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Issue 8

  In this Edition: • Accounting Night • President Sheley Calls for Community Partnership to Elevate the Region • Student Spotlight: Donald Golani • Corporate Donor Spotlight: Winton-Ireland Strom & Green • Alumni Spotlight: Trudia Pauley

Accounting Night Builds Connections The College of Business Administration Student Success Center once again had a successful event connecting students and employers at the 26th annual Accounting Night in October. continued on page 8

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President Sheley Calls for Community Partnership to Elevate the Region Joseph F. Sheley was formally invested as president of CSU Stanislaus during a November ceremony rich with ageold academic traditions but with a clear focus on the shared future of the university and the region. The investiture ceremony carried a theme of unity, highlighting the role of faculty, staff and students — along with civic and business leaders — in elevating the region. Sheley’s address, which concluded the ceremony, expounded both on the “ONE” theme and on his vision for the future of higher education in general and at CSU Stanislaus. As part of the ceremony, CSU Chancellor Timothy White placed the presidential medallion around Sheley’s neck, signifying his investiture as president. “Here at CSU Stanislaus, President Sheley has immersed himself in the university’s traditions of diversity, inclusiveness and community engagement,” White said. “He is a wonderful ambassador for this university and its outstanding programs, small class sizes and hometown feel. And he is a compelling advocate for 21st-century skills — especially writing — which will continue to be a critical component of our graduates’ future success.” In his address, Sheley called for a 2

rethinking of the role of higher education in today’s society, where virtually all of the world’s information can be accessed by tapping on one’s wristwatch. “Finding information is no longer the challenge,” he said. “How to assess its integrity is. Ethical application is. Privacy is. Security is. Using information to make a difference is.” Sheley said universities should reassess the major’s place in education and put a greater focus on the liberal arts and sciences, which develop skills like communication,

California State University Stanislaus

critical thinking and problem solving — along with more advanced concepts of ethics and leadership — that are universally applicable. Sheley, himself a Sacramento State graduate, said the CSU as a whole and CSU Stanislaus in particular already do a good job of preparing students in this way and giving them these skills, regardless of major. As president, he hopes to put CSU Stanislaus on the cutting edge. “My vision for CSU Stanislaus is leadership in the education of a new generation of students not locked within the confines of specialization but free to take on any issue, civic or professional,” he said. “Imagine this as our aim instead of our by-product, the signature by which we are widely known and for which future students seek us out.” With this new focus, Sheley said, CSU Stanislaus can find better ways of engaging the region, identifying its most critical educational


needs while working with business, government and nonprofit partners to solve regional problems in new and innovative ways. Graduates will view challenges not through the narrow focus of their major, but with an approach that incorporates multiple perspectives and a skill set that allows for the creation of new ideas. That vision, Sheley said, will only be achievable through the commitment of the university and region to common goals. “A vision is only as good as the community’s willingness to pursue it — not just the campus, but the whole region,” Sheley said. “We are poised to pursue a signature vision. We are so close that I can see it. I can touch it. “I have never been so confident about anything in my life: This vision of our one university, one community will be our legacy — if you will join me in its pursuit.”



College of Business Administration

Student Spotlight: Donald Golani uses Lean Operations methodologies to realize success Donald Golani is a senior at CSU Stanislaus majoring in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Operations Management and Human Resources. He has been working at HomeTown Buffet for nine years and chose to attend CSU Stanislaus for its excellent business administration programs. “I wanted to get a better idea of how a company operated to enhance my knowledge and confidence,” Golani said. As the general manager at HomeTown Buffet in Turlock, he has been able to apply his education directly to his operation, improving the bottom line while engaging employees and giving back to the local community. Golani had an eye-opening experience after taking a course in Lean Operations and Materials Management from management Professor Katrina Kidd, and he attributes his restaurant success to implementing programs based on principles learned in his operations management courses. Golani monitors financial reports, focusing on operating expenses and looking for ways to reduce costs. The key to his success is applying Lean Operations methodology: collecting data on waste, analyzing the root causes, and involving his team to create countermeasures that reduce or eliminate waste. He improved many aspects of the kitchen to create efficiencies, from ordering inventory to creating visual controls and training staff on how to efficiently produce menu items using standard operating procedures. To ensure engagement in creating a lean culture, he surveyed employees for their key 4

“Having the right education is like having the right tools for the job. I always try to link the concepts in the class to the business world. From there, I get to apply them, and I aim for better results.” –Donald Golani

California State University Stanislaus

strengths to optimize their talents, creating improved processes. He gets employees involved to determine the potential benefit of their ideas, developing employee engagement in all aspects of the operation. Golani recognizes that engaging employees while making improvements is vital for buy-in and implementation success. “We always try to create a comfortable environment for the employees and respect their opinions,” Golani said. “Employees tend to work harder knowing they are being appreciated daily.” In addition to improvements in employee engagement and efficiency, Golani’s restaurant has received high marks and recognition for safety, operations and procedures. Golani was recognized at a corporate awards ceremony in October 2013 for his increase of restaurant profits by 75 percent over the prior year. He was awarded a business vehicle, a cash bonus and a plaque as recognition for his hard work and excellent results.


Giving back to the community is another area of pride for Golani. He has partnered with local schools by providing donations of cookies and coupons for kid’s meals. His future charitable goals include working with the Turlock Chamber of Commerce to see what local needs his restaurant can support. Golani said his career goals include becoming an operations manager for a larger organization, continuing to make improvements and gaining experience that will enable him to grow and advance. “The most influential people in my life have been my parents, because they have always supported my decisions,” Golani said. He also expressed gratitude for his experiences at CSU Stanislaus and for the professors who have contributed to his current and future success. “Having the right education is like having the right tools for the job,” he said. “I always try to link the concepts in the class to the business world. From there, I get to apply them, and I aim for better results.”

“Employees tend to work harder knowing they are being appreciated daily.”



College of Business Administration

Corporate Donor Spotlight Name of Company: Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Website: Address: 627 E. Canal Drive, Turlock, CA 95380 Type of Industry: Insurance Company Background: Winton-Ireland Insurance Agency Inc. was founded in 1913 and is celebrating 100 years in business. We are a “general” insurance agency that sells and services most types of insurance, including property, casualty, workers’ compensation and health & benefits. Our customers include individuals, businesses, farms, nonprofits and public entities. We have offices in Turlock, Modesto, Livingston and Oakhurst and employ about 140 people.


What is your gift and what will it provide? Our gift is in recognition of 100 years in business. This distinguished milestone will be marked with the launch of the Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Executive Forum Speaker Series, offered in collaboration with the College of Business Administration at CSU Stanislaus. These forums will provide students and the business community a unique opportunity to access the knowledge and experience of inspirational leaders and executives from a wide variety of businesses and industries. The first speaker in the series – coming this March – is renowned economist, author and former Presidential economic advisor, Dr. Arthur Laffer. Recently named Distinguished University Professor of Economics by Mercer University in Georgia, Dr. Laffer is a co-author of California’s Proposition 13, a former professor at Pepperdine University, and a former U.S. Senate candidate.



Why did your company/organization make a gift to the College of Business Administration? Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green employs more than 10 CSU Stanislaus graduates and several current students. Most of them have or are working toward degrees in business.


Best business advice to pass on to someone who wants to support the College of Business Administration? Regardless of your industry, everything comes back to business. The strength and quality of our graduates are paramount, and CSU Stanislaus College of Business Administration needs to attract the best and brightest students for our collective benefit. 6


California State University Stanislaus


Alumni Spotlight: Trudia Pauley CSU Stanislaus Graduation Years and Degrees: 1983 — Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration (Accounting), Cum Laude 1985 — MBA, with Distinction

Occupation: I recently retired as the Director of Finance at Foster Farms and am currently a part-time faculty member in the Accounting Department at CSU Stanislaus.

Hometown: I was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, into a military family. At 11 years old, my family moved to California when my father was assigned to Castle Air Force Base.

Current City of Residence: Turlock

Career Achievements: After graduating from Merced College, I worked for Foster Farms while attending CSU Stanislaus. My career there spanned 45 years before I retired last year. I am most proud of my role in the development of the Financial Analysis Department. As head of the department, I was responsible for developing and establishing the analytical processes the business needed. The department also developed evaluation models for other departments that are still used today.

Passions and Interests: One of my passions is the Institute of Management Accountants. The organization promotes professional growth and supports the mentoring of accounting and finance students. I have participated as a board member for the local chapter for more than 25 years and a regional board member for more than 15 years. Currently, I am serving a two-year term on the national board. As a national board member, I help establish best practices for private industry’s application of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act’s audit and documentation requirements. Some of my current interests include traveling and hiking, which I was able to combine on my trips to the Grand Canyon, New England, Hawaii, Scotland, England, the Azores and Costa Rica. My most recent trip was a 10-day, 80-mile hike in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile.”

Reasons for Choosing CSU Stanislaus: I returned to college to complete my education while working full-time at Foster Farms. CSU Stanislaus offered the education I needed and was ideally located. continued on page 8



College of Business Administration

Alumni Spotlight, continued from page 7

Benefits of a CSU Stanislaus Experience: My bachelor’s and master’s degrees fulfilled the requirements to qualify me for the next steps in my career. At the university, I also gained confidence in my technical accounting and financial analytical skills, enabling me to take on accounting and finance development projects.

Best Business Advice: As a young professional, volunteer for any and all projects possible. This not only builds your technical skills and your resume, but also your reputation as a “can do” individual. As your career progresses, develop working relationships. Be a good resource for your coworkers, and they will be a good resource for you. Be open and honest and always give credit where credit is due. Network both inside and outside the organization.

Accounting Night, continued from page 1

The turnout of employers and students made this a great networking event, with 110 student registrations and 59 representatives from 21 companies in attendance. The event was a great opportunity for accounting and finance students to receive a professional perspective on the accounting field and how it relates to each company.

Please save the date for our Meet the Firms Night Spring Event that will be held Thursday, March 6, 2014, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Event Center on campus. Register online at Contact the College of Business Administration at (209) 667-3864 or to learn about ways to make your organization and its employment opportunities even more visible on campus.


Earn your MBA—Your Way CSU Stanislaus now offers three ways to earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree: a traditional, classroom-based program; a weekend “executive” program; and a new fully online program. No matter which format you choose, you will participate in an AACSB accredited course of study yielding the same CSU Stanislaus MBA degree. Choose the progam that’s right for you.


• Traditional face-to-face instruction • Convenient, evening class schedule • For recent business graduates and young professionals


• Accelerated program pace – finish in 15 months • Saturday-only classes • Designed for experienced professionals • Cohort based


• 100 percent online—study anytime, anywhere • Suited to professionals of all levels • Sloan-C certified faculty

College of


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CBA Newsline Issue 8  

News for alumni and friends of the College of Business Administration

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