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Parklands High School Parents’ Handbook



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Welcome to Parklands High School at what is the start of a five-year partnership between the school, you and your child. This Parents Handbook has been prepared to give help and advice to parents/carers and pupils and to act as a quick guide to most of the common procedures adopted at Parklands High School. It aims to provide sufficient information for parents/carers and pupils to understand the structure and daily organisation of the school as well as acting as a source of reference.


Welcome to Parklands High School We look forward to a positive and constructive relationship with both you and your child. Our aim is that all pupils enjoy academic success and develop personal qualities which will help them grow into young adults. We have put together lots of information we think you will need as a parent or carer of a student here at Parklands High School - we hope you find this booklet helpful. Hard copies of the Parent Handbook are available on request. Please also take some time to have a look at our website which is regularly updated with information about future key dates - calendar of events, photographs and reports of exciting things that are happening on a daily basis here at school. We also have a school ‘app’ for smart phones (Apple and Android) and a Twitter account @parklandshigh, with news of what’s been happening in school and details of future events (details on website). We want you to feel really connected with the educational experience that we are providing for your child. Three times a year you will receive a tracker report highlighting your child’s progress, how they are achieving academically and their attitude to learning. Once each year you will be invited in to school to meet your child’s teachers. We also hold weekly parent drop in sessions in school and fortnightly outside of school (see website for more information). We look forward to a working partnership with you which is mutually supportive. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on and your concern will be passed on to the appropriate colleague who will respond.

Mrs C Hollister, Headteacher


Parklands High School

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The school opens at 8.20am and you are able to buy breakfast in the school canteen. The rest of the school day is as follows: 08.40am - 09.00am


09:00am - 10.00am

Lesson 1

10:00am - 11.00am

Lesson 2

11:00am - 11.20am


11.20am - 12.20pm

Lesson 3

12:20pm - 1.20pm

Lesson 4

1.20pm - 2.00pm


2.00pm - 3.00pm

Lesson 5


End of day

Parklands works on a 2 week timetable (week 1 and week 2) with each week running one after the other.


Parklands High School

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Autumn Term

Monday 2nd September 2013

Friday 25th October 2013

Half Term

Monday 28th October 2013

Friday 1st November 2013

Monday 4th November 2013

Friday 20th December 2013


Monday 23rd December 2013

Friday 3rd January 2014

Spring Term

Monday 6th January 2014

Friday 14th February 2014

Half Term

Monday 17th February 2014

Friday 21st February 2014

Tuesday 25th February 2014

Friday 4th April 2014


Monday 7th April 2014

Monday 21st April 2014

Summer Term

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Friday 23rd May 2014

Half Term

Monday 26th May 2014

Friday 30th May 2014

Monday 2nd June 2014

Friday 18th July 2014

No authorisation will be given for holidays during term times

STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAYS (school closed to pupils) Friday 27th September 2013 Monday 24th February 2014 Friday 4th July 2014


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At Parklands High School, we operate Vertical Tutoring (VT). During VT time (registration) your child will be in a tutor group with children from other year groups. This promotes good relationships across the years, a reduction in bullying and an opportunity for Key Stage 4 pupils to enhance their leadership skills and provide the lower years with good role models higher up the school. The tutor group your child belongs to is part of five larger ‘house’ groups. These house groups are made up of students from years 7-11 and each have a designated House Achievement Leader. The first point of contact for parents/carers is their child’s VT tutor. If, having spoken to the VT tutor, you still have concerns, please contact your child’s House Achievement Leader who oversees the progress of your child. The intention is that you form relationships with staff that last throughout your child’s school life. If possible it is best to try and contact your child’s VT Tutor or House Achievement Leader by e-mail, if this is not possible, please ring 01257 264596. Europe House Progress Leader: Mrs Fox Assembly: Wednesday

Africa House Progress Leader: Mrs Haslam Assembly: Friday

South America House Progress Leader: Mr Betney Assembly: Monday

Australasia House Progress Leader: Mrs ReynoldsHawkins Assembly: Thursday

Asia House Progress Leader: Mr Metcalf Assembly: Tuesday


Parklands High School

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What the pupils gain from the House System As a result of the house system, pupils will get: 1. More involved in extra-curricular activities. 2. The chance to be mentored and to mentor others. 3. Increased aspirations through academic competition. 4. Quality pastoral care in a supportive atmosphere. 5. A distinct set of values and characteristics from their house which will help them to form strong personal values. 6. A stronger voice in decision-making across the school. 7. More student leadership opportunities 8. House Achievement Leader to track pupil for 5 years Enhanced Pastoral Care Parklands High School has long been renowned for its high quality pastoral care. OFSTED has highlighted and praised the huge effort that goes into supporting and caring for our pupils, not only through staff within the school, but also through liaising with external agencies outside of school. After successfully introducing the House system and vertical tutoring, last year, we can see many benefits and the impact it has made. Pastoral care has been enhanced. Through the rigorous monitoring of progress and implementing personalised intervention, we have raised our pupils’ expectations and aspirations about academic achievement whilst developing spiritual, moral, social and cultural qualities.


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Progress and Achievement At Parklands we want every child to achieve their potential, to leave our school after 5 years with lots of qualifications which will enable them to either gain a place at college or successfully find a job. From the very first day with us we will monitor progress in all subjects, and we will work with you and your child in ensuring they achieve their very best. Throughout the year you will receive tracker documents, which are sent home via your child. This document contains details of attendance and progress in all subjects. Attendance is crucial; if pupils don’t attend school, then they won’t learn, so we need to try to keep their attendance as close to 100% as possible. Within pupil trackers subject teachers will provide details regarding their progress, whether they are in line to achieve their target, whether they will achieve above their target, or whether they are underachieving. If they are underachieving in a subject, they can expect some type of targeted support to help them improve. Once they have their tracker, they will have a review about their progress and they will discuss targets for improvement, which will be reviewed every two weeks. After the first half-term, you will be invited to meet your child’s form tutor to discuss how they have settled into Parklands. This will be followed up later in the year with a Parents’ Evening, where parents or carers will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with their subject teachers. Reward At Parklands High School, we look to reward our pupils for their commitment to the school motto of Learn, Respect, Aspire, Achieve. We are launching our brand new reward system called Achievement Points. When Parklands pupils work hard, show a positive attitude, make a difference to the school community, take part in extra-curricular activities – they are rewarded with Achievement Points. These points earn pupils a number of different rewards and will form part of their portfolio that they take with them throughout their school years, eventually being used as a guide to electing prefects at the end of year 10. Good luck earning your Achievement Points!

To acknowledge achievement, good behaviour and progress, we regularly have celebration assemblies, reward ceremonies; VT time celebrations; as well as sending postcards home and ringing/emailing home to pass on good news.


Parklands High School

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All our pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential; we will not accept second best, and we insist upon high standards in everything we do. Boys and girls are given every opportunity to demonstrate and benefit from their strengths, as well as being helped and supported in working on improvements which need to be made.

Planners We provide planners to all of our students to help them organise their school life and learning. We expect them to record homework here. We also ask that you check and sign it weekly. Your child’s form tutor will also do this which forms part of our regular communication with you. Homework and learning outside of the classroom Homework is regularly set across the Key Stages. As a school, we are constantly looking to develop how children learn outside of school. Educational research over the last few years indicates that more project based homework over a longer period has more effective educational outcomes than short time constrained homework. With this in mind, the following areas are being developed:  The use of Real Smart - school Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in developing homework themes and ideas.  Moving from a homework timetable to a more flexible allocation approach.  The publishing of homework themes online with parent access.  The involvement of Pupil Voice in creating a new homework policy.  New ASPIRE and XR programmes within our curriculum encouraging pupils to take on more responsibility for their own learning including homework. Computer Use Every pupil is provided with an e-mail account, a user area and a Real Smart password. Any personal data created or accessed by pupils through e-mail, the internet or via any computer programme may be viewed or accessed by the school at any time; this is to ensure that students do not abuse the privilege of having an e-mail account and a user area. Abuse of this privilege, which includes using threatening, offensive or sexually explicit language and/or images, will result in a sanction. This sanction will be in line with the school’s policy on the use of the computers, mobile devices and internet.


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E-Learning and cloud software at Parklands High School Students have access to our online virtual learning environment (VLE) known as Real Smart which allows access to resources/blogs/homework/coursework tasks that teachers have organised after or in advance of lessons, it allows our pupils to present learning, record evidence and allows teachers to provide the best quality feedback to learners and incorporates Google Apps/Docs. Real Smart can be accessed via our school website and all pupils will be provided with a unique username and password. Real Smart can be accessed by any computer with internet access.

Pupils may also use Smart Phones during some lessons, at the discretion of their teacher, to aid teaching and learning. This coincides with our commitment to innovation and technology in a 21st Century Learning Environment.


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At Parklands, we believe our responsibility reaches far beyond the academic success of our pupils. We have a commitment to the whole person, which is reflected in the broad range of activities on offer to everyone and we wish to encourage the notion that success can be achieved in many ways, not just in the classroom.

Physical Education and Sport We aim to develop in every individual greater personal levels of fitness, improved physical skills and the understanding of how such experiences can add to one's all round development. Sport helps us to foster in each individual a determination to achieve their full potential and gives an appreciation of their own and others' achievements. We want pupils to continue their involvement in physical activity after they have finished at secondary school. The Physical Education Department operates a policy of "Sport for All". All pupils have the opportunity to take part in sport and, if willing, take part in competitive and non-competitive games, practices and clubs operating at lunchtime and after school. To enhance this approach many pupils are elected onto the Sports Council and provide a 'pupil voice' within school. The Sports Council meet on a regular basis to highlight what pupils would like from physical education at Parklands; they also organise and run many inter-form competitions throughout the year for all pupils. Records of extra-curricular attendance are kept and Sports Colours are awarded to pupils with a positive attitude who have regularly attended school practices and highlighted commitment when they reach year 10 and 11. We also encourage our pupils to become leaders through the medium of Sport. We offer a number of opportunities for pupils to gain leadership skills and awards within a number of sports and through the Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership. P

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Music At Parklands all our pupils are encouraged to develop their musical interests and talents fully through a wide range of opportunities and activities. One of our Music Rooms has been completely refurbished to house and accommodate the latest in specialist, dedicated music computers and keyboards. These state of-the-art facilities will ensure our pupils have the best in 21st Century music technology. Additionally, through Parklands Music School, pupils may receive tuition on string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments as well as guitar and singing. Lessons take place during school time as well as after school on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The Music School is mainly financed from the school's budget and therefore parents are asked only to make a small contribution to the cost of lessons. Regular concerts by our Wind Band, Orchestra, Choirs, Jazz Group, Recorder Group and Guitar Ensemble provide a platform for pupils to perform before enthusiastic audiences. Pupils have also participated in workshops with Glyndebourne Opera, the Hallé Orchestra and Lancashire Sinfonietta. . Regular theatre and concert trips are also organised. Our aim, therefore, is to provide musical opportunities and enjoyment for all.

Drama The overall aim of the department is to promote lasting enjoyment of drama. Specific aims include a desire to encourage and develop:    

creativity, imagination and sensitivity the ability to work as part of a group, both leading and supporting others self-confidence and self-awareness physical and verbal skills of communication through gesture, movement, use of space, voice and language  awareness of design and technical aspects of productions  awareness of drama in its various forms (including the study and staging of plays, and visits to theatres)  skills of appreciation and evaluation


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There are many ongoing opportunities for all students to be involved with the performing Arts after school, either as a performer, technical support or audience member.

Many other departments run extra curricular activities that are open to all pupils. In addition, there are over 100 educational visits that run each year locally, nationally and internationally.


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Behaviour Our school motto, LEARN, RESPECT, ASPIRE, ACHIEVE, says everything about our expectations regarding behaviour. We expect all pupils to try their best both inside and outside of lessons; ensuring pupils behave in a safe and respectful way to others. We do not tolerate any type of antisocial behaviour e.g. bullying or racist behaviour, and incidents will be dealt with severely. Below is what you can expect at Parklands:  You have the right to attend a safe and accepting school  You have the right to have lessons delivered without disruption  Staff have the right to deliver lessons without being disrupted by pupils Our Behaviour for Learning Policy can be viewed in the ‘policies’ section of the school website. Punctuality Students are considered to be late after 8.40am - students are expected to be in school by 8.35am. If arriving late, the student should sign in at the top office and collect a late slip. Attendance Good attendance and punctuality are crucial aspects of school life at Parklands. We have high expectations of all pupils in terms of attending school and being on time, promoting the attitude that ‘Every Day Matters’. If pupils are absent from school, they miss out on valuable learning time as well as the many other opportunities open to our pupils. Think 90% attendance is good? In fact 90% attendance means that a pupil is absent from school for the equivalent of one half day per week, which is equal to 19 days of the school year. Research shows that missing just 17 days in one school year can result in dropping a full grade at GCSE/BTEC level, so developing good attendance and punctuality habits are vital to success.


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Emergencies In the event that your child is taken ill and requires medical attention/collection from school, we will inform you as soon as possible. It is therefore important that any changes to contact details are given to the school office at the earliest opportunity. We have a number of staff qualified in work place first aid. Travel Plan We are committed to improving the environment and community of Parklands and surrounding areas in which we live and work and we have a fully developed school travel plan to encourage staff, parents, pupils and visitors to walk, cycle or use public transport when travelling to school. We have bicycle storage facilities for pupils to lock their bicycles. There are no carparking facilities for parents at Parklands. When dropping off your own children, please do not compromise the safety of others, in particular by waiting/parking on the pavement, zig-zag lines, double yellow lines or bus bays outside of school. School Uniform A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students. Families are asked for their support in encouraging their children to arrive at school in full school uniform. Jewellery is not permitted in school to help with lost valuables and health and safety. All uniform and personal possessions brought into school should be clearly name labelled. Mobile phones should be switched off and kept out of sight when in the school building (although smart phones maybe used to aid learning at the discretion of the subject teacher) and headphones should not be worn in the school building. If these rules are not adhered to, items will be confiscated in accordance with our school policies. Uniform is available from Jada Embroidery and Print 213 Eaves Lane Chorley PR6 OAG Tel: 01257 271592 Email: Website


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and Nu Uniform, 82 Market Street, Chorley, PR7 2SF, this is an online service. The password is LEA00533SC and you will need to enter your email address. This is a secure site and orders can be placed quickly and safely, direct with Trutex You are required to wear uniform at all times. Parklands respects all religions and cultures, and therefore permits the wearing of headscarves for religious reasons - the school regrets that they are unable to allow face coverings. School Uniform List  Navy blue blazer with school badge must be worn at all times  Plain charcoal grey school regulation tailored trousers (girls trousers have PHS lettering) NO OTHER TROUSERS ARE PERMITTED OR  Grey pleated skirt which must be worn no shorter than 3" above the knee, including logo. NO OTHER SKIRT OR TROUSERS ARE PERMITTED  Plain light blue shirt  School tie – clip-on  Short dark socks OR black opaque tights  Sensible black leather shoes -TRAINERS/CANVAS SHOES, BROWN SHOES/BOOTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE EITHER IN SCHOOL OR ON THE JOURNEY TO AND FROM SCHOOL  Navy cotton v neck jumper or cardigan (optional)

All items of uniform must be clearly named


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Physical Education Kit List Please ensure that your child's initials are labelled on the PE kit (shorts and tops) prior to your child starting school. This service is available from Jada and Nu Uniform.



New Style Polo Shirt (INITIALLED)

New Style Polo Shirt (INITIALLED)

New Style Rugby Shirt (INITIALLED)

New Style Shorts (INITIALLED)

New Style Shorts (INITIALLED)

Predominantly White Trainers

Predominantly White Trainers

Royal blue football socks and white ankle socks

White ankle socks NOT trainer socks

Football boots & shin pads

Plain navy tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt (no stripes etc.)



School tracksuit (optional)


Parklands High School

School tracksuit (optional)

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At Parklands High School we recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet. We understand that promoting a balanced diet in young people helps establish healthy eating habits for life. In order for us all to meet our full potential we need to be healthy and fit physically, mentally and socially and as such, we aim to serve healthy, nutritious and tasty food in a safe, modern environment. The importance of healthy eating is revisited throughout our curriculum, and we provide a varied range of items at breakfast, morning break and lunchtime. Pupils also have the option of bringing a packed lunch. We encourage all students to apply for free school meals if they are eligible. More information is available by calling 01772 533 608.


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If you wish to contact a particular department, please see email addresses which have been included below for your convenience. We aim to respond to your queries as quickly as possible, but would kindly remind you that teachers are often in classrooms delivering lessons and have commitments after school and may not respond immediately. If you have an urgent query, please contact the Main Office on 01257 264596 School Contact Information Parklands High School Southport Road Chorley Lancashire PR7 1LL Telephone – 01257 264596 School Office – Strategic Leadership Team Headteacher Mrs Hollister – Deputy Headteacher (Academic Standards and Curriculum Provision) Mr Conroy – Deputy Headteacher (Student Achievement and Progression) Mr Mitchell – Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum Pathways) Mr McDermott – Assistant Headteacher (Stakeholder Engagement) Mr Woods – Assistant Headteacher (Student Support and Inclusion) Mrs Aspinall – Assistant Headteacher (Skills Agenda) Mrs Batson – House Achievement Leaders House Achievement Leader Asia – Mr Metcalf – House Achievement Leader Africa – Mrs Haslam – House Achievement Leader Australasia – Mrs Reynolds-Hawkins – House Achievement Leader South America – Mr Betney – House Achievement Leader Europe – Mrs Fox – Curriculum Leaders Curriculum Leader English Mrs Murphy – Curriculum Leader Maths Mrs McLean – Curriculum Leader Science Mrs Vause – Curriculum Leader MFL Miss Poole – Curriculum Leader Computing Mrs O’Connor – Curriculum Leader PE Mr Rimmer – Curriculum Leader Dance Miss Marr – Curriculum Leader Music Mr Willsher – Curriculum Leader Drama Miss Fowler – Curriculum Leader Geography Mrs Eastham – Curriculum Leader History Mrs Brown – Curriculum Leader Food Tech Mrs Brookes – Curriculum Leader RE Mrs Gatliffe – Curriculum Leader Learning Support Mrs Saaiman – Curriculum Leader Technology Mrs Hamblett – Curriculum Leader Business Studies Ms Titterington – Pupil Support Mrs Fairhurst –


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Parklands high school parents handbook 2013 14 final  
Parklands high school parents handbook 2013 14 final