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magazine Issue 14 February 2010


"Friend Ships Unlimited: Earthquake relief for Haiti"

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Contents: Pg. 3.... A Word from The Publisher Pg. 4.... Who will Dream Because of You? Pg. 5.... Divine Prescriptions with Rev. EJ Kemper Pg. 6.... Think Thin to Live Thin, Kelly Stallings Pg. 7.... Tips for Staying Fit for Busy People, Restoring Hope Pg. 8.... A Living Sacrifice Pg. 9.... Rape Crisis Outreach Pg. 10.... The Tangled Necklace - Michele Abshire Pg. 12.... Tax Time Joy Pg. 13.... Who Dat!! GO SAINTS!! Pg. 14.... HELP HAITI - Friendships Pg. 15.... Youth Activity

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Scripture of the Month

If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing. - 1 Corinthians 13:3 - NIV

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As you begin your new year, carefully select the words that proceed out of your mouth to ensure that you are speaking blessings and not curses into your life, as well as others. We are made in God’s image; therefore, we have the ability to speak things into existence just as God did in the beginning. The Bible gives us multiple examples where people spoke out blessings over others, such as Isaac did for Jacob in Genesis 27:22. We are to be mindful of the words that we speak. Proverbs 18:21 (NIV) says that “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” So basically, we will eat our words. James 3 instructs us to tame our tongue. For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body. Indeed,

A “Word” from the Publisher

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we put bits in horses’ mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body. Look also at ships: although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things. See how great a forest a little fire kindles! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell. For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind. But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so. Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening? Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Thus no spring yields both salt water and fresh. James 3:2 – 10 NKJV The power is in the words that we speak, so choose to speak life! Find someone today and give them a word of hope and speak blessings over them. You will reap the blessings that you sow. Monica Soileau

Who Will Dream Because of You? By Dr. Cheryl Hill Over the years God has sharpened my discernment, hearing and sensitivity to the things of the Kingdom. Who I was had already been determined by God. How many dreamed because of my assignment was determined by my pursuit for more knowledge of God. From a country girl, to working with White House staff to Africa has been my journey. I did not take note of the people who watched my life until three years ago. I was raised in the church since I could remember but had no relationship with God until then. My dream was to be a mother and a good wife and raise my children. The more I pursued to know God the more He showed me who He made me to be and now I advise many leaders, work on initiatives in Africa and meet incredible people doing great works. I never realized people are dreaming because they have seen me seek after the very LOVE of my life and watched the favor of God upon my life. I have learned some lessons I want to share with you so

that you do not miss your destiny. These are snippets of wisdom keys I learned in my lifetime. You must grasp your significance and value. God planned you and there is no one else like you. Your DNA speaks to your significance! You are a reward to someone else. Someone needs exactly what you have been given by God. You are His billboard of dreams. No one else has received your assignment and nobody understands your assignment like you. David was Israel’s answer to the challenge of Goliath the giant. People could dream again after Goliath was slain. Thousands of people danced in the streets when David accomplished one of the task he was created for. “And it came to pass as they came, when David returned from the slaughter of the Philistine, that the women came out of all cities of Israel, singing and dancing, to meet king Saul, with tabrets, with joy , and with instruments of musick. And the women answered one another as they played, and said, Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands” (1 Samuel 18: 6,7)

Someone’s future is in your hand. Someone is waiting to dream because of you. Be God’s billboard for dreams. Someone is observing you today. Someone needs something that is placed inside of you. Many times we get so wrapped up in human reasoning that we do not take a look at those closest to us who glean and dream because of we are being who we are made to be. How many will dream because of you?

Rice Smile Ministry The big bad wolf came and swept all of our sheep away from us, the Haitian children and adults. The shepherd heard the cry of the little lamb; however, all he could do was wept. The duty of the shepherd is protect the sheep from the big bad wolf. Can you image the anguish or the pain felt by the shepherd, who has lost his sheep? Can you image what

it feels like to be unable or incapable of protecting your sheep in the time of trouble?

Inter-faith Baptist Convention Inc., 1605 Broad Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601.

I’m a leader with a church in Haiti, helping 60 school children, providing food to several orphanages, caring for them in mobile clinic. Please listen to the voice of a shepherd crying for help for his sheep. Please send your donation for Rice Smile Ministry forward to:

You have seen the horrible pictures from Haiti. Let’s make a difference by changing the pictures to a positive one, one we can be proud to look at. Pastor Pierre Perpignant


D P ivine


The Problem: Spiritual Blindness Matthew 9:27 says, “….two blind men followed Him…” It’s sad but unfortunately it’s true. There are many spiritually blind men following Christ. To be blind means one is unable to see because they lack the sense of sight. It can be further defined as one being unable or unwilling to perceive or understand. To be spiritually blind is lacking spiritual sight. It is being unable to perceive or understand spiritual things. Many Christians go to worship service Sunday after Sunday….. blind. Many Christians lead miserable, ineffective and hopeless lives because of spiritual blindness. Many Christians live lives of defeat and uncertainty because of spiritual blindness. When one is physically blind they are partially disconnected from this world. When one is spiritually blind they are partially disconnected from God. The Bible says “they that worship Him must worship Him in ‘spirit’ and in truth”. If then, my dears, one is spiritually blind how can they truly worship God? Too often our sight goes no further than our circumstances. But it takes spiritual sight to understand that even difficult circumstances “work together for the good of them that love the Lord”. Too often our sight goes no further than our strength. But it takes spiritual sight to understand that “when I am weak” through Christ’s strength “then I am strong”. Too often our sight goes no further than our failures. But it takes spiritual sight to understand that “we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus”. Too often our sight goes no further than the tactics of the devil but it takes spiritual sight to understand “no weapon formed against me shall prosper”. Our physical sight connects us to this world. With it we behold the splendor, beauty and

glory of this world. Our spiritual sight connects us to our God. With it we behold his power, grace, mercy and constant activity in the affairs of mankind. However, many of us are bound by our physical sight. Because our circumstance LOOKS tumultuous and we cannot SEE how it will unfold we panic, stress and complain. We are afraid of every giant. We are tripped up by every hurdle. We are entangled in every trap set. We quit in the face of every mountain. We shudder at every valley. We complain in every trial. We murmur in every hardship. We rebel against every leader. We hurt every loved one who tries to help. We are spiritually blind!

The Prescription: Faith in God The two blind men in our scripture cried to Jesus that He would heal them of their ailment. We too, my friends, must cry out to Jesus that He would heal our spiritual blindness. We are to pray that God would “help our unbelief”. It should be our daily prayer that God would open our eyes that we would trust Him more. Our daily prayers should be for enlightenment and wisdom. Our daily feat should be to cling more closely to Him. The critical element in obtaining spiritual sight is a strong relationship with God. Our relationship with God is strengthened when we seek Him in prayer, meditation and worship. In prayer we teach ourselves that we have someone to call on even in the midst of our situations. We all need someone with whom we can share our concerns and fears but we should never fail to share them with God as well. One of the greatest tricks of the enemy is to make you believe that you are all alone. He strives to make us believe that the only help we have is us. But the devil is a liar and the truth is not

in him. God promised that He would never leave nor forsake us. Often times we find His presence in prayer. In meditation we learn the character and attributes of God. The reason many of us are spiritually blind is because we are too dependent on what we see physically. We come to understand that there is a power stronger than our circumstance when we meditate on the Word of God. The Bible says “faith comes by hearing the Word of God”. How can we expect to know and understand God’s Word if we don’t attend worship and Bible study regularly? When we take note of all that God has done in the past we began to trust Him for the present and future. My friend, spiritual blindness is often directly connected to a poor knowledge of God’s Word. Countless stories are given as proof and evidence that our God can be trusted to bring good out of bad situations. Even as we mourn tragedies like the one ongoing in Haiti we must understand that God can, even now, bring triumph out of tragedy. A month ago these people were overlooked and insignificant in the world’s eye but now they command the world’s attention. In worship we complete the cycle. We reaffirm the deity and presence of our Savior to ourselves when we worship. Jesus asked the two blind men “do you believe that I am able to this that you ask?” What a profound question that each of us must ask ourselves! Our spiritual sight is directly connected to our faith in God’s ability to deliver. Take time to meditate on what God has done in Bible times. Take time to reflect on that God has done in your life. Take time to notice all that God has done in the lives of those around you. Surely God is able to do whatever you need Him to do. And you, my dear reader, do not have to see it; YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE!


Commit Goals to Paper & Make Them Happen! January is the perfect time to make resolutions and set personal goals for the year. While this is a common practice, apparently less than 2% of us will stick with these newly established resolutions and goals past January. Why is it challenging for folks to keep focused on goals? One reason may be that goals are not revisited after they are created…or worse, maybe these goals were not written down to be revisited. Writing your goals on paper is the important first step to accomplish a desired change. Without identified written goals, there is no easy way to track achievement. Write out your goals in a journal that will be easy to keep track of throughout the year. Include both easy to reach short term goals as well as the larger long term goals. Long term goals represent a final destination. An example of this could be achieving your optimal weight. Long term goals may require a commitment for months or years to accomplish. Commitment and patience is required for reaching long term goals. Short term goals are crucial to the successful achievement of long term goals. These small goals support the big goals. Short term goals give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation as you work toward your long term

goals. Short term goals may be items like reducing a size in your clothing or walking for thirty minutes four days in a week. Think of short term goals as the individual steps in a staircase. As you achieve each short term goal, you step up one step at a time toward your long term goal of reaching the top of the staircase. You can get excited and celebrate your progress as you achieve each short term goal that propels you further up the staircase to your long term goal. Looking back at how many steps you have climbed will give you the motivation to keep going when you feel tired of climbing. Your goals journal is a tool. Use a highlighter to highlight each goal as you achieve it. Since you will make a lot of small easy to accomplish goals, you will be highlighting a lot in your journal. Make a habit of highlighting achieved goals weekly or monthly. This keeps you rereading and staying mindful of your goals. As you update your journal, you will feel continually motivated by the growing number of highlights. Thinking of the highlighted goals in your journal and staying mindful of the upcoming goals that you will be highlighting soon could very well help you decide the chocolate cake offered at lunch is not as good as it first looked and easily avoid eating it.

Many people are accustomed to thinking that weight loss is hard, so they proceed in fulfilling that prophecy through negative thinking, self criticism and bad choices. This year, decide that weight loss is easy. Keep it simple and use this technique for organizing your goals this year and accomplish amazing weight loss results! To your healthy body, Kelly Stallings, MS, LPC Kelly is a licensed psychotherapist, speaker and the author of Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin a simple solution to address the mental aspect of weight loss. She has extensive experience working with people to create positive changes in their life including increased overall physical health using cognitive behavioral techniques for healthy living. Kelly’s book and training has been featured in television news shows, radio shows and popular magazines. She is a dynamic speaker who puts people at ease with her warm, ‘no fluff’ personality.



for Staying Fit for Busy People

Add Spontaneous Exercise into your day. Spontaneous exercise is the physical activity you experience daily like walking from your car to the office. Walk as much as you can everyday to stay fit. A mile is roughly 2000 steps. Track your steps with a pedometer and be creative to squeeze a few extra steps into each day. Park farther away from the door, take the stairs, and use your breaks as an opportunity to walk around your office. You will be walking more than a few miles each day in no time. Cut calories without noticing by eating slowly. Eating slowly gives your brain time to realize you are full. Put your utensils down while chewing to slow your pace. Eating fast allows an average of 200+ extra calories at a meal. Slow down, cut calories, and feel full. It is that easy! Focus on what you want to eat, not what you don’t want to eat. You will naturally eliminate or greatly reduce the junk food from your diet by focusing on what foods you want to be sure to include daily. Your attention to healthy food options will distract your attention from bad foods. When you feel full on your healthy food options, you won’t have room for the bad food. Keep a healthy work space. Eliminate candy, snack foods and sodas from your work area. We typically eat what is easily accessible. Keep only a very small selection of healthy snack options like fresh fruit, nuts and water easily accessible from your office. If you really want a soda, make yourself work to get it. This gives you time to rethink how badly you want it and possibly make a different decision after boosting your energy with a few steps from your desk down to the soda machine. Keep a healthy snack in your car. Busy people are typical work long hours. Keep a healthy snack in your car for those times when you are running late for lunch or dinner. The healthy snack will give you a small amount of calories and energy so that you do not overeat when you are able to enjoy your real meal. Kelly Stallings, is a licensed psychotherapist, speaker and author of Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin. Learn more about Kelly and her weight loss training from her website, Facebook and twitter!

The Proverb says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” (Pr 13:12, RSV) Hope is not destroyed, but rather in this context, it is something that is delayed, removed or scattered. Hope is the future tense of the faith in the heart of a person. The expectation that is sown in the field of rocky circumstances often transforms the center of a person’s will making it weak, sick and wounded. There is a crisis in Louisiana. Thousands of people finally reach a place that their circumstance literally plunges them into a place of great struggle to once again long for hope. All people experience the removal of hope and know the bitter place it can build inside of them. The crisis in Louisiana is denied by most, ignored and yet it touches everyone. Louisiana is the state which has the highest incarceration and recidivism rate in the industrialized world! Each year in this nation over 700,000 inmates will be released back into our nation which is our neighborhoods, hometowns, cities and states. This is a number of people that is

greater than the complete size of the U. S. Marines! It is an overwhelming thought to think about our own personal capacity to reach this huge amount of people, each one having hope overdue and longing for a tree of life for himself. How does the Lord Jesus Christ desire His own to reach to those behind these fences? “ …I was in prison and you came to Me.” Mt 25:36 (NKJV) This is a clear mandate for today and will be the yard stick of judgment in all of eternity. Does this direct instruction seem to be a choice of a personal calling? The crucial words of Jesus are here. No hesitation is made to feed, clothe, heal and restore the nation of Haiti and well we should, but there are 700,000 in our own nation who need help. Pray and go to them. This article is written by Nancy Lasher BSN RN who is the Re-Entry Director for The Open Door, FBCO, Inc. with the mission of restoring hope to the incarcerated women of our state.


Now Serving Breakfast 7:00AM - 10:30AM Store Hours: 7:00AM - 6:00PM Plate Lunches, Poboys, Boudin, Cracklins, Seafood. 1708 Gerstner Memorial Dr. Lake Charles, LA 70601-6735 (337) 494-0618

A Living Sacrifice

You have called me to be a sacrifice Living perpetually on the alter To live is Christ, to die is gain When believing this I will not falter

But there is a problem with this selfish soul I wiggle and writhe and squirm I fuss and complain about my plight When will I ever learn That when I get up I become walking death Leaving behind me a trail of decay? Lord help me remember when the fire gets hot On the alter I must stay ©2010michelestaggwoods Romans 12:1

“ And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all He has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrificethe kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” Romans 12:1-2


How Can Communities of Faith Prevent Interpersonal/Relationship Violence? The first step is to acknowledge that the problem of interpersonal violence exists and make a commitment to address it. Many resources are available to help communities address this issue including prevention education and counseling. Behaviors such as harassing jokes, comments, inappropriate touching, incest, assault, date rape, exploitation, misconduct and abuse are all forms of interpersonal or sexual violence. It is a breach of trust and safety that occurs any time a person is forced or manipulated into any unwanted sexual activity. It is a crime motivated by control. We must look at the underlying beliefs within our cultures that perpetuate the crime. Faith traditions affirm truth telling, protecting the vulnerable and holding the guilty accountable. These values and teachings are resources in addressing interpersonal violence. Silence regarding this issue from the from the faith community and in religious teachings contributes to misunderstandings and myths that blame the victim. People of all faiths must recognize when religion is used to oppress. What can faith communities do to raise awareness? • Display information such as brochures and posters where worship meetings take place. • Require training for clergy staff, laypersons and community leaders. • Educate all groups on how to identify and prevent interpersonal/ sexual

violence. Designate time to raise awareness through adult and youth education, and special events. • Donate time and assistance with projects at your local sexual assault center. • Invite a guest speaker from a local sexual assault program (faith based referrals available). • Promote compassion and appreciation for diversity. • Teach skills for developing nonviolent relationships. Rape Crisis Outreach is the sexual violence program of the Calcasieu Women’s Shelter. RCO provides free and confidential services to men, women and children, both primary and secondary (family members / partners) survivors of sexual assault. The center is open M-F, 9am-5pm, and serves a five (5) parish area; Cameron, Calcasieu, Jeff Davis, Beauregard and Allen. We provide counseling, hospital and legal accompaniment. After hour counseling is available by appointment only. A crisis hotline is available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year; (337) 494-7273 or 1-866-5707273. Hospital and legal accompaniment are provided 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. Age appropriate education, prevention and awareness curriculums, along with in service training and presentations, are also available. Our volunteer program is essential to the services we offer. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, you can learn more by visiting our web•

page at and click on the evergreen branch at the bottom of the page. Once on the RCO page click on the Volunteer tab to your left for information Ultimately a world without violence is ours to create. By being aware, becoming involved and communicating you can make your community safer. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ”We must keep nonviolence as our goal and make strong progress towards it.” Mohandas Gandhi The information presented in this article is the first of a three part series. Please continue to educate yourself, your family, friends and co-workers as Rape Crisis Outreach and Christian Star News continue to collaborate with information relating to the consequences that society, victims, secondary victims and faith based communities face due to interpersonal violence. I will discuss, in detail, the services RCO provides and address the education, prevention and awareness programs available to continue the fight against violence. Vivian Reed Guillory Community Educator / Trainer Rape Crisis Outreach Crisis Hotline (337) 494- 7273 or 1-866-570-7273

Rape Crisis Outreach Calcasieu Women’s Shelter. Crisis Hotline 1-866-570-7273


The Tangled Necklace Not too long ago my mom found a necklace. She wasn't sure whose necklace it was but it was terribly tangled. She mentioned that necklaces take soooo long to untangle and she had heard that it helps to spray them with WD-40. However, I decided to undertake the project with just my two hands, 10 fingers and no WD-40 for the challenge and to see how long it would take me to untangle the necklace. It was a beautiful Diamond pendant necklace, approximately 20 inches in length with a sparkling silver chain knotted up to no more than 3 inches long and completely useless in its present state. Even as I struggled to untangle the mess I admired the beauty of the chain and I wondered, "Where did it come from? Where had it been? How long had it taken to get this way? Had my grandchildren done this?" I continued to struggle for about 13 minutes seemingly only tangling it worse when I thought, "Why don't I pray and ask God to help me untangle this necklace?" Directly after I prayed I thought, “Why don't I unclasp it?” Why didn't that thought strike me until after I prayed? After I unclasped the necklace and as I began to try and figure out the tangles again it seemed as if I could see where it was crisscrossed and could tell which way I need to pull the chain through so that I could unknot the tangles. It took a total of 17 minutes to untangle the chain so that it could be useful and worn again as it was created to do. All this made me begin to think about it in parallel with our own lives. Life starts out simple and beautiful. Somehow as we grow older things get complicated and go wrong. Everything in our lives seems to get tangled and knotted. Problems come either because of the sins of others touching our lives or because of our own choices in life and those “tangles and knots” begin to make a way into our lives. Sin, since the fall of man, touches all of us, whether we are the perpetrator or the victim of that sin. We, of course, try and "fix" everything in our own strength and our own abilities often just making things worse and pretty soon we have a worse mess than what we started with. Often our last recourse is prayer. Why is that? Did you notice that at about 13 minutes into my struggle I finally

prayed. Immediately after I prayed the idea came to me to unclasp the necklace, which helped me greatly in the struggle. I am sure the thought was a “God Thought,” you know, one of those little answers that comes when we do finally pray. Then He softly speaks to our hearts to show us the way. It was only after I prayed, that I began to notice where to ‘uncriss’ and ‘uncross’ the chain and in four more minutes the chain was completely untangled and of use again to adorn and show forth beauty.

Just as chains get tangled so our lives get tangled, it is a fact of life, but God wants to ‘untangle’ our lives for His purposes and His glory. When our life is a tangled mess often it is only God that can help us untangle it. Is the untangling easy and fun? No, often the struggle often brings pain, hurt and frustration; but in the end wholeness comes so that you can be all that God has created you to be, beautiful and full of Jesus’ light for His kingdom. Just as that chain was beautiful, our life is beautiful to God. Just as that chain has a purpose in life, God has a purpose in our life. Is your life tangled in some area? He wants to ‘untangle’ your life and that is why He gave you His greatest gift, His Son, Jesus Christ. He is your very hope and the answer for your life.

He has come to give you life and that more abundant. Just as I gently worked on that necklace to untangle it so that I could discover its true beauty and usefulness, remember that God is gently and lovingly working in your life to cause ALL things to work together for good and to conform you to the image of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:28-29). Remember that His hands are gentle hands. Remember His heart is merciful and loving. He always works in love and through love. He gently ‘uncrisses’ and ‘uncrosses’ those knots and kinks in your life; He will pull you through the toughest of times and situations if you will but trust Him, praise Him, worship Him, send your prayers unto Him, and listen for His response. He gives direction and He gives answers. You may think your life would be a challenge to Him but He will lovingly undertake even the greatest of challenges with those gentle hands to ‘untangle’ and to set straight those crooked paths of your life. Nothing is impossible with God, NOTHING! He can make the crooked paths straight. He will cause your feet to be as hinds feet to walk upon the high places of your trials, troubles and testing (Habakkuk 3:19). He is more than able to keep you through any situation and more than able to ‘untangle’ your life. Just as David encouraged himself in the Lord, encourage yourself in the Lord; He is your Lord. He is your King. He is your Savior. He forever lives to make intercession for you. He is the God of all comfort. He is near to the brokenhearted. His mercy endures forever. He loves you with an everlasting love. He is the glory and the lifter of your head. He is your hope. He is your Shield, your Buckler and your Hightower. He is forever faithful. He is the Keeper of the Covenant He has made with you. Remember you are special to God and your life matters to Him. May God Bless you and Keep you and cause His Face to Shine upon you. Love in Christ, Michele LeDoux Abshire Copy write 2008


Timing Is Critical for Wycliffe Associates’ Completion of Translation Facilities in Southern Sudan (Orlando, Florida, USA)—Wycliffe Associates, an international organization that mobilizes volunteers and resources in support of Bible translation efforts, is working to establish a permanent Bible translation center in Southern Sudan while a peace agreement with the North currently remains in effect for Sudan until 2011. Bible translation efforts in Southern Sudan had been stalled for nearly 18 years as translators were forced to leave the country due to hostilities between the North and the South. In the translators’ absence, squatters occupied the translation facilities, which have deteriorated significantly. Upon their return in 2005, translation teams lived in mud huts until housing and office space could be repaired. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), “The many years of civil conflict ensured massive or near total destruction of the physical infrastructure in Southern Sudan. Most buildings lie in a very dilapidated state. . . .” Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates, says the completion of a new translation facility within the next two years is critical to the future of Bible translation in the region. With the expiration date of the peace agreement looming, we must establish a permanent translation center to ensure that Sudanese nationals will be equipped to translate God’s Word into the remaining languages that need it,”, Smith says. Wycliffe Associates has committed to reno-

vating the existing Bible translation facility and construct a new Bible translation and literacy center in the city of Juba. This past year, Wycliffe Associates has sent five teams of volunteers to help with the renovation and repair work. New plumbing and electrical wiring have been installed in the existing facilities and structural repairs have made the buildings functional again. “Though much has been accomplished, there is so much work left to be done to provide these committed Bible translators with living quarters, classrooms, offices, and workstations,” says Smith. More than one million people in Southern Sudan—representing 25 language groups—currently do not have the Bible in their language. But translation work cannot begin on new languages until there is room to train new national translators and provide them with office space. Currently, translation training classes are filled to capacity. In addition to limited classroom and office space, translation experts and advisors are facing a housing shortage. Rent for a typical three-bedroom house in Juba averages $3,000 per month. These prices make it impossible to obtain housing, making it more cost-effective to build facilities that will be used by translators for the next 20 years and beyond. Wycliffe Associates believes the new facilities will do more than provide living and working space for translation teams, however. “The

work of Bible translation in Southern Sudan has the power to bring hope, peace, and rest to a nation that has suffered upheaval and violence many times in its history,” Smith says. And Elizabeth Newport, the Sudan Branch director says translators are hopeful that their work will help bring peace to the people of Sudan. “The Sudanese translators and literacy workers want to be part of peace-building as Southern Sudan is rebuilt,” says Newport. “True peace will only be lasting if the teachings of the Prince of Peace are at the heart of the nation —having a stable base in Juba to support the mother-tongue translation teams will bring that goal closer.” Wycliffe Associates recently received $30,000 in a matching fund challenge for the Juba Bible Translation Center and hopes to raise an additional $30,000 or more over the next 30 days. During 2009, some 4,347 Wycliffe Associates volunteers served as part of the worldwide Bible translation team. Wycliffe Associates has served in over 54 countries through volunteer and financial support. Next year, Wycliffe Associates is planning to mobilize more than 5,600 volunteers to serve in 63 different countries to build and renovate facilities, construct roads and airstrips, teach Vacation Bible School, help with language development and office work, oversee projects, use their computer skills, and much more. For more information, visit www. or call 1-800-THE WORD (1-800-843-9673).


Time Joy By Rolland Soileau Yeah, I said it. But did I mean it? Joy in tax season? Bah! Humbug! If there’s ever a stressful time of the year for most people, it is the season of reckoning between the tax preparer and Uncle Sam. There are a lot reasons that people feel trepidation around tax filing. One of the biggest reasons is that the tax codes are huge and can therefore be fairly confusing at times. This is very true and the more you stray away from the basic forms that are out there, the more intimidating it can become. But fear not. All is not lost. What everyone really needs to understand about tax filing is that each person has all the rights in the world to take all the deductions that are legally theirs. The tax codes allow for a multitude of deductions for different filers. It is your right to utilize these deductions if you qualify for them. Sometimes people either don’t know about the deductions that they are entitled to, or find the forms used too complex to be useful to them. In the end, they stick with the basic filing forms so that they do not run the risk of making mistakes on their returns. There is a world of information out there

at your disposal pertaining to taxes. The IRS has a website (IRS.Gov) that contains lots of useful filing information, as well as present and past forms of all kinds. You’ve been audited. Now what? Now you gather up all your information, go over your calculations again, and march in to see what the problem happens to be. It could that your audit was triggered by a change in your filing status, income level, or a host of other things that flag your return for a closer look. You could also be guilty of just bad math. There are accidental mistakes and then there are intentional “mistakes”. Stay away from the intentional kind. It’s one thing to have to pay additional taxes because you honestly made an error, but when you have problems that the IRS view as outright deception, the penalties and interest can be staggering. As I said earlier, take all that they give. You’re entitled to that. Beyond that, you’re asking for trouble.

The time to really start planning for your tax filing is early in the year that you are filing for. Right now everyone should be thinking about their taxes for next year. If your employer is not withholding enough taxes from your paycheck each week, then you need to start increasing your withholding via the W-4 form. That also applies to state taxes, if you happen to live in a state that requires payment of taxes to the state. You do not want to pay much more than you normally owe, but it sure feels better to be waiting on a refund than having to write a big check in April. The IRS also isn’t too keen on you underpaying all year long either. Summing this up, filing your taxes shouldn’t be intimidating. There are too many paid preparers out there who can help you with your filings if you need help. Small business owners in particular need to have a competent tax preparer working for them. Always look at ways to cut your tax bite, but also be

honest at all times. If you have a friend or relative who tries to convince you of a fabulous deduction that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Call the IRS or go to a professional. You’ll be glad you did. You might even sleep better at night. pg.12

Our Beloved Everyone seems to want in on the WHO DAT nation. Even the NFL tried to horn in on the well-recognized phrase in its attempt to”protect their NFL merchandisers.” Where were these folks when the New Orleans Saints were the lovable losers of the NFL? When the Pittsburg Steelers were waving their terrible towels, the Saints were just plain terrible. My, how times have changed. It’s been a long time coming, but it has finally happened. The Saints are journeying on ground where they’ve never traveled before and they’re taking the whole state of Louisiana along for the ride. I must say that the view from the top is a lot better than the view we’re accustomed to seeing. Ah, the sweet smell of victory….every dog has his day…it’s our turn in the barrel….make hay while the sun shines… only live once so grab all the gusto you can….how you like me now………. pinch me, I’m dreaming……I’ll believe it when I see it….who are you, and what have you done with the real Saints?......

lots of one-liners. This team can really be proud of what it’s accomplished this year. Most football experts agreed that the New Orleans Saints would be good this year, but Super Bowl good? Well, a few folks thought so and a few more probably hoped so, but to actually see it coming to pass? Football is the king of sports in Louisiana and Texas by a long margin. In this region, we’ve rooted for the Saints and Texans (Oilers) – Dallas Cowboy fans please excuse us. Nothing was more aggravating than to see the old Houston Oilers finally make it to the Super Bowl AFTER they have become the Tennessee Titans. Well, our Saints are still here and hopefully, they’re here to stay. It feels good to hear something about Louisiana spoken in a positive manner, and to know that the audience for

Say They Gonna Beat them SAINTS!!!

t h i s game is worldwide. One last sound bite: “Playoffs? Playoffs?” Most Saints fans remember Jim Mora’s rant during an interview on the Saints’ chances of making the playoffs that year. Yep, these Saints have made it to the playoffs, through the playoffs, and into the big game. Bigger problems exist, but for now let’s enjoy this one for the Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi region. Louisiana’s showing their love in a big way, amen.



Do you want to help the victims in Haiti? Relief Efforts by Friend Ships for Haiti We plan for this to be the first of several voyages to Haiti.

Friend Ships Unlimited, based in North Lake Charles is preparing to load our ship Integrity for disaster relief response to the recent earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We will be delivering food, water, medicine and medical supplies, shelter materials and blankets to help those in need. We will also be prepared to provide medical assistance and will be taking in our search and rescue helicopter to assist. The ship will sail as soon as it is loaded. We are also in need of a rice, beans, a mobile shower and toilet trailer, generators and many other items. A complete list is available at

The public can assist this effort by delivering packages of rice and beans or cooking oil to our facility at 1019 North First Avenue or by contributing funds to be used for purchasing food, medicine and other needed items. Please make checks payable to Friend Ships Unlimited and deliver or mail to 1019 N. First Avenue, Lake Charles LA 70601. Friend Ships Unlimited is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides disaster relief, humanitarian aid and medical services to those in need. .

“As a citizen of SWLA I am very proud to have such a dedicated team of missionaries to assist with disaster relief in Hati, stationed right here in the Lake area. Not only do our brothers and sisters at Friends Ships Unlimited assist with disaster relief around the world, they also provide food to several local shelters and feeding programs such as Carter Foundation, Potters House, The Lords Place and Abraham’s Tent. Please remember to keep the crew of the ship INTERGRITY in our prayers..” Angus Carter

Youth Activity 2 Letters AM AN LO MY TR 3 Letters ATE EAR ERI ERR EWE FIR HOD HOR IRA






1. Naomi said to ____ her daughter-in-law, it is good, my daughter, that you go out with his maidens, and that they not meet you in any other field. (Ruth 2:22) 5. The stork, any kind of heron, the ______, and the bat. (Leviticus 11:19) 7. Go to the ___, you sluggard. Consider her ways, and be wise; (proverbs 6:6) 8. It happened, before he had finished speaking, that behold, rebekah came out, who was born to bethuel the s__ of milcah, the wife of nahor, abraham's brother, with her pitcher on her shoulder. (Genesis 24:15) 9. As the fire that burns the forest, as the flame that ____ the mountains on fire, (psalms 83:14) 11. What if my father touches me? I will ____ to him as a deceiver, and i would bring a curse on myself, and not a blessing." (Genesis 27:12) 13. Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? ___, They were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore shall they fall among those who fall; in the time of their visitation they shall be cast down, says yahweh. (Jeremiah 8:12) Down 1. Though i am decaying like a ______ thing, like a garment that is moth-eaten. (Job 13:28) 2. Abraham rose __, and bowed himself to the people of the land, even to the children of heth. (Genesis 23:7) 3. For their substance was ___ great for them to dwell together, and the land of their travels couldn't bear them because of their livestock. (Genesis 36:7) 4. The crowns shall be to helem, and to tobijah, and to jedaiah, and to ___ the son of zephaniah, for a memorial in the temple of yahweh. (Zechariah 6:14) 5. He said, "blessed be yahweh, the god of my master abraham, who ___ not forsaken his loving kindness and his truth toward my master. As for me, yahweh has led me in the way to the house of my master's relatives." (Genesis 24:27) 6. Judah said to israel, his father, "send the boy with me, and we'll get up and go, so that we may live, and not die, both we, and you, and also our little ____. (Genesis 43:8) 10. The fear of you and the dread of you will be on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the sky. Everything that the ground teems with, and all the fish of the ___ are delivered into your hand. (Genesis 9:2) 12. Please deliver me from the hand of __ brother, from the hand of esau: for i fear him, lest he come and strike me, and the mothers with the children. (Genesis 32:11)


Lake Charles

March 7th, 2010 6 pm - 9 pm

Anointed voices Henry Young from Houston, Tx and many more! Contact information call Michael Brown 337-4470155 or e-mail some of the proceeds for Haiti recovery.

Enjoy 90 minutes of Praise, Worship, Contemporary, and Good ole fashion Church!!!!

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February 2010  

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