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DEAR ARTS CITIZEN! As a performing arts program at a major public research institution, the Artist Partner Programs are deeply committed to three missions: to extend and supplement the academic learning of our UMD students; to create cultural and artistic opportunities outside the classroom; and to nurture and support the vibrant arts ecology of the community that surrounds the university. An artist’s time with us includes not just stellar and thought-provoking performances, but also deep and robust engagement off-stage in residence halls, classrooms, community centers, elementary schools, retirement homes, juvenile detention centers and more! We believe the arts can be a catalyst for growth, connection, leadership and community. Please know that through your participation and partnership, we are able to build bridges among communities, stimulate curiosity and spark creativity in ways that can be life-changing. We are thrilled to share the impact we have made (and will continue to make) in large part because of partners like you.

Martin Wollesen Executive Director, The Clarice

CAMPUS & COMMUNIT Y E N G AG E M E N T The Artist Partner Programs break boundaries between art, artists and audiences by creating compelling opportunities for UMD students and community members to converse with, question and learn from the artists we bring to College Park. With a strong belief that artists can be catalysts for community change, leadership and empowerment, Campus & Community Engagement extends artistic experiences beyond the stage for UMD students through a commitment to Artistic Development. Additionally, we aim to enhance the artistic ecosystem of the community that surrounds and supports the university by designing programs that facilitate Access and Participation. We bring voice to issues of social change by activating the performing arts and creative response to spark dialogue and exploration with our Arts Citizenship programs. We believe that art has the power to help us understand ourselves and the world in which we live.

ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT By supplementing and extending academic training and research for UMD students in the performing arts, we create meaningful learning opportunities with professional national and international artists. These artists bring forward their own perspectives and ideas to expand on curricular learning and spark students’ inspiration to continue on the path to artistic excellence.

Masterclasses for UMD Performing Arts Students Visiting artists guest teach in School of Music and School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance

Maura Keefe, Associate Director, School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies


Studies classes.

workshops for K12 students throughout Prince George’s County.

Latin American Youth Center staff saw a huge growth in student confidence and coping skills as a result of these sessions, and continue to foster student growth in this area, with studentled writing. –Alyson Moore, Latin American Youth Center



–Lauren Waugh ’21, dance

Performing arts graduate students teach



Not only are we given the opportunity to learn a new style, technique or approach to dance, we also get a glimpse into the professional dance life which many of us are working towards.

Masterclasses by UMD Performing Arts Students

Thanks for facilitating an experience that builds on what the students are learning in their regular classes [and honors] vernacular and current trends in the dance field.


Composer Readings School of Music composition students receive professional recordings of new works, performed by visiting artists and presented in an interactive, public concert.

The opportunity to work with a professional chamber ensemble and have our works read and recorded is a blessing. The recordings we received as a product of this performance will be deeply useful for our careers, serving as a crystal clear demonstration of how our music can sound its best. –Dominic Ellis ’19, M.M. Composition

NextNOW Fest Alumni Commissioning Project The Artist Partner Programs are dedicated to presenting the next generation of artists and creative innovators. The NextNOW Fest Alumni Commissioning Project supports the development and performance of new work from UMD alumni to be performed at the festival. The project also provides an opportunity for alumni to interact with and engage current students in their artistic process. Alumni recipients for NextNOW Fest 2018 were: Kurt Chiang ’04, theatre, Chelsea Boyd Brown ’16, dance and psychology, and Nathan Lincoln deCusatis ’08, D.M.A. Composition.

NextNOW Fest 2018 Student Internships NextNOW Fest provides invaluable opportunities for students from a broad range of majors to enrich classroom experience, learn about arts management and to develop invaluable skills that can be transferred to a career in arts and entertainment. In 2018, NextNOW Fest student positions included three curators (Emily Rose Gorey ’20, marketing, Hunter Jones ’20, biology, Jacob Wills ’20, environmental science and policy) a graphic designer (Katie Zeng ’19, graphic design) and a mobile app developer (Michael Williams ’20, computer science.)


A C C E S S + PA R T I C I PAT I O N We are committed to removing barriers and creating opportunities for audiences of all ages to experience the power and joy of the performing arts. These programs provide performing arts-based activities to demystify the creative process and encourage curiosity through attendance, inquiry and sometimes even stepping onstage.

In their hearts, this is the best thing. They really enjoyed it. This was a chance for them to be free. Rare is the occasion that we can take them out and not try to control them, so today the gift you gave them was the opportunity to be free. Bernadette Woodbury, Woodmoor Middle School Autism Program, Attendee at Sensory-Friendly concert with INVOKE string quartet

Art Reveal Local intergenerational groups who are not easily able to attend performing arts events receive free tickets and transportation to The Clarice.

We so appreciate our partnership in affording community members from underserved areas this great opportunity of exposure to the arts! Thank you again and again.” –Carlyncia Peck, Artistic Empowerment Centers

Concerts in Close Quarters Visiting artists give unplugged concerts in common areas at UMD residence halls, accompanied by pizza and informal conversation.

[This] provides an outlet for creative engagement in an intimate and informal setting that I believe students find very appealing. I greatly appreciate you and your staff for orchestrating this extremely successful event on behalf of the Arts Scholars program. –Harold Burgess, College Park Arts Scholars

Community Concerts As part of their work to create the orchestra of the future, National Orchestral Institute + Festival (NOI+F) musicians perform, educate and befriend members of the community through a variety of events at schools, retirement centers, churches and community centers.

We are so lucky to have this festival in our community. Our residents love the month of June! –Margaret Hays, Riderwood Senior Living Community

K12 School Partners Program We invite young audiences from Prince George’s County Public Schools to experience live performing arts with established and emerging artists and to participate in dance and theater workshops that offer a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. K12 Student Matinees – Free transportation, tickets and study guides are provided to area K12 students to attend weekday matinee performances each season. These matinees feature artists from the Visiting Artist Series, as well as student artists from the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and the School of Music.


Arts Immersion Days – K12 students spend a day taking interactive workshops with UMD performing arts graduate students at The Clarice. The day ends with a campus tour. Visual Arts Exhibit – The Artist Partner Programs host an annual exhibit of more than 700 pieces of visual art at The Clarice, created by students from Prince George’s County Public Schools. Each year, student artists and their families attend an awards ceremony while the exhibit is on display.




Arte Vivo! In partnership with the nearby Langley Park Community Center and the Latin American Youth Center, Arte Vivo! provides access to the arts for multigenerational families through these bilingual programs: Family Art Days feature performances by visiting artists, free food and craft-making activities for the whole family. Field trips are provided to middle and high school students in


leadership development programs, such as Mis Quince Años.


participation in performing arts and creative writing activities.

Arts instruction during after-school programs encourages


A C C E S S + PA R T I C I PAT I O N 1,800


DeanTalks Bonnie Thornton Dill, Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities, talks to visiting artist Noura Mint Seymali during a DeanTalk, family-style meals and conversation with international artists for UMD students.


Performances with Visiting Artists Each season, the Visiting Artist Series offers opportunities for community members to perform alongside highly trained and generous artists from around the world. From chanting, to dancing, to making sounds from everyday objects, the experience of performing encourages curiosity and breaks down barriers around the creative process.

I LOVED the experience. I left feeling more alive, more engaged and more connected to the surprising energy that lives within my body. Being among professional dancers and other audience members felt non-intimidating because of how well the pre-show orchestration went ... I felt prepared and surprised in a good way when I got onstage for the performance. –Christine Hands ‘19, M.F.A. Dance and performer in Dancenorth’s Attractor

Pre- and Post-Performance Conversations Visiting Artist Series performances include moderated pre- and postconcert conversations to provide insight about the art form, subject matter and artists’ personalities.


ARTS CITIZENSHIP Art has the power to help us understand ourselves and the world in which we live. By engaging audiences in interactive experiences with visiting artists whose work is inspired by social justice, participants can see firsthand how the arts can play a role in elevating, unpacking and opening up dialogue around timely issues. These experiences encourage us to make a social impact in our own communities.


What I like about seeing shows at The Clarice is that they all have a message behind the movement. They always make me reevaluate my life, our history or our society ... I get to look into the soul of another person and see what they see. A choreographer has done a great job when they are able to be vulnerable and open their world clearly to the audience.


Student in School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies

Do Good Dialogues These thought-provoking public conversations with artist activists are held at community-based sites near The Clarice. Stew Stewart, of the musical group Stew and the Negro Problem, hosted a Do Good Dialogue for UMD students at MilkBoy ArtHouse investigating socially engaged music.

Human Library In partnership with the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, the Artist Partner Programs presented the Human Library as part of NextNOW Fest 2018 and Maryland Day 2019. A worldwide movement for social change, the Human Library builds a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue and is a place where real people (human “books”) are “on



loan” to readers. Books typically represent a group in the community that has been exposed to stigma, stereotyping or prejudices.

Orchestral Futurist Fellowship and The Adelphi Quartet In partnership with The Sphinx Organization, the National Orchestral Institute + Festival offers a nationally unique artistic and performance fellowship for promising leaders of color that combines administration, orchestral performance, festival curation and community engagement. The Adelphi Quartet was founded by Marza Wilks, the inaugural NOI+F Orchestral


Futurist Fellowship recipient. In June 2019 the quartet joined Sound Impact, a collective of musicians from around the country specializing in community engagement. They received training and hands-on instruction to create an engagement program for young people at the DC Youth Services Center. This three-day residency included poetry and personal narrative writing sessions for the residents culminating in a performance of the written pieces with live music.


C R E AT I V E PA R T N E R S H I P S Our work would not be successful without our partners. Collaborating with people and programs on campus and in the community enriches our work and supports our commitment to building the future of the arts.


My NextLOOK residency opened my eyes to truly consider what community/audience engagement really means. It helped me recognize and identify the many communities that my work as an artist intersects with ... such a necessity in this current moment in time. I am truly grateful to have been able to grow as an artist and citizen. Thank you.


Tariq O’Meally, 2018-19 NextLOOK Cohort

Performing Arts at Maryland The School of Music, School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library provide the backbone for programming and engagement initiatives stemming from the Artist Partner Programs. Because we are committed to finding structured opportunities for performing arts students to learn from remarkable artists from around the world, the partnerships inside The Clarice are invaluable to continued success and innovation.

MilkBoy ArtHouse Performance venue and restaurant MilkBoy ArtHouse is where the campus and community gathers, connects and explores eclectic entertainment. In addition to presenting Visiting Artist Series performances, The Artist Partner Programs partners with local curators and organizations to present events.

Community Action People (CAP)

The Artist Partner Programs regularly convenes this group of community members to share best practices and lessons learned on artistic initiatives that are relevant to the local area. CAP members bring their insight, familiarity and perspective on


the local creative ecology to inform artistic programming and collaborates with The Clarice management staff to help sustain and grow that ecology.



A partnership with Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mount Rainier, Maryland, NextLOOK provides time, space and funding to local and regional artists to create new work, with a focus on audience engagement and feedback as part of the creative process. The 2018-19 NextLOOK cohort included Ronya-Lee Anderson, Tariq O’Meally, Victor Provost, Be Steadwell and Monique Walker.


C R E AT I V E PA R T N E R S H I P S Urban Arts Leadership Program (UALP) A program of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, this fellowship program strives to increase diversity in the management of cultural and artistic organizations by building a pipeline for high achieving emerging leaders, focusing on leaders of color. UALP Fellows engage in a rigorous training program and are matched with host organizations where they are embedded in the organizational culture and manage projects that are core to the organization. The Artist Partner Programs host a fellow each year, offering professional development and network building opportunities to develop and empower tomorrow’s leaders.

UMD Division of Student Affairs

Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NextNOW Fest partners with the UMD Division of Student Affairs,

UMD’s Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the

including Terps After Dark and Student Entertainment Events.

National Orchestral Institute + Festival co-host a cohort of

Terps After Dark is a campus-wide initiative to present alcohol-free

students dedicated to imagining the future symphony orchestra.

late-night events for students during the first six weeks of the fall

Musicians join with creative innovators from a variety of disciplines

semester and supports NextNOW Fest as part of this programming.

to challenge, rethink and renovate the orchestral experience

Student Entertainment Events, UMD’s principal student

through design thinking.

programming board, co-presents the annual Silent Disc-Glo.

EnCue by Octava National Orchestral Institute + Festival joins esteemed orchestras including the Baltimore Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic in its usage of EnCue by Octava. This free mobile app provides musical commentary and historical perspective in real time for audiences as the performance occurs, through a user-friendly and unobtrusive interface.

Wolf Trap Opera Wolf Trap Opera’s young artists join the musicians of the National Orchestral Institute + Festival at The Clarice each June for performances that highlight repertoire for voice and orchestra. A part of Wolf Trap’s UNTRAPPED series, these collaborative concerts bring together the next generation of opera and orchestral musicians.




Visiting Artist Series The Visiting Artist Series brings regional, national and international artists to the UMD campus and community through six performance series: Chamber Music, Dance, Global Music, Jazz, the Speed of Sound Sessions and Theater. Beyond the stunning work these artists bring to the stage, this series is committed to extending the learning of UMD students as well as creating exciting connections and opportunities in the community.

National Orchestral Institute + Festival One of the most prestigious and honored orchestra festivals in America, the National Orchestral Institute + Festival has been a training ground for the next generation of orchestral artists for over three decades. With a month-long festival of electrifying performances, community engagement and robust audience participation, the Grammynominated NOI+F musicians play with commitment and prowess as they redefine the symphonic experience.

NextNOW Fest Held each September, NextNOW Fest is a multi-day, multi-arts festival where creativity and community converge. NextNOW Fest believes that everyone is creative, discovery is exciting, stories are valuable and that we are all connected. By amplifying the voices of intriguing, inventive artists from around campus and the country, NextNOW Fest creates a forward-looking microcosm where art shapes and transforms our future.

T H A N K YO U T O O U R PA R T N E R S ! SPONSORS Artist & Craftsman Supply Embassy of Australia Embassy of Brazil Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Cambria Hotel College Park Clark-Winchcole Foundation First-Year Innovation and Research Experience Holiday Inn College Park The Randy Hostetler Living Room Music Project and Fund KIND Bars The Marinus and Minna B. Koster Foundation Lumberyard/DC Maryland State Arts Council Maryland Students for the Arts Mandatory Fee Committee Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation National Endowment for the Arts - ArtWorks New England Foundation for the Arts/National Dance Project New England Foundation for the Arts/ National Theater Project

Jenny Mandl, UMD Stand-Up Comedy

Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library

College Park Arts Exchange

Brianna Nelson, Delta Chi Xi Honorary Dance Fraternity

Mock Turtle Reading Series

College Park City-University Partnership

Asiana Phan, Terpoets

Nyumburu Cultural Center

Community Action People

Andrew Saundry, Undergraduate Theatre Artists Society

Office of Community Engagement


Sana Shah, Immersive Atoms

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

DC Youth Services

Camila Tapia-Guilliams, Artsphere

Office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy



Office of Parent & Family Affairs

Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship African-American Digital Humanities American Indian Student Union Arabic Flagship Program Artsphere Athletics Autism Research Center Campus Fabric Coalition Center for Smart Growth, Research and Education Coalition of Latino Student Organizations College of Arts and Humanities College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Old Maryland Grill

College Park Scholars

Student Entertainment Events

Department of Asian-American Studies

Stringer Foundation

Department of History


Department of Resident Life

Terps After Dark

Delta Chi Xi Honorary Dance Fraternity

UMD Alumni Association

Design Cultures & Creativity

Voices of Social Change

Dining Services


Division of Student Affairs Do Good Institute

Police Department School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures School of Music School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies Stand Up Comedy Student Entertainment Events TEMPO New Music Ensemble Terpoets TerpsVote

Group Muse Hawaii Youth Symphony Hollywood Elementary School Hope Lutheran Church and Student Center Hyattsville Middle School IGNITE Joe’s Movement Emporium Langley Park Community Center Langley Park-McCormick Elementary School Latin American Youth Centers

Terrapin Record Label

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Transcend VR

Mis Quince Años Program

Undergraduate Theatre Artists Society

Morgan State University

University Health Center

Naxos Recordings

Vagina Monologues at UMD

Numi Yoga


OpenBarre Pacific Music Institute

COMMUNITY AND NATIONAL PARTNERS Art Works Now Artistic Empowerment Centers Beltsville Academy Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra

Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion Elementary School Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council Prince George’s County Public Schools Rhizome DC

Emily Rose Gorey, NextNOW Fest Curator

Global Communities

Hunter Jones, NextNOW Fest Curator

The Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies

Bowie State University Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Jake Wills, NextNOW Fest Curator

Graduate School

Bowie State University Division of Student Affairs

Sound Impact

Katie Zeng, NextNOW Fest Junior Graphic Designer

Immersive Atoms

Brentwood Arts Exchange

Sphinx Organization

Michael Williams, NextNOW Fest App Developer

Kreativity Diversity Troupe

Buck Lodge Middle School

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, College Park

Precious Azike, Student Entertainment Events

Leadership and Community Service-Learning

Busboys and Poets

Suitland High School

Kelli Barfield, Vagina Monologues at UMD

LGBT Equity Center

Calverton Elementary School

Thomas G. Pullen Creative and Performing Arts Academy

Jenna Ergoden, Terrapin Record Label

Library Media Services

Caribbean Student Association

University Park Helping Hands

Michael Fili, TEMPO New Music Ensemble

Maryland Center for Health Equity

Cesar Chavez Elementary School

University United Methodist Church

Tino Fragale, TerpsVote

Maryland Filmmakers Club

City of College Park

William Wirt Middle School

John Hedrick, UMD Stand-Up Comedy

Maryland Opera Studio

City of College Park Youth, Family and Senior Services

Wolf Trap Opera Company

Divya Kapoor, Student Entertainment Events

Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture

College Park Academy

Riderwood Retirement Community Samba Jig Productions

With your generous support, the Artist Partner Programs are able to connect remarkable artists from around the world with University of Maryland students as well as young people and families in our community. Through in-depth learning opportunities and vibrant interactive experiences, your gift helps spark the creation


of new work, new ideas and new futures for the next generation of artists and audiences. Make a difference today!

For more information on how to support the Artist Partner Programs, please contact:

Martin Wollesen Executive Director, The Clarice • 301.405.2993

Photos used throughout this piece are captured by UMD staff and contracted photographers or provided by visiting artists.


Profile for The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

18-19 Artist Partner Programs: Campus & Community Engagement  

Artist Partner Programs: Campus & Community Engagement The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 18-19 Making An Impact

18-19 Artist Partner Programs: Campus & Community Engagement  

Artist Partner Programs: Campus & Community Engagement The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 18-19 Making An Impact

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