then put more money into your pocket. If you are an O/O but don’t own the trailer, drop copies of this off with the maintenance manager and company owner and point out this fuel savings works for everyone.


Big thank-you to Shadow on Page 18 & 19 for thier commitment to fight Cancer! I bet all of us know a hand full of people around us that we have lost or are fight ing this.

It is important work these Convoy’s do and there are a few acrosss NA so I am sure you can find one and join the fight. TURK is on Page 7, lucky 7 this month. Happy to see them there as I am very impressed with this company. If you are MB based Reefer Driver O/O or Company check out the runs they have. The President Dave opens his office door on Fridays and has a lunch with all welcome with the food laved out in front of his Desk. How many companies do that.

Did you see the picture at the bottom of Page 4? Some of the Tri Service Vets out at Hooters (for the wings) with Marc Springer who also rides. Unlike me, he stays on his bike. A big thanks to Vlad of Ice Road Truckers owner of VP Express for bringing some of his trucks out to the CTM Show and the great article in July’s Edition! Looking forward to some more pictures and stories from Vlad.

Thank-you Bruce Querel of Querel Trailers Winnipeg for the Fontaine Deck for the Band for our show. I have never met anyone that knows as much about trailers than Bruce Querel does. I could write for hours like I talk, but read inside here for more great Stuff! Cathy Elliott puts in words why Danica is my favorite NASCAR Driver Page 42. Pick up extra copies of CTM for the depot and home!!! Always remember, I would rather hear from you, than about you! Happy Trails....... Dave See you at the shows or on the Road.



September 1st to the 7th is National Trucking Week 2013 and I am so proud to be a Trucker and yes I have a CDL in my pocket and over 1 Million Safe Miles. Now giving back by having this magazine out there for you and the transport industry. What makes me proud is all the drivers I meet through CTM that have millions and millions of safe miles and the drivers that have looked after the travelling public. Stories of Drivers that have saved people and families in crashes and adverse conditions. Stories of Drivers that have stopped for elderly people on the side of the road, to call for help for them, or to help change a tire. Stories on how generous we are when it comes to great causes and children and each other. Should I keep going! You bet I will! Ever known me to be shy.

The CONVOYS we have across the country to raise money for the Special Olympics and fight the dreaded Cancer that have been taking our love ones and strangers. Truckers make the road a safe place for all to be on. In a storm, people look for an experienced trucker to follow till they can find a safe place to stop. People feel safe when the see a way stop with loads of truck activity. But again one point that hits home that there is nothing anyone has that at one time or another was on a truck or portion thereof. Thank-you Truckers for keeping NA going and the hard work and dedication and sacrifice each and everyone of you do each day with long miles and days away from family. I look forward to saying Hi to each and everyone of you in the truck stops and shows on my travels as you are my Brothers and Sisters of the Highway! Dave



By: Dawn Truell ~ CBS ~ In Cana

I usually write articles regarding illegal d r u g smuggling and other acts of terrorism, while it’s one thing to have the knowledge to share these numerous daily incidents, recently I had the opportunity to see for real in front of my face the absolutely horrifying effects these disgusting drug smugglers have on our people and our communities. When you see it for yourself it’s just absolutely jaw dropping.

While we all know that somewhere out there every minute of every day there is someone taking an illegal drug, you have to see it actually with your own eyes to really grasp the horrible effects of these drugs. While on a vacation with my daughter recently, we drove through the streets of Vancouver, as you proceed along the main thoroughfare which the Trans


Canada Hwy leads you through, as you approach the “beautiful” downtown you begin to experience for yourself the drug world. There are people literally shooting up heroin in the street while lying atop garbage bags with all of their belongings in them, as that’s where they live. They call this area, Hastings Street area, the poorest place in Canada. These wayward lost on drugs citizens of our

own country of Canada have become lost souls to our drug lords. They beg from strangers as we walk by for money that we know all too well is going to buy their next “hit” of the drug of their choice, or the drug that is readily available at that moment. What drugs are available there you may ask… heroin, crack, cocaine, marijuana, crystal methampheta-

ada Today…

mine, Khat, and dubious amounts of home cooked drugs. As we drove by this area with people literally walking sideways, falling down, kneeling into the street, picking through garbage cans to find what little food may be in there because they don’t have any money to purchase food, sleeping on garbage bags, doing their drugs right there out in the open for all to see and a woman who picks up a random strangers hat off of the sidewalk proceeding to place it on her head.

Canadian streets. For this writer, reporting about the extreme high

frequency of contraband smuggling, human trafficking and acts of terrorism has brought this type of reporting to a whole new level, seeing is believing…

For further information on the fight against smuggling, terrorism, C-TPAT, FAST, PIP please contact

This shocked my daughter and I more than you can imagine, who knew that this truly went on right before our eyes. The saddest part for this writer is that they are getting their drugs supply from the tremendous amount of drugs that are being trafficked into Canada from Mexico, Somalia, Asia, Columbia, U.S.A., Middle East, China, Russia and as sad as it is to report also from Europe. We need to put into action stronger border initiatives to keep these drugs from hitting our

Dawn Truell, President, Cross Border Services 905-973-9136. Note from Dave!

If you see suspicious activity,persons asking you for a ride across the border in your truck, a loose lipped driver talking about smuggling loads of weapons or drugs, do us all a favour and contact authorities. Try to get as much information as possible without becoming involved and shut these bad guys down!




Two highly experienced aerospace and racing leaders applied the best aerospace and racing technology to the design, testing, and manufacture of effective aerodynamics improvements for Class 8 over the road Truck/Trailers. A misconception of the Trailer Side Skirt and the UnderTray System is that they accomplish the exact same thing. However the side skirts prevent air flow from hitting the trailer axles while the UnderTray system harnesses the air and redirects it into the low pressure trailer wake, resulting in significant improvement of fuel efficiencies. SmartTruck aerospace engineers perfected our UnderTray Systems to dramatically reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency for Class 8 over the road trucks. After the research and development start up in late 2009 the prototype was in full commercial production in 2011. This fuel savings and CARB compliant Aerodynamic Solution is approved and certified by EPA SmartWay and the Air Resources Board. SmartTruck’s Trailer UnderTray System will change the way you think of trailer aerodynamic components. This profitable, rugged, and maintenance free system performs by injecting high energy airflow into the wake from both above and below the trailer, providing greater airflow over and around your tires and break systems resulting in cooler temperatures. The result is an estimated 1015% reduction in drag, and up to an approximate 5-8% improvement in fuel mileage.

SmartTruck’s Founder and CEO, Mike Henderson, has 44 years in aerodynamics and aircraft development projects; he spent 32 years at Boeing as General Manager of Boeing’s Supersonic Aircraft Program; Mikes departure lead him too AERION Corp. whom is about to launch the first commercially successful supersonic business jet. Now successfully translated aerodynamics as it is used in aerospace into practical use in ground vehicles to include NASCAR, Indy Car, and The Ford high mileage vehicle program and Class 8 Trailers. Smart Truck COO, Steve Wulff, brings over 25 years experience of high end technology development and application through the Indy Car racing team. In 2011 SmartTruck partnered up with their exclusive Canadian distributor SmartTruck Canada. SmartTruck Canada has a strong dealer network, support which is continuing to grow. Production is on the rise and is presently 4 times greater than last year, allowing us to meet current industry demands. The SmartTruck underTray system is designed for durability in service, very quick installation, and superior aerodynamic performance using aerospace and high end racing quality computational design methods. To learn more about maintenance free SmartTruck UnderTray System please feel free to contact SmartTruck Canada, in Winnipeg Manitoba at 1-204-633-2143 or 1855-453-0133, or visit our website at

Canada’s Newest Industry Success in Aerodynamics & Fuel Efficiency

1-204-633-2143 or 1-855-453-0133


Left to Right ~ Richard Wiebe ~ Bruce Querel ~ Alan Briley (Fontaine) @ Querel Trailers

Great open house at Querel Trailers rolling out the new Fontaine with a chance to win one. People in Western Canada know Bruce & Richard know trailers and the many regulations you need to know to own & operate one in your area. Always impressed with the knowledge and experience Querel represents to make sure you are on the road with what you need to be there with along with affordable pricing! Below Bruce Querel explains the advantage of the new Revolution Fontaine Trailer.

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On Friday’s Please wear Red to show support for Police, Fire, Rescue, Military

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Marc Springer of Snortn’ Boar Transp

Above Marc Springer of Snortn’ Boar Transport seen each week on Shipping Wars signing his Super Road Train.


Countdown is on to The World’s Largest Convoy for the Special Olympics across NA in cities close to you! In Manitoba at the Oak Bluff Recreation Hall, Highway 3 at the Perimeter Highway 100 at 8am you will find over 150 trucks getting ready to own the Perimeter Highway around Winnipeg for the next few hours with the help of Police, Military and MOT Highway Patrol. If you have not been in a CONVOY before there is no feeling to describe this except winning the Lottery. It is simply an awesome experience you must have!

Have you always wanted a Super Road Train by HERD! How about one that has been seen by Millions on the show Shipping Wars on the front of Marc Springers T600. Dave from CTM will be auctioning off this HERD SRT at the CONVOY and it will sell with all proceeds going to the CONVOY. Can’t be there! Send in a bid by email to Dave @

and hope you are the highest bidder, it will be a sealed reserve bid. We can except Vise MC or Cheque.


ort ~ Gives Back to the Community

I am very proud of my connection to Manitoba having lived and played hockey in both Dauphin and Brandon as a teenager. So happy to be in a position to give back and make a difference on September 14th in the World’s Largest Convoy for the Special Olympics. You to can be a part of this great event and particapate in a Convoy you will never forget while raising money and awareness for the Special Olympics. Front Cover photo taken at HERD in Wpg I am also pleased to be MB Canada as this HERD SRT was put associated with HERD and it’s forward for auction for Special Olympics commitment to its community to make my experienced HERD P.S. Don’t forget to have some fun out SRT availible to Dave to auction there too! Many drivers spend all their time in at this Convoy. the truck and don’t get enough exercise or burn out quick. Marc Springer Take time for you, a walk, a meal at a Owner / Operator friendly truck stop, the sights around Snortn’ Boar Transport you, go fishing. Providing Quality Transportation If you have diesel in your blood, Throughout the US and Canada trucking is a way of life not just a job, and we are family on the road.




Leasing & Rentals @ BEAVER TRUCKS

Glen and I attended the BBQ @ Beaver Truck Centre and met Angelo who looks after the Leasing & Rentals. Here is some important info we just had to pass on!

Beaver are currently offering Volvo & Hino trucks for full maintenance leases. • All maintenance and repairs (including labour, parts, oil, lubricant and coolant) All preventative maintenance (P.M.'s) • Normal tire repairs and replacements • Towing Washing 24 hour Road Service 365 days a year • Replacement units when your units are down • Preferred rental rates on trucks for peak periods. Fair Market Value Lease Contract Maintenance Commercial Rentals at competitive rates Custom Maintenance Programs Whichever leasing option you decide to take with Beaver Leasing and Rentals your one-stop-shop for service options - you can count on... • Leased vehicles customized according to your needs - trucks have your logo and colour scheme • The availability of substitute vehicles • Spending less time and money on outsourcing repairs and related ad ministrative overhead • Scheduled service intervals • No more concerns over safety compliance


At Beaver Trucks, our leasing team puts you in the driver's seat. Come in and talk to Lisa, she'll have you feeling at home in no time, with her straight up attitude and no nonsense style she'll help you get the truck you need, without any hassle. And Angelo's sharp pencil ensures you'll get the best deal possible! Let us put you in the driver's seat today. Call us at 204-632-9100

Tell Beaver, you saw them in CTM!





Miss Manners says ~ By Sandy Long

Get any bunch of old hand drivers together and the topic of the loss of courtesy on the road will most likely come up. Long gone are the days when drivers communicated to each other with hand signals and light flashes. Gone are the days when drivers looked out for other drivers both truckers and car drivers. Gone are the times when one could carry on decent conversations and get accurate information on cb radios. It is the way it is, but should it be.

One of the most cited discourtesy is when allowing someone onto the interstate from an on ramp and being held out in an inner lane when it is unnecessary. The courteous thing to do is to adjust one’s speed and allow someone, who moved over to let you in, move back where they started from; you can then pass them when clear. There is much debate over whether one should ‘flash’ another driver over with the headlights. This started back when two lane running was the norm is was courteous to do. If you have an interrupter switch, flashing someone over is not telling them to do so, that is their choice, but it does make, in some circumstances, the passing driver’s life easier and safer.


Flashing someone over is more about courtesy than it is about anything else, of course the passing driver will usually be able to gauge when it is safe to come over, but with cars cutting trucks off so closely these days, it is helpful if someone flashes a driver over as soon as they are clear to come back over. Please, if you only can flash your bright lights at someone, do not do it, it kills night vision. Saying thank you to someone who flashes you over or who moves over to allow you to merge is appreciated by both car and truck drivers. By flashing your trailer lights or your hazard lights or just hitting the turn signals both ways a couple of times can also assist in improving our image especially interacting with helpful car drivers. It really starts a chain reaction effect as other car drivers see a trucker being polite, they are more apt to allow that driver to move over or do what they need to do if they are thanked for it. Most drivers no longer either run or talk on their cb radios except perhaps to see what is going on causing a back up. Fed up with getting disrespected by a responder on the cb or trying to get through the cussing and cb ramboing that goes on, most drivers now listen to the satellite radio or audio discs.

This is such a sad loss to the industry because the cb was a useful tool to fight fatigue, keep up with what was going on ahead or just to visit with another driver. There used to be common sense courtesy rules to using a cb; it is time to revisit them.

Never use curse words or tell dirty jokes on the cb, one never knows if there are children listening and truthfully, trucking is stressful enough without hearing garbage. Do not play music over the cb, though singing is ok if it is late at night…but give plenty of air space in between to allow others to talk, and if someone complains, take it to another channel. If you run into a friend or another driver that you know, take a long-term conversation to another channel, do not clog up channel 19. Give accurate information when asked, if you do not know for instance what the weather is doing behind you, do not make a guess; it is someone’s life you are making difficult. The same goes for directions, “get an atlas” is not a good answer when someone is lost. Do not key up the mike and hold it keyed to stop usage of the cb by others. If you are running power, do not use it all of the time. Enough power to a cb can disrupt cell phone calls near you or come across satellite radios other cb radios and even T.V. sets in nearby houses. If you need to blow off steam, save it for when you are alone; no one wants to hear you yelling at another driver for something minor on the cb. CB rambos are not respected by anyone. Another pet peeve of many drivers concerns parking on the fuel islands. There seems to be a trend of drivers parking on the fuel islands, placing a cone or trash can behind their truck and then going in to eat, shower or play games. This should never be done; it is not courteous to other drivers or the truck stop. Stopping on the fuel islands to quickly run in for a pit stop or to grab a cup of coffee to go is allowed; but only if the truck stop is not busy. When someone is backing in, the courteous thing to do is to stay back, give them space and time to back in safely, if at night with your headlights off. Too many times these days, when backing in, the driver is crowded and as soon as there is enough room, another truck will dart in front of them, if not behind them as they are still backing up. You know when the world is watching, you never hit the dock.

Another courtesy involving backing is if you see someone trying to back into a tight space or if someone is struggling to get it in, offer to watch their blindside for them; or just go do it. It is always courteous to hold the door for someone approaching especially if they have their hands full. This courtesy is not limited to guys holding the door for women, anyone can hold a door for anyone else and it is not limited to truck stops. Courtesy meets image in public places. The cashier at the counter is only one person and many truck stops have cut down on employee’s schedules. If you have to wait in line, do so graciously. It is not the cashier’s doing that is causing you to have to wait, the cashier is doing the best they can. If this is a reoccurring issue at the same truck stop, then find a manager or in the case of chains, send an email or call the CEO and alert them to the issue. There is no need to act out in the public view, they are watching you know. Even though the lack of courtesy appears to be rampant, courtesy starts with you; be courteous and you will influence others to do the same. When you have the opportunity to speak to less experienced drivers, talk about how important courtesy on the road is do not just gripe about it; Miss Manners says, “do something!”

Ya’ll be safe out there!

Sandy Long is a long time truck driver who is also very active within the trucking industry. She is a freelance writer for, a life member of OOIDA, member of the WIT(Women in Trucking) and owner of two websites: Trailer Truckin’ Tech, a yahoo group dedicated to the education of new and prospective truck drivers and for women in non traditional jobs. Sandy welcomes comments at

Do not cuss a trucker or a farmer with your mouth full!




DANICA PATRICK ~ A Guest Today, I went online and ordered a No. 7 Danica Patrick T-shirt. Let's just make one thing perfectly clear from the outset -- I am not a person who is inclined to wear hot girls on my T-shirts. I have a shelf full of Tony Stewart and Brian Vickers T-shirts, and if they make one with Gerard Butler on it, count me in, but that's it. In a perfect world, I'd be wearing a hot girl IN my T-shirts, but that's another dream for another day. Because today we're talking about someone else's dream, an early Christmas wish come true for NASCAR. On December 8, all the speculation that's been going on for months, even years, finally reached its conclusion when Danica Patrick, the face of the IndyCar Series, formally announced a two-year NASCAR Nationwide Series deal with JR Motorsports. The team is co-owned by Kelley Earnhardt, Tony Eury, Jr., Rick Hendrick and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., the face of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. When the faces of two major motorsports series come together, it makes for a pretty picture indeed, and an even better photo op. Sitting around talking with my friends lately, who are mostly guys, I am often asked my opinion of Danica's upcoming foray into the world of stock car racing. I think they’re expecting me to say two things, the first being "Meow," and the second the prediction of a miserable failure. Remember that Pantene shampoo ad campaign in the 1980s featuring model Kelly Le Brock?


Column By Cathy Elliott She opened the commercial with the line, "Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful." In my experience, men seem to think women are always critical of other women who are younger, prettier or more successful than they are. Sometimes that’s true, but not always. There seems to be no logical rule on this. We’re not crazy about Demi Moore, for example, but we love Sandra Bullock. Jennifer Aniston is a favorite; Angelina Jolie, not so much. Sharon Stone sets us to grinding our teeth, but Drew Barrymore makes us smile. Here’s what we know about Danica Patrick. Her racing career began in go-karts at an early age. She gradually moved up through the ranks until her big break came -she signed with Rahal Letterman in 2002, perhaps the only thing David Letterman hasn’t felt the need to apologize for in recent memory. She is a former Rookie of the Year winner. She moved to a new team, Andretti Autosport, in 2007, earned her first victory in 2008 and finished third in the 2009 Indianapolis 500. She plans to ease her way into NASCAR, competing in the ARCA Series race at Daytona and the NASCAR Nationwide Series races in Fontana and Las Vegas to open the season. "I think my determination and commitment are really going to be what makes this thing go well," she said in a recent press conference. "I'm a competitive driver, and I always want to do well, and this will be absolutely no different."

She hates to lose and sometimes behaves badly when that happens. She also likes stiletto heels. As I write this, it occurs to me that Patrick is starting to sound a little bit like Kyle Busch. Without the stilettos, of course, as far as we know. When a big name such as Patrick’s is on the entry list of a support race, it brings a smile to a track promoter’s face. I daresay the ARCA race at Daytona International Speedway in February 2010 may post the largest attendance, and the widest grins, in that series’ history. She is a role model for aspiring young racers. And despite her immense popularity over in the IndyCar Series, the magazine covers, music videos, TV commercials and the rest, she has proven to have some humility. To begin at the bottom when you’ve gotten so comfortable at the top surely must be a bitter pill to swallow, but she’s taking her medicine like a big girl, and smiling as she does it. So yes, I do like Danica Patrick, very much. She is a successful athlete and will be good for the sport of NASCAR. I am looking forward to wearing my new T-shirt while watching what she can do behind the wheel of a stock car, and her story will be an interesting one to follow. Because it isn’t the story of some wannabe competitor, or of "girl power." It is the story of a race car driver and the power of NASCAR.

By: Cathy Elliott


If you enjoyed the song CONVOY and felt it would be awesome to be in such a emotional rush,. Well Drivers here is your chance! Convoys in NA in cities you might be in, keep your eyes open and ears on or tune into the Face Book Page of Canadian Trucking Magazine and we will see you there. Tell your Company to Bid on 44 the HERD SRT from Marc Springer’s Truck T600 KW.




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