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Dave brings 42 years of valuable and interesting experience in transportation, management, safety, business and compliance. Dave has driven in every condition across North America and overseas as Military, Police, Company Driver to an Owner Operator to transportation management. Now our Celebrity Editor Publisher of Canadian Trucking Magazine bringing you articles and entertainment in print and on the web. Join Dave on Face Book for real time updates and meet at your favorite stop or truck show! Be Happy to say Hi and maybe get a picture or two. See you down the road.

Front Cover my good friends Clarence Shields and his daughter Krysta from Blackjacks Roadhouse in Nisku AB. I always stop at Blackjacks when I am up to Edmonton and infact watched it being built piece by piece from the ground up. Blackjacks has made a 24hrs stop second to none really for the family friendly feeling with food, showers, laundry and entertainment not to forget the best weigh scale you have ever seen. I say that because an oversized truck can fit the weigh scale! I have recently parked there, sleep there, ate there and showered there. The parking is 10 bucks and you get 5$ back to use in Blackjacks which is only fair with the investment they have made in a safe large parking area with security. You will find a lot of safe Truck Parking charging for spots in the future and it’s up to you to bring your company up to date with paying this as it is a write off. I strongly recommend Blackjacks and thank them for thier Ad in the magazine this month and continued support for the trucking industry.

I Truck, as I can also report on Truck Stops, Alerts, Road & weather Conditions were I am at. I am a real Trucker out there delivering real loads, I walk the Talk. See more in the digital magazine and the next few pages, digital does not limit the amount of good stuff we can provide you! So every month we print you a 48 page hold in your hand glossy magazine and then add to it on the Web Edition up to 100+ pages of entertainment and detail, built for you, by you! If you have any ideas, this being your magazine, please let us know. Watch for LIVE VIDEO notifications and set your FaceBook up so you see Canadian Trucking Magazine first. Look forward to meeting up with you Over the Road, looking forward to hear from you, than about you. Read on ,,,,, Dave

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Where to start with so little room in the printed magazine here. Well perhaps my son John Wayne MacKenzie getting his dream ride with Cst Cliff Halaburda working the Canadian Trucking Show & Cancer Fighting Convoy in the Retro RCMPolice car! A note not only is Cst. Cliff Halaburda a real hero,, everyday Hero out there protecting us in everyway every day but went beyond to make sure your Cancer Fighting Convoy was protected and escorted! Thank-you Cliff from all of us! More on the show and Convoy in a special magazine to come out as there is too much for the 48 page printed. To the right have you ever hit Eddies Corner in Montana,, well I sure have stopped there a few times and here with Allen Chevrier who I visit with at Trukkers in Redcliff with Leisa there. Below that is of course our CTM over the road corespondent Mike Murchison who is a Song Writer, Singer and truckin pulling his trailer wrapped with Wounded Warriors Canada on it to remind everyone everyday about our real Heros. See more about Mike on page 32 inside this edition! Also don’t forget to check out Champion Towing in here and centerfold because again Champion did an outstanding demonstration at the Canadian Trucking Show. Another Company, Champion that has reinvested thier money into equipment to help us the Trucker when we need them, placing Champion in needed palces like Ignace now.


Above is Murray from Bison the Lead Truck because of his fundraising and dedication! I can say I especially appreciate Wondering how does Dave get around to all these awesome our Canadian Trucking Magazine Family that on Facebook has 30,000+ likes with places? Well we wheel that Pretty No Drama and No Hate allowed and a Freaking Marvelous Truck “PFM”, that reach of over 800,000+. Below is my good friend is Professional Freight Management Truck around North America like a real Shawna Grey in her PFM Pretty freaking Marvelous Truck with Odin. truck driver. Follow Shawna on FB with PFM also supports your Magazine here on the back cover “Adventures with Storm and Furry and pages 14 & 15 looking for driv- Family”, Like it and Enjoy! I love giving tips on great stops ers and owner operators that want to have fun, make miles, and make and places to eat economically with money driving like I do Canada & great people and great food. Watch my LIVE Videos on the USA. Below is my good friend Mark CTM FB page and follow along please. I like to say again thanks for reading from Arnolds Bros that support our magazine with great pictures like the CTM and I look forward to hearing from you, centerfold and more. I An Smart Pho- than about you. See you Over the Road..... tography you will see at most events in Be safe my friends! MB and a Big Thank-you Mark!!! You have to have fun Truck- Keep On Trucking, All the Best!!!!!! ing or it becomes work and a famous person once said, if you love Happy Trails..... your Job, you will never work a day in your life. I Love my Job!







In 1995, Gary and Danny Mangat of CHAMPION TOWING made their venture into the towing industry, first attaining hands-on experience and eventually launching a company of their own in 2009. CHAMPION TOWING is a family-run operation that began with just one Heavy Duty Wrecker and increased to over 8 Heavy Duty Wreckers, 2 flat Decks, 1 Medium Duty, 1 Light Duty, 1 Skidsteer, a Heavy Duty Tilt Trailer, an Air Bag Cushion recovery unit and Emergency Spill unit. We also have one of the first state of the art RXP Rotators in Canada which has 5 heavy duty winches. This one of a kind unit does not only lift 360 degrees around the vehicle, but also allows us to winch from the side of this heavy duty rotator wrecker. CHAMPION TOWING have attained a solid reputation in the Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Nothwestern Ontario areas for their consistant professionalism in the execution of their work. Over the course of the last 20 years, they have mastered the ability to execute everything from the simplest job to the most challenging recovery in this field. They take enormous pride in doing their job right with consistent attention-to-detail, expertise and skill. They have resided in Winnipeg for 30 years. CHAMPION TOWING has successfully completed a multitude of towing-related projects of different scopes, and remained flexible to cater to the needs of their clients.

We can provide you a precise quote based on your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us. Our primary aim is to expand our clientele and become a pioneer in the towing industry in the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario regions. We excel in providing everyday towing and recovery services, whilst staying true to our ethics, and following all safety protocols. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured to provide services for commercial, private and recreational vehicles, combined with an eye for detail and an aptitude for efficiency. We tow anything with wheels, from motorcycles to tractor-trailer combinations, cranes etc. Save yourself the hassle of finding another towing service. Why waste time when you can rely on the best of the best? You’ll thank us later. Visit our “CONTACT US PAGE” on our website for comprehensive details about our location(s) for your convenience. You can call us anytime at 1(204)633-8868 or email us at


Wanted by the CBSA

By Dave MacKENZIE over 30 years LawEnforcement

A Canadian man was arrested on the Blue Water Bridge Sunday after officials found more than 280 pounds of cocaine in a berry shipment, according to a statement from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Members of the CBP Port Huron Anti-Terrorism and Contraband Enforcement Team were doing routine outbound inspections on the bridge at the time of the seizure. The commercial truck shipping blackberries to Canada was selected for an enforcement exam. During the inspection and interview, four boxes containing plastic wrapped packages of suspected narcotics were found in the truck's tractor, according to the statement. The packages tested positive for the properties of cocaine in a field test. According to a complaint filed in federal court, Dario Grujic of Guelph, Ontario, told officers he had a load of blackberries from Mexico that he had picked up in Texas. "The arrest demonstrated the continued effort by our officers, their dedication to our border security mission and the focus on the export of illicit narcotics," Port Director Michael Fox said in the statement. Grujic acted oddly while his truck was undergoing an X-ray exam, according to the complaint. Four anomalies noted in the x-rays led officers to two boxes behind the driver's seat, within arm's reach, and two in the sleeper bunk.

Inside the boxes, they found taped packages containing individual kilogram sized objects that were vacuum sealed. Following the discovery and field test of the substance, Grujic was arrested. "According to officers, Grujic did not ask why he was being placed in handcuffs at the time and instead merely slumped his head and remained quiet," the complaint reads. According to CBP records, Grujic has crossed into the U.S. in the same truck 25 times in the past six months, the most recent being through Port Huron Oct. 15. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Gregory Abair wrote in the complaint Grujic's actions were consistent with that of a drug smuggler. Grujic was turned over to Homeland Security Investigations and made his initial appearance in federal court Monday, according to officials.

Quick facts • Despite the fact that cannabis (marijuana) will become legal and regulated in Canada in the near future, it will remain illegal to take cannabis across international borders, whether you are entering or leaving Canada. For more information, consult cannabis (marijuana) legalization. • If you have information about suspicious cross-border activity, please contact the CBSA Border Watch Toll free Line at 1888-502-9060.

CALL BORDER WATCH~ 1.888.502.9060

Note from Dave!

If you see suspicious activity, persons asking you for a ride across the border in your vehicle, a loose lipped driver talking about smuggling loads of weapons or drugs, do us all a big favour and contact authorities. Try to get as much information as possible without becoming involved and shut these bad guys down. They are bad for our business. 10


Below can’t thank our hard working CTM crew enought at the 2018 Canadian Trucking Show & Cancer Fighting Convoy in Winnipeg MB,, Left to Right ,, Marcel Vanneval, Dave MacKenzie, Troy Westwood, Angie MacKenzie, Gary Cox, to name a few,,,,,,




PFM Professional Freight Management By Dave MacKENZIE

PFM 3909973 Manitoba Inc. or Professional Freight Management was formed in 1998 by Sheldon Koslovsky. Sheldon recognized that the Winnipeg area was lacking in a specialized premium Refrigerated Linehaul Service company. By the year 2000 Mark Koslovsky joined his brother Sheldon in the business. They then formed their linehaul operation, currently known as PFM International. Over the next 17 years they grew from the 1 truck and 2 trailers to 32 trucks and 35 trailers, including 6 team units. PFMs’ success in the industry is as a result of staffing with long time experienced people; currently we have 3 dispatch and 2 administration staff. Each of our staff members come with a minimum of 20+ years’ experience. PFM strives for results for our customers, providing unique solutions where necessary. Our operations are fully automated, with satellites and scanning within our trucks, to ensure that the documents needed by our customers are available at the earliest possible time.

Being able to provide our customers with live information on the status of their load is our standard. Our professional drivers all carry with them many years of reefer experience; they know the shippers and consignees very well and work with each group to keep the freight on-time. PFM is able to provide linehaul services for fresh, frozen, heated and dry products. Over the years we have gained synergies for our customers utilizing our warehouse facilities to move goods and provide a full service sortation and local p&d for the product in Winnipeg. I PFM Freight and Distribution and PFM International customers appreciate working with a well-established solution provider managed by very experienced people. There is no logistics problem that we at PFM cannot solve. Just like any new advertiser we at CTM like to check them out by me (Dave) taking a ride in thier truck and doing a full tour on the road. PFM passed in spades,, as one of the Best Trucking Companies I have had the pleasure to turn a wheel with. Come check them out!


Victoria Inn – One of the Iconic Winnipeg Hotels

Stay with us for business or pleasure. The Victoria Inn Winnipeg hotel is a premier accommodation offering deluxe guestrooms, a relaxing corporate floor and executive suites which have everything you’ll need for your next visit. With our poolside rooms, kid’s theme suites, Dino Beach Water Park complete with multiple waterslides, and on-site dining, we are the preferred choice for families of all Winnipeg hotels. Convenience and Comfort from a Win nipeg Hotel As a Winnipeg airport hotel, we are conveniently located adjacent to the James A. Richardson International Airport, but still only minutes from downtown. Ideally located in the heart of Winnipeg’s largest shopping district, Polo Park offers a variety of international

box store brands and local unique shops. Looking for a location to host your next event? The Victoria Inn is one of the best Winnipeg hotels to host your event. Our convention space is the talk of the town, with more than 55,000 square feet of meeting space, Our ballrooms are perfect for weddings, conferences and conventions. Host your next meeting at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg, we’re looking forward to your visit. Truck Parking and Pet Friendly this is a place the Canadian Trucking Magazine Crew and guests has stayed for years. Check out the special CTM rate and use it for your or the families next stay in Winnipeg! Support Business that supports Trucking!

By; Ellen Voie CAE, President/CEO Women in Trucking

Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has announced Lana Poveda as its October Member of the Month. Lana is a CRST Expedited Team Driver with 15 years of service. All of us in the transportation industry can find inspiration in Lana Poveda’s one-million-miles of accident-free driving. What’s perhaps even more inspiring is Lana’s fun-loving, gentle and uplifting spirit—and her ability to always look on the bright side of life, even when facing one of life’s greatest challenges. Lana was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. “I had some unexpected home-time, so I squeezed in an appointment,” said Lana. “I’m glad I did, as my type of breast cancer is hard to detect; and it was detected early. I’m optimistic, but I am also leaning a little harder on my partner in love and life these days.” In Lana’s case, her partner in and outside the cab is her husband, Claude. “After many years together, we’re still very much in love! It’s nice being together on the road because we work better together as a team.”


Now at their home in Palm Spring, Calif., the two are continuing to work together through Lana’s treatment plan before returning to their favorite part of their careers as drivers—traveling to see the country. Lana recalls driving through Oregon on I-84 where there was a sight of elk grazing through a valley as far as she and her husband could see. “It was the greatest, most beautiful and majestic thing I have ever seen,” said Lana. “Driving is a ‘lifestyle’ job, but I love driving for CRST because I get to see the whole country and I never see the same things twice. And, Lisa, our DM, is a big sweetheart—she makes working for CRST awesome.” According to Lana, CRST provides great support to women working in a male-dominated industry. “When I started, there weren’t a lot of women, but now there are so many,” said Lana. “And, that’s really inspiring to me, especially in my current situation. It’s great to have other women out there to talk with, share tips and offer support and encouragement.” Through her positive interactions with women out on the road, Lana’s helping to change the landscape for women in the industry. “At the end of the day, you don’t have to fit into a certain persona or gender to be a driver. It’s about loving to drive and being an inspiration for all that want to enter this industry.” Lana’s words of wisdom for other women is if you really want to do something in your life, you should try. “Go for it, ladies!” October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Consider encouraging your family, friends and coworkers to get their annual mammogram and educate yourself on the risks, signs, symptoms of breast cancer.

Women In Trucking Association, Inc. is a nonprofit association established to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry. Membership is not limited to women, as 17 percent of its members are men who support the mission. Follow WIT on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. For more information, visit



Keystone Western Now Hiring

Keystone Western Inc is expand ing into the Kitchener - Waterloo Ontario region!

Keystone is looking for 10 Owner Operators for van freight movements from Ontario to the Eastern Seaboard in the U.S., and to the Maritime region of Canada.

Keystone is a well established, transport company who cares about customer service, and you, the driver! At Keystone, we know you by name, not by num ber!

We offer a competitive pay pack age, benefits, paid picks/drops, and practical route miles.

We require you to pass a drivers’ road test and pre-employment drug test., have a truck no older than model year 2007, a mini mum of 1 year verifiable over the road experience as a class 1.0 (AZ) professional driver, valid passport and/or Fast Card, clear criminal record check, and no more than 2 moving violations on your drivers abstract.

If you meet that criteria, then we want to talk to you!

Call Keystone Western Driver Services - 1-800-256-6460 ext. 264 for more information! We want to be your partner in suc cess!

Norm Curtis, Keystone Western Message

We are very enthusiastic about the outlook for 2018 regarding our com pany's role with our new and existing clients. The success of Keystone Western over the years has directed us away from being a basic provider of trucks and rates, to becoming a logistics consultant and business partner, bringing new ideas to the table and operating as an extension of our customers supply-chain management group. Our Third Party Logistics Division utilizes the "Blue-Ocean" logistics philos ophy and goes deeper into our client's supply chain. Our "Blue-Ocean" logistics philosophy creates out-of-the-box strate gies allowing your business to sail into markets with less competition and greater profitability. Our mandate for 2018 is to elelevate our exposure to the marketplace re garding our consultative "Blue-Ocean" logistics solutions. I would like to thank Keystone Western's current customers for their loy alty over the years and also invite any new customers to contact us to learn more about our services and to see if there is a fit for your future success. Regards,

Norm Curtis, CEO/Owner


Rescue dogs and lost pets who need a ride home have a new group of allies in Canada: truck drivers. A group based in Thunder Bay, Ont., will help coordinate rides for animals who are heading from one part of the country to another. Furry Hobos and Hiway Heroes is the creation of Margaret Foster. above,, A former truck driver, she took it upon herself to help coordinate rides for those with four legs. She said nearly 300 dogs have been transported through the group to their new homes, anywhere in Canada. She said some trucks in the United States are also now part of her 'network', allowing for international movement of the animals in need. "The dogs are so relaxed, they introduce them before they come into the truck." " They show them the bunk, like 'this is where we can lay and sleep' and it just keeps them really really calm and collected. And, they enjoy it." As for continuing to help ferry rescue animals, or those who are lost and found to their proper homes, Foster said most drivers can't get enough of it. To the right a few of the great people who support this great cause. Here is Maggie Rae, and Ambassodor Dog Magoo, top Right, in the CTM shirt.


I'm 23 years old. I started hauling livestock when I was in highschool as a weekend job. After finishing highschool I went to college for a year to become a heavy equipment technician. I went back to hauling livestock and tending to a small beef operation, who I hauled the livestock for after the first year of school. In the summer slow season I drove dump truck. I went back to school that fall for truck and coach technician. After school I had a job opportunity hauling livestock cross border. I've been doing that since. I got in contact with furry hobos n hiway hero's by fluke, scrolling on Facebook through the groups you may like and they along with dog gone truckin popped up so I answered the questions and Margaret Foster got in touch with me and told me about what they do and I thought it would be a great experience to help out. My favorite transports I've done was a stolen dog found in Steinbach mb. I was able to pick the dog up in Winnipeg MB and after a short tour of southern ab finally returned the dog to his home in brooks ab, the familys faces when they seen their fur baby they thought was gone forever made it all worth it. That return trip I got a call from Margaret about a pup in Winnipeg that was being surrendered by her owner. I told Margaret to have the owner

Margaret Foster, the founder of Furry Hobos and Hiway Heroes, along with Honourable Ron Schuler at the CTM Truck Show and Below friends of Furry Hobos!

hold on for a couple hrs because I would be there to pick the dog up, not having any idea what I would do with her. Margaret and I came up with a plan that I would Foster miss Magoo in the truck with me till we found a home for her but I fell in love and got myself a co driver and ambassador dog for Furry hobos n hiway hero's Furry hobos n hiway hero's and dog gone truckin isn't just a Facebook group. We're a family who's out there to help get furry hobos from wherever they are to their furever home. So if you cant make the big commitment and sometimes want a codriver who makes a great snuggle buddy find us on Facebook Visit on FaceBook; Furry Hobos N Hiway Hero"s. Dog gone Truckin! Thanks Margaret!!



Down Home Cooking by the Kewley Team By Dave MacKenzie

Down Home Cooking is a family team with Rob Kewley ( who is a long haul truck driver), his wife, and 14 year old daughter; who is the youngest sous chef on Team Canada. Kewley’s are part of Team Canada for the last 3 years. Currently hold 2nd of Canada for the last 2 years and this year are 17 th in the World for Chili. They compete in Canada and the USA and just finished competing in Alabama at the World Food Championships in November. They do events and fundraisers across Canada, so be on the lookout for them and their award winning chili. Big Thank-you to the sponsors and everyone who has supported them for getting the Kewley’s to where they are: John Russell Honey, Earl’s Meats,

PBX,TTI, Source for Sports, The Oyster Bed and many more that has helped.

Follow them at Down Home Cooking@kewleycanada on Facebook. If you would like more info or bookings contact

204 -377-9297 or



Blackjacks Roadhouse ~ Trucker’s Home away from Home

Blackjacks is a hidden gem in Canada's trucking industry waiting for you to discover. We offer a game-changing facility for our truckers that you seldom find anywhere else. Blackjacks sits on 12 acres of land in the Nisku Industrial Park just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. This is the ideal place for a truck stop as we are right at the intersection of highway 2, highway 19, and highway 625, which is Alberta’s busiest traffic corridor and the entrance to one of the largest industrial parks in Canada. Since opening the doors of Blackjacks Roadhouse in 2009, owner, Clarence Shields, has continued to cater to the trucking industry by listening to his customers, and making improvements based on their feedback, and the ever changing trends he has seen in the trucking industry since he opened his first truck stop over 30 years ago. Three expansions later, Blackjacks Roadhouse is now over 20,000 square feet, licensed to seat 850 people in the 24 hour restaurant and bar, and a massive parking lot with space for over 160 units. But, it doesn’t stop there. We have also added premium facilities to help you relax on those breaks from the road. The additions offer several goodies targeting the trucking community. We now offer 10 showers, a coin operated laundry facility, convenience store with travelling necessities, weigh scale that can accommodate oversized loads up to 18’ wide, and 24/7 manned security in a well lit park-

ing lot with video surveillance coverage of the entire premises. The scale is also Western Canada's first location that enables our drivers to pay with credit card, debit, or to set up corporate accounts that are billed on a monthly basis. These new features only help enhance the existing ones. We have reserved parking, as well as monthly contract parking to ensure you will always have a parking spot. Our 24 hour restaurant serves up homestyle cooking, with round-the-clock breakfast, and a menu with several Chinese dishes… including our famous Ginger Beef. We also have live entertainment in our fully licensed bar, VLTs in our games room, ATMs, and a hotel at our sister location Airways Country Inn for those layovers when you would rather sleep in a bed than a bunk. Whether you are looking for a social environment, or a little piece of solitude when cruising the asphalt ribbons of North America, Blackjacks Roadhouse & Games Room has you covered. Come in, get yourself cleaned up, and grab something warm and delicious to eat. Next time you’re hauling a load in the Edmonton area and need somewhere to stop for a rest, come down to Blackjacks Roadhouse & Games Room for conversation and camaraderie. It’s not just any old truck stop… we are the trucker’s home away from home.




Watch for the Special SEMA 2018 Edition Coming to you Soon!

You won’t want to miss the 117th Edition of your CTM with a Photo Shoot from Hooters Casino Hotel LasVegas NV



Mike Murchison Truckdriver, Songwriter and Musican.

Mike Murchison Truckdriver, songwriter and musician. Recently released cd "Long Journey Home" available at, a volunteer and a best foot forward for Trucking. Mike with his betterhalf Donna has been there for many organizations including Furry Hobos N Hiway Hero”s. His recent support for Wounded Warriors Canada where his own trailer is wrapped to spread awareness to this great cause! Wounded Warriors Canada. To honour and support Canada's ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families. Thanks to the generous support of people like Mike & Donna and caring Canadians and Canadian businesses from across the country, they are able to deliver a national slate of mental health programs and services that are adaptive, innovative and evidence-informed.


Recently released cd "Long Journey Home" avail able at

Wounded Warriors Canada investments are providing life changing and family saving results for our Veterans, First Responders and their families — and they couldn’t do it without you! Together, we are delivering on the guiding ethos of Wounded Warriors Canada to Honour the Fallen and Help the Living. Wounded Warriors Canada a privately funded organization, thier partnerships like with Mike & Donna – through a host of community events and corporate fundraising initiatives – make the programs possible. Donations will be accepted at the Canadian Trucking Show September 15th 2018 at the Assiniboia Downs Winnipeg MB where Mike, Donna the Trailer and representatives of Wounded Warriors Canada will be. Come watch Mike sing LIVE and perform a new song he wrote “In This together” on stage at the show.


MyDenny’s App Adds Value for Frequent Diners

It's all about you. Your preferences, your tastes, your cravings. It's your Denny's, so why not have it all? Make Denny's yours with MyDenny's, the only app that earns you perks with every bite you take. Denny’s Restaurants has been a staple of Canadian dining for the last 45 years, providing classic diner fare, an inviting atmosphere, and great value for all their guests. With 59 locations across the country, many located along major transit routes, Denny’s is a dining staple for drivers, providing a bit of comfort and familiarity when away from home. Denny’s has always placed a high importance on being a good value, but with their recently relaunched Loyalty Program they have found a way to make dining an even better deal, especially for their loyal customers. With a simple download from Google Play or the App store, the free MyDenny’s mobile app allows guests to earn points for every purchase at participating stores. Every purchase also earns a stamp on their digital loyalty card. Once the card has been filled in, members earn a special $5 reward coupon and a new card is started automatically. One of the big questions about the app, has been how hard is it to get enough points to get the rewards? Well the answer is it’s easy, and there are lots of added incentives to sign up! New members automatically get 50 points for registering and there are opportunities to earn bonus points by completing polls on the app and entering promo codes that are posted on social media or emailed to their members. It doesn’t take long to earn enough points to redeem for rewards such discounts on purchases or free food and beverages. Every week Denny’s is giving away one thousand points to a new member, so there is an added incentive to sign up. With over 45,000 members and growing quickly, the app is proving to be highly successful for both Denny’s and their customers. One of the cool new upgrades to the app is the ability to scan a QR code on the bottom of each receipt, making it quick and easy to add the points to your account. Members can also use the app to send invitations to meet up with friends and share points back and forth with other members. For the non-smartphone users, there is a desktop version of the loyalty program available at providing all the perks, promotions, and contests available through the app. If you are a Blackberry user, you can use the mobile web version on your phone’s Internet browser, also at



FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 04: Kevin Harvick, driver of the #4 Mobil 1 Ford, celebrates in victory lane after winning the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on November 4, 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Want more NASCAR Action !

Canadian Trucking Magazine has it, on the Expanded Web Edition now enjoyed by over 570,000 readers a month and up to date events on the Canadian Trucking Magazine Face Book Page ~ LIKE US !

Chase Elliott, driver of the #9 Mountain Dew Chevrolet, celebrates in victory lane after winning the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway on October 21, 2018 in Kansas City, Kansas. 36


Do you Have your Socks ON !

By;Dave MacKenzie I also believe a lot of That time of year again that you should injuries occur when you have a great pair of have to throw chains. First it is always in trafsocks! October 1st every- fic even in a chain up area where you need to chain up and you are spending a lot of it is the law to have an ap- time on the traffic side applyproved device to chain up. ing chains. The AutoSock if you But this writer believes chains are for jew- need to apply takes minutes. Also a lot of drivers allery. The AutoSock is ap- have incurred back injuries proved everywhere there is and stress putting on chains making the drive harder on a chain up! Most important is they them. Did I mention I bedon’t take up half the room and don’t weigh close to the lieve if you have to chain required number of chains. up you should park it. Because the market Now I do understand if you work in the Oil Fields has been flooded with cheap or hauling Logs you need a imitations of Socks from China and places like that, good set of chains. But for the average some people and governare questioning OTR driver here is my opin- ments Socks. ion on it. But I know dozens of First of all I believe if you have to chain up you Sock users with AutoSock need to park it. Safety that stand by AutoSock Working and working well! First! Check out the AD in With the AutoSock it makes you legal with the your magazine here by Auweigh or space taken up. toSock and Get your Socks On! Be Safe!!!


STARTING OR ON THE JOB FCTC HAS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU By Jim Campbell The first thing you need a lot. to know about getting into What kind of wage can I trucking is the age require- get once I have my class 1 liment. cense? To drive a class 1 vehicle Great,, you graduated from in Canada you need to be 18 your 244 hour training program. years of age and 21 years old if Don’t get to excited quit yet. you would like to drive south of You still have a ways to go. You the border into the US. will need to do more training with You will also have to hold the company that hired you on. a valid class 5F and have to This hands on company have a commercial medical done training can be anywhere from two from a doctor so that Manitoba weeks to 13 weeks of further trainPublic Insurance have it on file. ing before that company feels When is a good time of comfortable sending you out on year to learn how to drive your solo trip. truck? It has alDuring this additional trainways been my opinion the best ing that companies will be spendtime to train anyone for truck ing or better terms investing driving is in the dead of winter. approximately $10,000 to $15,000 I know that sounds kind of on your training. So chances are scary but let’s face it, you will run that you will not be earning top into a lot more difficult challenges driving wages. in the winter compared to sumI’ve always told people mer driving. that has asked me that question You will get hands on to go after the experience first training as you train on snow and then the money will follow. covered road and icy intersecEvery companies is differtions. ent when it comes to wages. Your Driving truck you need yearly earnings can be anywhere to be prepared for all seasons. from $40,000 to $70,000 a year or W o r k i n g more. This is all going to depend through your first winter will be on what you are hauling, where so much easier with a profes- you are hauling and what type of sional trainer with you. equipment you are working with. I get asked this question 38

You can make your truck driving license whatever you want it to be. You can be a company driver, owner operator or eventually a fleet operator. There is nothing like sitting behind the wheel of a big rig. The size and the feel of all that horse power. The feel of freedom driving that open road. New scenery and challenges with every day is different. You will have the option of driving local, reginal, winter roads or hitting the highway on long haul. Driving long haul and running North America you will see so much out there. I remember by the time I was 30 I’ve seen more country then most people I knew. You get the chance to meet great people from all over. Trucking has always been a truly fascinating job.

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It seems like yesterday but 40 years ago Jack Shields and his 3 sons (Clarence, Jim & John) started their first restaurant an A&W, in a small northern town called Fort McMurray. At that time there were less then 5,000 people living in that community. From there they expanded to include the Fort’s first Smitty’s Pancake House & Diary Queen franchises, the Garden Cafe, Willies and Oriellys & the Stags Head Inn. As Fort McMuuray continued to grow so did the Shields family business. In 1986 after the introduction of the Liberal National Energy Program the family lost all their business and were forced to start all over again. Some 25 years ago Jack and Clarence started all over again by operating a restaurant located the Nisku Truck Stop. From there they continued to grow acquiring the Airways Country Inn and numerous other business interests. Brother Jim and his wife Jody ventured off to start a successful greenhouse operation, while John continued on with an award winning career in radio. Blackjacks Roadhouse and Games Room is a brand new building been created to host Clarence’s latest vision, this outstanding and beautiful building features amazing truss work and a 2nd floor grand stage over- looking our room. They boast the best buffet in the area, as well as a great Canadian & Chinese cuisine menu. Our games room is furnished with 25 V.L.T.s, 5 Minute Keno, Sports Select. Watch and play all the sports from our comfortable lounge. Trucker Friendly Please come by anytime and enjoy our menu and great service. Open 24 hours a day featuring specials daily. Spend some time wandering around looking at one of the largest collection of oilfield, trucking and car racing memorabilia dating back some 100 + years. BLACKJACKS always look forward to the opportunity to be of service.




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Canadian Trucking Magazine 116th Web Edition of the 48 Page Printed Magazine with more Entertainment and Truck News, Built with Something fo...


Canadian Trucking Magazine 116th Web Edition of the 48 Page Printed Magazine with more Entertainment and Truck News, Built with Something fo...