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The year of frustration and accomplishment is finally over for the Tiger baseball team.

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Hurricane Season for 2010 Arrives By Duane Bergeron Living along the Gulf Coast has many advantages as compared to other parts of the United States, but there is one disadvantage. That is hurricane season. From June 1st to November 30th, residents along the Gulf hope and pray to the Lord that no destructive force of nature will come along and destroy their homes and livelihood. Memories are still vivid of past storms such as Audrey in 1957, Camille in 1969, Katrina and Rita- both in 2005, and Ike in 2008. Being prepared is the best way to survive a storm, especially if it's a category three or higher on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale. Here is how the scale reads: Category One - 74-95 m.p.h. wind speed minimal damage Category Two - 96-110 m.p.h. - moderate damage Category Three - 111-130 m.p.h. - extensive damage


Category Four - 131-155 m.p.h. - extreme damage Category Five - 156 m.p.h. and higher catastrophic damage We are advised to take all hurricane watches and warnings seriously. Be prepared to leave if an evacuation is called for by local authorities. For those who decide to stay despite the warnings, it is recommended that they stock up on enough supplies to survive for days since it varies as to how long it takes for utility companies to restore services after a hurricane has passed through. The 2010 hurricane prediction rate indicates a 70 percent probability of the following ranges. Please note this is for the Atlantic basin: •

14 to 23 named storms of which the top winds are 39 m.p.h. When a tropical depression reaches that wind speed it becomes a tropical storm and is given a



name by the U.S. Weather Service. Eight to 14 hurricanes with top winds of 74 m.p.h. or higher. A storm becomes a minimal hurricane when it reaches this wind speed. Three to seven could be major hurricanes considered to be category three or higher.

It is also recommended that you keep track of any storm entering the Gulf of Mexico. History has shown that hurricanes seem to have a mind of their own. More than once a storm has entered the Gulf heading in a certain direction and then virtually overnight changes its trajectory and heads in another direction. It is also anyone's guess as to how many of the predicted hurricanes will hit the Gulf Coast or anywhere along the U.S. east coast.

Here are the assigned names of hurricanes for the 2010 season: • Alex • Bonnie • Colin • Danielle • Earl • Fiona • Gaston • Hermine • Igor • Julia • Karl • Lisa • Matthew • Nicole • Otto • Paula • Richard • Shary • Tomas • Virginie • Walter (If the number of hurricanes in a season exceeds the list then subsequent storms will be named after the letters in the Greek alphabet. This last happened in 2005. ) Another concern for this year is the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Residents are worried that if a hurricane comes along the environmental damage will be made worse by the power of these storms. Here is a breakdown of the situation, provided courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: •

• • •

If the oil slick remains small in comparison to a hurricane's average size the impact on the storm itself would be considered minimal. The oil is not expected to affect a hurricane's intensity or its track. The slick would have hardly any effect on a possible storm surge. A hurricane would mix the oil and water to a point that can accelerate the biodegradation process.

Movement of the spill would depend on a hurricane's track. • Storm winds might spread the oil over a wider area, but it is hard to determine where it may go to. • Depending on where a storm goes, it could either drive the oil to the coastline or away from it. • A storm surge could push the oil inland beyond the coast but several factors would have to come into play for that to occur. It has been debated as to whether the BP oil spill will have an effect on storms developing in the Gulf of Mexico. At this time

it's not known for sure. Evaporation from the sea is the fuel that creates hurricanes. In theory, the spill could suppress evaporation (if the layer is thick enough) by not allowing contact of water to air. But the bottom line is that the oil on the water's surface is not likely to have a major impact on a storm of any kind. Also, hurricanes draw water vapor from areas much larger than the slick. Rain is generated through the clouds that surround the storm. Therefore, there will be no oil in the rain that is generated by any kind of tropical disturbance within the Gulf.

Don’t forget that you will need to pay for things while you’re away from home. It’s always a good idea to have several methods of paying for what you need. Cash is always good to have with you, but a lot of us don’t like carrying a lot of cash on us and we’re used to pulling out a card everywhere we go anyway. If you have a debit card, check card, or credit card, make sure you have it with you. The downside to this is that you might end up in an area where all the systems are down and not accepting your cards. That’s why it’s good to have some cash on you to get you where you need to get. Bring your check book and make sure that you also have some identification on you. If you have a safe deposit box, make sure that you have your key with you. That is the only way that you will be allowed access to it. You don’t want to leave it or lose it. Think about what bills you may need to pay


while you’re gone too. If you can pay them before you leave, that’s one less thing you have to worry about if you are gone for an extended period of time. You can still pay them online or over the phone in most cases also. Another thing that helps is having your paycheck direct deposited to your bank account. You can run up some hefty expenses if you are gone for several days, so prepare for it and don’t rush to get home if it’s not safe. It may be nice and sunny where you are at, but do not attempt to return home until you hear that it is safe. The roads could still be flooded, filled with major debris, or have down power lines. Even when and if you make it home, be careful when entering your homes. Snakes and other animals also seek shelter during frightening weather. The bottom line is that you need to make sure that your financial planning (or lack of it) does not force you to return home before it is safe for you to do so.

Are you covered? by Monica Soileau As long as you are on Earth, you will go through trials and tribulations. You will deal with death and losing loved ones. You will deal with sickness. You will deal with everyday life that man has created for himself through sin. Are you prepared to deal with the challenges that lie ahead? Are you equipped with the full armor of God? Do you have your scriptures handy and readily available to fight the good fight of faith? Are you covered by the blood of Jesus? Have you accepted Him to take dominion over your life? If you have answered no to any of these questions, then I recommend

"No weapons [ever] formed against us shall prosper"! that you plan ahead to determine what your strategy will be to overcome anything that seeks to come up against you or your household. We know our evacuation routes in the event that a hurricane or wildfire is headed our way; therefore, we should know what our battle plan is when it comes to any spiritual warfare that tries to come up against us, our family, our finances, or any other thing that God has given us. Stand firm upon the Word of God and don't give up anything to the enemy that is not his. We belong to God, our Heavenly Father. "No weapons [ever] formed against us shall prosper"!

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Medically Speaking...

WHAT A PAIN! by Clint Daniel, P.D. Do you hurt? Chances are some muscle, tendon, joint, nerve, or other area is causing a problem known as PAIN. 50 million Americans are partially or totally disabled due to chronic pain. Americans spend over 3 billion dollars a year on over-the-counter analgesics alone. Pain is obviously something that many of us face, and as a result pain relief is a treasure worth seeking. Two categories you may want to include in your search for relief are natural products and prescription compounding. Natural products include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and homeopathic remedies. Many of these can be useful in helping relieve pain. Magnesium is effective at relaxing muscles, bromelain can help alleviate inflammation, and alpha lipoic acid has been shown to be an effective nutrient for nerve pain such as diabetic neuropathy. Combination products such as Musclease, Fibromed, and Arth-9 are continual topsellers. Relief can also be found through pharmaceutical compounding. Prescription strength pain relievers, muscle relaxers, and nerve pain medications can be compounded into highly effective gels that penetrate the skin and act at the site to bring relief. You can experience relief without drowsiness, upset stomach, and other side effects seen with taking similar medications by mouth. The idea is to get a focused concentration of the medication where it needs to work, rather than spread throughout the entire body. The science and technology of compounding is highly advanced today and enables pharmacists trained in this art to tailor medications according to the individual and the chemical make-up of the medication. Discuss with the compounding and natural medication specialists at Boudreaux’s New Drug Store how these treatments may help you find refreshing relief from your pain.


Christian Star News is seeking Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives who are established and well-respected within their community. Must have dependable transportation. Must be selfmotivated, prepared to meet set sales goals, and be able to work in a team environment. Positions available in Houston & Baton Rouge areas. Please contact Monica Soileau at 337.257.8972 or send your resume to

Nature’s Calling Martie Richmond Summertime is here and to a lot of us this means vacation. It also means being away from your well stocked ‘natural’ medicine cabinet, so I thought it might be a good month to talk about putting together a traveling herb bag. This was brought to mind recently while packing for a trip to New York with my newly graduated granddaughter. I want to enjoy every minute and not worry about searching out a good natural health shop in the middle of our good time. Homeopathic remedies are great for travel. They are taken under the tongue and offer quick relief for a variety of ailments. Nature’s Sunshine’s homeopathics come in 1 oz.

bottles and pack easily. Here are a few I especially like for traveling: Allergies Hayfever/Pollen, Arthritis, Cold, Fatigue/Exhaustion, & Sinus. If you suffer from sinuses, the last is a must. I suspect that for this trip Fatigue/Exhaustion & Sinus will definitely be a constant in my purse! How about sleep? I’m always restless when not in my own bed. Fortunately, God gave us calming herbs such as Valerian Root and Hops & Passion Flower which will take care of that. I prefer a NSP product, Herbal Sleep, which combine these three for a good night’s sleep and no sluggishness in the morning. Tired and head-achy at the end of the day? Sore muscles? Rub a bit of peppermint oil on your temples,

behind you ears and down the side of your neck; then cup your hands together and breathe deeply the peppermint scent. Next, have your traveling partner rub Arnica Oil (heals the trauma to your body) down your spine & across your shoulders and then, over the same area, apply the peppermint oil. Finally, I carry Feverfew for really sore joints and headaches, Papaya Mints for indigestion, and Activated Charcoal in the event of nausea for minor food poisoning. God bless and bring you all home safely from your travels! Inquiries, suggestions & comments are welcomed at

Publisher’s Version of Smoothie King’s Low Carbohydrate Protein Smoothie (2 Servings) 2 scoops

Smoothie King Vanilla Gladiator Protein Meal Replacement

½ pack

Sugar Free Jell-O Power Mix Strawberry

12 oz



Low fat, low sugar Yogurt

2 scoops

Pineapple Chunks, optional


Banana, optional

4 oz

Low fat milk or water

Blend, serve and enjoy!!! July • 2010 CSN


Reflections On Surviving A Suicide by Bryan Coleman If you walk outside my back door, onto the porch, there’s a view of five acres of clear cut, save a half-dozen hardwoods. It isn’t picturesque but it does provide some temporal peace. I come out here most mornings to let the dog out and think about things before the day ushers me onward. Most of the time I can hear the traffic from nearby highway 171, not now though. Winter has brushed in rather early this year and even deposited a couple inches of snow that vanished as quickly as it appeared. One of the things I’ve noticed is when winter arrives, here at my house, the noise from the nearby highway all but disappears because of the change in wind direction. The reason why I’m telling you this is because I was caught off guard by the winter’s entrance this year. Usually the noise is the first to go and then, over a period of days, the temperature drops and the cold arrives. The previous week, I paid no attention to the front that was sweeping across the Rockies, down through Texas, to the Louisiana coastal plains. Then one morning I walked out onto the back porch and.....silence. It was so oblivious beforehand that I took a plant from inside the house that I had neglected (it needed watering) and brought it out back and sat it in the belly of an undersized plastic wheel-barrel that had collected rainwater. After it was watered enough, I had planned to bring it back to its customary corner of the room while it grew silently, slowly. It had been challenging to take care of this plant. I say this because it took some detailed care and attention on my part to ensure its growth. It needed time that I had to borrow from a life that was already busy with errands, supper, clothes, picking up and dropping off (kids). Life was passing all around this plant and all it needed was some water from me. It’s hard to notice some things dying quietly in the corner when life expounds all around. When I look back I think “I saved it

from death a couple of times.” I wouldn’t be so fortunate this time. When I went out the next morning, I again noticed the silence from the cold that came in and gave us our first freeze. The plant had been left alone in the wheel barrel full of water and had froze to death. I looked up some information on it. I had guessed it was some sort of tropical plant because of its texture and design. I flipped through a few dozen pictures, refined my search and looked some more. I spotted it in the second picture I came across. It was a Spathiphyllum wallshii. There is about 40 different variations of the plant but the one I ran across was the “peace lilly”. It looked like a perfect match. I went outside again and looked over the now lifeless “spath”. It’s leaves limp from the stem, dark brown and rotting. The snow and freeze killed everything tender and was not biased. I really felt horrible for the first time. That plant’s demise was an uncomfortable reminder of my neglect. I was asked to take care of this delicate plant and was doomed to fail before I ever got the chance. It bothered me deeply.... A little less than six months before, I stood out on by brother’s driveway next to a sixteen foot flatbed trailer. The bed of the trailer was covered with an assortment of plants wrapped in green or gold tin. My father, hand bent on hip, looked over at my brother’s wife... Just take the ones you want. Mom will take the rest. She pointed out several off the trailer and I took them off for her. It was only with four left she finally started to cry. I don’t care what you do with the rest. She left us there and went into her house. Dad looked at her and motioned me to the passenger’s side of his truck. For a second he must have wondered if he should follow her. But..... “We’re gonna go now. We’ll be over later to check on you.”

I don’t know if she heard him as she moved up the steps of her house, mail in one hand, small plant in the other. Back at my father’s house I unloaded the last of the four plants out onto his covered driveway. He took two of the plants, separated them from the two remaining. Take those two, maybe your wife will like them in the house. I’ll just go with one, dad. You sure? Yea. I loaded the peace Lily into the back of the suburban and made my way into the kitchen of my parents house. I noticed my mother in the front room sitting in the loveseat. I made my way over to her side. She gazed up at me, the best she could.

continues on 31

Nu-Exodus Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program focusing on the 12 - 17 year old & Family

Free Professional Counseling

Innovative, Positive, Individualized Relapse Prevention Skills Pro-Social Environment

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Tiger Baseball In Review by Rolland Soileau The year of frustration and accomplishment is finally over for the Tiger baseball team. On the one hand, LSU did win the SEC baseball championship for the 3rd consecutive year. This is the first time that they’ve ever

accomplished this feat; even during the great runs that the baseball team enjoyed in the 90’s, they had never done this before. But this team also left many a fan clutching their seats and scratching their heads at times. For multiple reasons, pitching was an issue this year. Coach Mainieri’s pitching staff posted an era of 5.56, which was the highest that the team has had since Mainieri joined the LSU squad. Anthony Ranaudo posted an earned run average of 7.32, mainly due to an arm injury. Matty Ott did not pitch at his best near the end of the year and ended up with an era of 6.38. There were a lot of expectations on these two pitchers for this year and they just did not pan out. The other young pitchers on the team did not step up enough to make up for the reduced performance of these All-Americans. After a regular season record of 36-20, the tigers began the SEC tournament play by playing at Florida, the SEC conference champs. Despite entering that game with a slump in which they lost 14 out of 18 games, the tigers prevailed 10-6. In the next game, Austin Ross pitched the tigers to a 7-5 victory over Vanderbilt. Ben Alsup followed that up with a one-hit 8-0 victory

against Ole Miss, setting up LSU to play Alabama for the conference championship in Hoover, Alabama. In the top of the 11th inning, Tyler Hanover’s two-out single drove in the winning run as LSU beat Bama 4-3. That gave them their third straight SEC conference championship and also made them the first team to accomplish that feat in the conference. Tiger fans are used to seeing LSU win on the diamond, but the way they were playing going into the conference championship had many doubting that they would come out on top this time. The tournament win gave the tigers the #2 seed in the Los Angeles regional, pitting them against #3 seed Cal Irvine in the tournament opener. Trey Watkins was the hero of this game with a clutch double in the bottom of the 11th inning to give the purple & gold an 11-10 win at UCLA’s Jackie Robinson Stadium. The regional’s #1 ranked (and

6th ranked nationally) UCLA Bruins took on the tigers next and showcased a masterful pitching performance by Trevor Bauer in knocking off the tigers 6-3. This loss set up a rematch for LSU with Cal Irvine, who had blasted Kent State 19-9. Cal Irvine got their revenge on their earlier loss to LSU with a 4-3 victory that ended the tigers’ season and any hopes of a repeat trip to Omaha this year. Though not being totally outplayed during the tournament, the difference in the outcome boiled down to the West Coast teams’ small ball play as they executed seven successful bunts, with 6 of these resulting in runs.

So with that loss, we look to next year’s crop of recruits to come in and add some needed skills to the squad. But just what will that look like? The professional baseball draft just ended and LSU had 7 current players drafted, with 5 of them being underclassmen who had some eligibility left. Adding to that total, 9 players from LSU’s high school recruitment class were also signed. Delino Deshield, Zack Lee, and Rock Bedrosian were all selected in the first round. So much for that super signing class. Deshield was picked 8th overall by the Houston Astros, Lee was chosen at 28 by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Bedrosian was picked 29th by the Los Angeles Angels. Both Deshield and Bedrosian are the offspring of famous baseball dads who played several years in the majors. The odds of them setting foot on LSU’s campus are very slim, unless there is an issue with signing monies. Lee, on the other hand, may be the one who does report to LSU. Not only is the baseball squad counting on him showing up, but he is also the prize quarterback-to-be for the LSU football team. Lee excels in both football and baseball, and he will be allowed to participate in both sports if he elects to wear the purple and gold. Manieri is experiencing what all highly successful baseball recruiting classes face: if your kids are that good, the majors can come calling with lucrative contracts to rob you of your class powerhouses. Reload and keep the talent coming. Omaha loves the tiger fans and the tiger fans love Omaha. July • 2010 CSN


Legally Speaking... The Case for Making a Will At some point, all of our Lord’s children will stand before the Lord in judgment. This is the only certain thing in life. While our worldly possessions seem trivial in the face of our judgment by the Lord, the law of Louisiana still requires that those we leave behind divide our worldly possessions. In Louisiana, the process is known as a “succession.” There are two different types of successions, which are used to divide our property among our family after we pass. The first is an intestate succession. This means, in layman’s terms, that you have not written a will. The law of Louisiana serves as a default in dividing your property amongst your family. There is nothing that can be done to change this process, and there is a very strict process that must be followed. Further, this process can be a burden on your family as they grieve over the loss of a loved one, and in some sad circumstances leads to fighting amongst family members over property. We at the Richard Law Firm wish to avoid these problems.

other when dividing the property. You will have almost full freedom to divide your property as you see fit when you pass (there are, however, some rules if you have young children which guarantee them a share even if they are not in your will) A will is for everyone. There is a misconception that you only need a will if you are rich or elderly. However the Lord chooses our fates; we do not. We do not know when we will stand before the Lord, or what situation we will be in at death. It is always better to prepare ourselves and be ready for any situation. A will allows this security. Further, a will is not a complex document. Louisiana law allows for a person to write their own will with minimal form requirements. These wills are called olographic wills. They require you to write them in your own handwriting, sign, and date. This is not a burdensome process, and there are only a few requirements which were not listed above (such as where you should date and sign the document). Please contact a lawyer whenever it is feasible to discuss preparing a last will and testament. The small price you will pay during life will save others a great deal of grief after you pass.

There is a second type of succession, which is the “testate” succession. This is what is commonly known as a will. This process allows you to control what property goes to which person, including those outside of your famPERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS ily. This eliminates the division of property as well as fighting Schedule A Workshop for Your Church Group Today! over property which may result Information on topics such as sucessions, wills, injuries, insurance, from an intestate succession. A criminal law, business law, contracts, property, & more. testate succession allows you to control the process, which will protect whomever you desire and will prevent family from using undue influence on each


Richard Law Firm, L.L.C.

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Destiny Speaking... “My Call into Kingdom Work” Peggy W. Lester The gentleman had squandered his younger life on alcohol before coming to know the Lord because of a terrible tractor accident. At that time, he prayed a desperate prayer, “God save me and I’ll serve you the rest of my life!” God heard his prayer and miraculously saved and healed him. God then set him and his wife on a course of mission work in Mexico for the last 25 years of his life. By the end of their lives, they had built hundreds of churches, a Bible school, and ministered the love of Jesus to thousands. Age should never be a factor in the fulfilling of your destiny. Our Church had begun building churches in 1979 under the leadership of this elderly missionary couple. They had lived in Mexico serving diligently in ministry and meeting the needs of the people. Both had a heart of compassion and love for the people everywhere. Currently, they were living stateside and hosting mission teams traveling back and forth to Mexico. I met this couple as we planned our church’s second mission trip to Mexico. The trip was in February of 1980- the year missions stole my heart! I am no “spring chicken” myself. This fall I will be 62 years old. I have been married for nearly 44 years and have two married sons and five grandchildren. I grew up in church but did not come to the Lord until I was 29 years old. Yes, I served in many capacities; but I had not made a personal commitment to Christ. You don’t become a Christian by attending church or because your parents are Christians. You become a Christian only by making a personal decision to accept Christ. God doesn’t have grandchildren! I was 42 when my Dad passed away suddenly in 1991. The death of a loved one has a way of “focusing your destiny”. During my grief, I prayed Dad’s legacy would become fruitful in my life. Dad had a love for people and a servant’s heart. He loved and supported the mission work in Mexico. I too wanted to leave a godly legacy. The Lord had called me “to go into the entire world and preach the gospel” and “to feed His sheep.” He set that course in motion on my first mission trip to Mexico. Over the years, He has clarified His “destiny call” upon my life and fine tuned it in many ways. I have been answering this call since 1991. I have had the privilege during the last 30 years to travel to five continents and minister in various ways in the name of Christ. The Lord spoke to me through His Word several years ago and said, “My latter days would be greater than my former days.” I am seeing this come to pass. How about you? Do you just exist daily, going through the motions, or do you know your destiny? Is there purpose in your life? A popular contemporary song says, “I want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me?” After listening to this song many times, I realize the legacy I want to leave is one that points to “Jesus”, not me. When I am gone, I want my family to say, “She wasn’t perfect; but, she loved Jesus and she loved us.” All of my mission work will have been in vain if they say anything else. My prayer is that you will seek God while there is time. He will reveal your destiny for your life, “For He knows the plans He has for you.”

Women’s Commission of SWLA, Inc. Announces Keynote Speaker Jane Pauley Slated for Women’s Commission Fall Conference Keynote Speaker The Women’s Commission of SWLA, Inc. invites you to mark your calendar for Thursday, October 21, 2010 for the 20th Anniversary of its Annual Fall Conference!! The Conference has many opportunities for women to reach out to one another to educate, empower, and network with others in our community. • • • • • • •

The Conference starts with Registration and Check In at the Exhibition Hall of the Lake Charles Civic Center. The MarketPlace on the 1st - 3rd floors offers numerous local businesses and agencies who provide a sampling of their services Workshops offer fun, personal development, career planning, emotional and, spiritual activities to build your personal values and selfesteem. Mid-day entertainment in the coliseum is provided by Elisha Eagle Keynote speaker, Jane Pauley, will deliver a motivational and moving presentation during a wonderful luncheon. Presentation of the Jack V. Doland Citizen of the Year Award at the luncheon. After lunch, more shopping and more workshops.

The Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana, Inc. is a talented and diverse group of women who volunteer time to plan, organize and promote this event. The success of this conference truly is attributed to the teamwork and dedication of these women, along with the very generous support of our many sponsors, and the many residents who support the conference by attending. You may contact the commission by visiting our website or email at Jane Pauley’s Biography: One of the most respected figures in American broadcast journalism, Jane Pauley served as co-host of NBC’s TODAY for thirteen years, anchored the Weekend Edition of NBC News, appeared as a regular substitute for Tom Brokaw on Nightly News, and hosted both “Time and Again,” a retrospective news program on MSNBC, and “Real Life with Jane Pauley,” a weekly newsmagazine. For more than a decade, Pauley anchored DATELINE NBC with co-host, Stone Phillips, appearing as many as four nights a week on the NBC primetime schedule. In 2004, she returned to television with “The Jane Pauley Show.” A member of the Broadcast and Cable Hall of Fame, Pauley has been honored with multiple Emmy Awards, the Edward R. Murrow Award for outstanding achievement, the Radio and Television News Directors Association’s Paul White Award for lifetime contribution to electronic journalism, two Gracie Allen Awards for outstanding achievement by an individual from American Women in Radio and Television, the first international Matrix Award from the Association for Women in Communication, and the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism from Arizona State University. In her memoir, the New York Times bestseller Skywriting: a Life out of the Blue, Pauley wrote candidly about being diagnosed with mental illness at the age of 50, and has since become a powerful advocate in the field of mental health. July • 2010 CSN


PRESS RELEASE EVENT NAME: Women’s Commission of SWLA, marketing your product and/or service. Booth rentInc. Annual Fall Conference als are $175. For more information on the Commission and Conference visit EVENT CONTACT NAME AND For addiTION: Franyora Clophus tional information on MarketPlace booths contact Martha Polk at 337-936-1474 or EVENT DATE: October 21, 2010 EVENT LOCATION: Lake Charles Civic Center Please use the space below to describe your event to the general public, including estimated attendance: The Women’s Commission of SWLA, Inc. invites all businesses and organizations to register for a booth at the 2010 Women’s Fall Conference. The 20th Anniversary Conference will be held October 21, 2010 with Jane Pauley as the keynote speaker. Join over 160 other area businesses/organizations in


Please include a quote from a director/coordinator to be included with your press release: MarketPlace Chairman, Martha Polk adds “Please be aware, tables are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase the services you offer and to help women improve, empower and enlighten their lives!”

Bible Word Search: God’s Love Accepts Active Eternal Faith Forbears Humble Kind Patient Selfless Trust


Catching up with CWC Power and Light Co. by Bryan Coleman CWC Power and Light Company has navigated the music landscape once before and this time around looks to deliver the gospel....with power. The bands heavy sound with embedded gospel message has drawn the attention of the christian community while capturing a non-christian audience with its distinct style of rock harmony. CWC’s fusion pushes through to their audiences behind the soulful voice of Jessica Jones who’s passion for Christ flows forth in stirring and affectionate tones behind the rhythmic cords of songs like “Bloodline” and “Father, Father’”. Jessica, the wife of lead guitarist Kenny Jones, talked with us recently about how the band came to be and to give us an update on what they’ve been up to lately.

Who are the band members and what instruments do they play? The band members are Kenny Jones, guitarist; Jessica Jones, lead vocals; Luke Hester, drums and Noah Smith, bongos. So, how did the band come together? “Kenny and I had played blue and rock for about two or three years with a record company that showcased our first album. It wasn’t long before things fell through with the company and we parted ways.” Were you attending church at the time? “Well, it was during this time we started to attend Christway Church in DeRidder....God was dealing with us. It was this relationship that would fill the gap left by our departure from secular music.”

Catching Up with CWC continued What happened after you left your former life? “God was calling us to step out of the boat and trust in him and that’s what we did. Shortly after that God provided us a place to live and the church we attended asked us to sing praise and worship which was a blessing.” After all that, how did you and your husband come around to doing another album ? “About a year later we started working on another album. We got a band together and started to teach them the songs. About two years later we came out with the album “Bloodline”..... It was different with this. We felt God’s call on our lives, which in the secular world was totally absent. We had heard the message, literally at service one Sunday, to step out of the boat. It was the message that we needed to hear so.... We knew it was the right thing because it was the call of God.” So, how hard was it to switch over from the secular to the gospel and what was the hardest thing about it? “We were pretty confident in the transition because we knew it was God’s call. We had a few things to get use to. It was a transition for my husband and I because now we were doing praise and worship. So it took us a little while because now the music was important. We were now on the front lines of spiritual battles and I didn’t realize the importance of that at first. I came from the world of professional singing into a world of tearing down walls and strongholds. That was hard for us to grab hold of but we slowly caught on with God’s leading. Now we realize what a privilege and a honor it is and that we’re actually out there on the front lines of spiritual battles.” Where did the name of the group come from ? “The name of the group originated with the church we attended; Christway Church (CWC). The Power and Light was taken from the command to be a light to the world and to walk in the power of Jesus Christ.” The group is currently working on their sophomore album. You can catch up with them on Facebook and MySpace for a taste of their music as well as a schedule of upcoming performances. If you would like to see them perform at your next function you can contact the group at


July 2010  

Weathering the Storms of Life

July 2010  

Weathering the Storms of Life