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Dave brings 46 years of valuable and interesting experience in transportation, management, safety, business and compliance. Dave has driven in every condition across North America and overseas as Military, Police, Company Driver to an Owner Operator to transportation management. Now our Celebrity Editor Publisher of Canadian Trucking Magazine bringing you articles and entertainment in print and on the web. Join Dave on Face Book for real time updates and meet at your favorite stop or truck show! Be Happy to say Hi and maybe get a picture or two. See you down the road.

Awesome Chatelaine on the Front Cover and more in the Web Edition linked on Social Media. Here we are 4+ months into 2021 and still the Pandemic haunting us in so many ways. Best thing about this for me as a germaphobe are places are clean and sanitary almost everywhere I travel and eat. Being an OTR Trucker I get to go places those who arent don’t such as the OYO Casino LasVegas and my Fav Texas. Yep Vegas is open for business and pleasure! On the social media you can see me enjoying Casino Buffets all over USA not Canada yet. They are Safe and Sanitary to stop and eat at, no worries. ELD is coming to Canada and CTM is looking for great solutions like ULTRACK page 20. Hitting the numbers we hit on Social Media each Month is mond blowing if you think about it, 10M (10,000,000) top reach with an average of over 1M every other Month all thanks to you LIKING n SHARING your CTM FaceBook! Keep up the Great Work and I will Hear from You each night at 9pm on Canadian Trucking Magazine FaceBook Page.

I Truck, as I can also report on Truck Stops, Alerts, Road & weather Conditions were I am at. I am a real Trucker out there delivering real loads, I walk the Talk. See more in the digital magazine and the next few pages, digital does not limit the amount of good stuff we can provide you! So every month we print you a 48 page hold in your hand glossy magazine and then add to it on the Web Edition up to 100+ pages of entertainment and detail, built for you, by you! If you have any ideas, this being your magazine, please let us know. Watch for LIVE VIDEO notifications and set your FaceBook up so you see Canadian Trucking Magazine first. Look forward to meeting up with you Over the Road, looking forward to hear from you, than about you. Read on ,,,,,

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OMG arrested in Web County Texas ( Laredo Texas) ! Love and Respect our awesome First Responders all over NA , Police, Fire, Rescue, Law-Enforcement, Paramedic, Border Protection, DOT, MOT, Military and for sure our Veterans. When we dial 911 they come and boy it is awesome to see them! Anybody who has ever been in a situation needing our Heroes knows how great it is to hear the sound on those sirens coming. I mention DOT n MOT because seriously they take the Junk off the highways and give us Truckers a better public image. I have heard from young Truckers put in a Junk Truck or Trailer how happy they were to be put out of service. No Trucker should ever have to drive Junk or pull unsafe trailers! But I can tell you it happens more than you think to rookies. I had to put two of my Fav social Media pics in the Mag this month because I Love Ice Coffee at McDonalds USA and I Love stopping at Casinos and beating them up for winnings and enjoying the buffets. Wondering how does Dave get around to all these awesome places? Well we wheel that Pretty Freaking Marvelous Truck “PFM”, that is Professional Freight Management Truck around North America like a real truck driver. PFM also supports your Magazine here on the back cover and pages 14 & 15 looking for drivers and owner operators that want to have fun, make miles, and make money driving like I do Canada & USA. PFM needs Truckers Too!

Love what you do! You will never work a day in your life. I Love my Job! Take a Look at SLICK (Richard Tocher) here with his donuts and Coffee at Krispy Creme in Laredo Texas. Slick drives with PFM out of Winnipeg MB as well. Most important is your mental and physical health!!! Take the time out to enjoy the road and stop and get out of the truck and socialize even from the distance. LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE our Social Media on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and put a smile on your Face with LIVE Videos of Entertainment with something for everyone. I can say I especially appreciate our Canadian Trucking Magazine Family that on Facebook has 40,000+ likes with No Drama and No Hate allowed and a reach of over 10,000,000+ thats 10 MILLION, Love saying it. Imagine reaching 10M TEN Million People in a month on CTM!

In the printed only so much picture room for all the stops I do, so in the Web Edition ,more content and Entertainment for sure to read anywhere and time you have internet. One Big Family! Watch my LIVE Videos on the CTM FB page and follow along please. I like to say again thanks for reading CTM and I look forward to hearing from you, than about you. See you Over the Road..... Be safe my friends! Keep On Trucking, All the Best!!!!!!

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By Dave MacKenzie

Winters coming and those DOT bumpers become deadly with ice n snow and are a slip risk at the best of times.! Power Pin semi trailer / van / flatdeck / fold out steps install on the trailer bumper in about 5 minutes. They have a working load limit of 1200 lbs and automatically fold into the storage position when they hit something preventing damage. The folding rear entry step is an innovative accessory for semi trailers, box trucks and flat decks. It provides safer, easier access to the rear cargo area, featuring grated steel, high-traction treads. It easily bolts onto virtually any 4" bumper beam and has an auto-stowing design to prevent the step from being damaged when backing up.

Greatly enhances safety for climbing in and out of the trailer or cargo area Ergonomic design reduces strain and promotes worker health and wellness Easier rear access increases speed and efficiency on the job Fits 4" bumper beam on most semi trailers, box trucks and flat decks Auto-stowing roller mechanism prevents damage when backing up Counter-balanced design keeps step in stowed position during travel Durable polyurethane roller with corrosion-resistant zinc bearings Grated steps provide exceptional traction, even when wet High-strength 7-gauge steel construction Quick, easy, 4-bolt instalFor purchase options in Canada, lation in minutes please visit www.powerpin.ca or call POWERPIN INC. at Check out the Videos 306.332.5034 for more informa- post on Canadian Trucking Magtion. azine Facebook Page where Storm (Shawna Gray) and I inIn the USA RETRAC stalled a Drop Step in Minutes. 877.287.8634 Be Safe out There !!


Wanted by the CBSA

By Dave MacKENZIE over 40 years LawEnforcement Experience

– The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has made a record drug seizure. On Christmas Day, 2020, officers referred a semi-truck hauling produce for further inspection. While examining the shipment, CBSA officers claim that they uncovered 228.14 kg of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $28.5-million. This translates to approximately 2,280,000 individual doses of meth. “This is the CBSA’s largest seizure of methamphetamine at a land border crossing on record across Canada,” reads a statement from CBSA. “While many Canadians were celebrating Christmas at home, border services

officers at Coutts remained on the front line to protect our country,” says Ben Tame, Director of the Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan District of CBSA. “It is because of CBSA officers’ diligence while screening essential goods that this record amount of methamphetamine did not reach our streets or cause harm to our communities.” Amarpreet Singh Sandhu, 38, of Calgary is charged with the importation of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking. He was released from custody and will appear in Lethbridge Provincial Court. • If you have information about suspicious cross-border activity, please contact the CBSA Border Watch Toll free Line at 1-888-502-9060.

CALL BORDER WATCH~ 1.888.502.9060

Note from Dave!

If you see suspicious activity, persons asking you for a ride across the border in your vehicle, a loose lipped driver talking about smuggling loads of weapons or drugs, do us all a big favour and contact authorities. Try to get as much information as possible without becoming involved and shut these bad guys down. They are bad for our business. 10


RED SHIRT FRIDAY ~ On Friday’s please wear Red to thank those who run towards Danger as others Run Away ! Thank our Military, Veterans , Law Enforcement, Police, Fire, Rescue, Border Protection, DOT, MOT, Everyone who puts on a uniform in service for us!




PFM International - Proud of our People By Dave MacKenzie

Many companies have key phrases that they believe tells all readers what they are about. Sometimes they are true and sometimes they are not. At PFM, we truly are Proud of our People! From drivers, to dispatch, to office staff and management, all put 110% into the job and do it well. PFM was founded in 1998 by Sheldon and Mark Koslovsky. They grew rapidly from 1 truck and 2 trailers to over 30 trucks and 35 trailers because of their philosophy of making their company a family orientated business. The trucking industry is likely one of the most legislated industries out there. As a carrier, there is no way around all the red tape, rules are rules and they must be followed. However, as an employer, we can make this experience an easier one on the driver, with a mandate to ensure that the driver has a good pay cheque each and every payday.

We at PFM have succeeded in making a business plan that is both successful for the staff, management and most of all for the Driver and Owner Operators. Over the years, we have grown our business with technology and continue to improve our working experience and improved results to our customers. Recently we have implemented a training program for newer drivers. PFM is a premium refrigerated carrier, our lanes are specific. We have chosen to service Western Canada to the TX corridor and the Carolinas. Our customers and our drivers appreciate working with a well-established solution provider managed by very experienced people. Just like any new advertiser we at CTM like to check them out by me (Dave) taking a ride in thier truck and doing a full tour on the road. PFM passed in spades,, as one of the Best Trucking Companies I have had the pleasure to turn a wheel with. Come check them out!


By; Ellen Voie CAE, President/CEO Women in Trucking


Reanee couldn’t help but notice a scene unfolding at the bus stop nearby. There was a man trying to get on the bus and was told “no” over and over. The man was shouting, “I don’t have shoes.” She could hear the desperation in the man’s voice that he just wanted to get on the bus, take a load off and get out of the rain. Well, the bus zoomed off, leaving the man in the cold rain. Reanee turned to her mother The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) and said, “Momma, that man has no has announced Reanee Swiger-Gray as its April Member of the Month. Reanee is shoes! I need to find him!” So up and down a professional driver for Brenny Special- the blocks near the hospital she went. When she finally located this man, ized, Inc. Reanee has been driving since Reanee shouted out her window, “Hey 2012 and is well over a million miles as Bubba, what size shoe do you wear?” The man sheepishly replied, “8 or 9.” Reanee an OTR driver. She is consistently one of called the man to the truck and said, “Take Brenny’s highest mileage drivers with an these!” Her mother said later, “You gave impeccable safety record. She is always that man your new fancy blue tennis looking for ways to improve skills and be a shoes?” Reanee said without hesitation, “That man can’t walk around in the rain withsafer driver. A few months ago, Reanee was out shoes, Momma!” They smiled at each taking some home time near Austin, TX. other knowing that man could now get out During this particular rainy day, she and her of the rain. This is just one of many stories Remother had taken her father to the hospital for a check-up. As they were finishing up anee will share with her co-workers when she is in the office. with the doctor, She is a trucking angel. She is always working to make sure someone that needs a hot meal, a cold bottle of water, a listening ear, and on that day— a pair of shoes. She is one of the drivers that will leave a legacy as an angel, keeping this industry looking and acting professional. Women In Trucking Association, Inc. is a nonprofit association established to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry. Membership is not limited to women, as 17 percent of its members are men who support the mission. Follow WIT on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. For more information, visit http://www.womenintrucking.org.


Rescue dogs and lost pets who need a ride home have a Awesome Group of allies in Canada, TRUCKERS. A group based in Thunder Bay, Ont., will help coordinate rides for animals who are heading from one part of the country to another. Furry Hobos and Hiway Heroes is the creation of Margaret Foster. A former truck driver, she took it upon herself to help coordinate rides for those with four legs. "It actually gives them something they feel good about. I mean, you go up and down the road here, you see the accidents and everything else that happens," said Foster. She said nearly 300 dogs have been transported through the group to their new homes, anywhere in Canada. She said some trucks in the United States are also now part of her 'network', allowing


for international movement of the animals in need. Foster said drivers are not compensated, but she asks for a donation of home baking, or a gift card for coffee. Help from the community Foster said many of the drivers have their own animals in their trucks, that they refer to as 'An Ambassador.' As for continuing to help ferry rescue animals, or those who are lost and found to their proper homes, Foster said most drivers can't get enough of it. "[One driver], he gets a hold of me all the time and says, 'Margaret, I'm getting tired of laughing at my own jokes, you'd better give me a dog.'" Visit on FaceBook; Furry Hobos N Hiway Hero"s. Dog gone Truckin! Thanks Margaret!!




Yes ELDs are here to stay and I have been use to them in the United States now for some time. In fact I was against them to start because I am against anything regulating compliant companies. However I have to tell you this ELDs can make life so much easier than paper coming from a Log Book Lovin Trucker. Canada has set a deadline of June 12th for Electronic logging Devices and Canadian Trucking Magazine will be here for you with Solutions such as ULTRACK. ULTRACK history started over 45 years ago in the automotive industry as a licensed mechanic with an innovative mind. Technological advances in the industry required a higher skill set that led them to the telecommunications sector. One of the major telecommunication projects was the 3G “Inukshuk” initiative that involved providing high speed cellular/internet service for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

The next step in the telecommunications industry was the newly evolving fleet tracking sector using GPS and cellular technology. This led to the first pilot project of its kind in the industry. It involved placing tracking hardware into a fleet of service vehicles to track their movements and location online. As the fleet tracking industry progressed new challenges and opportunities arose. A project came along that required a taxi company with 1700+ cabs that required installations be completed within a 6 month period. Upon completion of this project the inspiration to start Ultrack was born. ULTRACK’s goal is to continue to be innovative in the products we develop and to provide the best service to thier clients to keep them ahead of the competition. Check out ULTRACK say Dave sent ya!






prototype of the Chicago Street Course, which will be the location of the fifth eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series race on June 2 courtesy of iRacing.

Prototype of the Chicago Street Course eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Seri

e, which will be the location of the fifth ies race on June 2 courtesy of iRacing.

April 8th 2021 ~ The green flag flies for the first NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Martinsville since 2010

Credit: Doug Coby, driver of the #10 Mayhew Tools Chevrolet, pits during the Virginia Is For Racing Lovers 200 for the Whelen Modified Tour at Martinsville Raceway in Martinsville, Virginia on April 8, 2021. (Adam Glanzman/NASCAR)

Eric Goodale (No. 58 Chevrolet, GAF Roofing) held off a spirited charge from Tyler Rypkema to win the Virginia is for Racing Lovers 200 at Martinsville Speedway, Race 1 of the 2021 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.


STARTING OR ON THE JOB FCTC HAS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU By Jim Campbell The first thing you need a lot. to know about getting into What kind of wage can I trucking is the age require- get once I have my class 1 liment. cense? To drive a class 1 vehicle Great,, you graduated from in Canada you need to be 18 your 244 hour training program. years of age and 21 years old if Don’t get to excited quit yet. you would like to drive south of You still have a ways to go. You the border into the US. will need to do more training with You will also have to hold the company that hired you on. a valid class 5F and have to This hands on company have a commercial medical done training can be anywhere from two from a doctor so that Manitoba weeks to 13 weeks of further trainPublic Insurance have it on file. ing before that company feels When is a good time of comfortable sending you out on year to learn how to drive your solo trip. truck? It has alDuring this additional trainways been my opinion the best ing that companies will be spendtime to train anyone for truck ing or better terms investing driving is in the dead of winter. approximately $10,000 to $15,000 I know that sounds kind of on your training. So chances are scary but let’s face it, you will run that you will not be earning top into a lot more difficult challenges driving wages. in the winter compared to sumI’ve always told people mer driving. that has asked me that question You will get hands on to go after the experience first training as you train on snow and then the money will follow. covered road and icy intersecEvery companies is differtions. ent when it comes to wages. Your Driving truck you need yearly earnings can be anywhere to be prepared for all seasons. from $40,000 to $70,000 a year or W o r k i n g more. This is all going to depend through your first winter will be on what you are hauling, where so much easier with a profes- you are hauling and what type of sional trainer with you. equipment you are working with. I get asked this question 38

You can make your truck driving license whatever you want it to be. You can be a company driver, owner operator or eventually a fleet operator. There is nothing like sitting behind the wheel of a big rig. The size and the feel of all that horse power. The feel of freedom driving that open road. New scenery and challenges with every day is different. You will have the option of driving local, reginal, winter roads or hitting the highway on long haul. Driving long haul and running North America you will see so much out there. I remember by the time I was 30 I’ve seen more country then most people I knew. You get the chance to meet great people from all over. Trucking has always been a truly fascinating job.

For more information on First Class Training Centre and all that we offer, be sure to check out our website at www.firstclasstrainingcentre.com

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131st Expanded Web Edition Canadian Trucking Magazine  

This is the Expanded Web Edition of the Canadian Trucking Magazine a Entertainment Magazine with something for Everyone. Built for You !

131st Expanded Web Edition Canadian Trucking Magazine  

This is the Expanded Web Edition of the Canadian Trucking Magazine a Entertainment Magazine with something for Everyone. Built for You !


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