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APRIL MONTHLY MEETING Evidence-based Design: What it is and How it Can Revolutionize the Design of Health Care Facilities and Beyond Evidence-based Design (EBD) has received a lot of press in recent times. It is based on the fundamental premise of making design decisions based on the best available evidence, and committing to measuring how our designs can improve outcomes. In this presentation, we will discuss the history of Evidencebased Design, some of the key research findings in the past couple of decades that link design decisions to improved healthcare outcomes, and insights on how research can be integrated into design. Although primarily focused on healthcare in this presentation, we will also discuss how EBD is a relevant concept to other market sectors - in particular education, workplace and science+technology. The 4 educational objectives to be covered in the presentation: 1. Learn about what is EBD 2. Discuss key findings from EBD that have changed healthcare design 3. Discuss how EBD applies to other market sectors 4. Share tools and methods to be more evidence-based in practice

Chapter Commendation . . . . 2 St. Mary’s Food Bank . . . . . . 3 CSI Golf Tournament . . . . . 4-5 Code Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 AIA Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Sheldon Wolfe . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Paint Quality Institute . . . . 8-9 SW Regional Conference . . 11 The Reference Library . . 13-15 Key Contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Speaker Bio Dr. Upali Nanda is director of research for HKS, responsible for designing, spearheading and implementing research projects domestically and abroad for the firm. Prior to joining HKS, Dr. Nanda worked as a research consultant for The Center for Health Design on their research, education and advocacy efforts. Read full bio. Time 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 5:45 pm - 6:15 pm 6:15 pm - 7:05 pm 7:05 pm - 7:15 pm Cost Members: Free

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Board Meeting Registration / Networking Dinner Introductions, Announcements, Chapter Bus. Presentation Closing remarks Non-Members: $25

Reservations can be made by online at: http://tinyurl.com/CSIPhoenixApril2014 OR Louise Rehse at 602-258-7499 or Louise@TheReferenceLibrary.com

Publication deadline for the May 2014 issue of the Phoenix Chapter Newsletter is April 15, 2014

CHAPTER COMMENDATION AWARD RECEIVED By: Mark Yarish, CSI Chapter Secretary We are pleased to announce that the CSI Phoenix Chapter was recognized with the "Outstanding Chapter Commendation Award" during Construct 2013 in Memphis. This award is presented to a chapter that meets the designated prerequisite, core and supplemental criteria covering their programs, administration and committee activity. We sincerely thank those people who were so giving of themselves and all the members that help support them to make this award possible. The honor bestowed on our chapter further validates the value received by our members when they get involved.

REGISTER NOW for the April meeting http://tinyurl.com/CSIPhoenixApril2014

CSI Phoenix is volunteering at The St. Mary’s Food Bank Our group will be boxing food and meals for families coming into the facility. When: Friday, April 11, 2014

Time: Noon to 4pm Where: 3131 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix Please RSVP to Brad at FBE Product 623-516-8186 Once you RSVP, you will receive a volunteer registration form, instructions for the day, and a lunch option.

“Come help feed the hungry in Arizona.” The team picture from last year...

PHOENIX CHAPTER CSI 20TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT (Benefits the Phoenix CSI Chapter & Kenn Lockhardt Scholarship Fund)


Friday, April 25, 2014 Registration @ 6:45 AM. Shotgun @ 7:30 AM Vistal Golf Club www.vistalgolfclub.com 701 E. Thunderbird Trail Phoenix, AZ ENTRY FEE: $85.00 Per Player (Includes Green Fees, Cart, Range Balls & Prizes) FORMAT: 4 Player Scramble Format AWARDS: 1st & 2nd PLACE AWARDS Special Hole Prizes – $100.00/EACH RAFFLE PRIZES: Tickets Available at Registration Table – GREAT PRIZES FOOD: “RANCH COOKOUT” Hamburgers & Chicken




BRONZE ($100)





SILVER ($150)

ZIP: GOLD ($350)



(Please Make Checks Payable To: PHOENIX CHAPTER CSI)

Jeremy Gustafson, CSI Arcadia Inc. 2510 W. Geneva Drive Tempe, AZ 85282 480-403-1903 (c) or Email Completed Form to jgustafson@arcadiainc.com


20TH 1.

BRONZE: $100 - Includes a hole sign, your Company Name in any advertising and recognition at the luncheon following golf.


SILVER: $150 – Includes a hole sign, your Company Name in advertising and recognition at the luncheon following golf. BONUS: Round of golf for ONE (1) player at a later date!


GOLD: $350 – Includes all of the BRONZE items PLUS two (2) rounds at no charge in the tournament. BONUS: Round of golf for TWO (2) players at a later date!


PLATINUM: $600 – Includes all of the BRONZE items PLUS four (4) rounds of golf at no charge in the tournament. BONUS: Round of golf for FOUR (4) players at a later date!

Please review and complete the registration form noting whether you are a Sponsor or Player. Contact Jeremy Gustafson 480-403-1903 for any assistance.


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CODE CORNER Above –Grade Exterior Walls: Do You Really Need “Waterproofing?” By: Ronald L. Geren, AIA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP

Waterproofing, it commonly appears in keynotes on wall sections and details. This is fine if the keynotes are pointing to waterproofing applications on a below grade exterior wall, underneath an above-grade plaza deck system or under ceramic tile in a shower pan assembly. The problem is the frequent identification of “waterproofing” behind exterior wall coverings for walls above grade. You are probably aware that the building code requires protection from water behind exterior wall coverings. That is true; however, the issue here is to what level does that protection need to be? The intent of this article isn’t to dissuade anyone from using waterproofing for above-grade exterior wall assemblies, but to point out that you may be spending excess money for a system that provides no additional benefit over less-expensive products available on the market. In addition to increased cost, the inclusion of a waterproofing system in an above-grade exterior wall assembly may also create consequential problems. Read full article.

AIA ARIZONA APRIL CALENDAR April 1st—Slide Slam April 2nd—Rio Salado Architecture Foundation Lecture April 10th—Phoenix Metro Board of Directors April 17th—Chapter Meeting April 22nd—AIA10 April 23rd—Advocacy Committee April 25th—Board of Directors Meeting

Tammy Stevens BDS/Researcher, Editorial AZ NM McGraw Hill Construction Phoenix, AZ 85022 T 480-747-2769 | F 602-862-9940 tammy.stevens@mhfi.com @AZDODGE www.mhfi.com


SHELDON WOLFE How Did We Get Here? Chapters In the last article, "How did we get here? Membership", we looked at a graph showing CSI's membership curve. I'm using the same graph this time, with a second curve to show the number of chapters. As was the case last month, it was hard to find accurate information, but the overall curve is close to what it would be if I did have all of the correct dates. For sources, I used charter dates that were given to the Bylaws Amendment Review Task Team, responses to an inquiry I sent to all chapters, Walter Damuck's history of the Institute, and 50th anniversary notices that appeared in various CSI publications. Along the way, eleven chapters were lost, a few by merger, and others because they fell below the minimum number of members required to keep their charters. As noted in the last article, I relied on reports or other confirmed information to plot the membership curve. I also said that I remembered hearing that membership peaked at near 19,000, but had no verification. Even so, a few members were concerned that I didn't report that number, so I added it. Assuming the number is correct, it shows a drop of about 1,000 members from 1989 to 1995, followed by a recovery of about half that amount by 2001. What happened? The graphs I've looked at don't appear to indicate an economic upturn that would have supported a growth in membership. One of the questions asked on the LinkedIn discussion was, "How have things changed?" I won't attempt to answer that question, but here is an analysis I made in 2001. The way I summarized groups may appear somewhat arbitrary, but without firm rules to guide members in completing the membership application, the information cannot be precise. When I joined CSI, I was an architect, working for the first time as a specifier, for the University of Minnesota. I had invested a lot of time in getting my license, so I checked "Architect" rather than "Specifier or Specifications Consultant" or "Owner". There were, and still are, many such options. I'll leave it to my gentle readers to get the current membership data and summarize what has changed. Send your analysis to me, and I'll use it in a future article, with accreditation, of course! Š 2014, Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CSC Agree or disagree, leave your comments at: http://swconstructivethoughts.blogspot.com/ and http://swspecificthoughts.blogspot.com/.

PAINTING IS A QUICK WAY TO BEAUTIFY YOUR BATHROOM Originally published by Paint Quality Institute Submitted by Tim Garver, CSI, CDT, LEED AP, Dunn Edwards

Recent surveys show that the bathroom has overtaken the kitchen as the most frequently remodeled part of the home. But, unless your plumbing is wanting or your tile is intolerable, you can often beautify the bath simply by painting it.

In a lot a cases, people remodel the bath not for functional reasons, but just to change and enhance the appearance. If that’s the goal, it can almost always be achieved with an attractive paint treatment. Fresh paint can enhance any room, but it can work wonders in the bathroom. Applying a light-colored paint scheme can "open up" the room and make it seem more spacious. Darker paint colors do just the opposite: add intimacy. Aside from lightness or darkness, there are psychological considerations when choosing a paint color for the bathroom. Tints and tones of yellow, orange and red, including some browns and tans, are "warm" colors, which tend to arouse and stimulate -- helpful in the morning, but not at bedtime. Conversely, "cool" colors, especially greens and blues, are calm and relaxing, creating a peaceful spa-like ambience for a bath. Warm and cool paint colors can also affect our perception of room temperature. Since we associate yellow and orange with the sun, we may "feel" warmer when surrounded by these hues, whereas a blue or green space can seem cooler. As a result, warm colors are often favored in colder climes, and cool colors in the Sunbelt. However, color isn’t the only thing to consider when painting a bathroom. The typical bathroom is exposed to water, high humidity, and significant wear and tear. For that reason, it’s important to select paint that produces a finish tough enough to stand up to these conditions. Until recently, that meant applying a coat of latex primer, followed by two or even more coats of top quality 100% acrylic latex paint. But today, there’s a quicker and easier way to complete your bathroom painting by using new "paint and primer" products. Paint and primer products – also known as self-priming paints – are coatings with a dual personality. Like primer, they conceal the existing paint color, as well as many marks; like paint, they form a tough, colorful finish that is stain-resistant and washable.

Rather than taking the traditional approach by applying successive coats of primer, paint, and paint, you can usually complete a painting project with just two coats of a paint and primer product, thereby eliminating an entire application, saving lots of time and effort in the process. To get the best result when painting a demanding area like the bathroom, it’s wise to choose a paint and primer product that will produce a semi-gloss or high gloss finish. The higher the sheen, the easier it will be to remove any marks or stains that may show up on the painted surface. It’s also very important to choose a paint and primer product made with 100% acrylic, the same tough binder used in the highest quality traditional paints. Paint and primer made with100% acrylic offers the best hiding and forms the most durable painted surface. These are especially important characteristics when doing bathroom painting. If you want to give your bathroom an entirely new appearance this year, maybe all you really need is a colorful new paint treatment. It’s a quick and easy way to enhance and beautify one of the most important rooms in your home. For more information on interior painting, color selection, and newly developed paint and primer products, visit the Paint Quality Institute blog at blog.paintquality.com.

For the April meeting http://tinyurl.com/CSIPhoenixMarch2014

YOUR AD COULD BE HERE! CONTACT: TIM GARVER tim.garver@dunnedwards.com

Rain? – In the Desert? Yes, and when it does, the IBC requires weather protection.11

WCT™ Water Control Technology New Masonry Wall System with Superior Resistance to Moisture Penetration An innovative masonry design • WCT units feature integral drainage zones that direct moisture to the wall’s drainage system. • No special installation techniques required--cost-effectiveness is assured. • WCT units are suitable for corners and ends for a complete system. • All units have integral water repellent in their mix design. • WCT units meet or exceed ASTM C90. • Perfect for both Single or Multi-Wythe Walls. • Offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from: • SPEC-BLOCK™ (precision gray CMU) • SPEC-BRIK® (brick appearance), • SPEC-SPLIT™ (split face CMU)

WESTERN BLOCK CO. 4021 South 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85041 Tel: 602-243-3975 Fax:602-243-3979

Call us about SPEC-BRIK® The Beauty of Brick, the Economy of Concrete Masonry.

info@westernblock.com www.westernblock.com We are a member of the Concrete Products Group 1. Section 1405.2, 2012 International Building Code © INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL, INC. , 4051 West Flossmoor Road, Country Club Hills, IL 60478-5795.




2015 CSI TRI-REGION CONFERENCE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA MAY 13-16, 2015 HILTON MISSION BAY HOTEL For 2013, the West and Northwest Regions joined forces in production of their very successful West by Northwest Region Conference. For 2015, the Southwest, West, and Northwest Regions are planning a TriRegion Conference. Please plan on joining us for the 2015 CSI Tri-Region Conference in San Diego.

April 2014

APRIL 02 ARMSTRONG CEILINGS, Bob Trimble, 480-985-9087 1 AIA LU , GBCI Credit, IDCEC Credit

APRIL 09 EUCLID, Dave Flax, 858-405-0356 1 AIA LU with HSW

“Acoustical Basics for Design Professionals” This one-hour seminar introduces the concept and application of Acoustical Design and its contribution to improved indoor environmental quality. At the end of the seminar participants should be able to explain the need for balanced acoustical design by segment, describe the fundamental properties of sound, define basic acoustical terms and concepts, interpret how different material selections influence the acoustic environment in an effort to make informed product specification choices while developing an understanding and appreciation for the value a balanced acoustical environment APRIL 16 Masonite Architectural Door Systems, Ray Fox, 425-785-8736 1 AIA LU

“Concrete – Cradle to Completion” We tend to look at concrete in little bits instead of looking at the big picture. Concrete is one of the most, if not the most, complex building materials. We often see a one hour presentation that covers just a small part of the whole concrete picture: shrinkage, durability, waterproofing, aesthetics or sealing. This presentation will tie it all together and cover just about everything to specify concrete from the time it is mixed to the time the project is complete.

“Understanding Wood Door Construction” -Understand the difference between a performance driven & a prescriptive based standard. -Recognize the construction differences between standards. -Have the knowledge to choose the door core, vertical edge and face material best suited for each opening. -Be informed on how construction requirements affect the cost of materials and the use of natural resources. -Have the ability to decide if the cost of additional certifications adds value to the project.

“Transforming Standard Building Materials into Versatile Interior Finishes” This presentation will focus on manufacturing Sustainable Acrylic Infused Composite Panels (SAICPs) and how they can be engineered and transformed into durable interior surfaces. At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will understand the following: • What are S-AICPs? • How S-AICPs can be fabricated. • Learn the various applications and uses for S-AICPs in lieu of traditional building materials. • Understand how S-AICPs can contribute to LEED certification.

APRIL 23 TORZO, Jeff Southwell, 503-347-1797 1 AIA LU

APRIL 30 WDG Silicones, Kynny Carlson, 602-478-6848 1 AIA LU “Silicone Restoration Roofing Membranes” We will discuss silicone restoration membranes for any flat roofing substrate - how it differs from acrylic coatings. We will also cover its cost effectiveness vs. a tear off and replacement. PLEASE MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING SEMINARS:

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04/02 Armstrong Ceilings 04/09 Euclid 04/16 Masonite Doors 04/23 Torzo 04/30 WDG Silicones

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APRIL 2014

APRIL 10 Accurate/Partitions & Accessories, Katie Kelly, 602-390-3599

APRIL 24 Frazee Paint, Robin Asher, 602-722-0894



“Sustainable Washroom Design”

“Basics of Paint”

Optimizing the true overall sustainability of a washroom requires the design professional to evaluate many dimensions of partitions & accessories beyond basic functionality including: performance, aesthetics, maintainability, durability, LEED criteria and initial & total lifecycle cost. Learn about the most popular partition & accessory products, features & materials. Gain knowledge about the tradeoffs associated with each so you can confidently select & specify sustainable products that will meet all of the requirements of your projects.

   

The four basic components of paint & their impact on paint quality & performance. The relationship between pigment & binder levels in paint. The mechanisms of paint film formation. The function of different ingredients used in the manufacture of paint.


04/10 Accurate Partitions 04/24 Frazee

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APRIL 2014

April 17 Redwood/Capital Grille, Tom Czlapinski, 951-595-5179, Matt Klone, 480-540-4005 1 AIA LU w/HSW “Redwood as a Sustainable Building Product” This course offers insight into redwood as a sustainable building product. The members of the California Redwood Association have a long history of environmental stewardship and a reputation for some of the more progressive and innovative voluntary forest and wildlife management programs in the industry, tapping the sun for energy and soaking in California’s famed North Coast fog. The details and results of a recent Life Cycle Assessment comparing redwood and plastic/composite decking options will be shared and will also share information about redwood’s Environmental Product Declaration. This course will provide evidence that redwood makes it easy to build sustainably without sacrificing quality or elegance. It will also provide information on how redwood is renewable and recyclable, and cleaner to produce than composites or plastics.


04/17 CA Redwood Assoc.


Call and remind me at

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