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PAWS PRESS September/October 2011

California School for the Deaf, Riverside High School and Career Technology Education

Volume 4

Issue One

Leadership Retreat a Smashing Success!

Iron Cook Competition At Sister school-FREMONT By staff writer

What A Road Trip to Fremont! There were six future chefs onward to sister school, California School for the Deaf, Fremont with FEAST teacher, Ian Goldstein and CTE principal, Shelly Gravatt. The trip took seven hours north! At 9:30am, Fabiana Pedro, and Miriam Hernandez were in focus of the appetizerSautéed Shrimp with Polenta and Mango and with Bell Peppers Salsa. For the EntréeDonna Ayala and Magaly Jimenez prepared Grilled Flank Steak with Thyme Risotto, Sautéed Spaghetti Vegetable and shallots with red wine sauce. Jeremy Warshaw and Marilyn Rivas as a team prepared Lava Molten with Fresh Raspberry and French Vanilla Bean sauce. It took them 2 hours to prepare the best meal possible. At 12:30pm, all the judges gathered to do their food tasting. It took ten minutes to announce the winners. There were nine categories; Food Preparation, Culinary difficulty, personal appearance, sanitation, organization, use of utensils/ equipment, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. With hard work and dedication, the winner went to Fremont-472 points. CSDR earned 452 points! Jeremy, Senior stated “keep trying, always be sucessful.” Fremont has a traveling trophy! See you next year during our CSDR homecoming!

On September 16th through 18th, twenty six high school students traveled to Big Bear City, California. All 26 students were student organization officers elected by their high school peers. There was an convoy of 7 vans racing up to the San Bernardino National Forest at 6 thousand feet elevation. The air was crisp, and the sky was blue! The scholars were very excited to begin the program. The first step for the leadership retreat was the community rules and expectations. The groups were formed. The students had to be very creative with their teams’ names. The team names were created based on purposes and definitions of why. NAVY SEALS, RWAR, RED ELMO and THE JOKERS were selected as the team names. Mr. Connor gave an outstanding workshop-TEAM BUILDING – about trusting each other. Participants had their eyes blindfolded and learned to follow instructions given by a leader trying to communicate to them directions to get from point A to point B. It was swell and challenging. Mr. Liu gave a presentation about Communication Fundamentals. The officers explored their communication styles, learned what is misleading, keys to success, keys to failure, and what is productive communication. It was a fun workshop. That night, there was an incentive workshop– SOCIAL CHALLENGE. Ms. Shelly Gravatt and Mr. Ed Peigneux gave some excellent examples about educational settings, clique preferences, races, and intelligence gains/losses and how these things will improve CSDR and the officers of ASBG. It was very amazing with a lot of feedback and students expressing their experiences. Saturday morning, the students were refreshed, and a Basic Parliamentary Procedure workshop was given by Mr. Alban Branton and Mr. Ed Peigneux. Ms. Reagan Anders ran an outstanding Discovery program. It was an “electric fence.” Twenty-six students had to use problem solving to travel from one side to the other side without touching the ~NOVEMBER FACTS~


Perry E. Seely, who was deaf himself, fought for 20 years to bring a school for the deaf to southern California. The “P” building, which is located in the high school area and is the location of the school library, is named the Seely Center. Seely passed away prematurely in 1949. Unfortunately, he did not live to see CSDR open its doors in February 1953.

ELECTION DAY is on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

VETERANS DAY is celebrated on November 11th.

THANKSGIVING is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month.



Student Athlete of the Month: September

MSSD 44 Riverside 0 Angel Cloud 7 tackles Joshua Macedo and Mark Garcia 5 tackles each CSD Riverside 1-3 (01 league)

By David Hamilton

It is my pleasure to recognize Junior, Vianney Bernal, as the recipient of September’s Student-Athlete of the Month award. Here is what her coaches had to say about her! Vianney has worked hard during practices and has not missed a day of practice. She takes any advice given to her from the coaching staff. Vianney, also, represents the six pillars of Character Counts on and off the court. She has been consistent with her performance in every practice and during games. She has been involved with many other activities off court. She has been eager with the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Program, breaking some records in 6 different core areas. In the academic area, she has been an outstanding student with 3.14 GPA. Her hard work and dependability certainly make her deserving of the honor of Student-Athlete of the Month. Congratulations, Vianney!

Special Announcement! By David Hamilton It is my greatest pleasure to announce Jonathan Kessel as the new Wrestling Head Coach for 2011 2012 winter season. Jonathan is well known as an outstanding wrestler in the deaf community. He was an outstanding wrestler during his high school days at Model Secondary School for the Deaf, as well as playing and coaching the team at Gallaudet University. Jonathan was a member of the USA Deaflympic Wrestling team in 2005. With his extensive background in wrestling, he will be a valuable asset to the wrestling program. We are very fortunate to have him on our staff. Please join me to welcome Jonathan Kessel.

Spike Out at Indiana CSDR Girls Volleyball finished 6th place at Spike Out Classic in Indianapolis . Kudos to our volleyball players for their best effort: PLAYERS: VIANNEY BERNAL, ALEXA ONTIVEROS, EMILY FORSBERG, CHERISE CORNELL, ALANA SMITH, PARADISE LARIZZA, ALEXANDRA MUELLER, MIRANDA MURPHY, BRIE KEOGH, BRIDGETTE BERRIGAN AND JULIE LOVE. COACHING STAFF: MICHELLE SKOWZGIRD AND ERICA HOSSLER For more information about the result of spike out classic, go to the link below:


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CUB’S PAGE……………... 2011-12 Academic Bowl Team

Leadership Retreat: A Break at the Lake

By Bridget Berrigan

After the variety of workshops on September 17, several students escaped to the lake to spend time there. Some campers rode paddleboats, canoes, and/or kayaked around the pristine lake for an hour. Our staff, Gloria Daniels and Jeannette Zarembka, took a motorboat with some scholars to kill time. Camac K. and Jeremy W. almost fell into the water while canoeing against a strong current but were able to get back to the shore safely. Emily F. and Alexa O. paddled a kayak and played with other campers. Everyone had a lot of fun during the beautify day on the lake in Big Bear because the weather was still sunny and warm for early fall. Our SPECIAL guest was Jon Kessel who just moved to California. He has been the Youth Leadership Camp Director for several years. We were fortunate to have him here. He gave a good inspiring message to our student leaders. Salma W., Jeremy W., and Camac K. shared their experiences about being a camper at Youth Leadership Camp in 2011. Mr. Tony Barksdale came to be with us and gave a presentation about Apathy, Assertiveness, and Aggressiveness. He emphasized that any individual who is a good leader does not have to be aggressive nor assertive. A good leader can always be a follower and needs to be understandable to become a leader. Come Sunday, everyone was so full of energy because of the crisp air and the atmosphere. They wanted to stay one full week. Mr. Anderson asked the scholars to complete their own leadership booklet– Identify Yourself. It was fun and meaningful with the three circles activity-a Venn diagram. They described that anything is possible in their circles. High percentages showed the students at CSDR identified themselves in education, then family, values, friends, and so on… It was fun filled learning experience!

Congratulations to the following students for making it on the High School Deaf Academic Bowl Team: Karina Baker Bridget Berrigan Brianna Keogh Camac Kyre Alana Smith Jonah Strom Jeremy Warshaw In March, they will travel to Washington, D.C. to compete with other high school Deaf Academic Bowl teams. Throughout the year, they will compete against other deaf schools before the Nationals in March. They will also practice by competing against CSDR staff during lunch time. Wish the team good luck and an awesome, brilliant season as they practice throughout the year for the March 2012 Championship!

Mr. Grossinger’s visit to the Retreat By Emily Forsberg On Saturday, September 16, Mal Grossinger came to the Leadership retreat camp. He explained about the officers’ leadership abilities. Students also had to research the quality and pricing of laptops and how they would help CSDR. Mal explained about the procedures a leader should follow. He has his own procedures to follow with his administration. He wants to see the ASBG team do the same– establish and follow procedures for the school and its needs. Mal was more than happy to help us make CSDR better in education, sports, socialization, and leadership.

By Jeremy Warshaw

(continued from page 1) Leadership Retreat a Smashing Success! wires. With all the strategic plans on how to bring everyone to the another side, it was very supernatural! Mr. Hile came to the leadership retreat and asked the students about the school’s wish list. The list was abundant and long. It was based on five categories; Education, Sports, Residential, Friends, and Technology. Ms. Zarembka followed up with the school’s wish list and helped the students prioritize the items from most important to least. The budding leaders worked hard to break down the ranks and developed an ACTION PLAN. Mal Grossinger, our school superintendent, used the ACTION PLAN to collaborate with the administration’s procedures. It was very productive and the best tool ever . The scholars could see how the administration works. Mal gave us a lesson about simple procedure: ranking to discussion, to communication chain, to meetings, to resolution. One wish that school leaders wanted was to have every student own a laptop. The project has begun. Mal is expected to have a final report within three months.

D.S.T. PAGE……………... Welcome New Students to CSDR By Mariah Hammett

Alcocer, Ashley Alzen, Omar Baker, Karina Blawn, Nicholas Bowers, Sabrina Cade-Brown, Dominic Contreras, Miguel Douglas, Albert Guryeva, Francheska Gutierrez, Javier Hammett, Mariah Jones, DeShun Kang, Indon Maciel, Rogelio Nesmith, Camille Oliver, LaVan Perdomo, Pablo Rivera, Carl Roblero, David Sharif, Abubakar Thomas, Christopher Valenzuela, Susana Watson, Salma Woodard, Janyi Zaragova, Celina


California School for the Deaf, Riverside High School / Career Technology Education Residential Program

November 1st and   2nd November 7th

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CAHSEE tests for Seniors  Winter Sports Tryouts begins/      Jr NAD @ SH 6pm

November 8th

Mix It Up  (during Lunch)

November  9th

SADIE HAWKINS party @ SH  International Studies  Lunch Meeting

November 9th

ASBG General Meeting @ Lunch and 7th

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November 9th

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November 15th

NTID/RIT presentation  (11th/12th grade only  8:30am @ SH

November 15th  

Round Table with School Superintendent‐Mal during LUNCH

November 16th November 16th 

of the MONTH!!! Class meeting  3rd period 

RLC Thanksgiving buffet  (cottage students only)

November 18th

National Jr. NAD conference kick off!! School Closes at NOON

November  28th

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November 30th

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CAHSEE tests on November 1st and 2nd Eat well!!  Residential Life  Council have their  Mondays meeting at Palomar   @  8:30pm.  Thanksgiving Recess  NO SCHOOL‐ Nov.  21‐25.  Jr NAD Head Committees: Nov 7, 9 and 14th Some schedules are subject to change.

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